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Depth #Science Fiction #open Vausten 877230

Well, you made it. After a year of travelling, cheating, and fighting you peer out the porthole of the war freighter you
'less than reputably' boarded.

Vaalstrom Station. The last gem of civilization before the Wild Void. It's immense multi-deck structure sits orbiting the cracked remains of a planet, a long dead world thought to have been annihilated in some war when the stars were young. Having been subjected to intensive mining and colonizing, the world's floating continents glitter with lights from the work stations and living structures on their surface.

Vaalstrom is even more impressive, it's disc shape extending for five more layers, each one looking sturdier than even the mightiest of dreadnoughts, and even more heavily armed. Gun batteries and missile turrets line all along it's perimeter and depth, this station acting also as the first and only line of defense of whatever may lie within the Void ahead.

There are many hangar openings as well along the station, it's centre open to allow ease of access for all levels of ships, as well as a sort of dry dock for larger vessels. You feel a pull and hear a groan shortly after, the stations artificial gravity taking hold of the ship you're on.

It seems like you're going to be docking soon.

What do you do?

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877304

File: 1420848149640.jpg (1.86 MB, 2560x1600, ESV Prophet S-2.jpg)

A scout ship would be approaching the station, speed being lowered the closer it would appear to be from those that monitored incoming traffic on the Vaalstrom. From this spacecraft the pilot would send in a transmission to the dock's base.

"This is Flight Lieutenant Wisp of the ESV Prophet S-2 requesting permission to dock."

The ship was an upgraded model, and unlike the Prophet S-1 it preferred armor and speed over fire power. One of the perks to these newer models was that they could cut the delay time in transmissions by 1/3, and allowed more customization. This ship in particular removed some turrets to put in more armor that would protect the ship's frame, and had two extra engines that had their own fuel line in case of emergencies. The semi-wings on the sides would allow more maneuverability but not much compared to other ships due to the armor- as should be expected of any frigate.

After receiving word from the Vaalstrom, allowing them permission to board the space station, the ship would close in, entering the dock located on the side of it's enormous ring. After landing, the pilot would power down the engines before leaving the co pilots to take care of the ship while she stood in front of the airlock. After the gangway would attach itself to the ship. Wisp would open the airlock finally before stepping out to the other end of the gateway and down the passageway, hoping to meet a welcome party of any sort at the end.
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Vausten 877402

File: 1420859961842.jpg (447.47 KB, 720x1200, 1418455687194.jpg)

The blast doors to the hangar bay split open with a hiss and spray of steam. The heavy internal gears turn and pull the sides of the door apart to reveal a wide, and octagonal corridor, which, has a host of armoured men surrounding a pair of well dressed looking officials. The group of eight stand just before the threshold of the passage. The one on the right smiles, his dull burgundy uniform a contrast with the various drab-grey clad men around him.

"Leutnant Visp." he spoke with a distinct though light sort of accent. It's clear that it's somewhat faded an indication of how long he may have been stationed here.

"We are pleased that you arrived safely; we have been expecting you for some time."

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877426

File: 1420863164317.jpg (31.28 KB, 208x639, 315kji.jpg)

After walking through the door, the first thing the Lieutenant would note was the number of men awaiting her. From her experience she could tell right away that she was either an honored guest, or that something urgent was needed of her. It's moments like these that made her wish that she could have talked her commander into bringing in more ships.

She stopped just past the doorway, standing firm as the man welcomed her. Only her Wing Officer would be with her, as all the others on board her ship were making post-flight preparations. Her uniform would also show that military grey, with black pants and black boots that only contrasted from the mere notice of the shine on her shoes. The patch on her shoulder would show her rank. Her dark brown hair was cut to were it wouldn't even touch her shoulders which made it easy to notice her hazel eyes and pale skin. It was as if she spent a lot of time away from sunlight that would do anything more than give a slight feeling of warmth to bask in- only displaying itself for short periods of time each day.

It was odd for her to hear the man's voice who spoke to her. It felt as if all this time with her men she's been isolated, but to think this was far from over exaggerating. Wisp knew what she was here for.

"Thank you, sir. We were sent to provide assistance. Me and my men are here to fill in some empty seats. Our orders were given by the ISS Prophet BC-1 to come here while the rest of my fleet continues to the Sparta Sector. I give my ship and my men to the command of the Vaalstrom Station."

It could have been notable that her voice was hoarse. Probably from the years she spent commanding others, or maybe just from years of serving the Navy.
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Vausten 877462

"Very good, Leutnant. I must extend my thanks to you and your Command for sending a crew this far out, and so quickly." he stated, motioning a hand over to the imposing man which stood beside him. He wore a similar garb to that of the Wisp, though slightly more regal and far more decorated. Armour blends with dress uniform to create a rather unique, though rugged sort of battle dress. Still, it looks to be something more suited to ceremony and garrison life rather than anything in the field. Still, its drab greys and blues along with the broad and stocky build of the man made for a slightly dreadful aura about the individual.

"This here is Knight-Colonel Albrecht von Grauvald. He commands the security detachment of the Station."

The man silently nods, extending a hand.

"A pleasure, Leutnant Wisp." he greets, a soft smile forming over his worn and grizzled face.

"Oh, and please forgive me I did not introduce myself." interjects the young man, stepping forward.

"I am Legate Johann Stoss." Member of the royal family and 14th in line to the throne." he says to you happily, a hand placed over his heart as he slightly bows to you. A frown forms over the face of the Knight-Colonel, the older gentleman seeming a bit aggravated.

"Now, you'll soon find you are the first of the group I requested. So do forgive me if things are a tad...vacant." Stoss continues, motioning down the hall."

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877466

File: 1420871558223.jpg (860.52 KB, 1920x1080, space girl.jpg)

The dress armor of one of the more bulkier men she saw gave her a rather ironic thought. Usually when she saw armor such as that it was only meant to be used as a symbol of honor- whether it be personal or that of which may belong to the military. It was certainly peculiar to her to see that it appears to have seen some rough days.

Wisp extended her arm to shake his hand, but before she could focus it into a firm handshake the man who welcomed her would introduce himself properly. She would let go of Albrecht's hand to face the Legate.

"It's an honor to meet you, sir," she said before facing the man she wished to have given a better introduction to now. "And a pleasure to meet you too, Colonel."

She would raise an eyebrow, noticing how he was motioning towards the hall. The Lieutenant would face the Wing Officer that came along with her.

"Watch over the ship, Elenor. You're in charge until I get back."

With a nod, the man went on back to the ESV Prophet S-2 as she started to follow him down the hall, assuming such.

"A vacant room to fill is why I'm here, sir. But I'm sure there's more to this than simple sufficiency."
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Vausten 877488

File: 1420878730483.jpg (150.79 KB, 744x1052, 1410018847895.jpg)

It was not long before you along with Stoss' retinue traverse the white lit halls of the station. The guards form a wedge to the front and back of you three, their rifles held in a somewhat relaxed low-ready position. Various hologrids mounted on the walls stream news or advertisements for the industries of the Federal Empire, it adding to the collective background noise of ventilation and machinery that keeps the station 'afloat.'

The Legate's strides are much shorter than the Colonel's, his long steps naturally placing them a pace or two ahead of yourself and Stoss. The blonde haired man turns to you with another soft smile, his hands clasped behind his back.

"It's rather interesting, if i may state, that such an independent province would be so willing to send aid the Empire." he says to you.

"You must have come a long way. Did your superiors mention anything as to what you would be doing here?"

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877498

File: 1420902394474.jpg (19.78 KB, 236x472, ee7fd1298c15406b6608f85ae6696d…)

Sorry, I had to sleep!

The station has more than proven it's rumored glory to the Lieutenant. This might have been clear since the moment she laid eyes upon it from the cockpit, viewing it from her monitor (seeing as there weren't many windows on the ship due to the need for more armor). If that didn't prove to her that this was the height of space technology, then merely walking around to see and hear some of the details on the inner workings of the station certainly did. She felt lucky, believing that not many were able to get the chance to board the station- if not see it at all. No one she knew has ever done so. That was certain.

Wisp would glance over to Stoss for a few seconds, hearing him speak, before looking straight ahead at where they walking.

"Admiral Stark didn't have time to inform me on all the details," she said, looking down a bit.

"I must say that we've had a lot of good affairs with the Empire. Some believe our civilization would have been threatened if not for your support during the Wild Void."

It was rather difficult for her to say that. However, she was glad to have done so now, since Stross was interested in the first place.

Vausten 877603

"I'm certain that our cooperation will create a more friendly atmosphere between our States." he replies confidently.

You and the group pass by several junctions and other residents of the station, various soldiers giving their greetings to the Knight-Colonel and the Legate, with other more civilian individuals going about their routines.

(does this site have dice at all?)

It is not long before the group reaches the end of the long corridor an identical blast door standing vigil before you. The Legate, and his guard stop and position themselves defensively about the corners and around the two Imperial officials, and yourself.

"I am also positive you'll find this station to be a fair bit...homogenous, you could say. No worry of anything unfamiliar to associate with."

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877610

File: 1420935391092.jpg (31.28 KB, 208x639, 315kji.jpg)

It works the same way as Ponychan, yes.

The residents and the other guards was nothing Wisp wasn't used to. The way they made their impressions on her brought upon the feeling of something very important going on around here the more she thought about it. It made her wonder what she was really here for. Surely Admiral Stark didn't throw her into a situation that would leave her in a state of awkwardness that may very well ruin her career... worst-case scenario. Lieutenant Wisp wasn't expecting anything she couldn't handle.

Upon making their way to the end of the of the corridor they were walking down, she noticed the defensive posture in the guards around herself. Unnecessary? Or protocol?

"... That's reassuring to know, sir," she let out, turning her head to the Legate before watching the door.

Anonymous 877611

Roll 1d6 = 4
1 = any number of dice
6 = any number of sides
also supports addition/subtraction: Roll 1d6 + 1 = 7

Anonymous 877612

"[1d6]". "[1d6+1]"

Vausten 877668

(Roll 1d20 for perception, if you so choose.)

"Excellent." the Legate pulls out a card and swipes it over a panel against the wall; the locks on the door unlatching and the heavy slabs parting open.

"This way, please." he says to you, gesturing into the large room within. An initial glance into the chamber would reveal a regally decorated set of chairs and tables off to the sides, with a larger and sturdier looking table stretching and dominating the center. Food and drinks sit upon the smaller tables to the right of the room, with a set of screens and chairs in on the left.

"Here is where you can stay while we wait for the others to arrive. I hope it is to your liking, Leutnant."

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877962

Roll 1d20 = 1

Wisp would walk into the room, looking around a little bit before turning back to Stross.

"It'll do just nicely. Thank you, Legate Stross," she said, possibly showing a small smile while doing so.

If she did smile, it disappeared rather quickly.

She would walk into the room, sitting in one of the chairs set against the table.

"When should we be expecting our other guests?" she asked.

Vausten 877971

The room had columns lining the walls, their structure reminiscent of styles of more antiquated empires. As you enter and look about the room you feel a sense of baroque grandeur to it, the ceilings arching and decorated in various traditional symbols of the Empire, a particular favorite being eagles.

"Within the day, I would hope." spoke Stoss, walking into the room with both the Colonel and the rest of the security detail. Two soldiers remain posted outside the door, with the other six spreading out near the walls.

"Now typically I would wait for the others to arrive before briefing you, but, I feel that you being the first you should know." He further said, standing next to one of the carved chairs that sat off to the side of the room. The Colonel was near one of his soldiers, holding a small handterminal and seems to be speaking with him.

"Or, if you'd prefer, you could just simply ask me anything that might be on your mind before I get into detail."

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 877997

Looking around, she would notice the amount of detail that went into the room. Surely the Empire had a vast amount of wealth that they weren't afraid to show. With little to no competition, Wisp imagined, the discovery of several planets filled with ores would surely boost funds. But this station was built before the Wild Void, which would further remind Wisp that this was the peak of space technology, as mentioned before. There was no doubt in this.

The Lieutenant would sit in her chair, having it pushed out a little bit from the table so she may cross her legs and putting one hand on them while the other was somewhat rested on the table. This was when she would finally look straight to Stross.

"Hmm, I figured it would be right for you to tell me why I'm here. You don't have to go into detail, as I'm sure we'll have plenty of time for that when the others arrive, am I correct?" she ask rhetorically with a grin.

She could tell that the Colonel was probably busy. He was in charge of the security aboard the station, correct? It was only natural that he was needed for affairs that were presumably small- or perhaps he was just getting an update on the others who were supposed to show up. Overall, though, she didn't put too much thought into it.

Vausten 878328

The Legate chuckled, his back turned to you as he poured himself a cup of tea.

"Indeed, leutnant. Time is something we have in abundance today." he replied, his accent slightly heavier than what you've heard. After a few clinks of a spoon and a step or two, Stoss sat himself in a seat opposite to you. Formal and according to etiquette he adjusted his uniform before taking a sip from his cup. Well, Imperial etiquette anyway. It had a feel some martial quality to it, his movements short and somewhat rigid.

"To start with things, a bit of a refresher. This station is the last post before Frontier Space, or the Wild Void as it is also known. Shares the same name with the conflict that was had along the Empire's borders many years ago." he stated, his expression turning sterner as his eyes focused upon yours.

"Numerous attacks from never before seen ships struck along systems in Empire territories, as well as holdings belonging to your sovereignty. However, given how the width of human space is occupied by our Federal Empire we bore much of the brunt of this attack." he continued, draping one of his legs over his knee, his fingers clasping together as he rests his hands upon it.

"Ever since then we have had no contact of any sort from beyond the frontier. This is why we have contracted you; as well as other agents. We need explorers to pierce the veil and see what exactly lies on the other side."

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 878440

File: 1421116602689.png (464.59 KB, 800x1000, cold_by_ribbonshower-d8diiez.p…)

Holding her chin, she would look up to the ceiling as he informed her on what was going on. After picking up all the details on what he spoke, she let out a small chuckle.

"Heh, you've picked the right crew. My ship was designed for missions like this, and will prove more than useful once our other agents arrive. I'm sure you've been informed on our ship's updated model, correct?" she asked, glancing over to him.

She grinned, having a look of confidence on her as she spoke almost bombastically about her ship.

"When should we be expecting our other guests?"

Vausten 878472

"At any time during the day, really. I had given them up to five months of travel and preparation to reach this station." he says to you, his hands reaching for his tea once again.

He brings the cup and saucer towards his chest, letting it rest there for a moment before continuing.

"The Void is surrounded by a seemingly impenetrable veil. No light seems to escape from it so it is impossible to chart it from our end. I take it your ship is capable of very deep and sustained stellar operations?" he asks you, an eyebrow raised.

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 878480

File: 1421119633168.jpg (19.78 KB, 236x472, ee7fd1298c15406b6608f85ae6696d…)

The way he talked brought some questions to mind. Was he implying that there was something he knew that she didn't? This brought a more concerned look, as she wasn't willing to keep a confident attitude up if it meant the success or failure of a potential mission.

"Capable of deep space travel. It's a scout ship after all. Is there anything about the void that you believe might bring any... unnecessary surprises? I know my ship would be able to handle travel away from a fleet and travel exceptional distances for reasonable amounts of time, but it's only built to travel in our known space."

Vausten 878483

(beds time for me. Been good so far though.)

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 878485

Thanks. Same to you ^-^ Hopefully we'll get some more posters in this lol Goodnight!

Vausten 878780

File: 1421187315850.jpg (186.73 KB, 500x672, 1411248084397.jpg)

The legate sighed, taking another quiet sip from his steaming tea. It was one of slight frustration, his body language seemed to show nothing aggravated towards you, exactly.

"It is unexplored in its entirety, Leutnant. Given that, compounded with the previous war we had with whatever ships flew out from it, one would not be so bold as to assume there are great dangers that lie within it." he replies, lowering the teacup down to his lap.

"I hope this will not dissuade you from taking on this endeavor? You have every right to decline this mission if you so choose." He says with a slight teasing in his voice.

Seras!Wisplt3Mvc 879210

"And miss out on what could be the biggest highlight of my career? You must know me better than I anticipated, Stross. I'm not going to back down from this too easily."

She grinned, sitting straight in her chair now. A hint of tea would enter her nose. The more Wisp spent with the Legate the more entertaining she found it to be to talk about plans with him.

"Are the other agents you're sending in going to be under your command, or are they like me and come from their own branch?" she asked.

Vausten 879887

"It will be mostly a multi national operation. Either from military or private groups."

"Assisting in security will be select Imperial units, though much of the leg work will be conducted by people such as yourself." He continued, shifting his legs.

"Imperial logistical forces will provide noncombat and infrastructure support when needed for when you can establish a site."

Vausten 882611

I sure hope people are still around.

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