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Better Layton Never #48: Cranky Old Man Edition ???!pinkie78Os 877547[View All]

#Ask/Invite #Better Layton Never #In-Character Thread #Never-Ending


>camera zooms in to a computer console, one that is clearly in bad condition, wires and parts sticking out in certain places

>a hand reaches out from the bottom of the camera's viewpoint to touch the console...


>only for another hand to reach out and smack it away

Don't go jus' touchin' anyfin' yew like!

>camera sweeps up to view a wrinkled face, belonging to an elderly man, who was currently glaring into the camera and shooing it back with his hands

Yew look wif yer eyes, not yer fingertips!

Ah've met people who dew look wif their fingertips, an' they're a lot more polite th'n yew!

>he'd stop after the camera backed away, placing his hands on his hips while still glaring at it

How did yew get in here, anyweh?

>he then raised a hand and shook his head

Never mind, doesn't matter.

People are always comin' an' goin' through here, suppose i's not much 'f a surprise anymore.

>he'd then turn and walk back to the console, already pulling at levers and pressing buttons

Point is, yer here now, an' now yer goin' home.

Wherever tha' is, bu' I'll figure it out, jus' gimme a few minutes.

>as the old man played around with the console, moving around the circular frame every so often, the camera would zoom in on him, following his every movement

>after a few seconds, he'd stop suddenly, almost bumping into the camera, and growing annoyed with it all over again

Dew yew mind? Yer in th' weh!

>he'd gesture for the camera to move aside, which it does, as he walks past to continue his work

>after another second or two, he'd turn back to look at it, as if it just asked a question

What am I doin' tha's so important?

Why? What diff'rence does it make tew yew? Yer gonna be out 'f here 'n no time flat, so maybeh yew should mind yer own business!

>he'd stare annoyedly at the camera for a few seconds longer, then sigh and shake his head, turning back to the console

If yew must know, I've been observin' this nearby planet.

>he'd reach up and move a screen over, displaying a large planet with splotches of blue and green all over it

Strangest fin'. All these rifts 'n space an' time will jus' open up an' drop stuff onto it. An' i's jus' normal there.

One day yew could be out in th' garden, havin' a nice cup of lemonade 'n th' shade...

An' then BAM!

>he clapped his hands together to emphasize this statement

Some boulder from another world crashes into yer house!

An' tha's jus' th' tip of th' iceberg!

Whole societies, mutated life forms, sentient equines, ancient demigods, monsters from yer worst nightmares...

>the camera would sweep over to look at the man, who was now appearing more excited than annoyed

Imagine takin' everyfin' yew can think of an' jus' pilin' it into one sandbox.

Wot dew yew think would happen then?

>there was a brief pause as the man stared into the camera, before his eyes flicked to the screen, then back to the camera

>he'd let out a sigh with an annoyed tone, then move away from the console while pointing at the screen

Alrigh', yew can watch tha' fer a while.

But only until I take yew home!

>he'd walk away from the console, leaving the camera behind, shouting as he walked

It does no good tew focus so much on someone else's story tha' yew forget tew write yer own!

>as the silver-haired man disappeared behind the console, the camera turned back to the screen displaying the large world on it, slowly zooming in...


Welcome to Better Layton Never.
If you're interested in learning more, our OOC thread is here: https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/872473+50.html
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Mr. Freeze!pinkie78Os 887886

File: 1424135228318.jpg (127.27 KB, 510x287, Batman-Arkham-City-Mr-Freeze.j…)

>as ever, Freeze remained emotionless and expressionless when Stein spoke, not even flinching when the stray sparks of his Wavelength touch his suit
>but when Stein finishes speaking, the man would let out a heavy breath, as if finally understanding what was going on

...Pretorius is gone.

He left this planet many months ago. No one knows where he went.

I doubt he will return.

>all of this was said simply and bluntly, yet the voice would somehow sound less cold than normal

>Freeze would lift up his gun and smack it again, the weapon letting out a slow whirr in response, still not fully functioning

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887891

File: 1424135699636.jpg (20.23 KB, 225x350, Stein_NotSureIfSerious.jpg)


...L-Left the p-planet...?

>The disbelief colors Stein's voice vibrantly, his gaze fixated on the man fiddling with the the ice gun.

>After all that he had done to Marie, and everything he had threatened or coyly played, he simply vanished from Rigel Prima?

A-And you t-think t-t-that I'll b-b-buy that exc-c-cuse?

>Pretorius was an Asylum resident so it wasn't impossible that he had the capability to do so, but the man's reasons for doing so stymies the doctor terribly.

>Then again, what about Pretorius didn't?

Mr. Freeze!pinkie78Os 887892

File: 1424136196442.jpg (18.83 KB, 480x360, Batman_Arkham_City_Mr_Freeze_w…)


Pretorius was Lord Zedd. They were one and the same.

>again, this was said simply and bluntly, just stating what he knew were the barebone facts

He contacted me as Pretorius and promised to aid me. To give me what I needed to achieve my goal.

The agreement was that I would attack Wayne Manor, with the intent of causing discord and strife among the residents. He named you specifically as my target.

But his plan failed, as you know. And when it failed, he disappeared, without fulfilling any of the agreements he made, with myself or his other allies.

>with another smack to his gun, Freeze would turn his gaze back to Stein, speaking simply once more

That is all.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887894

File: 1424136476888.jpg (271.93 KB, 827x600, Stein_AreYouSure_Because_IHave…)


>Pretorius was Lord Zedd?


>Stein stares at Fries, still shivering violently in his spot. His expression is as vacant as an empty field, the revelation absolutely bewildering him.




>That was surprisingly cohesive towards his puzzlement regarding Pretorius' involvements during that time period. He couldn't quite fit what it was, a team up or something along those lines seemed like the most feasible option.


Mr. Freeze!pinkie78Os 887896

File: 1424136947845.jpg (75.15 KB, 1280x720, 4649223_l4.jpg)


Does that answer satisfy you?

>Freeze, on the other hand, seemed to be leading towards something else, his question having a slight curious tone to it

Are you content with this?

Or does your desire for revenge still smoulder within you?

Do you still wish to continue this battle, in the vain hope it would quench that thirst?

>his gun remained by his hip, but his trigger finger would hover near it, still prepared to keep this going

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887897

File: 1424137362673.png (113.06 KB, 279x329, Stein_Quandary_A_PAINFUL_Quand…)


>Stein lowers his head and slowly pushes himself to a knee. His body heat slowly returns to him, the shivering tapering down into a mild tremble.

>He coughs and shakes his head.

R-revenge against h-him; if I e-ever get the p-p-pleasure I'll take it.

I d-don't care if someone t-take away m-my free will. It's h-happened b-before. But Marie...

>His hand planted on the floor again curls into a hard fist, his breath coming as a loud and clearly angry growl.

She doesn't deserve that!

Mr. Freeze!pinkie78Os 887898

File: 1424137914207.jpg (72.09 KB, 1280x720, 20110816_GDN_batman_arkham_cit…)


...they never do.

>strangely enough, for the first time there would be only the slightest hint of an emotion coming from Freeze's voice

>he would turn his face away from Stein, staring off in another direction, while the professor got to his feet

...if there is one thing I regret in this affair, it is further involving that woman.

I have made the realization that, in doing so, I am no better than the ones who have...

...who have hurt my wife.

>and again, another emotion would come out through his voice

>it was a hollow sadness, one befitting Freeze's robotic voice
>he'd turn his head back to Stein, still speaking in the same tone

That is a burden I must bear for however long I have left to live.

>he'd slowly raise his gun, aiming it at Stein's head

That I have infected you with the same rage I harbour.

Edel Kina!iCSweetsaM 887900

File: 1424137941178.jpg (282.95 KB, 850x1201, 00111.jpg)

>That was quite the opening to their fight. She was certain that she was completely focused on her opponent to keep her in her sights. But with a single blink of an eye, she was already a few feet away from her. It was apparent that her childlike form wasn't as much of a deterrent than Edel had initially thought.

>She didn't have much time to counter the girl's attack at all. Within the brief moment she had, she held up her arms in front of her face and braced herself for the incoming impact from her opponent. As the attack connected, the force of the knee pushed the adult vampire back, skidding her feet across the ground and leaving a dug up trail that led over to Edel.

>Her arms were definitely in pain. She swore she could see smoke coming from where the knee hit her. She was just glad it didn't connect with her face. That would have ended the sparring session instantly, or perhaps ended her very own life.

Geez, and you aren't even in your full form too. Guess I really gotta step it up...

>As much as she hated trying in these fights, if she wants to stay in one piece she has to get pretty serious about this. But for a Blood Letter to be fighting a Berserker with just brute strength alone is difficult as is. She'll have to resort to strategy and cheap tricks if she was going to win this.

>Her arms lowered and she returned to her normal fighting stance, glaring at Carmilla intensely as she concentrated on her next attack. While both of their eyes were connected, Edel dug her shoe into the dirt as much as she can before Carmilla could notice her ruse. Just as soon as her opponent's eyes disconnected, Edel kicked forward, spraying a cloud of dirt and pebbles everywhere in between the two of them, masking their vision of each other.

>Amidst the confusion of the clouded vision, a single rock was thrown from the front, heading straight towards Carmilla. Unbeknownst to her, it was merely a distraction for what Edel had planned.

>As soon as she put up the distraction with the dirt cloud and the rock, the girl hurriedly escaped to the side while Carmilla was dealing with everything else. At first, she had initially planned to get a good punch into the girl's side, but she then remembered why she agreed to do this in the first place, and that was to figure our if Carmilla really is into the whole S&M stuff. And she practically set it up so that she could get a good, clean hit on the girl. Why not take the opportunity while she has the chance?

>Thus, Edel appeared just behind Carmilla, towering over her with an evil grin on her face and a small twinkle in her eye as she looked down at her prey. She then raised a flat hand into the sky and reared it back, garnering all the strength she could muster into this one attack.


>She didn't give her rival the chance to even look back. The raised hand had already swung down, smacking Carmilla's behind as fast and as hard as she could, much like how a mother would spank her child if they had done something wrong, but in this case, it was for more personal reasons.


File: 1424138353330.jpg (417.42 KB, 1000x1150, ab6dc991b9c61a1dfc1dee50ce8707…)

...I think now is a time that we get far away from this spot then.
>Looking over to Otoya, she let out a sigh.
"How can anyone with the same name as mom be like this?"
N-No you have me mistaken for someone much better looking.
>Rubbing the back of her neck, she tapped the sleeping back hanging from her ponytail.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887904

File: 1424138360641.jpg (94.43 KB, 500x386, Stein_A Moment To Myself WIth …)



>Stein makes a small snort, his head still bowed. If he knows Freeze is pointing a gun at his head, he doesn't make it known. His trembling is weaker than earlier, but everything is still terribly cold to him.

>Stein rises to his feet and takes a long and slow breath, his brows furrowed in consternation.

Y-You aren't the one w-who subjected Marie to t-that. You facilitated it but-...


>Stein rolls a shoulder, and coughs once more, his gaze still focused on the ground.

>Out of the man's quiet and hallow voice, something rubs the doctor the wrong way about it.

Why did you help him, if you know what that feels like?

Mr. Freeze!pinkie78Os 887908

File: 1424139154628.jpg (24.49 KB, 600x200, batman-arkham-city-videogame-i…)


Because it does not matter what I do.

I will bear any burden, commit any crime, do whatever I have to do.

Whatever sins I am responsible for, it will all be worth it to see her smile once again.

>the gun would finally give a weak hum, after a few sparks would sputter out

So you understand why I must do this.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 106

>cont. either way

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887909


Roll 1d1000 = 840 odds


File: 1424139452174.jpg (43.86 KB, 500x281, oh poo.jpg)


>...well that kinda sucked, she was basically kicked out of her home due in part to Duo fending her off

>Duo blinks a few times, This woman's tried to kill me, why the hell should I feel sorry for her?"

>Frankly she shouldn't, but hey, Otoya was at least guaranteed not to kill her until she's collected 100 lost souls for Hades

>Maybe, just maybe between then and now, Duo could convince her that killing her would be in the bad thing category....

>biting her lip, Duo let's out a sigh

want to stay at my place in the mean time? I mean sure you can't really die, but it's cold out and I know how uncomfortable that can be at night...


>Having seemingly ignored Wakana's earlier statement, Duo waves her hand at Wakana

oh come on, learn to take a compliment.

>She said nonchalantly in response to Wakana's modesty.

Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 887912

File: 1424139671785.jpg (18.41 KB, 589x361, Seras-Victoria-seras-victoria-…)

>before Freeze could fire, something would smash into the side of his body with a loud CRUNCH
>he would fly off from his position behind Stein, crashing against the icy wall across from him, before sliding down to the floor, barely conscious
>Stein would hear a few footsteps approach him, before stopping right behind him, where Freeze stood moments ago


>Seras would let out a rather sad sigh, then turn to look at the professor

...yew alroigh'?

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887913

File: 1424140618960.png (36.58 KB, 198x198, STein_Am I Really In The Mood …)


>Stein curiously doesn't flinch between the whirring of the ice gun, or the smashing noise of the forgotten vampire intervening before him.

>He continues to stare moodily at the ground, his expression dark and contemplative.


>Finally, Stein sniffs and turns his head to glance at the blonde, his voice as flat as a piece of paper.

No, I'm certain I'm suffering through some case of hypothermia.

>He pauses and turns to look at the hall behind them, his consternation rising. He stares towards the exit and releases a slow breath, which plumes before his face.

...The people at the front didn't make it. I didn't see it fit to waste my time on them when they were already dead. The people in the hall definitely need medical attention. I'm not sure for how long they were frozen, but they might have more severe cases of hypothermia than I do.

>He pauses and glances to the vampire again, a strange mixture of awkwardness and uncertainty crossing his expression.

...Thank you.

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 887914

File: 1424141468422.jpg (26.9 KB, 540x304, tumblr_ni3o1a10si1s1lccfo1_540…)

>The battle had been going well so far, Edel's reaction was to throw dirt at her and she was all to ready for her Rival for her to pull such a cheap trick. With an up to shield her eyes and an open palm to catch the rock, she was ready to counter with her own move.


>But Edle wasn't where she thought she was and when the impact to her rear occurred, she was caught of guard.


>She leaps in to the air holding her stinging butt. When she lands she gives Edel a look if indignation and growing anger... with a small blush on her face.


Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 887915

File: 1424141714139.jpg (152.94 KB, 800x450, hellsing seras victoria 1600x9…)

>Stein would see the shadowy mass that was Seras's left arm reform into a solid shape as he turned around
>she wouldn't turn to look at him, instead staring across the room at the fallen Mr. Freeze


>she wouldn't say anything for a few seconds, her expression saying everything

>the somber and sympathetic look on her face was fully directed at the man in the metal suit, likely due to her having heard the whole story


>she'd look back to Stein after a moment, forcing an awkward smile of her own

It's my job, aftuh all.

>she'd then reach for her belt and pull out a walkie-talkie, pressing a button and speaking into it quickly

Room's all clear, target is down. Subjects out front are deceased, bu' there are six in 'ere who need assistance, sufferin' from varying degrees of hypothermia. Rooms are mostly frozen ovuh, recommend heatin' units for all involved.

>she'd turn off the walkie after that, then looked back to Stein, giving him a short nod

They should be comin' in now, they'll 'elp yew out.

...sorry abou'...all this.

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887916

File: 1424142186759.jpg (153.57 KB, 400x600, Stein_Cute_No Really.jpg)


>Her job, eh?

If you're apologizing for saving my life, I don't know why you are unless you regret it.

>The dry humor inserts itself into his voice, his head tilting to look at her properly.

>It's strange, thinking that the vampire that had been at least responsible for his car accident with the DeLorean had ended up saving his life.
>She wasn't sporting that Riftguard badge he remembered her owning...did she join the TPD instead?
>If she had, she must have been either very lucky or the new management had opted to allow vampires onto the force.
>It's funny; if he actually filed an official report on the person responsible for the crash, she may not have even enjoyed such a position. Especially considering the Town's feelings regarding vampires since last April.

...At least now you can use reasonable suspicion for demanding people sitting around in their cars to step out. That's a TPD thing, isn't it?

Edel Kina!iCSweetsaM 887917

File: 1424142562711.jpg (408.37 KB, 563x800, 00124.jpg)

>By the time Carmilla had flown into the air due to the strength of Edel's spanking, the dust around them had already settled and they could clearly view each other once again.

>Edel watched as her opponent flew into the air, surprised at the amount of height Carmilla had gained just from that slap alone. It was pretty damn powerful to cause her to go that high. She was almost impressed. She didn't think she had the strength within her, but she was actually rather proud about this.

>Finally, Carmilla had landed back onto the ground and immediately glared at her. From the look of her face, she was angry. Heck, her eyes and the red on her face pretty much says it all. Anyone would be embarrassed from getting spanked all of a sudden. However, what confused Edel the most was the question following the recovery.

Eh? What do you mean "What are you doing"? I'm attacking you, aren't I? I mean, we are fighting. But before we continue, I need to know something..

>The girl bent over and lowered herself down to Carmilla's height so the both of them were face to face. She inspected her entire face for any signs of pleasure that she had when the attack hit, but all she could see was her anger before anything else.

..Did it feel good? Are you into that sort of stuff, Carmilla?

>And just like that, everything about trying to keep it subtle and in herself was over. It seems like the girl was caught in the moment and had forgotten everything she planned to do before they ever started the fight.

Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 887918

File: 1424142989965.png (383.05 KB, 716x980, SerasVictoria.png)

>this actually earns a light laugh from the vampire, her somber look turning into a sheepish smile
>she'd reach up and lightly scratch the side of her head, her gaze averting from Stein before she spoke again

Y-Yeah...Oi was a bit ovuhzealous with tha'...

Probably why Oi got fired from tha' job...

>she'd then let out a flustered squeak after this, realizing what she just admitted to, and growing embarrassed all over again

>she'd look back to Stein, before bowing her head slightly in apology

Eithuh way, Oi'm sorry abou' goin' aftuh yew loike tha'...

Oi'll dew my best tew not go so crazy from now on, Oi can promise yew tha'.

Otoya Takechi!aLEJudith. 887919

File: 1424142996902.jpg (111.09 KB, 1280x720, (127).jpg)

Ooooh, so modest. You remind me of some of my past lovers~

>She giggles a bit.

And don't worry, you're not a lost soul either...

>She gives Wakana a quizzical look.

Or are you? I do have to start on that hunt eventually...

>Eventually she says, it was clear she wasn't in a hurry to get back to the underworld.

>Though the offer to have a place to stay, with her lover no less!

Would I ever!!

>She quickly closes the distance between her and Duo and gives her a nice sweet hug. No stabbing, no intents of murder.. for now anyway.

Think you dear, I promise I'll be a good house guest~!

Professor Stein!.ZzGrellBs 887920

File: 1424143658560.jpg (11.09 KB, 299x169, Stein_Are You For Serious.jpg)


You have every right to it if you think I'm doing something illegal; you just didn't have as much of a right to it when you were Riftguard. I'm just surprised you weren't TPD to begin with.

>Stein rubs at his arms and walks forward, his breath still puffing in front of him.

>He could do with a warm blanket right now...and his headache wasn't improving very well.

Anyway; I'm heading out for the paramedics. Maybe to help some of the other victims. Keep an eye on Fries; last time I fought him he happened to teleport away. I'm not sure if it's his ability or Pretorius-...Zedd's ability, but he shouldn't be running around free after all he's done.

>Not once looking back, Stein slowly shuffles along to the main hall leading out of thie chilly museum, still rubbing at his arms to regain some kind of sense of touch, or at least some warmth.

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 887921

File: 1424143862283.gif (606.06 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mv6vsxSnk91qjcfvio3_500…)

>The blunt question stuns Carmilla into silence. What did she just ask? In the middle of a battle no less?!


>Did it feel good? Was she into that sort of stuff??? WHAT DID THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BATTLE?!?!?!

>The anger gone, all there is a small blush and a face full of confusion.

T-that has nothing to do with the battle at all!!

>and only some time ago did Edel say she was a pervert!! But what if Edel was the pervert? She did just spank her after all... does that mean that Edel thought about her that way? Was... was everything she'd done since they got to this castle an attempt to seduce her? No, she wasn't like that before...


T-that cat demon has corrupted your mind!

>She must beat the evil out of her!!

Seras Victoria!pinkie78Os 887922

File: 1424144128055.jpg (28.56 KB, 600x360, 434702-12seras_regret.jpg)



>Seras would say nothing else to Stein as he left, raising her head and just watching him limp out of the room

>she'd reach up and touch the wound still in her chest, having managed to partially heal after she was frozen solid, but still being rather noticeable to anyone
>reflexively hissing under her breath, she'd turn and walk across the room to where Freeze still lay, listening to him give a weak moan here and there, still awake after the blow
>she'd stop in front of him and stoop down, staring at his face for a few seconds, that sad expression returning once again


>both Freeze and Stein were going as far as they were for those they cared about...

>it really wasn't fair, in all honesty
>with a sigh, Seras would pull out a pair of handcuffs and snap them onto Freeze's wrists, the job complete for now
>it wasn't her place to worry about the reasoning or motivations here - just the end results


File: 1424144493956.png (164.38 KB, 582x800, 2de40b3d567d4e7a06f663e58af086…)

>Wakana just looked at her.
Why would I take a compliment from someone who calls them-self the Jack the Ripper of the 21st century!?
>Folding her arms in a huff, she turned away from the two.
I'm alive...
>Looking back at Duo, she reached over to pat her shoulder.
What you just said really worries me .
>Turning to Otoya, she stared at her.


File: 1424144819826.gif (1.21 MB, 500x536, heh.gif)


Hey, just because someone's a crazed murderer doesn't mean they can't appreciate cute girls when they see them.

>She scratches the back of her head a bit and chuckles slightly


Alright, just don't mention the whole fact you tried to kill me to my room mate, she's a little...

>She thinks on Yvonne for a moment

Protective when it comes to friends.

>Duo pauses as she looks over at one of the helheim fruit in the area shinning and orange glow for a moment

uhh...Wakana, what's that mean...?


File: 1424152791276.jpg (80.18 KB, 500x563, tumblr_inline_n2gfjhJ9in1sr78d…)

>Groaning as she walked back into the flower shop after a long night and early morning of her newest business endeavor, Catori flops down in front of the counter

It took so many boxes, so much to lure it away from the "Toy Box" toy store...

>Her ears leaning down she shook her head

I never want to see that ghost again...

>She muttered bitterly under her breath

!FlowerWULo 887929

File: 1424153593172.jpg (14.84 KB, 293x305, tumblr_static_happy_eyes_close…)

>Rushing to her friend's side and gently cradling her head, the florist, hair slightly disheveled, breathes a sigh of deep relief, happily allowing the fox's head to rest in her lap as she presses herself close.

You had me worried sick!

What if something had happened to you? I was afraid you might not be coming back...!

>Brushing a stray hair out of the kitsune's face, Julia smiles, hands on her cheeks.

But I'm glad you're okay.


File: 1424153814861.jpg (83.86 KB, 500x625, tumblr_n2rokwx81Y1t0jqwlo1_500…)


>Catori looks up and lets out a low sigh her face up turning a bit

I'm fine really, I've been doing this kind of stuff for awhile Julia....worrying about me is kinda silly.

>She scratches the back of her head before her mood seems to turn sour again

although I would've been home a lot sooner if the client let me us actual capture spells on that damn blue over alled ghost...

!FlowerWULo 887931

File: 1424154111342.jpg (45.9 KB, 1280x720, Orihime-Inoue10.jpg)

>Gently rubbing the daughter of Inari's plush ears, the gardener continues to smile, just happy to see her constant companion safe and returned. She always got so nervous whenever she didn't know how Catori was doing, now...

...I don't want to sound silly, but...

>Giving the fox's ears a tug, the woman giggles girlishly.

I'm going to worry anyway, if only so you won't have to.


File: 1424154509611.jpg (105.25 KB, 500x625, tumblr_n2tlrkWq1V1t0jqwlo1_500…)


>Catori's face went a little red now

>she hated the fact she made Julia worry...but she supposed that was just a part of life for most people

>...although her face didn't show it, as she just smiled and murred softly as her ears were being petted.

>She blinks as she realizes something

Oh fine...at least you've got my cell number if the worrying gets to be too much.

>She shudders

...or if ghosts come bugging you.

!FlowerWULo 887933

File: 1424154989269.jpg (42.1 KB, 379x378, b3cf4ff8da48ada3f5657779055e8a…)

>Playfully scratching at the base of her friend's ear, the florist grins widely and leans down, burying her face in the dark, fluffy hair. Catori was always so fluffy and soft and cuddly...

>Like a puppy!

I know.

>Content just to sit there, face buried in the dark fur, the big-hearted, green-thumbed woman hesitates for a moment before planting a kiss right between Catori's ears.


File: 1424155213131.jpg (93.12 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2pm45bulN1sr78d…)


>Catori blushes a bit and a small "Squeak" can be heard coming from the kitsune's mouth before she backs up a little bit

>Her face a little red, she tries to bring something up

...ohh umm...err....

Roll 1d1000 = 240

How about them sports teams...?


I forgot about it a few days back because I got it a few weeks before the actual day but...

>Catori looks up

I've been sort of keeping a hearts and hooves day present for you in our dresser....

!FlowerWULo 887935

>Her own face flushed red as blood rushes to her cheeks, the woman can't help but giggle, trying to hide her mouth with one hand while holding the kitsune's face with the other.

I've actually started watching the Harlem Globetrotters...

>Smiling widely, face still crimson, the florist offers up a weak smile.

They're so cool.


File: 1424156203314.jpg (110.26 KB, 500x444, tumblr_inline_n2vwocedtB1sr78d…)


Oh right the globetrotters, they do the baskethoops thing and appeared on the one show with the talking dog...

>Catori stops for a moment as she tries to think on things about the globe trotters

>She can't think of anything sports absolutely alluded the spirit fox

>She appears to be having a minor break down, her mouth open and tears welling up in her eyes

...I don't know anything about spooooorts...

>She admits her ears lowering, her actual announcement not nearly as noisy or tear ridden as her facial expression would have led someone to believe...

>her expression returning to normal she looks a little embarrassed now....

I'm sorry...I just have no idea what to talk about....

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 887937

File: 1424157279682.png (109.46 KB, 215x218, Seph_Will You Stop Talking_By …)

>He should have delegated this sort of job to an administrative Riftguard or Retriever associate rather than handling the matters himself. It was maddening how, in the time he established Riftguard, certain participants would disappear only to come back weeks or months later recounting wild tales of where they had been. These times often tried Sephiroth's patience, as while the stories were not often outside a realm of possibility, were indeed stupid enough to be simply made up too. Any Riftguard, if they were either brave or smart enough, could say anything and expect it to constitute as acceptable explanation for absence in their time.
>Seras Victoria, the last Riftguard he had spoken to with this exact scenario in mind, had quite a tale of her own regarding being kidnapped to the moon. Sephiroth, having been in a good mood that day, saw fit to look past it and even grant her as much as vacation pay for her unprecedented time away.

>The vampire snapping back at him for his assertions of the Retriever she was so fond of had rubbed him in a particularly wrong way, to the point where he was soured with giving anyone as generous a hand for such abrupt absences.

>His mood hardly faced any improvements in that time, the sting of the tournament still fresh in his mind. Sephiroth still could not bear the shame of that absolutely embarrassing display in front of not only world-wide television but also before Princess Celestia herself.
>So much so he opted to remain most days in his office all day or all night, depending on his shifts. Sephiroth didn't see to the new recruits, did not have to meet with the TPD as often since the new commissioner was appointed, and didn't have to stop any threats to Equestrian or Town safety himself.
>It gave more of a cushion to what had happened the more time passed since it did. He didn't relish the day where he had to once again go public.

>Luckily, today wasn't that day. It was simply a review of an MIA Riftguard, newly appointed at that. He could afford some attention to this, though he had very little expectations for what he was inevitably going to be faced with.

>A new Riftguard recruit who had disappeared, unannounced, for far longer than the maximum time allotted towards 'check-in' bias.
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!FlowerWULo 887938

File: 1424157679687.jpg (177.49 KB, 433x658, smile_by_orihichan-d51abxj.jpg)

>Saddened by her friend's sudden outburst, the woman shushes her, and stroking her cheeks, tries her best to calm the fox down. In her most calming voice, she coos.


>Reaching down and planting another big kiss between the eyes, the woman smiles.

It's alright.


File: 1424157909313.jpg (100.9 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2pokw1pwJ1sr78d…)


>Catori's face went a little bit redder, her pupils dilating for the briefest moments as the shadow of Julia's face passed over them....

...yeah...I think I might need a nap before I can think straight...

>her ears lower rather embarrassed by her earlier outburst...

but first...

>her ears perk up a bit

I forgot to mention it a few days ago...but I left a hearts and hooves day gift for you in the top dresser...

!FlowerWULo 887940

File: 1424160597791.jpg (275.66 KB, 864x1200, Inoue.Orihime.full.1292697.jpg)

>Was it shyness?

>Had she just been too afraid...?


>Running fingers through the fox's hair, the redhead smiles, occasionally stroking her ears.

...I didn't get you anything...

>Her small smile widening, the store owner leans a little closer, meeting Catori's eyes.

Buuuuuut... I can make it up to you, maybe.


File: 1424160783431.jpg (135.37 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_n3r98iG3WA1sr78d…)


There's not really much you could've gotten me anyway...

>She squeaks a bit before her ears lower again

Well if you really want to make it up to me...

>She gives a bit of a tired look

...We go on a real and proper date without anyone almost dying.

>she says, scratching the back of her neck a bit

!MEOWKdWFcQ 887942

File: 1424160862368.jpg (56.71 KB, 500x304, tumblr_mumuzevJCC1rj0mkdo1_500…)

Did a little experimentation with this one, trying to do almost no dialogue and making it feel more like a story being told than actions being performed.
>Hueco arrived just a few days after the incident in the mountains, having taken a boat he got there later than he could've with a portal; but, truthfully, it was far easier to take a portal to a place that he visited before. In the case of Barbarossa, a place he had never visited before, taking a portal to it would risk him opening it miles away, high up in the air, in the middle of the ocean, or inside a wall.
>nevertheless, he arrived at Barbarossa.
>he had a promise to fulfill...

>stepping off the rocky wooden ship, he took in the salty sea air of the oceanlocked country. Splashing waves came from beneath his feet, lapping against the pillars that supported the enormous city, while the noise of chatter sounded out through the rest of the city.

>how he would love to check out the fresh fish they have here, he could smell it. Friend fish, grilled fish, smoked fish, raw fish, cooked in all sorts of ways. The gruesome idea of what a /fishman/ would taste like, he half jokingly wondered. It wasn't the time for that. There was someone he had to meet.

>it's been 59 years... Was she still alive? She was human after all and 2 years older than the immortal Hueco... Did she even remember him...? What about his memories of her?

>He.. Remembered she was a wild child, she teased him frequently, he remembered her name was Sheryl.
>Lost in thought, Hueco leaned against a street lamp on the side of the road, physically as well as mentally off balance.
>"She's alive" he told himself over and over... "I must fulfill my promise, make her know that I'm alive too..."
>with a deep breath, calming his nerves just enough to press on, he went into the city. Going past shops, hotels, and other customs of the city. He got a few stares from the citizens. "A person with cat ears here?" "Did he come just for the fish?" "I thought cats didn't like water."
>ignoring the comments, he went from person to person and asked each one. "Have you heard of a woman named Sheryl? She should've lived her for a about 60 years." Something along those lines..
>upon being asked her last name, Hueco would would go silent, or just say "I don't know."
>when asked why he's looking for her, he'd just say either "I'm her nephew," "I'm her grandson," "I have a package for her," or some similar, progressively worse excuse.

>Regardless of the variation of the question, every reply would be.

>"I don't know."
>"Sorry, I don't know her"
>"I know a Sheryl," Only for it to be the wrong person.
>Among other questions not having to do with Hueco's reason for being there...
>In the end, the catboy was left with a pointless journey and a shattered, already rotten mood. Crestfallen, sitting down on a curb, staring down at his feet, he began to mumble to himself, low enough so no one could hear exactly what he said. Mumbling about this all being for nothing, how he failed to meet Sheryl again, how...
>How she might be dead.

>the hot sun meeting down on him, he began to doze off, not caring if he fell asleep right then in their at the side of the road... Then, he felt a finger tap on his shoulder, catching his attention.

>looking up, he came eye to eye with a middle aged man. Dark skinned, a typical trait of Barbarossans.
>Pointing to Hueco's ears, he tried to speak to him, but clearly had a tenuous grasp on English at best. But, the words he said, Hueco caught
>My mom
>"Said about person with cat ears."
>and most importantly, despite butchering the pronunciation:

>he had a lead... He actually had someone who knew her. Hueco tried his best to converse with the man, despite the language barrier, and before long, he was following him. Through streets and alleys, to the outskirts of the city, the middle class district. All till they ended up in front of a small, wooden house...

>the man explained how her eye sight had declined years ago, so he had to live with her and help her along in her old age. Despite the fact that she couldn't see him again, Hueco was comforted with the information that she was alive...81 years old, but alive..

>the man opened the door and let Hueco in. A quiet cozy house. Poor lighting though and smelled a bit musty, well ike a old person's home. A voice called down from behind a door, greeting the man, and asking who was with him, having heard the extra footsteps... To which the man simply said, in another language, Hueco couldn't understand it, it all sounded like mumbo jumbo to him. But, he caught his name in there... "Something something something, Hueco"

>Hueco stepped forward, hearing the voice. It was older, weaker, but it had a hint of familiarity to it... It /was/ her voice. Hueco found himself on the verge of tears.

>with that, a long silence came over the room, a short gasp was heard from the door, The rushing of feet. Hueco could tell, that she must've been feeling the same. Heart racing, a mixture of sadness and happines, the sense of reunion...

>He was greeted by a stout old woman. Short, hunched over, using a cane to walk, old age having taken its toll on her. Meanwhile, after all these years, Hueco was as youthful as he was when he left. She stepped closer, unable to see him even from a few feet away. But, through her blurry, decayed vision, she saw the vague image of him. Slender, petite, tan skin, and those ever present ears... No, there was something different about him, something he didn't have when she last saw him. A sense of maturity, maybe? He seemed a bit more jaded... For better or for worse, considering what the catboy had been through.

>the two friends stood in front of each other, a silence falling over them, which was then broken, upon Hueco speaking up, barely able to do so, as he slowly broke down.

...I'm sorry for being late.

>the two friends, after 59 years of being apart, wrapped their arms around each other, tears streaming down Hueco's face.

!FlowerWULo 887943

File: 1424163808200.jpg (124.44 KB, 800x857, Inoue.Orihime.full.1374857.jpg)

>Oh! Right!

>Dropping the sultry, playful look, the florist pats her friend on the face and nudges her into a sitting position.

>And calling it a date was... Well, she'd been joking before, but now...?

>...Was she serious about it being a date date?

...If it's as awful as that place that gave me food poisoning, I can't make any promises.

>Seriously, the fact she couldn't find the place again was the only reason she hadn't sued. In fact, she couldn't even recall the name...


File: 1424164047168.jpg (124.23 KB, 500x708, tumblr_inline_n2o054fFDI1sr78d…)


>Catori scratches the back of her head a little bit

Well I don't think you'll have to worry about food poisoning or anything, but...with the whole portally thingy I picked up, I can show you some of the places I used to go to at Mo'galile...

>Catori sits and stretches a little bit

I mean maybe it's asking for a little much since my gift is just something material...

!oHammer6Ps 887945

File: 1424164635117.jpg (48.34 KB, 361x367, sad.jpg)

>She'd been dreading this.

>The last big thing she had to own up to after just disappearing like she had, it was definitely something she had to do, and if her little trip home had taught her anything, it was that just running away from things didn't do jack but make her look like a damn coward.

>And her daddy hadn't raised any coward.

>Slowly slinking into the room, tail tucked between her legs like a scolded dog and ears close to her head, the curvy, motherly figure quickly takes a seat before the man, her soft, round and nonthreatening features facing the floor as she takes a few moments to compose herself before looking up and meeting his gaze. Her big, earthy brown eyes full of anxiety and fear, she nonetheless manages to pipe up a quiet greeting.

...I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances, sir.

!oHammer6Ps 887946

File: 1424164871494.gif (688.15 KB, 245x246, tumblr_ml8g87DFZp1s0rs3fo4_250…)

>Insistently pressing up against her and throwing her arms around her best friend, the woman smiles brightly.

No, no! It's my treat!

>Obviously quite excited, Julia drags Catori to her feet, already almost bouncing from joy.

And I'd adore seeing Mo'Gallile! I've always wanted to go there, but the shop's needed my attention, and I wouldn't feel safe leaving it alone.


...Hitomi doesn't count.


File: 1424192427248.jpg (94.67 KB, 500x625, tumblr_inline_n2tdhjxJNc1sr78d…)


>Catori scratches the back of her head, a bit relieved now

>The fox lets out a short yawn

Awesome then...as for watching the shop, I could call Naomi orsomething, she's pretty good at keeping track of things...

>Catori looks down

...although it may just be as easy to go looking during closing hours for the store....

Carmilla Karnstein!aLEJudith. 887950

File: 1424194041702.png (34.83 KB, 179x271, Wut.PNG)

Oh good! Then I don't have to do anything today!

>Once again she gives Wakana a quizzical look.

Now why would you be worried about little ol' me hmm?

>As if it wasn't obvious.

I won't say a word love~

>Though she may use certain euphemisms to insinuate certain things...

>finally taking her attention off the object of her affection, she sees the fruit in the area glow.

....So uh, what is this stuff anyway? And why is it glowing?


File: 1424196431570.jpg (49.88 KB, 429x600, d6d8cdeeac8af8afabd7f5bee3631f…)

When they kill them I don't think they should.
>Turning to face the light, she tilted her head a little.
I don't know.... I've never seen a helheim fruit shine like that before.
Do I even need to say why I'm worried?
>Walking towards the fruit, she picked up her gloves and put them on as she headed for it.
I'll go check and see what's going on with it.

Sistah Spooky!bXgeUCIUnk 887955

Party's over here now!
So STOP posting here!

Nicolette the Floppy Diskette !SavedtIPN6 889701

File: 1425292066835.jpg (28.92 KB, 512x512, Nicolette.jpg)


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