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Could someone here with tripcode explorer or whatever, make me a tripcode?

One that says Bunny (just find a bunch that have Bunny at the start and throw them at me in an email, as posted in email field)

That would be very apreciated as Bunny is now taking over from me . I cant download tripcode explorer unfourtunately as I use a tablet and it wont work.

Ohnone last thing, it has to be in the old tripcode style , the basic numbers/letters/$ymbols , I cant copypaste with this so the newer one with the hyroglphys etc wont work.

Again, only if someone is nice or bored enough to make menone. Thankyou ^^

EMF Scootaloo!VIRezjdeLE 10173

On it.

…hm, I wonder if this trip will work now.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 10174

File: 1375964278023.jpg (61.85 KB, 550x544, 130799232173.jpg)

Nope. Oh well.

Anonymous 10175

i wub u Scoots


File: 1375967574833.png (1.17 MB, 1321x1042, m3rh4ssxjim8.png)



Fuken Ace
Scoots your a gem

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 10179

File: 1375967669410.png (229.68 KB, 454x468, 392.png)

Thanks. I hope you like it.

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