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Anonymous 10034

Hey so um I've got two things that aren't really related to each other, one is an issue that seems to be happening right now and the other is a feature recommendation.

Issue: I think the watcher is broken, in the last few hours I have been not getting notified of new replies to any of the threads I am watching at all (and there have definitely been new replies). Normally there would be the (5) in red next to watcher at the top right but it seems like it's broken for me at least.

And the other thing is regarding spoiler images–I was wondering if there could be a feature that could automatically reveal all spoilers including ones tagged #mature, I know this probably sounds retarded but I get anxious when I see the spoiler tag on an image, I'd rather just see the thumbnail instead of having to hover over the spoiler tag and possibly be surprised with something gross or weird. I mean I don't have a problem with seeing NSFW images, I only browse this site at home and I always have mature threads enabled but it would just be cool if I never had to see the spoiler thumbnail hiding an image while browsing.


Anonymous ## Mod 10035

About the second part, you can choose to have #tagged images automatically unspoilered by deselecting "Treat mature content images as spoilered images" in your Settings.

About the first, I'll send that on to the Tech Admin now.

Anonymous 10039


>About the second part, you can choose to have #tagged images automatically unspoilered by deselecting "Treat mature content images as spoilered images" in your Settings.

I already do that, what I meant is all spoiler images, not just mature-tagged ones. Like, even within #Mature threads, I still get images with the spoiler tag thumbnail sometimes (in addition to the unspoilered ones). I think it's because people actually check the spoiler image box AND the mature thread one at the same time. The only thing I can really do about this (unless I'm doing something wrong) is make spoiler images expand on hover, which is okay I guess but then they appear massive on my screen and sometimes in weird positions.

However the thread watcher thing seems to be working again, so thank you about that.

Anonymous 10040


Here is an example:


In that thread (which is tagged as Mature), I can see the thumbnail of every image EXCEPT the one I linked and the OP one, which still have the spoiler tag image as the thumbnail, despite being in a mature thread. As of now I'm pretty sure there's no way to disable that. Although I guess it might just be some kind of issue on my end.

Anonymous ## Mod 10041

nope, that just means that the those images were spoilered manually, and thus wouldn't be affected by the mature spoiler option
I'll ask the sysadmin about some changes in the mature code that could make this a non issue.

Anonymous 10091

The thread watcher is broken for me again. I have a thread open in another tab that I have been watching since yesterday, it has gotten at least ten new posts today, and I have not been alerted to any of them. Pls halp!

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Mod 10102

The watcher doesn't alert you for posts in threads that you have open.

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