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Thread Viewing Idea Anonymous 10023

>CopyPasta'd from a thread on /anon/
>Image from Fchan
This is an example of a thread list feature that I'd like to see. It's based on the board you're on, and you can see everything as well as specifically what is on the page you're on. And it's collapsible if you don't care about it.

Maybe MLPchan can have one that shows the threads on each front page, organized by board. It's like an /all/ or omnibus style board, but instead of being a board, it's just a listing that you can choose to appear at the top of your page (an option in settings).

Anonymous 10024

So that's a mix between an /all/ board and a catalog search?
Isn't the catalog a better looking option that gives pretty much the same result?

Anonymous 10025

Yes, a catalog gives pretty much the same result (and is prettier since you can immediately see the OP), but this would allow the feature to be found on the top of the page.
Also, combining it with /all/ (ordered by board) allows for people who only lurk one board to still be able to see every board.

Also, because of how MLPchan works, one could simply mouse over a thread in this listing and see the OP, allowing someone to actually browse the first page of every board relatively quickly.

However, a catalog feature otherwise should still be added. Because it would be awesome.

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