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Banners on Mobile Anonymous 10037

Thee appears to be a slight formatting error with the new banners. If I had to guess, they're set to a fixed width instead of one relative to the page size. As a result, on the mobile site they stretch the page out way past the actual content, so i have to be zoomed in to read the text at s reasonable size, which can make scrolling troublesome.

Also, the Quick Reply box can be troublesome, as my browser insists on zooming in on it when I type, so I can't see all of my text.

!!Littlepip 10038

Fixed. The banner has its max-width set to be the screen width now. Its aspect ratio will be a bit squished at times, but it's better than before at least.

Anonymous 10082

Not OP, but I am also having an issue with the mobile version of /anon/.

This board seems fine, but on /anon/ everything gets squished to the left half ofmy phone screen for some reason. It pretty much makes browsing it way too difficult.



Nevermind, fixed as of last week I think.

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