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BLN#49: No Blondes Edition Sistah Spooky!bXgeUCIUnk 887954[Last 50 Posts]

#Better Layton Never #Ask/Invite #Action/Adventure #Everything Else

Alright, let's get this over with...

>puts on a very well practiced smile

Hey, all you kids out there, check it out! Sistah Spooky is here to tell you all about the super-cool RP, Better Layton Never!

Us Superhomeys think-
>pauses as murmurs rise from behind the the camera

What's wrong?

>more whispering and murmuring

What do you mean "you weren't expecting me"? You wanted a Superhomey, didn't you? So, what-
>more whispers


>eye twitch

You were expecting Empowered...!? You wanted that slut over me!? Do you even know who I am!? Have you any idea what grade of superhero material you have standing on your stupid nerdfest!?

It's because she's white, isn't it! White and blonde, perfect jacking off material for you creeps! I bet you were going to tear off her costume as she did this ridiculous introduction too! Expose her fat, jiggly ass just to get your rocks off, a highlight to all of your miserable and pathetic lives!

Well, fuck you!
>holds out her hand, blasting part of the set with magical energy
Fuck this roleplay!
>blasts more of the set
>blasts the camera and the rest of the area, leaving behind a large smoldering mess of broken props and stages

>flips off the remaining camera, and vanishes in a swirl of dark energy

Batman!pinkie78Os 887957

File: 1424205691776.jpg (7.6 KB, 480x360, batman_animated_gif_remake_by_…)

>once the duo had made their way to what appeared to be the borders leading into the Father's territory, Batman would stand still and stare off into the distance
>this was the time to formulate a plan of attack, to prepare for every possible outcome, to expect the unexpected
>reaching into his utility belt, Batman would unfold a pair of binoculars, peering through them to see if anyone was further ahead on the path

I hate it when people make these things sound easy, when we know they aren't.

>he spoke to Superman in a slightly tense tone, his mood obviously not very high after their talk with the Great Mother

>he considered going into details, but first he wanted to see if anyone was nearby before speaking candidly about their task

Superman!bXgeUCIUnk 887958

File: 1424206238760.jpg (138.9 KB, 541x478, smashing.jpg)

>looking ahead, the bat-man would be able to see the village pointed out by the woman
>its architecture was very similar to the village they had come from, only uncovered by the forest
>in fact, the village seemed almost like a mirror image of the previous one, maybe indicative of their old history as being guarded over by the sister creatures
>he would be able to see a small army stationed near the village, but no one else seemed to be close to the forest

>the superman would use his enhanced vision to do the same, looking all around them for any threats, but finding none that needed to be addressed

Maybe they just wish it was that simple. Saying it out loud might help them feel better about their situation. You can't blame them for that.
he then glanced up at the moons traveling above them

I think I know where we are.
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Batman!pinkie78Os 887959

File: 1424206924337.jpg (285.81 KB, 2151x1662, Batman.jpg)



>Batman would lower the binoculars after a few seconds, already trying to think of how to approach this

>it wouldn't be hard for them to approach quietly, so maybe they could avoid the village altogether as they made their way to the main stronghold
>they'd probably have to get a bit closer before properly determining that
>he'd look back at Superman after a second, now sounding curious

So where are we, then?

Superman!bXgeUCIUnk 887962

File: 1424207405063.jpg (32.5 KB, 380x403, were lost arent we.jpg)

>the Man of Steel pondered for a moment
Six moons... a green planet...
>he turned to the Caped Crusader
Do you remember Doctor Tyson? He helped us against Planetarium that one time. He's been doing tremendous work charting the solar system Rigel Prima is in.

Twelve planets, he's found. at least four of them are capable of harboring life. I think we're on the sixth planet from our sun.
>crossing his arms, the Man of Tomorrow would look around them almost distractedly
He's definitely going to be interested in finding intelligent life exists on this planet.

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 887968

File: 1424218164620.png (135.73 KB, 265x262, Seph_Casually Waiting To Tear …)



>He needed to fire the person that hired this one.

>Sephiroth regards the missing recruit with a stony expression, his luminous cat-like eyes gleaming a bright aquamarine in the dimly lit office.

>There's something terribly soft about her. She may have been able to get past the Tonberry Trial, though reports were that she had used more wits than strength in such a department. He could certainly see why this was so; she didn't appear to have the aptitude to deliver a pound of pain towards anything she was facing.

>If she had very little mental mettle, she wouldn't do for field work. Maybe he could have been persuaded to place her on administrative duties, though if she had low accountability or reliability already from how recent a recruit she was he held very little expectation towards how well such a reassignment would entail.

...Please, sit.

>Sephiroth gestures to the leather chair placed in front of his desk, reserved for individuals who came into his office for business.

>The desk space is meticulously clean, a stack of files neatly pressed together in one corner, and Sephiroth's file regarding this particular instance sitting before him. The office itself is very spartan in design, cold and mostly featureless with only a very large and currently shuttered window behind Sephiroth and his desk.

>Sephiroth observes the woman silently as a mountain lion would a goat, his hands folding in front of him and his stare wholly unbreakable and firm.

!oHammer6Ps 887969

File: 1424219194697.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

>Taking the proffered seat, the dairy farmer Mo'Gal sucks in a nervous breath, and eyes flicking to the side as she begins to speak, her anxiety very clearly stemming from a sense of justified fear and failure, she answers, however, quite readily.

...I left because I wasn't ready.

>Obviously forcing herself to look at him, features stiff and her words slow and drawn out, the cowish woman continues.

I left because... Even though I passed the test, I didn't realize just what I'd be doing. What I'd be protecting people from.

>Tail slinking up into her lap, the runaway anxiously begins wringing the soft, brushy-tipped end between her fists, lips drawn tight as she pauses between sentences.

I'm a farm girl. I killed a wolf with a rock when I was thirteen. I can hold my own, and I'm no pushover... But...

>Glancing away again, memories of having her flesh ripped and torn by otherworldly monsters while she helplessly watches, seeing Hal nearly cut in half, imagining having to tell Elicia what had happened...

...I needed to make peace with some things. Back home, in Mo'Gallile.

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 887972

File: 1424220843797.png (142.4 KB, 276x241, Seph_Are You This Idiotic_My F…)


>Sephiroth's brow gives a distinct twitch at the woman's admittance, his eyes glowing only marginally brighter in contrast. She had taken the trial, passed it, with intentions of joining Riftguard...and she didn't once understand the duty and responsibility that came with it?

>Was she stupid or ignorant?


>Farm girl. Definitely both.

...Let me see if I understand you correctly.

You joined the Riftguard under the wrong impression of what it is we do here, and once faced with a real threat, you went back home to Mo'Gallile in an unprecedented and unannounced leave far longer than any allotted vacation time Riftguard are allowed.

>He leans forward in his seat, his voice turning a tad harder as his pupils shrink into black slits.

Effectively abandoning your post and assignments, and allowing the Town one less person standing between them and certain death to the monsters and abominations that crawl out of the rifts.

>A silver eyebrow slowly lifts in query, Sephiroth's tone taking on a simple questioning tone.

...Is that right?

!oHammer6Ps 887976

File: 1424221952235.jpg (46.66 KB, 366x364, fierce.jpg)


>A month ago, she'd have nodded her head and walked out in shame, content to accept his obvious opinion of her and believe it herself.

>But she was better than that, now, and faced with opposition, not quiet disappointment, the woman's face hardens and she raises her eyes back up to meet his, her docile, sheepish look replaced with one of a large animal slowly beginning to focus on something.


>Her shoulders straightening, the woman sits upright a little straighter, refusing to be cowed by the Riftguard's barrage of accusations and implications.

I thought I could do this. I told myself I wouldn't run away, that I could deal with whatever got thrown at me...

>Hand drifting to the healed shoulder where quite a large bite had been taken out of her, she shudders slightly at the fresh memory of that monster staring her in the eyes as it inched closer and closer, fangs dripping...

>Closer and closer...

...But what happened was just too much. I couldn't do it. I couldn't face getting hurt or dying...


>Teeth gritted, her gaze focuses to a razor's edge, far removed from the distant, sleepy look she'd shown in moments of peace.

So I left. I had to leave to take care of those things, say my goodbyes, and while I'm still not the strongest or the fastest or the smartest, I'm me, and I will spend the rest of my life in this place, trying to protect these people, badge or not.

>She'd made peace with her family, said her goodbyes. Her life was for this place now, for these people, so if she had to die, if she was going to end up like momma...

>She was gonna die in the place her heart lived.
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Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 887981

File: 1424224323490.jpg (73.76 KB, 800x566, Seph_Hmph_Such Embarrassment.j…)



>Sephiroth closes his eyes and releases a loud and long sigh, the long and errant strands of silvery hair fluttering in front of his face.

>He had seen this before; people who had joined the Riftguard for the glamor or wealth or fame and found that while they held the aptitude to be on such an elite force they had absolutely no mettle within themselves to place their lives on the line.
>The last he needed was a coward serving on the lines of Riftguard; not when Town and all its civilians were on the line. He already found embarrassment in the public sphere about his poor showing at the world tournament but he would be damned if Riftguard suffered any from any weakness he may have possessed.

>Weaknesses included the woman before him.

Unfortunately for you, such assertions and affirmations for your personal or mental wellbeing are signed away upon application to Riftguard. To desert your post for any reason classifies you as MIA, and it is by a case by case basis where the reasons for doing so are forgiveable or not.

My previous Riftguard who entered this office had been missing for a month. She was kidnapped and held hostage on the moon until her escape following the intervention of the vagabonds in Wayne Manor. Such instances are uncommon but part of the hazards of such a job.

>Sephiroth flashes his eyes open, his tone refining into an edge as sharp as the Masamune itself.

Leaving because this was not something you personally could handle is not an acceptable excuse for abandoning your post. I have had Riftguard take personal time for fragile mental conditions related to the work they are expected to perform, and they tend to do so in a responsible manner.

Being a general before my time here, I can understand the stressors of the immensity of danger that is present in missions, especially the Class S missions. The monsters are dangerous, violent, and will perform as they know best and destroy everything if left unchecked.

This is why the Riftguard are paid as well as we are.

This is why the Riftguard are respected by the community.

Being in the Riftguard is not about yourself. It's about what you represent, and who you protect every day you face a monster or an abnormal rift activity. There are dangers to this job, dangers I expect even the TPD do not appreciate...and, seemingly, something you did not appreciate until you had seen it for yourself.

>Sephiroth pauses and leans back into his seat, his voice turning colder towards the cow-like woman.

Paint as you like; you abandoned your post for a wholly selfish reason for an extended period of time, proving that you are not fit to bear the badge of an active Riftguard. I doubt you're even fit to wear a Retriever's badge.

They at least have the propensity to remain in an area of danger and help where they can, even if they had not the strength or intelligence to pass the Tonberry Trial.


File: 1424225000903.jpg (122.92 KB, 500x497, listen I'm not a lesbian(unlik…)


>Duo sweats a little as Otoya exclaims she didn't have to do anything today so happily


>"Oi, if she keeps procrastinating like this, I'll have plenty of time to win her over to the whole "Not murdering me" club...."


>Duo looks to Wakana and grins slightly

sooooo you admit you're cute then?~

>Duo says teasingly, before backing up in shock as Wakana approaches the fruit...

I can't say this is entirely unexpected but woah...

>The fruit had opened up into an orange zippered crack, and on the other end...appeared to be an area of the bad lands in Mo'galile?


!oHammer6Ps 887983

File: 1424225210653.jpg (50.87 KB, 366x364, serious.jpg)

You're right.

>Piping in, the woman gives him a respectful, if annoyed look.

I did leave for selfish reasons. I did do wrong, but I do want to help, and I didn't leave because I'm a coward.


...Our mother abandoned us.

>Looking away as she begins to speak again, the fierce yet gentle giant folds her hands in her lap, mind entirely elsewhere.

She was an "adventurer". She didn't want to run the farm, so after she married daddy, she left him in charge of it and ran off to see the world.

And then she died.

>Speaking without the slightest bit of remorse or sadness, indeed, only bitterness, the cow's shoulders hunch, revealing a bit of muscle definition usually hidden by a layer of fat.

No goodbye. No telling us she loved us. The only time we even saw her for more than a week at a time was when there was another little brother or sister on the way, and even then, she only came back for the last month or two.

>Bent over, elbows on her knees, the woman pours out her story to the man, not trying to convince him she'd done the right thing, but to give context to why she did it.

I was not going to be my mother. I was not going to die in some far off place without ever saying goodbye to my family, alone and regretting what I'd said or done to them before I left.

>Her face hardening, she meets the man's eyes once more, utterly serious.

And now I have no regrets.
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 887984

File: 1424225323920.jpg (72.54 KB, 464x280, 2266710-deadpool_binoculars.jp…)

>Dateline: Canterlot, mid day. The act of forming a prevenative measure against Rift activity in your nations capital was interesting to say the least. With no real way to tell when and where a rift would open one could only do what they could to be alert when the inevitable happened. Luckily, Canterlot itself wasn't especially hopping with such activity. Still, this didn't mean one was able to slack off.

>It had been some time since his drunken adventures with Stein. The acts done during the time would stay with him forever. It was good to get back together with the nutty professor after so long, for now he had work to do. Stationed on a rooftop in town square, Wade would monitor the town with his specially designed binoculars. The tool would grant him visability to rival that of an airborn pegasi.

On patrol...I'm on patrol...dododo on patrol.....damn I'm bored.

>With a heavy sigh he would put down his binoculars and sit his rear down onto the roof top. Reaching into his belt he would pull out a docket of papers. The title on them would read "Operation gate". The rest of the wording on it would be to little to read unless they were standing right beside him.

Uugghh, why can't we hurry up with this already? Could do it tomorrow if it wasn't for this PR bullcrap.

???!pinkie78Os 887985

>as Dead sat atop one of the rooftops of Canterlot, he'd see something that wasn't exactly common in the capital of Equestria
>a group of humans, jogging along one of the snow-covered streets, each of them huffing and puffing as they moved along, likely a sign that they had been running for some time
>they seemed to be running in a set of straight lines, much like military trainees would do in the midst of their workout
>the fact that they all bore a white-and-blue uniform seemed to support this idea


File: 1424225969379.jpg (318.02 KB, 473x600, tumblr_nao98a3uAe1sp9i15o1_500…)


>stumbling through the crack, a full armored Blood Orange themed version of Kamen Rider Gaim stumbles onto the ground....

>holding her lockseed up she panicked...

Come on come on, close close...!

>Calmly stepping through the portal, a female, seemingly apple themed, knight steps through

It's no use running Kazuraba,after all you've put me through, after both defeats, I will finally defeat you and be the only embodiment of the golden fruit!

>the knight holds a sword to the Rider's face

Say good bye...

>Duo's just staring blankly in the meantime, blinkings a few times while thinking, "...geeze if Life foreshadowed things a bit better things like this would seem less out of left field..."

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 887987

File: 1424226133027.png (132.71 KB, 273x204, Seph_BeingSrs.PNG)



>Unfortunately for the cow-woman, Sephiroth's expression remains absolutely unmoved by her story, his gaze boring into her so intensely that if he had the ability he likely would stare holes through her.




>What exactly was that story supposed to appeal to? She admitted herself that she left for selfish reasons, and the added reasoning that her mother apparently was a selfish whore gave him even less of a stunning opinion of her than they had started with.

>He never knew his mother either; being raised as a science experiment was perhaps the most unnatural way to raise a child who was motherless though he had not known any better until he had met Angeal and Genesis. They had families; mothers and fathers and memories of an idyllic place called Banora.

>That was the first exposure he had to the idea he was not normal compared to other people.

>It sounded as if this woman had started making the same mistake as her mother, only instead of dying some pointless death, she had merely been exposed to the possibility and mentally fractured from the revelation of it.

...Again, paint it as you like.

>Sephiroth reaches into his desk, then pulls out what is undeniably a pink slip and a pen, which he begins writing on the moment he breaks eye contact with the woman before him.

The last Riftguard I fired they were more than eager to hire at the TPD, if my sources are correct.

If you want to 'help' you'll have to try elsewhere. I can't trust you to the post you've been established at, and I will not impose you upon my Retrievers either.

>Finishing the bottom of the slip, and scrawling out his signature, Sephiroth pushes the piece of paper across the desk and leans back.

You'll be paid your severance but not any vacation for the time you've been missing. If you have any personal effects in Riftguard housing, I recommend moving them before your room is officially cleared.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 887988

File: 1424226748686.jpg (19.79 KB, 600x338, 1373085410685.jpg)

>Even with his distracted gaze, the marching of military troops would stick out like a sore thumb. Lowering his papers he looks down at the group with a curious gaze.

Huh....that's new.

>Putting away his things, Wade would begin pursuit of the group of people. His steps light, his jumps precise. Only the dropping of chunks of snow from the rooftops would give away his position. With the bright pastel colored ways of the city, Wade's bright red costume wouldn't stick out too much.

What evil lurks in the hearts of man? The Deadpony knows.

>He sais to himself as he continues his pursuit.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 887989

File: 1424227450002.png (1.21 MB, 975x1230, Taskmaster_(Earth-616).png)

>for a short time, the answer to Dead's question would continue to elude him, as there would be no signs of the small force slowing down for anyone, and no explanation for why they were there
>that is, until Dead would hear the motor of a vehicle a bit further back, and he would soon see the source of the sound as it rolled up beside the group

Come on babies, pick up the pace!

>the voice would naturally be familiar to Dead, as the form of the Taskmaster rode up on an ATV, staying on the road while the military group occupied the sidewalk

You call that running?!

>he focused his attention on one of the men, shouting right in his face

My great aunt Meredith can lift her legs higher than you!

And she's got two broken hips!


>he'd settle back in his seat after a second

That, and she's dead.

>he'd shake his head, then resume shouting

Anyway, hustle kiddies!

It's a long run back to Town, and if we're late you're missing dinner! So you'd better pick up the pace!

!oHammer6Ps 887990

File: 1424227654312.jpg (49.76 KB, 364x367, angry.jpg)


>He just didn't get it, did he?

>Maybe joining the Riftguard was a mistake if someone so stone-hearted and narrow-minded ran the show. Pushing the slip back at him defiantly, her face hardened, the woman quite obviously frowns at him. She didn't normally blame other people, but...

>He really was a cold, heartless bastard.

...I can understand why you talk that way, but you're not smart or "doing the right thing".

>Eyes narrowing, the cow stands, and leaning over the desk at him, grits her teeth.

I know the kind of person you are. A smug, self-righteous son of a bitch who can't see past their own damn "sense of right" to do what's actually right. Who thinks they know best, and will throw everyone else under a bus because of what you decide.

>Her voice slowly rising in anger, the hulking mass of a woman fumes, nails digging into the wooden desk she was leaning on.

You are the kind of person who'd gladly slit someone's throat and never think twice about it if it was the "right" thing to do, just because you convinced yourself it was. You are the kind of person who ends up in history books as the villain.

>Seeing red, her blood boiling, the woman growls,

And if you are in charge of this place, I don't want a damn thing to do with it.

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 887992

File: 1424228503644.png (109.46 KB, 215x218, Seph_Will You Stop Talking_By …)



>How many times had he heard these rants from fired Riftguard? It was almost the same theme from time to time, usually calling out his callousness or inability to have mercy or sympathy. He was running an operation as close to a military-like structure that he could; it would suffer no weakness if he could see to it.

>Riftguard was elite and there was a reason there were less than fifty that had ever made its ranks. Riftguard had a track record of being more successful in rift ventures, though it still was not an adequate army built to protect Town exclusively in the event of an invasion (three that had happened within the last five years).


>Though, he was not going to give the woman the benefit of an argument outside of what he had already determined. He puts his pen away instead and folds his hands above his desk, staring at the Mo'Gal with the same uncanny cat-like stare.

>He certainly wasn't intimidated by her display, though she would heavily regret trashing his office if she had in mind to do so.

>Granted, there was very little to trash for her in the first place. It was one of the perks for such a barren utility space that his office was.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 887994

File: 1424228923708.png (337.48 KB, 900x601, 1422240100105.png)

>During his chase, he would be able to put together a few pieces of the puzzle. These guys, their running, their clothing, even how they seemed to ignore everything. Everything pointed to military. The colors weren't anything he recognized. Definatly not Riftguard.

>Even the colors weren't any nation he recognized. So that could only lead to the conclusion of freelancers. But who the hell would lead them through a civilian area without giving a single-

>The car would inturrupt his train of thought. Even with the advanced aged of technology Equestria was going through they were few and far between. Mainly they were resvered for the elite, the high class if you will. Of course one look at it and the only color Wade would see is the one that matched his suit.


>Reaching behind him, Wade would pull out a blade and then leap for the hood of the car.

>Roll 1d1000 = 607

>If Evens, he lands on the hood of the car as planned. His blade piercing the metal and into the engine, causing it to stop. All the while, Wade looks down at the man in the drivers seat. Even through his mask the fire in his eyes would be apparent.

>Odds he undershoots and lands in the cars back seat. His sword now jammed in the apolstery, he swings his hand to punch at Taskmaster from behind.

Roll 1d1000 = 535 Evens.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 887996

File: 1424229497995.jpg (293 KB, 1000x1500, taskmaster (1).jpg)



>Taskmaster would look up when he heard the all-too familiar voice, knowing what exactly this meant

>it was only a matter of time before they met again, and it looked like that time was now

Aw, crap.

>he'd tense up when Dead landed on the back of the ATV, stabbing his sword into the seat beside him

>he'd reach up and catch Dead's fist before it could strike him, then call to his troop

Change of plans, kids! You're all dismissed!

Now scatter!

>his troop would do just that, all of them running in opposite directions, just trying to get away from the both of them

>Tasky, in turn, would suddenly veer his vehicle sharply from side to side, trying to throw Dead off of it
>roll to stay on

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 887998

Roll 1d100 = 7 Evens stick.

!oHammer6Ps 887999

File: 1424229895613.jpg (44.61 KB, 360x365, rage.jpg)


>He really was heartless.

People like you... People who don't have a heart in their chest, who probably don't even have emotions or a soul...

>Her blood settling, the horned woman turns her back on him.

You're the kind of people who make me sick, and damned if I'll work for someone who'd just as soon piss on this place as protect it, if you had a mind to.


>Deep down, though, she couldn't suppress the small sense of inadequacy she felt. The sense that this was the final proof of just how much of a coward she was. How she was so afraid of hurting those she cared about by being hurt or just being hurt herself that she didn't deserve to be a hero.

>...But this guy? He wasn't a hero. He wasn't even a good person, let alone the kind of man the people around here should look up to. Nobody this... Inhuman should ever be in charge of anything.

I don't want your pity. I don't want your forgiveness.

>Turning back to face him, eyes fierce, the woman glares at him.

I want you to understand. To take a step outside that little gated community you call a brain and think about how others feel. To have empathy.

But no. That's too much to ask. You are too important. You are right, and everyone else is wrong. If you wanted to blow up the planet and kill everyone else, who are we to try and stop you? Just misinformed, unusable trash.

>Putting a finger in his face, the woman's voice rises again.

They have a word for that, you know. Sociopath. Your world, your opinions, only you matter, and you'll be damned before you'll so much as stop to think about others in a way that doesn't affect you. And don't try to excuse it with that "But I started the Riftguard!" crap. Sociopaths are successful and helpful and nice because they use people.

>Free hand crumpling up the pink slip, a small growl grows in the back of her throat as she speaks, her blood slowly beginning to rise again.

You don't care about people. You care about what they think of you. If someone found out some deep, dark, horrible secret about you, and you just so happened to think about killing them, I can guarantee you wouldn't think about their loved ones or who they are as a person or how you might feel about taking a life, but how you could get away with it.

>Emotions whirling, the runaway tosses the crumpled slip aside, slamming the pointing hand back down to his desk.

Even if you couldn't trust me to not run away, you're too right to consider an alternative. You're too right to have empathy for the shit I have to put up with, and offer me an alternative. Because you being right is leagues more important than me being able to pay for a sick father's medical care, or to do something helpful.

>Pushing away from his desk, the woman shoots him a middle-fingered salute as she turns and walks for the door.

You're a piece of shit, and I hope you get everything that's coming to you.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888000

>The sharp turning of the vehicle would cause Wade to lose his balance. Falling from the car he would land on his back and roll on the ground, making a stop on his stomach.

Oh no, not again. Yer not getting away from me again!

>Reaching into his belt he would pull out a rapid firing hand gun. After getting to one knee he takes aim and aims for the vehicle's tires.
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Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888001

>Evens for tire blow out
Roll 1d1000 = 675

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888004

File: 1424230513136.jpg (37.75 KB, 400x472, taskmaster-sit.jpg)

>Taskmaster would sharply turn the ATV after Dead fell, starting to drive in the direction he came from
>he'd grumble under his breath, glancing behind him as he drove

Just had to be today, didn't it...

>raising his voice, he'd then call out deliberately to Dead

Well stop laying on the ground like a chump and chase me already!

>he'd rev up the engine and pick up speed shortly after this, heading down the road as fast as he could

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888007

File: 1424231419275.jpg (187.58 KB, 800x600, 1373092589690.jpg)

>The words would only cause Wade to get angrier. Ever since their encounter over a year ago, Wade had wanted nothing more then to end the Mercenary's life with his own hands. He knew every button to press to get onto his bad side, and he exploited every last one of them. Even if he was paid, there was no forgiving him now.

I'll get you Taskmaster! Even if I have to hunt you down to the ends of the earth!

>Getting to all fours, Wade would morph into his Equrestian form. The form would allow him to keep up with Taskmaster's vehicle as it ran along the city roads. He could destroy the vehicle with a well placed explosive, but the splash damage would potentially hurt innocent civilians.

>With a grand leap he would try to land in the back seat to slam Taskmasters head against the steering wheel.

Roll 1d1000 = 197 Evens to land in the car.

Roll 1d1000 = 459 Evens for slam jamming.

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 888008

File: 1424231425718.png (135.73 KB, 265x262, Seph_Casually Waiting To Tear …)



>Again, Sephiroth gives Mabel absolutely no emotional response to her vitriol-fueled speech. He blinks only once to moisten his eyes, which were beginning to dry out the longer she went on and on and on.

>Her opinion, to him, was already worth an ant's shit, and perhaps just as substantial at that. Her irresponsibility and error was still a burden for her; a burden that was easily avoidable at that.

>She claimed she wanted no pity or forgiveness, but what was the point of her emotionally charged story if not for that. He understood well enough she was mentally compromised. He also understood she had left her post and gave no official report to the Riftguard where she had gone. Plenty of assignments came and went in that time, delegated to Riftguard that had their own schedules at first adjusted to having one more person around to help with the assigned missions.

>There were a few unhappy grumbles he had a pleasure to hear from a few Riftguard who expected days off they no longer could take.

>He could take the claim of him being a sociopath; he likely was one, though a functioning member of society for his inability to sympathize with these stories he would face. He didn't particularly care about the things or people he killed because he never once needed to, nor was he expected to. He was a war machine, that was what Shinra had created. The perfect Soldier to lead an army, who would allow no morality nor weakness of heart to compromise the lives of those on his side or who relied upon him.

>Such an indifference left him perfect for running an operation like Riftguard, which required that blunt indifference to remain purely objective. It was not a war of what was right or wrong in morality. It was a war in what was right or wrong to the masses he represented.

>No more than his choice to leave Town to the Riftguard and protect the capitol of Equestria with a one-man stand against an army of centaurs during the worldwide Outworld invasion.

>She could claim what she would, his ego wouldn't be bruised by it. Her leaving would have very little bearing upon how the Riftguard had coped without her to this point anyway.


>He also had no need for bipolar animals in the Riftguard or Retriever force either. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888011

File: 1424231738369.jpg (95.41 KB, 420x444, taskmaster1.jpg)

>Taskmaster would suddenly veer to the side as Dead leapt for him, getting out of his trajectory before he could land
>without even looking at the pony, he'd continue driving straight ahead, heading for the exit out of Canterlot

Man oh man, I really wish I hadn't taken that job now.

Zedd, if I make it out of this and run into you again, oh MAN is there gonna be hell to pay!

>he'd keep his eyes locked on the road ahead, just trying to get out of the city first and foremost

>whatever came after that would hopefully be something he could turn to his advantage, at least long enough to settle this

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888013

File: 1424232071465.jpg (158.79 KB, 717x1014, deadpony_by_dark_pup-d5l1gmt.j…)

>The chase would continue through the streets. As they moved through the city, the ponies would retreat inside the buildings. Their screams of panic echoing through the city.

>All through the chase, Wade would not give up. His pursuit of vengance would allow him to chase after Taskmaster as long as it took. never once did he allow the vehicle wo leave his sight.

>It wasn't until they got to the city gate however, would the other guards of the city take action. As Taskmaster drove to the gate, the unicorns would combine their magic to set up a barrier to prevent his exit.

>Roll to make it past.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888014

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 554

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888019

File: 1424232547355.jpg (21.93 KB, 160x225, taskmaster_marvel_pictureboxar…)




>Taskmaster would screech his vehicle to a halt when the magic barrier went up, his first choice for an exit blocked off

...well, time for plan B, then!

>this was going to cause a bit more damage, but it came with the business

>revving his ATV, he turned back around and started driving up the street again, this time heading towards Dead
>but as he did, he'd suddenly jump off of the vehicle, whipping out a grappling gun from his belt and firing away from him, the line latching onto a building roof
>as he flew away, he'd pull out what was clearly a switch from his belt, and press it just as the ATV headed for Dead
>which, naturally, resulted in the vehicle exploding in a ball of flame


>roll to avoid

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888020

>Roll 1d100 = 3
>Odds Dodge

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888024

File: 1424233571320.jpg (187.58 KB, 800x600, 1373092589690.jpg)

>The car would be easy enough. The original plan would be to leap forward and punch Taskmaster through the window. His smaller frame would ensure he wouldn't get hit by the car.

>It was when Taskmaster jumped out that his plan became obvious. Before the car got to close, Wade would leap out of the way and onto the table on a local restaurant. The umbrella used mainly for shelter from harsh sunlight, would now serve as a launching mechanism to allow Wade to leap after his prey.


>With his prey in sight, he holds his forelegs out to deliver a heavy tackle to his side.

Roll 1d1000 = 536 Evens

Edel Kina!iCSweetsaM 888026

File: 1424246805400.jpg (547.64 KB, 700x1214, 00038.jpg)

>Well, that was a very unexpected answer from her. Hell, this was an unexpected reaction from her. The once blood-lusting, fight-addicted Carmilla was now reduced to a bumbling little girl! By now, she would have gotten several punches in, but she was just standing and trying to sway the topic at hand. Even though her reaction almost tells her that she was contemplating whether or not she liked it.

>However, for her to try and blame the cat of all people... Sure, that woman did input the word "sex" into her, but like hell she would corrupt her that easily! There's no way she could even do that, especially not after that suplex! If anything, that woman would be the one with the corrupted skull!

Wha- no she didn't! If she did, I would have done something about it already!

>However, that was not the answer she was looking for. She still wanted to know whether or not Carmilla was what she had expected. There was no way the girl wasn't an M if she didn't keep coming back for more fights with her! Hell, the girl even tried to get into her bed earlier! If that wasn't a warning, she doesn't know what is! If Carmilla's reasoning was that she was the only one that could even match up with her in fights, that still won't be convincing enough!

But that's not the point! She has nothing to do with this battle either! I just want you to answer "Yes" or "No" and then we can move on!

>Or better yet, they could both end this fight abruptly and Edel can go back to bed to sleep. She was having such a wonderful dream, too, full of sweets and desserts and such..

!oHammer6Ps 888027

File: 1424256294413.jpg (57.92 KB, 1280x720, Orihime.jpg)


>Tapping her lips with one finger, the woman quietly muses to herself. Thinking... Thinking...

We could save that trip to Mo'Gallile for later, and just have that date here.

>After all, they'd just gotten a TV. Why not use it?

I mean, I could make us some salads and... Maybe...

>Nervously wringing her hands, the woman turns and glances away.

Um... Make some...


>She hated the thought of eating the flesh of another living creature, she loved life too much, but... She couldn't deny that in this body she wanted to try some, or hadn't experienced cravings for it she'd never felt before...

...I hear fish isn't too awful or cruel...
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!aLEJudith. 888028

File: 1424282978168.png (128.07 KB, 275x623, What.PNG)

>The demon pouts a bit.

You don't need to be like that you know...

>And from the fruit appears a portal, upon which two people exit though. One dressed an orange and the other an apple.


I know one can't group apples with oranges, but I didn't think they'd by this hostile to each other.

>But aside from that, it seemed the that blood orange girl was in a fair bit of trouble... and rather cute so...

Excuse me miss Apple! May I ask why your about to murder that attractive looking orange?

>Otoya addresses the killer fruit hoping to defuse the situation so she can go back to spending time with her lovely Duo and her fine young friend.


File: 1424285827988.jpg (85.13 KB, 346x363, 10589894_p7.jpg)

>Not answering the question, she looked at the crack before her eyes widened.
>The bat that was hanging from her ponytail flew up next to her.
So, one of the riders is attacking another?
Alright, lets help her out Wakana!
>Pulling her collar to the side, she tilted her head to allow Kivat to bite her neck.
>Stained glass like veins formed around where she was bitten and flowed up to her face where it formed designs on her face.
>Picking up Kivat with one hand, Wakana held him out in front of her.
>Chains wrapped around her waist before turning into a perch that she placed Kivat on.

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 888036

File: 1424290799373.jpg (523.18 KB, 1000x750, 5dc7a17f0f9f0e1029986a95f8a081…)

>Well now she was in a corner, and not the kind she'd have hoped for either. Talking about weather she was into being spanked when she was trying to fight seriously wasn't what she wanted from this...


>Her rival was asking her a question though... and it didn't seem she'd leave it until Carmilla had given her answer. She decided she'd answer it, but in her own way!

>Jumping back and putting a hand in her pocket to take out a small bottle of concentrated blood orange juice. Popping the quark off, she downs the whole thing in one go and quickly growing into her tall and powerful adult form.

>Now with a big confident grin on her face, no longer the nervous little tiger cub she before, her answer is clear.

I go both ways, and you Edel are in need of some punishment yourself!

>This should make her take her seriously!


File: 1424300862545.jpg (32.75 KB, 396x500, 080316.jpg)

>Stained glass surrounded her body, as she started running towards Mars.
>Right before she reached her, she drew her fist back as the glass started to shatter around it. A blood red mist surrounded it before she swung at Mars's jaw.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 164
>After the attack, the rest of the glass shattered to reveal her new form.


File: 1424302003340.jpg (96.7 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2yz9kVU5I1sr78d…)


>Catori scratches the back of her head a bit

If you want to that's fine by me, I'm a-ok either way though

>she states putting her hands behind her head

After all, I prefer tofu over just about anything to be entirely honest

>...well that, or pulled pork, but she didn't fgeel like bringing that up.

!FlowerWULo 888045

File: 1424302663352.jpg (48.24 KB, 808x606, 302751__orihime-inoue_p.jpg)

>Oh yeah, that stuff. It was supposed to be a replacement for meat... But...

>She hated soy products. They were just so gross.

>But she couldn't bear to insult Catori's culture like that... So...


>She did want to try it, even if the thought of an animal dying so she could eat would weigh on her.


I'd like to...


File: 1424302668078.jpg (191.33 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n6jxbdyHdy1spr6cmo2_500…)


She attacked me after I stopped her from stealing some blood oranges from a farm...

>the girl ends up cancelling her transformation, going from her armored form into her normal form

>She appeared to be a young girl, coughing a bit

she keeps calling me Kazuraba for some reason...

>The apple woman looks shocked after seeing Arich transform back to normal

What? This isn't Kazura


>Only to be interrupted by being kicked in the jaw

>Mars gets back up and groans, looking straight into Wakana's eyes

You'll pay dearly for that...

>She states before throwing her shield towards Wakana

Roll 1d1000 = 743


>And trapping Duo inside of an energy shaped apple for Roll 1d6 = 4 turns

>until time is up skip Duo


File: 1424303150177.png (377.6 KB, 900x995, 1406688852248.png)


Go on and say what you'd want Julia....

>Catori requested, a bit perturbed by the uneasy stuttering.

Like I said, I'm a-ok with any option you choose.

>she stated putting her hands behind her head, she was anything but impatient.

!FlowerWULo 888049

File: 1424304313614.jpg (158.97 KB, 1280x720, Orihime-Inoue-bleach-anime-331…)

>Glancing away nervously, the florist taps her fingers together, a bit put off by the attention being given to her guilty desires.

...I want to try meat...

>A big, greasy hamburger with everything on it...

>Or a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and sauce!

>Or an entire rack of barbecue ribs!


>Positively drooling at the thought, the woman's stomach audibly grumbles aloud, making her hunger quite clear.


Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888050

File: 1424306502616.jpg (61.87 KB, 337x360, magical.jpg)

>it was another lovely winter afternoon, the Summoner thought to herself, a sunny smile on her face
>behind her waddled a pair of curious red and white birds, dragging their tails around like large bags of treats
>they odd group walked across the forest without a care in the world, simply enjoying the quietness of nature all around them
>eventually the two birds left back to their nests, leaving the woman alone with her (admittedly vacant) thoughts, as she wandered right into the open area before the imposing building that was Wayne Manor



>Roll 1d100 = 3

>evens, a spark on sadness crosses her eyes as she stared at the building

>she doesn't know why, but she knows she wasn't supposed to be there
>not yet


>odds, she blinks and smiles happily

>"I haven't been here in a while. I wonder why that is."
>and begins to make her way to the front door

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888051

File: 1424308017851.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)

>and as Melissa entered the Wayne Manor foyer, another figure would exit the kitchen and head in as well
>Crona chewed a mouthful of apple thoughtfully, trying to figure out what his next move was, tapping the half-eaten apple against his chin
>he needed to check in with Alton, for sure - he owed him a lot, especially after everything that had happened since he disappeared to Valorcall
>but there was that whole matter with what he said to set off Grell, and how he couldn't actually remember what he said
>what exactly made things go so bad so quickly?
>not only that, he really needed to check on Rip - it had been way too long since they spoke, and there was no telling what had happened to her since they last spoke
>he just needed to be sure that-



>Crona looked up as he was pondering these matters, and caught the sight of Melissa on the other end of the foyer, almost choking on the bit of apple he had

>after coughing a few times, he'd do a double-take, quickly remembering who the woman was, then responded in a panicked and confused voice

What the hell are you doing here?!

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888052

File: 1424308446304.jpg (62.88 KB, 327x400, waiting.jpg)

>the woman slowly turned her head to the figure across the foyer
>she gave him a friendly smile, along with a small wave
Hello there. I thought I would come back for a few days. This place is much warmer than my tent.
>she kept walking across the foyer, heading to the stairs
>still holding on to her smile, she gave another wave
It was nice to meet you.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888053

File: 1424309135631.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)



>Crona would stare dumbfounded for a moment after Melissa finished talking, trying to process what just happened

Did she just completely brush me off?



>as Melissa walked across the room to the stairs, Crona quickly ran across as well, grabbing the railing nearby and hauling himself up over it

>he'd land on the stair in front of Melissa, his confusion now mixing with frustration when he addressed her again

What the hell are you doing?!

You can't just waltz in here like nothing happened!

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888054

File: 1424309405572.jpg (54.81 KB, 219x712, dont be so hasty.jpg)

>the woman stopped, staring up at the swordsman with a curious look on her face

Something happened?
>she tilted her head to the right
I'm sorry, did I need to warn I was going away for a while? I wasn't aware of this, so it was my mistake. Must I talk to Alton Sutcliff about it?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888055

File: 1424309740833.png (111.85 KB, 217x258, DUDE! Not Cool!.png)


Wha-...what're you-

>Crona would sputter a couple of times, even more lost than he was a few seconds ago

>how could she just talk so calmly and casually like this, like nothing had happened?
>...and how did she know Alton's name?!

You've got to talk to him about a lot more besides that!

>why that was the first thing he got out, he didn't know

>he'd shake his head exasperatedly, then reached up to rub at his face to try and calm down


Am I going crazy here? Or did I just dream up you attacking the manor at one point with an army of Pokemon?!

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888056

File: 1424309947934.jpg (65.14 KB, 407x500, day dreaming.jpg)



>a blink

Roll 1d100 = 13

>evens, she brings a finger up, placing it over her lower lip

Did I do that? It does sound like something I would have done before... but I made a promise to someone not to do it anymore, didn't I?


>odds, she reaches forward, placing her palm over the swordsman's forehead

Are you sick? Delusional, maybe? Maybe you should lie down somewhere and get some rest.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888057

File: 1424310781821.png (69.22 KB, 244x273, I call bullshit.png)


...are you kidding me?

>Crona would reach up and move to swat Melissa's hand away, but after a second of consideration, he instead just gently pushed it off of his forehead

>he would fix her with a displeased stare, wondering if perhaps she was crazy before talking

I was being facitious.

You did attack the manor with an army of Pokemon.

I was there, I had a Bisharp trying to gut me repeatedly.

>he'd then fold his arms, now looking a bit offended

Forgetting that I was there really makes me feel worthwhile, by the way.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888058

File: 1424311041187.jpg (69.3 KB, 381x700, interesting but wrong.jpg)

>the woman's curious expression wouldn't leave her face
Really? And why would a Bisharp so violently try to dispose of you?
>she pressed down on her lower lip with her finger
Bisharps generally hunt in packs, not alone, and they leave the weakening of their prey to the Pawniards. You must have seriously offended that Bisharp for him to personally come after you.




>1d100 = 6

>evens, she reaches forward again to pat the swordsman on the head
You are worthwhile.
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Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888059

File: 1424311862634.png (46.4 KB, 160x180, Did You Get Into My Stash Befo…)



>Crona seriously had to wonder if she was just mocking him now

>he'd ignore the fact that her hand was still on his head, instead just trying to keep calm while talking to this woman

Well, I suspect I did offend him, but that's not the point.

>he'd look up to her with the same annoyed and offended expression, now speaking in a slow tone, as though he were speaking to a child

What I'm getting at is that you sent said Bisharp, among others, to attack us. You used some weird summoning spell or whatever it was, brought them here, and sent them after us while you went after Rocks.

And you took control of Tessa and somehow forced her to evolve.

I'm certain she'd still mad at me over how everything went down, which wouldn't have happened if not for you.

>he'd keep his arms folded as he said all of this, letting this set in for a second

>he'd then tilt his head, now staring at Melissa with a bewildered look

...do you really not remember any of that?

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888060

File: 1424312050231.jpg (65.28 KB, 646x343, the answer to everything.jpg)

>bluntly and as simply as possible
>and... that was it
>no further explanation
>no apology
>the woman clearly had no recollection of any of these events
>to her, they had never happened, so she felt no remorse over them

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888061

File: 1424314062389.jpg (71.51 KB, 216x350, Taskmaster_003.jpg)



>unfortunately for Taskmaster, he wasn't able to get far into the air before Dead collided with his ribs

>also unfortunately, the momentum would send the both of them crashing into the nearest window


>Taskmaster would hit the floor of what appeared to be a law office building, skidding along the wood floor a few inches before halting

>he'd let out a groan while writhing on the floor, his body armour taking most of the damage, but he got the feeling that a few shards of glass were in some vulnerable places right then


File: 1424314348298.png (141.41 KB, 500x400, human5_zps9cdec10a.png)


Well might as well I suppose, no? Can't despite it till ya try it I guess.

>She gives a short serious look though....

...though I'd suggest we at least make sure it's from a place where the animals were treated well and home grown, not from some of those factory farms you see in the more industrial based countries....

>She says with a bit of a sigh while stretching a bit

...with that in mind though, I know a place that only uses 100% free range farm raised meats on their stuff, and neither of us would have to cook, heard of Anonio's Pizza-rama?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888063

File: 1424314920114.jpg (134.56 KB, 1280x719, deadpool-reveal-trailer-news-1…)

>No rest for the wicked. There would be no time to breath for Taskmaster as Wade rolled in right behind him.

Agh! Oof! Nngh!

>As Wade rolled on, his healing factor would undo a good portion of the damage seconds after it happened. It would be the desk he eventually collided with that would do the most damage.

Nnggghhh! This is gonna be hell to write up.

>Getting to one knee, he reaches beside him and places a hoof on either end of the desk. As he stood up, his body would morph back to his human form. The pain of doing so was nearly drowned out by the rage he felt at the moment. The desk now over his head, he slams it down onto Taskmasters body.

I said to file the report by THURSDAY!

Roll 1d1000 = 255 Evens

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888064

File: 1424315216124.jpg (112.06 KB, 900x1165, DSC_Taskmaster_by_samax.jpg)

>the problem with making a move like that was that it left one wide open for a counterattack
>as such, by the time Dead was standing over Taskmaster and getting ready to drop a desk on him, he'd already pulled out a few grenades and dropped them at Dead's feet
>and with the pins pulled, and the other ponies in the room bolting for the exit, all Tasky had to do was spring up and run for the window that he just crashed through, leaping out in the nick of time


Roll 1d1000 = 602
>evens, min damage
>odds, max damage

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888065

File: 1424315893757.jpg (604.43 KB, 700x1066, deadpool_by_logicfun-d51maaz.j…)

>The weight of the desk would cover the grenade just before it went off. This did not prevent him from noticing Taskmaster from fleeing the area.

Aw son of a-

>The explosion would cause him to be launched back. The desk absorbing a good chunk from the damage. It would be only after he hit the wall that he would come to a stop.

Ngh! Oh that's it. No more mister nice pony.

>Reaching into his belt he pulls out a set his favorite pistol. The power of it heavy enough to take out most standard body armors. Of course with Taskmaster, it would be enough for him to feel it. He wanted to make sure he looked him in the eyes as he passed from this world.

>Once he got to his feet he rushes to a window facing the streets. Once there he would take aim and fire at Taskmaster with a barrage of bullets.

Roll 1d1000 = 366 Evens

Roll 1d6 = 1 bullets

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888066

File: 1424316731925.jpg (21.93 KB, 160x225, taskmaster_marvel_pictureboxar…)

>after landing on the ground below, Taskmaster had started running down the street again, intent on heading for another part of the city border
>if he couldn't get out at the actual exit, he'd just have to settle for a weak point in the fence/gate/whatever it was
>he'd hear Deadpony open fire behind him, but wouldn't pay it any attention, figuring that he was just blowing off steam
>he was already across the street, he'd just duck into an alleyway and-



>one of the bullets actually hit him, taking him down very quickly

>to make matters worse, he got nailed right in the leg, somehow bypassing his armour and going through the flesh
>he'd let out a pained hiss, holding his left knee and rolling onto his side, the pain going through his body like an electric shock

Shit shit shit shit shit!

>he had to keep moving, he was so dead!

!FlowerWULo 888067

File: 1424318244956.jpg (118.88 KB, 439x900, Inoue.Orihime.full.1336248.jpg)

>Shaking her head, the redhead leans up against her best friend gratefully. She was thankful that she had an understanding friend like Catori there to help her with this. She'd have been treated like a weirdo or monster before she changed, but now...

...Can I have spicy barbecue sauce on it? And dried red peppers?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888068

File: 1424318385688.jpg (283.48 KB, 1600x1203, 3906856-deadpool_the_gauntlet_…)

>It was a hit. A damn good one given that he was now stuck on one knee. Gun still in hand, he leaps out the window and back onto the street. Upon landing he rolls on the ground, stopping on one knee as he glares over at Taskmaster.

Now, this time I'm gonna make sure it ends.

>Last time they met, Wade made the mistake of shooting him in the head. He had forgotten about Taskmaster's copious amounts of body armor. This time he would make sure of it, by placing his head on his wall.

>Getting to his feet, he walks toward Taskmaster. He reaches behind him and pulls out his second sword. The blade would hum in the air as he slashes it back and forth in the air. As he reaches Taskmaster, he lifts up his foot to kick him down to pin him to the ground.

Roll 1d1000 = 308 Evens.


File: 1424318458440.png (176.34 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mzom1386YD1tof9kfo1_500…)


Well Antonio's is known for catering to some of the odder things on pizzas...

So sure!

>Catori rubs the back of her head and goes to grab the phone

But I certainly hope you don't mind if I order a pizza without the barbecue sauce for myself.

!FlowerWULo 888070

File: 1424318743048.gif (228.58 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lv32peep7g1qd7ru2o5_500…)


>Pouncing on her friend and squeezing her tightly, the woman lifts her off the ground, grinning ear to ear.

I want pineapples! And ham! And sausage! And... Um...

A second pizza! With every meat they have on top! One type per slice!

And chicken wings!

>Giving Catori another big squeeze, the surprisingly strong woman bounces up and down on the balls of her feet in excitement.

And... Aaaaand...


>Pausing for several moments as she drudges up every guilty desire for food she's ever had, she blurts out,

And a pizza made of chocolate! Two of them!


File: 1424319156727.jpg (80.18 KB, 500x563, tumblr_inline_n2gfjhJ9in1sr78d…)


>Letting out an "oofh" noise as she's hugged, Catori calls up the shop...

>After explaining on the phone for her own orders and then Julia's, Catori just nodded while saying

Yes, you heard me right, two pizzas made out of chocolate.

>The guy handling the order scratches his head a bit, "Well..aright then"...

>...and then they decide to offer the one type of chocolate food Catori couldn't resist...Oreos....

...Yes. And Oreo pizza would be amazing to go along with the normal pizzas

It's probably going to take a few minutes to get it all ready huh? Good thing you guys don't have that 30 minutes or less guarantee some others do...alright, try not to take too long.

>Catori hangs up and lets out a soft sigh

...we might have to help the pizza guy get the pizza out of the car with how much we ordered.

!FlowerWULo 888082

File: 1424321955438.jpg (187.5 KB, 650x666, tumblr_static_inoue.jpg)

>Bouncing up and down and dragging Catori towards the stairs so they could wait out the order, the woman nearly squees with delight. Finally, she was going to get to taste meat! Real meat! And nobody was going to hate her for it!


...Isn't chocolate...

You know...?

>Her face turning red, arms wrapped around the kitsune, the woman grins sheepishly, making it quite clear she wasn't at all put off by the end of that sentence.


File: 1424324277881.jpg (86.05 KB, 800x1000, my_couch_is_burning_by_datneko…)


>In contrast to julia's red face and sheepish grin, Catori decides to jokingly play things up for a moment

>Make it seem like it's all super serious business

It's oreos though Julia...

>Catori gives a serious look

I can't not eat oreos if I'm offered them, I know it's horrible an awful addiction but...

>she looks over to Julia with a bit of a mischievous grin, droppign the facade while giggling quite a bit.

You'll help me out with what they'll do, right?

>She scratches the back of her head

>Thankfully, Julia probably wouldn't have to worry about Catori getting...frisky until after she finished off her normal pizza

Edel Kina!iCSweetsaM 888086

File: 1424324748296.jpg (401.87 KB, 1061x2183, 00015.jpg)

>In hindsight, she should have really expected this to happen and knock that bottle out of her hands the moment she had her chance. Unfortunately, she was too fixated on her opponent's answer to even consider that option. She didn't think that Carmilla would immediately go into her final form in just a snap.

>On the bright side, she had her answer. Apparently, Carmilla liked both ways just as equally. However, with one problem solved only comes another. Now that that was over with, all that was left for their fight together. A Blood Letter, without her weapon, against a Blood Luster that's already in her adult form. If this doesn't spell out trouble, nothing does.

N-now hold on there, Carmilla! Let's just talk this out! U-uh..

>Edel took a few step backs in fear, looking around and trying to come up with a plan to win this fight, no, save her behind until things get a lot more bloody than it should be. If only this damned girl was back in her child form, then she could at least stand a chance...

>Wait. If she were back in her child form...? If she remembered from her studies, Blood Lusters can only maintain their adult form for a matter of minutes unless they can replenish their hunger for blood. So if she just went off and hid somewhere until the effect on her body wears off... then maybe she can actually have a chance at winning!

>With the revelation in mind, a smirk grew on Edel's face as she looked back at Carmilla confidently, replacing her initial fear that she had earlier.

..Actually, no. I just came up with the perfect plan to deal with you, Carmilla! One that will definitely knock you to the ground! I hope you're ready for this, 'cause it's gonna be a doozy!

>She raised her arm high into the sky and clasped onto it with her other hand, all while staring at Carmilla with a sinister grin on her face. Black smoke emerged from her fingertips as they welled up into the sky, spreading a shade all over the clearing they both stood in and blocking any source of light to come. A strong gust began blowing around them, causing the leaves and bushes to be pushed around and both her and Carmilla's clothes and hair to flow with the wind. But, something else had begun to change. Inside the dark billows of smoke, there were flashes of red appearing and disappearing, like lightning being struck from just inside the cloud alone. However, the red lightning struck more and more and more while the cloud itself began to change shape, resembling large, floating skulls in the sky. It wasn't apparent until the red lightning struck once again, and the light filled the holes of the skulls, that something big was coming, and it was going to come crashing down onto Carmilla.


>Edel then thrust her arm towards Carmilla, taking aim at her and soon clenching her fist. On her command, the billowing mass of smoke and red lightning raced downwards towards Carmilla, effectively clouding her vision and preventing her from seeing anything else. However, if there was anything strange about this cloud of smoke, it was that it.. didn't smell like anything. Hell, it didn't even do anything to her other than block what she could see. By the time the smoke parted, Edel was no where to be found, and she was left alone in the clearing.

>Off within the forest, Edel was hurriedly running as fast as she could away from Carmilla. She was panting and rushing through bushes, under branches, reacting in just split seconds before Carmilla would catch onto what Edel had just done. That illusion magic she just did should save her a couple of minutes! She just has to hide somewhere safe until she's certain Carmilla's reverted back to her kid form, and surprise attack her from there! But.. where? She didn't know any potential landmarks to help her navigate through these woods. Hell, she's barely ever been outside like this until now! She could go to the place where the Blood Orange trees were planted, but if Carmilla found her there, then she'd have more blood to consume, and that'll just throw her entire plan over her head. The only other place she can try to use is the castle, where they live in. It has plenty of rooms for her to use, doesn't it?! She can take refuge in one that isn't her room! It's perfect!

>Without further ado, she hurriedly makes her way from the clearing where she left Carmilla around the castle until she reached the front yard that led up to the entrance. She was close! She just had to make sure Carmilla doesn't spot her before she enters...

!oHammer6Ps 888087

File: 1424324993977.jpg (134.4 KB, 400x400, tumblr_static_orihime_inoue.jp…)

>When they'd first met, she would've been blushing and hiding her face...

>But now...

>Pinching the fox's cheek, the gardener smiles sweetly as she tugs at it.

Of course!

>Snickering to herself, she adds playfully,

You're adorable when your face turns all red.


File: 1424326172932.jpg (50.36 KB, 353x600, Ahri.600.1709755.jpg)

>Catori on the other hand was still slightly very slightly shy about things but...
>Catori originally was sticking around because she felt Julia "needed" her too
>But ending up so close to a good caring friend? someone who enjoyed raising plants and put helping others ahead of herself?
>Sticking by someone like that wasn't something to be embarrassed about
>Catori's ears lower and she squeaks at the cheek tug before she rolls her eyes slightly at the statement

You and my niece Shira would just have a field day teasing me like this if you two ever met.

>She points out before she holds up a finger

Besides, out of the two of us, I think it's pretty obvious who the more adorable one is, even if she's not so fluffy.

>The fox winks once

...anyway, should we just pull up the TV and see what channels we're getting right now? Normally the only thing I can find if 'm trying to use it is "Two and a Half Wolves"

!oHammer6Ps 888089

File: 1424326512583.jpg (14.84 KB, 293x305, tumblr_static_happy_eyes_close…)

>Good-naturedly laughing at the joke, the woman gives her friend a poke in the side as she drags her up the stairs.

Since when have you been going bald?

>Letting herself into the tiny apartment above the shop, the woman smiles at the sight of a napping Hitomi on the couch, and holding one finger over her lips, pulls Catori into their bedroom before shutting the door behind her.

We probably should have gotten her something...

>Her appetite had grown to such huge proportions that even Julia was starting to think the kitty might be eating a bit too much...

>But, despite all that, her stomach wasn't any larger, even if she did look a little thicker around the waist.

...I guess I can give her the chicken...

>She'd really wanted it, though...


File: 1424328073841.jpg (124.36 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2np9qeaRz1sr78d…)


>Catori scratches the back of her head as she notices Hitomi

well actually, I ordered a few extra things of meat lovers with her in mind, she might have to mircrowave it to warm it up but...I shudder to wonder what else she'll put on top of it...

>Catori cared about Hitomi, she wouldn't be letting the little cat go without a treat she'd enjoy that Catori herself was indulging in

>...except for Oreos, those were all Catoris. Damn her time traveling niece for getting her addicted to those...

!oHammer6Ps 888092

File: 1424328768111.jpg (57.92 KB, 1280x720, Orihime.jpg)


>Hitomi'd had...

>...Interesting cravings this past week...

...I still have to go buy her some beef jerky and applesauce...

>Flopping facefirst down on the bed, the plant lover rolls around in the fresh, plush sheets for few moments before rolling onto her back and smiling at her friend.

...I think it'll be nice to have a cute little kitty crawling around for awhile.

>A wave of uncertainty washing over her after the mostly happy-sounding statement, the woman curls up into a ball on the bed.

I love her to death, but...

Hitomi just isn't ready to be a mom, and I don't know if I feel comfortable with the thought of her running off to another "hideaway" with it...


File: 1424329178110.jpg (83.86 KB, 500x625, tumblr_n2rokwx81Y1t0jqwlo1_500…)



>Catori really couldn't say adoption would be a real option for Hitomi

>No, Hitomi'd probably want to be able to be by their side all the time, at least keep frequent check ups on them and...

>giving the child to someone she barely knew? Catori felt it wouldn't be something Hitomi could do

>...maybe she could take care of...

>Catori shakes her head a bit

We'll have to talk to her about it later...

>Roll 1d3 = 1 turns until the pizza arrives.

!oHammer6Ps 888095

File: 1424329526645.gif (837.48 KB, 245x290, huh.gif)

Agreed, maybe-


...That was fast...


File: 1424330056562.jpg (124.36 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2np9qeaRz1sr78d…)


>Catori blinks a few times

I'll say, it's like they have that hedgehog working there or something!

>Catori goes to answer the door

>...on the other end, there's Ruby Rose wearing an Antonio's pizzamania cap

Hey there! Gee you really had some weird orders didn't you?

>Ruby opened the back of the carriage like thing she'd been using to carry the pizza before taking a stack of them to hand to Catori

There's a lot more so try to be patient, ok?

How did they make these so fast...

>As Ruby walked over to grab another stack she blinks

Oh right, because we have a lot of employees, the chocolate and oreo pizzas were premaid, and we use magic and dust to accelerate the cooking process

...ok then, and how'd you get here so fast?

isn't it kind of rude to ask the delivery girl so many questions?

right, sorry...

!oHammer6Ps 888097

File: 1424330757930.jpg (97.38 KB, 1280x720, Orihime_lasnoches.jpg)

>Following the foxy lady down the stairs, the florist smiles and takes another stack of pizzas from the woman, handing her a credit card adorned with stylized rainbows.

>Giving her a sheepish grin, she shrinks down into her shoulders and hides behind Catori a bit, embarrassed of the choice she'd made so soon after arriving.

...my only other options were ones with bats or really scary-looking symbols...

>Should have gone with the bat credit card.


File: 1424331084936.jpg (124.23 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2o054fFDI1sr78d…)


>Soon Ruby scans the card through a handheld scanner before handing Julia the receipt

There we go....

>Catori moved the pizzas and the wings into the apartment by opening a portal and placing them in there

Nice doing business with you two! See you around!

>She waves before going back in front of the pizza cart and running off.

...what an odd way to deliver pizza. ...and a really fast girl.

!oHammer6Ps 888099

File: 1424331309854.png (120.12 KB, 294x286, 1087509_1343587858065_full.png)


>Jumping through the portal headfirst and landing on the countertop, the hungry florist opens the box of pizza not five inches from her face and immediately digs in, the sweet, delicious taste of assorted meats...



Roll 1d2 = 1


!oHammer6Ps 888100

File: 1424331516338.gif (228.58 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lv32peep7g1qd7ru2o5_500…)

>They were the greatest thing she'd ever tasted!

>Nearly inhaling the hawaiian pizza before Catori had time to so much as step through the portal, the gardener gets a sleepy look from the tired, pregnant kitty as she devours the next pizza whole, folding it in half and taking enormous, almost comically large bites out of it like a wild animal.

Ish shooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

>Tears running down her cheeks as she devours the protein-covered pizzas, the woman collapses in a heaving heap of satisfied diner, mouth not even so much as stained by grease as she lies on the countertop, two freshly-emptied pizza boxes beside her.


File: 1424332038857.jpg (369.59 KB, 680x800, Ahri.full.1710718.jpg)


>Catori stares briefly while scratching the back of her head

>She thinks to herself silently, "Thank Mom I ordered so many..."

>Catori puts on a movie, and quickly grabs a box or two of the pizzas to settle down and eat while Julia gives Galactus a run for his money when it comes to being known as "The Great Devourer"

!oHammer6Ps 888102

File: 1424332257096.gif (37.8 KB, 300x250, superthumb.gif)

>Hissing and spitting as her bed, the only seat in the room, was disturbed by the fox, the kitty shoots her a glare before disappearing into their bedroom.

>Hopefully she didn't shred the drapes before she went back to napping on the bed...


File: 1424333457291.jpg (124.23 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2o054fFDI1sr78d…)


>Catori scratches the back of her head and sweats a little as Hitomi jumps up

eer....sorry Hitomi...Catori slowly gets off of it before pulling a bean bag chair out of a portal

>...elsewhere, a blonde fire fox is falling over on her rear with a bowl of ice cream with her chair suddenly pulled away before she could sit


!oHammer6Ps 888104

File: 1424333707747.jpg (8.12 KB, 250x188, vulpix.jpg)

>The tiny red fox crawling out of its little "room" in the hall closet, Kala curls up in the larger fox's lap, having taken quite a liking to her in the past few weeks.

Vul vul...

>Rolling lazily off of the counter and hitting the ground with a solid THUMP, the florist gurgles for a few moments before dragging the box of chicken off of the counter and idly grazing on it, eating like a normal human being for once.


File: 1424333974974.jpg (117.21 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_n3udprv6N81sr78d…)


>Catori curls her tails around the smaller fox for a moment and pats her head once or twice before eating more of her pizza

>...looking down to Kala she taps her chin

Wanna try a bite? Some of the pizza over there's probably a no-no for you though, if pokemon canids are anything like normal foxes and dogs...

>She sweats a bit as she sees Julia, before letting out a relaxed sigh, seeing her not eating like a shonen anime character...

!oHammer6Ps 888106

File: 1424334368066.jpg (12.59 KB, 256x256, 7258_256.jpg)

>The little creature sniffing her pizza, it laps at the sauce a little before scrunching up its nose and curling back up in her lap for naptime.

>She might smell like Trainer and be pretty and give her treats and also be super fun when she turned into a momma, but she wasn't going to eat poison for her!

>The redhead staggering to her feet and flopping beside her friend, the chicken already completely finished and her eyes glazed over like she was already half asleep, she lays her head on the fox's shoulder and smiles meekly, giving Kala a scratch behind the ears for good measure.

>It was nice being full.



>Catori pets Kala once before letting out a sigh

Alright, tomato sauce is not a thing Vulpix like, noted...

>She says to herself scratching her arms a little bit

>Catori looked over to Julia before giggling a bit

I never thought I'd see you stuffed like that

>she playfully taps her friends shoulder

We can take a nap before I get to the oreo pizza if you'd like.

!oHammer6Ps 888108

File: 1424335126889.jpg (109.06 KB, 300x288, tumblr_static_orihime-1orihime…)

>Already somewhat dozing off, the woman starts awake, and hearing her friend, shakes her head insistently.

No, no! Go ahead, don't worry about me. Awake as can be!


File: 1424335629483.jpg (118.22 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2q6j5nOSl1sr78d…)


>Catori rolls her eyes slightly before pulling a blanket through a portal for herself and draping her tails over Julia

Oi, Julia,I've been needing a nap myself anyway, remember dealing with the Box ghost all night last night...?

>she mentions before pulling the blanket up over the 3 of them

!oHammer6Ps 888110

File: 1424336651402.png (191.4 KB, 500x597, tumblr_n9m37lIp4S1tycfaio1_500…)

>Wriggling vainly, the woman pouts, and settling in against her friend, nuzzles into her shoulder, pulling her tails more tightly around them.

...When I wake up...?

I'm eating those oreo pizzas...


File: 1424337467533.gif (131.99 KB, 524x588, 2_by_datnekoashe-d7jiej5.gif)


>Catori stops in her tracks

>"Noooo not the oreos..."

>she hugs Julia, and soon drifts to sleep, if only for one reason

>So she'd be able to wake up first and get to the oreos first.


File: 1424338644134.png (355.3 KB, 600x600, 38070078_m.png)

>Getting up from the place she landed after her beanbag chair had been stolen, Jo let's out a groan

Mom damn it Catori...

>she'd been wearing striped red and brown socks and her usual brown jacket

>She rubs her pained rear


>She doesn't even pay mind to the pink ice cream covering her face yet.

!oHammer6Ps 888114

File: 1424339476164.png (827.75 KB, 781x1022, league_of_legends__shyvana_by_…)

>Just a little... More...


>Sprawled out on the carpet, the armored, dragon-blooded woman grumbles as she comes face to face with her quarry. She could never forget that scent.


>Silently meeting her friend's eyes for a few awkward moments, she turns and closes the window she'd clambered in through, the latch busted from the outside. That was going to need fixing.

...I needed to speak with you.

Away from prying ears and eyes.


File: 1424339718632.png (38.13 KB, 240x197, fuckin.png)


>Jo looks around for a towel or something to wipe the ice cream off

>She looked down at Ember, her eyes shadowed by her hair in front of her face

...Ember I understand that but...

>She looks at the window and looks down through it before looking back to Ember

...you could've used the stairs instead of climbing three stories up.

!oHammer6Ps 888116

File: 1424339980532.jpg (596.51 KB, 1180x1416, 1db58d4e106efd2ecbb738518b9317…)

>...There were stairs?

>Whatever. It didn't matter now.

>Striding over to her friend, grabbing her by the shoulders and breathing a thin stream of cool, almost damp flame that surrounds the kitsune's head for a moment, before disappearing and taking the sticky mess with it.

>Entirely and utterly serious, her face stony, the woman locks... Terrified eyes with the myobu, obviously putting on a show of strength she sorely lacked for her only friend's sake. Her eyes looked as if she should be cowering in fear, not moving and walking so boldly.

We need to talk.



File: 1424340438895.png (244.45 KB, 400x500, you know what it is, bitch.png)

>blinking a few times after the puff of flames, Jo looks somewhat confused before she sees Ember's face...

>That serious look and tone to Ember's voice, the terrified movement of her eyes

>This was something important, and Ember needed to talk to her alone...

>Jo shuts the window and pulls the blinds

Alright, I'll just go lock the door and then I'm all ears.

>She went to the front part of her apartment to lock the door

!oHammer6Ps 888118

File: 1424341064013.jpg (72.44 KB, 447x543, tumblr_mhhdll5TYI1qag9yso1_500…)

>Taking a few moments to calm herself, breathing heavily, the frightened and nervous woman watches the fox, unable to stop herself from pacing anxiously as she waits for her to return.

>The moment she does, however, she's pounced upon again, and placing delicate hands on her furry friend's shoulders, the dragoness quietly begins.

...Jo, you are my closest friend, and it is no exaggeration to say that you are my only light in these dark times. Without you, I would...

>She... Didn't know how to finish that sentence, honestly.


...So I have decided.

In return for your help, rather than splitting my hoard which I have little use for in this far off land a third way, as the witch has already laid claim to a great portion of it, I make you an offer:

>Biting her lip and hesitating a moment, the reason for her fear becomes clear. Meeting her friend's eyes hopefully, she stammers,

M-My life will become yours to do with as you wish. Whether to take me as a companion...

Or a... Mate.

Or to set me free...

It is your choice, and I will not raise a single concern, regardless of your decision.


File: 1424342184762.png (580 KB, 750x1000, 55aa22a260de87e7aec23763733504…)


>Jo sighs to herself and just shakes her head

Ember, Ember...

>she looks up sympathetically, Jo hadn't wanted any reward and she wouldn't accept any of the sort either

Considering how close you feel I am, you should already know that my answer will be there.

>...even though Jo decidedly didn't want a reward, she felt it was sweet of Ember to think of that

>She very suddenly hugs her friend

The whole point in me doing any of this is to set you free, regardless of who you're tied to you're still my companion and vice versa.

>She pulls away from the hug and stretches a little bit

...and while I won't deny you're attractive, I don't harbor any of those sorts of emotions towards you.

>The fox thinks to herself quietly, "Yet anyway" the person she'd been engaged to years back was just a super close friend for the longest time after all...

>Jo puts her hands behind her head and grins a bit

So no matter how you look at it, the setting you free option's gonna be the only one that makes sense!

!oHammer6Ps 888120

File: 1424342804731.jpg (67.99 KB, 700x1000, lol___shyvana_by_hwaui-d4ye4n7…)

>Looking relieved beyond belief, the dragon stumbles and nearly collapses onto her friend, leaning on her heavily for support, obviously very tired but thankful.

You don't know how relieved I am to hear that.

>Smiling back, and placing a free hand on Jo's shoulder, she chuckles.

And as wonderful a friend as you are, I don't really enjoy the company of other women quite that way.

>After all, while two females could be joined under the customs of her people, and their bond was as legitimate as any other's...

>With how important parenthood and the act of creation was, even those who were known to prefer the same sex often took mates of the opposite gender, if out of platonic, companionistic love for their bond partner, rather than passionate love for them.

...Though, so you understand, bonds amongst dragonkind are more than just words spoken. They are very real connections, more powerful than even the fundamental laws of nature.

>Smiling softly, the woman takes one of Jo's hands in hers, squeezing it happily.

It would be an honor upon my family name to form a bond of companionship with one as kind and selfless as you, Jo, Daughter of Inari.


File: 1424343881322.jpg (129.44 KB, 410x600, 43867745_m.jpg)


I hadn't exactly take you too...although at times it's almost shocking to know just how common that is among kitsune

>She responds to Ember's second statement with a bit of a chuckle

>As Ember takes Jo's hand, the fox squeezes back softly before giving a short but firm shake

>Jo hadn't felt like bringing up just how much a bond and friendship meant to kitsune, nor how much those stayed engraved n a fox's heart and soul...

>Or how often a person's good luck, standing and life, and simply everything around them crumbled when they'd betray a kitsune

>She knew Ember'd never betray or abandon her friendship, Ember was too good of a person to do that, so Jo didn't need to mention it...

I assure you Ember, the honor's all mine to have such a good companion and friend...while you're here was there anything else you needed?

>her tails flick back and fourth

I can call My Mom up to see what progress she's making if any in getting what was left over there.

!oHammer6Ps 888122

File: 1424344315818.jpg (477.34 KB, 750x1008, 1421149653806.jpg)

>Pulling Jo's hand closer, the woman smiles brightly. She knew all about kitsune and their relations to luck and good fortune.


Jo. I'd like to bond with you. In a way that intertwines our souls and their fates in way simple words cannot.

>She hoped she was remembering the ritual for those without Flames correctly...

>Because if not...


File: 1424345144921.png (362.85 KB, 600x780, you really believe that .png)


>Jo nods a bit before stretching slightly

>while nervous about the whole "Fates and souls intertwined thing...

>Jo knew it wasn't a bad thing, and Ember was willing to be her ally and friend so much that she'd be willing to do that?

Ok then, just tell me what we're going to do so I'm not caught off guard by it.

>she states a bit confidently

>She tapped her chin a bit for a moment, how dragons formed all their bonds of all sorts, and everything else was so very fascinating...

>But enough on her curiosity, Jo was ready to show Ember she'd be there for her as a friend and ally through thick and thin

>Less like a friend and more like family.

!oHammer6Ps 888125

File: 1424346211516.jpg (7.68 KB, 131x150, sketchy_shyvana_beach_swimsuit…)

>Nodding nervously, the dragon takes a step back, and carefully, slowly removes her chestplate, obviously quite uncomfortable without something so distinct about herself, let alone exposing herself to danger.

>Removing even more of the armor, stripped nearly bare, the woman tries her best to seem unashamed, but sitting there in the bare minimum, can't hide the blush creeping up on her for being seen so vulnerable.

>One hand traveling to her heart, she speaks up authoritatively, both a hint of pride and affection in her voice.

I bare my soul to you, Jo, Daughter of Inari. When you are sick, I shall hunt for you.

When you are wounded, I shall carry you.

When you are old and grey and toothless, I shall chew your meals for you.

And when you have taken a mate, I will treat them as if they were my blood.

This, I swear to you, on my honor as the daughter of Rex de Forgia.

>Letting the hand fall to her side, the woman smiles anxiously, obviously waiting for something before starting and quickly adding,

...This is the part where you expose yourself in some way. Dragons usually roll onto their backs and expose their unarmored bellies to those who they make this oath to, but I had to make due.

>Gaze shifting around nervously, the blush creeping wider and wider, she adds,

...You don't have to if you don't wish, Jo...

I'm sure your word would be enough...


File: 1424346724825.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.59 KB, 850x1190, hmmm~.jpg)


>Jo shakes her head as Ember states "I'm sure your word would be enough"

>Jo just lets out a sigh

Oi oi, if I'm going to have you pledging to be by my side as a companion like this and vice versa, I at the very least want to do it the right way.

>she decides to toss off her hoodie and t-shirt

Alright, so I'd make the same oath you had, right? Or do I say something different...?

>she sweats a bit, partially embarrassed by her own lack of a shirt in front of her friend, and partially because of how little she knew on this.

!oHammer6Ps 888127

File: 1424346911850.jpg (186.49 KB, 992x701, 1422069280403.jpg)

>Coughing in embarrassment, the dragon tries to look away without making it seem too obvious.

>It was obvious.

Only the "bare my soul" part needs to be said word for word. The rest is entirely up to you.


>She looked so tiny without all that clothing...


File: 1424348125659.png (59.56 KB, 182x180, anthro.png)


>Jo blinks a few times, before nodding slightly

>Waving for Ember to look back to her.

Alright...well the point of being exposed is it shows you trust each other right? It shows you're willing to trust the other with your vulnerabilities...

>Jo then decides to shift into the more natural form of a kitsune

>the fact they'd developed the more human/normal Mo'galian looking guise was a defense mechanism to let them blend in better
>And Jo felt that being in her anthro form "Exposed her" in this way, despite it by this day and age being a wiedly known thing about the Mo'galian kitsunes

>No longer looking sheepish, Jo turned and looked to Ember

>This, this if any time, was one of the few where Jo knew it was proper to use Ember's actual name....

>she takes in a quick breath before smiling gently

>Her voice was very confident and assuring as she spoke, showing just how much trust she was willing to put into the dragon...
I bare my soul to you, Celina, daughter of Red de Forgia.

When you fall Ill, I will nurse you to health

When you are broken, your will weak, I will support you, I will help you fix yourself if I can not fix it myself.

When you find love I'll show my undying support.

I swear you this on my life, my heart and soul, and the honor of being of Inari No Okami's blood.

>She pauses now, unsure of where to go from there

>she gulps slightly, she hadn't wanted to say "and on the honor of the Inarison name" because her "father" had kind of dragged that through the mud, but despite that, he could not take away the fact that it was an honor to be Inari's child, and Johnathan couldn't take that away, even if he himself was ill deserving of it.

!oHammer6Ps 888129

File: 1424348675142.jpg (374.17 KB, 400x845, 2012-10-28-537884.jpeg)

>Smiling brightly, fairly happy about the change as it made this next part easier, the woman takes a step forward, and pressing a hand against her friend's heart, motions for her to do the same.

Now so long as the First Flame burns, our fates are intertwined.

>Removing her hand and setting it on her friend's fuzzy shoulder, not the least bit upset or put off by her appearance, the dragon's heir grins brightly.

Iron from blood, fire from the heart. May your hunts be fruitful and your brood large, my new companion.


File: 1424349266129.jpg (65.55 KB, 212x215, c5680d64f898e3e2f8bbe7d7789c2s…)


>Jo would take in a heavy breath and let out a short sigh before placing her hand on Celina's heart

and may you succeed in all of your endeavors and know you're never alone, my companion and friend.

>the fox's ears twitch a bit, it was a very interesting ritual to her...but it also certainly made her see the value in the simplicity of how humans form and break bonds with each other comparatively to Youkai and Dragons...

>but in a way, magic and how hard the bonds are to break made it...more special in a way.

!oHammer6Ps 888131

File: 1424349549354.png (704.07 KB, 693x832, ironscale_shyvana_by_hikari_ka…)

>Hesitating for a few moments, the girl snaps and throws her arms around the fox, hugging her close despite their state of undress.

If I'd had a person such as you by my side when I lost my father... If I'd known you, and you'd been there for me...

>None of this would be happening.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888133

File: 1424367411874.png (106.26 KB, 222x249, JESUS CHRIST WHAT.png)


...you're kidding me.

>Crona knew he was repeating himself, but he honestly couldn't believe what Melissa was saying

>she swept in, caused an incredible amount of damage to the manor, took on some of the most powerful residents and put them through one of the most brutal fights in the history of the estate...
>and she forgot about all of it


>he'd stare up at Melissa with a completely dumbfounded expression, only managing to get out one more word


Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888134

File: 1424367739813.jpg (50.69 KB, 371x689, not in the mood.jpg)



>Roll 1d100 = 74

>evens, the woman would tilt her head, keeping her eyes on the swordsman

I have a condition. It causes me to forget things over time, even that I have this problem to begin with some times.
>she straightened up, her voice still calm and conversational
It is possible I did what you just said, but... I don't remember if I did, or even why I did it.


>odds, she simply stares blankly at the swordsman, clearly starting to grow tired of the conversation

Maybe because I didn't do it? Now, would you kindly step aside? I would like to head to the library and find a good book to read.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888135

File: 1424368449244.png (91.72 KB, 393x325, I Still Don't Know Who Was Fon…)



>Crona's annoyance with this faded a bit after Melissa explained, her answer actually making sense

>it wasn't exactly impossible for something like that to happen, he'd heard something about people having frequent memory loss under certain circumstances
>if this was true, then it would explain why she couldn't remember anything he was telling her, or even who he was
>still, that was obviously troubling for a number of reasons, so Crona took on a more hesitant tone when he spoke again

...what do you remember, then...?

>he wasn't sure at all how to approach this, but getting some answers was at least a start

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888136

File: 1424368752510.jpg (50.36 KB, 500x280, solitude moment.jpg)

>the woman blinked, confused by the question
>but she would answer regardless
I remember Catlyn, Tessa and Alton Sutcliff. This Manor, where I've spent most of my time in this world. The location of my tent in the forest, and my friends that help guard it.


>her eyes closed as she clearly tried to remember more

I remember...

>Roll 1d100 = 25

I remember a farm... long ago... when I was young...



I remember the smell of blood... the look of fear... I remember prey...

>dub odds

And I miss it...

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 888137

File: 1424369608239.gif (619.3 KB, 480x270, tumblr_msrho2puUh1sq9yswo1_500…)

>As the winds blow and the cloud forms about her rival's head, Cramilla could feel a surge of excitement flow through her along with the adrenalin racing though her blood fuelled body. Yes! This was it! This is what a battle should be all about! Two people going head to head, fighting their hardest to and not giving in until one side can stand no longer!

>A true rush! The ultimate destiny of rivals such as her and Edel! She didn't move as the cloud heads her way, she wanted to feel the brunt of the blow her rival had for her, the manifestation of her determination to win against her! He body would endure it in this form, and Carmilla would respond in kind to her rival...




>Only for no whisper in her mind to say she was in pain or injured. Only the few moments to register that were wasted, the next were spent leaping over the castle to get to the otherside, she gambled her rival was going to get indoors to waste her time in this form, a sound tactic for anyone who knew how to exploit that weakness. She was not going to have any of that at all!!


>Edel would hear the shout and see her battle obsessed self-proclaimed rival sailing over the highest point of the castle and shooting down towards her. It'd be a close call to see who gets to the entrance of the castle itself, but Edel still had a good shoot to get in.


Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888138

File: 1424370504038.png (69.22 KB, 244x273, I call bullshit.png)

>Crona would tense up after this, Melissa's answer leaving a rather sour impression on him
>sure, she had clearly forgotten what she had done before, but what she was saying didn't exactly make it sound like she regretted what she had been told

...well, I imagine a lot of us were feeling that when you came after us...

>he quickly admonished himself for getting back to that topic, knowing it wasn't going to go anywhere

>he then shook his head, trying to make sense of what exactly was happening

OK, so...if you don't remember what you did or why you came here...but you know Alton, so you must've been here before...

...so how are you just hearing about this?

>was he really the only person to tell her about this since she came back?

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888139

File: 1424370799714.jpg (37.36 KB, 200x325, unamused by this.jpg)

>the mage shrugged her shoulders, her thoughtful expression vanishing into a blander one
Maybe it had been mentioned before, and I simply forgot? It's highly possible, I've been here for a long time.

>Roll 1d100 = 53

>evens only
I... remember Raven being afraid of me... this must have been why. But I made her a promise not to attack again, and I intend to follow through with it.


>odds, she shrugs her shoulders again

Maybe I please pass now? I would like to get to the library.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888140

File: 1424371030848.png (67.48 KB, 244x273, I don't want to live on this p…)



>evidentially, this was a mystery for another day

>Crona would let out a sigh and do as Melissa asked, stepping to the side to allow her to pass

...I'd suggest you be careful.

I'm not the only one who remembers you, and there are others who are a bit more violent than me.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 888141

File: 1424371202069.jpg (61.87 KB, 337x360, magical.jpg)

>the woman nodded at the swordsman with a small smile
I will keep that in mind. You do not need to worry about me.
>she walked past him without another word, simply heading up the stairs

>Roll 1d100 = 44

>evens, gives him another pat on the head as she goes

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888142

File: 1424371430874.png (428.14 KB, 811x620, How about a little off the top…)

>And then Otoya found herself in the middle of a battle between fruit and fruit bat themed magical girls. Which she'd have blessed the moment for happening were it not a situation she had to actually do something in.

I guess I just can't watch then...

>With the Orange themed woman becoming a little girl, looking oh-so-helpless, and Duo becoming trapped within an apple... thing, the demon sighs.

So much for my relaxing time with my love and her friend...

>Looking back to the small girl, she waves a hand over to the bush she herself had hidden only moments before.

Unless you can provide some assistance, I suggest hiding in there for the time being. But do be careful, it'd be a tragedy for your nice skin to be scared by a sharp branch~

>Without further time wasted, she takes two pairs of scissors from her belt around her waist and approaches the Apple-like foe before her.

Pity you for crossing a demon of Lord Hades! Now set my love free from your prison!

>Upon reaching

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888143

Woops, didn't even finish that

>Upon reaching her enemy, Otoya takes a stab at the knight with her sharp scissors.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 171

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888145

File: 1424372083940.png (147.65 KB, 268x295, Don't Mind Me, Just Waiting Fo…)



>Crona actually felt his head dip down under the oddly strong force of the pat to his cranium

>he'd look back up at Melissa as she left, rubbing the top of his head while trying to understand what just happened

>it wasn't really uncommon for one of their former enemies to take refuge in the manor, but for them to completely forget what they did in the first place was different

>not to mention that she didn't really seem to regret what she did, or feel anything about it at all
>which would certainly rub some people the wrong way, especially Rocks


>but, he wasn't supposed to be his problem now

>so, with another heavy sigh, Crona walked back down the steps into the foyer, his thoughts returning to the other matters he had to deal with right then


File: 1424379774476.jpg (56.55 KB, 246x352, 081101.2.jpg)

>Knocked onto her back by the shield, she sat up rubbing her midsection.
>Rising to her feet, she brushed herself off and brought up a hand.
>Watching the scene with a blank look, she walked up to the two and placed a hand on Otoya's shoulder before pointing at the apple Duo was in.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888189

File: 1424382116547.jpg (65.95 KB, 400x644, Taskmaster (2).jpg)

>Taskmaster would let out a short "oof" once Dead kicked his chest, effectively pinning him to the ground
>but he couldn't give in just yet, because it was very clear that Dead was far beyond any form of reason right now
>if he wanted to clear this up, he'd have to get him to stop trying to kill him first
>as such, he lifts up a hand, then flicked his wrist to reveal a nozzle underneath it
>the nozzle would then let loose with a stream of acid, aimed right at Dead's face
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 10

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888194

File: 1424383393038.gif (45.61 KB, 186x300, b8ygi.gif)

>Shifting his head to the left, Wade would avoid the acid. A few drops would splatter onto his costume, but not enough to get to his skin through the kevlar.

>His sword now pointed at the base of Taskmaster's neck, nothing could stop him now.

Holy crap, he's about to totaly kill that guy.

>A faint voice would be heard from behind Wade. A unicorn remained hidden behind the two, hiding under a still functioning table.

He wouldn't do that would he? I mean he is a villain, but...

I heard he used to do it for a living, freaking phycopaths protecting us now?

>Their words rang in Wade's head. After all this time was he still able to do it? After everything Taskmaster had done, did he really need to end this way?


>Removing his sword from Taskmaster's neck, he lifts his foot up to allow him to get up.

>His sword points at the gate, the two unicorns still working to keep the barrier up.

Get out. Take your men, your weapons, every stockpile you have and get out. Leave Equestria, and never return.

>His voice was deadpan, comparable to his screwy friend. There was no sign of remorse in his eyes. He knew Taskmaster could barely walk with the injury in his leg. Even then Taskmaster had the resources to get out of the country.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888200

File: 1424385788947.jpg (293 KB, 1000x1500, taskmaster (1).jpg)

>Taskmaster grit his teeth behind his mask when the acid failed to hit its mark, quickly scrambling to think of another plan
>he saw Dead aim his sword at his neck, panic starting to overtake him, one of his hands moving to grab another weapon-


...wait, what?

>Taskmaster would stare at Dead for a second after he spoke, clearly having difficulties comprehending what he just said

>he had him dead to rights, right then and there...and he was just letting him go?


>well, now he felt like he just had to get this settled

>so, even with Dead staring him down, he'd just blurt out:

It was a job!

>he'd shift around on the ground, moving up to a sitting position, unable to use his wounded leg for anything

Me targetting you like I did.

It was all a job.


File: 1424386964795.jpg (5.3 KB, 104x103, 41dd73cd3447520f087acc30061a72…)


>The fox hugs her friend tightly back

I honestly wish I could've been, but nothing happens by chance Ember...

>her ears twitch a bit

...Now then, shall I call my Mother to see if any progress has been done in getting the evidence we need to start the search?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888204

File: 1424387114900.jpg (54.96 KB, 570x398, bds_deadpool_comic-06.jpg)

>For the longest time, Wade stared down at Taskmaster as he tried to explain himself.

...I know. It was far to obvious. I was out in space when it happened, and suddenly every body who just happened to have ways to push everyone's buttons just shows up out of the blue under the lead of possible the only guy more red then me.

Combined with how you show up for the first time in years just to piss me off, master stratigiest this guy was now. I don't know how much he offered to pay you, or what he possibly could have offered you, but I hope it was worth it.

>Sword still in hand, he hoists it over his shoulder. His expression never changing as he speaks.

You had your job, and now I have mine. This nation is now under my protection, and your a potential threat loyal to the highest dollar. I would offer you a job, but I get the feeling you'd just stab me in the back later.



>Kougane scoffs before sighing and turning

>All they were now was talk, no more action...

>None of them were Kazuraba, and so none of them were competitors for the power she and Kougane held

>...still she could take this as a chance to make an example of them, couldn't she?

Roll 1d1000 = 701
>evens, she just leaves, letting Duo go in the process
>odds, she lets out a large blast of energy, roll to dodge/block


Roll 1d1000 = 108

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888208

File: 1424387848331.png (1.21 MB, 975x1230, Taskmaster_(Earth-616).png)

>Taskmaster would pause after this, tilting his head slightly to think this over

...yeah, you're probably right.

>he'd let out a grunt at this point, turning over to his hands and knees to try and push himself up

But yeah, it wasn't worth it.

After you guys kicked his ass to a galaxy far far away, he didn't even have the decency to pay me for the job. So I basically wasted all my time for nothing.

>he'd let out a pained hiss, eventually making it up to one foot, having to lean against a nearby wall while keeping his other leg in the air

...hell, maybe I'm getting too old for this.

Might be time to hang it up.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888210

File: 1424388610348.png (455.92 KB, 590x836, 3575974-deadpool6.png)

You'd think you'd be used to that by now.

>His response dulled and unsempathetic. Even though he could sympathise with the lose of a big score, he lost that card when he threatened his family.

All I know is that as long as your wearing that mask, offering to take out the princess for money, I don't want to see you in this country again. I won't give the same offer twice.

Taskmaster!pinkie78Os 888212

File: 1424389167641.jpg (95.41 KB, 420x444, taskmaster1.jpg)


Alright, alright, point taken.

>Taskmaster kept up a neutral tone, but inwardly, he was already thinking of how to get around this

>he'd already set up base in Town, it'd be really difficult to move too far away from that
>so he'd have to think of a way to get his students where they needed to be quickly

>he'd give no indication that he was thinking of this though, instead turning to Dead and shrugging his shoulders

Sorry about how things turned out, but...

Business is business.

>with that, he turned and hobbled away down an alley, still hopping on his one good leg, heading to some place only he knew about

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888226

File: 1424401988749.jpg (69.27 KB, 404x700, tumblr_mxmdgyT2jj1sbu6zso1_500…)

>he had been thinking about it for sometime, ever since New Years as a matter of fact. It was jut recent events that pushed him to the edge and got him the guts to actually do it.

>Hueco, standing in front of the Maid Cafe, clad in a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt. It was the frist time's been here without his uniform or another girlish article of clothing, the demon cat headed inside.

>oh how he made so many memories here... He remembered he broke so many plates due to his clumsy nature, that and the shoes he had to wear weren't the most comfortable... Saya had to buy new nonbreakable ones eventually fixing the issue; in Hueco's defense, he wasn't as clumsy any more, he didn't remember the last time he tripped over his own feet.

>he remembered falling on customers, spilling drinks on them, getting stuck in embarrassing poses... He wondered, just how did he not get fired yet?

>passing the question over his mind, he headed to the back, to the manager's office, and knocked on the door

Hey, Jo, it's me... Hueco.


File: 1424403063918.jpg (696.73 KB, 850x1208, Hueco is that you.jpg)


>Jo pokes Hueco on the shoulder once or twice from behind

>She hadn't been in her office, because the majority of her time spent at the cafe was pulling double duty as a manager and a waitress, because she simply enjoyed filling the role of a maid most of the time

What's up Hueco?

>she asked, her ears perked up a bit with her tail waving back and fourth.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888228

File: 1424403997970.png (480.04 KB, 620x877, 5a1916baf0a366c445d5797a0a3134…)

>letting out a quiet squeak, Hueco swiveled around on his heel.


>putting his hands in his pockets and speaking in a quiet, subdued tone, the catboy gave a short reply

...You mind talking in private for a bit?


File: 1424404281451.jpg (118.41 KB, 530x750, af486b649a6f0a4032eefa81346bbf…)


>Jo stretches a bit

As long as you're not going to pull out a hand grenade or something, I don't mind

>she says with a bit of a sigh, scratching the back of her head before opening the door to her office.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888230

File: 1424405298644.jpg (49.69 KB, 350x356, ss+(2015-02-03+at+11.19.23).jp…)

Why would I...?

>raising a brow, Hueco quickly shrugged off the statement as Jo being Jo. She was quite the silly one.

>stepping inside the office, Hueco grabbed a nearby chair, spun it around on one of its legs, and sat down, straddling the chiar, with the back of the chair in front of him

Alright.. Sorry for holding you up like this but...

>he scratched his brow with one of his claws, pondering his next statement

I... I'd like to quit.


File: 1424405573907.png (451.02 KB, 725x408, blog.png)


>Jo blinks a few times, her ears lowering

...well alright, but do you mind me asking what's caused you to have that sudden shift of attitude?

>Jo pouts slightly

I always took you for one whom really enjoyed this job...

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888232

File: 1424406033451.jpg (151.38 KB, 500x496, That's it, I must become an en…)

Don't get me wrong.

>he held his hands up defensively, not wanting to come off as someone who wanted to be done and through with the job.

>smiling, he rested his head in his hands, daydreamingly

I enjoyed every minute of this job, despite my screw ups and all the plates that I broke... I loved my uniform and seeing customers smile.

>but, his smile was replaced by a slight frown

But... Recent events are making me feel like this isn't "me" This job as a crossdressing male demon in a Maid Cafe isn't where I belong... You understand don't you?


File: 1424406992397.jpg (55.89 KB, 800x450, SHSP_07.jpg)


>Jo herself had her doubts about her position at this job

>She really loved it and it all tickled her in the right places to be working at a place like this, and she knew Hueco must've felt the same way but...

>She could also understand his need to find where he really stands in life

>She bowed her head gently

Of course I understand Hueco, but keep in mind, even though you're leaving the cafe now, I'm sure Saya and I both will always be willing to welcome you back should you choose to return.

>she taps her chin slightly

...Now then, given you've normally just picked up your checks on the job, would you mind verifying your address with me. so that we can at least send you your last paycheck once the current pay cycle ends?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888240

File: 1424407891768.jpg (306.16 KB, 989x1400, clip (2013-06-29 at 12.29.23).…)

>Hueco nodded, his smile returning. At least she understood his reason.
>He did however, beleive she wouldn't understand why the "recent events" would make him think this way. She wasn't a demon, she couldn't understand, right?

I'll come back if I ever feel better or a job search doesn't work well... I need to figure out a new place though that'd work for me.

>maybe a job for demons..? What would be a job for demons that isn't evil and doesn't pay in souls?

>maybe he could find a job run by people who can help him...? Maybe...

Um... As for my paycheck, I could pick it up here when payday comes around, right? If not, send them to Wayne Manor.


File: 1424411119306.png (799.27 KB, 1366x768, nWxAwZT.png)


>The kitsune nods a bit

Ok then, I wish you luck out there in the job search.

>she states with a small smile, her ears twitching a bit

>...she was slightly worried that this combined with the fact that she'd likely be requesting a bit of a leave for awhile might make Saya feel that she's not really doing her job though...

If for some reason you can't pick it up on Payday, I'll deliver it to the manor myself, it's been awhile since I visited anyway.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888243

File: 1424411461913.gif (172.19 KB, 499x283, SBQC-Believe........gif)

I... I just hope you have enough workers though.

>he turned back, looking in the direction of the lobby.

Hope I don't cause any problems after all...


File: 1424411704283.jpg (118.41 KB, 530x750, af486b649a6f0a4032eefa81346bbf…)


Don't worry about it Hueco, we have plenty or workers, and we probably won't have problem filling the position.

>she stretches a little bit before patting Hueco's shoulder

Good luck out there though, alright?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888245

File: 1424412026907.jpg (45.31 KB, 412x576, ...Without any milk.jpg)

>he nodded, smiling

I hope I do have good luck...

>rubbing the back of his head, Hueco's left ear twitched.

...While I'm still here, mind if I ask you something? Not sure if you can help me much but...

>staring into her eyes, Hueco opened up to the fox girl, speaking in a quiet, mellow tone. She was his manager and friend, she'd how he felt, even if he beleived she couldn't understand why.

You know I'm a demon, even though I don't look like one. Where do you think a demon raised by humans belongs in this world?


File: 1424412671199.jpg (296.94 KB, 850x601, sample_610867d8cf333bed353e839…)


>She scratches the back of her head a little bit

Well Hueco...

>In her experience, demons would consider Hueco an abomination, or look down on him for various reasons...

>But Hueco wasn't a bad person, as far as Jo knew at least, and being a demon didn't automatically damn him.

>she decides to go with what she felt was the easiest explanation

Hueco...it's not what you are that determines where you belong in the world, it's who you are, the values and things you believe in...

>Jo crosses her arms

A demon raised by humans belongs where anyone else would in this world, in the place their ideals and actions lead them too. Where you belong is all entirely up to you.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888248

File: 1424413311365.png (35.11 KB, 483x630, tumblr_mpg9l49KVV1s3yxroo1_500…)

>truly, he wasn't viewed in the right light on either side.
>He didn't belong with humans because he was a demon
>He didn't belong with demons because he was raised by humans.

>but, from what he's done, was the former all that true? The latter maybe..

Values I believe in? .

>Hueco rubbed his chin, as his left ear twitched even more, like a jittery metronome.

...I... Think I see what you mean, and I've realized.

>Hueco smiled shrugging

I don't know what I believe in all that much. I believe in myself, I believe this world is crazy. Most of all, I believe I'll be guided somewhere...

>putting his left hand in his pocket, the other out to the side.

I'm a stray cat, I stay in one place and go where the wind tells me... But I always return to my turf... I guess maybe the wind will guide me somewhere or throw somethings my way that will allow me to achieve my satisfaction...

>the catboy smirked slightly, stifling a laugh

...That was... Too poetic for my tastes, sorry..


File: 1424413656851.jpg (7.98 KB, 123x104, 11715836_m.jpg)


...before you go though, there's just one thing I have to ask

>she looks into Hueco's eyes, sweat dripping down her neck before asking in a very serious tone

Can you promise me you won't become some sort of super villain? I know it's silly to ask that but I've seen too many people who seemed a-ok and perfectly sane end up turning into the main villain in stories.

>Jo scratched the back of her head

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888250

File: 1424414411183.jpg (24.87 KB, 500x201, SBQA- Now you worry too much, …)


>there were two incidents were he had lost his mind and attacked others. But he was never a /villain/ more like a wild animal.

Hey, my bloodlust is under control.

>he smirked, giving a thumbs up

I don't see it happening.

>"I say that and yet I expect it to happen..."


File: 1424414581213.jpg (122.72 KB, 290x348, b98b392244d353d2adf3ba7bea5a70…)


Alright, I'll hold you to your word.

>she folds her arms before stretching a bit

Have a good rest of the day though, you can pick up your stuff in the changing room and leave anytime you want, I need to get back out there

>She states, scratching the back of her head as she went back out to deal with customers.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 888252

File: 1424414808549.jpg (63.17 KB, 500x531, tumblr_mywbyr9ydg1s7pwv2o1_500…)


>with that, Hueco headed off, making sure to grab his uniform, snacks, and other things from his locker.

>Maybe he'd be back, not as a worker, but as a customer. Maybe he'd even wear his uniform.. Maybe..

>But until then..

>Hueco headed off outside, all his things in tow...

Where does the wind take me today...?

Edel Kina!iCSweetsaM 888253

File: 1424415797672.jpg (203.49 KB, 1400x1011, 00055.jpg)

>And just as she thought she was in the clear, just the shout of her name only made her realized how utterly screwed she was for leaving Carmilla in the dust like that. The girl looked around to see if Carmilla had already caught up with her, but she didn't see any sign of a tall, busty, fight-obsessed vampire anywhere on the floor. That is, until she looked up to see the silhouette of the very same rival high in the sky, just above the entire castle that she had planned to hide in.

>She didn't know whether to be impressed by the power of her legs, or fearful over the fact that she effortlessly jumped over an entire damn castle in a fit of rage because of her. No matter which way she looks at it, it will always be the same result: one angry vampire, and one that's just about to possibly get splattered into a bloody pulp on the floor. And she knows for certain that she doesn't want to end up in bed with more than one broken bone. She had just one chance to make it inside the castle. This is the only opportunity she has before Carmilla could land and nab her!

>Pouring all her strength into her legs, she began sprinting out of the woods and into the front yard just as soon as Carmilla had started to fall. However, because of all that running she had done earlier, her legs had already grown weary and her breath was nearly gone by the time she was halfway into the yard. Her pacing slowed significantly and her breathing became more erratic, but she still kept running and fighting against her own body to get to the front entrance. She could see it already! The door was coming closer and closer to her by the second! She'll make it! She'll actually make it and be safe! She'll-


>And just like that, a loud sound echoed throughout the forest as Edel continued to evade Carmilla as best she could. However, it looks like she wasn't doing her hardest. Because of Carmilla landing right on the ground, the impact caused a shockwave to spread out on the dirt floor of the forest, causing Edel to stumble in her steps just before she reached the stairs leading up to the door.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

>Her footing was completely messed up because of Carmilla. Try as she might, she cannot get back the rhythm that she had when she was sprinting. For leaving Carmilla behind and abandoning the fight they had, the girl was now paying the price. Finally, the girl tripped over her own two feet and fell forward onto the stairs, just inches away from reaching the door.

>This was it. It was over. Her legs were screaming in pain as her stomach and lungs burned from breathing in and out so much. What the hell is a Blood Letter without her weapon supposed to do to a fully grown Blood Luster?! She needed to think of something to do once Carmilla came close, but what?!

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888290

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 990

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888291

File: 1424449776786.jpg (40.42 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n9sozw3xo81rix2i4o5_500…)

Dang it not again...

>She missed her attack, how typical of life to do that to her once again. With the tap on the shoulder, Otoya turns to the bat girl instead of giving it another go at the enemy.

Yes? What is it dea--

>Only to end up being blasted because she was distracted.


>laying in the snow with a flat look in her face, this day had gone for good to annoyingly bad in far too short a time. To think she was feared widely in her world as a dangerous murder... had they known if this, she'd end up being a laughing stock instead.

>With a sigh, she calls out to Kiva.

Dear, please tell me what it is you wish for me to know... I don't want to continue to be an easy target...

>Maybe she'll just lay here in the snow for a bit and her horrible luck will change.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888297

File: 1424460719037.png (256.45 KB, 480x480, Yang1.png)

>Another long day on patrol, but at least it was uneventful outside of a small rift that seemed to be leaking kittens out into Regal Prima. Yang would have liked to have kept one, but since they seemed to explode when they mewed... they didn't seem like good pets.

Hey Jo! I'm home, you won't believe what happened on patrol today!

>Or maybe she will. Regardless, Yang enters the home they both share and comes upon the scene where Jo was hugging a redhead.

Oh we got a guest I see!

>Jo was a pretty hug happy person, so the idea of it being more then just a friendly hug between friends didn't even try to enter her mind.

New friend if yours Jo?


File: 1424461034138.jpg (56.55 KB, 246x352, 081101.2.jpg)

>Binging up her arms, she blocked the sudden blast from Mars before turning to look at Otoya.
>Lifting up a hand, she pointed at Otoya, then the apple and lastly to the young girl that was using the blood orange lockseed.
>She then motion for Otoya to protect them before pointing at herself then Mars.
>Turning to look back at Mars, she brushed her cape to the side and started walking towards her.

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 888300

File: 1424462040941.gif (964.54 KB, 480x197, tumblr_n1ftb7M1Gq1tsimygo1_500…)

>Her crash landing onto the either sends snow and dirt flying into the air like a meteor had just impacted the ground. Though at this point, Edel would be happy to have been that close to an impact from space junk instead of a Blood Lust hell bent on having a decent battle... or just beating her rival into a bloody pulp.

Nothing to stop our battle now...

>Edel had fallen and Carmilla was closing in no looming above the girl who had been trying to evade her instead of fighting head to head. Though she couldn't really blame her...

Any last words my rival?

>Even if was a game of cat and mouse, it was still fun after all, Edel looked so cute when she was scared like this.

>She knew she wouldn't have much more time in this form regardless so she had to make it count in the next minute or two...


File: 1424473876834.jpg (101.64 KB, 634x960, tumblr_n90w1fYDL41sih9h2o1_128…)


If I know the sickening righteousness within the Kazuraba girl, I know she'll appear whenever I deliver blows to pathetic excuses of warriors like you 4...

>The Rider Girl spits on the ground

I don't know if she'd be so charitable to the imposter over there though...

>she stated, holding a sword up to the frightened Vampire girl

Now then...

>She sheathes her sword into her shield and looks straight in Wakana's eyes

At least try to make this interesting for me.

!FlamehpHHA 888304

File: 1424475890608.png (827.75 KB, 781x1022, league_of_legends__shyvana_by_…)

>Nodding, the dragon smiles and gives her newly-bound friend a squeeze, all shame forgotten now that the two of them were bonded.

That sounds-


>Her face quickly returning to its cherry red hue, the woman pushes off from Jo hastily, grabbing at her armor, full of shame and terror.

>Of course such a thing was fine back home, where the modesty of dragons was far less easily trespassed, but here? Had she gone mad, thinking that they were well and truly alone?

>Hiding her face from the two, the shamed noble awkwardly tries to carry the heavy armor out, nervously stopping in front of Yang with her head hung low and completely unable to meet her gaze. Even if she didn't mind, or thought nothing of the more terrible implications of what she'd seen, she'd stumbled upon a moment of platonic intimacy and seen her, exposed. Not just indecent, but weak. Not just weak, but vulnerable and humbled. Such a thing was not taken lightly among dragons, and because of the intrusion, her pride was damaged.

...I was just leaving...



>Jo blinks before noticing Yang enter the room

>How could she forget Yang had a key to the apartment?

>She sweats very slightly and scratches the back of her neck

Heya Yang...


>Jo's eyes widen for a moment and she panics for a moment before putting on the dress up ring, using it quickly to get back in her clothes

Ember, wait...

>She looks to her companion

This is Yang, the girl I'd told you about before...and you might want to put your armor on before running out to streets and halls full of people.

>She points out scratching the back of her neck a bit

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888308

File: 1424477783928.png (151.78 KB, 1000x1000, Ebonyblade.png)

. . .

>With Kaiv's sign gestures to stay out of the fight and Kougane's insults to her, Otoya went for being annoyed with her awful luck to understandably enraged by the situation she was in.

Oh that is it!

>No longer content with lazing about, she quickly stands up and points at Kougane with utter contempt and fury.

I have had it with people like you! Always prancing about in your superiority acting like your better then the victims you torment to death!

>As she goes on her voices raises into a shout until she screams her next words into the heavens.


>Now her tirade expands from the Kougane to the universe as a whole.

I was deemed The Jack the Ripper of the 21st century in my world! People locked over there shoulders at the whisper of my name fearing it would summon me like a demon, no one would leave their homes at night, and authorities all over Japan wanted me dead! And all of that was shattered when I lost the chance to kill one of my victims in that wretched school! Not once, but twice! I didn't even get a third as I was gunned down in my last attempt to escape! Now here I stand before, you mocked seemingly by the universe itself for since I have failed time and time again to regain the fear and respect I so rightfully deserve for the people around me!

Thrice beaten soundly, barred from the underworld, and now mocked by a woman dressed as an apple! I! HAVE! HAD! ENOUGH!!

>As her rage builds into a second crescendo a long black blade makes itself appear in her hand, a terrible and evil blade stained in the blood of the betrayed. Otoya sneered at Kougane in her rage now no longer concerned with the well being of others in her way.

Starting with you... Starting with you I'll make my come back and be known as the Jack the Ripper of the 21st century in this world too!

>With a rage filled roar and her greenish-blue eyes aglow in her fury, she grips her Ebony Blade in hand and closes the distance between herself Kougane hell bent on tearing her apart in a wild flurry of slashes.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 641

>How many hit Roll 1d5 = 2

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888316

File: 1424479393213.png (302.72 KB, 500x559, tumblr_inline_ms9ahnuczL1qz4rg…)

>Looking between the now shy redhead and Jo, she gives the latter a quizzical look.

Did I pop in at a bad time? I can go wait back outside.

>She didn't mind it really, it was mild enough to wait out there for a bit without getting a cold.

>She also expands on Jo's comment to Ember.

Yeah... probably not best to do that to go out like that, I hear a some perv red haired old man in a blazer is on the prowl of women to charm

>A beat.

Though you can probably get him to leave you alone if you mention his kid to him. He screams like a maniac and runs down the street.


File: 1424479762254.jpg (92.23 KB, 400x560, 977656.jpg)

>Rolling her eyes at what Kougane said, she lifted up her fists to prepare to attack her.
>Listening to Otoya's speech, she rubbed her ears slightly from the yelling before frowning slighly.
>Walking over to the young vampire, she knelt infront of her and offered her hand
>Nodding towards the apple Duo was trapped in, she motioned for her to come with her to it.


File: 1424480634018.jpg (318.02 KB, 473x600, tumblr_nao98a3uAe1sp9i15o1_500…)


>The Apple themed Rider girl is knocked back from the two slashes from the ebony blade

>>grunting and holding her chest, she holds up her shield to block the rest of the slashes

Ugh...so much temper, so much anger in you, and yet you lay such a prideful claim to another's title

>the rider looks scornfully down at her opponent after getting back up to her feet

>the rider pulls her sword back out of the shield and reaches down to her belt

So powerful, so angry and prideful, yet you can't even take your own title?!

>she pushes down on her belt 3 times and it announces "Golden Sparking!"

>her blade glowing with a golden hue she slices towards Otoya

Roll 1d1000 = 812

>if successful, she walks closer to Otoya

You accuse me of not having the right to act superior when you don't even have a real name for yourself, just a shallow copycat of someone else....

>she attempts to grab and punch Otoya in the face

Roll 1d1000 = 56


>If successful, Kougane stands in front of Otoya after punching her

I am the Golden fruit, the temptress of Adams and Eves of so many worlds given life, you will not belittle me...



File: 1424480815931.jpg (19.48 KB, 249x277, icon.jpg)


>Arich blinks as she's motioned over by Kiva

>slowly getting up, she quietly moves over to the Fangire Queen, letting out a few tired huffs

...what is it...?

>meanwhile Duo in the apple seemed increasingly weak, almost as if the shield had been sapping energy from her this whole time

!FlamehpHHA 888324

File: 1424481398861.jpg (141.54 KB, 900x563, shyvana_by_koh_ichi-d5guaed.jp…)

>Yes, she'd assumed as much, what with the familiar demeanor and saying her name part.

>Sighing and setting her brilliant and unique armor aside, the woman sits and slowly begins to put it back on, bit by bit.

>...The fact she had so much apparent trust in Jo eased the thought of her presence causing trouble, but made it all the harder to have been seen so weak and open by someone she did not know. She still had her pride, if nothing else.

My name is... Ember.

>Tossing her plated braid over a shoulder as she straps her breastplate back on, the woman grits her teeth, trying not to meet their eyes as she restores her decency and emotional armor. As much as she trusted Yang to be a good person, it wouldn't do to be seen so casually. They could become familiar after knowing each other better.

>Glancing up at her for only a moment, she quickly replies,

It is a pleasure to meet you, Yang.

You are very beautiful, it is no wonder my bondsister has fallen for you.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888325

File: 1424482198513.png (56.7 KB, 155x154, Grell_Butler_My Disappoint Kno…)

>From the foyer comes the dulcet sound of the grand piano being played, the gentle keys and soft melody echoing through the space filling the normally quiet foyer and nearby Residential Hall full of music.
>Alton stares intently at a sheet of music set before him, his long fingers gently tapping every key of the piano as he plays the song.


>There's something peculiar about the song; it's rather soothing but not entirely happy sounding either. It certainly had an emotional range to it, perhaps a somber nostalgia or something akin to it.

>It didn't prove to be a tricky score, and it peaked very rarely compared to the gentle drifting of the main melody.

>Still, Alton found he liked this particular song, and when finished with it, he pulls his hands away from the white keys with a thoughtful hum.

Hmn...what did you think of that one, Tessa?

>His Pokemon sits nearby with a small tin of poffins, these flavoured a sweet and spicy combination. She nods once with a happy sounding bleat, her striped ears perking in response to his question.

>Satisfied with the answer, Alton scoops the sheets up and flips through them again, looking over the notes.

Perhaps I should buy more of these from that bard fellow in Town...

>He was a bit of a spoony fellow but that man seemed to have good taste in music.

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888326

File: 1424482379468.jpg (76.99 KB, 1280x720, (329).jpg)

Why take your own when you can have the esteem and carry the legacy of another?!

>Otoya uses her daedric weapon to block the blow set upon by her enemy. With a wicked smile she swings her blade at Kougane's side.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 815

People equal me to the most famous of killers in history! How can I not have pride in such a thing?

>If last roll was evens, she jumps back and skilfully throws a pair of sharp scissors towards her foe's sword arm hoping to hinder her ability to fight.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 549


File: 1424482644904.png (362.85 KB, 600x780, you really believe that .png)


>clothed again, Jo scratches the back of her head for a moment

>She goes over to grab the phone to call "Mary"


>She looks over to Yang

so what was it you were going to tell me about Yang?

>she scratches the back of her neck a little bit

I was about to call Mum about something, so don't take too long in telling.


File: 1424482829394.jpg (282.35 KB, 700x700, 8066355.jpg)

>Kiva pointed to her belt and lockseed and then to the apple.
>She then took out her wake up fustle and held it up.
Help me free her...
>Looking back at Otoya, she let out another sigh and looked back at the apple.
We need to hurry and get her out of there quickly.
So please henshin.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888330

File: 1424483226005.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)

>the rather sad piano song would reach Crona's ears as he walked through the Residential Hall, which would tell him where Alton was
>he'd move over to the staircase leading to the foyer, then look over the railing to see the manor owner down below, having just finished playing the piano when he got there
>a cautious frown would cross Crona's face, trying to think of what would be the best way to approach this
>it didn't seem like he and Alton were on really bad terms when they last spoke, but it was certainly an uneasy feeling that remained when they separated
>he did have a lot to apologize for, not the least of which was this whole mess with Grell, but more importantly than that he had to try and bridge the gap that was between them
>If nothing else, Alton still needed someone in all of this - Grell was obviously not going to help him anymore, and Judith was long gone, so he had to show he was still his friend

>with all this in mind, Crona would slowly make his way down the stairs towards the foyer

>he wouldn't exactly announce his presence, but he had a feeling Alton would hear him coming anyway


File: 1424483303384.jpg (86.02 KB, 720x960, 45889022.jpg)


Anyone can ride on the legacy of another, to truly be the king of your domain you know who you are...but enough talk, I'll make an example of you yet.

>Kougane closed her eyes and stood still.

>As Otoya swung her blade, it suddenly found its path blocked by the form of a golden apple surrounding the rider

>Opening her eyes, the Rider threw the apple energy off of her own body and towards the demon

Roll 1d1000 = 182

>regardless of success, she attempts following up with a kick

Roll 1d1000 = 359


>If both above are successful, she looks distastefully at Otoya

...you really are disgusting, aren't you? Not only laying claim to another's legend, but also letting others handle the saving of the woman you so affectionately claimed to be your "Love"...

>She'd attempt to kick Otoya a second time

Roll 1d1000 = 599

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888332

File: 1424483662005.png (108 KB, 315x263, Grell_Butler_Another Death Thr…)



>Tessa senses Crona before her trainer does, her striped ear flopping up to the sound of his footsteps drawing closer towards her and Alton. The long-necked Pokemon glances over her shoulder, then immediately gains the flattest stare she can muster, her eyes half-lidded and frown pulling at her face.

>So abrupt is this reaction that Tessa's flipper is frozen mid-dig into her poffin tin, leaving the Pokemon appearing quite curious to anyone who happened to glance at her.


>Alton, being one of these people, pauses after looking at Tessa, and with a blink, directs his attention towards the stairwell.

>He's surprised to see Crona descending them; as Crona had been very scarce, to the point Alton still wondered if he lived in the mansion anymore or not.

>Roll 1d1000 = 763

>odds, figuring it rude to ignore the swordsman, Alton raises a hand in a half-hearted wave.

Good evening, Crona...!


>Evens, he blinks again, then looks back to the music sheets, deciding that if it was important Crona would find the need to talk with him (or, if not, to leave him alone).


File: 1424484175796.jpg (118.35 KB, 391x650, tumblr_n730x4zvI61r4089mo1_500…)


I don't know if I have it in me right now to be able to...

>Arich admits honestly, in her current child like form she could henshin, but unless she took in some blood it was very likely the use of energy would reduce her to an even younger form

>and then she wouldn't be of any use to anybody...

you don't have any blood oranges on you do you...?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888334

File: 1424484509680.png (132.4 KB, 370x349, Another Day, Another Bit Of My…)

>the flat stare aimed his way would cause Crona to halt for a moment, even though he had been expecting it
>Tessa was still pretty upset with him, and rightfully so, given how their one encounter ended
>he'd lift his head briefly and wave to Alton, before making his way down to the floor and stopping again, turning his attention back to Tessa


>as if finally realizing something vital, Crona would slump and close his eyes, silently admonishing himself for something

>he'd then take a few steps closer, before kneeling down in front of Tessa

...listen, Tessa...

I know that this is far too long overdue, and it says a lot about me and how I approach matters that it's taken this long...

>he'd pause and let out a sigh, then continued to speak in a regretful and apologetic tone

But...I'm sorry about what happened between us.

I'm sorry that I didn't take your safety and well-being into consideration during the fight. That was callous and inconsiderate of me, and I shouldn't have gone that far.

I understand that this won't actually fix anything between us...but it's only right that I say this anyway.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888335

File: 1424484524775.jpg (239.83 KB, 723x1023, tumblr_n0xw9z9QvO1rydvrbo1_128…)

>The beautiful comment made her ego swell a bit, but she tried not to show it.

Aw, thanks Ember, you're pretty nice yourself.

>At the mention of Jo's reationship with her, she chuckles.

Well when you hug someone naked in the woods because she's possessed by a masochistic demon bear, your relationship with her only goes to ways~

>That was always a good ice breaker for new people meeting Yang found.

Not such much of a long story Jo, just ran into a rift today that was leaking exploding kittens.

>She laughs again as she recalls her encounter with it.

And that's all that happened today!

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888336

File: 1424484860788.jpg (40.42 KB, 500x281, The Curse of Jack the Ripper.j…)

>Otoya was about to remark that she wasn't really good at saving people unless it was to kill them so it was better left to people who could rescue others...
>"Oh crap"

>Only to get promptly beating once again when facing an enemy. After sliding across the ground towards the other girls all bloody and sore.


>Her only response to Kougane now was to hold up her arm and extend her middle finger while laying face up in the snowy ground again.

>Looking over to Arich, Otoya flatly responds.

You can use my blood, it's not much use to me outside of my body after all.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888337

File: 1424485053016.png (41.16 KB, 150x180, An Answer That Stupid Deserves…)


>Alton observes Crona, lowering his own hand once the swordsman finishes descending the stairs. The pause and moment Crona takes does make him quite wary, however. What was it now?

>Alton expects he does want something, given he was walking in his direction and appearing somewhat worse than earlier.

>But is surprised to see Crona kneel in front of Tessa and regard her instead.

>Tessa's expression similarly reflects surprise, given the swordsman gave her not even the time of day in all the time between that day months ago and now. Her ears fold back, her frown growing more severe as Crona apologizes, until she's downright glaring at him.


>Roll 1d1000 = 448

>odds, with a sudden and snooty 'Pahloo!' Tessa sticks her nose in the air and pops a poffin in her mouth.

>Though her mouth is full, the Ampharos scoffs in a low growl.


>[It's about time!]


>evens, the Ampharos picks up a poffin from the tray, but instead of eating it, lobs it right at his face.

>if evens, Roll 1d1000 = 814 evens, hit!


>[Take that apology and shove it up your ass!]

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888338

File: 1424486257869.png (60.38 KB, 244x273, That hurt.png)


>Crona winced slightly as the poffin smacked his forehead, then opened one eye to regard Tessa again

>it seemed as though his apology didn't do anything to improve Tessa's mood - if anything, it only made her even angrier at him
>but he shouldn't push the point, she had every right to not accept his apology
>so, he rubbed the spot where he was hit and got back to his feet

...yeah, I deserved that.

>he'd look up and walk past Tessa, moving closer to Alton and stopping beside the piano bench, now regarding him with the same regretful expression

...I owe you an apology too, Alton.

For...well, a lot of things...


File: 1424487018490.jpg (175.03 KB, 574x386, 10589894_p1.jpg)

>Shaking her head, she thought for a moment before starting to pull down one of her gloves.
That works too..
>Pulling her glove back up, she turned to face mars.
I'll keep her busy.
>Running towards Kougane, her fists were surrounded by a blood red mist as she threw a punch with her left hand towards her jaw.
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 929
>If hit, she followed through with her right
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 939

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888340

File: 1424487132954.png (90.13 KB, 192x277, Grell_Butler_Sweatdrop.PNG)



>While Alton doesn't verbally disparage Tessa from her very rude response to Crona, it takes him a moment to realize that while Crona did apologize to him about the incident regarding Tessa and Rocks, he never to his memory ever apologized to the yellow Pokemon directly.

>In such an instance, it really was no wonder why she disliked him so much. He had been wondering, though Tessa made for very poor communication with that language barrier between them both.
>She did have a right to reject his apology given the time-frame, though she really should have known better than to throw food at someone. He spent time baking those!

>Being as wrapped up as he is thinking of that, Crona's approach is almost forgotten to him, that is until Crona speaks and startles him from his thoughts.

Hn?! -O-Oh...er...I'm owed an apology?

>Alton stares blankly at Crona; didn't he already apologize for that idiocy regarding Grell, or had he imagined that too?


File: 1424487485661.jpg (318.02 KB, 473x600, tumblr_nao98a3uAe1sp9i15o1_500…)


>Kougane falls to the ground and grunts in paint from the punch to her jaw

Ach...you could've made your escape while I was dealing with the Ripper wannabe, but no you couldn't have that could you...?

>she slashes her sword at Kiva

Roll 1d1000 = 806


File: 1424487788765.jpg (100.12 KB, 500x641, tumblr_n7dzgqqMeo1r4089mo1_500…)



>She was a bit nervous about it but...surely it was the right thing to do in this situation, and besides...she had permission.

>Going over to Otoya and leaning over her, she gives the girl a serious look

tell me before you start feeling faint, alright...?

>she leans in and bites into Otoya's neck and starts draining blood

Roll 1d1000 = 173
>evens, Cont immediately
>odds, cont next round.

!FlamehpHHA 888346

File: 1424487922071.jpg (125.35 KB, 690x1158, iron_scale_shyvana_by_massi74-…)

>Stopping halfway through buckling on a bracer, the woman, confused, turns to Jo for reassurance, before slowly turning back to Yang, obviously quite put off by the openness she was showing.


>Sighing and standing, now fully attired, the woman brushes off a few fox hairs that'd stuck to the brilliant metal.

Regardless, bonded as I am to the daughter of Inari, now, you may consider me as close a friend as you consider her.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888347

File: 1424488271543.png (358.05 KB, 1023x579, Dem Feels, Man....png)


Well, yeah...

>he wasn't all that surprised that he caught Alton off-guard with this, given how little they had spoken lately

>Crona would hover near the end of the piano, but wouldn't actually take a seat, unsure if that was the proper thing to do here

I mean, I know I already brought up this whole mess with Grell, but I am sorry for what happened. All I did was further complicate matters when I should've just stayed out of it.

But...that incident is just indicative of a larger problem...

>he lower his gaze at this point, taking on a more ashamed look this time, his hands clenched together in front of him

...I've been completely neglectful regarding your feelings and your own struggles on a regular basis here. I haven't spent enough time with you, trying to help you with whatever has been troubling you or listening to whatever's on your mind.

In short...well, I've been a pretty terrible friend to you.

And I am deeply sorry for that, Alton...


File: 1424488296887.png (59.38 KB, 182x180, anthro2.png)


...exploding Kittens?

>...wow, just wow. That was...a really depressing thought, something so cute, so adorable, just spontaneously combusting

>the thought brought a few tears to the fox's eyes...

>She shakes her head, no, don't get depressed over the little furballs, losing their lives so early on...never having really gotten a chance to...

>Jo touches the side of her face, feeling the tears that'd gone down her face from those thoughts.

...damn it.


>she cursed herself silently before raising a finger

why don't you two talk for a bit, I'll be in the bedroom with this call...

>she dials up her Mother's cellphone number before walking into the bedroom.

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888349

File: 1424488830068.png (34.83 KB, 179x271, Wut.PNG)

>Otoya still had enough energy to make snappy comeback at least.

Why don't you go get yourself baked into a pie you ass!

>Feeling the bite on her neck, she sighs. Such a tragedy that this one looked too young her Otoya to really enjoy such an interesting experience.

I'll be fine as long as I don't lose it all. Even if I do it's not as if I can go back to the underworld to die anyway.

>Maybe she can request Duo to do this to her later...

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888350

File: 1424489025832.png (93.39 KB, 194x282, Grell_Butler_Quite The Unusual…)



>Was he perhaps dreaming right now? Crona, out of the blue, appears before him and not only apologizes to Tessa for the incident involving Rocks ages ago, but also apologizes to him for his absence through the truly trying times he had been struggling through?


>Absolutely bewildered by this development, Alton stares blankly at Crona as if he had announced that he had somehow won 'Sexiest Man of the Year' in some local publication.

>Tessa, her mouth stuffed with a new Poffin, equally stares at Crona in absolute astonishment, her cheeks puffed comically out.





>Alton lifts an arm and rubs the back of his neck, again looking flustered and still absolutely flummoxed.

>A terrible friend was still better than no friend at all, and Alton had a rather short list of people he could even call that much.

>Miss Furia could count, perhaps Miss Lissa. Tessa definitely qualified but she wasn't quite the same either (a distinction difficult for him to tackle still; what was she to him?).

>Very very few had ever inquired about his own personal business, or react to it. The whole business with Judith and Valerie had been the most trying time of his life, and he had found himself very alone for the entirety of that fallout.
>Could he very well forgive Crona for such an absence? Crona wasn't truly gone as he was on Christmas when that all had happened, and he had been there even when his descent began.


>Alton sighs heavily and looks at the ceiling, his shoulders drooping as his arm drops to his side.

...Terrible psudeo-friends are better than feeling alone, I suppose. I'm rather glad you decided to say something about it.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888351

File: 1424490366917.png (107.33 KB, 254x292, It's Gonna Be One Of Those Day…)



>with Crona's face not actually aimed in Alton's direction, it would be a bit more difficult for him to catch the emotions flickering across his face

>the shock was what got to him at first, realizing that for this to be so surprising and unusual was what really described how he had been acting to Alton
>not only was his neglect harmful in its own right, but it was just considered a normal thing for him to do
>was that really how bad he was?

>that thought is only pushed away by Alton's eventual response, which provides a rather sharp stab to Crona as well

>guilt was the primary feeling that floated to the surface, realizing all too well that once again, he had brought all of this on himself, through his own actions or lack thereof
>but it also just hurt him on a personal level, because it told him that his and Alton's relationship had deteriorated to this state, where even calling them friends was pushing it a bit

>it was with a bitter tone that Crona spoke again, but still would keep his head lowered

...the fact that I qualify as a "pseudo-friend" only sort of says it all...

...I understand that this is all due to the fact that I never stop and think about what matter is more important to tackle. That I just leap on whatever is immediately in front of me with no consideration for the consequences. Which causes me to be away from the manor for extended periods of time, or just focused on something elsewhere instead of what I should be dealing with.

...and I realize I've made promises like this before, and ultimately failed to keep them, but...

I do want to try to change that.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888352

File: 1424490734184.png (245.25 KB, 600x540, 0876cb8aeeb4c59bc59b041bea44ed…)

Well then we'll be great friends then!

>She'd have patted Ember in the shoulder or given her one of her iconic bearhugs, but she felt that the girl would shy away from it. this girl seemed kinda like Blake in that regard, a bit distance and hesitant to engage with others.

But uh... what's this about being bonded to Jo and all?

>And with a short pause Yang remembers she should be making dinner and promptly asks another question as she heads over to the kitchen motioning for the dragon girl to follow.

You happen to like bacon pancakes?

>Yang cringes as she sees her girlfriend upset be the news.

>She'll have to comfort her later about that... and she also notes to not talk about exploding kittens ever again.


File: 1424491355975.jpg (52.04 KB, 500x363, 080606.jpg)

>Kiva stepped to the side letting the sword pass by her.
>Bringing her chained leg back, she swung it out in a kick to knock her shield out of her hand.
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 304
>after throwing the attack, she dashed to the side intending to lead her away from the three.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888354

File: 1424491520829.png (65.11 KB, 207x167, Grell_Butler_A Bill Two Months…)



>Alton rolls the music sheets between his hands as Crona speaks, his gaze dropping from the ceiling and back to the ground. He doesn't immediately look at Crona directly, a clear and worn expression drifting across his face.

...Whatever the reason, Crona, I'm glad to hear you've turned over a new leaf. As for that 'pseudo-friend' comment...only one person since it happened ever did ask me about it, to a depth where I could at least say something regarding my feelings towards it.

I had a man there that I had never met before, that night on Christmas Eve. Before that, nobody had the full ear to lend, or the propensity to care enough for how I was feeling following that decision regarding Judith.

>Finally the man raises his gaze back to Crona. There's a general tone of sadness colouring his voice, but what's most telling are his eyes, which look empty as they had been for months at this point.

I understand everyone has their own business that bothers them, busies them, and makes them blind to those suffering around themselves. I can see what human indifference does to a lonely soul because I've experienced it. I've seen it.

>He shifts his gaze down to the music sheets, now rolled into a fine tube from his hands worrying the paper the whole while.

...And I suppose I've accepted it. Indifference is so easy, and not many intend to project themselves as such. I can hold grudges towards these people, brutal disdain at my station or my responsibilities in regards to a collective that I often feel doesn't deserve it for what little returns I see. It'd be quite easy to feel in such a way, which is a rather striking problem.

>He had felt such a way too before the Doctor's intervention. But now that he knew his existence gave so many people wonderful lives free of existing miseries (or mostly, as Wade Wilson seemed to be an exception) was it right for him to abdicate that quiet languishing existence behind the scenes for his own benefit?

>Crona even had suffered in this world absent of him; he certainly couldn't say as much to his face, despite how enviable his luck had been. For a young man who appeared to have so many problems, it seemed almost laughable straits to face emotionally.

After Christmas Eve...I don't suppose I can feel that way anymore. It just happens.


>With a sharp breath, Alton looks back up and regards Crona once more, his gaze still tellingly empty, despite his words being full of encouraging inflection.

You can certainly try changing yourself, Crona, to be more 'attentive' or 'focused'...and I wish you luck for it too.


File: 1424491693233.jpg (123.19 KB, 1440x810, 1405207621060.jpg)


>Kougane manages to hang onto her shield, blocking the kick pretty easily

You'll have to try harder, child...

>Kougane attempts to deliver a roundhouse kick to Kiva

Roll 1d1000 = 7

If doing all of this to one of Kazuraba's allies doesn't get her attention, I don't know what will...

>she mutters annoyed as she looks over briefly to Otoya and Arich...


File: 1424491907857.png (109.41 KB, 250x375, tumblr_mu6i36GACa1qcp1s3o2_250…)


>As Arich drained Otoya, she progressively got a bit older

>...with the fact that "as long as she has some blood" left, Arich went a bit wild, draining until she reached her fully grown form.

>Arich coughs a bit before standing back up

Alright, let's take care of this...

>Arich rasies her driver and puts it on her waist, the belt forming quickly

>she puts her lockseed on and then poses for a moment before putting her lockseed on her belt


>she pushes down the knife and soon a giant blood orange plunges down onto her head



File: 1424492507309.png (662.75 KB, 1196x672, my armor too.png)


This stage is all mine...

>She runs forward towards the giant golden apple


>she punches the golden apple and it slowly starts cracking to pieces before it falls apart completely and falls to the ground

>Duo falls over unconscious after the whole draining process, and the energy that had been drained into the apple flew directly into Kougane


>she turns around and looks to Kougane...


Fighting a demon and a vampire Rider is one thing, but how do you think you'll deal with two riders?!

>Arich runs forward and attempts slashing at Kougane's chest....

Roll 1d1000 = 415

!FlamehpHHA 888358

File: 1424492713131.png (1.17 MB, 774x1032, ironscaleshyvana.png)


>She'd guessed that Jo had a soft heart, but...

>Wordlessly allowing her to go, the woman steels her own heart. Apparently Yang wasn't the most sensitive of souls.

>Sitting politely on the couch, the woman finally takes a good look at the Riftguard, scrutinizing every detail of her appearance.

...We are bondsisters. I am a Mo'Gallilian dragon, and she is my life's companion. A bond of friendship between two companions that ties our fates together, whatever they may be, has been made between us.

>Wrinkling her nose up at the thought of bacon, she adds,

...And is that not the cut from the back of a pig? A lower-class meal, meant for those unable to afford better meats? I was lead to believe you were rather wealthy.
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Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888359

File: 1424493854198.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)

>it would take a second after Alton started speaking, but Crona would allow himself to spare a look at the manor owner, still wearing the more ashamed look on his face as he did
>it wasn't a new concern that Alton voiced, that being that no one seemed to care about his own issues and were only using him as a means for a safe home and all the benefits that came therein
>but even as he spoke of someone else helping him through this on Christmas Eve, where he reached the absolute nadir of his emotional state, he carried this concerning emptiness to him as he spoke
>and his talk of acceptance of this state only worried him further, overall giving Crona the impression that Alton had finally given up


>Crona wondered if perhaps this was why he had started the therapy sessions, or at least a part of the reason

>with that question in mind, and still clearly appearing worried about Alton, he would finally speak up

I...I still want to help, Alton...

Even if you think that this is something you should just accept, I still want to try and help you in any way I possibly can.

So...if there's anything I can do, anything at all...

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888360

File: 1424494496946.png (31.25 KB, 177x259, Grell_Butler_About That....PNG)


>To Crona's earnest offer, Alton sighs in response.

...Well...I'm not certain you can really help anything right now. Damages have been done, time certainly has passed. Even my more immediate concerns have seemingly resolved themselves. Nobody has attacked the mansion, the last group meeting went...well, well enough I suppose. I'll be hosting another soon, so I am not terribly discouraged about it as I was.

>Miss Vi and Miss Muerte did give him more hope towards its success than when he first began, after all.

Grell certainly hasn't been a bother, though I've had the good graces to see not one sign of her nor her family. I'm rather thankful for that opportunity as well. I've even stopped drinking on a daily basis; little improvements here or there make for a steady upwards climb...even if it is rather difficult some days.

>The music certainly helped too; playing the piano soothed him more than he expected it to. He hadn't played the instrument in ages, but to hear that music again gave some life to his soul after ages of crushing self-loathing, disappointment, or despair.

With that in mind...as I said, I am unsure how you can 'help' or what you could even help with for that matter. Perhaps if Grell crosses the line again I'll call for your assistance in removing her from the grounds should she become violent; lord knows it won't take much for her to try stabbing me in the throat with a nail file or something equally terrible.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888361

File: 1424495534026.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>Crona would give a brief wince at Alton's final remark, picturing that scenario rather clearly in his mind after his description
>he could definitely see Grell losing her mind like that, but pulling her out of the manor forcefully would not go well by any means, for anyone involved, including him
>hopefully it would never come to that


>Alton's apparent lack of problems at the moment made the offer a bit awkward

>sure he didn't need to help him now, but it felt almost like Alton was instinctively putting up a wall between them, and that only made Crona feel worse
>so, for lack of anything else to suggest...

...when were you planning on having the next meeting...?

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888368

File: 1424505483475.png (118.27 KB, 230x283, Grell_Butler_Surprisingly That…)



>Crona was asking about the group meetings? After that reaction he gave when mentioned it to him before?


>Alton stares at Crona with yet again a bewildered expression, and slowly lifts a hand to fix his glasses.

...Er...Perhaps next weekend? I haven't quite tied it all down yet.

>Alton blinks again, wondering if he should perhaps ask why Crona would inquire about it after his previous reaction to even the brief mention of it.

>But, feeling it would be rather intrusive, he holds his tongue about it and instead asks a more straightforward one.

Are you interested in attending, Crona?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888373

File: 1424506185147.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)


Well...I have been thinking about it a bit...

>mostly because he still felt a bit guilty over turning Alton down the first time

>and considering how the first meeting actually went, that only compounded the problem
>of course, the second time seemed to go better, but even so, he felt he should at least keep an eye on things in case someone else decided to pick a fight

...it'd be fine if I just...sat in on a session, right?

>he'd look to Alton with a nervous expression again, not sure how the meetings actually went in terms of structure

Just to see how I'd feel about it...?

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888375

File: 1424506736654.png (116.76 KB, 314x286, Grell_Butler_AlwaysPerpetually…)


...The meetings are open to anyone who arrives Crona, you're certainly welcome to come to the next one if you want to try it for yourself. You aren't entitled to speak if you do not want to either.

>Alton pauses, then continues in a similarly hesitant manner.

Last session were mostly new individuals compared to the first, and I believe the next might have a mix of people who had already visited with new, if the trend continues that is...

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888388

File: 1424544510364.png (134.28 KB, 204x641, Wha.PNG)

>With a good amount of her blood drained, the demon is most certainly left out of the fight. Hopefully she'll have done something of use all the same...

>Now she had just enough energy to crawl over to Duo and take her turn in trying to keep her safe from the fray close by.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888390

File: 1424545801256.png (181.58 KB, 338x600, tumblr_n2jh2mytNL1qit7e7o1_400…)

>Ah so that's what it meant. Well Yang thought it a good thing, that'd be another close friend for them both. And another Mo'Gal no less, she always did find all the different cultures and people all in one place very interesting.

I see, sounds....

>She decides to tease Ember a bit.

A bit like a marriage doesn't it?

>another chuckle as Ember comments on the topic of bacon.

And yeah, I do like make a good amount of money at my job, but I also love the taste of bacon. Plenty of people do, it's not really a poor man's meal over here as oppose to a very common breakfast staple.

>Turning on the stove and setting the pan upon it, she gets the bacon and pancake batter ready to go.

Besides, once you have one of my bacon pancakes, you'll want em all the time~

>She was pretty confident in her ability to cook strange meals

!FlamehpHHA 888391

File: 1424550660742.jpg (545.49 KB, 1000x1842, Shyvana.full.1330631.jpg)

>Rolling her eyes at the obvious link, the woman leans back, relaxing a bit. Being guarded didn't mean she had to be obnoxiously "proper", after all.

It is only of our fates. To take a mate amongst dragons is to bind your very soul to that of another. To make them one, bound by love and a desire for intimacy no other race experiences.

>Pulling a thin silver chain around her neck to reveal a small, sheathed dagger, the woman smiles.

It, and the process by which we give life, are the ultimate proofs of love in this world. Those who have mated may quarrel, bicker and shout, but none will ever doubt the love for each other they hold, for they are bound in ways that no force in existence may break.

>Her face turning sad as she thinks back, the woman purses her lips as she continues.

...When one partner dies, it is more traumatic than losing a limb, you are losing a part of yourself. It is not uncommon for those whose mates have passed to never recover, or to even die from a broken heart.

>Pausing for a few moments, the dragoness chuckles sadly, turning to face the woman with an expression just a little more familiar and friendly than before.

Is it not strange to hear dragons speak of love as if it were the most important thing in the world?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888392

File: 1424556871799.jpg (230.36 KB, 521x521, 0e5212c6c199b681cb12f8befb2268…)

>As Yang starts to could the bacon and pancakes, she hums in thought as that the woman tells her and her question about it being odd for a dragon to find love to be so important.

No I don't think it's strange at all. Every sentient being needs love in some capacity.

It's how we all survive after all.

>She flips a pancake into the air and catches it with a plate.

Family love, love between friends, romantic love, love of one's work or hobby. Everyone has something they love, for me it's Jo, my sister Ruby, and the team me and her are on together.

>with a sigh though as she remembers that one of them is still missing somewhere in the world.... Well, she'll show up one day, she sure of it.

!FlamehpHHA 888393

File: 1424561576983.png (827.75 KB, 781x1022, league_of_legends__shyvana_by_…)

>Gently musing over the woman's words, interpreting each carefully, studiously, the dragons spends several moments in silence before replying.

...Our culture is very focused on words and the bonds between us.


Whether by blood, love or created, the bonds we share with the world and those around us define us...

>Unsheathing the tiny iron dagger, the woman gently pricks her finger on the tip, the dull metal slicing through her flesh as if it were air.

...Who we are, and who we might become.

>Sticking the now bleeding tip into her mouth, the iron taste of her own blood setting her body awash with heat, the woman sighs, the wound slowly closing as she removes her finger.

...So I ask, Yang Xiao Long, lover of Jo, Daughter of Inari, who is my bonded sister,

Who are you?

>Sheathing the dagger loudly, the woman leans forward, utterly transfixed by the blonde's face, watching, judging.

Do you truly love Jo, or are you only fond of her? Do you know her as well as you believe yourself to? How can you love someone you do not truly know, after all?

>Placing the safetied dagger in her lap as a calculated sign of solidarity and forcefulness, the woman nevertheless makes no motion to threaten, only warn off any aggression directed at her for her quite obviously abrasive comments.

What is it you believe in? What do you want in life? What makes you happy? Sad? Where do you draw lines? What is "impossible" to you? What is it you are willing to live, and die, for?

>Obviously unhappy, the woman's unforgiving eyes sharpen, boring into the depth's of Yang's very being, as if trying to read her every moment of life.

...Until you know the answers to such questions, you have no business claiming to "love" the one to whom my fate is bound.

If you cannot know yourself, you cannot know her. And if you cannot know her, you do not love her. Making such a trespass is an affront to everything my people stand for.

>Eyes boring into Yang a moment longer, she huffs, and lying back, folds her arms dismissively.

I wish her happiness, but you do not strike me as someone who truly knows their self, let alone her, and I will not suffer her pain years from now when she realizes she made a mistake because you two were not meant for each other.


File: 1424563270559.png (850.75 KB, 850x1202, pffft what.png)


>Jo steps into the room and stretches, her tails swaying back and fourth with a grin on her face

>Entirely oblivious to the neat interrogation that started before she walked back in

Good news, Mom's got the evidence... and some rather interesting news

>she looks at Ember

It's your father's personal copy of History of Mo'galian Dragons

>Jo could only imagine what sort of notes Rex took in the book, let alone what it would've meant to Ember


File: 1424564084098.jpg (65.55 KB, 441x600, tumblr_mlu7ruyav71sp9i15o2_500…)

>Cracking her knuckles, Kiva started heading towards Kougane.
You have no chance with the both of us, so I suggest giving up.
>Sliding her foot behind her, she looked her in the eyes before suddenly dashing forward reaching for the lock seed on her belt.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 335

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888397

File: 1424564260241.png (147.65 KB, 268x295, Don't Mind Me, Just Waiting Fo…)

>Crona gives a short nod after Alton answers, clearly giving this some more thought


>he would have to actually see who was present before he started talking about himself

>and he'd probably wait it out and see who stuck around and who didn't, just to get an idea of who he could talk to and who really wasn't right

>after mulling this over for a bit longer, Crona would look back to Alton with the same uneasy expression, albeit with just the trace amounts of optimism to it

OK, I'll be sure to be there...

...is there anything I should know ahead of time?

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888400

File: 1424565260883.png (30.19 KB, 205x382, Grell_Butler_Chibi.PNG)


Well...I always supply food for these events, so if you fancy a catered sort of meal it's a nice incentive?

>He often wondered if Kreig went to the meetings because of the food. He didn't seem as ravenous the second time, which Alton took as an improvement towards the man's demeanor.

>He was a rather curious one, for being absolutely barmy. Some kind of medical experiment must have made him in such a way, though he didn't seem to indulge much every meeting.
>He did seem to drop one more crumb of information every week however; maybe the third session would reveal a new facet to him?

>Nearby Tessa stands and waddles aside Alton's seat, her tin empty of the poffins she had been eating since Crona's intrusion. She frowns petulantly at Crona for a moment, then gently taps Alton's side with a bleat.

>Alton blinks and glances aside, quickly spotting the empty tin clasped in the Pokemon's flippers.

All done, eh Tessa? I imagine you want a drink to wash all that down with, hmn?

>The Pokemon nods and steps aside, allowing Alton to stand from the piano. He does so and smooths out his coat with a sigh, then turns to look at Crona once more.

I cannot promise you what sort of people arrive to the meetings, Crona, but you should keep an open mind if you do indeed want to attend a session. Some people truly are disturbed, some people come to find me specifically, and some have no idea what it's all about. Not everyone is expected to drop their issues all on the table to bear, but then again there is no discouragement to do so if you desire.

These sessions can be as pleasant as a group of people simply chatting together, or sometimes someone bears their soul. It really depends on the people that attend.


File: 1424565747712.jpg (318.02 KB, 473x600, tumblr_nao98a3uAe1sp9i15o1_500…)


>Kougane blocks the two hits rather effortlessly

Getting cocky isn't going to get you two anywhere...

>Kougane mutters before slashing an energy blast towards the pair

Roll 1d1000 = 120

>if miss, she looks to Arich

You have that portal thing your lockseed does, I suggest running with it if you value your life.


File: 1424566303869.png (855.26 KB, 1196x672, hold a sword.png)


>Arich rolls out of the way of the blast

Oi oi, try harder than that why don't you? If you're going to be putting up such a poor performance I don't think I'd have to run even if I was that kind of person.

>Arich taunts Kougane before running up and trying to uppercut the apple

Roll 1d1000 = 169

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888404

File: 1424566661326.png (170.76 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_mqcky2MYAH1qz4rg…)

>The barrage of stabbing questions and the dragons clearly hostile view of the Huntress bring the sounds of happily cooking dinner to a halt. Yang's face goes from shock, to indignation, to outright anger as her eyes go from cool lilac to a fiery red and her hair seems to become a blaze all it's own.

>Ember was going to get her answer soon, and not in words either. But a nice good blow to the teeth and being launched outside of the building--

>Only for all that climatic fury to vanish in an instant the moment Jo walks back into the room as it it were never there. Getting right back to the bacon pancakes that she'd left alone a moment ago, she hums as Jo talks to Ember.

Ah, so you two are gonna go off on an adventure huh? Sounds like it'll be fun! And and dinner's ready!

>wrapping the bacon within the pancakes, She has plates ready for the three of them... though she made extra care now to have all the slightly burnt pieces in Ember's.

As for your question's Ember, I'll have to answer them at another time... Say, at the town's Colosseum tomorrow?

>effective use of brake time and she'll have knocked the dragon down a few pegs. Still she'll have to talk to Jo about this later...

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888406

File: 1424566695075.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)

>Crona would nod slowly after Alton finished, taking his latter statement to heart and thinking it over
>obviously he couldn't expect everyone to be mentally sound or well-adjusted, otherwise there wouldn't be a point to this at all
>hell, -he- clearly didn't fill that category, which only made it clearer that he should go
>and he needed to be prepared in case someone he bared his soul to wasn't the right one

...yeah...I understand.

>Crona would give another nod to Alton, before speaking again in a still-regretful tone

...I will keep my promise this time, Alton...

I'm not going to just disappear on you like I have been...if you ever do need help, I will be here.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888407

File: 1424567876832.jpg (114.73 KB, 357x484, Grell_Butler_Being Cute.jpg)



>Alton manages a faint smile, though endeavors to say nothing more.

>He isn't terribly optimistic of Crona's promise, to be quite honest, but he supposed the sentiment was nice given there was some recognition versus nothing at all.

>At worst it'd stay the same; at best he'd be impressed by the swordsman and his new-found resolution to as a true friend once more.
>He supposes he can wait to see such results.

>Instead, he offers Crona a nod, then turns to look once more at his likely only faithful friend in the mansion proper.

Alright Tessa, come along...

>He walks towards the kitchen and makes a motion for the Pokemon to follow him. She begins to, but pauses and looks back at Crona with a hard judging stare, her ears pinned flat behind her head and her disapproval all the more apparent.

>She doesn't linger for very long, however. Her tail swishes as she turns back around and follows her trainer into the kitchen, leaving Crona alone with the piano inside the foyer.

!FlamehpHHA 888410

File: 1424568143963.jpg (113.45 KB, 862x927, shyvana_by_astrinth-d4f1x75.jp…)

>Stuck, leaning halfway out of her chair, the heir lies back, musing over the news.

>Father's copy? That was... It?

>It was a first edition, so unless he stupidly wrote the location of their hoard into the first edition and had it edited out later, what could possibly be found in such a thing...?

>Obviously quite upset, the woman slumps back in her chair, staring forlornly at the ceiling. Their only starting point. A complete dead end.


>At least she'd have something to remember him by...

>Quite aware of the woman's anger, the dragon huffs, her suspicions validated.

>This woman was not the kind of person Jo deserved.

>Uncaring of her "love"'s sensitivities, quick to anger, overly proud and yet not even proud enough to acknowledge her faults and bare them, instead resorting to underhanded, subversive tricks to hide her true nature from the one she apparently wanted to spend her life with, because she knew she would find it appalling.

>She was not going to let that by.


>Standing, dagger in hand, the armored woman doesn't even so much as flinch, burning eyes boring a hole in Yang's skull.

You are not going to turn legitimate questions I have asked you into a private matter, settled with violence. If you are so angered by the harsh truths from the mouth of a creature far wiser than you shall ever be, and yet still think yourself worthy of her, then at least have the decency to show her how you truly are.

>Arms folded, the towering dragoness takes a few steps towards the blonde, never once breaking eye contact.

Jo is a kind, softhearted soul who has suffered much and yet has the ability to carry on, treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of who or what they are.

>Eyes ablaze, the looming woman's face twists into a visage of barely controlled anger, twin trails of smoke pouring out of the corners of her mouth as she speaks.

What does she want from life? What does she fear? What makes her feel at home? What makes her feel alive? Who are the demons who haunt her dreams? Why did her last love fail?

Why is it that, because you cannot answer such questions, and know I am correct in the assumption that it would be wrong for you to bond to her when you lack such fundamental knowledge of your own self, you take your anger out on me? And attempt to hide it from Jo, at that?

>Choking back a torrent of flame, the glaring dragon towers over the Riftguard, eyes full, not of blind hatred, but of vindictiveness. Of outrage. Of a demand for wrongs to be righted. Her words were not an attempt to crush, but a passionate demand to be proved wrong. Not an attempt to instill fear, but a challenge she dearly hoped would be met.

Yang Xiao Long, until you prove you are more than what I have taken you to be, you shall receive no sympathy from me, and I will actively dissuade Jo from continuing her relationship with one so poorly-matched with her as you, as is my obligation as her bondsister. This, I give you a dragon's oath on.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888411

File: 1424568246290.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>Crona would watch Alton take his leave, not saying anything else, mostly due to him not offering a proper goodbye
>it seemed to be at least a marginal improvement on how things were left the last time around, which was a positive sign if nothing else
>though he'd flinch at the hard glare thrown his way from Tessa, a reminder that he definitely had a lot to prove at this meeting if he wanted things to go back to normal


>now realizing that he would actually have to go, a nervous shiver went up Crona's spine

>he tried his best not to think about it too much, and instead turned and headed for the basement staircase
>maybe he could catch Rip down there and see how things were with her...

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888418

File: 1424572568622.jpg (61.28 KB, 600x461, Skippy Rippy Rope!.jpg)


>True to his suspicions, Crona wouldn't have to travel hard or far to look for the woman, as simply opening the door to the basement stairwell would reveal the tall woman sneakily and quietly moving up the stairs themselves, her head turned to look down at the bottom of the stairs with an owlish expression. Each step she takes is slow and soft, her movements not unlike a deer or rabbit trying to stealthily sneak away from a predator of some sorts.

>Her musket is clenched tightly in both her hands, held before her like a club in case someone did happen to pop out.
>That someone being a man in red, or any of the three residents in the basement that had, on a few times beforehand, promised no means of safety in their presence.


>Roll 1d1000 = 941

>odds, the light filtering down from above gives her pause, and with a blink, Rip looks up the stairs to see Crona's wiry form standing in the doorway above her.

-! Crona?

>She's visibly surprised, but by every means not unhappy to see him, her face quickly switching to a happier smile.


>evens, so wrapped up in her attentiveness down the stairs, she doesn't notice Crona at all looming above her.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888421

File: 1424573377890.png (183.94 KB, 501x312, OK, OK, You I Can Tolerate.png)



>well, that was easier than he figured

>after Crona's initial shock faded away, he'd regard Rip with an awkward smile, lifting a hand to wave to her

Hi Rip...

>he'd stare at her for a second, then shift to the side slightly, as if trying to let her pass by him

...you're heading upstairs...?

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888422

File: 1424574033421.jpg (64.19 KB, 500x375, Now Vhat's Vrong vith shooting…)


I vos, ja...

>Rip glances behind her briefly, but with Crona around she already feels far safer. She had seen both Leo and Crona stand up for her before. One of the two in the near vicinity was enough to settle her nerves down from the razor's edge they'd been at since that night on the rooftop.

>She looks back to Crona and smiles again at him, stronger than the once she wore before.

I vos heading to ze lounge! I had in mind to play a new game zat came out on Vapour, zis board game type sing vhere you try und take ofer a kingdom. Vould you like to join me?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888427

File: 1424575498677.png (65.35 KB, 207x153, Just Focus On My Face And Not …)

>Crona would initially stare at Rip with a slightly surprised look, not really expecting her answer
>he figured she'd immediately ask where he'd been since they last spoke, especially given how long it'd been
>yet she just invited him to play a game like they'd only seen each other last week or something
>still, she seemed to be in good spirits, so that was a positive sign


>his own smile would widen a bit, glad that things seemed alright between them, even if he was still wondering how or why

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888428

File: 1424576188220.jpg (6.26 KB, 320x180, Even More Disarming Smiles_She…)



>Rip smiles even more widely, and with little ado, suddenly grabs Crona's wrist and dashes up the stairs, pulling him along behind her with a sharp tug.

>With Crona here she could travel freely and safely, knowing the meister would never ever let anything bad happen to her when he was around.

>Hell, he had led that campaign to save her, hadn't it? Him and Leo both were quite daring heroes, even if one did better than the other.

>Though, since Leo wasn't here, Crona made a fine replacement.

>Rip pulls Crona into the lounge and kicks the door shut behind them, content to claim the room alone for them both.

>Only then does she release Crona's wrist and head for the television, tossing her musket onto the couch nearby.

So! How are you, Crona? It has been a vhile! I did not see you around ze foyer during Christmas efen! Vere you avay vis your frauline for ze holidays?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888432

File: 1424577297632.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)



>Crona would stumble here and there as Rip yanked him towards the lounge, still unprepared for the vampire's energized excitement

>but he'd make it to the lounge with no real problems, stumbling once more as Rip closed the door behind them
>he'd take a second to regain his sense of balance, then look up as she rushed to the TV, still a bit surprised at how she was acting right now
>at her question, he'd give a slightly embarrassed laugh, reaching up and rubbing the back of his neck

Not...exactly that...we just got held up in something and couldn't come back.

We wanted to, but circumstances sort of got in the way...

>he still felt bad over having missed out on the holiday, almost two months later

>he'd lower his hand from his neck, starting to speak in a more apologetic tone shortly after

I am sorry that it's been so long, Rip...

I kept letting myself get swept up into stuff, and I didn't check in with you even though I should have...

I can't imagine how much has happened with you since we last talked...

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888436

File: 1424578852117.png (21.88 KB, 181x171, Very Down Today.PNG)


>Rip turns on the television and walks back with the Wiistation One controller, plopping onto the couch aside her long musket. She looks to Crona, her smile dissolving once he mentions the time that passed.


>The screen pops up for the login in Vapour, and with a wince she looks to it and quickly fills in the username and password boxes.

>She appears incredibly muted, almost afraid, and even eyes the door nearby with a hesitant stare.


>Roll 1d1000 = 921

>odds, she looks back to him and bites her lip.

...Zat red man came back. He trapped me on ze roof, und-...pointed a gun at mein head.

>She looks down and takes a shakier breath.

Herr Leo vos here for me, und he is helping me get ofer mein fear of ze voods, so I can get avay from him, und eferyone else zat could decide to kill me...


>evens, she looks back to the TV and stares intently at the screen, scrolling to the game she had spoke of earlier.

...It has been hard, but life here nefer is fery safe, is it...?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888438

File: 1424580244248.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)



>Crona would tense up after Rip explained what had happened to her, biting back a curse that was forming in his mouth

>Dead had actually gone after Rip again, after telling him that he was fine with her now
>and she was human on top of that, with nothing to protect herself if Dead did try to kill her
>he'd clench his hands at his sides for a moment, his expression darkening as he felt an incredible amount of anger and hatred towards Dead right then
>sure, he didn't exactly have room to talk when it came to attacking people without warning, but at least Grell was able to defend herself

>after a moment or two, Crona's hands would unclench, and he'd walk over to the couch where Rip was, sitting down beside her right after

>he'd reach over and place a hand on her shoulder, hoping it'd help her calm down at least a little bit

I'm sorry, Rip...you didn't deserve to go through that, that is completely unforgiveable...

It's not going to happen again, I'll make sure of it...

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888439

File: 1424581344310.png (149.9 KB, 324x253, Hard Decisions_I Vos Not Prepa…)


Zat is good of you to say zat, Crona...

>Rip doesn't lift her gaze, but does lift a hand and gently cup Crona's resting on her shoulder. She gently squeezes it once, then with a shaky breath looks up to him once more.

It vould not be so bad, I sink, if I had some vay to protect myself in case he comes back to kill me, but...mein bullets are not vot zhey used to be, und I am human.

>She drops her hand from his and looks moodily to the controller grasped in her other hand, her curl drooping.

I haf considered being a vampire again. It vould gof me back mein powers, make me semi-immortal again...but I am scared of doing zat too. If I do zat, zhen vot did I come back for? Vot am I here for, Crona?

Am I here to make up for vot I haf done in mein lifetime? Is being vot I vos, vot condemned me to Hell, somesing I should do? A part of me sinks...if I do zat, zhen I vill not be any closer to bettering myself, if I decide to be a soldier again, a perfect killing machine.

...Is zat ze right sing to do, Crona? Become a monster again, just to make sure it takes less time to return to Hell vhen I die, vhenefer zat could be...? How does someone efen repent for ze kinds of sings I haf done...?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888442

File: 1424585143922.png (132.4 KB, 370x349, Another Day, Another Bit Of My…)

>Crona would keep his hand where it was, still in the hopes that it'd soothe Rip at least a bit as she spoke, even if it seemed like she was just growing more upset
>he'd frown worriedly after she finished speaking, thinking over what she said and what the solution to her worries was

>after a few seconds of thinking, Crona would speak in a concerned, but hopeful tone

...well...you're considering this because you feel like you have to do it...not necessarily because you want to...

And you shouldn't feel like you have to do that, because there are other means to protect yourself. There are countless options if you really need them...

>he'd gently rub her shoulder a bit, then continue in a more conflicted, but still optimistic tone

And...I'm not going to tell you what you have to do, Rip...but I do think that you being here is a chance to make up for what you did...

It's just that repenting for that sort of thing is difficult, because there's no real easy answer...everyone does that sort of thing in different ways, and follow different paths to the end. But so long as you're doing good or helping someone, I think you are making up for past sins...

...the really difficult part is that you just won't know. So you just have to keep moving forward, focus more on the moment and not further ahead, and...well, hope for the best...

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888443

File: 1424586244474.png (Spoiler Image,94.61 KB, 400x225, BangBangBang Have a Nice-BANG.…)


>Rip manages a small sad laugh and shakes her head, a bit of her long hair sliding off her other shoulder and in front of her with a limp droop. It was nice of him to be this encouraging, though he was missing some point to one of her worries that the red man had brought up.

I...I don't sink I haf done anysing zat really helped anyone else since I vos squashed by zat rhino in ze basement back vhen I vos a vampire. I haf not gone to Town, I am too afraid to be around many people in zis mansion in case zhey somehow haf something like a grudge against me zat I do not know about or remember.

Und zhese 'past sins'...between Christmas und vot happened vis ze red man...

>Rip shivers and hugs her arms to her chest, suddenly appearing very worried and very upset at the same time.

I do not vont to be a vampire because of vot I haf been dreaming, Crona. Zhey are terrible dreams, memories mixed vis nightmare. I dream zat I am in Millennium, zat I am killing people vis mein bullets und enjoying mein time...only to svitch to mein victims perspectif right before zhey are shot.

>She dips her head and takes a shakier breath, her curl drooping even further.

Before Christmas, I had not sought about vot I haf done, or vesser I had any right to be proud of vot I did...but now, I sink of zat, und I sink...

>Roll 1d1000 = 775

>odds only, her face scrunches up into a painful one, her arms hugging closer to herself as she sniffs emotionally.

I do not desserf to not go to Hell, zat I vos a monster...zat, efen if I vent, zhey vould be so disappointed in me...

>Rip shuts her eyes, a dream far more poignant that her previous ones dredging to the surface.

>A dream where she stood in a place covered in mysterious fog and a warm gentle light that burned her skin.
>And her parents, staring at her in horror as they backed away.
>This dream she often couldn't control herself, but she found it played out the same.
>She would raise her gun, say that line...and then-


Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888444

File: 1424588254833.png (107.33 KB, 254x292, It's Gonna Be One Of Those Day…)

>Crona's eyes widened as Rip went on, watching her curl up on the couch as she recanted what was really going through her mind right then
>he'd shift closer to her and place both of his hands on her shoulders, hoping to calm her down a bit, but growing increasingly worried that he couldn't manage that
>he did certainly understand her having horrific dreams about her past actions, that wasn't a foreign concept to him
>and the notion that she deserved what had happened to her clicked all too well in Crona's head, a thought that had run through his mind many a time before

...Rip, whatever you did in the past...it doesn't define who you are now. That's something only you can decide...

You becoming a vampire again won't automatically make you like you were before...what you do when you're like that will.

I can't imagine what it's like to be a vampire...but I know that you still are able to choose how you act and what you do.

>Crona would pause at this, then shift around so that he was in front of Rip instead of beside her

>he'd then reach out and gently place a hand on her cheek, hoping that that was enough to bring her out of this at least a little bit

Rip...you are not a monster.

Vampire or human, that is not who you are.

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 888467

File: 1424638093507.jpg (7.39 KB, 480x360, I Can I Can I....Can't I Reall…)


>She doesn't fully expect Crona to understand what it meant to accept being a vampire again. In exchange for some relative durability and her ability to maintain her talent to curve her bullets and send them potentially in a neverending path as long as she kept focus she gave up humanity and the perks of it. She wasn't a sin against...well, whatever a sin against something a vampire was. She would lack the means to kill as effectively, and in that case really had no need to. A vampire was an ultimate predator, and to Rip, such an existence marked more than the sum total of her life as a ruthless and callous murderer.

>Even if she chose to be that again, her potential was always stained by what she had done as a vampire before, and her needs for survival (if they weren't met) meant starvation until she attained blood for consumption...
>Sentient creature blood, normally human blood. That came down to either stealing from blood banks, or worse, forcibly taking some from an unwilling victim if she had no one to offer any for her to drink.

>Immersed in this depressing train of thought, Crona's touch electrifies her senses, her watery eyes snapping open to look up at the swordsman, who had between their talk managed to scoot closer to her.


>Her face scrunches up even more, and with a louder sniffle she lunges and wraps Crona in a tight hug.

>Though she had a hard time believing it herself, it was nice to hear someone else say it when she really needed to hear it.


File: 1424641776813.png (14.14 KB, 500x500, and now I feel old jo.png)


>Jo blinks a bit, slightly confused at the tone of Yang's voice

>she seemed rushed, somewhat angry, and kind of rude

>...this wasn't how Yang usually acted, she did have a temper, but Jo wouldn't think something Ember would do would piss Yang off so much

>she sits up

Yang are you feel...

>but before she could finish her sentence...


>Ember interrupted and broke into that long speech...

>...the fact that the way Yang spoke and said "Maybe at the Colosseum later?" did make it pretty obvious that she was planning on going behind Jo's back about something. While Jo trusted and cared for Yang, she wasn't foolish either.

>Shrinking in a bit of confusion and somewhat terror, the kitsune sighed to herself

>She knew it only made sense for Ember to so fiercely defend her, her closest friend.

>her face having gone dark for a moment, she places her hands down onto the table before standing up and looking between the two of them.

>Looking between them one more time, her eyebrows furled and her face in a scow, she lets out a sigh before looking to the ground

>Her facial features relax and her hands slide to her sides before she looks to Yang

...Hun, I understand you're so upset about how confrontational Ember's being, and I understand but...

>she sighs for a moment

I can't exactly let you solve the problems you have with my friends using your fists.

>She then pauses to look to Ember

...and you, Ember, you're my friend, my companion, family now, really but...

>her eyes narrow a bit and she says in a bit of a sardonic tone

Juuust a bit of advice, Yang's a lot easier to get to know and talk to if you ask those questions in the form of a conversation, instead of an interrogation.

>she turns around and goes to grab a heavier pair of pants, her jacket, and her other "Out and about" clothes

>After getting that all on, she walks back and looks to the two of them

...now I'm going to go out now, find a way to vent my frustrations with both of you... I mean today's the 19th, and I don't want to be upset still tomorrow, being angry at your best friend and your girlfriend on your birthday's no way to celebrate a birthday.

>before she heads to the door to head out, she adds one more thing...

...and Ember, while I know you'll have to get back to that witch soon, could you two try to have a normal conversation while I'm out?

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888499

File: 1424650714674.jpg (396.21 KB, 787x868, tumblr_ncmp5lw2i31spd0keo1_128…)

>It was a rather bitter cold day outside, like usual. Luckily, in the mansion, it was rather cozily warm, as Henrietta was keen to enjoy. Throughout the mansion, a very strong, meaty smell wafted from the kitchen, the sound of a sizzling pan emanating into the foyer, along with a considerably higher heat coming from within, leaking out through the doorway.

>Inside the kitchen, Henrietta was standing over the stove, moving a pair of large lamb-chops around on the sizzling pan with a spatula. Due to the heat in the kitchen, she was wearing her usual tanktop, her hoodie draped over a chair at the table, and a pair of camouflaged cargo pants.

>As she cooked the strong-smelling meat, she quietly mumbled a song to herself, the smell of lamb reminding her of home when her mother used to cook.

Знов на полонину,
Знов отару я жену,
Щоб зустріти в горах знов~

>Continuing to cook, Henrietta grabbed the bottle of vodka she had left next to the stove, she poured a little into the pan, increasing the sizzling sound and allowing the batter around the lamb chops to soak it up.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888500

File: 1424650865767.png (23.53 KB, 315x257, tumblr_inline_nehnf8llKH1qf2bb…)

>uuuuuugh this woman! Where the hell did Jo find such a hostile and, dare she say it, bitchy woman? Though before she can respond with her own barrage of questions, Jo interjects and promptly leaves while mentioning her birthday was tomorrow.

. . .

>Yang was tempted to scream in frustration and throw the dragon out the door... But! That'd only validate what she was saying... she supposed. So instead of just getting totally mad at Ember, she just wheels around and dispenses her answers upon her.

You wanna grill me fine! I'll give you your damn answers!

I'm Yang Xiao Long of the world of Vytal where I trained to be a Huntress, protector of the people, until I was sent here where I joined the Riftgaurd!

Yes I truly love Jo, I want to spend rest of my life with her! If I don't know her as well as I should then I'll take the time to learn more about her!

I believe in myself and my friends. I want to help keep people safe that can't themselves safe and to find my mother and find out why the hell she abandoned me and Dad. Fighting, puns, fluffy cuddly things, and burning down clubs make my happy, and being alone makes me sad!

I draw the line at killing people I don't have too... unless they mess with my hair and nothing is impossible for me as long as I strive for it! I'm willing to live and die for my sister, my team-mates, and Jo and her sisters!

>The next string of questions where going to be more of a challenge to answer, but she is not going to back down from this woman one inch.

Jo wants to live a life without worrying about one half of her heritage coming back to haunt her!

She's afraid of seeing her loved ones hurt or here sisters disappearing, the latter of which I fought seven illusions of to her exes to prevent for ever happening!

Adventures, treasure hunting in ruins and exploring places long since forgotten makes her feel alive and I'm more then happy to go with her regardless of where it be!

Her own mother haunted her dreams but, once again, I helped free her from her mothers terror!

And she her last love failed by cause she died on there wedding day!!

>It took a lot out of her, almost too much cause she was huffing in her breaths as she glared right back at the dragon before her.

...There I answered all of them... Is that all you wanted or are you gonna continue trying to brake Weiss' record of being absurdly abrasive?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888502

>the smell filling the foyer, to the average nose, it was already overpowering.
>For Shen-Mu however, if it wasn't for her mask, she'd find it almost suffocating; all her other senses were above average, to compensate for her lack of sight.

>Shen-Mu stepped around the foyer, tapping her staff on the ground in front of her to get to where she was going. The kitchen was... To her left, no, it was her right. She had come from the lounge...

>taking her time, she made her way to the kitchen. Wearing her usual outfit; a light cloth cloak, over a tank top and shorts. Plus a marble mask resembling the bottom half of skull, covering the lower half of her face.

>She wondered just why someone would be cooking such strong meat in a public area...

!oHammer6Ps 888503

File: 1424652052037.jpg (125.35 KB, 690x1158, iron_scale_shyvana_by_massi74-…)


>Huffing and taking a step back, the woman folds her arms, trying her best not to seem ashamed while maintaining a righteous appearance. It wasn't quite effective.

...I am sorry, Jo. I wish only the best for you, and so far she has been the kind of person my father warned me of.

>Eyes darkening with guilt, the dragon nevertheless continues trying to maintain some ounce of pride.

>And at the mention of Truci, the woman's mood darkens even further, the thought of being faced with one so demanding and hard to stand after this turning her heart into a dead weight.


>No, she was not yet convinced she truly loved Jo, but that she believed she did. Not that she lived up to the lofty standards set for her own people, but that, at the least, she had only Jo's best interests at heart, and did indeed wish to be with her. That, at the least, was enough to give her pause.

...While I am not yet convinced that you are the one to which Jo may be bound to eternally, I am convinced that you wish to be, and that you would do whatever it takes to become that person.

>Her mood soured by the events prior, the woman collapses back onto the couch, slumped tired back, as if suddenly her armor had gained five times its own weight.

I retract my condemnation of you, Yang Xiao Long, and apologize for my wayward tongue. My father's calm heart was not an inheritance I received.

>Tired and sad, the dragon shrinks back into the couch, lowering her eyes and waiting to be dismissed, utterly cowed after her pride took such a thorough beating.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888504

File: 1424652206213.jpg (48.51 KB, 322x401, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.13.53).jp…)

>Luckily for Shen-Mu, she had entered the kitchen as soon as the meat had finished frying. With a click of the knob, Henrietta turned off the flame before taking the pan and scooping the lamb chops onto a plate. The woman's mouth was already watering at the smell, having been looking forward to eating it as soon as she began to cook it.

>As she took the plate, along with the bottle of vodka, she turned towards the door as she saw something in the corner of her eye. At the sight of who was standing in the doorway, however, she let out a small gasp, the mask definitely catching her off-guard. Eyes wide, Henrietta just stared in confusion at the creepy girl, her food and drink still in her hands.

... Uh... Hey.

>Setting her plate on the table in front of the chair that held her hoodie, she glanced over at the masked girl again.

Uh... Nice mask. Where'd you get it?

>The intricate detail on the mask was quite impressive, even to one as artistically inept as Henrietta. She couldn't help but stare at it in interest.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888507

>in reply, the foggy-eyed girl didn't answer her question initially, instead replying with a single word.


>she pointed a willowy finger over to the location of the smell, the source of the meaty smell as well as the sizzling sound. She pinpointed the smell as lamb. It was a common meat in Barbarossa along with Chicken; they didn't have many cows though, so lamb took the place of beef there. Regardless, fish was the staple of the country's diet.

THe smell is bothersome.

>with that out of the way, she adjusted her mask. It looked carved from marble or something similar. The details were very fine. All 32 teeth of the skull delicately carved. It was as if she was wearing a actual person's skull.

>not only that, but it appeared to have a gap between the upper and lower teeth, and a hinge on the side; it possibly closed and opened like a actual jaw

...I made it. Made it from scratch.

>for someone without sight, she was incredibly talented.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888509

File: 1424653701630.jpg (289.45 KB, 820x836, f15bc2c272c616b6f2e789ef86dab8…)

>Henrietta's eye twitched slightly at Shen-Mu's comment about the smell, glaring a bit at the girl. Sitting down, she crosses her arms.

Then leave, if you don't like it.

>Taking her fork and knife, Henrietta cut into her meat, trying to ignore the girl for now. However, at the information that she made the mask from scratch, she turned and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. It was also at this time that she noticed the girl's foggy, greyish eyes. She was blind, wasn't she?

How'd you make it if you can't see? You're blind, right?

>She clearly didn't think about how insensitive that could have sounded, simply speaking her thoughts like usual.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888511

>her mask did filter most of the scent, so it would be fine.. Still bothered her, especially the woman's abrasive response.
>regardless, Shen-Mu fiddled with the hinge of the mask

Other senses other than sight.

>she slowly ran a finger along the upper teeth of the mask

Touch specifially. Feeling. Spacial awareness. KNowing shape without sight...

>it was hard to describe.. It wasn't too out of the ordinary. After all, there are deaf music artists out there. Was a blind mask maker that out of the blue?

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888513

File: 1424654774991.jpg (51.68 KB, 339x434, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.14.22).jp…)


>Taking a bit of her food, she loudly chewed it with her mouth open, disregarding manners like she usually did. After all, the last time someone said anything about her poor table manners was nearly ten years ago.

You just feel it then, huh?

>Once more, she takes a bite of the lamb chop, this time washing it down with a small swig of vodka straight from the bottle. Feeling the burn travel down her throat, she feels a bit rejuvenated, quickly pulling the bottle away from her mouth and slamming it down on the table.

Pwah! Damn, the vodka here is awesome! Expensive stuff!

>Smiling, she wiped her mouth, clearly cheered up by the drink.

So, you make masks for a hobby? You sell 'em, or what?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888514

Feel it and understand it. Where it is in space... It's easy...

>for her at least.

>she ignored the smell for now, it'll fade away soon.
>the slamming of the bottle, the explanation of the drink... Shen-Mu could already tell she didn't have the best table manners in the world

I keep them. THey are for me... I do it in "free time" as people call it.


>she fully opened the jaw of the mask, revealing her own mouth behind it.

I make them for those who won't them. One per person.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888515

File: 1424656351990.jpg (396.21 KB, 787x868, tumblr_ncmp5lw2i31spd0keo1_128…)


>To her, this chick just sounded like a typical artist. "Feeling and understanding it"... It all sounded kind of pretentious to her. Regardless, she nodded.

Right... But if they're as good as the one you're wearing, you should totally sell them. Some weirdos in Town would probably pay good money for those.

>Taking another bite, she talked with her mouth full in response to Shen-Mu mentioning that she also made them for those who wanted them.

... Sho, how musch woul' i' cosht to make one fo' me?

>Swallowing her food, she took another swig of vodka before loudly slamming the bottle on the table once more, vigorously shaking her head at the burning sensation derived from the strong drink.


Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888520


>what did that word mean? What was weird to her meant something entirely different to Shen-Mu. The shaman was well aware that she was considered a weirdo by onlookers. But she didn't find it weird...

>this lady was interesting.. She didn't get her.

...What are you willing to give?

>The shaman stared in her direction, holding her staff close to her body

No money. Only material. I have little use for currency.

>she hummed, tapping her fingers along her staff

But I take items as a trade.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 888521

File: 1424657359129.png (51.35 KB, 137x208, You're MY Huggy-Boo-Boo-Bear.p…)

>this time, Crona was a bit more prepared for Rip's reaction, quickly returning the hug with a tight one of his own
>he really regretted having been away for so long, with all of this happening to Rip, and now having all of this weighing down on her mind
>he wished that he had some easier answer for her, some tried-and-true method that would put her at ease and give her the redemption she sought, but he just didn't know what it was
>and regardless of whether she had done anything to make amends for her misdeeds or not, how Dead went about this was completely wrong
>it wasn't right when he did it, so it certainly wasn't right in this case
>he only hoped that Dead wouldn't come back to do this again, he had no idea what he'd do then...
>right now, though, he just focused on helping Rip as much as he could, hugging her close and gently rubbing her back, trying to calm her down again

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888530

File: 1424658055505.jpg (44.69 KB, 324x416, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.13.26).jp…)

>Henrietta's eyes widened in surprise at the girl's denial of being payed for her services, instead wanting to trade. Henrietta hadn't experienced bartering since, well, since her time in the Zone. It almost gave her a nostalgic feeling, hearing someone who wanted to trade for something.

Trading, huh? Well, luckily for you, I've got plenty experience with that.

>Taking one last bite of her lamb chops, finishing her meal, she gets up from her seat and brings her dish to the sink.

So, what kind of things do you want? I don't got much... Unless you want my porn mag collection. Ain't got any use for that since I got a smartphone.

>Letting out a joking chuckle, she grabs her hoodie off the chair, slipping it over herself once more.

What about a few packs of cigarettes? You smoke? What about drink?


File: 1424658211221.png (113.78 KB, 600x660, hug you from behind.png)


>The kitsune had since left the apartment, sighing to herself

>Here she thought the two would get along so quickly and easily, they were a lot a like after all...

>Maybe they'd get along better in the future, after all, Jo had no intent on abandoning either of them

>Walking through a bit of the plowed snow, Jo kicks at it and shakes her head

>"What to do while I'm out here...what to do....: she pondered to herself out loud. She could head over to the Colosseum, vent out her anger and frustrations on some poor soul who happens to be walking in...

>...or she could try to relax a different way, a more peaceful and calm way...

>Deciding on what she was going to do, Jo turned around, walking towards the west most exit out of town, and to large house in the woods

>Shuffling into the house, Jo let out a sigh as she looked around the room entrance, before taking off her shoes...

>Ahh...the small things that her Mom kept up and insisted on that she didn't usually enforce under her own roof...

>Walking into the living room, she's immediately greeted by the elder fox...

Hey Ma...

>"Mary" tilted her head as she saw the way Jo was walking, the stress in her voice and the slouchyness in her movements...

Hey Jo...what's wrong?

it's nothing just...

>she scratches the back of her head

my most recent friend and my girlfriend got in a fight, the stress of that and all of the emotions that got kicked up got to me and I thought I'd chill out here for now...maybe spend the first moments of my 458th with you

Of course...

>As they sat there relaxing in the house alone that night, occasionally watching some movies and munching on fried tofu, Mary eventually brought up the fact that even though she'd met Yang, she didn't know much about her, and that despite having to fetch that evidence, which now lay on the counter in the living room, she didn't really know Ember at all.

>At first Jo was nervous and all huffy about saying anything about the two, still upset with how confrontational Ember was, and the fact that Yang had clearly been intending to hurt her friend....

>But eventually with enough nudging, Jo eventually spilled

>going on and on about what she and Yang usually did, about the talks and lore Ember had been teaching her, and just everything she knew about both of them...of course barring anything she'd sworn to keep secret.

>Mary listened very interested about everything and smiling the whole time, despite the fact the stories Ember told Jo were all things she herself was already aware of, she still maintained interest, simply happy to see her "little kit" learning more everyday....

>All the talking about them eventually calmed Jo's nerves, freed her from any of the stress

>She wrapped her arms around Mary and hugged tight

Thanks Mom...

>Mary smiled and patted Jo's back

anytime Jo, anytime...and...

>the hours had gone by quickly, it was 12:01 the next day by this point

Happy Birthday

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888538

>POrn mags...

>Shen-Mu shook her head at that. What would a blind girl have use for a book full of /images/. Especially risque images like that, things that Shen-Mu would never dream of looking at even if she had sight.

>as for cigarettes and alcohol, she only smoked a special kind of tobacco that was used solely for traditional and cultural purposes. She wasn't a legal age, so drinking was out of the question.

No cigarettes. No alcohol. My services are cheap... But it has to be something I desire... It can be more than mere objects. Services can be provided.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888543

File: 1424659380356.jpg (140.79 KB, 756x730, ss+(2014-09-14+at+08.25.34).jp…)


>Henrietta leans against the counter, putting a hand up to her chin, thinking deeply.

Services, huh?

>Looking at the blind girl, she shrugs, sticking her other hand into her hoodie pocket.

I ain't really good at a lot of stuff... Unless you need someone to stop bothering you. I can throw a pretty mean punch.

>Let's see... She didn't really have much to offer, other than her martial skills. Although, she did have a lot of guns laying around. Old ones and uncomfortable ones to use...

Only other thing I got is guns. You want a Fort-12 or an MPT-9k? Unless you have something specific in mind that you'd like me to do, that's fine too, as long as it don't involve anything weird.

!LightlX0LI 888547

File: 1424659796127.jpg (113.85 KB, 1000x1000, 35137470.jpg)

>Two years.

>Almost two years, she'd been here. It was almost unreal, a dream, thought up in one's last moments before dying.

>The suffering this world had endured, the mysteries that had been uncovered...

>It was still so hard to believe that this was her reality now. That a world so far removed from her own was now all she had left. She wasn't going to return home. She'd never know the fate of her nation. This was her world now.


>It hurt. It hurt so, so much. To think that those she loved, those she cared for, were lost to her, thinking her dead or gone, across the space of another reality.

>She'd been in a dark place for such a long time. Such a long, long time. The only light she knew was the candle illuminating the texts she'd pored over, day after day, night after night, learning, storing, in the hopes that she could find some way to return home with the learnings of so many worlds. But now...?


>She had gotten lost in the darkness of despair. Felt and saw things no person should ever have to experience. Thought things that would appall those who'd known her before.

>But the light had never gone out, however dimmed. No matter how subdued, no matter how suffocated, how hidden, it lived on. The light of justice. Of honor and nobility. Of upholding everything Demacia stood for. Turning over the time-worn book in her hands, the familiar sight of the beginner mage's handbook from her childhood she'd found in a dusty bookstore in Town bringing a crashing wave of emotions down on her, the sorceress suppresses the few tears she had left to shed for the hope of ever seeing her home again. This was her home now.

>And the Light of Demacia would continue to shine.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888548

>guns? The girl was a 4'10'' pencil thin nature lover. Why on earth would she want a hunk of metal that spews hot lead for the purpose of hurting people.

>Shen-Mu pursed her lips, pondering...

>she didn't sound like someone who could provide her with services she wanted or material... This was a lost cause.
>but she did want to make a name for herself.

You will owe me...

>the blind shaman pointed her staff in Heinretta's direction, proding her ever so lightly.

I am skilled at magic. But physically weak. Not good at going around the city... If I to need help in the city. Whether it be to fight or otherwise... You shall provide your skillset.

>she closed the mouth of her mask up

Do we have a deal?

>she spoke quite seriously for such a petite, sickly looking girl.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888550

File: 1424660813765.jpg (206.78 KB, 579x819, 8a3833b0b77b0997400496ff02b7ed…)

>Henrietta leveled a somewhat confused, disappointed look at Shen-Mu, lightly pushing the staff away from her as it prodded her chest.

You want me to be your bodyguard? Wouldn't be the first time I did that... But just for a mask... ?

>Crossing her arms, Henrietta thinks, closing her eyes. The girl was rather small and weak-looking. She clearly wouldn't be able to hold her own if she was cornered by a group of creeps, or something...

>Letting out a sigh, Henrietta shrugs.

Fine. But I'm gonna do it out of the goodness of my heart. The mask'll be just a bonus to hanging out with you, alright?

>"I really do need to make some more friends, anyways... And I doubt there's any 'normal' people in these parts. Guess I should just take what I can get. Plus, free mask!"

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888553

One time...

>she held up 1 finger

A one time favor of yours. A one time favor of mine. Using our own abilties. I assure you, I don't stoop to slavery.

>Shen-Mu tapped her staff along the ground, looking for the exit to the kitchen

Come to my room. My tools are there.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888554

File: 1424662682519.jpg (520.44 KB, 990x744, tumblr_nbzn90UwDY1spd0keo1_128…)

Right now?

>Henrietta was caught off-guard by being told to come to her room, which was also likely her workshop. However, having nothing else to do, she shrugged.

Eh, whatever. Lead the way.

>Henrietta would follow Shen-Mu, hands in pockets as she walked behind her. As they walked, she thought of how this was going to work. Was she going to take complete liberty in creating the mask, or was she going to ask her what she wanted it to look like?

>Regardless, it got her curious enough to grow a bit excited, putting a little bounce to her step.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888556

>she was a bit slow, taking her time to her room, but kept a decent pace as she knew the general direction to it.
>having a bit of trouble going up the stairs, she would clinge to Heinretta if she were to let her. She could climb hills with ease, why were stairs always a hassle for her.

>once she got to the resident hall, she headed for her room, picking up the pace from there, keeping close to the doors, running her fingers along the front of them. All until she made it to a door with a small, ring shaped engraving on it.

Sorry for taking long... May I ask your name?

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888557

File: 1424664063715.jpg (396.21 KB, 787x868, tumblr_ncmp5lw2i31spd0keo1_128…)

>As they climbed the stairs and Shen-Mu clung to her, Henrietta would let out a small chuckle. However, instead of just laughing at the blind girl, she'd also reach under her arm to help her keep her balance.

Careful now...

>Henrietta knew she was the type of person to show disdain towards the weak and cowardly. Anyone who ran away from a fight, or couldn't stand up for themselves when confronted received no sympathy from her. However, during the rare times when she dealt with people with disabilities that made the victim weak or clumsy, she only felt compassion towards them. After all, it wasn't their fault they were like this. They can't change things like this, so she saw fit to share her strength with them to make up their lack of it.

>Once they got to the top, Henrietta would let go of Shen-Mu, releasing her support. Smiling at the blind shaman as they walked down the hall, she shook her head at her apology.

Oh, don't worry about it. I'm in no hurry.

>At her question for her name, however, Henrietta slaps herself on the forehead.

Oh, damn it! How could I forget? The name's Henrietta Sokolov.

>She didn't bother holding her hand out towards the girl, knowing she wouldn't be able to see it.

What about you?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888558

>sounding out each syllable, she ran the name over her mouth

Hen-ri-et-ta So-Ko-Lov...

>nodding, the shaman gave her own name

I am Shen-Mu.

>a small short name, both her surname and her last name combined as a matter of fact, spoken together

Glad to meet you.

>with that out of the way, she opened the door to her room and stepped in.

>it was a small dark room, Shen-Mu didn't bother with turning on the light, she had no use for it and wasn't use to flipping it on.
>but once Henrietta were to turn the light on, she would be treated by the most peculiar of rooms. A small hammock in the corner acted as her bed. A pile of braille books underneath it. In another corner was her workshop. Piles of fabric, leather, marble, wood, cloth, and all sorts of material for making masks.

>then, there was the wall of masks

>the left wall of the room was covered in them. Masks that resembled the skulls of animals, a bird skull, a deer skull, a tiger skull, a horse skull. Masks resembling people's faces, from a old man mask with a fabric beard to a female mask with rosey lips. Other masks were just plain designs. A sun mask, a moon mask, a blank mask, masks that covered the bottom half of the wearers face, ones that covered the top half, ones that covered the left and right halves or just portions of their face.
>this girl had way too much time on her hands... She had made all of them back home and only recently brought them all over.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888559

File: 1424665361968.jpg (51.68 KB, 339x434, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.14.22).jp…)

Shen-Mu... ? Cool name! Never heard one like that before.

>Henrietta said cheerfully as the girl entered the room... without turning the lights on. She thought it was weird at first, but soon found that it made sense. After all, why would a blind person need the lights on if they already can't see?

>Flipping the light on as she entered so she could see, however, Henrietta's eyes opened wide at the sudden sight of a wall covered in masks. She was surprised, to say the least.

Wow... You made all of those?

>The Stalker would approach the wall, taking a closer look at all of the masterfully-crafted masks with interest. Quietly, she'd whisper out a "Wow", as she reached out to touch one of them, feeling its texture and shape with her own hands.

>Turning back to Shen-Mu, Henrietta smiles and approaches her.

This is so cool! You're an artist! Like, do you know how much recognition you could get for this? Art nerds would pay hundreds to see this stuff!

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888560

I have... Please don't touch...

>she took one from its shelf. A mask that would cover the top half of the wearer's face; their eyes and forehead. White in color with a crown that wrapped around the wearer's head.

I am able to read people. Read their emotions. Their personality. Ever since I lost my sight. Through this I make masks. Personalized based on who they are. But...

>she ran her fingers along the side of her face, behind her mask she frowned.

I am unable to read myself. I come up blank. Which is why I make these. For myself to wear.

>she set the crowned mask down, picking up a new one; a rather creepy looking one, taking the appearance of a blank face other than a pair of black, painted on eyes on the front, as well as possessing long black hair on the back of it.

Each of these masks. Everyone f them. Has a personality of its own... I wear them. So that I feel like I have someone there. With me... I know they are masks. But they feel more than just that.

>she set the second mask down.

...I sound strange do I not?

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888562

File: 1424667132037.jpg (44.69 KB, 324x416, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.13.26).jp…)

>Thinking for a moment, she listens to Shen-Mu's explanation, before smiling. Reaching forward, she'd pat the small girl on the head, ruffling her hair a bit.

No magic is gonna let you figure out what makes you tick. You gotta find that out for yourself through experience. And don't worry about sounding strange. Everyone in this world is weird.

>Henrietta couldn't help but appreciate how much sentimentality the girl had for her masks. They must have meant a whole lot to her.

Uh, but... You said you can "read" people? How far does that go? 'Cause there's some stuff I'd prefer you not knowing floating around in my head.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888563

That is what I've been told. The personalities. I don't assign them myself. They are copies of a mask I already made...

>so she makes 2 masks when she designs one for someone.

>1 for the person
>1 for herself

...I read their basics. Who they are. What type of person they are. No further than that with a simple touch.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888564

File: 1424668025528.jpg (396.21 KB, 787x868, tumblr_ncmp5lw2i31spd0keo1_128…)

>Letting out a small sigh, she nods. She was worried she'd have to deny the reading. She'd rather die than let anyone know about the things that have happened in the past.

Whew... Alright, good. I like things in the past to stay there, you know?

>Scratching the back of her head, she looks at Shen-Mu curiously.

So... You just touch me? Like, my hand, or something? How's this work, exactly?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888565

>with a nod and no more words, Shen-Mu reached up and touched Henrietta's face. Her touch was incredibly delicate. It was like feathers running over the older woman's skin.
>there wasn't much point explaining it, doing it would be much easier and would get things done.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888566

File: 1424669668110.jpg (289.45 KB, 820x836, f15bc2c272c616b6f2e789ef86dab8…)

>Henrietta, somewhat embarrassed to be touched by another girl so gently, blushed slightly and looked away. These kind of feelings have intensified since that whole incident with Hitomi, and it bothered her quite a bit. Regardless, she lets out a small sigh and relaxes.

>The first thing Shen-Mu would feel is a nearly overwhelming feeling of raw, fiery anger. The kind of anger one would feel during a battle, or when facing a hated enemy. It was as if a storm was raging within her, ready to be released all at once at the drop of a hat. Additionally, the anger didn't seem to be aimed at any particular thing or person. It was all disjointed and confused, as if Henrietta didn't know what to be angry at. It was almost like the emotion was put there, rather than developed naturally. Regardless, once the most powerful feeling passed, it revealed only more underneath.

>The next feeling would be similarly overwhelming regret. Clearly, Henrietta was on the verge of self-loathing due to something she had done in the past. Feelings of sadness, want and grief all emanated around the regret, spawning many other emotions rapidly. However, the anger and regret seemed completely separate... Indicating that the anger was spawned by something completely unrelated to whatever caused her so much grief and regret.

>Further down, a small, pathetic inkling of emotions such as true happiness, fear and pride appeared to Shen-Mu. The other, stronger emotions seemed to be suppressing these ones, her mind taking anger and self-loathing at a much higher priority than positive emotions. Strangely enough, however, Henrietta still continued to look as happy as she did before. Was she genuinely happy or content at this moment, or was she simply forcing herself? Unfortunately, her mind and soul didn't project any clear answer.

>After a small while, Henrietta shifted in her seat, before speaking.

Uh... How much longer is this going to take?


File: 1424670277222.gif (279.73 KB, 160x220, tumblr_mos237pJhB1qgnxa1o1_250…)

>Looking down at the cake she just finished decorating, Saya blew away a strand of hair that draped over her face.
Alright, I'm glad that done.
>Placing it in a box, she put the lid on top of the box before tying a ribbon around it.
>Taking out her phone, she sent a message to someone.
Well I've got enough time.
>Removing her apron, she undid the pony tail her hair was in as she headed to the rest room to make sure nothing was on her.
>Walking out, she picked up the box and walked out after flipping the sign to show the shop was closed.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888568

>as she felt her, she took in all she "read" off of her.

>anger... A cork ready to blow. A lit match in a mine full of gas...

>but what towards?

>regret and self-loathing? A common emotion especially for people her age.

>all these negative emotions, between self-loathing, this violent anger, fear... Was this girl going to be alright?

>at the very least... There were fragments of happiness here and there...

>as she finished, she removed her hands and bowed

I'll be done before long...


File: 1424670609882.jpg (281.52 KB, 700x1050, 45380350_p1.jpg)


>Jo was glad that things at the cafe were going rather swimmingly, no perverts or weird psychopaths...

>And best of all, no monster attacks near the cafe

>with the cafe closing, Jo got dressed in her regular clothes and started to walk home

>Her birthday, so far, was going pretty great.

>Maybe she'd spoil herself some later by picking up some toys, or a good new book.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888570

File: 1424670842757.jpg (51.68 KB, 339x434, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.14.22).jp…)

>Once more, Henrietta smiles and nods her head enthusiastically.

Alright! I guess we'll see if you were accurate by how the mask looks!

>Her smile calming down some, she sighs and sits down on the floor, leaning against the wall.

Oh, and... Don't tell me what you saw. I'd rather figure it out for myself, you know?

>With that, Henrietta would patiently wait for the artist to finish, playing around on her cellphone for the majority of the wait.


File: 1424671662834.png (164.89 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_mjqkoi6Lax1rshfh…)

>Walking down the road, Saya hummed to herself as she headed for Jo's place with the box in her hands.
>As she walked, she spotted Jo walking further ahead of her.
>Hiding the box behind her, she started walking faster.
Hey Jo, wait up!

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888573

>with that, Shen-Mu sat down at her work shop.
>first figuring out the material, she decided on cloth. Easy to work with.
>she pulled a bundle of black cloth over to herself. All the different colored cloth was placed in buckets labelled with braille that said the name of the color, so she could know what she was using.

>with that, she begun to work, sewing, cutting, shaping, making sure she got it right...

>several minutes passed... Must've been a half an hour
>all till she finished up. Her fingers looked a bit red and sore a few areas where she accidentally jabbed herself with her needle.

All done.... You wish to have it now?

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888574

File: 1424671890249.jpg (44.69 KB, 324x416, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.13.26).jp…)

>Henrietta's head jerked up from her phone in surprise, eyes wide.

You're done already? Hell yeah, I want it now!

>Quickly getting up from the floor, she rushes over to Shen-Mu, excited to see what her mask looked like.

Oooh, I wanna see!

>She bounced in place, like a child waiting to receive a Christmas present.


File: 1424672222495.png (376.78 KB, 600x981, 30515703_p3.png)


>The fox turned around and stretched

Hey Saya, what's up?

>Jo asked curiously, her tails swaying back and forth a bit

>It was rare the two got to talk on non-business terms as of late, so it was a relief to see her while they were both off.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888576

>It's was a simple balaclava... With a rather interesting design. It had no mouth hole. Where the wearer's mouth would be was the image of a lipless mouth with white square teeth. A zipper was provided on it, so the mouth of the mask could be opened and closed. The eyeholes of the mask were surrounded by outward facing triangles, giving them a sun-like appearance. It was simple... It looked like something a biker would wear. It was almost out of place compared to the other works Shen-Mu had.

...I hope you like it.

>she held the mask in her hands, running a finger along the zipper on the mouth

I have had angry customers. They aren't happy with it... And go away with out it... Even when it's based on what I've read.


File: 1424672684548.jpg (21.33 KB, 156x155, 30.jpg)

Oh not much, just wanted to see if my best friend wasn't too busy to hang out on her birthday.
>Giving her a smile, one of her ears lowered.
Were you at work today?
>Making sure the box was out of sight, she waited to hear what she had to say.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888578

File: 1424672879190.jpg (396.21 KB, 787x868, tumblr_ncmp5lw2i31spd0keo1_128…)

>Henrietta's eyebrows raised as soon as she saw the odd-looking mask. While the design itself wasn't anything particularly breathtaking, it had a certain amount of charm to it. Not only was it a balaclava, which she could use often in her merc duties, but she did quite like the design, as well as the lack of a mouth hole.

>Nodding, she smiles, before turning to look at Shen-Mu.

I love it. It's perfect!

>Giving the shaman a pat on the back, probably one that was a bit too hard, she grabs he shoulder and gives it a small, but encouraging squeeze.

I love balaclavas! I can definitely use this at my job, too!

>Looking back at the mask, she gave it a curious gaze, the sun-like decorations around the eyes catching her attention.

... Do you imagine me having pretty eyes, or something? Seems like you like, put some focus on 'em, you know?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888579

For vision of a better tomorrow.

>she smiled, opening the mouth of her own mask so Henrietta could see.

Dark times. They are in your life. But there is hope to see a rising sun, if you will. Hope... It's a grand emotion..

>she stood up and bowed.

But... I imagine you have beautiful violet eyes..

>she was off on that part..

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888580

File: 1424673770408.jpg (51.68 KB, 339x434, ss (2014-05-22 at 03.14.22).jp…)

>"Vision of a better tomorrow"...

>Henrietta kept that in her head. The Shaman was right... She had gone through some tough times, and they were still effecting her. To think of a better tomorrow... Well, it really made her feel good.

>At her comment about her eyes, Henrietta blinked, before smirking.

... Eh, close, but I've got stunningly beautiful blue eyes.

>Noticing that she unzipped the mouth, Henrietta tilted her head slightly at the mask.

So... What's the mouth mean? That I talk a lot? My breath don't stink, does it?

>By her tone, she was clearly joking. Still, she breathed into her palm to smell her own breath, just to make sure.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888581


>she nodded

>if only I could see them, she thought to herself.
>before she lost her sight, she remembered blue being a lovely relaxing color. It was one that stuck in her mind.

You are a fighter, are you not? It's for intimidation. But, not only that..

>she motioned to the zipper

The zipper. Represents restraint. Something held back... Anger... A caged demon.

>Shen-Mu closed up the mouth of her own mask again, making a clicking sound.

...Sorry if that is negative.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888582

File: 1424674726049.jpg (520.44 KB, 990x744, tumblr_nbzn90UwDY1spd0keo1_128…)

>Henrietta smiles before shaking her head vigorously.

No way! That's actually badass! I'm just a caged demon, waiting to be let out... And when I am, I tear 'em to shreds!

>She air-boxes enthusiastically, the force of her punches creating "whoosh" sounds through the air.

Man... "Henrietta the Caged Demon". Now that sounds cool.

>Still smiling, for once genuinely happy, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her wallet.

Here... I know you didn't ask for it, but consider this a tip.

>Grabbing Shen-Mu's hand, she shoves a 20-bit bill into her hand, forcing it closed around the bill.

Twenty bits. I'd feel bad if I only body-guarded you for a day.


File: 1424675068751.png (376.78 KB, 600x981, 30515703_p3.png)


I guess I can hang out for a little bit...but I do have a bit to do later today.

>Jo blinks a few times

And yeah, I was at work, why?

>she asked a bit confused, what wasn't she supposed to be there?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888585

Very well..

>if she hadn't explained to her what it was she would've thought it was just a piece of paper.

I thank you. Heinrietta. For your time.

>she smiled

I am glad you like the title. The mask... I am happy for you.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888591

File: 1424675667483.jpg (396.21 KB, 787x868, tumblr_ncmp5lw2i31spd0keo1_128…)

Yeah, no problem.

>Taking the mask, she stares at in in appreciation. This girl... She pretty much did this for her out of generosity. Not only that, but Henrietta actually found her company to be rather pleasant. Not many things made her genuinely, truly happy, but Shen-Mu managed to make her feel those emotions that were so rare to her.

Hey... Even when I'm not guarding you, if anyone gives you trouble, tell me. I'll make sure they stop.

>Giving her another pat on the shoulder, Henrietta nods.

And you're welcome. Thanks for the mask.

>And with that, Henrietta turns to the door, and begins to make her exit.

Oh, one more thing...

>She turns back to Shen-Mu.

You mind if I come by to visit sometimes? I want to see any new masks you make. They're all really cool!

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888596

I'll keep in contact with you. I have no phone. But I'll find you..

>she had her ways, she could sense her. Everyone gave off a subtle unique vibe.

>she began to pack up her things, putting things back in order.

I'll tell. When I make a new one.

>she slowly nodded

It's a hobby. I enjoy doing it.

>everyone had their ways of being happy. Some people wrote, some people did sports, the young shaman made masks.

Farewell for now.

Henrietta!PSI.eeOLiw 888598

File: 1424676221653.jpg (413.46 KB, 744x1052, 97d6a40fdf9292b521482d6cfca6f1…)

>Giving the girl a wave, not that she could see it, Henrietta finally leaves.


>Closing the door behind her, she'd walk down the hall, mask in hand. Looking down at the creative design, she smiled.

People here ain't so bad after all...

>Putting a bounce to her step, the mercenary would head to her room for the night, excited to get to use the balaclava in the field next time she was assigned to a mission.


File: 1424676712339.jpg (20.27 KB, 154x156, 1.jpg)

Well it's king of a surprise, but you'll know soon enough.
>At the answer about her binging at work, she let out a sigh.
You know you could have taken today off fight?

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888605

File: 1424678589464.png (250.37 KB, 461x262, Grell_Better Get Some Mood Lig…)

>Within the basement of Wayne Manor, a stirring happens within the lounging area. A thin metallic blade emerges from one of the dark shadows draped across the wall, slowly dragging downwards until a delicate cut rends the space apart. Within the abyss beyond the opening stands three people, one of whom clutches a toddler close to her chest.

>All donning black suits, the three step quietly inside and leave the rift torn open behind them. In the dim light of the basement, the three likely could melt into the shadows if so they willed it.

Awight Sutcliff, which one izit?

>Grell glances to the taller man, frowning severely at him for his loudness. The other man accompanying them bumps the larger man's side with an elbow and a disapproving frown, his eyes narrowing behind his own set of spectacles.

You could afford to be a little more covert, Jameson. I have no desire to get caught down here or spend any more time than I have to-

So? Wot will anyone do when I git my axe, eh? We're Reapers, man!

Reapers that can be killed by our own weapons you absolutely dense clod. Do you want that?

>Grell snorts and walks towards her room, leaving the two men to bicker with each other until they both realize she's moving away from them. The shorter man quickly falls in step behind Grell, the taller and bulkier man following behind him with a sullen grumble.

>Nigel clings tightly to Grell, his small face pressed into her shoulder during the whole affair. He refused to let go, unsurprisingly, and had been astonishingly quiet since he was returned to her arms this afternoon.

>Following that was some rather unfortunate news, news Grell much rather would have been happier to not know. But, given the circumstances, Will hadn't given her a choice of the matter. The best she could do was simply go along with the conditions, lest she spoil any last chances she was afforded.

>The Reapers accompanying her waste no time entering Grell's room, flicking a light on inside to cause shadows to be cast upon the pitch black walls. After that it's simply child's play to tear open new rifts into the Dark Aether, and even easier to start moving things about.

>Grell wasn't terribly pleased, but was glad enough she could at least supervise the process. It meant the two wouldn't fuss about with her valuables without her knowledge. Goodness only knew what those buffoons would do to her dresses or the rugs, let alone all of Nigel's amenities.

>Thankfully, the two she was supplied with (or maybe they were more minders) do an excellent job with moving about her things. Strength was no problem to the brainless bruiser, who picked up furniture like her dresser or bed as if it weighed absolutely nothing.
>The other was particularly careful and mindful of loose objects, storing them carefully in containers he could carry in and out of the rift. The two in conjunction were surprisingly efficient, though considering William's need for efficiency, Grell supposes she isn't terribly surprised. Bit by bit they emptied out the room, until all that was left was bare red carpet and nails jammed into the walls.

>Moving was always such a tiring affair. It was even harder when it was to a place Grell had no particular want to return to.

>When they finish, one of the men slips back into the Aether while the other looks to her.

That should do it, Sutcliff. We've arranged the furniture as it should be in the room you indicated. Mr. Spears has even outfitted the kitchen with some rations for you, until your work session begins. My last duty is to see you to your place of residence.

>Of course it was.

>With an aggrieved sigh, Grell steps towards the rift with a displeased mumble.

Very well...

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888606

File: 1424678968538.jpg (6.66 KB, 300x168, Z_AbandonedPhantomhiveEstate.j…)


>The Aether opens up before Grell, the darkness shifting past her and Nigel as the musky basement is exchanged instead with the brisk evening chill, and the artificial light of the room with moonlight above.

>Grell regards the building with a neutral expression, but a part inside her squirms and writhes in agony to be witness to this building again. It was a place of loss for her, a place of memory she wanted to dull. The pain associated with it, all the memories good and bad, assault her just looking at it. That certainly ignored her feelings of the interior, the spaces like her old chambers, or the basement itself.

>Grell stares at the building with an aching heart, a lump in her throat growing. She hated this building. Something told her it was unlucky, that perhaps she found luck in getting away from it since that insanity god took it for himself.

>But William's research...damn him!


>Oblivious to this, the man that escorted her to this wretched place smiles and lifts a hand.

Welcome home, Sutcliff! And what a lovely place too, isn't it?

!oHammer6Ps 888610

File: 1424716513638.jpg (59.28 KB, 850x478, sample-ec614d9183f83eb68429f3f…)


>They were out of it, somehow. Hadn't they just gotten more? Where did it keep going, if she wasn't eating it...?

>And "The Cravings" were the worst she'd ever had.


>Scrambling up the side of the building, hands finding purchase on the smallest of surfaces, the agile girl scrambles through a window, dragging herself inside and carefully closing the window behind her. It'd been... Awhile since they'd talked, hopefully Joel wouldn't mind too much if she got caught in his fridge...

>Half in and out of it, hips wiggling happily as she gathers up a small stack of steaks and assorted frozen meats.


>Oo! Cajun Boudin blancs! Her favorite!

Wonder if he's got a grill...

Cameron 888611

File: 1424718478967.png (68.82 KB, 480x280, Uhh.png)

>By pure chance, Joel was already in the breakroom-turned-living-room of the Warehouse that served as his home.
>At the computer, he seemed to be finishing something up, talking into a microphone.
Alright, that's enough shitty-ass bootlegs for one stream, guys. I'll see you all around whenever I do another one. Byebye.
>With a few clicks, the stream was over, and the computer was left on the desktop, an image of a stylized mushroom with eyes on the stem.
>Taking off the headset, Joel stretches, turning-
>To see a certain cat... tail wiggling around, protruding from his fridge.
>He pauses slightly, tempted to just... watch for a few more seconds.
>He could do that. It was his house and his-
>Okay, time to stop that train of thought.
Nice to see you.

!oHammer6Ps 888612

File: 1424719284138.jpg (8.65 KB, 169x159, thm_phpdz7rai.jpg)

>String of boudins hanging from her mouth, the girls ears perk up, and hungrily gnawing on the cold sausages, she tosses him a hungry look.

Do you have any milk? Or cream?

>She was starving. But then again, she always was, and the times she wasn't, she slept.

>...Having a baby sucked. She was never doing this again. Ever.

>Sticking her head back in the fridge, the cat pulls out a... Green tube? What was that big red thing on the...?


>Setting it aside gently, the mom to be thinks better of it. Knowing Joel, it'd probably make another loud noise. Or blow something up.

Edel Kina!iCSweetsaM 888613

File: 1424720518021.jpg (129.54 KB, 622x697, 00023.jpg)

>Edel desperately crawled up the steps of the castle, mustering up the last of her strength to at least make it to the wooden door that separated her from the inside world. She looked up to see the knob that tightly secured said world, taunting her from its high up position. Her attempts at reaching said knob were fruitless in the end. She was far too low on the ground to even touch it at all. She was so close, and yet she was still so far away. But even if she got inside, would she still have the energy to be able to hide some where?

>Soon, she could see a shadow being cast over her entire body. It didn't take long for her to realize that Carmilla was now behind her, ready to give her the beating that she deserved for not even taking this fight seriously, and even managing to make her opponent reveal some.. secrets that are not meant for light. Her heart pounded vigorously and her eyes tiredly around for an answer. It was then that exhaustion had finally caught up with her, and there was very minimal strength left in her body.

>But, if she were going to go out, she may as well die a death in battle rather than a death of a coward!

>She sluggishly turned around on her back and finally saw Carmilla once again. She had mentioned whether or not the girl had any last words, and Edel has already gotten one on mind that she needed to say face-to-face.

Yeah.. I got something to say to you..

>It was clear, that the girl was very tired, and would deliver barely any pain at all if she attempted to fight. But even then, with the last of her own strength, she reached over and clutched onto Carmilla's dress, tugging down on it and pulling herself up along her body, unaware of the fact that she was almost undressing the girl herself. Fortunately, before she completely removed her opponent's clothing, she clutched onto both of her arms and continued pulling herself up until she finally stood up on her own wobbling legs.

>While her position was humorous and humiliating, her face showed an intense fierceness, staring straight into the eyes of her opponent, her only friend that she has in this new world that had rejected their kind. How she has not fainted from exhaustion yet is still a wonder.

Eat... THIS

>With those final words of hers, she reared her head backwards and swung forward as hard as she could, giving Carmilla the strongest headbutt that she could muster with her remaining strength. However, it may have done more harm to herself than it did for her opponent. It was pretty evident considering right after the attack connected, the girl didn't move at all. Their foreheads were together, but she had literally knocked herself out cold from that attack alone.

>Soon afterwards, her body began to slump forward due to Edel being unconscious. But as Edel slid off of Carmilla, the sudden shift of her body made her face press forward, and their lips just barely pressed against each other for the first time.. until Edel collapsed onto the floor and her head rested against Carmilla's adult body, helping her sit upright.

Cameron 888614

File: 1424720545930.png (68.24 KB, 480x280, Smile.png)

Yep, there should be some on the inside of the door.
>Joel gets out of the chair, knees popping as he stretches.
Oww, man I was sitting there too long.
>Strolling over, he opened a seemingly random cupboard, retrieving a bag of chips, which he begins to snack from
>Reaching for a radio on the counter, he flicks the power switch, sound emitting almost instantly.
Welcome back to Town's 166.5, your home for modern music you won't hear anywhere else. No top 40, no nonsense, just real, good music. Next up, we've got something nice by Mike Oldfield for you. Here's Nuclear.
>A song starts to play, Joel turning the volume down slightly, reducing it to background noise.
How've you been?
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!oHammer6Ps 888615

File: 1424721263610.jpg (41.87 KB, 567x800, 2867_0e6c.jpeg)

>Dumping the pile of meat onto the nearest surface, the feline digs in, utterly unconcerned about the cold or frozen state of the protein source. She was just hungry. Washing most of it down with a swig of milk, she lies back on the couch, watching her companion happily, finally contented.


>A lot, really.

...I've got a home now, for one. Miss Julia and Miss Catori are letting me stay with them.

>Mind wandering further, the girl smiles.

They got a pet. It's a cute little red fox. It sets things on fire.

Oh, and I guess I'm going to be a mom, too.

>Obliviously grinning, the cat shrugs her shoulders.

It kinda sucks, but everyone's been nothing but nice to me since, and Miss Julia doesn't make me work nearly as hard. I don't think I've eaten so much and slept so much ever.


File: 1424722727889.png (324.65 KB, 600x800, alright you have 2 mintues.png)


I take too much time off work as it is you know, the least I can do is work today.

>She points out while stretching a bit.

I mean with how often I have to leave at a moment's notice or go help on some sort of treasure hunt.

Cameron 888617

File: 1424723043398.png (67.36 KB, 536x280, Nervouslaugh.png)

>Joel watches in a sort of awe as the catgirl demolishes the pile of frozen meat.
>How did she do that?
>Joel smiled widely at her news.
That's wonderful! I'm glad to hear you've got a proper place to live now, especially with someone as nice as her. Sounds like a cool pet, too-
>I'm going to be a mom, too
>Joel's brain stalls so abruptly, it's a wonder it didn't make a sound like an engine doing the same thing.
>His mouth produces a few fractions of sounds, brain working to try and figure out something, anything to say.
>Failing to produce much of anything intelligent to say, he goes with something obvious.
Um. Congrats on that, I guess.
>A pause.
...Are you sure you're not gonna have a litter or something if you're that hungry?
>And you fucked up, Joel. Congrats.

!uKittyfVOU 888618

File: 1424723362240.gif (451.42 KB, 500x500, boing.gif)

>Shrugging, the kitty glances around the room, trying to occupy her wandering mind.

I dunno. Maybe?



>She sure hoped not.

Cameron 888621

File: 1424724971995.png (62.45 KB, 480x280, Tense.png)

>Joel is left awkwardly standing by the counter, eating chips quietly.
>What was there really left to say to this sorta thing?
>...Part of him can't help but think of Vi right now, her story from the group therapy... thing at the Manor.
>She'd had her kid, had to abandon her somewhere she thought she'd be safe and loved.
>...But she still regretted it.
>Joel didn't want Hitomi to have to...
>So this is what that weird girl from the group therapy meant by big news.
I, um.
>He pauses again, shifting.
If you ever need help taking care of your kid... or kids, I'm here for ya.
>He chuckles faintly.
I do have experience taking care of a bunch of little kids, y'know.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 888622

File: 1424725014557.png (729.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1391410842921.png)

>with the reply from the dragon Yang's temper cools entirely and sighs herself. She was happy that Ember wasn't gonna make her life hell. She really didn't know how well she'd deal with her trying to brake her and Jo up.

Well I can say the same for myself. Dad didn't call me his Little Sun Dragon for nothing...

>Taking the plates of bacon pancakes over to the couch, Yang hands her the one with non-slightly burnt stirps of meat and taking what was for herself. Her own version of humble pie really.

We did get off on the wrong foot... But no reason to say on it right?

>Handing her a plate, she also offers a hand.

Wanna start over?

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 888625

File: 1424726497205.jpg (184.04 KB, 480x678, tumblr_n38b6noGp71r1cuzoo3_500…)

>Though she should have been ready for it, a modest part of Carmilla hidden deep within her was more worried about her top slipping off for the world to see instead of preparing for the Blood Letter's head butt. when it hit, it took her by surprise and even more so at the closeness they had.

..u-uh Ed--

>It didn't last long though as Edel was out cold and slipping down her body which had already begun to regress in age. The dizziness of she felt from the blow becoming more evident to her as she became a teen and the fleeting sensation of Edel's lips caused Carmilla to momentarily space out before she felt something leaning on her lower body...


>Looking down to her own horror, the new shorter hight she had make it so that Edel's head had come to rest right at the apex of the other vampire's legs!

Edel get out of there!!!

>Twas no use though, Edel had passed out and her position implied far more then what had actually happened.

................... Oh Sol why?

>She'd pray to the goddess of the sun and all others that'd heed her that no one, especially Miss Alucard, would happen upon them right right now. At the front door of her castle. In such an awkward stance.

!oHammer6Ps 888626

File: 1424726505324.jpg (50.94 KB, 1280x720, baBto6q.jpg)

>Entirely unconcerned, the girl tugs at a loose thread in the couch's stitches.


>She wasn't particularly worried she'd be left out in the cold as long as Miss Julia was around

!FlamehpHHA 888630

File: 1424727261682.jpg (477.34 KB, 750x1008, 1421149653806.jpg)

>Simply watching the woman, the dragon's eyes flicker, taking in every small movement, every detail, sizing her up in every way possible. As much as she valued her pride, her own customs...

>She had to humble herself if she was going to survive.

>Taking both the hand and proffered plate, the woman's face remains grim and defeated. As glad as she was that her weakness would not be taken advantage of, she was just as upset to have been seen as weak in the first place.


>Not to mention that she had no desire to return back to that place, to be belittled and embarrassed, to have her pride riddled with more holes than a politician's argument.


>If only she'd never called out for the witch's help...

Cameron 888632

File: 1424727332313.png (68.82 KB, 480x280, Uhh.png)

>Joel shifts, dropping the bag of chips onto the counter.
I'm gonna get a kung-fu movie.
>He blurts, vanishing out the door into the rest of the warehouse in what seems to be seconds, footsteps audibly receding down the metal stairs.

Ragna the Bloodedge!pinkie78Os 888633

File: 1424727365282.jpg (67.91 KB, 640x480, blazblue ragna_the_bloodedge.j…)

>unfortunately for Carmilla, her prayers would go unheeded
>though not exactly as she imagined, the front door of Rachel's castle would sloooooooowly push open, the long and loud CREEEEEEEAK being impossible to miss
>and sure enough, someone would step out, but it wouldn't be the owner and ruler of the castle


>with a blank look on his face, the silver-haired man once known as the Grim Reaper would stare down at Carmilla

>his eyes would flick to her, then to Edel between her legs, then back to Carmilla


>he'd keep his tongue held, but it was clear that he was struggling really hard to do that, the edges of his mouth quivering as he tried to keep it in

>whether or not Carmilla had met this man before had yet to be determined...
>but the bright pink apron that read "Bite The Cook" that the man was wearing would be very difficult to forget

!uKittyfVOU 888636

File: 1424728258773.jpg (32.3 KB, 225x350, 192749.jpg)



Joel, you're such a freaking weirdo.

Cameron 888639

File: 1424729456380.png (67.36 KB, 536x280, Nervouslaugh.png)

>Joel slumped against the shelves by the DVDs, slowly beginning to take slow, deep breaths.
It's... okay. It's okay. Everything's alright.
>He sits there for a few minutes, slowly untensing.
Just need to be there for her if she needs help. All I can do.
>Slowly, he stands up, shuffling rapidly through a cardboard box of movies, pulling a DVD out.
>He smoothes his clothes out, and makes his way back into the living area.
Sorry I took so long. Had a hard time choosing.

!uKittyfVOU 888640

File: 1424729964572.jpg (88.05 KB, 498x289, 3339914_1376887523219.79res_50…)

>Hands buried in the bag of chips he'd been eating earlier, the girl slowly meets his eyes, never breaking eye contact as she slowly, guiltlessly eats the last of them, the crunch of the fried potatoes filling the room and muting the awkward silence.

...Are you alright?

>Setting the emptied bag aside, she gives him a worried glance.

I didn't shoot anything this time, I promise!

Cameron 888644

File: 1424731490098.png (68.33 KB, 480x280, Talk.png)

>Joel looks at her, simply showing confusion.
Yeah, I'm fine. Why d'you ask?

>He waves off her comment.

'Sfine, I trust you there.

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 888646

File: 1424731986107.jpg (242.64 KB, 480x678, tumblr_n38b6noGp71r1cuzoo6_500…)

>She cursed the Sun bird, Inari, Ming Ryu, and a few other gods she didn't even worship at all.


>She stares at the man, who she could only assume was another resident of this place. (She was usually too focused on her rival) For a good long time, she says nothing at all, not even a peep.


>Well until she freaks out that is. Still having enough presence of mind to take Edel with her as she fled inside, Carmilla pushes past the Cook and dashes off to Edel's room to place her there. Then promptly flees to her room to lock herself in for several weeks. just like her Rival had done before.



File: 1424732719247.png (788.2 KB, 848x485, 56.png)

Alright, I'll give you that one.
>Holding up one hand, she placed it on Jo's shoulder.
It might be best to take a small break from treasure hunts so you don't burn yourself out.
The others at the cafe are worried about you.


File: 1424735032171.png (846.78 KB, 822x1200, grab a seat.png)


>Jo sweats a little bit as that's mentioned

...the treasure hunting isn't really burning me out at all.

>she said flatly as she scratched the back of her head

The only time there was a treasure hunt I didn't enjoy was that time I had to work with Dracula....and that wasn't really even a treasure hunt.

>...although she had to count it, since it'd been the...3rd, maybe 4th time she went out seeking a holy grail?

This is either your way of saying you're legitimately worried, or your way of saying that if I don't take a break from treasure hunts I'm going to have to choose between them and the cafe, isn't it?


File: 1424735774553.jpg (22.8 KB, 156x157, 16.jpg)

I still can't believe you summoned him...
>folding her arms, she gave her a flat look.
You really think I would make you choose between treasure hunts and the cafe?
>Looking away, she lowered her arms.
We're all worried about you Jo.


File: 1424736491315.jpg (32.11 KB, 403x537, 946260_409580102496679_3880818…)


Maybe, I don't know...

>Jo says with a sigh while shaking her head

You really shouldn't worry about me, I can more than take care of myself.

>All the worrying felt less endearing to Jo and at this point more annoying than anything.

Look, it's been forever since I could really freely do what I want to do without worry, the fact I'm out and about doing stuff more...

>She gives Saya a bit of a blank look

...It shows I'm happy, like really happy, not "Oh I just got a new Kamen Rider body pillow" happy.

>she folds her arms, at least Yang understood that...


File: 1424736531343.jpg (32.75 KB, 396x500, 080316.jpg)

>Stepping out of the way of the attack, she shook her head. Walking toward Kougane, Kiva started to run before jumping into the air and coming back down with a kick.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 368
Why are you trying to get her to run?


File: 1424737101273.jpg (123.19 KB, 1440x810, 1405207621060.jpg)


>Kougane lets out an "ooph as she's kicked to the ground

>getting back up, she stared at Wakana.

>The truth was, Kougane would have preferred Wakana to be the only causality in this fight, after all what's the point in ruling over a world if one has no subjects?

>But rather than giving the Fruit Bat fangire an answer, Kougane runs at her with her blade shining golden


>...only fora ball of fire to shoot her back to the ground repeatedly and keep firing at her

>flying above them was a massive purple dragon with an entire castle built into its body


>Kougane panics before it fires again

>"No this is too much too soon, I can't let my trump card slip yet..." she thought to herself before she very suddenly slipped out of rider form

>a normal girl stood in front of the fireblast before it hit, but once it had hit, the only thing that could be seen was a swarm of grasshoppers flying away from the area

......ok what the heck was that?

>Arich questioned, absolutely stunned by the dragon's appearance pointing at it frantically with her daidaimaru sword

no seriously, what is that.


File: 1424737211692.jpg (35.06 KB, 200x192, tumblr_mliiw08kVn1r97hnao8_250…)

You don't want me worry, then I won't.
>Turning back to face her, she took out the box she was hiding.
And I'm glad to hear that it's been forever since you could do that with out worry.
That's some thing I clearly knew.
Like when you and your sisters got separated.
>Saya then held out the box towards her.


File: 1424737940444.jpg (284.09 KB, 825x1200, 48863915_p0_master1200.jpg)


...you really didn't have to

>Jo says with a bit of guilt in her voice, she hadn't meant to seem so grumpy or upset with Saya...

>After all, it's not like it was Saya's fault so many people were worrying so needlessly, but it just annoyed her so much

...but thank you.

>She states in a calm town, smiling a bit now

>she wondered just what it was Saya got her though....there weren't many things the fox wanted for herself that she hadn't gotten already
>Taking the box she started to unwrap it.

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888663

File: 1424738799387.png (134.28 KB, 204x641, Wha.PNG)

>Laying next to Duo, Otoya calls out to the others.

I'm too tired to turn my head, are we rescued yet?

>Amazingly she wasn't tired enough to not talk all this time.


File: 1424739395483.jpg (79.81 KB, 531x700, 454e785c9899253709ed6a2fa9f6f0…)

>As Mars charged at her, she prepared to defend herself before the first fire ball struck.
>Looking back at the source, she smiled.
>Turning to face Kougane again, she watched as she disappeared before changing back.
Yeah, we're ok now.
>Putting a hand on Arich's shoulder, she patted it gently.
Don't worry, that dragon won't attack us.


File: 1424739556435.gif (129.49 KB, 445x360, tumblr_mitcpq4I0K1rxeywdo1_500…)

Well I felt like it was a good idea.
>Saya returned the smile weakly before tapping the lid of the box.
But you might want to wait til we get indoors before opening it.
You don't want anything to fall on it while we're outside.
So where shall we go?

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888683

File: 1424740650141.png (108 KB, 315x263, Grell_Butler_Another Death Thr…)


>The head of the manor leans back in a seat within the lounge of Wayne Manor, his gaze focused on the newsprint before him, gripped securely in his hands. The lounge is quiet but the door left open to the foyer, allowing the man to listen to anything that may be happening in the adjacent space. Footsteps, talking, perhaps he'd catch the tail ends of conversations that faded from earshot. Sometimes he heard voices he recognized, others he did not.

>But today was a rather slow day, and Alton decides to spend it enjoying himself to some degree. The snow was piled thick outside, a gentle powder sprinkling down from a dark and gloomy sky. Walking to Town today wouldn't be particularly enjoyable, nor did Alton have any striking reason to do so.

>His chores for the mansion similar were done for a temporary time; he had a rather striking choice of either spending his free time in the Wine Cellar, as he was often in wont to do, or alternatively in the lounge catching up with whatever news he could scrounge up for himself.


>How unfortunate that the Town paper seemed to be having an equally slow news-day. The column about vampirism in the Opinion category was rather interesting for a read, as was the announcement of some business that Canterlot was involved with, something that would 'change the world' in some manner.

>Alton can't imagine what that could be, and the article gave no more notice of what it was, not until its prescribed 'release date'. Curious, but not particularly thrilling enough for Alton to linger on too long.

>As he reads the opinion section, Alton slowly reaches for a tray set on a small table aside his chair, which is populated with a put of tea and a small plate of biscuits for himself.

>He picks up the cup and with little hesitation takes a small sip, his gaze still focused on the newspaper held out before him in his remaining hand.

Mercury 888688


>Seeing as the manor is usually quiet, it seems that someone out there feels the need to make at least a little noise. Just outside the lounge, gentle strumming of a guitar begins.


Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888689

File: 1424741502404.png (118.27 KB, 230x283, Grell_Butler_Surprisingly That…)



>Was that a guitar?

>Alton lowers his paper, his head turning to look at the open door nearby. He remains in his seat, listening to the music as it filters in through the open door, and finding the song surprisingly good and melodic, he stands from his seat. Alton tosses the paper into his vacated seat, but takes his cup of tea along with him.

>He's careful to move quietly to not disturb the musician as they play. The acoustics of the foyer do the job of amplifying the music, giving him little doubt that someone must have been in the foyer somewhere to produce such a resplendent sound.

>He peeks curiously out of the lounge, lifting his cup back to his lips to take another sip of his fragrant and wonderfully hot tea.


Mercury 888690


>She has taken up a seat on a bench not far from the door; a tall, fit-looking young woman with brilliant crimson hair gently strums and vocalizes away.

>Alton may have heard the tune before, though not near enough by that he could clearly make out what was happening.
>As Alton peaks out of the lounge, she happens to look in his direction, a slight smile crossing her lips as she notices her new audience. She's always enjoyed performing like this, and generally, the smaller the crowd, the better for her. She certainly seems confident in her abilities as a musician.
>After a few short minutes, her tune comes to a close, and she pauses, taking some time to adjust her tuning and play a few warm up riffs before she decides what to play next.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888692

File: 1424742542392.jpg (114.73 KB, 357x484, Grell_Butler_Being Cute.jpg)


>Well, an element of surprise was hardly so when he could walk into open view as such. Strange, when he played the piano he often was too lost in what he was playing to notice people approaching him.

>Then again, a piano was much larger for an instrument. He'd normally be treated to the sight of the piano's interior and the large board of keys before him.

>His face flushes at first, his cup quickly lowering away from his mouth from the musician's recognition. However, he's surprised to see her smile in regards to him being there, his own embarrassment of being intrusive thankfully smothered beneath a wave of relief.

>Alton manages a weak smile in return, the unfamiliar woman's acknowledgement not entirely unpleasant for the man, who had become settled to the idea that maybe he was invisible to mansion residents lately.

>He steps further into the foyer, listening as the woman continued her song with silent respect, and when she finishes he manages a slightly stronger smile.

...That was rather beautiful, miss. I haven't much the pleasure of hearing music in this estate often. Not many are musically inclined, I suppose.

>Maybe three at maximum?

Mercury 888694


>Ever the friendly soul, she greets him with a small wave as he approaches her.

Thanks!~ I've been working on that one for a couple of weeks.

>She strums a few more riffs, a few quite a bit more complex than the tune she was just playing. Seems her talents extend beyond what Alton had heard.

Yeah, it was just too quiet in here for my tastes. Thought I'd liven it up a little. Hope no one minds.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888695

File: 1424743395919.png (154.26 KB, 257x274, Grell_Butler_My Ears Are Ringi…)


I don't suppose why they would; the estate is outfitted with plenty of sound dampening materials to keep the rooms as quiet as possible.

>It was more the faults of individual residents for leaving their doors open than it was for someone deciding to utilize the foyer for its surprising acoustical attributes. Such a high vaulted ceiling did lend itself well towards practicing instruments or musical voices, even if Alton rarely heard sound grace the halls (unless it happened to be the smashing and crashing of some new threat the manor itself faced).

...My apologies if I happen to be bothering you, Miss. As I said before, music isn't a terribly common sort of occurrence here and you do play expertly at that.

>Alton pauses, realizing his own error in manners, and clears his throat nervously.

I-I-If perhaps you do mind, I'll leave you to your practice.

Mercury 888696

File: 1424744105320.jpg (575.17 KB, 2988x5312, Merc concept.jpg)


>She regards him with brilliant emerald eyes. Interesting colors, her hair and eyes... Are those natural? Her eyes, perhaps, but her hair? No way...

>Alton may also notice the odd-looking tattoos on her shoulders, v-shaped tribal crests. A peculiar appearance for one of such graceful capability.

No, not at all! I don't mind having an audience. If anything, it gives me incentive to do as well as possible, even if I'm just practicing.

>She plays a riff that seems a bit out of place compared to what she was playing. The melody is heavy, in a minor key this time, and her strumming is anything but gentle.

It's kinda rare that I'll actually practice out here, though, considering my typical tunes are quite a bit, er, harsher, if you will.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888698

File: 1424745093345.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.11 KB, 500x281, Z_Doooo Iiiiit~ You Know You W…)


>Striking red hair, green eyes...if it were anyone else who didn't know any better, Alton supposes it would be a question of how natural that red could be.

>However, given the people he knew, especially himself...


>Lord, he hopes she isn't some other relative from the future. He'd been keen to leap off the roof if he had to go through that again.

>...At least the tattoos were rather unfamiliar?

>The dissonance of the music does have a rather harsh effect on Alton's ears, though he makes no visible distinction that it does. Ages of hearing the mansion's crashing and smashing around him left even 'harsh' music the young woman was playing still lovelier that alternative noise.

'Harsher', Miss...?

Mercury 888699


>She snickers a bit. Oh, how she loved surprising people with her affinity for heavy music.

Yup. If you'd like an example, we'd have to go back to the room I've moved in to. Oh!

>She brings her palm to her face with an audible *slap!*

Ooh, I totally forgot! I've been meaning to try and find the owner of this place so they're not all like 'Ah, who are you and what are you doing in my mansion?!' Crap... You have any idea where he is?

>She's utterly unaware of Alton's status.

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 888700

File: 1424745726215.png (420.7 KB, 438x789, 1373441959317.png)

>Just then, one of the two might have noticed a demure young lady standing near them. Her fingers were folded in front of her lap and she seemed to be trying to make eye contact with either one of them. She wasn't interrupting, was she? Last thing she wanted to do was make a bad first impression on Mr. Sutcliff after he hosted her so kindly for at least a year now.

>Oh. So she was a heavy metal guitarist? Awesome!

Roll 1d1000 = 251
"E-Excuse me..."


>The girl remained silent, but took a step closer to the pair.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888701

File: 1424746220632.png (93.39 KB, 194x282, Grell_Butler_Quite The Unusual…)


>Alton jumps slightly in surprise, her sudden outburst sending a jolt of shock through him. The tea in his cup sloshes around, but thankfully he had drank enough of it to where not one drop manages to free itself from the lip of the ceramic.

>He takes a breath and lets out a wheezy sigh, his gaze slowly turning to the ceiling.

I imagine with a building this large that he can't possibly expect to meet everyone that happens to come in and make themselves at home. Could you imagine? I believe there's more than two hundred here at this point...


>Alton pauses, staring thoughtfully at the chandelier as a moment of silence passes between them. He glances back down to the woman and smiles again, this time a little more wryly.

As for where owner is, I daresay he's standing right in front of you. Alton Sutcliff, Lord of Wayne Manor. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss...?


>As quite and demure as the young lady is, Alton doesn't notice her immediately thanks to how quiet and unobtrusive she is, his attention still fully on the other unfamiliar woman before him.

Mercury 888702


>She blinks a bit, remaining in surprised silence for just a moment.

O-Oh! Um, Mercury, my name, yeah... Sorry about that, I just didn't expect that I'd already be talking to him.

>She scratches the back of her neck a bit, a light blush rising to her cheeks.

Well, this is certainly a nice place you have here. I'm glad that I was allowed to take up residence. I just didn't want to intrude.


>Mercury notices the young lady out of the corner of her eye, and regards her once she'd finished her response to Alton.

Um... Hi there.

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 888703

File: 1424746927004.png (1 MB, 1500x1989, flower_girl_by_dragonfire133-d…)

>The young lady gave Mercury a sheepish smile and wave.

"H-Hi. I... I just wanted to tell you that... that your guitar playing was really good. Like... on par with w-well known professionals I've spent time with."

>Oh shoot! She totally forgot about the head man of the manor right in front of her.
>Quick to rectify her mistake, Emily turned to Alton and gave him a quick little bow.

"M-Mr. Sutcliff."

>Once she was done, she looked between the two.

"I'm... I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888704

File: 1424747731842.png (195.12 KB, 353x310, Grell_Butler_I May Look Like a…)


>Alton raises a hand and shakes his head, his small smile remaining on his face as he regards the woman.

Please think nothing of 'intrusion', Miss Mercury. This mansion has always been, since I have lived here at least, a place for kings and vagabonds to call home if perchance they have none of their own. The previous owner, Miss Daring Dakota Do, held such a philanthropic philosophy and I found it only suitable to continue such hospitality under my reign as head of the manor. It was by her kindness that paid for this home I found here, and I wager paying forward such kindness in such a chaotic world is the least I may offer.

>Granted, as much as he could give very little did he feel as if it was particularly worth it. At this point he couldn't bring himself to ever throw out his old philosophies, as with the absolute terribleness his personal life had become, others lives improved substantially.


>Mercury's attention shifting aside similarly draws Alton's own gaze, a flicker of confusion passing through his eyes as he looks.


>Alton flushes slightly from the young woman bowing to him, at once appearing awkward from the show of manners towards him and the station he held.

>He smiles sheepishly and glances to the cup held in his hand, the tea still steaming gently from inside it.

Hmn-? Er...well, we were speaking for the time being, but I suppose an intrusion into casual conversation is no great sin, is it?

>He looks back up and relaxes as best he can, his smile growing more inviting.

You were appreciating Miss Mercury's music too? I was rather surprised to hear someone practicing out here myself.

If we have any musically inclined residents plenty seem to be content with keeping to themselves.

Mercury 888706


>Her eyes seem to brighten a bit as she mentions spending time with professional musicians. Funny that Mercury herself, she supposed, could be considered professional.

Professionals, huh? Are you a musician yourself?


>She returns a gentle smile. It's rare to find someone of such hospitality, especially towards a wanderer such as herself.

How sweet of you. I deeply appreciate it, Mr. Sutcliff. Seeing as this place is my home now, at least for the time being...

>Much to anyone's surprise, a crest similar to the ones on her shoulders appears on her chest, though much more intricate, and stretching across the entirety of her chest above her cleavage. It shines brilliant white, imbued with some kind of mystical power.

You have my strength behind you, sir. Should this place and its residents be threatened, every ounce of my power will be put into protecting it.

>It's odd how quickly she shifts from casual conversation to something that seems so formal, almost as though she'd practiced it. It's also strange how she holds such a strong sense of responsibility towards a place she'd only called home for a short while. And that crest... There is definitely more to this girl than she's said.

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 888713

File: 1424750378227.jpg (36.25 KB, 284x283, 1386621629335.jpg)

>Emily listened to Alton's story quietly and intently. Wow. That sounded like a great way to keep someone's legacy going!
>And then he did that little jump at her bow. Maybe he wasn't as intimidating as she thought, if he seemed so humbled by her bow.
>Emily covered her mouth and allowed herself a quiet giggle of the "Awww!" strain. If she wasn't intruding, then maybe she could lax up a bit.

"Mhm.~ I-I always try to listen to live musicians when... when I can."

>Emily was about to answer before the woman before her before the marks appeared on her and she seemed more consumed by pledging herself to the Manor than chatting about music.
>This woman seemed so strong. Kinda like her own Janie. In other words, the kind of woman she'd easily look up to.
>She just kinda stood there at this point and admired the intricacies of the woman's newly-appeared markings.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888717

File: 1424751117631.png (20.38 KB, 86x150, Grell_Butler_ChibiSweatdrop.PN…)


>Did she now? Perhaps he should endeavor to play the piano more than he had. It did spike his mood up considerably when he indulged; perhaps she too would enjoy hearing dulcet music on occasions she found herself outside of her room?




>Alton's face turns an even stronger pink colour, the woman's comment giving him an added rush of mild embarrassment. He knew that such sentimentality wasn't common but she still didn't particularly deserve these sorts of comments-


>Alton's eyes widen, the sudden lumination of the pattern upon her chest quickly snagging his undivided attention. He squints in reaction the the harshness of the light, Mercury's given oath sending a strange chill up his spine.


>It takes him a moment to force himself to look away, his face turning even redder. This time not because of the amazing display of (magic? energy?) ability the woman possessed, but because of a belated realization that he was staring at her chest.

>Even with the excuse of mystical event, it still seemed incredibly rude to do!

T-T-Thank you, Miss Mercury, I-I'm rather glad you hold s-such sentiments...!

Mercury 888721


>As her display subsides, she turns back to Emily.

Sorry about that, I just wanted to get that little er, pledge, if you will. But yeah, do you play?


>She can't help but giggle and blush a bit herself as Alton looks away.

A little too caught up in the sights there, hon?~

>She allows herself a quick chuckle before regaining her composure.

I'm just messin'. But yeah, if this place ever needs any help, gimme a holler and I'll bust up whatever's causing issues.


File: 1424804857027.png (34.15 KB, 120x120, tumblr_inline_n946udeAOw1sig56…)


>Arich transforms back to normal as the dragon lands


>Arich scratches the back of her head, and soon a brown haired woman in a business suit walks out and adjusts her glasses slightly

Evening, Lil Sis.

>she bows

Sorry I was so late..we can have those two brought into the castle to have their wounds taken care of...no need to come in yet yourself...

>Taiga stated, stuttering at the last bit, like there was something in the castle that she was hiding...

>...soon enough that something comes bursting through the doors, with the arms monsters not far behind her trying to pull her back in

Hey Momma! It's been awhile!


File: 1424805375438.jpg (346.59 KB, 800x1163, 00db3b125f676352ae8a81cdafcdba…)

You took a while Nee-san...
>Turning to look at her, she smiled before running over and hugging her tightly.
Wait, why can't I come in yet though?
I want to go see everyon-
>Looking at the girl that ran out of the building, she blinked before turning to face Taiga again.
You went to the future?


File: 1424809806101.png (580 KB, 750x1000, 55aa22a260de87e7aec23763733504…)


>Jo scratches the back of her head as she's stopped from opening it

awww...well alright then, we could either head to the arcade or back to my apartment, which sounds better?

>she asked, her ears perking up as she smiled


File: 1424810531736.png (741.59 KB, 1000x1464, 32915685.png)

Well we can open it at your place and play games there too. So why don't we go to your apartment?
>Lifting her ears up, she reached out and scratched between Jo's ears.

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888756

File: 1424813051136.png (396.38 KB, 548x364, Because I'm 'hot'.PNG)

>with the notification that they were safe now, the very tried Otoya manages to finally turn her head to to look at their saviour... and spots a cute girl in pigtails. Someone as adorable looking as the One that Got Away.

Oh... oh.... OOOOOOOOOOH~♥

>Suddenly full of energy and vigor (if a bit pale for blood lose), the demon essentially flash steps to the girl's location with Duo carried on her back.

Hello there my dear~! I thank you oh-so humbly for coming to safe us in our darkest of hours!

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 888765

File: 1424814220007.png (502.56 KB, 1619x2503, 0y2ZH.png)

>Emily didn't giggle at Mercury's teasing this time, but she did let herself smile a little at Alton's... dorkiness? It didn't seem like a respectful enough term for her host, but it was the best she could think of at the moment. Gosh. Emily didn't expect the head of the Manor to be this endearing!
>But once she'd turned back to the warrior before her, Emily nodded.

"Mhm. L-Learned drums from... from Yvo Van Sayer. You m-might know him as the drummer from Pauldron."

>Roll 1d1000 = 929

>She quietly adds
"And... and my girlfriend says I-I'm a good singer too."

>She stays quiet on the matter.


File: 1424814633149.png (34.43 KB, 120x120, tumblr_inline_n946vszsOe1sig56…)


...It's a long story...

>Taiga stated as a bit of sweat dripped down her neck

Oi oi, Aunt Taiga, it's not that long at all! Hearing that fruit stuff was growing in the world I was born in, I had to hitch a ride while you were visiting Den-o!

>Arich meanwhile stares at the whole scene and sighs

...what an interesting family....

>She mutters to herself

>Masao, the one claiming to be Wakana's daughter walks up to Otoya and offers her hand to shake

Pleasure to meet you Miss! The infirmary is on the right hand side hall of Doran's foyer.


File: 1424814766449.jpg (246.19 KB, 420x600, 43924950_m.jpg)


Oki doki then~

>Jo murrs slightly at the scratching before opening up a connect portal straight to her apartment

Youth before tail length~

>she states in a teasing offer for Saya to go ahead of her

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888769

File: 1424815125463.png (145.17 KB, 246x380, Grell_Butler_Clumsy Me.PNG)



Y-Y-Yes, Ma'am.

>Yes to both, actually. How utterly mortifying!


>He's so thankful the young lady that had joined them happily changed the subject, though between the two girls giggling and smiling at him his own face had turned quite a conspicuous red. He could feel his own cheeks burn fiercely, to the point that even his tea in his cup felt rather cool in comparison.

>His hand slightly trembles as he raises the cup back to his mouth, to serve as a distraction from what had happened. He drains the rest of the tea easily enough, and feels something inside of him loosen from the embarrassed tension he had built up.

Mercury 888772


Very cool!~ My brother was a percussionist, as well. Can't say I've heard of Pauldron, unfortunately.

>Her eyes seem to sparkle as Emily tells of her experience. She's not the only musician in the manor after all, huh? With Alton being a pianist, and Emily a percussionist; maybe restarting her old band isn't so far out of reach after all.

We'll have to get together for practice some time.


>She has to stifle another soft giggle. Though far from being a tramp, she always found it amusing to tease someone who's eyeing her, even if it's for a reason totally separate from her looks.

Sorry hon, can't help but be a bit of a tease sometimes~ Anyway, I really do appreciate what you're doing here. The least I could do is put my support behind it.


File: 1424817392549.jpg (57.55 KB, 591x544, c671c75cb3f4abdf701c304aa7b0e7…)

>Wakana watched as Otoya suddenly got up to greet Masao before letting out a sigh and walking towards them.
Don't try anything Otoya....
>Giving both Masao and Taiga blank looks, she walked past them to stand in front of the castle dragon's head.
>The dragon lowered it's head to the ground in regard to the presence and stared at the young queen.
>Nudging her gently with it's snout til she looked at it, the dragon put it's head in front of her.
Hi Doran.
>Smiling, she hugged the dragon's snout.


File: 1424817609428.jpg (98.95 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mkcbvsHpi91s0xvgpo1_500…)

Oh now that's just unfair Jojo.
>Folding her arms and smirking, she walked into the portal.
>Heading for the couch, she sat down and waited for her to come through.

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 888777

File: 1424817792287.jpg (379.55 KB, 1275x1650, 1372640515378.jpg)

>Oh gosh, Alton. Why you gotta make Emily's heart melt like that? At least she didn't have to keep up prim and proper appearances around him. Just show him some respect.
>Still, she just wanted to wrap Alton up in a blanket and feed him a soup of his choice when he acted like that!

>Emily nodded to the woman with an approving "Mm." sound.

"That... that could be fun! A-And I could show you a Pauldron song or two if you wanted."

>She flinched a little as she looked back at Alton. Oh shoot! Why didn't she ask him too?

"A-And if Mr. Sutcliff didn't mind."


File: 1424818004430.jpg (1.78 MB, 1756x2479, 48588337_p0 (1).jpg)


>Jo pounced through the portal and flopped onto the couch before closing it


>she let out a happy sigh before leaning back a bit

so how's your day been so far?

!uKittyfVOU 888779

File: 1424818478574.jpg (67.87 KB, 250x350, 7950.jpg)


...I dunno, you looked... Weird.

>Dropping the emptied bag, the cat purrs happily, curling up on the couch.

And... I can't really stay for a movie. Sorry.


>You know, it felt kind of... Wrong to do this. She couldn't think of why, but...

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 888781

File: 1424819295312.png (203.51 KB, 357x312, Grell_Butler_Isn't That A Kick…)


>Alton tilts his chin down in a slight nod, his face still flushed, but thankfully feeling cooler than it had earlier.

And I appreciate your support, Miss Mercury. It is because of people such as yourself that this mansion remains as it is today. You'd be surprised what sort of threats challenge the estate.

>Alton pauses and glances to the door, but finding nothing to barge in at an inopportune moment, looks back to the woman with a sheepish smile.

We've had something of a dry spell between attacks, which is rather promising. Still, if you happen to see anyone faffing about and causing mayhem or mischief, or perhaps breaking one of the mansion's rules, feel free to act in ceasing such behaviors before someone is hurt, or something is destroyed.

>He was far too used to the smell of paint with how regularly that happened.



>Alton glances to Emily and blinks once with a blank expression. His blankness shifts to sheepishness once more, his shoulders rolling back to help him stand upright.

I do not, though I believe this topic of conversation has gotten away from me at this point. I should probably return to my whereabouts in the lounge and finish up my teatime before attending the emptied rooms of the estate.

>Having nothing else to do in a snowed-in day, clearing out the vacated rooms left in the mansion would have been a good way to spend the rest of the evening, especially with his faithful Pokemon Tessa's assistance.

>It was also something he had been consistently slacking on for weeks; if he had no means to spend his time elsewhere, responsibility dictated he do what was left, yes?

>He offers a friendly smile to the two and bows politely.

Should either of you have questions for me, or perhaps want to find me, my room is located in the Residential Hall upstairs. I have a brass plate with my name engraved on the door, it should not be too difficult to find if you are looking for it. If perhaps I'm not in, feel free to leave a note and I'll endeavor to attend to your matter in an expedient fashion.


File: 1424819704466.png (115.42 KB, 250x322, tumblr_mhc6uy1msc1riuo2jo2_250…)

Well I've been doing a lot of baking, paperwork, among other things...
Rin and Hiroko helped in the bakery a little.
>Letting out a sigh, she leaned forward a little.
I need to hire some people on at the bakery.


File: 1424820393824.jpg (305.97 KB, 424x600, 43239815_m.jpg)


Well why don't we put up some help wanted ads and the like?

>She says as she stretches a little bit

The cafe could use a new maid or two too, maybe 3, it might take 3 to fill the void Hueco's leaving in customer's hearts...

>She lets out a sigh and shakes her head a bit.


File: 1424820746479.jpg (432.79 KB, 600x850, 46542970_p0.jpg)

Yeah,I guess we'll both have to do some interviews when that time comes.
>Lifting her head up she smiled.
But let's not let that get us down, it's your birthday.
So why don't you open what I have for you?

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 888785

File: 1424821447223.jpg (45.62 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n92wb96WDN1s8dym8o1_500…)

>Otoya quickly takes the chance to shake the young lady's hand. So polite and adorable~ She must give her some attention when she had the chance--

>And that was quickly shot down.

Aaaaaaw... don't be like that, I won't do anything horrible~

>Where people can find them anyway... Mention of the infirmary reminded her that Duo was resting on her in need of aid and she herself still had holes that needed to be patched up.

Ah, but regardless I must take my love to be taken care of. I'll see all you lovely ladies later~♥

>With a happy spring in her step, Otoya heads down to the infirmary happy with how the day went, even if she did get beaten up again.


File: 1424823277249.png (12.26 KB, 500x500, -3- jo.png)


Right, right...

>she lets out a sigh and stretches a little bit

if this explodes as some sort of prank, trust me I'll get you back

>she teases before opening the box


File: 1424823781966.jpg (20.27 KB, 154x156, 1.jpg)

Now why would I do a thing like that?"
>After Jo took the lid off, she would find a cake with the words "Happy birthday Jo" written in red icing.
>Also on the cake were four flowers each with a ring right in the middle.
I was able to make more cure rings.


File: 1424824987666.png (33.34 KB, 120x120, tumblr_inline_n946pwZnCV1sig56…)


Given the cold shoulder by my own mother...

>Masao's eye twitches before she lets out a sigh


>Masao awkwardly waves, and Arich just looks around, not sure whether to leave or what to do from there.


File: 1424825778711.jpg (430.74 KB, 708x1000, b8452a52a4afec79d44a4689df1452…)


Saying it like that just makes you sound suspicious!

>Jo counters with a bit of sweat beating down her neck

>But after seeing the cake and the rings she scratches the back of her neck a bit

...Thanks, though, Saya.

>...it was a really nice gesture, this was the first birthday she'd be spending since she got separated from her two "siblings", so in a way it was kind of like a first birthday all over again

>she was sure Naomi and her wife were making the best of it, and that Meum was out there having plenty of fun with Shira

>Things were going really really good as of late...and just thinking about all of her friends and everything in this past year, the good and the bad, it all made her just a bit nostalgic.

>she went to hug Saya without another word.


File: 1424826056106.jpg (417.42 KB, 1000x1150, ab6dc991b9c61a1dfc1dee50ce8707…)

Not that I don't trust you...
I don't trust you.
>Walking back over to the three after talking to Doran, she looked at Taiga and Masao before pulling the two into a hug.
>Letting them go, she turned to face Arich.
You can come inside with us.


File: 1424827015947.jpg (28.35 KB, 155x156, 3.jpg)

It's no trouble at all.
>Blinking at the sudden hug, she sat quietly before returning it with a smile.
Releasing the hug, she sat back and looked at the cake.
I didn't know what to go with so I went with a strawberry cake.



>Arich scratches the back of her head before nodding


>Masao leads Arich into the dragon

>Taiga looks to her younger sister

Once we're inside, tell me everything you know about what's going on, ok Wakana?

>She requests before stomping inward


File: 1424828739653.jpg (246.19 KB, 420x600, 43924950_m.jpg)


>Jo scratches the back of her neck

you're great at guessing, Saya., pretty much strawberry anything is fantastic in my eyes. ...Chocolate's up there too but...

>her ears perk up and she squeaks

...not exactly the best thing for me to eat casually.


File: 1424829129727.jpg (88.13 KB, 422x740, 59cce0d0c677ebc278e87c7ec0302c…)

>Looking back, she ran over to the sack she filled with fruit and picked it up.
I can't leave this out here.
>Turning around, she ran into the castle.


File: 1424829343663.png (164.89 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_mjqkoi6Lax1rshfh…)

>Saya rubbed the back of her neck.
You see, I don't like chocolate and Haruko can't eat it so... I wouldn't have made it.
But I'm glad I managed to guess right with the cake.

Cameron 888807

File: 1424830523960.png (68.82 KB, 480x280, Uhh.png)

>Joel shrugs it off.
Well, you're hardly the first person to say that about me.
>At her second statement, his body language drops slightly, showing some disappointment.
Ah, alrighty.
>His mood seems to perk slightly.
You can come over anytime, y'know that?


File: 1424830790319.jpg (233.48 KB, 481x680, Necro.([email protected]).full.520802.jpg)

>Xavara was always a rather...unique place, Catori didn't visit there often, but she supposed she should, given it was quite possibly the country with the highest Kitsune population, even more than their home country of Mo'galile

>What was she even doing there now though? She didn't recognize the location she was in in the slightest, it seemed to definitely be a part of the country she was unfamiliar with...

>But what told her it was Xavara was fairly obvious...

>The trio of Vahki class enforcers dragging her off to the police station.

...oi....what did I do?


>Meanwhile, back in the flowershop...

>A rather different black haired yellow eyed fox suddenly flopped against the the counter

Oh god, I can't believe that swap spell worked...dang Vahki are relentless...

>she muttered to herself, entirely oblivious to anyone else in the room

I mean, what's one or two explosions in the name of science...?

>she questioned to herself before letting out a nervous chuckle, before she slowly got up

>Looking around, she tapped her chin, "...just what chump did I get switched out with anyway...?"


File: 1424831949091.png (376.78 KB, 600x981, 30515703_p3.png)


Yeah understandable...anyway, want some?

>She asked as she took a fork and knife out and started carving into the cake.

>she slowly grabbed the the rings out of the cake as she carved it into pieces

>After she was done, she set the knife and fork down and gently licked the frosting off of her finger tips

It'd be horrible if the chef didn't get to try her own dish.


File: 1424832550522.jpg (109.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mibowjszKP1s1orvwo1_500…)

Nah, I'm not really in the mood for sweets.
Baking a lot of these kinda kill my apatite for them sometimes.
>Lowering one of her ears, she smiled.
So why don't you enjoy it.


File: 1424834462990.png (355.3 KB, 600x600, 38070078_m.png)


...if you say so.

>Jo says with a sigh, scratching the back of her head before digging into the cake

>after practically swallowing down an entire piece, she stretches a bit

so what you wanna do now...?


File: 1424835213983.jpg (324.33 KB, 705x1000, 33508739.jpg)

Don't worry about it.
>Watching as she ate the cake, she blinked before scratched her cheek a little.
I guess you really like it..
And don't you remember?
We were gonna play games.


File: 1424835551056.png (580 KB, 750x1000, 55aa22a260de87e7aec23763733504…)


I know, but maybe I was trying to figure out what game you wanted to play?

>she said somewhat teasingly before sticking her tongue out

I mean Mom knows there's a lot of 'em in the house, Yang tends to get a buncha beat 'em ups and zombie shooters for when she's too tired for a real fight....


File: 1424835794582.jpg (45.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mqwr1vXOmY1rhklr1o3_500…)

No mario kart you know what happened last time we played that.
>Saya gave her a weak smile.
We don't want that to happen again.


File: 1424836099199.png (399.6 KB, 773x520, huh...png)


>Jo taps her chin as she thinks on it

Hmm, what about...

Roll 1d6 = 6
1. DDR, 2. LEft 4 Dead 2, 3. UMVC3, 4. ...MUGEN 5. Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed 6. ...2 player Goat simulator

I can't say it's something I touch often, but hey, it could be fun, ya know?


File: 1424837305638.gif (66.97 KB, 500x272, tumblr_mj66di71DV1qdhsq1o4_500…)

>Looking at the game cover, she grinned.
Isn't this that game they left all the fun glitches in?
Yeah, let's play this game


File: 1424837607545.jpg (2.57 MB, 1756x2769, 48149635_p0.jpg)


>Putting the game into the system and turning the TV on, Jo quickly flopped back onto the couch next to Saya and handed her one of the controllers

...alright then, so Goats...

>she rubs her chin as they go to the start screen

...what do goats do...?


File: 1424838022594.gif (129.49 KB, 445x360, tumblr_mitcpq4I0K1rxeywdo1_500…)

>Saya held up the controller before blinking.
I have no real idea what they do to be honest.
>Looking at the start screen, she looked at the menu.
There's a new game mode too.


File: 1424838144222.png (173.13 KB, 600x600, funny.png)


Well let's forge on then! On to the future of new game modes...

>she laughs for a moment before her ears lower

...that was kinda silly, anyway, yeah, let's head to the new game mode, whatever it entails...

???!pinkie78Os 888823

>sometimes there's a warning that something is going to happen
>the sky will darken, alarms will sound, people will get the strange feeling they're being watched...
>something will tip them off that something is amiss and that trouble is on its way

>this wasn't one of those times

>instead, it would start off very innocently

>someone would be knocking at the front door of Wayne Manor, loud enough that anyone nearby would hear it

!FlamehpHHA 888825

File: 1424838892126.png (74.59 KB, 254x283, chibi_vulpix_by_cheerubi-d3a7d…)

!FlamehpHHA 888827

File: 1424838918379.gif (211.53 KB, 500x374, tumblr_lwday3EJn11qd8t4mo1_500…)


>That wasn't Miss Foxy.

!FlamehpHHA 888828

File: 1424838956117.jpg (46.05 KB, 848x477, Orihime-Inoue-3-anime-34901667…)

Kala, no!

>Snatching up the startled fox from the counter, the slightly shaking woman, fear in her eyes, nevertheless saves the stranger from the fire fox's wrath, having been only a foot away the entire time.

Who are you...? And where's Cator?

>Fear and terror mixing with childlike outrage, the florist has to stop herself from slamming a small fist down on the counter.

W-What'd you do to her?!

>This wasn't her changing her appearance to be playful. This was... Different.
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File: 1424839005822.jpg (109.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mibowjszKP1s1orvwo1_500…)

Yeah, you won't want to tempt fate with this.
>Scratching between her ears again, she smile
An we should pick our goats too, there's a list of them here.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888830

File: 1424839042294.png (25.67 KB, 111x169, I'm pleased.png)

I got it, I got it...If it's not the Filly Scouts, I swear someone's gonna die...

>Her body shivered, but Shy paid no mind to it as she floated to the door, opening it up to whoever wanted in.

What do you need?


File: 1424839227329.png (776.43 KB, 1296x766, meh.png)


>Walking up to the door as she heard the knock, Lain notices a ghost answer the door

...Ya really gotta stop questioning this stuff, girl...

>She muttered to herself before pulling out a lollipop she'd had in her mouth

What the horse ghost said, whatsup?

!rjtGfDeadI 888832

File: 1424839389368.png (Spoiler Image,250.66 KB, 321x426, Batman_3.png)

>From the basement, a lone blue clad figure would step out and welcome the sound of the door.

Ah! Visitors. A welcome guest from the outside world come to enlighten us with news and culture. Or perhaps it is a door to door salesmen, come to bargin with us to enrich his life with our well earned currency.

>The man steps up and approaches the door to join the evergrowing group before it.

So who has come to visit us this day?


File: 1424839616139.jpg (64.1 KB, 465x600, Necro.([email protected]).600.82123.jpg)


>Reeling back at the sudden reaction from the small fox and the loud shouts from the woman, the black haired fox winced

Jeesh, calm down, really
, your friend's just taking my place and being dragged off by the vahki in Xavara about now

>before any more shouts or ylls can be had, the fox holds her hands up

don't worry...they'll let her go soon enough...once they figure out she's not me, they'll let her go.

>she backs up a bit, just in case the little fox gets up and hostile again...

I'm Aerith...just an inventor who's caused a few...explosions with her work over the years.

>She states before looking around uneasily

...I don't suppose you two'd just let me leave now would you?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888834

>Shen-Mu made her way down the hall, picking up on the sound immediately, her staff
>dressed in a tank top and shorts, the tattoos on the girl's arms and legs were highly visible.
>she wore a blank mask this time, with three eye holes, one of the center of her forehead.
>tap tap tap

>moving along, the young shaman slowly made her way downstairs, carefully taking each step.

>she had known this was a place that got a lot of visitors, but something was off about this.. This knocking person didn't seem friendly, and they haven't even said anything yet.

!FlamehpHHA 888835

File: 1424840222666.png (217.11 KB, 900x529, orihime_inoue_by_renzolomagno-…)

Of course not!

>Still rather upset, her eyes wide with terror for her friend, the gardener can't help but notice, however, she had the decency to not try and run away, or to at least feel ashamed for what she'd done.

If anything happens to her... If she's not alright...



>Sniffling and stifling a small flow of tears pooling in the corners of her eyes, the woman chokes back sobs, collapsing back into a small chair behind the counter, vulpix clutched to her chest. Her life was so different now. She needed Catori, her best friend. A life without her...

...just go...

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888836

File: 1424840536494.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, You Know You Can't Handle My S…)

>Shy would find a rather familiar face staring blankly at her, his arms folded as he took a moment to recognize her


>he then quickly grew disappointed

Well you won't be any fun.

>his expression would light back up when Lain came into view

Much better!

>without warning, he then drew his strange jagged gun and fired at her, a burst of hellfire erupting from the weapon

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 300

>he'd then casually turn to the older man in the costume and fire again
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 643

>and then to the woman that just joined the group
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 224


File: 1424840892466.jpg (93.42 KB, 424x600, Necro.([email protected]).600.1247786.jpg)


>Aerith winces and shakes her head a bit

...riiiiiight then, I guess I'll be off then...

>She started inching towards the door before she stops for a moment to think

>She couldn't help but feel more than a little pity for the woman in a state like this but...

>It really wasn't her problem.

>But...would it really be the right thing to do, just leave? Sure she was a criminal, but all those explosions she caused were because she was pursuing things that were the right thing to do...

>...there were 3 virtues commonly taught on Xavara, they came from the second largest populace there, the Matoran, but were never the less followed by both the kitsune and humans as well

>Unity, Duty, and Destiny..and well since Aerith had switched out with Catori...she supposed it was her duty to stay here until Catori returned

>The fox groans and throws her arms down

...alright look, if you don't get word of your friend via cellphone or magic comm or something in the next 30 minutes, I'll cast the swapping spell I did again to make her come back here, ok?

Roll 1d1000 = 722
>e cont.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888838

First of all, very rude.

Second of all, don't you have anything better to do? Is getting your ass kicked just a fetish for you now?

>Shy floats away to her room, quickly returning controlling s

> Roll 1d3 = 1
>1 Sword
> 2 Axe
> 3 Lance

And third, are you actually gonna fight one on one? No generic spandex jumpers?

Frankly, I'm disappointed, you're not the jackass I remember killing.


File: 1424841163601.png (141.41 KB, 500x400, human5_zps9cdec10a.png)


>Catori lets out a yawn as she steps through a portal

God damn it, I really hate Vahki police inspections, they always cause me to go over every detail of myself and it always causes the hair dye to wear out...

>The now blonde Catori blinks a few times before looking to the others in the room

Hey there guys, what's up?

>she waves a bit and lets out another yawn

Ever been to Xavara? the cops there are kinda dim...

Adam West!rjtGfDeadI 888840

File: 1424841314902.jpg (92.58 KB, 1024x768, adam-west-batman.jpg)

>The blast from the gun would send the caped crusaider backwards. He slides along the floor on his back before coming to a stop half way to the stairs.

Great Scot! This isn't a friendly well wisher at all. I dare say that we have been visited by a fiendish villain, set out on ruining our good fortunes.

>Kicking the air, the man would get to his feet, his cape flowing in the wind behind him as his heroric spirit fills the room.

Fear not friends! I will aid you in ridding our home of this vile evil doer. Come, let us combine our mights to restore peace to this residence.

>Reaching into his belt, e bulls out what appears to be a bat shaped shuriken. With great might, he tosses it forward toward the femanine pirate.

Roll 1d1000 = 134 Evens

!FlamehpHHA 888841

File: 1424841398354.png (191.4 KB, 500x597, tumblr_n9m37lIp4S1tycfaio1_500…)

>Almost tackling her roommate, the woman's feet leave the ground for few moments as she buries her face in Catori's shoulder, squeezing her tight as if afraid she'd disappear again.

>Voice still full of residual fear and terror, the woman's sobs turn happy as they pour of of her, staining the fox's shirt.


>She didn't care about the other fox now. She was just glad her best friend in the whole world was alright.

...I shouldn't have been afraid for you, considering, but...


File: 1424841485886.jpg (44.42 KB, 225x350, tumblr_lut13mOWOU1qdmzwao3_250…)


>Lain saw the hellfire erupt for the gun and quickly drew her Nerf™ Maverick Blaster and fired a bolt of energy at it dispelling it before it could hit her

Oh my my, looks like someone wants to play, huh?~

>she says teasingly as she grins at Basco before firing a second round of her gun towards him

Roll 1d1000 = 978
>evens, Max Damage, the barrel has a dart in it, so rather than firing a simple energy blast, Basco is hit with the equivalent of a small rail gun blast as the dart is super charged and shot out of the gun

>odds, Min, Basco gets hit by a normal blast

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888843

>Shen-Mu, with a combination of hearing, intuition, and the feeling of heat coming towards her, she stepped out of the way.

>she pointed, right at Basco.

1... Foe..

>then to the other people

1... 2... 3... Friends?

>she pursed her lips behind her mask.

>from her cold, grey eyes, she was blind. Yet from her curious pointing, she could somehow tell where everyone is.
>making her way down to ground floor, off of the stairs, she stayed staring at her opponent, those zombie like eyes locked on him.

>Shen-Mu raised her staff in the air, before roughly tapping it against the ground, holding onto it with both hands, kneeling down on one knee. She began to murmur something under her breath.

>it wasn't in English, but it sounded almost like a prayer, speaking to a higher being.

>from the kitchen, a muffled, rumbling sound was heard from the pipes of the sink, the faucet began to vibrate wildly.


File: 1424842066445.jpg (187.73 KB, 1032x774, popstar_ahri_skin_chibi_by_adi…)


>Catori yelps at first as she's tackles

>she gently hugs Julia before stretching a bit and patting her back

...there there, It's ok, I'm right here now...

>Catori let's out a soft sigh before smiling a bit

I would've been scared too...

>she looks around the room to Aerith, who's now trying to casually sneak out the door

>Catori stares angrily before using a spell to lock the door

>This bitch must've been the one who caused Julia to worry so much...

>she lets go of Julia and looks down

...could you check to see if we have any of my hair dye left while I do a bit of house cleaning with the "Guest"?

>She asked, making her intents pretty well known as she started to stand up.

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888845

File: 1424842121971.jpg (157.48 KB, 1440x810, Does Basco Have To Choke A Bit…)

>evidentially not worried about Shy pulling out a weapon on him, Basco would just answer in a calm, nonchalant voice

Well, technically it's three-on-one now. Not that it would make any real difference.

>he'd look up to Shy, then grin in the same smug manner he always did

You don't count, Casper~

>the bat-shaped shuriken would fly by Basco, slashing his face as it passed
>with a brief grunt, he'd reach up and touch the cut, rubbing his fingers when the blue-green blood leaked out

...how did you take a blast of hellfire to the chest and just get back up?

>as far as he knew, he was just a crazy old man

>so how could he just ignore something like that?

>the sudden energy blast to his own chest would force him out of his thoughts, the overcharged burst of energy sending him flying back out the doorway he had opened up
>he'd skid along the ground, the snow under his feet being pushed up as he flew, but he'd ultimately halt, still standing up on his feet
>he'd hunch over, his chest smoking from the attack, but now that he was back outside he wouldn't be able to see whatever it was Shen-Mu was preparing

!FlamehpHHA 888846

File: 1424842298284.jpg (57.92 KB, 1280x720, Orihime.jpg)


>She'd been worried, but...

...I just bought you a new bottle a few days ago...

>She didn't want Catori to hurt anyone...

>Even though she knew her friend wasn't like that, she'd never be able to forgive herself, or Catori, if she was wrong.


>But some nice, karmic punishment would be nice, even if she didn't seem all bad. Whatever she'd done did seem really wrong, after all.


File: 1424842637635.jpg (366.82 KB, 550x465, 4ff9d70242c4c3cb59d5ac16acc40b…)


>She looks at Julia's uneasiness

Don't worry, she's not going to end up having to go to the hospital or anything like that...

>she thinks back to various spells she knew...before walking up to the clearly younger fox and casting one, before teleporting her away using a connect portal

....she's just going to have to deal with every fox, cat, and dog in the neighborhood falling heads over heels for her for the next 4 days.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888848

Aw, now my feelings are hurt. I'm so heartbroken I could just die.

>She stares with a flat expression to match her deadpan tone.

Not that that matters.

>She gestures to the man with the underwear outside his pants.

I don't think we'd lose anyway, even if I didn't count.

>She flies back, kicking the hilt of the sword to send it flying at his chest.

>Roll 1d1000 = 47 evens


File: 1424842882414.png (669.61 KB, 900x542, Akane_Mishima_from_Kampfer_by_…)


You guys keep an eye on him ok? I have to go grab some things super quickly

>Lain states before she runs off to grab some stuff from her room

>she'll be gone for

Roll 1d3 = 3

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888850

>then, a loud splashing sound was heard from the kitchen, as the kitchen faucet burst. But, rather than spilling all over the kitchen floor, the water took the form of a large, snake-like blob, which rushed out of the kitchen, as if it had a mind of its own.
>going right for Basco, it attempted to knock him off his feet
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 277
>odds, it goes right in front of him, Shen-Mu's aim off.

>regardless of results, the gathered water goes over to Shen-Mu and spirals around her body, floating in the air.

>Shen-Mu looked to Basco, pointing her staff at him.


!FlamehpHHA 888851

File: 1424843048898.jpg (177.49 KB, 433x658, smile_by_orihichan-d51abxj.jpg)


>If it was just lust, that seemed alright, but real love? Or perceived love? Weren't love potions and love spells illegal, for the same reason brainwashing was?

>Pressing her forehead against her friend's affectionately, the florist smiles and hugs her a little closer as Kala bounces back up onto the counter, watching the two impatiently, as if regretting not being able to understand what or why they were hugging.

>Her mood entirely salvaged, Julia gives her friend a big squeeze, voice returned to near normal.

...So I shouldn't ever get on a kitsune's bad side?

Adam West!rjtGfDeadI 888852

File: 1424843130308.jpg (227.32 KB, 1366x1650, Batman_'66_-_Adam_West_as_Batm…)

>Standing triumphantly, the elderly gentleman would place his fists to his hips.

The powers of justice shall forever be shielded from the likes of evil such as yourself. Now prepare to be placed in the hands of Town-er...manor's finest!

>He spoke, unaware the nation he was currently in didn't actually have a police force.

Fair enough old chum. We shall hold the villain at bay while you prepare yourself for the battle ahead. Enguarde!

>Rushing forward, the man would ready a punch to Basco's face.

Roll 1d1000 = 445 Evens

>If hit, Basco would be greeting with a loud WAM! Complete with matching blue word balloon.


File: 1424843519935.png (203.06 KB, 622x636, pop_star_ahri_by_puyo_pi-d6zhc…)


Well yeah that goes without saying...but even for the ones that aren't particularly vengeful, if you piss them off enough, you get stuck with bad luck for...pretty much ever.

>Catori states before squeezing Julia back softly

not that you'd ever be one to get on my bad side though.

>Catori looks at Kala and stretches a little bit

after that great big mess, maybe we should try to relax a bit? Take Kala for a walk?

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888854

File: 1424843709015.jpg (54.6 KB, 590x756, Wait A Moment, I'm Contemplati…)

>as the attacks all flew for Basco, there would be a flash of red, followed by a wave of energy coming off of him
>he'd then straighten up, revealing himself in his armoured form, rotating his neck very calmly

Let's see...

>he'd reach a hand out and catch Shy's sword before it hit him, the blade not even scratching his hand

>he'd then spin around as Adam West flew by him, swinging the flat of it at his back
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 5

>regardless, he'd then drop the sword and turn back to face the manor, raising a hand up as the column of water came for him

>suddenly, the area immediately around him would get unbearably hot, so much so that the water would evaporate as soon as it reached him, the snow around him melting and evaporating as well
>he'd then push his hand out a bit more, a torrent of hellfire bursting out and into the manor, crashing into Shen-Mu
>Roll 1d1000 = 363
>evens, min damage
>odds, max damage

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888855

>Shen-Mu was quickly engulfed in flames.
>the young shaman cried out in pain, her mask falling off, which she kicked to the side so it wouldn't be damaged.

>This person is /evil/

>concentrating, she pointed her staff towards the area where the water was, trying to pull the vapor back to her and turn it back into cool water.

>Roll 1d1000 = 222
>Evens, the evaporated water condenses into a blob of water and moves over to Shen-Mu, splashing over her. Cooling her off and putting out any burning spots on her clothes.
>despite being put out, the young shaman is far too startled and in panic to make another action soon.

>odds, she is too busy freaking out over being on fire and panicking.

>she hadn't flinched when she got her tattoos, she never cried when she was bitten by animals with sharp teeth, nor had she wimped at falling down and bruising herself. Yet, she had never experienced pain like this before.

Adam West!rjtGfDeadI 888856

File: 1424844246936.jpg (53 KB, 650x488, adam-west-batman-niagara-falls…)


>The super powered being would prove somewhat overwealming for the blue toned man. The pure strength and speed was far beyond that of most of his cast of rouges.

>The attack itself would send him to the side. Holding his head he would seem disoriented. With not as much steam as he had in his youth, it was as though he was already on his last legs.

>Regaining himself, he goes to throw another punch, this time directed at the side of Basco's face.

Roll 1d1000 = 285 Evens

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888857

Alllright. I guess throwing is a bad idea. I've been watching too many 80's cartoons.

>Shy sticks her hoof out, drawing the sword back, completely unaffected by the change of temperatures.

Gods, I'm bored to death of this already. Why can't fights just be easy? I hit things and they bleed, the end.

>Still controlling the sword, she makes a vertical slice at the armor

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 198

!FlamehpHHA 888859

File: 1424844455012.gif (996.39 KB, 488x288, tumblr_m75xwuCDy21rqocw6.gif)


>Eyes glazing over, taking on an almost artificial, sultry look, the woman tries her best to look "sexy"...

>...Before dropping the act not three moments later, instead taking on her more normal, plain appearance.

I just want to try something...

>Lightly draping her arms over the kitsune's shoulders and interweaving fingers behind her neck, the orange-haired woman leans forward and, unprecedented, plants a kiss right on Catori's lips.

>Face red and breath heavy, the gardener removes her hands, and smiling, hides her face, palms against her own fiery hot cheeks.

...I know we've... And we're not, you know... But...

>Sucking in another breath, the hopeless romantic, unable to contain herself, giggles drunkedly, acting for all the world like a high school student.

...that was my first kiss...

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888860

>since trips
>once doused with water, the young girl took a deep breath, calming down. SHe stood back up, soaking wet.

>her expression wasn't one of pain or grief. Not of smugness or confidence. Her emotions were completely unreadable.

>but most of all, it was as if she wasn't even set on fire. Like she had completely put aside the pain earlier, like it never happened.

>yet again, she pointed at Basco



File: 1424845004126.jpg (255.17 KB, 1024x1448, ahri_popstar_by_lataedelan-d7j…)


>Catori's face goes a bright red for a few brief moments before she squeaks slightly


>Catori looks away for a moment before looking back with a smile

For a first kiss that was really good, Julia...

>A bit nervously, Catori's ears perk up

here's hoping they just get better~

>she says with a hint of a teasing tone in her voice.

!FlamehpHHA 888862

File: 1424845327449.jpg (46.66 KB, 500x281, pockie_ninja_10s.jpg)


I-I was just seeing what it was like! Because...!

>...What had she said before? She wanted Catori's help and went on dates because she trusted her and wanted to know how to act when she decided she was ready to search for a relationship?

>That seemed like really flimsy reasoning now.


>Was it really that good? It had felt amazing to her, but her doubts about... Sex were sort of mirrored, here. It felt really, really good, but she was so terrified she was bad at it, no matter what Catori said, that she was afraid of trying again.

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888863

File: 1424845817562.jpg (166.07 KB, 1440x810, Don't Worry, This Won't Hurt T…)

>without even looking at him, Basco would raise his hand and catch Adam West's fist before it struck him
>he'd then turn around and give him a sharp kick to the stomach
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 431

>the sword would clash against Basco's armour, but only a few sparks would fly off from where Shy hit, not cutting through it
>Basco would turn to Shy with a sigh

I think you're missing the point.

This is easy.

>he'd then raise a hand and let out a blast of red energy to push the spectre away

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 659

>he'd turn his attention to Shen-Mu, his masked face naturally blank as she somehow healed herself of the intense heat that came from the flames of Hell itself
>but when he spoke, his voice would have just a tinge of interest behind it

I'll leave when I'm satisfied...

>he'd draw out his long, jagged sword, then raise it up over his head

So, satisfy me!

>he'd then swing down, a wave of red energy travelling along the ground towards Shen-Mu

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 564


File: 1424846001102.png (203.06 KB, 622x636, pop_star_ahri_by_puyo_pi-d6zhc…)


Julia, I don't take kisses lightly, I'm kind of like my lil sis in that regard.

>she states putting her hands on her hips as she looks down at her

>It was weird by some, but a lot of kitsune considered kissing so much more intimate than simply having sex.

...if you don't want to be in a position where we give each other kisses more often, fine then, though.

>Catori said with blunt seriousness...despite taking a bit of a goofy pouty face before turning her head around and away from Julia.

>If Julia didn't want it fine...but whatever

>...she didn't want to let her insecurities about the dates they had were really just for practice...or that maybe Julia didn't enjoy it all as much as she did

>Catori would just push those emotions away for now...

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888865

>listen for the sound
>tell where it is coming from
>tell how far your opponent is from you
>how fast the attack is coming
>when it will hit you
>all this done in a mere seconds or less.

>Shen-Mu sidestepped the attack, her expression still blank and unreadable.

>blocking out the pain and all stimuli. To her, it was just her and Basco.

>running at him, she clutched at her staff and thrusted it at him, aiming to strike him with the end of it, as if it was a spear

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 297
>hitting him in the
>Roll 1d3 = 3
>1. Stomach
>2. Neck
>3. Solar Plexus

>if successful, she lept back and swung her staff at Basco, sending a strong blast of wind at him, trying to knock him down

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 484

!FlamehpHHA 888866

File: 1424846403124.jpg (97.38 KB, 1280x720, Orihime_lasnoches.jpg)

>Suppressing a whimper, the woman curses her luck, while inwardly and guiltily being upset with Catori. She had done so without knowing what it meant to her, but...

>She was putting her on the spot, wasn't she? Saying that, yes, she would like to, would be wrong. They weren't like that, after all, and she couldn't, in good conscience, ask her to do more than she already did unless they were... Together.


>If she backed down, she'd be lying about how nice it felt, as well as hurting her friend.

>But if she said that, yes, she did want to do so again, it'd be as much as giving the fox a solid declaration that she did like her that way.


I don't know...

Adam West!rjtGfDeadI 888867

>The blow would be more then the caped crusaider could bare. His aging body was obviously no match for the demon prince. Tired, wounded, he fell to his side out cold from the struggle.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888868

>Shy is pushed away, but she doesn't go far.

Well now you're just being boring.

>She twirls the sword around before soaring up high into the air, coming down for a more gravity-assisted slash.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 478


File: 1424846821610.jpg (84.96 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2vjgs3mmW1sr78d…)


>Catori lets out a "Hmmph" noise in annoyance before sighing with resigned to the current position

>Everyone was so fickle at times...but she could forgive Julia if no one else...after all, Julia was a good friend, she trusted her with an awful lot...and actually felt like she really could trust her

>Sighing she turns her head but glances to Julia

...that's fine, I can't say I'll give you any kisses until you do know though...

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888870

File: 1424847022235.jpg (137.47 KB, 1440x810, Just Hold Still And Make This …)

>Basco would simply reach out and grab Shen-Mu's staff before it hit him, the end of it stopping just before his stomach
>but this would leave him open for the sword to strike his shoulder, the blade digging into the armour but not drawing blood
>Basco himself would remain unmoving, still staring at Shen-Mu


...is this really it?


A broken old man, a ghost, and a stage magician?

>Basco was clearly disappointed with this, his voice taking on that very tone as he stayed in one spot

Not enough...this is nowhere near enough!

How am I supposed to be satisfied with killing any of you?!

>he'd let go of Shen-Mu's staff, but swing his head forward in a sharp headbutt

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 726

>he then turns and swings his sword at Shy, a wave of hellfire bursting off of it

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 907

!FlamehpHHA 888871

File: 1424847454204.jpg (97.38 KB, 1280x720, Orihime_lasnoches.jpg)

>Shrinking under her friend's gaze, the flighty woman pulls away, picking up Kala and anxiously scratching behind her ears, obviously extremely distressed by the fox's ultimatum.

>She didn't want a relationship, the wound was still so fresh from the last time she opened up her heart. She just wanted to know what being kissed felt like.

>She should just give up. And stop reading those stupid romance novels. They didn't even really reflect what little experience she had anyway.


>Squeezing Kala closer to her chest, the florist disappears through the door to the back of the shop, the telltale creak of the back door making her destination clear.

The Tick!rjtGfDeadI 888872

File: 1424847472034.jpg (31.67 KB, 300x340, tt3.jpg)

>Was this the end? Would the all powerful demon prince win the day? Would this be the moment justice and virtue failed? As the heroes of Wayne Manor seemed to be defeated one by one, a lone figure watches from the roof tops.

>Underneath his feet, the edge of the roof top would crumble beneath him. With something resembling rage, he looks down at Basco. A villain of justice, a rival of hope, he needed to be stop.

>With a mighty leap, the large man would move to crash down onto Basco. Announcing his presance with a loud, mighty battle cry as he moves to slam onto Basco's head with his entire body.


>Roll 1d1000 = 320 Evens

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888873

No stage, no performance..

>managing to get out of the way of the attack before it hit, Shen-Mu readied her next attack.

>the water coating her body began to move off of her, moving from her tattooed arms, all the way down to her staff, still the intricately carved catalyst was covered in liquid.

>she then swung at him, using her magic to amplifysending several droplets at him, while at the same time using her magic to turn these regular droplets into small spears of water.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 61
>how many hit Roll 1d10 = 7

>if successful, she goes for a strike to his knee with the staff. Despite looking like a normal pole made of wood, it was pretty strong.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 168

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888874

>The fire licks Shy's body, but she quickly backs out, brushing off the burns.

Well, if your goal is to kill me, you're kinda already failing at it.

I mean, oh no. We re no match...please kill me and let my ghost run free though this world.
>Shy's tail flicked as she went for another sword swing, this time where the previous strike hit.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 631


File: 1424847705154.jpg (46.7 KB, 400x400, 134773894499.jpg)


>Lain pulled back into the room, covered head to toe now in various nerf guns, while holding one a Vulcan chain dart gun in her hands

>...there was another, shinier gun on the back of her belt, along with something else, but that...? that'd be last resort

>Lifting the hefty weight up, she made her best effort to aim for Basco

Hey Bozo, I think you're forgetting about someone!

>She fires the massive chain gun towards him and fires energy rounds from it

Roll 1d1000 = 998
>if hit, how many hit Roll 1d30 = 27


File: 1424848071447.jpg (62.76 KB, 344x324, tumblr_inline_n2pi5rdv3K1sr78d…)


>Catori squeaked slightly as she saw Julia leaving the room, the fox quickly pursued her

Look...don't worry about it, alright? I forgive you this time but...

>The tone of her voice is a bit disappointed as her ears lower slightly

Asking whether or not something is ok is important, Julia...I know that sounds kind of silly coming from me but...

>She just scratches the back of her neck a bit

>she sighs before going back to the front of the shop to watch it.

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888877

File: 1424848256362.jpg (89.83 KB, 248x336, Congratulations, You're About …)

>Basco would raise up his own sword to block the slash, then push Shy's sword away to slash at her again
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 388

>he'd then swing his sword again and again at each water spear, deflecting them and pushing them away
>with another shout, he'd swing his sword at Shen-Mu's arm, the hellfire coating his blade to make it burn as well as cut
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 81



>Basco would turn his attention to the voice in question, only to get bombarded with an array of energy bursts right to his chest

>the constant spray would stop him for the time being...

>leaving him open for the Tick to crash down onto him and drive him to the ground
>landing face-first in the snow, the Demon Prince of Greed would be motionless for a few seconds, before letting out a grunt and moving back up
>he'd turn around, then reach out to grab Tick's spandex-covered ankles
>odds, successful Roll 1d1000 = 608

>if succeed, he'd then yank him up with surprising strength and throw him over at Lain

>Lain, roll to catch/dodge

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888878

>Shy's body phases through the sword.


>When their opponent was down, she launched her sword high up into the air, quickly flying after it.

>When she caught it, she pointed it down back to the ground and charged, plummeting down towards Basco.
>Roll 1d1000 = 877
>Evens hits his back
>Odds hits his legs

The Tick!rjtGfDeadI 888879

File: 1424848698771.jpg (14.55 KB, 311x344, th.jpg)

>The hand would meet nothing but air as The Tick dodged with great speed.

Vile fiend! You who dare disturb our sanctuary of rightiousness! You who try destroy our fresh air of goodness with your rotten tomatoes of evil! You now face the beacon of Justice! The shining example of all that is good in the world! You face the Tick!

>With both hands, The Tick would swing his arms around to deliver a double fisted blow to Basco's face.

Roll 1d1000 = 640 Evens


File: 1424848830250.jpg (46.67 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m6p8s81WKX1qjdirjo1_500…)


>Lain would drop the big chain gun for now, given it was too cumbersome for her normally quick moving fighting style

>She'd run up to Basco, lifting up a pair of mavericks modified for rapid firing from the barrel before shooting them, six shots headed off from each gun

Roll 1d1000 = 180
>if success, how man shots hit
Roll 1d12 = 9

>If dubs or above, half of the hit shots are railgun level and also serve to throw Lain back from recoil

!FlamehpHHA 888881

File: 1424848836777.jpg (355.27 KB, 727x934, bbd48a86eb3019776dae9c937bb995…)

>Staying silent, not making so much as a sound, the woman pulls her knees up to her chest in her favorite spot, and Kala held tight, fights back the empty feeling that welled up inside whenever she messed up.


>Her anxious scratching turning to gentle strokes, the trembling and hurt florist tries to calm herself, voice faltering, and every few moments a word trailing off into the sound of a pained creature.

"If only, if only" the woodpecker sighs,
The bark on the trees, was as soft as the sky.
The wolf lay below, hungry and lonely.
He cries to the moon, "If only, if only."

"If only, if only," the moon speaks no reply,
Refleeecting the sun, and all that's gone by.
Be-gone there hungry wolf, turn around slow-ly.
Fly high, my baby bird, my angel, my only...

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888882

>the attack lands, striking her across her arm. Feeling the horrible burn, she manipulated a portion of the remaining water around her staff to the wounded region; stopping the burning as well as limiting the bleeding.

>she remained in her creepy trance, not reacting to the attack other than stopping the burning sensation. Not crying out or anything.

>she swung her staff at him and sent a water spear at him, not aiming anywhere in particular.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 141
>Roll 1d3 = 3
>1. Hits his leg
>2. Chest
>3. Forearm

So much noise...

>too much noise... The excessive external stimuli would force her out of this trance of hers. If she snapped out of it, she'd be in great pain, wouldn't she...?

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 888915

File: 1424881351284.jpg (16.33 KB, 156x183, deadmeat.jpg)

>this was getting ridiculous
>it had been weeks since they last spoke, weeks since he last saw her or Nigel
>fine, she was angry at him, but to just cut him off like that for so long was a childish move

>knock knock knock

>the mage knocked on her door



>no answer

>knock knock knock


>still no answer, the mage sighing at the silence

Come on, Mom! You can't avoid me forever, can you? We have to talk!
>he spoke out with a tinge of annoyance in his voice as he reached for the doorknob
>it was unlocked

I'm coming in, whether you like it or not.
>determined, the mage stepped forward, swinging the door wide open
>and his eyes widened at the sight, or lack thereof

>there was nothing

>no bed, no furniture
>none of Nigel's toys
>the entire room was empty


>"She wouldn't..."


>"She couldn't..."

>his hands began to shake

>"She didn't...-!"

>and a burning voice deep inside of him told him back

>she would
>she could
>she did


>"She left you!"


>his hand gripped down so hard on the doorknob he could have easily torn it right out of the door

>instead, he simply slammed the door shut, storming off down the basement's halls towards his room

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888959

File: 1424904293428.jpg (166.37 KB, 1440x810, I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You Ov…)

>he was getting really sick of fighting this ghost
>as he stood up, the sword would crash against the back of his legs, taking him off of his feet and sending him back to the ground
>which allowed Tick to smash his face in further
>and getting another barrage of shots to his chest, pushing him further into the ground
>but once the water spear flies for him, he's able to lift his free arm and conjure up a ball of hellfire, stopping the water in its tracks and evaporating it as well
>still laying on his back, he then let out a shout and thrust his hand up, the fireball exploding into a wave of hellfire all around him
>roll to dodge

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888961

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 367

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888962

Roll 1d100 = 19 Odds Dodge

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 888963

File: 1424904957927.gif (17.53 KB, 195x296, 1tick.gif)

>In response to the circle of fire, The Tick knew just what to do. With a great leap he goes into the air. For a good while as the flames burned around him, he seems to hover in the air, all the while moving toward Basco.


>Suddenly, as if gaining the weight of a dumptruck, The Tick begins to charge down, his feet aimed directly for Basco's chest as he aims to slam with every ounce of justice in his body.

Roll 1d1000 = 192 Evens



Roll 1d1000 = 209

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888965

File: 1424905640704.png (273.99 KB, 675x536, Oh joy!.png)


>The fire burned, of course. But it felt nice to get a sensation, something she longed for. She may no longer be on the mortal coil, but this fight made her feel alive, no matter how rusty her fighting skills were.

Heh...I haven't had this much fun in a long time...

>She brandished her sword, charging in to slash at his legs without any regard for safety.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 192


File: 1424905837254.jpg (33.99 KB, 660x371, tumblr_min9r0SUOR1s4viowo7_128…)


>The hellfire hitting her skin caused her an intense burning sensation...

>but then she pauses, there was something, something deeper, and it hurt so much more

>It wasn't just hitting her physically, but she could feel it burning away, burning away at her very soul

>clutching her chest for a moment, she blinks a few times


>she swears under her breath "Stupid poofy hat..."

>She barely manages to force herself past this sensation, to push past the ache in her soul, she didn't know if she'd be able to if she got hit with something like that again though...

>she pulled back the Mavericks and aimed them at Basco again

...neat Trick...

>she muttered irritably before firing them again, her face distorted with an absolute look of disdain and anger from the burning sensation she'd just felt...

Roll 1d1000 = 722


>if hit, how many hit Roll 1d12 = 5

Patches 888967

I'll be home sooon
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 957

Shen-Mu 888968

>the girl was caught in the blast again, burnt.
>Block out the pain, block it out, concentrate... Focus

>Roll 1d1000 = 828

>evens, she remains in her trance, despite the heat of the fire. However, despite not being in pain, she was still hurt. She would likely hurt herself further if she continued to ignore her injuries like this. It had to be some sort of magic assisting her in this.
>odds, snaps out of it, letting out a shout of pain, holding her staff close to her body like a security blanket, leaving her open.

>if evens, she swings her staff at him and launches a gust of wind at him in an attempt to stumble him.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 802

Goofy!rjtGfDeadI 888971

File: 1424909768666.jpg (356.7 KB, 1036x1308, goofy-kingdom-hearts-goofy-3-0…)

>His journey for his friends had taken some time. For what seemed like years now he had searched around, hoping to find the mage and the keyblade master. After helping with the robot invasion some time ago, he came to the conclusion that he would have to widen his horizons. Clearly the two weren't located in town.

>His quest would have him travel out of The Town. With only his clothing and his shield, Goofy traveled down the lonely road. Eventually he makes it to the Nation's capital. Canterlot would be the next stop on his travels. The grand city, center of pony culture.

>Strangely, upon his entrance to the city, nobody seemed to give him a second glance. Since he arrived on this world, he had recieved all sorts of strange looks from the various inhabitants. But here, with its pastel colors and the general carefree attitude of the citizens, he felt strangely at home.

Gawrsh, this sure is a nice place. I'm sure Donald and Sora are around here somewhere. They'd love it here.

>As he walks among the ponies, he can already feel the sense of welcoming from them. Though even here there were those who seemed turned off by his homely apperence. It didn't seem to bother him at all though, he especially found the candy shops most appealing.

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888972

File: 1424910344975.jpg (137.47 KB, 1440x810, Just Hold Still And Make This …)

>before Basco could get back up, however, he'd be greeted with a pair of feet slamming into his chest, driving him further down
>followed by another slash to his legs, which finally cut through his armour, more blue-green blood leaking out
>then another collection of energy blasts hitting his chest, also piercing his armour this time around
>and finally a torrent of wind that pushed him deeper into the ground, resulting in a Basco-sized crater left in his wake


>though the Demon Prince didn't appear to be dead, he wouldn't move right then

>he would simply remain prone in the ground, blue-green blood seeping out from his fresh wounds


File: 1424910614813.png (702.23 KB, 1276x768, blah.png)


>Lain gulped for a moment as she saw Basco get pushed deep into a crater

>her hands shook slightly, she hoped this attack was over, that he wouldn't get back up

>but she had a deep, sinking feeling that all they managed to do was piss him off

>She wouldn't comment or say anything, but she wasn't going to let her guard down either.

The Tick!rjtGfDeadI 888977

File: 1424910655980.jpg (27.04 KB, 400x305, 1185138076_1.jpg)

>With the demon prince apparently out cold, The Tick steps out of the crater he and Basco had been planted in by his cohort's efforts. Reaching down, he grabs Basco by the shirt collar to hold him at face level.


>With a triumphant movement, he raises his free hand and gives a thumbs up to those who fought along side him.

Great job friends! We have once again proven the might of justice! Now all that's left is to deliver this fiend to the proper authorities. His Blackberry glazing will no longer ruin our Righteous sundaes of victory!

>His voice loud, boisterous, he speaks as though they have already won.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888978

File: 1424910804730.png (290.84 KB, 778x581, Hmph. Not as tough as I though…)


>Shy backed away, not turning around, still remaining outside.

He's not done.

This is just filler.

>She stared at the body, death in her eyes.

...Get up.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888980

It's not over...

>she pointed a finger at the man who picked up the fallen Prince. With her limited knowledge of English, the shouty, nonsensical man made even less sense to her.

Restrain him...

Matilda Wilson!aLEJudith. 888981

File: 1424913651077.png (127.26 KB, 450x450, e3ea191a6180796fdba3a7dc1c2c08…)

>He wasn't the only one that was enjoying the candy shops.


>Nibbling on a donut she'd gotten from the nice lady at the donut shop for helping her out, Matilda walks out and down the street towards home. Hopefully Daddy wasn't on a mission or something like that again. Mom was bringing to get annoyed by that grey mare always dragging him off to parts unknown.

Wonder when Mom's gonna try to eat her...

>Her out loud musings make a few ponies look her way wounding what she had meant by that statement. She she was blissfully unaware of such looks, or even where she was going because of the dark and white chocolate coating in a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven sweet... unfortunately, someone very tall and not a pony at all was in her path...

>and collision was certain now even as she finished her treat.

>Roll 1d1000 = 342

>Odds after lightly bumping into him, she steps back to see what she crashed into and then apologize.
Oh, sorry mister. Didn't see you there.
>Evens upon impact she's jolts in surprise and in a panic losses her shape becoming a black blob of goo that quickly covered Goofy from chest to toes.

Waaaaaaaaaaaa! It's got me! It's gonna eat my non-existent organize and use my empty body as a meat puppet! Warm the President and summon Will Smith! The aliens are here to blow up the White House again!

>Of course any being trying to live inside someone with her biology has a death wish...

!uKittyfVOU 888983

File: 1424914406539.jpg (112.44 KB, 850x956, sample-545c1c43db2bd3a41eeac81…)

>Nodding, the cat springs to her feet, brushing crumbs from the chips off her lap.

Hm? Yeah, I know.

>He was nice like that. She knew he wouldn't mind.


>She still felt kinda bad, though...

...Hey, Joel?

Goofy!rjtGfDeadI 888984

File: 1424914887784.png (78.74 KB, 250x395, 250px-Goofy_(KHIIFM)_KHIIHD.pn…)

>Goofy, with his typical carefree attitude, felt the most safe when he entered the candy store. This of course was abruptly inturrupted as the small child nearly half his size collided with him. At least...he originally thought it was a child.

>As the goo covered his body, he begins to flail his arms around. His panic wouldn't end there, as he began to run back and forth through the candy store, eventually tripping and falling out the window.


>The burning sensation covering him from the chest down, he rolls around on the ground as instructed by his middle school training.

Stop, drop, N' roll! Stop, drop ,N' Roll!

Cameron 888985

File: 1424915894826.png (68.82 KB, 480x280, Uhh.png)

>Joel smiles at her affirmative.
Alright, that's good.

>He looks confused, tilting his head slightly at her question.

Yeah, Hitomi?

!uKittyfVOU 888986

File: 1424915976102.jpg (75.67 KB, 1280x720, hAnaTwS.jpg)


>Nobody could say she wasn't a nice person.

What's a good name for a baby?

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888987

File: 1424916271586.jpg (89.83 KB, 248x336, Congratulations, You're About …)

>sure enough, the group's collective skepticism about Basco's defeat would prove to be accurate
>rather abruptly, his hand would swing up to the Tick's face, attempting to slam a ball of hellfire right into it
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 892

>if successful, he would then reach out and try to grab Shy's throat

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 44

>if successful, Shy would discover something that very likely would horrify her

>Basco could actually touch her ghostly form

The Tick!rjtGfDeadI 888988

File: 1424916698513.jpg (16.42 KB, 640x480, 244695390_640.jpg)

>Thanks to the ever watchful supervision of his comrades, The Tick was able the see the hand coming. Thus he was able to tilt his head back to avoid the blow.

Playing Possum to trick us eh? Such misdeeds will not go unpunished!

>His thumbs up tuning into an opem palm, The Tick moves to slap Basco across the face multiple times.

Take that! AndThat! and some of this! For Justice!

Roll 1d1000 = 204 Evens
Roll 1d5 = 1 slaps

Matilda Wilson!aLEJudith. 888989

File: 1424916735675.png (203.39 KB, 500x401, tumblr_n3n854BLX21t1cjqbo1_500…)

>With the "alien" flying out the window and rolling about on the ground.

Oh gods it's trying to grind me into dust!! Super Man save me! Save the daughter of a should be Justice Avenger!

>Luckly for Goofy, the act of rolling around on the ground made more and more of the goo fall off of him. Eventually all the Goo was off of him and on the ground.

Whooooooooa... I feel like I've been in the spin cycle again...

>The mass of black goo in the ground soon reforms into a dirt covered girl.

The alien's got me... Tell Daddy... to delete my browser history.

>Though he should be the last one to see that sort of thing...


File: 1424916964845.jpg (33.99 KB, 660x371, tumblr_min9r0SUOR1s4viowo7_128…)


...Well that was predictable.

>Lain said with a sigh, before tapping her chin...should she use that thing she modified before right now?

>..no, not now when she'd been so successful in dealing damage with her own powers.

>placing the maverick revolvers back into their holsters, Lain reached onto her back, grabbing a generic toy shotgun

>Running forward towards Basco, she attempted getting as close as she could before she'd pull the trigger, causing a bolt of scattered energy to shoot from the two barrels

Roll 1d1000 = 454

Did you seriously just come here to fight? Don't you have anything BETTER to do? I mean jeeze...

>She grumbles a little to herself, she hated the fact people seemed to show up out of the blue just to pick fights...

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 888991

File: 1424916975272.png (155.62 KB, 834x957, Are you kidding.png)

Yeah, what a shock.

I am so scared.

>Shy back up, and then charges, using the sword as a lance to pierce the armor.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 601

Hm...I wonder if...
>Regardless of hit, she would then vanish from visible sight on the spot. It was unknown if she had abandoned the battle, but the unnatural chill of her presence still lingered.

Cameron 888993

File: 1424917134558.png (62.89 KB, 480x280, Thinking.png)

>Joel pauses, mind stalling for a second.
>...She wanted his help for naming her kid?
...My mom's name is Nadia, that seems like a nice name for a kid.
>He pauses again.
Sorry, I'm not much good with names.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888994

>Shen-Mu frowned, hearing him go for Shy
>of course he wasn't out just yet

What purpose? Why are you here?

>She went after him, going to jab him with her staff again, aiming for his torso region

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 529

>if successful, she runs her hand along the length of the magic catalyst, mumbling a few words.

>Basco would then feel a powerful surge of electricity through his body
>Water, wind, and lightning
>the three components of a raging storm.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 474

Goofy!rjtGfDeadI 888995

File: 1424917586540.jpg (142.78 KB, 1323x1599, Goofy_Kingdom_Heart.jpg)

>With the imminent threat taken care of, Goofy would sit on his bottom Small patches of his pants and lower portions of his shirt had been desolved by the goo girl. As he sits down, he looks around for the creature that attacked him. All he could see in the end was a small girl on her knees.

Aliens? Where?

>Was it the aliens that had attacked him? Where would they be? Was it a hit and run?

>As he gets to his feet, he picks up his shield from his side.

Doooo, I hope they don't come back. Aliens sure are spooky.

Basco ta Jolokia!pinkie78Os 888996

File: 1424917948169.jpg (166.37 KB, 1440x810, I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You Ov…)

>the slap would somehow wake Basco back up, turning his head to stare at Tick incredulously

...did you just slap me?

>the bolt of energy would crash against Basco's ribs, actually causing him to growl out in pain
>but it was Lain's remark that would get to him more than that
>not only was this fight not going like he wanted, she was going to be a wet blanket on top of that

>the ghost wasn't any better in that regard either


OK, forget this.

>and then just like that, in a burst of unholy fire, Basco would disappear from Tick's grasp, as though he was never there to begin with

Mercury 888997


>She gives a small nod before tuning her guitar a bit more.

Sure. Maybe you could learn to play some of the music I play as well. Ever heard of Periphery?


Well, that's good. Hopefully I'll be able to stop anything else that comes our way.

>She strums a bit more on her guitar, just making sure her fingers stay limber.

You can count on me, Alton.

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 888998

File: 1424918810293.jpg (51.17 KB, 600x600, 1373437996568.jpg)

>Ooh. Sounded like Mr. Sutcliff was a busy man. And what was she doing with her time? Snuggling up in bed and reading stupid stuff on the internet? Maybe he'd appreciate some help around the manor? She'd ask now, but he seemed like he wanted to get back to work. Maybe save it for tomorrow?

"O-Okay Mr. Sutcliff. See you around!"

>She paused for a moment before remembering something important that she'd forgotten.

"My... My name is Emily, by the way." She added, bowing a little once more.

>Then Mercury mentioned a band name she had yet to hear.

"Periphery? Wh-What kinda music do they do?"

>Regardless, Emily began tapping her phone screen, going into a music app and typing in Pauldron's name.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 888999

>then, he was gone
>Shen-Mu sensed him no longer just like that.
>with that, she could rest. Letting out a quick, pained cry, she fell down to her knees, tensed up in pain, feeling the lingering heat of her burns.
>She gripped onto her staff to support herself. Keeping herself from completely falling down.

>why would someone do that? Attack without reason. He didn't even say anything. He just attacked. None of the people acted rude to him as far as she could tell, they did nothing wrong to him.

>then why would he attack with no warning...?
>The girl wiped her eyes, now that the fight was over, she had completely snapped out of her emotionless trance, displaying emotion; specifically, sadness and confusion.

Who would do this...?

Mercury 889000


Progressive metal.

>She strums out a few impressively complex riffs before starting into a new song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFQobjK2P_I

This is an acoustic rendition of one of their songs. It's quite a bit different from the original version, but it incorporates all the same techniques and such, just without the distortion.


File: 1424919293995.png (702.23 KB, 1276x768, blah.png)



>Lain pauses and just shakes her head

...Wow. Just. ...Wow.

>she shakes her head left and right and sighs, guy wouldn't even finish what he started

>Lain groans a bit before looking around...

...How much damage was done to the foyer?

>She asks no one in particular with a bit of a bored tone.

The Tick!rjtGfDeadI 889002

File: 1424919439975.jpg (24.72 KB, 362x240, tick.jpg)

>With the enemy vanished, The Tick would open his hand with shock. He had just vanished without a trace. Looking around, he braces for a counter attack.

Hmmmm, well it seems that now we have truely won this day.

>From behind him, he could hear the groanings of a man in pain.


>With quick movements, he moves to pick up the injured Adam West.

Fear not old chum! We shall get you the utmost medical care! Make way compainions!

>And thus, The Tick moves to get his injured cohort to the safety of the medical bay.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 889003

File: 1424919497050.jpg (114.73 KB, 357x484, Grell_Butler_Being Cute.jpg)


>Alton graciously nods to the two as he stands upright, then quietly retreats into the Lounge to finish up. He'd have to take the tray to the kitchen afterwards, and then find Tessa (a feat truly not terribly difficult to do for him).

>He enters the lounge and sets his teacup on the tray he brought in earlier, then picks up a biscuit he left on the plate aside it. With a slow and thoughtful hum, Alton turns his attention to the window nearby. The curtains are left open, displaying the snowy lawn before his contemplative gaze.



>Alton's eyes snap open, the texture not quite what he was expecting.

>He must have left the biscuits in the oven for too long. Drat!

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 889004


>Shen-Mu ran her hand along the floor, still on her knees

My mask...

>slowly standing up, she went to where she knocked it away, prodding the ground with her staff


>Roll 1d1000 = 294

>evens, she finds it, and puts it on.
>feeling the comfort of the wooden mask cover her a bit of comfort, like a child's teddy bear

>odds, she wanders in the other direction, her murmurs of "Mask" becoming more desperate.

>either way, the mask in question wasn't damaged by the attack from earlier, a bit singed on the right side, but otherwise not damaged.

!uKittyfVOU 889005

File: 1424920999377.jpg (41.87 KB, 567x800, 2867_0e6c.jpeg)


>That sounded really pretty!

...What if it's a boy, though?

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 889006

File: 1424921067755.png (270.59 KB, 500x500, 1370392529158.png)

>Emily listened to the woman's music intently, nodding her head as she tried to get a hold on the rhythm.
>A minute or two in, Emily started to create a beat by lightly hitting the sides of her lap.
>God, this song was pretty. Sounded like a drop C tuning to her.
>As the song ended, Emily came back from her music trance and looked to Mercury.

"That... that was really pretty! What's it called?"

Mercury 889007


That one's called Scarlet.

>She absentmindedly strums out a few riffs, just keeping her fingers warm.

They have a lot of really good songs, though, not all of them sound that good in acoustic. We can head back to my room so I can use my electric and the backing tracks if you wanna hear more.

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 889008

File: 1424921860877.png (26.84 KB, 160x138, Emily_y-youweren'tsupposedtose…)

>"Scarlet", huh? Emily switched apps and jotted down the band and song name for future reference.
>Maybe it was her turn to show Mercury a Pauldron so-


>"Head back to my room so I..."

>Emily covered her mouth, a certain, flustered heat overtaking her face.

"W-Well I... I don't know what... M-My girlfriend would... I mean I know you don't mean... but..."

Cameron 889009

File: 1424922400534.png (68.33 KB, 480x280, Talk.png)

>Joel deadpans entirely seriously.
I have no idea.
>He shrugs.
Sorry, I'm not good with names.

Mercury 889010


Oh, I getcha.

>She hadn't considered anything like that. Though, there's no way she could've known about Emily's girlfriend. Oh well. There are easy ways to solve this.

Well, if you wanna check in with her, or whatever... Actually, she can come along too, if she wants. But, if you'd rather not, then don't worry 'bout it. We can just hang out here.

>She understands Emily's worry fairly well.

Yeah, I get why you'd be concerned. I had a girlfriend too, at one point. Being able to swing both ways is kind of a blessing and a curse, really.

>She scratches the back of her neck a bit, a light blush rising in her cheeks as well. On the one hand, you have more options. On the other, it's very easy to find yourself torn between one or the other.

And being polyamorous adds a whole new layer of shit to deal with.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 889011

File: 1424922822925.png (556.76 KB, 1080x900, tumblr_mkpttowOZs1rlqxf5o1_128…)

I'm back!

>Shy hovers back to the front in a metal suit of her likeness.

Oh fuck, he rage quit again.

He'll be back, still as pretentious as ever.

No one's seriously hurt, right?

...I mean, except Mr. West?

!uKittyfVOU 889012

File: 1424922974207.jpg (33.23 KB, 225x350, 187177.jpg)

>Well, shoot.

>She'd have to ask Hueco sometime...


>Walking over to the window and throwing a leg over the sill, the kitty smiles, shooting her fairweather friend an apologetic look.

I'm probably not gonna be able to run around so much soon. So come see me sometime, alright?

>Sappy. Sappy sappy sappy.

...But don't forget the movie, or I'm sending you right back to get it. Understand?

Emily Nash!RpQzSCoUts 889013

File: 1424923504014.png (117.06 KB, 244x600, hanako_emb_blushing_cas.png)

"Y-Yeah. I feel ya on the bi thing."

>That was a bit hard for her to say. What with most people she was interested in being fictional and all.

>But then she mentioned that she was polyamorous. That meant that she... If Janie was cool with it... Those arms... Those abs... That everything.
>Emily seemed to space out a few seconds before shaking her head and coming back to Rigel Prima.

"Yeah, I... I think she's at work right now, actually. Maybe we should stay out here."

>Emily spoke as her eyes occasionally wandered to Mercury's midriff.

Cameron 889014

File: 1424923822723.jpg (339.58 KB, 806x1200, tumblr_nf37orKb4H1rikp86o1_128…)

>Joel nods.
Alright, I'll come around when I can. That's a promise.
>He almost bows overdramatically.
And same goes for the movie.

Mercury 889015


>She can't help but smirk a bit as she notices Emily's eyes wandering. Her cheeks flush just a wee bit brighter. Normally, it kinda bugged her to be checked out like that, but Emily seems innocent enough, not to mention adorable. The kind of people that she likes to tease most~

Yeah? Afraid you'd do something you shouldn't?~

>She can't help but snicker a bit.

I feel ya, hon. C'mon, have a seat. I still have a few more songs to play.

>She scoots over, making a bit more room for Emily to take a seat on the bench with a comfortable space between them.


File: 1424924095870.jpg (33.99 KB, 660x371, tumblr_min9r0SUOR1s4viowo7_128…)


I don't think so, I think someone should check on the mask girl though...

>Lain shrugs and sighs a little bit

>Lain looks over the robotic suit for the ghost and scratches the back of her head...

So you know the guy?

>She questioned a bit as she started walking around rather bored.

...he seemed like a real grump.

!uKittyfVOU 889017

File: 1424924169798.jpg (318.35 KB, 580x736, 7b1f6277d47f75e30c337fde3508ef…)

>Nodding, satisfied, the cat drops headfirst out the window, landing on springy heels before dashing off into the sunset.

>...Now what was for dinner?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 889018

>the girl didn't look so good.
>her injuries were limited to a wound on her arm and nasty burns along her body.
>that was on the outside
>injuries are more than just physical, the young cruel looked to be in shock, with her quiet murmuring.

>she was busy thinking about just why someone would attack with no warning like that, using such a painful way to attack people at that...

>he was the worst of people

!oHammer6Ps 889033

File: 1424931292629.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

>The adorable little weight on her shoulders settled, feet held firmly in her hands, the holstaurus smiles and gives her piggyback passenger a playful bounce as she reaches into a pocket to grab the key to Hal's home.

So, whaddaya want for dinner, sweetheart?

We've still got coddle left over, or I could go ahead and work on that vegetable soup and cornbread.

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 889035

File: 1424931821938.jpg (22.3 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_nhuq3kw28R1smdca…)

>the young girl, feeling tired from the whole day, murmured quietly

I want spaghetti..

>of course that would unlikely happen. After all, Thursday is "Spaghetti Night" in her household, and it was Wednesday.

>vegetable soup did sound like a nice second option though...

Kyouko Sakura!tcSassyDEQ 889036

File: 1424931959720.jpg (86.2 KB, 576x729, cEr8xd6MkJdaWEdkQW6oRXN29T-YRn…)

>Sitting upside down on a couch in the lounge, Kyouko watches TV with a a box of pocky in her hand.
>There's bandages around one of her arms, but she doesn't seem to bothered by whatever lie underneath, she just silently watches TV.
>On the table lay a red gem, with a differently shaped black one next to it.

!oHammer6Ps 889037

File: 1424932064652.jpg (42.48 KB, 390x315, tumblr_n8epzoSa951r8ououo1_128…)


>Aw heck. She'd been a good girl all day and hadn't complained once, even when they'd had to go do some boring errands. She could make spaghetti two days in a row, if that's what she wanted.

>Giving her little feet a tug as she shoulders the now unlocked door open, the motherly cow smiles and cranes her neck up to meet eyes with her charge.

Alright, hun. If that's what you want.

>...She was a little bit of a pushover when it came to Elicia's requests, but it's not as if she ever took advantage of that. She was a good, sweet girl.

Promise you'll let me brush your hair for you before you go running off in the morning?

Shen-Mu!MEOWKdWFcQ 889038

>Hal was going to be mildly bothered that they went against a long standing family tradition, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good
>the delicious greater good.

>at Mabel's request, she nodded. She didn't like brushing her hair because of how long it was though, it was such a pain.


>on the subject of the spaghetti though, she brings up an important point.

I like the way papa makes it... He has a secret recipe.

>so the seemingly nicest Riftguard had some secrets to hold?


File: 1424932743491.jpg (200.04 KB, 661x890, 2ba7eaea9bcfd0423c08bdf917b3fa…)

>Walking into the lounge with her Violin case, Wakana waved.
Hi Kyouko.
>Sitting down on the couch, she glanced at the two gems.
Umm what are you watching?

!oHammer6Ps 889040

File: 1424932986913.jpg (46.34 KB, 364x367, happy.jpg)


>And while there might be a "Secret recipe", that didn't mean there weren't some common things that had to be done.

>Lifting the girl off her shoulders and setting her down lightly, the woman crouches in front of her, and smiling, gives her hands a squeeze.

Hun, could you fill the baby blue pot with water and set it on the stove for me? Turn it to seven?

>You had to trust kids with things. Elicia was a big girl, and while she wasn't 100% on it, and it wasn't really a big deal... Trusting kids went a long way to making them trust you back.

I'm gonna go see what your daddy's secret recipe is, or if he wouldn't mind helping out.

>Course he wouldn't. He never did, even if the cramped little kitchen did lead to some awkward squeezing by each other at times.

Kyouko Sakura!tcSassyDEQ 889041

File: 1424932997047.jpg (1.09 MB, 2484x3500, anime-girls.ru-06de7795.jpg)

Hm? Oh, hi Wakana.

>In truth, she didn't even know what was on. She was focusing mostly on the two gems on the table in front of her.

Eh, nothing really. Just whatever comes on.

>Kyouko leans and flips herself around, sitting upright on the couch.

What've you been up to?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 889042

File: 1424934013347.jpg (41.65 KB, 257x300, ss+(2015-01-11+at+03.50.05).jp…)

>the young girl, having helped her father cook several times before, she complies quickly, singing a song quietly, a quiet melodious song.
Until we seek, until we find, ammonia avenue.

>as she got the blue pot, using a step stole to grab it, she looked back to Mabel

He's in his study right now... Paperwork is important.

!oHammer6Ps 889043

File: 1424934306170.jpg (50.87 KB, 366x364, serious.jpg)

>Oh boy. That was a perk she was glad she missed out on. Her handwriting had never been the best, not like Ophelia and Clara's, and she always felt so embarrassed writing things for other people.

Be back quick, hun. Pour a little vegetable oil and salt in it.

>Disappearing around the corner, she pokes her head back around, adding,

Just a little.

>Brushing herself off and making sure she looked alright, the housekeeper knocks at the door to Hal'd study, gently turning the knob and poking her head inside.



File: 1424934456561.jpg (77.26 KB, 413x700, 5c34e4eb058b755a300aa6d1f0a7a4…)

>Looking away from the gems, she smiled a little.
Well my big sister finally showed up, so we can get started on dealing with the vines.
Among other things

Kyouko Sakura!tcSassyDEQ 889045

File: 1424934521676.jpg (329.5 KB, 900x900, 20130131140047-40d42f5a.jpg)

Oh, that's good.

>She smirks.

You can count on me!

>But then she leans back again.

So, when should we go to take care of them?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 889047

File: 1424935270130.jpg (19.91 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_nhulxnQniP1smdca…)

>the child happily obeyed. Maybe she'd drop the whole "future Riftguard" plan and pick up cooking...
>ah, but she didn't want to disappoint her dad; little to her knowledge, he'd be completely fine with it.

>the study was a small little room with several book shelves. Lit by candles and oil lamps, Hal really did enjoy the atmospheric lighting far more than any lightbulb could provide.

>in front of the window at the end of the room, was Hal's desk, with his back to the window so he would face the door.

>there, lying at his desk, paper stacked on one side of the desk and some on the other, between them was Hal, head resting in his arms.

>a few cans of beer lied crumpled in front of the desk as well as a half finished one next to Hal's head.

>he lied there, mumbling to himself

Mm.. Concord is that you... I don't wanna hear your golf stories no more, I just wanna sleep...


File: 1424935369225.jpg (79.81 KB, 531x700, 454e785c9899253709ed6a2fa9f6f0…)

Well I guess after I finish moving my stuff to where we're staying.
>Looking at her violin case, she patted it gently.
You might where I'm living interesting.

!oHammer6Ps 889049

File: 1424935553382.jpg (44.35 KB, 362x366, confused.jpg)


>Geez, a few beers and the guy was near delusional? She'd met plenty of lightweights in her time, but...

Hal, it's me.

>Steeling herself for the ordeal to come, the woman crosses the room, and sweeping aside a few cans, sits up on his desk, a hand on his shoulder.

You okay, hun? You look a little... Out of it.

Kyouko Sakura!tcSassyDEQ 889050

File: 1424935556733.jpg (188.74 KB, 1920x1080, Kyouko-Sakura-puella-magi-mado…)

Oh really?

>Actually a bit curious, simply because Wakana said she'd be interested.

Where are you living then?

>Kyouko shuffled in place a bit, feeling a bit uneasy since she hadn't used the Grief Seed to purify her soul yet.