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File: 1423001456884.jpg (194.51 KB, 680x510, 39385-Cool-dog-PlzB[1].jpeg)

Better Layton Never OOC #57: Cool Dogs Edition Beat!aaqQySKB5Q 885631[View All]

#Better Layton Never #Ask/Invite #OOC #Cats not welcome
Mods are probably not asleep, post cool dogs

Alternatively, talk about BLN and stuff. Or, if y'wanna join up, just say so here.

But also post cool dogs.

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проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895090

File: 1428120106980.jpg (29.26 KB, 277x277, 1420351631395.jpg)

>Not liking lolis

I like this idea. Admiral and Hoppo becoming BFFs Yotsuba-style

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895091

File: 1428120205647.jpg (143.04 KB, 560x428, Ran00001.jpg)

>liking little girls

I can get behind TTK and Hoppo Yotsub&

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895092

File: 1428120266477.png (250.93 KB, 603x449, Neggy_SURPRISE.PNG)

Imagedumping for Camlam

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895093

File: 1428120279507.png (184.95 KB, 379x450, Neggy_Is THIS the Face of a Lo…)

All these filenames are fun even if Cam won't use them

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895094

File: 1428120292212.png (135.62 KB, 569x441, Neggy_BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT…)

This one was my favorite though

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895096

File: 1428120305035.png (273.64 KB, 587x452, Neggy_Is a Chipmunk.PNG)

Jeez why is he such a qt

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895097

File: 1428120413016.png (309.85 KB, 707x455, Neggy_Nervous.PNG)


I mean seriously, totes qt

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895098

File: 1428120425929.png (217.46 KB, 466x463, Neggy_Pout.PNG)

10/10 would cuddle

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895099

File: 1428120438706.png (123.99 KB, 267x430, Neggy_That Suit and Tie is Hid…)

His angry faces are adorable too.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 895100

File: 1428120446664.jpg (145.3 KB, 540x722, tumblr_nj61v8KHro1tc4i8wo1_r1_…)

I love little girls in a brotherly way

Bro, kickstart it

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895101

File: 1428120451407.png (187.18 KB, 486x445, Neggy_Worried over his Ramen.P…)

But THIS one is the best. HE'S A PUPPY DOG!

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895102

File: 1428120573306.jpg (330.7 KB, 708x1003, 3392b3b3cd91e90367c69754456471…)

>Liking impure sluts

Lolis are most pure.

It'll be Yotsub&!, but with a twist...


Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895103

File: 1428120653334.jpg (46.27 KB, 415x295, Warugaki00153.png)

>Liking inexperienced chillens

man you got your head screwed on wrong

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895106

File: 1428120952786.png (94.32 KB, 245x355, Neggy_As Happy as an Eggy.PNG)

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895107

File: 1428120965439.png (184.97 KB, 448x464, Neggy_Back of the Head is Usef…)

!MEOWKdWFcQ 895108

File: 1428120970260.jpg (152.21 KB, 918x793, 1417809036203.jpg)

I highly disapprove! Your father and I are very disappointed in you... Rght Layton?

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895109

File: 1428120978558.png (361.58 KB, 831x452, Neggy_DODGEBALL.PNG)

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895110

File: 1428120991192.png (196.25 KB, 722x447, Neggy_Eyeshot.PNG)

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895111

File: 1428121004249.png (248.7 KB, 820x456, Neggy_EyeshotSHOCK.PNG)

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895112

File: 1428121017590.png (303.11 KB, 730x439, Neggy_Take Into Account My Ton…)

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895113

File: 1428121025142.jpg (68.46 KB, 435x460, Sister00003.png)

You're not my waifu.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895114

File: 1428121030503.png (316.33 KB, 809x461, Neggy_TTGL Eyeshot.PNG)

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 895115

File: 1428121044486.png (228.67 KB, 568x461, Neggy_Worrisome Ceiling.PNG)

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895116

File: 1428121155750.png (74.24 KB, 259x475, 1419632179622.png)

Alright, fine. I was just kidding, okay? I don't like lolis. That much.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 895118

File: 1428121277367.jpg (64.87 KB, 659x520, 120 Percent Done.jpg)

Yes I am
Believe me
I am dragon ship girl

They're meant to be loved not made love to

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895120

File: 1428121471543.jpg (20.42 KB, 208x265, Warugaki00302.png)

Well, as long as you don't go around saying a loli is your waifu we're cool

boy you as flat as my one-page essay you're no dragon

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895121

File: 1428121970620.jpg (123.87 KB, 694x669, ss+(2014-10-23+at+07.09.32).jp…)

Who do you think I am. I would never waifu a loli.

Rammy is my one true love.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 895124

File: 1428122312862.png (1.04 MB, 1600x2400, Vitamin C is Spanish for Vitam…)

I can be anything you want me to be, baby

I got my qt tan catboy bf
And Pochaco for a waifu... And Diane too

!FlamehpHHA 895125

File: 1428122326218.jpg (36.42 KB, 540x376, 1426023268763.jpg)

>Still arguing over best girl

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895126

File: 1428122426262.jpg (19.21 KB, 199x215, Ryuuichi00025.png)

Rammy's a pretty good waifu
love that chocolate skin

but elphelt is still a super cutie

can you transform yourself into air then

shush up you have a gf

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895127

File: 1428122580952.gif (1.88 MB, 640x360, tumblr_n7bhkqf0iE1rk816mo2_128…)

Speaking of her, I'm gonna make my blog Rammy-themed. I've decided this.

Who's arguing anymore?

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895128

File: 1428122655890.jpg (25.2 KB, 202x302, Warugaki00119.png)

Can't wait to see what you come up with! I've already made mine based around Unryuu.

You could probably use like a white/milk chocolate background thing too since it matches her.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 895129

File: 1428122729191.jpg (234.6 KB, 754x613, 4d130933aec0658d7be835d04bf189…)

I can even be another you

She's alright, her personality is stale

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895130

File: 1428122758502.jpg (62.15 KB, 625x262, Helepolis00039.jpg)

Make like a tree and leave

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895131

File: 1428122824404.png (589.79 KB, 1048x1500, c2d379bbf3d558291b2192347472fb…)

Just Fuck of...

Her personality is perfect.

Wish me luck! I'll actually try changing my theme this time.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 895132

>becomes tree

>is busy photosynthesizing

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895134

File: 1428123489268.jpg (162.37 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n86x6b6CEW1qg13v8o2_128…)

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895135

File: 1428124475101.png (844 B, 774x774, background-image-checkers-cheq…)

Looks pretty good but the background feels kinda plain

Maybe try this, see if you like it

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895136

File: 1428124596413.jpg (20.81 KB, 230x230, Helepolis00023.jpg)

On second thought, the "white" isn't white enough. More yellow than anything, to be honest.

I'll maybe try to change it.

проповедник!Cyka87Bfxk 895137

File: 1428125110055.jpg (99.76 KB, 599x700, tumblr_n58l5yOKvL1qfelsio1_128…)

I'll try it out tomorrow. Right now I need to get to bed,

Talk to you later, Lays.

Professor Layton!0Q.SEES3so 895138

File: 1428125144243.jpg (37.16 KB, 270x372, Helepolis00028.jpg)

Night Preach! Rest well!


Huh? I could have sworn there was a Sage. Maybe not, its been so long.

Cameron 895142

File: 1428177606125.jpg (9.09 KB, 200x189, 668.jpg)

>Lovely sunny day
>The perfect temperature
>I'm gonna go for a bike ride
>plot twist it's way too fucking windy to ride my bike anywhere, much less to town

This upsets me way more than it should


>Hugs you're face.

Cameron 895145

is my ban lifted yet


It was lifted like 5 minutes after I placed it you >>895145

Cameron 895147

oh okay

!aLEJudith. 895148

File: 1428179617563.jpg (741.47 KB, 964x1405, Chilling with my Galpals.jpg)

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