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File: 1426740596972.png (467.54 KB, 900x634, Equestria that Is.png)

Better Layton Never: Equestria's Liberation Grogar!.ZzGrellBs 892433

#Better Layton Never#Side Arc#Homeworld Equestria#Ask/Invite in BLN OOC

--- ___ --- ___ --- ___ --- ___

>Within a dusty and dark library, long abandoned and decrepit in care and attention, a lone figure casually walks down aisles of endless shelves of books. For every step the hooved creature made, the noise echoed twice-fold in the dark rafters high above him, where the shadows twisted and writhed like a nest of restless snakes.

>Yet the figure appears unconcerned with such a phenomena, a single blue ear flicking only once from a gentle chime the bell fastened to a fine sash around his neck makes. The bell, golden and covered with ancient runes of a long-forgotten civilization sways from every step he takes, bringing the figure further and further into the massive library.

>Red eyes stare ahead expectantly, as ahead of him a pedestal slowly emerges from the gloom. A single book sits upon it, trimmed with gold yet faded from time.

>Once he stands before it, the ram rears up onto his hind legs and places his forelegs upon the pedestal with a firm tap. The squirming shadows above the figure rush down to him, but in a flare of blue fire they are instead seized and forced into the shape of long spindly hands.

>The hands slowly reach down and delicately open the cover of the book, the blue flame leaving not even one char mark upon the thick yellowing pages.

>With the words presented to him, Grogar smiles softly and begins to speak in a deep reverberant voice.

Once upon a time, there was a magical land by the name of Equestria. It was inhabited by wondrous creatures and filled with magic. Of this world, the dominant race of the planet was shared collectively by an assortment of little ponies. Ruled over by the benevolent princesses of day and night, protected by the powers known as the Elements of Harmony, the ponies enjoyed their lives free of chaos and worry.

>The spindly hands reach and turn the page, passing an illustration of a brightly colored world populated by small colorful ponies, the sun and the moon above the world enveloping the images of two tall and graceful ponies bearing horns, wings, and crowns.

>The next page, however, features an illustration of the sun and moon empty, the small ponies illustrated on it looking in shock at a crater that had once held a tall mountain and a resplendent city upon it.

One terrible night, a great catastrophe befell the home of the Princesses of Equestria and the home of the Elements of Harmony. They had mysteriously vanished, leaving nothing behind but a crater.

>Again, the page turns. The illustration on the page features ponies weeping in the foreground, the background revealing a mass of unicorns moving the sun in unison.

The ponies despaired losing their friends and princesses. Yet all was not lost. The sun and moon still be influenced by the unicorns, and even without their princesses, the ponies believed that they could maintain harmony and peace until their Lost Kingdom returned.

>The old goat smiles, his pointed teeth gleaming in the light of the blue fire as he turns another page. This page depicts the ponies looking to a dark speck in the distance, the trees and plants withering the further back into the picture it goes.

But without their Princesses, their Elements of Harmony in the world...the ponies discovered that it was not the movements of the sun and moon that they needed of their princesses. It was their protection.

They discovered without their princesses, without the Elements, and without any means to bring them back...

>The next page features a violently drawn scribble of blacks and blues, with two red eyes emerging from the vapors.

All was lost.

>Grogar smiles warmly and gently shuts the book before him. The shadows trapped in his blue fire twist and writhe, and with a shake of his head and a jingle of his bell, the fire disperses.

>The shadows streak away from the ram in writhing agony, the necromancer watching them feel with faint amusement.

Three hundred years, Celestia...I wonder. Shall you triumph and banish me once more to Tartarus? Shall you restore the lands that had once been yours?

Or shall I have the pleasure of destroying that last part of Equestria and see the look in your eyes as I do so?

>The old ram chortles with a quiet menace, and with a light sigh, he moves away from the pedestal and into the gloomy shadows beyond.

>Though he does not take long to find a soft glow of eerie moonlight streaking in from an open window. He approaches it and looks out, to a valley of rotten trees and withered grass. The ground, grey and hard, is peppered with stone and jagged rock around his tall tower, protecting it from any simple invasion from those who would oppose him.
>Grogar looks to the distance and takes a deep breath. Even from here he could see the peaks of the Great Crater, and knew it was only a matter of time before those of banished Equestria would once more attempt to venture into their old homelands.

I'm waiting to see your response...Celestia.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 892959

File: 1427000159348.jpg (144.94 KB, 633x437, 3602829-1097053204-33362.jpg)

>So the day had come. Their mission was clear. Leading a small team out through the portal, Deadpony would set up a base of operations to gain them a foot hold in the homeworld. There was, but one final thing to do. He had never expected to ever find himself in this situation, but now it felt right.

>In his own home, he holds his eldest child in his arms. The young one found himself asleep, the early hours of the morning still peeking in through the window. He looks down at the sleeping foal. Never had he imagined something so innocent.

...I'd stay and hold you forever if I could.

>Sadly, this would not be doable. Slowly he places a gentle kiss onto the childs forehead before placing him back down to his bed.

But I'll be back...

>Slowly he turns and makes his way to the door way leading out of the room.

...I promise.

>With the last word of goodbye, Wade closes the door, allowing Appleslice the privacy of sleep.

>His other good byes said, he makes his way out of the house and onward toward the military warehouse holding the dimensional gateway. Still, the larger model had not made it in just yet. It would be another week before they could put it together enough for active use. Still, this would have to do. If they waited any longer, they may lose moral with the troops. At the gate he would be greeted by two of his accomplishes.

Well, glad to see you two showed up. Sorry I'm late, had to stop and get donuts. I ate them along the way though, don't be mad.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 892962

File: 1427000463756.png (239.37 KB, 500x519, yeah scouts the name.png)

... you were bringin donuts?! Dang. I woulda kept runnin and ignored that hot girl on the road if i knew.

>Scout starts stretching.

So this sounds like its a big deal. whole armies worth of a big deal. But with three guys like us, we are gonna save em all!

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 892966

>Margaret, who was busy fiddling with the settings on her beam katana, looked at Dead
I'm not too much a fan of donuts, so I ain't mad.
>she was more of a crepe kind of girl.

>with a few more adjustments to her weapon, she put it by her side. The blue unicorn ripe and ready to go.

So what's the plan? Go in, chop up some zambies, raise moral, that sort of thing?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 892971

File: 1427001889818.jpg (54.96 KB, 570x398, bds_deadpool_comic-06.jpg)

>Blu, a man Wade had known since almost since day one of his arrival at Wayne Manor more then two years ago. Most people when they first meet have a conversation to get to know each other. These two had an adventure dethroning Ducktators in the future. On top of that, soon after their victory they had to take out the planet eater Galactus. Needless to say, together the two had accomplished some ludicrous feats back in their day.

>It had been two years since they had seen each other, his return was the lift of a heavy burden on Wade's heart.

I'm just glad you showed up on such short notice, Blu. Let's do to this guy what we do to ducks.

>On that adventure, was also the undead unicorn Margret. Of course, she had no way of remembering that adventure. That is, it hadn't happened for her yet. Still, even at such an old age she had proven invaluable in the battle. Wade could only imagine how much more useful she'd be with 90% less decomposition in her body.

We will be moving in a handful of troops to set up a base of operatons inside the homeworld. The portal opening for a few minutes allowed a good number of undead to enter our world. Once everyone's inside, the gate will be closed down. Needless to say, we'll be on our own until the schedualed reopen time four hours later. By then we'll either have the base ready, or we'll have to retreat.

>He crossed his arms. He didn't much like this plan, though it was the best one they had at the time. By definition what they were setting out to do was suicide. And from the sound of things, it wouldn't get any easier from here.

So, if there's anything you feel you need to do before we head out, I would suggest getting it done now.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 892974

File: 1427002531981.png (200.84 KB, 600x432, wanna play some baseball.png)

I was born ready! You ain't gotta ask me twice. Lets murder the duck outa those zombies. But first, i gotta take a whiz.

Hold my balls.

>Blu hands him a sack of explosive baseballs

Also, there's gonna be more guys comin right? like, how many super guys and gals are joinin us later?

>He would say as he found a nearby bush

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 892978

Very well... So we'll have to protect them as well, won't we?
>humming, the undead grinned
I know what you're thinking. "You're undead, these guys are undead, it seems weird that you're killing them." Maybe that isn't what you're thinking and I'm completely wrong... Well.. What I'm getting at is that I'm going to show that I'm the superior undead.

>she mangled those words alright

I'm ready whenever everyone else is.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 892982

File: 1427004300261.png (78.08 KB, 240x240, tumblr_inline_nizk6lyOp21t2qtl…)

As far as metas go...

>Wade would try to avert his gaze away from Blu and toward Margret. Two reasons, he didn't want to bother his privacy. Also he was afraid of how he would react.

We're it for now. Until we set up a base we can't risk leaving Equestria too exposed. Once we have a foot hold in the homeworld we'll be able to send more people in.

>The large dual doors would open, revealing the handful of elite Royal Guard ponies inside. Each and every one of them armored and ready to go. Though unlike the typical guard that one would see patroling the streets, these seemed a tad more equipped. Their armor was definatly heavier. Around their legs were metal bands surrounded by electricity like auras. From their hoof guards, a well trained eye could see slots drawn into each of them. Depending on which unit they were from, from these various blades, whips, or projectiles would be drawn out for extra offensive capabilities.

>The Pegasi units would be outfited with bladed bladed wing guards. With their rapid flying speeds they would be easily able to slice through all but the toughest of opponents.

>The Unicorns would be outfitted with specialized helmets. Their magic output would be trippled, allowing the most basic of fire ball spells comparable to a large forest fire.

>As for the Earth units, their specifications would be in their hoof armor. Weighted gauntlets would allow their stomps to send out shockwaves of power. Their natural strength would be amplified by these sophisticated devices designed to fuck up somepony's day.

These brave stallions will be accompanying us.

>As they were addressed, each of the guard would salute in the direction of the three. Behind them would be the gate which would lead them to their battle. Chariots with varying weapons and supplies would await to be drawn by Earth Ponies covered mane to hoof in heavy battle armor.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 892984

File: 1427005109199.png (244.17 KB, 593x600, well i wasn't expecting to fin…)

>A little surprised at hearing they were the only ones, he finishes up and turns just in time to see the armored ponies.

So we got a couple a pony worriors, a zombie pony, you, and me. taking on armies a those zombies. to set up a base.

>He pauses.

Yeah okay that's uh, that's a pretty good team. Least they're just zombies and not like, soldiers or anythin. Right?

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 892986

So 3 people vs a army of undead?
>with a smirk, the assassin couldn't help but boast yet again
My type of thing.

>looking at the group who was there to assist them, Margaret nodded. If she had thumbs, she'd give a thumbs up.

Brave men.
>personally, she wasn't keen on the whole armor thing. She believe if you were truly brave, you wore none. But saying that would be really rude, especially at this moment.

So should I give a speech or do you got that covered?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 892988

File: 1427007000688.jpg (123.58 KB, 500x475, tumblr_nhv3kvQB3o1sk59o3o1_500…)

>With a confident smile, Wade would turn his head slightly in Blu's direction.

Why? You having second thoughts?


>He would give either no time to respond. Already he steps forward to address the small army before them.

Brave Stallions of Equestria. Today marks one of the most important battle in our nations history. A way into out beloved homeworld has been opened to us. But no sooner as we've discovered this path have we learned that it is blocked by an ancient threat that promises to wipe us off the face of the planet.

>His hands at his side, he begins to pace back and forth in front of the army.

You, the bravest and mightiest of our guard, have been chosen to take the first step in allowing future generations to grow up on native Equestrian soil, in a world without fear. If we are successful here today, we will set in motion a chain of events that will further shape this war. The road ahead will be a hazardous one, filled with the threat of death, or worse. Your life will not be guaranteed, but if you fall know this. That you will be looked upon with the highest honor. They will sing songs about your bravery. But first we must march through that gate and show Grogar just what we are made of!

>At once, the entire group would lift up their spears in unison.


Ready the gate! We march!

>At that, Wade would begin to walk through the army, leading Blu and Margret to the foot of the gate. Already the hum of the machine would signal it's warm up.

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 892992

>Margaret used her magic to lift her beam katana in the air.

>stepping forward, she shouted to the soldiers

What he said! You guys want to kick some zombie ass and chew bubblegum? Well I hope you're all out of gum because we're going forward!

>she sounded more than ready

>despite her hype, deep down, she felt the slightest tinge of uneasiness.
>most of the time, when she fought someone, it was only her and her opponent. But right now? It was her against a empire. Not only that, but a country was held in the balance
>...What was this feeling?
>Uneasiness? Was that the best way to put it?

>nevertheless, she kept a confident grin on her face.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 892994

File: 1427009805565.jpg (286.11 KB, 1160x1368, im on the trak team time to pi…)

C'mon look at who your talkin to. I never back out of a fight or a chance to show off how awesome i am! I'm still in.

>Scout would halfheartedly cheer with Dead and follow him onward.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 892997

>Soon, the rift would spring to life. The Guard lining up two by two as they await their turns to enter the hostile new world.

Forward! March!

>And so Our three heroes accompanied by their small army steps forward into the rift to face of against the horrors of the corrupted homeworld.


???!.ZzGrellBs 893000


>The Gate gives way in buzzing electric energy, the pink rift changing the scenery from Canterlot to a vast valley before them.

>The only source of light is the luminous moon above, stuck at the peak of the evening sky. There are no stars visible in the vast blanket of space, leaving only inky darkness as far as one could see.

>The air, which had once been crisp and clean, stinks with the faint scent of rot mixed with dust. The valley before the party is barren and stark, the ground cracked and dry from ages of drought. In the distance high craggy cliffs surround the valley, their peaks as barren as the land before them.

>All is quiet in this empty and dead world. There were no chirps of birds, no gentle rustling of wind through grass nor trees. Withered twigs, bent and twisted from age and death, poke up from the landscape in occasional intervals. These signs of flora, as with the rest of the valley, hold the dubious signs of having been without an essence of life for a long while.

>While the scent of rot is particularly faint, curiously, it seems to get stronger the longer the rift remains open. A low rumbling noise echoes across the valley, the noise faint and akin to thunder.

>Strange, considering there were no clouds in the sky.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893139

File: 1427085443457.png (159.79 KB, 432x600, uh that look kinda wrong but i…)

>Scout glances around at the gloomy scene before him.

Geez, this is what we're fightin for? You'd think a buncha colorful ponies woulda come from a uh... more colorful place?

>He takes in a whif of the air with a look of disgust.

It stinks too.
What's that rumblin noise?

>Scout tenses up holding his bat in one hand while the other is ready to grab his scattergun at a moments notice.

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893146

>looking around the scenery, the undead pony slowed down to take the scenery in.
...Creepy... So this is what years and years of abandonment will do to a country?

>while the environment unnerved her, the smell not so much. Maybe it was because she was undead so rot didn't bother her as much, despite not smelling like rot itself.

...Quiet... I hear something..

>an enemy?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893149

File: 1427089462462.jpg (11.11 KB, 385x131, 567.jpg)

>The comments coming from the two would fall upon death ears. For three hundred years this land had gone without it's proper ruler. Three hundred years of the ponies attempting to maintain it. How long did they last? How long did they manage to scrape by before Grogar made his presence known to the world? Days? Months? Years perhaps?

>There was no way of knowing, nor did it matter. This neglect and abusive treatment of this land had gone on for far too long. They were here to take it back. Hopefully they weren't too late. With time and enough upkeep the land could return to its natural beauty. Perhaps one day Appleslice and Matilda would be able to roam these lands.

...It was so beautiful once...

>And yet through out his thoughts, he could smell them coming. They could sense the disturbance just as they had before. Their master had sent a welcoming party.

Set up the barrier devices. Give them the space they need to set them up.

>Reaching behind him, Wade would pull out a large assault rifle. A tad larger caliber then standard military hardware. Anything hit by this, alive or dead, was certainly not getting back up.

They're coming.

>Stepping further away from the portal, Wade would look up to the crater's edge.

Blu, Margret, form a triangle formation around the portal. Earth ponies, Unicons! Fill in the gaps and begin cover fire. Pegasi! Ready to swoop down and strike where you can. They could surround us any second.

>Already he takes position, his gun aimed forward as he lines up his sights. He was ready to shoot something.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893150

File: 1427090667099.png (201.68 KB, 800x520, oh man i love shooting things.…)

>Scout quickly moves into position and whips out his scattergun

Alright, yeah lets do this. time to kick some zombie butts. I hope i brought enough ammo for this.

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893152


>Margaret got her weapon ready, a state of the art beam katana. The green blade of energy illuminated everything around her

>getting into position, she prepared herself

???!.ZzGrellBs 893153


>The rumbling and stench grows ever louder, the ridges and cliffs surrounding the deep valley obscuring from plumes of dust.

>These plumes surround them, slowly growing in definition as whatever created them draws closer.

>The constant rumbling even starts to shake the ground, which trembles as the dust draws ever closer. The stench becomes nauseating, a mixture of burning flesh and rotten meat swirling in dirt.

>The noise, growing ever closer, becomes evident as a single figure charges ahead of the dust plume. Though the figure was recognizable with golden armor, and the familiar Equestrian banner streaming behind it in a rapid wave, to those staring ahead, the slowly becomes obvious what it is.

>One of the landing party, the Equestrian guard, thundered towards the group. Stabbed through his torso is the Equestrian flag, the fabric stained red from blood. The stallions eyes burned with blue flame as he charged onwards, his hooves kicking up the dust of the valley.

>In the dust plumes surrounding the first party into Equestria, an unsettling blue glow.

>The stench becomes unbearable, the dust closing in and the ground tremoring as if there was an earthquake.

>The army makes no noise, supply no battle yell. The beating of hooves across the landscape, echoing across the dead valley, did more than enough already.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893158

File: 1427092852160.jpg (167.36 KB, 450x338, 625915-bigthumbnail.jpg)

>The only one to effect Wade would be the one with the flag through his chest. The day he and his four squad mates came into the homeworld was still fresh in Wade's mind. Their death permenatly staining his hands. Even if they lost, he would have to be sure to take this one back home.

>Just as the last chariot entered the portal, it would shut down just as planned. If they failed they couldn't allow any of these things to flood into the homeworld.


>Wade unleashes a spray of bullets from his rifle. These ponies were already dead, there was no point in holding back. With little hesitation, the guards also begin their onslaught to keep the ones setting up the barriers safe.

Roll 1d50 = 36 slain by Wade.

Roll 1d100 = 47 Slain by the guards.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893159

File: 1427093631052.png (877.41 KB, 600x497, ima hit you so hard your ances…)

>Scout covers up his nose with his elbow in an attempt to avoid the growing smell.

The heck is- Oh go-

>He notices the Equestrian Guard charging towards them. This puts him in a sense of panic and shock.

omg omg omg you freakin serious?! The hell is goin on?! Those ain't your average zombies!

>Scout scrambles to grab a few of his explosive baseballs.

These better kill em as fast as normal ones!

>He quickly lights two and lightly tosses them in the air before batting them towards the charging hoard.

>Roll 1d100 = 91

>Roll 1d100 = 71

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893160

>wiht that, Margaret went at it, sword readied
>now, with the zombies closer, even Margaret was bothered by the horrid smell.
Hmph... So you come to us in this facade of an army? Mocking us while you're at it by wearing the same armor.. How goddamn insulting!

>Margaret sprinted forward, a grin on her face, showing her true colors as a killer.

>despite being stuck to melee, she was incredibly skilled at cutting down group after group, the length of the energy blade grew enough to cut down more than one zombie with each swing.
>how many taken out Roll 1d50 = 26

???!.ZzGrellBs 893161


>The explosion of fire, rain of bullets, and meeting of the armies collides as the dust cloud rolls over the massive triangle.

>Rotten earth ponies, pegasus with barren flightless wings, unicorns with blue fire exuding from their twisted horns fall from the assault yet more charge on. Within the dust cloud is nothing but the ominous glowing of the undead's eyes, the blue fire flaring as the hooves clamp and stamp, teeth gnash and bite, and heads butt for the bastion of Rigel Prima.

>271 Zomponies killed

>4729 remaining

>The first wave hits the braced forces, the rotten ponies greeting their opponents in a charge.

>Dead: Roll 1d1000 = 661

>Scout: Roll 1d1000 = 811
>Margaret: Roll 1d1000 = 501
>Army: Roll 1d1000 = 658

>All evens

>If hit for singular opponents, a zomponie tackles them to the ground, driving a hoof down onto their gut.

>If army hit: [5% damage taken out of 100% health: 10% if dubs and 20% if trips]

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893163

How many are there... I'm liking this.. Keep em coming, Grogar!
>she sounded like she was enjoying this too much.
>swinging her beam katana in a full circle, she cut down any surrounding undead.
>Roll 1d20 = 13
>before tossing it forward with telekinesis, manipulating the direction of the spinning blade
>Roll 1d75 = 47

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893164

File: 1427095348282.jpg (53.27 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nizn1qUyrS1qf09kbo1_500…)

>With a zombie rushing toward him, Wade quickly beats him away with the butt of his gun.

>Before he returns fire he reaches into his belt and pulls out a grenade. After pulling the pin out with his teeth he tosses it toward the hoard before continuing his barrage of bullets.

Roll 1d75 = 36 Explosion damage.
Roll 1d50 = 25 Gun damage.

>The guards slain would let out one final cry before they were attacked by the horde. Their spirit was not hindered by the loss, if anything it only strengthened their resolve as they continued their resolve.

>MEanwhile, a pair of the chariots which were driven by the heavily armored Earth ponies, charged forward as they aimed to trample a hoard of the undead before U-turning back into formation.

>Their chariots however would be dropped on the line. Specialized legs would extend out as turrents spawned from the inside. On cue, a Pegasi would soar down onto each one and begin firing away at the hoard.

Roll 1d100 = 68 Basic army attack.
Roll 1d50 = 15 Juggernaught tramples.
Roll 1d75 = 35 Turrent kills.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893165

>Scout quickly bats away the nearby zombie and chucks another bomb at the hoard. Quickly grabbing his scattergun he fires away before the bomb even hits the ground.

Roll 1d100 = 57
Roll 1d50 = 13

???!.ZzGrellBs 893166


>The additional forces from the army prove an asset, adding scores of zompony bodies to fall in rain of fire, bullets, explosions, or charges.

>The bodies that fall lose the blue flame in their eyes, their corpses resting on the dusty ground, which are summarily stormed over by an endless wave of new zomponies seeking to surge forward and ensure the Rigel Priman's demise.

>Current Army health: -5%

>Dead Roll 1d1000 = 279

>Scout Roll 1d1000 = 319
>Margaret Roll 1d1000 = 42
>Army Roll 1d1000 = 64

>All evens

>For singular fighters, unicorn zomponies charge with their horns to stab at them.

>For Army, same applies [5% damage or higher depending on dubs or trips]


>309 zomponies killed

>4420 remaining

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893167

File: 1427096919763.jpg (306.3 KB, 1680x1050, 2013-07-20_00021.jpg)

>As Wade whacked another zombie away he would realize that simple bullets wouldn't be enough. He had been in a world of super advanced technology for years, certainly he had something that wou-

>He flashes back to a conversation he had with a rather large overlyenergetic man.


>As he returns back to reality he reaches his gun behind him, only to pull out a replacement.

It's a gun...

>Aiming to his right, he would fire a stream of the weapons ammo as he sways his aim to the left.

...that shoots swords.

>True enough, the ammo would reveal itself to be swords that pierced the ground, and various zombie ponies as they landed.

...that explode.

>On cue, the swords would explode in great flaming balls of fire. Engluffing a good chunk of the zombies before him.

Roll 1d175 = 14

>The army on the other hand would begin suffering losses. The lesser armored ones would feel the sting of the zombie unicorns' horns as they pierced through their armor before being punched away.

>Those that had been untouched, kept on with their attack. The Earth ponies sending shockwaves forward that would send the zombies flying away.

Roll 1d50 = 21 Smashes.

>The Unicorns would send out rapid beams of energy, piercing the heads of the zombies they hit.

Roll 1d50 = 20 Blasts

>The Pegasi on the turrents would continue to fire their assault onto the hoard, catching their breath as they readied for more slashing sweeps.

Roll 1d50 = 6 Bangs.

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893168

>Margaret, do to not having her sword by her side, took the hit.
>but, thanks to not having any blood, she was mostly unaffected by the wound

>she retaliated by cutting down her attacker, before returning her sword to her side, cutting down any zombies along the way

>Roll 1d100 = 70

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893170

File: 1427098493092.jpg (55.01 KB, 525x666, lost it.jpg)

>Scout bash in the skull of the nearest zombpony and chucks another bomb while firing.

Roll 1d100 = 91
Roll 1d50 = 6

Freaking zombies man!

???!.ZzGrellBs 893265


>228 killed

>4192 remaining

>The space becomes tighter, the zomponies surging in making space harder to move without the undead closeby from all directions.

>The mass of death closest to the armies and the fighting Equestrian forces stare blankly with their fiery eyes, the fires slowly building around their skulls as they pressed on.

>The fire burns on contact, which the zomponies are more than glad to try sharing with the fighters using the lack of space to their advantage.

>Dead Roll 1d1000 = 945

>Scout Roll 1d1000 = 806
>Margaret Roll 1d1000 = 990
>Army: Roll 1d1000 = 611

>Current Army Health: [-10%]

>Round Effects: Proximity Double Amount! The enemies this close double possible casualties! Roll higher numbered die for a big retaliation!

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893266

File: 1427168444534.jpg (912.82 KB, 1900x1069, s_deadpool_062513_01.jpg)

>Grabbing onto the flaming zombie, Wade would knee it's chest before tossing it back into the hoard to burn.

>With the lack of effectiveness of the Swordsplosion, he was begining to see why it was bestowed upon him for free. Uneqquiping the gun, he holds out his right hand toward the hoard.

Gonna feel this in the morning...

>Clinching his fist, he pulls it back toward his side. His other hand meeting it as he braced himself for heavy impact. His body could feel the power of his next attack building up inside him. Not since the threat of Captain Nazi did he feel such force was neccesary.


>As he utters the last syllobal of his chant, his mouth unhinges like a snake. His entire top jaw forcing his face backward at a ninty degree angle as an entire fast food building shoots forward, mowing down any undead before it.

Roll 1d200 = 183

>The army, having avoided all attacks from the undead during their barrage, now found it in them the time to attack.

Four Earth Ponies, and Unicorns each would leap back. The Earth Ponies slam their hooves into the ground. Each of them lifting up large chunks of earth over their heads. As they did so, the Unicorns would charge the chunks of earth with kinetic energy until each one glowed a distinct bright purple. Once the attacks were ready, the Earth Ponies would heave their improved weapons toward the hoard, each one promising a devestating explosion.

Roll 1d400 = 353 Smash and burns.

The Pegasi in return would switch positions. As the ones manning the guns flew up, the ones that had remained flying would take their places as they reloaded the turrents.

>The now airborn Pegasi would fly up as high as they could, moving past the clouds. A faint beep would come from their helmets before the quickly turned and began quickly falling toward the zombie hoard. The the speed and precision of an elite fighting unit, unicorn partners would fire beams up at the Pegasi. These would not arm them, but instead surround them in protective bubbles as they divebombed into the hoard to deliver massive sonic booms to whip any near by away.

Roll 1d400 = 73 Sonic booms.

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893267

>without any blood, the undead pony burned very easily
>in retaliation, she swings her blade in front of her, sending a wave of green energy through the crowd of undead
>Roll 1d200 = 61

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893269

File: 1427169334131.png (190.84 KB, 1000x720, spooked 3.png)

>Scout burns from the nearby zombponies and leaps back from the burn.


>He begins firing his scatter gun as fast as possible at the nearby zombies.

>Roll 1d75 = 59

>Roll 1d1000 = 234

>>Evens his bag of 5 bombs flies into the air landing in the middle of the hoard.

???!.ZzGrellBs 893270


>The retaliation from the Rigel Priman forces results in hundred of burning bodies to fall to the ground, sliced, smashed, torn apart, or blasted apart from the powerful retaliation.

>The attack forces the zomponies to back off, leaving the soft and rotting bodies of the first (nearly) two thousand bodies upon the hard dirt. The zomponies that remain skitter around the dead zone, their fiery skulls tilting and staring at the triangular formation among the dead.

>963 killed

>3229 remaining

>Half of the remaining army charges, stomping the flesh and bones of the fallen zomponies into the dirt as they attempted a new attack, the other half lingering about the fringe of the dead.

>They come in a collective train, bullrushing with their flaming skulls lowered like battering rams.

>Dead Roll 1d1000 = 704

>Scout: Roll 1d1000 = 644
>Margaret Roll 1d1000 = 493
>Army: Roll 1d1000 = 297
>All Evens

>Army Current Health: [-10%]

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893274

File: 1427171250556.jpg (153.44 KB, 480x750, tumblr_niag34a18l1tpy5xxo1_500…)

>The incoming assault would hit Wade like a freight train. The attack would send him sliding backward as he crosses his arms to absorb the blow as much as he can.

Gngh...it takes the lot of you to gang up just to hit me once.

>As he lowers his right hand to face toward the undead, it morphs and shifts onto a cannon.

That the best you can do!?

>Three distinct hums could be heard before he fires off his volly of three shots. Each one hitting would release and explosion to keep trying to push them all back.

Roll 1d100 = 31

>The soliders on the other hand would manage to block the attack with their combined magical barriers.


>One weak link however, would prove hazardous to one of their own.


>At once, two Earth Ponies slide from their positions to give cover to Blu as he try to recover.

>The turrents were now reloaded. The manning Pegasi once more release their volly of death.

Roll 1d50 = 25

>Meanwhile, The pegasi left after their initial sonic booms, would fly back into their groups, slicing down any undead in their path.

Roll 1d50 = 49

>Finally, the Unicorns would have absorbed the kinetic energy from the colelctive blocked ramming attacks. All at once a volley of beams would shoot out and strike at the opposing forces.

Roll 1d50 = 43

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893278

Shoot! Scout down!

>dodging the next attack, Margaret stabbed the tackling monster through the head

This one's for him!
>with the beam katana still inside the zombie's head, the weapon began to make a loud humming noise. The mouth and holes in the zombies body would begin to glow bright green, the same color as the zombie itself.
Aaaaand go!

>bucking the zombie away into the crowd, the undead monster exploded in a neon, lime green burst of light

>Roll 1d50 = 1
>evens, it creates a chain explosion, the green light transferring to other zombies Roll 1d1000 = 219
>Roll 1d50 = 23
>Roll 1d50 = 43

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893281

File: 1427172203993.jpg (150.78 KB, 728x841, face ground.jpg)


>Scout's moment of panic cost him dearly as he is bashed by the wave. He flies back several feet, landing face down in the dirt.


???!.ZzGrellBs 893283


>149 killed

>3080 remaining

>The retaliating forces of the zomponies, seeing weakness in the force following their massacre, quickly abandon their hesitation and surge forwards to join their brethren, once again attempting to mow down as much as they could with their flaming skulls.

>The blue fire eats down to their necks, giving the zomponies luminous manes of fire that trail behind them as they charge. Their skeleton heads, now lacking any kind of flesh, stare soulessly as they stampede onwards in a new wave of attack

>Dead Roll 1d1000 = 769

>Margaret Roll 1d1000 = 278

>Army Roll 1d1000 = 711

>For Scout, the real danger is the possibility of being trampled, even with the two Earth Ponies guarding him.

>[1d1000 and Roll 1d1000 = 110

>if both evens, roll for dodge, if fail, stompy stomp!

>Army Current Health: [10%]



>Double amount rolled for amount killed this round!

???!.ZzGrellBs 893284


>For first broken scout roll: Roll 1d1000 = 978

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893286

>Roll 1d1000 = 339
>>Evens to dodge

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893287

>Can he block it? Roll 1d100 = 1 Evens

Margaret!MEOWKdWFcQ 893288

>Margaret takes the attack head on, upset that her previous attack failed to do anything of impact.
>with the repeated fire damage, the superior undead was beginning to be worn down.

>nevertheless, she continues her retaliation against the zombie army

>Roll 1d100 = 65

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893291

File: 1427174939223.jpg (134.56 KB, 1280x719, deadpool-reveal-trailer-news-1…)

>From behind Wade, he would hear Blu's cries of pain as the hoard of undead trample upon him. Quickly he turns around.

>His mind is torn. If he moves from his position to help him, he risks leaving the entire battalion exposed. But if he doesn't then he risks once more losing Blu to forces beyond their control.

>His hands ball up into fists as he grunts with anguish. His entire body tenses up before he explodes in a shout of rage. From his belt he pulls out the Swordsplosion once more, aiming it forward as he unleashes a barrage of exploding swords.


>As he fires out his barrage, from behind him, a marching band materializes. At once they begin playing a song.


>They march toward Scouts direction. Those who would run into him simply leap over him as they march forward, stopping just before meeting the undead. Just then, they would charge forward. Their combined weight able to storm past them, trampling any that they come across in Blu's immediate danger zone.

>Roll 1d200 = 171 Swordsplosion kills

>Roll 1d350 = 295 Bulls on Parade kills

>The army would once more seize the opprotunity to attack. The Unicorns all at once would unleash a spray of Ice magic to freeze any undead before them. In response, The Earth ponies would unleash shockwaves to shatter them into pieces.

Roll 1d150 = 141 Ice breaks

>This time, The pegasi and Earth ponies would team up for an attack. Four Earth Ponies would raise their forelegs into the air as the awaited Pegasi to air lift them into the sky. As they flew through the hoard, the Earth ponies would stomp onto the ground, releasing shockwaves that would send the undead flying away in droves before they eventually U-Turned back into formation.

Roll 1d300 = 56 Shockwave eruptions.

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893293

File: 1427175495417.png (74.45 KB, 500x159, aww geez.png)

>Scout is mercilessly trampled by the many zombie ponies. As the marching band marches to protect him he barely has the strength at the moment to speak. He slowly lifts himself up.

Argh. I think i broke a few things.


Okay. A lotta things.

>Roll 1d1000 = 567

>>Evens he gets his energy back to fight next post.

>Roll 1d1000 = 905

>Evens he notices his bag of bombs in the middle of the horde.
>>Roll 1d1000 = 19
>>Evens he has just enough strength to fire his pistol at them.
>>>Roll 1d1000 = 938
>>>Evens he hits them. Wait for number killed post.

???!.ZzGrellBs 893296


>728 killed

>2352 remaining

>The armies of Equestria do diligent work, tearing swathes into the marauding zomponies, their bodies falling upon the already fallen masses.

>Their fires extinguish, leaving a far more distributed cluster of zomponies surrounding the army. The mass seems to have turned tide, more dead than alive accosting the army of Rigel Prima.

>The interior of the triangular formation, for the time being free of zomponies, leaves Scout at a reprieve for a moment.

>Yet the remaining zomponies do not waste much time trying to lay siege on the sturdy Equestrian army and the three fighters accompanying them.

>The fires composing the zomponies manes trail down their spines, flaring out into ghostly flaming tails that wisp and burn behind them in bright flares.

>Burning sublimely, the hoard charges again to ignite those fighting against them with the enchanted fire.

>Dead Roll 1d1000 = 757

>Margaret Roll 1d1000 = 60

>Army: Roll 1d1000 = 439

>All Evens

>Army Current Health: [-10%]

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 893299

File: 1427181079352.jpg (912.82 KB, 1900x1069, s_deadpool_062513_01.jpg)

Keep pushing! Do NOT let up! Whatever you do, do not let them win!

>Even as he shouts his enouraging words, he can't help but notice the ever increasing fire trailing along the undead's bodies. And now they were increasing their assaults with surges of fire. Something else was in the works among the enemy ranks.

>As the fire comes near him, he leaps back to stand within the pulsating magical field. He could see signifigant decrease in their numbers, they must be drawing near their limit.

>His shouts and Stand were used already. If he tried another shout he would become to hungry to fight. And he didn't even know how to fully control that marching band.

>He was running out of big guns...metaphorically speaking.

>Reaching behind him he pulls out a large four sectioned Missile launcher. With little care on where they were heading, he fires each of the four rockets into the hoard.

Roll 1d150 = 53 blams

>The pegasai continued their turrent barrage.

Roll 1d50 = 44 shots

>The Earth Ponies would continue to send Shockwaves through the land.

Roll 1d50 = 28 Stomps

>The Unicorns would fire the energy absorbed by their shields back at their foes in the form of magical blasts.

Roll 1d50 = 1 Zaps

>And lastely, those pegasai that remained Airborne would swoop down, slicing up any in their path.

Roll 1d50 = 34 Evens

Blu!SCOUT/bXM2 893439

File: 1427310335958.jpg (114.08 KB, 503x483, So i just walk over this and i…)

>With just enough strength, Scout manages to move around a little bit.

I know i got a health kit around here somewhere. I can't just be a useless sack a crap.

>He says as he searches through his bag.

>Roll 1d1000 = 632

>Evens he find the healthkit
>>Roll 1d100 = 17 What percentage health he will be at.

>>Roll 1d1000 = 220
>>Evens, he notices his bag among the hoard
>>>"My bomb bag! Quick! Ona you knuckleheads gotta shoot my bag. It's got like 5 bombs in there!
>>>Odds, to distracted on healing himself.

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