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AA: TSoT Case 2 Day 4 Princess Celestia 863624[Last 50 Posts]

Anonymous 863628

File: 1417922105127.png (219.79 KB, 960x640, 1396724669961.png)

>[February 20th, 2029]<
>[Courtroom Lobby No. 2]<

Mia Fey 863631

File: 1417922207044.gif (45.39 KB, 960x640, Animation_002.gif)

(Aya isn't here. Must be running late.)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863634

File: 1417922240612.gif (979.71 KB, 960x640, Animation_013.gif)

(What a predicament... Two ponies guilty for one crime... It is nigh time to resolve this issue.)

Mia Fey 863637

File: 1417922340273.gif (801.45 KB, 960x640, Animation_007.gif)

How went your investigations yesterday, Miles? Got me pegged, I presume?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863639

File: 1417922419037.gif (632.67 KB, 960x640, Animation_017.gif)

I cannot say whether or not I have you pinned, Mia Fey. This case is a most unusual one. I am relying on you to assist me in finding the truth behind this unique case.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 863643

File: 1417922556794.gif (327.93 KB, 256x192, judgie-normal(d).gif)

I see the court date has arrived at last, Mr. Edgeworth. I feel out of place, being in a courtroom and not being the presiding judge of a case. I'll be watching you both.

Mia Fey 863645

File: 1417922627666.gif (851.82 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

Come to think, the conditions of this case are most unusual.

Nonetheless, I'm sure after some intense debate and righteous finger-pointing, we'll eliminate the impossible and arrive at the truth. So I hope you bring something good to the table.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863649

File: 1417922783884.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

Prepare for a wild ride that only I can be responsible, Miss Fey. This will be quite a huge case.

I hope you enjoy the show, Your Honour.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 863651

File: 1417923029929.gif (327.93 KB, 256x192, judgie-normal(d).gif)

I will try, Mr. Edgeworth. I sense a huge migraine coming along though.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863652

File: 1417923104021.gif (1.8 MB, 960x640, Animation_028.gif)

Then perhaps an aspirin will assist you in your unfortunate state.

Mia Fey 863656

File: 1417923212768.gif (851.82 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

Hmm. The new judge, Celestia. I once had her on the witness stand, and now she'll be judging the court. Hopefully she's fair enough not to let either of our accusations towards her carry over to her feelings in the courtroom today.
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Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863658

File: 1417923307390.gif (253.53 KB, 960x640, Animation_030.gif)

I heard that was the trial that drove von Karma to insanity. Quite a feat, I must say. I'm sure the Princess is more than capable of putting her feelings aside for a fair judgement. She simply couldn't be the Judge for her own sister's case. That would be extremely biased.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 863659

I remember that case too well. It wasn't even three months ago. I feel like my beard wanted to fly off my face during that trial.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 863660

File: 1417923431381.gif (218.68 KB, 256x192, judgie-sad(d).gif)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863661

File: 1417923452109.png (161.21 KB, 640x480, ayaflustered_recalling.png)

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!
Sorry I'm late!

Mia Fey 863664

File: 1417923512106.gif (45.39 KB, 960x640, Animation_002.gif)

(I can hardly imagine you without your beard.)
Let me guess....

Actually don't allow me to guess. What happened?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863666

File: 1417923613757.gif (253.53 KB, 960x640, Animation_030.gif)

Ah, good to see you've made it at last, Miss Shameimaru.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863669

File: 1417923788733.png (153.91 KB, 640x480, aya366.png)

You know eagles?
Yeah, I don't like eagles.

Hmm, good to see you too, Mr. Edgeworth. What's up?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863671

File: 1417923868650.gif (275.78 KB, 960x640, Animation_034.gif)

Just idle chatter before we go into the Courtroom. The usual, in other words.

Mia Fey 863672

File: 1417923882257.gif (202.27 KB, 960x640, Animation_018.gif)

You're saying eagles did that to you? How can just some birds bother you?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863673

File: 1417923981559.png (154.32 KB, 640x480, aya_annoyedready.png)

It wasn't my fault, that eagle was REALLY annoying. You know those people who just glare at you for no reason while you do your shopping? It was like that. Don't look at me.

My favourite. What's the topic? The weather?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863674

File: 1417924088935.gif (239.26 KB, 960x640, Animation_022.gif)

The Judge, actually. Princess Celestia to be exact. She's presiding over this case. I have a feeling you remember her.

Mia Fey 863676

File: 1417924106353.gif (465.16 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

(D-don't look at me? What's that supposed to mean? These Gensokyo girls confuse me...)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863678

File: 1417924204887.png (154.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_happy.png)

Princess Celestia? Nope, don't remember her. Why, what's she done?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863679

File: 1417924236620.gif (1.8 MB, 960x640, Animation_028.gif)

Miss Fey, if you'd please jog her memory for me.

Mia Fey 863682

File: 1417924379806.gif (1.36 MB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

She's kind of the sister of one of our former clients? The God-Princess of this world? IS like 10 feet taller than any other horse here?

That help at all?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863685

File: 1417924579652.png (154.01 KB, 640x480, aya425.png)

Oh yeah, like the semi-rainbow-y one. Yeah, I remember her.

Princess Celestia 863688

File: 1417924857403.png (366.39 KB, 1024x1256, celestia_smiling___vector_by_f…)

Speaking of me, you'll have to go into the courtroom soon for the trial.

Mr. Judge, please meet me in my chambers.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863690

File: 1417924916540.png (166.57 KB, 640x480, ayalistening_speechless.png)

Whew. You weren't lying. She really is tall. You sure I've met her before? I don't think I could have forgotten that.

Mia Fey 863691

File: 1417924996303.gif (885.45 KB, 960x640, Animation_001.gif)

You questioned her directly in the last case she was in, Aya.
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Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863695

File: 1417925267983.png (154.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_happy.png)

So, shall we begin?

Mia Fey 863697

File: 1417925377300.gif (52.67 KB, 960x640, Animation_005.gif)

Let's shall

Princess Celestia 863700

File: 1417925544865.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Court is now in session for the trial of Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch. How does the Defense plead?


Mia Fey 863705

File: 1417925726513.gif (396.59 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

Not Guilty. For both!

Princess Celestia 863708

File: 1417925897985.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Very well then. Is the Prosecution ready?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863710

File: 1417925959984.gif (187.4 KB, 960x640, Animation_019.gif)

The Prosecution is indeed ready, Your Highness.

Princess Celestia 863711

File: 1417926073937.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Good then. Prosecutor Edgeworth, your opening statement, if you'd please.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863713

File: 1417926213357.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

Right away, Your Highness.

There are two ponies found guilty of one crime. Today, we stand in court to decide their fates. The Defense must defend both Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch. Bon Bon is accused of poisoning the chocolates given to the Victim. I would like to take the time to remind the court that Bon Bon has once been accused of a similar crime of passion. Vinyl Scratch is accused of assaulting the Victim. Together, this resulted in the end of the Victim’s life. One of these crimes is illegitimate. Through testimony and evidence evaluation, we shall discover the truth. The Defense is able to call up any witnesses they wish. The Defense will call up all the witnesses for this case, but one. For I shall now call to the stand, Detective Gumshoe, to testify about the Secondary run of the Investigation. All evidence used in prior days of trial are still applicable, as well as testimonies. Now, without further adieu, let us begin the process of finding the truth.

Detective Gumshoe 863716

File: 1417926343809.gif (272.71 KB, 960x640, Gumshoe Speak.gif)

Detective Gumshoe on the scene pal!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863719

File: 1417926429531.gif (978.57 KB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

(The Detective doesn't look well today, despite his conviction... Depriving him of those noodles may not have been an excellent idea after all.)

Detective, your testimony please.

Detective Gumshoe 863721

Right away Mr. Edgeworth!

>[Witness Testimony]<

1. After the verdict was given, Mr. Edgeworth was very dissatisfied.
2. We were sure that something, somewhere was incorrect!
3. He told me that I would have to miss my noodle break for the day… It made me pretty sad pal.
4. We decided to reinvestigate the crime-scene and surrounding areas, looking for anything that could help explain what happened.
5. Eventually, we found a bottle of poison!
6. Mr. Edgeworth’s logic seemed to be right, but we could never figure out how or why the bottle was at the scene.
7. We proceeded with the investigation by talking to some ponies that knew the defendants.
8. They were all shell-shocked pal… none of them could believe either of the two could commit such crimes…
9. There was one pony, who doesn’t want to be named at this time, however, that said that Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch had been acting very differently lately.
10. I don’t really know what she meant… but she was serious about it pal! I could swear on it!
11. Even after the investigations were done, we were still confused pal. The two crimes both contradict and supplement each other. Its like combining ramen noodles with cold water, pal! It just doesn't seem right!


Detective Gumshoe 863723

File: 1417926561447.gif (1.31 MB, 960x640, GumshoeSpeak.gif)

Princess Celestia 863726

File: 1417926651337.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

I see you've wasted no time in preparing your testimony, Detective. Defense, your Cross-examination please.

Mia Fey 863727

File: 1417926717185.gif (46.64 KB, 256x192, Cross-examination.gif)

Of course

Guy Eldoon 863733

File: 1417926887905.gif (142.09 KB, 256x192, eldoon-normal(b).gif)


>11. Even after the investigations were done, we were still confused pal. The two crimes both contradict and supplement each other. Its like combining ramen noodles with cold water, pal! It just doesn't seem right!

That's because you didn't add enough salt.
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Guy Eldoon 863734

File: 1417926974000.gif (114.05 KB, 256x192, eldoon-harmonica.gif)


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Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863736

File: 1417927077109.gif (64.78 KB, 960x640, Animation_009.gif)

God damn it my sides

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863738

File: 1417927326124.png (141.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_asking.png)

>5. Eventually, we found a bottle of poison!

Detective Gumshoe.
Was Octavia's death the result of poisoning or blunt force trauma? Surely you've conducted tests?

Mia Fey 863739

File: 1417927326807.gif (851.82 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

>5. Eventually, we found a bottle of poison!
You're telling me professional Crime Scene Investigators missed it? Those TV shows don't ever show them missing anything.

Detective Gumshoe 863740

File: 1417927399305.gif (643.26 KB, 960x640, GumshoeScratch.gif)

Ya see... Autopsy Reports were inconclusive... There was poison in the body, that's for sure, but we don't know if that was what killed her or not.

Detective Gumshoe 863741

File: 1417927432215.gif (1.49 MB, 960x640, GumshoeAngrySpeak.gif)

It happens okay? Sometimes when you rush, you miss the most obscure things! It was really well hidden pal!

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863743

File: 1417927493529.png (142.24 KB, 640x480, ayathinking_questioning.png)

But the autopsy states death was instantaneous. The poison couldn't have been strong enough to kill someone instantly, could it?

Mia Fey 863744

File: 1417927496884.gif (45.39 KB, 960x640, Animation_002.gif)

(Hidden with intent, then. Interesting.)

Detective Gumshoe 863745

File: 1417927547310.gif (643.26 KB, 960x640, GumshoeScratch.gif)

The poison, in the correct dose, could kill someone instantly. It's unknown how much she actually may have taken in.

Mia Fey 863746

File: 1417927655765.gif (1.36 MB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

The reports also say the poison was in the bon-bons, did it not?

Detective Gumshoe 863747

File: 1417927834557.gif (1.31 MB, 960x640, GumshoeSpeak.gif)

Yeah pal, that's right!

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863749

File: 1417927867239.png (140.61 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_questioning.png)

Do you know whether or not the poison killed her instantly?

Detective Gumshoe 863750

File: 1417927964908.gif (262.14 KB, 960x640, GumshoeSadSpeak.gif)

Like I said, the Autopsy report was inconclusive pal... They weren't able to tell.. It's really weird, they we're all like "The body's composition doesn't make sense. The cause of death doesn't make sense. Nothing makes sense!" It wasn't a good day at the office...

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863751

File: 1417928007971.png (142.22 KB, 640x480, ayathinking_thinking.png)

Hmm... Then I might know how she died.

She died instantly, right?

Detective Gumshoe 863752

File: 1417928124549.gif (643.26 KB, 960x640, GumshoeScratch.gif)

That's right

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863754

File: 1417928389290.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

Exactly what are you thinking, Miss Shameimaru?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863755

File: 1417928432110.png (161.39 KB, 640x480, ayadesk_determined.png)


The points we need to consider here are these;
1. The poison may have killed Octavia instantly.
2. Blunt force trauma may not have killed Octavia instantly.
3. We know for sure Octavia died instantly.

Taking these into account, something comes up. It's not very strong, but it's a thought. Poison was found inside Octavia's system, which takes either the poison or the blunt force trauma completely out of the picture.

If it was the poison that killed her, then the assault must have been after Octavia died.

If it was the blunt force trauma, she must have been killed, and then poison was administered.

However... If the poison killed Octavia instantly, Vinyl could not be the culprit. The poison would have had to have taken effect first, as it assumedly kills instantly - it’s highly unlikely she was assaulted by Vinyl and then proceeded to ingest poison. If this isn't the case, then the poison must not have killed her.

Detective Gumshoe. We need to know whether or not her wounds was suffered post or ante-mortem. Any information you could possibly have.

1/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863756

File: 1417928610208.gif (632.67 KB, 960x640, Animation_017.gif)


1/2 Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863757

File: 1417928733793.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

Miss Shameimaru, the Witnesses in the past have clearly spoken about Miss Melody as if she was alive right before the blunt force trauma was administered. However, I'm afraid the Detective is wrong. A recent autopsy report shows that death was, in fact, not instantaneous. My apologies on giving the court outdated evidence.

??? 863758

File: 1417928797089.gif (42.35 KB, 260x192, bubble-(ani)objection.gif)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863759

File: 1417928844712.png (126.41 KB, 640x480, ayaready_cornered1.png)

(I can just feel this case sloooooowly slipping backwards.)



Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863760

File: 1417928923395.gif (147.76 KB, 960x640, Animation_018.gif)


Mia Fey 863763

File: 1417928976754.gif (992.49 KB, 960x640, Animation_009.gif)

Here we go...

??? 863764

File: 1417929069930.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


Sorry, but you're not getting away with that one again. I read over the transcripts from the last case. Not only did your forensics team fail to perform a toxicology report during the initial investigation, but had you provided that information from the start instead of trying so hard to hide it, you could have avoided an entire mistrial. You'll forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical of taking your word for it. Let's see this new autopsy.

Manfred von Karma 863765

File: 1417929135115.gif (210.28 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

(I... I can sense it... A disturbance in a courtroom... a random outburst that was unexpected and unwarranted...)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863766

File: 1417929136925.png (125.97 KB, 640x480, ayaready_dumbfounded.png)

Hey Mia, how many lawyers signed up for this side of the bench, again?

Manfred von Karma 863767

File: 1417929234374.gif (210.28 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

(Body tensing... Migraines raging... Bullets sweating... I CAN NO LONGER CONTROL MYSELF)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863769

File: 1417929331210.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

Ah, what a pleasant surprise it is to see you in this Courtroom. I was not aware you were a part of the Defense, Miss Castillo Yew.

Mia Fey 863770

File: 1417929365751.gif (992.49 KB, 960x640, Animation_009.gif)

I dunno. After all I've experienced, I've learned its better not to question things unless it tries to hit you in the head with something.

(Is it just me, or did an intense feeling of rage sweep through the courtroom...)

1/2 Callisto Yew 863771

File: 1417929411442.gif (195.65 KB, 256x192, snicker.gif)



Mia Fey 863773

File: 1417929430087.gif (202.27 KB, 960x640, Animation_018.gif)

Not Castillo Yew!


Who's Castillo Yew???

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863774

File: 1417929467887.png (126.77 KB, 640x480, ayaready_annoyed1.png)

Before any of that happens, you have a completely new autopsy report and yet still have not been able to ascertain whether or not it was blunt force trauma or poisoning?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863775

File: 1417929519249.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)


2/2 Callisto Yew 863777

File: 1417929606869.gif (335.05 KB, 200x200, cackles.gif~c200)


What's with that look, Edgeworth? Honestly I thought you'd be more surprised to see me. Still trying to act cool all the time, I see.


Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863778

File: 1417929631530.png (125.51 KB, 640x480, ayaready_annoyed.png)

... I... I could be reporting news right now...

Guys... can we...

Mia Fey 863779

File: 1417929654236.gif (1.4 MB, 960x640, Animation_015.gif)



Who is that though, really??

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863780

File: 1417929793228.gif (248.97 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

I'm half expecting Agent Lang to show up at this point. My mannerisms never do change. Though I see your identity, and status of arrest do.

Were you not in jail?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863784

File: 1417930166585.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

Anyways, I will now submit the updated Autopsy Report.

Exhibit 1. Autopsy Report
Octavia was hit in the back of the head; death was not instantaneous. She had also ingested some poison, that, at the right dosage, is capable of instantly murdering a living being. Actual time of death is estimated to be between 4:55 PM and 5:05 PM, after her concert. True cause of death is unknown, although it is a fact that there are bruises on the body and poison in the system. True cause of BFT, unknown. It is likely that the poison and BFT somehow both led to the victim’s demise.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863786

File: 1417930257059.png (141.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_asking.png)

Blunt force trauma is generally an extremely violent act that would kill anyone instantly. How is it possible that for an act of passion she was only hit with blunt force slightly traumatic?

Calisto Yew 863787

File: 1417930275676.gif (104.82 KB, 256x192, speakingsmug.gif)


Oh, I was yeah. Until I got the axe. Pretty close to literally. Turns out you get thrown under the bus pretty hard when Alba's involved. So I ended up here... somehow. Still figuring that one out.

... Anyway, they said something about being a blank slate here. Frankly I could care less, but I'm not one to pass up a fresh start. So, I figured I'd give this Defense Attorney thing a try for real. I've been waiting for a chance to match wits with you again ever since I caught wind of your... exploits.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863790

File: 1417930399470.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

I was not the one who investigated the body. I'm afraid that as it stands, this is a small, but irrelevant logical issue. It will solve itself in due time. I am sure of it.

My exploits? Please, elaborate.

1/2 Calisto Yew 863791

File: 1417930442895.gif (40.83 KB, 256x192, turnaway.gif)


Playing dumb? That's a new one for you, Edgeworth.

2/2 Calisto Yew 863793

File: 1417930491328.gif (219.85 KB, 256x192, laughingspeech.gif)


This isn't your first trial here, is it?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863795

File: 1417930532037.png (141.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_asking.png)

Where were the bruises on Octavia's body?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863796

File: 1417930574445.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

Why, of course not. I am the Chief Prosecutor, you know. I don't believe they let rookies up into my position.

They were primarily found on the head and neck with smaller bruises on other parts of the body.

Calisto Yew 863797

File: 1417930643499.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


> She had also ingested some poison, that, at the right dosage, is capable of instantly murdering a living being.

At the right dosage, huh? And just how much poison was in the victim's system?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863799

File: 1417930815936.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

The correct amount is unknown. But it is estimated that about 1-5 ml was in the body. It takes about 5.5 ml to instantly kill someone. This is a poison that we've never really dealt with before, especially back at home.

Calisto Yew 863801

File: 1417930909578.gif (104.82 KB, 256x192, speakingsmug.gif)


1-5 mL? That's quite a range considering how relevant the dosage is to the victim's cause of death.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863803

File: 1417930987962.gif (217.53 KB, 960x640, Animation_001.gif)

Trust me, there will be severe staff restructuring once this case is over. I will see to it.

Mia Fey 863804

File: 1417931006299.gif (1.36 MB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

Do we still have the box of bon-bons?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863807

File: 1417931221716.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

Why do you ask?

Mia Fey 863808

File: 1417931321333.gif (885.45 KB, 960x640, Animation_001.gif)

Perhaps a closer look can help us determine how many were taken out, and get an estimate as to how much was ingested through that.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863810

File: 1417931428300.png (153.43 KB, 640x480, ayaevidencepresent_asking.png)

Hmph. It's stated that she was bleeding from the top of her head. Coagulation occurs after around 15 minutes, and this occurred while it was 5:15 PM.

Mr. Edgeworth, this narrows it down to in between 5:00 and 5:05 PM. I also must ask how it's possible for neither poison nor assault to kill Octavia instantly. Even if we assume she only ingested 1ml, that's most likely sufficient to kill her in a faster time than 5 minutes considering how five times that amount will kill you instantly.

Calisto Yew 863812

File: 1417931802451.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


This brings up another interesting point, actually.

How exactly were the candies poisoned? Was the poison located within them? Or merely on the surface?

Mia Fey 863813

File: 1417931876018.gif (885.45 KB, 960x640, Animation_001.gif)

I've heard that there are certain ways to prepare food with poison as well. This is another possibility.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863814

File: 1417931891319.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

There have been 7 consumed bon-bons out of the baker's dozen. That much is certain. The bottle we found was capable of holding 100 mL of any liquid substance.

Miss Shameimaru, do remember that times are estimated. I could just as easily stretch the time backward to 4:50 PM and the coagulation theory would work.

I'm afraid you don't have sufficient evidence to prove that the times are as you say. Regardless, even if the poison is the true killer, we know that there was some kind of struggle between Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.

The poison was within the candies in question.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863815

File: 1417931939166.png (134.75 KB, 640x480, ayaevidence_happy.png)

Oh, and when we're done, I have this excellent cream bun recipe.

Mia Fey 863819

File: 1417932023091.gif (851.82 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

Within? Like, as in a jelly filled donu-


(I should have had breakfast...)

Anyways, perhaps an examination of the 6 remaining candies can tell us how much a single bon-bon can hold.

Calisto Yew 863820

File: 1417932060991.gif (205.63 KB, 256x192, mirrorspeak.gif)


I trust you analyzed the bottle, then? Was the poison inside it the same as the one within the bonbons?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863821

File: 1417932078452.gif (187.4 KB, 960x640, Animation_019.gif)

Allow me to do the math for you.

It indeed was.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863822

File: 1417932401166.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

There are 13 bonbons. Let us assume that 25 mL of poison was in the bottle before the poison was put into the bonbons. There was only 21 mL of the poison left when we found it. Some of it may have been disposed though. These may not be the most accurate numbers, however if there was 4 mL across all 13 bonbons, that would mean they each hold about ~0.31 mL of poison.

Mia Fey 863823

File: 1417932520459.gif (851.82 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

So if seven were eaten, that means...

Around 2 mL of poison were ingested, right?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863824

File: 1417932544247.gif (187.4 KB, 960x640, Animation_019.gif)

That would be correct.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863826

File: 1417932655445.png (125.97 KB, 640x480, ayaready_dumbfounded.png)

You're saying Octavia carried on her merry way ingesting poisoned bon bons when 5ml will kill you instantly? She didn't notice anything was wrong around the fifth bon bon?

Calisto Yew 863827

File: 1417932691049.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


How about the bottle? Any forensics there?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863828

File: 1417932761002.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

The poison is reportedly a sweet substance. She might have just thought it was too much sugar.

All that is known is that it is capable of holding 100 mL of any liquid, and that about 21 mL was found in the bottle during our investigation. It matches the type found in the bonbons.

Mia Fey 863829

File: 1417932881355.gif (1.36 MB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

I think there'd be more suspicion arising just from the taste!

A poison that volatile would surely have ill effects on the body at half the lethal dose.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863831

File: 1417932938167.gif (632.67 KB, 960x640, Animation_017.gif)

Well, I'd ask the victim to come up to the stand, and have her tell us if she felt something wrong or not, but unfortunately, she seems preoccupied at the moment.

Princess Celestia 863835

File: 1417933004030.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

I'm afraid this line of questioning is dragging on for much longer than it needs to. Does the Defense have any objections? If not, it would be in the Court's best interest that you move on.

Calisto Yew 863841

File: 1417933258906.gif (59.12 KB, 256x192, standingsmug.gif)


Actually, Your Honor, I do have one more question I feel is relevant at this time.

Edgeworth. What are the exact effects of this poison? What symptoms does it produce and how does it affect the body?

Mia Fey 863844

File: 1417933403875.gif (1.36 MB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

Hold on...

Your Honor, I believe I'm on to something.

Edgeworth, did you say the bottle could hold up to 100mL? Is there reason to believe it did not fill up to the brim?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863851

File: 1417933663534.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

The poison is known to be a silent killer. Those who consume the poison are doomed as there is no known cure. The poison, like others, attack tissues in the body. This poison essentially works its way through the body, until the victim falls unconscious, and within time, subsequently dies.

The only reason we have to believe that the fluid did not fill up to the brim is that we found it in a state where only 21 mL was left. It is a likely possibility that the bottle was slightly drained after the murderer had mixed it in. It is unknown why the bottle is at the scene in the first place. It is quite mysterious.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863855

File: 1417933792971.gif (62.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_005.gif)

In other words Miss Fey, a endless amount of possibilities are available to us in this particular situation. There is a line that indicates 25 mL however, and forensics have concluded that it was at the very least, filled up to that.

Calisto Yew 863857

File: 1417933818312.gif (205.63 KB, 256x192, mirrorspeak.gif)


Which tissues exactly? Muscles? Organs? Bone? Different poisons act on the body in different ways.

Mia Fey 863858

File: 1417933830414.gif (1.4 MB, 960x640, Animation_015.gif)

The bottle could have had been filled up to the brim, and the 79 mL could have been spread through all 13 candies, making the dosage a lethal 6 mL.

In light of this possibility, I think it's worth it to test the uneaten bon-bons!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863861

File: 1417934050617.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

You speak too soon, Miss Fey. We have concluded that there was 4 mL spread across all the candies. The forensics team has already run their examination on it. Also, if the dosage was a lethal 6 mL, she would not have been able to eat seven of the candies, as 5.5 mL is about enough to instantly kill someone.

There is no need for a rexamination.

It attacks Organ Tissue. It is reported that the victims do not feel their death, and report no symptoms. As previously stated, it is a silent killer.

Calisto Yew 863865

File: 1417934179820.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


Which organs suffered the most damage?

Mia Fey 863867

File: 1417934221553.gif (456.42 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)

(Dammit! Typical Edgeworth, holding evidence to make someone look like an idiot!)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863870

File: 1417934303250.gif (140.29 KB, 960x640, Animation_003.gif)

It was the brain and stomach that suffered the most damage. It is likely that the stomach suffered due to the ingestion, and the brain as that is what this poison attacks, quite clearly.

Princess Celestia 863872

File: 1417934370892.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

I'm inclined to agree with Prosecutor Edgeworth. There is no need for a rexamination of the candies.

Now, I see no reason to doubt that Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch are guilty. The Defense has been mulling over the facts, instead of defending their clients. Please, I heavily suggest moving on.

Calisto Yew 863873

File: 1417934620566.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


Very well, Your Honor, I merely request one point of clarification before we move on.


Just to clarify... are you saying this poison is a Neurotoxin, Edgeworth?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863874

File: 1417934758767.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

That is the only logical conclusion, as the Brain was one of the organs that suffered the most damage. This poison has seldom appeared, meaning there hasn't been many chances to study it. So it is unknown for sure whether or not this poison is a Neurotoxin.

1/3 Calisto Yew 863875

File: 1417934836329.gif (219.85 KB, 256x192, laughingspeech.gif)



Princess Celestia 863876

File: 1417934878566.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

What is it, Miss Yew?

2/3 Calisto Yew 863877

File: 1417934885452.gif (335.05 KB, 200x200, cackles.gif~c200)

Mia Fey 863879

File: 1417935125044.gif (992.49 KB, 960x640, Animation_009.gif)

Edgeworth, is this her lovable character trait or something?

Princess Celestia 863880

File: 1417935139116.gif (1.27 MB, 256x192, (b)suprised.gif)

Mr. Edgeworth... does she do this a lot?

3/3 Calisto Yew 863881

File: 1417935207974.gif (52.4 KB, 256x192, callistosides.gif)



I'd think you of all people ought to have picked up on this, Edgeworth. The brain isn't directly connected to the digestive system. If this poison damaged the victim's stomach, it's unlikely her body could absorb enough of it to affect her brain without her body reacting. And if it's strictly a neurotoxin, then there shouldn't be any damage to her stomach. Those types of neurotoxins merely affect the way the brain sends signals to the rest of the body. Looks like your forensics team missed something again.
This post was edited by its author on .

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863882

File: 1417935236998.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

...I have no comment on the matter. I just wish for her to compose herself, and say something already.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863883

File: 1417935382351.gif (978.57 KB, 960x640, Animation_012.gif)

I see my logic was flawed. This is a mere small error in my otherwise solid logic. I spoke on behalf of the forensics team. They could not specify what exactly the poison was. As I said before, it has not been studied extensively.

Perhaps you should listen more carefully instead of bursting into laughter.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863884

File: 1417935586722.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

Might I just say that the Defense has done an ill job of defending their clients? As her Highness as said, the Defense is wasting time mulling over the facts. The Defense hasn't done anything to clear the names, only to shift the guilt onto one mare moreso than the other.

Calisto Yew 863886

File: 1417935660837.gif (219.85 KB, 256x192, laughingspeech.gif)


Fwwwbbbt. Small? I beg to differ. With noticeable damage to two different systems of organs, it's likely that there's another poison at work here, or at the very least a missing factor in the victim's death. If we want to know who's responsible, we have to know exactly how our victim died first. You aren't going to find your precious "truth" with all these loose ends lying about, Edgeworth.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863888

File: 1417935765625.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

Is it not possible that the concoction that was ingested is in fact a mixture of two poisons? I am no chemist, of course. No evidence has been found showing a secondary poison bottle, nor a second poison in the body. Your statement contradicts the evidence in a rather foolhardy way.

Princess Celestia 863889

File: 1417936130617.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

I'm inclined to agree with Prosecutor Edgeworth, I'm afraid. Defense, I'm afraid, if you wish to pursue this line of questioning further, you'll need sufficient reason to do so. There is much else to this case, and I'd prefer it if Prosecutor Edgeworth and I wouldn't have to be even more unorthodox than we currently are being, and have a day 5 of trial.

Mia Fey 863891

File: 1417936449484.gif (885.45 KB, 960x640, Animation_001.gif)

The defense will comply.

We'll finish our cross examination shortly.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863893

File: 1417936468474.gif (140.54 KB, 960x640, Animation_016.gif)

In a time like this, I would bring up a witness, but the Defense is calling the witnesses today. They can call anyone to their heart's content.

Calisto Yew 863897

File: 1417936923774.gif (205.63 KB, 256x192, mirrorspeak.gif)

Very well, I suppose we should get back to business.

>11. Even after the investigations were done, we were still confused pal. The two crimes both contradict and supplement each other. Its like combining ramen noodles with cold water, pal! It just doesn't seem right!

When you say the crimes "contradict" each other, what do you mean exactly, Detective?

Detective Gumshoe 863898

File: 1417937066789.gif (643.26 KB, 960x640, GumshoeScratch.gif)

They kinda just... shouldn't work together, y'know? I said that before we got the new Autopsy though... so it makes a little more sense now.

Calisto Yew 863901

File: 1417937469908.gif (104.82 KB, 256x192, speakingsmug.gif)


I see...


>9. There was one pony, who doesn’t want to be named at this time, however, that said that Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch had been acting very differently lately.

Well, if they have information concerning the behavior of both of our defendants, I think it would be pertinent to hear from this witness.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863903

File: 1417937543310.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

The witness' name was given out during an investigation yesterday. The witness is Rarity. Her testimony is quite unique one.

Princess Celestia 863905

File: 1417937670296.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Does the Defense wish to hear from Rarity?

Calisto Yew 863906

File: 1417937794527.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


We would, Your Honor.

Princess Celestia 863907

File: 1417937936070.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Bailiff, please go fetch Rarity

Mia Fey 863908

That's a neat gif

Rarity 863909

File: 1417938075025.png (51.79 KB, 586x302, rarity_bows_by_terton_the_shin…)

Why, hello there everyone. I must say, I'm not too happy to be in here once more. I see the decor in this place never changes.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 863910

File: 1417938152253.gif (2.08 MB, 960x640, Animation_014.gif)

Witness, the Defense has called you upon the stand. Please, testify for the court.

1/3 Calisto Yew 863912

File: 1417938314320.gif (219.85 KB, 256x192, laughingspeech.gif)



2/3 Calisto Yew 863914

File: 1417938362811.gif (40.83 KB, 256x192, turnaway.gif)


(That... that prissy attitude...)

3/3 Calisto Yew 863916

File: 1417938592547.gif (219.85 KB, 256x192, laughingspeech.gif)


Yes... Witness. According to the Detective... you claim that both of the defendants had been acting differently than normal recently...

Please... testify... about ... just what was so odd about their behavior...

Rarity 863919

File: 1417938809927.png (226.6 KB, 871x916, rarity_by_hokutto-d4tydi7.png)

Very well, Mr. Edgeworth.


>1. Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and Bon Bon had been in a love triangle for quite sometime
>2. I became Octavia's closest confidant when Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch started to turn on her
>3. Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon had been getting closer and closer with each other as they cast out Octavia
>4. Around December, there seemed to be something that had changed the hearts of all three ponies
>5. Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon began plotting on how to get rid of Octavia
>6. The bottle of poison belongs to Bon Bon, I've seen her use it for other substances before
>7. I never thought she would ever have a nefarious bone in her body, but she changed
>8. So did Vinyl Scratch. Her music changed drastically in overall tone.
>9. They both started to be much more cruel around other ponies
>10. They even started to see other ponies too, and crush their hearts
>11. Octavia was a constant problem though, always reaching out to them, always meddling with their plans
>12. Octavia was different in the regard that she was much less emotional.
>13. On some days, she seemed completely drained
>14. She was at her worst the day after the final letter was sent.
>15. Vinyl, Bon Bon, please, I beg you, just confess what you did and didn't do, and make this easier for yourselves and everypony else!

Princess Celestia 863921

File: 1417938962365.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

I'm afraid that's all we have time for for today. Something urgent has come up and I am needed elsewhere. We will continue this trial at the earliest possible convenience. Until then, Court is now Adjourned!

Something just came up, really sorry guys.

Day 5? Can we do that?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863922

File: 1417939055732.png (126.41 KB, 640x480, ayaready_cornered1.png)

I literally just got back
for the trial to adjourn


Princess Celestia 863923

File: 1417939119603.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

I'm really sorry! Please forgive me! I hope I was an okay Judge for today...

Mia Fey 863925

I would honestly r8 you 8/8

And thats not jut for dank memes either.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863926


Oh yeah, you were great. Did you make those gifs?

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Princess Celestia 863928

File: 1417939379155.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

I custom made the shocked one, but otherwise, I got them all from some rar file on a website. Now I seriously have to go

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 863929

k see ya

SFX 869057

File: 1419049739504.png (219.79 KB, 960x640, 1396724669961.png)

>[February 21st, 2029]<
>[Courtroom Lobby No. 2]<

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869058

File: 1419049887656.gif (339.53 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(a).gif)

(In this bloody courthouse once more for a fifth day of trial... how ludicrous. I wish that we could simply end things here and now, but more needs to be done to find the truth.)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869059

File: 1419049910600.png (152.62 KB, 640x480, ayaconcerned_ready.png)

Well... Here we are again.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869061

File: 1419049979822.gif (239.26 KB, 960x640, Animation_022.gif)

Miss Shameimaru. I see we meet once more. I assume you've prepared for this final day of trial.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869062

File: 1419050050231.png (162.33 KB, 640x480, ayarecalling_normal.png)

I'll assume you did, too.
We're hoping this is the last day, right?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869063

File: 1419050142422.gif (304.39 KB, 960x640, Animation_032.gif)

Yes, that is what we are hoping... unfortunately, the Princess can do as she pleases... so if the trial needs to be extended... We'll be here for the rest of eternity.

Simon Blackquill 869064

File: 1419050232081.gif (284.69 KB, 553x326, Blackquill_Smug_4.gif)

I see you're quite ecstatic about this, Chief Prosecutor.

Calisto Yew 869065

File: 1419050272144.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


Always the gloomy one, aren't you, Edgeworth?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869068

File: 1419050415634.gif (304.39 KB, 960x640, Animation_032.gif)

Oh both of you spare me from your criticisms. I do believe the trial is due to convene soon. Focus on that, not me.

The Bateman 869071

File: 1419050552838.jpg (5.74 KB, 174x206, 1415501131198.jpg)

That's right. Get in the Courtroom, for I demand it. Where's antenna boy?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869072

File: 1419050660224.png (154.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_happy.png)

He's never here.

Alright then. Last day of court!

The Real Phoenix Wright 869073

File: 1419050696697.gif (16.09 KB, 256x192, 2DGrin.gif)

He's back at the Agency, scrubbing the toilets. We here at the Wright Anything Agency believe in sparkly clean restrooms!

Princess Celestia 869076

File: 1419050861349.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Court is now in session for the Fifth day of the trial of Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch. Assuming that the Defense continues to plead Not Guilty, Mr. Edgeworth, would you please deliver your opening statement?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869077

File: 1419050897517.gif (123.58 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(b).gif)

Right away, Your Highness.

Opening Statement Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869080

File: 1419051011950.gif (123.58 KB, 256x192, miles-normal(b).gif)

The Prosecution would like to state that this case has made no significant progress in its previous day of trial. A decisive witness, Rarity, was called to the stand, before the Court had unfortunately run out of time. The Prosecution would prefer it if we were allowed to call the witness back to the stand, post-haste.

Princess Celestia 869082

File: 1419051107377.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Hmm... Does the Defense have any objections?

The Real Phoenix Wright 869088

File: 1419051775944.gif (69.12 KB, 256x192, 2DSweat.gif)

N-No... We don't... At least... I don't think...

Princess Celestia 869090

File: 1419051817840.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

Mr. Wright, you don't seem to sure about that.

Calisto Yew 869091

File: 1419051975275.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


The Defense has no objections, Your Honor.

The Real Phoenix Wright 869092

File: 1419052017516.gif (69.12 KB, 256x192, 2DSweat.gif)

W-What s-she said...

Princess Celestia 869093

File: 1419052120353.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Understood. Bailiff, please fetch Rarity.

The Bateman 869094

File: 1419052168892.gif (144.63 KB, 272x267, 1414674262632.gif)

Right away.

Rarity 869095

File: 1419052216563.png (208.98 KB, 1024x1024, RarityVector.png)

I believe you rang for me once more?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869098

File: 1419052312476.gif (697.82 KB, 256x192, miles-point(b).gif)

Witness. Name and occupation, please.

Rarity 869099

File: 1419052387389.png (51.79 KB, 586x302, rarity_bows_by_terton_the_shin…)

My name is Rarity, fashion designer extraordinaire!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869100

File: 1419052444600.gif (697.82 KB, 256x192, miles-point(b).gif)

Witness, is it true that you have testimony that can make the two defendants admit their guilt, if any?

Rarity 869103

File: 1419052525383.png (229.78 KB, 900x1351, rarity_vector_by_unrealtoast-d…)

Indeed. That is correct. Shall we get on with the proceedings, Mr. Edgeworth? I'd prefer not to be in the company for the court. Needless to say, it brings back rather unfortunate memories. Those of a man in black trying to convict me for a crime I never did.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869104

File: 1419052588710.gif (200.79 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(b).gif)

You'll have to excuse him. He's still being readjusted.

Pay no mind to past occurrences, Witness. I bid you, testify once more to the court.

Rarity 869105

File: 1419052720853.png (245.56 KB, 900x1571, rarity_the_celldweller_fangirl…)

>1. Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and Bon Bon had been in a love triangle for quite sometime
>2. I became Octavia's closest confidant when Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch started to turn on her
>3. Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon had been getting closer and closer with each other as they cast out Octavia
>4. Around December, there seemed to be something that had changed the hearts of all three ponies
>5. Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon began plotting on how to get rid of Octavia
>6. The bottle of poison belongs to Bon Bon, I've seen her use it for other substances before
>7. I never thought she would ever have a nefarious bone in her body, but she changed
>8. So did Vinyl Scratch. Her music changed drastically in overall tone.
>9. They both started to be much more cruel around other ponies
>10. They even started to see other ponies too, and crush their hearts
>11. Octavia was a constant problem though, always reaching out to them, always meddling with their plans
>12. Octavia was different in the regard that she was much less emotional.
>13. On some days, she seemed completely drained
>14. She was at her worst the day after the final letter was sent.
>15. Vinyl, Bon Bon, please, I beg you, just confess what you did and didn't do, and make this easier for yourselves and everypony else!


Princess Celestia 869107

File: 1419052801585.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Defense, your cross-examination, if you will.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869108

File: 1419052846660.png (161.4 KB, 640x480, ayadesk_normal.png)


Got it, your Honour.

Calisto Yew 869109

File: 1419052871205.gif (46.64 KB, 256x192, bubble-(ani)crossexamination.g…)


Well then I certainly hope the irony of the situation is not lost on you.


Right away, Your Honor.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869110

>5. Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon began plotting on how to get rid of Octavia

How exactly did you know this, Ms. Rarity?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869111

File: 1419052905902.png (141.05 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_asking.png)

Rarity 869112

File: 1419053049290.png (235.74 KB, 1600x878, my_little_vector___rarity_by_r…)

Why, it's simple, is it not? I was a confidant. I did prying of my own. Curiosity kills.

Calisto Yew 869113

File: 1419053055792.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


>6. The bottle of poison belongs to Bon Bon, I've seen her use it for other substances before


You've seen her use it before, you say? For what purpose, exactly?

Rarity 869114

File: 1419053114908.png (208.98 KB, 1024x1024, RarityVector.png)

The bottle wasn't always filled with poison, but I've seen the bottle used for other substances, like sweeteners and creams.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869115

File: 1419053358601.png (153.72 KB, 640x480, ayalistening_asking.png)

>10. They even started to see other ponies too, and crush their hearts
This is the first we've heard of this. What do you mean?

Rarity 869117

File: 1419053521945.png (235.74 KB, 1600x878, my_little_vector___rarity_by_r…)

What I said is what I meant, Miss. I have no intention of lying to the courtroom. I have nothing to hide. They were simply malicious, and almost destroying the love ponies had for each other.

1/2 Calisto Yew 869118

File: 1419053535741.gif (275.25 KB, 256x192, makeup2.gif)


... !

So it's been filled with other substances before...

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869119

File: 1419053669649.gif (339.53 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(a).gif)

(What is she up to...? Should I wait and see what happens, or object for the sake of stopping her thinking..?)

2/2 Calisto Yew 869121

File: 1419053866337.gif (205.63 KB, 256x192, mirrorspeak.gif)


Then my next question is for you, Mr. Edgeworth: How exactly did your investigation team determine what a lethal dose of the substance in this bottle would be?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869122

File: 1419053889311.png (142.54 KB, 640x480, ayathinking_asking.png)

Also, Mr. Edgeworth, funny question for you; what colour was the bottle, exactly?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869124

File: 1419054157709.gif (697.82 KB, 256x192, miles-point(b).gif)

I'd like to ask a few of my own questions. What does the methods used by the investigatory team have anything to do with a case. The victim was, without a doubt, poisoned. I feel as though the death is concrete.

As for you, Miss Shameimaru, what does the mere colour of a bottle have anything to do with this case?

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869125

File: 1419054197400.png (141.19 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_disbelief.png)

Hmph. If it has nothing to do with the case, I don't see a reason to withhold the information.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869126

File: 1419054256661.png (126.41 KB, 640x480, ayaready_cornered1.png)

that and we can't see the bottle because it doesn't exist in image form

Princess Celestia 869127

File: 1419054322516.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

Defense... I'm afraid I'm confused...

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869129

File: 1419054360569.gif (200.79 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(b).gif)

Irrelevant questions do little but waste the Court's time, Miss Shameimaru. You should keep that in mind next time. The bottle was clear. Translucent.

1/2 Calisto Yew 869131

File: 1419054394837.gif (219.85 KB, 256x192, laughingspeech.gif)



As concrete as it was when you missed this poison completely in the original case? Had you answered the question back then, we might not even be here right now.

2/2 Calisto Yew 869133

File: 1419054548093.gif (104.82 KB, 256x192, speakingsmug.gif)


But I'll humor you: For as little as you know about this substance, you seem quite set on what constitutes a lethal dose. Especially odd given that this bottle doesn't normally contain poison. It's not as though you have a clear point of reference.

1/2 Princess Celestia 869134

File: 1419054568250.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Order! Order! Order!

2/2 Princess Celestia 869135

File: 1419054765826.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

I will now state the opinion of this Court.

The bottle does not matter. The death could have either been the assault or the bottle. If the Defense would like to shift the blame back to the assault, then so be it, however, there is no denying that Octavia Melody is still dead. There is also no one else that the Defense could possibly indict for the mare's death.

I would like to know where the Defense was going with this, and if I deem it necessary, I will allow you to proceed. If I deem it unnecessary, then I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board for you.

The Real Phoenix Wright 869140

File: 1419055916932.gif (57.63 KB, 256x192, 2DSweating.gif)

(Why do I still sign up for cases that have Shameimaru in them..? Apollo, you better make sure those toilets are cleaned... My stomach's definitely not feeling to happy right now..)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 869143

File: 1419056550847.gif (75 KB, 256x192, AAI_Judge_Thinking_2.gif)

The Defense is up to their old antics again, I see. This is why I hate being Judge.
Sometimes, at least.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869144

Now now, be patient. I brought this upon myself, I suppose. The Defense has time to figure it all out. At least, until all of us fall asleep. Which is a possibility for me, because long days are great. I suggest we all grab a cup of tea, and relax. It won't be that much longer now... I hope.

I need to never prosecute. ever again. I regret everything.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869146

File: 1419056978828.png (127.06 KB, 640x480, ayaready_cornered2.png)

(... Why is it so hard for me to just inquire about a bottle? It would have taken more time to ask me why I'm asking than to just tell me...)

yeah it's all Noctis' fault what a dork

Calisto Yew 869147

File: 1419056984818.gif (205.63 KB, 256x192, mirrorspeak.gif)


Your Honor, going off of the most recent autopsy results, something doesn't add up. Though the victim is most certainly dead, the Defense believes there is more to this poison than meets the eye. From our earlier inquiry into this poison, it seems as though most of the prosecution's knowledge of this poison has been drawn from observations of its postmortem effects on the victim. The prosecution has also stated, however, in no uncertain terms, that 5.5 mL of the substance would be, as they claim, "instantly fatal". So how is it that the prosecution was able to determine an instantly fatal dose to a poison whose full effects aren't completely understood and that were found in the victim's body in less than half of that amount? We are of the opinion that the investigation team has missed a key detail.

Princess Celestia 869148

File: 1419057094590.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

And I assume that the Defense has a theory about this detail? Prosecutor Edgeworth, what is your opinion on this matter?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869149

File: 1419057329046.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

The Prosecution... can not comment on the bottle, nor the poison... We have reached our conclusions through examining the body of the victim... but as the Detective said on the day before, the autopsy report was inconclusive... The Prosecution concedes that there is room for doubt in these calculations...

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869150

File: 1419057450013.gif (131.31 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(b).gif)

H-However! The Prosecution w-would like to remind the Court of the undeniable fact that the Victim was poisoned, assaulted, and as a result, is dead. The Prosecution would like to shift the blame of the actual death upon Vinyl Scratch!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869151

File: 1419057555771.gif (131.31 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(b).gif)

Your Highness, The Prosecution demands it call a witness to the stand! This is the only option remaining!

1/2 Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869152

Hold up there, hotshot.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869153

File: 1419057590203.png (141.17 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_aexasperated.png)

Princess Celestia 869154

File: 1419057596818.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Calisto Yew 869155

File: 1419057625960.gif (117.93 KB, 256x192, chuckle.gif)


Hee... hee... hee...
This post was edited by its author on .

Princess Celestia 869156

File: 1419057674894.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

The Court would like to hear what Mr. Edgeworth has to say.

Anymore outbursts of laughter, and I'll issue a penalty. Please, do your best to be civil in this court.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869158

File: 1419057922317.png (129.79 KB, 640x480, ayarecalling_dumbfounded.png)


theres a reason why people put 1/2 in the subject

now i cant finish it because you wont let me

itll stay 1/2 and i cant finish it

come on man

Princess Celestia 869159

File: 1419057973372.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

Sorry, sorry. I try my best... kinda didn't notice the 1/2 until after I posted, so I kinda went with it.

Princess Celestia 869160

File: 1419058010092.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

PS, this is also my first time as a judge... well, second time, first case. Forgive me for my ineptitude

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869161

File: 1419058074044.gif (131.31 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(b).gif)

Your Highness, don't penalize the Defense for their... demeanor... Such a thing is unnecessary. The Prosecution has no objections to it.

Regardless, the Prosecution would like to call Vinyl Scratch to the stand. She is accused of assaulting, and/or murdering the Victim, Octavia Melody. Her testimony could hold vital information! Not once has she spoken to this court!

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869162

File: 1419058076203.png (140.67 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_speechless.png)


Don't worry about it.
We're all just sleepy.
Not really, it's only Noctis that's sleepy.

Calisto Yew 869164

File: 1419058088322.gif (23.05 KB, 256x192, Callisto Damage.gif)


But Callisto without laughter is like Phoenix without finger pointing. It's just plain... Wrong.

Why so serious, Celly?

Princess Celestia 869165

File: 1419058177570.gif (900 KB, 256x192, (a)sad.gif)

He has a crappy schedule.[/?
] And he's also a scrub

[?]Sorry, sorry, I just thought that was a Princessy thing to do..

Calisto Yew 869166

File: 1419058264703.gif (148.72 KB, 256x192, laughing.gif)


Aww. Sticking up for me? How cute, Edgeworth.

Princess Celestia 869167

File: 1419058264863.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Mr. Edgeworth, this is rather odd for you, and you seem to be grasping at straws. Defense, how do you feel about the Witness being called up?

The Real Phoenix Wright 869171

File: 1419059715548.gif (57.63 KB, 256x192, 2DSweating.gif)

(D-Do we? I... I don't know anymore...)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869172

Calisto Yew 869173

File: 1419059767543.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


I don't think that will be necessary, Edgeworth. See, there's a rather glaring hole in the evidence:

The greatest tissue damage occurred to the brain, with some lesser damaging to the stomach. There are two primary ways for poison to reach the brain: Through the circulatory system, via direct injection into the bloodstream or via inhalation. We know for a fact that this poison, however, was ingested. In order for the poison to reach her brain it would first have to pass through her digestive system. This means it would take some time for the poison to take effect. It would take even longer considering the poison was laced into food.

This leads to another obvious contradiction: You claim that the poison is a silent killer, and beyond that, no one claims that the victim displayed any strange signs of discomfort. Considering the damage to her stomach, this is odd, as one of two things should have happened. The body's default reaction to ingesting potentially harmful substances is to induce vomiting. Even without this particular symptom, the poison damaged the lining of her stomach. Considering that she ingested the poison with food, her stomach would have been in full swing. Damage to the lining of the stomach while it was pumping acid around would have caused ulceration, and the stomach digesting itself is not a pleasant sensation. So why did neither of these situations occur?

The victim should not have died as quickly as she did from an ingested poison, and she experienced no symptoms from the damage to her stomach. The conclusion should be quite obvious: The poison that damaged Octavia's brain could not have come from Ms. Bon Bon or Ms. Scratch, because the real murder occurred well in advance, and this is when the neurotoxin was administered!

This entire case has been investigated from the wrong time frame!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869174

File: 1419060013494.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)


Manfred von Karma 869175

File: 1419060030077.gif (210.28 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

(I am sensing a large swelling of anger in the courtroom... Edgeworth... Give in to your anger... Roar at the top of your lungs! Assert your dominance over those pitiful attorneys!)

Princess Celestia 869176

File: 1419060177574.gif (1.27 MB, 256x192, (b)suprised.gif)

Miss Yew, I'm impressed! You've completely negated the entire case! Though, there is still the issue of the assault... But I suppose another court date will have to be assigned for that.

If there are no objections, I believe it is time to announce my long overdue verdict.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869177


Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869178

File: 1419060346968.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

T-THE PROSECUTION HAS NO OBJECTIONS AT THIS TIME, YOUR HIGHNESS. *grumble* What went wrong?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Something still isn't right... but I'm powerless to stop it!

W-WHAT IS IT NOW?! *grumble* The wall behind me looks pretty suitable for a head smashing right about now

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869179

File: 1419060943779.png (178.47 KB, 640x480, ayaobjection_outcry.png)

Wait just a second, your Honour. While there are more than sufficient grounds to find both Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch not guilty, there must be another party responsible for the poisonings.

There are two poisons, one neurological and one corrosive. Under these facts, there's no way that the neurotoxin would have killed her WHILE the corrosive poison damaged her stomach lining - unless, of course, it was administered to Octavia well before she ingested the poisoned bon bons!

If Bon Bon and Vinyl are not guilty, then there must be a guilty party. Logically, there's only one person who could have done it, and it would be Octavia Melody!

>12. Octavia was different in the regard that she was much less emotional.

>13. On some days, she seemed completely drained
>14. She was at her worst the day after the final letter was sent.

Octavia, spiralling into depression, simply could not handle it anymore. It all matches up; how the neurotoxin could have been administered long before she ingested the bon bons, why she displayed no symptoms, why she would let someone who hated her so much into her dressing room and everything else!

This was a suicide!


??? 869180

File: 1419060983253.gif (5.56 KB, 253x189, Medium_phoenix_wright_objectio…)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869181

File: 1419061033054.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

This... this just can't be...

??? 869182

...Heh...Heh...Heh... I can't believe how far away from the truth you are...

??? 869184

Octavia did not commit suicide. Octavia is very much alive. I will remain anonymous, but, I urge you to send a detective to take a look at the body at the morgue, and you will see what I mean. You are missing one essential part of the truth.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869185

File: 1419061640402.gif (200.79 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(b).gif)

...Detective, go check the morgue.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869186

File: 1419061691338.png (146.1 KB, 640x480, ayaready_bbloi.png)


Mm mm mm, nigga.
I will have you know I graduated from Changling University. I have a theoretical PhD on Changelings and see this here body? Ain't a changeling. That's 100% pony. Go ahead and lick it, does that taste like changeling? Nuh uh, thas' pony ass yo' dirty ass is lickin', ass-ception s' what I call it. My PhD don't lie. That's a pony. Get'cho ass outta here.

Yo' honour, please call your verdict, sum lawyers here wanna go to bed.

Princess Celestia 869187

File: 1419061885386.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Hmm.. Changeling or not, Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon are indeed innocent. I will announce my verdict post-haste.

Princess Celestia 869188

File: 1419061914127.gif (46.78 KB, 256x192, NotGuilty.gif)

Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch are hereby declared

Princess Celestia 869189

File: 1419061956473.jpg (45.33 KB, 639x267, 1396724099932.jpg)

**Confetti drops from some undefined region of the courtroom**

The Real Phoenix Wright 869190

File: 1419062074624.png (24.16 KB, 256x174, 2DDespair.png)

(Migraines at critical... I... I just... what is this trial...)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869191

File: 1419062236927.png (125.97 KB, 640x480, ayaready_dumbfounded.png)


Shh shh shh don't question it
Just let it happen

Next case soon, maybe? I dunno what even happened

Princess Luna!ANTHROkUqY 869205

File: 1419089899082.png (89.51 KB, 500x500, Luna bored writing.png)

>Why do I always miss these?

!H44/JpR3nw 873639

File: 1420194235363.gif (116.06 KB, 500x289, Apollo-Sweating-Front.gif)

>I feel that feel

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 874070

File: 1420254952351.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

Holy shit its you, I thought you died... again.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 877878

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