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Better Layton Never #48: Cranky Old Man Edition ???!pinkie78Os 877547[Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite #Better Layton Never #In-Character Thread #Never-Ending


>camera zooms in to a computer console, one that is clearly in bad condition, wires and parts sticking out in certain places

>a hand reaches out from the bottom of the camera's viewpoint to touch the console...


>only for another hand to reach out and smack it away

Don't go jus' touchin' anyfin' yew like!

>camera sweeps up to view a wrinkled face, belonging to an elderly man, who was currently glaring into the camera and shooing it back with his hands

Yew look wif yer eyes, not yer fingertips!

Ah've met people who dew look wif their fingertips, an' they're a lot more polite th'n yew!

>he'd stop after the camera backed away, placing his hands on his hips while still glaring at it

How did yew get in here, anyweh?

>he then raised a hand and shook his head

Never mind, doesn't matter.

People are always comin' an' goin' through here, suppose i's not much 'f a surprise anymore.

>he'd then turn and walk back to the console, already pulling at levers and pressing buttons

Point is, yer here now, an' now yer goin' home.

Wherever tha' is, bu' I'll figure it out, jus' gimme a few minutes.

>as the old man played around with the console, moving around the circular frame every so often, the camera would zoom in on him, following his every movement

>after a few seconds, he'd stop suddenly, almost bumping into the camera, and growing annoyed with it all over again

Dew yew mind? Yer in th' weh!

>he'd gesture for the camera to move aside, which it does, as he walks past to continue his work

>after another second or two, he'd turn back to look at it, as if it just asked a question

What am I doin' tha's so important?

Why? What diff'rence does it make tew yew? Yer gonna be out 'f here 'n no time flat, so maybeh yew should mind yer own business!

>he'd stare annoyedly at the camera for a few seconds longer, then sigh and shake his head, turning back to the console

If yew must know, I've been observin' this nearby planet.

>he'd reach up and move a screen over, displaying a large planet with splotches of blue and green all over it

Strangest fin'. All these rifts 'n space an' time will jus' open up an' drop stuff onto it. An' i's jus' normal there.

One day yew could be out in th' garden, havin' a nice cup of lemonade 'n th' shade...

An' then BAM!

>he clapped his hands together to emphasize this statement

Some boulder from another world crashes into yer house!

An' tha's jus' th' tip of th' iceberg!

Whole societies, mutated life forms, sentient equines, ancient demigods, monsters from yer worst nightmares...

>the camera would sweep over to look at the man, who was now appearing more excited than annoyed

Imagine takin' everyfin' yew can think of an' jus' pilin' it into one sandbox.

Wot dew yew think would happen then?

>there was a brief pause as the man stared into the camera, before his eyes flicked to the screen, then back to the camera

>he'd let out a sigh with an annoyed tone, then move away from the console while pointing at the screen

Alrigh', yew can watch tha' fer a while.

But only until I take yew home!

>he'd walk away from the console, leaving the camera behind, shouting as he walked

It does no good tew focus so much on someone else's story tha' yew forget tew write yer own!

>as the silver-haired man disappeared behind the console, the camera turned back to the screen displaying the large world on it, slowly zooming in...


Welcome to Better Layton Never.
If you're interested in learning more, our OOC thread is here: https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/872473+50.html

The working Dead 877613

File: 1420935766695.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.21 KB, 1280x853, image.jpg)



File: 1420936017704.gif (Spoiler Image,2.76 MB, 333x250, Kick.gif)

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 877622

File: 1420936760431.jpg (326.7 KB, 500x668, tumblr_n483jpMIdM1t4kaz1o1_500…)

>Yang thinks about the idea of going around meeting all her own alternate Yangs. Honestly meeting Miki was more then enough.

Hey... wasn't there a movie where a guy went around killing all his alternate selves and became stronger with each one?

>That'd be horrible to have to deal with if something like that happened in real live.

>Velvet. Oh yeah, that's right!

Oh Velvet! Yeah, you look like a blue version of her!

>She takes out her scroll and shows a selfie she took with the rabit fanus one day.


File: 1420938257944.png (59.56 KB, 182x180, anthro.png)


...There is, but I'd rather not think on that movie. Super powers via techncial suicide sounds nuts.

>She comments while scratching the back of her head


>Haruko nods a bit

>Jo shrugs but stretches a bit

...nothing finding that one ring can't fix...


File: 1420938535316.jpg (21.33 KB, 156x155, 30.jpg)

>Looking at the picture, she blinked and nodded.
Yeah... we do look alike huh?
Well now I know how I would look if I was still a brunette.
Yeah, I'm not telling you where the time ring is.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 877645

File: 1420941810613.png (245.25 KB, 600x540, 0876cb8aeeb4c59bc59b041bea44ed…)

Yeah that's a good point.

>Though... should couldn't help but think about it.

>Attempting to do so regardless, Yang jumps and rolls her shoulders.

Just so you all know, I've never lost Drunk Twister!!

You'd look nice with brown hair actually, you should try it!


File: 1420943914625.jpg (167.59 KB, 384x364, sample-8ec17137d5256668bae7d9f…)


Implying you have to tell me...Saya, I'm sure I can find it or something like it eventually.

>Jo'd put her hands behind her head and huff slightly

>Haruko taps her chin

...I still have no idea why that catlady changed your hair color...


We'll see who wins this time Yang...

>Jo stretches and grabs a bottle of liquor placing it next to the twister spinner Saya had set up

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 877680

File: 1420944141754.png (35.14 KB, 154x185, How Was I Supposed To Know Tha…)




>Alton lands roughly on the ground in an unceremonious heap, his arms splayed out, face stuck to the polished floor and ass stuck in the air. His foot twitches, a low and pained groan issuing from his crumpled form.

>Roll 1d1000 = 776

>odds, by a sheer stroke of luck, the roll midair slung Alton's glasses around his neck, and rest completely unbothered on the back of his head.

>evens, the frames are crunched beneath his chest, shattered from the fall and twisted out of proportion.


>Tessa, surprisingly, doesn't react to Alton's fall. She grabs her tail and starts to worriedly twist her flippers on the smooth surface and looks to Alton, then to the dark haired woman, then to Cat with varying stages of confused worry and concern.

Paoooo? Pah-palooo!

>[What's going on? I don't understand!]


File: 1420944183956.gif (279.73 KB, 160x220, tumblr_mos237pJhB1qgnxa1o1_250…)

That would be difficult Yang.
I have a lot of hair to dye and I don't think they make dye that's safe for fur.
We'll just see about that.
>Looking at the spinner, she paused to think for a moment.
Uhh who's gonna be the one calling out the spins?
>Walking over to the windows, she started closing all the curtains and locked the door as she passed it.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 877684

File: 1420944425165.jpg (69.3 KB, 381x700, interesting but wrong.jpg)

>the woman would keep her arms held out in the air, staring forward at the fallen Alton
>and slowly turn her head to the Conjurer next to him
You didn't catch him. Where you afraid to? You had no reason to worry, Alton Sutcliff is remarkably skinny, you could easily handle his weight, I'm sure of it.
>she let her arms drop stiffly to her sides, as she to hop in place slightly
>Roll 1d100 = 2
>odds only
Or was it because he is a man?

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 877692

File: 1420945109750.png (12.41 KB, 300x300, Flannery2.png)

>Catlyn doesn't react to Alton's pratfall, or to Tessa's panicked wailing
>she just keeps her focus on Melissa, staring at her with a surprisingly piercing and focused stare


>she then made quick strides across the foyer, coming to a stop right in front of her and staring up into her eyes

>she then snatched up Melissa's hands and started to pull her into another dance, albeit a rather awkward and robotic one, clearly a sign of inexperience

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 877693

File: 1420945180087.png (729.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1391410842921.png)

>Yang nods, she didn't exactly trust dye with her hair either... not after the last time. They're probably still trying to rebuild the mall that hair salon was in.

Anyway! How about we let the spinner itself decide.

If it lands on blue, Saya can call out the spins. Yellow, me, Red, Jo, and Green is Haruko.


File: 1420945421778.jpg (153.25 KB, 850x1428, 1400940858761.jpg)


...Wait, why am I green?

>She asked a bit confused, clearly she associated herself more with red

>...or more inwardly diamond, but that's a different matter

If it's all the same I'd be fine with green, it's my eye color after all

>The fox volunteers with a bit of a stretch

???!pinkie78Os 877701


>as the auction goes on, the items start to disappear from the stage one by one, each of them bought by one of the wealthy participants for a more outrageous price than the last

>and then, with only a few prizes left, the silver-haired man would gesture as the Dragon Ball was brought forward

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a most unusual artefact indeed...

It is believed that ancient tribes in the earliest societies on Belle'Ayn worshipped this orb, praying to it whenever they needed aid the most.

For it was believed that if their desire was strong enough, a mighty dragon would appear before them, and make all their wishes come true.

>more polite chuckling would come from the crowd, clearly not believing the story

>the host would bow his head, then pick up his gavel again

Now then...

Shall we start at two million dolens?

>after a moment, a hand would raise from the crowd

Excellent, two million!

Do I have two and a half?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877704

File: 1420945885433.png (24.61 KB, 480x854, awwww dude.png)

>This was it. It was all over. His entire image he had spent the past several decades building was all over. Any second now he was going to burst out into a fury of laughter just like everyone-

>Aaaand he wasn't laughing? He seriously wasn't laughing right now? Well this was a surprise. Not really sure how he should take this. Was he just bidding his time till he could tell someone else later?


>Or perhaps he really wasn't? He did know Stein had a shit sense of humor. Was it really that much of a stretch to suspect he wouldn't find it as funny as everyone else?

...The name was on my file. Figured it was better then nothing.

>His arms still crossed, he continues to look out the window of the limo. It wouldn't be until later that he shifts his head to look down at the floor.

On the streets that name is the "Gilligan" of human names.

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877706

File: 1420945985414.jpg (23.36 KB, 332x232, disgusted intrigue.jpg)

>the mage had remained quiet throughout the auction, only occasionally commenting on an item to the red mercenary next to him
>what worried him the most were the insane prizes they were all going for, the mage growing afraid that the contents of his wallet just wouldn't cut it
>finally, the dragon ball would come up, and right off the bat, it was placed at two million dolens
>but it could still be theirs, if nobody bid the auctioneer would keep lowering the price-
>but that hope was crushed as someone quickly bid, the mage quickly looking around in growing nervousness
>Roll 1d100 = 59
>evens, he stays quiet, looking between the dragon ball on the stage, the red mercenary, and the man that had made the bid, knowing that his search might have just ended right there


>odds, he suddenly stands up, throwing a hand in the air desperately

Two and a half!

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877711

File: 1420946209897.jpg (14.76 KB, 279x284, 1363317760588.jpg)

>Two and half? Dang these people were looking for the big bucks during this. Still, the amount wouldn't be that much for him.

>That was until Rocks threatened to blow their cover.


>Reaching up, Wade would grab on to Rocks' shirt sleeve and pull him back down to the chair.

You need to keep cool, Rocks. We don't want other people thinking that thing works.

>He whispers at a level so hopefully only Rocks could hear him over the hustle and bustle of the auction house.


File: 1420946232147.gif (860.16 KB, 500x281, tumblr_minii8no1T1rxeywdo1_500…)

All right all right.
>Waking back over, Saya stood over the spinner and put a finger on it.
I'll spin so we can find out.
>Smiling, she flicked her finger to spin the spinner.
>Roll 1d4 = 1

???!pinkie78Os 877718

>the silver-haired host wouldn't find anything off about this, gesturing over in Rocks's direction

Excellent, two and a half!

Now, do I hear three?

>another hand would raise within the crowd, the host turning and pointing to them

Wonderful! Three million dolens!

How about three and a half-

>suddenly, another hand would shoot up and call out in a calm, hypnotic voice

Five million.

>the host faltered slightly in surprise, but then smiled and pointed at the hand

Wonderful! Five million dolens from Mr. Price!

That's five million for the mysterious Dragon Ball!

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877720

File: 1420946781610.jpg (27.67 KB, 488x297, do I really have to.jpg)

>the mage would easily be pulled back down onto his seat, turning worriedly to face the mercenary, speaking in a hushed tone
S-Sorry, b-but I really need that ball! We can't let anyone else get it!
>he would look off nervously at the stage, then back at the mercenary
Do you think they take their money in payments...?
>and suddenly it jumped to fine millions
>"Who would pay that much money for a paperweight!?"
>the mage quickly started to look around to find who made the bid
>Roll 1d100 = 63
>evens, too distracted to bid again


>odds, would lift his hand again, but attempt to do it in a less urgent manner than before

F-Five and a half!

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877726

File: 1420947053140.jpg (226.98 KB, 1155x748, 1373086982121.jpg)

>Big money being thrown around. If this went any higher, it would only be made obvious that others believed in the legend behind this ball as well.

>That wasn't a good sign.

I know you need it, but they don't have to know that. Just keep your cool.

>Remaining silent, Wade would not interfeir as Rocks made his current bid.

Just send me the bill, I'll handle it.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 877730

File: 1420947384665.png (195.47 KB, 242x287, Feeling Like a Failure.PNG)


>Alton rolls over after a few moments and scrubs at his face with a moan that gradually turns into a low enraged growl. His hand's fingers curl on his face into a clawed distortion.

>He sits up and looks roughly to the two blurs of the women, bits of glass and parts of his glasses frames falling off of him.

Tessa! I've had quite enough of this! Teach them a lesson!


>He growls and looks to the yellow Pokemon, his eyes narrowing even more. He barks out another command, twice as powerful and angry as before.


>The yellow Ampharos doesn't move, her ears folded back and her concerned expression dropping into a more dismayed one. She holds her head in her flippers and shakes it with a distressed bleat, looking quite unhappy over the circumstances herself.

Phaaaaarooooooooo! Phaaaa-roooooos!

>[It doesn't make sense! Stop shouting at me!]

???!pinkie78Os 877733

>the host, still a bit stunned by the earlier bid, turns to Rocks and points at him

F-Five and a half it is!

We now have five and a half-

>and just like that, the same hand raises up and calmly calls out again

Ten million.

>a collective gasp went through the crowd as they all turned to look at the man, who was hidden behind a hat and a black scarf

>the host stumbled a bit after this, shakily pointing at the esteemed Mr. Price once again

T-T-Ten million!

Ten million dolens!

>the mysterious Mr. Price would lower his hand and then turn to look at Rocks, his eyes still visible despite his disguise

>he would say nothing to him, but Rocks could see one of his eyebrows quirk slightly, as if mocking the mage for his attempted bids

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 877745

File: 1420947865931.png (66.29 KB, 235x236, Stein_AndYourPointIsWhat.png)


I've never met anyone named Gilligan.

>Stein's response is as flat and humorless as ever, with hints of boredom mixed in. He didn't misunderstand the pony's attempt at trying to make him understand just what the problem was but he had genuinely never heard the name himself.

>He gestures to the Equestria, then continues in his same dull tone.

I'm surprised you were vilified for such a name but I assume my impression on your Equestrian culture is just as powerful as yours on human culture.

>Who knew 'Fairydust' wasn't a name that would be ridiculed by other ponies?

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877748

File: 1420947958110.jpg (20.99 KB, 309x300, step up.jpg)

>the mage's lone eye blinked, a very awed look crossing over it
>that the mercenary would be willing to handle the money for him, it left the mage completely speechless
>so speechless that he nearly missed the next bid, only turning his head after a few seconds
>he glanced aside at the mercenary, feeling a bit guilty that he would now be spending his money
>but he straightened up in his seat, a firm determination crossing his eye as he lifted his hand again
Eleven million!

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877755

File: 1420949116703.png (558.86 KB, 1000x421, Deadpool-test-footage.png)

Well when everyone else is running around with names like Full Auto, and Gang Banger, it's really easy to get pointed out.

>With a deep sigh he shakes his head. His memories of the other ponies constantly poking fun at his name returned to his head. Every day someone would snicker or just out right laugh at his name. And each time he would have to smack them with a chair. If it wasn't for a freak accident he would have never found his calling in life.

I mean you must know what it's like. I mean you were literally named after a movie monster.

>From the corner of his eye, Wade would spot the man who had been their rival in this bid. Just looking at this guy would give Wade a bad vibe.


>With his arms crossed in his chair, he returns the glare. This guy was not just here for a fancy gift for the grand kids, that's for sure.

???!pinkie78Os 877769

>the host would turn quickly to Rocks and point at him, looking more disheveled after the last couple of bids

Eleven million!

Eleven million dolens for the Dragon Ball!

>the mysterious Mr. Price would start to raise a hand, but before he could speak, another more gruff voice suddenly called out

I have a much better wager!

>just then, from behind the curtain, something swung down at the host's head


>the host went down almost instantly, slumping on the pedestal before sliding down to the floor

>one of the women in the crowd let out a shriek, the errant weapon appearing to be a simple umbrella
>and before anyone could stop and ponder what this meant, over a dozen men in black rushed out from behind the curtain, climbing off of the stage and down onto the floor
>they spread out and started accosting the various wealthy patrons, much to their growing panic

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877770

File: 1420950334459.jpg (27.74 KB, 309x218, the horror.jpg)

>the mage didn't seem to be as suspicious about the other bidder, focused only on the task before him
>he didn't expect the other men to give up so easily, so he was already preparing to raise his hand again-
>until the auctioneer gets knocked out
>the mage would quickly stand up from his seat as over a dozen men suddenly stormed the room
>he glanced around quickly, too surprised and confused by the events to immediately realize what was going

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877777

File: 1420950839141.jpg (57.67 KB, 630x379, I drew a picture of you.jpg)

>At the sound of the speaker hitting the floor, Wade's gaze would cut from the disguised man and over to the stage.

Oh ho, oh here we go.

>Even with the armed mobsters rushing into the room, Wade would show no signs of panic. If anything he welcomed the distraction with open arms.

>He had hoped Rocks would follow his lead, or at the very least try and remain calm.

???!pinkie78Os 877785

File: 1420951468473.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.85 KB, 600x450, burgess-meredith---p.jpg)

>as the thugs continued to pilfer and pry valuables from the rich audience, their ringleader would soon make his presence known
>by, quite literally, waddling out from behind the curtain


>letting out a rather bizarre squawking laugh, the portly man stood behind the podium, addressing the crowd like a public speaker

So sorry to frighten you all, my fine fellows of high society!

But I'm afraid to inform you that all of these rare and priceless gems of history that you thought you could simply buy now belong to me!

>he would pause at this, tapping his finger on the handle of his umbrella, then nodding once

Oh, and all of the money you foolishly wasted on this event. I believe I'll find a far better use for it than the west district orphanage!

>he would take a puff from his cigarette, placed inside of a black cigarette holder, then spoke again

Oh, and of course, any other valuables you felt the need to bring with you.

>he would let out another squawking laugh as his henchmen moved further through the stands, leaving no attendant unaccosted

>one of them approached Rocks and Dead, aiming another umbrella at the mage's face

Awright kid! Gimme all the loot!

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877786

File: 1420951747369.jpg (62.87 KB, 619x786, not taking your crap.jpg)

>the mage blinked, finally dawning on him what was going on
>"This is a robbery?"
>he stared at the portly man on the stage, then around at his henchmen
>he took an especially long stare at the one threatening him with... and umbrella


>"An umbrella...?"

>he simply stared for a few more second, before his expression hardened
>he said firmly
None of you are getting anything from these people!
>he stood up straighter, almost as if trying to make himself look taller before the henchman
Return everything you've stolen right now, before things get ugly for all of you.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877788

File: 1420952194941.jpg (28.27 KB, 575x325, 1372846023152.jpg)

>With an amused smile, Wade would lean forward to get a good look at the henchman.

I think it's too late for that. I'm pretty sure these guys are just mad cause they felt cheated when makeup made them obsolete for monster movies.

>After his comment he stands up and stretches his legs thoroughly. Each hand placed on a knee as his bones crinked from the exercise.

The Penguin!pinkie78Os 877789

File: 1420952955362.jpg (237.15 KB, 1024x768, d2a67849ff1c6f1f0575544db5d206…)

>the thug appeared just a bit surprised when Rocks staunchly refused to submit to their will
>but this was quickly replaced by a sneering expression, already raising his umbrella to strike the mage

Oh, so the ginger here thinks he's a hero?

>it was only as Dead got to his feet that the ringleader looked over at the commotion
>his eyes suddenly widened, and he squawked out at his forces

You fools! Look at that outfit!

They must be part of those accursed do-gooders, the Justice Avengers!

Attack them, NOW!

>in response, the remaining members of Penguin's flock would flutter towards our erstwhile treasure hunters, ready to do them as much harm as their feeble bodies would allow

>the first thug swung his umbrella down at Rocks's head
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 882
>two more would leap over the chairs and dive for Dead, intending to tackle him to the floor
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 512

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877790

>the redhead quickly saw the umbrella coming, simply sidestepping to his left in order to dodge the brutal attack

Umbrellas? Seriously?
>he asked the henchman with a curious raised eyebrow
>bu it would quickly turn into a more determined glare, the mage calling out
>and a red light engulfed his small frame, causing it to suddenly grow, and grow
>before the henchman now stood a very large grizzly bear, with red fur and a missing eye
>the bear leaned forward, suddenly roaring right in the man's face before swinging a heavy paw to strike him upside the head
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 565

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877791

File: 1420953457126.jpg (19.79 KB, 600x338, 1373085410685.jpg)

>After Deadpony had gone down tho stretch, the two goonies would fly right over his head and land on the row of chairs behind him.

>It would only be then that he could make out what the oddly dressed man was saying.

Wait huh, I mean...yes! I am a Mighty Justice Avenger. Bow down evil forces, or face the wrath of justice.

>His voice would take on a drasticly heroric turn as he pointed his finger at the penguin. Turning behind him, he would grab onto a chair and swing it down onto a goon's head.


Roll 1d1000 = 263 Evens

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 877792

File: 1420953630934.jpg (7.46 KB, 272x185, Stein_HowCanIHelpYou.jpg)



>Stein smiles bemusedly, the cigarette in his mouth quirking upwards.

I was, but my parent's didn't choose it.

>He lets a short pause space his words, leans back in his head, an arm draping over the other seats aside him.

The DWMA offers forms to students as young as ten years old to legally change their names. Kids come up with the most ridiculous names to give themselves.

My first name was Franklin. It's why Marie still calls me Frank, even after I changed it. The nickname didn't have to change much before or after I submitted the paperwork.

>He takes a drag from his cigarette, his expression growing steadily nostalgic.

My great-grandfather's last name was 'Stein'. Mother's side, unfortunately. That name was long gone by the time she married my father. His last name was Davis. My parents both were perfectly normal people, neither capable of turning into a Weapon or being a Meister. My father was a doctor, yes, but his work was hard earned and took years to achieve.

>An unmistakable smirk crosses his face, rare show of smugness making itself apparent.

I was always different. I thought differently and I was a frustrating child. I read books far beyond my age, especially the anatomy ones. My obsessions were strange to them, every child psychologist I met couldn't make head or tails of me. They tried smothering it, tried to make me normal through therapy or medication.

>His smirk widens.

But I was always smarter than both of them. In the end they couldn't hope to control me...I'd hate to think what would have happened if I never was discovered as having the most gifted potential for being a Meister at the Academy.

When I arrived at the Academy, I was assigned to someone who would keep me in line and integrated with the student population. After I acclimated, my partner discovered the renaming program.

It was at lunch. We were all sitting at the table, talking about the program. One of them had already changed their name, or half of it, for fun. I never weighed in with the conversations, but that one had interested me, if slightly. Honestly, I wasn't completely sold on the idea...

>Stein grows silent, thinking about the exchange, then suddenly snorts.

It was Spirit that said it. "Knowing him, he'd name himself something creepy like Frankenstein!"

How appropriate was that name? I knew I was going to become a doctor, there was no doubt I would. I loved taking living things apart. Pets. Wild animals. Sometimes I'd cut my partner open while he was sleeping and poke some organs, like his liver.

Frankenstein was the scientist that created the monster everyone incorrectly assumes is Frankenstein. It was a name of science, a name of insanity, and a name of a monster.


>Stein finally sighs and shrugs.

Seemed like the perfect fit. I changed it that night and never once regretted it.

The Penguin!pinkie78Os 877793

File: 1420953914094.jpg (153.01 KB, 800x537, burgess_penguin.jpg)

>the chosen henchman would have the werewithal to shift to the side to avoid the chair swing
>he'd then click a button on his umbrella, a knife shooting out from the tip
>he'd brandish the umbrella like a sword, then swing it at the chair, trying to knock it out of Dead's hands
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 180

>the henchman would duck down, avoiding the paw swipe and letting it sail past his head
>however, instead of retaliating, he'd let out the most high-pitched wail that a man could utter


>he'd then turn and bolt for the doors, not even trying to fight back against Dead and the giant bear Rocks

>frustrated, the Penguin would let out a snarl and wave his umbrella around

You yellow-striped buffoons!

The gas! Use the gas!

>three more thugs would inch closer to Rocks, though they were clearly just as afraid of him as the one who had escaped

>nonetheless, they aim their umbrellas up at him and hit respective switches, a yellow gas pouring out from the tips
>roll to avoid
>if fail, Rocks would detect a very rancid stench coming from the gas
>which, with his more sensitive nose, would create the sensation of his nostrils being set on fire

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877794

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 173

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877795

>the bear would stare, almost confused as the man had chosen to simply run away instead of continuing to fight
>"You just can't find good henchmen nowadays..."
>but his distraction allowed three more goons to walk up behind him
>when the mage finally turned, the yellow gas had already begun its creep towards him, making it impossible to escape the noxious cloud
>normally, the bad smell wouldn't cause an issue to the mage, but he wasn't his normal self right now
>turning into an animal sharpened all of his senses, including retuning to him his taste and sense of smell
>so once the gas enters his nostrils, the bear lets out a loud bellow, bringing its paws over its nose to try and plug up any hole the gas could enter through
>Roll 1d100 = 61

>evens, despite the smell, the bear still lets out a roar as it steps forward on its hind legs, swinging a thick arm against one of the goons

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 407


>odds, the stench effectively paralyzes the bear, preventing any counter from it

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877804

File: 1420955460569.jpg (11.6 KB, 236x311, 7f735520b0910d40ad8a0b8a755dc9…)

>The more Wade listened to Stein's story, the more he seemed to loosen up. By the time he had gotten to him mentioning the renaming program he had dropped his arms to the side and turned his head to fully look him in the eye.

>He remembered that smile. Least he's pretty sure he did. The main ones he recalled were from the shinanigans they had gone on together. Mostly due to his own suffering, most of the time at Stein's own hands. Like when he had implanted him in that wall after slamming on the breaks. Or as they experimented those hours to make Jerry.

...My dad left when I was still a colt. I still remember how every day he'd come home knocking on the door to go along with whatever joke he came up with that day.

Mom went to drinking after that. Or maybe she always did, I don't remember. She eventually ended up remarrying a military stallion, I forget his name. By then I had already started acting out. Holding frogs up to sparklers, knocking over mail boxes, punk stuff.

>Crossing his arms he looks up to the car roof. A tinted skylight alowed him some view of the sky over head.

But everywhere I went my name kept popping up. People stopped taking me seriosusly. That only made me more violent. It was sometime after my step died died the Class S happened. All able bodied Stallions drafted into the guard.

>He shakes his head.

I didn't last long. I dunno what those rifts are made of, but a few ponies got sick. Some of them, really sick. Before I knew it the doctors were kicking me out in case the weird tumors they found in my body were contagious....then she came.

>His face turns to anger. His eyes squint as his mouth curves into a frown.

She came to me, promised to cure my cancer, make me better then I was before... she cured all right. Gave me this outrageous healing factor. Then, turned me into this. It was after I blew the place up I realized the pony that went in was dead.

>He lowers his head so he looks forward.

Before I left I found my file, hoping to destroy every piece of that mare's work. I read who's DNA she corrupted me with. Some guy named Wade Wilson. I figured the guy was dead, so he wouldn't mind if I took his name.

>He then lowers his arms and looks back at Stein.

So I took the name, and tried to start new somewhere.


>The chair and umbrella would collide. Sparks somehow flowing from the two makeshift weapons as they scrape against each other.

>The sound of gas would grab Wade's attention. Looking over he would see Rocks, or at least what could very well be Rocks, in trouble.


>releasing himself from his struggle, he turns and tosses the chair at the gas spewing goon.

Roll 1d1000 = 314 Evens.

>Hit or miss, he would reach for his sword and slash down at the umbrella, attempting to slash it in half.

Roll 1d1000 = 293 Evens.

The Penguin!pinkie78Os 877810

File: 1420956169455.jpg (34.96 KB, 358x455, penguin.jpg)

>one of the goons would get pelted with the chair with ease, falling on the floor and almost immediately passing out
>the other two would leap back before Dead could cut into their weapons, already preparing for a counterattack
>by this point, almost all of the innocent civilians had rushed out of the room in the chaos, far too afraid for their own lives to stay and chance getting their possessions back
>as Dead fends off the crowd of thugs, the Penguin would chortle amusedly to himself

Well now, my red rapscallions! I'm afraid I must ask for your assistance in a matter!

I need your help to answer one of the questions that has plagued mankind since the dawn of evolution!

>he lifted his umbrella up and waved it around

Which came first?

The penguin?

Or the egg?

>just then, Dead and Rocks would see a pair of oval-shaped capsules fly towards them, aimed at their faces

>odds, Dead Roll 1d1000 = 20
>odds, Rocks Roll 1d1000 = 160
>if successful, the hit target would have the capsule explode into a strange glue-like substance, which covered their eyes almost immediately, and any attempts to pry it off would only result in their fingers getting stuck

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877819

>the mage continued to press his paws against his nose, desperately trying to keep the smell out of his nostrils
>in his struggling, the bear actually managed to dodge the sticky capsules thrown against him
>Roll 1d100 = 3
>evens, a red light engulfs the mage, returning him to his normal self, and the safety of his non-functioning nose
Th-That was awful! Who fights with bad smell!?


>odds, the mage just continues to flail and growl, tortured by the smelly cloud covering him

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877827

File: 1420957400742.jpg (194.79 KB, 690x778, deadpoo_concept_by_fonteart-d5…)

Hey, if you're going to to Riddle's, can we at least get the right villain for this?

>His eyes quick, Wade would see the sphere heading toward him. Stepping to the side, he would attempt to deflect the ball into the two grunts he was brawling with.

Roll 1d1000 = 44 Evens.

>If fail, the bomb explodes, covering his sword with the glue.

Awww man. Eeewwww.

>If he succeeded in the deflection, Wade would reach into his belt and pull out an areosal can. After a quick shake, he sprays it in Rocks' direction to release a fresh clean piney scent.

>If fail, he would be t distracted with his sword which now looked like the aftermath of a Ron Jeremy film.

???!pinkie78Os 877832

File: 1420957939486.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.64 KB, 800x1012, Egghead.jpg)


>Dead's deflection of the dynamically-designed devices proved to be a bit too effective for the goons' tastes

>the thick gluey substance would expand and wrap around them in a matter of seconds, causing them both to drop to the floor once they were bound together

>the source of the conundrum would soon become apparent to both Dead and Rocks:

>it was none other than Mr. Price, now standing calmly before the two as though he had simply belonged there

I find your attempts at humour rather eggsasperating, my good chap.

>he would pull down the black scarf and toss it aside, revealing a smug smile on his face

You merely delayed your defeat through sheer luck, not through any skill on your part.

>he'd then reach up and whip his hat off, revealing...quite the protruding skull

And yet it is that very overconfidence of yours that will be your eggsecution.

>with that, the man pulled out a pair of new eggs, then crushed them in his hands

>he then simply tossed the remains at both Rocks and Dead, a red powder flying at them both
>odds, Dead Roll 1d1000 = 224
>odds, Rocks Roll 1d1000 = 757
>if succeed, the chosen target would instead feel an intense burning sensation in their eye(s), unable to keep them open for very long as a result

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 877834

File: 1420958055845.png (101.42 KB, 361x292, Stein_LogicIsBeyondYourMentalF…)


>Stein listens patiently, his expression neutral the whole while except for the two instances. Wade's mention of being there for the Class S rift fires his skepticism, given it had happened roughly three hundred years ago.

>The second time he reacts is the mention of the DNA treatment and what happened afterwards, his eyes widening and the cigarette in his mouth slowly tilting downwards.


>He has in mind to ask about the three hundred year gap, or how a pony could have found that kind of technology to change Wade into what he was now. He has a feeling his first question would be answered with Wade's unusual regenerative property which certainly would make sense. Did it even matter?

>The second was a question Wade probably asked himself every day. Or maybe he already knew? Their first meeting had proven that he had an intense hatred of scientists, cripplingly so. It was his lack of focus and reliance on such a weak motivation to cloud his tactics in their fight.


>After a long while of silence, Stein nods.


I took a name more suited to my destiny, my fate, much like an Equestrian. You took a name that, while owned by someone else before, gave you more freedom towards defying your fate and had no true other meaning except as a name.

>He lifts his hands and looks over them with some semblance of interest, then looks back to the mercenary with an unmistakable bemused expression on his face.


I can't imagine myself as a pony. I wouldn't be able to dissect anything with just hooves.

>Maybe if he was a unicorn, it could happen. But magic? No thanks.

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877841

>the bear would growl and moan at the horrible smell, but managed to settle down once it started getting replaced by a fresher scent
>not that it helped much, as the red dust quickly got in the bear's eye, causing further pain and discomfort for the red furred beast
>it roared loudly, swinging its powerful arms wildly to knock aside chairs, and hoping to find someone in its rampage
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 231
>if success, hits...
>Roll 1d3 = 2
>1 - Deadpony
>2 - the henchmen
>3 - the mysterious bald man

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877848

File: 1420958840694.jpg (11.36 KB, 154x328, anger.jpg)



>Even with Wade's eyes wide open in shock, the red dust would have little effect on him. Good ol' Healing factor.


>His hands open up, forcing him to drop his sword with a clang.


>He pushes the chairs in between him and the bald man out of his way as he walks forward.

Would you prefer your body to be scambled or over easy? Personally I prefer Sunny side UP!

>Reaching forward he would grab onto Bladman's shirt collar.

Roll 1d1000 = 923 Evens.

>if the grab is successful, Wade would flip the man over and slam him onto a chain behind him with great force.

Egghead & Penguin!pinkie78Os 877849

File: 1420959403330.jpg (35.99 KB, 500x632, 500px-PenguinStill.jpg)

>Egghead would quickly dart back from Dead's wild grip, already pulling out another egg
>he'd crush it in his hand like the others, then open his hand up to reveal a white powder pouring off his palm
>he'd then blow the powder in Dead's direction
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 421
>if successful, Dead would find a tingling sensation in his nose, which would cause him to sneeze uncontrollably

>meanwhile, the Penguin and the remainder of his group hover a safe distance away from Rocks, squabbling over what to do

Alright fellows, we can't afford to take any more chances!

Knockout gas, now!

>three of the thugs would raise their respective umbrellas and fire out a new cloud of fumes from the tips would eke out

>roll to avoid
>if fail, Rocks would feel his energy slowly ebbing away, his muscles weakening and his movement slowing down
>two more turns in the cloud means unconsciousness

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877850

File: 1420959450100.jpg (28.27 KB, 575x325, 1372846023152.jpg)

>For a while, Wade would do nothing but fuel the silence. He could see the understandable confusion in Stein's eyes. To be honest, he didn't seem to know a whole lot about the time before or after that day. He certainly knows he was there for at least a few years, of that much he was sure.


>And then Stein spoke of how ironic their names ended up being. He never really saw it like that before. Yet, Stein was right. In a way he did take the name as a single act of defiance to his race which seemed to all but abandon him. Even to the point of casting him out of it entirely.


>It was only after Stein's last remark did he speak again. His finger pointed up as he put on a faint smile.

Oh it's easy. They work like suction cups for the most part. I think it kind of works like spider legs really. Just kind of naturally sticky.

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877851

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 63

Rocks!bXgeUCIUnk 877852

the mage would once again be sprayed by gas, his arms still flailing at the air
>but the struggling and waving would begin to slow down, the bear quickly losing his strengths
>it would snort and growl, but no longer have the same energy and power behind its movements
>Roll 1d100 = 1
>evens, he still swings a strong paw against one of the henchmen with a roar
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 674


>odds, drained out of energy too quickly, the bear's arms fall to his side as his nose and eyes still burn from the gas and powder

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877853

File: 1420959953321.jpg (238.95 KB, 949x880, funny-pictures-Deadpool-auto-5…)

>The powder would enter his nose as he screamed out his taunt. His sneezes filling the room as he still continues his assault.


>A final loud sneeze would echo through the room.

Roll 1d1000 = 683

>Evens he manages to control himself enough to take a swing at the Bald man as he moves forward

Roll 1d1000 = 196 Evens,

>If odds, he ends up tripping over a chair, falling onto the ground with a thud.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877855

File: 1420961025667.jpg (365.11 KB, 889x1000, Neko Boy color.jpg)

>meanwhile in Hueco's room, the petite catboy was cooking up a storm. Thanks to the small stove installed in his room, he practically never had to leave; he didn't have too big of a pantry though, and had to buy his own food.
>wearing a green apron and with his bangs pulled back with a bandanna, he looked like someone's mother, making a family meal.

>he was just now reaching out with recipes. Use to only know how to make simple dishes like spaghetti, meat on the stove, and eggs.

>tonights recipes was a brocolli, sausage, and pasta soup... He wasn't going to try it alone.
>he invited his friend Bert, the local wolf girl, to be his Guinea Pig for the night.

>he brought the lady to his lips, tasting the soup base, only to recoil as it burnt his sensitive lips; surprise surprise, if you keep a ladle made of metal in boiling hot water, it will be... hot.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 877860

File: 1420961622162.jpg (11.94 KB, 205x246, Stein_Ah_Say That Again.jpg)


>Stein, as natural and fluid as if there hadn't been a long pause before Wade spoke, simply waves a hand and drops the other into his pocket.

Cutting something open requires fine precision and a steady hand. The dexterity alone is vital for finer cuts and precise movement, Having a scalpel simply be 'stuck' on my appendage wouldn't give an iota of the maneuverability a hand can perform.

>His fingers clasp down on something hard, and with a lithe flourish, the Professor removes something thin but sharp from the interior of his pocket. It's a scalpel, but a scalpel Dead should recognize. It's the very same unbreakable one he had gifted the doctor so many Christmases ago, and still appeared to be in top condition, looking both polished and capable of slicing effortlessly through flesh.

>Stein doesn't even look at his hand, twining and twirling the tool between his fingers as one would play with a pencil, the blade always coming precariously close to his hand, arm, or body yet never once cut through anything at all.
>He smirks again and stops the blade into a firm grip in his hand, a light catching on both the blade and a lens in the frames of his glasses which give off an eerie glow.

...You must have omitted plenty of information for Celestia to even once consider holding an audience with me. There's plenty of things you could have done to sabotage my Gate's processing, or even had me arrested for half of what I've done since I've been here.

>The scalpel flickers in his hand, and in a smooth motion Stein slips it back into the case inside his pocket.

And there would have been more you would have had to say to make me look good enough to gain audience with what's an equivalent of a god to Equestrians.

>His tone is entirely conversational but pointed, driving right into the core of the biggest question he had been wondering since he saw Wade burst in through the doors.

>Such a swerve in topic wasn't beyond his own tactics for these situations.


Bert !Nzixts.png 877862

>He might or might not be able to hear, over the bubbling soup, the shuffling sound of a little girl dragging around a garment much too big for her. It was certainly a clear indication she'd arrived - a bit late - when the door opens, admitting a small blonde girl wreathed in what might as well be a blue circus tent. At least it wasn't big enough to leave a train to catch in the door, which she didn't bother to close anyways.
Hi Miss Waco! I got caught up running. I didn't mean to get here late.
>And it seems she's caught on to SOME social conventions since their last meeting.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877870

File: 1420962891653.png (29.63 KB, 510x510, 4524a7f65a50538e60d8b39e26af65…)


>Hueco's ears flicked in her direction.

>This girl certainly had a peculiar taste in fashion...

>turning to the girl, ladle in hand, he gave a wave.

No, don't worry, you're not late. I was just finishing up as a matter of fact. Just sit down over my by study.

>he jerked his head over to his "study," which consisted of a table surrounded by a half circle bookshelf, located behind his bed.

Just please don't touch the books on the right most shelf, those are my favorites.

Bert !Nzixts.png 877877

>She obediently scampers over to the shelves - door still standing open - and seats herself indian-style on the table, finding herself curiously examining - but not touching - the books he'd referred to.

>Not that she could read anyways. But there must be something special if they were Miss Waco's favorite. She leaned forwards, planting a hand to keep balance, and sniffed at them.

Why are they your favorites?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877884

File: 1420965004037.png (242.53 KB, 337x380, 2-18-2013 3-28-54 PM.png)


>turning the stove off, he tasted the soup again... It tasted alright. Really, he just tossed the ingredients together into a pot of soup base and water.

>a bit peppery, a bit spicy, meaty... Not too bad.

One of my favorites is The Right Angle Screams. It's a supernatural murder mystery slash horror involving a particular alleyway that turns at a Right Angle...

>he began to pour the soup into individual bowls.

Murders only occured there at the same time of night on the same day... Gruesome ones as well... And it is set in Town as well.

>The cover even said based on a true story; after a bit of research, Hueco learned that this was true and false, there was a murder years and years ago in the Town at a alleyway described in the story but was a one time thing and wasn't supernatural.

Bert !Nzixts.png 877889

>She cocked her head to the side, mildly confused. These had stories in them. That would explain why people seemed to like them so much, but she couldn't connect how the peculiar shapes lined up in rows amounted to a story.
>Of course, the simple way to correct that was to ask her friend.
How does a story get in the book?
>By now she's also twisted around, no longer sniffing at the books; either she's looking at Hueco to ask him her questions, or she's taken notice of the soup's aroma too.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877892

File: 1420965778076.jpg (174.98 KB, 500x500, 1360633779874.jpg)

>taking the bowls over to the table, Hueco set own down on Bert's side of the table and one on his. He removed his bandanna and apron.


>"She doesn't know...?"

Well basically, someone takes a pen

>Hueco held his hand out like he was holding an invisible pen, making writing motions.

Or types

>he made a typing motion with his fingers

And they make words like the ones I'm saying now, but on paper... Am I being too literal? Um... I am aren't I?

>he looked away from the girl, embarrassed.

Bert !Nzixts.png 877896

>She quickly inferred the actual purpose of the table, clambering down onto a chair as he sets out the soup bowls, beginning to look rather further confused.
Words... On paper? Are the shapes words?
>She sniffs momentarily at the bowl... Things are done so much differently here than at the lab. A board that holds food closer to your face. She'd had no such luxury and gotten used to eating from the floor.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 877897

File: 1420966138413.png (256.86 KB, 500x358, dp10.png)

>Wade looks down at the floor. The questioning having great impacts in his own psyche. A shift of his eye would draw his attention to the scalpel Stein had kept on him after all this time. If was then he knew the answer.

The convincing was easy. I just rehashed a few stories I knew from personal experience. Like how you fought a werewolf off with your bare hands, or you ended up saving Christmas from a calendar themed villain.

>As he recalls these events, a noticable smirk appears underneath his mask. The Nostalgia slowly opening the flood gates.

Course I also included your intelectual pursuits. How you singlehandedly found a cure for gender bending serum, and your academic achievements. Celestia has something of a soft heart for those who dedicate their lives to teaching future generations like herself.

I told her you were a family man, raised a daughter almost on your own. Found your dream girl. Telling her you were one of the reasons Wayne Manor is even still around. Believe it or not she was quite upset when we succeeded.

...as for why I did it.

>He crosses his arms and looks up to the roof. He already knew the answer, the big jerk was likely just pausing for dramatic effect.

The answer's in your pocket.

>His head turning down, he can somewhat see the outline of the scalpel in Stein's pocket. It wasn't easy finding the adamantium that it was made of. Let alone finding someone who could manipulate it into an actual shape.

I've had a lot of people come and go in my life. I've had the nicest people give up on me after knowing me for even a minute. Even the original reason I even came to the manor, some space marine I used to hang out with, he doesn't even seem to give me the time of day anymore.

>His head lowers, his smile fadding away as he recalls he hasn't even seen Atta since the celebration party after defeating Cell.

When I first met you, I thought you were going to be another coat. I stab you with a sai, you punch me till I passed out. But then something werid happened. I woke up on a couch instead of a lab table. Things kind of progressed from there, and eventually I realized.....

>The way he paused was as if he could not find the words to finish his thought. The way he looked away would clarify that notion.

...When we last spoke...before Alezandre...I didn't mean what I said...

You're one of the best people I ever met, and I mean that.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877899

File: 1420966452531.jpg (130.93 KB, 600x759, clip (2013-06-29 at 12.28.56).…)

>Hueco was curious as to how odd she was acting.. She was so out of touch with human society that she didn't even know about books and tables?
>two spoons in hand, he passed one over to Bert, keeping one to himself.

...Use that to eat, scoop things up with it.

>he looked at his own bowl of soup.

...Do you not know how to write?

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 877902

File: 1420967475109.jpg (59.28 KB, 850x478, sample-ec614d9183f83eb68429f3f…)

The mighty hunter stalks her prey...

Slipping across the lawn, the young catgirl drags the broken branch behind her, the evergreen nettles clinging to it clearing the tracks she leaves in the snow. Sneaky trick she'd thought up on the spot.

Dressed entirely in the pure white winter clothing Julia had forced on her after she told the story of that wonderful night, the girl climbs into the bushes ringing the manor, body pressed up against its ancient brick. She was invisible, stealthy, and she was gonna find what she was looking for. Peeking in the first window she finds...

Oh, wow.

First try.

Her head and hat, with adorable cat ear flaps, just barely poking above the windowsill, the girl spies on the catboy for several seconds. Was he... Cooking? She didn't know he could cook!

When he removes the apron, she almost sighs. He looked kinda cute in it. Like an adorable little homemaker.

She'd have to tease him about it next time they ta-

Losing her balance mid-thought, the kitty slips on a patch of ice, smacking her head right into window before falling flat on her face in the snow.


Bert !Nzixts.png 877906

>Taking the spoon, the strange little girl dipped it in the soup -- Oh, it DOES work for that!
>She then proceeds to lap at the spoon like a dog might, which has more the effect of knocking the soup back into the bowl than of actually getting any down her gullet. She tries again, nonetheless--

>And before she can respond to Hueco, startles and twists to look at the window. She drops the spoon into the soup bowl, the handle catching on the rim by luck more than design, and leaps to the window to look out it, knocking her chair over in the process.

Miss Waco, something hit the window!
>Because that wasn't already pretty obvious.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 877907

File: 1420968307927.jpg (76.01 KB, 500x607, Stein_I Think I Have Problems.…)



>Stein watches Wade quietly, watching the man as he explained himself and explained why he had done what he did. Stein knew Wade had more than enough fuel to bury him. Celestia could have lured him here for a failsafe capture and he would have walked cluelessly right into it. There certainly was nothing to tip him off to one. Wade's whereabouts were a mystery to him right before he walked in through those double doors of Celestia's hall.

>Even before he had found his way into Celestia's presence Wade had spoken highly of him for reasons all of his own. He truly valued their friendship enough, that even after its abrupt end and the rocky aftermath he would step up and help him even when he didn't know it.
>And that was because...

>Stein reaches up and takes his cigarette into his hand from his mouth, holding it in front of him for a moment before crushing the entire thing in his palm. The flare of a burn scorches the skin, smoke issuing from between his fingers but he ignores it. It didn't quite cut through the strange feeling pulling at him.

...You're a better person than you give yourself credit for, Wade.

>Stein looks away from the man across from him, his shoulders and posture effectively wilting. He sighs and lifts his other hand, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

...I was angry too. Disoriented. I realize that I allowed the influence of what I experienced cloud anything I knew of for this world, and in that moment I doubted you and distrusted you.

Wade, you're a better friend than I could ever ask for, or deserve. I'm just an idiot for thinking otherwise.

>He pauses, his expression still holding faint hints of regret and guilt. It had been a hard time, a very hard time dealing with everything after Wade had gone. Marie and Pretorius shred him to pieces, and without anyone else to fall onto, he had to try being strong for Marie all on his own.

>In those dark times where he stayed awake to watch or study, to do something to help Marie, he regretted cutting one of the only good things from his life, and for something that had been, in retrospect, very stupid.

...In hindsight I really deserved that ass-kicking.

>The first thing Wade did when he came back from being reportedly vaporized was catch a snack in the fridge, and offer a very brief hello.

>It was strange but even when he was angry at him before that aftermath, he did still care enough about the Equestrian to heavily study the satellite readings and results regarding Aelazandre's destructive event that Wade had been at the epicenter of.
>And his first response after discovering Wade's restorative healing factor was to punch him in the face.
>And that was discounting the other times he had kicked Wade's ass, mocked him, talked him into graverobbing, or did things like tow Wade out of a brick wall with his own car...
>And considering the times Wade had saved his life, and had been there for him when he had been on the verge of losing all of his sanity to the siren's call of Madness on the fringes of his mind?


>Stein slumps in his seat, his gaze still averted away as a new layer of unfamiliar guilt drops on him.

>Damn, he really was a terrible friend.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877914

File: 1420969390212.png (301.52 KB, 401x468, Oh really.png)


>she ignored his question, but there were more important matters to attend to.

>he quickly went over to his window and looked out.

>to see Hitomi lying in the snow at the bottom.


>"Should I ask?"

Spying on people is illegal you know.

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 877920

File: 1420969780011.jpg (138.64 KB, 1280x720, ltdr09c8i9kraqjzqmux.jpg)

Crap, she'd been spotted!

Plan B time!

Without getting up, the catgirl begins rolling away from the scene of the crime, her clothing picking up snow until her body no longer had any control over the motion and the gentle hill leading down to the surrounding forest started pulled her faster and faster, a flattened snowball beginning to form.

Rolling down the hill and out of sight, a few moments later a distinct thump could be heard, along with one of the trees on the treeline suddenly dropping a lot of snow.

Hopefully the kitty didn't mind water too much.
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Bert !Nzixts.png 877922

>Bert just assumes this is something a little over her head, and doesn't bother asking about it. At least for now. The mystery as far as WHAT the interruption was had been solved, and now, it was time to ask her friend more questions! And possibly return to the food, if it occurs to her.
What's "write"?

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877923

Doubleheading. Pray tot he namederp gods to stay away.

>A light flashes in an empty maintenance room in the titan Ascendant, indicating an opened telnet connection.

>The client didn't really expect to be able to get in so easily; it seems his host wasn't big on sophistication, as an eight-character brute force attack had still managed to get him in. Commands and responses immediately poured back and forth, as the intruder began to map out the filesystem he'd accessed and analyze where his permissions lay. That and gather a little information on the account he was using, which should be as simple as digging through the home directory the host had left him in.
>He had to act reasonably quickly - there was no small possibility that some system integrity bot would notice him soon, and his present state is nothing short of precarious in that event.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877924

File: 1420970505765.png (30.05 KB, 165x268, tumblr_mdiz4jEQqK1rp6vzco5_250…)



>Hueco stared out the window for a while, before shutting it to not laet anymore cold in.

...Hitomi, you're weird...

>with that, he headed back to the table.

Well.. It's when people make words on paper... Hmm..

>he looked to his bookshelf. There, on a empty space, was a pen and notebook.

>quickly, he wrote out a few messages and showed it to her. Hueco Mundo, Bert, Mansion, Town

That my friend, is writing.

Bert !Nzixts.png 877925

>She follows him back tot he table, seating herself again and defaulting to her usual lapping at the material in the bowl, watching the catboy until he's finished.
>His demonstration is perhaps more meaningless than he realized; her immediate reaction was to sit up - amusingly with no soup on her face - and point at the "e" in her own name.
What's that one?

!jSaxman3Bg 877926

The Forgemaster noticed the discrepancy in the system; there was little that escaped his notice, though it was fortunate for the intruder that the computers employed by the Sons of Equestria were, pure and simply, unfamiliar with what this program was; millions of algorithms were run within nanoseconds, a consensus of unseen machine-spirits consulted with digital archives and debated the best course of action, and before even a second had passed they had decided that whatever had been detected simply couldn't exist; either that, or it wasn't a threat.

So many committees within these machines. So many conflicts, fail-safes, redundancies and back-ups and backdoor programs that led to nothing, their original purpose improperly deleted long ago as a result of their new masters spending these last four years repurposing them for the brave new world they now served...

The security progams were sluggish, nowhere near being on full alert as they swept the expansive systems of the Ascendant; what felt like milliseconds to an organic would feel like minutes or even hours to a Techmarine of the Equus Astartes... and like days to Durandal. There were places to hide, hallways to circumvent them with, false flags to waylay them with. Should he not get careless, the AI had more than enough time to explore.

!jSaxman3Bg 877927

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877928

File: 1420971388037.jpg (47.49 KB, 500x516, tumblr_md8y039yPO1qixzxdo1_500…)

The letter E.

>he wrote out some more

Eel, Earth, Elbow.

It's what gives words that eee sound...

>he took a scoop of soup, munching down a piece of broccoli.

But... Not all words that have a E have that sound.

>he pointed to his own name

I have a E, but you don't exactly say Hu-Ec-O, do you?
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837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877929

>There seemed to be little for him to glean in the home directory, and he promptly branched out into whatever the directory listing would feed him. Every now and then there was a directory without read permissions - undoubtedly sensitive materials, he'd have to crack an administrative account to access this. Whatever was inside was almost certainly tasty. Only one of these directories could be operating system data.
>One of the directories was full of encrypted files. Far and away beyond the bandwidth available on this connection, he couldn't possibly copy them all. But he COULD copy two or three.
>The connection established, the AI set through the rest of the system - and encountered a piece of documentation! This would be tremendously useful. the encrypted files were simply listed as classified followed by an obtuse, foreign codename; the one he'd sent himself was seemingly the only Common name, Overlord.
>Curiously, there were also updated Sons of Equestria rosters. An old one sat on his own drive; the mare he'd appointed as chief of security informed him her father was once involved with this organization. That might also explain why he had addressing information for the domain to begin with. He listed this; it'd be present on the text log later, easy to scrub and update his own copy, however useless that would be.
>All of this was interspersed with the occasional who command, carefully observing whoever might be using the system alongside him. The encrypted file was better than halfway finished, too. His next destination was the enemy force analysis files...

Bert !Nzixts.png 877930

>She cocks her head to the OTHER side, having been leaning it the other way for some while.
>The little symbols are PIECES of words, not whole words. And they had more than one shape sometimes, too, looking at the other examples he's written. They all started with that squarish three-pronged shape, which was nothing like the looped curve she'd pointed at.
This is complicated.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877931

File: 1420972821452.jpg (248.11 KB, 850x1191, Belly shirts are best shirts.j…)

It really is..

>he rubbed the back of his head

Really, I didn't learn to read and write until I was... Hm..

>he thought back during his days at that church in the mountains.

...I think I was 12 when I started reading and writing... The people who raised me, they didn't think I needed it. Hm...

>Hueco continued to write with one hand and eat with the other.

...Say a word... Any word you can think of.

!jSaxman3Bg 877932


There was no one active in this particular directory at the moment; what was curious, however, was that it seemed to see quite a bit of traffic. Whoever was in command- a quick perusal of the Sons of Equestria's roster would reveal it to be a 'Council of Masters' formed of the Legion's leadership- visited this particular file cluster multiple times on a daily basis; whatever Overlord entailed, it was either critically important or an item of great contention between the aforementioned Masters.

The analysis files would reveal little of immediate interest; reports on major events effecting Rigel Prima that demanded the Legion's attention, threats to Equestrian stability that had either been neutralized or were in the process of being neutralized, Rift activity, R&D... should he look at them a little harder, he might notice that there were files on particular locations on and around the planet that were certainly important enough to warrant their own place in this particular cluster, but what was truly curious was how a few of them almost had more Command traffic than Overlord itself.
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Bert !Nzixts.png 877934

>She glanced at the soup. She was tempted to say her name; maybe other people could learn it if she wrote it, and if she wrote it there wouldn't be any magic. Probably.
>On the other hand, if she told it to Hueco, there WOULD be magic.
>Instead she sniffs at the soup again before speaking.
>She starts to lap at it immediately as well, clearly enjoying Hueco's cooking, even if she might not have much to compare it to.

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877936

>Clearly, he'd made a lucky pick on the encrypted directory. This would almost certainly have something interesting - or dangerous, but more likely interesting - once decrypted.
>In the meantime, the unsecured but seemingly equally important location files were also of interest. He quickly prints them to terminal - then, as an afterthought, the notes for the other locations - to save to text later. This more than made up for the disappointingly banal enemy force information; they must clean their system to save space, or else their entire duration had never seen deployment in the fantastic circumstances that had produced his security chief's equipment.
>The obvious next step would be traffic logs, to see what other files might have similarly tremendous traffic from the Masters. Perhaps they'd be related to the Overlord file, or perhaps just be another interesting lead. One can never tell.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877937

File: 1420973738183.png (119.42 KB, 220x308, 2-18-2013 3-26-59 PM.png)

>he wrote the word Soup

That is how you spell that word...

>he pointed to each individual letter, sounding them out.

Each letter has their own sound... It's really confusing and I honestly couldn't teach you in such a short time.

>he handed the notebook and pen to her

But do you think you can write something for me? I'd love to see it. I'm also glad you like my cooking.

!jSaxman3Bg 877938


Nothing else seemed to approach the enormity that was the hidden monstrosity of Overlord- at least, nothing that was immediately apparent. The next file was open for general use to the Legion, seeing much more traffic than the secret directories but also not nearly as interesting for the fact it might as well have been publicly available. Should Durandal look in there, he would find the reason for such scarcity regarding computer records containing Legion deployment methods: Most of their tactics seemed to be either on written paper or taught by word-of-mouth, the legion of super-Equestrians already holding their oral tradition in high regard in spite of their relatively young age. They were divided into Companies of one hundred Astartes, each Company then divided into a squad that contained ten warriors, each warrior specializing in a brand of warfare. They were fluid and adaptable, individual Squads deploying from the company as needed to deal with threats or to march with the company as a unit in a full army. They could either perform special operations or engage in full warfare; combined with the genetic modifications that a differing file seemed to expound on but were frequently mentioned here to emphasize their combat prowess, it was no small wonder that the Sons of Equestria were considered such an indomitable force. The closest he could find to references to a total loss in their entire history was an event referred to as 'First Contact.'

Bert !Nzixts.png 877939

>Leaning her head up again, she listens and watches, before taking the pencil and notebook...
>She studies the other words on the page for a minute, before carefully and slowly scratching out a few letters.
>Handing it back to him, it's got her own addition, remarkably neat but still unsteady of hand, "celMwt".
What's that say?

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877940

>Well, here was certainly something fascinating.
>He could only guess at how well indexed the system was, and it was a foregone conclusion that the encrypted files weren't at all. But any military force so formidable as this one to have experienced such a severe loss...
>The AI initiates a search for "First Contact", intent on acquiring whatever data he could.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877943

File: 1420974862262.jpg (30.74 KB, 251x302, ss (2013-11-14 at 03.11.52).jp…)

>he waited patiently as she wrote out, before checking out what she wrote.


>might as well tell her.

Nothing actually... Not sure if this is the best way to go about this...

>he scratched his head, then began to write something else out, quoting what the young werewolf had said.

>What's that say?

These two letters make teh Whhh sound...

>he said pointing to the W and H with a claw

>he then pointed to the A

This is the stuff in between, its that aaa.

>then lastly, to the t

This is the end, making the t sound that holds it together.. Think of it as a soup. All of the letters have their role and don't work together.

>he smirked, then used the same lesson on the other words, teaching her how to sound each one out and the purpose of each letter.

!jSaxman3Bg 877944


And what data he found.

The First Contact event was apparently a well-remembered part of the Sons of Equestria's saga, a crippling blow to their strength while at the same time serving as the crucible that proved how unbreakable they were. What had begun with a shakedown cruise for their Gungnir project had rapidly become a crisis situation, culminating with a small handful of residents of Wayne Manor joining forces with the overwhelmed, beleaguered forces of the Legion's First Company to eliminate the ultimate threat held to Equestria's throat by an army of demons hailing from a warped hellscape older than mankind and wider than the known universe that had been spearheaded by a madman trying to attain godhood for himself. He had failed, but not before reducing the proud First Company to tattered shreds and murdering the Chapter Master.

After the company and the Manor residents found their way home, the remaining leadership in the Legion vowed to make sure such an event could never devastate them again. What could have broken them only made them stronger... but should Durandal have a grasp of psychology, he probably would have been able to come to the conclusion that it was a strength that was still fueled by fear. First Contact had been undeniable, gritty, horrific proof to the Sons that they were not as invincible as they had assumed, that their god-machines and their gene-mods and their power armor and their unshakable faith in the Royal Sisters could not protect them from everything that went bump in the night. Such fear could easily become desperation, and desperation led to terrible, terrible mistakes.

Bert !Nzixts.png 877945

>Quietly lapping at her soup and watching, she attentively makes note of each letter and their place in the words. This WAS quite complicated. Half the time the letter in question didn't even have a sound of its own, just modifying one of its neighbors - or sometimes a letter two or three places away.
How many letters are there, Miss Waco?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877946

File: 1420975418479.png (27.14 KB, 150x247, 4-16-2013 9-47-01 PM.png)

>if only he wasn't teaching the English language. He would have to go into the quirks that don't make sense.
>I.e: I before E except after C with the exception of words like neighbor or weigh.


>as he said each letter, he wrote the letter.

Don't worry though, there aren't any words that use them all.

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877948

>Now this, this was fascinating indeed.
>He'd accepted he was in an alien place that was dimensionally unstable. His own chief was some kind of sapient equine by her own assertions. But this was... It seemed like high-fantasy at best, and the thought flashed across his consciousness that this was some kind of fiction for the sake of entertainment, and he was in error to take it seriously. But if that were the case, what was the point of the encrypted files? Far too large and complex to be noise for ambiance. And if they contained genuine data there's already a hole in that theory.
>Regardless, he set about looking for video logs of the First Contact event. The fairly primitive software and hardware of this system set a clear baseline for the level of sophistication in video alteration he could expect, and he could heuristically analyze any recordings he'd found.
>The implication of the strength based on fear was something he recognized, too. It had appeared throughout human history... It had lead to wars. He could only hope the princesses these warriors served had the restraint to avoid involving themselves in something as terrible as the MJOLNIR Battleroid program; there's nothing appealing about dealing with the logistics of avoiding war with something like that hanging overhead.
>... Not to mention it mimicked somewhat the behavior of an Envious AI. It was characterized by the desire to achieve humanity, but many of the associated behaviors could only be justified by fear of decommission. Like spreading throughout an entire planetary network.
>He resolved that after he'd analyzed the video records, he'd visit R&D. If they already have Battleroids he should work out something to do about it.

Bert !Nzixts.png 877949

>She blinks and observes, still lapping at the soup, now over half gone, only interrupting herself to ask more questions.
Why is E sometimes a little loop and sometimes a square with an open side?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 877950

File: 1420976724352.png (29.21 KB, 131x170, 2-16-2013 2-41-37 PM.png)

>he too was enjoying his soup in between his teachings.

Those are capitals. When you starts a sentence, you capitalize the letter.

>he wrote out the lowercase letters underneath the uppercase letters.

And when you write a name. the H in my name is capitalized as well as the B in yours.

!jSaxman3Bg 877951

File: 1420977445693.jpg (283.48 KB, 847x1200, Genesic.Gaogaigar.full.240637.…)


Many of the video records were directly from the front lines of the event, helmet cam footage and security logs patched together to form a coherent series of events as the armored equines bitterly fought their humanoid counterparts, reluctantly giving inch by bloody inch as the silent figures of the blue-and-gold suits of armor marched implacably forward. Most were simply in chronological order as they detailed each individual skirmish on-board the besieged ship with the hollow warriors called the Thousand Sons, but there were a few that had received special attention; one was of a stallion, his deep blue coat matching his stony eyes as weaponry bristled from his armored form, his salt-and-pepper mane caked with blood as he valiantly held off his assailants for as long as he could before falling to an armored figure that looked to be the leader of the Thousand Sons, a cloaked figure in power armor that looked to be impossibly ornate, one enormous gauntlet gripping a black stave that unleashed inferno after hellish, unspeakable inferno, his arcane assault never relenting until the Chapter Master finally fell- but it had only led to his own demise, the Manor residents charging the sorcerer and cutting him down not minutes later. There was scarce footage of what looked like an ordinary man, sharp-green hair standing out in stark contrast to his black suit and sporty hat as he practically skipped about the corridors of the ship that weren't embroiled in the bloody war that raged all around him; his cold, mocking smile and his preternatural skill with the butterfly knife that whirled at blazing speeds idly around and over and between his fingers, however, suggested if not outright declared that there was something far, far more to him than his simple appearance suggested at first.

There was footage of space battles, as well. The Sons had been sure that their Gungnir units would be receiving as much data input as possible for their initial run, and the combined hours of footage proved it; mobile suits with heavy artillery for pauldrons providing covering fire to their nimbler sword-and-board brethren, assault rifles larger than some vehicles spraying mass driver rounds into hordes of unspeakable winged creatures that flew and wailed and screamed at their metallic enemies in sheer defiance of every law of the vacuum of space as if they refused to even acknowledge the physics of this stuffy dimension they had been pulled into. And always at the forefront, an enormous, angular, obsidian-black mobile suit with a lion crest on its breastplate and an enormous hammer that crackled with the energy of a dozen lightning storms, indescribably huge arcs of energy surging over its surface as it struck its demonic enemies with enough force to simply obliterate them.

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877952

>The heuristics finished analyzing the footage, and their result was unmistakable; if these were doctored, they were done so with computers significantly more capable than the one he was presently accessing, and it would consume a huge amount of power and time to accomplish it on the system he was executing on himself.
>This was undeniably real. And the naval warfare documentation... If an AI could chill, he would have. There was some distant memory, when he was still serving on the Marathon, but no specifics would recall however hard he tried... Vague fragments of sentences, used a terrible weapon I thought they had retired, was it, there had to be a word for entirely terrible, mindless, obeying rules that I don't comprehend. He knew his core was bloated and he'd been in service for over his expected lifespan. Was he finally destabilizing? No matter. His chief could handle a Rampant AI. She's brilliant.
>Regardless. Whatever the anomalous flying beasts were, it was clear this place had vastly different laws than the universe he knew. The intruder copied tactical data from First Contact battles, disregarding his self-imposed bandwidth throttle, before seeking out the R&D directory and beginning to comb it for weapons data. He had good knowledge of the unarmored exosuit Areanu used, and the alloy used to create its armor. That clearly wouldn't be enough. Maybe there was enough here for a Battleroid or something similar. If they had the machine tech, he could plant diagrams of a fusion pistol and list all the dimensions wrong - they'd figure it out from there, perhaps.
>In his hurry he'd temporarily lost his self-consciousness, failing to notice that he was submitting to the same fear they had. But maybe they were justified. After all, an AI can't shudder or knot its stomach or sweat cold, but without a doubt Durandal would be otherwise.

!jSaxman3Bg 877953


The Sons barely even counted as spacefarers, as it turned out; they only had two ships of note, neither of which could achieve interstellar travel without something called 'the Warp.' Their R&D was focused nearly entirely on defensive programs, the supersoldiers almost utterly zeroed in on their mission to shore up Equestria's every potential weakness. They were sentinels, protectors above all else; the Gungnir units were still being tweaked for maximum efficiency, their ships were being pushed on steadily longer system patrols, they dedicated as many resources as they could afford to the maintenance of the Orion space station they operated from so the civilian team stationed there could focus on closing rifts and improving the planet's quality of life... wait. There was another encrypted file hidden inside the main cluster, stowed away with the wealth of information regarding rifts and ship superstructures and everything else they had managed to salvage from the remnants of the enemy forces after First Contact.

R&D > First Contact > v > Post-Contact


837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877954

>Making a mental note that this culture had a FTL drive, the machine then reluctantly created a directory; there was so little in the way of weapons systems, if another of these events happened all their work might still be in vain. They needed more force. Uploading blueprints for the fusion pistol, the bleeding edge of UESC technology, and the MJOLNIR MkIX Battleroid, under the heading "Gift from a friend".
>Might as well write "DURANDAL WAS HERE" on the drive platter.
>Worth the risk.
>Now then, this other Overlord file... He quickly hashed it and the one he'd already downloaded. Divided storage. These folks were at least good at system integrity. The real trick is if one or more files were dummies with bad info. After setting a download running on that file, he fires a search dialog on the string "Overlord". Maybe there were more. This might be the salvation of this world.

!jSaxman3Bg 877955


The string results didn't come back with much of anything new; at least, not much new that seemed particularly interesting or relevant to his search. There were only two files that immediately stood out from the rest: 'Confinement' and 'Audio.' A cursory evaluation would reveal that both of these were relatively small, and yet both had received an admirable amount of traffic from Command.

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877956

>Of course, these are immediately added to his download queue for later pondering. In combination with the encrypted files he'd already secured, these would give relatively complete insight.
>Now, about that faster-than-light drive. Another search dialog is fed "Warp" and sets running. By the phrasing in the cruiser blueprints, it would appear that the slipspace theory is true in this universe. That alone was fascinating on a scientific basis, even if it had nothing to do with the First Contact.

!jSaxman3Bg 877957


His search query would bring up several conflicting results; some seemed to refer to a form of FTL travel employed by civilizations besides theirs, notably by one particularly eccentric comrade of the Sons who went by 'Fleet Admiral Saxington of Starfleet Command.' The majority of results, however, revealed that the Warp had been the primary form of FTL travel in the home universe of both Sons flagships, a dimension where space-time was all but meaningless... but it also served as the home for the same monstrosities Durandal had seen in the naval battle footage. And apparently the so-named harpies weren't all that dwelt there; bloodthirsters and Keepers of Secrets and other names that would make a decent man's skin crawl at the mere sound of them. It was no wonder the Sons would refuse to utilize such an infernal place, even if it were for the greater good... which worked out well, as it seemed they couldn't anyway. The influence of the Warp over Rigel Prima was weak if nonexistent, bolstered only by the sporadic Rifts and what few cultists had managed to establish footholds.

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877958

>This was... More useful than he'd expected. It DID have to do with the First Contact event. And it was where those things that live in chaos, creating it around them came from-- wait, there it was again.
>He had to deal with this, too. It has something to do with the monsters, almost certainly. If he can mine his own core later, he might be able to find something useful there. Or he might go Rampant.
>Worth the risk.
>In the meantime, he added the smaller files on the Warp to his queue. He was almost certain to be noticed if he grabbed the larger ones. Later, once he's actually wrapped his image around this whole First Contact event.

!jSaxman3Bg 877959


There didn't seem to be much left for him here; anything that hadn't already been pillaged either appeared to be of no import or was simply too large to reliably copy and transfer during this particular trip. Surely there would be enough to begin unwrapping the mystery surrounding Overlord in the data he had managed to mine already, not to mention how it related to the now-infamous First Contact event, that two-day war that had forever changed the course of the Legion and perhaps all of Rigel Prima if its influence was given enough time to properly gestate.

837.0101-Durandal_1707 !Doors5Kftw 877960

>There it was, then.
>Virtually everything useful.
>The method used by other cultures for FTL was promising from a scientific basis, but that wasn't the primary task right now.
>Instead he'd focus efforts on this Overlord project.

>A light goes dark in an empty maintenance room on board the Ascendant.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 877979

File: 1421006151133.jpg (28.64 KB, 250x250, tumblr_nhk56c5ZLP1t8hhnco2_250…)

>Yang shrugs at the switch in colour.

Eh that works too.

>And with the results in, Saya would be in control of their fates on this game.

Looks like Saya will be speared the hang overs then, lucky you~!

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 877980

File: 1421006375504.jpg (93.23 KB, 523x700, Portrait.jpg)

With a heave and a grunt... There!

Phew! That wagon was heavy! What were these people moving, bricks?

"Thank you so much, ma'am!"

Unable to help herself when addressed so kindly by the tiny person, the woman bends down, giving them an affectionate pat on the head and a smile.

"No problem, hun."

Standing up straight and stretching, the woman can't help but smile. She'd intended to go see about the Riftguard again today... But nah, these people needed her help more. Their wagon had lost a wheel on the way to town's trade district, and she'd found them scrambling around pitifully by the side of the road. She couldn't just walk by without helping...

...But while she was in town, might as well take a look around.

Gravitating towards the sweet shops, the woman sighs sadly. Maybe when she had a job she'd be able to indulge a little, but for now...


File: 1421006568610.jpg (69.1 KB, 500x471, tumblr_n1ax9uTeGM1spr6cmo1_500…)


Well she's already pretty drunk anyway...

>Haruko comments and stretches a bit

You can go first with the body part placement if you want Yang

I'd be cool with that too, going down in order of who's the fluffiest

>Jo comments, her ears twitching a little.


File: 1421007010540.png (577.03 KB, 871x490, 2kawaii2quit.png)

>Saya picked up the spinner and took a sip of her drink.
And I don't know about that.
Let's just get started.
>Spins the spinner
>Roll 1d4 = 2
>Roll 1d4 = 4

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878004

File: 1421008491548.png (103.99 KB, 476x623, 54fc9e3b49c81d0e6044a60491622e…)

>And while the Mo'Gallian was longing for something sweet to eat, the sound of hooves against the snow and stone catches rings near her.


>And soon her eye catches another tall woman, a centaur, standing head and shoulders among the rest of the crowd trots past her making her way towards the vendors to trade the pelts of a multitude of animals for money. Though as she kept walking, she failed to notice a suspicious young man trailing her rather close and... taking photos of her rear with his phone.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878005

File: 1421008654400.jpg (177.49 KB, 433x658, smile_by_orihichan-d51abxj.jpg)


The past week hadn't been kind to her. Whatever that fruit was, the short time it'd been in her body and the subsequent draining by that girl had left her unconscious the first few days, and utterly drained of energy after. She just now felt well enough to actually run the shop, and even then, she didn't think she could really be up and running around like she usually was.

Buttoning up her blouse and swinging her legs around the bed, the florist sighs, having to use her side table as leverage to stand. She just felt so tired, like she was utterly drained of energy.

Maybe she shouldn't open shop today.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878007

File: 1421008894960.jpg (46.27 KB, 361x362, irritated.jpg)


What was that guy...?


Marching over to him and snatching the phone out of his hand, the holstaurus drops and stomps it underfoot, utterly destroying it and giving him a serious look.

"It's rude to take pictures without people's permission, you know. Now get along before I teach you some manners. Get!"


File: 1421009087574.png (180.39 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n94xky5TFF1tof9kfo5_500…)


>As Julia would strugle to get up out of bed, Catori immediately moved over to grab her and help her up

Woooah there, you ok?

>She asked, concern in her voice, her ears leaning down

>Catori blamed herself for the whole situation that happened, if she hadn't been so pushy about getting Julia out of bed that morning that portal and those fruit would've been gone before they even got out there...

If you want I can help you down..., otherwise I can just take care of things down stairs.

>She offered with a bit of a guilty sigh as she turned her head away from Julia

>she'd been taking care of the plants in the garden while Julia was down like this, it was the least she could do after all.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878011

File: 1421009362700.jpg (14.84 KB, 293x305, tumblr_static_happy_eyes_close…)

Catori really had been a big help.

And while they were a... Little more than friends, she didn't really think of her as a girlfriend so much as her first real friend friend here.

Throwing an arm around the woman's shoulders, the redhead smiles.

"Thanks, Catori. I'm really lucky to have you around. Really."

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878012

File: 1421009437864.png (127.04 KB, 250x500, Prom dress.png)

>With Yang being first, she'd have the easier time of it then the others.

>and seeing the results of spin, the huntress was half tempted to place her left hand on Jo's rear and say "Done!"

>But that'll be for later when they're all tangled together on the mat. For now, she gets ready to utilize her patented Drunk Twister tactics to give her an edge.

>She leans forward and places her hand on a top green spot, relative to where she was standing, so that her whole body was stretched across the mat.

>and gave Saya a good view of her gauntlets and the other two ladies a painfully close pantry flash in her white dress.


Freya!Wolf7wG7q. 878015

File: 1421009921204.jpg (104.31 KB, 588x668, ss (2014-07-28 at 10.27.40).jp…)

>Another average, albeit miserable day... Days like this, where the air was so cold your face felt like it was getting constantly slapped. Luckily, the weather was nice, allowing a bit of sunlight through. Not that any of this really bothered a creature who was so used to being outdoors, like a werewolf.

>Trudging through the snow, a certain blue-furred wolf-woman walked through the woods, her hot, somewhat exhausted breath producing small clouds of steam from her mouth and nose. She had been hunting all day, killing half a dozen Elk as a farewell gift to her family whom she was visiting for the month prior to this one. And now that she was done, she was finally able to get some rest in.

>Finally seeing the mansion past the dead, grey trees, Freya picks up her pace a bit, until finally arriving at the back door, which she quickly opened to get out of the cold as fast as she could.

>Still covered in snow, the werewolf would violently shake her body like a dog would, spraying melted snow off of her and... everywhere else in the lounge. But she didn't care... All she wanted was to warm up.

>Seeing that there was a fire going, she wasted no time as she approached it and sad down in front of it, using the heat to dry her off and warm her cold bones. Letting out a loud sneeze, she'd cross her arms and stare into the flames before her.

Open post

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878023

File: 1421010342382.png (136.27 KB, 705x531, Why do you carry all those bot…)

>The young man flinches as the phone is taken from him and turns to face Mabel to give her some lip.

Oi! Wha gives--

>Only to freeze when he sees the his phone crushed and stare up at the taller woman. Or rather her chest, shit, a bad time to not have his spare on him to take a pic of that rack. So all he can do is scramble away from the cow lady and vanish into the crowd... but not before he flips Mable the bird.

>The victim of her perversion however only noticed the altercation and not what lead up to it.

Is something wrong ma'am?

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878034

File: 1421010961804.jpg (89.63 KB, 850x657, sample-a827b42b3c26f3dd0832624…)

Hands on her hips, the woman spits in his direction, quietly thinking to herself,

Good riddance.

Turning to face the centaur, she smiles softly, her big brown eyes and motherly appearance making it hard not to instantly like her. Holding out a hand, she tells her,

"Just some punk. Nothing to worry about, hun. The name's Mabel."


File: 1421012620291.jpg (124.23 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2o054fFDI1sr78d…)


No need for thanks! It's really the least I could do while you're recovering

>She said with a slight smile as she started to guide Julia out of her room and down the stairs

You're welcome regardless though.


File: 1421012965504.jpg (59.97 KB, 500x500, 1397056426844.jpg)


>The wolf and the fox look at each other for a moment before they both cough a little

>Haruko's face much redder than Jo's, Jo being much more used to things like this by now

>Haruko stretched a bit

I guess I'm next, right?

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878053

File: 1421013085289.jpg (109.06 KB, 300x288, tumblr_static_orihime-1orihime…)

Throwing her other arm around the woman once they reach the bottom, the florist gives her a big hug before letting go, standing under her own power.

"I think I can walk from here."

Her knees still a bit shaky, the woman reaches out and sets a hand on the kitsune's shoulder.

"I mean... Thanks, Catori. For more than that, for everything. I'm really lucky to have you as a friend."

Forcing herself towards the front of the store, the gardener pushes open the door and almost immediately sits in the chair behind the counter. Even this tiny exertion was hard for her, apparently.

"...Though if you could get a hold of Hitomi, I'd appreciate it. I made it clear she was supposed to keep her phone at home so she doesn't drop it. Her number should be next to the phone in the hallway."


File: 1421013523981.png (297.21 KB, 1000x800, 39293436.png)

>Watching Yang, Saya hid her face behind the spinner.
Al-alright, who's going next?
Well then I'll spin for you Haruko.
>Roll 1d4 = 4
>Roll 1d4 = 3

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878056

File: 1421013591956.png (250.34 KB, 505x503, huh.PNG)

>Well if it was nothing to worry about, then she'll take this woman's word for it. Still, she had to wonder what kind of creature a "Punk" was... maybe it's hide would be worth something? Or what a "Hun" was for that matter.

>still a bit unfamiliar with the art of Civilized People's greetings, the centaur hesitates for a moment before taking Mabel's hand.

I am Follows-Chalk, of the Cynon Tribe.

>Better inspecting Mabel's appearance, she wondered if she was a tribes folk as well after all, she was similar to her in appearance somewhat.

What tribe were you born into May-Bell?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878063

File: 1421013892939.jpg (688.19 KB, 776x1040, 2cf83b21fee8a95730fb3f7c394397…)

>Yang giggles as her plan had it's intended effect.

>She kept this up and the girls will be slipping up all over the place~

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878065

File: 1421013982637.jpg (319.32 KB, 658x1124, baea7eb7435089d550b190b7e0c30b…)




Well shoot.

"...I'm from Mo'Gallile. My family are dairy farmers."

She wasn't a bright one, was she?

"I assume you're not from there?"


File: 1421014143592.jpg (227.25 KB, 511x664, Ahri.full.1655035.jpg)


>Catori gently lets go of Julia and nods a bit

Alright, I'll call her right away

>As she walks into the hallway, she carefully keeps an eye on Julia before turning completely and going to pick up the phone

>She'd look around for Hitomi's number before dialing it.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878067

File: 1421014255329.jpg (50.24 KB, 177x393, summer breeze.jpg)

>the mage would blink as she was pulled into another dance by the young apprentice
>at first she would barely move, the size difference between them making the Conjurer's awkward dance even more awkward
>but it didn't take long before the Summoner joined in, yanking the Conjurer into her own dance, the two entwined in a bizarre ballet
>until, once again, the Summoner would reach down to grab the apprentice by her hips
Alton... Catch!
>and attempt to fling her over the air, and towards the owner of the Manor
>evens, success Roll 1d1000 = 553
>if success, roll for catch!


File: 1421014455011.jpg (65.55 KB, 212x215, c5680d64f898e3e2f8bbe7d7789c2s…)


>Haruko lays down onto her back and slips her left foot under Yang's stretched out body

>Wasn't that hard, but when her turn came up again, it'd be harder

>Jo watched and patted her chin, thinking of how things could work


>For a moment she has a random thought and announces it

You know it's too bad Yang doesn't have a tail, this game could be taken to a new level

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878069

File: 1421014510321.jpg (138.64 KB, 1280x720, ltdr09c8i9kraqjzqmux.jpg)


Ever since yesterday, she'd just felt awful. She'd been stuck under that pile of snow for, like, an hour. Maybe even two. She'd lost track, really. All she knew is that she felt sick and terrible now.

Laying her head down for a nice, relaxing nap, the girl closes her eyes...




Digging into a pile of accumulated junk, the cat pulls out the small, cheap cell phone she'd been given by Julia and required to keep on and charged at all times. She didn't mind that much, since she didn't carry it anywhere but to work and back, but still, she hadn't even had to use it before now.

...What button did she hit again?

Taking a wild guess, the kitty stifles a cough and holds it up to her ear like Julia showed her.



File: 1421014676177.jpg (20.27 KB, 154x156, 1.jpg)

>Saya just smiled hand held up a ring.
I think that could be arranged Jojo.
But first we should find out where you go on the mat.
>Roll 1d4 = 3
>Roll 1d4 = 4

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878072

File: 1421015065035.jpg (179.41 KB, 586x422, 1380759896575.jpg)

>Oh, she wasn't from a tribe. Oh of course not, she was one of the few tribes people outside of the Great Plains, why would anyone else a tribes person out here.

I... am not.

>Blushing about her silly mistake, she tries to keep somewhat composed.

I come from the Great Plains and I'km still getting use to how things are done by the Civilized People... Pardon my mistake miss...

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878073

File: 1421015366080.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

...So were they some kind of primitive culture?

"Well, I'm kinda new here myself."

. . .

"...So a centaur, huh? Only ever heard about your kind. You're a little... Bigger than I imagined."

...Hopefully she didn't assume she meant her chest.

"I mean size-wise, you're even bigger than me!"

...That could still be interpreted wrong. Stop talking.

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878074

File: 1421015415827.jpg (14.7 KB, 300x225, Flannery_2.jpg)

>at first, Catlyn has some difficulty keeping up with the much-taller woman, their dance being very strange and forced
>but once they fall into the swing of things, she clearly starts to enjoy herself, a bright smile moving across her face as they dance together
>and when Melissa's hands touch her hips, her smile seems to widen even more, her cheeks turning pink as well

>that is, until Melissa hauls her up to try and toss her to Alton


>instead of succeeding, however, she slips down behind Melissa and tumbles down

Roll 1d1000 = 108
>evens, she lands on her feet, albeit with some difficulty
>odds, she lands face-first on the floor

>if evens, she turns and glares at Melissa with a thoroughly displeased look

>if odds, she just lays on the floor, a bit dazed fom the pratfall

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878076

File: 1421016063007.png (114.06 KB, 600x523, 1411493423409.png)

>Yang smiles coyly at the both of them.

If I had a tail, I'd be using it to tickle the both of you into getting wasted right now.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878077

File: 1421016317118.png (24.05 KB, 113x158, Grell_Butler_FuriouslyPhotosho…)



>Alton stands and marches towards the yellow Ampharos, which begins to wibble and cover her face with her flippers.

When I tell you to do something I blood well mean it-!

>Roll 1d1000 = 869

>odds, in his utter blindness, Alton walks right into the small table holding the potted plant, knocking the whole setup over in a wild stumble and a loud crash.

>if so, the flower spits a large amount of pollen in the man's face, causing him to sneeze uncontrollably

>evens, Alton walks into the table but jerks to a stop before he can pratfall spectacularly again, his angry growl only growing louder from the frustration of not being able to see.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878078

File: 1421016640181.jpg (25.24 KB, 237x279, small trouble.jpg)

>the woman blinked, just staring with a slightly impressed look on her face down at the apprentice, not at all responding to her displeased look





You are heavy, Catlyn.
>before the loud noise of something crashing to the floor catches her attention
Alton Sutcliff!
>she hurries over, ignoring the apprentice for now, and reaches down to help him stand up
You should watch where you are going, or you could get seriously hurt.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878079

File: 1421017158194.png (89.47 KB, 202x220, Grell_Butler_Terribly Tongue T…)



>The pollen from the strange plant just continues to cause Alton to sneeze hysterically and violently, a queer sensation of burning and tickling shooting all the way into his lungs.

>Melissa alone sounds far away to him between sneezes, his head swimming from the sudden cloud of particulates.


>Tessa bleats in an even louder upset tone and cries, burying her face into her flippers even further than it already had been.


>[Now he's sick why isn't anything going right! WHAAAAAA!]



>Jo gently followed Haruko's lead with her right foot landing on Green

>She gulped a bit, she wasn't always the best at balancing

Yang that'd be cheating

>Jo scolds with a pout


File: 1421017399232.jpg (64.56 KB, 600x413, Ahri.600.1550574.jpg)


>Catori blinked a bit, as she heard Hitomi's voice

>Well glad to see the young kitty cat didn't lose it somewhere in her hosue

Hello there Hitomi, this is Catori, could you come down here? I think Julia needs to talk to you.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878082

File: 1421017434105.jpg (65.14 KB, 407x500, day dreaming.jpg)

>a blink, the woman staring down at the sneezing man
>for a good while, all she did was stare at him, but slowly her focus would change
>she would face the potted plant on the floor, reaching down with her hand to grab on to it
>and inexplicably smash it against the ground, the pot breaking into several dozens shards, leaving the plant dead on the floor, dirt scattered all over
Bad plant.

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878083

File: 1421017603114.jpg (59.28 KB, 850x478, sample-ec614d9183f83eb68429f3f…)

Coughing into the mouthpiece for several seconds, the girl curls up in her bed, utterly miserable.

"I don't know if I can, Miss Inarison. I'm really, really sick right now..."

Coughing a few more times and sucking in a deep breath, the cat adds,


Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878084

File: 1421018174896.jpg (21.09 KB, 640x480, flannery-16.jpg)



>still glaring at Melissa's back, Catlyn would soon lean over to watch Alton sneeze and spasm nearby

>ignoring the smashed plant on the floor, she'd look between Alton and Melissa, her displeased expression growing in intensity


>finally, after a few seconds, she ran forward and swung a foot up, thrusting it at Alton's face

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 193


Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878085

File: 1421018778861.png (34.99 KB, 143x204, Grell_Butler_HeHurtHimselfInCo…)


>Again Alton simply doesn't seem to be able to breathe as he keeps sneezing so violently his gasps of air simply don't remain in his lungs for very long before being expelled.

>He scrubs at his face with his hands in between sneezes to rub away the pollen from the now destroyed plant, each sneeze becoming louder and more powerful than the last.



>The final sneeze is terribly powerful, Alton jolting back with a violent twitch and right out of Cat's kick range.

>However, the sneeze isn't without it's danger...

>Roll 1d1000 = 442

>odds, a massive blob of snot peppered in the pollen smacks onto the following in a disgusting 'SPLAT!'

Roll 1d3 = 2

>1. Cat

>2. Lissa
>3. Both

>evens, the gunk and spray from the sneeze hits the ground, Alton having tilted his face down to absorb the blast.


>Regardless, he swoons and flops over, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath.


File: 1421018803589.jpg (67.53 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2u1j3PO4g1sr78d…)


>Catori taps her chin and sighs

No no, it's fine Hitomi, if you're sick it's understandable.

>Perhaps she was a bit too trusting, but she believed the cat

Give me a moment though, I'll tell Julia

>She puts the phone down but hasn't hung up yet

>She walks back out to where Julia was and stretches

Hitomi's sick right now, what do I do from here?

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878087

File: 1421018966863.jpg (30.68 KB, 473x279, this is serious.jpg)

>the apprentice's furious scream would immediately get the Summoner's attention
>in a flash, she would jump at her, looking to wrap one arm around her, with one hand over her mouth, trying to pin the Conjurer to herself and prevent her from moving or making any noise
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 736

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878088

File: 1421018969095.jpg (57.92 KB, 1280x720, Orihime.jpg)

Looking very concerned for the girl's health, she quickly asks,

"Well, what's wrong with her? How bad is it?"

If she was sick...

...Well, she couldn't really afford to go see a doctor, and knowing her, she wouldn't accept help without being forced to.

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878090

File: 1421019059838.png (216.23 KB, 502x592, Why do the males of your kind …)

>and oh did she indeed get the wrong message from that as many a people have commented on her size and she honestly believed that Mabel is another one of those people.

T-thank you.... your's are very nice as well...

>Really, what is with Civilized People's fascination with breasts?!

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878091

File: 1421019280531.jpg (42.48 KB, 390x315, tumblr_n8epzoSa951r8ououo1_128…)


"Honey, I meant you. You're tall. Large. Bigger than I thought your kind would be."

. . .

"...But thanks. I'm sure you get those kinds of comments a lot."

Last thing she needed was some fool centaur girl thinking she wanted to bump nasties. That rumor getting around wouldn't have any negative side effects, no ma'am!

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878092

File: 1421019417855.jpg (26.02 KB, 634x473, Embarrassed.jpg)



>Catlyn rather easily fell into Melissa's grasp, unable to follow through on her enraged assault as a result

>she would flail a bit in Melissa's arms, but it was pretty clear she wasn't going to go anywhere

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878093

File: 1421020157087.png (87.85 KB, 300x126, But But I Am a Sheepy.PNG)


>Alton wheezes and sniffles, laying perfectly inert on the floor as his erratic breathing slowly starts to come under control for him.

>A teary eyed Tessa creeps forward, her ears folded back and her button eyes still teary. She sniffs and pads closer, her long neck extending to nudge Alton on his shoulder with her nose.



>Alton groans and stirs, a hand slowly slipping into his coat. He withdraws a handkerchief and lifts it to his face, his eyes squeezing shut as he wipes the pollen and remaining mucus from his face.


>Tessa gently nuzzles Alton again with a renewed comforting bleat. The man squints and looks to the yellow blur aside him, then with a tired sigh he pulls a glove off and pats her muzzle back.

Thank you, Tessa.



File: 1421020184756.jpg (31.27 KB, 159x154, 5.jpg)

That's right, and I know you two wouldn't do that to yang now would you?
>Roll 1d4 = 3
>Roll 1d4 = 3

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878096

File: 1421020682718.jpg (37.36 KB, 200x325, unamused by this.jpg)

>the woman would remain steely in her hold on the apprentice, staring blankly at the walls
>she would hum curiously, looking down at the redhead in her arms, then the downed man next to is pet dragon
>her eyes would maintain a cold and analytical stare, as if she were inwardly deciphering all of the events that had happened until that moment
>he gaze would turn to the shattered pot, and the quickly withering flower on the floor

>Roll 1d100 = 90

>evens, she wonders what role the flower had in this bizarre turn of events that had happened
>she remember pushing Catlyn, trying to break Alton's glasses, throwing them around, but not why she had done it
>could the flower's innate abilities have somehow affected her to be so impulsive and thoughtless in her actions?


>odds, she just blinks curiously

Oh... I broke it...
>then turned to the owner of the Manor, but wouldn't let go of the redhead
I'm sorry about that, Alton Sutcliff.


File: 1421021502627.jpg (108.6 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2vk0rdRB61sr78d…)


Well she had kind of a bad cough...assuming she didn't hang up, I should still have her on the phone too.

>Catori scratches the back of her head

I'm not sure how bad it is, but if you wanted I could go over and check .

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878098

File: 1421021639846.jpg (14.84 KB, 293x305, tumblr_static_happy_eyes_close…)

Smiling thankfully, the woman sets a hand on the kitsune's.

"You're the best."

...Before realizing something.

"...I don't really know where she lives, though. You'll have to ask her and get directions."

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878099

File: 1421021773216.jpg (9.56 KB, 200x150, flannery.jpg)

>Catlyn would continue to wrench about in Melissa's arms, but her efforts would slow down as time went on, her anger starting to subside
>with the weakening emotions came clarification and realization, the full scope of her actions becoming clearer to her
>she then realized where she had been just as those feelings that consumed her took effect, recalling very vividly seeing the bright flower right in front of her eyes


>she'd reach up and grasp onto Melissa's hand, pulling herself up past it so she could speak

That...shouldn't have happened...

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878102

File: 1421023099869.png (588.48 KB, 679x1000, BECAUSE I AM REALLY ANGRY.png)


>His head, which throbs terribly after his sneezing fit, makes Alton very slow to think on what had just happened, or even how to internalize how he should feel about it. He remembered coming in, seeing Melissa push Cat, then try twisting Tessa's head around.

>He became angry, he remembers that, and his rage had flared beyond anything he felt when he was so rudely treated and thrown. His glasses were broken, he had a headache, his wrist still hurt from being grabbed earlier as well.


>Thinking back, he's still angry. Perhaps not in the vein of ordering Tessa to electrocute the two for such poor treatment but it simmered in a familiar way within him.

>Tessa fusses over him, gently helping him sit back up from the ground with sturdy flippers and another gentle bleat. A fleck of guilt crosses his face, and with another sigh he pats her head this time.

I'm sorry I shouted at you Tessa, I did not intend to hurt your feelings...

>Tessa smiles faintly back at him and nods, before giving her trainer a small hug.


>[It's okay, I was acting dumb too.]

>Tessa leans back, and seeing Alton missing his glasses, his face flushed from sneezing and his eyes very tired.

>Seeing his worn expression, and the shattered remains of his glasses on the floor where he had fallen, the dismayed Ampharos' expression switches from tenderness to undeniable anger.
>Anger at herself for standing aside and letting her trainer be pushed around as such, but also anger towards the people who resulted in him being in this condition.

>Tessa steps back, and with a dangerous animal-like growl she spins around to face the women, a distinctive crackle coming from her rubbery hide.


[YOU TWO! How DARE you treat him like this!]


File: 1421023516659.jpg (109.99 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n3dwkf44u71sr78d…)


"or I could just track her down by going into town and tracking her soul"

>Catori would comment with a bit of a shrug

But I'll get directions so I at least know what part of town she's in

>Catori walks back over to the phone

Hitomi, still there?

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878104

File: 1421023558865.jpg (69.3 KB, 381x700, interesting but wrong.jpg)

>the Summoner finally releases the apprentice, keeping her gaze on the withered flower
No. It shouldn't have. And yet, it did. Curious...
>her expression took on a more curious tone, actually fascinated by the wild changes in mood the four of them has experienced
>the dragon's furious cry would receive no surprise from the woman, as she would calmly turn to face her
Tessa, you may calm down. I don't believe any of us were in a right state of mind these past few minutes.
>she bent down, picking up the dead flower from the ground and holding it up at about chest-weight
I believe this was the culprit. The Aurora Star is well known in our world as a mood enhancer, sometimes with unpredictable result.
>she brought a finger to her lip, humming
Although, I have never heard of its effects being so pronounced as these... Perhaps this is another, more powerful strain from the same family...?
>she mused to herself out loud, still inspecting the withered grey plant

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878105

File: 1421024071700.gif (281.73 KB, 500x281, oh god.gif)

Quite obviously coughing up phlegm at this point, the catgirl remains silent besides the coughs for several seconds, eventually answering,

"...Yes. And I heard. I'm three blocks over, North."

Quite obviously embarrassed by her need for help, and bitter about it, she adds meekly,

"I... I might need to come stay with you guys, if that's alright..."


File: 1421024495524.jpg (86.05 KB, 800x1000, my_couch_is_burning_by_datneko…)


>Catori blinked a bit, wondering how Hitomi heard that far from over the phone

Well Personally, I'm sure I can take care of both you and Julia...

>She comments before nodding

I'll head over in a moment, if it's alright with Julia to have you over with us, I'll be coming back with you.

See you soon.

>She'd then hang up and go back to talk to Julia

Her cough's still pretty bad, Julia. Would it be cool if I brought her back here so I can more easily care for both of you?

I'm not weak to most human and cat person illnesses, so don't worry about me on that account.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878107

File: 1421024880116.gif (996.39 KB, 488x288, tumblr_m75xwuCDy21rqocw6.gif)

"Of course it's okay!"

The poor girl lived all alone. It must be hard, living like that, but at least she wasn't homeless.

"I'm fine enough that you don't need to worry about me. If she's really that bad, I'll have a look at her."

Realizing what she'd said, the woman ducks her head, glancing at the kitsune out of the corner of her eye.

"Because... You know..."


File: 1421025072358.jpg (23.14 KB, 500x400, tumblr_n6fznsPDbx1su39leo1_500…)


>Catori nods

Yeah I know...besides it's just the 3 of us, I'm sure not too many questions will come up...

>Catori's ears lower and she stretches

Be back in a jiffy

>She says as she walks out the door and heads the way Hitomi said to...still activating her soul perception in case she got lost...

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878110

File: 1421025127241.png (60.46 KB, 255x354, Flannery_Manga.png)

>Catlyn jolted at Tessa's incensed bleating, turning to look at her with a wide-eyed frightened look
>obviously she didn't understand just what the sheep-dragon was actually saying, but it was pretty clear what her intent was
>she opened her mouth to try and protest-

>but Melissa manages to explain everything succintly, the apprentice glancing up at her as she keeps talking
>at the end, she looked back to Tessa and nodded rapidly in agreement

Y-Yeah, what she said!

>she tried her best to not dwell on how foolish she acted during the whole chaotic escapade, or her reasons for acting in such a manner

>but the embarrassed expression on her face said it all anyway

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878111

File: 1421025475992.jpg (201.21 KB, 900x600, momoc-blog-abandoned-construct…)

It wasn't far.

But it wasn't a home. She was quite clearly inside an abandoned construction site, surrounded by eight foot chain link fences and locks on every entrance. Considering she wasn't really in any fit state to move, from the sounds of things...


File: 1421025938133.jpg (146.53 KB, 469x750, tumblr_n86nioB4Ip1t0jqwlo2_500…)


>When Catori had arrived, she noticed the state of things...

>she quickly approached the part of the abandoned site where she could see the cat girl's soul as she called out for her


>she asked.

>...if this was where the girl was staying...she couldn't have that

>She couldn't have that at all

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878113

File: 1421026149334.jpg (32.3 KB, 225x350, 192749.jpg)

Poking her head out of the only finished room in the entire lot, the catgirl smiles softly before coughing up phlegm into her hand, unhappily wiping it off on some snow.

"Hi, Miss Catori."

Retreating back into the room, she scrambles into the pile of blankets and pillows that served as a bed, trying to keep warm despite her face obviously being red with fever.

"Um... I'm sorry you had to..."


File: 1421026432713.jpg (124.36 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2np9qeaRz1sr78d…)


>Catori waves

Hitomi, let's get you back to the shop, alright?

>She says while stretching a bit

After we get you and your blankets over I'll bring the rest of your stuff...because even if your room is finished, I can't let you live in a place like this.

>she says looking over at Hitomi, her hands planted firmly on her hips

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878116

File: 1421026815506.gif (800.42 KB, 500x250, tumblr_mhi64fck8f1r12ee6o1_500…)

Nodding sadly, the girl grabs one or two of the more worn blankets, wrapping them around herself and shivering as she stands, even in full winter clothing.

"You're not cold...?"


File: 1421026998102.jpg (103.68 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2pkoiCuyT1sr78d…)


Dear, Kitsune are normally much more fluffy than the form I'm taking now, I'm always cold. I'll be fine, don't you worry about me.

>she offers her hand to Hitomi

Now let's get you home before the snow kicks up again, winters in towns Snow spirits call home can be pretty bad you know!

>Else where....

>A little blonde fox looked over at a snow spirit

We still going to start a storm at 9 tonight so we can go sledding tomorrow?

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878118

File: 1421027149598.jpg (8.65 KB, 169x159, thm_phpdz7rai.jpg)

Hesitating for a moment, the girl lightly takes the woman's hand, smiling awkwardly.

"Will there be meat? I know Miss Julia doesn't eat it, but..."

Giving her a hopeful look with her big blue eyes, the girl adds,

"...Maybe you have some? For yourself?"


File: 1421027581637.png (99.02 KB, 500x300, tumblr_n0pznznKRk1tof9kfo3_500…)


Weeeeeeeell we don't have any there right now...

>She taps her chin

But I can buy some, and a separate freezer so Julia doesn't have to see it...

>Catori said, reaching a hand into her pocket and pulling out a credit card with a fox emblem in the middle of it.

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878122

File: 1421027768951.jpg (41.87 KB, 567x800, 2867_0e6c.jpeg)

Almost bouncing up and down with happiness at the prospect, the girl pounces on the woman, throwing her arms around her neck and hugging her tightly.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, Miss Catori!"

Planting a huge kiss on her cheek, the kitty's ears flatten, her burning hot face pressed up against the fox spirit's skin.

"...I feel dizzy."


File: 1421027918301.png (233.14 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n6khtyyXF51s0xe17o4_500…)


>As she's hugged tightly, Catori sighs, her ears pointing down

alright Hitomi, that was a bit reckless considering the state you're in...

>She looks at Hitomi sternly and taps her foot a bit...before smiling and sighing

Would you like me to carry you the rest of the way so you don't fall over?

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878125

File: 1421028071237.jpg (88.05 KB, 498x289, 3339914_1376887523219.79res_50…)



Was she really that strong...?

"Aren't I too heavy?"


File: 1421028326593.jpg (86.26 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2qrq8vcjc1sr78d…)


>Catori giggles a bit a bit before pulling down her sleeve, letting the shapeshifting prowess that normally hid her well toned form slip away

I'm tougher than I look! I have to have the sound body to go with the sound soul and mind.

>she goes to try sweeping Hitomi off her feet

>results up to dew.

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878127

File: 1421028523978.jpg (122.38 KB, 600x757, da9b67bd6858494d54261f623a741b…)

Scooped up in those surprisingly strong arms, the girl smiles awkwardly and pulls the blankets around her closer, shivering in the woman's arms.

The ice cold wind whipping past her face as they walk, the girl tries to speak in as few words as possible, the cold air burning her lungs and causing her to cough more.

"Miss Catori...?"


File: 1421031197814.jpg (96.7 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2yz9kVU5I1sr78d…)


>As she carried Hitomi home with her, Catori's ears perked up a bit

What is it Hitomi..?

>She asked, feeling a bit concerned

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878150

File: 1421031275340.jpg (50.94 KB, 1280x720, baBto6q.jpg)

Smiling and wrapping her arms around the kind lady's neck, the girl smiles happily, her face completely red.

"I know why Miss Julia likes you now."


File: 1421031462183.jpg (108.6 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2vk0rdRB61sr78d…)


>Catori blinks a bit and blushes slightly

>Hitomi was interesting, despite being a teen she still carried that child like innocence that made kids so adorable

Thanks Hitomi

>She comments and soon they'd arrive back at the shop, where Catori would knock on the door using her tail

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878158

File: 1421031670110.jpg (57.92 KB, 1280x720, Orihime.jpg)

Slightly out of breath, the florist opens the door...

And immediately frowns. She could tell without even taking a closer look that the little kitty was sick.

"Bring her inside. Up the stairs an on the couch. Hurry."

Still seemingly out of breath, the woman disappears back into the shop, heading for one of the supply closets she rarely opened.

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878161

File: 1421031746261.jpg (41.87 KB, 567x800, 2867_0e6c.jpeg)

Sheepishly hiding her face, the cat looks more like a kitten, cowed by its mother.


Hiding her face in Catori's shoulder, the young adult shivers more, ashamed and scared.


File: 1421032193487.png (463.03 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n685zzWFb91s0adc8o1_500…)


>Catori nods and quickly rushes Hitomi up the stairs

>she'd gently set her down on the couch

It'll be alright Hitomi...don't worry

>she tells her, patting her head a few times nervously.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878173

File: 1421032590955.png (660.59 KB, 500x569, tumblr_inline_ml9ulrS3ng1qz4rg…)

Running up the stairs, her face red, her knees looking as if they were going to fall out from under her, the woman returns with a bottle of pills, an IV bag filled with a clear solution, a syringe, several smaller bottles filled with various liquids and an IV starting kit. Nearly collapsing by the couch, she pulls out a small, disposable alcohol pad and scrubs viciously at the back of Hitomi's closer arm. Holding it still in her hands, she gives the cat a second or two to see her intentions, rips the cap off of the IV's needle and plunges it into the girl's vein. Holding it in place with a thumb, she motions to Catori and, out of breath, tells her,

"Tape. Get me medical tape. Third cabinet."

Returning to her patient, the woman hands the IV bag to the shivering cat, instructing her to hold it upright as she plugs the attached tube to the IV in her arm and opens the flow, the clear liquid very slowly beginning to drain into her.

"Catori, hurry."


File: 1421033205776.png (189.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n7jhijQI7R1tof9kfo4_500…)


>Catori would quickly rush over grabbing the medical tape

>She'd quickly hand it to Julia, knowing full well what could go wrong if she threw it

...Julia, by the way, we can't let her go back to where she was living after she gets better..

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878182

File: 1421033363015.jpg (14.84 KB, 293x305, tumblr_static_happy_eyes_close…)

Sighing, the woman nods, using it to secure the IV to the girl's arm. Taking a step back, she takes the bag from the girl and hands it to the kitsune, gently pressing her hand to Hitomi's forehead and smiling, lowering her head closer to the girl's.

"Hey sweetie, how're you feeling? Can you tell me what's wrong?"

While waiting for a response, she places a hand on the girl's chest, trying to feel her breathing.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878183

File: 1421033486780.jpg (128.68 KB, 774x1032, deadpool_by_dorets-d4sa24z.jpg)

>Was he...was he actually admitting he was wrong? This was...history book worthy. And about him no less. He was at a loss of words.

>He flashes back to that night on the roof. They had just gotten tossed out of the dark demension after Grell was done playing with them. That night, when Stein told him he was the greatest friend he ever had. It hit him like nothing else. These two madmen, recluses in their own right, and somehow in this crazy messed world of theirs they had found each other.


>He spent some time in silence processing what he just heard. A good portion of that time was spent just trying to figure out what to say.

...To this day I'm still trying to determine if that really counted as a win. You were pretty tired before it started after all.

>His arms and legs crossed, Wade looks away for a moment. A deep breath goes through his mouth before he turns his head over.

You, you think we can give this another shot?

>Almost as soon as he said it, he died a little inside. As if he knew it was possibly the corniest thing he could have said at this exact moment. Not as if he had much experience in this type of situation.

Hitomi!uKittyfVOU 878184

File: 1421033581132.gif (800.42 KB, 500x250, tumblr_mhi64fck8f1r12ee6o1_500…)

Shooting the woman a concerned look, the cat holds her tongue.

Sighing and smiling sadly, the girl answers,

"Not great... I feel like it's the hottest summer ever and-"

Interrupted by a sickening, wet-sounding coughing fit that lasts several seconds, her face slick with sweat, the girl's eyes dart quickly over her caretaker's faces, almost as if she were terrified, even around them.

"I'm sorry, Miss Julia... I'm sorry, Miss Catori..."

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878191

File: 1421034945327.png (411.5 KB, 788x720, 1061833_1340755132819_full.png)

Softly stroking the girl's hot cheeks, the woman smiles.

"You have nothing to apologize for, sweetie."

Pulling out the syringe and removing the sterility cap, the gardener sinks the point of the needle into the small hole in the top of one of the small bottles, skillfully pulling back the plunger to a set amount and pulling it back out. Searching along the length of the IV, she finds what she's looking for, and plunging the tip of the needle into a small, plastic chamber the clear liquid was feeding into, empties the payload of medication into it.

Sighing and grabbing up all of the supplies, she sets them on a table before returning and placing her hand on the girl's cheek.

"If her fever doesn't go down in two hours, she needs to go to the hospital. I'll give her aciclovir in a minute in case it's viral. I hope it's not a viral, or if it is it's RSV, or it could easily be untreatable and just force us to wait it out..."

Quietly musing to herself for a few moments, the woman asks,

"Catori, if you don't mind, could you go downstairs and grab my bag? It's in that closet it was in. I may need it to check on her if she starts feeling better."


File: 1421035499133.jpg (88.69 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n32m9vxSA81sr78d…)


It'll be just a moment!

>Catori declares, rushing down the stairs and going over to the closet

>She opens the closet and looks around for Julia's bag

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878193

It's plainly sitting there, a duffel bag half open and bearing the logo of the town's hospital next a large, red cross.

It was fairly clearly medical in nature.


File: 1421036195917.jpg (102.61 KB, 500x708, tumblr_n2o3adhtiU1t0jqwlo1_500…)


>Catori grabs the bag and taps her chin

>rather than running up the stairs she decides just to try a bit of spectral mimicry as she float up through the floor directly into the room with the bag

>before she and the bag turn Tangible again.

I got it as fast as I could

>she comments before handing Julia the bag

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878195

File: 1421036235919.png (62.7 KB, 317x276, Stein_Uhm How Do I Respond To …)


...Can we?

>Stein blinks at Wade, his question phrased rhetorically but sounding very earnest. Truthfully he doesn't even know if he deserves to have this kind of chance. Wade had every right to be angry with him, and he wasn't really that great of a friend to the mercenary.


>But, he was a selfish kind of man. Spirit knew that much for all the things he did to him. That was back when he wasn't as much of a man as he was here. Everything Wade did he feels meant more than what Spirit had done for him. Wade understood him intrinsically, he didn't judge him for it, or treat him like he was something unpleasant stuck under his shoe he had to accept existed.

>In some strange way it didn't feel entirely right to him to simply nod and say yes, and for once not for his sake.

I'm aware you've done plenty of things for me, Wade. Just what do I do that makes you want to rekindle any kind of friendship?

>His gaze shifts down towards the floor of the limo, then sighs quietly.

I'm genuinely surprised you want to try when I'm sure I don't do much of anything to deserve it.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878198

File: 1421036632252.jpg (97.38 KB, 1280x720, Orihime_lasnoches.jpg)

Taking it with a smile, the woman sets the bag aside, sighing heavily.

"I set her up with a saline solution. It should drain out in about two hours, one of us needs to replace it when it's emptied. She'll likely need to get up to use the bathroom multiple times before then. She may or may not need our help."

Sitting at the table with a tired huff, the woman sighs.

"So much for opening the shop today..."

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878199

>A certain females phone, sitting silently in (wherever the hell she puts it), suddenly starts (vibrating/making really loud noises).
>The source of the disturbance of this phones graceful slumber would be nothing other than a text from everyone's favorite Millitian.
>Within the text, this particular female would be greeted by an absolute masterpiece of literature, and the minds of many would be unable to fathom the pure beauty of the work put into this one simple text.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878200

File: 1421037411132.jpg (414.11 KB, 1400x1007, 1b0ca342aa0a40ad034d176622273b…)

>Hazel lounged about her room, staring up at the ceiling, playing with a paddle ball. She didn't want to go outside and freeze her butt off, she wanted to stay here where it was nice and warm... But it was so boring here.

93, 94, 95, 96...

>what was there to do...? She could go to the gym or the manor...

97, 98, 99...

>then her cellphone range, causing her to screw up the 100th hit.

>she almost broke her record of 112!

>despite her annoyance, she checked her phone... It was Sasuun. That boy who she hung out with a while back.

>she replied to his text wtih a simple "?"


File: 1421037657384.jpg (146.53 KB, 469x750, tumblr_n86nioB4Ip1t0jqwlo2_500…)


Don't worry too much on that Julia....

>Catori crosses her arms

Even if we can't cheer up others with the gift of plants and flowers today, at the very least we can take care of Hitomi...

>Catori looks down at the young woman...

>She looks up from Hitomi and looks to Julia

...You're good at taking care of people, Julia, so stay calm until we know whether or not she'll have to go to the hospital.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878202

File: 1421037905858.png (298.05 KB, 631x644, Episode_347_Orihime.png)

Sighing sadly, the woman slumps forward onto the table, resting her forehead against the cool wood.

"I know she has pneumonia. I just want her to get the medicines she needs so she doesn't have to just wait it out."

Flicking one of small bottles, the woman grins to herself.

"Unless she has SARS, H1N1 or Ryker's, she'll be fine."

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878203

File: 1421037932831.jpg (6.57 KB, 183x198, 1372847219674.jpg)

>That wasn't a no. That was a good sign. Without even having to stop and think, Wade responds.

You remember what I was like before we started hanging out. Volitile, Self Destructive, willing to pick a fight with anything that looked at me wrong.

Then you came along, and for once. It was during the Cell fight. When I asked you how to do that punch that you do. You did something that not alot of people do. You said "sure" and didn't ask for anything in return.

And it was after that, I dunno if it was what you did, or staring at the candle you gave me all night, or even if it was just because of the fight itself but something weird happened. It's like a good part of the anger just...went away. I was less punchy, less stabby...not necessarily by a lot mind you, but enough to be noticeable.

I mean how many people do you know would actually agree to abuse time travel to bring home a genetically breed shark octopus monster? Suggest that to anyone else and they'd just look at you weird.

It's like...

>Raising his hands so the hover in the air between him and Stein, Wade would wave his palms back and forth repeatedly.

It's like we just get each other, you know. It's like the guy who thought to put Peanut Butter with Jelly.


File: 1421038076913.jpg (117.21 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_n3udprv6N81sr78d…)


>Catori blinks a few times

...I got what the first two you listed were, but what's Ryker's?

>she scratch's the back of her head

I honestly thought that was a prison complex, not a virus.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878205

File: 1421038205745.jpg (131.55 KB, 1908x1080, Relaxing.jpg)

>Sasuun looks down at his vibrating phone, checking the text he had just received.
>For some reason he can just tell he did something wrong.
>He starts typing back anyway.
>"Just got back from a trip, and haven't really seen anyone I recognize. How's it goin'?"

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878207

File: 1421038309901.png (217.11 KB, 900x529, orihime_inoue_by_renzolomagno-…)

"It's a pneumonia causing viral infection that swept through a few years ago. It almost killed most of the geriatric w-"

Falling silent mid-sentence, the woman's head lowers back to the table, hoping the little catgirl hadn't overheard. A little more silently, she answers,

"It's something you just sort of have to ride out. There's no cure but your own body, all the treatment is is saline and hoping the person has a strong immune system."


File: 1421038639841.jpg (84.96 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2vjgs3mmW1sr78d…)


There's not generally a cure for viruses, is there? After all they're a thing that invades the body, tries to make it their own so to speak...the only thing that fixes them is adapting to them...

>Catori states while shaking her head

...Right then, considering where her "home" is and I can't possibly imagine how she'd get electricity or heat there...

>Catori crosses her arms

...I'm inclined to believe it was the cold that caused the Pneumonia...

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878210

File: 1421038765492.gif (557.5 KB, 500x281, what.gif)

Oh, right.

Her home.

"What was wrong with it? Did it not have working heat...? I know she lives alone..."


File: 1421039043844.jpg (83.86 KB, 500x625, tumblr_n2rokwx81Y1t0jqwlo1_500…)


...It's the only fully built room of an abandoned construction project.

>Catori confesses, a look of worry on her face

I don't know how long she's been living there, but it's neither a healthy space or a safe one.

>She'd cross her arms and look down at the ground

I don't know how long she's been living there...but Julia, we have to let her stay here with us...I mean we're the closest thing to family she has and we have the means to support her...

>Catori looks back up

...even if I have to dip into some of the funds I have that are going to building my own store back up in Mo'galile.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878212

File: 1421039188888.png (116.27 KB, 424x340, Stein_FeelsGoodMan.PNG)


...Actually, that was a woman that thought of it.

>It was a mundane fact but it easily floats to the top of Stein's thoughts, sticking out so strongly he can't help but say it.

>He smiles faintly and looks back up to Wade, another sigh issuing from him but less troubled than it had been earlier.
>He looks over the Equestrian across from him, not studying his features but thinking of what he had said.


>After a long stretch of silence, he nods to himself and sits up.

I think there's a disparity between what we've done for each other. What I've done for you is what I do for plenty of my students, or also benefited me in some way too. What you've done ranges from saving my life to making me feel understood by someone other than myself.

I really think having me for a friend is still logically a bad idea.


>The smile on his face actually strengthens somewhat, his eyebrows lifting into a more friendlier expression.

But, if you're willing to give a chance, I think I can shrink that gap.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878213

File: 1421039350443.jpg (133.71 KB, 500x280, tumblr_n6czvyjgRg1s809n2o2_500…)



"...She told me that she had an apartment. It wasn't great, but..."

She really was homeless...

"Oh my gods, Hitomi..."

And she hadn't even thought to check, she just trusted the girl to be telling the truth.

"...No, keep your money. I'll pay for it. I have enough."

Watching the poor girl sadly, the woman takes a deep breath to calm herself. This day was already the most taxing in weeks.

"She can't keep living there, you're right. So I'm going to make her stay."

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878215

File: 1421039520184.png (281.62 KB, 800x400, 398847e8702f4fe3a905bb43ef701d…)

>That'll explain why she hadn't seen eye or ear of him lately...

>she quickly texted back

>"Bored. How about you?"


File: 1421040957647.jpg (146.53 KB, 469x750, tumblr_n86nioB4Ip1t0jqwlo2_500…)


...I insist on at least helping you in this regard.

>Catori states, keeping her arms crossed, she felt responsible for the cat girl for some reason, and felt she needed to take care of her

A little later I'll go to pick what little she has over there in there though, like her phone and her other blankets.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878220

File: 1421041016789.jpg (59.3 KB, 500x245, tumblr_lkwobgnMtB1qayvwm.jpg)

>It would not take long before Wade would react to his decision. Almost quicker then Stein could react, Wade had slide across the seat and lunged forward to give Stein one of the longest awaited hugs he had ever given anyone.

...I am the king of bad ideas, this isn't one of them.

>After he spoke he would tighten his grapple on Stein. A deep breath passing through him. If Stein's senses weren't to discombobulated from the scene, he could feel a single drop of water drip onto his shirt.

Julia!uKittyfVOU 878221

File: 1421041190011.jpg (109.06 KB, 300x288, tumblr_static_orihime-1orihime…)

Smiling softly, the woman can't help but feel thankful for her help.

"...I appreciate it."

Her reasons for letting this woman into her home might not have been the best...

But she didn't regret it in the slightest.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878224

>"Not bad. I was shocked to see all the snow when I got here. Not used to getting it where I come from."

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878226

>she had lived here her whole life
>"I lived here since I was a baby. Still not use to it. Maybe I'm weak to cold since both of my parents lived in a desert growing up."

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878228

File: 1421042002935.jpg (18.72 KB, 704x396, Why Is It So God Damned Cold I…)

>"Makes sense. Can't say I'm all too used to the cold either."
>"I tried going for a walk a little bit ago"
>Is currently in the middle of town, freezing his ass off
>"..and it didn't go too well."

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878229

File: 1421042017674.jpg (92.88 KB, 500x500, Z_Stein_Look Spirit I Understa…)



>There's no secret that Stein does not like to be touched. Very few have the privilege on doing so and not immediately getting a shock for their troubles. Two had the ability for him to accept the contact to not immediately tense up from it.

>Wade was on the first list, but not the second, especially when he hadn't expected it. His body is tense and stiff from the contact, the arms wrapped around him are tight, and after Wade's utterance he squeezes even more.




>Was he crying? Just how torn up was he about this?


>Stein doesn't try to prod him off, or clear his throat to make the man let go. He had a strong assumption this meant more to him than he'd understand, at least right now.

>With some awkward uncertainty, the doctor lift his own arms and gently pats the red mercenary's back.

Glad to hear it, Wade.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878230

File: 1421042196277.png (462.1 KB, 1000x750, 5c5bb0192b5d51b7781f895b9e253b…)

>*I tried so too*
>she frowned, remembering her embarrasment
>"Slipped and fell on my ass, got a coffee and went right home*

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878231

>"Yeah, I just got halfway to Town and decided to turn around."
>"Would you be down for hanging out sometime soon?"

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878232

File: 1421042864836.jpg (238.94 KB, 570x784, 810e8882b320e7b4e72538fe3cfd5e…)

>On one hand, she'd have to leave the house
>On the other she'd be with a friend and not be bored
>with each pro came cons... So she gave her answer

>"Sure. Want to meet in Central or what? Let me get prepped first."

>she was clothed only in blankets and undergarments and hadn't even brushed her hair or put on makeup.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878233

File: 1421044161171.jpg (202.49 KB, 658x370, usmdeadpool658.jpg)

>The pats delievered onto his back would serve as an exclimation that this wasn't just a dream. This was real. After nearly over a year of being apart, he had gotten his friend back.


>It was going to be soooo awkward explaining the signivigance of this to Glorya.

>From up front of the car, driver would look in the rearview mirror while addressing the two.

Uhh, If you guys are done, we've been at the station for about ten minutes now.

>Lifting his head up, Wade would look around the windows to find that the minotaurs words were true.


>Sensing the awkwardness of the moment, Wade would release Stein from his embrace and straighten his belt.

...I'll be the first to admit I might have gotten a little carried away there.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878234

File: 1421044326147.jpg (132.77 KB, 751x472, Hm.jpg)

>Sasuun blinks.

>"Sure, sounds good to me. I'll start heading over."

>And then he does so.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878235

File: 1421044653809.jpg (31.88 KB, 500x282, Stein_Four Across the Face_No …)


>Stein relaxes once his personal space has a sufficient bubble.

'Carried away' would have been something like you dropping your pants again. I honestly would not have handled that as well if you did.

>There's a hint of wryness to the doctor's voice, the corner of his mouth twitching up into an unmistakable half-smile.

>He lifts his other hand, which had been closed the whole time, and opens his fingers to reveal the crunched up cigarette and the burn mark seared to the center of his palm.

>Not particularly bothered by the sight, Stein scoots to the door and opens it with his other hand, patting the residue off before stepping out himself.
>He leans over and looks into the back of the limo, a grey brow raising in curiosity.

Are you going to walk me back to the train or are you heading back?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878236

File: 1421044829298.jpg (370.82 KB, 594x1076, 6f4387af7692aaf8ed75bbf9832ff2…)

>with that, after getting dressed in warm clothes, dressing her hair, and putting on a bit of make up, she headed out; making sure to take her wallet and cellphone while she was at it.

>heading for central district, she ran the ideas of what she could do in her head...Maybe go to a bar, both of them were drinking age. Maybe go iceskating somewhere... Who knows.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878237

File: 1421045417194.png (331.29 KB, 406x635, tumblr_inline_n5xp3omYEC1rzdt5…)

>If Stein looked in, he would see nobody sitting in the seat. However if he were to pan up he would see a nice sight of tight red crotch pressing against the opposite window.

Who you talkin too?

>Wade's voice would ring from outside the limo. Even before Stein had gotten out, he had exited and was now leaning onto the hood of the limo.

>His eyebrow raised in confusion. Did Stein really expect him to allow their meeting to abruptly end here?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878238

File: 1421045764731.png (131.99 KB, 500x281, That Kinda Hurt...png)

>As she got there, she'd be able to spot Sasuun nearby sitting on a bench, sitting.. oddly still.
>He sat straight, a rather boring look on his face, with snow sitting on his head and shoulders, and icicles dripping from his hair.
>He doesn't notice Hazel yet.


File: 1421046040804.png (233.14 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n6khtyyXF51s0xe17o4_500…)


It's no problem...

>Catori smiles back at Julia before taking in a deep breath and going back to looking at and watching Hitomi

>She crossed her arms and side slightly, poor Hitomi...she really wondered why she hadn't said something sooner.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878240

File: 1421046165788.jpg (76.25 KB, 500x700, tumblr_mzj29qUaJm1qhpxsmo1_500…)

>now how to introduce herself to him after all this time?

>he spotted him meters away. She could go about this in a number of ways

>Roll 1d1000 = 883

>she skips over to him, trying not to slip in the snow. Getting behind him, she snaps off one of the icicles and brushes the snow off, before giving him a tap on the shoulder

>odds, she picks up a clump of snow, packs it into a ball the size of a billiard ball, rears back and chucks it at his shoulder

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 885

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878241

File: 1421046354638.jpg (31.04 KB, 225x350, I Wasn't Even Trying~!.jpg)

>The snowball whizzes by his face, blasting one of the icicles off his hair.
>Sasuun keeps his expression as it passes, but soon after just blinks.
>He looks over to Hazel.


>He then quickly grabs some of the snow on his shoulder, and hurls it at Hazel, gaining his signature smirk. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 779

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878242

File: 1421046593430.jpg (270.06 KB, 600x750, Sakurai.Rihoko.full.1618586.jp…)

>Hazel sidestepped the snowball and gave a wave
>"That got his attention~"

>she jogged over to him

>Roll 1d1000 = 888
>evens, she falls right on her ass and slides the rest of the way over to him, stopping at his feet.
>odds, she makes it to there without a issue.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878243

File: 1421047249780.png (1.38 MB, 1543x1436, Dash_Panel_in_Heroes_and_06_I.…)

>Sasuun scratches his head as he sees her start to jog over to him.
>But little did they know.
>Hazel steps right on the dash panel, causing of to instantaneously drop to her behind, and blast full speed towards to poor unsuspecting Sas.
>Not only does she ram into him, but they continue to slide along the ice at breakneck speeds.
>That is, until Sasuuns face meets a wall.
>They crash through the wall of a nearby building and do several tangled somersaults , until finally crashing into a nearby table, ending their journey forward.
>If Evens, the unspeakable happens. Roll 1d1000 = 117
>You know what I'm talking about dont try and be cute

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878244

File: 1421047604947.jpg (30.02 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n3cou5RzsN1sqa258o1_500…)

>"Nothing could go wr-"

>having been shot at Sasuun at terrifying speed, and gone faster than she had ever thought she could go, the girl was obviously shaken.

>the poor pair was sent along for the whole ride, by the time they stopped, Hazel just laid there, staring into space.

>"...What a reunion."

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878245

File: 1421047812830.jpg (85.82 KB, 1920x1080, What's Goin On.jpg)

>Sasuun lays there for a second, completely stunned.
>It takes a few seconds for him to completely realize what happened, but when he does..
>He shoots up into a sit, and quickly looks around for Hazel.

Oi, Hazel, are you alright?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878246

File: 1421048533905.jpg (12.43 KB, 273x302, 1405998872737.jpg)

>sitting up and brushing herself off, she gave a nod.

>she went through her pockets and removed her cellphone, typing out a message to him

Sore, but I'm alright
What about you, you got hurt worse?

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878247

File: 1421048564292.png (38.06 KB, 199x199, Stein_Deciding Between Thing O…)


>Stein, finding Dead had already left the limo blinks and stands upright to look over the roof to the red mercenary. How had he exited that quickly, he hadn't even heard the door open?

>Did he climb out the window?


>He shuts the door and walks around the limo, returning to the Equestrian's side in a few steps.

I'll be back in Canterlot when the Gate's prototype is finished and ready for physical demonstration. Until then it's up for the mechanics to put the whole thing together. Assuming they can follow instructions, I won't be gone too long.

>That was assuming they could read instructions. He specifically asked to not be summoned until the readouts all had a 0.00000000000001 percent margin of error.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878248

File: 1421048722710.gif (11.44 KB, 136x135, Wut.gif)

>Rubbing the back of his head, Sasuun looks over to Hazels phone.
>He then shakes his head.

No, no. I'm fine.

>Sasuun pushes himself to his feet, then walks over to help Hazel up.

>As he does so, he smirks.

This a new trend I've missed out on while I was away?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878249

File: 1421049024558.jpg (34.48 KB, 293x600, Sakurai.Rihoko.600.422218.jpg)

>In response to that bad joke, Hazel gives him a light flick on the nose. But, she smiles anyways.
>Hazel hopped up, with the help of Sasuun.

>she wrote out another message

How did you trip go?
Anything happen?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878250

File: 1421049235665.jpg (13.12 KB, 239x200, Can You Run That By Me Again.p…)

>After the flick, Sasuun wiggles his nose a little to get rid of the itch, before looking back down at the phone.

It was.. pretty uneventful, for the most part. Just wanted to head back home for a bit, relax.

Anything happen here while I was gone?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878251

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878252

File: 1421050114968.jpg (98.85 KB, 800x800, image-tsdpoolclssasasin-1-wate…)

>Once Stein was at his side, Deadpony would begin leading him to the station. Those who tried to stop them were greeting with Wade nonchalauntly flashing his badge as he talked.

We got our top boys on it working on it right now. A few of them have shown concerns about the sensitive nature about device.

>After the last guy, Wade puts his badge away.

After Cross Wire almost dropped a piece of the power core I told them that if there were any more fuck ups I'd have the entire team scrubbing down the bunson burners for the chemists for the next month.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878253

File: 1421050464861.png (574.21 KB, 877x1300, 1405997014583.png)

>Well... A lot would be putting it lightly

Robots attacked the Town

>she smirked, flexing her arm, before writing out another message

Punched through them like tissue paper.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878254

File: 1421050580716.png (86.82 KB, 196x196, Stein_Do I Need To Answer That…)


Good, it took me ages to get the configurations right for the Gate. Any errors will be because it wasn't built correctly. As 'sensitive' as it it, it isn't nearly as finicky as it could be if I gave them the original designs instead of this improved set I worked on.

>The ponies wouldn't have to try very hard to fail at making the machine work optimally but if they expected to make it work at all everything needed to be handled with care.

>He didn't have high hopes after hearing about this 'Cross Wire' almost dropping the modified power source but that would be the ponies' responsibility to not break anything.

...If you need any extra parts, send me a letter and I'll ship something. You know the place where I get my supplies aren't on any official lists anywhere.

>Asylum was always an anonymous organization when it appeared in any dealings outside of its society. It expected to stay that way as well, which meant Stein took great caution in getting the rarer parts for his Gate in supply.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878256

File: 1421051266763.jpg (120 KB, 1908x1080, As You Can See, You're An Idio…)

>Sasuun laughs a little to himself at the second message.

Sounds like it would've been fun. I should've been there!

.. I have gotten a bit rusty though, so it probably wouldn't have been the best idea.

>Sasuun scratches the back of his head.

How did that uh, winter holiday go? What was it called.. Christmas?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878257

File: 1421051445169.jpg (54.96 KB, 570x398, bds_deadpool_comic-06.jpg)

Right, we'll try to keep everything running smoothly. We should have the final product by the end of the week. After that, we move into testing phase.

>After they get to the train, Wade stops and turns to face Stein.

And since not many people can say they've been around since before the Rift...looks like I'm playing lab rat again.

>It was clear from how he looked down he wasn't enjoying the idea. After years of being someone's guinea pig it seemed to be an understandable reaction.

Of course there's one last thing I feel we need to address.

>Reaching into his belt, Wade pulls out a device that looks similar to his belt buckle. A face that matched his mask glared up at Stein with fierce eyes as he offered it to him.

If you ever need anything, anything at all. Just press on this, and no matter where you are I come running.Thirty seconds or less or your pizza's free.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878259

File: 1421052035783.jpg (21.23 KB, 100x100, Stein_AreYou.jpg)


>Stein, satisfied with Wade's projected timeframe, accepts the device with a raised brow. He didn't keep any communication devices on him, not even a phone, to Marie's chagrin.

>This however didn't readily appear to be one, and seemed to be more a glorified beeper. He turns it over in his hands a few times, then smirks.

If that happens, I expect a supreme topping. Don't cheap out with a plain cheese.

>He snorts and slips the device into his labcoat pocket, then looks up to Wade, still wearing his smirk.

>He holds up a hand, offering it to the mercenary with a tilt of his head.

See you in a week then?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878260

File: 1421052143762.jpg (121.64 KB, 666x800, Sakurai.Rihoko.full.1349790.jp…)

>He didn't know what Christmas was?

You don't know about it?
I need to give you a gift now!

>how could someone not know about Christmas?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878261

File: 1421052295901.jpg (13.12 KB, 239x200, Can You Run That By Me Again.p…)

>Sasuun blinks.

Uh, no. We don't celebrate it in my world. In fact, if you mentioned it in there, I'm certain that everyone you talk to about it will have no idea what you're talking about.

>But stops at the second message.

..A gift?


Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878262

File: 1421052988703.jpg (104.4 KB, 1024x727, deadpool__you_know_you_want_to…)

>At Stein's attempt at humor, Wade reaches forward and shakes his hand. His grip firm as he holds lightly shakes his hand up and down.

Looking forward to it. Tell everyone I said hi for me will ya?

>He did miss the folks there. Al, Alton, even Crona from time to time. He still imagines when he finds out of his departure he'd be equal to a mexican jumping bean.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878263

File: 1421053106259.png (289.77 KB, 500x717, tumblr_mzj17fnoUa1qhpxsmo1_500…)

>she grabbed him by his hand, typing with her free one.

You give friends and family gifts on Christmas

>she looked around, thinking of a place they could go to... She'd feel guilty if she didn't get him a gift.

What's something you want?

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 878264

File: 1421053386865.jpg (153.57 KB, 400x600, Stein_Cute_No Really.jpg)


I'll try to. You know how busy that mansion can be.

>Stein's smirk fades into a faint smile, his own grip fairly firm and returning the handshake with a whippier movement.

>Nearby, the train horn blares, signifying it is ready for departure. The doctor sighs and releases Dead's hand, then turns around to regard the pastel locomotive.

>He waves over his shoulder, his goodbye said and a faint smile still on his face. In fact, his good mood carries over even onto the train, right up until he realized he once again had to cram himself in a seat for another three hour trip.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878265

File: 1421053478890.jpg (132.77 KB, 751x472, Hm.jpg)

>Sas looks down to their hands for a moment while he's being dragged along, and blinks. He doesn't make a comment on it though.
>Looks up to the phone.

..Uh, I'm not really sure actually. If this is the kinda of holiday I think it is, wouldn't it have more meaning if you picked it out anyway?

>Sas kinda smiles a little bit, and scratches his chin.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878266

File: 1421053801215.jpg (34.48 KB, 293x600, Sakurai.Rihoko.600.422218.jpg)

>...True... It would work better as a surprise.


>she sighed, a bit disappointed she couldn't give a gift to her friend

Now about that date? ;)

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878267

File: 1421054189401.jpg (27.85 KB, 640x360, Count On Me.jpg)

>Blinks at the word date, and is a little more surprised by the face accompanying it.
>Decides to roll with it though.

Right, right!

>He spins around so he's in front of Hazel, still holding her hand.

>He bows down a little in front of her.

Anywhere you'd like to go, Miss?

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878298

File: 1421086845337.png (96.88 KB, 260x294, 1387268161400.png)

>Oh, that's what she meant. Well that's far more innocent that what she thought originally.

Ah yes... well I'm not the largest or smallest of the many tribes that call the Plains home.

>She remembered meeting of the War Horses' tribes people and he towered over her easily. But otherwise quite a joy to be around.

>At the mention of getting comments about her chest, she nods.

Yes, the Civilized People seem very interested in them. Men and women both.

>Truly an odd Great-Tribe with even stranger customs.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878299

File: 1421087254534.png (1.33 MB, 723x1023, 64cf92c564798d21e15a34defb2529…)

>Yang chuckles as she slides her foot onto a yellow spot brushing up against Jo's and making her skirt ride up on her juuuuuust a bit more show the white panties she'd been wearing.

Well I wouldn't mind if one of you punished me for it~

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878300

File: 1421087298283.jpg (49.61 KB, 360x364, nauseous.jpg)


"Sugar... Your size is something a lot of people find attractive. They're saying that, uh..."

How to put this delicately...

"...They'd like the 'benefits' of marriage without actually marrying you. They wanna make children without the whole 'being a parent' part."

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878301

File: 1421087897728.png (431.82 KB, 634x548, 1378779998101.png)

>Processing processing.
>Starting Flustered.exe


>Her face turns red and her hooves lightly stomp on the ground in a nervous impulse.

And to create a life without first being bound to each other? T-that's... that's l-lewd!!

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878302

File: 1421088234842.jpg (49.76 KB, 364x367, angry.jpg)

Not an...?

. . .

So that little shit?!

She should've decked the asshole for doing what he did!

Taking a second to calm herself, the woman smiles gently and puts a hand on the centaur's shoulder.

"Easy hun, easy! I said without the becoming a parent part. They're trying to get you to do it with them for fun."

...Though if she wasn't even fully grown yet, that kinda fell to pieces.

"Just tell them no, and if they give you grief for it, lay 'em out!"

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878303

File: 1421089402097.png (48.05 KB, 216x238, 1382232935521.png)

>Mabel's attempts to calm her down the centaur down take a bit of time, but she soon settles down.. and makes note to find that key piece to her coming-of-age ritual.

I-I guess that's true... but... how does one "lay 'em out?"

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878304

File: 1421089631629.jpg (49.28 KB, 361x365, confident.jpg)

Grinning and jabbing at the air a few times, the holstaurus delivers a shattering right hook to no one in particular.

"Just deck 'em right in the nose. They'll think twice about trying to hit you up again."

. . .

"...Of course, that's only if they're making you feel scared or uncomfortable and refuse to stop after you ask 'em to. You don't just lay someone out for saying you're pretty."

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878313

File: 1421092602078.png (144.28 KB, 425x608, It's not as if I think you're …)

>Well that sounded like a fair set of rules.

I will try that... thank you for the advice.

>Though now she remembered the animal skins she had on her back still. She still had to sell those.

Though I should probably start trading this skins before it gets too late in the day...

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878314

File: 1421092880537.jpg (46.73 KB, 362x367, silly.jpg)

Smiling and patting the woman on the flanks, the cow holds out a hand to her once more.

"Well, if you're ever near Wensleydale, give my folks a visit. Ask for Miles Farm and you'll usually get pointed in the right direction. Tell 'em Mabel sent you, and you'll have the best meal of your life and the comfiest bed you've ever slept in."

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878316

File: 1421094215509.png (185.97 KB, 551x815, I have heard much of the civil…)

I will be sure to if I have the chance May-Bell! It was good to have meet you, and have a good day!

>With that, the centaur gives Mabel a parting wave and trots off to finish her work for the day.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878320

File: 1421098993284.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

Okay, no big deal. Just an interview.

...An interview while fighting some kind of terrible monster, but still just an interview.

It's not as if anybody ever died during the combat trials, right?

. . .

Maaaybe this wasn't the best of ideas. She didn't plan to live here forever, after all, probably just a year or two, and potentially dying wasn't really worth an only alright job...

...But dammit, she'd come this far, she wasn't gonna back down now.

Plus, she couldn't think of any other job more adventurous and interesting than fighting off monsters and helping people out, and the whole point of running off was to find some excitement and sow a few wild oats before going back to a sleepy, peaceful life. This was kind of a dream job, or as close to one as she'd find.

Making sure the small leather sheath holding the giant war hammer on her back was secure, the holstaurus takes a deep breath and pushes open the doors to the arena with a smile on her face. First impressions mattered, after all.

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878321

File: 1421099841240.jpg (125.14 KB, 1280x720, Tonberry.jpg)


>The attendant and observational Riftguard associate nearby turns on the combat arena's control monitor, wearing a particularly bored expression as he does so. As the interim secretary doing boring tasks like this wasn't his idea of fun, but Captain Sephiroth had been unavailable publicly since the Tournament snafu, and all on-duty Riftguard were on-duty. Nobody had time to watch some matronly chick get herself stabbed to the emergency room by their Tonberry trial.

>Ten barrels, the traditional number of barrels available, appear in the combat arena in flashes of light. They're all decorated with painted yellow stars but otherwise are wholly unremarkable. As per the usual, explaining what they were for wasn't elaborated on, as was the goal of the trial.

>Many failed Riftguard trails came from single-minded focus of killing the monster tasked. Killing the monster was definitely a condition but the method of doing so was what was being tested. All the same, given Tonberries were very sturdy creatures and while slow very strong, they proved tenacious creatures.

>Another reason they were often chosen for the trial test, aside their difficulty in being handled, was that they tested how often their potentials killed in their lifetime and whether they could bear such burdens upon themselves.

>They were an ultimate test. Retrievers often could not overcome this trial, and those who failed doubly, if they hoped for any protective job, would be to join the TPD instead.

Here it comes. If you know the Riftguard code of conduct, you will know what to do.

>The center of the arena opens up, a platform rising from an underground chamber. A small creature stands upon it, clothed in a brown robe and clutching a lantern in one hand and kitchen knife in the other. Blank yellow eyes stare at the woman, before it starts to shuffle forward in a slow methodical walk.


File: 1421100017738.png (21.87 KB, 96x96, 17.png)


>Jo's face goes a deep red for a brief moment before she coughs a bit tryng to compose herself

Ready Haruko?

>She asks, looking to the wolf girl before the wolf nods

May the spinning thingy have mercy on me...

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878323

File: 1421100384375.jpg (44.35 KB, 362x366, confused.jpg)

...This is what she was supposed to fight?

It didn't look dangerous at all!

...But, then again, getting a big head and ignoring it would be stupid.

Loosening her grip on the warhammer strapped to her back, the woman simply observes it, matching its pace and constantly keeping her distance. Waiting for... Something.

After several moments of nothing really happening, she picks up the pace, walking over to one of the barrels and peeking inside.

Code of Conduct...

...Were they supposed to be people? Buildings? Priceless artifacts? Considering most of the time they'd be fighting in town, and the barrels didn't seem dangerous, she had to assume they were there to make sure whoever was being tested didn't destroy everything around them the second they got let out. The fact the place was still mostly standing was kinda proof of that.

Putting a good amount of distance between herself and the tonberry, the holstaurus lifts one of the barrels with a bit of effort, turning to the observers and questioningly holding it over her head.

"I can move these, right?"

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878325

File: 1421100972688.jpg (25.72 KB, 197x170, More Doink.jpg)


Did I say you couldn't?

>The man stares at Mable with a half-lidded stare, a clipboard tucked on one arm and a pen gripped in his hand to write on it.

>The barrel itself isn't very heavy and has nothing inside of it, to Mable's inspection.

>The tonberry meanwhile continues to shuffle forward, the lantern creaking as it swings from each step it takes.

>As it walks it slowly turns, shuffling towards a barrel closest to itself.

>Roll 1d1000 = 811

>odds, it is already close enough to it, in arm's length.

>evens, it will take it a post round to reach it

>if odds, it shuffles aside it, its knife hand suddenly extending as quickly as a scorpion's sting in a sudden stab.


>the barrel explodes into splinters from contact of the knife, the whole thing obliterated from the single attack.

>if the above has happened, the man marks an x on one of the boxes for Mabel's assessment sheet.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878326

File: 1421101352751.jpg (46.66 KB, 366x364, fierce.jpg)

Splinters flying towards her, a few even sticking to her skin, the woman clenches her teeth.

...Yeah, she was supposed to protect these things.

Gently rolling the barrel in her arms towards the arena wall, the woman rips the hammer free of its sheath, charging the monster.

Already a mark against her...

Swinging at it almost like a golf club, the woman aims to knock it up and back, keeping it from slamming into any of the other barrels as it flies away from most of them, and giving her time to move them.

Roll 1d1000 = 112

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878327

File: 1421101799944.jpg (112.5 KB, 900x657, Tonberry_by_TheMonkeyLord.jpg)



>The hammer slams heavily into the Tonberry, giving Mable full sense of the density of the monster. The hammer's connection to the small Tonberry reveals the resistance is almost equivalent to at least three large bags of flour, and the air time it gets before falling back to the ground proves as much.

>Luckily in it's spot as it is, with that earlier barrel's destruction it was not immediately near any other barrels to destroy with impunity.

>It sits up with a shake of its head, then stands back to its feet. The cloak shivers, and with a creak of its lantern it starts shuffling back towards her. It's expressionless golden eyes are fixed entirely on Mable, impossible to read aside an unsettling glassy stare.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878329

File: 1421102007972.jpg (49.28 KB, 361x365, confident.jpg)


Sprinting towards the barrel closest to it, the woman grabs it and rolls it as hard as she can while knowing it wouldn't break, trying to get it as far away as possible from the deadly monster.

Two out of nine...

Too close by the time she turns around to start running, she turns back to it, taking another, similar swing at it, trying to knock it even further from the barrels, and by extension, herself.

Roll 1d1000 = 945

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878330

File: 1421102414112.jpg (97.02 KB, 502x464, DOINK.jpg)


>Mable closing the distance on the slow creature proves to be a mistake. Once in range of the swing, she's also placed herself close enough for it to tap into it's limited reserves of speed.

>It jerks forward, closer to Mable as the swing passes behind it. The small knife it clutches extends out at her leg with the same swiftness as had happened when it attacked the barrels.


>Roll 1d1000 = 399 odds, STAB!

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878332

File: 1421102773325.jpg (38.24 KB, 363x363, tired.jpg)

The knife tearing into her flesh, the woman immediately drops to one knee, her bovine leg feeling as if it'd just been hit by a gunshot and her body paralyzed by pain.

Eye level with the creature, she can't help but think, oh yeah, this was a mistake.

Her vision blurring, she can feel it welling up inside her. That little part of her that came out every once and awhile, that blind, bloody rage that came from the blood of mad bulls running through her veins.

And you know what?


Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878334

File: 1421103204988.jpg (44.61 KB, 360x365, rage.jpg)


Against all odds managing to stagger to her feet, all her weight one on leg, the other nearly useless, the woman nevertheless braces herself against the pain as her vision turns blood red, the tiny creature the object of her complete and total blind hatred.

Nearly foaming at the mouth, the woman raises the hammer, bringing it down as hard and as heavily as she can muster in her wounded state, trying to smash the damn thing flat.

Roll 1d1000 = 457

Bringing it down directly on the head of the monster with the rage and strength of her brutal, unstoppable minotaurus ancestors, the woman lets out a bestial cry of rage, fully embracing her buried hot-bloodedness and standing up straight, her wound forgotten in the unstoppable desire to crush and kill her enemy.

This monster would DIE.

Damage up to Grell.
Her wound too much to bear and her swing to weak, she brings it down to the side of the monster, the sight of her failure not enraging her, but bringing nothing but despair, bringing her to her knees once more.

She should've never come here...


File: 1421103302796.jpg (21.33 KB, 156x155, 30.jpg)

I hope it does too.
>Roll 1d4 = 2
>Roll 1d4 = 4

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878336

File: 1421103681605.jpg (62.52 KB, 480x272, Totally Stabby.jpg)


>The Tonberry doesn't move at first following its attack, merely staring at the woman with the same expressionless golden eyes even after she spat her rage and subsequently missed her heavy hammer smash, which is strong enough to crack the ground aside the dense creature.

>The knife it grasps in its hand, bleeding from the stab it made to her leg, slowly lifts back up. A devious sparkle appears in the little green demon's golden eyes as it takes only one step forward.

>The Riftguard observer frowns and writes something on his clipboard. His bangle around his wrist starts to glow from a stone lodged into it, which casts a green color onto the ground around him.

>The Tonberry, unaware of this, thrusts forward with another jab of its knife.

>Roll 1d1000 = 388

>odds, continued next post

>evens, failure at your discretion.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878338

File: 1421104158723.jpg (49.76 KB, 364x367, angry.jpg)

...But since she was!

By pure luck, the woman grabs the little monster's lightning-fast hand as it thrusts at her, crushing it in hers with newfound strength.

She was not going to die here.

She was not going to fail this test.

And she most certainly was not going to lose to a little green pile of snot!

Climbing to her feet and dragging the monster with her, the woman squeezes even tighter, feeling the tiny bones in its hand grate against each other in a way that she'd almost feel bad for if she wasn't bleeding out because of it.

Dropping her weapon and reaching out with her other, free hand, she pulls with all of her strength, trying to rip the knife free from its hand.

Roll 1d1000 = 631
With a grunt of effort, she succeeds, and relieved, throws the damned weapon out of the arena. Little bastard wasn't going to be stabbing her any time soon.
After a few strained efforts against the surprisingly strong monster, she feels her strength begin to falter, and fearing the worst, throws the creature away from the barrels, picking up her weapon and shakily getting back up on her feet.

She wasn't done yet.

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878341

File: 1421104796440.jpg (125.14 KB, 1280x720, Tonberry.jpg)


>No matter how Mabel tries to tear the knife from the Tonberry, the little grip it has, even with its damaged fist, refuses to release the knife. Though its tail thrashes behind it, it's the only sign of pain the Tonberry actively shows. The eyes still remain as glossy and empty as always, even when it's thrown away from Mabel and the barrels, left in a large circle that would take time to reach a new target.

>Again the Tonberry stands, but this time it holds its knife hand closer to itself, and instead extends its lantern. It shakes it, an eerie magical aura surrounding it as it starts to laboriously shuffle towards Mabel once more.

>Post rounds until Everyone's Grudge activates: Roll 1d3 = 1

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878343

File: 1421105038290.jpg (86.33 KB, 500x708, 1420581099124.jpg)

No doubt, it was going to use some kind of magic.

She had to act fast...!

Limping towards the monster as well, she brings the hammer downon its head, trying to crush it like a nut.

Roll 1d1000 = 547

The hammer striking true, the little demon might wanna go get checked for brain trauma after.
Her injured leg collapsing under her, the woman falters, the hammer hitting the ground beside the monster and leaving her torso open for a counterattack.

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878344

File: 1421105550224.jpg (112.5 KB, 900x657, Tonberry_by_TheMonkeyLord.jpg)


>Too late.

>The Tonberry wiggles its lantern threateningly, the image of a skull materializing before it in a ghostly shrill howl. A mass of black magic surging down upon Mabel in a rush.

>The observer watches this part keenly, his pen paused on the sheet. This spell determined how many the individual had killed over their lifespan. Many who did often succumbed to this spell and were sent to the emergency room at Town General Hospital, and those who withstood it either had strong constitutions or didn't resort to a method of killing.

>effect reliant on previous fatalities for character's past

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878346

File: 1421105749004.jpg (48.34 KB, 361x367, sad.jpg)

Oh gods.

Here it came...

. . .

...Was that it?

It felt like she'd been smacked on the forearm with a switch! It stung, yeah, but that required all the special effects?

Shooting the observers a confused look, the woman shrugs and tries to bring down the hammer on the little demon's head once more.

Roll 1d1000 = 498

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878349

File: 1421106653225.png (369.28 KB, 800x800, Run Tonberry.png)



>While the Riftguard observer takes notes, the Tonberry lifts its lantern, though this time to look at it, almost as if it were inquiring what had just happened.


>The Tonberry's tail lashes behind it again, the hammer hitting down as solidly as it can on the creature's dense skull.

>Still a testament to its sturdiness, even a couple knocks doesn't seem to be enough to end it, even if the hits surely would have brained lesser creatures by now.
>And with Mabel once again standing so closely to it to even smack it on the head, the creature lunges with its damaged hand to stab at her.

>Roll 1d1000 = 745 odds, DOINK!

>Luckily, whether hit or not, her earlier success in damaging its hand does make the blow weaker than it had displayed earlier in the fight.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878350

File: 1421106863229.png (729.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1391410842921.png)

>Yang hums as she sees the results.

Another green? That's gonna be interesting.

>Maybe they were gonna get more tangled up faster then she thought...

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878351

File: 1421107006478.jpg (49.61 KB, 360x364, nauseous.jpg)

RThe blow would've gutted her earlier. Thank the spirits for that lucky grab...

Still, taking the knife in the side, the woman staggers back, blood pouring out of her.

She could feel her vision reddening again, her wounds enraging her, strengthening her, but she could also feel it darkening. She couldn't keep fighting this thing forever...

Slipping her hands to the very base of the hammer's shaft, she has an idea.

She was gonna knock this bastard out of the park, dense or not!

Resting the hammer on her shoulder, she cocks it like a baseball bat, and taking a step forward, tries to slam it into the demon's midsection, knocking it out of the arena.

Roll 1d1000 = 297

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878352

File: 1421107471410.jpg (97.02 KB, 502x464, DOINK.jpg)



>It must have been her eyesight failing from the darkening nature of the world, the swing clearing the air over the Tonberry's head than smacking into its torso. It feels the wind from the swing breeze over its green skin, but again its expression is still particularly blank.


>The knife gleams, and...

>Roll 1d1000 = 302 odds, DOINK!

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878353

File: 1421107677639.jpg (89.63 KB, 850x657, sample-a827b42b3c26f3dd0832624…)

Man, she really messed up its hand. It looked like it was almost ready to drop the knife!

. . .

Roll 1d1000 = 670
Bringing the hammer down hard on the demon's hand, the woman's attack destroys the already damaged bones, forcing it to drop the weapon. Now if she could just reach the knife first...!
Instead opting to swing for the larger target, the woman's vision falters again, spinning her around from the swing enough to land her on her rear with the weapon on top.

Ashley!aLEJudith. 878354

File: 1421107689210.jpg (202.9 KB, 485x1383, alphard-alshaya_2527636-L.jpg)

>She'd been here for far too long and it was highly likely that Skynet was already in the process of sending another unit to kill the Connor family.

>Annoyed her greatly, she was suppose to be up for that task, it was her job to kill those meat bags of and make sure the Resistance was never born. Instead she was trapped in a world full of "Magic" and other annoying nonsensical things that she had no data on when she got here.

>But now that she'd been here long enough to get the information and connections she needed, all she needed and wanted to do was get in contact with Skynet once more to inform them of a world full of things ripe for destroying/harvesting.

>The Time Machine she sold in Kaijuju went for more then she expected and she got plenty of cash that she spent in getting a proper arsenal and some odd Hammer Space device to carry it all in. Yet another piece of tech she'll be brining back home to the kids to pick apart.

>But she still needed more, and fast because she'd been hearing more and more about a possible piece of technology that'll get Ashley back home to give her report in her unintended recon mission and the possible effects the rifts would have on their Time Displacement Equipment.

>A massive bounty of a mountain of a man was gonna be that ticket. As long as she could seek the meat bag out. Which brings us to her current business, wandering around the town to seek out this... "Alex Louis Armstrong."
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Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878356

File: 1421108094344.jpg (125.14 KB, 1280x720, Tonberry.jpg)


>The tail of the Tonberry lashes violently, the dense creature flinching when its hand is destroyed, and the small knife dropped to the ground.




>However, once disarmed, it stares down at the knife, then looks to its little lantern.

>Even with a good hand it doesn't seem willing to trade its deadly weapon with the lantern, its tail continuing to lash in agitation behind it.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878357

File: 1421108349798.jpg (37.43 KB, 358x363, blank.jpg)

. . .

She really wanted to kill the damn thing. She really, really did.

But dammit...!

Walking forward and grabbing it by the collar, the woman kicks the knife aside, picking up the monster and dragging it towards the exit.

She wasn't going to kill something that wasn't a threat anymore. She wasn't heartless, and even if this thing needed to die, she didn't have the heart to do it herself when it wasn't a threat to her anymore.

Looking up at the assessors, she frowns, obviously not pleased by the gaping wounds all over her body.

"I did your test. Now what?"
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Alex Louis Armstrong!jSaxman3Bg 878358

File: 1421108476366.jpg (26.35 KB, 470x470, alex_louis_armstrong_132.jpg)


It turned out she wouldn't have to look very hard. The man the bounty had been posted on was typically seen in the nicer parts of town, frequenting cafes and generally scaring passers-by with his tendency to pick up the nearest vehicle and beginning to manically bench-press it before the local authorities would- albeit hesitantly- ask him to please stop doing that. He towered over most everyone else who resided in the vicinity, which made him stand out all the more for the fact he was only human.

Once Ashley managed to find him sitting at a table outside a small diner, laying into a veritable assembly line of cold-cut sandwiches, however, she might begin to rethink her designation of him as 'only' human.

Armstrong was enormous, likely taller and wider than any Resistance human she had ever eradicated, his huge frame looking as if it was constantly fighting a losing battle to remain confined by his navy-blue uniform, every muscle exquisitely sculpted and pronounced to nearly exaggerated levels of perfection. The attention he clearly paid to staying at his physical peak was only emphasized further by his absurdly strong jawline and mostly bald head; the sole defining trait of his haircut was a blonde curl that dangled precariously over his powerful, angular facial features.


File: 1421108589761.jpg (153.25 KB, 850x1428, 1400940858761.jpg)


>Haruko stretches slightly and sloowly leans over Yang, placing her left hand on a green spot

>Jo scratches the back of her head

...So I have the strangest feeling I'm going to fall over

Riftguard Trial!.ZzGrellBs 878362



>The man purses his lips, his eyebrows raised up in surprise by this turn of events. He looks over the sheet, and after a moment of observation, writes something down.

With the monster disabled, and only one barrel destroyed, you're part of a very small number of Riftguard to finish your combat trial with the monster still alive.


However, you demonstrated unusual intelligence and awareness of your opponent and the goal of the assignment. Collateral damage was minimized aside the first barrel.

>He taps his pen on the clipboard, then presses a button on the control panel nearby. The barrels vanish and the pedestal that lifted the Tonberry to the arena opens up. A black yawning pit leading into an abyss is all that can be seen, and with a dismissive gesture, the attendant points to the hole.

Drop the Tonberry in there and take a trip to the TGH to see about those wounds. We'll get your paperwork processed in the meanwhile. By the end of the week you should get your badge and mentor assigned to you.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878363

File: 1421109299873.jpg (38.24 KB, 363x363, tired.jpg)

Sighing thankfully, the woman gives the little demon a playful pat on the head before dropping it down the hole. Dragging the hammer behind her, the Mo'Gal breaths a soft sigh of relief at the victory, but with a small sense of dread that this might be the kind of thing she fought on a regular basis.

She might have severely underestimated what she'd signed up for.

"Thank you."

She'd just... Have to take... A quick nap... First...


Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878364

File: 1421109823699.jpg (42.48 KB, 390x315, tumblr_n8epzoSa951r8ououo1_128…)

. . .

Her mouth dry, limbs on fire and skull hurting worse than a hangover mixed with a migraine, the holstaurus female slowly wakes, vision blurry and head spinning, to a hospital room in what she assumed was the town's.

Trying to sit upright before immediately collapsing back down against the bed, the woman lifts a hand to her face, only to be stopped halfway by a trail of IV tubes.

She hated hospitals... Only ever trouble, is what they were.

. . .

...She missed home.

Eventually looking around the room, she can blurrily make out a figure sitting across from her. Reaching out a bit, she tries her best to speak, only a small groan coming out.

That little ball of snot sure did a number on her, huh?

At least she had a job now...

Ashley!aLEJudith. 878365

File: 1421109978408.png (86.96 KB, 480x320, alshaya-alphard-canaan-anime-1…)

>After the short hike though the town, she finds her target having a snake at a diner... her very huge target. One that made her scanners scrutinize him from head to toe all on their own to make sure she really was doing with someone who was just a mountain of flesh, and he wasn't hiding any plasma grade weapons or a Colten hyperalloy endoskeleton in those absurdly thick arms or his--

>Focus Ashely, this isn't a 800 series Tisssue Sheath you're looking at... fuck she'd been here for far too long to have her processors getting this clogged with useless garbage data like this. Still he was no Terminator like her, which meant her only logical explanation for this man's sheer size just flew out the window. Perhaps he was genetically enhanced? Or maybe it was some human adaptation to the wide array of hostile wildlife out here. Though so far, she had yet to see any of the other meat bags reach this record size. His clothes appeared to be some sort of uniform as well, could be a possible super solider...


>A concern to say the least, but unless he too had some skill in that annoying "Magic", this man would be able to do minimal damage to a T-888 like her. Reassured of her advantage over him, Ashely enters the dinner and strides up to the giant man and stares up at her target as typical of her bother and sister units that find their targets.

Alex Louis Armstrong?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878366

File: 1421110257567.png (769.26 KB, 795x1131, ae5398880be59fe4dbc45b3f24f996…)

>as the cowgirl rested, the doorknob to her room opened a crack. A face peaked in.

You're the new Riftguard right?

>the guest opened the door fully and walked in.

>he was a tall, thin, young looking man. Despite his apparent young age, his hair was grey, with a single tuff of black at the edge. Clad in suspenders.

>in held a bottle of water in his hand, as he leaned against the door frame, a smile on his face.

Mabel, correct?

Alex Louis Armstrong!jSaxman3Bg 878367

File: 1421110332161.jpg (7.8 KB, 210x240, char_7468.jpg)


"Mmph!" came the muffled reply as he looked up to the young woman addressing him, holding up a finger to ask her to hold on one moment as he swallowed his last bit of sandwich before reaching up with a napkin, dabbing away any crumbs that might have been hanging on to his immaculately-groomed mustache for dear life. "Yes, I am Major Armstrong," he replied, his voice almost impossibly deep as if it was amplified enough to cause a small earthquake by its journey through his luscious blond facial hair. "How can I help you, Miss...?"


File: 1421110692892.png (638.01 KB, 871x490, Hellodarknessmyoldfriend.png)

Aww... why did I get picked to do all the spinning...
That would mean that you're the fist to drink
>Roll 1d4 = 3
>Roll 1d4 = 3

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878370

File: 1421110925707.jpg (45.93 KB, 361x363, pleased.jpg)

Who was this chump- Oh hey he was kinda cute.

...And she was covered in blood and IVs. And potentially indecent, she couldn't really tell.

. . .

Nope, she was good. Hospital gown and everything, though she could feel the bandage wrapped around her side very distinctly.

Opening her eyes a bit more, she tries sitting up again, actually managing it this time. The chair across from her was empty.

...She could've sworn someone was in the room with her.

Her lips dried together, the woman tries her best to smile, her pretty, matronly facial features unaffected by the fight. Wow, he was kinda gorgeous. Was he a Riftguard too?

"That's me!"

Damn her voice sounded hoarse. She could've sworn that voice belonged to a three-hundred year old who smoked, not someone as young as herself. Eyeing the bottle of water thirstily, she gives him an embarrassed and pleading look.

"I... Don't suppose you could share?"

???!bXgeUCIUnk 878371

>at the Town's conference hall, a busy buzz was brewing
>members of the press shoved their way into their seats, notepads and recorders in hand as they waited
>there had been many talks about who would replace Amanda Werner after her resignation from the Town's police force
>once it had been announced a new Police Commissioner was finally chosen, every newspaper in Town came to discover the identity of the new pick to head what was undoubtedly a very controversial force in the Town
>the police's seeming ineptitude and incapability of upholding their most basic of functions were famous jokes on the streets of the Town
>it was no secret, whoever took charge had a steep mountain to climb, and many people remain skeptical that any difference would be felt at all
>and so they waited for the press conference to begin, members of the press being joined by a few members of the TPD, along with a small amount of civilians

>after a few minutes of wait, the curtains moved...

Ashley!aLEJudith. 878373

File: 1421111209231.jpg (19.23 KB, 370x231, tAG_54174.jpg)

>When he turned around to address her, she was tempted to pull out her Silenced .45 and put a bullet between his eyes and be done with it there...

>But he addressed himself with the Rank of Major. Ha, maybe it was that little ghost in her programming that Skynet could never get rid of, but she always did relish taking out high-ranking targets in the Resistance and it was a happy thing that he was indeed a high rank military man.

>This'll be too fun to end that fast.


>Was all she'd say or do for her introduction she'd rather get all the annoying pleasantries out of the way.

You have a bounty on your head Major. Last think I'm looking for from you is help.
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!MEOWKdWFcQ 878375

File: 1421111441696.jpg (15.82 KB, 176x212, ss+(2015-01-11+at+03.38.27).jp…)

Ah good..

>he chuckled

I actually went to the wrong room earlier... The guy in there was a middle aged Asian male and boy was my face red, heh.

>he approached the bed and pulled up a chair, offering the water bottle to her

Actually it's yours. I heard about your initiation and wanted to see if you were alright. Probably need it more than I.

>he cleared his voice

But, on to formalities...Riftguard #20 Hal Smiles at your service, it's a pleasure to meet you.

???!bXgeUCIUnk 878376

File: 1421111562862.jpg (69.53 KB, 324x400, bust heads.jpg)

>the first figure to step - or rather, hover - onto the stage would raise several curious quirked eyebrows
>the strange looking green machine would casually cross the stage, propelled a few feet off the air by a hovering device installed beneath its bulbous "body"
>the three stalks examined the room before him, a sense of extreme cautiousness present in their static yellow optics
>its three "tentacles" drooped down towards the floor, two of them seemingly armed with dangerous weapons, while one held only a gripping claw
>its "body" held scars from various repairs and patch jobs on its green paint, the faint white letters only barely readable as "M33N-50b"
>despite the eagerness in the crowd's eye, the robot would float right past the podium, stopping just aside it, and turning to face the crowd
>the green figure would remain silent, clearly not there to approach the swarm before it just yet

>not long after the machine had made its entrance, the curtain would move again...

The working Dead 878382

File: 1421111994888.jpg (21.51 KB, 570x300, image.jpg)

>sitting in the crowd would be an officer who has served significant time on the force. He does not sit with the rest, only stands off to the side of the crowd. Ever since his arrival in Canterlot he has not slowed down what he was programmed to do. Find and seek out criminal activity, uphold public interest, uphold the law.

>Even as the appearance of the new self appears to woo te audience, he makes no sign of emotion. He felt confidant that even with the new management he would have no threat of being replaced. If anything the robot in stage only boosted his confidence. The force was literally his life. Even if the new chief was antirobot, Murphy would continue to work his best to ensure crime in the town was punished.

>His silent, silver body eagerly awaited the first words of his new boss.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878383

File: 1421112129052.jpg (126.34 KB, 650x713, 1420567029127.jpg)

Thirstily uncapping it and drinking down the ice cold water, the woman sighs contentedly, already having drained half the bottle.

Holding out the hand not attached to IVs, the holstaurus smiles.

"Mabel, resident of Wensleydale, Mo'Gallile and soon to be Riftguard #29!"

Alex Louis Armstrong/Hellboy!jSaxman3Bg 878384

File: 1421112163716.jpg (234.88 KB, 1167x1167, hellboy-chiclete-diburros-brag…)


That earned a curious quirk of the major's brow; she clearly wasn't the usual sort to try to collect on the price on his head. "Well, Miss Ashley," he continued, "you seem to have me at a disadvantage." He made no effort to make the first move from his sitting position, giving the Terminator plenty of time to get a closer appraisal of her target; the officer had metal gauntlets similar to boxing gloves on either hand, both of them ending with spikes protruding in front of his knuckles. What was most curious about the gauntlets, however, were the ornate circles inscribed over the back of his hands.


And next to Murphy was the eternally ill-tempered demon that had also somehow managed to find himself on the right side of the law, arms crossed sullenly over his chest as he leaned on the wall and chomped on a cigar. "Can we just get the ceremonial crap over with?" he groused under his breath just loudly enough for his fellow officer to hear. "Go ahead and give Chewie his damn medal. He earned it too."

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878385

File: 1421112194319.png (524.76 KB, 554x1193, 1384156138229.png)

Are you getting jealous Saya~

you could always join use right now and make use all fall over.

>Of course that'd mean all of them would have to take a drink again and who knows if that'd be the one that causes "interesting" things to happen.

Don't worry Jo, you can land on me, I'll catch you!

Vi!uKittyfVOU 878388

File: 1421112567771.jpg (128.86 KB, 769x1039, vi_portrait_fan_art_colored_by…)

And next to the other two officers was the most recent addition to the Town's top of the line peacekeepers, even if she ended up breaking things as often as she saved them.

But hey, second highest number of arrests already. A few more months and she might even beat Murphy's seemingly untouchable record.

"...You guys think we know 'em? Could be just about anybody."

...But probably not a robot.

Keeping one eye on the stage, she adds, in addressing the other officers,

"...Might even be someone we've never even heard of."


File: 1421112624280.png (217.14 KB, 500x556, 1394041894938.png)


>Jo just lifted her other foot that was under Yang and moved it over to the yellow

Alright, that wasn't too hard...

>Jo pats Yang's leg and winces a bit

It's kinda hard to catch someone who's under you....

>Haruko comments and looks to Saya

You know, if it helps you can drink every time the spinner lands on blue.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878394

File: 1421113066911.png (267.44 KB, 568x645, HalSmiles.png)

>giving her hand a shake and a nod.

29? So close to the big 30!

>the man spoke with a happy, warm tone, as if he already considered Mabel his best friend.

But, regardless of your number, remember. Being a Riftguard might be a responsibility, but don't think of it as a chore. Think of yourself as a superhero, is what I say.

Ashley!aLEJudith. 878395

File: 1421113093685.jpg (24.63 KB, 480x320, alshaya-alphard-canaan-280592-…)

>Noticing the piece of equipment, she glances at it and makes the educated guess that those are his weapons. Trained in hand to hand then, with no apparent fire arms on him. Which meant she had a fall back tactic in case he really was too harsh to face in close combat.

Maybe, but you're lucky that I prefer to work for my pay rather the just take it.

>She steps aside to allow the giant a clear line to the exit.

So how about you make me work for it where we have a bit more space?

>Everything she was doing right now would have gotten Skynet's panties in a bunch. Which she found very fun to do while she was still with them., if she wasn't positive that they weren't aware of this reality, Ashely would be convinced they sent her hear on purpose to get rid of their "Little Miss Rebel." Nice to see some of her wasn't changing in this nonsensical world.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878397

File: 1421113327793.jpg (46.34 KB, 364x367, happy.jpg)

Smiling playfully, she squeezes his hand with astounding strength, yet grinning as gently as a forty-year old, minus the body.

"I sure don't feel like a superhero."

Letting go, she sips the water between sentences, still quite thirsty but her voice returning to it's normal, homely sound.

"But thanks for the concern, hun."

Alex Louis Armstrong/Hellboy!jSaxman3Bg 878402

File: 1421113564987.jpg (11.73 KB, 350x262, Alex_Louis_Armstrong_28FMA29_a…)


"If that is what you would prefer," Armstrong nodded agreeably, acting surprisingly polite to this young woman who was threatening his life; the true measure of a gentleman, this one. "I would rather we not bring any untoward damage to this fine establishment." He stood up, the process of unfolding himself to his full height alone seeming to take an entire minute before the proud soldier finally towered head and shoulders over Ashley. He fished around in his pockets for a while, soon producing a generous tip that was left on the table before retrieving a silver pocketwatch from his other pocket to check the time; seemingly satisfied, he squared his shoulders and strode out of the diner, the huge man looking as if he only had to take a few broad steps before clearing the building entirely.


File: 1421113716822.png (680.86 KB, 871x490, AAH!.png)

>Saya looked between Haruko and Yang before looking at the spinner.
>Roll 1d2 = 1
>1 she stood up and leapt towards the three.
>2 she just spun the spinner.
>Roll 1d4 = 2
>Roll 1d4 = 3

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878407

File: 1421113854149.png (73.79 KB, 227x269, tumblr_inline_nfjmoniLuH1swzws…)

>the man's handshake was surprisingly firm. Strong, despite his boyish appearance.

Oh trust me, you'll feel like one when you get into things... Regardless, we're glad to have you aboard... Any questions and concerns?

The working Dead 878409

>Murphy would begin to speak. Unlike the others, he stayed standing perfectly still. His voice only a few octaves high, still loud enough for anyone close by to hear.

My only concern is they uphold the law with respect. I will not stand for a chief who handles in back room dealings.

>the information inthe latest chief was unknown even to him. The data had not been officially updated on the TPD databanks, on which he was constantly connected to.
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Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878414

File: 1421114227972.jpg (37.82 KB, 338x341, tumblr_nfw2f8pu0V1r8ououo1_128…)


She could be straight and honest...

...Or flirt with the cutie. Though considering her appearance, getting him to blush might be a bit hard.

Roll 1d1000 = 757
Smiling brightly, she shakes her head decisively.


. . .

"Though, I gotta ask, why'd you come to see me?"
Retreating away from him slightly, the cow nervously asks,

"Just what a handsome guy like you's doing to come see a girl he's never spoken to a day in his life all by himself."

???!bXgeUCIUnk 878416

File: 1421114247202.jpg (58.29 KB, 580x530, watching.jpg)

>and the figure that stepped through would raise even more curious eyes, even raising whispers among the crowd
>the second robot to float onto the stage was roughly the size of a microwave, multiple antennae sticking out from its body/head
>the machine was much less complicated than the one that previously stepped before it, resembling a helmet, or a large floating eyeball
>but, unlike the green robot, this one would stop behind the podium, turning to face the crowd
>and then, it would speak in a very calm, very soothing, very human tone
Members of the press. Brave members of the Town's Police Department. And, of course, citizens of the Town. My name is John Henry Eden. And I am your new Police Commissioner.
>this would cause quite a stir in the conference hall, people suddenly erupting into loud hushes and disbelieving, almost outraged, chatter
>yet, the voice behind the mechanical eyeball would remain calm and collected, each words, each pause, carefully thought out, as he willfully ignores the noise in the room
I thank you for being here today, and I apologize for not doing the same. As you may be aware, I have only taken this job for a short time, and there is still much to be done. As such, I have remained behind to treat some of the more urgent matters that need attending to. This eyebot will be broadcasting my voice to you for the duration of this press conference... as well as serve as a demonstration. But we will get to that.
>a pause
My fellow Equestrians, we stand on trouble times. This is no secret. Ever since its conception, the Town has been on trouble times. It has been home to many different guardians in the past, and there is no denying it, they all suffered in that position. There can be no denying, no lying to ourselves with a false sense of nostalgia; the Town is not safe. The Town has never been safe. We have lived through horrible times, I know. I was there when the dark creatures we now know as the "Heartless" ravaged our fair city. I was there during during the brutal Nazi invasion, where countless people perished at the claws of an evil that should have long vanished from all worlds.

No... the Town is not safe. The Town will likely never be safe. We will always be at the mercy of the next threat. We will always be at the mercy of the next big invasion. We will always be at the mercy of the whims of the same rifts that brought so many of our friends, our families, into this world, yet also find ways to take them away from us. This is fact. But, that does not mean all hope is lost. No, quite the opposite. In the face of hopelessness is when hope should be at its strongest, my fellow Equestrians. Despite all the hardships we have encountered. We. Still. Prosper.

>after punctuating each word for emphasis, the voice would pause again
It's only when you give up that you run out of options. And I guarantee this: I will not give up on this beautiful city, that has risen from the ashes more often than others.

As your new Police Commissioner, my duties are to ensure the Town's Police Department operate to serve you; the people. My duty, our duty, is to ensure that none of you have to fear stepping out into the street. That none of you have to fear saying "good morning" to those you walk past on the street. The none of you must fall victims to the dark side of nature, human, pony, or otherwise.

The rifts and the dangers that come through them are beyond the control of mortal men. But the problems of mortal men are not beyond their control. Crime is not beyond our control. For the past two administrations, this city has suffered at the hands of the criminal underworld, who have encountered little resistance in their wake. This I do not blame our fine men, women, and otherwise, of our force. They place their lines on the lines each day to ensure the protection of our city, yet their efficiency is only as great as the efficiency of those they answer to. It is my firm belief the previous administrations were too lenient. They were not proactive enough against the shadows that plague our streets, our city. Today, I come to you with the solution. I fact, you have been staring at it all this time.

>the round machine would float up higher into the air, all eyes being drawn to it

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the Eyebot. The common citizen and police officer's new best friend. Do not be fooled by its simple and disarming appearance, this machine is a marvel of technology. The Eyebots operate as individual cameras, programmed with a highly advanced and sophisticated A.I., to patrol the streets of our fair city twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and locate any criminal action in progress. The Eyebot will know crime when it sees it, and will alert the nearest police unit to come in its aid, and defuse the situation. Hundreds of these marvels are already fully functional, and will be deployed onto our streets during the following week. With the Eyebot, no corner will be too dark, no alleyway too deep, no night too thick. There will be nowhere for criminals to hide any longer in our fair city.
>another pause, as the voice allows for the press members to begin taking pictures of the new mechanical creation

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878423

File: 1421114758637.png (103.85 KB, 640x611, Happy man.png)

>the man blushed slightly, surprised at the compliment, but it soon faded and he went back to his friendly grin.

Well, actually, I try to visit fellow Riftguards when I get the chance.

>he shrugged

This is the only free time I have and I promised I'd take my daughter to the movies tonight.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878425

File: 1421114997579.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

Aw... That was too bad. Taken already.

Hiding her disappointment, the woman continues to smile, setting the empty water bottle aside and giving his arm a playful punch.

"Well then you'd better get going, buddy. Don't keep her waiting on account of me, I don't need more bumps and bruises!"

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878431

File: 1421115680393.jpg (15.82 KB, 176x212, ss+(2015-01-11+at+03.38.27).jp…)

>oddly, despite saying he had a daughter, he didn't have a wedding ring on. Either he is using a daughter as a excuse or...

Actually, if you want you can follow me back home... You don't have to if you don't want to. My house is just a short walk away.

>he grinned

The nurses didn't tell you? You're good to leave? Just avoid any rigorous activity so your wounds don't open up.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878435

File: 1421116193394.jpg (319.32 KB, 658x1124, baea7eb7435089d550b190b7e0c30b…)

Okay, that was maybe a bit much.

Chuckling softly, the woman gives him an amused look.

"Slow down there, cowboy. I don't know you that well, and while I appreciate the offer, I'd much rather go celebrate my new job. Of course, you're free to come along if you want, I'd love the company."

Grinning and yanking the IVs out of her arms, the woman presses the little cotton swab covering it down and tightens the tape that had already been there, stifling the already slowing blood blow. Swinging her legs around, the trainee's head begins to spin again, and holding a hand out to the man, uses him to support herself as she jumps down out of bed, towering over him by at least half a foot.

Grinning thankfully at him, she gently shoos him towards the door, leaning most of her weight on her non-human uninjured leg.

"Can you give me some privacy, hun? Gotta change into actual clothes real quick."

Commissioner John Henry Eden & Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878437

File: 1421116297771.jpg (62.49 KB, 524x296, best way to spend the weekend.…)

>after a few seconds had passed, the voice began its broadcast once more
Other changes will be made within the department, but these will be addressed in due time.

Now, I will pass the word to my right hand man, who will see to the daily operations while I am unavailable. Please welcome your Chief of Police, Chief M33N-50b.

>the Eyebot would float aside, allowing the larger green machine to step up to the podium

Thank you, Commissioner.
>in a harsh contrast to the previous voice, calm and soothing, the robot's own voice was remarkably loud and commanding, like an army sergeant barking out orders even when he was only talking freely
>the robot would turn from the Eyebot to face the crowd
As we all know, the rifts in this city are an issue that affect all of us. Creatures, criminals, powerful beings are transported onto our streets almost daily, causing panic and destruction within our city. They spare no one, and in the past, the TPD has been unable to cope with these out-of-the-ordinary occurrences. Pickpockets, bank robbers, murderers, "regular" crimes have long been known to be the extent of the police force's capacities to handle. Well I say, NO MORE!
>the robot's voice would blast out, not needing the aid of the microphone for it to reach the very back row
For too long the police has been kept in the sidelines, watching helplessly as monsters and superpowered creeps tore through our city like their own personal playground! In line with Commissioner Eden's now stance on proaction, I have been given the power to create a new force of elite officers who, with the aid of the most advanced technology in military-grade armor and weaponry, will ensure the TPD will keeps its people safe from every perilous clutches that fall on them!
The Special Defense Squadron will work alongside the standard police force to keep our city safe, and inscriptions are now open!

>the robot would then lean over the podium, almost sticking one of its optics onto the TV cameras located below
So if you've got the MAN-SACK to do your duty, and protect your home from any pinko bastard that thinks they own the place, you will JOIN THIS VERY INSTANCE, SOLDIER! Uncle Sam wants YOU! The Town NEEDS YOU! SO ENLIST TODAY!
>then, very casually, the robot would straighten up, returning to a more normal tone of voice
Thank you.

>floating aside, he would hand over the stage back to the Eyebot

Thank you, Chief M33N-50b.

People of the Town. I know and understand if my words seem hollow to you, promises told to you long before by other men. But this I swear to you: you need no fear. Together we will take back our Town. Together we will make this a safer place, not just for ourselves, but for our friends, our neighbors, our families. Together... we can make this city free.

>a pause, the Eyebot actually tilting down its body slightly as if nodding
Thank you for your time. I'm afraid there is no room for questions, as there is still much work to be done. Have a good day, and rest assured, my dear Town... we are watching over you.
>through the oncoming wave of questions by the eager news reporters, the two machines quickly make their exit out the side, vanishing behind the curtains
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Vi!uKittyfVOU 878443

File: 1421116897723.jpg (46.68 KB, 236x536, a87e095205732897787bfa6fd64a57…)

Holding her tongue, the woman turns away slightly. She didn't wanna believe it, but...

...Dammit, she liked that woman, the thought that she'd betrayed them...

...So he didn't even show up in person, huh?

Still, she had to assume there was something wrong with him. She wasn't buying the "more pressing matters" crap, he was probably a cripple or disfigured to not show up in public, knowing that doing so would only hurt his credibility.

She had to give him props on the voice, though, he was a good speaker.

And as for the surveillance...

She didn't see a problem with it. It wasn't as if these things were going into people's homes, right? As long as it wasn't taking pictures of who was making out with who, or trying to report tiny, innocuous crimes, she didn't see a problem with it.

She'd have to warn some of the more innocent kids hanging around the gangs and tell them to get out before they got rounded up like the others. There were gonna be a lot of arrests in the next few days...

Grinning playfully over at the robotic cop, the officer asks,

"Hey, Murphy, race you to #1? Gonna be a lot of arrests in the next week, and it'd be a shame to win without you even trying."

...Elite officers, huh?

Sounds interesting. Of course they were gonna come to the three of them, right?

Hell, they might even lead the damn thing.

Shooting Murphy and the Red Menace a competitive smirk, the woman continues,

"Well boys, looks like we've got a little competition on our hands. First one to get the most arrest in the next week gets the other two's recommendation for leader of that force. Deal?"

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878445

File: 1421116990517.png (598.61 KB, 502x1127, tumblr_nhemebU1fX1ta3uodo3_128…)

Hm... Alright, sorry about that,

>as he helped her up, he stated

People tell me I'm too nice sometimes and too quick to make friends, guess it's showing here, ain't it? Sorry about that.

>once she was up and wanting to get dressed, he complied. He didn't seem too phased by her revealing outfit, but retained eye contact with her, his eyes didn't wander anywhere.

>quickly, he headed out of the room, to wait for her to get dressed.

Hellboy!jSaxman3Bg 878452

File: 1421117668950.jpg (62.57 KB, 579x377, hellboy-2004-11-g-100028310-la…)


"Pass," Hellboy grunted in reply. The red-skinned underworlder hadn't budged from his place at the far side of the announcement area, the only indication of his mood the way his cigar would wobble up or down depending on the precise way he clenched it between his teeth. Overall, he didn't seem terribly impressed with their new leadership... but on the other hand, what did impress him? "If they wind up wanting me that bad, they can sign the enlistment papers for me. Til then, I'm just fine with staying on the beat." He rolled his head over to look at her, looking for all the world as if he had even been reluctant to put in the effort to do that. "Ambition is a chump's game, Vi."

He probably knew that she probably knew his opinion on the matter; didn't make him any less happy to re-emphasize it though, taking a drag from his cigar even as the sly smirk began to creep across his lips. "Besides, a recommendation from me? Let's face it, probably a death sentence for your career, 'specially after that delightful traffic stop last month."

He skipped a beat.

"... I wonder if the Mayor ever got a replacement Mercedes."

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878453

File: 1421117807480.jpg (73.52 KB, 423x836, 1420567319006.jpg)

Quickly slipping into her otherwise clean clothes, the woman sighs happily, the dull pain in her side obviously dulled by drugs. It was probably gonna hurt like a bitch tomorrow, but at least for most of today she was going to feel fantastic.

Large bloodstains on one of her pants legs and side of her shirt, the clothes are otherwise clean, and slowly limping out of the room, the woman leans against the man.

"I don't see anybody running after me with a bill, so I'm gonna assume they put me on the health insurance plan already."

Having this job was already paying off...

"I'd... Probably be stuck here until they could send it off to my family back in Wensleydale. First time they'd have heard from me in two weeks and it's a hospital bill for treating stab wounds. Wonder how that'd go over with 'em."

Grinning nervously, she gives him a little flick with her tail.

"Ready to go?"

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878463

File: 1421118702482.png (267.44 KB, 568x645, HalSmiles.png)

>as she headed out, she would find him talking on his cellphone, leaning against a wall.

So when is the movie? ...Sorry, I'm forgetful... Alright then... We'll get there early so we can get the good seats... I love you too.

>then, he hung up and pocketed his phone, before looking over to Mabel.

I have a bit more than a hour, so we're good. I'm as ready as a sponge~ Any plans in mind? Anyone you want to invite?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 878471

File: 1421119043156.jpg (42.55 KB, 320x240, Robocop.jpg)

>Even as Eden spoke, Murphy calmly scanned the robot before him. From what he saw he could see that in no way was the device armed for heavy combat. At most he could see a single mounted weapon on the Eyebot, energy in nature. It would seem the Comissioner was speaking the truth. For now anyway. He would have to get time to investigate the others.

>Though he did have internal worries as well. He did not know exactly how this Eden person felt about uses of mechanical devices. If so what did this mean for him? Would he be degraded to some kind of enslaverbot, or perhaps merely serving as some kind of server for the eyebots? Either way it would be most benifictial if he had access to the eyecams visual feed. It would make things more efficiant for him.

>And then there was his two coworkers who had their own opinion on the matter. Both of them seemed to be taking this information quite well.

It is not a competition, Officer Vi. Though I assume you will be pleased to know I will continue to work at full efficiency.

>Hopefully that would be enough. He did not wish for the new commander to think he required upgrades.

Vi!uKittyfVOU 878477

File: 1421119487321.jpg (152.06 KB, 630x372, 4950d77d885b22892914c700c9b3fc…)

Didn't change the fact he got the job done, and considering their new chief's attitude...

"Hey, I've broken my fair share of walls. And cars. And warehouses, but that was because that one jackass was smoking next to a gas can when I decked him, not actually my fault. They'll probably put us on a freakin' pedestal, but if you're sure..."

Besides, it wasn't like she actually expected to pass Murphy in time. Still a gap of a few hundred arrests before she was even close. Unless he sat on his ass twiddled his thumbs and she bagged every crook in this next big wave, everybody knew who was gonna be on top for at least another six months.

Reaching over Big Red and giving the man a solid clap on the back with mechanical fists designed for face-breaking, the woman smiles and holds it out to him.

"Alright! Then I guess that means it's just you and me, Tin Man. You bag the most crooks, I'll personally contact our new chief and recommend you to that unit. I win, you do the same for me. Deal?"

She didn't honestly expect to win, but she did want the guy to succeed, and he'd probably be happy leading a bunch of heavily armed supercops.

Plus, it'd have the nice side effect of her and Big Red getting to be partners, now that Cait up and quit.

Hellboy!jSaxman3Bg 878478

File: 1421119504123.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.66 KB, 433x334, 1383508677886.jpg)


Yeah, we remember what happened last time someone decided Robocop needed to be reboo-- er, upgraded.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878479

File: 1421119625791.jpg (31.75 KB, 355x288, matsu_sensei_fanart__mattie_by…)

"Nope and nope!"

...Man, she really needed more buddies.

"Got a place in mind? I'm still learning my way around, and haven't really gotten a hang of what places are pretty good or where to eat."

Mainly because she'd only had money for like two days... But that'd be a nonfactor soon.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878486

File: 1421120216188.png (73.79 KB, 227x269, tumblr_inline_nfjmoniLuH1swzws…)

>thankfully for her, Hal was the person who immediately made friends.

I know a good pool bar if you're game for that? I don't want to gloat, but I'm quite the good player.

>although pool game took quite a long amount of time.

Hm... Maybe that isn't an option, that would take too long. How about...

>he rubbed his chin, thinking it over.

...Sorry, can't think of anything. But I guess a plan isn't always needed, right?

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878496

File: 1421121208639.jpg (48.85 KB, 361x365, bereft.jpg)

Well, there was always the problem of her actually getting home...

"Uh... To be quite honest, I don't exactly have any money on me... Or at home... Or in the bank..."

...He'd probably call her a cab and never speak to her again for admitting this, but she really needed that cab, and didn't wanna feel awful for making him foot the bill somewhere.

"I was actually kinda desperate for a job, so I decided the Riftguard didn't sound so bad, and..."

Trying to take as much weight off of him as possible, she pulls away and starts limping towards the door.

"...Now I've got way more holes than I'm supposed to have, way less blood than I'm supposed to have, no money, my hammer's back at the Riftguard headquarters and the worst part is that if I hadn't been so damn scared and just asked my daddy if I could leave, hed've probably said yes and I'd have money and not feel so awful for leaving when his health is so bad and... And..."

Looking like she was about to burst into quiet sobbing, the woman preemptively dabs at her eyes, trying to keep herself from being seen crying.

"Oh, I'm just a big, blubbering baby... I'm not gonna last a week."

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878497

File: 1421121290723.png (86.93 KB, 320x240, Zappy Zap Time.png)



>Tessa doesn't stand down, her expression unchanging from the furious one she wore when she rounded on them.

>She looks briefly at the dead flower and stares at it, her body still generating a low crackle.

>Alton behind her hesitates, but unable to see the flower for himself. frowns in his own disgruntled expression.

'Mood enhancer'? What the bloody hell does that mean-?


>Tessa fires a weak Discharge at the two, enough to feel like a particularly bad static shock if the zap connects.

>Roll to dodge

Commissioner John Henry Eden & Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878500

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 589

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878502

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 788

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878504

File: 1421121801040.jpg (65.14 KB, 407x500, day dreaming.jpg)

>at the question posed to her, the woman would turn with a perfectly cheerful smile to the man
It's actually quite interesting. The Aurora Star enhanced the current mood you find yourself in. If you smell it when you are happy, you become happy, If you are angry, your grow even angrier. If sad, you may grow suicidal.
>she hummed to herself, still checking the dead plant
Although, to make me so impulsive... I have never-
>she blinked at the sound of crackling static, turning to stare at Tessa with a curious blank look
>as soon as the Discharge took place, the woman would breezily step aside and under the ray of electricity, stepping closer to the yellow dragon
>and simply place a hand over her head
You were affected too, Tessa. You know none of us would hurt Alton Sutcliff on purpose, just as you wouldn't have defied his order.
>a heaviness would begin to press down on the Ampharos's head, the familiar soft humming whenever the Summoner was close by beginning to sound out, carefully and gently lulling her into believing the woman's words
>roll to resist

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878506

File: 1421122180318.png (105.59 KB, 640x611, tumblr_nhpyrzEpTI1tyuin7o3_128…)

>the man watched as Mabel broke down in front of her. A woman with no money, desperate to get it, she joined the guard, a slightly dangerous job at that. If she was sad about getting hurt in the training, she might get hurt again.
>and she ran away too? Can't quite come home after that, can you?

>he immediately took out his wallet, going through a few bills. With no hesitation, he tossed a question her way.

How much money do you need right now?

It's okay to feel sad, you should let it off your shoulders when you have to. Let's go to the headquarters, get your hammer, and I'll treat you to dinner. How does that sound?

>His weapons were at the HQ as well. He couldn't quite bring them inside a hospital.

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878509

File: 1421122564280.jpg (25.88 KB, 640x480, 12279999050034.jpg)

>Catlyn nodded again along with Melissa's answer, turning her attention to Alton as well

Yeah, exactly!

It's a pretty well-known plant from our world, but that one was a bit different than-


>Catlyn would see Tessa let loose a bolt of electricity her way, squeaking out in fright before responding properly

>that being, to bend backwards while keeping her feet on the floor, resulting in the bolt flying over her and just narrowly missing her chest
>she'd remain arched back like that for a few seconds, before:

Roll 1d1000 = 306

>evens, swinging herself back up to a standing position through some bending of the laws of nature

>odds, falling flat on her back once again with another squeak

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878511

File: 1421122815653.jpg (28.47 KB, 284x272, tumblr_inline_nhjkod7bqj1r48bj…)

Trying to laugh through the tears, coming out more as mangled sobs than a laugh, she waves his money away, dabbing the last bits of moisture from the corners of her eyes.

"Thanks, hun, but I'm fine. Really, I am, I just... Can't buy anything shiny for awhile."

Running her fingers through her hair, the large woman turns and gives him a thankful smile, hands clasped together at her waist. She needed that money, but her pride and sense of right just wouldn't let her take it. She had gotten herself into this mess, she could do without chocolates or cake or breakfast for a while. She felt guilty as it was sleeping in one of the manor's rooms and eating their food, she couldn't take someone's money when she'd have to keep doing that.

"I... I'll take you up on that other offer, though. Walking me to the Riftguard."

Even if she had her pride, she wasn't an idiot. She couldn't walk there alone. She wouldn't make it a block before she collapsed, and then she was at the mercy of a good samaritan calling her a cab, if they didn't steal the clothes off her back first.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878520

File: 1421123364164.jpg (162.6 KB, 500x628, Smiles' smile.jpg)

No, no, I insist, at least you should have enough for a meal or a recipe.

>he removed 2 twenties from his wallet.

>her pride prevented her from taking it, but his willingnes to help others was just as strong.
>but either way, he will still walk her to the Riftguard, offering a shoulder for her to lean on.

Lean on me, I'm strong for my thin figure.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878528

File: 1421123680854.jpg (46.73 KB, 362x367, silly.jpg)

Gently placing some of the weight on her injured side on the man, the were-cow blushes softly at the close contact, hoping he didn't mind a bit of blood.

"Sorry about your shirt, but it was wear this or..."

...Don't finish that.

Tail wrapped around her waist, the woman sighs heavily. This wasn't gonna be fun.

As they make their way through the hospital, getting a few interested glances, the woman brightens noticeably as they reach the door.

"Finally... Hate hospitals..."

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878531

File: 1421123959901.png (128.09 KB, 232x255, Grell_Butler_WhatsThatOverTher…)


Roll 1d1000 = 450

>odds, Tessa's ears fold back, and with a whimper she looks down.

Pah-loo pharrroooo...!

>[I just don't like seeing Alton so upset...!]

>evens, despite the pressure on her head the Pokemon simply glares up at Melissa, and waves a flipper to knock her hand off her head.

>Roll 1d1000 = 961 odds, success, evens fail.

>Regardless, she bleats sharply at the woman, her tail glowing threateningly.

Pahlooo pao! Paloo-! PAAAAH?!

>[It enhanced your mood to just throw him around and break his glasses! And you just-! WHY?!]


>Alton would comment on Tessa and Melissa's argument, but the sheer display of acrobatics and flexibility of Cat as she dodged Tessa's blast of electricity simply mesmerizes the man, his eyes wide in surprise to have seen something that seemed almost physically impossible simply happen right in front of him.



Bravo; I say that certainly deserves some comment...

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878533

File: 1421124276464.png (267.44 KB, 568x645, HalSmiles.png)

>the added weight of the larger, taller woman didn't appear to give him any strain.

It's fine, don't worry, if I get blood on it I'll wash it.

>it wouldn't be the first time, after all.

>as they went through the hospital, he did his best to wave or say hello to people who looked at him, along with the occasional "How are you doing?" and "Nice day, isn't it?"

Why's that? Afraid of surgery or needles?

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878535

File: 1421124407823.jpg (91.42 KB, 1280x720, blazblue_alter_memory-06-iron_…)

>Asylum, ever a busy place of scientific research, legit or otherwise. For the most part, the lab occupied by Kokonoe was up to mostly morally well tasks, at least it was in the eyes of her assistant.

>The large hulking Iron Tager's hands were to large for most common keyboards. Luckily though, he wasn't much expected to do much scientific work. The life of a field agent ment mostly going out and conducting research that couldn't be done in a lab. Although these days he was mostly limited to running down to the local grocery store. Recently he had to find a new one to frequent, thanks to the arrival of a trouble maker who decided to make a scene.

>tonight seem to be most fortunate, not much going on in the means of world destroying calamities.

Melissa Darshana!bXgeUCIUnk 878536

File: 1421124470370.jpg (69.3 KB, 381x700, interesting but wrong.jpg)

>having unfortunately missed this
>the woman flinched as the dragon's flipper slapped her hand away from her head
>the woman would stare down at the pokémon with a saddened look in her eyes, but would quickly hide it behind her standard blank stare
I told you, something was wrong. This Aurora Star was far more powerful than any specimen I've encountered before.
I assure you, I did not dance with Alton Sutcliff because I wanted to, I was simply acting on impulses.
>she held up the plant again, staring at it curiously

I've heard of Aurora Stars capable of completely altering someone's mood... Could this be one of those...?

>despite her distraction, the soft humming would continue to sound throughout the foyer for the Ampharos, still attempting to get her to calm down

>odds Roll 1d1000 = 891
>if success, roll to resist

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878538

File: 1421125100420.jpg (111.98 KB, 900x990, shockwave_by_jbone820-d3j0szt.…)



How quickly fortunes could change.

The sound of heavy footfalls echoed through the Asylum's hallways, each tread of a ponderous foot announced with a clanging thud as an enormous purple mechanoid strode through the underground corridors, the giant's single cyclopean optic looking directly ahead as he approached his destination. He had checked and re-checked his findings, and for the first time in millenia Shockwave had come to a disturbing conclusion:

He required a second opinion.

Fortunately enough, he only had to stoop slightly to access Kokonoe's laboratory; the electronic doors had assumedly been built to allow her much larger compatriot easy access as well, meaning it was still a bit of a squeeze for an average-sized Cybertronian. Rising back to his full height, he only had to walk a few more steps before coming to a stop behind Tager's workstation. "Iron Tager?" the Decepticon addressed him, his cold, calculated tone making it sound as if it were a perfectly ordinary circumstance for him to see himself into someone else's workspace without asking- a move that was considered a social faux pas (if nothing else) within certain circles of Asylum's scientific and normally secretive community.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878539

File: 1421125277801.jpg (48.85 KB, 361x365, bereft.jpg)

Dropping her head, the woman glances away nervously. He was helping her, so the least she could do is answer a simple question.

"My, uh... Daddy hasn't been well as of late. For years, now."

Obviously upset by the topic, the woman leans slightly more weight on the man, slowing down.

"...He was never, uh... Quite well, you see. He's always had heart problems, and me and momma would have to sit in the hospital waiting rooms for hours, just begging the spirits, gods, whatever's out there he'd make it through surgery. I think at last count he's gone under the knife... Six? Seven times? Most when I was little? That was... Damn, thirty-four years ago? Thirty? I don't remember anymore, I was little and I was scared for my daddy, scared I was gonna lose him and his big, handsome, warm smile and how he'd play chess with me when I was bored or hold me close when I was scared or sad..."

Small drops of water sinking into the man's shoulder, she eventually continues, pushing out into the open air.

"...And now he's sick and doesn't have long and... As much as I wanna say me runnin' away was about me, was about what I wanted from life, I know it's just because I can't stand the thought of watching my daddy die when there's nothing I can do about it."

Tears in her eyes, the taller woman turns to the dad, now unashamed of her sadness and simply seeking the comfort of another person.

"It's not easy growing up, becoming an adult, and then barely aging a day while your beloved, wonderful daddy turns into a withered husk of an old man, barely able to walk or eat or piss on his own. I abandoned my family because I'm a coward who couldn't face that. Who couldn't look my dying daddy in the eye while he breathes his last because I didn't love him enough."

Wiping roughly at her eyes as a choking sob escapes her lips, the woman adds,

"And I'm just... Terrified because there's a good chance if I ever have kids and they turn out human that I'll have to watch them die before I even look a day over thirty-five."

Silent for several moments, she takes a deep breath, and dabbing at the corners of her eyes, asks,

"So does that answer your question, hun?"

Catlyn Rheese!pinkie78Os 878540

File: 1421125313683.png (60.46 KB, 255x354, Flannery_Manga.png)

>even Catlyn was a bit surprised at the acrobatic feat she pulled off, staring down at her own feet for a few seconds following it
>she then looked up at Alton, then at Melissa, then back to Alton, a wide-eyed blank stare frozen on her face


>it was no secret to her why she directed so much of her energy at Alton, but she didn't exactly what to get into that

>after all, all it would take would be for Melissa to really analyze what her actions were and her possible motivations, and then it'd be over
>as such, with an embarrassed expression growing on her face, she tugged at her shirt collar and started to walk back

S-So...I-I just remembered I had to go...p-practice more of my magic!

>she gave a short wave to Alton, a forced grin present as she did

I'm really sorry about acting like such a brat!


>with that, she turned and suddenly bolted for the stairs, already running up them and towards the Residential Hall

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878542


>Roll 1d1000 = 41 odds

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878543

File: 1421125672722.png (514.65 KB, 1280x768, 1389676682554.png)


>Tager would hear the footsteps coming from outside. Naturally he assumed that it was likely they Neutron boy's latest creation going out to get some leg work. It was only after he heard the doors of his lab open was when he seemed reaction was necessary.

>Quickly he turns around to address the robotic life form that stands before him.

Who are you? What are you doing in here?

>Despite the offensive tone to his voice, Tager did not seem to take up a battle position. His gauntlets on the other hand had already begun to warm up, and his hands were half way balled into fists. If this one was a threat, he would have to deal with him quickly before much harm could come to Kokonoe's research.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878544

File: 1421125870208.png (41.16 KB, 150x180, An Answer That Stupid Deserves…)


>Melissa's soothing distraction is simply shut out by Tessa's anger towards her and the redhead for mistreating Alton, and before that, Melissa trying to twist her head into a pretzel.

>She snorts at her, clearly displeased by the answer, but with Alton up and speaking again she waddles back to his side and helps him stand.

>Alton murmurs a thank you to his Pokemon and clasps his hand with her flipper. Even when he stands they don't let go, as without his glasses everything he sees is more or less a blur to him.
>Cat's blurry form bending was still easy to see for him, even if the finer details was lost.

>He sighs and shakes his head, then looks to the woman nearby...or tries to, his gaze fixed more on the space aside her.

I haven't an idea what happened, if it were the cause of that flower or not, but I believe you may want to avoid those for now on...and I'll keep in mind to do the same; ruddy plants...

>Alton grumbles, and with a gentle tug Tessa leads him towards the stairs.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878546

File: 1421126477518.jpg (413.51 KB, 480x640, f1d3fd31d4a9b10174db3febc5b848…)

>as her emotional distress became stronger, she weighed down on him, forcing him to almost drag her along. He stopped for a second, letting her speak.


>what could he say after that? Well..

I understand. Sometime this world just doesn't treat you kind. Some people end off better than others... While others have it worse.

>he understood it and experienced it himself. He couldn't relate on the father part or the child part, but too understood grief.

...And yet... You are still here to this day. I saw you smiling earlier, happy and smiling..

>he gave her a pat on the back. He kept his smile, but it was calmer, less upbeat.

...And as a parent, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my daughter happy. No matter how much of a bad day I have, as long as my daughter smiles... As long as those around me smile. I'll smile back...

>he laughed quietly at the coincidence that concept and his own last name coincided.

Show your father you are happy, tell him you are alright and doing fine. Make him happy with your own... Trust me as a father and a fellow Riftguard...

>he went through the pouches on his belt and removed a hankerchief, offering it to her

...If you want to cry some more, I'll offer my shoulder.

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878547

File: 1421126527628.png (970.48 KB, 1000x1308, shockwave_in_the_ruined_cybert…)


"My name is Shockwave," the purple machine answered, his baleful yellow optic unwavering in the face of Tager preparing his systems for battle, "but that's not important. What is important, Tager, is that for the last four million years every nanoangstrom of my brain module, every iota of power in my spark, every fiber of my chassis has been dedicated to the pursuit of science and logic, yet what I have seen has only happened once before and I desire an outside explanation." It pained the proud, cold Decepticon to admit he needed help, especially from the lackey of an organic, but he knew a potential crisis scenario when he saw one. "I have spent the last several hours examining the dossier of every member of Asylum, and I have deemed you the most capable potential research assistant. You have no interest in petty political gains like a certain number of our associates, and you are the closest to having a pure interest in scientific gain of any I can name off-hand." He looked down at the cannon that he had in place of one hand. "... So to speak," he added without a single hint of humor.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878551

File: 1421126927320.jpg (28.47 KB, 284x272, tumblr_inline_nhjkod7bqj1r48bj…)

Taking it, the woman quickly wipes at her eyes, handing it back to him and trying her best to sound thankful through the sobs wracking her body.

"...I do need to send him a letter. No matter how angry my siblings may be at me for running off, I know they'll still read it to him."

Sniffing loudly, the woman sets a hand on Hal's shoulder and bending down a bit, pulls him in close for a hug, planting a kiss on his cheek right after.

"...Thank you, Hal. I mean it. I really, really do."

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878553

File: 1421127158079.jpg (91.42 KB, 1280x720, blazblue_alter_memory-06-iron_…)

>Tager gives the robotic the benefit of the doubt. If he had truly been sent here to destroy anything he could have simply incapacitated him as he had his back turned. Besides, it's not as though a giant hulking robot which had to walk in could be able to port out, unless that was simply to merely give that illusion. Of course, if he wasn't a member here they wouldn't even be having this conversation right now.

>The faint hum of his gauntlets fades away as Tager noticeably seems to loosen his posture. His massive fingers would raise up to press against his almost comically small glasses.

Hmm, as Kokonoe's assistant my only goal is research that can further her own. Yet, if you require my help I am willing to lend it to you. I cannot promise to keep it to myself however.

>He lowers his hands back down to his side. He was not quite used to having to look up at someone to speak to them, so this was a new experience in multiple ways.

What is it that you require help with?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878556

File: 1421127474634.png (267.44 KB, 568x645, HalSmiles.png)

Good, good..

>at the hug and kiss, he chuckled. He didn't mind it.

It's my second specialty~ My name isn't Hal /Smiles/ for nothing after all.

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878557

File: 1421127677970.jpg (453.64 KB, 573x720, CS_shockwave_by_markerguru.jpg)


"Who you share my findings with matters not to me," Shockwave replied, turning to exit the laboratory. "It was imperative for me to find an impartial second opinion, someone whose conclusions would be tainted as little as possible by bias, political or otherwise. The conclusions you draw afterwards are irrelevant to me." He ducked to exit Kokonoe's lab, striding back down the hallway towards one of the hallways leading to Asylum's 'fair-use' laboratories; aka workspaces that were considered fair game for anyone. "Follow me to the astral observatory, if you would."

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 878558

File: 1421127932169.jpg (46.34 KB, 364x367, happy.jpg)

Right, right, she'd expected that joke.

Giving him a playful jab in the side, the woman throws her arm around his shoulder again.

"Come on. Let's get going."

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878560

...Very well.

>Reluctantly, Tager would follow Shockwave out of the labratory. His hulking frame fitting easily through the specially designed door, allowing him access to the halls.

>The sound of both of their foot steps would echo through the halls. If one didn't know any better they would assume someone had finally gone mad and unleashed his swarm killer robots onto the world.

>luckily, most of the scientists here had been so desensitised by the near constant explosions to care all that much, save for bolting down their volatile liquids on special beakers.

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878562

File: 1421128534970.jpg (214.97 KB, 1024x663, humanized_shockwave_by_ammotu-…)


The pair soon arrived in a dimly lit circular room with a large raised pedestal in the center, displaying a soft blue hologram of Rigel Prima's sun and its orbiting planets. Shockwave moved to the digital keyboards, using his hand to punch in a complex series of commands as he ordered the computer to retrieve files from his own personal lab computer. "How much do you know about the Rifts, Tager?"

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878570

File: 1421129087195.png (163.45 KB, 500x281, 500px-Iron_Tager_(Chronophanta…)

>Entering the room, Tager would see nothing out of the ordinary. He almost never had any excuse to enter this room, or any others that weren't Kokonoe's lab or of that nice Necromancer in the magic wing. Hadn't seen much of her lately.

As much as anyone I would guess. They're seemingly random portals that suck things in and port them in this world or another. They can range in scale from something as simple as a thumb tack, or to entire continents. Though S class Rifts are few and far between, though they date back to Regal Prima's earliest recorded history.

>Allowing Shockwave to go on about the console, Tager stands behind him. His gauntlets forbid him from crossing his arms as most people in his position would do.

Do you believe you may have caught on to something?

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878579

File: 1421130205207.jpg (2.42 MB, 2934x1440, au_battletech___1st_marathon_i…)


"Not to the Rifts specifically, no," the Decepticon replied, a series of wormholes popping up in concentrated areas around Rigel Prima as he continued keying in information. "However, I discovered one that drew my attention for one specific reason: there has only been one other Rift like it in history." A red Rift popped up on the holo-map to make it easier to pick out from the others, though this one was a fair distance from the planet. "You have already demonstrated your knowledge of the fact that there are multiple size classes of Rift," Shockwave continued, turning to face his lab partner, "though there are also different kinds of Rift, period. While they are exceedingly rare in comparison, it could be argued that some of them don't qualify as Rifts at all." He turned back to the keyboard, lazily swiping at the holo-map to banish it to one side of the pedestal; on the other side, a similar map appeared, this one differing only in the rotation of the planets and the location of the Rifts. "Three years ago, a rift formed primarily of tachyons and another form of energy unknown to us appeared in the vicinity of the Equestrian space station known as Orion; through that Rift, there was a mass incursion into Rigel Prime space by an army designated the Thousand Sons. This began a series of events that eventually led to the stabilization of a Rift important to the course of this planet's modern history, the destruction of the Thousand Sons, the near-destruction of the Sons of Equestria, and the assurance that Rigel Prima would remain on its correct historical trajectory."

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878602

>Tager patiently watches Shockwave's demonstration. This was indeed news to him. The fact that rifts not only came in different strengths, but also different varieties. This could blow some minds.

>It was only after the mention of the Orion Rift three years ago that Tager begins to speak.

Yes, I remember hearing about that. An old "friend" of mine seemed to be behind that particular incident.

>Looking up at the hologram, Tager examines the blue lights as carefully as he could.

Are you saying that someone is trying to remake his work?

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878605

File: 1421132240519.jpg (58.6 KB, 1024x768, mazinkaiser_Wallpaper__yvt2.jp…)


"That was another factor in why I chose you, yes. Kokonoe and yourself were familiar with his methods; perhaps you can formulate an explanation for this reappearance." He keyed a few more commands in; in response, a flurry of low-res models flew out of the model that represented Orion, quickly surrounding the anomaly. "The Sons of Equestria clearly detected the same energy we did and feared a repeat incident; however, no invasion was forthcoming, and their mobile suits were recalled to the station." A few more key punches drew the map in closer, giving Tager a much more detailed view of the area around the Rift and the station. "Not, however, before something came through."

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878608

File: 1421132484793.jpg (60.29 KB, 426x600, Amagami.600.601546.jpg)

>she was joking about calling it a date, the winky face was just to tease the boy. She didn't expect that reaction from him.

>But where to go... She rubbed her chin in thought. They could go to a cafe and talk, but she wasn't that kind of girl. She was a competitive spirit through and through.

>if this was going to be a date, there had to be a bit of competition in it, not just boring chatter.
>but no violence... Hazel frowned at that. She loved fighting but she wasn't going to fight Sasuun. At least not here.

>she made a new message

Do you like bowling?

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878613

File: 1421132866520.jpg (31.43 KB, 286x306, gallery_225800_5450_1370779876…)


>In the hologram he can almost see what Shockwave was talking about. He can see the mobile suits of Orion seemingly investigating a small object. At least small compared to everything else in the hologram.

What..is that?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878615

File: 1421132894973.jpg (13.12 KB, 239x200, Can You Run That By Me Again.p…)

>Sasuun blinks, standing up straight.

Bowling? Sure, I'm down!

>Sasuun looks around, to see if there was any bowling alley in the immediate vicinity.

>Evens, lucky us! There is one! Roll 1d1000 = 429
>Odds, nope, gonna have to suffer the cold some more.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878618

File: 1421133250654.jpg (69.75 KB, 463x600, Amagami.600.331853.jpg)

>she recalled one in South District.

I know one

>with that, she started walking on ahead, occasionally looking back to make sure Sas was following.

>she wasn't too good at bowling, but she could give it a try.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878623

File: 1421133429964.jpg (132.77 KB, 751x472, Hm.jpg)

>Looks over to Hazel as she starts off.

Alrighty then, lead the way.

>He starts following behind her.

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878627


"That is exactly what I cannot figure out," Shockwave replied bluntly. "The most I have been able to recover is an audio clip from the event horizon of the Rift, recovered from data logs recovered from the Equestrian Gungnir units." He paused, pulling up more information that began to clutter the three-dimensional holo-map. "And yes, an audio clip from the vacuum of space should be impossible; however, I must remind you that the creatures designated as Harpies during the Thousand Son invasion seemed able to ignore at least a few of the laws of our universe." At last, he retrieved the audio logs from the Sons' transmissions and pressed play.

"... Sabot, what..."

"-- no sign of Thousand Son activity or--kssh--y other Chaos forces. How should we..."

"Wait, picking something up..."

A long, low growl came through after that, partially covered by exclamations from the Sons on patrol, a problem Shockwave was quick to begin to correct as he ran the file back and through multiple filters; after a minute or two of his fingers moving over the keyboard almost too fast to follow, he finally had the isolated sound byte.


It sounded like some ancient, unknowable beast, its snoring threatening to tear the cosmos asunder with each breath it drew... but it also sounded hauntingly like a human voice.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878634

File: 1421134405805.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.75 KB, 340x610, ss (2014-07-21 at 01.40.47).jp…)

>South District
>The entertainment and commercial hub of Town. The place with the most restaurants, services, and overall places to have fun.

>Hazel turned a few corners, passing by dining areas and bright shining lights... Before making it to their destination.

>"Pins and Needles" the sign said, with a large bowling pin behind the word Pin and a pair of darts behind the word Needles.

>looked friendly.

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878635

File: 1421134421682.png (80.85 KB, 899x807, Iron_Tager_by_Veromorte.png)

>Tager intently listens to the audio recording. He doesn't seem to mind the fact at all that an audio recording from this location should by all means be impossible. He was asked to help identify this object that had been found by the Sons of Equestria, and he was intent to do just that.

That noise...it sounds almost human.

>In his own mind he repeats the sound over and over.

Have you tried altering the sound? Try playing it at double speed.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878636

File: 1421134939456.jpg (102.77 KB, 1920x1080, No Turning Back Now.jpg)

>Looks up at the sign when they arrive.

Looks fun enough to me.

>Looks over to Hazel, and motions towards the door.

Shall we?

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878637


Shockwave nodded in reply, tampering with the audio file some more, increasing the playback speed... and freezing upright as tangible results came through. It was still far too slow to make out, but it was definitely a voice they were hearing. "Progress," the Decepticon quietly crowed in triumph, the closest thing he'd felt to excitement all day racing through his spark as he fired off innumerable calculations in his head, adjusting the pitch and the tempo and carefully regulating audio outputs as he got ever closer... and then they finally had their answer.

They almost weren't sure if it had been worth it.

"... me... kill me... kill me... kill me..."

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878640

File: 1421135428995.png (356.53 KB, 991x1015, Iron_Tager_(Story_Mode_Artwork…)

>Tager almost can't believe what he just heard. His body freezes up at the sound. This was not the highlight of his day, that was for sure.

What in blazes?

>Pure shock would be heard in Tagers voice. Whatever this was, it was not some new breakthrough in scientific advancement. This object, if it even was an object was clearly suffering.

The Devil is going on up there? Have the Sons been able to decipher this?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878641

File: 1421135541283.jpg (170.91 KB, 1356x1006, 1411857081469.jpg)

>with a nod, she headed on in.
>the inside smelled of shoe polish and fried food from the snack bar. The sounds of squeaky shoes on the wood floor and bowling balls striking pins echoed through the area.
>it was your basic bowling alley, but with a bar off to the side for darts and drinks.

>she pointed towards the clerk for the bowling alleys, sending Sasuun a text while she was at it.

Could you ask for a lane? We can split the payment.

>she could afford it herself, but splitting the pay would be better; the guy is suppose to pay on a date, but Hazel has more money.

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878644

File: 1421135988525.jpg (183.57 KB, 360x556, ef2d93b9d9e427d4cea42de857d29c…)


"That... is not clear," Shockwave answered, hesitation clear in his voice for the first time in centuries. He was well aware what they were hearing should be impossible, but he was unsure if that made the pleas for death more or less fantastical. "Whatever it is, they recovered it after several minutes of communications on encrypted channels I have not yet been able to uncover or decipher, and they afterwards returned to Orion at all speed." He paused, taking a moment to play the audio again as if he couldn't quite comprehend what he was hearing. "Whatever it is that came through that Rift, the Sons of Equestria are now in possession of it, and I feel it redundant to emphasize that the first Rift of this type very nearly changed the course of this planet's entire history." He mused for a moment; would it really be beneficial for him to try to keep this to himself? Tager had warned him that he was not obligated to keep any discovered information classified, after all, and any attempts to change that could only cause friction between his associates in the Asylum and were therefore deemed illogical.

"... The rest of Asylum should be alerted to this development. The Equus Astartes were barely able to contain the Thousand Sons crisis; if they have once again placed overconfidence in their abilities to keep this situation under control, then there is a very real chance that Rigel Prima is in imminent peril. Whatever their intentions, I predict that the Sons of Equestria have compromised us all."

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878648

File: 1421136394683.jpg (31.04 KB, 225x350, I Wasn't Even Trying~!.jpg)

>Looks over at the text.

Sure! I'll go ahead and do that now.

>Starts heading over to the clerk, but stops and looks back at her.

Oh, and uh. We're not splitting.

>He says with a smirk, as he continues his way over.

>As he gets there, he looks over to whoever is at the counter.

Ay, can I get a lane for two people?

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878651

File: 1421136787275.png (504.41 KB, 1280x720, 234324.png)

>Tager nods in response.

Agreed. Last time it took a developing Wayne Manor team to help ease the conflict. If the Sons didn't learn from their mistake then the entire planet may very well be in grave danger.

>A powerful creature coming from seemingly nowhere, destroying everything in its path. The thought of this planet going through what his world had gone through made him cringe with fear.

>Kokonoe would have to be informed of this at the next possible moment.

I'll get word out. Wayne Manor was an asset in the previous event. Do you believe we should inform them as well?

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878653

File: 1421137031565.jpg (638.17 KB, 700x990, ready_to_shot_shockwave_by_zgu…)


The Decepticon considered that for a moment, finally shaking his head. "No. Not yet. Until we are able to confirm one way or another that the Sons are indeed incapable of containing this... prisoner, or item, or whatever it may be in reality, the logical course of action would be to keep this strictly within Asylum. If outside influences were too learn of this, it could have socio-cultural repercussions on Equestria that very well might have backlash against this institution. Whatever happens, it is imperative we proceed with caution. Alert the senior members of staff at once so they can begin to deliberate a course of action; I imagine Professor Stein in particular will take great interest in this discovery."

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878654

File: 1421137083797.jpg (99.45 KB, 1280x720, 1405998111944.jpg)

>"Is he buying it all... Not that I mind, but I thought he was poor as dirt."
>she had thought this about everybody who lived at the manor.

>the man at the counter complied and once Sas paid, he would hand him 2 pairs of bowling shoes and motioned to a pair of lanes around the middle of the alley, 18 and 19.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878655

File: 1421137437358.jpg (19.81 KB, 210x225, I Hope Your Ready!.jpg)

>Nods at the man as thanks, takes the shoes, then heads back.

Alright, here's yours.

>Tosses her her pair of shoes.

And we're over there.

>He points over to the same two lanes the man did.

You ready do get your butt kicked?

>Has never actually played this game.

>Hell, he's never even heard of this game.

Iron Tager!rjtGfDeadI 878656

File: 1421137670506.jpg (147.32 KB, 491x682, blazblue__iron_tager_by_chowdo…)

Understood. I'll be sure to inform Kokonoe of the sensitivity of the situation.

>Once more Tager looks up at the hologram. What ever this was, whatever it was doing in this universe, it was almost certain that it was nothing good.

>He then looks back to Shockwave.

I thank you for bringing this to my attention. Perhaps there's someone here in Asylum who has dealt with this before.

Shockwave!jSaxman3Bg 878657

File: 1421137846541.jpg (524.78 KB, 783x852, shockwave_by_markerguru.jpg)


Shockwave simply inclined his head in reply. "Of course, Tager," the Decepticon answered with that icy, efficient tone. "While I have little conjecture on the nature of what emerged from that Rift, I can only assume time is not our ally in this matter."

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878658

File: 1421137949966.jpg (36.44 KB, 447x600, Sakurai.Rihoko.600.991395.jpg)

>Hazel, putting on her shoes, stuck her tongue out at Sasuun.

>She'll get a perfect game...

>she was no good at bowling or any sports that didn't involve fighting. Wrestling and boxing, two of her strongest suits... But she was out of her element here.

>Sasuun and her were on equal footing.

>who goes first Roll 1d2 = 2

>1. Hazel
>2. Sasuun

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 878659

File: 1421138667190.png (484.15 KB, 1009x567, Shit.png)

>Sasuun had no knowledge about this game. Didn't know it's rules, how you won, or even what to do.
>Looking at the lane he sees ten bowling pins at the end.
>On each side, there are two gutters.
>And to the right, are several balls just sitting there.
>He looks over to see if others were playing, to see if he could get the general idea.
>Evens, there are people, and he sees people throwing the ball down the lane.
>Odds, noones playing. Why.
>Roll 1d1000 = 483
>>If evens, he nods to himself, walks over to the balls, and picks one up with both hands.
>>He walks over to the front of the lane, aannd...
>>1-5, right in the gutter
>>6-9, manages to knock down a few pins.
>>Roll 1d10 = 7


>>If odds, he sighs, and looks over to the ball.

>>Then to the lane.
>>Then to the ball.
>>Then to the lane.
>>God dammit he can't look this lame in front of Hazel. It's against the rules!
>>Almost panicking now, he walks over to the ball rack, and picks one up.
>>Nervously, he looks at the lane, a drop of sweat rolling down his face.
>>Evens, he literally throws the ball at the lane, it landing with a loud THUNK, before slowly rolling it's way into the gutter.
>>Odds, he's too nervous, but is at least able to put two and two together, so he grannies the ball at the lane, but it shoots straight for the gutter.
>>Roll 1d1000 = 527

Follows-Chalk!aLEJudith. 878683

File: 1421164667830.png (453.95 KB, 1200x1136, tumblr_nhbof5J7cL1t51yn5o1_128…)

>and before she could respond to Jo, Saya and come down on all three of them.

Heeheehee~ Looks like we all have to take a drink now!

>now with all of them a big pile Yang takes the chance to cuddle them all of them like she would with all her stuffed animals when she was a kid.


Ashley!aLEJudith. 878684

File: 1421166005349.jpg (1.04 MB, 2560x1600, alphard-alshaya-wide-wallpaper…)

>Hmmm, at least he wasn't as belligerent as Resistance humans. They'd have been cussing and trying to blow her up they say her.

>Once they were outside those, she puts on her game face and draws her combat knife ready to take a stab at him when he got ready to go.

>Though she had a nagging thought in the back of her mind...

So, why do you have such a big bounty on you anyway?


File: 1421173766350.jpg (65.55 KB, 212x215, c5680d64f898e3e2f8bbe7d7789c2s…)


>Jo lets out a slight "Ooph" as she'd ended up in the bottom of the pile

>seeing Yang take action with hugging, Jo quickly followed suit, wrapping her fluffy tails around the other three of them

>Haruko took in a deep breath. barely moving and not saying anything until...

...So which one of us is going to get out of the cuddles to grab the bottle?


File: 1421173961070.png (577.03 KB, 871x490, 2kawaii2quit.png)

>Saya just looked at Haruko before pulling her closer.
Let's just wait a little bit before we have a drink ok?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878700

File: 1421175796209.png (135.53 KB, 500x438, tumblr_n2xf3pehGf1r5cjfio1_500…)

>Yang nods and feels delight as Jo's tails curl around her.

I'm with Saya, let's just say like this for a while.

>It was nice. Something she could certainly get use too.


File: 1421176866421.jpg (124.26 KB, 701x620, hugs.jpg)


Well...ok then.

>Haruko clung to Saya and one of Jo's tails and wrapped her big fluffy tail around Yang


File: 1421177664650.png (905.35 KB, 871x490, Cutesy.png)

This isn't so bad is it Haruko?
>Hugging the three, she lifted her head and looked around the shop.
I guess we could clean up in the morning.

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878724

>Jameson Henry was a man of many rules
>stern and authoritative, he was well known around the force as a no-nonsense kind of guy, an image helped by his 6 foot 7 inches height, remarkably built muscles, and stony face
>but he was also known for his big heart, always willing to help his fellow man, from handing out a simple twenty bit bill to someone in need, or even making available his own home to the homeless
>today, he stood outside the Town county prison, a large facility located in the outskirts of the settlement, far away from the innocent of its streets
>today, he had a date with another ill-fated youth of the Town that had ended up behind bars, and he was going to do his damn best to make sure to get them on the right path
>hands in his trench coat's pockets, the large bald man stood unfazed by the outside cold, waiting for the one called Last Stephens

Last Stephens!VampqLP2zc 878729

File: 1421179696227.jpg (63.97 KB, 765x853, ss+(2015-01-13+at+02.48.49).jp…)

>It had been 8 months. 8 months since she was allowed to walk around the streets of Town. As the prospect of finally being free came close, she swore she could have felt her dead heart racing.

>... Well, kind of free, anyways. Apparently the Town saw it fit to chain her to some "parole officer". It certainly wasn't the first time she's dealt with one, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Regardless, as she was escorted through the clean, official-looking halls by an officer, Last kept her cool and simply kept her usual grumpy expression on her face.

>Finally, as they approached the entrance to the prison, Last pulled her thick hood up to protect her from the day sky once she was outside. She was thankful that the police kept her clothes, even if she resented them for touching them. She could smell the stink of men on them.

>Her escorting officer, once arriving at the door, kindly opened it for her, motioning for her to get on her way.

"Yer Parole Officer should be outside. Stay out of trouble now, 'kay?"

>Last would simply shoot the officer a spiteful glare, before looking away and nodding. Stepping outside, she'd walk down the front steps and sigh, feeling the relieving sensation of an icy breeze hitting her face.

>However, her relaxed look on her face would turn back to one of perpetual annoyance as she set her eyes on the bald man, frowning at him as she approached.

... Guessing you're my "parole officer", then?

>She'd ask, sticking her hands in her own coat's pockets as well.

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878731

That's right.
>the man's voice was deep, his tone short and to the point
Jameson Henry. I'm the guy that's going to get you back on track.
>he turned and began to walk down the road, simply expecting the vampire to follow him
First, we need to make sure you understand the conditions of your parole. For the next three weeks, you won't leave the Town. I have an apartment you can use. In that time, you will also get yourself a job, use your time constructively. I can help with that too.
But most importantly, you'll be staying the hell out of trouble. If you so much as jaywalk, you'll be put back in here so fast your ass will have bar marks on it. Is that clear?
>he reached a vintage green car, opening the passenger door for her
Get in. I'll drive you back to Town.

Last Stephens!VampqLP2zc 878736

File: 1421180559410.jpg (69.39 KB, 779x916, ss+(2015-01-13+at+02.32.50).jp…)

>Just by hearing the way he introduced himself made Last know she wasn't going to like this guy. Glaring at him as he turned around, she'd follow him.

>Once he opened the door, Last would get in obediently, crossing her arms once she was comfortable.

What kind of place is going to hire a vampire with a record?

>She mumbles, pulling down her hood.

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878739

>the large man closed the door after she got in, walking around the car to enter through the driver's side
>he buckled his seat belt, checked his rear view mirror, before starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot, quickly heading down the road to Town
>he reached into his pocket, taking out a pair of apartment keys and handing them over to the vampire
These are the keys to your new place. It's not a big place, but be thankful you won't have to sleep in a cardboard box.
>he placed his hand back on the wheel
The apartment is right over a coffee shop. That's where we'll meet for the next three weekends, got it? If you miss an appointment I'll have to report you, and you'll right back where you came from, so it's not wise to miss it.
I can tell you're not happy with this, don't think I can't. But with God as my witness, I'll be damned if I don't do everything I can to straighten you out. This is as much for your sake as it is for everyone else around you.

Last Stephens!VampqLP2zc 878741

File: 1421181428273.jpg (66.24 KB, 905x872, ss (2014-05-07 at 01.06.14).jp…)

>Last doesn't respond, snatching the keys out of the man's hand and stuffing them into her pocket without much more than a glance.

>And while she was listening, the more he talked, the more she worried about a certain detail.

... How am I going to drink? Blood ain't cheap, and I can't exactly do it the normal way.

>Sighing, she nods.

But yeah, I understand everything else. I'll hold off on grinding fat asses into the pavement like I did last time.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878743

File: 1421181747531.png (790.75 KB, 960x750, 5619cfcbda1880aeced922f0379e54…)

>With all the fluffy comfy girls around her, and the booze in her system starting to make her sleepy... Yang can't help be start to doze off with all of them in her arms.

>Roll 1d1000 = 292

>Odds she out like a light.
>Evens she manages to stay awake but is gonna lose the battle eventually.

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878744

>the man's stony features would contort into a small frown at her last comment, but he let it slide
A lot has changed since you got in. There's this new bar that opened up, "Hyde's Hideaway" I think it's called. They cater exclusively to vampires and other ghouls. It's cheap too, from what I heard. They serve blood oranges, I think. Some weird fruit from Mo'Gallile that's supposed to replace regular blood.
>he glanced aside at the vampire
Never tried it myself, but at the very least it's worth a try.

Last Stephens!VampqLP2zc 878745

File: 1421182165314.jpg (77.46 KB, 1067x918, ss+(2015-01-13+at+02.17.12).jp…)

>Continuing not to look at him, Last's frown hardened deeply at his words.

Don't pair me with "other ghouls". I guarantee I'm different than them.

>She sighs, before resting her elbow on the arm rest and turning to look out the window. This whole ordeal was beginning to frustrate her.

... This "Hyde's Hideaway", or whatever. Does it have "volunteers"?

>A small glint of hope was present in her question, clearly trying to stay positive about her position.

'Cause bottled-up blood doesn't really do it for me.

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878747

Alright. Sorry.
>his tone was stern, but he seemed to respect her wishes
>at the other question he glanced aside, but from his expression it was clear he didn't have an answer
I don't know about that. You'll just have to find out for yourself.
Either way, you'll just have to get used to whatever it is they got there, because you can't go around biting people. And I'm saying this for your own good.

Last Stephens!VampqLP2zc 878752

File: 1421183092757.jpg (63.97 KB, 765x853, ss+(2015-01-13+at+02.48.49).jp…)


>By her tone, she was clearly dissatisfied with the answer. If anything, her top priority was finding some way to legally drink from the source. Bottled blood can hold off a Kindred's hunger for only so long before it requires fresh vitae.

... I guess I'll go tonight. Unless I have a curfew, or some bullshit.

>Glancing over at the man, she shifts in her seat.

... I don't, right?


File: 1421183459258.jpg (467.24 KB, 500x700, tumblr_mxpe9db2we1spr6cmo1_500…)



>Haruko cuddles more and lets out a happy sigh

Kinda nice...

>she blinks a bit as she hears "clean up in the morning"

Oi oi...I wish we had a ring for that.
>Jo looks at Yang and giggles

Still with us sleepy head?

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878756

>the man hesitated, but then shook his head from side to side
No. You don't. I'm putting my faith in you that you can keep your fangs to yourself.
>he turned his head slightly to glance at her
Keep that faith healthy, and you'll find I can be a good friend. Break it, and you'll see I'm an even worse enemy.
>as they entered the North District, the car would stop before an ordinary apartment building
>next to the door would be a small coffee shop, "The Bean Machine"
This is where you'll stay. Second floor, B. I'll get in touch with you again soon.
>he shifted in his seat slightly to turn to her
Any other questions you have?


File: 1421183677162.png (880.4 KB, 871x490, Ehehehe.png)

I could make one...
But I would need a new stone.
>Looking at Yang, she smiled.
Well I see someone's comfortable.

Last Stephens!VampqLP2zc 878759

File: 1421184144268.png (625.29 KB, 1008x787, 2014-04-01--1396389179_1008x78…)

>At his clarification, Last audibly sighed. She was worried she would have to stay in the only time she truly felt like herself.


>As they approached the coffee shop, Last raised her eyebrows, taking not about the area it was in.

North District? Fancy...

>At his information, Last nodded, before looking straight at the man for the first time since they first met. She glared at him in silence for a moment, before letting her expression ease up to a much more neutral look.

No questions.

>And with that, Last helps herself out of the car, giving Jameson a small wave as she heads towards the shop, not bothering to look back.

Jameson Henry!bXgeUCIUnk 878760

>the man would nod, keeping a stern look on his face, but it also eased up slightly at the wave
>maybe it wasn't too late for this one
>the car started moving again, driving away from the apartment building, leaving the vampire to herself

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878761

File: 1421184853802.jpg (310.88 KB, 640x800, 988d5ae10b2d0952b4a9d2518f7f5d…)

>Shaking her head about to ward off the oncoming drowsiness, Yang nods.

Yeah, sorry... You guys are all too comfy. Honestly I could go to sleep right now.

Unless there's something else you all wanna do while we're cuddled up like this~

You have nooooooooooooooooo idea Saya...

>She couldn't even bring herself to get up. It was like all the fluff was commanding her to enter dream land. Unless a certain something else happened, she always had energy for that.


File: 1421186388942.jpg (153.25 KB, 850x1428, 1400940858761.jpg)


Naah...Saya that'd be more of a hassle than the actual chore

>Haruko says waving her hand and sighing at Saya's suggestion and sighing

>Jo's face goes red while hearing Yang suggest that

...well I say we leave the option up to Saya, given this is her house.

>Haruko looks a bit worried

...well is anyone still in the cafe from the party?


File: 1421186753650.png (562.98 KB, 871x490, Blushing.png)

W-Wait why leave that up to me?
And this isn't connected to our house...
>Looking around,Saya didn't see anyone else.
It's just us...
>Blushing, she hid under Haruko a little.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878783

File: 1421187621129.png (155.83 KB, 500x503, 1407227933417.png)

Aw come on Saya there's no need to be shy~ There's no one around but is now!

>though know that she knew everyone was going, she could finally find freedom from this dress she'd been wearing. So she pulls herself out of it and tosses the dress onto a nearby chair

Wooooo freedom!


File: 1421190325319.jpg (41.34 KB, 500x445, tumblr_n761hhP9qm1snip0zo1_500…)


Well then...

>Haruko seems to pout for a moment while she looks around once or twice just to make sure

>An annoyed look appears on her face as she sees something

...God damn it, I keep kicking this thing out but it always seems to show up where we are. After I'm done taking care of this, I'm all game for more fun.

>Jo blinks a bit at Haruko's response and the wolf girl stands up and walks over before picking up a hand sized plastic wasp by the wings

>The wasp flails in Haruko's grip muttering "Unhand Waspinator!!! Waspinator no like being mechhandled by big fleshlings!"

Yeah yeah yeah...

>She rolls her eyes and opens the window, throwing the thing out of it before shutting and locking it

>She then turns around and looks to the 3

...now then, if you don't mind, it's my turn to pounce.

>Haruko rushes over and jumps towards the other 3

>Jo had been petting Yang's hair a bit tapping her chin

So fluf...

>she pauses midsentence as the Haruko pounce comes

???!bXgeUCIUnk 878792

>stately Wayne Manor sat in a pleasant quiet atop the hill, surrounded by a coat of white snow
>its halls always seemed to remain silent, even with the immensity of people that lived within them, allowing for peace and quiet most of the time


>the doorbell rang, its sound spread across the foyer, and further into the large building, alerting anyone that might have been listening that someone was at the door

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878808

File: 1421191979830.png (88.23 KB, 174x230, Grell_Butler_This Situation Is…)


>He hated getting new glasses. The way they sat on his nose didn't feel terribly right, and this set happened to tilt slightly to the left on his face. Alton fusses over his own image, the mirror set on the wall reflecting his own face.

Maybe if I push it...-? No. Maybe-?


>The doorbell? Damn.

>Alton pauses and looks to the door, then quickly looks back to the mirror. He wiggles the frames on his face, but finding this will be the best they will sit, he hurries to the door.

>He pulls it open, cautiously peering out with a raised brow.


Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878811

File: 1421192434130.jpg (69.53 KB, 324x400, bust heads.jpg)

>the sight as the man opened the door would certainly be a strange one
>rather than a parson standing by the door, Alton would come face to face with a yellow optic, one that belonged to a large green body
>the robot floated a few feet off the ground, its "arms" draped down beneath it, holding onto its two weapons
Mister Alton Sutcliff, sir!
>the robot's voice was loud and commanding, but not at all attempting to be threatening
>however, it seemed almost obvious the robot was forcing himself to be this polite, and holding back his bombastic voice
It is a pleasure to see you once again! You may not remember me, so I will introduce myself. I am Chief M33N-50b, of the Town Police Department, and I came here in the hopes of having a talk with you about a subject matter we might both benefit from.
>the robot paused, then motioned with its claw arm slightly towards the open door
May I come inside?

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878813

File: 1421193052652.png (90.13 KB, 192x277, Grell_Butler_Sweatdrop.PNG)


>The glasses on Alton's face slowly tilt to the left, his gaze staring blankly at the floating thing before him. He does vaguely remember this device, or seeing it before, but the novelty of it showing up before him specifically requesting to talk completely takes him by surprise.

>...Did it say the Town Police Department?

...Er...I don't see why not?

>Stepping back, Alton pulls the door open wide enough to allow the floating ball of machinery inside.

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878815

>the optics would lean down, as if nodding its head
Thank you very much!
>the machine would float right inside, its eyes scanning the foyer with an impressed hum
You own a fine looking base here, Mister Sutcliff. Don't let anybody question you on your taste.
>he stopped, turning fully to face the bespectacled man once more
Now, you don't need to worry, I'm not here because of any trouble or anything like that, although you could say I am here on business.
>the robot paused for only a moment, letting his words sit in before continuing
Mister Sutcliff, running a country isn't all that cracked up as it seems to be, isn't it?

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878820

File: 1421194478345.png (121.06 KB, 224x289, Grell_Butler_Go On.PNG)



>Alton closes the door once M33N floats in to stop the chilly draft from stealing too much of the heat within the manor's foyer. His gaze does drop to look at one of the weapons the machinery held specifically with a wary expression.

Running Wayne Manor does pose challenges at times, yes, but it never was the glamorous sort of position to have.

>With his stress-related mental breakdowns regarding the mansion itself (three at this point if he recalled correctly) he certainly couldn't lie about just how stressful it could be on him.

>Curious that someone would mention that so smoothly when they at first said to be from the Town police department would.
>He frowns suspiciously, the leading sort of angle unappreciated; he preferred someone being forthright with him more than being led around and around the point.

...Why do you ask?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 878823

File: 1421195225438.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)

>getting back into an old routine was pretty rough, after having been away from the manor for so long
>but more than that, Crona's main concern was figuring out how to approach a certain occasion that was coming up for him
>he knew what he wanted to do, but it definitely had to mean something, something that was specific to him
>there were so many easy and overdone ways to do it, it had to be something that would be properly appreciated-
>as he wandered out of the Residential Hall in the midst of his thoughts, about to step down the stairs, when he saw the two figures downstairs
>he first focused on Alton, who he really should check in on after his long period of absence, just to make sure everything was alright
>but the other figure quickly grabbed his attention as well, vaguely remembering the floating machine from quite some time ago
>naturally, he tensed up upon seeing the M33N one, but the fact that he wasn't shouting his metaphorical head off at Alton was a bit out of place
>as such, he opted to just stay where he was for now, if only to overhear what they were talking about

??? 878825

File: 1421195305551.jpg (81.65 KB, 635x360, ....jpg)

It was time.

The time of the Void was at hand...

??? 878826

File: 1421195337427.jpg (302.24 KB, 1215x717, Chogath_0.jpg)

Stomping down the gentle hills south of Town, the lumbering, nightmarish creature not from any world, but a different reality entirely, raises its head to the sky, bellowing in a distorted, ungodly shout,


Raising an enormous foot, the creature stomps the ground, sending shockwaves through the area. Clearly, it wished to be heard.


Maw twisted into a warped, evil grin, it clearly intends to follow up on its promise.


Thousands of sharp, wicked-looking spines sprouting from the gaps in its chitinous plating, the monster screeches, the sound carrying throughout the entire town and loud enough to cause pain to anyone nearby.


Firing the spines like projectiles towards the town, smashing into the walls and even a few making it inside the boundary from the hilltop, the monster laughs evilly at his already beginning destruction.


???!.ZzGrellBs 878828


>All across Town, no sooner than the hellish monster makes itself present, to those of the Riftguard their communication stones flash red in urgency, the words 'CLASS S' flashing across the smooth surface. Shortly after, the orders flare: "PRIORITY: DETER AND DESTROY"


>Those who are Retrieves of the Riftguard otherwise would find their orders to flash "EVACUATE CIVILIANS TO EMERGENCY BUNKERS"


File: 1421195920106.png (563.69 KB, 871x490, DidIdothat.png)

>Saya just watched as Haruko threw Waspinator out before letting out a sigh.
W-Well fin-
>Letting out a squeak as they were pounced, she looked up at Haruko with a smile.

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878830

File: 1421196184302.jpg (62.49 KB, 524x296, best way to spend the weekend.…)

>with his back turned to the stairs, the swordsman would go unnoticed by the old war bot

>the machine would straighten up, its yellow optic focused exclusively on Alton's face
I ask because I believe I can help take some of the stress away from you. Mister Sutcliff, we both know Wayne Manor is no longer a part of Equestria, but it used to. And in that time, and even after it, your people have lent a tremendous help to our people. The Mayor is still deeply grateful for your hand against the Heartless invasion, and that is why he allows your citizens to freely walk between your country and Equestria.

What I'm here to do is to offer a few more exchanges between the city and your mansion. Namely, extending the services of the Town Police Depertment right to your doorstep. It's no secret Wayne Manor has had its own share of asshats who feel entitled to just waltz in and start wrecking everything you own, much like the Town. I'm sure that an intelligent man such as yourself would want these people to be dealt with swiftly and correctly by your own people... But then you have to ask yourself: what do you do with these people that have attacked you and your unit? If you'll allow me to say, you don't have the proper installations to hold these dangerous criminals at your disposal, Mister Sutcliff.

What I have to offer you is simple. The TPD will gladly handle these criminals for you. Wayne Manor would continue to operate under your laws, of course, but the TPD would be at your service to uphold them whenever necessary.

>he paused, again allowing his words to settle in

How does that sound to you?

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878831

File: 1421196237536.gif (1.28 MB, 480x640, 20qbd3o.gif)



>in response to the insect creature's boasts, a smoke cloud suddenly burst out on the city wall, masking the presence of one who would answer the call

Evil makes itself known this day, and threatens to bring this Town into its darkest hour!

But, a hero shall answer the call to duty!

>the smoke would clear, and Cho'Gath's opponent would be seen where the smoke once stood, his voice bellowing across the field wih equal volume to his

I, the ninja who fights for Love and Justice, Bang Shishigami, shall be your adversary on this day!

Prepare yourself, foul monster! Your judgment is at hand!

>with that, Bang immediately leaps off of the city wall and blurs high into the sky, only to reappear near Cho'Gath and come falling towards his head

Bang's Heavenly Double Palm Thrust!

>both of his fists would become engulfed in flames, sending them both crashing down upon Cho'Gath's skull

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 869

Bramglovir Mountaincloud the Second!bXgeUCIUnk 878833

File: 1421196763883.jpg (41.13 KB, 351x358, I dont know what is going on.j…)

>two hoverbikes would immediately answer the call, charging their way in the direction of the city walls
>as they began to approach the frantic masses of people in the streets, they quickly separated, the three Retrievers heading further past the crowds, trying to cut off the circulation in the streets that would head towards the giant insect creature

>grabbing his standardized megaphone, the Nord would quickly make his way across the streets, yelling out orders to the frightened population


>he would glance behind him, only for a second at the ghastly image in the distance
>he wished he could do more, he wished he could help drive that thing off
>but right now, his job was to ensure nobody died on that day
>as more Retrievers, as well as the police approached to direct the crowds to the bunkers, the swordsman continued his work, driving off to transmit his message elsewhere, and get the warning out to as many people as possible

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878834

File: 1421196776905.jpg (215.25 KB, 1000x750, 6769dfdce4c2834c4e36693d33e310…)

>Hal, exiting a cafe with a another man following him, a Retriever. Looking at his stone, then to the Retriever...

Sorry Concord, going to have to cut our meeting short.
Yes, sir!
We'll be right back to it. No need to call me sir either, now that we're friends, we'll go by a first name basis
Yes, s- I mean, alright Hal.

>the Retriever did find it odd that he just met Hal that day and he already considered him his friend... He was exactly as he imagined him.

>Hal, rushing through the Town, got to the beast as quick as he could.


File: 1421197022451.jpg (107.46 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mjo86pA2gZ1qas6m0o1_500…)


>Loud yelling rang out through out the Town

>Conner heard it all loud and clear, and with phrases like "All Belong to the void" and "Devour them all" going around, he had the most creeping suspicion this was going to be one of those "Universe eater" type guys.

>Slowly getting up from his chair, he stretched a bit, looking over to his Riftguard comm at the left of him...

....annnny moment now.

>The Comm rang and he'd pick it up

>After a brief exchange, the former Teen Titan just nodded as he spoke to the person managing HQ

Yeaaah, I kinda figured you'd call me on this subject, just needed the official go-to first. Not the first way I'd pick to spend my day off, but I'll get right on it.

>she puts the Comm link in his pocket before stepping out the door

>He'd go zooming through the air, gently floating to a stop once he'd made it to the side of the city's walls Cho'gath had been sighted at

>Conner, about to say something surely witty, blinks and pauses as he notices Bang's attempted attack on the Void Beast.

...aaaand here we have overdramatic Japanese Super Hero, I swear I see more of these guys every day...

>Conner comments somewhat bitterly, although he did appreciate the help, he wasn't entirely willing to admit that

>He decides to look away from Bang for the moment though as he stares right at Cho'gath from the position he was in the sky

>Conner's eyes light up red with focused heat energy, before it fires out in a pair of beams headed towards Cho'gath

Roll 1d1000 = 3

>if the Heat Vision hit is successful, Conner flies in closer before briefly looking to Bang

Hope you don't mind me cutting in, saw you could use a hand


>Ah, more of his coworkers, well the more the merrier

Cho'Gath, Terror of the Void 878837

File: 1421197350258.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, conqueror_cho_gath_wp_by_benog…)

Simply turning to accept the blow, the monstrosity allows the man to strike him...

But only upon the thickest part of his skull, and surrounded by large numbers of ungodly sharp spines.


Vibrating softly for only a split second, the spines all fire simultanenously in an attempt to skewer the man before the real battle had even begun.

Roll 1d1000 = 422

Grinning as the ant-like human approached, the monster bellows loudly,


Simply holding up one of the scythe-like appendages sprouting from its back, the monster cries out gleefully,


With unnatural swiftness, one the giant's claw-like limbs swipes at the boy, trying to lock him in its grasp.

Roll 1d1000 = 400

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878838

File: 1421197378350.png (94.76 KB, 180x257, Grell_Butler_What.PNG)



>Truthfully, such conditions sounded absolutely amazing. Those who he had managed to capture on the grounds, if his residents had neglected to simply kill the source of some kind of trouble. The cemetery in the back, hidden within the trees of Ihnna Woods, was quite morbid and full with fallen villains already.

>He considers the offer with a thoughtful tilt of his head; all the TPD asked was to be of assistance to Wayne Manor and take on the people they had locked within their walls.


>Also unaware of Crona's presence, Alton straightens and holds up a hand as he speaks, gesturing to the foyer behind him in a sweeping gesture.

I am not proud to say many who attack Wayne Manor and remain on the premises do so alive. Many we face off against either escape, or die from sustained injuries from the mansion residents. For those who do not fall in either category just...well, I suppose stay under house arrest. We have very little in the way of being able to bring justice to them, and to have this opportunity would be fantastic.

>Roll 1d1000 = 811

>odds, Alton pauses, appearing hesitant to continue.

...Is there anything the TPD would expect of Wayne Manor in this arrangement?

>evens, not seeing anything particularly wrong with the proposed plan, he slowly begins to nod.

I say that sounds quite agreeable, not to mention helpful.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 878849

File: 1421198266258.png (69.48 KB, 500x402, tumblr_ncom6uY4IG1tzejzeo2_r1_…)

>And Yang lets out an "Oof!" as Haruko jumps on them all.

Oi oi, if we're gonna keep jumping on each other, let's do it on somewhere soft first.

>A twister mat wasn't exactly ideal for this sort of thing.

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878850

File: 1421198323033.png (843.88 KB, 1280x720, 1087058-bang_4.png)

>Bang would let out a brief grunt of pain after hitting the rough part of Cho'Gath's skull, his knuckles bleeding after the blow
>this, in turn, would leave him wide open for the sharp spines to perforate his entire body, the spikes hitting him with no resistance whatsoever
>however, with Conner clearly able to see this happen, the image of Bang falling back from the attack lasting for a few seconds
>but then, inexplicably, the form of Bang's body would change into a simple log, the spines having pierced through it instead

Many thanks, fellow Riftguardian!

>Conner would hear Bang's voice from nearby, and should he look up, he'd find the ninja floating behind Cho'Gath, his scarf having extended and attached to his feet to act as a glider

Together, we shall ensure this demon's defeat!

>he would flip forward in the air, falling towards the back of Cho'Gath's neck, fire surrounding his armoured foot

Bang's Magnificent Destructive RIDER KIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

>he'd strike down on Cho'Gath's neck with the powerful blow, the fiery kick easily able to bypass any armour on him

Roll 1d1000 = 696
>odds, min damage
>evens, max damage


File: 1421198996550.jpg (60.03 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mvkl9rQt1k1ry3dj9o1_500…)


Oh flattery's not going to get you anywhere.

>Conner said with a role of the eyes, no doubt the Void monster had an eye out for his Kryptonian abilities


>Conner hears Bang's voice and lets out a bit of a sigh

>Working with Bang always assured plenty of ham, but at least the guy could back it up with plenty of action...

>But soon another sound catches his attention, the sound of something clawing through the air...

>Those claws were moving at a supernaturally fast rate for a creature so large... ,but this just gave Conner the chance to show off his own speed in this fight. Flying up and above the Void Beast's attack, at almost super sonic speeds, he stops just in time to hear Bang announce his attack

>He'd blink for a moment or two, he could have swore he'd heard that attack name before, maybe even before he met Bang or any of the Riftguard...

>Conner shakes his head before flying up much further

>Soon he comes bolting back down at intense velocities, prepping to slam into Cho'gath fist first

Roll 1d1000 = 987
>evens, Max
>odds, Min

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878865

File: 1421199221350.png (105.97 KB, 640x611, tumblr_nhpyrzEpTI1tyuin7o5_128…)

It's been a while since i had to use my stronger weapons. But for you, I'll make an exception.

>while he didn't excel in physical strength or unique abilities, he did excel in one department.

>exceeding knowledge and skill with magic and demonic based weapons.
>normally, he wouldn't use these, not against humans, but against a threat of this level, he had no choice.

>Hal equip his weapon, approaching the giant chitinous monster, wielding... An umbrella? A small completely black umbrella without a curved handle

Go back to where you came from, foul beast!

>the Riftguard opened the umbrella. As it opened, it the umbrella became enveloped in sparks, and took on a metallic sheen. The parasol of the umbrella shank and moved down to the end, near Hal's hand. The spike of the umbrella now took up the majority of the weapon.

>the simple black umbrella had transformed into a javelin like weapon.

"Piercing Demon Weapon: Kiva!"

>running at the monster, he struck at it's ankle in an attempt to bring it down, the thin point of the weapon able to pierce its armor

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 554

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 878867

File: 1421199272757.jpg (53.5 KB, 470x468, Would You Please Quit Staring …)

>Crona was more than a bit surprised at what he overheard from the robot, his eyes widening as he started to move down the stairs just out of instinct
>never mind the fact that the formerly-abrasive war general was now working for the Town Police Department, but he was actually hoping to form an alliance with Wayne Manor
>and while that did sound vastly helpful for those who assaulted the manor on a frequent basis, and arrests were certainly better from a moral standpoint than what usually happened to attackers...
>Alton's hesitance was certainly understandable, all things considered
>it hadn't been said yet how exactly this alliance would work out beyond the initial concept - what would be expected of Wayne Manor, how intrusive the TPD would be with any possible criminals being housed there...
>and what of the criminals they actually wanted to shield from any sort of outside law enforcement
>Crona knew that a fair few members at the manor had some sort of record outside of it, and if the TPD chose to go after them, they'd have no chance of avoiding a prison sentence
>having made it to the bottom of the stairs, Crona would stop again and wait, watching the two with a perturbed look on his face


File: 1421199282614.jpg (153.25 KB, 850x1428, 1400940858761.jpg)


...back to the snorlax?

>Jo questioned, considering the large plush had been big enough to comfortably fit all 4 of them before, it'd definitely be big enough for now

>Haruko nods while looking to Jo, and the two then look to Saya and Yang

Cho'Gath, Terror of the Void 878873

File: 1421199625974.jpg (856.88 KB, 1200x850, _cho__gath__6stack___feral_scr…)

For a moment, it seems as if nothing had happened.



A huge sheet of insectile armor cracking in half and falling off to reveal a lighter, thinner sheet, the monster shrieks in pain, so loudly in fact that if the man hadn't been behind him at the time, his ear drums would have been easily destroyed by the force. As it were, windows throughout town began to shatter from the strength of it, littering the ground and homes of its citizens with broken glass.


Barely managing to notice the boy before impact, the monster turns one of the stronger bits of its armor towards the attack, and while it didn't shatter a plate as Bang's attack had, it certainly left a distinct dent and an angry monster.


Sucking in a deep breath and rearing back its head, the monster lets out another, more directed scream, aiming to incapacitate those floating around him.

Conner:Roll 1d1000 = 780
Bang:Roll 1d1000 = 218

The weapon sinking deep into the monster's nearly foot-thick armor and apparently paining it enough to warrant a response, the monster immediately raises its foot, bringing it down with a crash, but without regard for whether it squashed the man or not.

With a devilish grin, or as close an approximation as it could form, the monster boasts as the ground beneath the man begins to shake and tremble.


From seemingly nowhere, spines similar to the ones emerging from the creature pierce the ground below the man, rocketing upwards with enough force to turn him into a shiskebab if he didn't dodge properly.

Roll 1d1000 = 877

Bramglovir Mountaincloud the Second!bXgeUCIUnk 878877

File: 1421199867099.jpg (69.53 KB, 324x400, bust heads.jpg)

>the robot's voice would falter, still being very diplomatic in his tone, even if he was still quite loud
It's very simple. While I in no way intend to insult your policies, as it stands the Manor is a safe haven for any criminal looking to escape the Town's justice system. They can come here, receive free room and food so they can stay as long as they'd like, and leaves us helpless as our jurisdiction has no power in your lands. Basically, if someone heads into the Town and lobs some guys's head off then runs back here, we can do jack-meets-shit about them.

If the manor and the Police Department are to work together, then the doors swing both ways. We help you by aiding against, and arresting any felons that come your way, while you helps us by reporting any known criminals that might be hiding within your mansion.

I'm certain that you wouldn't want to help any criminal bastard evade the right side of justice's hand slap them across the face, would you, Mister Sutcliff? It's a simple and equally beneficial proposition, wouldn't you agree?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878879

File: 1421200140137.png (62.55 KB, 288x288, tumblr_nhemebU1fX1ta3uodo5_400…)

>If the attack had come from the front, he would've been able to avoid it. But this one took him by surprised. By the time he noticed the attack coming, it erupted from the ground, piercing him through the chest and lifting him off the ground.

>grimacing in pain, the Riftguard hung onto consciousness through sheer willpower, till holding his weapon.

Shhh... Shoot!


File: 1421200356643.png (617.86 KB, 871x490, Hmmm.png)

Yeah, the snorlax plush would be perfect for this.
>Climbing out, she stood and looked at the others.
Remind me to take you three to the pokemon lab at some point.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878886

File: 1421200679309.png (20.38 KB, 86x150, Grell_Butler_ChibiSweatdrop.PN…)



>Alton's expression turns a very curious mixture of hesitance and guilt, M33N's statements driving right into a central core he had been both aware of and hesitant towards. He knew the system of his mansion, it's nature of second chances and options for those to turn their lives around was a boon to many with previous criminal pasts. He was certainly no exception to such a haven either.

>He had an inkling what the robot was saying, that if the TPD were to handle Wayne Manor criminals they expected be given criminals that used the mansion as their own safe haven.
>It was quite a tricky sort of thing to agree to if he wanted to stay true to the nature of the mansion itself.

...Mr. 'Mean', as mutual and beneficial as it would be, the conditions leave me feeling quite wary. Wayne Manor has always existed as a place for those without one. A home for the homeless, a place of second chances. Do not misunderstand me; I certainly do not condone residents leaving my mansion and causing undue disaster before slinking back to some perceived immunity or safety from the consequences, and in situations where I am aware these residents are actively performing ill tasks, I would agree to extraditing them to be properly sorted by the authorities.

>He pauses, then grimaces.

But I do know there are residents here, residents who have done an assortment of sordid things in their pasts that they either regret or are trying to atone for. Some even are coming around on their own ways, becoming better people through the environment the mansion houses.

In the case of residents who have not committed any heinous acts after becoming a resident of Wayne Manor, I'm afraid I cannot under the philosophy this manor and I suppose country helms. I wholeheartedly believe that with time and patience can turn around these misguided souls, not an executioner's block nor a birdcage for them to rot within.

>He was acutely aware of that ruddy death penalty, it having loomed over him plenty a night where he regretted what he had done, and afterwards selling his own soul to wipe the slate clean.

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878890

File: 1421200901552.png (31.08 KB, 175x180, 175px-BBCS_Bang_5D.png)

>Bang quickly covered his ears as the sound wave flew out from Cho'Gath's mouth, though the force of the sonic cry pushed him back in the air a bit
>again using his scarf as a glider, he flies back a bit from the attack, already getting ready to dive back down and return fire
>when he saw Hal get struck down by the spike, however, he let out a shout of shock


>he turned his attention to Cho'Gath again, a snarl of pure frothing rage erupting from his mouth

I'll dissect you for that, you overgrown cockroach!

>swooping down through the air, he then turned back up and aimed for Cho'Gath's chin


>he then swung a flaming fist up at the presumably-softer chin area, intending to close the monster's mouth in doing so

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 249

Alex Louis Armstrong/Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878891

File: 1421200907370.jpg (239.85 KB, 900x1225, Optimus_Prime_1_0_by_1314.jpg)


"Because of boredom, dear girl!" Armstrong replied, popping his knuckles and rolling his neck as they stepped out onto the street, the look on his face and the jovial tone of his voice making it sound as if that answer made all the sense in the world to him. "I hail from a long line of soldiers; I feared I would begin to lose my edge if my life wasn't on the line, so I put in a warrant to the Hunter's Guild for enough money to make sure every bounty hunter on the continent wants my head!"




The mighty roar of an engine older than Rigel Prima echoed out across the battlefield, a crimson red and royal blue blur shaking the ground beneath the combatants as it thundered towards Cho'Gath, the enormous truck rising off the ground as its metallic form lifted itself up and transformed into a colossus of chrome and steel with eyes that burned with a righteous blue fire as it stared down the invader. The sun glinted off the red emblem proudly emblazoned on the figure's chest as with one hand he drew a rifle nearly larger than a full-grown man, bolts of energy letting out loud WHUMPS as they belched forth from the weapon's barrel; the metallic titan never slowed down, drawing a huge battleaxe with a glowing-red blade with his free hand as he bore down on his enemy with the force of a freight train.


File: 1421201619046.png (82.32 KB, 137x400, tumblr_mnqm3fzZa91rc7lcio2_250…)


>Conner managed to stand through the scream, flying out of it's path while covering his ears to try to minimize auditory damage

>...but soon he notices as the creature's spikes erupt through the ground and pierce through Hal's body



>Conner looks to the new arrival and to Bang

I'll get Hal back to the infirmary and back here as soon as possible in case he's still breathing after your next few moves.

>Conner shouts before running over to where Hal was


>He goes to lift Hal up

Hey, hey man, it's alright...

>He comments, looking down at his team mate

I'll get you back to HQ in no time, so if you can just hang on

>Given Hal himself likely wouldn't be able to handle the speeds Conner normally travels to get back and fourth in an instant, it would/will take Conner Roll 1d6 = 6 turns after this post to take Hal to the infirmary and come back

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878901

File: 1421201860700.jpg (62.49 KB, 524x296, best way to spend the weekend.…)

>unfortunately, debating with the robot would mean having to deal with a flawless poker face, the unblinking optic never budging
>the machine remained silent for a good while, its inner thoughts completely hidden behind its static visage

Mister Sutcliff...
>however, the poker face would quickly falter once the robot spoke, his voice clearly holding back a vicious angry bite directed towards the owner of the Manor and his words
Maybe you need to think about things a little further before being so sure of your decision. What you're saying is that you're willing to let these criminals go off scot-free, and live a life of free luxury inside a monster of a mansion!
>the front optic would lean forward, closer to the man's face
You're letting them escape the law in a misguided attempt to "help" them, when for all you know, they're just using you!
>the optics leaned back again
I'm sure you have people who feel sorry for what they've done... but what about those who don't? What if they're just using you, Mister Sutcliff? Abusing your kindness, making you think they've changed their ways, then just wait until you've turned your back on them so they can do it all over again!
>his voice gained a far more authoritative, if not just combative tone
Mister Sutcliff, I highly advise you to reconsider your stance on this. Your intentions are noble, but you put far too much faith into people you likely hardly know anything about. Think with your brain, not with your heart for once, or else some day, one of your own citizens will stab a knife right through it!

Cho'Gath, Terror of the Void 878903

File: 1421202042234.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, riven-teemo-vs-chogath-hd-1920…)

Smacking the man's attack aside, the monster cackles evilly, his glowing green eyes alight with hunger.


Winding up one of the scythe-like limbs, the creature flicks down at the man, trying to slice him in half while he was off-balance from having his attack deflected.

Roll 1d1000 = 566

Wincing as the shots dig several inches into its thick carapace, the monster bellows with rage and stomps its large feet, a thick wave of spines emerging from the dry earth, both in an attempt to wall the robot off and skewer him at the same time.


Roll 1d1000 = 135

Content that his feeding would not be disturbed, the monster turns hungrily towards the spike where its meal...

. . .


Pure rage in its eyes, the monster sucks in another breath, and screaming at the top of its lungs, shatters the windows of every building in Town.

Roll to avoid. And yes that includes Optimus.

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878904

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 136

Alex Louis Armstrong/Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878905


>Roll 1d100 = 82 evens



Roll 1d1000 = 330

Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878910

File: 1421202420038.jpg (263.92 KB, 800x1200, Optimus_Prime___for_Chris_by_a…)


Optimus was slowed considerably by the creature's spines skewering his shoulder, hot fluorescent energon spurting from the ugly wound and beginning to run down his angular chassis, but he wasn't willing to give up yet, instead letting out an angry shout as his wounded arm leveled his rifle at Cho'Gath and fired again.

>Roll 1d100 = 100


Even as he did that, his free arm swung down with his energon axe, looking to sever the spines and allow him to close the distance.

>Roll 1d100 = 21


Or up to Dew, whichever

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878915

File: 1421202716074.png (108.54 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nhemebU1fX1ta3uodo7_500…)

Since he is being carried, I don't have to roll
>God this hurt... He's been hurt worse than this before though, during his golden years as a teenager.

>in response to Conner picking him up and preparing him to take him back, he shakes around in Conner's arms.

H-hold on.. Sorry for my dismissal.. But I can still fight..

>he took a deep breath, before giving a thumbs up and smile

I can stay in the fight...

>the blood dripping from his mouth said otherwise.

Throw me at him and I'll stab him through the head!

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878918

File: 1421202862168.png (313.56 KB, 485x653, Bang_Shishigami_(Chrono_Phanta…)

>the monster's mighty claw strikes right through Bang's chest, and he lays impaled on the limb with a shocked look on his face
>that is, until the image disappears again, leaving behind another log
>Bang then dives back down from above, his teleportation having allowed him to avoid the sonic blast once more


>diving down for the very limb that attempted to end him moments ago, he swings a flaming hand down at the weakest point, striking the flesh with enough force to ignore any armour on it

Roll 1d1000 = 493
>odds, min damage
>evens, max damage

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878920

File: 1421203051436.png (24.05 KB, 113x158, Grell_Butler_FuriouslyPhotosho…)


>The viciousness in the voice following his own determinations does give M33N the pleasure of seeing Alton stiffen and jerk back in a recoil, the venom not lost upon him. There have been many times Alton had wondered what the robot had been saying for himself, that he was more a means of sanctuary for those who could freely flit around law and order and make his mansion their home without so much an ounce of respect or attempt to better themselves.

>Roll 1d1000 = 973

>odds, Alton's expression hardens, however, not liking the tone the robot had taken with him at all.

I use both, thank you very much Mr. 'Mean'. And I have been stabbed before, though I had not been the owner of Wayne Manor when it had happened! You claim this all and yet you have no evidence of these people who use my mansion for their own malicious base of operations, nothing but conjecture and what-ifs based on fear and judgment.

My mansion residents may have done terrible things in the past, for those who have sordid pasts, but it is them who have to my knowledge followed my mansion rules which they have done. I will not violate the doctrine my mansion has operated on for years now on the merit of your paranoia or bloodthirst!

I agreed under the circumstance these people continue being menaces to the world that I will happily hand them over to your prosecution, but I will not under any circumstances condemn a resident who is turning their lives around for you all to wring through that hellish penal system for execution.


>Evens, Alton shrinks, his expression dropping to look to the side as unmistakable conflict passes across his face. Could he simply ignore the crimes some of the residents had done on the merit they were trying to be better people now?

>Was that right?

>He remembers the guilt he felt shredding at him from avoiding rightful punishment for the evils he had done long ago. He felt the people who suffered from his actions had deserved to feel justice for it...didn't any who were subjected to terror, horror, death or otherwise, deserve that closure?



File: 1421203214327.png (264.47 KB, 500x357, tumblr_mdlefkm7Vs1rv0yz4o1_r3_…)


>Conner flies higher up to avoid the damage once more

...Wanting to stick it out huh Hal? Guess you're just stubborn like that.

>Conner said with a bit of a chuckle, kind of reminded him of a few of his friends

Don't expect to be let out of the infirmary anytime soon when we get back though...

>Conner grabs onto Hal's sides before throwing him just hard enough to go flying towards Cho'gath

Roll 1d1000 = 531

Cho'Gath, Terror of the Void 878925

File: 1421203379959.png (896.46 KB, 871x1024, RYUXCHOcopy.png)

Struck true by the attack, the armored limb is struck with an audible CRACK!, spiderwebs of damage running throughout its entirety.

Eyes glowing brighter, the monster bares more of its spines, firing them in a salvo towards the boisterous brawler.

Roll 1d1000 = 788

The blast striking true, it nails the beast in the damaged limb and, with the combination of both attacks, blasts off a large section of the monster's chitinous scythe, leaving only a flailing, nub, slick with green goo. Staring the autobot down, it howls with rage, turning its attention solely to the defender.


Lunging forward, the creature chomp downs on the trapped transformer, its second, inner mouth closed to protect its insides while it tries to rip apart its prey.

Roll 1d1000 = 304
Assume a failed roll is Optimus managing to hold his mouth open. He's not going to miss a stationary target.

Out of the corner of his eye, the monster sees the man coming, and launching a salvo of spines from its back as it struggles with the autobot, attempts to skewer both its meal it thought escaped and the one who stole it.

Conner:Roll 1d1000 = 364
Hal:Roll 1d1000 = 506

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878933

File: 1421203910125.png (192.15 KB, 640x384, 640px-Bang_Shishigami_(Calamit…)

>opting to avoid using the same method of combat yet again, Bang touches down on the cracked armour of Cho'Gath's arm, then leaps off of it right after
>he somehow flits around in mid-air as the spines fly past him, diving right for the monster's face again

The hearts of the people!

The strength of the just!

The passion of a hero!

All of these are behind me to bring an end to you!

>rearing his fists back, Bang flew closer to Cho'Gath's face, hovering right between his eyes

Shishigami-Style Secret Technique!

Hundred Meteor Strike!

>his fists then flew in a blur before him, his arms glowing a faint gold colour as each blow hit Cho'Gath's body


>and once he had struck enough times, he finishes with one powerful flaming fist to the exact spot he had struck many times already


>how many hit Roll 1d100 = 56

Roll 1d1000 = 642
>odds, min damage
>evens, max damage

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878935

File: 1421203983537.jpg (181 KB, 779x614, 7887e564c598a17c4235984a0f4879…)

>as he flew through the air, he held out his weapon in frotn of him, ready to skewer him. But seeing the spins coming, he went on the defense.

Kiva Defensive Form

>the javelin changed shape. The guard expanded outward in a domeshape and moved upwards, creating a shiled that blocked the spines.. It looked like a umbrella once again.

>unfortunately, he flew right over the monster, landing behind him, tumbling a bit, but got right back on his feet.

>now behind the monster, his weapon changed form yet again, back to a javalin.
Kiva Piercing Form
He went for a upwards stab to its back
>edit: roll was odds
This post was edited by its author on .

Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878937

File: 1421204253595.jpg (306.02 KB, 640x512, Another_Optimus_Prime_by_dylan…)


"You're welcome to try!" Optimus shouted in reply, discarding his battleaxe fast as lightning so he could use one hand to wedge the monster's mouth open. "You will go no further, abomination of chaos!" the leader of the Autobots declared, his defiant tone thundering across the battlefield as his chestplate unfolded, revealing the shimmering blue light that had been hiding behind it all this time to be an orange casing with what looked like a blue crystal orb housed inside, its serene light suddenly surging out with blinding strength as if it was reacting to Cho'Gath's presence. "Primus, if you can hear me, answer our prayers," Optimus muttered, using almost all his great strength to keep the maw of his nemesis spread asunder. "Light this darkest hour."

>Roll 1d100 = 44

>evens and the Matrix does something mystical
>odds and Optimus gets impatient and starts shooting

Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878942


File: 1421204755283.jpg (147.72 KB, 457x750, tumblr_mrr8oz1wI61s3mlyto1_500…)


>Conner watches quietly as Hal sails over Cho'gath's head

...I should probably try to catch him

>He comments before quickly dodging the Spines launched towards him

>He'd fly over and try to catch Hal

Roll 1d1000 = 465


>if the catch was successful Conner would soon look down and tilt his head at Hal

did you wanna try the whole throwing thing again?


>At what he saw, Conner would stare in awe

...Well then...

>He goes silent before looking around a bit

>If he'd caught Hal earlier he'd look down

Scratch the throwing thing, ready to head to the infirmary?

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 878949

File: 1421204841698.jpg (69.53 KB, 324x400, bust heads.jpg)

>a rattling sound would come from the machine, its body shaking from how much anger against the man he had to hold back
>the robot clearly wanted nothing more than to verbally tear a brand new hole through Alton's head, but but somehow managed to internalize everything
>he then took it an long and loud breath through his cooling vents, before letting it out in a very harsh exhale
[/i]Then[/i], I'm afraid, we're unable to reach an agreement. If you will not cooperate with the TPD, then we have no reason to cooperate with you. We'll just take our "hellish" system, and leave you to handle with your problems whichever way you see fit.
>the robot began floating forward, right past the man, not waiting for the invitation to leave
>he reached at the door handle with his claw, twisting it open, turning slightly so one of its optics looked at the man
Have good day, Mister Sutcliff...
>turning again, the robot began to float away from the Manor, into the chilly outside, spitefully muttering under his breath
You scrotumless limey shit!

Cho'Gath, Terror of the Void 878953

File: 1421205091037.jpg (302.24 KB, 1215x717, Chogath_0.jpg)

The plate of armor between its eyes holding up valiantly throughout the barrage, with the final blow, it cracks, large chunks falling out and staggering the monster, causing it to momentarily loosen its grip on the transformer.


The armor too thick to be pierced, it nevertheless doesn't help the monster's situation. Feeling the minor pinprick, it notes the man's location for the moment. It wasn't going to end like this...

Not like this.

A flash of light exploding forth from the orb, the monster reels back in pain, its face, eyes and head in general a charred, smoking mass of slowly crumbling chitin and agony. Its eyes no longer visible, likely evaporated from the powerful heat, the voidspawn stumbles backwards, barely standing and seemingly dead.

. . .

But it wasn't done yet.

Releasing the loudest scream of pain so far, anyone within miles who was not underground would feel at least some pain from it, anything fragile and thin in Town not yet damaged now crumbling under the wave of force.


Raising its foot for one last stomp, the monster slams the earth beneath it, the ground splitting and a large wave of spikes the size of schoolbuses piercing the earth in wave headed towards the group, but perhaps most importantly, Town.

This isn't a roll to avoid. Powers, weapons, whatever, just have your characters do their best to stop the crashing wave. Roll a 1d10 for effectiveness, total between everybody needs to be at least 25. If less than that, the greater the number difference between the total and 25, the greater the damage to town. If above, it's completely stopped, and once everyone's done their roll, feel free to have your characters contribute their finishing blow.

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878956

Roll 1d10 = 5


Roll 1d10 = 4

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878959

>Roll 1d10 = 10

Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878963


>Roll 1d10 = 9

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878964

File: 1421205479306.png (49.1 KB, 145x131, Grell_Butler_NotImpressed.PNG)


>Alton watches in disapproval as the robot leaves, stepping forward only to close the door with a quiet tug.

>With M33N gone, he sighs loudly and rubs at his eyes.

Bloody tick-tock machines and their ruddy hidden conditions; what a bloody joke-


>He turns around, his brows furrowed and hand still lifted to his face to fix his glasses.

>Then pauses with a jolt, recognizing the tall and thin figure standing in front of the stairs behind him.


>Alton stares in surprise to see him here, after what seemed to be ages of the young man simply gone from the manor proper.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878967

File: 1421205875184.jpg (215.25 KB, 1000x750, 6769dfdce4c2834c4e36693d33e310…)

Kiva Defensive Form

>his weapon changed to the shield move, despite the enormous size of the projectiles, they simple break to pieces against the weapon or stop in place; Hal is budged back slightly each time from the force, not exactly helping his wounds. Yet despite the pain he was in and despite the strain, he kept smiling. Oddly, he seemed to go out of his way to get a spike to hit the shield, moving in front of them.

You've made a mistake monster... Kiva is not great when used normally. It's strongest suit isn't just defense and attack.. It's a combination of them.

>the weapon changed to weapon form. It's black smooth surface was covered in a blue aura.

Countering. Energy from attacks blocked by its defensive form are absorbed.

>that would explain why he wasn't sent hurtling when blocking them.

And that energy goes to the weapon... Time to fold.

>with that, he rocketed forward, skewering through the monster with the amount of force he had blocked, enough to leave a good sized hole in his body...

>once the attack was finished..

>Hal looked to him and gave a thumbs up

To save the Town with a smile and optimism, that is my goal~

>Roll 1d1000 = 265

>evens, he hunches over and starts coughing up blood.

...Infirmary seems nice...

Bang Shishigami!pinkie78Os 878968

File: 1421205975217.gif (1.28 MB, 480x640, 20qbd3o.gif)

>Bang leapt off of Cho'Gath's face after dealing the powerful blow that cracked his armour, already somersaulting through the air to hit with a follow-up
>however, as he heard the monster let out a roar, he saw something travelling across the ground, heading for the Town's border

Egads! This fiend just refuses to leave our fair home alone!

>still hanging in the air, he swings his arms out in front of him, then brings them together before his face

Shishigami-Style Forbidden Art!





>with that cry, Bang's body started to radiate with gold energy, and he suddenly dove forward through the air, as though he had jumped off of a platform

>he moves so fast that he can barely be seen, daring back and forth around each inhuman spike, slicing through them with one of his razor sharp kunai blades
>he tries to take down as many as he can, and with his insane speed, that's quite a few


File: 1421206161187.png (101.16 KB, 500x523, tumblr_mgi1cyKonP1rskg6do1_500…)


Will do...just as soon as the rest of these things are dealt with!

>Despite the fact Hal had dealt with a good number of those spike things, quite a few more continued to advance


...you know why is it the baddies that use parts of their own body as projectiles are always the most durable...

>Conner mutters somewhat angrily to himself, before breathing a massive gust of arctic breath at another set of spikes

>he looks to Hal

Assuming you're ready to go when I am?
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Optimus Prime!jSaxman3Bg 878972

File: 1421206289022.jpg (191.84 KB, 600x771, optimus_by_chaoticmind-d241enc…)


Optimus wasn't done yet either, the leader of the Autobots snatching up his battleaxe and charging forward to meet the wall, letting out a shout as he cleaved through the spikes before him with a ponderous horizontal blow, the glowing blade of the energon weapon humming and crackling as it hissed through the air and through the encroaching wall. Optimus let his momentum carry him further forward still, swinging his axe around him once like an enormous discus before hurling it forward at preternatural speeds, the deadly weapon aimed directly between Cho'Gath's eyes.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 878974

File: 1421206481948.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)



>Crona was certainly more than a bit shocked at how things had gone with that discussion

>as he expected, there was more to the agreement than meets the eye, and Alton was right to be more hesitant about it
>the fact that M33N got so confrontational about his refusal only further painted him in a negative light, and he certainly had to side with Alton on the matter
>but what really surprised him was how upfront Alton was over the whole thing - he couldn't remember the last time he had gotten so angry with anyone, and he simply refused to back down despite M33N's own anger
>which was likely what added to his own jolt when Alton turned and addressed him, tensing up quite a bit when he did
>he had half-expected Alton to already know he was there, just not opting to say anything about it
>so, with an awkward grin appearing on his face, he lifted a hand and shakily waved to the manor owner

Erm...hi Alton...

I...came down at a bad time, it seems...

Cho'Gath, Now-Dead Terror of the Void 878976

File: 1421206626843.png (137.39 KB, 469x517, baby_cho_gath_by_nyaruko-d5ta1…)

Muscles trembling, the creatures legs give out, and with one last, almost pitiful screech, it collapses, slain.

As a corpse, it didn't look any less threatening. Somebody would have to take care of it, just letting it rot wasn't an option.

But, for now, the day was saved. Besides the occasional spine landing in someone's backyard or the total destruction of all windows and wine glasses in Town, it'd escaped relatively unscathed. Thanks to the early warning, mostly due to the creature's underestimation of humanity and its allies, there wasn't a single casualty throughout the entire incident.

There's no possible way the average person would forget a job so well done.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 878984

File: 1421207453385.jpg (10.19 KB, 240x200, Grell_Butler_Oh.jpg)


...Hmn? Oh, that.

>Alton sighs and ribs the back of his neck with a perturbed frown, a flash of hurt passing through his eyes. He had been hoping for something to be said; after so long and expecting that what Grell had said was right and Crona had abandoned the mansion, here he was.

>And the first thing he says is that he came at a bad time?

That was nothing, actually. It's just...frustrating.


It's good to see you again, Crona.

>Alton sighs and starts to walk towards the kitchen, his ponytail swishing behind him as he goes. A bit of tea sounded lovely after that argument, leaving his constitution too weak to handle this sort of one-two punch.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 878985

File: 1421207472385.jpg (324.11 KB, 710x900, 888e722761aef6734195c862671c21…)

>the man leaned against the superhuman

Alright... Carry me there...

>he eyed the corpse of the monster

Maybe I should ask a Retriever to get a spike or something from that, make a weapon out of it...

>he smirked

Old habits of mine die hard...


File: 1421207844247.jpg (152.3 KB, 500x700, tumblr_mvovdaknXR1qe9cilo1_500…)


>Conner picks him up

Hey, nothing wrong with that, it'd probably be useful, I can come back and grab a few pieces of it if you want

>he scratches the back of his head

Unless the stuff's magic resistant though, I wouldn't have much use of it myself.

>He flies off back towards HQ, planning on getting Hal to the infirmary as soon as possible

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 878995

File: 1421208131164.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)



>off to a poor start already, it seemed

>or maybe he really had chosen a bad time to come down?
>it seemed as though despite his apparent change in demeanour, there was still a lot weighing on Alton's mind
>trying to ignore the fresh twinge of guilt that went through him, Crona would follow Alton to the kitchen, though he would stop at the doorway
>hovering at the entrance, he'd lower his gaze and nervously push his fingers together, trying to think of the best way to say this


I'm...very sorry for being gone for so long, Alton...

Xion and I got waylaid elsewhere, while the tournament was going on...we tried to get back as soon as we could, but...circumstances prevented that...

>he really hated not getting into specifics there, but the matter of their absence was not something he wished to dwell on for too long

!rjtGfDeadI 878996

File: 1421208220934.jpg (128.01 KB, 1300x1300, 9455805-an-image-of-a-mysterio…)

>Dateline: Town, mid afternoon.

>The latest head of the Town Police Department had only been announced just yesterday. Already the effects of the change were starting to take hold. Along the way, a man dressed in a trenchcoat and bowler hat would spot several of the Commissioner's Eyebots patrolling the streets along with some of Towns finest. The effects of this latest development would only be revealed in time. For now, there was certain business to attend to.

>The man walks up the steps to the station. It probably wasn't such a good idea walking in wearing a suit of clothing that concealed ones face and overall body type. Already after walking into the front door the police inside were eyeballing him.

>This bothers him not, he knew why he was here. Even if they did try to physically stop him, it was likely they wouldn't succeed.

>As he reaches the desk he places his hand on the counter.

I'm here to see the chief? He in yet?

>Even the way he talked made this seem as though it was some kind of cliche noir movie.

???!bXgeUCIUnk 879008

>behind the desk sat a young blond woman, her eyes located behind very large and thick glasses
>as she looked up towards the man that had approached, she would blink her enlarged eyes at just how suspicious the man looked
Uhm... Y-Yes, he just arrived, in fact...
>she would slowly reach over tot he intercom, clearly keeping an eye on the trench coated figure right in front of her
Just a second, sir...
>she pressed the button

>and almost instantly, a powerful voice would boom out from the speaker


>the woman behind the desk would flinch, already shaking after the Chief's roar

S-Someone's here to see you, Ch-Chief... Do I let him through...?

>there was a pause from the intercom, followed by a grunt

Yes, let 'em through, Sal.

O-OK, Chief...
>she removed her finger from the button, then pointed down a row of desk
Just go down the path, l-last door on the right, sir.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879009

File: 1421209115259.jpg (37.43 KB, 358x363, blank.jpg)

She hated hospitals.

Leading the small girl gently by the hand, the cow-like woman can't stop stealing glances at her. She was such an adorable-looking little girl, with such an adorable set of features, but they were all bunched up with worry as they entered the infirmary.

He'd sounded alive when they spoke, but that didn't stop her from worrying.

Hal'd asked her to go pick up his daughter on the way, and when she got there, the girl was already waiting on the other side of the door, little backpack filled with whatever it is that little girls liked nowadays and an unhappy, suspicious look on her face. She was great with kids, but even this one didn't seem to like seeing her that much, not that she could blame her considering the circumstances.

Anxiously leading the girl around the room, peeking into each bed in search of their mutual acquaintance, the holstaurus female can't help but look at the girl and ask,

"...Is your momma coming to see if he's alright? I mean, not that I think he's in trouble or anything, but..."

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879011

File: 1421209526996.jpg (41.65 KB, 257x300, ss+(2015-01-11+at+03.50.05).jp…)

>the girl was a small, pigtailed girl who looked little like her father, must've inherited her looks from the mother.
>she trusted very few people and rarely talked with adults that her father didn't know; the housewives who babysat her when Hal was out, other Riftguards, and a few of Hal's friends.
>Mabel was the later 2.


>the girl took a moment to answer, before saying.

...Papa and her don't see each other..

>that took a awkward turn

!rjtGfDeadI 879012

File: 1421209603215.png (1009.03 KB, 562x898, vZvcm47.png)


>He says as he raises himself from the desk. After he turns however he looks back over at the woman at the desk.

Hey, ease up a bit, people might get the thought that you're afraid of them.

>With that he faces forward and heads down the row of desks to the Cheif's office. Along the way, more desk jockies would give him varying looks of suspicion and intimidation. None of them would get anything in return though.

>Once he reached the office, he did not bother knocking. A quick turn of the door knob would grant him entry.

Afternoon Chief, I see you're already got the staff ready for war. I can respect that in a man...bot...manbot....you have balls, sir.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879016

File: 1421209831883.jpg (48.34 KB, 361x367, sad.jpg)

...They didn't?

I mean, she'd guessed they were divorced, but to never see each other? Not even when they were handing her off?

...Did they share custody? I mean, even if they didn't, she had to come see her little girl sometime, right?

Still looking for Hal and leading her by the hand, the woman speaks inquisitively, neither acting overly sweet, nor insensitive. This girl didn't particularly like her as far as she could tell, so trying to coddle her or be mushy mushy lovey dovey sensitive wasn't the right way to go. She had to treat her like an adult, with neutral respect.

Flatly, she asks,

"...Do you?"

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 879021

File: 1421210284933.jpg (62.49 KB, 524x296, best way to spend the weekend.…)

>>as the man entered the office, he would fine it to be very simple and barren
>the walls were deprived of any decoration of pictures, likely as the new Chief of Police had just begun his job
>a desk sat near the back of the room, holding a few papers, a phone, and what seemed to be a framed picture of the Chief's plasma gun
>the office was kept very clean, with the sole exception being its east wall, which was blackened, obviously by repeated firing of a plasma weapon against a target, which was now half-melted into a green goop
>the Chief expelled hot air from his cooling vents, turning to face the man that had just entered his office
Get ready for war before war gets ready for you, is what I always-
>but the green machine would freeze as it got a good look at the masked man in front of him
>although the stunned silence would only last for so long
OH, FUCK MY ASS WITH A RAKE! You!? What the hell do you think you're here, you walking diarrhea puddle!? I just came from that shit hole of a mansion, where I suffered the most ear-rapingly frustrating discussion in all my life, why are you asshats coming to me now!?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879025

File: 1421210456206.jpg (413.51 KB, 480x640, f1d3fd31d4a9b10174db3febc5b848…)

>the girl, still not quite comfortable around Mabel yet, shook her head

She lives in Lumina... She has someone else.

>she removed her backpack and opened it up in front of her. Inside were several objects. A gaming device, a notebook with pens, a toy weapon made of styrofoam that looked like a tiny replica of the weapon Hal used in his last fight.


>she immediately took out the gaming device and booted it up, it was a humble little sidescroller game.

>maybe it was time for Mabel to change the subject.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 879027

File: 1421210653890.jpg (6.96 KB, 225x225, Grell_Butler_FeelsBad.jpg)


>When Alton enters the kitchen he doesn't turn around, nor address the pink-haired individual behind him until he reaches the tea cupboard.

>He looks over the selection, his expression never perking up from being tired and dismayed.

I'm sure you had your reasons, Crona. You aren't conscripted to this mansion, as anyone here is.

>He's reminded of the Doctor and the images he had been shown that Christmas Eve weeks ago. It was true that he had wanted people he felt were his friends to stay, a selfish sort of impulsion as he understood it.

>It still didn't mean that it didn't hurt when it happened.

>He should have felt happy that Crona was back, though, shouldn't he?

I shouldn't have been so optimistic that such an offer would be made without some kind of catch. I do dislike being right when I suspect something, and I had a strong inkling there had to be something I'd have to give up to gain assistance with the Town Police Department.


>Alton shakes his head and plucks a dark tea blend from the cabinet.

It would have been lovely, to have that kind of assistance. After what happened with Mr. Shotaro, and the young man in the foyer, I've been struggling with how to handle justice in the estate. Most residents exact their own brands of justice before a villain is apprehended, and any instance where I have to handle such tragedies...what do I do?

Mr. Shotaro's situation itself is a prime example, isn't it? Someone lost something they cared for in the estate, justice needed to be done. But what can I do for that? Does the people who suffered from this individual deserve justice.

>Alton hesitates and stares at the tin, his shoulders stiffening.

I believe in this mansion's policy for second chances, truly I do. These people that have done their horrible and heinous atrocities in their pasts will pay somehow. I'm going to pay for mine, Crona. Grell's existence proves the afterlife exists, that there is eternal damnation and eternal paradise.

In a lifetime someone can touch so many lives or ruin them, and what happens afterwards is their reward or punishment for the good or evil that has been done. Maybe that lifetime of good will mitigate those days of evil. Maybe it wouldn't; maybe sins of the past will invite an eternity of suffering.

In that case...what is a mere lifetime to that?

!rjtGfDeadI 879028

>Even through his mask, a look mixed with insult and praise could be seen. Not the best way to open up a meeting. Of course he did have to respect his insulting ability, most would go with the obvious.

Well that's a new one.

>Taking off his hat, he closes the door behind him.

Well I see news around here continues to travel as fast as a hot dog down a hallway.

I've left the manor a few months ago. I'm actually here on Equestrian business.

>Reaching into his coat, he tosses a badge onto the desk. It's golden sun would reflect the light on the room as purely as one could. On it would read the words "Equestrian Peace Agency".

>The Identification on the side of it would host a picture of Deadpony himself waving to the camera. "Wade Wilson: Deadpony. Head of Interdimensional Defense and Research.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879029

File: 1421210769423.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

Clenching her teeth at the thought, the woman gently nudges the girl forward with her tail, eventually spotting the man lying in bed.

The thought of that just royally pissed her off. A parent who just didn't care about their kid. A mom, no less!

Just... Abandoning them. Checking out of their life because you didn't want to deal with it...

. . .

Sighing heavily at the hypocrisy of it, the woman wraps an arm around the girl's shoulder, gently urging her forward towards Hal's bed.

"Go on, hun. He'll wanna see you first."

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 879032

File: 1421211445616.jpg (69.53 KB, 324x400, bust heads.jpg)

>the machine wouldn't seem to be so impressed at first
Well, at least you grew a neuron since the last time we saw each other- That makes a grand total of one, so I suppose congratulations are in order- Wait... Equestrian busin-!?
>he would freeze as the badge was dropped on his desk, the large optic immediately bending own to take a good long look at it


>then bend own again, taking another long look at the badge to make sure it was real


>followed by a third time, the robot even picking up the badge with his claw just to be absolutely, positively certain he wasn't hallucinating


>slowly placing the badge back on the desk, the robot would... let out a small chuckle

>it was quiet, and definitely bitter, the machine even reaching up with his claw to scratch unbelievably at his "head"
Really...? Really?
>the robot would raise its optic to stare at the man in red
You? This is yours? You? An agent of Equestria? You? And I'm supposed to take this seriously?
>another quiet chuckle, this one sounding more amused, even carefree in its good spirit as if he had heard a pleasant joke
>a pleasantness that wouldn't last for very long either
This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard! Dear God, either someone is playing the greatest practical joke in the history of this country, or the Princess's horn is screwed on tighter than it should be! YOU!? For God's sake, you must be about as effective as an agent as grease is on a stripper pole!
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!MEOWKdWFcQ 879033

File: 1421211683515.jpg (802.24 KB, 700x1177, 5d84d2189ab17cf115ac81fefce36f…)

>the girl paused her game and ran in.


>despite her unhappiness earlier, as soon as she saw him lying in bed and breathing, her face lit up with happiness.


>she lept up on the bed and embraced her father.. Causing him to cringe in pain. He was still banged up and bruised, sporting a impalement wound that needed several stitches.

Owowow... Okay, that's enough hugging..

>his daughter put some distance between them.

Tell me about it, Papa. You landed the finishing blow on it didn't you? Did you do it on your own? You saved many people didn't you?

Well.. Not on my own, but I landed a devastating blow to it at the end. I couldn't of done it without the others.
And yes, the Riftguard left very few people hurt and very few places damaged... With the help of Kiva here

>he nodded to a black umbrella by the side of the bed.

I was stabbed through the chest..

>he poked his daughter in the gut with a finger, causing her to giggle

I would've been taken straight to here.. But I thought about all the people who would be hurt and all the homes that would be lost... And thought about you. Took it out with the help of my fellow friends... They did just as much, if not more.
You're so cool! I can't wait to be a Riftguard.
11 years and we'll talk about it

>she certainly honored her dad and he certainly enjoyed his job. Elicia did worry about her father. There is the chance he might not come back. But she had complete faith in him at the same time.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 879036

File: 1421212189593.png (132.4 KB, 370x349, Another Day, Another Bit Of My…)

>Crona was naturally silent as Alton began to speak, raising his head to watch him as he did, caution mixed with guilt being worn on his face
>he still felt awful about how he disappeared, and it seemed like Alton wasn't about to forgive him so easily for it

>or maybe he was just dwelling on the conversation with M33N, it was a bit hard to tell

>it did seem to spark Alton into thinking about a rather dire subject that he knew he worried about a lot, which did explain his answer to the robot earlier
>given he had also stepped into a rather dark path for a time, he had to believe that he was warranted a second chance - if not, then he was surely doomed for what he did
>though, given who he dealt with in the aftermath of that, it was questionable if he stood a chance anyway

>not that Crona liked to dwell on the subject himself

>after all, he was responsible for a multitude of sins on his homeworld, to the point that he wondered if he left just to run away from those very crimes
>he believed that he would make up for those atrocious acts somehow and avoid eternal punishment; he had to, or he'd still be in the depths of despair and madness right then
>but what had he done in all of this time?
>had he really done enough to make up for his crimes, or at least started on the right path?
>and was his decision to move forward with his life an evolution of his atonement, or running away from it?

>Crona remained quiet for a short time after Alton finished speaking, dwelling on the subject for a few moments with an uneasy look on his face


>afterwards, he moved away from the doorway and into the kitchen itself, heading for the nearby table

Unfortunately, the idea that someone will eventually be punished for their sins just isn't good enough for some people.

They can't actually see anything after this, so they only focus on the here and now, and want what they feel is deserved immediately.

Some don't even believe there is anything after this, and because of that, they don't want to believe that someone can get away with something they feel isn't right.

So they fight for justice today, as opposed to waiting for it to come later.

>he stopped by the table, grabbing the back of one of the chairs and just leaning on it

>he looked back up to Alton, still appearing a bit uneasy about this topic, but trying to sound reassuring nonetheless

...I don't think you made the wrong decision, Alton.

Wayne Manor has always done things its own way, and it should continue to do so, for good or ill.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 879037

File: 1421212205639.jpg (226.98 KB, 1155x748, 1373086982121.jpg)

>The Equestrian would seem to be not bothered by this as much as he should.

>Lazily he pulls up the chair on the other end of the desk and take a seat. His legs crossed as he right elbow rests on his knee.

Yeah, it is pretty crazy. I suppose next people will be telling you Snookie won academy award for best actress, or that a robot bowling ball made it as Chief of Police.

>He continues to stare at the Chief with his bemused expression.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879038

File: 1421212305931.jpg (42.48 KB, 390x315, tumblr_n8epzoSa951r8ououo1_128…)

Watching the heartwarming scene, the woman's troubles melt away. He was a good man. A good father. The only kind of woman who couldn't love this man must've used him as a doormat and been unhappy when he wouldn't stand up for himself. And then to leave him with a child, then let your daughter know you'd found someone else...

...She didn't usually subscribe to taking revenge or getting violent when the situation didn't demand it, but if she ever saw the ex-Missus Smiles, the dairy farmer'd be sure to blacken an eye of hers for doing this to these two. That girl deserved her momma and that man didn't deserve to have to raise her alone.

Slowly approaching the two, the woman smiles, standing back a ways so as not to seem like she was interrupting their personal time.

"I'll, uh... Be outside if you need me, Hal. Good to see you're doing alright, though."

Turning to leave...

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 879040

File: 1421212619173.jpg (64.78 KB, 425x567, smells like victory.jpg)

Pretty fancy talk coming from someone who think it's fashionable to dress up like a piece of bacon.
>the robot's exhaust vents would scoff out air
>despite the immobility of the optics, the red man would almost be able to feel them narrow
Alright. Let's humor for just a second that the entire planet's IQ levels dropped by about a hundred, and you were not only hired, but actually sent out on some kind of mission and expected not to botch it up more spectacularly than a one-handed juggler throwing around lit sticks of dynamite in a fireworks factory right next to a lumberyard.
>the machine floated forward slightly, lowering an optic to stare down the red man
What bring you to my city?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879044

File: 1421212957378.jpg (294.32 KB, 450x526, d900c6a83e8a67fd20f946ea7081b9…)

>Hal looked to Mabel

Wait, it's fine, stay a while.

>he sat up a bit. Shirtless, other than a large wrapping of bandages over his chest. He displayed several scar on his torso, and one jarring one close to his neck.

>looks like this new wound is just one of many.

So I guess now you know about the Riftguard's life, huh? Protected the city, we sure earn our pay, don't we?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 879046

File: 1421213297121.jpg (414.66 KB, 1269x1162, Deadpool_boots.jpg)

These guys.

>Reaching into his coat, Wade would pull out several Dossiers. Each of them outfitted with pictures of who the were for, and information about their skills and abilities.

These individuals have been assigned along with myself to be a part of Celestia's hand picked team to ensure interdimensional rift activity remains at a minimum.

>The dossiers would display an actual still photo of Deadpony, Margret: the Unicorn Swordsmare with no life to give for her country, Sugar Rush: Equestria's Fastest Pegasis, along with several others who were buried underneath each other.

Now your Eyebots do a bang up job at tracking criminals and the like. I'm just here to make sure my team and myself are allowed to go about our business without having to spend a weekend retreat in your cell block.

Though I do hear the meals are five stars. Finest slop this side of the Chum Bucket.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879050

File: 1421213673386.jpg (48.34 KB, 361x367, sad.jpg)

Stopping, the woman turns, jumping up onto the empty bed beside his and sitting, legs and tail rocking softly.


...She could never fight something that big. She'd have died instantly.

This was a huge mistake. A huge, huge mistake.

"...Don't you ever feel scared, though? I mean..."

Placing a hand on her own neck, the woman looks away in shame, sure that he had to know she could have helped, but didn't. And if he knew that, if they all knew that...

"...I'm just a big girl with a big hammer who's kinda strong. I couldn't have fought that thing. Id've just been... Useless. A liability. A snack."

Glancing up at him anxiously, she tells him,

"You're brave. You're a hero. I'm not. I'm a coward who runs away from her problems."

Sighing, she hunches over, watching the cute little girl across from her.

"...How do you do it, Hal? How do you get out of bed knowing there are things like that living in the same world as the people you love?"

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 879051

File: 1421213685694.jpg (62.49 KB, 524x296, best way to spend the weekend.…)

>the machine would grunt, carefully examining the files placed on the desk
>but not without retorting back to the mercenary
The secret is in the spit. And if there is a merciful God out there, you'll try it one day.
>he would grow silent for a few moments, still examining the files, before he turned to the red man
Well, you wasted your time coming here. The Eyebots are already programmed to follow the instructions of any officer, provided they're carrying the right identification. So you just have to flash that "badge" you got on you cereal box one morning, and they'll leave you alone.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 879052

File: 1421214301997.jpg (6.74 KB, 308x164, saulute the rock gods.jpg)

>Leaning forward, Wade would grab onto his badge and return it to his pocket.

Aww but any time with you surely can't be time wasted. What with your charming sense of humor.

>Following the retort, Wade would pick up the dossiers as if they were mere playing cards. With one slip motion returning them to his coat.

Though I must say I love what you've done with this office. Really brings out the color in your eyes.

>With his business done, Wade uncrosses his legs and stands up.

Great talk chief, look forward to our sixties cop movie sassoffs in the future.

>The mercenary then gives the robot a solid salute, only to dismiss it in a rather flamboyant wave to the side.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879053

File: 1421214346521.png (518.04 KB, 591x874, 71bf83aa9d8dcc518126562802222d…)


>he hummed

I am terrified of dying, but I remember my purpose as a Riftguard, and no longer feel afraid. Afraid I might die, but not afraid to face the threat.

>he picked up the umbrella near the bed.

And I'm just a 32 year old single father with expert skills at supernatural weaponry. Without my weapons, I'm just a man with mild knowledge of martial arts... Don't get yourself down because of what you can't do that others can do, bring yourself up with what you can do that others can't do. You're far stronger than I... I doubt I could even lift that hammer of yours.

>he put a hand to his heart

I am a hero. That is how I sleep at night.

>he placed a hand against his daughter's face.

I fear my daughter getting hurt. I would go mad if I lost her... Today when we fought that monster, if we perished, imagine the lives lost. Imagine the children without parents and the parents without children... I don't want people to feel that pain.

It is why the Riftguard exist.
Not only for the people who live in Town, but also the non-hostile people who arrive in Town through Rifts.
No one can do their job better.

>the young girl looked to Mabel, and mumbled

You're not a coward...

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 879055

File: 1421214372522.png (176.56 KB, 281x323, Grell_Butler_Bugger.PNG)


Regardless...I don't relish offending the Town Police Department. The mansion has such a terrible mixed reputation and I do not doubt this will inevitably hold some negative repercussion.

>Alton closes the cupboard and returns to another one, this time withdrawing a teapot and a couple teacups.

I hope I won't regret telling that thing no...

>In the same instance, he hoped his residents gave no reason for him to rethink his second chance policies.

>He fixes the tea in thoughtful silence, his expression downcast.

Chief M33N-50b!bXgeUCIUnk 879059

File: 1421214712941.jpg (69.53 KB, 324x400, bust heads.jpg)

>the robot wouldn't budge a centimeter, not responding at all to the salute
If there will be a next time. You can't blame a guy for wishing someone drops a nuke down your throat at some point in time.

Or, even better, if you stop by on your way to the chopping block. I would even offer you a drink in celebration!
>the robot scoffed again, simply turning his back to the mercenary without a salute

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879061

File: 1421214864348.jpg (50.87 KB, 366x364, serious.jpg)

...It still didn't change the fact that she ran away while he ran towards the monster.

Or that she was infinitely less useful to them than probably any other member of the Riftguard.

. . .

Would throwing herself at an enemy she couldn't scratch, knowing she couldn't contribute anything, knowing she'd just be a liability and probably just end up dead make her a hero? Stupid? Insane?

Whatever it was, that seemed like it was her job now.

"...Yeah, but being strong isn't exactly a rare trait around here. I guarantee half the Riftguard could lift with one arm what would take me both, easy."

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 879064

File: 1421215071284.gif (196.33 KB, 160x345, Hey Man, Personal Bubble, You …)

>Crona nodded slowly, definitely understanding Alton's position with this matter
>drawing more enemies onto the manor was hardly something that they needed, and doing his best to avoid that was a smart thing to do

...well...if he was willing to take that sort of stance with you...

Would we really want them as allies anyway?

>Crona lifted his head again to watch Alton continue making his tea, trying to move this in a way to help him feel better

Just because they live outside our borders doesn't mean we have to automatically kowtow to them.

There are other places out there that would lend us a hand in a crisis if we just ask.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 879065

File: 1421215517346.png (455.92 KB, 590x836, 3575974-deadpool6.png)


>Clearly the Chief had some kind of problem with the Equestrian in particular. Even after he stated he wasn't part of Wayne Manor he continued this verbal rampage.


>Roll 1d10 = 9

>Evens, he recalls the possible reason why. Albert's boat, the dieing soldier.

...Would it really have made it any better if we stopped preventing a mad man from purging the world to morn for for him?

>Odds, he doesn't even remember ever meeting the robot in the first place.

I'd get in line, it's building up.

>And with that, leaves the office to once more blend into the town.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879066

File: 1421215518778.jpg (215.25 KB, 1000x750, 6769dfdce4c2834c4e36693d33e310…)

Well, that doesn't mean you can't pick something up. Pick up martial arts training with Bang, perhaps. You and him are both incredibly strong. Maybe you can borrow one of my weapons. Strong is one thing, it alone won't do much... No offense. But.. It is the cornerstone to unlocking your skills.

Can you fire a gun without ammo? Without a trigger or hammer? No... Think of strength as the trigger and hammer, the gun as your skill that involves that strength, and the bullet as your impact on Town.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 879067

File: 1421215775107.png (30.19 KB, 205x382, Grell_Butler_Chibi.PNG)


It isn't quite as easy as that Crona. The Town is actually vital to some of the comforts of this estate. The repairs I make on this building, the craftian blocks and carpets, the tapestries and windows; they all come from Town. Many residents work there, visit there, are dependent on the socialization or the economic influx. For god's sake, the perimeters of Wayne Manor as a country end where Ihnna Woods starts. Everything past the lawn of the estate is Equestrian territory and Equestria's country.

The residents stepping in and helping the Town for major disasters is what allows us to have such a condition, but they are starting to push for something a little more.

>Alton sighs and pours some hot tea into a cup, then lifts the cup to his face with a distressed mutter.

If anything were to happen to sour relations between Equestria and Wayne Manor...things could change very quickly. This mansion is self-sustaining, yes, but some things can't be replenished. My space of time using that vast intelligence solved the food, waste, water and energy conundrums...but Crona, we have no resource, no imports nor exports. This country is simply a military presence the other countries are aware of, and left to rule itself.

If Equestria were to press its advantage in politics...

>Alton pauses the ominous thought, then sips from his cup. After a few moments, he lowers the cup and releases a shuddering sigh.

God that's good...!

...A-Anyway, if they press their advantage...there could be a chance I would have to bow to being reincorporated into Equestria's rule.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 879070

File: 1421216392557.png (358.05 KB, 1023x579, Dem Feels, Man....png)

>Crona fell silent after that, following a sigh and a regretful nod
>he'd pull out the chair he was leaning upon and take a seat in it, tenting his hands together and furrowing his brow in thought
>either they took the TPD's offer and ran the risk of them getting too intrusive with who stayed at the manor, or they went back under Equestria's rule and would have to contend with that anyway, albeit with more tension between the two parties
>so the only other option that existed was...

...we'd have to further develop as a country, then...

>he said the statement without even meaning to, just finding himself thinking aloud for a brief moment

>realizing his error, he tensed up and stammered as he tried to follow up on it

I-I mean...find some way to keep our status as a country, and keep the residents protected, while avoiding any conflict with Equestria...

>he did say this without actually knowing what that could be, and he knew that, hence why it felt rather weak in saying so

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 879072

File: 1421216743714.jpg (74.98 KB, 375x500, FixThisLater.jpg)

>It was cold.


>She this feeling. She remembers this viewpoint. She was laying on her back, just like this. Looking up at the sky, though it was daytime when she did. Her arms were sprawled out just as they were now. The only difference was that there was no pain in her chest, and she wasn't bleeding all over the rooftop.

>But this was exactly where she had been when she died the first time.

>Rip often had nightmares of what happened afterwards, but the act of dying was not something that plagued her in a fearful way. In the moments she felt herself slipping, she didn't feel fear for the afterlife she was destined (though she felt plenty of that afterwards). She remembers feeling sad and worthless, over the fruitless war she waged against the people she hated, for taking a man from her who no longer was in her life.

>Even when she revisited this spot in her more morbid moments, she didn't feel fright. It was strange how it felt, her mixture of regret and sadness that continued to plague her over this spot.
>She was willing to die for a man she later discovered simply didn't care for her the same way she had him. Her rage, her sacrifice; it all was for nothing in the end.
>That was a running theme in her life, it seemed. She fought loyally, willingly would die loyally, for things or ideas or people who weren't worth the effort of all the death and killing.

>Now her new loyalty lay with Wayne Mansion, the very building she first died at. Yet her heart wasn't fully behind it. She'd never die for a cause again. To face that mortality was frightening, as was the concept of even leaving the mansion on her own will. If she closed her eyes, sometimes she could still hear those hellish howls echoing in her memory, or floating as whispers on the wind.

>Rip shivers and sits up. The rooftop is lonely and empty, a chilly breeze of air passing by and whipping her dark hair up around her.

>She stands and walks forward from her spot, looking to the forest beyond the mansion. Her arms hug her body tight, her glasses reflecting the moonlight above. Rip stares at the forest with a severe frown, her eyebrows furrowed in furious thought.


Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879073

File: 1421216889997.jpg (28.47 KB, 284x272, tumblr_inline_nhjkod7bqj1r48bj…)

...She supposed he was right. Hell, she wouldn't have been able to even pass the exam if it weren't for pure luck and her minotaurus side's blood getting up, let alone compete. If she could just turn that on and off like a switch, or at least know what caused it besides getting uncontrollably angry, she might actually stand a chance.

. . .

"...When my blood gets up, when I get so angry I just can't see straight, I kinda lose control and beat the snot outta whatever upset me. All minotauri do, but us holstauri kind of suppressed it and surrounded ourselves with peaceful farm life to keep from getting upset. Kinda rare to run into one of us that's got enough bull in us to see red nowadays."

. . .


"And... Uh..."

Don't say it...

"Ever since I was little, I wanted to be an adventurer like my momma. But I also wanted to do her one better. I wanted to become a champion."

...Gotta be honest, here. You've already told him enough to ruin you, might as well go all out.

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 879074

File: 1421217170575.jpg (47.22 KB, 520x720, Grell_Butler_A Rainy Sort of D…)


Easier said than done, I'm afraid.

>Alton takes another sip from his teacup, his pessimism colouring his tone. Crona's suggestion hadn't been unexpected, though it was as simple as it could be to suggest.

We cannot expand into Equestrian land and simply take it as our own, it would invite more trouble than it would be worth. Cozying up with other countries is just as tenuous and worrisome. Mo'Gallilie's 'assistance' for instance was sending a criminal as a sign of goodwill, equipped with her own collar to inhibit her free will.

>Alton scoffs, then sips his tea again. When he pulls the cup away his expression darkens.

My country is either a prison to send criminals a country has no desire to handle, or a tactical position to use against Equestria if such a military strike is desired. I haven't the foggiest who would desire to wage war with the Equestrians but it's always a possibility, isn't it?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 879075

File: 1421217566537.jpg (61.66 KB, 362x687, Wade_Wilson_(Earth-616)_from_X…)

>With his business in Town done, Wade figured now would be the best time for some "International Espionage". Of course he mainly used this term because he had to. Wayne Manor was delcared its own soverign nation. The act of him stepping on it would be enough to declare an act of war.

>Still, he had obligations to maintain, promises to keep, friends to give a hard time. Alton and Celestia were both understandable fellows, and even with the newest Cheif's opinions on the nation, he held no actual political power, no matter how large the ego he was programmed with may be.

>On the way up he would spy something on the manor roof. A something he had not seen sense...

>Flashbacks entered his mind. Hydra, the dinosaur, Glorya in a bucket, Crona hitting him with a chair. He would recognize her, even at this angle.


>It was then he recalled the various crimes she had against her in Equestria. As she was a being from another dimension, surely he was in full authority to take her in.

>Then he remembered the last time they met. It was during the battle of Pokemon who tried to take Rocks away. She...helped him. Sure by trying to shoot a rock hard rhino, but she tried. She could have just killed him again that day. Maybe she had changed. Only one way to be sure.

>Pressing on his belt, Wade would teleport up to the roof and lean against the doorway leading back inside. With one arm wrapped around his chest, he raises the other in a friendly wave.


Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 879076

File: 1421217730457.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>Crona lifted his head at the remark about Mo'Galille's "assistance", which drew a rather shocked and perplexed look from him


How could they have imagined that going over well?

>keeping that thought to himself, he leans back in his seat and ponders what the solution to this could be

...well...technically we're importing goods here, like you said...

So we would need something to export to help keep things civil between us and other countries.

>he leaned his head back and tapped his fingers together, rummaging through his brain to try and come up with something

There has to be something we have that other countries would want. Some sort of product or natural resource that we could use to trade.

...besides our "military might"...

>the fact that that hung over their heads was certainly a distasteful stigma to dwell on

>a part of Crona wondered if life would be simpler if they did just go back to being a part of Equestria, without all the complications of being their own country lingering around

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879078

File: 1421217980863.jpg (162.6 KB, 500x628, Smiles' smile.jpg)

In that case... Learn to be an adventurer than, learn the knowledge that comes with it. That is one thing not all Riftguard's excel at. As a Champion and this Minotaurus blood, you'll excel at lasting long in a fight. I nearly passed out today and lost more blood than I have in a month.

>his daughter nodded, rubbing her chin

And you.. You... You're cute?

>Hal said nothing at the statement

The Riftguard is full of old muscley guys... Not many cute ladies...
Um... Right... There are a few girls actually...

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 879079

File: 1421218146338.jpg (51.42 KB, 416x363, Nervously Shocked Und Surprise…)



>Rip violently jerks, her eyes snapping wide open in alarm from the entirely unexpected voice originating from behind her.

>She whirls around and stares in bewilderment at the red man standing in front of the door leading down into the mansion interior.
>How did he get up here? She didn't hear the door open!

>Even though the man had spared her the last time she had spoken with him she felt very little ease around him, always holding a sense of impending doom around him. She remembers the man chasing her down to the basement, and she knows why as well.

>However, this man also had shielded her when Walter Dornez came knocking. He carried her to the Infirmary after that rhino monster crushed her flat. She didn't have to fear him anymore, did she?

G-Guten Nacht!

>Her voice didn't think so, being rather squeaky and high.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879080

File: 1421218464866.jpg (37.43 KB, 358x363, blank.jpg)

"That'd be true, if I actually knew how to use it. It just comes and goes. I don't control it, and trust me, I've tried."

Holding her face in one hand, the woman rubs her temples, sighing heavily.

"And on top of that, I tend to stop thinking straight whenever that happens. I just kinda... Tunnel-vision. Focus on attacking and smashing and ignoring everything else. Not so great for someone supposed to be protecting people."

Smiling sweetly, she reaches over and places a hand on the little girl's head, patting her softly.

"But thanks, sweetie. I appreciate it."

Alton Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 879081

File: 1421218645097.jpg (6.84 KB, 130x198, Grell_Bulter_OhDear.jpg)


>Alton sips his tea again, his eyes narrowing keenly in thought. However, no matter how long he mulls over the possibilities, after a while he sighs and shakes his head.

Nothing comes to mind, I'm afraid. We offer people nothing except people who can work menial jobs, or military protection or assistance. I cannot imagine what country would find remotely useful about Wayne Manor aside those points.

>Alton gestures to the window nearby, the lawn visible through a crack between the curtains. He offers a wan smile, then shakes his head again.

All Wayne Manor, Crona, is a building and a patch of grass. If it comes about and Wayne Manor must be reincorporated within Equestria...well...

>Alton's smile fades, his brows furrowing ina clear depressive expression.

I will no longer have the authority to protect those who look for their second chances. They will have to accept the full responsibility of their actions, whatever it is they had done beforehand.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 879082

File: 1421218795512.jpg (324.11 KB, 710x900, 888e722761aef6734195c862671c21…)

I know little about Minotaurus or Holstarus... A little about some specie in Mo'Gaille, but not Minotaurus. I'm afraid I can't help you there... Do you know anyway to control it? Sorry...

>even she had exhausted him. Maybe it was the blood loss.


>but, onto the subject at hand

I recommend talking with other Riftguards. They know more than me and are just willing to help. Don't think of us as just your allies. Think of us as your new best friends.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 879083

File: 1421219132206.png (55.43 KB, 240x240, 240.png)

>So, she did still fear him. Though somehow her fearful squeak almost made her somewhat adorable. Which brought up another inner monolauge about why people these days thought "Adorable" meant "Fuckable", but that's a different topic for a different time.

Nice weather we're having huh?

>His arms now crossed across his chest. The weather was now a new all time low for him. Even he had to admit that.

Weather? Is that what I'm reduced to? Scratch that.

So, I noticed you've been pointing your gun away from people who've offered to help you these days.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 879084

File: 1421219141050.png (30.43 KB, 212x237, I've Spent The Last Three Hour…)

>Crona couldn't help but grow more tense and agitated at this discussion, the mere notion of Wayne Manor being under threat like that quickly banishing thoughts of going back under Equestria's rule
>granted, it was a selfish reasoning on his part: Grell, Rip, and Alton himself were likely all noted by some for previous crimes in Town, and if this new TPD got wind of them, then they'd be in prison for sure
>and in some cases, likely severe sentences at that
>but beyond that, Alton was right in that these people deserved the chance to prove themselves and make amends for their wrongdoings, instead of having their rights taken away
>and while their system wasn't perfect, it was theirs and it did work

>now more determined to find an answer, Crona sat back up and turned his focus fully to Alton

Alright, so if that's all we really have...

Then why can't we use that somehow? If we have people with extraordinary abilities, surely we could lend them to Town in some cases to help ease tensions.

I mean, our healers alone would be a huge boon to the Town hospitals...

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879085

File: 1421219406878.jpg (126.34 KB, 650x713, 1420567029127.jpg)

Well, if everyone in the Riftguard was as willing to help and as understanding as Hal, she was sure she'd find some way to help...

. . .

"...You think maybe I could just... You know... Do something supportive?"

Nervously running fingers thrown her thick brunette hair, the woman slowly begins to grin hopefully.

"The assessors were impressed with me because I was smart and didn't have to kill the monster, while still protecting the barrels, not because I kept getting back up. It just seems... Wrong to throw myself blindly at monsters way tougher than me."

Rip Van Winkle!.ZzGrellBs 879086

File: 1421219826882.png (241.44 KB, 247x412, Long Pensive Blush.PNG)


I-I haf not used mein gun s-since z-ze Millennium arrifed l-last April.

>Not since she changed back into a human, her ability to redirect her bullets going along with her vampiric powers. She was, for now, as normal a human as she could be for however long her chip remained shut off.

>Her stammering doesn't improve, her face slowly reddening as she became more aware of it.

>Rip's lips purse together, her gaze quickly dropping down to look at her shoes than the man in red. She didn't have to be afraid of him; why was she still stammering like he was going to suddenly pounce at her like a wolf upon a lamb?


!MEOWKdWFcQ 879087

File: 1421219921088.jpg (955.58 KB, 768x1024, 254322e1c19ea9c3048aefd961472b…)

Exactly... You don't have to be a direct fighter all the time. A support Riftguard would be a pleasure to have.

>so, with that, the visiting hours for the infirmary were over. It was time to give Hal some rest.

The doctors say... I should be better in a few days... Just have to avoid rigerous activity..

>his daughter eyed his young, poking at it lightly

You've been through worse.. Papa should be out of here now.
I'd love to, but doctors say Papa has to take a breather, sweetie... Go on with Mabel, she'll take you to the park.

>Hal looked to Mabel, motioning to the door.

Mabel!oHammer6Ps 879088

File: 1421220291388.jpg (46.34 KB, 364x367, happy.jpg)

Smiling softly and picking the little girl up off of the man, the woman playfully swings her around up onto her shoulders, grabbing her tiny feet and letting her use the cow's tiny horns as handholds.

"Come on, hun. I'll take you somewhere nice."

Smiling down at the man as she turns to walk away, the holstaurus gives him a flick on the hand with her tail.

"See ya tomorrow, Hal. I'll be sure to bring you something nice. Promise."

Furia!jSaxman3Bg 879089

File: 1421220850890.png (526.57 KB, 1400x1300, furia_ an adepta muscias work …)