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BLN Roleplay Thread #50!!! - Naziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Edition Rudolf von Stroheim!pinkie78Os 895152[View All]

#BLN #In-character Thread #Ask/Invite #50th Thread Spectacular! #NAZIIIIIIIIIIIIS #Der Mensch Ist Böse!

>an anniversary typically marks a special and fortuitous event

>a party, or a festival, or some other form of celebration is held to mark the occasion, so as to bring back pleasant memories in everyone's minds
>this time, however, was nothing like that
>for this time was marked as one year since a dark day for those in the country of Equestria
>a day when the skies were filled with zepplins, and monsters descended from on high, seeking to maim and kill without any thought or regard for their own lives
>it was a day that many wished they could forget, and hoped would just pass by unmentioned

>unfortunately, they would not get what they wanted


>further north, at the very bare border of the country of Equestria, they marched

>they moved across the land as one, a single unit, numbering in the thousands, all moving with a single purpose
>though their forms were different, mismatched and belonging to different worlds and factions, their metallic armour all bore one mark
>the mark of the swastika - the sign of the Nazi

>far above them with a series of military helicopters, their propellers chopping through the air and giving a distinctive sound that any nearby would hear

>and within one of those helicopters stood the leader of this platoon, staring ahead, their destination in his sights
>he was Major Rudolf von Stroheim, and he would see the vision of the Third Reich fully realized
>with a direct line of communications open to his troops, he did what he knew would encourage them to keep moving

>he sang

>and they, in turn, sang back


Der Mensch ist bose!
>[Man is evil!]

Der Mensch ist bose!
>[Man is evil!]

>their metal boots hit the dirt with clear clankng noises, and they made their way towards the forest on the edge of the mainland

Der Mensch ist bose!
>[Man is evil!]

Der Mensch muss besser und boser werden!
>[Man must be stronger and more evil!]

Der Mensch ist bose!
>[Man is evil!]

Der Mensch muss besser und boser werden!
>[Man must be stronger and more evil!]

So Iehre ich!
>[So do I teach!]

>the troops clad in iron and steel and metals not of this world moved through the forest, crashing through anything that stood in their way, be they tree, plant, or animal, smashing and cutting and brushing aside like nothing

Auch den Guten steht ein Edler im Weg!
>[And to the good, a noble one standeth in the way!]

Und selbst wenn sie ihn einen Guten nennen!
>[And even when they call him a good man!]

So wollen sie ihn damit bei Seite bringen!
>[They want to cast him aside!]

Auch den Guten steht ein Edler im Weg!
>[And to the good, a noble one standeth in the way!]

Und selbst wenn sie ihn einen Guten nennen!
>[And even when they call him a good man!]

So wollen sie ihn damit bei Seite bringen!
>[They want to cast him aside!]

>the sounds of trees cracking and falling echoed through the forest, as the army soon reached the exit, their destination nearby

>and as they approached, they chanted in turn

Der Mensch muss besser und boser werden!
>[Man must be stronger and more evil!]

Der Mensch muss besser und boser werden!
>[Man must be stronger and more evil!]

Der Mensch muss besser und boser werden!
>[Man must be stronger and more evil!]

Der Mensch muss besser und boser werden!
>[Man must be stronger and more evil!]

>finally, as they surrounded their target, they all stood at attention, giving one last cry

Der Mensch!

>and as the helicopters flew past them, they all aimed their weapons at their one target

>a single mansion, situated away from the rest of the country's civilization, yet home to a civilization all of its own
>it was called Wayne Manor

Welcome to the 50th BLN Thread!
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File: 1429843153305.jpg (62.13 KB, 500x651, cold.jpg)


>June blinks and briefly looks over to Joel's area

>Making "Hrumph" sound to herself as she notices the holograms, she feels a tinge of jealousy, if she had holotech her desk would be far less cluttered with papers...

>trying to look away from the oh so interesting rifle designs, June takes out a model kit

>looking at it she "Hmms" audibly

Kits based on G1 guys are always so stiff, I'm going to definitely need to add some better joints and the like if I want to be able to turn into this thing...

>She peaks over at Joel's table again

...need parts or anything?

>she asks a bit curiously

There's something I've been working on that might be able to help with that.

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897582

File: 1429843852917.png (823.01 KB, 1280x714, Bullet Two!.png)



>The blue bullet pings and twangs after Rip and the cyborgs in chase, zigzagging in its brilliant slight over the alley in its same unpredictable patterns in the empty night sky.

>Rip hears the crashing and stomping behind her, and with a reckless grin, glances briefly over her shoulder with a crow:

I hope zis army of ze pretenders is good enough to gif a true Nazi a good run for her money!


>The bullet dives sharply for the two in-pursuit, streaking in the same brilliant light in the dim alleyway.

>Roll 1d1000 = 279 odds, hits Roll 1d2 = 2

>Rip meanwhile backtracks North, her course plotted North-West in particular. She's stick with some visibility and keep her bullet close to draw attention to herself, then if all went well, send the bullet on towards West District and hide out somewhere in Central while waiting for the heat to die down.

>It was as solid a plan as she could come up with at short notice; it wasn't often she could employ her own tactics to a combat situation but there was certainly a first time for everything.

Cameron 897583

File: 1429844299454.png (68.33 KB, 480x280, Talk.png)

>Joel glances over curiously, raising an eyebrow.
Not sure if I need parts, really.
>He turns his gaze back to the hologram, flicking a part aside.
I'm seeing if I can rebuild this rifle to shoot explosive rounds that I detonate remotely.
>He manipulates some controls on the side of the hologram, tapping away for a few minutes.
...Stupid piece of crap projector.

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897584

File: 1429844448001.jpg (91.96 KB, 1024x664, Sonic_Satam__Swat_Jet_trooper_…)

>twin sounds of metal rending armour could be heard from behind Rip, her pursuers falling to the ground in short order
>as a result, she had no immediate antagonists, free to run through the streets for a short time
>but with the noise that she was making, it wouldn't be long before she would have trouble again


>indeed, a pair of the aerial cyborgs soon hovered in the air above her as she headed north, quickly sweeping the area for her location, their weapons primed and prepared to fire


File: 1429845044930.jpg (30.56 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n0ak3idA1e1sabdsoo9_500…)


...so a mine gun?

>She questioned briefly as she tapped at her chin

Well one thing you could consider with it is making the explosives more compact, like modifying them so the majority of the explosive itself is actually kept in a sort of pocket dimension space before it's triggered to explode, that way you could make it so the rifle only needs to shoot a normal size bullet.

>She scratches the back of her head

Normally tech that can create a pocket dimension's pretty big though...

>she taps her chin

...you wouldn't happen to have any diagrams of that sort of tech though would you?

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897586

File: 1429845059566.png (299.08 KB, 639x344, BITCH IT IS ON.PNG)



>Rip's long wavy hair flares behind her, her footfalls thudding along the cobbled alleyways and streets of Town with little effort. She was a deer in an urban forest and just as swift, yet far more deadly than her pursuers would know.

>Three helicopters and six cyborgs were the count already, but she could stand for more.

'Challenge accepted'? Can he efen call zis a challenge?!

>The blue bullet whizzes around and streaks brilliantly towards the aerial soldiers, as radiant as a shooting star blazing through the night's sky.

>Roll 1d1000 = 71 odds for Roll 1d2 = 1 hit

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897588

File: 1429845613355.jpg (39.62 KB, 560x449, SWATbots.jpg)


>the shot pierces through one of the in-flight cyborgs, which spirals out of control and starts to fall towards the ground

>its compatriot, however, chose to dive down at Rip and aim its spear at her, firing a powerful laser at her
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 611


>and unfortunately for Rip, four more cyborgs would crash through another alleyway, rushing towards her in a straight line to cut her off

>regardless of the above roll, a navy robot dives for the sniper to tackle her to the ground
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 314


Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 897589

File: 1429846258345.png (267.21 KB, 519x345, 1386408451008.png)

>meanwhile, just outside of the East District

>Seras was running at her top speed through the buildings and alleyways of Town, not caring if she was detected at this point, knowing that time was of the essence

>and with so many focusing on Rip now, there was almost no time to delay

>leaping over the barrier separating the two, she landed in the East District, still carrying Bram on her back

>as she looked around rapidly, she flipped the phone open and hit the call button as fast as she could, pressing it to her ear while frantically tapping her feet on the ground

Come on come oooooooon...


Hello? Rip, are you there?

>dammit, now she really felt bad

It's Seras! Oi'm in East District, where do Oi need tew go?!

Um, it's a church near the border! You can't miss it from Central!

>Seras bitterly wondered why he had to pick a church of all places before hastily speaking again

OK, jus' get th' rift ready! Oi'll be there in a sec!

But what about-

Open it! Hurry!

>she hung up after that, then turned and tore through the night, heading for the gate and where she hoped this church would be
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Vanca!Feed7yKBpo 897590

File: 1429846371726.jpg (55.35 KB, 262x458, ss+(2015-04-17+at+12.54.34).jp…)

>Wandering through the hall was a young, somewhat androgynous-looking woman. She was casually eating some yogurt out of a plastic cup with a small spoon, clearly enjoying herself and completely at peace. By the looks of it, it was Keylime Pie flavored.

>"Not as good as blood... But not by much."

>Entering the foyer from the kitchen, she finished the yogurt and licked her lips, tossing the garbage into a trash bin next to the front door. She decided to explore the grounds a bit tonight, as she had little else to do around here until the attack on Town.

>Heading out the door, she takes a deep breath of the cool night air before beginning on her walk, heading down the path that wrapped around the building while humming a tune.

Hmm... Hm-Hmmm~.

>She detected a bit of spiritual activity to the north last night... Perhaps she'd explore, if nothing else interesting came across her path.

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897591

File: 1429846628924.png (395.7 KB, 715x379, Just a Flesh Vound!.PNG)



>Rip's bullet skews wildly away from her and into the night sky, the vibrant blue hue that had illuminated it dying immediately off from her focus being so abruptly shattered. Her legs give out from under her and with a heavy thud she skids along the ground and comes to a stop, her teeth grit together to bear the absolutely searing pain coursing through her lower back.

>And her gut.

>That whole region was just horrible burning pain, actually.


>What the hell hit her?

>Her fingers flex and with some effort she attempts to push herself up. Her arms tremble, and to her surprise she can see a pool of blood spreading rapidly beneath her.


>The searing pain doesn't stop but rather doubles in intensity, and with a choking noise she curls back up, muttering a loud curse under her breath.


Mercury 897593


>Depending on her definition of interesting, that may very well be what's about to happen. Not too far down the path she may begin to notice faint wisps of orange..something, floating through the air. A strange warmth seems to be radiating from the forest that borders the mansion grounds, and if she looks close enough, Vanca may notice a faint orange glow originating among the trees.

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897594

File: 1429847191210.jpg (25.22 KB, 416x300, 41631814_cybermen3_416bbc.jpg)

>once Rip goes down, the cyborg surround her and aim their weapons, evidentially ready to start firing on her in mere seconds
>however, before they do so, the collected group stop and raise their heads, as if someone just called out to them


>they remained stock still for a few seconds, apparently listening to some silent figure that only they knew

>then, one of the cyborgs, a taller silver one, bent down and picked up the bleeding vampire, hauling her over its shoulder
>the group then began marching away from where Rip was going, heading towards the Central District, and their base


!MEOWKdWFcQ 897595

File: 1429847602502.png (480.04 KB, 620x877, 5a1916baf0a366c445d5797a0a3134…)

>a few sleepless nights after his chat with Rip
>Hueco didn't entirely know what came over him, breaking down like that... But he did know it had to do with the situation and mutual understanding.

>regardless, Hueco had tried not to worry about the situation until it came around. Play a bit with Halloqueen, maybe visit Alice, possibly finally visit that bar he'd gotten an offer to join.

>Walking along the roof, the cat had become surprisingly balanced over the years. He hadn't fallen off the roof in a long time and had consistently landed on his feet.

>as for the strange energetic glow in the distance, Hueco founded it easier to notice than Vanca would, from his position.


>walking along the roof, the roof tiles making a clinking sound as he walked along them. The cat leapt off, down to the ground below. As he landed, he rolled, to prevent hurting himself on landing.

>he should ignore it but... But it's ignore it or be bored.

>he'd rather not be bored.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 897596

File: 1429848014192.png (82.39 KB, 244x273, I saw what you did there and I…)

>Crona took a step back from the rift he just created, seeing the darkened street in front of Father Lawrence's church, streetlamps being the only illumination out there
>he nervously tapped his foot on the floor, wondering just how long he'd have to wait, just as something ran towards the opening


>he took a step to the side as a yellow blur whizzed into the foyer, skidding to a halt shortly after

>Seras whipped her head back and shouted at the pink-haired meister, her voice having a definite frantic edge to it

Hurry! Close it now!

But Rip is still-


>Crona flinched, then turned and drew the Claw again, swiping it down to close up the rift

>he then turned to Seras, now looking panicked and on edge just as she did

Where's Rip?!

She's still ou' there!

She's WHAT?!

Oi'm goin' back for 'er! Bu' Oi need tew drop Bram off somewhere roigh' now! Where's somewhere secure?!

>Crona stumbled in his speech for a few seconds, having to quickly process that Rip was right in the middle of a Nazi-infested Town, and that they would have to go back for her

E-Er...the Batcave! There are cells in the Batcave!

Will they 'old 'im?

They held a werewolf, they'll hold him!

>Seras didn't seem as assured of this as Crona did, but just nodded her head quickly to get him moving

OK, open it up!

>Crona did as Seras asked, opening up a new rift beside him and running in, Seras right behind him

>they exited in a different part of the Batcave than before, a set of small rooms behind clear walls stretching out in front of them
>Crona quickly tapped some buttons on a console beside the wall, causing an opening to shift on one of the cells
>Seras then practically threw Bram into it and finally withdrew her tendrils from him, but not before one of them grabbed his sword and pulled it away from him and out of the cell
>the cell then closed shut, leaving the cyborg Nord trapped inside

Vanca!Feed7yKBpo 897597

File: 1429848130772.jpg (22.26 KB, 162x243, ss+(2015-04-17+at+09.19.38).jp…)

>As Vanca turned a corner, she'd find a rather strange disturbance in the air. The hair on her neck stood up on their ends, signalling some kind of powerful energy emanating from the woods.

>Removing her eye-patch to see better in the low-light environment, she tilted her head at the fain orange glow.

>"Well this should be interesting..."

>Her curiosity taking over, she'd develop a brisk pace as she walked towards the woods, stuffing her eye patch into the pocket of her coat.

Bramglovir Mountaincloud the Second!bXgeUCIUnk 897598

File: 1429848271484.jpg (36.38 KB, 243x288, charge it.jpg)

>as soon as the grip was removed from his body, the Nord lunged towards the opened cell, no emotion visible on his face


>his fist collided against the clear wall just as it closed
>another powerful punch is thrown
>and another
>and another
>it seemed the Nord would be a while before he would stop punching the clear wall, looking to tear an opening right through it

Cameron 897599

File: 1429848441031.png (68.72 KB, 480x280, Concentrating.png)

>Joel nods, grinning.
Yeah, that sounds like a decent idea.
>He pulls up a menu, dismissing the rifle schematics in favor of a veritable maze of menus and smaller displays, which he stares at miserably, before carelessly discarding the projector, retrieving a more standard tablet in it's place.
Stupid shitty Covenant tech...
>He frowns slightly as he taps through the tablet's files.

Damn. The only spacial warping tech I've got filed on is the antigravity wells I use for my hovercar designs, and I don't have any of the gems I use as power sources here for those anyway.

Mercury 897600


>It doesn't take very long for the two to find their way to a small clearing, just a little ways off from the edge of the woods, the wisps of energy floating on the air becoming larger and more frequent as they got closer. Once they arrive at the clearing, they're greeted by a rather brilliant orange vortex of energy, its height easily reaching past the forest canopy. At its center is a lone girl with vibrant crimson hair, sitting with her legs crossed and fists pressed knuckle to knuckle in her lap.


File: 1429848786774.gif (92.27 KB, 300x300, tumblr_n2lva47kmw1sjh2pwo1_400…)


>June blinks a bit, her eye twitching a bit as she sees such an advanced piece of tech just thrown to the side like that...

>She shakes her head, focusing back on the situation

...Well, Maybe my nanites already have something like that in their database, I mean they seem to be able to pull anything else I build out of their ass...

>she rubs the back of her head

I don't know how to manually access they're stuff though...you got a USB adaptor for that tablet though? Maybe if ya hook the thing into me you can search the nanite's data bases manually.

Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 897602

File: 1429848946036.jpg (14.03 KB, 264x200, Seras_Victoria___masters_arms.…)

>a fresh wave of guilt passes over Seras's face, and she places a hand on the glass as she speaks to the Nord

Bram, Oi'm sorry abou' oall this! Oi know th' real yew is somewhere deep in there, an' Oi will bring yew back, bu' Oi 'ave tew go 'elp someone roigh' now! An' Oi know th' real yew would unduhstand tha'!

So jus' wait an' Oi'll be roigh' back!

>pulling away from the cell, she turned to Crona and nodded to him

OK, send me back tew th' sewer! Oi'll track 'er down from there!

>Crona immediately turned and opened a new rift, which Seras leapt through

>however, just as she landed on the cold wet concrete of the sewer, she heard another set of feet do the same, and turn to see Crona behind her closing the rift

Wot are yew doin'?!

I'm coming with you! You can't find her from here, you need me!


>Seras was about to argue the point, but she was certain they didn't have much time

Foine, jus' don' dew anythin' reckless!

>she then turned back and ran down the path that they first went through, Crona right behind her

>unbeknownst to her, however, Crona was looking up at the ceiling, his Soul Perception already sweeping around for where Rip could be

!MEOWKdWFcQ 897603

File: 1429849529716.png (154.99 KB, 360x387, 12-10-2012 4-29-09 PM.png)

>as for Hueco, there was no need for special abilities or gimmicks, all he had was his natural night vision. Everything was in grayscale, but it was nightvision nevertheless.

>"What if it's aliens...? Maybe a portal to another world... What if it's a fire?! That'd be bad.. Please be aliens."

>Hueco cupped his hand over his mouth as he made his way through, afraid this stuff might be harmful

>but then, he finally made it to the center.

>it wasn't a alien.. But a strange girl in a meditating position.

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897604

File: 1429849677117.jpg (34.4 KB, 500x342, Is zat a BET_Two Bullets Are M…)


>As Rip is lifted and slung over a cyborg's shoulder, the thin vampire winces and stirs with a pained grunt, her fingers gripping in anticipation around her gun should they find any need to remove it from her.


>To her surprise however, they do not remove her musket and even march with her in tow; to where she had no clue but she could certainly guess.


>What kind of idiot soldiers didn't disarm their captives?

>Though her gut still burned fiercely in pain, Rip manages to lift her unoccupied arm and slip her hand into her coat, withdrawing one single musket ball from inside.

>The gun slides in her other hand down towards the ground, the wooden end very nearly touching it as the length above shortened, until the opening was within reach.
>It takes some effort and a gentle nudge, but in the end the gun accepts the bullet and waits, primed for her to pull the trigger.

>Rip wastes no time to do just that, tossing her gun back up into her waiting hands with a toss, her finger easily finding its place around the trigger in the same moment.


>Roll 1d1000 = 324 odds, the freshly fired bullet strikes Roll 1d5 = 2 of the cyborgs.

>In the advent of a hit but less than 5; Roll 1d1000 = 61 odds, hits the one currently holding her

Vanca!Feed7yKBpo 897605

File: 1429850356303.jpg (16.64 KB, 157x175, ss+(2015-04-17+at+09.21.21).jp…)

>At the light seemed to get more intense as she walked through the forest, Vanca calmly hummed. She assumed it was just a standard supernatural or rift-related phenomenon, nothing too interesting.

>However, as she got to the clearing, she'd notice the culprit was not nature... But a woman, sitting in a meditative pose along with her aura. It was a light blue, with a rather odd prevalence of black swirling about. Calm, but feeling hatred? That didn't make much sense...

>However, as she stood there and idly watched, she noticed another aura belonging to someone.

>This one was dark blue, with spots of orange. Suspicious and a tiny bit afraid, perhaps?

>Regardless, she stayed in a mood of idle curiosity. Perhaps recklessly, she approached the meditating, clearly supernatural woman, and called out to her.

Hello? What are you doing?

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897606

File: 1429850476378.jpg (73.88 KB, 950x534, new-cybermen.jpg)

>the shot flies up into the air, whizzing past the silver cyborg's head and into the air
>this resulted in the cyborg immediately dropping Rip on the ground, only to raise a foot and stomp on her wounded gut
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 762

>if fail, the flying cyborg raises its weapon and takes aim at the spinning bullet, firing a barrage of shots to try and hit it

>following three need to be odds to hit
Roll 1d1000 = 702
Roll 1d1000 = 361
Roll 1d1000 = 933

>cont. either way

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 897607

File: 1429850921786.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)


>even with the two underneath the ground in the sewers, the gunshot is loud enough that it registers down there as well

>both of them look around to try and determine where it came from, but it's Crona's Soul Perception that does the trick
>a bit further ahead from them, much closer than he anticipated
>there were a cluster of half-souls and damaged souls, certainly
>but among them, a full deep blue soul!



>Crona tore ahead of Seras, heading down the pathway that they followed before, leaving the blonde vampire to jolt and follow him

O-Oy, wait up!

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897608

File: 1429851179862.png (95.66 KB, 597x290, Grggh_Seriously_Can I VIN Some…)


>The moment Rip is dropped she rolls aside, the foot dropping down on the space she had been, which now is only occupied by a mass of dark hair. She grits her teeth and glances over her shoulder, the sound of the blasts firing easily catching her attention. Her bullet's color shifts from bright blue to a streaking red, the laser's superheating the metal to the point of it turning evidently molten. The result, Rip finds, is a harder to control mass in the streak that her bullet had once been, the red streaks around them curving and looping more erratically than the calculated angles the blue bullets tended to go.

Tch-! Turn, damn you!

>Roll 1d1000 = 183 odds, the red loopy bit of light drives through Roll 1d3 = 3 of the cyborgs in a blaze of red light.

Mercury 897609


>Not a second after Vanca calls to her, the vortex starts to die down, her concentration broken. Oh well, she was pretty close to being done for the night anyway. She raises her head, brilliant green eyes focusing on Vanca.

Um... Well, I was meditating...

>She probably didn't need it. She'd been out to meditate twice within the past week when she only actually needs to once a month. But with as stressed as she's been about this whole invasion business...

Cameron 897610

>Joel stares at her for several seconds. Nanites? Hook the tablet into her?
>He blinks, rummaging around through a pile of random electronics, pulling out a cable, which he attaches to the tablet, proffering the other end in June's direction.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 897611

File: 1429851982084.png (53.64 KB, 222x162, 2-16-2013 2-41-22 PM.png)

>Hueco continued to watch from the sidelines, hiding behind a tree, unaware that the strange eyed girl could see his aura. He wasn't afraid... Mostly suspicious, a bit curious, but definitely not afraid of these two.

>he continued to watch, spying almost on the two.

>Roll 1d1000 = 697
>evens, he gives away his position, snapping a tree branch under his foot on accident.


File: 1429852113289.jpg (43.53 KB, 500x608, tumblr_n5p110XUrm1sz622co1_500…)


...I'm going to be honest I have no idea if this is going to work.

>she takes the cable and she pokes it with her hand a few times

Come on..

>she pokes her hand a few more rapid times, by this time she probably looks like she's just a crazy person but then...!

>her body adapts as the nanites figure out what she's trying to do, rolling her eyes she groans

Took ya long enough.

>she bemoans as she hooks the USB cable into herself

Roll 1d100 = 26
1-10: information overload, tablet explodes
11-40: a data base of millions, if not billions types of tech from all around the multiverse can now be accessed from the tablet as long as it's plugged into June
41-70: Access Denied reading, demanding "Serial number to unlock."
71-98: it only brings up the relevant file " Cybertronian Mass displacement"
99: June's -entire mind- is now accessible via the tablet and that's pretty damn creepy
100: ...June's eyes suddenly go blank and a message displays reading "Consciousness upload"

Vanca!Feed7yKBpo 897613

File: 1429852444647.jpg (34.99 KB, 275x297, ss+(2015-04-17+at+12.52.48).jp…)

>As the woman snapped out of her meditation, Vanca put her eye patch back on, realizing that its rather grotesque-looking.

>As she speaks to her, however, Vanca smiles.

Oh, I'm sorry for interrupting... But that vibrant light that you were exhuming... What was that?

>As she speaks, she approaches the woman despite not knowing if she was friend or foe. Her curiosity with her clearly took precedence.

>As she got close enough, however, she holds out her hand to the woman.

Oh, and pardon my manners. I'm Vanca.

>Knowing the other one was there, Vanca simply kept her guard up. She knew not who or what that aura belonged to... So she'd keep her mouth shut for now.

Mercury 897615


>She seems only slightly irritated. If she did have to pick something that would irritate her, it would be having her meditations interrupted. Though, considering how much she's been doing it lately, it probably wouldn't hurt for something to come along and change her routine.

Vanca. Yeah, I saw you at that meeting we had discussing how we're gonna take back the town...

>She seems a bit reluctant to shake Vanca's hand for a moment, remembering what Vanca had done to Rose, but only for a moment. She takes her hand and gives a gentle shake.

I'm Mercury.

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897616

File: 1429852956633.jpg (131.62 KB, 786x1016, Sonic_SATAM__Combot_redesign_b…)


>the burning bullet pierced through three of the cyborgs in quick succession, including the silver one still looming over Rip, and the one that had been shooting at the bullet

>however, even as the silver robot fell, an ivory cyborg still standing stomped over to the fallen vampire and lifted its rifle, ramming the butt of it down at her head
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 649

>if fail, the other cyborg - a green one - aims its arm laser at the bullet and again tries to shoot it down

>odds for all to hit
Roll 1d1000 = 541
Roll 1d1000 = 793
Roll 1d1000 = 433


Cameron 897617

File: 1429853238164.png (75.82 KB, 480x280, Airguitar.png)

>Joel just stares as she plugs the USB cable into her hand.
Holy shit that is so cool.
>The tablet pings, as he stares down at it, his mind slowly realizing what he just accessed, beginning to frantically tap at the screen, a grin slowly spreading across his face.
Holy shit holy shit holy shit.


File: 1429853481807.jpg (69.2 KB, 500x563, tumblr_n24jiswsv11tun482o1_500…)


...Huh, it actually worked, that's awesome.

>June scratch's the back of her head with her free hand

So does this help with the spatial storage thing...? I know it's probably a lot of data to go through. I mean if there's time machine data in there, which there is I use it to make my model's paint dry faster, there's proooobably some sort of subspace something in there.

Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 897619

File: 1429853497024.png (198.49 KB, 463x337, 1386468521566.png)

>much to Seras's surprise, Crona took her down the same tunnel she and Rip came across earlier
>but as they crawled up the ladder to leave through the same sewer hole, Seras suddenly grabbed Crona's head and pushed him down before he could move the cover


'Ang on a sec!

>Seras then carefully shifted the cover up, turning around to see where they were

>sure enough, just a few paces away from them was the fallen helicopter that Rip took down before, still aflame and sending smoke up into the night sky
>more important than that, however, were the robots still swarming around it and nearby, trying to put out the flames and search for the one responsible, still acting on Stroheim's orders


>she pushed the cover back down, then turned to Crona, the both of them somehow suspended on the ladder

It's no good, we've gotta move away!

But Rip's just the next street over!

Foind th' next hole!

>Seras then dropped down to the concrete and ran down the tunnel, Crona reluctantly following suit

!MEOWKdWFcQ 897620

File: 1429853615008.png (79.6 KB, 276x281, 2-13-2013 9-58-48 PM.png)

>That's right.. That girl was there too..
>It was coming back to him.
>the eyepatch girl, Vanca, was going to be teaming up with him, while the meditating girl, "Mercury"
>Hueco stayed silent for the most part, the only thing that would've gave his position away was his eyes, which reflected light, giving the illusion that they were glowing.

>stepping out of his hiding place, Hueco gave a timid greeting. He had stayed hidden for the most part, believing this was a secret meeting. Now that he knew it wasn't of the sort, he put himself in plain view.

...I'm not interrupting something aren't I?

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897621

File: 1429853950694.png (395.7 KB, 715x379, Just a Flesh Vound!.PNG)



>The strike immediately diffuses the bullet zipping around overhead, the consequent shots blasting the cooling splatter of metal far from the remaining cyborgs.

>Rip's head snapping back onto the ground with a thud when the butt of the gun connects, her vision blasting into a flare of white. She flinches terribly from the strike, the bridge of her glasses snapping from the hit, and with a pained whimper flops back, too dazed from the strike to immediately counterattack.

>Her fingers twitch occasionally, her right hand still clutching the musket tightly, and her left slowly inching its way back to her side.


Cameron 897622

File: 1429853993757.png (68.24 KB, 480x280, Smile.png)

Uh-huh, I'm sure I can find...
>He trails off, tapping away, the grin not fading at all.
Slipspace, hyperspace, the warp...
>He taps a few more times.
Ah, subspace. Here we are.
>He pauses, looking up at her face.
...Can I download a copy?

Vanca!Feed7yKBpo 897623

File: 1429854111474.jpg (29.18 KB, 217x268, ss+(2015-04-17+at+01.03.33).jp…)

>At the mention of her already having met Mercury, Vanca slaps herself on the forehead.

Oh, of course! You were at the meeting! I remember you, now!


>Noticing the rather timid shake, Vanca sighs slightly.

You must have seen my Psychosurgery. Don't worry, I wouldn't ever use it on someone unwilling... Unless they were an enemy, of course.

>Turning towards the source of Hueco's voice, Vanca calls out.

Finally joining us, mysterious stalker?

>Seeing someone she remembered much more clearly from that meeting, her expression lights up a tad bit more.

Oh, it's you! Hueco, right?

>Glancing over towards Merc, she shrugs.

I don't think you're interrupting anything in particular... I've already interrupted what was going on here.


File: 1429854158499.jpg (30.56 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n0ak3idA1e1sabdsoo9_500…)


Well considering your tablet hasn't exploded from just having access to it, sure I guess. I'm sure you have something that'll fit all of the data on it.

>June rubs the back of her head a bit and chuckles.

As long as you promise the storage unit hasn't been exposed to any sort of computer viruses or the like. I'd hate to find out what the hell they'd do to a person.

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897625

File: 1429854365894.png (125.51 KB, 375x675, Battle_Droid.png)

>evidentially, this time the cyborgs took the hint from the earlier scuffle, and decided it would be best to disarm Rip before carting her away
>as such, the ivory robot walked around Rip and knelt down, grabbing her musket and trying to pry it clumsily from her hand
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 189
>at the same time, the green robot walked over and started to pick Rip up, if only to make it more difficult for her to hold on to her weapon

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 897626

File: 1429854614673.png (213.57 KB, 639x359, 050.png)

>on the opposite side of where Rip was, another manhole cover was slightly pushed open, and a pair of eyes peeked around to see what was nearby

Is the coast clear?

Yeah, looks safe-


>the cover was then suddenly shoved out of Seras's hands and crashed on the ground behind them, allowing Crona ample room to scurry out of the opening and tear down the street


>ignoring the almost-too-loud shout from Seras, Crona ran through a nearby alley to head out onto the next street, his eyes locked onto Rip's location

>he turned a corner, coming out near the gate to Central District, and saw the two robots accosting the vampire, and acting accordingly
>that being, biting into his thumb and throwing a black blood needle at the green robot grabbing her from behind
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 65

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897627

File: 1429854843624.jpg (17.41 KB, 500x500, Noooooo Ist too early!.jpg)


>The gun is easily plucked from Rip's hand, though she doesn't seem to register it at all.



>Nor does she register the rescue party, her body slumped limply in the green robot's hold.

Neeeeein Captain...Ich will nicht noch Frühstück...! Die Truthähne sind noch nicht aus Belgien wieder...!

Cameron 897628

File: 1429854901141.png (68.33 KB, 480x280, Talk.png)

>Joel nods, expression getting slightly more serious.
Don't worry, I take good care of my electronics.
>He taps at a few buttons.
Oookay, setting up a wireless transmission, should keep going after I detach the tablet.
>He taps another button.
It'll all be going to the remote server I've got in my house in Town, since that seems to still be running.
>He chuckles.
Not that it's surprising, though. That thing's the size of a storage container, encased in steel, and buried in concrete.

Robo-Nazis!pinkie78Os 897629

File: 1429855091674.jpg (131.62 KB, 786x1016, Sonic_SATAM__Combot_redesign_b…)

>the black blood needle whizzes by the green robot's head, but it's enough to draw both cyborgs' attention
>the green one lets go of Rip and turns to face Crona, only to bumrush him and thrust a wrist blade at his chest
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 12
>at the same time, the ivory robot takes aim with its laser rifle and fires at Crona's face
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 922


File: 1429855219817.jpg (39.22 KB, 417x600, tumblr_n163xrOLbV1t74yl9o1_500…)


>June nods a bit, a tid bit nervous

>She said it was ok but it still felt weird, kinda like part of her was being copied, but there were other gundam walkers...it's not like this was different from them existing right?

>Deciding to distract herself a bit, she decides to try adding some small talk in addition to Joel's talking about his stored server

...Hey, do you think I look better with my hair the way it is now, or red like I had it at the meeting?

>she pondered out loud and tapped her chin

...honestly if I had to pick a color to keep my hair personally, it'd probably be an orangeish...

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 897631

File: 1429855561301.png (395.7 KB, 715x379, Just a Flesh Vound!.PNG)



>Rip flops to the ground, the impact combined with the pulsing pain in her head and gut rousing her from her daze with a dual flash of cognizant pain.


>She groans and rolls over feebly, her head slowly shaking to dispel the dizziness.

Urgh...mein head...!

>She lifts a hand and tenderly rubs at her sore skull, wincing slightly from the touch.

>Whatever hit her gave her a really strong smack; her forehead was far too tender to the touch for comfort.

Cameron 897635

File: 1429857014831.png (67.36 KB, 536x280, Nervouslaugh.png)

>Joel glanced up from his task.
I, uh. Don't really have a preference.
>He hastily glances down at his tablet, tapping it several more times.
You're really pretty either way.


File: 1429858187993.jpg (30.56 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n0ak3idA1e1sabdsoo9_500…)


>June rubs the back of her head a bit and sighs

...Thanks, I guess. Still wish I could just stick with one look without the changes in my hair.

>She grumbles, whenever she tried using her powers for combat her hair ALWAYS shifted to read, so dying her hair would be pointless even if she wanted to.

Tell me when it finishes, I have things to build too you know.

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