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Anonymous 10008

Hey I just thought I should let you guys know that a couple weeks ago or so, moot (4chan's admin) started allowing anyone to buy ad space for whatever they want. A few people from /mlp/ bought 20-dollar ads for MLPchan that show stuff like Milky, Fluffy and Scruffy. So…you're welcome, I think.

BatBane 10011

File: 1374187806122.jpg (43.7 KB, 400x293, image.jpg)

I just looked over on /mlp/ and saw ads for ponychan. It was a little funny.

Anonymous 10012

For it to be appearing so often means someone shelled out a lot more than the minimum twenty bucks for it to appear.
Meaning at least 100 to 500 bucks. Hope it was worth it.

Anonymous 10013


>100 or 500

Dude they don't even go nearly that high, I think the max is like 60 at the most, MAYBE 80. Definitely not higher than 80 though.

Anonymous 10014

File: 1374198856330.png (66.97 KB, 812x538, dsfsfsdf.png)


Bro? Click the link and go through system without buying.

Don't speak without knowing something.

Anonymous 10015


Holy shit, my bad, don't know how I missed that.

Are people seriously paying hundreds of dollars for an ad on 4chan, let alone one specifically on /mlp/ for a site that they don't even own/run? Jesus.

Anonymous 10016

Apparently they are! And on a site that absolutely hates their guts and wants nothing to do with them. It's super effective!

Anonymous 10022

This is hilarious

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