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Poopy pants. BatBane 10150

We've had some fetish threads going around in /oat/ for a small bit now after our friends from /mlp/ moved in, and I have seen some posters complain about them both off and on the site wanting them move to a different board, not allowed, ect.

I am against not allowing them on /oat/ but I don't see why a middle ground can't be found.

Would squeezing these pony fetish threads into one serial thread on /oat/ work for the people who like to post these things and for the people who don't wish to see them?

Princess Gary MF Oak!EoPoKEmon2 10151

File: 1375830740096.jpg (128.51 KB, 400x541, 1375455016089.jpg)

They should probably just be in /anon/ tbh


File: 1375830973198.png (85.58 KB, 311x335, 69.png)

this. these types of threads should on /anon/ where they belong.

because the majority of us dont wanna see it.

yes, i know i am a shitposter, but mine dont go into that kind of area. plus, they're fun according to most.

but yeah, they belong in /anon/

Princess Gary MF Oak!EoPoKEmon2 10153

File: 1375831156669.png (216.11 KB, 480x272, XaCa2Xw.png)

Its very jarring to see Oat with anything with this though

Anonymous 10154

File: 1375831198887.png (185.69 KB, 1280x1118, young luna.png)

Agreed. /Oat/ as a board never really had these kinds of threads in mind and I feel it conflicts with the overall boards "culture", whereas if those fetish threads were on /anon/ it would be a much more comfortable fit.


File: 1375831384002.png (166.88 KB, 311x628, 26.png)

iknorite? lol

exactly! thank you

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 10156

>this thread
>discussion about religion thread
>the pinkie shit thread
>desktop thread
>rollin' thread >>>/oat/684164
>DOTA thread
>song you're listening to
>D&D thread
>you-are-teleported-to-equestria thread
>discussion about israel thread
>music thread
>pics you never get a chance to post thread
>what was your favorite moment, etc
>love and advice thread
>music suggestions for work
>if you were in equestria thread
>bacon thread
>talking about the weather

These are the current threads on /oat/ at this moment. Other than the 1 diaper thread and the 1 shit thread, which eh, I guess can be autosaged, what exactly is being asked for here?


File: 1375831604937.png (213.06 KB, 606x629, 128.png)

just the diper thread and the shit thread are honestly the only ones i feel should be /anon/

pretty much anything pony fetish related…

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 10158

So feel free to ask for those kinds of things to be saged or moved.
It would be nice, though, if 2 of 20 threads didn't make a handful of people bawww about muh-board-culture and how oh god everything is different now or how irrevocably changed everything is, when frankly those people did pretty much nothing to help maintain a healthy culture in the first place. Just saying.


File: 1375831779483.png (138.14 KB, 267x615, 140.png)


Anonymous 10160

File: 1375831840212.png (240.28 KB, 899x795, 1370178589613.png)

Hey look, a happy pony!

BatBane 10161

I don't think moving them is the correct thing to do, but making them serials on where theydont have to make a new one once it sages will help


File: 1375832030847.png (176.82 KB, 408x565, 29.png)

that's fine too. i just dont want to see this everyday.

although the majority of it is in /anon/

Anonymous 10165

Anonymous 10180

Anonymous 10215

/anon/ resident here,
We can't have them, an overload of generals was one of the problems back on /mlp/.
Maybe we should just make a /generals/ board?

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10230

There was a generals board on ponchan called /gala/
while it did keep the generals out of the other boards it was hard on the serials that were related to a specific element of a boards culture, like /pony/ after dark. It also exacerbated the problem of people posting only in a serial.

Anonymous 10235

The generals relevant to board culture can sttay, but if a board is reported for not being relevant, it goes.

Anonymous 10236

*if a general is reported
Getting too late in my time zone.


I think the problem folk are having is that it keeps popping up.
Almost daily, it was.
I don't really care because there's this nice "hide thread" function.
Though it did get a bit out of hand when the fellow tried to post in threads of no relation.

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