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AA: TSoT Case 2 Day 4 Princess Celestia 863624[View All]

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2/2 Calisto Yew 869133

File: 1419054548093.gif (104.82 KB, 256x192, speakingsmug.gif)


But I'll humor you: For as little as you know about this substance, you seem quite set on what constitutes a lethal dose. Especially odd given that this bottle doesn't normally contain poison. It's not as though you have a clear point of reference.

1/2 Princess Celestia 869134

File: 1419054568250.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Order! Order! Order!

2/2 Princess Celestia 869135

File: 1419054765826.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

I will now state the opinion of this Court.

The bottle does not matter. The death could have either been the assault or the bottle. If the Defense would like to shift the blame back to the assault, then so be it, however, there is no denying that Octavia Melody is still dead. There is also no one else that the Defense could possibly indict for the mare's death.

I would like to know where the Defense was going with this, and if I deem it necessary, I will allow you to proceed. If I deem it unnecessary, then I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board for you.

The Real Phoenix Wright 869140

File: 1419055916932.gif (57.63 KB, 256x192, 2DSweating.gif)

(Why do I still sign up for cases that have Shameimaru in them..? Apollo, you better make sure those toilets are cleaned... My stomach's definitely not feeling to happy right now..)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 869143

File: 1419056550847.gif (75 KB, 256x192, AAI_Judge_Thinking_2.gif)

The Defense is up to their old antics again, I see. This is why I hate being Judge.
Sometimes, at least.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869144

Now now, be patient. I brought this upon myself, I suppose. The Defense has time to figure it all out. At least, until all of us fall asleep. Which is a possibility for me, because long days are great. I suggest we all grab a cup of tea, and relax. It won't be that much longer now... I hope.

I need to never prosecute. ever again. I regret everything.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869146

File: 1419056978828.png (127.06 KB, 640x480, ayaready_cornered2.png)

(... Why is it so hard for me to just inquire about a bottle? It would have taken more time to ask me why I'm asking than to just tell me...)

yeah it's all Noctis' fault what a dork

Calisto Yew 869147

File: 1419056984818.gif (205.63 KB, 256x192, mirrorspeak.gif)


Your Honor, going off of the most recent autopsy results, something doesn't add up. Though the victim is most certainly dead, the Defense believes there is more to this poison than meets the eye. From our earlier inquiry into this poison, it seems as though most of the prosecution's knowledge of this poison has been drawn from observations of its postmortem effects on the victim. The prosecution has also stated, however, in no uncertain terms, that 5.5 mL of the substance would be, as they claim, "instantly fatal". So how is it that the prosecution was able to determine an instantly fatal dose to a poison whose full effects aren't completely understood and that were found in the victim's body in less than half of that amount? We are of the opinion that the investigation team has missed a key detail.

Princess Celestia 869148

File: 1419057094590.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

And I assume that the Defense has a theory about this detail? Prosecutor Edgeworth, what is your opinion on this matter?

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869149

File: 1419057329046.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

The Prosecution... can not comment on the bottle, nor the poison... We have reached our conclusions through examining the body of the victim... but as the Detective said on the day before, the autopsy report was inconclusive... The Prosecution concedes that there is room for doubt in these calculations...

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869150

File: 1419057450013.gif (131.31 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(b).gif)

H-However! The Prosecution w-would like to remind the Court of the undeniable fact that the Victim was poisoned, assaulted, and as a result, is dead. The Prosecution would like to shift the blame of the actual death upon Vinyl Scratch!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869151

File: 1419057555771.gif (131.31 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(b).gif)

Your Highness, The Prosecution demands it call a witness to the stand! This is the only option remaining!

1/2 Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869152

Hold up there, hotshot.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869153

File: 1419057590203.png (141.17 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_aexasperated.png)

Princess Celestia 869154

File: 1419057596818.gif (65.59 KB, 256x192, gavel.gif)

Calisto Yew 869155

File: 1419057625960.gif (117.93 KB, 256x192, chuckle.gif)


Hee... hee... hee...
This post was edited by its author on .

Princess Celestia 869156

File: 1419057674894.gif (1.03 MB, 256x192, (b)mad.gif)

The Court would like to hear what Mr. Edgeworth has to say.

Anymore outbursts of laughter, and I'll issue a penalty. Please, do your best to be civil in this court.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869158

File: 1419057922317.png (129.79 KB, 640x480, ayarecalling_dumbfounded.png)


theres a reason why people put 1/2 in the subject

now i cant finish it because you wont let me

itll stay 1/2 and i cant finish it

come on man

Princess Celestia 869159

File: 1419057973372.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

Sorry, sorry. I try my best... kinda didn't notice the 1/2 until after I posted, so I kinda went with it.

Princess Celestia 869160

File: 1419058010092.gif (887.27 KB, 256x192, (b)sad.gif)

PS, this is also my first time as a judge... well, second time, first case. Forgive me for my ineptitude

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869161

File: 1419058074044.gif (131.31 KB, 256x192, miles-determined(b).gif)

Your Highness, don't penalize the Defense for their... demeanor... Such a thing is unnecessary. The Prosecution has no objections to it.

Regardless, the Prosecution would like to call Vinyl Scratch to the stand. She is accused of assaulting, and/or murdering the Victim, Octavia Melody. Her testimony could hold vital information! Not once has she spoken to this court!

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869162

File: 1419058076203.png (140.67 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_speechless.png)


Don't worry about it.
We're all just sleepy.
Not really, it's only Noctis that's sleepy.

Calisto Yew 869164

File: 1419058088322.gif (23.05 KB, 256x192, Callisto Damage.gif)


But Callisto without laughter is like Phoenix without finger pointing. It's just plain... Wrong.

Why so serious, Celly?

Princess Celestia 869165

File: 1419058177570.gif (900 KB, 256x192, (a)sad.gif)

He has a crappy schedule.[/?
] And he's also a scrub

[?]Sorry, sorry, I just thought that was a Princessy thing to do..

Calisto Yew 869166

File: 1419058264703.gif (148.72 KB, 256x192, laughing.gif)


Aww. Sticking up for me? How cute, Edgeworth.

Princess Celestia 869167

File: 1419058264863.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Mr. Edgeworth, this is rather odd for you, and you seem to be grasping at straws. Defense, how do you feel about the Witness being called up?

The Real Phoenix Wright 869171

File: 1419059715548.gif (57.63 KB, 256x192, 2DSweating.gif)

(D-Do we? I... I don't know anymore...)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869172

Calisto Yew 869173

File: 1419059767543.gif (106.25 KB, 256x192, speaking.gif)


I don't think that will be necessary, Edgeworth. See, there's a rather glaring hole in the evidence:

The greatest tissue damage occurred to the brain, with some lesser damaging to the stomach. There are two primary ways for poison to reach the brain: Through the circulatory system, via direct injection into the bloodstream or via inhalation. We know for a fact that this poison, however, was ingested. In order for the poison to reach her brain it would first have to pass through her digestive system. This means it would take some time for the poison to take effect. It would take even longer considering the poison was laced into food.

This leads to another obvious contradiction: You claim that the poison is a silent killer, and beyond that, no one claims that the victim displayed any strange signs of discomfort. Considering the damage to her stomach, this is odd, as one of two things should have happened. The body's default reaction to ingesting potentially harmful substances is to induce vomiting. Even without this particular symptom, the poison damaged the lining of her stomach. Considering that she ingested the poison with food, her stomach would have been in full swing. Damage to the lining of the stomach while it was pumping acid around would have caused ulceration, and the stomach digesting itself is not a pleasant sensation. So why did neither of these situations occur?

The victim should not have died as quickly as she did from an ingested poison, and she experienced no symptoms from the damage to her stomach. The conclusion should be quite obvious: The poison that damaged Octavia's brain could not have come from Ms. Bon Bon or Ms. Scratch, because the real murder occurred well in advance, and this is when the neurotoxin was administered!

This entire case has been investigated from the wrong time frame!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869174

File: 1419060013494.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)


Manfred von Karma 869175

File: 1419060030077.gif (210.28 KB, 960x640, Animation_008.gif)

(I am sensing a large swelling of anger in the courtroom... Edgeworth... Give in to your anger... Roar at the top of your lungs! Assert your dominance over those pitiful attorneys!)

Princess Celestia 869176

File: 1419060177574.gif (1.27 MB, 256x192, (b)suprised.gif)

Miss Yew, I'm impressed! You've completely negated the entire case! Though, there is still the issue of the assault... But I suppose another court date will have to be assigned for that.

If there are no objections, I believe it is time to announce my long overdue verdict.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869177


Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869178

File: 1419060346968.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

T-THE PROSECUTION HAS NO OBJECTIONS AT THIS TIME, YOUR HIGHNESS. *grumble* What went wrong?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Something still isn't right... but I'm powerless to stop it!

W-WHAT IS IT NOW?! *grumble* The wall behind me looks pretty suitable for a head smashing right about now

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869179

File: 1419060943779.png (178.47 KB, 640x480, ayaobjection_outcry.png)

Wait just a second, your Honour. While there are more than sufficient grounds to find both Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch not guilty, there must be another party responsible for the poisonings.

There are two poisons, one neurological and one corrosive. Under these facts, there's no way that the neurotoxin would have killed her WHILE the corrosive poison damaged her stomach lining - unless, of course, it was administered to Octavia well before she ingested the poisoned bon bons!

If Bon Bon and Vinyl are not guilty, then there must be a guilty party. Logically, there's only one person who could have done it, and it would be Octavia Melody!

>12. Octavia was different in the regard that she was much less emotional.

>13. On some days, she seemed completely drained
>14. She was at her worst the day after the final letter was sent.

Octavia, spiralling into depression, simply could not handle it anymore. It all matches up; how the neurotoxin could have been administered long before she ingested the bon bons, why she displayed no symptoms, why she would let someone who hated her so much into her dressing room and everything else!

This was a suicide!


??? 869180

File: 1419060983253.gif (5.56 KB, 253x189, Medium_phoenix_wright_objectio…)

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869181

File: 1419061033054.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

This... this just can't be...

??? 869182

...Heh...Heh...Heh... I can't believe how far away from the truth you are...

??? 869184

Octavia did not commit suicide. Octavia is very much alive. I will remain anonymous, but, I urge you to send a detective to take a look at the body at the morgue, and you will see what I mean. You are missing one essential part of the truth.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 869185

File: 1419061640402.gif (200.79 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(b).gif)

...Detective, go check the morgue.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869186

File: 1419061691338.png (146.1 KB, 640x480, ayaready_bbloi.png)


Mm mm mm, nigga.
I will have you know I graduated from Changling University. I have a theoretical PhD on Changelings and see this here body? Ain't a changeling. That's 100% pony. Go ahead and lick it, does that taste like changeling? Nuh uh, thas' pony ass yo' dirty ass is lickin', ass-ception s' what I call it. My PhD don't lie. That's a pony. Get'cho ass outta here.

Yo' honour, please call your verdict, sum lawyers here wanna go to bed.

Princess Celestia 869187

File: 1419061885386.gif (1.05 MB, 256x192, (b)normal.gif)

Hmm.. Changeling or not, Vinyl Scratch and Bon Bon are indeed innocent. I will announce my verdict post-haste.

Princess Celestia 869188

File: 1419061914127.gif (46.78 KB, 256x192, NotGuilty.gif)

Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch are hereby declared

Princess Celestia 869189

File: 1419061956473.jpg (45.33 KB, 639x267, 1396724099932.jpg)

**Confetti drops from some undefined region of the courtroom**

The Real Phoenix Wright 869190

File: 1419062074624.png (24.16 KB, 256x174, 2DDespair.png)

(Migraines at critical... I... I just... what is this trial...)

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 869191

File: 1419062236927.png (125.97 KB, 640x480, ayaready_dumbfounded.png)


Shh shh shh don't question it
Just let it happen

Next case soon, maybe? I dunno what even happened

Princess Luna!ANTHROkUqY 869205

File: 1419089899082.png (89.51 KB, 500x500, Luna bored writing.png)

>Why do I always miss these?

!H44/JpR3nw 873639

File: 1420194235363.gif (116.06 KB, 500x289, Apollo-Sweating-Front.gif)

>I feel that feel

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 874070

File: 1420254952351.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

Holy shit its you, I thought you died... again.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 877878

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