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Pony Inspired RPG - ROAN Clear Skies 890761

Greetings folks.

I've been working for a little over a year to create a MLP inspired RPG at the request of many folks at Bronycon.

Beforehand I had a hand in being a Game Dev Consultant to Urban Medows and the creation of his game Buck Legacy, specifically in the expansion pack.

Roan is a pulp action-adventure with heavy inspiration from the 20'sto50s era novels and comics.

It draws a lot from Guild Wars 1/2 and Crimson Skies as well as My Little Pony.

he system being used is the HEX (Hollowed Earth Expedition) from the creators Exile Games.

I've multiple artists on board whose credits you can see here.


I aim to be kickstarting this soon in order to support book prints, and pay for the license.

Benefits of supporting it is not only gaining a name in the credits, but possibly having a character in the rpg story, a customer character sheet, and art done by a choice of the artists.

Course as with any kickstarter this is based upon what you put in for!

Please hit the tumblr, see the starting comics and ask questions. More details are to come as I put them!

Anonymous 890762

File: 1425836548394.png (311.73 KB, 1280x1024, roanconceptmage.png)

Figure it helps to give you all a few sketches from artists working on the game!
Rather than nothing at all! My apologies for that!

Roan Archetypes Clear Skies 890767

File: 1425841368989.jpg (2.47 MB, 3300x5100, Alchemist.jpg)

the game system doesn't specifically have your prebuilt classes like a paladin, or knight, or rogue.

Rather you build an Archetype, and then assign a motivation. Motivations help the GM figure out how to tell the story in a way that your character is inclined to be in on the adventure.

Archetype merely gives the GM an idea of what you are building, such as a soldier, mechanic, alchemist, etc.

For your pleasure, a concept sketch of the Alchemist by Bunni.

More info to come, and def hope to have the support of this community!

More Archetypes Clear Skies 891251

File: 1426121334874.jpg (1.68 MB, 3300x5100, Military Sketch.jpg)

Evening folks

Figured I'd expand a little more about Archetypes and Motivations and how the make things so different for Roan RPG.

As said before, unlike generic DnD style games, you do not start with a prebuilt concept, rather you utilize talents and skill builds to develop who your character is.

A soldier for instance will cator towards strength and possibly tactical or melee supportive talents.

While someone like an Adventurer is going to gear themselves more towards survival and such.

Talents can then be opposed by Flaws which define a characters weaknesses.

A pony can have a crippled hoof or horn etc.

But why would you want this?
It brings us to the next bit.

Style Points Clear Skies 891254

File: 1426121924407.jpg (1.62 MB, 3300x5100, Adventurer Sketch.jpg)

Style Points

What are they?
Their a set of chips you earn that can help boost your rolls, take care of health, change a scene, or cause a comical situation of errors to keep the group laughing.

Playing to your character and their flaws allows you to gather style points, which transfer from game to game.

It has similarities to games like Savage Worlds, or Spirit of the Century.

You can boost the size of your dice pool, increase a talent temporarily by 1 level, reduce damage, adjust what may or may not be in a scene.

For instance a fight is going down, guards have just been surprised. One reaches for a weapon, but a player pays a few style points saying "He forgot he misplaced it elsewhere."

That is just a simple example of style point use!

Enjoy another wonderful image by Bunni!

BRONY TABLE Clear Skies 892920

File: 1426994068479.jpg (958.22 KB, 1280x1686, ROB COMM MLP BAR FIGHT (pencil…)

Salutations Brony and RPG fans alike!

We are going to Bronycon with a Table housing Zilof, Shonuff44, Panda, and perhpas one more!

TO celebrate I give you a piece from Shonuff representing fights!

http://roan-rpg.tumblr.com/ Keep an eye on our tumblr to prep for the kickstarter!

How does combat work in Roan?

Obviously like many RPGs it is contested die, but unlike many rpgs where you have AC, Threats etc to deal with, Roan literally takes combined stats + skill vs Defense+ Armor

A Boxer STRENGTH 6 using BRAWL 6 attacks a Soldier in Armor.

Boxer Total Roll = 12 no mods

The Soldier has a Passive + Active defense + Mods/Armor
Passive = 5 (Body 5)
Active = 3 (Dex 3)
Armor Hauberk = 3
Soldier Total Defense = 11

Both sides roll off, evens = 1, Odds = 0.

Boxer = 6
Soldier = 4

Though the Soldier had the benefit of armor, he takes a stunning strike to the chin for 2 Damage as the Boxer hoofs out a haymaker!

This is essentialy how many rolls in Roan work out!

Certainly hit up the Tumblr and ask questions!

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