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AA: TSoT | Turnabout Relic !vk2noctis. 871608[View All]

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Ditzy Doo 871841

File: 1419740841147.png (134.79 KB, 807x991, muffins____derpy_hooves__by_lu…)


I'm... I'm sorry. Am I really that bad at being a detective?

(And is my name really that hard to remember?)

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871843

File: 1419740923934.gif (39.88 KB, 256x192, 2DHeadshake.gif)

No, you do a fine job. Edgeworth is just mean to all of the Detectives down at the precinct, Derpy.

2/2 Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871844

File: 1419740989061.gif (163.8 KB, 256x192, ema-side-normal(b).gif)


The chest region encompasses the area around the forelegs and the area immediately underneath where the wing connects to the body. It's still possible to be shot there. Otherwise, she was shot in the leg, rendering her immobile - The killer would then have to immediately step up in front of her with the pistol while reloading to finish the kill, which would have gotten him instantly caught. In order to be shot in the thigh, then be shot in the chest, Daring Do must have been facing either left or right from where the attacker was - hence, she must have been facing away. If they were arguing, the attacker must be someone other than Mr. Whooves, unless we assume Daring Do argues while facing the complete wrong direction.

Even if we assume that the third shot missed, the bullet to the chest was the one that killed her. That makes it impossible for any of the shots to have been the missing bullet.

It can't have been the last round, because she was already dead then.
It can't have been the second round, because the derringer reloads too slowly - the shooter would have been noticed by both Daring and everyone else.
It can't be the first round, or Daring Do would have noticed and avoided the second round.

The only shot that makes sense is that the doctor fired the gun before the incident ever occurred! It's the only explanation that makes sense, and also explains how only one shell was found at the scene. The derringer can only hold one round. If the first round was ejected to make room for the other, only one shell would be found on the scene - The other would still be in the gun. If three rounds were fired, you would find two derringer shells on the crime scene.

Miles Edgeworth 871846

File: 1419741149237.gif (142.98 KB, 256x192, AA_Miles_Edgeworth_Court_Disma…)

1/2 Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871848

File: 1419741376741.gif (11.32 KB, 225x140, Ani-godot-gestures-mug.gif)

That's a nice theory, but you're forgetting one small detail; Every other witness that was interviewed that night gave us the same story:

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871849

File: 1419741505678.gif (1.93 MB, 400x240, DD_Phoenix_Objecting.gif)

So what if his prints are on the gun? It belongs to him, Edgeworth! The gun belongs to Doctor Whooves, and it makes perfect logical sense for his prints to be on it. Just because his prints are the only ones on there doesn't mean that he has to be the killer. Someone could have easily taken the weapon, fired it to kill Derpy, and then simply wiped the prints with the tie that the Doctor had ripped, being the nearest and easiest thing to use to wipe prints off said weapon. The real assailant swiped the weapon from Doctor Whooves when he wasn't looking, and he didn't notice it was gone until it was too late. After the true assailant finished his deed, he wiped the prints and left it at the scene of the crime! Doctor Whooves proceeded to find his gun among all the commotion, and he proceeded to pick it back up, having thought he merely dropped it! That's why his prints are still on the gun and the true assailant's aren't!


2/2 Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871851

File: 1419741554948.gif (28.74 KB, 256x192, godot-zoom(b).gif)


>Three gunshots were heard, and only three, within the same time frame by all accounts. On top of that, the derringer was fired three times. So where is this fourth mystery shot and why didn't any of our witnesses report it?

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871854

File: 1419741675808.gif (162.49 KB, 256x192, ema-side-thinking(b).gif)

Eh? When did I ever say four shots were fired?

>Why did the defendant fire the weapon, you may ask? Because he shot it up into the sky to celebrate the start of the dig! It says it was fired three times, but nowhere does it say that all three of the shots were of bullets! That's the reason why there is no third bullet! Because when Dr. Whooves fired the weapon, there was no bullet inside it! He just had the gunpowder and fired away to celebrate the start of the digging!
The 'third shot' you've all been talking about has long been explained away. I haven't said anything about four shots being fired, and the record states only three shots were fired as well.

Ditzy Doo 871855

File: 1419741708985.png (219.98 KB, 1280x1338, derpy_hooves_by_greseres-d4tlz…)


But... I'm not dead, Mr. Attorney... And when will you all get my name right?

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871856

File: 1419741765204.gif (1.03 MB, 280x240, Grin.gif)

Eheheheh... right...

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871857

File: 1419741849689.gif (4.5 KB, 159x141, Godot_drink.gif)



>The only shot that makes sense is that the doctor fired the gun before the incident ever occurred

Does this ring a bell, little birdie?

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871858

File: 1419741946571.gif (162.49 KB, 256x192, ema-side-thinking(b).gif)

Yeah.... the Doctor fired the gun before Daring Do died...

... Is something wrong?

1/2 Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871859

File: 1419741994697.gif (1.93 MB, 400x240, DD_Phoenix_Objecting.gif)

We were never told that all three shots were fired at the same exact time frame. Regardless, assuming that, in fact, all three shots were heard at the same time. That just means three shots were heard, but here lies the question, did all three shots come from the same weapon? The answer is no.

1/2 Dick Gumshoe 871860

File: 1419742029422.gif (92.25 KB, 256x192, gumshoe-mad(b).gif)


Hey, pal! Don't insult Mr. Edgeworth! Sure he's tough on his subordinates sometimes, but it's only 'cause he believes in us!

Miles Edgeworth 871861

File: 1419742029980.png (86.73 KB, 400x240, tumblr_mqo9259I9U1s8vqilo1_400…)

Let me spell it out for you Miss Skye.
The first shot was fired in celebration of the dig.
The second, at Daring Do's thigh to disable her.
The third, her chest.
And the fourth has not been found yet.

Dick Gumshoe 871862

File: 1419742070154.gif (192.45 KB, 256x192, gumshoe-thinking(b).gif)


... Come to think of it, why am I even here? Isn't today my day off?

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871863

File: 1419742164496.gif (150.05 KB, 256x192, ema-side-forward(b).gif)

That's a logical contradiction. There were only three shots fired. You've said it yourself.

>Three gunshots were heard, and only three, within the same time frame by all accounts. On top of that, the derringer was fired three times. So where is this fourth mystery shot and why didn't any of our witnesses report it?

Miles Edgeworth 871866

File: 1419742226726.gif (119.36 KB, 256x192, miles-bondageoof(b).gif)

Well, you see...

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871867

File: 1419742307513.png (20.41 KB, 797x186, The impossible.PNG)

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871868

File: 1419742385354.gif (25.03 KB, 256x192, godot-catch.gif)


And like a mug of cold coffee, my question remains unanswered.

Our witnesses reported hearing three shots. And the derringer was fired three times. If there was another weapon fired, why was no fourth shot reported?

2/2 Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871870

File: 1419742483816.gif (2.49 MB, 269x240, 3DPEvidence.gif)

I present to the court the Bullet Casings!
>Ex. 4 Bullet Casings Court
Two bullet shells recovered from the crime scene. Both shells are of a different origin. One belongs to the Derringer, the other has a caliber of .45acp.

There are two shells. One is from the Derringer. One is from a weapon that was a .45acp caliber. This can only mean one thing! There were two shooters! Two ponies were tasked with the nefarious deed to end Miss Do's life! Think about it!

>The first shot, apart from all the others was fired by Whooves to celebrate the dig

>The second shot was fired by the pony with the .45 caliber gun much later!
>The third and fourth shot were made by the pony who stole the derringer!

There were three shots that were heard in succession. There were two weapons. There were two shooters. There was a shot before the three that celebrated the dig. The second shot, or rather, the first shot in succession, missed Daring Do! That's when the second shooter, the one who stole Dr. Whooves' gun, decided to shoot as well, because he feared his cover would have been blown! So he proceeded to shoot and kill Daring Do! After he shot and killed Daring Do, he wiped the prints with the torn tie, and discarded the weapon, and fled! Doctor Whooves picked the weapon back up, effectively making him the only one with prints!


1/2 Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871871

File: 1419742563830.gif (32.17 KB, 256x192, godot-sips.gif)

2/2 Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871872

File: 1419742603617.gif (28.66 KB, 256x192, Godot_Surprised.gif)

Miles Edgeworth 871874

File: 1419742708849.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)

How could... this be... TRUE!

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871875

File: 1419742787768.gif (964.52 KB, 400x240, gs5-gavel_zps5bcc3e9d.gif)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871876

File: 1419742893130.gif (426.68 KB, 507x272, Speaking.gif)

I have been standing by and listening to these arguments. The Defense's theory is the most logically sound. It does explain all the inconsistencies in both the evidence, and testimony. I can not call Dr. Whooves guilty under these circumstances. I am ready to hand down my verdict, if there are no objections.

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871877

File: 1419742947703.gif (124.17 KB, 256x192, Godot_Worried_with_Mug_1.gif)


Actually, Your Honor...

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871878

File: 1419743005233.gif (1.23 MB, 507x272, Serious-Speaking.gif)

What is it, Mr. Godot? This objection better be worth the Court's time, or else I will deliver my verdict posthaste!

Miles Edgeworth 871880

File: 1419743080218.gif (248.97 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

Your honor! We have not proven Doctor Whooves innocent beyond a shadow of doubt! He even still confesses he fired the gun!

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871881

File: 1419743125166.gif (150.05 KB, 256x192, ema-side-forward(b).gif)

Yes.. to celebrate the dig. The very first shot that was fired.
We've gone over that.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871883

File: 1419743182395.gif (596.14 KB, 400x240, 3DPObjection.gif)

Did you not just hear me, Edgeworth? He shot the gun, but he never said when, or what, or why. Obviously, he shot it to celebrate the dig! Pay attention next time!

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871884

File: 1419743224418.gif (1.23 MB, 507x272, Serious-Speaking.gif)

Mr. Edgeworth, have you even been paying attention to this trial? If this is all the Prosecution has, I will announce my verdict now.

Miles Edgeworth 871886

N...no! How could... this... be...
(I have a hunch! There's gotta be something behind this! ...But what?)

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871887

File: 1419743354458.gif (21.62 KB, 256x192, godot-thinking(b).gif)


The prosecution would like to present the following theory, along with these dubs.

There were two different casings found on the scene of the crime, yes, however forensics still links one of those shots to the derringer, and the defendant's, and only the defendant's, hoofprints are on that gun.

However, as the defense has pointed out, upon closer inspection, the presence of this second shell would indicate a second shooter. Therefore it is the prosecution's belief, based on the fact that ballistics from the autopsy match with that derringer, that the Defendant had an accomplice.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871888

File: 1419743386426.gif (1.23 MB, 507x272, Serious-Speaking.gif)

I see that the Prosecution has not only more or less stolen the basis to Mr. Wright's argument, but has also failed at getting dubs. What a shame. I've heard enough Testimony, Mr. Godot.
Check my trips.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871889

File: 1419743428491.gif (1.23 MB, 507x272, Serious-Speaking.gif)


Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871890

File: 1419743447668.gif (46.78 KB, 256x192, 1394169029169.gif)

Miles Edgeworth 871891

File: 1419743454290.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)

Your honor, we have MAJORLY overlooked something!

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871892

File: 1419743527711.gif (1.23 MB, 507x272, Serious-Speaking.gif)

Mr. Edgeworth, I've already called my verdict, and I see no reason to retract it. I see no substantial evidence against Doctor Whooves, therefore, I can not find him guilty. The testimony against him was rather shoddy as well.

Miles Edgeworth 871894

File: 1419743642800.gif (123.43 KB, 256x192, miles-smirk(b).gif)

Your honor! We have NOT confirmed the owner of that derringer! I wish to call the defendant to the stand!

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871895

File: 1419743731199.gif (450.94 KB, 507x272, Thinking.gif)

Mr. Wright, Miss Skye, how do you feel about this?

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871896

File: 1419743766823.gif (18.9 KB, 256x192, Godot_Confident_with_Mug.gif)

Did I? You read the post I was referencing, right, Your Honor?

I will admit that they are impressive trips, but that can wait for later.

What the prosecution was speaking of, Your Honor, was the fact that we theorize that the defendant had an accomplice. That derringer, however, still shot the victim, and the defendant's prints alone are still on the derringer. It doesn't matter which one of the two shots actually took the victim's life. The defendant and his accomplice still conspired together and both are equally guilty. Though of course, we will have to investigate further into the identity of this accomplice. For now though, I think it's a bit early to let the defendant off the hook.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871897

File: 1419743870602.gif (1.23 MB, 507x272, Serious-Speaking.gif)

Mr. Godot! I have declared my verdict! What do you people not understand! I just said that I see no substantial reason to suspect the Defendant!

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 871898

File: 1419743927158.gif (150.05 KB, 256x192, ema-side-forward(b).gif)

Hold it just a second!
We've already stated how it's not possible for Mr. Whooves to do any of the sort.
>Otherwise, she was shot in the leg, rendering her immobile - The killer would then have to immediately step up in front of her with the pistol while reloading to finish the kill, which would have gotten him instantly caught. In order to be shot in the thigh, then be shot in the chest, Daring Do must have been facing either left or right from where the attacker was - hence, she must have been facing away. If they were arguing, the attacker must be someone other than Mr. Whooves, unless we assume Daring Do argues while facing the complete wrong direction.
Even if you claim someone else shot her, the same shooter must have finished the job with the colt - which is automatic, therefore it would have been easier to just shoot her again. The only way you could argue that away would be if he had the derringer, which means there would be a THIRD gunman, and so on.

Miles Edgeworth 871899

File: 1419744049203.gif (73.93 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(a).gif)

(If I don't do something... and fast... the truth could be lost forever! I have a hunch! It just... doesen't add up!)

Miles Edgeworth 871901

File: 1419744213215.gif (603.75 KB, 342x192, oie_25111245QqCTDYVz.gif)

YOUR HONOR! We are still lacking details in many areas! Most of it is all just theories! The prosecution requests to postpone the trial until we gather more decisive evidence!

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 871902

File: 1419744322758.gif (2.49 MB, 269x240, 3DPEvidence.gif)

Your Honor, there is no need to call up the defendant, and here's why.

You see, for the sake of an argument, let's say that Doctor Whooves borrowed the weapon. It wasn't his. In fact, let's assume it was Daring Do's. She is the most likely to still have a weapon on her, even in a heavily guarded area. She was permitted to have the weapon. Doctor Whooves asked to borrow the weapon so he could celebrate the dig. When Miss Do was shot and killed, he was arguing to her about why the weapon was missing. He thought he had returned it, but in reality, someone else, the true assailant, had it in his possession. Doctor Whooves soon found the gun among all the chaos, to keep for his own remembrance. Why did he pick it up? Because it belonged to Daring Do, and it was important to him. Either that, or he planned to sell the weapon. Who wouldn't want to buy a famous, now deceased, archaeologist's weapon? It would certainly sell quickly. That's why Doctor Whooves admitted to firing the gun. That's why his hoofprints, not Daring Do's, not the true murderer's, were found. Your Honor, we do not need to explain further. Your verdict has been called, and I believe we have proved our client's innocence.


Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 871903

File: 1419744459189.gif (964.52 KB, 400x240, gs5-gavel_zps5bcc3e9d.gif)

I am inclined to agree with the Defense. My verdict has been called. Any more outbursts from either side will result in being held in contempt of court. Court is hereby adjourned!

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 871904

File: 1419744524892.gif (20.43 KB, 256x192, godot-normal(b).gif)


That assumes, of course, that the colt was fired first and that both shooters shot from the same vantage point, little Birdie. It's entirely possible that the Defendant took the first crack at her and her and his accomplice only intervened after he was needed.

And I should think that the fact that his hoofprints were on a weapon that clearly shot the victim would be reason enough for suspicion, Your Honor. As many theories as the prosecution and defense can come up with for this mystery shooter, it pales in comparison to concrete evidence.


Well then, Trite. If the victim owned the gun, why were her prints not on it? Or anyone else's for that matter?

Miles Edgeworth 871905

File: 1419744532472.gif (8.21 KB, 256x192, Edgeworth_facepalm2.gif)

(No... No! This can't be! Sigh... who knows... maybe Doctor Whooves IS innocent... but that still leaves the real killer...)

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