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File: 1429110366823.jpg (624.13 KB, 1920x1080, Heveron Title.jpg)

Heveron #1 : Welcome to Kingsmeet TheBaffMan!pR.BaFF/uk 896626

#Canon - Heveron#Invite

You've probably heard of it - the city that never sleeps, home to the free people of all three kingdoms combined. As you walk its streets you can feel the wind at your back, smell the lakeside shore as the sound of the running river hitting the millwheels reaches your ears. Crystal of all kinds and colours adorns the street lanterns from lands both near and far, cultures and races colliding and melding into a hub of both strangeness and excitement, holding the wildest of celebrations, tastiest of drink and most intriguing of people. Whether it's the farmers, the mages, the merchants, or the thieves and vagabonds, each can claim a place no matter their country, their history or their crimes.

Some might call it unsavoury, others despicable, but to the people who can thrive in a city of the delightedly damned, they simply call it 'home'.

So, whether you pursue justice for those that escape it, wish to take all you can for yourself and bury everything else beneath you in the process, or are simply looking for a fresh start to a new chapter in your life, look no further than Kingsmeet. Just be sure not to lose what you have along the way!


This is a small location thread based on the world of Heveron, and is run by the Scattered Shards community.

If interested, please address us in our OOC, which can be found here:

!MrCarnage2 896676

File: 1429213115735.jpg (396.23 KB, 1200x805, 337129_1217319169_large.jpg)

>Situated in the northern part of Kingsmeet on the banks of the river Manera, down Lupercal avenue was the sleepy hall of the Wolves of Kingsmeet mercenary guild. It was a nice and building - three story high all in all, with solid stone pillars supporting a high roof of brown tiles. On its facade were a great many arches and decorated with large stone birds of prey taking off in all four cardinal directions. If one had an eye for detail, they would notice that the building showed signs of being repaired in a hundred small ways, with fresh plaster and stonework being applied to various parts of the building along with a single high window being completely boarded up after having been presumable broken in some way. All in all, however, it was a respectable looking establishment and most citizens felt safe, going into its hall to post up their various requests on the mission board.

>And as the sun rose on a fresh day in Kingsmeet, the guild hall's doors opened for business, there was no doubt that new adventures would unfold and that, no matter what may come, the mercenaries would be ready to meet them with open arms.
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Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896677

File: 1429214808228.jpg (76.98 KB, 349x793, tumblr_mp6aveKojG1r8uyogo2_128…)

>At this early hour of the day, the inside of the hall was mostly empty; the many wooden tables and benches that would later seat a great many warriors and mages of the guild were now empty as the only figure visible in the hall was a small girl boasting a shock of red hair. The girl in question wore an assortment of loose fitting clothes that draped over her in a way that both clung and obscured the curves of her body; in her hands was a broom with which she diligently swept the floor of the hall free of dust that had accumulated overnight.


>She hummed in a sweet voice, a big smile illuminating her face with both joy and contentment for the mundane task she was pouring her heart into.
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Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896683

File: 1429217745301.png (32.01 KB, 160x160, tumblr_n5bcbhF2v81sahr9wo5_250…)

>Returning back after a request completed early in the morning, a blue clad, and blue haired mage enters the guild happy with her success. Now she could spend the rest of the reaping the benefits of having a full day to re-cooperate and relax.

>With a quick scan of the hall she sees the redhead sweeping the hall and makes sure she's not tracking anything on her boots to give the girl more work.

>Happy to see her boots free of loose dirt or anything else that could be tracked onto the floor, the woman advances and gives a warm hello to the busy girl.

Good morning Janet, good to see you in such high spirits.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896685

File: 1429218205683.png (184.62 KB, 600x850, 9310109a81ba12df36c1c9cf86304f…)


Hey Olivia, were you working before the sun's come up again or did you finally get a life and sleep in like a regular human being?

>The redhead asked her friend with a big grin, twirling the broom in her hands as she spoke. Knowing full well that her jibe would illicit some kind of interesting response from the blue haired merc.

Actually, since you're not doing anything, why don't you grab a spare broom and help me out?

I'm still cleaning up after yesterday's mess and it'll go faster with the two of us.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896686

File: 1429219240505.png (34.11 KB, 166x166, tumblr_n1vs02NV9K1sn8sb3o6_250…)

>She couldn't help but chuckle at the response. It was a known fact that the mage had quite the fanatical work ethic and strange sleeping habits.

The early bird gets the worm and has the remainder of the day to spend on herself. And pests that have been harassing the local farmers are easier to deal with then they are asleep in their dens.

>Which was her roundabout way of saying "Yes I was working late night." Upon Janet's request to assist in the cleaning, she obliges. After all she had more then enough time to do as she pleased, helping someone else with their tasks would do little harm.

Of course I'll help.

>Making her way to where cleaning supplies were kept, she retrieves a spare broom and returns to the hall helping out the younger girl with her current task.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896691

File: 1429220757481.png (247.53 KB, 500x651, tumblr_mg6zhysnR11rke8fko1_500…)

>Grinning wildly at the sight of Olivia being so kind as to help cleanup after Janet's own messes, the blue girl headed over behind the bar counter at the end of the hall and opened a utility closet full of mops and brooms. After retrieving a broom and closing the door behind her, Olivia set herself to sweeping up large expanses of dust and wood pieces that covered the floor.

Its really nice of you to help cleanup my messes, I'd left it all lying on the floor when I went to sleep so I figured I'd show up early and get rid of it before the master showed up.

Say, how about I cook you breakfast since you were so nice about helping me out?
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Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896697

File: 1429223111062.png (360.88 KB, 589x490, What.png)

>Cooking. No. No! No not again! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
>Trying hide the terror at the prospect of more explosions and them eating into her day off, Olivia's minds races for a solution to the impending disaster.


>Damn it all, if she said no, then Janet would be sad. And if she said yes... BOOM!!

>Roll 1d2 = 2
>Odds she accepts her fate.

Well... I can't say no to such a nice offer!
>"Oh gods what have I done?"
>Evens she challenges her fate!

Well actually since I've made fair bit of coin today... why don't I treat you to something? You don't have to cook and I heard that a little cafe down the street had good breakfast items.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896701

File: 1429224430639.png (1.37 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-09-04 22-28-08-95.png)


>"Ehehehehehe... all according to plan."

>Smiling with a great, beatific smile, Janet couldn't help but clasp her hands together and rub them together at the thought that she would be treated to a free meal over what amounted to little more than a friendly chat between friends. Truth be told, Janet didn't want to eat her cooking anymore than Olivia did but if she could convince everyone that she she was happy to cook for them... well... that would be all the more reason for them to want to go and eat out instead.

That sounds just about divine!

I'm starving so why don't we just go right now? The mess can wait and I'm sure nobody would notice anyways~

>With that,Janet just up and dropped her broom right then and there, grabbing Olivia's arm and all but dragging her towards the entrance of the hall that they might go and get some tasty breakfast.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896703

File: 1429225661947.png (371.91 KB, 573x490, Suspicious.png)

>She planed this. That was the only logical conclusion to her reaction, but it was something that had to be done least she be feed a square or something explodes.

That is fine with me Janet.

>She'll have to report her success later to collect her reward, but she did have enough money on her to afford the cost of feeding the both of them.

>Looking back the dropped brooms, she hopes no one will be too concerned about their sudden departure.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896711

File: 1429229383390.jpg (96.18 KB, 952x535, Gaddis-restaurant-interior-tab…)

>And after a short walk through city, they arrived at the Ivory Cafe. True to it's name, the majority of the interior was a nice creamy white with tasteful splashes of colour provided by the roses set upon each table and the blue carpeting.

>Aside from it's splendid decor it's popularity came from the reasonably affordable prices of it's meals and other treats. Which would hopefully save Olivia from becoming broke before the end of the day... right?

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 896712

File: 1429231031032.jpg (53.29 KB, 600x687, Chillingout.jpg)

>It was a fairly nice place, he'd been here once or twice before. Though he usually wasn't one for sweet treats, a cup of tea was always a welcome addition to his day.

>Especially after he'd been away for a quite a while.

>Elias Katai had finally returned to the Wolves of Kingsmeet and he was going to conduct his report about his mission to the Guild Master...But he figured a quick drink couldn't hurt.

>He was just about to start on the small pastry he'd bought out of awkwardness due to the girl at the cashier smiling at him when he made to pay for his drink when he noticed a familiar face, accompanied by someone he knew slightly less.

>Elias nods towards the young redhead, lazily waving her over to his table, glad of a conversation with somebody he actually knew.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896715

File: 1429232792273.png (1.56 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 12-33-27-42.png)

>Walking into the cafe with a big wide grin on her face, Janet found herself greeted with the pleasant scent of fresh baked goods, floating on the air. Knowing then full well that the shop's pastries and coffee would be divine even before she ever had to taste them, and, more importantly, that she wouldn't have to pay for any of it, the small redheaded mercenary made her way forward into the shop with the full intention of eating as much her stomach could handle.

>But as she made her way forward, Janet's eye caught on the sight of a familiar man waving her over with a sense of familiarity. Recognizing him instantly, Janet beamed a great big grin and made her way over to his table, dragging Olivia along as she did.

Heeeeeeeeey Ely, when did you get back from that mission?

I haven't seen you at the hall in a loooooong while now.

>She asked as she closed in on her acquaintance, sitting down at his table without an invitation, already resting her elbows on the spotless tablecloth, feeling completely at ease with the scenario.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896718

File: 1429234418067.png (37.03 KB, 166x166, tumblr_n1vs02NV9K1sn8sb3o9_250…)

>Being hauled all the way there, Oliva just went with the flow of her current situation which lead her, thankfully, to another member of the guild.

Ah... Hi Elias, how have you been?

>Though she was smiling, the man could tell she was exasperated by the situation she was in. Janet had roped her into this so well and yet she should have seen it coming. Perhaps this was the price of not sleeping when she should have. But it could be worse, at least this affair would only last a few hours, then she'll have the rest of the day to herself. Hopefully. Maybe? Probably not.

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 896770

File: 1429293203292.png (412.94 KB, 584x799, DidIleavetheovenon.png)

>He winced at the name, though it was sadly nothing he could change. Janet Malpirg was as capricious as the fey, and on a similar level of deviousness.

Just now, in fact. Hopefully for a while, travelling is all good and well, but sometimes I miss home.

>He finally managed to take a bite out of his pastry, chewing on it thoughtfully as he eyed the redhead. She hadn't really changed much.

Yourself? Been keeping out of trouble, I hope.

>And there was Olivia. Workaholic extraordinaire and early riser. Her patience looked distinctly tried, but that was generally a result of hanging around Janet longer than ten seconds...Or it could be because she passed out in the Guild Hall and had only been woken up due to another one of the redhead's cleaning runs. He inclines his head to her, his face twitching into a small smile

I've been well, thank you Olivia, Astrolia can be a very pretty place...When you're not being attacked by anything, of course...Though, you seem a little agitated. If you keep neglecting your sleep, you'll pass out on a mission some day.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896775

File: 1429302911156.png (1.21 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 11-55-47-74.png)


Ehehe, its hard to keep out of trouble when you're as bombastic as I am~

>She said as she waved a waitress over, ordering a cup of black coffee, a croissant and a piece of milles-feuilles cake for breakfast.

Still gotta cleanup after yesterday's mess but Olivia was kind enough to offer her help with that~

>She said as she leaned forward on the table, inching closer to Elias as she did.

Now onto the juicy bits... didya meet anyone hot on your mission?

You know... the kind of gal or guy who really got your crystal furnace rumbling~?

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896776

File: 1429304823393.png (128.29 KB, 500x535, tumblr_mu8m6qJ7C11soyfmao1_500…)

>With his statement about him noticing her agitation, Olivia tries to find another reason for such aside from being tricked by Janet. Though it was a reason, she didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings after all.

Hmmm yes, I probably should get some rest after this. It is taking a toll on me as of late.

>And mess up her sleeping patterns even more.

>And with the waitress ready to take their orders Olivia requests a cup of tea and a few frosted pastries to wake her up.

>Listening to Janet's conversation with Elias she does wonder if he's found anyone to strike his fancy.

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 896778

File: 1429306249002.jpg (40.6 KB, 408x344, Tch.jpg)

>Didya meet anyone hot on your mission?

>Elias' mind, much to the chagrin of it's owner, is cast back to a mountain range in Astrolia, a particularly nasty tangle with a midnight black wyvern with glowing red eyes. He was at his limit, breathing heavily, the sparks of lightning running across his sword petering out...Escape seemed hopeless. Of course, that's usually when help arrives.

>In a flash, the Astrolian Dragoons had shown up, spears ablaze and with a magnificent display of teamwork, had managed to fend away the monster. It was only once he'd managed to catch his breath, that he'd noticed one particular dragoon, clad in little more than a bikini and some strips of fabric, doing nothing to hide her...assets.

>Elias is pulled back to the present, his face flushing hotly and his cool expression morphing into an indignant one, getting out of his chair and slamming his hands on the table.

That is NONE of your business!

>A second passes before he realises the scene he's causing, clearing his throat and sitting back down.

Yes...well...Never you mind. I'm not surprised, you didn't seem like the type to change that much...Still, you seem well enough.

>He grumbles underneath his breath, something about her being too well for his liking.

>After that little episode, he turns back to Olivia, as though nothing had ever happen, though one could notice the slight twitch in his face, were they observant.

Your work ethic is practically a world benchmark, Olivia, but resting is just as important as working. The more you rest, the harder you can work when you return to it...And I believe anyone would agree that you deserve a little rest.

>He takes another bite from his pastry, chewing it angrily as unbidden and awkward thoughts slide their way back into the forefront of his mind.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896780

File: 1429307679617.png (782.41 KB, 778x933, vlc 2013-07-17 23-54-19-23.png)

>Whilst waiting for the cake and coffee to arrive, Janet found herself surprised by the childish outburst Elias all but screamed, slapping a hand on the table and all. With other patrons in the cafe turning around to see what the commotion was about, Janet simply raised an eyebrow at the older man and asked...

Well who else is going to worry about your social ineptness?

Seriously man, someone of your age needs to get a chick sooner rather than later.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896781

File: 1429309891608.png (335.46 KB, 571x487, Gross.png)

>Olivia flinches at Elias' sudden and loud outburst leaning back in her chair until he sits back down.

. . .

>That had to be a yes in some regard. The water mage wouldn't prod for an answer, but that reaction was a fashion of denial that only shows when hiding the truth.

Y-yes, I will take that advice to heart.

>And then there was Janet, only intent on poking the dragon with a stick until it finally breathed it's flame upon her in anger. Such is her way after all, mischievously playful with a dash of cunning. Admirable and entertaining in the right doses... but this was certainly not it.

Uuuuuh well, love is something that takes it's time! It'll happen when it is the right moment to do so.

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 896783

File: 1429310738340.jpg (125.14 KB, 600x906, Glare.jpg)

>Elias groans as he massages his temple.

Janet, I'm happy that you care, but I'm quite all right in regards to matters of the heart, when I think the time is right, I'll look for a girlfriend. Right now, I have more pressing matters to attend to!
>He looks over to Olivia and nods vigorously.

Exactly, Olivia has the right idea. I've too many things to worry about right now, let alone trying to introduce a girl into my life...It's difficult enough to balance relaxation and missions...A third factor would be catastrophic.

>He crams the last bit of the pastry into his mouth, gulping it down with finality. He was a mage! A mercenary! Not a lover, not yet at least.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 896784

File: 1429312117245.png (321.23 KB, 536x719, vlc 2012-12-30 23-17-10-40.png)

>Turning towards the blue haired girl, Janet groaned loudly with a wave of her arm in Elias' direction.

Aw come ON Oli, don't let him off the hook that easily!

The man's like a monk, he needs to learn to live a little!

>Sighing deeply and turning back towards the front of her table, Janet watched the waitress arrive to distribute Janet and Olivia's food.

Oh yea? Important things like what?

Setting off for the woods for another year?

I swear man, you either hate human contact or have a thing for animals... either way its weird and you should see about changing that.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 896785

File: 1429313299187.png (432.32 KB, 764x490, Ehehe.png)

>She had to agree with him there, as the situation she was currently in proved it. Olivia was in a similar situation as him though that was because she simply loved her work. Not that she couldn't get a man is she wanted to, she totally could! Really!

Such is the life of a mercenary.

>As they talk amongst themselves, Janet and Olivia's orders soon arrived and she takes a bite of her of one of her sweet pastries.

>Janet was talking to the wrong person about having to live a little. The Workaholic Insomniac was the last person to know how to life a little aside from a day or two off to recover from the strain she puts on herself.

Well... a Monk is fine too? Some women could appreciate that dedication to...

>What was the word she was looking for.

...Work ethic.

>That was close enough.

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 897132

File: 1429390964234.png (20.92 KB, 343x269, Uhhhh.png)

>He rolls his eyes. The young redhead could be so vexing at times! It was like he had another, much younger mother who had a habit of blowing things up.

I neither hate human contact, nor have any interest in woodland creatures, I just don't think the time is right, the thought has crossed my mind before...But business before pleasure, and I have plenty of business to do. Else it wouldn't be so strange to see me again. I generally assumed that it's the norm to spend as much time as possible with your partner, and if I have to take another mission sending me all over the world again, that might get in the way of anything love related.

>He takes another sip of his tea, before he points the cup in Janet's general direction.

How about this, when you get a partner, I'll consider finding one of my own. That seem fair?
>He flushes a little at the comparison to a monk. He was very proud of his hair!

I'm not THAT dedicated, I don't plan on grabbing another mission once I've turned this one in. I think I've earned a little break, at least for a couple of days. I'll probably take on more minor tasks, local to Kingsmeet. It'll be nice to sleep in my own bed again.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897142

File: 1429401477036.png (1.64 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-09-04 22-30-50-07.png)

>Shoving her mouth full of cake and croissant before drowning herself in luxuriant coffee whose scalding heat honestly didn't seem to bother her all that much, Janet began answering Olivia's comment before even bothering to swallow her food.

Wooffsh qwoonda fuufffffe ufff wooommaaaff woooff wwaaaawa fufff a monfff?!!?!?

>Swallowing her food in one huge mouthful, Janet listened to Elias' proposal with rapt attention. Somehow, the idea of her getting herself a boyfriend so Elias would get a lover of his own lit stars in the redhead's eyes.

Well, alright I accept!

But how abou this?!

Why don't we hit two bird with one stone and date eachother?!

>Janet said with exitation in her voice, her eyes full of stars as she leaaaaaaaned in closer to Elias with icing and crumbs all around her face.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 897144

File: 1429402334384.png (162.73 KB, 323x369, EEYAH!.png)

>Oh so he was taking a break from the long trips out, that'll be good. He could spend more time close to home, she knew how tough it can be roughing it out there.

Well I'm glade to hear it Elias, you do deserve a break for your hard work...

>Watching Janet attempt to talk to her with her mouth full, Olivia takes a sip of her tea and was about to comment about how she should not talk with her mouth full...

>That was... until Janet makes an absolutely flooring proposition to Elias about them being together. Her tea nearly flies out of her mouth, but by some miracle, she's able to swallow it before it ended up on the table.


Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 897146

File: 1429405986895.png (30.51 KB, 520x269, Why.png)

>Why don't we hit two birds with one stone and date each other.

>Elias couldn't even BEGIN to analyse what was wrong with that statement.

>Though, he always loved a good challenge.

>For a start, the idea of imagining Janet as a sexual being was horrifying. He'd been suspicious about her even being a girl, and not just a living, breathing explosion that happened to have a ponytail. Coming home after a long day of work and finding her wearing nothing but an apron, asking him if he'd like a bath, dinner or her?

>He shudders. What a disturbing thought. Besides, wasn't she like...fourteen? She certainly looked under the age of consent, he'd got enough weird looks about his eyes, let alone if he was hanging around someone half his height, and only barely bustier than he was.

>He racked his brains, he'd only really said it because he'd figured that she was either too young to be considering it, or found other stuff more interesting than romance, but he was apparently wrong...Now to find a way out of this mess.

...While that would indeed hit two birds with one stone, it'd also be similar to hurling a boulder at a pair of sleeping birds. There was probably a way to go about it that weren't so...blunt. Ignoring for a moment that I'm still not sure how old you are, that wouldn't be much of a deal, would it? It'd basically be cheating on our agreement.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897150

File: 1429408927049.png (1.41 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 11-56-51-87.png)

>Watching Elias' and Oivia's reaction to her proposal, Janet stared at the both of them for a few moments, her mouth once again full of food. A few moments after that, she mercifully swallowed it all and responded to Elias' eloquent response to her proposal.


Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 897170

File: 1429474948463.png (343.81 KB, 580x489, Grrrr.png)

>With Elias' refusal and Janet's one worded reply, Olivia's head quickly makes contact with the table causing spoons, knives, plates, and cups to clatter slightly as a result.


>Maybe she could pretend she was asleep. Maybe she'll be free of this madness if she did so. She just wanted a relaxing daaaaaaay!

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 897172

File: 1429479054050.jpg (226.82 KB, 1024x1604, Lookingaround.jpg)

>That was...surprisingly quick.

>Or maybe not that surprising, she was an unpredictable sort. Throwing out a proposal and then immediately discarding it was just as likely as doggedly pursuing the goal. Some people were like that.

>He takes another sip of his tea, briefly considering that he'd probably have to leave after he finished it. The Guild could wait, but it couldn't wait forever. He placed it back onto the saucer and leant forward

So, have I missed anything? Anything big? Am I going to go to the Guild Hall and find out it's been converted into a farm? Or a crater? Or housing? I tried to keep up with things, but there's only so much you can keep up with in the mountains.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897242

File: 1429567827915.png (647.84 KB, 677x679, vlc 2013-07-19 23-44-59-29.png)

>Leaning back in her chair and balancing it on two legs, Janet folded behind her head and thought about the question Elias asked her while actively disregarding the mental trauma Olivia seemed to be recovering from.

Not much really, there's new quests on the board and one of the supporting pillars had to be changed completely after it collapsed but otherwise its all back to normal.

>Yawning loudly, Janet looked up to the cafe's ceiling and figured it was about time she went back to clean the place up.

You guys done here?

I gotta go finish cleaning up the hall before the Master gets there.

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 897245

File: 1429571103625.png (30.2 KB, 166x166, tumblr_n1vs02NV9K1sn8sb3o2_250…)

>Hearing that she had a chance to go back to the guild hall, get her pay, and finally relax with her day.

>Sitting up right in her chair, she has a big bright smile on her face.

Yes! Let's leave this place and head back to the hall!!

>She seemed overly excited to get out of here.

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 897246

File: 1429572040968.png (427.39 KB, 600x817, Sideeye.png)

>Elias nods, draining his tea and moving to stand up.

Indeed. I have to turn in my report as well, and I've made the Master wait long enough, shall we?

>He indicates the way to the door, before setting off that way himself, adjusting the wrap around his forehead before his hands slide into the comfortable position of being in his pockets.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897247

File: 1429573173669.png (785.89 KB, 553x791, f261070a749e5623c509ece2b9b622…)


Aaaaaalright then!

>With a shrug, Janet brought the balancing chair back down to the ground on all four of its legs before promptly standing up and turning towards the exit. Confident, all the while, that Olivia would pay her bill as she said she would and that they would both follow the redhead near instantly if only because they would want to keep an eye on her.

Max Bolzen!pR.BaFF/uk 897249

File: 1429577218795.jpg (296.7 KB, 800x557, BZZT.jpg)

>What should have been a simple journey to the large building a few blocks away was about to become an exceptional turmoil of a journey. It would not be easy, it would not be fair, and it most certainly would not come without a well-placed bruise. Not if he had anything to say about it.

>It was a moment worth waiting for, the time when your training culminated into a burst of new power, when your ingenuity and planning created a perfect opportunity to catch your target unaware. This was the making of a true mercenary, a shining beacon in the world of hired help, and a true stand for those who built themselves from the ground up versus those who sat upon a throne of natural talent. No more would the oppressors oppress the oppressed and no more would anything stand in his way! Ambition, Drive, Technical Prowess! These were the things that made him a man and would continue to push forward into the future, once this minor obstacle was taken care of!


>Stood atop a stack of crates that clearly didn't belong to him, a young man, slightly taller than the one whose name had just been called out at the top of his lungs, pointed a hand dramatically downwards toward the redhead, a grin on his face and a look of determination in his eye.

Today is the day!

>An old, heavily tanned man carrying a box very similar to the ones being trodden upon turned around at the sound of this gesture, clearly not impressed.

Get th' hell offa mah merchandise y'damn hooligan!

>But nothing would get in the way of things this time. No more excuses, no more running away!

Here and now, with the angry stock owner as my unbiased witness, I will finally defeat you with my own skills! I have learned your tricks and adapted! Evolved! Bear witness to the true power of crystal technology and watch it overpower the myth known as 'natural talent'!

I ain't gon' be no witness fer sheeit, git yer ass offa there 'fore I make you pay for them oranges!

Fear not, sir, for the greatest danger to your oranges shall be handled post-haste!

>A sudden crackle filled the air as the youth's pair of mechanical gauntlets adjusted and clicked into place, empowered with magic from the crystals held within. As the similarly designed boots powered up, a mighty leap was made across the pathway, breaking a portion of the top orange crate yet causing him to soar straight towards his target with perfect precision.


>Rearing an empowered fist, he flew elegantly through the air in a graceful dive, ready to put these new wolf-emblem gauntlets through their final test phase!

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897250

File: 1429578163054.jpg (477.99 KB, 595x842, 8f4efd68e0dc139adb0db18a85841a…)

>As she walked down the street, Janet with her friends in tow, walked by a friendly old fruit merchant Janet sometimes talk to. His fruit were always fresh and his prices were good but for some odd reason Janet was never able to understand a damn word the older guy said to her. Despite knowing that he'd lived here for years now, his heavy accent had never changed and he still spoke something closer to his native language than the common trade speak of Kingsmeet. Maybe she could help him learn to control his accent in exchange for a fair chare of leftover fruit every week. The fruit he'd give her would be bruised and a little mushy but there's no doubt it would still be good and, more importantly, would help her cut down on her spending!

>Waving a friendly wave to the fruit merchant, Janet made a point of remembering to ask the man for a deal like that next time they got a chance to speak properly. Right now she had some more cleaning to do and had to get back to the guild hall post haste but she would deffinetly talk to the merchant this time tomorrow if she had the chance.

>And then Max Bolzen blew up.

Soooo... you guys wanna help me clean the hall up? It still needs a bit of work and the Master will be here soon...

>Janet asked Olivia and Elias, turning around to walk backwards towards the guild hall, holding her hand up to her mouth as she yawned loudly.

Max Bolzen!pR.BaFF/uk 897251

File: 1429578600928.jpg (69.94 KB, 600x391, jo sucks at cooking.jpg)

>It was not easy.
>It was not fair.
>It most certainly didn't come without a well-placed bruise.

>Team Maxwell had blasted off again, and after a few moments the typical rewarding cry could be heard in the distance, after a number of crashes and thuds.

.... my leg..!

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 897402

File: 1429731058348.png (350.15 KB, 593x490, Pokerface.png)

>And as the series of events unfolds before her Olivia expression stays blank. The boy's loudness or proclamations of defeating did nothing to frighten her nor did the results of short battle surprise her. Even watching fly off into the distance did nothing to even provoke a hum from her.


>She was far too use to these things. This is why she works all the time, it's far less chaotic then her downtime.

>She wasn't aware of how the boy who has "attacked" them was so she turns to Janet hoping she'd know.

A rival of yours Janet?

Ren!5R4l4LuRKM 897407

File: 1429739548510.png (20.92 KB, 343x269, Uhhhh.png)

>He had never seen this man before.

>He hadn't ever known of Max Bolzen and his attempts to defeat Janet, attempts that could be charitably called 'optimistic.'

>All he had to go on was a loud, boisterous teen charging at the redhead, before he became a loud, boisterous smear on a far off wall.

>Elias looked over into the distance, the rough location where the crashes and thuds came from, before he turned back to Janet.

...Is he going to be okay?

>He was no stranger to Janet's particular brand of magic. And it hurt. Really badly.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897417

File: 1429743284650.png (1.23 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-08-25 22-57-59-73.png)



>Seeing that her two friends were distracted by something off in the far horizon, Janet turned to look in the same direction they, but try as she might, she never was able to see who or what had grabbed their attention.

Who are you guys talking about?

Olivia Richka!aLEJudith. 897427

File: 1429746031053.png (432.32 KB, 764x490, Ehehe.png)

Uh... never mind.

>She should have known, the poor sap didn't even get her attention when she blew him up. Well at least he wasn't going to be a problem... though she had a feeling that she should be more worried then she is.

Well let's keep going shall we?

Elias Katai!5R4l4LuRKM 897436

File: 1429748541893.jpg (104.2 KB, 800x600, Profile.jpg)

>She didn't even know who he was.

>If Elias stopped to think for a second, he'd have noted that the idea that Janet was not even stopping to consider blowing somebody the fuck up was actually really worrying. That kind of casual disregard for human life would probably get somebody killed, and that somebody would probably have been somebody just walking up to say hi.

>But he didn't stop to think about that. Because he was too busy nursing another headache because Janet was being Janet again.

Never mind. You guys keep on going, I'll catch up with you in a bit.

>Ever the straight laced one, Elias strode off in the direction of what was probably an unconscious man.

>He really was keeping the Guild Master waiting, huh?

Maxwell Bolzen!pR.BaFF/uk 897538

File: 1429819837529.png (17.59 KB, 150x150, tumblr_nj8cv2LZMi1u90ixgo1_250…)

>It wasn't probably an unconscious young man.
>It was definitely an unconscious young man.

>The trail wasn't particularly hard to follow. The smoke trail left by the explosion provided an easy airborne indicator of direction, and once the first block of buildings had been passed the trail of slight destruction, leading through several stacks of wooden boxes, down an alley and into a small garbage pile. The bags seemed to have broken his fall for the most part, and yet even so, aside from the obvious scorch marks from the explosion, he seemed pretty okay. In fact, a closer look at the broken boxes seemed almost like they'd been punched through to help stall the fall, as opposed to having been crashed through like a rock.

>Aside from all of that, the only obvious injury was his left leg, which seemed to have a twisted ankle - or at least the foot inside whatever mechanical device his boot was made of seemed to be pointing in a direction it probably really shouldn't be.

>Only a few moments after looking him over, his body seemed to shuffle ever so gently, the teen waking up from his involuntary slumber with a long, pained groan.

Uuuuuugh... every time...

>Though there was very little to discern his identity, the printed on the back of his gauntlets seemed incredibly similar to the emblem of the Wolf.

Elias Katai!Ren/VL7f/Q 897554

File: 1429827354732.jpg (268.66 KB, 827x1168, Swag.jpg)

>Elias sighed. Not the worst he'd seen from somebody attempting to pick a fight with Janet, but definitely not one of the best. This kid was in way over his head.

I'd not move much if I were you, your ankle looks pretty dicey and putting weight on it might be a dumb idea. How's the rest of you?

>Elias crouches next to Maxwell, scanning the mechanical devices on his hands on feet. He spotted the wolf, and let out another sigh, but this time a sigh of relief. Janet WASN'T just attacking random civilians who got too big for their boots, she was attacking a random guild member who got too big for his mechanical boots.

So, you must be new to the Wolves if you think picking a fight with Janet is a good idea. I'm Elias Katai.

>He offers a hand towards Maxwell, both in a gesture of friendship, and an offer to help him to his feet.

Can you stand?

Maxwell Bolzen!pR.BaFF/uk 897556

File: 1429828512226.gif (30.79 KB, 240x280, tumblr_mrqoke499C1sfaqsno5_250…)

>Despite his appearance of recovery, Max's lack of response to someone addressing him showed he wasn't quite all there yet. The ringing in his ears was a pain, but he vaguely knew someone was around. As he came to, he found his vision slowly focusing, and he held a hand to his head in order to steady himself.

I really oughta make these things bomb-proof...

>The second statement sent his way finally caught his ear though, but not in the way it was intended to be received. All of a sudden his eyes widened, kicking back in alarm and sending some of the cans in the torn bags flying across the alley.

What!? Wolves? Where!?

>Frantically looking around him, he saw nothing but the alley and, after a great deal of time spent looking like an idiot, the man in front of him. It was at that moment he started to process what had actually been said to him, and not his own weird interpretation of the matter.

Oh. Right. Wolves. Yes, that... hi, I'm Max. And I'm in the trash.

>Reaching up with a sigh, he extended his hand towards the tall fellow and graciously took the help, slowly coming to a stand on both feet at first, but after a brief-

Aat-ta-ta-ta, tsshh... that actually stings, this time...
>- he realised that the help up was for more than just friendly assistance.

Looks like I can, just about. Normally the boots would compensate for it, but - ah, the intertial dampeners fried and the casing's cracked, now doubt the crystal matrix is leaking mana-

>Realising he was talking to himself in his own technical jargon, he looked up at the man helping him and blinked slowly, before casually pointing at his cracked and torn left boot.

It, uh... broke.

Janet Malpirg !MrCarnage2 897560

File: 1429830260433.png (1.47 MB, 968x1062, vlc 2013-07-19 23-55-52-99.png)

>Watching Ely walk off towards some part of the city on personal business, Janet shrugged off the entire thing and linked arms with Olivia, knowing full well the girl wouldn't be leaving to go anywhere else.

Alright, lets go finish what we started!

>She said smiling, happily making her way back to the guild hall, ready to put the girl to work.

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