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File: 1421538824102.png (9.25 KB, 256x196, The Spells of Truth Title.png)

AA:TSoT | The Repeated Turnabout [INVESTIGATION] Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880644

The investigation into the Royal Guard will commence shortly.

Court Record


Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880645

File: 1421539055784.gif (340.36 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(c).gif)

(I can't believe Wright coerced me into doing this investigation for him. This land of Equines... I detest it.)

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880646

File: 1421539292137.gif (600.03 KB, 256x192, fran-aha(b).gif)

What's wrong, Miles Edgeworth? Can you not handle this amount of tomfoolery? I thought this was right up your alley.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880647

File: 1421539456209.gif (162.55 KB, 267x192, miles-shrug(f).gif)

Oh no, this is quite a welcome change of scenery, considering how drab things are back home.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880649

File: 1421539560302.gif (561.37 KB, 256x192, fran-normal(b).gif)

Miles Edgeworth the Pony Aficionado. Quite a nice change of name to go along with the scenery.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880653

File: 1421539761341.gif (147.19 KB, 256x192, miles-aha(f).gif)

Franziska von Karma, the Pony Tamer. I believe that has quite a nice ring to it, no? Enough fooling around though. We have an important investigation to conduct.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880654

File: 1421539804135.gif (29 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(b).gif)

Very well, Miles Edgeworth.

Where do we begin? What did Wright tell you?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880655

File: 1421539894158.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

He told me there was severe suspicion placed onto the Royal Guard. We will need to approach the Captain, quite obviously.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880657

File: 1421540017881.gif (29 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(b).gif)

I see. The captain of a royal guard will not be easy to simply interrogate freely. How do we approach this?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880660

File: 1421540090080.gif (201.34 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(d).gif)

I'd say we have to be very subtle, questioning him lightly, and wait for any interesting details to pop up. A captain will be rather tight lipped, or so I'd assume.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880661

File: 1421540128758.gif (65.15 KB, 256x192, fran-ready(b).gif)

Shall we go meet this "Captain", then?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880664

File: 1421540280873.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

I see no point in wasting our time.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880666

>[Royal Guards' Quarters]<
>[January 20, 2019]<

Shining Armor 880668

File: 1421540666710.png (1.27 MB, 5000x6000, shining_armour___captain_of_th…)

Alright men! That's enough!

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880670

File: 1421540732932.gif (36.04 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(a).gif)

(Why do I even follow Edgeworth around on these anymore?)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880671

File: 1421540774240.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

Mr. Armor, I presume?

Shining Armor 880673

File: 1421540894326.png (417.9 KB, 1280x2060, shining_armor___proud_by_hawk9…)

The one and only! Who are you? Who let you back here?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880675

File: 1421541016565.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

It seems as if you were not informed. The entire Royal Guard is under great suspicion and scrutiny. One of your Guards are suspected to be the murderer of Prince Blueblood.

Shining Armor 880677

File: 1421541058325.png (328.57 KB, 1024x1323, shining_armor_by_royal_exo-d5h…)

Oh! So that's what you're here for, huh? Well, I guess I gotta ask any questions you have for me.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880678

File: 1421541318995.gif (201.34 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(d).gif)

Well, do you know anything of the incident?
(That happy look on his face is rather off-putting...)

Shining Armor 880681

File: 1421541743331.png (161.01 KB, 900x900, shining_armor___wedding_poster…)

Well, I know Blueblood is dead. I know there was a heated argument, Twilight told me, who was told by Rarity. I remember hearing reports of like, an alien or something. I thought my men were crazy.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880682

File: 1421541838457.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

Can you please tell us what the argument was about?

Shining Armor 880685

File: 1421541988177.png (702.02 KB, 4000x4000, shining_armour___shining_armor…)

I remember hearing the words "You betrayed me! " and "I trusted you! How could you do this to me?".

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880687

File: 1421542141960.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

Hmm... I see.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880688

File: 1421542178740.gif (36.04 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(a).gif)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880689

File: 1421542203358.gif (201.34 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(d).gif)

Franziska, something about this strikes you as odd, doesn't it?

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880690

File: 1421542234540.gif (62.36 KB, 284x192, fran-tada(b).gif)

Very. Very odd.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880692

File: 1421542397776.gif (162.55 KB, 267x192, miles-shrug(f).gif)

Well then, press on. I'm not stopping you.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880695

File: 1421542513773.gif (600.03 KB, 256x192, fran-aha(b).gif)

Oh no, I wouldn't dare rob an intellectual such as yourself this chance, Miles Edgeworth.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880696

File: 1421542805264.gif (162.55 KB, 267x192, miles-shrug(f).gif)

Very well then, Franziska.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880697

File: 1421542926642.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

Shining Armor, just now, you've said you "remember hearing the words". I find that rather odd, shouldn't you have read the words? Or rather, wouldn't you have said "Twilight told me" if that is how it truly went down?

Shining Armor 880699

File: 1421543049495.png (161.01 KB, 900x900, shining_armor___wedding_poster…)

W-What? I don't know what you're talking about, sir. I-It was just a simple slip of the tongue!

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880700

File: 1421543078674.gif (29 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(b).gif)

Really? Was it, now?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880701

File: 1421543116674.gif (92.26 KB, 266x192, miles-shrug(d).gif)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880702

File: 1421543128556.gif (162.55 KB, 267x192, miles-shrug(f).gif)

I beg to differ, Mr. Armor.

Shining Armor 880707

File: 1421543279878.png (161.01 KB, 900x900, shining_armor___wedding_poster…)

W-What? You're horribly wrong!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880710

File: 1421543342075.gif (201.34 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(d).gif)

Well, it seems I have no other choice.
(He's hiding something... It's painfully obvious. I need to start taking this seriously)

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880711

File: 1421543344359.gif (412.29 KB, 286x192, fran-tada(c).gif)

Only one way to figure out whether or not it's true then, Miles Edgeworth.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880716

File: 1421543530407.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

Logic Chess
Shining Armor, where were you on the night of the crime?


Shining Armor 880719

File: 1421543671377.png (417.9 KB, 1280x2060, shining_armor___proud_by_hawk9…)

I was in Canterlot. Actually, I was patrolling the high-wealth area, where the fancy hotels and homes are.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880721

File: 1421543721868.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

So you were near the hotel where the murder happened?

Shining Armor 880724

File: 1421543820324.png (161.01 KB, 900x900, shining_armor___wedding_poster…)

I wasn't near the hotel, actually.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880726

File: 1421543843242.gif (340.36 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(c).gif)


Shining Armor 880728

File: 1421543902760.png (161.01 KB, 900x900, shining_armor___wedding_poster…)

I wouldn't want to be near that jerk, Blueblood anyways. His hotel room was a horrible mess anyways. Wine stains were everywhere.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880730

File: 1421544073339.gif (131.72 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(d).gif)

How would you know that his hotel room had wine stains? That was the condition of his room after his murder!

Shining Armor 880731

File: 1421544157865.png (161.01 KB, 900x900, shining_armor___wedding_poster…)

That's obvious, isn't it? I reported to help clean up the crime scene the next day.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880732

File: 1421544203767.gif (340.36 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(c).gif)


Shining Armor 880733

File: 1421544225326.png (702.02 KB, 4000x4000, shining_armour___shining_armor…)

So is that all you're gonna ask me?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880734

File: 1421544288969.gif (89.3 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(c).gif)

(Drat! I can't be so passive! I need to get more aggressive!)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880735

File: 1421544358447.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

(I need to go for something else...)
Mr. Armor, is it true that Royal Guards get paid a rather handsome salary?

Shining Armor 880736

File: 1421544380045.png (328.57 KB, 1024x1323, shining_armor_by_royal_exo-d5h…)

You bet!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880737

File: 1421544452493.gif (201.34 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(d).gif)

I see. Now, is it true that all members of the Royal Guard get equipped with a weapon?

Shining Armor 880738

File: 1421544572878.png (702.02 KB, 4000x4000, shining_armour___shining_armor…)

You bet! There is a standard issue knife that we keep concealed on ourselves. Though there are a few variations.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880740

File: 1421544629960.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

A few variations? Please, elaborate.

Shining Armor 880744

File: 1421544726462.png (417.9 KB, 1280x2060, shining_armor___proud_by_hawk9…)

You see, most guards just have a plastic handle with their knives, but the more elite, especially the ones who normally are with Blueblood, have leather covers on them, for a better grip.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880745

File: 1421544794131.gif (340.36 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(c).gif)

(Leather covers? I'm going to have to save this clue...)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880749

File: 1421544900223.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

So, Mr. Armor, who told Twilight of the information you now possess?


Shining Armor 880752

File: 1421544973540.png (702.02 KB, 4000x4000, shining_armour___shining_armor…)

I told you, it was Rarity.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880753

File: 1421545017667.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

Where was Rarity during the crime?

Shining Armor 880755

File: 1421545048720.png (328.57 KB, 1024x1323, shining_armor_by_royal_exo-d5h…)

She was the one who killed Blueblood herself! I remember seeing her push him out the window!

1/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880759

File: 1421545165193.gif (86.46 KB, 256x192, miles-aha(d).gif)

2/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880761

File: 1421545298767.gif (147.19 KB, 256x192, miles-aha(f).gif)

(I have you cornered now!)
Mr. Armor, to clarify, just where were you at the exact time of the murder?

Shining Armor 880762

File: 1421545354941.png (1.27 MB, 5000x6000, shining_armour___captain_of_th…)

I... I was on the top floor of a high-rise building in Canterlot. I saw a white pony fall down from a window. That had to be Blueblood.

1/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880764

File: 1421545376601.gif (92.26 KB, 266x192, miles-shrug(d).gif)

2/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880765

File: 1421545394095.gif (162.55 KB, 267x192, miles-shrug(f).gif)

Ah, but you see, that's impossible!

Shining Armor 880766

File: 1421545453821.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)


1/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880768

File: 1421545566151.gif (131.72 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(d).gif)

You see, there is only one place you could have been. You see, there was a flare that was too bright for anyone to have seen a white pony falling from, meaning the only place you could be standing in...

2/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880770

File: 1421545624828.gif (25.93 KB, 339x192, miles-object(d).gif)

Blueblood's room!

Shining Armor 880771

File: 1421545739335.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

AH! You're right about that, I wasn't near the hotel, I was in it! But I wasn't the murderer! I was the one who took Rarity away! Check the footage!

1/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880773

File: 1421545778777.gif (86.46 KB, 256x192, miles-aha(d).gif)

2/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880774

File: 1421545906439.gif (147.19 KB, 256x192, miles-aha(f).gif)

I never claimed that you were the murderer, Mr. Armor. Perhaps you know something about the real murderer?

Princess Luna!ANTHROkUqY 880775

File: 1421545935656.png (122.86 KB, 1024x977, dat plot.png)

>Popcorn intensifies.

Shining Armor 880778

File: 1421546030572.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

I do... The murderer was someone who had to be close to Blueblood! I heard from one of my investigators that there was a knife that looked like a Guard's knife inside his body, but it was broken, so it couldn't have been!

Princess Luna!ANTHROkUqY 880780

File: 1421546141416.png (188.55 KB, 900x930, Luna none too happy.png)

>Can I just say, that he seems awfully happy to say that Rarity was the one who killed him? I mean look at that smile, he's positively beaming with the possibility that Rarity did it.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880782

File: 1421546212728.gif (131.72 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(d).gif)

So you know about the knife? The police knew nothing of it, Mr. Armor. Tell me, how did you know it wasn't a Guard's knife?

Shining Armor 880783

File: 1421546254321.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

It had a fake gem on it!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880784

File: 1421546331178.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

Ah, but you see, a certain... interesting witness stole the gem, and only presented it to the court yesterday, Mr. Armor. There is no way that even your "investigator" would have seen this gem at the crime scene.

Princess Luna!ANTHROkUqY 880787

File: 1421546379783.png (103.67 KB, 800x800, Luna ballcap.png)

>And then I confirmed it was a real gem. It just wasn't inset properly.

Shining Armor 880788

File: 1421546480724.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

But I know it had a gem on it! It had to have one!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880789

File: 1421546543144.gif (162.55 KB, 267x192, miles-shrug(f).gif)

That's because you've seen this knife before, Shining Armor, isn't that right?

Shining Armor 880792

File: 1421546670618.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

I... I... I did... I was at the scene of the crime when it happened. I took it from the scene myself...

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880795

File: 1421546821562.gif (698.19 KB, 256x192, miles-point(d).gif)

So you admit to witnessing the crime?

Shining Armor 880796

File: 1421546843670.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880798

File: 1421546930645.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

I see. Thank you for your cooperation at last, Mr. Armor.
Logic Chess Complete

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880799

File: 1421547017367.gif (86 KB, 256x192, fran-damage(b).gif)

Shining Armour! T-that means..!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880800

File: 1421547035428.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

Now, I have a few more questions to ask you.

What are you on about, Franziska?

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880802

File: 1421547168654.gif (29 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(b).gif)

It means there was a witness running around this whole time and we didn't know it.
Shining Armour. We will have to bring you in.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880803

File: 1421547300570.gif (124.03 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(d).gif)

Indeed we will, but first, I must confirm something. Shining Armor, were you close with the victim?

Shining Armor 880804

File: 1421547347421.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

I used to be his body guard a lot, before he replaced me, and I became the Captain of the Royal Guard.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 880806

File: 1421547422611.gif (201.34 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(d).gif)

I see... I have no further questions. We must bring you in, however, and you will be susceptible to further questioning there.

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880807

File: 1421547466779.gif (430.26 KB, 256x192, fran-ready(c).gif)

Shining Armour. You're under arrest for the suspected involvement of the murder of Prince Blueblood.

Shining Armor 880809

File: 1421547535569.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_armor___oh_this_is_bad…)

What?! This can't be, I'm the Captain! Aren't I exempt or something?

Franziska von Karma !MJ7QOwb7Ts 880810

File: 1421547593801.gif (29 KB, 256x192, fran-clench(b).gif)

Nobody is exempt from murder cases, fool. Come with me.

Shining Armor 880812

File: 1421547702398.png (417.9 KB, 1280x2060, shining_armor___proud_by_hawk9…)

I... understand.

Cadence 880814

File: 1421547762388.jpg (59.04 KB, 501x575, 10.jpg)

>He's innocent I tells you!

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