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Scattered Shards #01 - Where Mysteries Gather Two Figured In The Distant Past, Once Beneath The Stars!pR.BaFF/uk 852237[View All]

#Canon - Type Moon#Invite Only#It Begins

Someone came to see me, once upon a hill. He arrived with the turning of the sky as though he were the moon, for though he stood naturally amidst the shining fields of white, I could not help but turn my gaze. An obtrusion of my vision, certainly, but not one that I minded. I was young, then, and my thoughts turned more to curiosity and wonder than I care to admit.

“A quiet night, is it not?” His voice rippled across the silence and, as though to maintain it, I gave no response. Despite my cold manner, a warm smile seemed to bring colour to the monotone scene around us. I could feel the grass become tinted green and the ever-present moon turn gentle shades of yellow as I realised that this stranger understood something fundamental. “You are right – no night is truly quiet after all.”

Responding to his warmth with my own, I finally allowed myself to relax. “That is because the stars sing,” I responded. Even as a child I was reserved, I remember it well – this was the first time I had what I believe I can call a ‘conversation’ with anyone, as simple as it was.

“Oho, do they now?” Though his words spoke doubt, he held none in his tone. Instead, his eyes cast upward, looking at the lights above with a certain fondness, yet also wariness. I joined him, listening for the gentle song of the starlight. He took a moment of silence, our attention now focused above. The bright moon shone brightest, yet had no voice – merely the reflection of a song that had already ended. “You must have quite the pair of ears, listening to what takes old men like me lifetimes to understand.”

I shook my head, confused by his words. “Can’t everyone hear them?”

My innocent question was met by a curious motion. It was neither a nod nor a shake of his head, but as though he were acknowledging my sentiments. “No…but that does not mean they are not listening.” The eyes that looked up above turned their attention to the elderly stranger. I didn't know how to answer, so I merely urged him on with my curious stare. What could he mean? How does one listen without hearing? “The whims of the stars are not something so easily read – they long for a wish to be granted of their own, and yet we, in our irony, turn to them to grant ours.”

I immediately felt enamoured with the thought, so much so that I forgot the question I’d been holding. The idea of the stars longing for something, the reason why they sung in the sky at night, gripped at my heart as though I’d taken that longing for my own. “What is the wish?”

“A Mystery.” His answer came out as though it were the simplest response in the world.

“A mystery…?” My cheeks puffed out as I repeated it. I felt cheated, as though conned whilst I wasn't looking. He’d presented far more questions than he had given answers, and it frustrated me, yet I enjoyed the feeling. None had ever drawn out such passion from my mind, a desire to know something I did not and the disappointment of not knowing: these were all new to me. Even as my young self, sat within the now-colourful fields around me, began to know the disparity of joy and sorrow, I cherished those feelings.

More importantly, however, I cherished the warmth of a dream. “Perhaps the greatest Mystery of them all,” he continued, drawing the delight of my attention once again. “The scattered desires of over a thousand burning lights, brought together in song.”

My gaze returned to the skies. The dancing orbs entered my vision, a gentle shower of starlight that enhanced the image placed in my mind. I smiled brightly, reaching my hands up as if to embrace the voices, singing gently to the earth with their small pieces of hope. The flowers around me, so brightly red, reflected the light being given to them to create a dazzling, wondrous sky of a gradient I had never experienced. Just like the wild lilies beneath me, wonder was blossoming within me. “Can it really come true?”

The man mumbled to himself for a moment, a hand to his chin as though considering it fully, rather than simply passing a general opinion. “Hrm… perhaps. Though the world and the people are listening, they are not compelled to act. We chase our own Mysteries, rather than the ones unknown to us.”

Yet it wasn't unknown to us. He knew of their desires, and now I did as well. The thought that nothing could come of it was too sad, too miserable an idea of existence. I knew what it was like to have no true wish of my own, and I could have lived happily with a grey world; the white light of the sky and the black ground of the earth, all the grey in between would have been all I wanted. Yet now, even if I had only very recently been introduced to the concept of colour, of the ups and downs, the reds, blues, yellows, greens, oranges, purples, browns, I could not imagine having them taken away. If we had the right to pursue our hopes, why didn't they?

“But I want their song to be a happy one.”

It was his turn to gaze at me with a certain amount of curiosity. I did not yet know why, as I had simply said what I desired, and I would not know for many, many years to come… yet as quickly as his strange expression had arrived it was gone, replaced with a simple smile. He regarded me with acceptance as someone living in this world. It was a simple act of placing his hand on my head, rubbing my hair with his wrinkled fingers, yet despite the risk he had just taken there was nothing cold about his gesture.

“I would give it a chance, though it is a very small one. When one man wishes for a miracle, a Mystery may appear. Yet, when many Mysteries gather under the light of the stars...“

Our gazes once again returned to the brightly lit night sky, adorned with the glistening gems belonging to a dream of lifetimes ago, before the world and the people had a voice. The old, mysterious man, who had indulged his own curiosity and taken a chance of his own, imparted to me the words that could ignite my dream to shine just as bright as those who shared it.

“..the laws of the world might just be thrown aside.”

Current Date: 29th October, 2014
>Junction City, the State of Maine, USA.
>10 Years after the events surrounding the 5th Heaven's Feel of Fuyuki

>The tale surrounding these mysteries, the stories that unfold, the trials and conflict that await, are about to begin!

Welcome to the Scattered Shards IC Thread!
For more detailed information or to ask specific questions, or to just hang out and say hello, please check out our current OOC thread, which you can find within /rp/'s board.

This is a modern fantasy roleplay based on the universe surrounding Type-Moon's Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night storylines.
You can find the Wiki for the roleplay here: http://scattered-shards.wikia.com/wiki/Contents
And the Type-Moon wiki here: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/TYPE-MOON_Wiki

Good luck everyone, and thanks for providing the interest necessary to get us to this point!
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The Werewolf!uvadBiRdiE 869398

File: 1419130116375.jpg (186.21 KB, 748x1067, Werewolf_by_milofx.jpg)

>At first, he was surprised to see the door open. He thought it was a test; if he stayed there, would they give him something? Would they let him run around the house?
>Then he saw her. Through the haze of pain, he could not recall her name, but he remembered what she was like. Irritating. Pushing him. He ran when they first met.

>Her first mistake was breaking eye contact. In that moment, the beast's fur bristled.

>Her second was grabbing Grace.

>She catches the beast by surprise, gaining a head start as she dashes through the hallway. The hulking mass of rippling muscle barks once, baring its maw of yellow teeth, and charges after her. Its claws, cracked and filed from the concrete floor, provide enough of a grip on the carpet that it doesn't fall right over. It still has trouble making it around one of the turns, crashing into the wall hard enough to make a hole before it regains its footing and resumes the chase.

>It lost sight of her when turning the corner and was instead greeted by a grotesque, masked figure. The beast, running on all fours, pounces on the figure. Hundreds of pounds of magically-infused muscle pin Shiro to the ground. It parts its jaws to growl at the half-demon, spittle and foam dripping onto his face as it tries to comprehend exactly who this was.

The hell's going on down here--!

>A voice from upstairs knocks the werewolf out of its thoughts. Adrenaline rushed through its system. The voice was bad. He was in trouble. He did bad. He was not supposed to be out of the room.

>With another snarl, the monster rears back, and swipes with a paw as big as a dinner plate at Shiro's face. His claws stay out of the way. He leaps off, covering a massive distance, and lands just behind the fleeing girl.

>There, there she was, holding his kin. He rises from all fours onto two unsteady feet. Seven and a half feet tall, eight counting the ears that were currently folded back. A long, bristly tail, held high. Muscles that showcased their mass despite the ragged fur carpeting them. Beady red eyes, focused on his target.

>He moves with supernatural speed, stepping around the girl to stop her. The beast stares, a low growl rising from the depths of his throat.
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July!Jiang0l2K. 869448

File: 1419132973503.gif (409.57 KB, 500x267, Noragami-image-noragami-367099…)

She wasn't going to listen. Screw that. If he wanted to die, well, she couldn't carry him and Grace, and she had way more reasons to protect someone else's future heir than somebody who was gonna be a problem in the future no matter how much they tried to redeem themselves.

Too busy to listen to the girl's complaints, her eyes locked on the closest door, the teenager is only three... two...


Shooting him a look full of terror and indignation at just how unfair magic was, the girl considers her options, and only finds one.

As much as she hated the idea, as much as she really didn't want to do it, she was going to have to fight this thing.

Twisting around, she tosses Grace onto the couch as far away from the monster as possible before planting herself between him and the heir to the Forsyth crest, and in the same motion, snatches up and smashes a small end table across his head, one of the legs breaking off in her hand. She couldn't possibly hope to run from this thing, so taking up a loose defensive stance just out of his reach, waits for the inevitable enraged reaction.

"Come on you big, dumb... Dumb!"

This was going to end poorly for her, but at least Grace would be alright.

Shiro Yamada!MaraKrYP7s 869487

File: 1419140892551.png (353.49 KB, 500x600, Puer00279.png)

>It seems that Shiro wasn't ready enough. He saw the black mass of fur round the corner to see him with his mask on. His eye had a split second to register exactly what was going on, but even then, it still couldn't keep up what was happening. Before he knew it, he was tackled and forced onto the ground by the dark werewolf. Shiro let out a cry of pain as he struggled under its grasp and tried to pull his arms from the thing, but all he got instead was spit and saliva on his face.

Kai! Calm down, Kai!

>Unfortunately for him, the mask made his voice more muffled and incoherent, he doubts that Kai could even hear him calling his name. Though, he thought for sure that the white hair would have given some sort of hint towards who he was, but apparently it didn't. But, he did hear the sound of his parents yelling from the attic. They're going down to check now! He needs to hold out until they get here!

Mr. Forsyth! Hurry up and-

>And it seems like Kai wasn't done with him, for Shiro had suddenly got five across the face. Miraculously, he was barely scratched by the damn thing's claws, but he was still left in quite a daze. His vision was blurred and all that he could hear was a ringing sound in his ears as the beast walked over him and down the hall to where Grace and July were.


>He laid on the floor of the Forsyth family's home as his left eye's vision slowly returned to him. Eventually, the ringing in his ear also stopped, but what followed was the initial pain that he was supposed to feel earlier. The side of his head stung and he grimaced in pain as he lifted a hand to the spot where Kai slapped. He felt a warm fluid as he touched his head, and lifted his hand up to see that it was a gross combination of the wolf's spit and his own blood. Shiro thought for sure that a slap like that would break his neck, but Kai isn't as strong as he seems to be.

>He lifted himself from the floor and unzipped the opening that would let his mouth breathe in the cold air of the house. Even if this thing was useful to him, shit gets unnaturally stuffy. He spotted a dog biscuit that had supposedly come from Kai's room, and turned around to see that July, against his own words, decided to not run to the attic and try to fight off the damn thing. Either this girl has balls or she's that stupid to rely purely on instinct to survive something like this. Kai doesn't look like he has Grace with her, so it's safe to assume that she's somewhere else and not in the range of Kai's arms. Looks like he has to divert his attention from July if he wants her to be safe. And from the size of that beast, he doubts a running start would be enough to take him down.

>Shiro stood up as one of his tails wrapped around the dog biscuit he saw on the floor and lifted it. Two of his other tails embedded themselves into both of the walls on his side and secured themselves as tightly as possible. Once he was certain they wouldn't break loose, he took a step forward and flung it right towards Kai's back, just after Shiro yelled out to him in the all-too-familiar voice,

Hey, Kai!

>Immediately afterwards, he ran backwards as fast and as far as he could, stretching the tails from his lower back and effectively turning himself into a human slingshot. Just as soon as the treat bounced upwards from the back of Kai's head and forced him to draw his attention to Shiro, he lifted his feet from the floor and slung himself across the hall while his tails disconnected from the walls and trailed behind him.

>He didn't plan on the dog treat somehow flying just in between the two of them before impact, but he had to make the best of this situation. Once he got close enough to Kai, both of his legs snapped forward and planted two solid kicks reinforced with momentum onto Kai's head, crushing said biscuit in between the two of them.

Eat this!

>Once he made impact, his body fell to the floor, but his tails stretched outwards and prevent Shiro from landing onto the ground and causing more minor damage on his body. He was now standing back upright and prepared to take on Kai again, but not before turning a glare over to July, who was watching the entire thing.

>His black eye widened and looked behind her to see that Grace was still within the vicinity as well, who also saw the entire thing. Why were they still here?! Why did it have to be July who was here?! He hoped that the Forsyths knew of some memory wiping spells, or this could be trouble for all of them!

What are you doing?! Take Grace and run before he recovers!

The Werewolf!uvadBiRdiE 869488

File: 1419142589044.jpg (143.84 KB, 593x720, werewolf_by_preilly-d5lp70a.jp…)

No, stop! You're hurting him!
>Even from where she was flung on the couch, the youngest Forsyth was screaming, tears streaming down her face as she watched what was going on. The werewolf could hear two sets of feet storming down the staircase, coming right towards them.
>The table splinters into pieces, and through the fur, it's hard to tell if it cut or even bruised him, but he seems unaffected. If anything, that, and the act of tossing his kin aside like some sort of doll, made him even angrier.
>He rears back, preparing to claw across her face--
>--only to cry out in surprise as he's struck by a flying kick. The werething actually stumbles, stars in his vision.

>He was being hurt by friends. Were they friends? No, they were attackers. Grace was still in danger. He was in danger. Fog clouds his vision and the haze of pain settles fully over his mind. It hurt, he had to get away, he had to.

>He regains his footing, shakes his head, and looks up.

Let it fly true--Nauthiz!

>From the bottom stair, the head of the Forsyth family, a lithe redhead with rumpled clothing, flings a silver letter opener across the living room with deadly accuracy.

>The werewolf panics. In an attempt to shield himself, he swipes at the girl in front of him, trying to drag her closer, but all he does is open a long, jagged gash across her dress and through her flesh, and throw her aside. The letter opener buries itself into his shoulder.

>He can hear his mom screaming. His dad--no, the man who attacked him, his attacker, his enemy, rushing towards him. Grace a sobbing mess. The quickening thump-thump-thump of a panicking heart. His friend. All in the span of a few seconds.

>Silver still stuck in the thick muscle, the wild animal turns tail, and flees through the front door on all fours. He runs across the dirt driveway, through the apple trees, further into the city, leaving behind a trail of blood.


File: 1419148157683.png (223.24 KB, 358x490, Classy.png)

Thursday, November 6th, Just after 5:20ish PM
Behind a tree on the Forsyth Property
>Taliesin had actually been in the area as well, arriving just a bit before July, but purposefully keeping her distance, especially so when she saw the other girl standing on the doorstep.

>Shes not sure why July is there, or why she seems to be let in so easily either, but as much as she wants to say hi to Grace as well, she knows she's not supposed to be here.

>Mainly because she's actually supposed to be at the dance, not that she cares much for it. Or this particular dress, which...shows off a lot more skin than she'd be comfortable with around most of her fellow students. Sure it still fits, unlike a lot of her old dresses that she actually liked, but if anything its more of a fancy dinner party sort of dress than anything.

>Not that its suited for sneaking around someone's farmhouse either, but the fact that Kai was acting so strangely about things was still bugging her. The fact that it felt like he was lying to her just made it worse.

>And so she made up a bit of a lie...well, maybe just a sort of lie of her own, to her parents...and well, maybe she'll swing by the dance for a moment or two if she has time, just to make it not actually a lie...but something was definitely going on with Kai, or his family at least, and she can't just ignore the fact that one of her friends might be wrapped up in some sort of trouble...at least without even trying to do something about it.

>...Whic means, that while July (Does she have something to do with it? Kai was being friendly with her, well for Kai anyways, and she's pretty sure the other girl was sort of interested in him...even if meeting up secretly like that was well, quite scandalous. Was her asking Kai if he was going to the dance just a cover? ...They're both way too young for stuff like that though...even if most of her friends were already talking about that sort of stuff, and she swears a lot of the characters in some of the games Rhiannon plays can't be much older than Kai and Julie....

>...Still, this is Kai. It's...got to be something else right? Maybe July is here for some other reason? Trying one last shot at getting him to go to the dance with her, or something?

>...Anyways, thats why she's crouched down, slowly creeping her way towards one of the windows on the side of the house, while hoping she doesn't get the stupid thing too dirty. She'd rather wear something like she wears for exercising, but there's no way that'd fly with her parents as far as dances go.

"I swear Kai, you better not just be staying home to sneak into wherever your parents stashed all the candy...."



File: 1419150902771.jpg (Spoiler Image,687.78 KB, 1366x768, Erza_changes_to_Black_Wing_Arm…)

>It is sooo boring, that and its not like its really comfortable at all trying to not draw attention in this dress.

>What is taking Julie so long anyways? Kai or his parents should have sent her on her way already right? Or Kai and her should be out by now if they were actually going to the dance.

>She's considering just knocking on the door herself, when she hears what sounds like things crashing around and shouting. Its a bit hard to tell anything for sure, but she ducks down reflexively in the hopes that if anyone is heading out that they won't spot her.

>And then a vaguely humanoid figure bursts out of the house and rushes off, too quickly to really get a good look at its features.

>...She feels a bit torn on whether to follow the wounded seeming figure or to check and see if everyone is okay.

>...There's something really familiar about the way they bolted though, and sure they seemed to be running really oddly, but she swears she saw the glint of metal sticking out of the figure's shoulder area, so perhaps they were just curling up a bit in pain?

>...She can't imagine anyone being able to just break into the Forsyth's home...and whoever that was, they were bigger than July, and fleeing instead of staying to fight.

>...She wants to believe its just a burglar, or something, but well, with Kai acting weird and the Forsyth's being practitioners of a particularly old branch of magic...that honestly she's not exactly sure what its capable of...

>Well, she can't risk that her bad feeling isn't right, especially as its headed towards town. Fast.

>...The girl pauses and grimaces as she realizes something. THere's really only two ways she even has a chance of catching up, and she hates both of those options so much. Neither of them are really built for taking hits as well, and well, she's pretty sure they covered her a lot better before her growth spurt.

>...Still...as much as it draws the eyes, she'd like to at least be out of the reach of the wounded figure until she can get a better look at him and figure out if it is really Kai or not. Though with that sort of speed, it's not like it could be anyone 'normal'.

>...Best to get this over with before he can get too far though. Letting him get to the city is just asking for pretty much every sort of trouble possible. And so with a sigh she pulls a card out of a pouch in her purse before holding it out in front of her and channeling prana through it.

"...Rider Card...In-stall!"

>And so, with a glowing light as the card begins to float and then fly towards her chest, and seeming to almost meld with her as it makes contact, her clothes change into a completely different looking outfit, like something out of one of those weird Japanese shows that's on TV sometimes.

>...Really, the only upsides of the Rider Card as far as she's concerned is that its darkly colored...and the fact that it has usable wings.

>...Oh, well, also the speed of them. Which is what she's counting on as she launches herself upwards into the air and then dives forwards as she tries to catch up with the fleeing creature.

>...Not that she's close enough yet to even really call out to him properly, but maybe soon, if he doesn't start running even quicker if he notices her and her giant batlike wings before she can catch up.

July!Jiang0l2K. 870179


She wasn't a coward! She was going to stand and fight, not get torn to pieces while she ran away cr-

Flying across the room from the incredible force of the seemingly unplanned swipe, the girl smashes into the wall with an audible CRACK, shattered drywall and dust showering down, and an alarmingly large puddle of blood rapidly growing under her.

She wasn't going anywhere.

Shiro Yamada!MaraKrYP7s 870644

File: 1419400813581.jpg (180.07 KB, 527x553, Puer00247.jpg)

>His attention quickly turned back to Kai, preparing for the next attack that would come his way once the werewolf recovers from the kick that he delivered to his head. He didn't ever remember him being this weak before. But that only means bad things once Kai runs out and under the full moon. He needed to take advantage of the wolf's weakened state and try to knock it out cold before it could do any more damage.

>But just as it was about to attack, the voice of the Head of the Forsyth house reached his ears, and suddenly, a silver item was slung and embedded into the wolf's flesh. He was injured now! That would definitely reduce his strength. He turned his masked face to the man that could possibly save them all before things go haywire. He felt somewhat relieved to see that someone capable of doing something about this was now in the room, as shown by his sclera turning white. All Shiro had to do now was distract the wolf long enough for Mr. Forsyth to-


>His vision quickly flashed back towards the source of the sound, only to see that the one innocent girl who was not supposed to be here ended up being the victim of this attack instead of everyone else. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the puddle of blood form from under her all the while the two women of the Forsyth manor were both screaming and crying as humanely as possible.

>Due to his shocked state, he it took him a while to realize that the dark werewolf that was supposed to not be outside was, unfortunately, outside.


>He looked back at July, then at the two parents who barely had any time to help keep Kai from leaving the house. He turned back to the spot where Kai was, then spotted the trail of blood on the floor, leading outside and through the apple trees leading right towards Junction City.

Damn it! I'll go get Kai! Take care of Grace and July, hurry!

>And in his panicked state, he sprinted outside as fast as his legs could carry him, following the trail of blood that was left from the werewolf and pulling his hood up over his head to conceal his identity. He can't let a beast like that get into the city! God knows what the people will think, or worse, what the Mages will do!

>As though he were a magician himself, he heard the sound of the leaves of the trees rustling and looked up to see a figure silhouetted by the moonlight in the sky, flying, and then diving in the same direction Kai was fleeing.

My big.. god damned.. mouth!

>He shouted at the top of his lungs in between panting. As though he didn't need any more stress in his life, now there was something that was going right to Kai! He's afraid of whatever that person would do before he got to him. He could feel his lungs burning and his legs becoming extremely sore from all the sprinting he's doing just to try and catch up with a monster who's much faster than he and a Mage that's literally flying.

>With no other option left, his eye turned black and red once again while the same long tails from before sprouted from his back. His sprinting on the ground then became long strides as Shiro had begun leaping forward, covering a greater distance than sprinting and catching up with the silhouetted mage and the fleeing werewolf. He's not going to let them get Kai first! Only over his dead body will they be able to take his life!

The Forsyths!uvadBiRdiE 870666

File: 1419403290284.jpg (180.8 KB, 576x768, kaismomgotitgoingon.jpg)

>The head of the family himself is shaken up by the events. Kenneth looked even paler than usual, as though he'd pass out at any moment. His son breaking out of his house, a Jiang child bleeding out in their wall, his daughter traumatized, a half-demon racing through a town full of mages...!
>A sudden elbow to his side jolts him out of his panic. A sharp glare from his wife before she rushes off reminds him that this isn't the time to freak out. Shaking his head, he puts all the confidence he has in Kai's strange friend, rushes over to his daughter, and hugs her tight.

Shhhh, Gracie, it's alright...
Th-they hurt him, you hurt him! Why'd you do that, Daddy? Why did he hurt Julie?! Why!

>Grace bangs her little fists against her father's chest. Her protests peter out into hiccuping cries and her hands clutch the fabric of her father's shirt.

Everybody will be okay, hun, I promise. I just need you to do something very important for me, and you're the only one who can do it, because you're the bravest of all of us.

>Grace whimpers an unintelligible response. At least she was listening.

I need you to go up in your room. Molly's hiding in there right now. She's not listening to me, so you're the only one that can make her feel better. Do you think you can stay upstairs and help Molly be brave?

>She nods, and chokes out a "yeah". Kenneth gives her a tight squeeze and kisses her forehead before she runs off, drying her eyes.

>Suzuki, meanwhile, returns from a hallway closet, carrying a thick first-aid kit, and sits down beside the Jiang child.

... I got called out the other day because a horse missed a jump and sliced its belly open on a broken metal rail... this is even worse...

>Kenneth, fishing in his pockets for his cell phone, does his best not to look at the mess.

St-stop reminiscing about work and make sure she doesn't die!

I'm a vet, not a magus!

I'm not asking you to be one! J-just...
>Something smooth, metallic. Kenneth pulls it out of his pocket to find it's not his phone--it's a lighter.
>He pulls out a cigarette, then, finally, his phone.
... keep her alive til I can get someone over here...

The Werewolf!uvadBiRdiE 870683

File: 1419404637523.jpg (140.66 KB, 633x800, http___kevinbeacon_wordpress_c…)

>The injured beast doesn't stop. He makes it down the dirt path to the empty main road. Claws scratching against the asphalt, he legs it across and into a yard abandoned long ago by its owners, overgrown with ivy and weeds. The neighborhood dogs go wild at the werewolf's mere scent, baying and howling.

>Not safe.

>He leaps over a fence and lands without difficulty, even with the letter opener buried in the muscle of his shoulder. Back on the main road. Where now? Where could he go? They were chasing him. He needed to hide and recover.


>The werewolf, still on all fours, changes direction mid-step and rushes down the street. The trail of blood follows right behind. He doesn't slow til he reaches the huge park. Swingset, playground, basketball court, wide muddy fields, open on two sides, fenced and adjacent to neighborhoods on the other two sides.

>He skids to a stop in the woodchips of the main playground, kicking up dirt and dust in his wake. The barking chorus mostly faded by now, he has a moment to relax before they catch up--and he's far enough from the houses that nobody can see him.

>Kai reaches back to grab the silver letter opener. An audible hiss sounds as it makes contact with his pawpads. With a snarl, he endures the pain, and yanks it out, tossing it across the playground. His hand and shoulder burn from the cursed metal, but the cool night air soothes them.

>He looks up to the sky out of habit. Stars, no clouds, airplanes, and--

>He freezes.

>The full moon.

>Ever since he started growing, he'd been kept inside The Room on full moons. He hadn't had pure exposure like this in years. The air ruffling his fur, the starlight shining on his wounds, and, most of all, the rays of the moon empowering the very magic essence he was made of.

>The beast's pupils shrink til they're pinpricks in pools of red. Bones crack in the previously-silent night, and an inhuman growl comes from the thing. He snarls; he grows. Every muscle bulges, his legs stretch, his teeth lengthen, his wounds heal over instantly.

>He couldn't remember being chased. He couldn't remember being in the room. He couldn't remember his own name. All he knew was the present moment, and right now, he was hungry.


File: 1419406848118.jpg (6.75 KB, 300x168, images (18).jpg)

>The batwinged figure is going too fast to even pay much attention to what was happening behind her, actually going at a speed that seems like it is gaining on Kai.

>In fact, the winged figure actually seems to overshoot the werewolf as he skids to a stop in the middle of the park.

>She's just glad that they haven't been spotted yet, it probably helps that its getting a bit late, and well, Homecoming is drawing a lot of attention with people their age as well.

>Her eyes widen as she sees the creature more clearly, as well as the effects the moon seems to have on it....him.

>Some sort of curse? Some sort of runic magic gone awry, not that she sees any signs of runes on the figure below...

>...She just prays she's not too late, or that someone doesn't spot them. She's pretty sure her Berserker card is one of the few that might even be much of a match for something like this, not that she's really had much chance to actually test them out against live opponents...especially not against something like that...

>Still, she can't risk using that one, not with the fact that at least someone has to keep their head on straight here. Its not like he should be able to reach her from here, right?

>Still, she can't really imagine anyone but Kai running out like that, even though its just about as hard to face the fact that the blood that's trailing off of him isn't just from his own wound.

"Kai? Please tell me that's you. It's Tallie, remember? I just need you to try and calm down a little, okay? I'm not going to try to hurt you, so just talk to me, okay? Or...well, bark once for yes, and twice for no at least?"

>The girl pauses for a moment, and then continues as if more to convince herself than anything else.

"It'll be okay, Kai, I'm sure we can figure out some way to undo whatever....this...is. But you've got to help me figure out whats happened to you, and that means you have to calm down and tell me what happened."

>If thats even him, or he still has any hold over his own self...since the Kai she knows is the type to run from trouble, instead of lashing out at it.

Shiro Yamada!MaraKrYP7s 870703

File: 1419410533913.png (56.3 KB, 533x280, Puer00148.png)

Trees upon trees upon trees. That was all Shiro could see as he followed the trail of blood. But he feels that he's made a lot of progress, despite his muscles still screaming in pain for being used in such a way that's not human He looked up to see that the flying figure was now gone, leaving just the night sky that shone the bright full moon onto the Earth. Wherever they are, he just hopes that they're not anywhere near Kai.

>The blood trail that he was following closely stopped just in front of the fence that separated the forest from the main road that led to Junction City. Without much difficulty, he jumped over the fence as well. However, with the sudden stop from how fast he was going, he rolled along the ground and landed just several feet ahead of where Kai stopped.

>By the time he was done, his muscles felt like they were going to tear at any given moment. His lungs were on fire and his throat was parched dry from all that heavy breathing. He wouldn't be surprised now if he suddenly produced cotton from his mouth. He had to take a break from all that running and assess the current situation now.

>Judging from the fact that there wasn't any blood he was laying on now, Kai must have shifted directions and headed to some place else. Sure enough, the blood trail that he jumped over did lead away from the original path he was taking. But now that leaves that figure he saw earlier. Who was that even? There's no way it could be just some passerby, that's way too coincidental. They must have been waiting for something to happen, or it was some sort of Mage out on patrol from the sky. Either way, whoever they are, both them and Kai are in for heaps of trouble if this continues.

>It doesn't help now that Kai is now fully exposed under the full moon after so long. Shiro's almost afraid to even go confront the guy now that that's in mind. But he has a best friend to save, along with any innocent bystanders that are, for whatever reason, still outside at this time. The first person that comes to mind is Motor due to the fact that the stomachache from earlier had returned to cast unnecessary pain onto his stomach yet again.

>But even though it was a stomachache, it couldn't compare to the pain that Kai left on his head when he smacked in back at his house. He swears the guy caused a fracture or two somewhere on his skull, but he's not about to check yet.

>Shiro finally stood up from his break and clutched his stomach as he headed over to the spot where Kai's blood trail took a different direction. His muscles still ache and he was just short of regaining his breath, but it was enough for him to regain the energy he needs to at least make the rest of the path to Kai. Conveniently, the pain from his abdomen finally subsided and he took several deep breaths to get the oxygen his lung needs into them.

>Almost reluctantly, he resumed his cat-and-mouse chase with Kai and followed the blood trail once again.

>By the time he had caught up to the two, the figure was waiting in the sky like they were trying to talk to him. Meanwhile, it looks like Kai was just.. standing in place. But as Shiro ran closer and closer, he got a better look at Kai and realized that he looked frighteningly large. Compared to the size he was back at his own home, he was much bigger than when he last saw him. This does not bode well for him or that person flying in the sky at all.

>Shiro doubts that he can even take on Kai now that he looks about as ripped as those body builders he's seen on TV. And he doubts that anyone can even attempt to subdue him at this point, not even that person that was high in the sky. But what can he do now that he knows this? Until he thinks up of some sort of plan, he has no choice but to try and draw the werewolf's attention away from everything else and hold out until the moon sets or Mr. Forsyth can take him back. Perhaps he could try and lead him to a place where the moon's light wouldn't shine onto them.


>He yelled out to the figure in the sky as he ran closer and closer to them. However, due to his dark clothes, the only barely noticeable thing that Tallie could possibly see from her viewpoint were four red tails glowing dimly and twitching in the darkness. Hopefully, unlike the last person that he yelled at, this one would actually listen to him for once in his life.

>Due to not having anything prepared on him before he decided to reuse the same trick from earlier. As he sprinted towards Kai, one of his tails picked up a rock about the size of an eraser and clenched it tightly in its grasp. Soon, Shiro stomped his foot on the ground and slid forward while his body arced downwards, making his tail throw the eraser-sized rock like it were a baseball, heading straight towards Kai.

>He was several meters away from where Tallie and Kai were, but the rock still manages to hit its mark and hit the wolf just in between the eyes. Lucky shot on Shiro's end, actually. Once he was certain he garnered the dog's attention, he turned tail and sprinted in the opposite direction, heading back to where the Forsyth's home was and attempting to lead him away from the City.

The Werewolf!uvadBiRdiE 870712

File: 1419411534685.png (443.03 KB, 1354x973, scary_werewolf_head_grinning.p…)

>He heard a voice. They were saying words, some familiar--Kai, Tallie, please--others foreign and without meaning. He sniffs the air, jaws parted to catch the scent just right. They were... above him? He looks up. Some sort of figure in the air that absolutely reeked with magic, like it covered their entire form.

>He bares his teeth and takes one, two steps back, claws digging into the wood chips, tail held high to show that he's still the dominant one here. Just as he crouches,

>another voice starts shouting. He quickly flicks his gaze towards the new arrival.


>He doesn't even notice the stone. It bounces off and lands harmlessly on the ground. He does notice that that figure, however, smells worse. A disgusting, old sort of magic. He didn't want that.

>He whirls back around to face the magus in the air. Foaming at the mouth and baring his teeth, the werewolf crouches, and springs up at Tallie. He would've kept going, if he didn't tackle her, making them skid across the playground and into the muddy fields.

>His claws dig into her shoulders and pin her down. The manic wolf snaps at the magic-infused armor, bites down on one of the shoulderguards, and tears it clean off--the metal even crunches and breaks in his jaws. With that out of the way, he dives right back in, and chomps on one of her wings. He pulls it like a predator tearing a stringy piece of meat off a carcass, aiming to yank it out of the socket and snap it clean off.

Miyukioh Akamine !MrCarnage2 870753

File: 1419465881933.jpg (414.02 KB, 1820x840, Sakimori.full.1060786.jpg)

Thursday November 6th 2014
5:00PM on a hill overlooking Junction City
>The world is what you make of it; a commonplace statement found in most cultures in one form or another which transmits a sentiment of freedom designed around the notion that one's life was as malleable as one made it out to be. Thinking on the this notion of freedom, Miyuki wondered at that ideology as she looked out onto the city sprawled out before wherein a couple thousand souls lived completely unaware of the immense magical hotspot they called their home. To them, life was merely a mundane routine of idle comforts and the amassing of wealth to procure more material goods for themselves in an endless cycle designed to produce as much happiness as possible. This was the reality of millions of humans all across the Earth, the inescapable truth of a world they were born in. To be made aware of the world of magic that lies beyond their own is a death sentence, to know of the things with which humanity shared the world would drive most to madness as, in the end, nobody really wanted to escape the cozy world they lived in. As no matter how harsh of tragic it might get, a known horror was infinitely better than the terrors of the unknown.

>Touching her bruised cheek, Miyuki thought back to the girls who bullied her relentlessly. They had come back today and gotten violent, throwing her to the ground and kicking her wherever they could. In a sense, it was no wonder that they had returned with the force and resentment they had; bullying her was a ritual to them, a method to boost their waning self-esteems and comfort themselves by thinking "Wow, at least we aren't that pathetic Miyuki girl". That Alex and Alicia had come out of nowhere and showed them up in a time where they were supposed to be the best only made it logical that those same girls would then return in force the next day to solidify their waning egos. But even as her body was covered in bruises, Miyuki could not help but pity those same girls who abused her. Theirs were lives that would forever be confined in a world devoid of all purpose beyond that manufactured for them by society - a place of false safety and half-truths that skirted around the issues of reality and made it a point to never address the nature of reality itself. Thus, knowing that their lives were empty and their futures hopelessly devoid of meaning, how could she bring herself to fight back against their abuse and refuse them what comfort it brings them to abuse her? True enough, Miyuki's actions were somewhat motivated with the desire for self-improvement through control but beyond that existed something purer, greater - the desire to take away the sorrows and pains of these brutal girl's lives and take it upon herself.

>So then what was the world and what could one make of it? In the end, it all depended on one's birth as one's reality was constructed by the five senses. For what you see, hear and touch are real, if magy obstruct something from the world's view then it ceases to exist for them and exists beyond their realm of existence. Knowing this, Miyuki further pitied the other magy of Junction City for being incapable of seeing what she saw. For in the world they lived in, magecraft was something to be felt and touched - an ephemeral feeling of weaving together invisible forces to produce impossible results - a world devoid of beauty. For as she stood above Junction City, staring down at the city itself and the innumerable masses that called it their homes, what Miyuki saw - the world she lived in, was a place of indescribably beauty. The ground itself glowed with a power of its own, ley lines ran through its surface like rivers of light flowing through the streets of the city with even the air itself glowing with the natural energies of the world.

>To then think that her fellow magy could never live with her in a world of color and breathtaking splendor only served to reinforce the pity she felt for those around her and the deep-rooted feeling that she lived somewhere closer to the truth than anyone else she knew of. A position from which she would take the world's evils from the hands of those around her and place them upon herself.


Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 870779

File: 1419473786978.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 236.png)

>But as she looked out to the colors of the world below, an explosion of light split the night air before her, painting the world an ugly shade of red that ruined the picturesque scenery before her. Judging from the location of the outburst it was somewhere near the Forsyth family home. Perhaps an experiment gone wrong then, something that managed to blow past the containment runes that lined their property. If it were only that then there would be no use heading over there as the situation would surely resolve itself. But even as she made up her thoughts on the subject, the burst of raw energy ran off across town followed by two other splashes of opposing colors, spreading their foul glow with them as they ran away from the Forsyth home and stopped in one of the city's municipal parks whereupon the main color's intensity multiplied beyond control to a degree that completely blotted out the other colors around it.

>Looking down at the sight before her, Miyuki knew that this was no mere magical incident and that something far more dangerous was unraveling right before her eyes. Taking out the cellphone from her pocket, Miyuki dialed one of the only two contacts it contained to reach the Akamine temple's emergency line.

Hello Uncle, its me.

There's a Code Blue happening in the middle of Gatesway Park.

Yes... yes I know I'm heading over there now.

I'll be careful, please hurry up and meet me there with the others.

>Closing the phone with the unspoken words "I love you" ringing in her head, Miyuki unwrapped the long katana she was carrying from its silk case and drew the blade from its dark lacquered scabbard to reveal a bright blade whose sweeping elegant curve shone with a silver light in the brilliant moonlight. That being done, Miyuki passed her thumb along the blade's razor edge, cutting it open as she spread her blood along the flat of the blade, the red smear disappearing into the metallic surface as though it were absorbed. To Miyuki's reality, the blade turned from its silver glow and began to shine with its own red light as though the blade itself turned into a flawless ruby.

>With the blade thus awakened, Miyuki ran forward over the edge of the cliff and onto the city below, using all of her speed and training to cover as much distance as possible and reach the event before it could spiral out of control and suck in innocent bystanders.


File: 1419729175679.png (308.91 KB, 1280x800, Picture 16.png)

>She thinks she sees some form of recognition in the beast's eyes, and it even seems like they might be able to work this out without anyone else getting hurt.

"It'll be okay, Kai, just we'll fix this, alright?"

>If its some sort of curse, or just some botched spell, surely if both their families pooled their knowledge they could save him somehow, or at least keep him from doing something he'd regret later, or someone jumping to conclusions and hurting him again...

>And then someone is running up and shouting, though to whom is difficult to tell. Not that she can really see them that well, beyond the creepy looking prehensile limbs that seem to be floating around him.

"No, you'll..."

>And then the tails throw a rock at the...werewolf?...Shapeshifting attempt gone wrong? Whatever runic name there might be for whatever is going on here?

"...Stop you're hur...."

>And thats as far as she gets before something slams into her from below, and somehow drags her out of the sky.

>"Shit"....now the thing is angry. She hadn't expected this at all and was completely caught off guard by it as well. Isn't this Kai, the gentle nervous boy who always seemed to prefer to run from conflict than stand and fight?

>It hurt a lot, being slammed to the ground, the weight of the beast pressing against her shoulders, especially the one where the armor was broken away. Its only as one of her wings gets torn off as well that she realizes that she's stuck.

>As the wing starts to tear free, she realizes that she could very well die here, torn apart, her corpse sinking into the mud...Kai, if her suspicion was even remotely correct having to try to live with having someone's death on his hands, or at worst being stuck as an unthinking beast until he was hunted down and killed...

>Even with the Class Card, unless she can get even a tiny bit of breathing room quickly, she won't even have the slightest chance to swap to one that would give her a chance. Even then, Berserker and Saber are probably the only ones who would have enough resistances of any sort to take several more hits from this thing.

>Well, that and she's almost certain the weight of the beast would shatter her shoulders in the few instants it takes to "install" a new card.

>Which means she has one chance to muster as much strength as she can to try and push him back and hopefully off of her.

"...Kai, if you're in there...sorry."

>She says as she starts to wriggle in the mud again, though this time she grabs at the werewolve's foot on her undamaged shoulderguard as she does so, and pushes up with her magically enhanced strength. Its not a lot compared to some of her others, but it should be just enough to let her move a little, at least when combined with the softness of the ground.

>And once she can lift her shoulder a little, she batters at the beast with her other wing, hoping the blow will force the wolf to let her other wing go if nothing else, all the while hearing it tear and pop more as it's being tugged on.

>She's still got one shoulder pinned as well, regardless of whether or not the wolf let go of her wing in surprise, and she's already pulling her knees closer to her torso in preparation for another strike.

>Which involves her slamming her feet up against the beast's stomach to make it at least stumble back off of her shoulders.

"Get off Me!!!"

>Maybe not the best of plans, especially as she's not sure whether or not she'll be able to keep both wings, but at this point she can't be picky.

>In any case, whether her wing snaps off with a sickening snapping sound or not, as soon as her upper body is free she rolls to her side and with labored breathing pulls herself to her feet, a dark hilted longsword flashing into her hands as she does so.

"St-stay back!"

>She just needs a bit more time, a bit more distance, or at least some sort of distraction, so that whoever, whatever this is doesn't rip her throat out while she's in the middle of swapping out her cards. Not that she's sure how she can stop this thing without killing it, but for now, all she can think of is keeping it from killing her in the next few seconds.

>She's completely unaware of the fact that such a diversion is on its way, not that she'll necessarily like the form it takes when it arrives.

Shiro Yamada!MaraKrYP7s 871900

File: 1419744111570.jpg (93.11 KB, 537x737, Puer00257.jpg)

>Just as he was certain he was far enough from that mage, he turned around to see if the beast thing was still following him. But he did not see any of that, just the distance that he had ran from Kai and the Mage in the sky. His eye widened and he skidded to a halt as soon as he realized that his strategy failed to work.

>Without a moment's hesitation, he took a deep breath of air and sprinted back as fast as he could to where he last saw Kai: the park he had stopped in. The fact that the stone didn't even aggravate Kai onto him means he either didn't even notice the damned rock or he was too interested in the Mage that was in the sky. Either way, he was in trouble if Kai decided to run off again. But with how huge the guy is, he'd have to leave some sort of mark somewhere to indicate where he went.

>But what he saw next was contrary to what he thought.

>Just as he saw the werewolf's silhouetted frame in the distance, he realized there was something wrong. For starters, there wasn't the flying mage that was in the sky. Shiro had thought that whoever they were, they had flown off to get reinforcements just as soon as they got a good look at Kai. However, Kai was still there. And furthermore, he looked hunched over, like he had something pinned to the ground.

>It didn't take long for Shiro to connect the pieces in his head and begin to panic. If Kai was doing what he thinks he was doing, then they're both going to be in huge fucking trouble. He had to save this person as soon as possible and leave before they could notice anything. But at this point, the task already proves to look difficult as is. But he can't back down now, unfortunately.

>Shiro sprinted as fast as his legs could take him with his activated demon blood. He could already feel the burning sensation in his muscles as he got closer and closer to both Kai and the Mage. All the while, he screamed towards them as loud as he could so he could draw Kai's attention from the person he pinned onto the ground.


>And just as soon as Tallie kicked Kai with her magically enhanced strength, Shiro appeared just beside the two of them. But along with him was also his fist and the two tails that followed with it. While his fist missed, both of his tails uppercut Kai's head, making him bite down into the wing and moving him far enough so that the mage below him could escape.

>Just as the sound of the wing snapped and popped in Kai's mouth, Shiro backed off and stood in between him and the Mage like a human bodyguard. He was out of breath and breathing heavily, but somehow miraculously standing on his two legs despite all the sprinting he's done. Though, it looks like he's going to collapse at any moment from fatigue.

I thought I told you to get out of here! I can handle this thing on my own!

>He doesn't know why these people just won't listen to him when he's trying to save their lives, and as an extension, his and Kai's. Whoever this Mage was, she couldn't have the strength to start attacking again, not after getting nearly mauled by this thing. But that goes the same for him as well. He doesn't know how long he'll last against this now beefed up werewolf, but with his Demon Blood, he could at least stand more of a chance than a regular human. For now, he needs to take this small interval of time to rest his limbs and regain his breath. The best he could do right now is dodge Kai's attacks until the moon goes down or until the wolf also gets tired.

The Werewolf!uvadBiRdiE 871916

File: 1419748446004.jpg (75.68 KB, 461x600, 3098ea7d_Werewolf_by_JLoneWolf…)

>What was she shouting about? Sorry? Kai? Why was that so familiar? Was he Kai? No, he was just hungry. He feels something crunch between his dirty teeth as he pulls at the wing.
>His prey was squirming too much. He's vaguely aware of the other muddy wing batting at him, but he doesn't care. With a final snap, just as he feels something lightly tap his chest, he tears the wing out of its socket.
>He's too entranced by the taste of prana to even notice the man screaming towards him. With the wing torn from the armor and twin tails slamming his jaw, he rears back on his hind legs to swat in annoyance towards whoever interrupted him. When he crashes back down, the mage is gone; she slipped right out from under him.

>He spits the useless wing out of his mouth, turns to the both of them, and snarls. Paws caked in mud and maw dripping with spittle, he resembles a rabid bear... yet, the moment he rises onto two legs, he begins to look more and more like a beast of legend. Reaching a full eight feet, and then some, he towers over the mage and half-demon.

>His prey was weak. It wouldn't be able to fly or get far. But the demon, the one that reeked of corrupted magic... that was a threat that needed to be taken out.

>Kai lunges at Shiro. In the time it takes to blink, he's grabbed the demon by one arm, and bit down into his shoulder. His teeth sink deep into toned muscle. He recoils in disgust, tearing away from the half-demon and tossing him at the mage.

>The demon blood was disgusting. He couldn't eat that if he wanted to. He spits at the ground, and shakes his head like a wet dog. Absolutely filthy.

Kenneth Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 871919

File: 1419748921150.jpg (41.38 KB, 600x440, Scotland.600.227568.jpg)

>The question was, who to call first?

>He had to let Alfred know at some point. "Remember my adopted son? He's kind of a werewolf, don't kill him but help me find him." That would go well. Luckily, Alfred was out on business, so he could break that news to a much younger Archard if he had to.

>The Akamines? No, they would kill him no matter what.

>The Jiangs... Autumn had to know, in case July--no, she'd make it, but they'd need someone to help. Summer had to know healing magecraft.

>Kenneth, half-listening to the sound of his wife trying to stabilize July's condition, takes a drag of his cigarette, and calls the Jiang residence.

Autumn!Jiang0l2K. 871923

File: 1419750589127.jpg (44.21 KB, 570x421, 5688-1236396137.jpg)

One ring.

Two rings.

On the third ring, the mild, flowery voice of the former head of the Jiang family answers through the phone lines. She knew almost everyone in town's numbers by memory, and so, lifting the handset to her ear as she stirs a saucepan filled with the makings of coddle, the still relatively young woman answers jokingly and with a smile.

"Kenneth? I would have thought you and Suzy would be taking advantage of your night alone."

They were good people. She'd always liked Kenneth, even if he'd been quite a few years older than her when they were kids, and he'd always been one of the few people she'd never really felt ashamed to speak to following her brother's death. Alfred, on the other hand...

"Kai didn't get cold feet, did he?"
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File: 1419764896247.png (1.16 MB, 900x930, Armadura_Fairy.PNG)

>She hadn't really been very clear headed when she'd put her plan into action, only having been able to focus on her own self.

>Now that she finally has time to breath and clears her head, she notices someone else there. Or more specifically his tails and that he's shouting at her.

>...Not that those tails of his seem particularly natural, but she'll worry about that later. For now, this is basically the moment she needed to get back in the fight.

>Even if she tried to run instead, Rider is almost completely ruined, it wouldn't be able to get her far enough from the beast to even consider that idea.

>Still, he should be able to buy her the moment she needs to pull out something that could withstand the beast, even if she's still not sure it could do any lasting harm to it. Especially without blowing all the prana stored in the card, which would basically be suicide if it didn't.

>She draws another card from the pack strapped to her hip. Luckily on top of being considered one of the best picks normally, it's also her prefered Class Card. So it might just give them all a chance to walk out of this alive.


>With a flash the broken, almost halfways destroyed armor she's wearing turns into what appears to be glowing light wrapped around her body, as the new card begins to do its magic.

>It doesn't actually provide her any defensive ability during the process, but at least it does help protect her sense of decency.

>As the light finally recedes her outfit is revealed to look more akin to a traditional knight's armor, or perhaps that of a valkyrie.

>The oddest part being the fact that it's a light shade of pink. Which maybe makes it seem slightly less impressive.

>Her body still aches from the beast slamming into her before, as well as its sheer weight when it was on top of her, but she can still fight. Just as long as she doesn't burn her self out, she should be able to at least hold this thing off, well provided it doesn't just bite her head off anyways. At the very least he shouldn't be able to just rip this one apart.

>Finally transformed she sees Shiro get chomped into by the...huger than she remembered creature. Followed by him being thrown her way.

>Catch him or don't? She just has a split second to decide.

>As the body of the boy flies at her, she steps to the side avoiding him seemingly effortlessly, before pivoting back so that she's now the one in between the werewolf and the body, a sword held at the ready in each hand.

"Thanks for the help, but unless you've got some sort of plan I don't know about, I'm not sure you're really handling things either."

>She pauses for a moment, and then continues, her eyes staying on the beast the whole time.

"So...you do have some plan for how to stop this thing without killing him...right?"

>...he hasn't died on her, has he? No, she can't think that right now, just like she couldn't catch him without them both becoming easy prey for the beast in front of them...No, for now at least she just has to hold this thing off, and try to keep everyone alive.

Kenneth Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 872217

File: 1419808892419.jpg (426.91 KB, 626x826, Scotland.full.1339501.jpg)

>He didn't get Summer. He got her mother. This wasn't going to be easy to break to her.

>Wait, alone? As far as she knew, Kai and Grace were both at home.

>Cold feet...?

>Kenneth mentally smacks his hand against his forehead. Homecoming. That explained the dress. His son must've arranged a date for tonight, of all nights. The stupid...!

July's hurt badly.
>he explains, quickly and without emotion, managing to keep the tremble out of his tone,
Come over. Bring Summer if you can.

Shiro Yamada!MaraKrYP7s 872356

File: 1419827325334.jpg (55.57 KB, 295x427, Puer00255.jpg)

>Just as soon as he had finished yelling towards the Mage behind him, he had barely any time to react to the 8-foot tall beast that lunged straight towards him. He didn't know what just happened within that split second, but all he knew now was that there was a huge pain on his arm and his shoulder.

>There was a loud cry of pain from him as he struggled to pull himself free from Kai's grasp. He raised several tails behind him and prepared to stick them in between Kai's jaws to pry them open, but something happened that he didn't expect. For some reason, he backed away as soon as he bit into him, but not before throwing him towards whoever was behind him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!

>Unfortunately for him, the one Mage that did stand behind him decided they'd rather go up against Kai themselves rather than catch an injured person. Thankfully for them, Shiro had already assumed that they'd gone and left already.

>He landed just behind the girl as his blood began streaming down his clothes and onto the ground of the park. He didn't know why Kai just let go of him, but he was thankful that he didn't do any more damage than he could have. But now, he was weakened even more than he wanted to be. He still has access to his tails, however, so he should be fine, even if both of his arms were damaged.

>Shiro got up from the floor with a small groan as he recovered from being thrown by Kai, breathing heavily but taking the opportunity to rest his muscles. The first thing he saw when he looked up was the figure that he assumed to be the Mage that he saved from before, standing in between him and Kai with a pink cape that covered pretty much the rest of their body. To this person's side, it looks like they have a sword to defend themselves as well. The fact that they were still standing tall after getting pinned by Kai shows that they still have some energy in them. It also sounded like they were talking to him too.


>The only plan he had when it came to this was to distract Kai until morning. But considering how his shoulder is now, he doubts they can keep that up for even a single hour. They would both have to resort to incapacitating him or knocking him out. Surprisingly, this girl didn't want to kill Kai like he was a rabid beast that needs to be put down immediately. Unfortunately, he'll have to somehow knock her out cold once they were finished here.

>His eye looked down at the sword she held, then at Kai's feet. Unless he has a crazy fast regenerating power, stabbing both of his legs could keep him from running off.

..You know how to use that sword, right? Use it to stab through both of his legs. The last thing I need is for him to run off again. I'll provide a distraction so you better do this quickly, whoever you are. I'm counting on you to not screw this up.

>He held up a hand to the wound that was on his shoulder, letting the blood run down his hand and pool up on his palm. If the taste of his own blood was revolting enough to force Kai off of him, then he'd like to see what it'd do if it gets in the way of his vision.


>Just as soon as he uttered the word, he sprinted just ahead of Tallie and straight towards Kai. Just as he got close enough, he jumped forward swung his bloodied hand at Kai's face, causing the pooled up blood to splatter all over his eyes and blur his vision. While the wolf was still distracted, Shiro landed and made two of his tails extend from his lower back, forcing both of them to pierce into both of Kai's shoulders.

Kenneth Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 872361

File: 1419829757642.jpg (1.05 MB, 1512x890, the_forgotten_by_alectorfencer…)

>The sudden flash of prana in front of him pulls him out of the blood-induced disgust. That's what he was here for, that's what he was after.

>Snarling, he swings a massive paw at the armored figure. Claws rip through the breastplate, and the force behind the swing is enough to stun her, but he doesn't follow through.

>The half-demon blocks him before he can get back to the main target. He swipes at the man with his free hand. He doesn't account for the other to leap right over it, and throw something right into his eyes.

>Kai recoils and growls in pain, holding his paws over his red eyes. They stung. Moving his paws out of view, all he can see are vague shapes in a limited color palette, obscured by welling tears. He didn't even notice Shiro's attack til he felt the dull poke in his shoulders.

>This thing wouldn't just let him get at his prey. It wouldn't leave him alone. He needed to get rid of it.

>Enraged, the beast steps forward and flails, claws slicing through thin air. The tails tug from where they've dug into his back. He turns to one side, the other. He leaps forward, toward Tallie, only to be stopped by the tails and completely lose his balance. He falls face-first into the dirt and grass.

>All it does is make him angrier.

>He scrambles to his feet in a flurry of movement, and, instead of going for the mage, he tackles the half-demon right into the mud, pinning his lower body down with his knees. Kneeling upright, he swipes down at Shiro with his dirty claws, over and over, clawing at his face, his chest, his arms, any tails that come in his way in an absolute rage.

Mobile Mams 872437

File: 1419866705820.jpg (121.64 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

The voice on the other end falling silent for a moment, the mother's tone changes from that of a friend expecting a friendly talk to a bored secretary.

"Summer's not home right now."

She'd been moody all of yesterday and this morning, and when she missed yoga for the first time in years, she knew it was serious. It had been a relief when she said she was going to just run off to do it...

Her tone welling up with emotion as the initial shock wears off, the mother tells him as she dashes for her coat and door,

"Kenneth, I don't want to lose anyone else without saying goodbye."

She hoped her meaning was clear, and slamming the receiver back into place, slips out into the darkness.

Her daughter needed her.

Alexander Peterson!Ren/VL7f/Q 873272

File: 1420152063897.png (228.6 KB, 390x370, Bow.png)

Quite sure.

>Alex nods, his face set in the same calm smile that usually found it's way onto his face.

I am very capable of buying for myself, and even should I buy something of a great magnitude for her, I feel she'd be happier if that money had gone to those who truly need it. I am capable of living comfortably the way I am, and many do not have such a luxury, if you are kind enough to gift money to those who you have only just met, then I would ask you to donate some of that money to those less fortunate.

>He eyes the shelves critically, pulling down a small ornament and tapping it a few times, before he places it back upon the shelf and continues searching, stopping briefly to turn back to Valentina

Your generosity is a blessing, and blessings are best given to those in times of need, though I am thankful for the kind gesture.

>And with that, he goes back to searching around for things, a present won't find itself, you know!

Valentina Rabinovich!aLEJudith. 873839

File: 1420239999811.png (41.51 KB, 160x160, tumblr_n5bcbhF2v81sahr9wo6_250…)

>Hmm well he certainly had a point that. It would be better suited to people he truly needed it...

>Even with the offer declined, she was happy he did appreciate it and she too continuous to look around for a snow globe for her older brother. Sure enough, after finding other interesting odds and ends, she what she's looking for and sees a snow globe with two polar bears inside.

It's sooooo cute~

>This was it, she was gonna get this one for her brother!


File: 1420359413656.jpg (7.26 KB, 224x225, really images (1).jpg)

>The werewolf's paw swipes at her before she even has the chance to move out of the way.

>There's an instant where she wonders if even the Saber class will be able to withstand this thing.

>Its not like she's ever actually faced monsters or cursed magi or any sort of supernatural beast for that matter. Sure in theory it shouldn't be a big deal but...

>The painful screech of claws scraping against metal is actually almost reassuring. Not that she has the time to think of that right away, since the creature still hits like a truck.

>Still, it just sends her stumbling back, with claw marks crossing her breastplate, instead of ripping through it like it was a tin can. She has no intention of being dogfood tonight...and its looking like she actually has a chance of that now.

>Especially now that the boy has given her a plan. Not that she's really sure who he is, since well, its too dark and things are moving to fast for her to get a good look, especially with his attire being what it is.

>...Though making sure he doesn't die is a concern as well. She has a duty to make sure noone dies on her watch, but...beyond that, if the beast is Kai...he'd probably be unable to live with himself if he found out he'd killed someone while he was like this.

"Got it, just...try not to die either, okay?"

>She calls out with a determined look on her face, right before he bursts past her and does whatever that strange magic...thing he's got going on with those...things.

>She's already darting around the side of the pair as he throws the first punch, hoping the boy knows what he's doing.

>Of course by the time she's got to the beast's back, things aren't looking too well.

>She spins to a stop, slashing the back of the werewolf's thighs with both her blades as she does so, finally getting a look at the situation a moment afterwards.

>Maybe his outfit will protect him a bit?...Just as long as he keeps his neck safe anyways? In any case, she has to get the beast to at least turn its attention to her. Maybe the leg wounds would do it, but she has to be sure.

"Hey, you dumb mutt, I'm your opponent, remember?"

>As she shouts this she slashes downwards at the beast's back, her blades swiping through the beasts fur and hide even though she is still holding back, unable to commit herself to fighting like she is willing to kill the beast.

>So instead, she attacks in an attempt to harass and aggravate the werewolf, in the hopes that it'll make him slip up and get in swipes to less lethal areas...or in this case pull Shiro's butt out of the fire.

>Between how huge and massive the wolf is, and her fencing classes (Which she has never been more thankful for than tonight), aiming to wound rather than kill is a lot easier than it sounds. She'll have to avoid a lot of the stabbing techniques unless she's going for the legs, but when it comes to slashes, so long as she doesn't cut all the way down to the bone, she shouldn't hit anything too vital, well, so long as she avoids the major arteries.

Shiro Yamada!MaraKrYP7s 875076

File: 1420434690420.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.25 KB, 252x345, Puer00030.jpg)

>At first, he had hope in that this excuse for a strategy would go according to plan. He thought he had the strength and stamina to keep Kai in one spot long enough for this other mage to get to his legs. What he failed to account for was the beast's own strength and the most fearsome weapon that it has alongside it: Intelligence.

>Once Kai fell over on the ground, the girl would have had a huge window of opportunity to stab through his legs to prevent him from leaving, but both of his tails proved otherwise. They began tugging from his lower back as Kai scrambled back onto his feet, and then became looser until it was too late for Shiro to realize that Kai was not just ignoring the mage, but he was going after him.

>This marked the second time that Kai's forced him onto the ground. Because of the werewolf's weight, his lower torso was pinned to the floor, leaving him unable to move from his current position. But that's just the least of his worries now that Kai had initiated his attack. The thing began swiping his claws on him, ripping the dark clothes open and leaving muddy, bloodied scratches everywhere on his upper torso. Through grit teeth, Shiro held his arms up in front of his face while he used his Tails to become a makeshift shield against the swipes. However, every time he positioned his tails in between them, Kai would swat them away like they were nothing and continue his assault.

Hold on! Just keep holding on for a little longer..!

>By the time Tallie had stepped in to aid Shiro, Kai had already made a bloody mess of him. The mud that he was forced onto was mixed with demon blood while the boy himself looked like he came back from the depths of Hell itself. His clothes were tattered and torn, revealing the bloodied and cut body. His mask, nearly torn to reveal his true identity save for the patch that still remained over his right eye. All that he could feel now was pain everywhere on his body while his blood continued pouring out of their new entrances. He should really consider himself lucky that Kai hasn't gone for any of his vital organs, but with the amount of pain he's going through, he wished he would have died a painless death now.

>With Tallie slicing through both of Kai's thighs and down his back, the dog's attention would definitely shift to her now that she's become the aggressor. The arms and tails that Shiro had held up to protect himself all fell to the floor, but they did not attempt to push him up. Exhausted doesn't seem to describe how he felt at that current moment. All he knows is that he's hurting and bleeding everywhere while Kai's still a werewolf and bound to cause havoc to the City they live in.

>Shiro continued to breathe heavily on the floor, slowly but surely getting air back into his lungs. His eye stared up at the full moon in the sky as his sclera reverted back to its original white color, in turn, causing his tails too disappear into his lower back. Usually, whenever he'd be looking up at the moon, it would involve a lot more comfortable company instead of pain, blood, and risk of extermination. But he supposes he can't win at everything.

Well... it's all up to you now, sword girl. I need to.. get some shut eye...

>He muttered out those last words and slowly shut his eye, giving his weary body the much deserved rest it needed.

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 875095

File: 1420439445983.png (199.51 KB, 400x541, thumb-381.png)

>The werewolf felt something dig into the backs of his thighs, slicing them shallowly and spilling prana-infused blood onto his fur. The cuts succeeded at distracting him from the poor demon. Freed from the tails, he rises, slowly, to two feet.

>From the mage's perspective, she would be able to easily see the wounds up his trembling legs and the long one that would surely scar his back. He lifts a dirty paw to his mouth, and, reluctantly, gives it a lick, lapping up the dirty lifeblood from the half-demon. He makes another disgusted face at the taste. Within moments, the wounds begin to scab over as if they'd been nothing but scrapes.

>Satisfied, the werewolf flicks the remainder of the blood off his paw, and shakes out his fur.

>Now it was time for his real prey.

>With a quick bark, he whirls around, and swipes at the armored mage, aiming to knock her down, cut her open, disarm her, anything to let him get closer to that delectable body.


File: 1420519915121.jpg (10.65 KB, 301x167, Clash images (1).jpg)

>For a moment, Taliesin actually thinks they might have this...

>Even with how badly it looked like the other boy might be taking it...even with the beastial...monsterous strength of the wolfman.

>The plan was simple, so very simple, just immobilize the beast, and then she figured that even with the mauling the boy just took, at least with how oddly well he kept getting back up from his other wounds, well she could just patch him up, and noone would have to die tonight.

>And then she sees the beasts wounds seeming to just close back up, the flow of blood that had been spilling from the wounds ceasing.

>And then it rises again, faster than she'd expected, whirling to face her with a swipe. Its too fast, too unexpected to dodge. In that instant its her reflexes, her training and muscle memory that save her. While she doesn't have the time to avoid the attack, she does have enough time to block, locking her blades against each other to intercept the blow at the last moment.

>Gods did it hurt though. The force of the blow sending her sliding back into the mud, but at least she stays standing.

>...Deep down she knows, if she lets the thing knock her down, if it gets on top of her again, one of them would end up dying. The beast with a blade through its chest or throat...or her lying there with her throat torn out.

>To make matters worse, now that the wolf is off the other boy, she catches sight of his blood glistening in the moonlight, and sees the tatters of his outfit fluttering in the wind.

>His final words don't sound good either. He might not be dead yet, but she can tell he's lost a lot of blood...and its not like she can do anything to stop it.

>The only thing...the only way this can end well now...she's got to lead this thing away from the city...and pray she can lose it before too long, get back here, get the boy to a hospital or something...or hope someone stumbles on him before she gets back.

>She doesn't like it. She doesn't like leaving him here...but its the only way. Sure he might just think she ran, sure help might not come soon enough, or she might not get back quickly enough...but...if she stays here, even if someone came they wouldn't be able to help so long as whoever...whatever this thing is is still here.

>She grits her teeth and with a twist of her blades, slashes them down in front of her, backing up as she does so, before calling out to the werewolf again.

"Well, come on, you big dumb brute! I'm the one you want, right?! Well, then come get me, ya dumb mutt!"

>Kai or not, mean or not, she has to get the thing mad, keep it focused on her. Just keep retreating slowly, defensively, but still quick enough to give the boy a chance...

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 875992

File: 1420613547781.jpg (140.66 KB, 633x800, http___kevinbeacon_wordpress_c…)

>His paw comes crashing down on the crossed blades, slicing open the rough pads. The werewolf, predictably, snarls fiercely at this, and steps forward to meet her retreat.

>He could see a little better now. His eyes still burned, but he was growing oblivious to the pain. Adrenaline fueled by the scent of blood and prana rushed through his veins and fed his strength and senses while numbing his body to the pain.

>Kai swings another massive paw at the mage shouting nonsense at him, and another, and another, stepping forward every time she steps back and growling with every block and dodge. The blood from his sliced paw begins to dry up as the wound scabs over unnaturally fast, but every nick from the blades opens another cut.


File: 1420927442971.png (1.16 MB, 900x930, Armadura_Fairy.PNG)

>Her blades swing quickly into position as the werewolf slashes at her, blocking blow after blow, swipe after swipe. Each blow sending her skidding backwards the soft mud making it hard to hold her position against the force of the blows.

>And still the swipes keep coming, and while they don't do much to warp the blades the girl wields, the force reverberating through the blades and into her arms makes it harder and harder to block each subsequent blow, while the beast seems to continue its assault without even beginning to slow down.

>Eventually one comes in too quickly for her to react, slamming across her chestplate again, the claw marks becoming a bit more apparent as she's launched backwards through the air from the force behind the blow. It's all she can do to keep from dropping to one knee as she lands, a searing pain shooting up her side.


>She just hopes she didn't break a rib there...

>She hasn't managed to draw the creature away as far as she hoped yet either. Or tire it out for that matter either. Even the cuts she'd been able to make between blocking were already healing.

>Somewhere close where this thing could be contained...somewhere safe for everyone involved....

>...The Akamine Shrine is closer than the edge of town, but....

>...No, she can't take this thing there, not with what she's seen. After all, nobody had entered the Forsyth house after Julie had shown up, so it had to be one of the Forsyths somehow...right? Either Kai or his father. Well, unless they had a guest before either her or Julie had gotten there...

>Still, if what her father has said about that clan of Magi is even remotely true...there's no way she could take this thing there. They most likely would be able to contain it...but they'd be more likely to just kill it before she could even explain things at all.

>She'll have to think of something else...for now though, she'll just have to keep this up until she does, or some sort of miracle happens. She just hopes the boy from before can last that long.

>With that in mind she stares back at the beast defiantly, though she doesn't spare any energy for banter this time.

Alexander Peterson!Ren/VL7f/Q 878038

File: 1421011587237.png (457.91 KB, 652x490, Deepcleansingbreathes.png)

>Alex continues searching around the shop, his serene smile giving way to a frown. It wasn't NECESSARY to grab her a present, especially not one so early, but still!

>It was nice to get these things out of the way, so you wouldn't panic later on. One unfortunate 21st of December found Alex dashing around Spain looking for a shop that he could both effectively communicate his wants and was actually within his price range.

>Maybe for now, it WAS a little early, and it would be better to plan it out a little...Yes, that's a much better idea, fall back for now, and regroup later with a plan of action, but first to his compatriot.

>Alex wanders over to Valentina, her furry hat and striking blue hair distinguishing her from the rest of the crowd. What an odd hair colour. The frown gives way to another smile as he spots the snowglobe in her hands.

You seem to have found your gift. And quite a nice one too, charity shops may be something of a lucky dip, but you can always be sure the money's going to a good cause.

>He nods towards the cashier

Don't wait for me to pay, I don't think I'll find anything this time...I still have plenty of weeks to spare, after all.

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 880251

File: 1421462437607.jpg (186.21 KB, 748x1067, Werewolf_by_milofx.jpg)

>A sick screech rings through the night air as the claws drag across her breastplate. With that solid blow done, he steps back, and watches his prey fly back. She had to be down now, right? He steps forward, paws sinking into the mud with a gross squish.

>She still got back up. The hair on his hide stands on end, and he grins. There had to be plenty of prana in that magus to keep her going.

>The beast stalks forward, teeth bared in what can vaguely be described as a smile. He gives her plenty of time to run, dodge, or attack, but the moment she so much as flinches in another direction, he leaps on her and chomps down on her sword arm. The armor takes the brunt of the damage, turning what would be a severed arm into possibly a broken bone.

Valentina Rabinovich!aLEJudith. 881107

File: 1421625459286.png (44.09 KB, 166x166, tumblr_n1vs02NV9K1sn8sb3o7_250…)

>With the globe in hand, the girl nods.

Yes, I'm really happy to have found this here~

>With his prompt to head for the cashier she's reminded that there are other things she needs to take care of as well.

>That in mind, she quickly gives Alex another hug.

Thank you again for your help Alex! I hope you find something for your mother soon! And that I get to see you once more as well!

>with that, the girl is off to pay for her gift and then off to finish the rest of her day.

Alexander Peterson!Ren/VL7f/Q 881110

File: 1421626034625.png (451.25 KB, 652x490, Whyme.png)

>Alex was jolted by the hug and doesn't react to it, no reciprocation, yet no pushing away. Physical contact with other people was still something that he had yet to get the hang of, after all. That said, when the hug broke, he smiled back at Valentina.

It was no trouble, I was glad to meet you. I hope that your brother enjoys his present, and that at some other time, I'll see you again.

>He waves her off

Take care, Valentina. For whenever we next meet.

>Once she was out of sight, he breathed a sigh as he made his way back to the church. What a day it had been, though he hadn't accomplished his goal, he'd met someone new, and wasn't friendship one of the greatest gifts you could receive? Perhaps this was the Lord's way of rewarding him for his efforts to do good. Alex nodded as he slipped his hands into his pockets, that may well be it...But it wouldn't do for him to get complacent, there was no end to the work he had to do, and no better time to continue than now.

>...But first, he should go home. No sense in worrying anybody with how long he stayed out.


File: 1422411253792.jpg (11.95 KB, 301x167, imagesCA6C11FO.jpg)

>The way the beast is looking at her as she continues her retreat sends a chill down the young woman's spine. Its the sort of grin that sticks in your mind, the sort that you expect only to see on the face of some deranged serial killer in some twisted horror film. Seeing it there, well, after a bit you can laugh it off...

>Seeing it plastered across the face of some creature that you're almost certain used to be a good friend...or a member of his family...if she lives through this she's almost certain it'll haunt her dreams for many nights to come.

>To her credit, she doesn't look away as she continues to back away, even though the retreat is slow due to her unsure footing. But, with how much she's focused on the need to keep her eyes on the threat ahead, all it ends up taking is the one false step that while she stays standing sends a shooting pain through her chest.

>And when he looks back up, the beast is already upon her. She sees the jaws, the teeth and thinks she's done for...

>And then the sickening crunching sound as the wolf's jaw clamps down on the metal plates of her gauntlet. It holds...in a way, but while it does prevent her arm being torn to shreds, the pressure forces the metal inwards on itself, as it starts crushing her arm in the process.

>With an extremely pained scream the swordswoman's right arm goes limp, the sword it contained vanishing from existence as it falls from her hand.

>In fact it seems more an act of instinct, or a reaction to the ever growing pain from the bite when her left arm raises and then brings the pommel of her other sword slamming down into the wolf's left eye socket.

>The only thought in her mind as the pressure finally releases on her arm, is just that she has to get away, leaping back away from the beast in an attempt to get away.

>She...she can't do this. Not just because she has to get back to help that mysterious boy...even if time weren't an issue, she's down an arm, her ribs are at least badly bruised if not fractured on top of that, it's getting late, and no matter how much prana the creature in front of her might thing she has, she's getting really close to tapping both it and her physical stamina out.

>Her father might have stood a chance...maybe...but she's not ready for this. No matter what her pride might have made her think.


Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 883911

File: 1422423592795.gif (4.96 MB, 354x199, Steel Tempest.gif)

>Miyuki had run as fast as she could through the darkened streets of Junction City, her Pure Eyes guiding her ever closer to the source of mayhem that appeared in the middle of Gatesway Park. As part of the Akamine's ancient training was to bring its magy to the very limits of human physical capabilities, the world itself was reduced to a blur as she navigated the whole of the city far faster than any normal means of transport could have taken her in the tight confines of the city. Until finally she reached her destination and saw what had happened to cause such an immense magical outburst.

>Here lay a demon, its body battered and twisted beyond usefulness. In most circumstances it would have been Miyuki's honor and duty to simply chop the monstrosity's head clean off its shoulders as a favor to humanity and as part of her duty. But what happened a few meters away from the unconscious hellspawn far overshadowed the existence of any demon as a full grown werewolf was ripping apart a fellow magus. No matter who they were or why they had challenged such a supernatural powerhouse without the needed tools was inconsequential to the matter at hand. Miyuki's chief duty as a Demon Hunter was to protect humanity as a whole and that, of course, extended to all citizens of this city.

>The moment Tallie wished for someone to save her was an instance in which the world stood still for her as time itself ground to a halt. Trapped in the maws of a hungry werewolf under the augur of the full moon, the young magus existed in a world were her arm had been pulverized and her body was beaten, unable to defeat the threat before her she was forced to stare down the imminent source of her ultimate demise. But even in the bleakest of times, when all hope seemed lost, prayers are sometimes answered as one moment the werewolf was crushing her arm to pieces and the next a steel katana protruded from the front of its shoulder, thick viscous blood pouring from the open wound left by the ancient Japanese weapon.

>Standing behind the werewolf and holding the weapon that had so wounded the beast was a cold eyed Miyuki, her eyes hard as stones and her expression an indecipherable mask of cold hatred for the beast that stood before her. Part of her wanted nothing more than to go crazy, her ancestral genes crying out for the blood of the unnatural monstrosity before her in nothing less than the most brutal of ways as did the consciousness of the blade she wielded against her foe as the ancient spirit dwelling within the blade hungered for the prana contained in the creature's very being.

>Yet, despite the temptations to give in to bloodlust or the whims of the blade she wielded, Miyuki's demeanor remained cold and focused as she ripped the blade free from the monster's body and carved two successive blows into its back with such speed that it all literally happened in the blink of an eye. The blade feasting on the inherent magic present in Kay's body with each blow it struck into his being; the blood from his wounds disappearing into the blade itself as it drained the very magic from his blood and bones.

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 884035

File: 1422495074014.jpg (75.68 KB, 461x600, 3098ea7d_Werewolf_by_JLoneWolf…)

>The beast relaxes his jaw, preparing to bite down on another chunk and shake the prana out of her like some kind of rag doll. That momentary drop of his guard is enough for his prey to strike.


>Something squished when she struck him there. It would return in time, but that didn't stop it from hurting any more.

>Before he could even register what the magus hit him with, something stabbed him from behind. He lets go of Tallie's arm with a choking noise. It wasn't silver. It hurt even worse than silver. It was like his very energy was drained from his being. Something was wrong, something was very wrong.
>Instantly, Kai leaps off the magus and skids onto all fours a few yards away from the pair, hackles raised, snarling. Blood drips from his mangled eye and shoulderblade, onto the muddy ground, where it hisses like water on a hot pan.
>He had to defend himself. This wasn't about finding a meal any more, this was about defeating this adversary and then running.

>He rises onto two legs, dwarfing the Akamine girl. He sizes her up, and lunges, swatting at her with a heavy paw to gauge her reaction.


File: 1422502695012.jpg (61.05 KB, 1256x662, 306500-et69.jpg)

>The beast had released her, and then as she was darting back, or maybe even before that, she's not sure, something she has a hard time even catching sight of begins to harry the wolf, distracting it from her.

>...She takes the opportunity to gain some more distance, for several reasons. The first being that she wants to make sure she loses the thing, but also that she's completely defenseless for a few moments when she's activating...or deactivating one of her Cards.

>She hopes whoever or whatever that was doesn't kill the person the wolf used to be, thinking it just some mad beast, but...she can't risk calling out. In fact even using the Class Card of hers she hates most, its the only way she can see them getting to help on time at this point.

>She's just thankful that Assassin's main class ability is one that reduces one's presence...

>After changing her class card she winces as the armor dissipates from around her broken arm, and the cool night air comes in contact with her waist.

>...She can feel it as well, her amount of Prana for the day almost tapped out. She just hopes she has enough to get herself and the shadowy boy to a hospital before passing out. Either from exaustion...or the pain.

>With that in mind, under the cover of the darkness thats still setting in as it gets later into the night, she circles around Kai and Miyuki's fight, before darting towards the fallen boy and focuses on quickly dragging him off by one of his legs while the other parties are distracted with each other.

Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 884180

File: 1422519772064.gif (4.89 MB, 773x435, Sweeping Blade.gif)

>As the beast leapt away from her and whirled on its haunches to stare down its new opponent Miyuki got a first hand experience of the sheer scale of her enemy. The beast towered high above her in the form of a musclebound bloodthirsty monstrosity over two meters in height. Its strength was beyond compare and there was little to no doubt that its endurance could weather the strikes of any ordinary blade. But even if it was miles stronger then her in brute strength alone, where Miyuki had the edge over the beast was in being ever so slightly faster then it was and, far more importantly, in experience. For as fierce and fearsome as the Kai's attacks might have been, they were nonetheless the blows of a wild beast and where, as such, predictable to a someone who though logically and calmly in the middle of a battle. When Kai lunched forward with a heavy paw, Miyuki stepped forward with equal speed, ducking under the blow whilst twisting her body inwards to slice the werewolf's stomach open with a wide crescent strike. The burning blood pouring over Miyuki's arm, face and blade as the weapon drank deep from its opponent's prana reserves.

>Continuing the motion she had began when striking Kai, Miyuki slid out of arm's reach of beast, her skin and clothes burning in irritation for being exposed to such a magically corrosive substance as werewolf blood. There was no telling now what long term effects the blood might have on her skin but at least it had stayed out of her eyes even as it ate away at the affected parts of her shirt. Still, as she ignored all of these minor details to the fight itself, blocking out the itchiness of her skin wherever the blood had splashed onto her and focusing her mind entirely on the fight at hand.

>And as Miyuki stared at the wounded monster with cold, dispassionate eyes, she spoke no words to it as such a monster existed beneath human speech. She and it would try to kill one another as it was in their nature to do so, no words needed to be shared to confirm or try to deny this as the future head of the Akamine clan would see to it that this threat to humanity would be erased from existence.

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 884933

File: 1422824910368.jpg (111.77 KB, 828x576, Werewolf_by_JPMoore.jpg)

>Out the corner of his eye, he caught his magus prey grabbing the dirty half-breed and dragging him off. This made the already enraged werewolf even more angry; first his feast was interrupted, and now they were just running off.

>At the very least, he was provided a preview of the woman's fighting style when she wasn't ambushing. She was just quick enough to dodge, and that sword--! Worse than silver, exhausting his body, absorbing his blood. Wounds made by it healed slower, but they would still heal in time, so it was nothing but a minor hindrance to this beast.

>He let out a low, mocking laugh at this realization, one that scratched the back of his throat and shuddered his chest, squeezing more hissing blood from the wound. He just had to disarm her.

>The wolf drops onto all fours, and prowls around her, every step made with the utmost care as the pawpads squelched into the mud. Even hunched over like this, he was still taller than the girl. His tail flicked back and forth behind him.

>He pounces forward and stops just short of the girl to bite at her sword arm. Whether or not that succeeds, he follows it up with a swipe to her legs, aiming to knock her onto the ground in a more vulnerable position. He'd have his meal one way or another tonight.

Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 884976

File: 1422841361244.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 455.png)

>Having realized a threat to the success of its hunt the beast turns upon it and tries to erase it from existence. That it could rationalize to the extent of being able to specify its analysis to the sword Miyuki wielded was a little surprising but it would change very little to the outcome of the fight. As the wickedness of spirits is oft tainted with the shrewdness of man, so too then must man rise further above their nature to look down upon their enemies. And as wild and savage as its blows were, they were nonetheless predictable once Miyuki realized her enemies' goal.

>First rolling aside from the savage pounce of the enemy, Miyuki then remained crouched and braced herself whilst turning her sword vertically such that when the blow to where her legs would have been came it found itself met with the firm defense of a blade's edge to absorb the shock, slicing into the beast's paw and shoving the Akamine warrior a dozen feet away from it with the sheer strength of its blow with deep tracks of upturned mud following where her feet had been planted into the ground.

>Looking upon beast before her with unervingly calm eyes, Miyuki analyzed the situation further through the dim darkness of Gatesway park. Though the battleground was dark and muddy, the beast's inherent magic shone out to her as though it were made up of unholy lights that bled off into the world around it, making its moves easy to see even in the most complete of darkness. But even as she gave no ground to the beast's enraged onslaught, she knew that as it were she could not defeat her enemy without using either magecraft of resources she would bemoan showing to her rival magus families. As unlike either the Llewellyn girl, Miyuki did not fancy the idea of showing off the full extent of her potential in a fight where keen eyes were watching her every movement.

>No, rather than use one of her trump cards, Miyuki was more then content to wait this battle out, and prolong it as much as possible. She could not defeat the beast with her blade alone but neither could it hit her in its present form. And while the beast undoubtedly would try to wear her out and devour her once her stamina gave up, little did it know that all Miyuki had to do now was to stall it for mere minutes more before other members of her clan appeared and its fate would be sealed.
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Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 885001

File: 1422844307718.jpg (186.21 KB, 748x1067, Werewolf_by_milofx.jpg)

>The beast snarled in pain as his plan backfired. The blade sliced his paw wide open, spilling the acidic blood all over the mud. He still braved through the pain and slammed that paw back onto the ground, allowing him to propel himself at the young warrior.

>He would have her head and rip out her heart for fooling with him like this. The hole through his shoulder still ached, but the bleeding had stopped, as opposed to the weeping wounds still on his back and stomach. Despite the blood loss, he didn't even feel winded; the werewolf adrenaline helped with that.

>As he neared the girl, he showed no sign of stopping, no hesitation. He rammed right into her in a tackle the football coach at Junction High would be proud of, sending them both skidding and tumbling through the mud. He snapped and clawed at her, anything to rip her apart, only for it all to come to an abrupt halt when they slam into a metal pole supporting the playground.

>Kai takes the brunt of that blow to his back and head. He snarls, frothing at the mouth, and shakes his head, trying to get his vision back in order.

Lucretius Adama!jSaxman3Bg 885049


Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?

"... Mr. Adama?"


"Mr. Adama, you were daydreaming again."

"... Hmm. So I was. My apologies, Joseph." Lucretius Adama regarded the microchip pinched between his thumb and forefinger, the little tips of silver that protruded from it glinting ever so faintly in the light of his office to compliment the blue chassis that bore 'Kayin Industries' in tiny golden letters. "I simply allowed my mind to wander; it was not because of lack of interest in this development, I promise you that." The CEO of Kayin was holding between his fingers what his people in R&D insisted would be the future of the company. Not that he had taken the time to look at the details of it himself; the most Lucretius knew was that, if it had the potential Joseph claimed it did, this chip could easily triple the capacity of anything their competitors had. It would make them the shining star of the computer world. No other company on Earth would take this lying down, of course... they would buy it right off the shelves to try to reverse-engineer Kayin's secrets, they would try to get their corporate spies to worm their way into his offices... it would be the latest step in a song and dance that had been going on for a very long time now. Lucretius smiled, a smile that didn't quite reach his ice-blue eyes as he leaned across his desk to return the prototype. "Thank you for bringing this to me. And please, my compliments to R&D; their work is far from unappreciated." Well, that wasn't entirely true. That little chip Joseph was returning to its jewel casing? It would most likely be forgotten within the next five years. What was important would be the ramifications of its usage. It wouldn't accomplish anything major by itself, but it was another step on a road Lucretius had been walking for a long time now...

"Thank you, Mr. Adama... also, may I ask you something, sir?"

Oh, now this was unexpected. Lucretius took his feet off his desk, steepling his fingers and resting his elbows on the mahogany as he regarded the bespectacled young man sitting across from him. "Of course you may, Joseph. What's on your mind?"

Joseph took a moment to steel his nerves before gesturing to a small wooden cross hanging on the wall, along with a framed quote from a half-remembered Greek philosopher. "Well, it's just I've been curious about why you have these on your wall. With all due respect, you've never struck me as a religious man, and even if you... well, practice, that saying seems a little contradictory in light of that."

This one was sharp. He liked that. Lucretius didn't respond for a minute, instead taking his Rolex watch off of his wrist and showing it to the younger man. "Do you see this, Joseph?"

"Of course, sir."

"How do you expect this watch came into existence?"

That gave Joseph pause for a moment. "W-well... if I had to guess, I would say it was made in a factory, or perhaps it was hand-made if you had it custom ordered." He hadn't the faintest idea how watches were made, but it didn't stop him from trying, and it was an effort that was rewarded with a nod and an amused chuckle.

"Either way, this watch wasn't made on accident, yes? Someone put the effort into creating this watch, this one singular watch, and lovingly crafted it to work to perfection."

That was answered with another nod. "Yes, sir."

"In much the same way, I will never believe in my heart that we are the result of a cosmic accident. You can explain the mathematics to me as much as you like, I cannot accept that we have come this far simply because we are a fluke of evolution."

"I'm not sure I follow, sir."

Lucretius gestured to the watch again. "If I took this watch apart and put it in a bag, and then told you to shake the bag until you produced a fully-constructed watch that had the correct time on it. If you shook that bag for the rest of eternity, no matter what the math might say, do you believe you could ever accomplish that task?"

"Well... no sir, I suppose not, when you put it like that." Joseph bit his bottom lip thoughtfully, silence reigning for a few seconds as he looked back up at the cross and the frame. "But... if you believe in a God, then why question his... his motives, I suppose?"

Lucretius smiled again, returning his watch to his wrist before pointing at the jewel case under Joseph's fingertips. "Because we no longer have a need for God. We are our own masters now, Joseph; the chanting of the pious has been drowned out by the hum of industry. This is a brave new world; our brave new world."

That seemed to satisfy the younger man, and he simply smiled and nodded in reply. "I see... thank you, sir. I'm sorry if I've intruded."

"Not at all!" his boss laughed in reply, leaning forward to shake Joseph's hand as his subordinate stood up to excuse himself. "I'm not as scary as the corporate recruiters from some of our competitors would have you believe. Please, my office door is open any time... oh, and please tell my next appointment they can come in."

Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 885074

File: 1422858354150.png (894.75 KB, 1920x1080, 512.png)

>Miscalculations were made when the beast slammed headfirst into her with its tremendous bulk using its pain and fury to propel itself towards more and more rash actions. And as they tumbled and rolled through the muddied field, Miyuki's already tattered clothes began to fall apart at the seems, exposing her naked shoulder for the beast to bite down, eliciting a cry of pain from the young Akamine warrior. The beast's left paw finding purchase across the entire front of her chest and cleaves the skin open, letting small rivulets of blood smear down her blood-splattered torso creating an awful mess of herself. But when the duo collided with a playground post, Miyuki was rolled away by the impact, leaving her ever so briefly jarred as she picked herself up from the muddy floor to face her foe.

Ah-! *Grnk*

>She gasped in pain, her eyes narrowing in pain as Miyuki clenched her jaw, gripping her sword tightly in both hands and lunging onto the beast's back before it could have a chance to stand up again and drove her blade deep into the wolf's shoulder just shy of the neck. Even as strong as she was, Miyuki needed to incapacitate the wolf as much as she could if she were to stand a chance at holding it off until her clan arrived given the wounds she had just received. Deeper and deeper she plunged the blade, driving its razor sharp edge deep into its torso with the magical artifact sucking up both the creature's blood and inherent prana. If she could reach the heart then it was all ov er as the sword would then devour all of Kai's magic in a single instance.

>But even as she thought about her plan, Miyuki knew it was a foolish one. By standing in her position for even a moment longer she risked the werewolf turning on her with a desperate attack and ripping her head clean off her shoulders with a single mighty swing of its paw. No, she needed to retreat now that she'd inflicted damage in kind to that which she had received, and so, pouncing off the werewolf's back and backing away from it, Miyuki steadied herself for what would undoubtedly be the next round of confrontation, her sword held tightly in both hands in anticipation for the enemy's next move.

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 885768

File: 1423029331414.png (443.03 KB, 1354x973, scary_werewolf_head_grinning.p…)

>The werewolf choked out a pained noise as the blade sunk through him. He hesitated for the moment after he slammed into the playground pole--that was all the opening his opponent needed. She knew how to fight, unlike the previous magus and half-breed. He spits up a glob of blood and all his senses kick into overdrive. Time slows; he can feel the steel edging past sinew, organ, and bone, towards his heart. In a desperate attempt to disarm her, he snaps at her hands, but she's gone in an instant.

>The wolf stands, trembling, slobber mixing with blood as it falls from his lips, able to hear the heavy breathing and heartbeat of the girl in front of him. He lifts a paw to his maw, and licks the girl's blood off his dirty claws, before pulling his cracked lips into a disgusting grin at the fact that he was still going strong.

>The beast leaps forward, ducks to the side in anticipation of a retaliatory strike, and kicks at her side in an attempt to send her to the ground.

Miyuki Akamine !MrCarnage2 886739

File: 1423447475700.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, 517.png)

>This fight was one that had no victory in sight for Miyuki, not unless she land a strike against the beast's heart or straight up decapitate it where it stood. Sad as it was, in her current state, Miyuki was in no condition to accomplish any of these things as she was barely managing to hold it off and her stamina would eventually run out whereas the beast could presumably go on fighting like this for the entire night. Using one of her trump cards was an option and it would very definitely even the playing field but what of the people watching the fight? She couldn't expose her family's secrets for her rivals to exploit!

>With these contradictory thoughts of her duty to protecting the people of Junction City and the desire to uphold her family's honor and secrets, she was almost caught off guard when the beast lept forward again as if to tackle her as it had before. But seeing through the motion, Miyuki stepped forward past its mad charge and slashed downward with her blade into Kai's already damaged side.

>Thinking the beast's attack over, it took all of Miyuki's strength and reflexes to merely block Kai's kick with the flat of her blade, the resulting force of the blow sending her rolling through the mud with nothing but her reflexes to thank for saving her from a crushed ribcage. Looking up from the ground, the Akamine warrior was still revving to fight, her spirit still burning strong despite the numerous blows she'd experienced at this fiendish foe's claws.

>Shit, but as she lay in the mud for even a second or less, she knew that it might be over, if the beast was fast enough in its reactions then it might already be on her, it might already be ready to tear her limb from limb, it might be...

Kai Forsyth!uvadBiRdiE 887141

File: 1423621373909.jpg (163.72 KB, 951x840, Werewolf_by_Lintufriikki.jpg)

>The werewolf feels no pain--or, if he did, he showed no sign of it. The blade sliced across his side, still bleeding from an earlier strike, and ripped an even wider wound. Blood splattered onto the blade and muddy grass where it hissed and evaporated. Striking the flat of the blade sends a nasty vibration up his leg that he doesn't even notice til he steps forward and that leg buckles beneath him.

>The wounded werewolf scrambles upright, and falls the next time he takes a step, giving a fierce snarl of pain. That wicked blade had stolen too much of his essence. He was done flailing about like an imbecile. He was done playing games.

>Kai leaps forward and to the left. If Miyuki stayed in place, he would just miss her; if she rolled to the side, she would be a foot away from him, or right beneath him, depending on how well she predicted his movements. If he lands atop her, he immediately bites at the tender flesh of her thigh in an attempt to prevent her from running away, his own wound weeping grossly onto her legs.

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