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Anonymous 10074

Can MLPchan into RSS feed?

!!Littlepip 10075

I think I'll implement that along with the board catalog. (I'm assuming you mean a per-board feed of threads, like 4chan does.)

Anonymous 10079

Yeah, basically like this.


!!Littlepip 10080

Do you want it to list every single post on a board (what you linked), or just the threads (what 4chan does)? Listing every single post strikes me as less useful.

Anonymous 10084

I'm trying to make a recent posts that includes MLPchan, so the former would be much more useful.

Anonymous 10375

So can I get an update on this?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 10391

Argh, I was hoping people were wanting a threads RSS. An all posts RSS (of all boards together?) is a little less simple. I'll mark it on my to-do list, no time frame yet though.

Anonymous 10396

You're the new admin, right? Maybe I should start from the beginning. Anonthony, Zeke Roa, and I formed an organization by the name of the United Chans last year. Basically it is meant to host events as well as gather information on each of the member chans. The site is just about done, but I need the remaining three chans to implement an RSS feed for the recent posts feature. As it stands right now, I'm only adding recent posts for each of the chans' most active boards. This means that what I'm asking is for is an RSS feed for all the posts on your fastest board. Here's the link to the site just in case you want it.


Just about everything is done except for those last few chans I'm waiting on and the articles that I'm going to write.

Anonymous 10397

Macil's been the tech admin from the start
Tom is the community admin at the moment.
Thony's just away doing basic training.

Anonymous 10398

Right, sorry. I'm not very familiar with the staff of this chan aside from Anonthony.

Anonymous 10399

Anonymous 10400

That's "KoG" to you, sir.

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 10401

I suppose it is.
How ya been?

Anonymous 10402

Not bad. I've finally decided to start working on the UC again. GETchan was having some issues, so my main focus was on that. Everything is better, though, so I have the time to work on this again. Wasn't there some sort of tournament here a few months back? I think it was called the "Spaghetti Cup" or something. Do you know who was in charge of that?

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 10403

I believe it was james. I'm asking him right now. Glad to hear GETchan's issues are less problematic now.

Anonymous 10404

>I believe it was james. I'm asking him right now.

Thanks, mate.

>Glad to hear GETchan's issues are less problematic now.

We're still having a few issues, but I'll resolve those sooner or later.

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 10405

as long as they're being dealt with

Anonymous 10406

Yeah, thanks again. I'm going out now, so I'll talk to you later.

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 10407

later dude

Anonymous 10408

Back. Any luck?

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 10409

'twas cross
he appears to be offline on skype at the moment, but, he's been notified of this thread's existence

Cross Breeze!Q1IPegaSus 10410


I think not a month ago Ponychan and /mlp/ had a TF2 event, so if you're trying to set up another one, it might be a little soon. But yeah, add me on skype if you need, or I can answer your questions here, whatever's easiest.

Anonymous 10413

Thanks again, tovarish.

I simply wanted to ask if you would like to work together. The purpose of the UC is to host events, so I think it could work out well. We can host your event, as well as providing any necessary funding.

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 10414

any time, Вождь

Cross Breeze!Q1IPegaSus 10415


You can feel free to announce any events the sites undertake together; I'll let you know when we start planning something new.

Anonymous 10418

We'd like to be able to do more than simply advertise, though. I heard that you're using some sports site to host information on the tournament. We hope to be able to set you up with your own site and provide an archive of information from past events. In addition, we're willing to give you money for the sake of funding the tournament. We understand that tournaments like this can really drain one's pockets, and even if it doesn't, it wouldn't hurt to have some funding for extra stuff. What we desire is an affiliation with your tournament. We regard interchan events highly and we want to do whatever we can to enhance them. Please do us this favor.

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