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Wot dafok men Kok Lord 10204

You can get banned from /anon/ for namefagging?

I hereby find this to be bullshit.

Anonymous 10205

I tripcode in one of the fetish threads and I don't get banned.

Anonymous 10206

I'm pretty sure they only hand out 15 minute mutes if you abuse your namefield on there. Though I'm not sure what style of modding that Arctic aims for in there.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10207

File: 1376367099454.png (1.5 MB, 6000x5646, nope.png)

However the culture on that board is that names are mainly for content creators. So if you're being a flaming moron, and using a name for attention while being a complete idiot, then we might warn you, because not only is it not all that interesting but doing it with a name shows you're only looking for attention, which makes you the lowest of low lifes.
And even that might get you a warning but certainly not a straight up ban.

Additionally, you're not even banned on /anon/. Additionally, moving this to /site/.

Anonymous 10208

Tell Grump Anon to fuck off with his stupid name then.
Please and thank you.
He is a flaming moron and a complete idiot.
And he's allowed to be that way as far as I'm concerned but I don't like seeing his fag name in /anon/.
Yes, it bothers me.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 10209

Funny, I haven't seen many reports on him - actually can't remember one.
If he was, a mod looked into it, and warned him if it was warranted. It's also possible he got a ban and you didn't know about it.

Either way I'll keep an eye out.

Anonymous 10210

Kok Lord has been called out on his namefagging more than once. I think that's part of the reason he's targeted. He's a repeat offender. He's been run off by the locals on at least one occasion I know of. I was one of them

If I see this 'Grump Anon' namefagging without contributing OC I'll report the shit out of him.

Kok Lord 10212

Oh, this is what they meant. Delete this thread if it's being put is /site/, it's not a complaint so much as a thread to stir up activity in /oat/.

I've been called out three times. Two of which were by the same person. Stop being so butthurt over this. Also, I was never run off. I checked the board, posted a bit and left. That's why I don't bother removing my name. and left.

Anonymous 10213

>I only go there occasionally, therefore everyone should like me.
I go to France for 2 weeks every year, and I don't get angry when some of the French people can't speak English.

Anonymous 10217

Kok Lord's philosophy is: When in Rome, do anything but what the Romans do.

Anonymous 10218

Then that's a philosophy that should result in him getting kicked out of Rome.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 10220

I mod by report.
If its not reported I don't touch it. (sides from obvious rule breaking) Less is often more when it comes to modding boards like /anon/
I'm also not the only one who watches /anon/, and as far as rule enforcement, I'm almost certainly more lax. I've only muted like 3 people.

As for koklord and grump anon, I'll keep an eye on them.
Remember to take off your name if you're not contributing. I don't personally mind names, but, that's why I'm not reporting you.

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