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File: 1374792276165.gif (1.02 MB, 245x163, alrightimdone.gif)


Someone broke the /b/ thread.

Anonymous 10067

Nope. it just got so old it fell off the board.

File: 1374782367402.gif (1.34 MB, 450x390, PP club cant even handle me ri…)

Ouick question Anonymous 10063[View]

Will clearing my browser history remove the threads I have watched?

Discord ## 10066

In Firefox, I think it will only do that if you have "Site Preferences" checkmarked in the "Clear All History" dialog. Not sure about Chrome.


File: 1375966424998.png (101.09 KB, 480x529, 179748_581387731914028_1257020…)

Best gif ever

File: 1370516600588.jpg (169 KB, 1280x689, Lion_Spirit_The_King_by_Artill…)

Anonymous 7066[View]

Wherever you go there's barely any show discussion and when there is then it's really uneducated opinions with no logic to them, it's treated like shit, while fanfics have quality cause there's actual writers that need to detail out their ideas, otherwise they have nothing to do there. Hell even a shipping discussion ends up being better than episode discussion which is major chatter, not discussion.

I say we put a restriction on /pony/ in the form of an essay // literary argument which gets reviewed, and after that the mods keep an eye on the quality of the posts while deleting most of the shitposts/reaction replies. It would be the only place to ever do this.
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Anonymous 10061

File: 1374743875366.png (67.4 KB, 1413x464, 1374261347770.png)

Anonymous 10284

>reviewing stuff
Do you want people to have angry rants about the bad parts?
Because on /anon/, rants are our speciality.

Anonymous 10806

Interesting proposition, but I'd say keep /pony/ out and just let /fic/ do its own thing.

File: 1374692533364.png (127.96 KB, 463x463, ♪Cup o Tea♪.png)


somebody is spamming /pony/ by creating multiple threads with disgusting images that violate the rules and pointless text in the OP
could you please do something?
thanks ~
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File: 1374693441850.png (63.19 KB, 600x525, 131600211866.png)

it was multiple posts actually
many things R34 of cartoon characters with the phrase "Stop Animal Abuse" in the OP, mutilated Genitalia, and multiple textwalls about asking why no one was taking him seriously even though he though no one ever responded to him


File: 1374693719912.png (209.21 KB, 557x415, 1339311427482.png)

oh… it was prolly some bored newfag in /b/ or /mlp/.

you'll prolly never see it again


File: 1374693816763.png (321.1 KB, 841x943, 132549836241.png)

i'd hope not

File: 1374690356985.png (407.81 KB, 686x710, cat faise.png)


i have a complaint. mods are huge fagets :3
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The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10062

File: 1374771514923.png (92.13 KB, 333x343, 1374735506265.png)

So is mikie the new pipes then?

Anonymous 10068

he was not the new pipes.
he's just less of a douche.
I lubes you pipes


File: 1374806668351.png (58.04 KB, 199x195, 92.png)

naw… we're a bit different.

File: 1357311985611.gif (212.12 KB, 150x200, 133484669756.gif)

Anonymous 5045[View]

Mlpchan, I come to you in need of help. I know this might be a longshot but I'll post anyway. I recently set up a *chan site using Tinyboard like you did. I barely modified it and my users are okay with that, they like the simplicity. Only think they complained about was lack of settings button where they could configure thread expansion, post preview and such. I was wondering if you could help me out a bit with that, again, I know this one's pretty longshot but since the Tinyboard community is small, you're my last hope.

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tertret 13339


Anonymous 15137

I tried, but it still shows up.


also, happy 2015. :^)

Anonymous 15181

Would be grateful for this too.

I think I enabled them fine in instance-config.php (for example, local-time.js works) but I've got no idea how to make them appear on pages.

For example, the quick reply and auto-reload don't show up on the board.

File: 1374512700031.png (207.02 KB, 476x327, 1374242095174.png)

Anonymous 10031[View]

So it might be that he doesn't post her often enough (I wouldn't know yet cause I'm a mlp newfag), but it would be nice to see Summer Entertainer or whatever his name is get a link in the serial directory.

I usually miss his threads and only see reposts of caps, so it'd be nice if here I could just log on and follow that link.

I might just be being biased though cause I think he's really funny and I remember watching the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy when I was younger, so feel free to disregard if I'm in the minority and just don't know it.

Anonymous ## Mod 10032

We'd be happy to do so.

I watched his last thread, too. When he makes his next thread just let us know and it will be added. It's not quite like some of the other Generals/Serials but it's good content and people enjoy it.

You can report the next thread with a report reason like "Directory update" or something similar I know it may take people some time to adjust to the idea that reporting can be done for positive reasons.

Anonymous 10033

File: 1374515539080.jpg (70.8 KB, 507x570, 1373127546905.jpg)

>timely reply
>happy to do anything
>participates in culture he mods
>not shitposting the reply
>positive reporting
Why have I been wasting my life anywhere else on the internet….

But yea, wasn't sure how strictly limited the directory was to generals (by definition or interest), but he certainly seems like he's approaching that level of interest so I thought I'd ask.

Thanks again! I'll be on the lurk for him.

File: 1374395087940.png (95.2 KB, 400x330, 96388+-+Artist+SilentButBeardl…)

Thread 404'd I want to know why The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10028[View]

Heya, could someone tell me why https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/500690 is showing a 404?
I made the thread well after the stuff a the bottom of the board was last bumped and it was within the board rules as far as I can tell. (trying to set up a tabletop rp session)

Anonymous 10029

You're missing the .html from the URL.


The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 10030

well now i just feel dumb

File: 1374339906133.png (57.33 KB, 1092x412, Untitled.png)

Thread Viewing Idea Anonymous 10023[View]

>CopyPasta'd from a thread on /anon/
>Image from Fchan
This is an example of a thread list feature that I'd like to see. It's based on the board you're on, and you can see everything as well as specifically what is on the page you're on. And it's collapsible if you don't care about it.

Maybe MLPchan can have one that shows the threads on each front page, organized by board. It's like an /all/ or omnibus style board, but instead of being a board, it's just a listing that you can choose to appear at the top of your page (an option in settings).

Anonymous 10024

So that's a mix between an /all/ board and a catalog search?
Isn't the catalog a better looking option that gives pretty much the same result?

Anonymous 10025

Yes, a catalog gives pretty much the same result (and is prettier since you can immediately see the OP), but this would allow the feature to be found on the top of the page.
Also, combining it with /all/ (ordered by board) allows for people who only lurk one board to still be able to see every board.

Also, because of how MLPchan works, one could simply mouse over a thread in this listing and see the OP, allowing someone to actually browse the first page of every board relatively quickly.

However, a catalog feature otherwise should still be added. Because it would be awesome.

Anonymous 10018[View]

A bit off topic, but I found no other place to put this.

Now that Dota 2 is out of beta and ready for tourneys, when are we gonna start seeing some MLPchan Dota 2 Championships around here?

Anonymous 10019

If people are interested, let's do it.

I know there's some players 'round here, just a matter of getting them together, and it'll have the support of the staff for whatever is needed.

Anonymous 10008[View]

Hey I just thought I should let you guys know that a couple weeks ago or so, moot (4chan's admin) started allowing anyone to buy ad space for whatever they want. A few people from /mlp/ bought 20-dollar ads for MLPchan that show stuff like Milky, Fluffy and Scruffy. So…you're welcome, I think.
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Anonymous 10015


Holy shit, my bad, don't know how I missed that.

Are people seriously paying hundreds of dollars for an ad on 4chan, let alone one specifically on /mlp/ for a site that they don't even own/run? Jesus.

Anonymous 10016

Apparently they are! And on a site that absolutely hates their guts and wants nothing to do with them. It's super effective!

Anonymous 10022

This is hilarious

KuletXCore 9895[View]

Can i have TEMPLATES for Yotsuba, Yotsuba B, Generic page, post thread, post reply, post form, report delete,page.html



File: 1373995841504.jpg (121.43 KB, 518x486, baby_growlithe_by_mg9990-d3842…)

Tinyboard uses pretty much the exact same css template for every page.

So there is really only one css per theme.

Unless you are talking about the php…

File: 1373994861663.png (94.89 KB, 916x1066, likeatmynippleyswag.png)

Tex 9899[View]


Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 9900

Make a banner out of it.

The submission thread is still stickied on /art/

>- Banners should be 150 pixels high, and ideally 600 pixels wide.

>- We will be taking pictures up to 800x150, however pictures taller than 150px will be downsized or not taken in if that's impossible.

Not sure when new submissions would be added to the rotation but we'll still accept new ones.

Repeating images when I post AppleDashWINS!EuLuvCoco2 9857[View]

Ok so I'm using QR, and let's say ipost with an image. in my next post, if I don't post with an image, the same image appears as last time even though that image queue thing never shows up afterwards. What do?
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AppleDashWINS!pdZ7qb5gEE 9862

Please don't automatically disregard me just because of it.

Apparently it's happened to a couple other people too (from what I could tell)

Anonymous 9863

I wouldn't be surprised at all if it happened because you use IE
just sayin'…
But to each their own.

!!Littlepip 9888

Should be fixed now for IE10.

File: 1373010988527.png (157.14 KB, 499x500)

!!Big Macintosh ## Mod 9762[View]

Hey there.
I'll be modding alongside these fine folks who've been keeping this place all right and nice for the past year.
You'll probably see me here on /site/ or modding on /anon/ as an anon mod for the most part.
You probably know me as Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash or Arctic!TEMPeStR9o.

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Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9885

I don't know what you mean by streams, but, I'm available on Skype. Mod contact in the sticky is the easiest way to add me =)

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9886

I swear I'm just blind.
Link to profile Here


File: 1373787788970.jpg (16.8 KB, 207x196, sweetie456.jpg)

Not your fault. I write like a silly idiot.
Thank you sir. I like forward to harassing you with my various needs.

File: 1373750413575.gif (1.22 MB, 384x216, brutal murder.gif)

Useful features Anonymous 9880[View]

I have an idea (or moreso I'm borrowing an idea from 4chan) for threads on this site.

I think that there should be a way to see which page a thread you are watching is on, and also how many images are in it. This would be helpful because then people would know when it would be appropriate for a bump that doesn't contribute anything.

I know there are much higher priorities for new site features but maybe this could be considered later down the road. Thanks.

gif unrelated

Anonymous ## Mod 9883

I agree. On the to do list. Thanks!

Nightshade!YUL65dGygI 9873[View]

So for me the settings option has disappeared, my name field remains permanently empty, the auto-reply thing is disabled for me, and the site has reverted to the default look…
I don't know what's happening, can anyone help?
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!!Littlepip 9876

Open Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console, refresh the page, and tell me if there are errors showing up in it. You may want to disable the Net and CSS views, and make sure JS and Logging are enabled. Maybe take a screenshot of it.

Nightshade!YUL65dGygI 9877

Javascript is enabled, or at least firefox is saying it is…
The log is filled with nothing but errors, of the CSS and JS variety.

!!Littlepip 9878

I need to see them. (For some reason the automatic error reporting code doesn't seem to be working for you.)

Are you using any browser add-ons?

File: 1373641033296.jpg (135.54 KB, 600x517, editing2600.jpg)

Anonymous 9869[View]

Enable post editing for /anon/, por favor.
Also can you put the options somewhere on the post itself like Pchan, rather than next to the delete option?

Anonymous 9870

>/mlp/ users having post editing ability
I dunno man I kinda see potential abuse with that. It seems logical for /fic/ and /rp/ as they're for more structured things. /anon/ isn't like anything they have, and is a different beast entirely.


There's a few more things I miss from pchan that I'd like to see mlpchan adopt too, if possible, a catalog search view and an /all/ board.

I maybe could help you with the coding if free time is the only thing standing in your way. My skype is in the email.


>no results found for that Skype name
The staff have their Skype's listed >>9782 though.

File: 1371745965998.jpg (68.61 KB, 768x1024)

Finalized New Board Structure: !!Applejack ## Admin ## 9099[View]

>/site/ - Site Issues
>/arch/ - Archives

>/pony/ - The Show

>/oat/ - Off-Topic
>/anon/ - Anything Goes

>/fic/ - Fanfiction

>/rp/ - Roleplay
>/art/ - Art & Fanwork

We have completed our board restructuring and the new board listing is as shown above. We believe this streamlines things very well and provides the best possible clear structure with as little division and overlap as possible.

We made two slight modifications for the time being from the initial discussion; for now /anon/ will stay as /anon/ while we settle everything in from these other big changes, and /art/ will stay as /art/ with the addition of being expanded for other fanwork. We'll monitor it to see how people like to use it best.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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!oDoctum.AQ 9838

File: 1373400608176.png (297.72 KB, 1100x800, Rarity 1kha.png)


Such Misfortune!Touma/274c 9867

File: 1373640411595.jpg (117.89 KB, 1077x832, Touma38.jpg)

Is there a test board for use or was that deemed unnecessary?

Such Misfortune!Touma/274c 9868

File: 1373640562013.gif (101.67 KB, 500x281, ....gif)

nvm, found it.

File: 1373260204751.jpg (6.45 KB, 225x225, 1a.jpg)

Download Button Anonymous 9799[View]

Now I'm not one to complain but i cant help bu notice the lack of a download button for pictures.I really hate having to save pictures and would rather just have a convenient little button.
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PedoRapingLoliNigger 9830


What is an /all/ board?

Anonymous 9831

Use JDownloader. Add the thread link to it, and JDownloader will load all the images in the thread, spoilered images included.

Or better, use the DownThemAll firefox extension. I know it downloads the images at original resolution.

Anonymous 9833

an /all/ board is a board that has checkboxes with the names of all the other boards, and whichever boards you pick (picking as many as you want) it shows you the threads from all those boards you picked.
So it's like being able to see all the boards on the site as if they were one board. Or you can leave out one or two if you aren't interested in them.

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