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Anonymous 10031

So it might be that he doesn't post her often enough (I wouldn't know yet cause I'm a mlp newfag), but it would be nice to see Summer Entertainer or whatever his name is get a link in the serial directory.

I usually miss his threads and only see reposts of caps, so it'd be nice if here I could just log on and follow that link.

I might just be being biased though cause I think he's really funny and I remember watching the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy when I was younger, so feel free to disregard if I'm in the minority and just don't know it.

Anonymous ## Mod 10032

We'd be happy to do so.

I watched his last thread, too. When he makes his next thread just let us know and it will be added. It's not quite like some of the other Generals/Serials but it's good content and people enjoy it.

You can report the next thread with a report reason like "Directory update" or something similar I know it may take people some time to adjust to the idea that reporting can be done for positive reasons.

Anonymous 10033

File: 1374515539080.jpg (70.8 KB, 507x570, 1373127546905.jpg)

>timely reply
>happy to do anything
>participates in culture he mods
>not shitposting the reply
>positive reporting
Why have I been wasting my life anywhere else on the internet….

But yea, wasn't sure how strictly limited the directory was to generals (by definition or interest), but he certainly seems like he's approaching that level of interest so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks again! I'll be on the lurk for him.

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