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File: 1420954378306.png (9.25 KB, 256x196, The Spells of Truth Title.png)

AA: TSoT | The Repeated Turnabout Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 877796[View All]

Court will be convening soon for the trial of Rarity.
Court Record

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Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886458

File: 1423281018026.gif (8.66 KB, 256x192, (a)irritatedhat.gif)

Fine. This won't go anywhere, though. You'll see, Mr. Wrong.
Witness. Testify to the court about this supposed forged knife.

Shining Armor 886460

File: 1423281709352.png (331.9 KB, 800x450, shining_melancholy.png)

>Witness Testimony

>1. I can admit it, I did in fact tamper with the crime scene.

>2. I saw it in front of me and I got scared, okay? That knife was stuck in a body!
>3. I knew that the entire royal guard would be placed under suspicion immediately, so I did what I had to do!
>4. I threw the knife into the Ghastly Gorge. I doubt anypony can find it now.
>5. I didn't kill anypony, I swear!

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886461

File: 1423281968880.gif (1.42 MB, 960x640, DeskSpeaking.gif)

Your Honour, may I conduct a Cross-Examination?

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886463

File: 1423282064360.gif (518.34 KB, 960x640, Judge-Nodding.gif)

Yes, you may, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886464

File: 1423282303987.gif (1.42 MB, 960x640, DeskSpeaking.gif)

>1. I can admit it, I did in fact tamper with the crime scene.
>2. I saw it in front of me and I got scared, okay? That knife was stuck in a body!
Mr. Armor, do you know how or why that knife in particular was in the body?

Shining Armor 886465

File: 1423282445938.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_urk.png)

Not in particular, I guess. I just saw it there. They told me it wasn't real though, so I suppose me freaking out wasn't justified after all...

1/2 Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886467

File: 1423282744299.gif (1.42 MB, 960x640, DeskSpeaking.gif)

You just so happened to see a knife there and instantly worry? I find that unlikely. You should place better faith in your men, Mr. Armor. If it was a fake, firstly, then you shouldn't have worried about the effects on the Royal Guard. If you knew nothing about the knife, then you'd just leave it, because you'd know that for one, the true culprit of the crime would have been able to be found with the knife, and two, that the guard would never commit something so heinous. The Guard would come under great scrutiny, you and I both know that, but if you knew nothing about that knife, you would have left it inside, because that scrutiny would pass, for everyone, theoretically, would be innocent!

2/2 Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886468

File: 1423282820397.gif (1.42 MB, 960x640, DeskSpeaking.gif)

I know exactly why you took out the knife. I know why you were afraid. Because you knew something about that knife no one else on the guard did. What was the detail you knew? Who it belonged to. Isn't that right, Mr. Armor?

Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886469

File: 1423282945863.gif (111.91 KB, 256x192, (b)lean.gif)

Stop leading the witness, Mr. Wrong. If you have something to say, spit it out!

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886470

File: 1423283311640.gif (996.73 KB, 960x640, ObjectionSpeaking.gif)

Shining Armor knows more than he's letting on, Trixie! Think of it for a moment, Trixie! There is no reason for a respected, and esteemed Captain of the Royal Guard to commit such a lowly crime as forging a crime scene. He knew that if it was a forged knife, that it would lead to no direct consequences on him or the Guard. He would have just left it be, and let the police find out who the knife belonged to. But that was a risk he couldn't take. Shining Armor pulled that knife out for a reason, Trixie, and that's because it was his knife!

Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886471

File: 1423283495650.gif (10.58 KB, 256x192, (b)confident.gif)

Or, the much more likely story, was that he didn't know that it was a forged knife and he got rid of it to protect his guard.

>SHINING: I swear, it’s the truth. I, I needed to protect both myself and the guard. Murders never happen here in Equestria.

There's nothing here pointing to the fact that he "knew" about a knife's secret. Or perhaps you know he does?

Can you present evidence to the court, showing us that without a doubt Shining knows more than he's letting on?

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886473

File: 1423283711028.gif (996.73 KB, 960x640, ObjectionSpeaking.gif)

There is no reason that even a Captain would throw away crucial evidence! If you were the Captain, would you want any murderers on duty with you? I know I wouldn't! Criminals are Criminals! If he was acting reasonably, he would know that if it was a real knife, and that a guard had committed a crime, that justice would need to be served! Shining Armor is a stallion of honour, and this is almost as dishonorable as you can get!

Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886474

File: 1423283836372.gif (64.05 KB, 256x192, (b)nodoubt.gif)

Fine, I'll admit you have a point, but you still haven't presented anything concrete. What you're basing your argument off of right now is nothing more than your character analysis of Shining Armor. I'm afraid we'll be needing something a bit more solid than that.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886476

File: 1423284676088.gif (1.57 MB, 960x640, PEvidenceSpeak.gif)

You see Trixie, there's a problem here with this whole scenario. Shining Armor is a member of the Royal Guard. He is the captain, in fact. That is an indisputable fact.

The largest piece of contradicting evidence I have, that supports my claim, is
>Exhibit 1-A presented

This knife was a forgery. It was split into two as a result of the fall. A real Guard's knife would not have split into two in such a situation. Shining Armor, owning one of these knives, would know that. So there leaves no excuse! Shining Armor has to have known who the knife belonged to! It couldn't have been a guard's, he would know that! I demand that Shining Armor tells us the whole truth!


Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886477

File: 1423284747650.gif (8.31 KB, 256x192, (a)broken.gif)


Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886478

File: 1423284936204.gif (1.42 MB, 960x640, DeskSpeaking.gif)

There are many things with this situation that aren't clear and don't make sense to us, Trixie. Shining Armor, without a doubt, knows all there is to know about this situation. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the one who had planted Rarity's knife, who had cast the flare spell. The only question left is why would he do all this?

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886479

File: 1423284956694.gif (83.5 KB, 240x160, 1391497858818.gif)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886480

File: 1423284985167.gif (1022.19 KB, 960x640, Judge-Serious Speaking.gif)

Shining Armor! This court demands to hear from you at once! Explain yourself at once!

Shining Armor 886481

File: 1423285119659.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_urk.png)

I.. I, urk...!
I didn't! I didn't kill anypony, I swear!

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886482

File: 1423285160837.gif (388.77 KB, 960x640, POBJECTION!.gif)


Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886483

File: 1423285225473.gif (996.73 KB, 960x640, ObjectionSpeaking.gif)

No one is accusing you of murder, Shining Armor! What I'm driving at, is that you know who did! You had a reason for tampering with the evidence, the crime scene, et cetera! Now, explain yourself!

1/2 Shining Armor 886484

File: 1423285400068.png (195.29 KB, 1280x1180, shining_urk.png)

Please! I don't- I don't know anything! It wasn't my fault! I-I didn't kill anypony, I swear... I didn't kill anypony... I didn't...

2/2 Shining Armor 886485

File: 1423285447041.png (331.9 KB, 800x450, shining_melancholy.png)

...It wasn't my fault... It was hers...

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886486

File: 1423285539419.gif (1.42 MB, 960x640, DeskSpeaking.gif)

1/2 Shining Armor 886487

File: 1423285793393.png (331.9 KB, 800x450, shining_melancholy.png)

I didn't want to do it, honest. I didn't kill anypony. She made me do it...

2/2 Shining Armor 886488

File: 1423285832788.png (331.9 KB, 800x450, shining_melancholy.png)

... Suri.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886489

File: 1423285988227.gif (1.03 MB, 960x640, PChinSpeak.gif)

(Suri... I'll have to remember that name...)

Thank you, Shining Armor. I knew there was a reason you did this. My earlier assumption of blackmail, I'm assuming, was correct?

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886490

File: 1423286133200.gif (83.5 KB, 240x160, 1391497858818.gif)

I see... This court will now take a recess. When we re-convene, I will pass judgement on Rarity, The Element of Generosity.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886507

File: 1423292773122.gif (83.5 KB, 240x160, 1391497858818.gif)

Court is now back in session for the Trial of Rarity!

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886508

File: 1423292813198.gif (1.02 MB, 960x640, Judge-Speaking.gif)

Before I announce my verdict, I would like to know the Prosecution's stance on the matter.

Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886510

File: 1423292945008.gif (8.66 KB, 256x192, (a)irritatedhat.gif)

... We have Shining Armor in custody. It's a little shaky, but I think we can take what he said as a confession.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886511

File: 1423293057413.gif (1.02 MB, 960x640, Judge-Speaking.gif)

Very well then, if there are no further objections, I can call my verdict.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886512

File: 1423293072043.png (137.9 KB, 334x238, PWAADD_Objection!.png)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886513

File: 1423293097168.gif (1.01 MB, 960x640, Judge-Surprised Speaking.gif)

Well, that was certainly fast...

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886514

File: 1423293208583.gif (996.73 KB, 960x640, ObjectionSpeaking.gif)


Your Honour, what Trixie just said. If she's planning on pinning the murder on Shining Armor, the Defense strongly insists that Shining Armor is not the murderer. He was merely an accomplice to a murder. As he stated multiple times, he had not killed anyone, and that is true. The evidence itself doesn't point to him being the murderer.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886515

File: 1423293293038.gif (56.62 KB, 960x640, Judge-Thinking.gif)

...Very well then, Mr. Wright. It seems that even disbarred, you care about the safety of the innocent. You haven't changed that much at all. Shining Armor shall have his own trial held, for being an accomplice to the murder.

I am ready to announce my verdict.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886516

File: 1423293313375.gif (1.02 MB, 960x640, Judge-Speaking.gif)

The Defendant, Rarity, is hereby found..

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886517

File: 1423293325871.gif (46.78 KB, 256x192, 1394169029169.gif)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886518

File: 1423293350429.jpg (45.33 KB, 639x267, 1396724099932.jpg)

*Confetti Falls*

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886519

File: 1423293369187.gif (83.5 KB, 240x160, 1391497858818.gif)

Court is hereby adjourned!

Anonymous 886521

File: 1423293481161.png (Spoiler Image,173.72 KB, 504x1024, large (5).png)

Damn. Tough break Trix...

Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886522

File: 1423293629480.gif (6.9 KB, 256x192, (b)twilietwilie.gif)

Eh, I couldn't win anyway otherwise I would have screwed up time. I kinda had to help the Defense win too. I count that as a victory in my book~

Anonymous 886524

File: 1423293832038.png (Spoiler Image,2.36 MB, 4883x5500, 1414157812939.png)

Well in that case, good show.

Oh, and better luck next time.

Where applicable of course~

Trixie !MJ7QOwb7Ts 886526

File: 1423293940706.png (Spoiler Image,144.04 KB, 894x894, was_there_ever_any_doubt__by_a…)

'course. Next time I'm not letting him win if it'll be in the cards that we face off again~

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 886527

File: 1423294579995.gif (Spoiler Image,38.63 KB, 254x240, Confident.gif)

You give me too little credit, dear Trixie. We'll see who manages to outwit who in the next case

I have several statements.
2) I hope you enjoyed the show.
3) Crystal Shimmer a qt

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 886528

File: 1423294698580.gif (426.68 KB, 507x272, Speaking.gif)

We goin 3D again? Sweet. Both of you dorks did good today, by the way. Except for that third wheel. Third-Rate Franziska will never stop showing their face in this courtroom. Even when they put on a disguise, I know it's them. They need to learn how to spy.

Anonymous 886531

File: 1423295154102.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.96 KB, 543x901, 1414597993388.jpg)

It was entertaining. Very well done on your part.

I hope to be back for the next case.
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Apollo Justice !H44/JpR3nw 888555

File: 1424663119170.gif (1006.43 KB, 332x367, Apollo Grin.gif)

>Daily reminder Apollo is tardy

>implying that Apollo doesn't arrive too early for the continuation of trials

For shame.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 888571

File: 1424671012059.gif (209.34 KB, 500x295, Front-speaking.gif)

Come on Apollo, you gotta start following that schedule I print out for you every morning. You better be on time next time, or else we're gonna have a problem
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Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 889364

File: 1425127758690.gif (180.26 KB, 256x192, ema-side-pumped(b).gif)

If you're not with us next time, I'm going to have to start punishing you. I forgive you this time on grounds of those sick trips.

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