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CYOA threads Anonymous 10042

There is a shitton of awesome CYOA threads on /anon/ popping up everyday, so many that having one CYOA General is hard to honestly create to keep track of them all.

Perhaps it's time for a CYOA board?
These generals are fucking awesome and have a kickass community of their own. Maybe this could help organize and archive the awesomeness.

Anonymous 10043

I can almost assure you that most of the rest of /anon/ wants little to do with the idea of separating out content and wants to preserve as much of their original "all in one" board culture as possible.

Anonymous 10044

It'd be nice to have a way to archive them all, or preserve them long enough to revisit, though. Once they hit page 15, all that goodness is gone forever.

Anonymous 10045

Failing that, save the thread as a complete html page and wait for an archive to be set up, then hand that folder (zip it) to the admin

gavin1337 10047

File: 1374647214294.gif (2.73 MB, 240x135, I'm too old to be doing this s…)

As a fledgeling-CYOA writer I would prefer to stay on anon, you get a lot more people, especially those who just pop in for an idea and eventually start following your thread, I think that a /cyoa/ board would turn away a lot of people whom otherwise would join a CYOA thread. Another board would also create a need for more moderation powers, or stretch the powers available.

I personally wouldn't of started had it not been in the place I browsed constantly (/anon/), I'm rather off-put by the other boards and I feel like taking all the /cyoa/'s in a single board would not only stagnate them and have them dominated by a select few, rather then the propagated mob.

plus it scares me that it could turn out like AiE formerly in /mlp/, a giant hierarchy of tripfags turning something which was good and attracted people, into a convoluted moderated xenophobic cliche which rejected newcomers who didn't either 'agree' with the hierarchy or post something which the hierarchy didn't agree to.

free willy.

Anonymous 10048

No, if anything we need to merge all the boards into one board.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10069


!!Twilight Sparkle ## Mod 10081

We've seen the effects of splitting boards into smaller and smaller sub-communities before, and it frankly kills the activity of the boards in question, both the new and the old. Our mission statement largely prefers streamlining as much as the site as possible compared to over specification and division.

We'd like to keep the content where it's being created to promote further creation and activity.

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