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Better Layton Never: Reverse World 848318[Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite#BLN#IC Event
One change in someone's life can make all the difference. Maybe you really would do better in someone else's shoes. Maybe a choice you made turned sour, maybe it turned out better. But who we are and what we do in the light of our choices is what defines us.

Which makes you have to ask yourself, what if I made a different choice? What would my life like be then, how different would I be?

Some people may never know, others get that chance to see in this crazy mismatched nexus of a world.

But it quite rarely happens that you and your other possible paths cross, or even swap.

Something in the air tonight, something strong, something unknown, makes that not only possible, but happen right under our noises.

A storm of cracks, of portals and lightning in the air shows something strange is happening...

Things are changing, chaos is sure to follow.

Welcome to ReverseWorld

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Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 848364

File: 1414884178224.jpg (71.65 KB, 359x426, No....jpg)

...Did things seem different, or was she just imagining things?

One moment, she'd been walking home from a day with the girls, and the next, things just seemed... Wrong.

It wasn't like things were on fire, or there were any obvious changes, but it just didn't feel right. It was like everything was just one shade different. Like every color was slightly askew, every smell just a bit too sweet or acrid, every rock or tree slightly out of place, even though she couldn't remember where they should be in the first place.

Frankly, it was unnerving, and uneasiness was starting to set in.

Was she trapped by a witch? Was someone hunting her? Was she just going insane, finally?

Whatever it was, it wasn't good.

It wasn't good, and she wanted it over and done with as soon as possible.

She hoped Kyouko was still around.

Eventually reaching the Manor, the girl shudders. Just like everything else, and probably moreso, it seemed wrong, but she couldn't tell why, which only made it even more unnerving.

What the heck was going on?

Reverse Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848366

File: 1414884953985.gif (25.52 KB, 125x200, Sebastian_CookingByTheBook.gif)

>It's a normal day at the Manor, or as normal as it could be.

>The daily chores were attended to long ago, the foyer tidied, the rooms cleaned and beds made, the laundry done and the bathrooms sparkling clean.

>Dinner preparations were on the list now.

>Sebastian has an inkling that if there were more help in the manor that perhaps his days would be far more free to attend to the endless list of activities and chores that needed to be done.

>He supposes that, as the butler of such a large estate, he could handle everything in a day regardless of how much free time he had to himself.

>What kind of butler would he be if he couldn't keep the mansion in proper shape?

>He whisks a concoction in a ceramic bowl, meanwhile wondering to himself if tonight's menu would be appropriate.

>After the festive Nightmare Night he figured a savoury meal would be just as the doctor ordered.
>Too many residents likely would have filled their stomachs with candies and other sweets.
>If any hadn't ruined their appetites with candy, they'd be rewarded with some warm pot pies.


>He just needed to make the pastry just right; the flakiness and light texture would compliment the meat and vegetables!

>He sets the bowl down and turns around to grab a pan he had set out with the small pie tins...


Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848368

File: 1414885445202.png (89.77 KB, 263x361, Sebastian_HorrorBeyondComprehe…)



>Sebastian blinks once, wondering if his eyesight had suddenly failed. He had been in the middle of observing Wayne Manor, why was he no longer outside at the edge of the lawn?

>Was he inside the kitchen? How did that happen?

>Did someone summon him again?

>He turns, expecting to see that damnable cat demon looming behind him with that frustratingly simple expression, but is only rewarded with the sight of bowls filled with mixtures for pastries, and some kind of combination of meat and vegetables in another.
>Behind him sits some empty pie tins, but aside that there seems to be nothing else...


>Strange, didn't the kitchen look bigger than this?

>He had observed the manor, had even lurked inside of it for a time. The kitchen he didn't frequent often but he's certain it's different.


>Did that pitiful owner redecorate again?

Miki "Yang Xiao" Long!aLEJudith. 848407

File: 1414888435886.gif (1.53 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ndcnf1p03m1r922azo1_500…)

>Much like flies gather around a carcass, a mob of journalists, paparazzi, and new crews were gathered around a young girl out on a lazy stroll through the south end of the Town.

Miss Yang, over here!

Miss Yang, please smile this way!

Yang if I could, I'd love to get an interfere with you!

Yang, be my waifuuuuuuuuuuu!!

>Oh man, she'd hoped that they wouldn't have found her here. But looks like the ever watchful eye of the media tried to prey into her life once more. Aaaah adoring fans. Perhaps too adoring in this case, she had to go spend time with Jo while she had a moment in her all too busy life and said woman as not off on some adventure!!

I'm sorry everyone, I really would love a chance to talk to you all, but I have to meet someone today...

>She knew the implications behind that but then again, the media's speculation in her relationship with the Captain of the Tear Guard was pretty dead on.

>She takes off her sunglasses and gives the people around her a cute wink.

And Yang Xiao Long never keeps her dates waiting~!

>The final statement caused a flurry of both camera flashes and questions which the fledging Idol had to dodge as she cut and weaved her way through the crowed trying to outrun the rabid tabloids.

>"Jeez... you know I'd like to know what it's like to not have the hectic life of an Idol!!"

>As the thought rings in her head, Yang quickly makes a turn down a small street making her final get away...


Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848412

File: 1414889656516.png (258.28 KB, 640x360, 640px-RubyYangUnconfortable.pn…)

....What the fuck?

>Yang had just rounded the corner to head to Jo's place. Since Naomi's wedding was soon she should wanted to bounce some ideas off the her girlfriend in terms of a gift for the bride... and the bride. But instead of appearing close to Jo's door step, Yang found herself in a small street on the south end of town. Or at least if felt like it? Kinda, but something was totally off as well.

Ok, this isn't good. Either I've lost all sense of direction or I'm somewhere I defiantly shouldn't be.

>She knew the way to Jo's place off by heart now, there's no way she could have made a wrong turn. While she was confused on where she was though... she heard one hell of a commotion behind her... and closing fast.


>Yang turns just in time to see a mob of journalists, paparazzi, and news crews coming after her like a pack of rabid beowolves.

Miss Yang, please just a moment!!

We only want a moment of your time, it won't take long at all!

[u]Inquiring minds must know!! /u]

Be my waifu, Yang!!

>What, What, What, and hell no!

>She didn't know who these people were or why they wanted to marry her, but she was not sticking around to find out.


>Yang bolts like her life depended on it because for all she knows, it does. She needed to figure out what the hell was going on and why the hell people were suddenly after her.

I just wanted a relaxing day after woooooooork!!


File: 1414892655262.gif (245.57 KB, 170x170, tumblr_myh1ubI5Z01s8nccpo5_r1_…)


>Jo tapped her foot a bit as she sat in the restaurant

>she'd been waiting there for Miki for quite some time now, and she knew she was there, given the cloud of papparazi

>What could possibly be taking the combat idol so long?

>As she pushed out the door...she noticed the papparazi chasing a...veeeery differently dressed Yang, one who seemed more worn and rough and tumble...

>...hmm, well that's an interesting act, the Vescarian supposed, it fit Yang well.

>She sighed a bit though, may as well head off to her shift early, after all with all the Tear activity they really needed her there

>She got up and exited the restaurant, heading to HQ

>Heading into the main communications center, she looked to her second in command in charge of of the Com Links

Genesis, tell me we're doing well with the tear increases please...


File: 1414893353064.jpg (52.04 KB, 177x177, Genesis_Rhapsodos_glasses_by_A…)


>Looking up at the map before adjusting his glasses, Genesis lets out a deep sigh

While I'm sure you'd love me to sugar coat things for you Captain Jo...or is it Vislocke these days?

>The Captain gives him a glare and he holds up his hands

Fine, fine, I'll leave the scab of a wound a lone for now...

...but while I'd like to say our Tear control has never been better...we'd need them there to be here first.

Over 3/4ths of our organization have simply dropped off the map, and in areas without tears, confirmed by the fact none of their TDMs went off.

They just went poof gone as if they'd never been there.

>Genesis crosses his arms and rubs his eyes a bit

We're dangerously understaffed with all these disappearances...

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848473

File: 1414895713959.png (79.78 KB, 244x206, Oh crap.png)

What the hell is even going on right noooow?!?!?!

Please be my Waifu!!


>The blonde and the mob behind her barrel through streets all while she begs for someone to help her or to even tell her what's going on. But much to her fortune, she spies someone she's seem before... or rather someone she's seen someone disguised as.

>And like a bull finding a new target, she turns and charges right at Jo even as she leaves her lost as she heads the HQ...


>But she lost Jo soon and had to think of a new plan!


The Rift Guard!!

>She can lock herself in the girls' bathroom! She'll be saved!! A new goal in mind, Yang bulldozed her way towards what she thought was her salvation as she keeps howling for aid.



File: 1414896406294.jpg (153.03 KB, 460x640, Milla_Status.jpg)


...I'll have to cover their shifts, Genesis do all that you can to find a way to locate them, we need to find where they went and how to get them home.

>She taps her chin and sighs a bit

...before anything call their next of kind to let them know that...


>Jo blinks as Yang runs into the Riftguard building


>She goes silent and face palms slightly...


File: 1414896655377.jpg (50.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m98bas8z991r72996o1_500…)


>Genesis raises an eyebrow

I didn't think Ms. Long was ever this loud outside of the stories I've heard you tell in off time...I'll get to work on this Captain, go ahead and check on her.

>Genesis said with a sigh, he'd have to somehow make do with 1/4th of the people they need and find out the cause of the larger tears

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848495

File: 1414897433993.png (281.49 KB, 1024x600, tumblr_nd7jax28c31skdj1jo2_128…)

>Jo didn't need to go for Yang as Yang crawled over to her and cling to her leg visibly shaken by what just happened to her.
>Upon closer inspection, this Yang seemed to be far more tone and muscular then the combat Idol she knew. Sure Miki had more then her fair share of fights, but she also had to keep up her "Cute girl" look for the other half of her job.
>This one looked like she'd been hitting the gym hard and was build just to kick ass. And her eyes as well, they were lilac, not green. Miki never wore contacts of any kind, not even on shoots, much less ones that would chance her emerald green peepers.

Jo Jo Jo... what the hell is going on? Why are those people after me?!

>A beat

And what the fuck's a Waifu??

>....Did Miki Long just swear???

>This Yang, overall, just looked plain lost, confused, and somewhat frightened by the situation she was in.

>The media buzzards were waiting outside as well, trying to looking into the windows to get a good shot of the "Idol" clinging to the captains leg. One of them writing the word "Waifu" in the fog his heavy breathing was producing aforementioned window.


File: 1414923179865.jpg (248.28 KB, 480x640, Milla.Maxwell.full.427573.jpg)


>Ariel blinks and looks down at Yang

...I have no idea, Ms. Long but...

>She stares into Yang's eyes to get a good feel for the panic she was experiencing, before tapping her chin

But...given the panic and confusion you're having over the regular crowd of Paparazzi...

>The woman would toss a ball of ice magic to freeze the outside of the windows to the point of obscuring their vision

and the eye color change...

>She folds her arms and puts her finger to her chin

Well something tells me you're not in Kansas anymore....

>She said in a bit of a groaned tone, the only answer could either be that this was one of Miki's siblings that Ariel never met playing a prank...or given the familiarity she seems to be showing...a new arrival through a tear

>After all, it wasn't impossible for two of the same person to show up through a tear...

>She taps her foot as she thinks over the situation, where would they go from here?

>By the book of course...

I knew Miki wasn't one to run from Paparazzi...

>The Vescarian's arms flop down to the side and she lets out a short huff

Ms. Long, we're going to have to bring you to the Town Hall to register you for a Citizen ID card with the Tear Refugee program....

>Though that still left the question, if This Yang was the one who ran from Paparazzi

....Genesis, do try to find the other Miss Long with your radar...I know it may be difficult, and I apologize for not giving her a TDM.

>Genesis nods

Very well, have fun registering the same person twice...I can only imagine how much paperwork that's going to be.

>Ariel sighed and waved her hand

Don't mention it...the thought gives me a headache...

>Not to mention the idea of having two Mikis to deal with. she cared for the girl, but it didn't change the fact that she was high-strung, even for an idol

>As she starts walking towards the door, motioning Yang to follow, she curses under her breath...

...it's days like this I wish I knew a single teleportation spell

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848760

File: 1414953065392.png (195.82 KB, 640x360, 640px-Episode1_00066.png)

>Oh, that's just wonderful. She was now in another world and she had no idea how to get back

Aw shit, that's just what I didn't need.

>Least to say, she wasn't as happy as her Idol counterpart was right now about the situation. Though with this Jo's suggestion, she nods. It was probably the best coarse of action right now. From there she could get a better handle on what she should do to get back home to her own world. Though maybe she should start by getting some background info on the Yang here...

>So she decides to ask as Jo as she follows her.

So um Jo? What's the Yang in this world like anyway?

>And why did she have creepy stalkers? Why didn't she beat the crap out of them?

>Though at the mention of a teleportation spell...

Actually, the Jo in my world kinda of taught me one. Well... kinda as in I watched while she possessed my body.

>She left out the method of said possession for now.


File: 1414954290596.jpg (169.71 KB, 600x800, 21765375.jpg)


>Ariel crossed her arms a bit as she walked

Yang Xiao Long is a combat idol from beacon academy and...

>She pulls up a few results on tablet in her bag

the most popular member of the Idol troop "RWBY", her "Younger Sister" coming in second.

She friendly and personable, relishing in her spot light whenever it's convenient for her, although at times she would like a bit of privacy...

>The Captain sighs a bit

and while normally I'd take you up on that offer...you only know the composition of your worlds, therefore the possibility exist that if we used one of your spells we'd be teleporting into the middle of a wall, so please just follow me to the Town Hall, M'am.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848768

File: 1414955863357.gif (1.78 MB, 245x350, tumblr_nbyh2ln8Le1rtbkkjo3_r1_…)

>Listening to Jo's explanation, Yang blinks surprise. Combat Idol? RWBY being an Idol troop? At least she seemed to be one of those spoiled sweet kinda girls.
>She would have hated to be a snooty rich bitch in this world. Well it was time to compare notes.

Well for me, team RWBY isn't an Idol troop. It's a team of huntresses in training and we help defend people from the creatures of Grimm.

And instead of me being an Idol here... I'm a member of the Rift guard. Which is doing basically the same thing as I did back home in my original world.

As for personality... you'll probably see a few differences, but nothing too major. Well aside from dealing with crazy fans.

>Yeah she and this Yang lived in different scenes. There was no way that Yang would be able to handle the pressure of being a pop star... wait. She was a pop star...

That means that your Yang is super rich right?

>The bad ideas are already flowing.


File: 1414963566833.png (279.41 KB, 600x600, 36350556.png)


>Ariel crosses her arms and gives Yang a Harsh glare as that's mentioned

...Don't even thinking about it Ms. Xiao Long, we're going to get you registered under your own unique ID so you can't take advantage of Mik....eeer, the other Yang's, assets.

Now just try to relax, we're almost at the Town Hall.


File: 1414964210663.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, phoenix1.png)

>Wait...the barren landscape, the unspeakable creatures and monsters roaming around rampantly without restriction...

>...where had they gone? No this...this was one of the buildings from that "Town" wasn't it?

...Tearguard Breakroom....

>The bird demon read as she looked up at an engraved sign

>No.....no, someone had taken her way from her Paradise...Who...who could possibly want her back?!

>In a furious roar, she transformed into her Monster Form before throwing a fireball at the coffee pot

>....starting Small and petty, but this couldn't end well....

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848868

File: 1414965156059.png (200.86 KB, 640x360, 640px-RWBY6_000549.png)

Hey, who said I was going to do that?

>If anything she'd probably just wanted to nice place to sleep and have a hot bath after the chaos

I just wanted to see what kinda pad she had, that's all! Really! I mean if she's gone... what about her job? I mean are her people gonna really believe me when I say "Hey I know I look exactly like your Yang, but I'm not your Yang so please don't put me into the see-through bikini and take photos of me!"

>She keeps walking with Jo.

Where am I gonna stay if I can't go there anyway?

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 848891

File: 1414969148937.png (16.64 KB, 100x100, 39059316 (1).png)

>another day of her increasingly pointless stretch of time at Wayne Manor
>she had rummaged through the local newspapers, checked as many news stations and websites as she could, and came up empty-handed yet again
>no sign of Crona or Stein anywhere whatsoever
>she was supposed to then report to Lord Death once again about her lack of findings, but she was in no mood to do that now
>no, she needed something in her belly just so she'd stop thinking about this for a bit

>as she left her room and headed for the stairs, she found herself mulling over her whole motivation for being there

>after being gone for such a long time from Death City, she was sent to the portal...rift...tear thingy to find Crona and Stein and bring them back if possible - or neutralize them, if necessary
>of course the latter was something she hoped to avoid, but before she could make that decision at all, she'd have to actually find them
>and so she came to Wayne Manor, where they were apparently both staying, only to find out that they were both long gone
>she started off optimistic, thinking that it'd be simple to track down a pink-haired robe-wearing black-blooded teenager, and a silver-haired stiched-up scientist with a screw in his head
>almost two years later and she was sorely proven wrong

>just about anyone would've given up by this point, and concluded that they didn't want to be found and were probably no threat to anyone else this way

>she didn't want to give up, though, for purely selfish reasons - she missed them both, she was supposed to look after them, to take care of them
>but after repeated instances of coming up with absolutely nothing, her sense of hope dwindling into non-existence with each failed search, she had to wonder what the point was to even sticking around and not just going home

>well, the free food and booze was something, at least

>rather than wait for dinner to be prepared, as she could smell it being cooked at that moment, she chose to just wander into the kitchen and grab something to snack on
>she ignores the confused demon butler at the moment and just heads for the fridge, opening the door and leaning over to examine the contents
>maybe after getting plastered for the...however-many-days in a row, she'd finally forget why she was even there and find the motivation to leave

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848892

File: 1414970003851.jpg (6.12 KB, 130x189, Sebastian_NotTooCertainOfThat.…)



>Sebastian glances to the door when it opens, and spies a somewhat soul wander in. This was the one that often spent time with the stitched scientist, the man that had been working dutifully on some strange archway in the mansion' backyard.

>Sebastian hadn't the pleasure of meeting her beforehand, and considers this a bit of fortune on his part that someone else who did know who he was hadn't wandered into the kitchen first.


>He eyes the one-eyed blonde briefly and slowly sets his hands on the countertop, his fingers flexing as he grips the smooth surface.

Good evening, ma'am.

>He keeps his tone relatively professional, unsure if she would accept him as a normal sight around the mansion, or one that wouldn't be out of place.

>A butler wouldn't be out of place in a manor like this, would it?

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 848894

File: 1414970512630.jpg (12.03 KB, 319x302, marie10.jpg)



>Marie lifted her head from the fridge and turned to the voice, slightly surprised that anyone was talking to her

>her surprised look turned neutral again, recognizing the butler as the ever-faithful servant of the manor
>though who he was actually serving was something she didn't know, having never met the owner of the place even with all the time she'd been there

Evening, Sebastian.

>she said this while emphasizing her weary tone of voice, looking away from him and to the counters with the various foodstuffs littered about

...so what's on the menu tonight?

>striking up some form of conversation might help her feel better, or so she hoped

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848899

File: 1414971728766.png (45.83 KB, 303x236, Sebastian_AlmostWellHiddenDisg…)



>Sebastian's small smile freezes on his face, his gaze focused on the blonde and a very distinct and cold sensation flying through his body.

>How did she know his name?

>He's very certain they never had met before, at least to a point where she would speak so casually to him.

>Even if she had heard of him from some secondary source, there was simply no conceivable way that it would be anything positive.

>His gaze quickly dips back to the mixings and foodstuff set on the countertop. Even a simpleton could deduce just what was being made, though by who was a different matter entirely.

From the look of things, meat pies.

>Just what the hell was going on here?


File: 1414972406808.png (459.1 KB, 635x903, 21625461.png)


Woah woah woah....NO ONE said anything about Miki being gone!

>Ariel said in a bit of a defensive tone, she didn't like what this new Yang was insinuating, for even a moment she thought that the other was gone insulted her

>She raises her finger ready to lecture this new Yang on at least some proper manners..

>but soon she's interrupted by the communicator on her wrist going off

Genesis? Is this important?

...seems to be Captain...Fen disappeared off the grid, but a reportedly..."Red Version" of her is well...rampaging in the break room. No ones TDMs have been going off

>Ariel sighs

I'll be there in a moment...

>She looks at Yang

one of our members seems to have gone berserk...you go on ahead to town hall, I'll get back to you soon.

>She explains, before running back off towards the HQ

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 848903

File: 1414972443071.png (115.15 KB, 225x350, 8b06eb6b9dccf7edda371422420362…)

>Marie just gave a small nod of acknowledgement after his answer, only showing a limited amount of interest in the topic

Ah, I see.

>meat pies weren't really for her, so she ducked back into the refridgerator to scrounge for food

>she would quickly come back up with an apple in hand, already biting into it and chewing the mouthful lazily
>she'd look back to Sebastian and stare at him for a second, a strange uneasiness coming off of him that she could clearly notice


>she swallowed the mouthful of apple, then tilted her head at him and spoke with a curious tone

Something wrong?

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848906

File: 1414972928991.png (335.43 KB, 494x328, Sebastian_AQuandaryHolmesWould…)


>To the question, Sebastian frowns and looks away, appearing quite perturbed.

Perhaps. I have this queer thought that there's something wrong, and I haven't an idea what it could be.

>How did the blonde know his name? Why did this situation raise a red flag for him? There surely was something wrong here but for the life of him he had no idea what it was.

>Sebastian blinks, then with narrowed eyes, he turns his gaze upwards towards the roof and the residential hall.


>Roll 1d1000 = 462

>odds, Sebastian's preturbed expression remains but inside he's quite disturbed. The Residential Hall was spectacularly empty compared to what he was used to seeing. Normally a mismatched set of colours, all bloblike in nature thanks to the physics defying hall made every resident's soul morph into a single ever-changing shape of many different souls.

>But here, it was...normal. There was a definition for the souls occupying what were undoubtedly rooms overhead.
>It was almost as if the mansion itself was normal.

>evens, Sebastian cannot successfully mask just how surprised and disturbed he is to see the sight above him.

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 848910

File: 1414973674287.jpg (37.3 KB, 225x350, 56582.jpg)



>Marie herself was still a bit lost as to just what the problem was

>Sebastian was clearly still perturbed about something, but was giving no indication as to what that something was
>him suddenly staring at the ceiling only further added to the complete confusion

>she pushed the fridge door closed and walked closer to Sebastian, staring suspiciously at him as she approached

...what is it?

>she looked up to the ceiling, her one eye narrowing to try and see whatever it was he saw

>after a moment, she looked back to Sebastian, then spoke in a slightly joking tone

What, does it need a new paint job or something...?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 848916

File: 1414973861321.png (546.49 KB, 524x881, 1414716773699.png)

I've got a pretty strong feeling that is what happened. Otherwise I'd not have been chased by a blood sucking media people.

>And then she hears the talk between her and Genesis. A fight was going down? Awesome, just what she needed to vent some of her frustration.

Ooooooh hold on there, Jojo!

>Yang turns and follows right after her.

If you're heading for a fight then I'm coming too!

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848919

File: 1414974024331.png (135.84 KB, 343x302, Sebastian_DidThatActuallyHappe…)





>This couldn't have been Wayne Manor. It wasn't Wayne Manor, but here he was standing next to someone he knew was a resident, beneath a ceiling were all the souls were separated and left well enough alone.

>He looks down at the ground next, but the basement area is suspiciously empty. The basement of the mansion had housed people there in a normal fashion, but it seemed strangely abandoned.

...Have you ever had the distinct feeling that you are both right where you should be, but be surrounded by the unfamiliar?

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 848928

File: 1414974476768.png (207.15 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mi9j7cp8fr1rtvcgyo1_500…)



>the question again left Marie in the dark, having no clue what he was alluding to

...yeah, every time a new school year started back home.

>there always were a number of new faces to get used to when the year started

>plus she'd have to get used to the confusing corridors and rooms and hallways all over again, so she would get lost a lot for the first week or two
>not that she'd admit that aloud, of course

>she followed Sebastian's gaze to the floor, holding back a comment about needing to wax the kitchen tiling and hoping to focus on the actual problem


Is something missing?

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848943

File: 1414975393232.jpg (271.7 KB, 500x654, Sebastian_MyShadow_MyTruth.jpg)


>A few things were missing, but Sebastian wanted to solidify his suspicions before confirming them. This woman aside him was somewhat friendly to him, a benefit he could use while he unwound this puzzling mystery.

>That would mean looking around the mansion himself for clues and other things suggesting his suspicions correct or not.

I believe I need to check on the status of the estate. I shall not be long in such an endeavor; please enjoy your snack and drink.

>With that Sebastian strides out of the small kitchen, and into the main foyer.


>Already he sees something amiss, but not terribly so. There is no door directly to his left leading to the gym area. The other doors leading to the basement, the lounge, and the infirmary all appear to be in the proper place, as does the doors and the stairwell leading to the Residential Hall.

>His eyes flash maroon, and in a sprint he's off. The infirmary first.

>The door swings open and yet it isn't an infirmary after all, simply a dining room that was furnished and ready for dinner.

>The next room he checks is the lounge; it thankfully is as normal as it was when he last looked into to.

>The basement-



>Was not the basement he remembered it being.

>Chains on the walls, a number of toys placed on the shelves, ball gags, handcuffs, a assortment of beads placed in a box...

>If he didn't know any better, he would have thought a lust demon kept residence there.

>He cringes and rubs at his face with a shake of his head.

>The mansion seemed to be the original and not the one he was accustomed to seeing. The lack of certain rooms, the separation and normal physical spaces of the upstairs apartments, and the downstairs dirty secret all were quite reminiscent of the original incarnation he had only a very brief time enjoyed before the building was completely destroyed and subsequently rebuilt.

>He stands in the center of the foyer and rubs at his chin next, staring hard at the ground.

>Was he hurtled into the past? It certainly would explain the different physics of the place and the absence of change he was accustomed to expecting.

>But that couldn't have been right, if he was in the past, then surely he would have seen more familiar souls inhabiting the premises.

>So what was it, then?


Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 848960

File: 1414976820453.jpg (9.46 KB, 274x130, tumblr_mejocjX9nK1rydfq4.jpg)

>Marie just shrugged and let Sebastian leave unimpeded, doing as he suggested and snacking on her apple
>she leaned against the counter and just waited, munching on the fruit bite by bite


>as the minutes ticked away, and her apple diminished into a core, she found herself growing just a tad annoyed

>here she was, trying to help someone she barely knew, and they up and decided to forget about her
>she gave a short snort and moved off of the counter, her mood already worsened as a result
>she dumped the apple core in a trash can, then returned to the fridge and rummaged through it, soon returning from it with an errant bottle of beer
>soon she'd wander to the wine cellar and drink herself silly, then probably start the whole process over again tomorrow

>as she stormed out of the kitchen, she would stop and see Sebastian standing in the center of the foyer, her initial anger diminishing just a bit

>she felt rather bad now for jumping to such a quick conclusion, already wandering over to him to follow up on the problem


>she'd walk up beside him, leaning over to try and catch his gaze

What'd you discover...?


File: 1414977211964.jpg (92.19 KB, 400x400, 26034078_m.jpg)

>Meanwhile in the break room.
F-Fen-san could you please calm down and tell me what's wrong?
>Peeking out from behind an over turned table, she quickly ducked back down to avoid a fireball

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 848990

File: 1414977564172.jpg (11.16 KB, 500x227, Sebastian_Demonic Ennui.jpg)



>Sebastian takes a slow breath. Here he could reveal himself as a Sebastian that was not the one she seemed to be familiar with, and use her as a means to get him back where he belonged.

>On the other hand he could continue a ruse and pretend to be the Sebastian that lived and apparently worked in this mansion, using whatever spare time he had seeking his own answers. His Demon Prince powers were still active, he could feel the immense power roiling around within him, restless and agitated for some reason.


>If he truly was in the past, there was every chance that there was a different Demon Prince acting in that role. Should he show up, there could have been unforeseen consequences to two Demon Princes of the same Sin existing in the same place.


>So many choices.

Roll 1d1000 = 671



File: 1414978028636.png (83.59 KB, 240x280, tumblr_mxk5f43yTg1rkuq06o1_250…)


>...even if it wasn't her Miki she didn't want to see a Yang get hurt

>but she did know they were capable fighters...

>Groaning under her breath, Ariel sighs

Fine, just try to keep up...!

>She said before breaking into a sprint back towards the HQ

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849019

File: 1414978061319.png (183.64 KB, 365x310, Sebastian_HereWeGo.PNG)



>Sebastian smiles sheepishly and turns to the blonde woman, his hand falling from his face as he manages a small shrug.

I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, ma'am, but I believe I'm not the Sebastian Michaelis you know. This mansion alone is quite different from the Wayne Manor I know of.

>He bows to her and sighs.

My apologies for leading you on as such, for a few moments I thought I was going mad!

>He straightens and looks around the foyer once more.

But it seems to me I was instead brought to this unfamiliar familiar place. For what reason I cannot begin to hazard a guess. It's quite puzzling.


File: 1414978600815.jpg (37.14 KB, 483x541, 2c-05.jpg)


>Phoenix cuts the table in half, staring down at Saya

I'll not calm down until someone takes me back...! I was ruling, destruction and chaos ran rampant!

>She glares at the woman below her

and you...something about you seems familiar!

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 849053

File: 1414978614893.jpg (220.68 KB, 893x1064, f64ab33914dedb97e5ac67f0b0f989…)

Don't have to try hun!

>Yang was running alongside Jo back to the HQ ready to deal some hurt. Or just pin someone down. Either way it was something to keep her mind off the crazy that was happening here.

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849066

File: 1414978865467.jpg (21.81 KB, 225x350, 80619.jpg)



>Marie would stare at Sebastian for a few long seconds, her expression as blank as a clean blackboard


>she then raised a hand and rubbed at her one eye, seemingly trying to process what Sebastian just said


>she'd shake her head and resist the urge to open up the bottle of beer right then, instead moving her hand to point at Sebastian

So...you're another Sebastian?

Not this manor's butler?


File: 1414978994986.png (335.52 KB, 1000x1000, 62c87dcc58a8fc8f395c8b89e3fdfb…)

W-What do you mean Fen-san? I just came in to see how you were doing when you started acting like this.
And I'm your Co-worker Saya...
>The mage then took out her staff and held it in front of her,

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849082

File: 1414979116510.png (335.43 KB, 494x328, Sebastian_AQuandaryHolmesWould…)


I'm afraid so, ma'am.

>Sebastian holds his chin and looks aside in puzzled thought, towards the doors nearby.

I suppose your Sebastian, the fellow that attends this mansion, wouldn't be terribly keen on abandoning his post. Is that a fair assumption?

>If so, perhaps there was something more to this. If this counterpart of his hadn't any kind of aspirations for himself (and judging by the woman's statement, resigning himself as a butler to this sorry shack was a telling sign) then there would be no conceivable reason why he would decide to leave of his own will.

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849109

File: 1414979782214.png (115.15 KB, 225x350, 8b06eb6b9dccf7edda371422420362…)

>Marie pauses to ponder this question, then slowly nods her head

I would say so, yeah...

Not that I know him personally, but he's worked for the entire time I've been here, which is almost two years.

>she tilted her head up in thought, lightly tapping the neck of her bottle against her chin

...I don't think he ever did so much as take a sick day or a day off for a holiday, or anything like that...

So yeah, him just up and switching out with you really doesn't make any sense...

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849125

File: 1414980260793.jpg (18.22 KB, 500x281, Sebastian_ExcuseMeButThatIsRid…)


>Dear God he truly didn't have any aspirations here. How disappointing.

...Switching out? You suppose he traded places with me?

>Sebastian arches a brow, the thought having not occurred to him personally.

>But for what purpose would anyone benefit to swapping out him for this sad excuse of himself?

>He wants to blame Hueco, or Alice. Either one would want to get rid of him for someone else far less troublesome.

>But this plan seems almost too elaborate for either of them. They both struck him as poor planners and quite thick.

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849147

File: 1414980988418.jpg (34.24 KB, 477x577, 2b8614a566dacbc327e444d732bcbb…)


Well...yeah, that's probably it.

>she lowered her stare back to Sebastian, sounding contemplative when she explained her thought process

I mean, I may not know Sebastian personally, but I know that he always makes time to make the meals of the day.

And you showed up when he was making dinner, so something had to have swapped you with him, likely against his will.

>she paused after finishing her thought, then gave a short nod, as if confirming that it sounded plausible

Though I really can't guess what...

>she reached down and opened the beer bottle, a light hiss coming from the cap as she twisted it off

So where exactly are you from, again...?


File: 1414981460281.jpg (467.31 KB, 636x900, 41090787.jpg)


>As they arrive, Jo looks at Yang

Kill her all you want, she's immortal, but try to restrain her, she's a member of the tear guard we need to calm her down.

>Jo then looks to Saya


She doesn't seem to be in her right mind, Saya, please stand back, alright?

>Jo tries using a blast of Earth Magic to make a barrier between Saya and Phoenix

Roll 1d1000 = 583

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849179

File: 1414981806239.jpg (10.56 KB, 240x135, Sebastian_IAmEnglishWhyDoIOwnT…)


The world is called Rigel Prima, and right before I found myself in your kitchen, I was standing on the grounds of my world's Wayne Estate, a sovereign country encapsulated entirely by the country of Equestria, ruled as an undefined dictatorship of one Mr. Alton Sutcliff.

>Sebastian explains in a very relaxed tone, pulling out whatever thoughts he could dredge about his homeworld to the blonde's benefit.

The mansion seems to be a magnet for all sorts of trouble, but that's simply for the sheer volume of powerful individuals who make their home there. There's been quite a fair number of rogues that attack the mansion, seeking its subjugation or destruction on the grounds of chaos or egotism.

Ein!steinHcBws 849196

File: 1414982301450.jpg (222.64 KB, 648x695, F105.jpg)

>Much like how the two "Ein" twins have gotten switched, the very original Ein that we all have come to know has been switched as well. They now reside in a world that is just as familiar, but at the same time just as different as their original world of Rigel Prima. Unlike the morning that was going on in the original world, it was night time for Ein in the Reverse World. The moon in its full glory shined its light down onto the Reverse World's version of the Town, coupled with many lampposts and lanterns that light up the streets and roads that run through it.

>In essence, everything in the Reverse World Town can be considered mostly the same, sans the people that have been affected by this sudden transferring. Off within one of the districts in the Town were apartment complexes that housed those that were willing to pay monthly rent to live in them. And it just so happens that the Twins lived in one of these apartments, where Ein now resides in.

>With a low sigh and a groggy vision, the she gets up from her bed and tiredly sits up from where she laid with the rest of her body also waking up as well. The last thing she remembered was going to sleep in the evening since she didn't have work to do in the Lips and Leather Bar. It was an opportune moment for her to get a good 8 hours of rest, since she seemed to lack that recently.

>It seems that she's forgotten to take her phone out of her pocket before she slept as well. Once her eyes were finally able to see what was in front of them, she pulled out her phone to check if its battery life was still visible and making the phone work, even. Seeing as it's turned on and already on the menu for her music, it's still working for her, thankfully.


>With music ready in hand, she slowly slid off her bed and propped herself up onto the floor of her room with an audible yawn. Her sleeping did feel like it was more than eight hours, perhaps ten even, she doesn't know, but she'll have to confirm it. The room was too dark for her to even tell what time of day it is, so she pulled out her phone to check the time.

>Once she saw the digital clock that displayed the time, "8:52 PM", Ein stared at her phone for an indefinite amount of time, confused by the fact that it's still night time when she woke up. She assumes that there was something up with the device and stuffed it back into her pocket. She just has to open the windows and let the sunlight in!

>She turns and heads to the window in her room, however, this was not her room in the manor. The usual spot where her window resides was not there, but it was replaced by a door instead. Once again, she was even more confused, and spun back to face the dark room to spot a slit of light coming from a covered window. Aha! She probably just hasn't paid much attention to her room in the Manor, that's why she couldn't find it!

>At least, she hopes that that's the case. As she walks over to the window and pries the two covers aside, what she saw was not the sunlight that she expected, but lampposts that shone into her room while the sky was as black as the void save for the one full, illuminated moon. Did.. did she sleep too long?! Did she sleep for more than 10 hours?!

>She began worrying over how she wasted almost the entire day by just going to bed at a reasonable time. She had no reason to keep wasting time now, maybe Al tried to call her for a shift she had to cover! With haste, she began swiping her hand along the walls of the dark room until she found a light switch. Once she flicked it on, the artificial lights above the room activated, and the room was finally shown in full light for what it actually was: Not Ein's room in the Manor.

>Her eyes widened at the huge mess that was this person's room. Whose was it that this belonged too?! She knows that her room was a mess, but it's not as bad as this! There were stuffed animals everywhere along with wrappers and trash and toys! Was she sleep walking?! Did she somehow break into someone's home and sleep in their bed?!

What.. what the fuck?!

>She backed away from the room that she thinks she just broke into and opened the door into the main living room. Once she turned around, she'd see that there was not one living thing that was in the living room, and that it was dark just like the room she just left out of. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted another light switch and flicked it on, now showing the true colors of the place that she resides in now. It.. looked like an apartment. One that she feels almost familiar with, but.. can't quite seem to recall.

Where.. where the hell am I?!

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849209

File: 1414982518953.png (207.15 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mi9j7cp8fr1rtvcgyo1_500…)



>Marie would slowly lift her head again and stare at Sebastian with an incredulous look on her face, the string of information he provided her evidentially being something difficult to comprehend


>she'd turn and take a long drink from the beer bottle, then look back to Sebastian and lift a finger

...how in the world did this place become a country?

What kind of political strings does this "Alton Sutcliff" have?


File: 1414983748509.jpg (4.76 KB, 298x169, images (8).jpg)

>Its not long after the lights turn on that someone steps through the front door.

>If Ein were to look, the girl would seem very very familiar, though the expression she wears is not, and there's something off about her eyes as well,

>In any case, it would seem that she spots the other girl before being noticed, with how focused Ein is on her new surroundings.

"There you are, I thought you said you'd spend some time doing my thing tonight, but not only do neither of you show up, you're just lazing about in some new outfit? After you dragged me off to that new cafe and all those other stores the other day too."

>Even when she's annoyed she sounds...different somehow. A lot more reserved for one, instead of the usual pouting its more like exasperation.

>The pacing of footsteps can be heard as well, the speaker obviously having little patience left for waiting.

Ein!steinHcBws 849297

File: 1414987848799.jpg (38.71 KB, 306x337, F62.jpg)

>As if on cue, it seems like Ein's biggest fear has come true. Without any warning, she heard a new voice speak out to her, which made her freeze up and look like a deer in headlights. Now what was she going to do?! She has no where else to run, and if she tried going back into the room she came out of, then there would be even more suspicion on her by the end of the night!

>She had no choice, she had to try and reason with whoever was walking in and prove that she wasn't a thief that broke into this apartment. She stood still and prepared for the worst to come and watched as the speaker walked into the apartment room. As Ein turned and laid her eyes on the stranger that walked in, her pupils shrank and she simply stared at the person that had just walked in.

>The first thing that the girl would see was the fact that Ein had two of her eyes open and staring right back at her like she was caught in the middle of a crime. Even more, dangling from both sides of her head were a pair of earphones playing music, a thing that the original Sona wouldn't have on her because of her powers.

Yuumi..? Yuumi, thank God it's just you! I swear, I could have had a heart attack if you were anyone else! I-

>But then, she stopped herself mid-sentence and recalled what "Yuumi" said earlier about her dragging the girl off to a new cafe and several stores for shopping, and how she thought she'd spend some time doing something with her. Furthermore, she goes off to mention that she has a new outfit and made it sound like there were two people living in this apartment. And if that wasn't enough indication that something's off, the way that she spoke to her wasn't the usual playful, teasing tone she was used to.

>The smile of relief that Ein had slowly turned into one that looked completely lost and confused by this entire situation. She doesn't remember doing any of that with Yuumi in the past few days! If anything, they did that months ago, but there's no way that she'd be referring back that far! And looking at her again, with the way she was talking to her, she wasn't upset or pouting about it like her usual self. In fact, her face was completely hard to read! And now, she's being mistaken for someone that apparently looks like her!


>This can't be happening. This is all way too much for Ein to comprehend at all! There was a girl that looks like Yuumi right in front of her who apparently mistook her for someone that she closely resembles, and there was another person involved as well! And in their apartment no less! This isn't real. This can't be, so.. it had to be a trick! One of Yuumi's pranks, probably!

You got me, Yuumi! Okay, you got me! You really went all out for this one for sure, I mean getting my apartment and the whole act and personality change, I mean.. wow..

>She laughed nervously towards the stranger before her and prayed that that was the Yuumi she knows and loves.


File: 1414991823072.jpg (147.75 KB, 843x272, hagoromo_gitsune_2_by_gugamend…)

>The pause before the girl turns around isn't like Sona. Even if she'd forgotten, there's no way she'd be that stunned.

>She's not wearing her eyepatch...nor does she have the scar that it usually covers. She'd never seen either of the twins with a music device or even any music cds around their apartment.

>"Yumi..? Yuumi..." Sona doesn't call her that either, and that just settles it. She doesn't know why someone would go to such lengths to pretend to be her, but someone like that in their house, with no other sounds of life...

>She barely pays attention to the frantic lies and pleading addressed to her "real name". Anyone could know that with enough snooping around.

>No...what concerns her most is what happened to her friends, not that she'd admit to them being that to their faces. It doesn't need saying.


>The girl gives no response at first. Or at least not one in words. No the first sound from her is when she reaches back and locks the door with a *Click*.

>Its only as she advances that she finally speaks, her tone much darker than anything Ein has heard from the ghost he knows.

>Her face is anything but benevolent as well, and as she steps forwards she slides her hand to something hanging at her hip that on closer inspection would obviously be a sword.

>While she doesn't draw her blade, her eyes shift from the odd blue they had been to a shade of red that is rather different than her usual shade, if anything being more reminiscent of blood than ever before. Whoever this is, it is very obviously not the Yuumi she knows and loves.

"Tell me, who are you, and what exactly are you doing here?"

>Its clear from the edge to the woman's voice that she intends to find out no matter how much the greenhaired girl resists, an that its less a question and more of an order.

Ein!steinHcBws 849341

File: 1414994574871.jpg (57.77 KB, 342x355, F55.jpg)

>The silence that followed after Ein made a big deal about this entire interaction being a joke was more than just unsettling to her. The interval of silence between them was just.. uncomfortable to stand in. Why wasn't she saying anything? If this were Yuumi, she'd be pouting and telling her she gave up too easily. But she was not doing any of that.


>No, the first thing that girl has done was close the only exit that Ein had in case things are going wrong. And in this case, it is certainly heading down that path as the mystery girl began stepping towards her with her hand very close to pulling out the weapon that she had by her side.

>The more the girl came closer, the more that Ein stepped back from her as she tried to prevent the gap between them from closing. If this was supposed to be some sort of scare tactic to make her scarred for life, then it's definitely working. But from the look of the girl's face and the color of her eyes transforming from blue to blood red only clued her in to believe that this is not Yuumi.

>It wasn't long before Ein's back met the door of another room inside the apartment, leaving no more room for her to escape to, She was absolutely terrified by this woman who she previously thought was Yuumi, what with the look in her eyes and the sword by her side. If she tries to escape through the door behind her back, there is absolute certainty that this girl would chase her and attack her. She has no choice but to answer her questions and just hope that she would understand just how confused and lost she was.

>In immediate panic, Ein threw her hands up in front of her and began yelling out to the complete stranger before her now that she confirmed that this person was not the same girl that she fell in love with.

I-I'm Ein! My name is Ein! I don't know why I'm even here, I swear! All I remember was waking up in the room next to me and finding out I'm not in my room at the Wayne Manor!

>As she mentioned the room, one of her hands pointed to said room that she came out of.

I'm sorry f-for intruding into your home! I'm still confused about it myself, but I promise you, this is all just a huge mistake!

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849344

File: 1414995403415.jpg (69.87 KB, 674x598, Sebastian_EvenIDoNotKnowWhatTo…)


Honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell you. The story, as I've heard, is that he happened to inherit the estate through the previous owner on merit of...being their butler, I suppose?

The man isn't a political paragon and hardly the stuff of leaders. He's quite a meek fellow, actually, and perhaps a little insane to willfully be the lord of the estate.


>Sebastian narrows his eyes, and thoughtfully adds:

Also, I could be wrong, but I do believe he has unnatural relations with his pet sheep. Quite a strange fellow, indeed...

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849351

File: 1414996962690.jpg (34.24 KB, 477x577, 2b8614a566dacbc327e444d732bcbb…)

>naturally, Marie made a disgusted look when Sebastian finished speaking, shaking her head and looking away from him


There was an image I didn't need...

>she'd take another drink from her bottle, then gesture to the staircase leading up to the residential hall of the manor

Well, here we're still "just" a manor and we're still part of Equestria, no crazy political shenanigans going on here.

As for the owner, I've honestly never met them. I think they just spend a lot of time away from here and let it run itself, but no one's really confirmed or denied it.

How it keeps running is a mystery. I dunno where the money comes from or how we don't have people killing each other, but it somehow works.

>she looks back to Sebastian and shrugs lightly, appearing rather nonchalant with her overall lack of knowledge with how the manor worked

Frankly, I think you...or, well, the you that actually belongs here, is the one that keeps everything running.

...which doesn't really bode well now that he's gone, now that I think about it...

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849355

File: 1414997439303.png (36.02 KB, 131x187, Sebastian_Indutiably My Lord.P…)


Perhaps they wanted to disrupt the lives of those here by removing an aspect of its function?

But I believe they may have made an error, for you see-

>Sebastian smiles and bows slightly to the woman.

I am simply one hell of a butler.

>He straightens, already placing some of his pieces into action. He would need all he could get, and this seemed perfect opportunity to establish a base of operations until he caught wind of either what brought him to this damn world or how he could go back to his own.

I would be perfectly happy to assist this estate in place of my counterpart, in exchange for residency.

Any task he has done I assure I can perform exceptionally well. In my free time, I shall endeavor to uncover the mystery of by what reason or method your Sebastian Michaelis has disappeared, and how to place us both back in our proper homes.

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849359

File: 1414998276577.jpg (197.84 KB, 618x720, Marie_Mjolnir.jpg)

>Marie couldn't help but smirk a bit at Sebastian's quip, his promises to continue this world's Sebastian's work only keeping it on her face

...man, you really are him. That sounds exactly like something he'd say.

>a brief bit of guilt stung at her for a moment, realizing that she so rarely actually thanked Sebastian for all his hard work, since he even helped someone as inclusive as herself

>she'd have to remedy that somehow once he got back

Well...as far as "free time", that might be hard to come by. You're...well, you're pretty much on your own, the owner doesn't have any other maids or butlers to take care of the place.

>another bit of guilt stung at her as she made this realization aloud, as well as feeling impressed that Sebastian could even handle all of this by himself without cracking

>this "Alton Sutcliff" fellow did seem to crack under the pressure after a while, and for it to happen to their Sebastian would be...well, unfortunate

...maybe I can ask around and see if that can be fixed somehow...

I'm sure someone would be willing to help out...

>she lets her gaze wander as she tries to think of any residents best suited to handling the daily chores along with Sebastian

>not many come to mind, though Marie didn't know that many people at the manor at all


File: 1414998894711.jpg (398.43 KB, 1916x1077, ga-rei-2-2.jpg)

>Unfortunately, pouting, teasing, the usual sorts of things the girl would do, the one who looks almost exactly like her doesn't do.

>As Ein's back hits the wall the raven haired girl stops, standing there, waiting for an answer to the questions she asked.

>The answer seems to spark something in her, the first real sign of emotion in her face.

>Which is followed an instant of silence, and then by a glint of light being reflected off something, almost too fast to catch...and finally the feeling of something being uncomfortably close to Ein's throat.

>And then her face twists in full fledged anger, more fierce than she would have seen during any of the spats she had with Yuumi.

"You aren't Ein! You...You don't get to just come in and take over their lives like that. A half assed disguise and their name isn't enough to fool me. What...Did...You...Do...To Them?! Where are They?!"

>After she finishes shouting at the girl, she finally seems to calm down a bit, the red sinking back under her odd seeming blue eyes.

>And then she makes a face that almost seems like Yuumi for a moment, though where on her it looks playful, on this girl the overly wide almost smile looks more like a snake about to strike.

"She doesn't even call me that name. For your sake you better hope they're still alive, because even if you lived up at that manor, no one cares if a demon dies, and on your dying breath as you sink back into the abyss, you can let the rest of the Outworld scum know that Yomi is waiting."

>Despite her words, the strike doesn't come. The blade staying right where it is, close enough to make Ein very very aware of it, but not close enough to cut. There's a tension in the air that doesn't match her calm confident expression. Something has her rattled.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849364

File: 1414998950129.jpg (117.23 KB, 452x750, Sebastian_Hello There.jpg)


>To Marie's concerns, Sebastian smiles more widely in a confident expression and shakes head once.

I can assure you, if I have a will, there will be a way. You will not need to worry about any declining quality of life while I am here. I am quite the multitasker.

>It also helped he was a Demon Prince. With his powers amplified beyond comprehension, he could have this estate in top order before the blonde would know anything different.


But I do thank you for your concern, Ma'am. You are quite generous to think so for me, a simple butler.

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849365

File: 1414999464874.png (94.47 KB, 225x350, 4758-33254210.png)

>Marie gave a small smile again at Sebastian's reassurances, glad that he didn't seem to be losing his step even when in a world that wasn't really his

All the same, I'll see if I can get in contact with the owner somehow and get them to hire more help.

Don't know how I will, but...

>she gives a light shrug, then turns and starts to make her way to the staircase

Anyway, I'll leave you to it for now.

If you need any more help with anything, whether it's getting back home or working on stuff around here, just come find me.

I'm in the room with the hammer on the door, you can't miss it.

>she paused mid-step, then looked back to the butler with a sheepish smile

Or, well, I guess you can.

It can get a bit crowded up there...

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849368

File: 1414999776412.png (97.04 KB, 277x228, Sebastian_Cheerfully Evil.PNG)


>Excellent! He already had his foot in the door, and it seemed that it was quite easy to gain the trust of the residents here, if the blonde was any indication. He was trusted and reliable here, a butler that seemed to work for the merit of it.

>No owner, no pay, just simply the work for the sake of being a butler.

>It was disgustingly wasteful of his talents to stoop to such humble activities.

Should I require your assistance, I assure you I shall keep you at the forefront of my mind, Miss...?

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849369

File: 1414999862562.jpg (6.92 KB, 302x257, marie4.jpg)

>Marie blinked once, then let out a sigh at her own lack of forethought

Sorry, that completely slipped my mind...

>she smiles a bit more, but it does seem a bit forced, as though she were just putting on airs to get the conversation finished sooner

Mjolnir. Marie Mjolnir.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 849371

File: 1415000175460.gif (124.85 KB, 500x390, Sebastian_Its Elementary.gif)


Miss Marie Mjolnir.

>Sebastian can tell by the strange way the woman smiles that it isn't genuine. What; did his counterpart not invoke the need for some kind of genuine response?

>Perhaps the residents here were more spoiled than that of Sutcliff's mansion.

>Considering he apparently did so much for them, however...

>He bows once more, then adds.

I shall attend to the chore my counterpart left posthaste! Do have a restful evening, Miss Mjolnir, and thank you very much for your patience and time.

>With that, Sebastian walks back to the kitchen, keeping his smile on his face until he's fully inside the space he had teleported into earlier.

>Once there, his smile drops into a disgusted sneer, and with a sigh he rubs at his face.

What a bothersome situation...

Marie Mjolnir!pinkie78Os 849372

File: 1415000455858.jpg (9.46 KB, 274x130, tumblr_mejocjX9nK1rydfq4.jpg)

>Marie gave the butler a small wave as he made his retreat, then turned and resumed walkng up the stairs
>she did feel a bit better after encountering the butler, but she couldn't really understand why
>she was still nowhere near close to finding Crona or Stein, and continuing to search for them seemed like a fruitless endeavour at this point in time
>so why would meeting with someone she knew was going to disappear in due time, and be replaced by someone she barely knew already, make her feel better?
>was it just because it was something to distract her from the problem looming over her head?


>her mood now dipped back down, she took another drink from the bottle and made a hasty retreat to her room, with the intent of drinking herself into slumber for the rest of the night

Ein!steinHcBws 849374

File: 1415000726236.png (545.46 KB, 1280x720, FA00017.png)

>It's become closely apparent that Ein's words did not convince her at all. So apparent, in fact, that she drew something close enough to Ein's neck, she could easily slice her throat with just one swing. Despite not wanting to get her neck slit in half, she still raised her head high and presented it as though it would keep her neck far from the steel in front of it.

>She was nervous, confused, upset, and most of all, afraid for her life right now. But from words that this girl began yelling out, it was as if there were other people named Ein, much like how she adopted the name for herself long before. She had no clue where they are, what they're like, or what she even did with them! But from the fact that this girl mistook her to be one of those "Eins" just from her appearance alone cannot be anything that's purely coincidental.

>As Ein tried to look down as best she could, considering the position of her head, she could barely make out a smile on the girl's face that could only remind her of Yuumi, wherever she was. By this time, Ein would have thought that Yuumi would have come for her since she was in this amount of trouble. But now, it seems like that won't be the case.

>And just as Ein thinks she's about to strike, Ein suddenly yelled out to the girl, hoping to try and convince her once more.

Wait, wait, wait! Y-Yomi, was that it? L-look, I don't know where the other "Eins" that you talk about are! The only "Ein" that I know of is just myself! B-but for you to mistake me for being one of them, then there h-has to be some sort of connection between me and those "Eins", r-right?

>She gulped once, and she could just barely feel her throat reach towards the sharp blade held out in front of it. She didn't know if this reasoning will work or not, but she's willing to take a chance in order to not die. She didn't change out of her clothes when she went to bed the night before she somehow appeared here with her phone still working. So, by extension, she must have brought along her wallet as well!

T-their names.. are they Sona or Puer Concord? I-It's my real name too! My pockets should have my wallet and my ID to prove it!


File: 1415002674666.jpg (13.76 KB, 720x405, Hagoromo_D.JPG)

>The story seems so desperate, and so ridiculous, the sort of lie someone caught in the middle of trying to assume someone else's life would make.

>She doesn't have her answer yet, however, and there's one thing she wants more than vengance. Or two things really. The only two things of value she has left.

>She only kills demons anyways, even if her definition is occasionally looser than others.

>Even as her eyes squint as if considering it, the blade stays poised at the ready.

>The fact that this green haired doppleganger knows their names, but didn't know hers, and didn't give Sona's earlier is what tips the scales.

"Reach into your pocket and toss me your wallet then. If you try anything, or take out anything else, it will cost you something. If you're lying it'll cost you something. If you're telling the truth you'll be fine, but if you took them from me, I'll have you pay me back double, and a demon like you would only barely pay even a quarter of the cost."

>Still the ID should prove it one way or another. Even the Town officials wouldn't hand out the same ID twice without proof of some sort.

Ein!steinHcBws 849387

File: 1415004803940.jpg (61.91 KB, 382x289, F317.jpg)

>It seems like fate has something else in store for Ein as she was now granted some more minutes of her life to spare. She only had those couple of minutes to prove that she was, in fact, Ein, or in this woman's case, Sona Puer Concord, or else she'd pay the price. But what Ein would give now to go back to Yuumi at this moment would surprise one greatly.

O-okay, just give me a minute..

>She carefully lowered her hands down past Yomi's blade and felt around the pockets around her pants for any shape that resembled a wallet. It didn't take long for her to find that said wallet was in her back pocket, unaffected by the sudden transition from the original world to the reverse world. Now with it in her hands, she pulled it up from her pants and held it out to the girl to take it from her, confident enough to not bother looking at what was inside the wallet.

Here. J-just look at the ID and it should say that I'm.. Sona Puer Concord.

>Inside the wallet was, indeed, the ID that this "Ein" has claimed it was. On it, she could see that the girl's real name is Sona Puer Concord. Along with it was information such as her birthday and age, both of which eerily matched Sona and Puer's as well. But if there was one thing that was strange about the ID, it was the gender that it displayed. Rather than either "M" or "F", the text was put in as M/F, as if this Ein were both male and female at once. As the girl's hands return back to being held up, she just then realized that the picture that she took in the ID did not resemble her female body, but rather her male one. If she doesn't speak up now, there will be more trouble for her!

Wait! Before.. you say anything about the picture, I just want to say that.. I know it doesn't resemble me. I haven't looked at my wallet at all since I've suddenly woke up here, but let me describe myself in that image.

>She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she tried to calm down and remember her male body's physical appearance. It's rather hard to stay calm when a sword is right up to one's jugular, however, but she's been able to get used to her male body after she transformed into it long enough to realize what it looks like.

..The photo is a male with light blue eyes and llong, dark black hair going down the back of his neck. He should be wearing a sweatshirt and some kind of.. raggedy scarf around his neck too. Whether you want to believe it or not, that boy in the picture is.. also me. And if you need me to prove it again, then I will.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 849504

File: 1415055133195.gif (260.36 KB, 250x141, tumblr_n3y2d81dlS1shpuivo3_250…)

Got ya!

>She'll go only that far if needed, a few punches to the face should be all that's needed here after all!

>Was that Saya? Oh neat, there's a Saya in this world too!

Hi new Saya!

>with that out of the way Yang readies her weapons, exact copies of what Miki used. Or Miki used copies of her weapons if you think about one way as a opposed to another.

Stop in the name of hot blondes or get your ass kicked! This is your only warning!


File: 1415056303978.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, phoenix1.png)


>Phoenix blasts the barrier before it can properly form

You think you can do that? Do you have any Idea how often that Souma woman has tried using tricks liek that?!



>Her eyes dilate in anger

You're one of the people responsible for putting me in the box in the first place! WHY HAVE YOU RELEASED ME?!

>She shouted angrily, trying to grab at her

Roll 1d1000 = 382
>Evens, grab success

What do you want from me?!


>she stares briefly at Yang and just blinks a few times before shaking her head and focusing back on Saya.


File: 1415061369523.jpg (520.02 KB, 768x1024, 19326492_p0.jpg)

Do you know why this is captain?
A-and why is Miki-san he-!?
>Before she could move away, the mage was grabbed and tried breaking her grip on her.
I-I didn't release you whatever that means!


File: 1415062173778.jpg (178.42 KB, 1600x1063, milla_maxwell___tales_of_xilli…)


Long story short, it's an alternate her who wouldn't take no for an answer...

>Tapping her chin a bit, Ariel sighs

...given this Fen is clearly a Phantom rather than an orphnoch, I feel we may be dealing with a similiar case.

...I knew something like this might happen when she joined the RW, there's a thermos in the safe next to the garage that can keep her trapped if she's in ash form, the code for the safe is R, 0, 5


>Ariel pulls her thin blade out and goes to stab "Fen" in the chest

Roll 1d1000 = 357


File: 1415062739279.jpg (160.37 KB, 1024x1024, attachment.jpg)

>Members of the Tear guard in the immediate area would hear their Tear Detection Modules going off like crazy as a crack slowly appeared in the sky

>For around 10 seconds, the crack leads no where, into absolute nothingness, until color fills the void

>The colors of another world, but the way it fades in, the place it's at, it all almost seems directed

>Falling out of the tear in the sky were around 100 durable ant like monsters.

>They started going towards the wall, spitting acid on it to try to break it into its base components and use it as building material.

>People inside buildings would hear their radios and TVs flash with a warning stating

Mass Tear Incursion, please remain within the walls of the building you're in and motion anyone else outside to come in with you. Do not exit the building until the threat has been dealt with unless you're confident you can assist the guard.
>Given over half of the known Tear Guard had vanished, and the Captain and their healer were a bit tied up...they'd need any help they could get

>plus investigating a "Tear" may tempt the curious.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 849556

File: 1415064004231.gif (641.26 KB, 245x245, tumblr_n3hwpgsb2X1r0qnh9o3_250…)

Hey Hey! Stop that!

>With Saya in her grasp, Yang changes in and attempts to force Phoenix to let go with a well placed punch to her elbow and then several to her chest to launch her into the air.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 229

>Unlike Miki's more dance like style of combat, Yang's was far more brutish and direct.

>Seeing Ariel miss her sword strike... Yang felt like she'd seen that before.

...Well I guess that means you're the same as my Ros back home.

>Can't hit with a sword with shit.


File: 1415064357219.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, phoenix1.png)


>Phoenix dodges out of the way still holding Saya

Wait...you didn't....? "Fen?"

>she stands there confused before dropping Saya


>She then quickly dodges that

After I beat the two of you within an inch of your lives, I'll get to figuring out what's going on here

>she threw fireballs towards Yang and Jo

Roll 1d1000 = 158
Roll 1d1000 = 153

>odds both


File: 1415064782635.jpg (39.08 KB, 368x600, 17241541_m.jpg)

A-A phantom!?
You mean like Ko-san?"
>Saya fell on to her back after being dropped before sitting up to see Jo hit with a fire ball.
>Pointing her staff at her she called out a healing spell.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 122


File: 1415065164548.jpg (126.25 KB, 250x300, tumblr_mwxni58yu71s5ecxio4_250…)


Oi oi, shut up I can work just fine with my sword!

>She protests with a glare

I mean there's a reason I'm the Tear Guard Captain!


>Ariel groans slightly in pain as she's hit...


>But suddenly feels extremely invigorated as Saya heals her

Thanks Saya! And yes, like her! now just hurry we need to contain her!

>Ariel goes for another slice, this time imbuing the blade with electricity magic

Roll 1d1000 = 326

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 849578

File: 1415065992166.jpg (308.37 KB, 500x300, NewBanner_zpsbc5fd872.jpg)

>Yang dives under the fire ball and attmepts an upper cut to the jaw.
>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 268

You know if you calm down, maybe I can help you figure it out? I mean I think I'm in the same situation as you are!

>Then Saya ubered Jo and she hit stuff.

I assumed that was because of your magic!

>Yang was actually enjoying this fight. Something that also made her different from Miki, she fought when she needed too, but didn't take the pure joy of it like Yang does.


File: 1415068246991.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x283, 1631656_1307341725047.08res_50…)

>This double seems rather cowardly, especially for whom she's seemingly trying to impersonate.

>She's certainly complient about the whole thing, more so than she'd usually expect with her experiences with demons in any case.

>She moves a step closer, adjusting her grip on the sword in the process to keep it leveled a the green haired woman's throat.

>Maybe she's wrong about her...or more of him from the looks of it. The gender field isn't the one she finds most of interest though. If anything its more the issuing date. Though does explain the baggy clothing if nothing else.

>That more anything disproves various of her thoughts on the matter. It doesn't look like some quicky fake ID either.

>She pulls the blade back and sheaths it, before tossing the wallet back to Ein.

"No, you're good. I mean I doubt anyone would fake their name for so long just to screw things up so bad."

>She pauses for a moment.

"And I'm pretty sure I'm better off not even asking why you're trying to dress up like her. Or do all the crazy chicks on your island just have green hair and go by that name?"

>It does seem odd. But even if he is some creepy stalker with a fetish for looking like his object of affection or something, Sona can deal with that once they find her.

Ein!steinHcBws 849626

File: 1415071137664.png (1016.95 KB, 1280x720, FA00087.png)

>It felt like forever since the last time her neck didn't feel so threatened. Once the sword was withdrawn back into its scabbard, she let out a huge sigh of relief and rubbed her neck. She was very, very glad that that was all done and over with. For now, at least. She doesn't know who this girl is other than the fact that she closely resembles Yuumi save for her dangerous personality. She'll have to be careful around her if she wants to keep her life.

>And it doesn't seem like she's a thug either, since she didn't take anything from her wallet before she returned it. But.. now that she knows who she is, now Ein has to figure out just where exactly is she now that she just woke up in.. apparently, "Ein's" apartment. One that she doesn't seem to remember renting out or sharing with another person. By this point, this all became too elaborate to be a prank by Yuumi or anyone else now, considering she nearly died just minutes ago.

>But... now that she had her identity cleared up, now she's being misunderstood for some kind of imposter! It was clear that this other Ein that Yomi keeps talking about closely resembles how she looks like whenever she's a girl. She groans and turns to Yomi with an annoyed expression before she corrected her.

I'm telling you, I'm the only "Ein" I know! It's just that.. apparently, this Sona or Puer that you know happens to look a lot like me.

>To prove that she wasn't just faking up trying to dress up like her, she began tugging on her long, green hair to show that it was, in fact, connected to her scalp like many other people's hair. Whoever Yomi was, it was apparent that she was very close to these two "Eins" that she keeps talking about. Her worried behavior over those two people.. it really reminded her of how Yuumi worried over her constantly.

>Once things have begun to calm down now, there was less stress on Ein's head as curiosity began taking over. She was standing in front of a door that obviously led to another room, and since there was another person that lives here, then perhaps this was the other bedroom.

Hey, uh.. Yomi, I need to ask you something. What.. what are they like? Sona and Puer, I mean. Since you were able to enter their home so easily, I'd guess that you had a history with them.

>As she spoke, she was already facing and opening the door that was behind her back to the bedroom that belonged to the other twin, Puer. Compared to the messy one that she saw earlier, this one was neatly cleaned and organized. There wasn't anything that looked out of place but the bed looked like it was just being slept on.

Eh? How come the bed wasn't made..?


File: 1415073999730.jpg (4.76 KB, 298x169, images (8).jpg)

>The alarm outside usually signified her time to begin hunting...

>But its not like she could just leave her only clue to Ein's disappearance here alone. Not while she still had questions anyways.

>Though her "guest" was being a bit more difficult now. Does this "Ein" who shares names with both the ones she knows really think that she doesn't know that hair dye exists? Though who knows what sort of drastic measures will come if she mentioned that.

>Something stupid no doubt.

"Well, you don't look much like Puer at all, even when he's wearing normal clothes, at least from your photo. I'm sort of surprised you wouldn't at least have heard about someone else using the same name as you though."

>Yomi pauses for a moment as she watches "Ein" snoop around.

"Well, nothing like you for starters. Sona is always dragging me around to look at toys and stuff, and she's just kind of crazy with how energetic she is. Puer is pretty much the complete opposite, so he's more relaxing to be around. They're both good people in their own way, even if they can be a bit odd with how close they are, I guess. I wouldn't know, maybe thats normal for siblings."

>...The other Ein's findings just add to her worries.

"That doesn't seem like him at all. Not that I've seen much of his room, since I think he'd freak out if I even suggested looking around."

>Still, its not like searching blindly is likely to lead them to the others.

"So, now its your turn, tell me about this girl who apparently looks like me. Whats she like, does she live at that manor with you, anything else of note as well."

Ein!steinHcBws 849726

File: 1415079572478.png (184.42 KB, 466x600, F327.jpg)

>Just as Ein took a single step into the room, the one radio that was inside itsuddenly activated on its own. It emitted the sound of static, which garnered Ein's attention towards it and got her to listen to the sudden announcement. There were several things that threw her off about said announcement. One being that there was even an announcement saying there was danger, and the other being the fact that the defense system is called this invasion is called Tear rather than Rift.

>The radio then turned itself off and didn't turn itself back on again. She was left stunned for that moment as she tried to make out what she had heard. Why were the rifts called "tears"? The last she remembered, the Rifts were dealt with by the Riftguard. If that were the case, then does this place have a.. Tearguard..?

>This was becoming too much for her head. She decided that she'll leave it to those that can easily deal with this threat. First and foremost, she needs to get an idea of where the hell she even is at the moment.



>It was also apparent that she had also heard the alarm for these things. With that sword of hers and how she handled it, Ein would've thought that she'd be out dealing with whatever was invading the world at the moment, but she seems more deadset on trying to figure out her.

>The way that she described the two of them, Sona and Puer.. It sounds like they were made from two separate personalities of herself and exaggerated drastically. Though, the bit at the end about how close they are together made her worry that these two are perhaps too close to each other. She hoped and prayed that that just meant they bickered and fight a lot like siblings. Nevertheless, the two of them sounded eerily like Ein, in some sense. Almost like they were just herself is she were two people instead of one.

>From her descriptions of the two, she could easily infer that the room she just recently inspected was Puer's, and the one that she came out of was Sona's. Sona's room, he could very well easily understand the bed being a complete mess, considering her entire room was one, but Puer's was mostly neat and tidy save for his bed. He wouldn't sound like someone that would just leave their bed messy while everything else was clean. It wouldn't make sense for him at all, unless he was suddenly.. taken.. from his room..

>But she'd have to inspect Puer's room and figure out what had happened later. Now that Yomi ordered her to tell her about Yuumi, she can't exactly deny that. It'd only raise more suspicion on her head and possibly end up like the situation earlier. There was no harm in telling her about Yuumi, right? Well, save for her.. condition.

>She stepped back out of Puer's room and closed its door. Once it was secured, she turned to Yomi to see her looking right back at her to start describing her lover.

Oh, you mean Yuumi? Uh.. well, where do I start..

>She looked away from Yomi and began rubbing her chin. She was mulling over how to describe Yuumi and whether or not she ought to tell her she's.. a ghost, in that sense. She knows that she can't leave out that important note about her, but it would just make her story even less credible. She'd have to keep it a secret to her for now.

Yuumi is.. she's my lover, to put it formally.

>A slight blush grew on her face as she called Yuumi her lover again. It still felt a little embarrassing to regard her as that, but it was a pure fact between the two of them that they do have a very close connection to one another.

It's obvious that she looked like you since I mistook you for her. I mean, the both of you are really pretty. You both have the same hairstyle, the red eyes, the body physique, but she doesn't use a sword. In fact, I doubt that she needs one at all, since she's a.. "free spirit" and all.

A-and by that I mean that she is very adventurous. When I first met her, she made me buy a cup of coffee for her that had practically all of the syrup and creamers one would put in coffee. She can be a bit of a trickster too, going around the Town and playing pranks on people. Of course, I've fallen victim to some of them several times after I met her.

>Before Ein continued with her describing Yuumi, she then began to recall the times where they've had a small heart-to-heart together, where it would just be the two of them talking. There was a noticeable blush on her face now as well as a soft smile that came from reminiscing about those times.

But.. knowing her personally, she's very confident with herself. She would always tease me whenever she gets the chance just to see my reaction to it, so now you know what I mean by being a victim. Alongside that, she's a very impulsive girl. Always wanting to try anything that sounded like fun to her and bringing me along just because she wants to spend as much time with me as possible. Despite that, she's a huge worry wart whenever it comes to me since I somehow find myself getting into trouble. She's taken care of me so many times, I've decided to nickname her my "Guardian Angel" even.

>It wasn't until now that she realized how long she went on and on about Yuumi. Her face was red in embarrassment now, and she quickly continued to apologize to her for going on for too long.

S-sorry if I went on too long! Yuumi's just a really really important person to me, so I.. y-yeah...

>She turned her head away from Yomi and began rubbing her arm. She doesn't want to see her reaction to her entire description about the one person she considers the most important of all. She was already embarrassed enough about herself as is.


File: 1415081923752.jpg (15.35 KB, 400x226, ga-rei-zero-5.jpg)

>The first part of the description causes her to raise her hand to her eye, before cursing to herself internally once she's verified that her contacts are actually in, its not like they're much use if the true color bleeds through for other reasons though.

"Maybe I need a deeper shade..."

>She whispers quietly to herself as she continues to listen to the description.

>Her expression starts out pretty neutral...

>Though it doesn't take much talking about "Yuumi's" antics to make the edges of her mouth twitch and slowly turn down into a disgruntled frown.

>This girl/boy/whatever just keeps going on and on about her in a lovey dovey manner, and beyond that she's this carefree, wishywashy girl who does whatever she wants just because she feels like it to the point that it makes Sona sound more like Puer in comparison.

>Someone who never even ever had cause to pick up a blade, and yet she has a sappy nickname like "Guardian Angel"?

>The whole thing rubs her the wrong way, being compared to someone like that.

"So, we look the same, but are otherwise completely different then. Must be nice for her to get to live such a carefree life, but its odd that we've never been mistaken for each other before this. I think I would have heard if someone with red eyes was running around causing trouble even if nothing else was similar, its not that common a color, even with all the Tears around this town."

>Not that she tends to get all the gossip, but she catches enough to know people talk about her, and none of it is about stuff like that.

Ein!steinHcBws 849766

File: 1415084654880.jpg (20.46 KB, 189x198, F25.jpg)

>It wasn't long before Ein finally calmed down from her previous embarrassment and turned back to Yomi to see the frown that was on her face. Was she just frowning the entire time? Did she really not like Yuumi that much? For all Ein knew, she was just describing some of her experiences with Yuumi from the time that she met her.

>But from the way Yomi's face looks, she looks like she's already heard enough about Yuumi as it is, so that could be finished for the time being. But, listening to Yomi's response about hearing nothing about Yuumi causing trouble did surprise Ein. She would have thought that there' would be rumors about a ghost haunting those that do bad in Town, but Yomi hasn't heard one bit of it. If that were the case, then that means that.. Yuumi didn't exist in this world.

>She looked with wide eyes at Yomi again as she mentioned the word "Tear" instead of "Rift". There was that word again! She wasn't hearing things when she heard that radio in Puer's room call them "Tear", but for the longest time, they would always be called "Rifts", and they'd be protected by the Riftguard. It was as if she was taken into a world where something was switched around with each and every person!

>She didn't know whether or not her guess was correct. She recalled the fact that there was another "Ein" in this apartment whose personalities were just like hers, but split amongst two people. And Yomi, who looks as close to Yuumi as could be, is very close to either of them to be able to just walk into their apartment like family. And with Rifts being called Tears, then..


>In that moment, Ein quickly closed the gap between her and Yomi and grabbed her shoulders tightly. Before Yomi could protest or say anything, Ein spoke up in a voice that was unnaturally serious compared to how she spoke earlier with Yomi while her eyes stayed deadlocked in contact.

Yomi, I need you to answer me these important questions, or else you won't be able to get Sona and Puer back, and I won't be able to go back to Yuumi.

First... are the guardians of the "Tears" here the "Tearguard"? And...

>She was hesitant about this next question. She didn't know how it will make this girl react, but just in case things end up turning sour, Ein had already prepared a weapon to protect herself from her just before she made contact with her.

>With a deep breath, she finally spoke up again and looked seriously into Yomi's covered red eyes.

..Has your family been killed long ago?


>Rolling for a thing Roll 1d100 = 28. Roll 1d100 to try and resist.

Ein!steinHcBws 849984

Roll 1d100 = 29


File: 1415153008608.jpg (45.17 KB, 1280x720, qts-ga-rei-zero-ep-02-bd-h264-…)

>The other girl stays silent a while after Yomi statements, not even bothering to dignify them with a response.

>This whole thing was a pain. It'd been quite a while since she had missed a Tear Alert, and all because she had to stand guard over this stubborn rich brat, because someone decided to swap them somehow.


>The sudden nature of the grab catches her off guard, if only for an instant. Right afterwards she reaches up for with her free hand and grabs Ein's wrist, squeezing and twisting it with the intent of causing enough pain to her make her let go.

"Don't touch me. And what do you not get any news up in that manor of yours? Of course its the Tearguard."

>However before the pain starts, the green haired girl says something that causes her grip to lose most of its strength.

"How did you know that?...And...what do you mean long ago. Its been what, a year, remember? When that huge demonic army claiming to be from some place called Outworld laid waste to a decent chunk of the town? There's a lot o people who died or came close because of it, so don't act like you didn't hear about that one either just cause you didn't!"

>The girl seems livid, but at the same time the grip on Ein's hand feels really weak and like she's pretty badly shaken up over it.

Ein!steinHcBws 850078

File: 1415161182768.jpg (108.94 KB, 472x452, F321.jpg)

>The first answer to her question only confirmed her fears. She was no longer in her own world anymore, rather she's now in a world where it was similar to her original world where Yuumi existed, where the Rifts were called Rifts and there would be the Riftguards to protect them, and where there was only one Ein that existed in Town: Her.

>Although Yomi's grip on her wrist did hurt her, she was enduring and gritting her teeth past the pain in her hand. All she wanted were answers, even if it meant getting hurt in the process. She wants to figure out where the hell she was and how the hell she would get back home. If her guesses were right, then this place has the possibility to be much more dangerous than her home universe, considering there was a Tear Alert just earlier.

>But then the pain in her wrist suddenly stopped. The look on Yomi's face would mean that Ein has struck a piece of truth. Although things were now going somewhere, Ein feels like she shouldn't have asked that at all, since it looked like it was personal for her. But if they both want the people they want back, she had to take high measures.

>And, once again, Yomi has confirmed her suspicions about this world. As much as she didn't want to, she had to force herself to believe that this was an entirely different universe and not some overly-complicated prank made by the entire Town.

>And just like that, her interrogation was over. Ein finally let go of Yomi's shoulders, prying off the girl's grasp on her wrist as well, and stepped back from her as she reviewed the information that she's received. She didn't know what to do now. It was all too much for her to comprehend and try to logically explain. She looked back up to Yomi who was glaring daggers at her like she committed murder over someone she loved. Would this girl even believe her? She doubts that she could trust her now, now that she just suddenly appeared and replaced her friends. She might as well answer her question.

...Yuumi's family was killed by the Outworld attack a year ago. It was only after that year that I met her for the first time and got to know her. Do you know why you haven't heard about a red-eyed girl disturbing the peace? It's because she doesn't exist in this world. Your world.

Believe it or not, Yomi, but I know for certain that I do not belong in this world. I realize this now because of what you've told me about Sona and Puer, the Tearguard, and you yourself. In my world, I am the only Ein that exists in the Town. But in your world, there are two Eins, both of which that have taken a part of my full name and my personality for themselves. And just like how I am close to Yuumi, both Sona and Puer are close to you, Yomi.

>She stopped and reviewed over what she said again, pondering over it and realized that it was very much more confusing than it should be.

..To put it simply, Yomi: I am also Sona and Puer, much like how Yuumi is you. Except.. there was something in our pasts that changed who we turned out to be. I can only guess that both Sona and Puer were born separately and you... you either died from the attack, but you revived as a ghost or, unlike Yuumi.. you survived and you turned to slaying demons as vengeance.

>The way that Ein spoke to her and how serious she was taking this was very reminiscent of Puer, who has taken Ein's more reserved emotions and cautious thinking.


File: 1415164757927.jpg (9.02 KB, 400x225, 416352.jpg)

>It doesn't take much to pry the raven haired girl's hand free, with how loose her grip had gotten.

>She barely seems to react to being let go, and almost seems like she's going into shock for a moment before she manages to finally start pulling herself back together.

"My life really is cursed then...even in a different world."

>Sure...at times she'd resented her family...before the incident, but...its not like she'd wanted them to disappear like that. She'd wondered before if maybe it would have been better if she'd died with them like she almost had, and in another world apparently did.

>Leaving her as a wandering spirit, doomed just as much as she herself was.

>Its hard getting the words to leave her mouth, as even just thinking about it dredges up the memories, the smell, that stark white bed, the mask, the pain....

"I...I didn't even get to go to the funeral...by the time I could leave the hospital they were already buried...I stayed at our restaurant for a while, but I can tell they all resent me, after all, their new boss is some little girl they never really liked who is a constant reminder of her parents deaths."

>The girl pauses before saying the next six worlds in an odd tone.

"Why'd it have to be you?"

"...Thats what everyone was really thinking, at least until those two."

"...I...I'll try to get you back home, okay? But that means you have to help me get my Eins back, okay?"

Ein!steinHcBws 850122

File: 1415167401400.jpg (82.02 KB, 346x432, F315.jpg)

>The girl's sudden change in behavior caught Ein off guard when she observed her. Instead of being so hotblooded and stern when they first met, this time around she was more calm, but at the same time, she was more innocent, like a child. Her story about her surviving the attack.. it clearly left a mark on the girl's life since it practically told her that everyone did not like her. Everyone.. but "Ein".

>There was no doubt about it. This girl.. she was just like Yuumi. No one needed her or wanted her or even treated her like a normal person. But just like that, the two Eins accepted her, much like how Ein accepted Yuumi for being a spirit. It was funny to her how similar their circumstances led to each other forming a close bond. So funny, in fact, that she can't help but break out a smile through her seriousness.

Heh.. so even in another world, we still end up together...

>To Yomi, the smile that Ein had on her face looked very close to the dumb grin that Sona would have plastered on her the many times they've been together, save for an eyepatch that this Ein doesn't have. It was almost like Sona was still there with her and by her side while Puer was off somewhere in his room doing his own thing silently.

Of course I'll help you get your Eins back. They're precious to you, aren't they? I've seen how much Yuumi cried when she found out I was close to death, so I can imagine how much you'd miss those two.

>Now that this whole mess up was over, Ein could finally think clearly about her position. Right now, she's in another world where people's histories are altered in some shape or form. As far as she knows, the closest thing that would bring anyone across dimensions would be the Rifts that appeared around Town. Or, in this world's case, Tears. If they could investigate one of these, then perhaps she could find the opportunity to go back home and help the other Eins return to Yuumi.

Anyways.. I think my being here and your Eins being.. well, in my world involves the Tears here. ...Wait, wasn't there some kind of warning about them earlier?


File: 1415168904536.jpg (5.21 KB, 299x168, download.jpg)

>Of course, her moment of weakness doesn't even last as long as Yuumi's.

"Hey, don't get the wrong idea. There's no way I'd cry over them for one. They let me sleep on the couch sometimes, and help me out for two, even if Sona drags me all over the place when she's no asking for sword lessons. So they're pretty useful."

"I'm not going to just sit by while Tears or demons or whatever take things away from me either, I've got enough trash to take out for ruining my life the first time."

>Shhe keeps a straight face and an annoyed sounding tone through the whole thing.

"Yeah, they happen every so often. A bit more than usual lately, but they're probably just overworked. Tears don't usually dump people out of this world though, and I don't think I've ever heard of someone being swapped out like this. Plenty of trash gets dumped here, and its not like they really pay attention to who was there or who did what after its all over when its hectic enough so I try to check them just in case.."

Ein!steinHcBws 850129

File: 1415171545132.jpg (42.38 KB, 309x282, F146.jpg)

>It seems like there's a lot that Ein still has to get used to with Yomi now. She was so used to Yuumi being very emotional whenever she's upset, but Yomi's quick 180 threw her for a loop. She almost forgot that Yomi wasn't exactly Yuumi. She's more hardened by the fact that her parents were killed by Outworld demons and left her as the sole survivor, but she's way too serious for Ein to even handle.


>But... from the sounds of things, it seems like both Sona and Puer are treating her well. But with Sona, it's like Yomi was practically parenting her. Taking her out everywhere, asking for sword lessons, surprisingly, and... from the looks of her room, being a child overall. She can't imagine how much trouble she is for her sibling, assuming her sibling's not the same. Which is apparent since his room's as clean as a whistle.

>As Ein looked over at the living room itself, it was all mostly clean actually. Save for some clothes that were laid out, it was like Puer did all the housework while Sona did.. well, whatever. She doesn't know what Sona does in her spare time when Yomi isn't around, but hopefully it wasn't anything that puts her into too much trouble.

>But.. now that she thinks about it, Yomi's talked mostly about Sona rather than Puer. She kind of got the general gist of who Sona is, but who was Puer? What was he like? If she considered him to be relaxing around, then she could assume he's not as hyper as his sister.

>No, no, she shouldn't be focusing on who they are. She has more important matters to tend to. If there's any down time or time for relaxation for both of them, she could ask her there. Now that Ein has at least managed to get through to her, perhaps now she could cooperate a little more than with just her sword.

Well, we should at least check the Tear that had just appeared here. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling it might help us in some way. But with that warning they gave out, it probably isn't going to be anything that's cuddly and friendly.


>She pulled out her phone that she kept in her pocket to check how much energy she has left. Unfortunately, the both of them spent so much time trying to figure out where they were, the battery life on her phone was at about 30%. Unless she finds a charger soon, she'll have to hurry and deal with whatever came out of that tear before her music is cut off.

>The other thing she checked, however, was the song that was playing. It was still the same one she had set on repeat earlier in case Yomi tried to attack her. Perhaps it could prove to be useful now, but she only hopes that her "training" also transferred over to use of her weapons.

>She quickly stuffed the phone back into her pocket and looked over at Yomi, who was still standing there with the same straight face she had on the whole time.

We ought to head out now and see what we can find. I can take care of myself well enough, so you don't have to worry about me too much.

>At least, she hopes that would be the case. But she still had to prove that she can defend herself if need be. So, she held out her hand in front of her, and in a bright flash, the same katana that she had shown that white-haired boy days ago appeared in her hands, scabbard and all.


File: 1415234040565.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, phoenix1.png)


>Phoenix blinks a bit but...


>Soon gets slashed across the chest and stunned for a few brief moments thanks to the electricity magic.


>And ducks her head back to get away from the uppercut

>she tosses fireballs at the two active attackers

Roll 1d1000 = 756
>yang, odds

Roll 1d1000 = 54
>Jo Odds

If you're really in the same situation then you can explain it to me while we fight!

>This woman certainly seemed pugnacious.

>Not wanting to stop fighting or destroying things even while talking...
>She also seemed rather dumb because of this.


File: 1415234192539.png (335.52 KB, 1000x1000, 62c87dcc58a8fc8f395c8b89e3fdfb…)

All right, I'll go get the thermos from the garage, stay safe!
>With that, she quickly ran out of the break room.
>Roll 1d4 = 3 rounds til she get's back


File: 1415234487103.gif (97.79 KB, 375x279, milla_maxwell_battle_cut_in_1_…)

Please...oh pleaaase don't disappear while you're gone.


>Jo pulls up a shield quickly to block the blast of fire before letting out a long sigh

You're gonna have to try harder than that...


Magic's not all I'm good at you know...

>she says in a bit of a disappointed tone

But considering her stubborness, I don't think we'll get very far here

I've been wrong before though.

>she says before she runs forward and goes to slash Phoenix with a water magic charged slash

Roll 1d1000 = 745

!rjtGfDeadI 850613

>The alert brings a bit of panic to those in the Town. People locking up their Tearguard to be able to easily handle the threat. One individual however wouldn't seem to mind the alarms and uppity people making a scene.

>A black furred Equine would stand on his hind legs. His blond mane concealed underneath his specialized hat to ensure no unwanted bits fell into the batter. On his face, wrinkles would show the Equines age. His youth long behind him, one could possibly blame a lack of hearing on being unable to hear the alarm outside.

>Before him, a bowl of chocolate sauce like material. To his side, a row of sticks placed neatly side by side vertically. His hooves held a wooden spoon which he used to properly stir the sauce carefully and slowly.

>From behind him, a human child dressed in traditional chef's wear would approach him. His form, finicky and worried in contrast to the Equine's calm self.

Uh, sir...don't you think we should be helping lock down the store? I mean they just started the alert.

>For a good period of time, the Equine would remain silent. Carefully he would remain his focus on the task he was working on before the alert went through.


Billy, we were brought here to complete an assigned task in which we are currently being paid for out time. If we were to stray away from this, not only would our materials be ruined but our employers time AND money wasted.

>To be expected, the small child would seem a tad concerned. Yet not surprised at all from this reaction.

I understand that sir, but don't you think we should at least get ourselves to safety?

>Not taking his eye off the task, the Equine would focus on his bowl of chocolate.

There is no need for alarm Billy. The Tearguard will be able to handle the situation posthaste. Though perhaps it would be best if you were to get yourself to safety. It would be quite a shame to lose my prize pupil wouldn't it?

>At this, the child seems shocked. He had never known the Equine to speak in such a manor.

M..Mr. Lollipop sir-

>For the first time since he had been approached. The black furred Equine would drop his spoon into the bowl and turn to face his apprentice.

That is enough Billy. Now go, do what you must yo ensure you get yourself to safety. Go, quickly.

>Using his hoof, he motions to the boy to flee while he still could. Reluctantly, the boy would walk away and begin heading toward the lower levels of the building.

>With a sigh, the Equine would turn and return to his bowl. For a moment, he manages to return to his work with the focus that he displayed before. Not long after however, he would lower down underneath the counter and begin coughing furiously. His hooves covering his mouth as he hacks in such a way that would risk one to lose a lung. After a good ten seconds of coughing, he lowers his hoof to reveal blood had splattered upon it, the remainder still dripping from his mouth.

Darn this infernal disease... now I must waste my employers time by washing my hands once again.

>Keeping the blood stained hoof in the air, he trots over to the handwashing sink to wash his hooves. Reaching into his apron he pulls out a small candy like object still in its wrapper. Placing it into his mouth he takes several deep breaths.


>Reaching over to the towel on the side of the sink he dries his hands with a towel. Several more deep breaths enter and escape his muzzle. Slowly he returns to the counter and return to his work.

Live, Billy. Someone must continue to lighten the world after I am gone.


File: 1415261018610.jpg (283.79 KB, 850x1124, sample-88e72d921ed203bf99f9a7b…)

>Yomi taps her foot as she waits. Unlike most, its staying inside during alerts that make her antsy.

"I doubt it, what with how sporadic they've been recently, I mean there wasn't even an alert for whatever took them and left you..but its better than just sitting around at least."

>Yomi finds it weird how often this "Ein" checks their phone though.

>She was planning on just telling them to stay here while she took care of things, but "Ein" is insisting they'll be fine...

>Her eyes gravitate towards the weapon once it appears, approval visible in her eyes for a moment, followed by her almost harsh way of speaking.

"Well, your choice in weapons is good at least, a lot harder to track down than some other things anyways."

>Lots of people around town used swords. Or carried them. Enough that you didn't attract too much suspicion over it anyways. Especially if you had some traumatic story about why you don't feel safe without it.

"I hope you're at least as competent as the other two...and try not to get into too much trouble out there."

>The last bit sounds like she has experience with someone who does exactly that.

>And with that she turns and heads out the door.

>Its not too hard to find the source of the disturbance either. Just walk in the direction people are running away from.

>Well, that and the giant army of insects making a mess of things.

"Ugh, I hope their blood isn't acidic at least, I'd rather not keep having to pay for new uniforms so frequently. Guess talking is off the table too."

>Not that she seems that interested in talking to them anyways.

>As she gets closer, she begins to draw her blade, her eyebrows knitting together in concentration as she unsheathed the blade, her movements much slower this time than when she was threatening Ein with it.

>A swarm of etheriel looking butterflies seems to pour out of the sheath as the black blade is drawn and then slowly flicker out into thin air like sparks from a fire.

>An odd red glow seems to reflect off the blade and fill the air in front of the girl, casting eerie reddish shadows, before quickly fading again. Was that from the sword as well?...Or something else entirely? Only someone in front of her would be able to tell, that is if they weren't too busy fleeing or fighting or building to pay attention to some strange girl.

>There's something rather unpleasant feeling about her blade, at least to anyone with a strong sense for vibes or things on a spiritual level, though its pitch black blade makes it look a bit unnerving even to those that don't.

>Her sword unsheathed she resumes her approach, never looking back to make sure Ein is following her still.

Ein!steinHcBws 850615

File: 1415266283151.jpg (152.16 KB, 600x472, F123.jpg)

>Though, now that Ein thinks about it, what kind of enemy were they going to go up against anyways? For all she knows, she hopes it's anything that's not too big of a threat to her. Perhaps they were some demons or criminals or whatever that she can take down without having to kill anyone. Though, if she remembered anything of that fight in the Manor, it was kill or be killed. She promised she'd get stronger that day, and if she doesn't let the fruit of her training grow now, it won't later on.

>At the very least, however, Yomi did compliment her choice of weapon in this situation. Looking at the katana in her hand, she had to realize the sort of strength it had within it. She remembers during her time training, the new CDs she bought with all those "House Sets" all had one thing in common together: projectiles. In fact, they were all a bunch of colorful lasers, balls of energy, knives, etc. If she applied this logic to the katana she summoned from one of her songs, then this sword should have some sort of projectile as well along with its blade.

>Unfortunately for Yomi, Ein was not as competent with the use of a katana. Just as soon as Yomi mentioned it, Ein turned her head away and looked out the window to hide the fact that she was almost lying about herself. Considering she's barely had anyone help train her with using a sword, she may not be as competent as using it normally, but she knows that she can at least think up of some sort of strategy on the spot to get her out of a tough situation. The way that she ordered her to not get into too much trouble only made Ein wonder just how much trouble Sona was to her..

>With a hardened look on her face and her mind forcefully suppressing the fears she has, the blade disappears out of Ein's hand and she also heads out the door with Yomi towards the threat that was happening in this strange variant of Ein's original world.

>Ein had absolutely no clue where the sudden anomaly was, so she stuck close to Yomi who seems to be taking this job of hers very seriously. Looking around at where they were in, the Town was.. almost like the Town back home, save for some different shops here and there. It was still strange to see this place look almost the same when everyone else ended up so different.

>Soon, Yomi had stopped walking as soon as she encountered the enemy that had recently appeared, and so has Ein. Once Ein saw the opponent(s) that they were going up against, her pupils shrunk and her fears began growing as she lay witness to the large ant monsters running amok, most of which were lit up by the lights set up around the Town. Those were the things they had to fight?! They're what Ein and Yomi had to get through if they want answers?! Even the Tearguard's struggling to go up against them on their own!

>Ein looked over to Yomi, who seems to be talking to herself now. Just from the sentence alone, it was like she's dealt with these kinds of enemies enough to consider them a chore, if anything. She had to wonder just how strong she became after her parents. But, something else managed to capture her thoughts, and that was the sword that Yomi was using. She didn't get to have a good look at it back in the apartment, since it was very close to slitting her throat and all, but getting a view of it this close and from the back sent chills down her spine.

>She watched her unsheathe the sword and witnessed the glowing butterflies fly out and disappear into the darkness of the night sky. Along with the butterflies came a blade as dark as one's shadow, reflecting the light off of it into red shadows from anyone close enough to see it. Just witnessing the sharp black blade alone made Ein feel shivers down her spine. She had no clue what was up with it, but she feels as though it was something that she should not ask about any time soon.

>And just like that, Yomi kept marching towards the ants like she was a one-woman-army. She didn't bother looking back to check whether or not she was fine, she already knew her objective and she was going to finish it one way or another. Ein took her view off of Yomi and looked back at the monsters that they have to kill if she ever wants to find a way home. She felt the fear well up inside of her again, and she had half the mind to turn back now and run off, like she promised Yuumi. But.. if she abandoned Yomi here, she doesn't know if she'll even get back in one piece. And if she doesn't help her, then she won't have any clues as to how she even arrived in this world and how to get back. If she doesn't do this now, she won't be able to see Yuumi anymore, and the promise the she made wouldn't matter any more.

...I'm sorry, Yuumi. I'm going to have to break my promise just this once.

>She gulped down all the fears that she had and forcefully repressed them again. This was no time for her to be scared. She didn't come all this way to run back home again. Her eyebrows furrowed and she glared at the enemy ants that were before her and Yomi. Ein brought up her hand in front of her and summoned the katana once again. Just as Ein began pulling the scabbard off of her sword, a sudden gust of wind began blowing pink cherry blossoms out of seemingly no where in front of where Ein stood, and disappeared into the night. In contrast to the black blade that Yomi had in her hands, the blade that Ein had was pure white, and soothing to just look at alone.

>There was no turning back now. She took one deep breath and finally walked forward with Yomi to the one thing that could help her get home and help Yomi bring her two precious friends back.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 850688

File: 1415315457528.png (331.74 KB, 848x600, tumblr_ne67u61Hag1si99vho3_128…)

>Dodging the fire ball attack, Yang closes in for punch.
>She didn't mind having to talk to someone while she fought, it was kinda fun that way.

Well let's see, I think you and I were taken to an alternate reality. Or rather I think we switched places with our otherselves that belong here. They're now in our places and we're in theirs.

>Getting in close she tries for a strong straight arm punch right to the chest.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 224

But that's just my theory so far.

>With Saya safe, Yang could focus on the fight and banter with Jo.

Ok ok, I'll believe you Jojo.


File: 1415318930394.jpg (637.64 KB, 1060x1468, Yoko.Littner.full.110457.jpg)


>Ducks under the slash and yawns boredly

>Being punched in the chest she falls over...
>and soon she blinks a bit before poofing into her human form

...that's ...a pretty out landish theory or one hell of a guess...

If It's true then that means...this world's me is a thing called an Orphnoch? sounds boring...

But you're making the most sense so far...I still wanna blow stuff up though

>she said in an annoyed tone.


File: 1415319472933.png (89.41 KB, 240x280, tumblr_mxk5f43yTg1rkuq06o3_250…)


>Ariel blinks a bit

>She looks at Yang

>And then to Phoenix

...huh. Anyway um... "Fen" if you have the same name as our Phoenix Orphnoch anyway...

We have a training course in the back if you wanna blow that up.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 850726

File: 1415322825654.png (729.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1391410842921.png)

>Looks like all those points to speech craft didn't go to waste.

>Looking smug at Ariel, Yang nods as she tells Phoenix about the training area.

Yeah, plenty of things to blow up. Just watch out for the little green guys, they can mess you up.


File: 1415323077580.jpg (77.46 KB, 620x874, 53a66d01694eeb4d8b6aef3bab2c06…)


Just Phoenix, thanks. Be back once I'm a bit more clear headed!

>She grabs a rifle...from somewhere and goes off following map directions to the shooting Range

Oh and...please don't shove me into a thermos.


File: 1415323187621.jpg (235.37 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mzy3m1HI1d1tqq3hoo1_500…)


>Ariel stares a bit as Phoenix walks off

...well that...that was really weird

>She shakes her head before looking to Yang

...anyway...where were we again?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 850772

File: 1415325864041.png (302.72 KB, 500x559, tumblr_inline_ms9ahnuczL1qz4rg…)

>With Phoenix not trying to kill them anymore, Yang can focus on what she really needed to deal with. Sadly.

Well you wanted to get me carded here, and after that I assume we're gonna fine me a place to stay?

>That seemed to be the logical thing to for now. but while she was here...

Say, you wouldn't happen to have a wedding gift idea for a girl on girl Kitsune/Yuki-onna couple would you?


File: 1415328173691.jpg (67.3 KB, 425x500, tumblr_mxdk3bJert1rkc5lwo1_500…)


Right, that, we have temporary placement available for up to 2 months.

>Ariel says stretching a bit

We can head back out whenever you're ready...as for the Wedding gift....

That sounds like an odd couple, but...Ice skates for the Kitsune and a fox tail shaped scarf for the Yuuki-Onna



>The Ant like creatures didn't even notice Ein and Yuumi as they arrived in the area

>They simply spat and continued to collect material, piling it up onto one of the larger ant's backs, likely to split the load once they'd collected enough of the raw material from the wall

>Normally creatures from the tears would be left alone unless immediately hostile to civilians, which the ants weren't...

>However what they were doing did put the civilians in direct danger, so Yomi and Ein couldn't be faulted if they were to attack them

>Where familiar Guards would normally be at their posts and there to assist Yomi, there were instead confused and lost civilians.


>However...the scent of chocolate and other foods from within the walls excited quite a few, about 10, of the ants as they sped up their procession of pulling material away from the walls

>These ants would be the most likely to attack innocents

>They'd make squealing noises as they spat a much larger amount of acid than necessary to break down the walls, more preoccupied with getting inside than getting material

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 851221

File: 1415415483199.png (204.87 KB, 640x345, 640px-Cool_Story_Sis.png)

That should be good for me. I'll try to find a way back home before that happens.

>She hums in thought and thinks that that's a good idea for wedding gifts.

Thaaank you.

>Though another thought came to mind. If she's here, and Miki's possible somewhere else...

So... what are you going to tell Yang's agents?

Ein!steinHcBws 851359

File: 1415426432608.png (440.37 KB, 1280x720, FA00058.png)

>Ein looked up at the things that the both of them had to deal with. It didn't take a genius to figure out that they were giant ants, and they were breaking down the wall to build something. From the looks of things, if they don't get stopped any time soon, the Town will be exposed and it will become more dangerous for the citizens here.

>Looking around, she'd see that there wasn't anybody that looked like they belonged to the Rift- Tearguard where they are. All she could see were civilians running away from the danger as they came towards it on their own. Would it really have to be up to them to kill these things? She's certain Yomi would be able to deal with them easily, that black blade of hers looked menacing enough as it is, but she's uncertain about herself. If only she had some giant bug spray with her right about now.

>Her focus turns back to the matter at hand to see that some of the ants are now working much faster than the others. They were squealing and breaking down the wall like pigs that were starved for days until they finally had the scent of food.They would pose a huge problem if the both of them left those ants alone, thus they became a top priority for Ein.

Okay... now how do I work this thing...?

>She muttered to herself as she pointed the katana at one of the more active ants. She already knows that a blade can cut through things, she's seen that enough from the Wayne Manor as it is, but she knows that this weapon should have some sort of projectile. It doesn't make sense for just this song in the entire album full of projectiles to have just the one melee weapon.

>With really no other option to go with, she decided that she ought to try and focus her thoughts onto the blade. She held it with both hands in front of her and squeezed the handle tightly as she focused her mind into the sword in her hands and one of the skirmish-y ants on the wall. With one deep breath, she raised the sword over her head, trying her hardest to imagine something coming out of the sword.


>And with a yell, she swung her sword downwards, slicing down on nothingness in front of her. However, having had little to no experience with wielding a sword, she was a little too forceful in her swing and nearly made her topple down onto the floor. Fortunately, she took several steps forward to recover her balance, and looked up to see something she didn't expect to see.

>Just like that, there were rows of alternating blue and yellow orbs moving forward in vertical columns, just above Yomi's head, all of which heading straight towards one of the ten antsy ants on the wall.

>Roll 1d1000 = 788 Evens


File: 1415427608027.jpg (89.11 KB, 850x621, sample-32acabded7c1b508560c5f0…)

>Wow, she expected there to be more than just them at least. Thankfully most of the ants didn't seem like they were aware of them yet.

>There's the bunch that look frenzied though, might be best to go for them first. Someone might still be inside after all.

>She's about to advance on the 10, when she hears the girl behind her cry out and turns to glance just in time for orbs of light to shoot over her head.

"Hey, try to aim a bit higher next time okay?"

>When she looks back well, the orbs should do the job, but she might as well try and cull a few around the area as well. Dashing forwards she slices down at the thinnest part of the nearest creature's abdomen.

>Roll 1d1000 = 977 Evens

The working Dead 851391

>the loss of such a good amount of te buildings foundation would cause the building to shake.

>the only act of retaliation the equine would make to stop such a thing would be to raise his apron to prevent any dust or debri from entering the mix.

>even now, he could hear the Tearguard hard at work to neautrilize the current threat at hand. It was strange, even in the scene of great danger, the craftsmen could only focus on his work. This was either a sign of great dedication, or great foolishness. Still he works. The only thing he had to worry about is it the ants ended up breaking the wall too close to the oven needed to finish his work.


File: 1415590098620.jpg (94.59 KB, 532x442, 3205676_m.jpg)

>Running forward with her eyes closed, she'd ran towards the direction the newlyweds were and hugged as soon as she'd gotten to where she thought they were

Oh goodness Congratulations you two! I hope you both have an eternity of happiness and love ahead of you!

>She hugged the person she'd grabbed tightly and murred slgihtly before she opened her eyes

....uhhh...you're not Naomi...


File: 1415590409137.jpg (14.46 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


>The person that the fox had latched onto hadn't been either of the people she'd been attempting to congratulate

>Genesis let out a bit of a tired groan as the person who'd suddenly replaced his captain hugged onto him tightly

...How astute of you to notice...I must say, I didn't expect the Captain's counterpart to be quite so "Fluffy"

>He said in a somewhat tired and emotionless tone

...with the captain gone though, I suppose sorting this mess out with all the disappearances and appearances of people is down to me, isn't it?


File: 1415590640807.png (582.92 KB, 871x490, Smile.png)

>Congratulations you two, and I hope that... things.. go..well...
>Blinking, she looked at the two before looking around and yawning.
Wait....what just happened.


File: 1415590985757.jpg (160.37 KB, 1024x1024, attachment.jpg)


>The Ant that Ein had targeted took the full blow of the energy that went from the Katana towards it

>The creature exploded in a violent mess, a bit of its acid spit flying from its mouth and damaging the other ants around it very slightly


>Yomi however wasn't so lucky, as the giant ant by some miracle manage to jump over her slash

>before it lands and...

Roll 1d1000 = 193
>Evens, Min, hits her with one of its massive limbs
>odds, Max, hits her with a small splash of its acidic spit.


File: 1415591273024.jpg (7.98 KB, 123x104, 11715836_m.jpg)


>Jo slowly lets go of the red haired man


>She slowly pulls away and rubs the back of her head


...Saya, I think we're in Riftguard HQ for some reason...

You know who this guy is?


File: 1415591725682.jpg (228.32 KB, 557x563, Gackt_as_Genesis.jpg)


Saya...hmmm so it seems you must be our healer's counterpart then

>Genesis stated tapping his chin

It seems the theory christened by the counterpart to the Captain's girlfriend and the counterpart to our Phhoenix seems to carry more salt than the Captain had given credit...

>Genesis goes back to sit in his chair

...I'd hate to be a both to you two, but for the past few days, an army of ants has been ravaging our walls, only two really available to combat it...

Given whom you two are counterparts of, might I ask you to assist those already in the field?

>He was very upfront and abrupt about how he felt here and what he needed done, not at all giving the two new comers anytime to adjust to what just happened.


File: 1415592126040.png (680.81 KB, 871x490, Bluewithshock.png)

I have no idea who this is..
Wait how do you now what Riftguard HQ looks like?
W-wait... you mean.
>Going quiet, her eyes widened slightly.
There's ..

!rjtGfDeadI 852501

>It was too soon to tell, but one of the ants had managed to break into the bakery where the Equaine was.

>The sound of the concrete crumbling behind him would cause him to turn and watch the creature before him slowly creep toward him.

>Quickly, the beast would scurry toward the baker, overwelmed by the sweets behind him. All the baker could do is objectionally raise his hand up to try and stop the attack.

>The last action of Mr. Lollipop in this world, would be to drop his wooden spoon on the floor, the chocolate splattering on impact.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 852512

File: 1415597318195.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)



>Well, Town seemed relatively the same. Monsters of some sort attacking wasn't beyond the ken of 'normal' activity of the city.

>Which was entirely disappointing to the darkly dressed butler. He was hoping for something a little more obvious he could investigate about this world while he was away from his base of operations at the manor.

>He stands upon a building, tall enough to give him a vantage point of Town, at least enough to determine for himself just what sorts of changes he would expect of this world he somehow found himself in. There was no strange activity around Wayne Manor to suggest this swap was purposeful or even planned, no strange rift activity that he could find either.

>The outward climate regarding any of that sort of thing was frustratingly blank, leaving the Demon Butler with very little in terms of direction in what he needed to do to return to the world where he sat as reigning Prince of Envy, and plans of Armageddon placed in slow-moving (but at least still active) action.


Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 852514

File: 1415597550807.jpg (11.36 KB, 154x328, anger.jpg)


>The ant would find itself wrapping its legs around the torso of its victim, it's acid drool pouring into his shoulder. At least it would be, if it wasn't for the fact that it seemed the shoulder was already burnt to a crisp.


>The man in question would look down at the ant drooling on his shoulder. Through his mask, obvious irritation would be shown as he slowly reached down for one of the holsters on his side. From within, a pistol would be withdrawn and slowly held up to the ant's head. Soon enough, the ant's brain would be blown out of its head. The creature then twitches on the floor as it leaves this world.

...I swear to Celestia.

>His shoulder healing up from the injury, regenerating to what would be mint condition considering the man it belonged to. Reaching down onto his other holster, he pulls out a gun similar to the one he had used against the ant.

I swear to Celestia, If I learn I've been forced into some lame ass, time traveling adventure again, I am going to ram this gun so far up the ass of whoever's responsible so far that he's going to taste lead for a week!

>Walking out of the hole in the wall, Deadpony would look around, only to see the town swarmed with ants. Each one pulling at parts of buildings and taking them away. Most would be shocked, some terrified. Deadpony however, was only made more irritable.

Alright... who wants a piece of this first?

Ein!steinHcBws 852539

File: 1415600262071.jpg (125.08 KB, 509x495, F23.jpg)

>However, just as she witnessed them flying across the sky, she didn't seem to realize that it nearly hit Yomi as it flew. She was only lucky that she aimed it just slightly higher, otherwise she'd be in a lot of trouble with her other-world counterparts.

>In response, she held up one of her hands beside her mouth and yelled to her since she was too far away to hear her speak normally.

Sorry! I'm still getting used to this thing!

>But then the girl was already going towards one of the ants that were closest to her. Ein hopes that she could be as useful to her so she doesn't seem weak. That's the last thing she needs to realized after making a promise to Yuumi to "get stronger". With nothing else to look at, she looked back up at the orbs that she shot out of her sword.

>As she saw those things manage to hit the ant and even caused some collateral damage to the ones that were around it. For one, she can't believe that that actually worked! Her theory was true all along! She smiled and pumped her fist in the air in the victory that she had for killing just one of said ants.

I got him! Hell yeah!

>Unfortunately, her victory was cut short once she witnessed something that she did not see coming. When she looked back to check on Yomi if she finished hers off, she witnessed the ant just landing after it dodged the attack and spit its acid onto her.

>The smile from her face faded away as she realized the damage it did to the other ants, and if that were to be put on humans, then..


>As she yelled out, she clenched her sword tightly and swung her sword downwards, letting the same torrent of bullets head straight towards it

>Roll 1d1000 = 315 Evens

>Regardless of the outcome of the roll, Ein sprinted over to where Yomi was while the bullets were flying towards said ant and pulled her away from the it to get to safety. She was afraid that if her attack managed to connect at all, its acid would spit out everywhere and damage her even further. But if it didn't, then Yomi would have been a free kill for the ant, and that's the last thing Ein needs!


File: 1415601888497.jpg (271.81 KB, 543x800, 3eeecf43d06b1a28f14ff005154f6d…)

>It....Jumped? Maybe her original thoughts of these as mindless beasts was underestimating them a bit...much.

>She didn't even have time to move out of the way of its spit either, the acid hitting her in the chest and causing her to stumble back.


>A direct hit like that really hurt!...The force of the impact, the heat as it melted through the part of her clothing where it'd hit, and now the horrid burning feeling as it began trying to eat away at her skin.

>It takes her a moment to regain her balance, and clear her head.

>Ein would see her slump over a bit from the blow as Yomi stumbles back, and then after a few moments pull herself back up and raise her sword to her side as if trying to bar the green haired girl's way.

"I...thought I told you to stay out of trouble."

>She says through gritted teeth.

"It'll take more than that to take me down, so don't do anything stupid okay?"

>If anything the ant's attack seems to have just pissed her off more than anything.

>Her glare fixes on the ant that had just attacked her, as she readies her sword for another strike.

"I guess I'll have to take you a bit more seriously..."

>Her sword seems to turn an even deeper shade of black, as if actually pulling in light itself for a moment, before she brings he blade around in another downward slash.


>This time however, it sends out a wave of dark energy that slashes through the air in front of her towards the ant.

>Roll 1d1000 = 172 Odds, hit, Dub Odds, the slash actually continues onwards past the initial ant it hits towards the next in line.

>As of yet she's unaware of the presence of these others.


File: 1415666675689.jpg (160.37 KB, 1024x1024, attachment.jpg)


>The ants manage to dodge each of the hits, jumping and almost seeming to fly out of the way at times

>one of the ants that figured out just how high it could jump...elected to ignore the people trying to fight them and jumped over the wall

>Followed by the other 8 remaining independent thinking ants start to follow it

>Roll to intercept the jumping ants

>and roll to see how many can be intercepted

>Meanwhile though, more trouble spells as another tear opens somewhere in the city...

>...through the tear comes...

>Mounds and mounds of sugar

>This sets off the other ants that seemed to be mindlessly knawing
>these ants aren't as tough or durable as the free thinking ones for whatever reason, the most likely scenario being the free thinking ones were mutated in a different way
>free hits on these 90+ants, roll to see how many can be taken out.


>Roll 1d1000 = 415 Odds
>If so Roll 1d8 = 1

Before the disappearance.... 852856

File: 1415673315296.jpg (150.31 KB, 500x710, 20622526.jpg)


...As soon as possible, the Truth, that she seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet.

>She crosses her arms and sighs

...you should head to City hall soon though...If you need a guide there you can find me in HQ with Genesis...

>She walks off and waves.


File: 1415673677748.png (21.17 KB, 500x500, ugggh jo.png)


>Jo sees the worry in Saya's eyes

Saya, it seems whatever it is they've got Phoenix under control.

>She crosses her arms and sighs...

We're in another world, clearly from what he's saying...and I still want to know more and get back to Naomi and Yuuki...but Saya, according to what this guy's saying...there's people in danger.

>She sighs a bit, even if it wasn't their world, Jo felt a weird sort of civic duty and responsibility to go out there and protect people...

...I know Naomi told us not to bring them, but I brought a set of 13 rider rings...did you bring your rings and belt?


File: 1415674918781.jpg (50.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m98bas8z991r72996o1_500…)


It's good to see at least one of you are willing and eager...

>Genesis says with a sigh before tapping his chin

I'd go and help as well, but you see, I unfortunately have a bit of a...condition, as to where I can not.

>He looks to Saya and takes some context from what the fox had said

...Yes, your phoenix is here, but she's quite calm and content for now, seems to be jsut destroying targets and practice equipment, nothing major. She said she'd just stay there while we figure things out.

>He looks to Saya

...she replaced one of your team members however...you wouldn't happen to know where Fen might have ended up would you?

Ein!steinHcBws 852897

File: 1415675179307.jpg (39.46 KB, 232x405, F9.jpg)

>Just as soon as Ein ran up to her, she skidded to a stop as soon as Yomi held up her sword. If anything, she was surprised that Yomi was still alive after that. But the fact that she was still alive and still able to stand up made her relieved for that very short time.

Thank God..

>Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a strange oddity going on with her sword. Once she turned to get a good look at it, she saw that the blade was way darker than she last remembered about it. All of a sudden, the blade was raised high and Ein jumped out of the way just in time to let Yomi get a clear shot at the ant.


>One she regained her footing, she got a view of the black wave that the girl sent towards the ant that eluded its death. She was both amazed by the fact that she was able to do something like that so naturally, but at the same time she was a bit disheartened and didn't feel so special about her sword now.

>However, it seems like the ant was quicker than it seems, for it managed to dodge both of the attacks that she and Yomi shot towards it, and actually jumped over them and the wall as it was followed by the other 8 of its brethren. As if things could get worse, another tear opened and caused an insurmountable amount of sugar pouring right out of it. Before the both of them know it, the remaining ants that were not those 9 from earlier began charging towards it, affected by the sweet scent.


>On the bright side, their focus seems to be off from the wall for now, at least, but now the current ants are invading the Town to get the sugar that just appeared. She looked back over at the ants with their own free mind, at Yomi, then back at the ants going towards the sugar. even though she managed to kill one of the ten ants earlier, she doesn't feel confident enough in her skills to tackle them whereas Yomi had developed her sword skills a considerable amount of time. If anything, she could probably deal with those ants more than Ein ever would.

Yomi! You handle those ants getting over the wall! I'll deal with the ones going towards those sugar mounds!

>With no time to waste, she hurriedly pulled out her phone and checked the battery life it had left. Unfortunately, it was down to about 20% already, so she had to hurry before her power runs out.


>With a few taps on the phone's screen, she stuffed it back into her pocket and looked back at the ants that were marching to the sugar. She doesn't know how many there are since she could only get a good view of the behind of just one of them, but from the way the street was positioned, there should at least be more than five in one line.

>She held her hand up and aimed her palm towards the marching ants, concentrating on the one that was closest to her. Soon, a red ball of pure energy formed just in front of the palm of her hand, lighting up the area around her with a red glow. Then, a red laser streamed out of the ball at a quick speed, puncturing the ant in front of her and any that were ahead of it.

>Roll 1d15 = 10


File: 1415675358706.png (643.28 KB, 871x490, Seriousface.png)

It's not Phoenix I'm worried about......
It's the fact that there's another me that's
>Shaking her head. she looked at the two.
I know where she is but it's not our world.
So this problem will have to fixed fast.


File: 1415675650869.png (399.6 KB, 773x520, huh...png)


>Jo sighs and adjusts her necklace a bit.

It's not that I'm eager for any of this...

>She pouts a bit

>...seeing Saya shake her head, Jo tosses her the Kiva ring and the Putotyra ring

Hang on those, ok?

>she sighs and scratches the back of her head

...Wait, what's the worst that could happen about the other you?

>Jo was absolutely perplexed by that.


File: 1415676133983.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.38 KB, 850x713, sample-02ae07c192870d19dbd534d…)

>The girl was expecting the slash to split the giant bug in half.

>But no, the infuriating thing even managed to jump over the slash she sent its way. Even some of the demons she'd fought so far were less of a pain than this.

>And now its running away like she's not even worth the effort?

>It doesn't take much to convince her to go, in fact she just pauses for a moment to look at Ein with a stern expression.

"Make sure you keep your distance."

>And then she's enveloped once again in the odd ethereal butterflies, and well...she jumps up into the sky after the ants.

>In fact, as she reaches the nearest one she actually soars higher than the ant did, her tattered clothing fluttering in the wind.

"No way I'm going to let you bugs go after what you did to my clothes! Lets see you dodge me now!"

>Roll 1d1000 = 623 Odds, she reaches the apex of her leap before stabbing downwards at the ant below her, intending to impale it.

>Evens, she can't get the angles to work out right so she just lands on its back and attempts to steady her balance enough to be able to make a strike. Roll to throw off.


File: 1415676525069.jpg (73.37 KB, 1280x709, GenesisRhapsodos.jpg)


>The fact there's more than one of her concerning Saya....

>Definitely made the Tear Guard communications officier more than a little confused

>But then, the man who'd seemed entirely stoic before showed a bit of concern as he lowered his head

>This version of their healer knew where Fen had ended up...but it wasn't her world

>Fixed fast? How many of his other comrades could be in danger like this suggested Fen to be...

>He taps his foot, before calmly asking...

Before you go...where is she? How many others could have ended up where she is now?


File: 1415676938242.png (362.52 KB, 972x717, giant_soldier_ant.png)


>Ein manages to blast 10 of the 15 ants she targeted into dust

>This causes a large group to jump towards Ein attempting to squash her under their body weight

>Roll to avoid or destroy before they land


>The armored ant below gets its back stabbed into it as it crashed into the ground

>It wiggles and thrashes about, slowly dying as its internals leaked out of the stab wound

>Roll to avoid getting hurt in it's dying spasms.

>Regardless of result, one of the other more mtuated ants thrashes a claw towards Yomi, trying to knock her off of its comrade

Roll 1d1000 = 800

>if failure...it ends up stabbing its friend in the head.
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File: 1415676995901.png (524.97 KB, 871x490, Shock.png)

Well the only other person that knows about this is my wife but... I'm just glad to know that she's alive.
Phoenix was sealed away in another world.
That's where Fen is and no one else is in danger of going there.


>Roll 1d1000 = 846 Odds


File: 1415678052461.png (4.05 KB, 195x214, jo staaaaare.png)


>Jo blinks a few solid times and turns her head

>Why would her being alive be so startling

>There's an infinite number of universes after all...

>Jo sighs and shrugs before stretching...

Anyway...I'm ready to go out there and help when you are Saya

>She puts on the Tajador rings before taking in a deep breath

...after we help out out there though, we focus all our efforts on getting back home, and freeing their good Phoenix from Pandora, got it?

>Jo groaned a bit under her breath, great, not only was Yang sick, but she got pulled into another one of these things that could possibly be universe threatening.

>Why couldn't things just stay relatively mild with the monster attack or cyborg monster where the cops couldn't get to every now and again?

>nope, everything always had to be big...

So how do we get out of here?

>Jo asked looking to Genesis

Ein!steinHcBws 853045

>Roll 1d1000 = 468 Evens


File: 1415679461632.jpg (35.83 KB, 480x272, Genesis_reads_LOVELESS.jpg)


....Thank goodness Fen's powers should help her survive there...

>Genesis says with a slight sigh


Right, right.

>He waves his hand

Out the door, on the right, go down the corridor, pick up a set of a communicators and Tear Detection Modules, beofre heading out at the door to the left.

If you need anything, or some sort of strategy, don't hesitate to relay the situation to me.


File: 1415679534684.png (572.07 KB, 871x490, Areyouserious.png)

>Saya just held out her hand.
>In a flash of light, her staff formed as she stood holding it in both hands.
Yeah, let's get out there and help everyone who needs it.
All right, we're on the case.
>Walking out, she followed his instructions.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853100

File: 1415680636951.jpg (90.62 KB, 1280x720, Sebastian_AreYouSerious.jpg)



>What was that?

>Sebastian's gaze drops to a building nearby, completely blended with the others around, yet holding a strange energy signature that piqued his attention.

>While he can't see anything, there's a strange pulse he felt for a brief second, followed by a lingering buzz.
>It felt as if the energy was fading as well; he needed to see the cause to have any idea what had just happened.

>With a spry jump, Sebastian soars through the air with an inhuman leap, a black smudge against the sky that goes up and drops right next to the building he sensed the energy from.

>He's welcomed with a broken wall, and the source of the fading energy coming right from...


>The red mercenary who had lived at Wayne Manor?


File: 1415681400090.png (12.26 KB, 500x500, -3- jo.png)


>Jo blinks and looks at Saya before tilting her head

..how did you even do that?

>she questioned as she started to walk down the halls and grabs the equipment

>stretching and putting her hands behind her head she sighs before looking back at Saya

...no seriously, how did you do that?


File: 1415681673103.png (619.37 KB, 871x490, Andthat'swhyyou'rewrong.png)

Uhh you know my daughter Rin and my new form?
Well this staff is from my new form... and I can call it out when I need to.
Do you see how much you vanish now?
>Putting the equipment on, she walked outside.

Ein!steinHcBws 853142

File: 1415681959695.jpg (13.12 KB, 152x149, F22.jpg)

>Just as Yomi jumped off to attack the 9 remaining ants, Ein kept her words in the back of her mind. She remembered how those ants spat out acid everywhere and damaged quite a few of them, so she'd have to be careful if they attack her.

>Though, it was a little strange for her to hear that coming from Yomi. Perhaps she was.. concerned over her? No, no, she just wants her to be alive so Sona and Puer eventually come back while she leaves. There's no other reason to it than that. She was perhaps looking too far into it. Nevertheless, she keeps the girl's warning in mind the next time she fires at them again.

>It appears that while she was busy trying to read in between possible non-existent lines, the ants took notice of the fact that ten of their brethren were killed immediately on the spot and decided to try and dog pile onto Ein. With how huge they were, she doubts she'd have enough time to run out of its radius.


>With little to no time to run or think, Ein immediately thrust her hand skywards towards the six ants and fired her laser again. In the middle of firing it, the ball split into two, creating two thinner beams from the once large one to kill the remaining number of the ants that managed to get out of the laser's reach.

>Once she was certain she had killed all of them, she immediately pulled over her hood and ran down the street of the Town as the ashes of the disintegrated ants fall down and cover everything that was below them. That was... what, sixteen down already? She had a lot more work cut out for her. She only hopes some people manage to pitch in or Yomi can come back quickly.


File: 1415682336944.png (458.56 KB, 600x847, yeah, and what(questionmark).p…)


I knew about Rin and Eternity, but I didn't know you could summon that things while you were in your civvie form.

>Jo's ears lower and she pouts a bit

Hey, say what you will about when I vanish and stuff, you do it almost as often!

>Jo protested and shook her head a bit

Baby sitting while your wolfy is out fighting phantoms is fine and all, but warning tends to be nice, even if we're best friends, I mean what have I ever left you to deal with?

Besides Starfish Hitler, everyone deals with that guy at least once.

>She looks up over the hill...what is that up over the hill? It's a monster. several dozen Ant monsters to be precise

...shall we head out there?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853180

File: 1415683392822.jpg (330.45 KB, 897x1200, tumblr_mre81gDtGc1ry01upo1_128…)

>He was pumped, ready to fight. For the second time in a year he had been whisked off on apparently some magical land where he would likely have to fight some evil before he could return home.

>Upon exiting the hole in the wall, he would see his fears realized in spotting that he appeared to still be in town, only now it was raided by giant ants tearing the place apart.

Well, this is a fine kettle of-

>From his side, he would spot a figure land with inhuman grace and speed. Instinctively, he would raise up his gun and aim at the being which, for all he knew was a giant Mantis or something.


>To his surprise, he found that this one was not only human, but someone he also recognized. Only vaguely though, he could only recall one time where they met. That one time though was enough to leave a lasting impression on him.

Hey, I know you...aren't you that one guy who made cat boy rage quit sanity?

>He asks bluntly, he was to irritated to beat around the bush at this point.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853198

File: 1415684058976.png (234.39 KB, 468x557, Sebastian_And What a Time Its …)


I suppose you could say that, but it really was not that difficult to do.

>Sebastian smiles, and ignoring the ants around them for now, fixes the red mercenary with a steady red gaze.

I apologize for disturbing anything you may have been doing, but I am rather curious about that strange energy I detected from you.

>An eyebrow lifts in query.

As you seem to recognize me, and we currently share a past regarding that absolutely idiotic cat that my counterpart in this world wouldn't trifle with, I wager you must still be the one I've met before personally.


!MEOWKdWFcQ 853219

File: 1415685165268.png (261.6 KB, 500x667, tumblr_naqdmpMv561rohb0lo1_500…)

>meanwhile above Reverse World's Hell, was a a behemoth-sized monster, resembling a jellyfish and a island; a land mass with several tentacles dragging along, leaving large crevices wherever it went. The beast was known as Golgio, and flying on the top of this titanic beast was a black castle, the castle belonging to the Demon Prince of Lust.

>the inside invited souls to pleasures they had never even know where possible. Food so great that everything else seems rotten by comparison. Sex so wonderful that people would abandon lovers just to experience it. Music and dance that people are driven to euphoria at the very thought of it.

>yet, unless you can serve and please the owner, not all is well for you in this realm of overindulgence.

>within the throne room, lying in the center of the castle, the master spoke with one of his subjects. The master himself, a tall welldressed man, clad in a white suit with a pair of red horns sprouting up from his head. Despite his highclass attire, his messy black hair was more along the lines of bedhead than what you would expect on a demon of his status.

>next to his throne, to the left, was a petite blonde woman, clad in street clothes. Little seemed off about her, yet one would notice small purple sparks erupting from her body now and again.

>to his right was another soldier, an incredibly large man clad in armor, their sword, sheathed on their back, looked more like a sharpened hunk of iron than anything.

>and in front of the trio, was a small, weak man, on his hands and knees. Holding his hands out in front of his, shivering and shaking, he pleaded to the master of the castle. His clothes were ragged and he looked like he hadn't eaten in weeks. He was a zombie of a man, pleading before the ruler himself and his guards.

>the man on the through looked bored, resting his head on one arm, but he bared a smile of amusement.

Pl-please... M-m-my lord... I.. Have I not been loyal to you....?

>the knight in armor stepped forward, speaking in a female's voice despite her masculine appearance. The blonde woman giggled at the sight as well.

Shall I dispose of him Master?
It's like a car crash in slow motion~ It's horrifying and makes me sick~ Ooooh, but I can't look away~

>the master of the realm held his hand out to the knight in armor

Not necessary Mia.

>he snapped his vision to the blonde girl

Not necessary commentary either, Mains...

>he grinned

But it's true~

>leaving his throne and stepping forward to the man before him, he kneeled down, a small purple fruit resembling a plum appeared in his hand. He held the fruit just in arm's reach.

This is what you want?

>the man nodded, grabbing for it, with each attempted the Prince moved it back. Mortals were so funny.

I allowed you to stay in this realm with no rent. You were but a beggar, and I give you the most comfortable of beds. The most wonderful men and women, whose only goal is to please you. You would have to choose between buying clothes and buying food, but I gave you clothes to fit a king and you have a feast everyday.

>he narrowed his eyes, frowning

Why are you coming to me like this?

>the Demon Prince stood, as the man attempted to stand, only to fall back on his knees.

...That fruit... I.. I want it.. I want it.. Everything else tastes rotten by comparison. It's driving me insane!

>he was completely addicted, seeking no other substitute.

>the fruit was of the Prince's design. Something given to people he deemed useful but only for a short time. In order to get them to cooperate and follow orders with all their effort put into it. Seeming like a gift at first, it would eventually become a curse, with its unbelievably delicious taste and its extremely addictive nature.

>the Prince of Lust thought it was perfect.

I asked you with one task. It was easy. Go to the mortal world and...?
...Spy on the manor...
And did you?
Th-the butler... He would've saw me. He.. He would've known.. I was associated with you.
That's it? Ask me for a portal room, ask one of the soldiers if you can summon them. Even Mains or Mia would've helped you! You have to have a better reason.

>he grinned, bringing his lips to the fruit, the husk of a man grabbed at the demon's pants leg

Don't!!! Don't eat it please!

>the demon stopped

...Alright, I'll give it to you. But you must do one thing... First say my name.
It's not "Huh," you were 2 letters right. Say it. You have one more try...
What am I?
Demon Prince of Lust!

>the demon broke into a wide, cat like grin.

Say them together!
Demon Prince of Lust Hueco Mundo!
Do you serve me? Mind, body, and soul! Give your life to me?
Yes! Yes! Please! Give me the-

>the Hueco of the reverse world tossed the fruit over the man, to the center of the room, the hollowed out soul quickly sprinted after it. Grabbing it in his hands, chomping it down, his addiction would be satisfied for a couple days at the most... Meanwhile, both Mains and Hueco were holding back laughter.

Mortals are funny! We should play with this one~ Boil his eyes! Cut his dick off! Feed him his own toenails!
Not necessary, Mains. He's a good man.

>the old man looked over to the Prince.

You're a honest man. I like that. Honesty is key and I wish more people would be honest like you. There is one last thing I ask of you... Sorry for asking so much of you.
We're above water, so keep your legs straight and crossed before you hit the surface.

>the Prince tapped his foot on the floor, causing a portal, leading to the land below, to appear beneath the unfortunate soul; despite his light appearance, he dropped like a rock, out of the castle, screaming down to surface. The Reverse Mains burst out in laughter, nearly falling over.

Ahahaha! Brilliant! I-I.. I think I'm going to throw up, I'm laughing too hard!

>the knight looked over to her master, stating bluntly

You're a cruel person.
That I am~

>he gave a grin and a shrug.

He gave himself to a demon, life and soul, he should've have known what he was getting into. Plus, I don't accept weakness here...
That weakness is something you bestowed upon him because of that fruit.
Don't be a killjoy, Mia.
She's right, Mains... But my first point still stand. There are better ideas than to give yourself to a demon, right?

>as he headed back to his throne, a newcomer entered the room, a man clad in armor. He made it to the center of the room before bowing down.

My lord! Sorry to disturb you... But there have been numerous tears appearing throughout the land, people are disappearing...

>the newcomer arose

And according to one of the spies, one of them is the butler Sebastian! They said someone had taken his place! Someone far stronger...

>RW!Hueco, grinned once more... He thought he sensed something, but couldn't quite tell, until now.

Hmm.. I might have business plans later today. Do you think you two can run the place while I'm gone?

>Mains and Mia both turned to him and bowed

Let's hope this story is true... And that one is far more appealing...


File: 1415685192728.png (190.88 KB, 500x421, tumblr_n9t9ectyOe1rhkpozo1_500…)

>The acid bursting up burns at her legs a bit.

>She doesn't seem too bothered, and oddly the burns on her chest from before seem as if they're being eaten away at by the rest of her skin, returning to normal bit by bit.

>In fact, the gives the soldier ant a rather disturbing smile as it gets it's claw stuck in the one she's riding's head.

"Oh, so you want to play next then? I wonder how many heads it'll take to be worth the cost of a uniform..."

>She pauses for a moment, before letting out a giggle.

"How about we find out?"

>Roll 1d1000 = 230 Odds, she actually sheaths her sword and leaps over the ant, and in a flash of light cuts the ants head off from behind, before landing on the other side of it while the acid sprays out onto the body of the first ant. (Max Damage)

>Evens, she pauses for a moment.

"...Or maybe we should take things slow, instead?"

>She just slashes at the limb of the stuck claw instead, looking an awful lot like a cat batting around a bug. (Min Damage)

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853223

File: 1415686212219.png (331.29 KB, 406x635, tumblr_inline_n5xp3omYEC1rzdt5…)

>With a koy grin, Wade would lower his gun and return it to waist level.

Yeah, good work on that by the way.

>At the mention of an energy signature apparently immetting from him, Wade would tilt his head in confusion.

Oh great, now we're apparently giving off radiation. This does not bode well for my time travel theory. That shit always leaves a trail on you for a while. So it's either that, or we world hopped. Either way, I'm just hoping it doesn't take to long. Glorya's gonna be sore with me if I'm gone for another month.

>Raising his pistol up, he would tap the side of his head with the side of the gun as he paced back and forth in two step strides.

So we got people popping around giving off an energy source and giant ants. If this were apes I'd be thinking we were stuck in a bad sci-fi fic.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853230

File: 1415687133589.png (335.43 KB, 494x328, Sebastian_AQuandaryHolmesWould…)


An apt assumption but not quite. Miss Marie Mjolnir of this world has informed me of quite an interesting fact regarding this instance. Perhaps you've met her counterpart?

Well, apparently what has happened is that we may be switching places with the individuals of this world.

>Sebastian looks to the building Deadpony had come from, then looks up to see a sign still featured.

...Do you suspect you've swapped? From one place to another with no memory of anything in between? As if you were doing one thing and suddenly in a completely different place doing a completely different task?

>Sebastian turns to look at the masked mercenary, privately glad he managed to meet someone who did seem neutral to his presence. Not many individuals of the mansion he could reliably expect to not attack him on sight.

>Not many were glad to see a demon prince in person, in retrospect.





>Curious, for a moment he had a very slight chill run up his spine. The essence of Leviathan within him growled and coiled tight, but for what reason the Demon Prince wasn't sure of.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853237

>Had he met Marie? Oh the things he could say about that woman. Almost none of them polite mind you. So in the long run he decided it best to keep his mouth shut about this particular subject.

Switching? Hmmm....

>He taps his chin with the barrel of his gun as he ponders on those words.

Well I was walking through Town having gotten done with some personal errands. Mostly picking up a few things here and there. Next thing I know I'm standing in here with a giant ant trying to french my shoulder. Then you show up and suddenly I have the strangest sense of Deja-

>Upon looking up at the sign that had displayed on the building, Wade would shut up. He didn't really bother trying to look where he was as he was too annoyed by his current situation. "Lolipop's Sweets and Treats" was displayed on large multitextured letters, each word designed as if to represent a particular piece of candy with a large stick portraying from the "L".


>Looking down at the hole he just came out of, he would see that he had indeed just exited a candy store of some kind. Various treats laid out on display with price tags and banners of sales designed to catch the eye.

>Looking at Sebastian, Wade would speak quickly as though reluctant to admit what he was about to say.

You know I'm thinking you might be on the something.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853253

File: 1415690610876.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)


I try to keep myself well informed where I can. If I am in a situation absolutely disadvantageous to my own plans and machinations I will in my best effort attempt to set myself in a situation I am aware of as far as parameters are concerned.

>Of course he was on to something, he wasn't a complete idiot.

Now that I know we are being switched for some purpose, I need to know why we were brought here, and more importantly, how to return back to the world I have grown familiar with.

>He did not spend so much time becoming a Demon Prince of Envy just to be thrust outside of everything he had worked so hard on already.

>That aside, that sorry excuse for a doppelganger was mucking about in his world, and could at his whim ruin plenty of plans he had placed in motion.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853259

Hey man, you and me both.

>Turning around to face Sebastian, he would walk toward him to have a more appropriate conversation.

So we're just two guys, stuck in a world not our own, trying to make our way back. To right what once went wrong, hoping that the next leap will be the leap home.

>Holstering one of his guns he would reach out to Sebastian with an open hand.

So what do ya say, team up issue?

>He looks Sebastian straight in the eye with a welcoming smile. It's not like teaming up would be a total hinderance to either of them.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853261

File: 1415692840178.jpg (12.72 KB, 240x202, Sebastian_DoYouTrustMe.jpg)



>The more allies in this world the better, and an ally from his home world? Even better than before, honestly. He could stand such a connection, even if his sources told him the red man was a headache and a half to handle.

>Surely this headache would be worth benefits down the road. He certainly would need all the allies he could gather in this unfamiliar world.
>This mercenary may serve more a purpose than that even, judging by the look of his soul. Bruised and battered, yet yearning to straighten out and live a more virtuous life...

>Sebastian wonders how hard it would be to prod it back towards free and wanton abandonment of such lofty dreams, and damn his soul right into his waiting hands.

>Sebastian smiles back at the man and extends a hand, firmly shaking Deadpony's hand with a strong grip.

I believe that is a fair proposal. Sebastian Michaelis, at your service my good man.


File: 1415702461454.png (638.01 KB, 871x490, Hellodarknessmyoldfriend.png)

Have you ever tried running two businesses by yourself?
And I try to give you a warning.
Also thanks for telling me you were going to separate yourself from your sisters.
>Looking at the ants, she nodded.
Yeah, let's go.


File: 1415706533337.jpg (32.11 KB, 403x537, 946260_409580102496679_3880818…)


You know when it came to them that I couldn't wait around!

>The fox exclaims with a bit of a pout as they walked

Also I have tried running two business by myself before, those business are called the fucking Great Library of Mo'galile and a coffee shop.

>She thinks bitterly to herself for a moment, "You try doing that while raising 4 or 5 books that randomly sprung to life."

>She slumped her shoulders before she heard Saya say "Yeah let's go.", then she stretched a bit, her shoulders going back into a confident posture, before she opens up a connect portal

Sorry for blurting out like that by the way...

>she said looking back at Saya again before walking through the portal.


File: 1415706758347.png (620.86 KB, 871x490, Geez.png)

>Saya just turned to look at Jo after walking through the portal and let out a sigh.
I think we need a vacation..
After this is over we should just go on a trip with our families.
What do you think?


File: 1415707142224.png (362.85 KB, 600x780, you really believe that .png)


A vacation during december sounds....really good, honestly

>Jo groans a bit as she rubs the back of her head

...but would we really be able to leave the extraordinarily popular cafe, now even more popular because of a Gunpla arena being put into it, unattended? ...and I might've used up all of Yang's vacation time with Treasure Hunts....

>Seeing a few of the weak ants in front of them, Jo reaches her hand up and throws a series of fireballs into the group

>Ants killed: Roll 1d20 = 10

Yuuki and Naomi's shop'll likely be closed for the winter anyway though, you know Ice Cream shop and all


File: 1415707547843.png (559.6 KB, 871x490, Wellthen.png)

>You know I can use my connect ring to send her to work and back if I need to.
And the cafe will be closed during the Holidays.
With everyone getting a bonus and paid time off for the last two weeks of the month.
And yeah, the newlyweds would have free time.
>Pointing her staff at the ants, she fired ice spikes at them.
>Roll 1d20 = 18


File: 1415755309968.jpg (160.37 KB, 1024x1024, attachment.jpg)


>The ant that slashed towards Yomi flails as its leg is cut off

>it eventually gains its balance again and spits acid towards her

Roll 1d100 = 55

>meanwhile the other 6 start eating the sugar that appeared.

>"Smart" ants remaining: 6


>The ants Ein attacks all collapsed to the ground in goopy piles of muck before they could tackle the girl


>Saya and Jo together managed to kill 28 of the ants

>With what Ein had taken out factored in, together 44/90 normal ants had been killed!

>The ants feeling somewhat scared and intimidated started to stomp in tandem to create a mock earthquake, roll to keep balance!


>evens Roll 1d1000 = 758




Roll 1d1000 = 333

Ein!steinHcBws 853434

>Roll 1d1000 = 332 evens


File: 1415758505334.jpg (45.17 KB, 1280x720, qts-ga-rei-zero-ep-02-bd-h264-…)

>The acid gives her a very very painful reminder of why she needs to keep serious about this.

>She stumbles back again, both from the force, and from the fact that this ant spits right at the same spot the previous one did, making direct contact with her skin instead of having to work its way through her clothing first.

>It takes all of her will to clench her teeth through the pain, and while that keeps her from crying out, it also keeps her from accidentally biting her tongue off.

>She can live through this, so long as the bugger doesn't get too many more lucky shots. Choking on her own blood, not as much.

"...Stop it with the acid already...you freaks!"

>She rasps out, having trouble catching her breath after the repeated hits to the chest.

Ein!steinHcBws 853499

File: 1415761325164.jpg (107.79 KB, 419x401, F92.jpg)

>With sixteen of those ants killed by her alone, she already feels confident enough to take on the rest of the ants by just herself alone. If they lined up all in one row, she could easily destroy at least ten in a row. But if there's anything she has to worry about, it's the fact that her battery life was beginning to run low. If she doesn't hurry, she'll be forced to run off and leave everything else to Yomi. With that in mind, she continues sprinting through the Town as fast as she could, trying to find any more ants that she could wipe out in a line.

>However, it seems that the ants seem to realize the sort of danger they're in sooner than Ein had expected. Once she spotted a group of them on a street, she saw them begin to pound their limbs down onto the ground of the Town, causing the very concrete beneath her to mimic an earthquake.

>To keep herself from falling over onto the concrete, she stumbled and rushed over to one of the lamp posts that still stood up. After nearly falling over several times, she finally reached it and clung on tightly. She doesn't know how long this "attack" will even last, but she has no time to wait for something ridiculous like this to stop.

>Without any hesitation, she raised her hand and aimed her hand towards several of the ants down the street, clinging onto the lamp post for dear life. Because of the damned quake they're making, her hand continues to wobble around while she tried to get a good shot at the stationary targets. She wouldn't be surprised if she hit just one of them. She grit her teeth, prayed to whomever was alive in the high Heavens above, and fired her laser towards them.

>Roll 1d20 = 9

>Unfortunately, Ein was not there to be able to save Yomi. She was far too focused and too far to focus on wherever or whatever Yomi was doing. However, she felt a chill go down her spine as she fired at the ants.


File: 1415761573596.png (422.09 KB, 975x1200, PokeJo amie ANGRY.png)


>The artificial earth quake actually knocks the fox up into the air and she ends up spinning around several times before landing on the ground dizzily

>she falls over face first on the ground, it'll be Roll 1d5 = 1 rounds before she can get back up

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853510

>Wade grasps at the man's hand with a grip that could only be obtained through years of steady firearm handling. He looks into the eyes of the man before him. Something told him he'd have to keep his eyes on him, but for now they had no reason to not help each other.

...This uh...this doesn't count as selling my soul does it? Last time someone tried that it wasn't so pretty.

>He recalls how such an act ended up being settled months later in the pits of Hades. This guy didn't look like a giant purple soul stealer, though he does recall the word demon being used when describing him.


File: 1415762182995.png (615.42 KB, 871x490, Thunderboltandlightningveryver…)

>Watching as Jo is knocked to the ground spectacularly, Saya let out a sigh before going over to stand over her.
Now then..
>Pointing her staff at the ants again, she then fired green lighting at them.
>Roll 1d20 = 9

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853568

File: 1415765839801.png (97.04 KB, 277x228, Sebastian_Cheerfully Evil.PNG)


Of course not; pledging a soul to a demon requires pledging to the demon's full given name and title, promising to be forever their property.

>Sebastian continues to smile pleasantly at the red mercenary, his expression betraying no ill intent towards him whatsoever.

>After a moment, he pulls his hand back to his side, then turns to look at the damage the ants had caused on the buildings around them.
>Sebastian's knuckles give a loud CRACK as he pops them, looking as if he was getting ready to clean up.

Now...what say you to a little pest control?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853577

>Reaching down to his side, Wade would pull out his pistol so he now carried one in each hand. He steps forward and slides the top of the guns back so they would each be primed and ready to fire on a moments notice.

That is easily the best thing I've heard since coming here.

>It would only be at this point where Wade would realize that right now at this moment, he was getting ready to fight some giant mutant insects along side a demon.

This is so metal I think I'm gonna cry.

>Aiming both of his weapons upward, Deadpony would prepare to take fire and relive some much needed stress.

I got a new formula for Raid.

>Squeezing on the triggers of both his firearms he would strike out at the giant insects.

Roll 1d15 = 1 Fatalities.


File: 1415767618762.png (362.52 KB, 972x717, giant_soldier_ant.png)


> the creatures that spat the acid seem to almost...CHUCKLE...as they ate sugar

>Surely those must just be insect noses, but they still sounded somewhat bizarre from a giant

>one of them thrases their legs forward at her

Roll 1d10000 = 8732


>Almost divinely the insects were struck by lasers and lightning. Saya and Ein manage to take out 18 more Ant creatures!

>One of the giAnts brains splatter out of their exoskeleton as they die particularly brutally

>Intelligent ants remaining: same as last ant post

>Basic ants: 37

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 853589

File: 1415767658843.gif (630.46 KB, 500x250, DoubleDown.gif)



>Sebastian, unlike Deadpony, opts out of theatrical flourish and simply reaches into his coat. He withdraws gleaming kitchen knives he kept within his fine coat.

>He keenly looks around him, to the monsters scuttling about on the buildings, and with a flick of his wrist, doubles the amount of knives gripped between his fingers.


>He, however, keeps the quips to himself, and simply swings his arms, throwing the knives as powerfully as if they were fired from guns themselves.

>Roll 1d12 = 2 Fatalities

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 853599

>Even with all the shooting he was doing, Wade could spy the knifes that had appeared between Sebastian's fingers.

And now we have a plot line for Wolverine 8: Snikt Bullet.

>Refocusing on the task at hand, he would continue firing at the ants until each gun made a clicking sound signifying a lack of bullets.

Roll 1d15 = 2 Kills.


File: 1415769097584.jpg (123.04 KB, 450x324, 1151633-bigthumbnail.jpg)

>The wild flailing and thrashing about is dodged easily enough, even in her current state.

>Still, she has taken a few worse hits than she's used to, which means she'll have to rely a bit more on the powers of her blade. Curse or not. Then again, it ought to be snacking on the ants as well, even if they might not have souls in he usual sense.

>With a determined look on her face she holds the sword out across he palm of her other hand. A whirling gale begins to rise around her as she stands in the calm at the center of the storm of blades.

>Any of the ants close enough, roll to dodge.

>Regardless, the blade begins to glow, shifting in color from its abysslike black to a color more reminiscent of flowing blood.

>Not that she can unleash said any of the accursed power upon the ants directly yet, but at least the barrier should give her a bit of breathing room for the moment...though using the sword like this was a bit of a strain, so she'd have to make this count.


File: 1415769321558.png (615.42 KB, 871x490, Thunderboltandlightningveryver…)

>Holding out her staff again, she shot lightning at the ants again before sending out a wave of ice spikes.
>Roll 1d15 = 13
Where did these come from?

Ein!steinHcBws 853634

File: 1415772450275.jpg (29.99 KB, 275x297, F5.jpg)

>Once the laser stopped firing, the ground beneath her finally felt less like a bounce house and more like a regular street in a normal Town. She looked over at the ants she disintegrated and looked around at her surroundings. It almost feels like there were less and less ants that were visible from where she was. Perhaps there were people off somewhere eliminating the ants themselves. She really hopes so at least.

>It was then that she realized that she hasn't checked back on Yomi in a while. She hopes that the girl didn't get too hurt while she was gone. Considering the hard time she had with said ants earlier, she began being very worried over the girl. She looked over at the sugar mounds that were further down the streets, but then back at the direction that she ran down from. With the number of ants that was diminishing at a rather fast rate, she might as well leave the remaining number, how much they were, to the ones that were actually eliminating them.

>So, she spun around on her heels and she retraced her steps, running all the way back to where she last left Yomi to fend off said ants.

>Finally, she managed to find Yomi again, but what she didn't want to find along with her were the remaining 6 ants that Yomi hasn't defeated yet. Looking over at the girl herself, she looks like she was preparing to perform some kind of special move that Ein's seen from some TV shows.

>She didn't know what to do now that she was there. The first thing that came to her mind, however, was to "keep her distance" from those ants. She remembers that those things spit acid, and the last thing she needs are first degree burns eating right through her skin.

>So, she kept her distance from the ants for sure, but she can't just stand there and do nothing. And it looks like Yomi was taking a while to charge up that special attack of hers too. With the practice she got from firing at the ants going towards the sugar mounds, she raised her hand and aimed towards one of the intellectually independent ants and fired her red laser at it.

>Roll 1d1000 = 324 Evens


File: 1415792828138.jpg (221.02 KB, 850x1500, BURNING JUSTICE.jpg)


>Jo groans as she slowly gets back up

...alright that...that Earthquake thing really threw me off...

>She admitted, before holding a hand up

>A small fireball forms above her hand before she mutters...

[i]Mors Ignis Palis[/i[

>The ball grows 5 times in size and turns a blinding shade of blue before she throws it towards the ants

Roll 1d20 = 9

The same place they do back home would probably be the best guess, Saya..



>Smart Ant #1

Roll 1d1000 = 427

>Smart Ant #2

Roll 1d1000 = 876

>Smart Ant#3

Roll 1d1000 = 819

>Smart Ant#4

Roll 1d1000 = 826

>odds all


File: 1415793698174.jpg (160.37 KB, 1024x1024, attachment.jpg)

#11 basic ants left


>2 of the giant ants near Yomi get destroyed by the torrent of blades

>The other 2 back up a bit fearfully


>The laser shoots right through the ant and it falls down dead

#3 intelligent ants left


>Despite Sebastian's powerful knife throw, the ants determine him to be the most vulnerable

>a pair try to tackle him

Roll 1d1000 = 894

Roll 1d1000 = 980
>odds both, if both fail they instead bump into each other


File: 1415849046897.gif (499.66 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n3qgyhsQ4g1sdxmcpo5_500…)

>Apparently at least some of them weren't quick witted enough to move out of the way.

>She can't even remember the last time that happened, and well, she'd always considered it more of a side effect than an attack anyways.

>Not that she's complaining.

>It seems backup has arrived as well, so she might actually make it through this okay.

"...Took you long enough."

>Wanting to keep the momentum, and well, she is in a bit of a hurry now due to her sword having awakened, she spins, slashing at the ant's face.

>Roll 1d1000 = 392 Odds, it hits, the eerie glow to the sword intensifying as it does so, as if it is somehow feeding off of its target.

Ein!steinHcBws 854211

File: 1415854934692.jpg (51.95 KB, 222x533, F4.jpg)

>That was one down, and three more to go. Needless to say, she was surprised at how strong the laser was when going up against these guys. But, she's not complaining. At the very least, she's able to take out these things one-by-one. Though, she worries a lot about Yomi and how she managed to fair against these things. She was skilled with her sword, wasn't she? How wasn't she able to take them all out by the time she came back to help with the rest of the ants? Was today maybe a bad day for her?

>Either way, the both of them had three more to clear out until they could finally get to the bottom of whatever these Tears are doing. Hopefully, those that were handling the ants weren't having hard times themselves. But if Ein could manage to defeat more than sixteen of them in a row without getting hurt, then she's certain a couple of schmoes like the Tearguard could handle them easy.

Hey! Just focus on killing these things before they cause any more damage!

>Though, the one thing that Ein didn't necessarily need from Yomi was the impatient backlash towards her when she had to deal with over ninety ants on her own until backup arrived for her. But she wasn't there to argue with her about excuses, she was there to help her defeat the rest of the ants so they both can figure out what exactly happened with the switching out of some people.

>But, she still managed to miss the ant once again, surprisingly. It was a miracle how that ant in particular even managed to survive this long going up against her, but she didn't have time to marvel and admire them for their durability. With Yomi's attack leaving her open, Ein focused on the other two ants to prevent them from trying to attack her during this short window of opportunity.

>She rushed over to Yomi's side and aimed her hand at one of the ants Yomi had yet to attack. She doesn't want to fire her laser and end up getting Yomi within the crossfire, of course.

>Roll 1d1000 = 924 Evens

>With the laser still being fired, regardless of whether or not the first ant was struck by it, Ein slowly moved her hand towards the other ant in the vicinity, causing a line of burn marks on the buildings that were far from Ein until it reached the other ant.

>Roll 1d1000 = 886 Evens


File: 1415928538066.jpg (Spoiler Image,473.69 KB, 1035x800, Tired 2.jpg)

>In a dark room with the curtains pulled shut, a small girl jolts awake. Something had disturbed her sleep, but her mind is still sort of groggy, and she couldn't remember anything specific about it. Just a bad dream maybe?

>She rubs her eyes and tries to piece it all together while waiting for her eyes to adjust. She seems to still be dressed, so she must have fallen asleep all of a sudden.

>"Oh, yeah, me and Saya just got back from that trip. She said she had somewhere she needed to go after we finished our final training...and I just went back to my room cause it was really exhausting..."

>How long had she been out? She can see well enough now to be sure that there's no one else on the bed.

>"....Big Sis isn't here, so it was just a short one, or I slept a lot longer than I thought."

>It was weird though, the room is darker than it usually is, and the bed seems weird too. Less of a mess as well,

>There's a lot of other things that don't seem to match up as well. More and more as she can see the contents of the room, its obviously somewhere strange. It isn't a room in the manor, in fact, it looks more like a hotel room.

>Her thoughts are interrupted by an insistant sounding knock at the door, followed by a man's voice. Its hard to hear properly, but something about a shooting?



File: 1415929039173.gif (950.6 KB, 500x268, tumblr_mai7t5g1Rn1re91ydo1_500…)

>She's still not fully awake yet, but the person isn't going away, and well...she does need to figure out whats going on and where she is and why...

>So she climbs out of bed, looks for her shoes, can't find them, just finding these oversized girly ones that would still be too small for Fio...WHich puts her a bit on edge, but she's too tired to give it much immediate thought.

"I'm comin' I'm Comin' don't hav'ta be so loud."

>She finally makes her way to the door and opens it sleepily.

"Who are you and wha'dya..."

>Standing outside the door is a man in a suit she doesn't even begin to recognise, which causes her to snap out of her daze.



File: 1415930299368.gif (Spoiler Image,928.82 KB, 500x248, tumblr_m6ghkawVgl1qd4f2uo1_500…)

>The man seems to be complaining about something, her needing to be somewhere maybe? Still, who is he and why did he know she'd be here?

"....Seriously, Mira, is something wrong with you, you never sleep in this late, and what are you wearing? We don't have time, so you'll just have to change in the..."

>The man pauses as if confused by something as he looks the girl over.

"I can't help but feel like there's something really odd with how you look today..."

>He steps closer to take a better look at the girl.

>Meanwhile, Monello is totally freaking out. There's this strange man who is talking to her and telling her that he's taking her somewhere, and telling her to undress and she finally figures out what this is.

>SHe's not sure how they did it, since surely the Manor has enough people walking around at any time that some creep couldn't just sneak in and kidnap people, but that is obviously whats going on, and there's no way she's going to let some creepy icky scumbag have his way with her.

"Mangia merde e morte, Bastardo!!!"

>Roll 1d1000 = 916 Odds, her fists slam up into his chin as he leans down, dazing the completely unprepared and actually sort of wimpy looking Italian in the process.

>Evens, his head is a bit out of reach, so she ends up hitting his other one instead, which causes the man to completely collapse on the spot, whimpering in pain.

>Regardless, once the blow is made, the small girl swerves around him and runs down the hallway as fast as she can, trying to keep her eyes peeled for any other potential assailants as well as any sort of exit.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 854993

File: 1416012196468.jpg (11.16 KB, 500x227, Sebastian_Demonic Ennui.jpg)



>The mercenary's inane babbling flies over Sebastian's head. In no way does he understand what he's saying, or whatever word 'snikt' meant.

>And what did this have to do with a wolverine?

>Best to not question any of it, he already knew the mercenary was insane.


>Sebastian stares at the two ants that had, in their haste and idiocy, rammed into each other rather than actually reach where he stood himself.

>He suspects he shouldn't be so surprised, but they were insects. They had a lack of any tactical mindset.

>He takes a breath and reaches into his coat, withdrawing another set of knives.

>It would be troublesome to collect these later, usually he would have one of his imps do so.
>But he'd worry over that later; he much rather would kill these things at a distance than actually get closer. His suit would be covered in ungainly insect guts if he had to resort to smashing them.

>There's a flash of silverware, the demon prince radiating deadly silverwear knife-end first.

>Roll 1d11 = 4 ants speared

The working Dead 855039

File: 1416016494635.jpg (47.73 KB, 442x591, image.jpg)

>the echoing sound from his guns would only be a grim reminder that sadly he loved in a world where ammo didn't self regenerate. He longed for the day of self refilling heat weapons of the future, however of now he'd have to reload. Or did he?


>lifting his wrist up he would widen his eyes as he gazed down at his watch.

Good gracious, look what time it is.

>reaching behind him, he woul pull out a large piece of equipment for the seemingly large task at hand. Holding a minigun in both hands, he would grin as it began to whir at his waist.

It's coward killing time!

>Pulling the trigger, a barrage of gunfire would shoot out from theatre machine at his waist. Bullets flying out so quick and so fast that any unlucky ant caught in the barrage would be surely cut in half.

>Roll 1d20 = 9 ants seperated from their legs.


File: 1416016620026.png (572.07 KB, 871x490, Areyouserious.png)

You think we would have heard of giant ants back home.
>Letting out a sigh, she looked at how many there were.
We should find who else is fighting these things.
Cause, the numbers are dropping faster than I thought.


File: 1416016985302.jpg (129.44 KB, 410x600, 43867745_m.jpg)


Dropping? Saya, they're practically gone!

In fact the only ones left....

>Jo looks over to the 3 ants struggling and "Fighting" Ein and Yomi

>she stretches a bit and pats her own shoulders

Those guys.

>she raises a hand and a light of flame slowly appears floating over her palm, slowly growing larger....

>she leans back a bit before throwing a fireball towards one of the "Smart" ants

Roll 1d1000 = 252


File: 1416017618497.png (362.52 KB, 972x717, giant_soldier_ant.png)


>Pierced by silverware, 4 ants squeal in pain and agony as they're killed


>before the bulk of the normal ants are obliterated into tiny bug chunks by Sasha Deadpony's minigun fire


>while the ant managed to once again just barely dart out of Yomi's way, it gets hit by the Fox's fireball

>being lit on fire, one of the last 3 intelligent ants squeals in pain and thrashes around violently before flailing around wildly

>If near by the other ants, roll to avoid it's dying flails.


>the other two ants squeal in pain as Ein's laser burns through them

>their exoskeletons slowly melt and they fall too the ground motionless


Roll 1d1000 = 1


>Roll 1d1000 = 924


>Rerolling cause forgot to call.

>Roll 1d1000 = 313 Evens.

Ein!steinHcBws 855083

>Roll 1d1000 = 955 Evens

Ein!steinHcBws 855385

File: 1416029990853.jpg (38.71 KB, 306x337, F62.jpg)

>There was a big smile on her face as she finished off two of the ants that had terrorized this Town. She felt like a real hero and badass, destroying her opponents and defeating two of the stronger ones all on her own. It's like she could take on the whole world now! Perhaps this was all the result of her training that she's done for weeks now. It turns out, it's really paid off! If she keeps this up, then she'll have fulfilled her promise to Yuumi!

>And just in luck, for out of the corner of her eye, she'd see that someone had set the last ant on fire. And right on cue, too, for the song that allowed Ein to use those lasers suddenly stopped playing, leaving her with just ambient noise of the Town. While it was turned off, she still kept the earphones in to at least muffle the noise that comes through to her rather sensitive ears.

>Now that that fight was over, she had to wonder if the rest of the ants had been destroyed already. However, as she turned to check, she sees that the ant was still alive, albeit on fire, and thrashing around in pain because of the flames. And the one person that was closest to it? Yomi.

>She held out her hand to fire a laser at the ant to put it out of its misery quicker, but nothing came out. It was then that she remembered that her phone was out of energy, and she was just left with her own two hands. With no more choices, she panicked suddenly shoved Yomi out of the range of the ant's thrashing as she yelled out to her.

Watch out!

>She watched as Yomi was pushed away because of her, out of the range of the ant's wild flailing. But soon, she felt a sudden sting by her side and the air in one of her lungs punched out of her. The ant's limbs has managed to connect to her side, and due to its wild actions and the size of it, the strength of the hit was stronger than Ein had expected.

>Her body was knocked a way's away from the ant and as her body hit the floor, she rolled across the street until she slid to a stop. However, she doesn't seem to be recovering from the blow, for her body still laid where it had stopped.
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File: 1416032550942.jpg (118.6 KB, 750x1100, 15c793c331dd7b1caa07ed97a81d77…)

>The ant she had been fighting moves out of the way again, continuing to get on her nerves...well, except it then explodes into flames suddenly, lashing out in its death throes like the previous one.

>She's too close to dodge, especially with how much strain her sword is putting on her. Not that she actually needs to dodge, the mindless flaying might hurt quite a bit, but it wouldn't be enough to do any lasting damage to her. She's lived through worse, even before she started being able to take more.

>What she wasn't expecting was "Ein" to shove her out of the way so suddenly, or to dive into the way in the process.

>She scans around and sheaths her blade, though it seems like it's harder for her to put it back than it should be. Followed by a cough and her wiping at her mouth.

>Finally she turns back towards where the girl had rolled to and strides over in a hurried fashion, kneeling down to inspect her.

>What happens next isn't her crying tears of sadness, or asking if she's okay, no her tears had long since run out, and she's not one to waste pointless questions on someone who is unconscious.

"You Idiot!I told you to stay back! I could have taken something like that!"

>Its only after this that she realizes that someone had to have set the ant on fire, and a quick scan tells her all she needs to know.

>The ears elicit strong feelings of distaste, but she doesn't have much choice, and if they're Tearguard its their duty to help, while if they're just random demons, she's pretty confident she can force them to help in any case.

"This is your fault! So if you have any healing abilities, use them to save this girl now! If she dies, I swear you won't be far behind her!"

>Its not like she actually cared about this other "Ein"...but, she did owe her now as well...

>...and beyond that, she swore she'd stop more innocents dying like this, stop others from having to become like her.


File: 1416097977265.png (619.37 KB, 871x490, Andthat'swhyyou'rewrong.png)

Fair point.
>Looking at end of the ants, she started walking over to the two she saw fighting them.
Come on. we should check on them.
>Watching what happened to Ein, she started to rush over to check on her
>Giving Yomi a blank look, she held up her staff.
One,I was coming to do that for both of you.
And don't threaten someone that you want to help you.
>Raising her staff up, she moved it around in a circle overhead.
>A green mist flowed from her staff and over the four of them healing whatever injuries they had.


File: 1416177296792.jpg (7.98 KB, 123x104, 11715836_m.jpg)


>The firefox tumbles down groaning in pain as she gets knocked over by the ant

>she quietly mumbles and casts curaga on herself before getting back up


>Back to full strength after Saya sent out her own healing spell, Jo stretches slightly


Geeze, a bit over reactive aren't we? At least everyone's alive and civilian casualties were kept to a minimal...they just went after all of us. Who knows what could have happened if they broke down the walls and the monsters from the forest broke in.

>Jo crosses her arms and sighs slightly, "ungraeful little" she shakes her head a bit and sighs

And I did all of this while fighting in a bride's maid gown!

>she sighs and stretches slightly

When we head back to the Tear Guard HQ we'll let the genesis guy know that you and her took out the majority of them.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 855810

File: 1416180635530.png (39.86 KB, 195x245, Sebastian_If This Guy Don't Sh…)


...What a mess.

>Indeed, their surroundings, thanks to the red mercenary's gun, seemed to cause a good amount of bug guts littering the walls and ground.

>The demon butler isn't so bothered by that, but more for the fact he had to now collect his silverware, which he would need to polish to remove any bodily fluids the insects left.

>He pulls his gloves taut, and without waiting for Deadpony, zips around in a black blur, every single knife he had used seemingly vanishing from where they had embedded into the ground, or the ants themselves.

>He comes to a stop aside the man, the whole process taking six seconds. His hands filled with the silverware, he scrubs them tenderly with a handkerchief, rubbing the gunk off the pointy ends.

Well. That was an interesting distraction.

>Not terribly helpful for knowing what was going on, but it was something to do he supposed.


>The faint sound of voices reach Sebastian's ears, but not deeming any topic worthy of much interest (aside the possibility of snatching a dying soul for a snack) he opts to ignore it for now.

The working Dead 855896

>over the sound of the music in his head, along with the sound of reloading his guns back to maximum ammo, Deapony would not be able to mimic Sebastian's ability to hear the thee grouping of people.

Personally I'm just released that we have officially ruled out Time Travel. You would not believe how awkward it is knowing someone's supposed to be dead in six months.

>He shakes his head as he closes up his minigun, now restored to full ammo. Every bullet counted on the field. A single shot could be the differance between life and death with his line of work. Or in his case, being able to walk home and an awkward conversation with a mortician.

>getting back I his feet he deequips the mini gun by having it seemingly vanish behind his back. He then pats himself all over to get the dust and gunpowder residue off his uniform.

So, we have run of things to shoot. What's the next course of action, Fancy Pants.

>Addmitedly not his best nickname for someone. Especially considering the name had been taken by a rather high class Equestrian. He'd make note to think of a new one as the adventure went on.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 855938

File: 1416192273450.png (40.24 KB, 216x238, Sebastian_PositivelyQuestionab…)


Any course of action requires us having a heading; something we know or a direction by which we can take to return to our own world. Easier said than done, naturally.

>Sebastian finishes polishing his knives and steps forward, examining a dead ant with a pensive stare.

>He tilts his head, then glances back to Deadpony with a skeptical expression.

All I know is that there is a strange energy that radiates from individuals who have undergone a switch. I could try looking for more, but considering how quickly your own energy dissipated, I doubt I will find another.

>He kicks the ant corpse, and adds with a scoff.

I suppose we could consult this Town's 'Riftguard' but I've very little faith in any institution this burgh houses, both in our world and here. Incompetence tends to be universal no matter where you are.

The working Dead 855948

>As posh as he was, the demon had a point. Other then standing around to wait for more baddies to fight they really didn't have anything to go on in terms of adventuring. Then there was also the terms of going to search te local Riftguard. Though if a guy who could naturally sense these disturbances was having trouble, they would likely not fair better.

Hmmmm, looks like we're in a pickle. I hate pickles. Their juice gets everywhere and messes up the flavor of anything they touch

>he raises his hand up to scratch his pondering head. If Sebastian were to look closely he would notice the scratching was in a circular like motion.

I'm going to play a card and say you don't detect a giant wad if energy similar to the kind I was displaying or else you'd probably be stabbing it right now. Or collecting it. Whatever demons do with big sources of power.

>he takes a few steps forward before turning around ad heading back. He continues this pacing notion for quite some time as he ponders. What was the most odd of all was that he himself didn't even see anything happen. Meaning this was likely a random occurance, or maybe something even sinister then that.

Well we know it's not a rift. So that could only lead to something we've either never seen before, or magic. You know who IS good with magic?

>he removes his has from his head and snaps his fingers before pointin to the sky.

Princess Celestia.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 855952

File: 1416193749586.jpg (48.2 KB, 500x366, Sebastian_ForgiveMyLanguageBut…)


>Sebastian frowns, then actually scoffs at the mention of the pony princess.

You suppose that, out of the entirety of Equestria, that somehow she would be able to determine and fixate upon a very temporary state of magical influx enough to expend her attention on, when the Celestia of our world wouldn't lift much of a hoof for all the clear-cut disasters and magical influxes that the Town or, prior to its cessation, Wayne Manor had endured?

>The man waves a hand, exasperated by the topic itself.

I understand you are some kind of Equestrian, but I hold very similar skepticism about the Princesses of Equestria as I do with the institutions of Town.

>Likewise, he heavily doubts that the Princess of this world would tolerate a Demon Prince standing before her.

Even if we manage to gain court with her, which I doubt, I severely doubt she will have any desire to help us in particular as well. She certainly has no reason to: a humanoid pony she's likely never met and a demon? She may as well attack us to protect something she thinks must be shielded from such abominations than actually assist us.


File: 1416194407019.jpg (13.76 KB, 720x405, Hagoromo_D.JPG)

>The girl just glares back in response, or well, that just might be her normal expression.

"I don't know, it seems to work out well enough for me. Hell, if I threatened people more, this idiot might not have leapt into harms way."

>The fact that said "idiot" hadn't woken up yet is just another annoyance.

>Their carefree nature annoys her too..and they were late because of some wedding?

"Look, I don't care about the credit, or even if either of you like me, but how about you try getting here a bit faster next time? If you're part of the Tear Guard, you should drop whatever you're doing when an alert comes up, instead of leaving your work to bystanders."

>This is followed by a very disapproving sigh.

"We were trying to find a way to get dumbass here back to her own happy go lucky version of this world she says she came from in one piece. but no, apparently she cares more about a world that isn't even hers a lot more than the people who've sworn to protect it from stuff like this."

>Despite her words, she doesn't move from the spot where she's cradling Ein in her arms. Even if her words don't say so, its pretty clear that she's worried about whether the girl will be okay or not.


File: 1416195091052.png (577.07 KB, 871x490, Pathetic.png)

Then that mean's she's from the same world we come from.
We're not members of the tear guard.
>Kneeling down to look Ein over, she let out a sigh.
She will be fine, just let her rest and we should all head to the headquarters.
And our version of this world isn't what you think it is.

The working Dead 855963

>with a modest shrug, Deadpony would prepare a rebuttal.

Well when you got a large team of super friends living just over the hill you kind of tend to let things slide a bit here and there. It's like that big ol three headed dog you have to guard that big old hole you call an enterance to the underworld.

>Though again, Sebastian had a point. They had no reason to believe that this world's Celestia was half as caring and generous as their own.

Either way I played my hand, what's yours?

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 855965

File: 1416195990308.jpg (27.14 KB, 440x247, Sebastian_I'm Getting Quite Th…)


My hand involves anything where I will not face a possibility of conflict in regards to what I am. I don't suppose you need to worry about such trivial things, but Celestia is closely considered a god-like being with divine presence.

I'm sure you know what I am and what it would mean should she decide I'm not something that should be left to my own devices.

>Which was true enough, but he wouldn't say it out loud. Other individual's irresponsibility left him free to do as he pleased when he desired it.

>He sighs and massages his own head, which at this point has begun to ache.

Honestly, this whole situation is a botheration and a half. No definitive leads, no certainty that this is magic or something different, no foreseeable reason for such actions as well, which leaves the question of who would benefit from something like this frustratingly nebulous...

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 855975

>And so it seemed that they had indeed hit a brick wall. No leads, nothing to go on. The entire situation was incredibly bothersome.

Well I can't really think of any better ideas. This whole thing is worse then a police station that got its toilet stolen cause we really got nothing to go on.

>Once again he raises his hand to scratch his head for a second as he tries to think of another solution.

Well if this is the work of some higher power we could always just wait around and hope they make their move soon. Couldn't be that long if they're already pulling and tugging at the multiverse like this.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 855979

File: 1416197825534.png (26.61 KB, 258x215, Sebastian_ReallyFarAwayFromHer…)


...As much as I loathe to agree, that may be our best course of action.

>Unfortunately. But if he kept his eyes peeled he was certain to catch sight of the strange energy that had brought him to the mercenary. Chances were that if he kept attentive, he would inevitably be able to draw himself closer to the source.

>Which, admittedly, required patience.

>He was full of such an attribute but he wondered if the red mercenary was as well.

Well, I do hope you're content with that. I believe I may be able to discern more about this strange energy if I see it again, and Town certainly has a large enough pool of potential swap victims for me to catch sight of.

>Albeit, the chance was very little. Lightning did strike twice, however, and maybe luck would be on their side again.


>a few days after the event with the ants...
>Things seem to have calmed down, despite the lack of the competent members of the TearGuard, but screams of terror and confusion can be heard coming from the Town Zoo

>It seemed a tear had opened up and was sucking in all of the zoo's aardvarks and ant eaters...

>After the creatures were taken away, all that was left in their place were mounds and mounds of sugar and the Ant Capone family

>Maybe not the first kind of mound of white stuff you'd expect to see mobsters rolling in, but there it was.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 856615

File: 1416330510996.jpg (213.26 KB, 500x708, Going Super.jpg)

>Meanwhile, in this universe...
>At Miki's pent house apartment...


Miki please calm down--


>While getting adjusted to her new temporary housing, Miki's agents had found Yang and, without letting her get a word in edgewise, whisked off to this apartment to catch up on all the everything she apparently missed in the few days of being missing.

>Photoshoots, TV interviews, Public Appearances, Concerts! There was no time for rest, relaxation, or even a moment to just collect herself and process all of it.

>And that overwhelming flood of demands and obligations... lead up to the current situation; A very angry Yang taking out her frustrations on the hapless people that had whisked her off.

>Her secretary was hiding behind the couch in terror after Yang broke the tablet containing all her appointments over the head of one of her body guards, the other one as in a crumpled heap after she threw him across the room, the hairstylist and "fashion advisor" were both stuffed into a large trash can for thinking she couldn't hear their snide comments to each other about her looks prior to all this, and finally the leader of her posy of agents had crawled up a wall hoping he could avoid her wrath so she just opted to throw things at him like shoes and vases.

I am a human being, not some robotic toy that'll do whatever you please whenever you want! If I must make an appearance or do a concert, fine I will. But I am going to have time to rest and recharge in-between...

>She throws a high heel at him for good measure while she talks.

Or you can all expect these outbursts to happen very often!

>With her explosive episode over... she actually takes time to look around at the apartment she was in. A nice place with a European mansion style to it with some of the awards Miki had earned over her career hung on the wall.

Hmm... neat.

>She'll take time to look at them later, right now, she was off to search for the bath room and hope there was a luxury hot tub she could soak in and get ride of all this stress...


File: 1417054899316.jpg (16.25 KB, 160x153, 3424149_s.jpg)

>Jo stretched as she walked through the Town's streets

>She stared down at the tiny badge on the hoodie she'd hastily bought a day or so ago, scratching the back of her head

...can't believe that Genesis guy really deputized a pair of random off worlders.

>Jo vocalized out loud with a sigh

Let alone you and me...

>She said looking towards Saya as they walked

I mean wouldn't it have made more sense to have gone with the ones who killed the most ants for that?

>She asked without looking at the rabbit with her, staring forward

>...she supposed the other 4 weren't exactly in the position at the time to be made into temporary Tear Guards though, so it made sense for them to have

>...she had to find it weird though, that more often than not, Tears seemed to be taking things away, rather than dropping them in. it was really rather strangely specific with it too

>She tapped her chin as she looked forward, hadn't Genesis said they seemed to be forming some kind of pattern?

...it's nice to know we're part of the effort to get everything back to normal though...

>She mumbles to herself.


File: 1417055176246.png (572.07 KB, 871x490, Areyouserious.png)

Yeah, I kinda wonder why...
>Adjusting her hair, she looked around the town.
But still it's amazing how different everything is around here.
Do you think we should go find the other versions of our friends?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 860089

File: 1417056481468.jpg (677.62 KB, 1200x1067, tumblr_nfmf9m6UnN1rtdce8o5_128…)

>It'd been rough here.
>Even with that bath she had it didn't do too much to sooth her as she thought it would. Exploring Miki's place was interesting, she had some of the tastes Yang had, but seemed to steer towards the more high end and lavish.

>Mind you that could be just because her being an Idol made her quite a lot of money.

>Either way, she was out and about walking in the streets to take off her mind from what she'll be forced to do sooner or later; sing and dance on stage...

>Dancing was fine, singing? That was another story... She was decent, use to do it for Ruby when she was little and then some, but she got embarrassed if anyone else heard it...


>As she wandered about, she could have sworn she saw a fluffy tails and rabbit ears in the distance.

>Golden fluffy tails and blue rabbit ears.

...Oh please oh please oh please oh please!

>She starts to dash for the two figurers hoping it was who she hoped it was. At least she wasn't alone now.



File: 1417057096241.jpg (12.63 KB, 141x125, swimsuit.jpg)

...Maybe, if only to see if they can actually help out with finding what's causing all this

>She taps her chin

Given rifts are sometimes associated with mana, I'm sure your wife's counterpart would be able to help us with that...Genesis would know her address I bet. After we're done with our current pa..

>Jo pauses as she sees someone dashing through the street...


>The fox blinked a few times as she turned around to see Yang

>Wait...hadn't Ros said Yang was home sick? She'd gotten worried about her and everything, and had assumed she was still back home

>But seeing her now made her heart flutter a bit, Yang wasn't sick at all...

>But if that were the case...

>Jo runs towards Yang and

Roll 1d1000 = 241
>evens, tackles her into a hug
>odds stops in front of her

>Regardless soon after she says with heavy breaths Oh my goodness Yang! So this is where you went...!

>In a slightly angry tone she lets out a heavy sigh

I'm going to kill Ros and that other you for lying...!


File: 1417057634783.png (619.37 KB, 871x490, Andthat'swhyyou'rewrong.png)

Yeah but I'm kinda nervous with meeting her... I mean, there could be many things different about how they-
>Saya's ears twitched as she heard the voice before turning around.
>Letting out a sigh and tapping her forehead, she smiled.
Now now what would the other you do without her Yang?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 860119

File: 1417059456635.png (179.2 KB, 500x444, 1410038877904.png)

>Oh thank god, it was them! She was saved!
>not even hearing Jo's promise to kill Ros and her other because she pulled Jo into a powerful bearhug and started to babbler saying a quick stream of words

Jo! Saya! Oh thank god you're here! I was chased about by paparazzi everywhere, a creepy guy begged for me to be his waifu, stuff agents dragged me around town and told me I had to do stuff and I beat them up and had a hot bath but it didn't help and I was still stressed out and... and... and...

>She buries her face into the cook and Jo's neck and starts to cry. The stress had really gotten to her.

And I really really really missed you!


File: 1417059841350.png (14.46 KB, 500x500, embarrassed joversion.png)


>Jo's face goes red as Yang mentions how much she missed her

>she hugs Yang back and pats her back

It's alright, It's alright Yang, I'm here now...there's nothing to worry about

>she squeezes her slightly

>but soon her grip loosens a bit and she raises a brow, tilting her head slightly

...what the fuck is a waifu?


File: 1417060045218.png (694.76 KB, 871x490, Iknowyoudidn'tjustgotheregirlf…)

>Saya just stood back and watched the two before leaning on a nearby wall.
Jo you work in a maid cafe and you've never heard that before?
Anyway, we should go find out where this world's Haruko lives.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 861414

File: 1417390212127.png (142.7 KB, 640x360, 640px-Episode1_00060.png)

>Still holding onto Jo, Yang moves her head away from the foxgirl's neck to look at her.

I have no idea... but the way he was eyeing my I don't think I want to find out...

>Jeez, it was just nice to have someone she knew around her again... but that would mean.

You two got swapped with counterparts then too...

>Yang turns to Saya with a quizzical look

Huh? Why?


File: 1417395835473.png (458.56 KB, 600x847, yeah, and what(questionmark).p…)


Just because I hear a word a whole lot doesn't mean I know what it means.

>her ears flatten against her head

I was hoping Yang might have the definition, I can't find it in the dictionary anywhere

>She said with a disheartened tone before her tone picks up and her ears perk up and she points towards Tear Guard HQ

Right then! Off we go!


Simple, Haruko's Mahou Rider Wizard in our world, so if she's even somewhat similiar she can help us find the cause of all this malarkey!

>She exclaims, while scratching the back of her head


File: 1417396152157.png (608.69 KB, 871x490, Pardon.png)

I'm kinda curious as to what she looks like... and how different she is from my wife..
....I'm gonna have to explain a few things after this is all over.
And we'll really need that vacation too.
And yeah, she can help us.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 861427

File: 1417397727383.jpg (130.41 KB, 600x600, 0694b949b9429ad121afccc1f9b749…)

Huh, sounds like a good a plan as any.

>Letting go of Jo she seems much happier now that she wasn't lost in this world with no one she really really knew here.

...huh, that is a good point too.

I mean in this world, I'm a goddamn popstar.

>Which boggled Yang's mind as to how that ever came about even in an alternate universe.


File: 1417404756626.png (850.75 KB, 850x1202, pffft what.png)


I'm really curious to find out, given she apparently knows alt me from what I heard!

>Jo says with a bit of a grin as they walk towards the headquarters


Hey, I don't think it's that surprising, you've certainly got the looks and right attitude

>She puts her hands behind her head and looks forward as she walks and talks

And you're one hell of a good dancer.


File: 1417404883442.png (334.83 KB, 470x490, Floppyears.png)

Yeah and I'm a member of the Tearguard as a healer.
What about her singing though?
>Stretching out her arms, Saya looked around the part of town they passed through.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 861447

>For the past few days, Deadpony had been bunking with the rather sophisticated demon in what he could only assume was his universal double's candy shop. It was strange seeing how life could have been. The candy store with all the decorations and various knick knacks used to make sweets used to bring joy to children all over the world, or at least in town and the surrounding areas if the various photos were any indication.

>Contradicting his character, Wade had been surprisingly quiet the past few days. Only periodically he would spout of the occasional one liner and joke to the situation, usually at Sebastian's expense.

>He leans over the counter with his arms holding up his upper body as he seemed lost in thought. Suddenly, from the corner of the room he would hear something fall. Placing his hand onto his holster, Wade would turn to face the source of the noise. Another monster perhaps? Couldn't be too careful in this strange new world.

Who's there!? Lennard Nemoy I swear if that's you I'm gonna live long and rejoice your asskicking.

>From behind the shelf, a small boy no older then twelve would walk out. His entire pressance letting off that clearly he felt uneasy about this whole thing.

H-hello...w-who are you?

>Realizing the false alarm, Wade would lower his hand from his holster. He would recognize the child from a few photos in the room. He didn't know anything about him personally.

Hey there kid. Name's Wade Wilson. Sorry for freaking you out.

>He turns around and rests his back on the counter. His fingers tap rapidly as he tries to find ways to defuse the situation.

Um...Do you know where Mr. Lollipop is?

>The child would tap his fingers together nervously. First the alert, then his mentor goes missing. Now this strange man was standing in his home. He stoke to events of the past and waiting in a safe room for Mr. Lollipop to arrive to give him the word that things were ok.

>Wade on the other hand would. Have a sudden sensation to hold back decades of impulse reflexes. Even though he knew he wasn't reffering to him specifically, his terrible name filled him with anger. He knew exactly what happened to this world's Fairydust Lollipop. He was in Wade's world dealing with lord knows what. If he was lucky he would be able to avoid anyone Wade may call friend. Lord knows if anyone even got a hint of his Equestrian name, all hell would break lose for him.

I uh... I don't know kid. Place was empty when I got here. Just a few ants that I had to take out.

>As he spoke he would rub his shoulder where the ant had puked acid onto him. The memory causing the sensation to kick back up.

Though I did hear that a few people were held up in a safe house somewhere until they could figure out what happened. Lots of...temporal distortion... raining ducks...lots of weird stuff going on out there right now, best to stay inside.

O-oh...S-so he's ok?

>At this news, Billy's face would light up. For a moment, the strange man in his house would seem to be a minor occurance at best.

>One disaster averted, Wade would sigh internally as what next came natural. Mostly due to the fact he wasn't in a big fight before being ported into this world.

I would put money on it.

>Billy would sigh with relief as he put his hands down to his side. He had been hiding in his room worried for several days. Though he would wonder as to why Mr. Lollipop didn't let him know himself. Perhaps he was carried away by the Tearguard before he had a chance.

S-so what's going to happen now? When is Mr. Lollipop coming back?

>Oh boy, this one Wade had no idea how to answer. He didn't have any idea on how long it would be before anyone swapped would be returned to their proper places.

I uh, I don't know how long it's gonna be. But, hey I've been stationed to watch over this district so you can count on me till then alright?

>The child was still rather uneasy about the entire situation. Though the man dressed like a super hero had something about him. Something, familiar. Even through the roughness of his voice he knew he could trust this stranger.

Okay...I guess that'll be ok. Um, so who are you..exactly?

Well, my code name is Deadpony, don't ask it's a long complicated story that would actually take a five part miniseries to get all together.


Don't worry about it.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 861597

File: 1417477966527.jpg (677.62 KB, 1200x1067, tumblr_nfmf9m6UnN1rtdce8o5_128…)

But none of the patience for it, as I've already discovered. Or that could just be stress from being dropped here who knows.

>She smiles a bit as Jo mentions how good a dancer she is.

Yep, got the hottest moves you'll ever see. Well next to your own anyway, in more ways then one~

>At the mention of singing however, Yang seems to become a bit shy.

Uh well... yeah, I can... sorta sing... Though that was only for Ruby when we were both younger.

>Truth be told it was one of the only things she was shy about sharing with others.


File: 1417560713857.png (760.02 KB, 1000x1200, woah what the fuck.png)


Personally, I'd love to hear her sing...but if she doesn't want to do that in front of me, I understand

>She takes a hand out from behind her head and grabs the "Temporary Tear Guard" badge from her shirt as they stop in front of the HQ's door

>She glances back at Saya and Yang shortly, musing out loud

After all, there's some things that are just kept between sisters...

>she scans the badge as they get to the door

>there's a "DING" and things start to unlock as the big metal doors open up


File: 1417560916759.png (616.67 KB, 871x490, Allsmiles.png)

>Saya smiled and looked over to Yang as her eyes looked like they were glowing.
You know...
Yeah, I know just how it is with my little sister.
>Looking up at the door, she placed a hand under her chin.
I don't think I'll ever get used to that.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862142

File: 1417570933726.jpg (87.92 KB, 500x641, tumblr_ncal7d2duH1rzitx1o1_500…)

>Well... if Jo wanted to hear her sing one day, she'll just have to make an exception for her. One Day.

Haha.. yeah.

>Why are her eyes glowing.

Saya... why ate your eyes glowing? Please don't be plotting something...

That's my job!


File: 1417576552528.png (355.48 KB, 600x729, out fit combinations.png)


Well personally I'm hoping we won't have to "Get used to" it.

>The fox says in a slightly bitter tone before sighing and walking in


>Jo slowly glances over at Yang

Certain magic users eyes glow when mana is actively being used in their body, or the mana in their body responds to their emotions.

>She stretches and blushes slightly as she looks towards the ground

Hence why my eyes glow red when...well...you know.


File: 1417576659024.png (577.03 KB, 871x490, 2kawaii2quit.png)

Oh I'm not plotting anything at all~
>Saya's eyes then went back to their normal look as she stood smiling.
Absolutely nothing.
But sometimes I can induce it.
Now then, let's get that address.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862301

File: 1417609497733.jpg (124.79 KB, 1217x721, tumblr_mt1ezjEOM31rv6qjco6_128…)


>Oh, like that way. Which only reminded her to cuddle Jo extra softly when they finally got home after all this.

>Following them both inside Yang takes a look around the area...

>Ok now she was nervous.

You're not making me any more confident with that response Saaaaayaaaaa...


File: 1417625345135.png (4.05 KB, 195x214, jo staaaaare.png)


>Jo glares ever so slightly at Saya

>Before she sighs a bit and starts walking towards the communications room

>She knocked 3 times before stretching a bit

...you know before we go in, and before we head home, Saya, I can't be the only one who think Genesis looks like Riderman, can I?


File: 1417628267911.png (671.26 KB, 871x490, Wonk.png)

Oh come on now Yang. Do you really think I would be plotting something?
I mean do I really look like someone that would?
Don't you look at me like that Jo, you know I wouldn't do any thing.
And I suppose so.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862362

File: 1417634870917.png (139.11 KB, 640x360, 640px-Yang_Creeped.png)

>Yang decides to be totally blunt about it and have her own counter to it.

Yes Saya, yes you would. But if you try anything, I'll tell Haruko that you might like the thing were the carrots go places.

>A beat.

If you know what I mean.


File: 1417635573423.jpg (52.04 KB, 177x177, Genesis_Rhapsodos_glasses_by_A…)


>Genesis opens the door as soon as this exchange happens

>He stops, and stares for a good minute

>He sighs before adjusting the glasses he'd been wearings, before coughing to the side and mumbling "Definitely that trio's pair of counterparts....no doubt."

>He recomposes himself and looks at them

I take it tear interference prevented just using the comlinks? What do the 3 of you need?


File: 1417636010647.png (760.02 KB, 1000x1200, woah what the fuck.png)


>Jo looks at Yang once and blinks

Yang that was...

>She puts her hand o her chin to try to chin on what to call it

>Luckily she's interrupted by Genesis's entrance

eeer, right, we needed to get Saya and the wolf's address so we can head over

>She explains with a bit of a sigh


File: 1417636899604.png (680.81 KB, 871x490, Bluewithshock.png)

>Saya just stared at Yang before going slightly pale.
I won't tease you about anything...
Y-Yes lets go find out where they live yes.
>The rabbit then quickly walked in.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862379

File: 1417637778789.jpg (223.58 KB, 600x600, 8e81f20ef79987088463a2c85d1fea…)

>Yeah that's right, you cower in fear. No one messes with the Yang.


>With that out of the way, responds to Genesis' question.

>By pretending she was at a bar.

One of the fruity drinks.

>She smiles a bit knowing that this'd bug him a bit.

Oh, and a little pink umbrella with it too.


File: 1417638149355.jpg (228.32 KB, 557x563, Gackt_as_Genesis.jpg)


>Genesis decides to ignore Yang's comment and rubs the bridge of his nose slightly

Right then...

>He says as he looks at the 3, he takes out his phone and searches his address book, before taking out a notepad and writing the address down

You'll be able to find "Ko-san" as our healer and fearless leader endearingly calls her...there

>He hands the address to Jo

If you're actually able to find any leads on what's going on with her, keep me posted


File: 1417638561843.png (12.26 KB, 500x500, -3- jo.png)


Glad to see you're already in better spirits, Yang

>she says with a small chuckle

...you never did tell me how you got 7 of that same scarf made, by the way.

>She says thinking out loud


>She takes the address and reads it

Thanks Genesis...if the alignment in town is anything like Town back home....

>Jo sticks a hand into a portal she made

alright no violent bone crushing, I say we go in.


File: 1417638687368.png (575.75 KB, 871x490, AmIuguu.png)

>Just you wait, the Rabbit will have her vengeance. Just you wait Yang.
Thank you for the information Genesis.
You know I could have done that.
>Shrugging, the rabbit walked through.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862388

File: 1417640043188.png (1.33 MB, 723x1023, 64cf92c564798d21e15a34defb2529…)

>She giggles even as he ignored her joke.

Hell Yeah I am, I'm with you now. It's always sunny when you're around dear~♥

>Flirting aside though.

They were all on sale at one time so I bought a whole bunch. I thought to myself "If Ruby can wear that hood all the time, then I can wear one of these as much as I want to."

And that's the story of my scarves.

>She cringes at though at Jo's method of testing her portals. She would have chastised her again for it... but she'll let it slide for now.

>unaware of the plotting bunny, Yang walked right on through the portal the fox girl had made.


File: 1417640659306.jpg (186.96 KB, 850x1200, sample-ee8e5759a9dccaaa904c771…)


>Seeing the connect portal open in her living room, Wolf crossed her arms and turned away from it

>Those 3 had disappeared on adventures and left her to protect the town before, but this time it was too much! They'd been gone for weeks

Took you three long enough.

>She says with a bit of anger in her voice

I certainly hope you aren't expecting a warm welcome after being away for so long without warning me, I mean Miki I understand, sometimes the paparazzi can be too much for her to make it to -this- house, after all she has to keep up that cover apartment.

>She grumbles and points her nose up to the air

But Saya and Ariel? I've been so lonely these past few nights...you could have at least told me where you went!

>She then turns around and opens up her eyes

...wait, Miki, where are Saya and Ariel?

>She says in a flat confused tone


File: 1417641006550.png (4.05 KB, 195x214, jo staaaaare.png)


>Jo blinks as she walks in

Well that's a fluffy wolf

>She taps her chin as she feels the magical energy around the area...realizing she's also a phantom, oh how interesting...

>She rubs the back of her head

I guess I over shot the portal a bit though, I meant for it to be outside the house...

>As she says that out loud, her eyes widen and her ears persk up as a blush crosses her face as she realized the implications of the Phantom's words

>That...that sounded like quite the chaotic relationship


File: 1417641111491.png (616.67 KB, 871x490, Allsmiles.png)

>Saya just looked at the wolf phantom before walking closer and looking her directly in the eyes.
Yep this is the Haruko from this world.
Guys we should explain what's going on with the tears.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862430

File: 1417643563768.jpg (21.92 KB, 640x360, 640px-YangStunningtheGiantNeve…)

>Oh boy, she thought she was Miki and she wanted an explanation for her.


>How to go about this.

I'm not really Miki, I'm her alternate reality counterpart and, due to recent... Tear Activity, I switched places with her.

>She motions to the other two with her.

As have your world's Ariel and Saya.

>Letting that sink in for a moment, she continues.

We were actually hoping you could help us and send us back to our world and bring them back to this one...


File: 1417644372134.jpg (312.67 KB, 850x1275, sample-b59918821193955022d204b…)


And you're a fluffy fox.

>She comments and rolls her eyes a slightly before looking to Saya as she identifies her as the "Haruko" of this world


...as much as I wish I could say I'm her, that woman died when she tried fighting a monster called Legion after she lost her magic.

>She clenches her fist a bit and she sighs

Her hope brought me back to life and into the real world though, so I'm sure my girlfriends are at least happy I'm here today.


....you're not Miki, and Saya and Ariel are gone.

>Her ears lower and she sighs

...I'll try to help out as best I can, I want my girlfriends back.

>She states, crossing her arms a bit angrily

Now Spill the goods on what you have so I know what to look for!

>She says in a very demanding bark


File: 1417645218512.jpg (49.43 KB, 382x600, 253489_375861395868550_4655050…)


>She watches the wolf go through a series of mixed emotions before settling down and deciding to help

>Jo was slightly paranoid that the would shout at them all to "GET THE HELL OUT IF YOU'RE NOT THEM"

>But she was pleasantly surprised to hear that she'd help

>Sighing slightly, she wiped her brow

>She takes a map out of the Town abd several dots on it that indicate Tear incursions.

Right, here's a map of the tears that have been appearing lately, they all seem to be pointing somewhere but we're not quite sure where...and everyone who's swapped out seems to have a coat of mana over their bodies that's not their own.

>Jo crosses her arms as she rolls the map back up

Do you think you can help us out here?


File: 1417646094190.png (905.35 KB, 871x490, Cutesy.png)

>The rabbit looked at her before, looking at the floor.
They are happy.
Just like I'm happy with the Haruko in our world.
>Lifting her gaze back up, she looked the phantom in the eyes.
Hey Jo, could I see that map for a moment?



...Well if you let me get the scent of the mana off the 3 of you, I can probably find its source if it's somewhere in this world

>She stretches a bit

So I'll have to sniff one of you down for the scent and then we can follow it, sound good?


>The wolf's eyes water very slightly as Saya mentions this and nods very lightly

>she'd always wanted to get out, but she ended up caring about the idiot she was inside of.


File: 1417648665866.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.57 KB, 811x770, I'm cutee and you can't deny i…)


Saya volunteers as tribute.

>Jo declares while pointing at her best friend

>She didn't want to be sniffed up by a strange wolf!

I'll be over here, being fluffy behind Yang

>It looks like the wolf is about to say "But we're both fl..." until she's interrupted as Jo raises a finger

>There's a sudden poof and Jo's face is now more of a fox muzzle, and her body is covered in fur under her hoodie

I think you'll find I'm the fluffiest.


File: 1417648892542.png (562.98 KB, 871x490, Blushing.png)

>Looking at her, Saya couldn't stop herself and pulled the wolf into a tight hug.
And I know my wife would be happy to know that you're doing well like this and not acting like the other phantoms.
W-wait what?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862500

File: 1417650046217.gif (80.02 KB, 292x255, tumblr_nc5z0sFaxd1tjc71ko1_400…)

>Someone needed to be... sniffed?
>Hahahaha, not it!

>As quickly as Jo put Saya onto the chopping block, Yang followed suit.

I second the notion!!

>Of course... before she could enjoy Saya's reaction she saw, and felt, a Jo that was 100% more fluffy then she thought she could be.


>Oh god, it's official, she had crossed the invisible line between "Not a furry" and "Tots a Furry", she's wants that fluff all over her. She had no regents... other then owing Weiss a box of glazed doughnuts.

>But that didn't matter now, what she really wanted to do now was strip nude and feel all that plush fluff on her exposed skin.

We... we really need... to get back home.

>She didn't even attempt to hide her level of turned-on/urge-to-cuddle-the-hell-out-of.


File: 1417650952570.png (982.23 KB, 712x1561, 901667addad22676367e5c36ca1a12…)


>The wolf claps slowly and sighs a bit

Yes, yes, very very fluffy indeed.

>She rolls her eyes slightly and stretches before walking over to Saya


Stay still please...

>she starts sniffing Saya to pick up the scent

>Scent picked up by Roll 1d100 = 77%



>Jo's face goes slightly red at Yang's reaction to how she looked right now

>She stretches a bit and hugs her from behind

...I have a LOT to tell you about later...


Hope you two have fun with that!

>Jo says with an awkward giggle


File: 1417651811638.png (554.22 KB, 871x490, Down.png)

T-this is really weird ok?
>Folding her arms, she stood with a blush as she was sniffed.
I will get you back for this Jo.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862546

File: 1417653152064.png (125.25 KB, 500x348, tumblr_myz9sgQHyf1sjxs5uo1_500…)

>Savouring the blissful touch of Jo's arms around her, she basks in the feeling around her waist as she nods.

And you can take as much time as you want to tell me... Just cuddle with me the whole time ok?

>And then there was poor Saya's suffering.

Because someone had to do it and you're the brave soul that was chosen~

>She'll think up an apology later, maybe some carrot cake or something like that.


File: 1417654038735.jpg (17.71 KB, 278x248, face.jpg)


Yes I'm well aware....you smell like my pretty kitty, by the way, so I'm assuming you're Saya

>she continues to sniff Roll 1d100 + 77 = 135


>She briefly ponders to herself whether or not it's possible for her to get that fluffy....



What's the worst that you could do?

>Jo asks rolling her eyes a bit


>Jo taps her chin

Looks like the Wolfy's got something


I'm ok with that!

>The anthro fox said grinning widely


File: 1417655014160.png (541.12 KB, 871x490, That'srightsuffer.png)

This is for earlier wasn't it?
Yep I'm the Saya from the other world.
I guess you can see I ended up different from the other.
Do you really want the answer to that Jo?
Do you really really want to know?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862892

File: 1417719119708.jpg (185.4 KB, 368x600, tumblr_nd6zr6ezB41ti0udjo1_400…)

>Saya's question prompts a smile from Yang.

Hmmmm maybe~?

>She couldn't help but laugh as Saya and Jo go back and forth with each other. She really did miss being with them like this...


File: 1417734737238.jpg (16.11 KB, 202x240, 10591652800a12553858888ml.jpg)


>With the way these 2 were behaving, she had no doubt they were the counterparts to the women she knew

>Sighing slightly, she stretched

Alright, I've got the scent, so you 3 ready to head out?

>She asks, opening a portal to outside the house where her bike was.


File: 1417735342423.jpg (32.1 KB, 500x500, Maki_Mad.jpg)


Kind of, there's not many things I'll be surprised by you know, Saya.

>She lets out a sigh and shrugs

After all, weird shit happens so much around here it's like a contest by the deities to see who can come up with the weirdest shit to put people through


>Jo peaks in the portal and blinks a few times before pulling her head out

...Wolf, if you have a bike and are going to be using it...how are we going to keep up with you?


File: 1417735739030.png (619.37 KB, 871x490, Andthat'swhyyou'rewrong.png)

Say Yang, how do you feel about having a gunpla rematch after all this is over?
Yeah, I'm ready to go anytime.
>Saya just smiled at Jo's answer.
There are some things you don't know about me.
>Looking at the bike, she pulled out a ring.
And yeah, I wonder who's winning at this point.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 862935

File: 1417737596547.jpg (108.37 KB, 500x747, tumblr_nea4nyvQEC1tzsbtho1_500…)

>At Jo's question of who they were going to follow the Wolf girl, Yang smirks.

Well... I do have Miki's limo driver in speed dial~

>She's actually like to ride in it again and this was a perfect excuse.

I hope he got the paint job done on it... I asked him to paint it in gold flames~

>Hmmm? A Gunpla rematch? Now there's something she hadn't done in a while. Though after all this, she could use a nice little fight like that.

Sure, I'd love to Saya.



I'm sure Saya could summon something up

>Wolf shrugs indifferently

As for the Limo idea, I've a feeling we won't be going towards many actual roads...so that's not such a hot idea

>As the wolf mounts her bike her bike her ears perk

What's Gunpla?



And here I was hoping to avoid senselessly using magic

>Jo says with an aggravated sigh before lifting up two rider rings and using them to summon a pair of bikes for her and Yang

>Seeing that it was obvious Saya was going to summon something herself

Not that I don't wanna ride in a limo Yang, but yeah, Limos tend to be not the best thing for offroading


File: 1417741602861.png (369.7 KB, 519x490, Giganticanimeeyes.png)

Good, my finished gunpla is quite strong.
You can ask Sei, when we get back. He can confirm it.
Yeah, I have an idea for what we can ride.
>Putting on the ring, she held up a hand and her own bike came out of a circle.
It's not like we had any other choice in the matter.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 863324

File: 1417892624892.png (1.69 MB, 1914x1168, 1377819890745.png)

>She sighs and resigns to the fact she wouldn't get a chance to ride in the limo again.

Ah well, maybe the next time I get sucked into another reality.

>given the world and all it's possibilities it could very well happen.

>It was then that Yang realized she hadn't touched her Maxter in a long while...

That's good!

>"Oh god she's gonna kick my ass isn't she?"

>Probably Yang, probably.


File: 1417922272690.jpg (278.35 KB, 450x600, 33493693_m.jpg)


>The wolf grumbles when no one answers her question, gritting her teeth a bit in annoyance

>She revs her engine and starts driving forward, transforming along the way

>Looking back at the other trio, she comments in a somewhat bored tone

Better safe than sorry



>Jo shrugs and lets out a deep disappointed sigh

We could've walked

>She says with a sigh as she put on her helmet and mounted one of the two bikes she summoned

Gonna ride the other bike I summoned, or just ride with me?.

>She asked Yang with a cheerful voice and a small smile beaming on her fluffy face beneath her helmet

>Just now she realizes she forgot to turn back to "Normal"
>But she shrugged, didn't matter much


File: 1417923658182.png (310.3 KB, 1587x1737, Eternity.png)

That's very very good.
We'll have alot of fun doing so.
As for your question..
Gunpla are model kits.
>Nodding, she transformed
Alright, it's best to be safe.
Considering how far we might have to go, it's best to take these and now tire ourselves out.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864026

File: 1417983816923.jpg (223.58 KB, 600x600, 8e81f20ef79987088463a2c85d1fea…)

>Jo didn't have to ask twice as Yang quickly got on and hugged Jo's waist.

I'll ride with you~!

>She'll deny impending doom is heading her way by cuddling fluff.

Yeah... hahaha...ha.

>She so dead.



>As Wolf rode forward, still sniffing the air, she hummed in intrigue at the mention of model kits

So kinda like the PlaMonsters?

>She asked curiously as her nose led them towards a cave outside town

>Her bike's engine revved as she got closer to the cave



>Jo giggles softly at that and patted Yang's head before driving off after them

>she dispells the other bike so no one else can steal it


I guess you're right, but still was an option

>Jo shrugs as she continues to follow after the wolf riding ahead


File: 1417989637194.jpg (29.91 KB, 156x156, 2.jpg)

>Blinking, Saya paused as she looked down at her bike.
I just thought of something.
Yeah, but we have to build them ourselves.
If there's a place in this world that sells hobby stuff I would check it out.
>Looking at the cave, she raised an eyebrow.
We should also find who else was switched after this.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864051

File: 1417992967590.png (181.24 KB, 640x360, 640px-RWBY6_001597.png)

>She blinks at that. PlaMonsters?

So monsters instead of giant robots then..


>She's happy with the pat on the head and hopes she'll get more in the future.


>Though with Saya's thoughts she turns her head to look at her.

What's that Saya?


PlaMonsters are actually the familiars I use.

>She states as she preps to pull the breaks on her bike


>Wolf nods a bit and soon stops her bike in front of the cave

There's a few hobby shops in town...

>She hakes her head before looking forward

Anyway, right, let's get ready, it could be anything in there...

>She states as she slowly starts walking in



I'm sure we'll find out soon enough, people who're major players in things tend to flock together sooner or later

>Jo said with a slight shrug as she pulled the brakes on the bike in front of the cave


>Jo takes off the helmet and her ears perk up, slightly curious as to what Saya just thought on


Well we can't be the only ones that have switched so maybe we could try to find others.
Fair point, but something is weird about this.
>Pulling to a stop, Saya hopped off her bike and walked up to stand next to the phantom.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864059

File: 1417996145485.png (200.86 KB, 640x360, 640px-RWBY6_000549.png)


>Well now she just felt silly.

>But Saya did bring up a good point, the problem was that they'd have no idea how many people switched and where to fine them.

But it'd kinda hard to determine that wouldn't it?

I mean if we try to seek out these people there's also a chance that more will keep popping up.



>Wolf climbs off of her bike and starts walking into the cave

>Inside the cave, droplets of water could be heard falling down, along with the scurrying of various animals

>wolf takes a deep breath and lifts a hand, starting a fire in it to light their way

Keep your eyes peeled, with a mana signature like this, it wouldn't surprise me if it somehow mutated some of the normal creatures around here...


Yeah... that's true.
Well at least till we find out what's going on.
With thoses ants that attacked before I wouldn't be too suprised.
>Taking out her staff, she held it in her hands as she looked arround.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864071

File: 1417998613965.gif (1.78 MB, 245x350, tumblr_nbyh2ln8Le1rtbkkjo3_r1_…)


>with the threat of possible monsters out and about Yang climbs off of Jo's bike and readies herself for a possible brawl.

>Yang nods.

Sounds fair to me.



>Eventually, the group arrives at a divergence in the cave system, two different tunnels

>The Wolf taps her chin as she thinks

The Fox and I will go down this one

>She point to the left

Saya, you and Yang go down the other.

>Wolf states, stretching slightly as she started towards the tunnel


File: 1417998877151.png (49.86 KB, 242x181, keep petting or you get killed…)


Wait we don't even get a say in the teams?

>Jo questions, her ears lowering a bit in disappointment

>Wolf shakes her head "No"

>Jo pouts before going to follow the Wolf phantom down the one tunnel


File: 1417999042823.jpg (26.1 KB, 159x155, 11.jpg)

Yeah, we should keep an eye out for anything that may pop out.
Wait what?
>Letting out a sigh, she looked over to Yang.
Looks like we're teaming up then.
>Holding up her staff, it started to shine and light up the path infront of them.
Let's get going.
>With that, she headed down the path to the right.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864302

File: 1418016738156.jpg (414.66 KB, 1269x1162, Deadpool_boots.jpg)

>It had been a tad longer then expected to be "Rescued" or whatever from this strange new world, but the Merc with a Muzzle was making due. He had long since come to terms with the fact that the inevitable demise of his ears and other parts of his body were sure to come upon his return home, so he figured he may as well make the best of things.

>Despite his key character trait, he had managed to keep his connection to the building they were staying in to himself. Granted only a very select few were granted that privilaged information, a good chunk of which were royalty. Lord knows the potential outcomes of even more people knowing of his past, let alone his name. That was not something he would be willing to let slip again.

>Which really only made Wade grow more and more worried. The people back home didn't really have any reason to believe he was one of the ones switched, did they? Of course he was off for long periods of time quite often, and he had offically moved away from Wayne Manor. What if his counterpart was making buddy buddy with people? What if he had switched back at the worst possible moment which allowed people to connect the dots? This was bad. But still, nothing he had any control over. Or at least, any control he was willing to show.

>In any case, he now found himself oddly enough in a battle of wits with his somewhat unwilling companion. The well dressed Sebastian had been, oddly enough, a good source of stability during this event. Then again, it was just good to find someone who was willing to take part in his shinanigans. Like the game of battle checkers they had found themselves in.

I see your incoming Minotaur battalion, and I raise you a swarm of rapid mermaids.

>The checker pieces in question seemed to be marked with rather crude symbols as to initiate what they were. The names themselves had no real meaning, however it was fun to imagine such scenarios.

>Reaching over he moves his red piece over to jump over the black checker that stood in its way before collecting the conquered piece.

Go Fish.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864308

File: 1418018090825.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)


>This had to have been the most ridiculous thing he had ever subjected himself to.

>Outside of being stuck in a world not of his own, lacking any potentiality for launching Armageddon or housing the individuals Sebastian personally would have relished seeing existence robbed from, he had found the longer he waited in this world that the more cross he became with his opportunities stolen from him and his time left to seeking out any information at all on this strange phenomena.

>It certainly didn't help that his damnable counterpart for this world was a pathetic wretch, a hound that keenly served whatever master he wanted, even a masterless home. It was disgusting of a demon to become subservient to mortals so happily, so mindlessly, that Sebastian truly wondered if he had any ambitions at all in his life.

>He likely didn't, which was all the more sadder. He may as well have been that stupid cat demon from his own world, unwilling to embrace his demonic self and content to roll about in mud with the pigs.

>His companion in this world was maddening as well, but he put up with it for the benefit of something mildly familiar. He could be useful somewhere down the line, either as food or perhaps some kind of utility to get him closer to his answer on what caused this swapping situation and how he could reverse it.

>Sebastian narrows his red eyes keenly at the checkerboard; he honestly isn't sure if they're even playing checkers anymore or some other kind of made up game in the mind of the mercenary's.

>The symbols on Sebastian's black checkers all are intricately rendered and high quality illustrations set on white paper taped to the tops, all idly made for the benefit of showing clarity. Wade's checkers conversely made him question whether the mermaids were just strangely drawn piranha.

>His minotaur checker checked, he sighs and looks over his own options. It was an intriguing game, in that Sebastian sees that he would need to make a decisive play to avoid making the mercenary's mark a king.


>As he considers his move, he muses aloud:

A month in this ruddy world...are you as aggravated about such a fate as I am, Mr. Wilson?

>Spying a move, Sebastian picks up a black piece with a lion's head drawn upon it, and slides it between black and red checkers, blocking them both from being able to move forward.

Lion vanguard before the Pegasus protectorate; go fish.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864309

File: 1418019596006.png (455.92 KB, 590x836, 3575974-deadpool6.png)

>Wade seemed to have this strange essence of both vigilantly watching the board, and giving the image of a trained monkey observing its favorite naughty flick. This however did not stop him from engaging in what could only be assumed as the demon butler's attempt at war time conversation.

>At the request of "Go Fish", Wade would draw from the deck placed beside the checker board. Upon observing the card, he grunts in disbelief.

Aw man, this is like the worst card in the bunch.

>Hesitantly he places the card among others on his side of the board. Each one protraying a rather raunchy illustration of anthropamorphic ponies.

I swear every time I play this game I always draw Flash Sentry. I'm cursed to his dorkness I tell ya.

>Leaning back in his chair he would place his hands on the back of his head as he actually seemed to acknowledge Sebastian's thoughts.

Well really anything is alright after spending a month in a nuclear crater. The room service there is terrible. I mean yeah I got my worries, but ain't nothing I can do about it, so why fight fate?

>After a while he leans forward once more, this time pushing forward a red checker with a crudely drawn chicken with a snake tail onto it from the back of the board.

Cockatrice crusaders to back up Screwy Professors.

>The second check involved in this move had a frowny face with a screw through it's head, releasing what one could only deduce as stink lines.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864310

File: 1418020201106.png (41.9 KB, 234x308, Sebastian_Hmn Who Could That B…)


Nuclear crater? That's an odd place for a holiday.

>Sebastian reaches aside him for a teacup, holding a strange liquid and a blobby soul inside of it.

>Whether the soul was good or evil isn't easy to tell, especially when each sip Sebastian takes makes the soul in the liquid shrink rather than the liquid draining itself.

>Satisfied with his drink, Sebastian puts it aside and leans forward the examine the board. With the cockatrice moved forward, a path for his Dragon checker lays particularly open, which he takes with a simple push.

Dragon riders advance.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864312

It's not like I was exactly there by choice. It just kind of happened. We've all been there, ya go out with a few friends for a party, things get to wild and you wake up in a crater. Course sometimes you also wake up to someone you don't know, but hey, either's good right?

>The dragon was getting to close to his base for comfort. He only had one checker to perform the act of blockading. Strange as it may sound, it was his only hope.

Bunny Brigade to block Dragon Riders.

>And so there it was. The only thing standing in the way of the elegantly drawn dragons was a red checker with a cotton ball hot glued onto it. Like something out of a Steven King novel it was.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864314

File: 1418022099272.png (22.01 KB, 160x250, Sebastian_ADelectableSoul.png)


>A single checker standing between him and being marked as king? All the mercenary was doing was giving himself a turn of false hope, but it was already over at this point.

It 'kind of happened' that you managed to be in a nuclear strike zone?

I find that rather fascinating that something so mundane could happen to you, and lead you to a site of immense destruction.

And yet here you sit before me? You are quite the fascinating enigma, Mr. Wilson.

>Sebastian's long and elegant fingers gently lift the dragon checker, hopping it right over the cotton ball bunny checker in a single bounce.

>He plucks up the checker, a small smile on his face and he chortles quietly:

Check, Mr. Wilson. Your move.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864315

>Darn, his favorite piece now gone from the board forever. This however did not seem to prevent him from noticeing the other matter that seemed to be trending. Not only was this guy humoring him with his bizzare games of chance, but he was also paying attention to what he was saying. Almost uncomfortably so at that. A way to change the subject seemed to be in order.

Well I would say you're one to talk. You talk like English, you act English, yet your face screams Japanese. Of course that's not the only thing, your cup hasn't shut up since your first sip.

>The ol one two verbal punch. Always good for buying time in a tight spot. If Wade's mouth was good for anything, it was keeping people guessing. The board was set, clashes of armies all over as the dragons seemed to glide their way straight for his heart.

>He would need more time to think of an appropriate move.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864317

File: 1418023400059.jpg (64.86 KB, 1280x720, Sebastian_AreYouFuriousSir.jpg)



>The mercenary truly had a masterful way of avoiding a lead, with about as much grace as a chicken waddling into oncoming traffic.

We all can't help how we appear, Mr. Wilson.

>Sebastian's cool and controlled voice is like a purr of a content tiger, one that is expecting a rather large meal.

>He leans back in his seat, awaiting Wade's next mood, and adds:

If we could, I imagine you would be less keen wearing such a cumbersome mask.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864319

File: 1418024314406.jpg (72.54 KB, 464x280, 2266710-deadpool_binoculars.jp…)

>OOF! If what Wade was attempting was the one two punch, Sebastian went straight for the nut punch. Such verbal tactics were to be commended, if not for the fact he had to hold himself back from flipping this table right now. Of course this did raise the question of how he did know about his condition, or if he was simply being koy.

Well you know, can't have the old mug just flailing about while I'm on patrol. It's a bit of a tradiation in the super hero game you know.

>Once more he looks at the board. So many options, many of them wrong. Of course this was just a silly game, but playing with this guy somehow made it seem more sinister then that.

I activate the Equestrian barrier. You are prevented from kinging your pieces for one turn.

>With that in mind he would lift his mermaid piece from before and Slide it so it was on the edge of Sebastian's "base".

Rabid Mermaids enter your moat. Check, butler man.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864322

File: 1418025155153.png (26.94 KB, 257x237, Sebastian_TestingForPoison.PNG)


>Sebastian considers his options on the board carefully. His dragon was prevented from being crowned for a turn, leaving the mercenary the opportunity to be one turn in advance.

>And with no checkers similarly to block, he would need to be a little more keen on what to do here...

...I suppose I can respect tradition.

>He'd force his hand.

Lion vanguard to advance.

>Sebastian shifts the checker aside, leaving Wade with the option to either take two of Sebastian's checkers or to go ahead and king one.

>A problem, seeing as if Sebastian had an extra turn, not only would the Dragon checker be in range of a King, but so too would the Lion if it wasn't stopped now.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864324

File: 1418025549315.jpg (11.11 KB, 385x131, 567.jpg)

It would seem his bluff had not been in vain. Which was alright in Wade's eyes. Not that his looks were exactly a secret, though he would prefer to keep the illusion that the mask was to conceal his identity, and not the horrible scarring underneath.

>It would also seem the move was now in his favor. Sebastian's silver tounge may have been a valuable strength, but his lack of imagination was a dire weakness.

>Screwy Professor's ambush Lion Vanguards. Confusion in ranks allow execution of Dragon Riders.

>Hopping his checker over both pieces, Wade would pick them up before spinning his own on it's side.

Level up!

>Placing both pieces on the side of the board, he would cross his arms with a certain saisfaction.

So, what's your beef with cat boy? He try to shank you in the locker room in high school?

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864326

File: 1418026208350.jpg (11.16 KB, 500x227, Sebastian_Demonic Ennui.jpg)


>Sebastian's displeasure at the move is indicated by a sudden flash in his eyes, changing from red to maroon.

>He had assumed there was some logic to this game, and in it's base, that the linear sort of playstyle was still constant. It should have been impossible to destroy his Dragon checker when it was lined up to sacrifice his Lion and Pegasus checkers in short order.

>Sebastian stares evenly at Dead and draws a card, which he glances at briefly.


>He looks back to Dead and arches a single dark eyebrow.

'Cat Boy' is a sad floundering excuse of a demon whose idiocy and incompetence continue to demean and disgrace demonhood. He fights what he is, yet he is clearly a selfish animal deep down.

I loathe to see such opportunities go to waste on such a miserable creature.

>Sebastian sets the card down, which reveals a Pegasus with beautiful ornamental outstretched wings clutching spears.

Primal Pegasus Card. It allows my Pegasus checker to move double the spaces in one turn, with temporary increased attack, assuming I still have such a piece on the board.

>With perhaps a firmer hand than before, Sebastian lifts the checker, and swiftly moves it over the piece that now stood on its side.

>Sebastian plucks it up with a deft swipe, pinching it between his fingers.

...Go fish.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864329

>As quick as the piece had risen to glory, it had so fallen down in the field of battle. Never the less, its sacrifice shall not be in vain.

>Reaching over to the deck he would pull out a card to be placed along with the others.

Hey now, I'll be the first to admit he's not the sharpest candle in the crayon box, but I'm not really catching on to what you're saying.

>Lifting the collection of cards to his face, he would examine them briefly.

You mean he actually IS a demon? I just thought he was an escapee from that monster land just off the coast.

>Laying down a card would reveal an image of an anthrophamoric version of an orange mare with long blonde hair. Her attire would lead one to assume she was a farmhand of somekind. If not an ill equipped one.

Sweet Cider relief. Every red piece on the field's stamina is replenished by half their total amount.

>Moving the Mermaid piece up he would state rather proudly.

King me.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864330

File: 1418027527460.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)


>Sebastian reaches into a nearby box, removing the mermaid piece from the board and placing a white king piece from a chess set on the space.

Indeed, he's a demon. You wouldn't know it, but a lust demon at that. He had seduced and taken advantage of a resident of the estate, much as his kind is wont to do, but he holds a rather unhealthy attachment to mortals and his prey.

>Sebastian scoffs and pushes his own Pegasus checker closer, now in range of being kinged as well.

Check, Mr. Wilson.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864502

File: 1418055828586.png (75.61 KB, 314x560, rwby___yang_xiao_long_by_xcast…)

>With the wolf stating the team up Yang nods. Sure she'd like to be with Jo as well, but being a team meant you had to work with all your members equally.


>She waves to Jo as she heads down her path.

I'll catch you later sweetie!

>Nodding at Saya's prompt, and follows her down to the path.

Hope we don't have to fight anything down here.


File: 1418056945717.gif (995.87 KB, 500x278, tumblr_muvr3cJoXq1r2nvplo3_500…)


>As the two proceed through the cave they'd hear loud skittering

>Followed by a low "Hiss" sound

>If they were to look upward in the tunnel...they'd see what looks like a cross between a squirrel and a Xenomorph run across the ceiling

>At first it doesn't bother them and just runs past...before one tries tackling Saya!

Roll 1d1000 = 782

>Total Squirrelanoids 4

>Total types of Mutations Team Fire and Ice has to go through before they arrive at the source: 4


File: 1418057107972.png (619.37 KB, 871x490, Andthat'swhyyou'rewrong.png)

>The rabbit stumbled a little at what Yang said and let out a sigh.
Umm Yang, I think this is one of those times that you don't say that.
>Suddenly tackled by one of the monsters, Saya placed a hand on it.
Deep freeze.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 399

The working Dead 864545

File: 1418061573880.jpg (19.5 KB, 500x100, image.jpg)

>well, this certainly shed some light on some things. While he had never particularly liked Hueco, he simply didn't care much for his apparent lack of common sense in the most dire of times. But now this... This was something that poured gasoline onto the fire.

That burns my ass. You mean that guy not only sees us as food for whatever sick appetite of his, but claims to "care for us" as well!?

>His distain for the matter growing by the second. He then recalls how close he tried to get with Professor Screwloose. If Sebastian were paying attention he could see the mercenary trying to hold back losing his lunch.

Dude, I may kill people, but that's just wrong.

>It would be now how this apparent pervert had shared a roof with him, and his family for almost two years. If he ever saw him again he was sure to give him a piece of his mind, and his gun.
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Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864570

File: 1418074958494.jpg (76.89 KB, 400x529, Sebastian_Reason Number One Yo…)


>It wasn't entirely the truth, Sebastian would admit to himself. The cat demon hadn't done any accidental dives into his own nature for perhaps a year now as far as he knew, not that the red mercenary would necessarily know such a thing.

>But Sebastian did know other things, things he could use to keep building the fire of wrath he saw in the red man before him.

Did you know that he consorted with a demon that was evicted from Wayne Manor? I do not believe you are aware of a Miss Alice, but the two have been quite thick as thieves whenever I happen upon them. I personally find that rather interesting he would consort himself with such a childish, unstable and murderous demon, but as I have said, the cat isn't terribly bright.

>He sighs, then waves his hand.

Thankfully, I have dealt with that particular nuisance. A demon such as her isn't as fit as the cat to be walking about freely with as much power as she housed, being a Demon Prince herself.

She, who had to my knowledge, summoned Leviathan himself to Wayne Manor in a childish fit when she did not get her way, and who freely disregarded those around her if they did not suit her benefit.

>Sebastian's smile strengthens, clearly reflecting his amusement in this line of topic.

As powerful as she was, at least in comparison to me, I had managed to topple her from a seat of power and leave her with nothing. If I can do that to a Demon Prince while having virtually nothing but my wits to my benefit, then anything I feel is fit for the cat demon I can gladly do at any time I wish.

I simply haven't found the right course of action to take with him just yet.

>He still fancied the idea of a throw-rug, however.

The working Dead 864594

File: 1418082256559.jpg (61.96 KB, 500x248, image.jpg)

>the second name would ring a bell in Wade's mind. He vaguely recalled someone of that name crossing paths with him before.


>recalling the numerous issues he had been in, Wade searched the confines of the mess he called a mind. Somewhere in the past between the perfect taco recipe and his regret for past actions was what he was searching for.

I think I know who you're talkig about.... Yeeeah I know her. She threw that big hissy fit during the incident with those Hellfire Club rip offs. Kept trying to kill the ones we sent to the medical bay.

> he recalls the incident as greatly as he can. He didn't give her much thought over a self entitled brat who wanted her way.

>Roll 1d1000 = 995

>if evens another memory comes to mind.

Come to think of it, I remember she once tried to buy my kid's soul because I made a passing comment about her looks. And hey say I have an ego.

>despite the outcome of the roll he didn't have that high of an opinion of her anyway. Especially now that he knew she was in cahoots with an alleged sex fiend.

Those two were actually friends? And you killed one of them? Well I can only assume it was self defense at this rate.

>it would only be after he finished his last statement that somethin else about what Sebastian said would stand out. Something that surprised the mercenary in more ways then one.

So wait... She was a prince? She... A prince? Well know the rules of gender rolls are slowly blurring away these days and more power to then I suppose. But doesn't that mean you got a kingdom of hell gunni for you now? I mean, I took the finger nail from a devil once so I can assume her dad is hella pissed about now.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864626

File: 1418091000633.png (26.94 KB, 257x237, Sebastian_TestingForPoison.PNG)



>Sebastian takes up his cup once more and sips, the soul inside it now shrinking to the size of a marble inside of it.


This vein of conversation does have me curious. What do you think of demons, Mr. Wilson? Have you had any particularly pleasant experiences with them, or has it been to your experience to distrust them?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864690

File: 1418097645522.png (331.29 KB, 406x635, tumblr_inline_n5xp3omYEC1rzdt5…)

Demons are weird.

>Would be Wade's immediate answer. The checker board between the two conversationalists remaining untouched as it awaited Wade's next move.

They go on about how much better they are then other species just because they're born with a bit more power then most. But when it gets to the end of the day they're the same as everyone else in this crazy world.

>Reaches over, he grabs his own cup of refreshing liquids. This one being a red plastic cup filled with cherry Kool-aide. Even without moving his mask away from his mouth he is able to successfully enjoy the beverage.

Course I've had my fair share of encounters. Fought a few, fucked a few, some of them have had the biggest impact in my life. I really have no strong opinion of the race in one way or another.

>After placing his cup back to it's assigned spot he crosses his arms and hovers his head over the game board to judge his next movie.

Course the fact that Glorya's a demon kind of tends to point me to approving them...course her mother is another story entirely.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 864708

File: 1418109619018.png (54.98 KB, 391x268, Sebastian_Yes_Well.PNG)



>Sebastian sets his cup down and looks to the board. He's aware that Wade might be stalling for time at this point, but content with this line of discussion, he contents himself to amusing him for now.

>His information is fascinating, however. He was married to a demon? Perhaps she was already molding him to her fancy for devouring at some point.
>He could muscle in on such cultivation, but the man's soul didn't look that appetizing to eat. He wonders more if he'd get sick if he tried taking a bite of it, honestly.

You're quite progressive to think as such! Most people immediately believe the worst of a demon at first sight.

>Sebastian sighs and looks back up to Wade, his smile apparent once more.

I must admit; I have not heard of a demon who married a mortal so happily. But I imagine you must be quite content, which is encouraging to hear.

>He sincerely hope that demon is not another pig-lover; it was beginning to become a disgusting trend at this point.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864716

File: 1418128202757.png (214.62 KB, 640x352, 640px-Yang13.PNG)

>Welp, she jinxed it again, time to fight some freaky monsters.

Haha... Sorry Saya!

>Yang rushes one and tries to slug the creature in the face.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 443


File: 1418131427987.jpg (30.42 KB, 322x368, 20131012153407!Aaah.jpg)


>The Squirellanoid jumps onto Saya and

Roll 1d1000 = 564
>evens, Min Damage, scratches her face
>odds, Max damage, spits acid at her


>Regardless of what the squirellanoid does to Saya it soon gets punched down by Yang, flyingg across the open air

>This causes the other 3 to attempt to tackle her

>S 1

Roll 1d1000 = 338
>s 2
Roll 1d1000 = 176
>S 3
Roll 1d1000 = 671

>odds all


File: 1418149890689.png (310.3 KB, 1587x1737, Eternity.png)

Yeah yeah...
>Rising to her feet, Saya lifted up her staff and pushed the back of the dragon's head down.
>A blade shapped like a dragon's wing slid out before she swung it at one of the monsters.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 147

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864846

File: 1418151162405.jpg (45.81 KB, 724x1024, tumblr_nfmfkrsSpn1si99vho1_128…)

>Yang ducks down so that the first two creatures crash into each other rather then her. She wasn't to lucky with the third though as it pushes her to the floor.

Ooff! Hey! They only fluffy thing I want on top of me is Jo! And you sure as hell ain't her!

>Yang attempts to knee the monster in the gut to launch it off of her.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 9
>If hits Odds Roll 1d1000 = 633 she quickly gets up and punches it into the ground on it's way down.


File: 1418151489839.jpg (34.23 KB, 470x414, Popup_bio_squirrelanoid.jpg)


>The Squirrelanoid that Saya tried to slice at while it was on the ground quickly lept up and lashed its tail at Saya

Roll 1d1000 = 904


>The Mutant ontop of Yang leans its head down and a spiked tentacle like tongue lashes at her

Roll 1d1000 = 637

>The other Squirrelanoids hear something skittering at the end of the tunnels and try running off that way


File: 1418151689018.png (541.6 KB, 871x490, Doyouwanttofuckinggo.png)

>Stepping back out of the attack's range, she pressed the earth symbol on the blade and sank it into the ground before swinging it upwards.
>As she swung it, spikes of earth shot out towards the mutant.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 747
>Roll 1d5 = 5 hit

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864860

File: 1418153694259.gif (98.56 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n5dmekgZMe1qlol6jo1_500…)

>Yang flinches as the tongue lashes out at her and starts to squirm.

Ew ew ew! Get that thing away from meeeeee!

>Instead of trying to get it off first, Yang tries to punch the monster in the teeth.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 754

>Saya wasn't doing well either it seemed.


File: 1418154976579.jpg (30.42 KB, 322x368, 20131012153407!Aaah.jpg)


>The Squirrelanoids the remained in the room jumped and dodged out of the Duo's assaults

>They each jump onto the ceiling and bound off to tackle their respective targets again

Roll 1d1000 = 576
>Saya, odds

Roll 1d1000 = 451
>Yang, Odds

>Upon failure they hit face first into the ground


File: 1418155166173.png (584.99 KB, 871x490, FineIseehowitis.png)

I'm really getting tired of this.
>Pressing the flame symbol on her scythe, it burst into flames as she swung it down at the mutant.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 165

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864869

File: 1418156012948.png (424.3 KB, 600x848, tumblr_ne67u61Hag1si99vho2_128…)

Oh come on!

>Tackled by one of the awful creatures again, Yang starts to get rather vexed by the fact she and Saya aren't making any progress with the battle.


>So she gets angry.


>Drawing power from the damage she's already taken from her enemy, she lets them have it all back, with interesting, in the form of a burning fist.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 113


File: 1418156308467.jpg (30.42 KB, 322x368, 20131012153407!Aaah.jpg)

>The dizzy Mutation manages to stumble out of Saya's way

>The Squirrelanoid was still far too dizzy to hit Saya


>The Squirrelanoid panics and jumps back in fear of the flaming fist

>It swings its tail towards yang and gulps somewhat in fear

Roll 1d1000 = 87


>Dismissing her weapon, the sorceress formed water over her hands in the shape of claws before freezing them solid and swinging at the mutation's neck.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 439

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 864872

File: 1418156726020.png (1.44 MB, 892x918, 1372100337486.png)

Yeah, she's my dark light in a darker world.

>He sighs as he can't help but go into flashback mode. He recalls the times she was there to help null the pain. Even before they were an offical item she had this uncanny ability to make him feel like less of a freak.

>Of course, this had the unfortunate side effect of being called out by her mother. That alone being one of the key experiences of his neutrality for demon kind. Experiancing both sides of the sprectrem within such a short time would do that to a man.

In my relatively short time on this planet I've learned not to judge a book by its cover. Everyone on this rock is trying to get by in their own way. Demons, Humans, Ponies, Robots, we're all stuck on this crazy ball so why kill each other for no reason?

>He was one to talk. Until two years ago he was going around shooting people in the foot just because they asked him about his mask. Now here he was playing super hero to the entire pony race. It's funny how things work sometimes.

I mean look at me, I was born with hooves. Now I got fingers and toes and skin that'll make small children cry. What about you, besides the wonder twins what's your stance on the hellspawn?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864873

File: 1418157890568.png (331.74 KB, 848x600, tumblr_ne67u61Hag1si99vho3_128…)

>Yang only gets stronger taking the blow from the monster's tail.

you're going to pay for that too!!

>She attempts to grab it's tail and smash it into the cave wall.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 790


File: 1418158924917.jpg (34.23 KB, 470x414, Popup_bio_squirrelanoid.jpg)


>The Squirrelanoid Yang hit falls over and groans, going unconscious

>The one in front of Saya shakes its head and dives towards her!

Roll 1d1000 = 695


>Sliding back as it tackled her, Saya stood before lifting her right hand and bringing it down on the Squirrelaniod's head.
>odds Roll 1d1000 = 742

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864880

File: 1418160198859.png (605.25 KB, 848x600, tumblr_ne67u61Hag1si99vho4_128…)

>with her foe out of the way, Yang quickly targets the mutant going after Saya and tries to deal a crushing blow to it with her fists.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 412


File: 1418161155044.jpg (30.42 KB, 322x368, 20131012153407!Aaah.jpg)


>It squeals in pain as it slowly sinks to the ground and goes unconscious

>Further in the cave there was sure to be more creatures and terrors

>Some back up would probably be beneficial.


File: 1418161677679.jpg (29.91 KB, 156x156, 2.jpg)

>Saya just turned away and started walking with the ice still surrounding her hands.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864883

File: 1418162118858.jpg (16.71 KB, 213x180, ss (2013-11-22 at 04.57.18).jp…)

>Taking a moment to cool down, Yang hears more of those things deeper in the cave.

Probably not a good idea to keep--


Whoa wait Saya, where are you off to? We really should get back to the others!

>They could have been in the same situation as them.


File: 1418162918758.png (615.36 KB, 871x490, Youwillnotevademe.png)

>Saya turned to look back at her, her eyes hidden by her hair.
>Turrning fully, she started walking back the way they came.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864888

File: 1418163415086.png (76.89 KB, 243x202, Whoops.png)

>Well Saya was angry. Good to know, but at least Yang was able to move her into a different direction then onto further enemies.

>Not saying much to Saya and letting her cool down for a bit, Yang simply follows the fummong bunnygirl back to the others.


File: 1418165021088.png (481.19 KB, 871x490, Determined.png)

>As she walked, the ice melted back into water before forming sleeves on her arms as she let out a sigh.
I'm tired.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864922

File: 1418168749091.png (344.97 KB, 1000x800, 5796b9f336baf6011a478682e75c4e…)

>Yang pats the bunny on head head lightly.

I am too Saya, I am too.

>More mentally then phyisically, she just wanted to be back home in her own bed again. Though there wouldn't be much point in getting back home if they got seriously hurt...

We'll get back home eventually though.


File: 1418169105720.png (554.22 KB, 871x490, Down.png)

I... I just want to see my family again.
My wife... sister and daugeters.
I just want to see them.


File: 1418169987757.jpg (86.15 KB, 500x501, tumblr_lkjo8sDolD1qbjm8qo1_500…)


>As they're walking backward through the cave, a small bug bot being torn to bits by squirrelnoids can be seen squirming and struggling as he's attacked and taken apart

No no! please Fleshy Squirrels don't hurt Waaaaspinator!

>Screams and panic abound from the little bot

>best not to draw attention and take advantage of the fact it was keeping the squirrels busy.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864940

File: 1418170675052.png (41.57 KB, 292x351, dot dot dot.png)

I got a sister back home to.. I know how you feel.

>She continues to walk back and hopefully, they'll meet Jo and the Wolf once the go down the other path.

But we'll make them worry more if we come back hurt right? It's something like this we have to be careful about--

>She stops as she sees the robot being attacked by the squirrels.


>As much as she knew it was a good distraction, she had pity for the bot and felt a need to rescue it.

>She turns to Saya with a blank face.

Should we help it or...?


>Saya had already reformed the ice claws.
Why wouldn't we help it?
>With a yell, she leap towards one of the monsters and slashed at it's back.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 38


File: 1418172913175.jpg (58.94 KB, 500x413, tumblr_n3lqrg31kO1qcrr5qo3_500…)


>The Squirelanoid gets cut in half as its caught off guard

>The other Squirellanoid runs off out of the cave out of fear

>...and Waspinator just passes out on the ground in front of them

>Should at least get the bot to a safer place right?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864983

File: 1418173167601.jpg (185.4 KB, 368x600, tumblr_nd6zr6ezB41ti0udjo1_400…)

Well that was easier then I thought it'd be, nice work Saya!

>Though with the other creature fleeing it could warn others. They'll have to work quickly then.

Alright, let's get this bot gathered up and haul it off to a safer place.

>She was glad they were able to help it out though, hopefully it could be fixed and still be functional.


File: 1418174452422.png (880.4 KB, 871x490, Ehehehe.png)

Yeah.. maybe we could send it to the Tearguard HQ
What do you think?
>Saya then held up a ring with a smile.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 864996

File: 1418175139000.png (256.45 KB, 480x480, Yang1.png)

>Would be better then them lugging it around, they needed to get to Jo ASAP after all.

That'd be a good idea. They should know what to do with him... right?

>Maybe they'll make him into a Maidbot or something...


File: 1418178749272.png (880.4 KB, 871x490, Ehehehe.png)

>Using her connect ring, she pushed the bot into the portal before closing it.
Alright, let's get going.
I'll keep an eye out for them

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865040

File: 1418180508675.jpg (48.2 KB, 500x366, Sebastian_ForgiveMyLanguageBut…)


>Sebastian's answer is as swift as ever, clearly something he took to heart very seriously.

Demons serve a purpose in this world as much as anything else done. When they stray from what they are intended to do, what their natures transcribe, they spit on and squander what gifts they have and what destiny has carved for their existence.

>Sebastian scoffs, sounding a little more offended than before.

>Demons who did not drag humanity down, who did not aspire to destroy the heavens and the mortals who skittered about on the crust that was the mortal plane, what were they?
>As useless as the rocks on the ground, that's what.

>It disgusted him to know that he, a being made from the consciousness of a pony, managed to make a better demon than any he had met before.


>Speaking of ponies, however...

You are an Equestrian, Mr. Wilson? Pardon me for my assumptions; I had thought you were a humanoid sort of individual firsthand.

>Which begged the question:

If you don't mind assuaging a curiosity, how exactly did you come about such an inelegant form for an equine? Magical mishap, body swap, or perhaps some transmorphing technology?


File: 1418182465469.png (564.32 KB, 975x1200, Poke Jo amie.png)


>Despite Saya and Yang's struggles...

>When they finally met back up with Jo and Wolf, it seemed the only ill fated mutagen filled monstrosities they found...

>Were bags of potato chips that they were eagerly munching on

>Admittedly Salt can hardly be considered a mutagen, but whatever

And here I was expecting to fight a bunch of monsters, maybe an ancient mecha or two!

>Jo mused with a hearty chuckle, walking as she looked towards Wolf

I have to agree, the lack of monsters is certainly a pleasant surprise.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865140

File: 1418184811792.png (256.86 KB, 500x358, dp10.png)

I believe the proper term is "Mad science". Or just general fuckery of genetics, either's good.

>With a heavy sigh he crosses his arms. Origin stories were always rather time consuming.

You remember that moment when Equestria was pulled into our world? Eh, you probably don't, it was before your time I'd guess. Anyway the nation was in shambles, so Celestia did what she had to do and called every able bodied stallions to put the armor on and start poking spears.

>The almost Nolstalgic feeling would wash over the mercenary. Those were simplier times. Back where he could punch anyone he wanted without his conscience blabbing at him. Of course back then his Equestrian name was common knowledge.

Of course, this is kind of a problem when you have a rare form of cancer that has yet to be identified by the unicorns. So naturally I was given the boot. That's when these guys in suits came up and promised to cure me.

>Unfolding his arms he places his elbows on the table. This part of the story would bring out the worst of him if not properly controlled.

And boy did they ever. By giving me an outrageous healing factor. Course what they forgot to tell me it was also an underground, under the tables super soldier factory trying to pump out the new first line of Equestrian defense.

>His hands and toes would wiggle. As if the very thought of their addition to his body would cause a kind of ghost sense. They were not always there, and over the years he had grown rather found of them. Though those rare times he remembered they're as artifical as the rest of them. Those times they felt like parasites that wouldn't go away, no matter how hard he tried.

I spent years in that place. The lucky ones managed to die after their first day.Then one day a guy forgets to check the locks. Alot of people were looking forward to being able to wring the necks of the people in that lab. And boy what a show that was.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865172

File: 1418191145767.jpg (18.22 KB, 500x281, Sebastian_ExcuseMeButThatIsRid…)


>Sebastian listens patiently, keeping his gaze fixated on Wade the whole while. At first he appears as placid as before, nodding slightly or remaining neutral. However, as Wade elaborates, the demon opposite him begins to reveal his incredulity to the mercenary's tale.

>He could believe Celestia calling for the able bodied stallions of her country to be forced into servitude, considering the circumstances of Equestria itself.

>He could even believe in a pony succumbing to what was a fairly common disease, even if they were ponies.

>But the concept that the ponies had some kind of super-soldier program, something that was both criminally immoral and cruel, was absolutely beyond Sebastian's scope of expectation for the ponies. He thought them naive and gullible, not immune from slipping into sin when gently guided to it but certainly not fully capable of willful sin on their own merits.

>He'd need to reevaluate how he looked upon the equines. Clearly, Princess Woona was no fluke if he heard Wade correctly.

Pardon my skepticism, Mr. Wilson, but I am quite surprised to hear that Equestrians could do such a thing to their own...

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865184

File: 1418192321414.jpg (11.11 KB, 385x131, 567.jpg)

You and everyone else. It's a stretch on how we normally try to portray ourselves.

>With a shrug, he leans back in his chair. His legs extended as to allow himself to kick the chair back, having it stand on two legs.

Celestia didn't really have any place to argue. Canterlot and the rest of her establishments were facing unknown forces from all around. Every day strange new characters were popping up and causing damage.

>His arms now lifting up as his hands rest behind his head. His eyes now looking up at the ceiling fan that rest above them. Naturally he would follow one blade in the fan inparticular and follow it in its routes.

So when a super smart mare in a lab coat promises you a way to end your people's suffering, you don't have time to ask questions.

>His voice draining away it's carefree facade he had mere moments ago. Now every word sounded almost garggled as it tried to force it's way out of his throat.

It's like said before...Demons, Humans, Ponies...we're all the same. Some of us are just better at hiding the suck.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865192

File: 1418195550756.gif (252.16 KB, 500x473, Sebastian_Don'tBlink_OrYou'llM…)


>He must focus his attentions more on those candy-coloured equines. What the mercenary was saying was an absolute wealth of information involving the morality and falsely implied purity of the creatures. They were just as capable of vile actions and cruelty as any other sentient life form. Their endearing forms hid that well, and with Princess Celestia as a header for the race, it would indeed be hard imagining them as sinful race as any other.

>Sebastian takes a breath and leaves a respectful silence, staring moodily down at the table and game before them both.
>Truly he would take this for his advantage at a later date; for now he required the mercenary's goodwill, which meant offering some sympathy in return.

...I am quite sorry to hear you have gone through such a trial, Mr. Wilson, or doubted it. I've allowed appearances to determine what I presume, which is not an appropriate way to go about socially.

>He allows his arms to drop to his sides, appearing troubled and conflicted to the mercenary across the table. Sebastian's eyebrows are furrowed, his gaze cast on the board with no particular spot he focuses on, and blinks slowly.


Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865208

>As quick as a jack rabbit, Wade would lift his legs and allow the legs on the chair to slam on the ground. Reaching over he would lift up and slam a card from his collection down.

Stuck up rejection.

>The card in question would this time feature a white unicorn with a spiraling purple mane. Her attire being nothing more then diamond chains in all the right places as she grins smugly.

Forces are rejected so bad they are blown backwards one row.

>He wouldn't make any action personally to move Sebastian's pieces. He would leave that up to him.

So any way what's your story? How did you get to be the badass you are today. I saw how you were throwing those daggers during that fight. Takes alot of skill to be able to pull that off.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865210

File: 1418204768412.jpg (8.57 KB, 240x135, Sebastian_NotWhatIHadForeseen.…)



>At first the demon jerks, the sudden slam from Wade's chair snapping his senses out of his earlier thoughts with a disruptive creaking noise.

>Once he's certain that he was simply startled by the mercenary's unpredictable movements, Sebastian grunts in annoyance and stares at the card. He had almost thought the mercenary had forgotten they were playing.
>Was this session of sharing to distract him from focusing on the game? If it was, it certainly did the trick. The concept of ponies becoming far more viable prey tickled his fancy.

>Sebastian idly slides his own pieces back, no longer as invested in the game, but the slew of information Wade had fed to him. His past, his own feelings towards demons and humans and ponies, they all built a fascinating foundation that he could use to his benefit, should he angle trust from the mutated stallion.

Skill indeed; I'm a far more competent demon than that cat can ever hope to be in his lifetime.

>Sebastian simply slides his pegasai troop forward again, leaving his other pieces pushed back towards his side of the board. This move he found more advantageous in the current situation; with nothing to challenge the pegasus checker and his wall of checkers set up, all Wade was doing was prolonging the inevitable.

Pegasus advance.

>Revealing a part of his hand would not spoil the batch, and considering the Equestrian's tale thus far, he was well in pleasant company to tell as much.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865212

File: 1418208257029.jpg (330.45 KB, 897x1200, tumblr_mre81gDtGc1ry01upo1_128…)

>A small scoffing would escape Wade as he watches Sebastian play.

Well, that certainly explains it. You wanted to make sure I wouldn't shoot you in the head first. You are a smart one.

>His mind apparently drifting away from the game now. He could see that his sudden move into the game had been more then a shock to newly revealed demon.

I can relate though. I've had a more then my fair share of punk mercenaries who treat the title like it's nothing more then a way to make easy money. They were reminded of the error of their ways soon enough.

>Once more he leans back in his chair. His arms crossed over his chest as he lets out a rather bored sounding breath which caused his lips to slap against each other for several seconds.

Course, I can only assume you've already made a bit of a name for yourself. I was at this job for a few decades before I eventually reached something of a retirement in Wayne Manor. It kind of doesn't really count cause I did spend those two years mainly doing probono work.

So refresh my memory, how do underworld politics work? Who is next in line for the Demon Prince you took out?

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865222

File: 1418225999137.jpg (63.04 KB, 500x500, 1391425912395.jpg)

>Yang stares at the sight before her. While her and Saya were being mauled by anger mutant rodents, Jo and the wolf girl were eating... chips!!


>At first a noise of indignation comes from her, but that's quickly cut off be herself as her eyes flash red and her cheeks puff out surpassing the shout of anger she was trying to keep inside of her. It soon comes out in an annoyed groan.



File: 1418226191402.png (680.71 KB, 871x490, WhatthefuckamIreading.png)

>Saya's right eye twitched as she stood next to Yang watching the two before poining a hand at them.
Are you kidding me!?


File: 1418226583903.png (15.36 KB, 195x214, popcorn.png)


Oh hey guys!

>Jo said waving as she noticed them, not seeming to pay mind to how annoyed they were

Did you want some chips? I saved some for when we'd meet up at the end of the tunnels.

If that's where we'd end up meeting

I've explored enough Caves wolf, trust me I know what I'm talking about

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865226

File: 1418227487981.gif (1.78 MB, 245x350, tumblr_nbyh2ln8Le1rtbkkjo3_r1_…)


>Yang walks up to Jo.

Yes, I'd like some chips.

>Though before Jo could pass her any, Yang has already pressed her face into the foxgirl's chest and vents her frustration within.


File: 1418227933763.png (625.59 KB, 871x490, BAKA!.png)

>After a short fit of cursing in japanese, she let the ice melt again drpping the water to the ground.
No thank you.


File: 1418228466911.jpg (246.19 KB, 420x600, 43924950_m.jpg)


>Jo blinks before gently hugging Yang

>She stretches a bit before she reaches into her backpack and hands Yang a bag of chips

We should be coming up on the exit soo...


>Jo and Wolf blink and stare at Saya for a moment

...bad luck with the tunnel choices I'm guessing

Must be

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865230

File: 1418230145415.png (195.82 KB, 640x360, 640px-Episode1_00066.png)

We were attacked by angry mutant rodents.

>Yang starts to snack on the chips ruefully.

They were a pain in the ass to deal with... we should have just gone with you two instead...


File: 1418231112665.png (577.03 KB, 871x490, 2kawaii2quit.png)

Let's just get to the end of this place before one of us goes crazy.
>Smiling, she looked arround.



...Angry mutant rodents? yikes man.

>Jo slumps her shoulders a bit

>As they walk forward, Wolf stops and looks at the others

We're here, at the source of all the commotion

>Jo blinks as her eyes go wide at what she's seeing

Is that...is that a glowing gold anthill

....It's something inside the anthill that's glowing


>Jo scratches the back of her head

I wonder what it is...I'm sorry little fellas, but we're going to have to wreck your home for the sake of the multiverse....or something.

>Wolf tries reaching in to grab whatever's inside, but soon lets out a loud yelp

ouch...looks like whatever it is it burns creatures made out of mana...

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865312

File: 1418238666575.png (23.53 KB, 315x257, tumblr_inline_nehnf8llKH1qf2bb…)

>burns creatures made out of mana


>Given she's was certain she was one of the four not mostly mana, Yang was pretty sure she was going to be the one to grab the thing out of the ant hill.

>Yang sighs and quickly turns her hair back into a pony tail.

If I get ants in my hair, no one is safe for my wrath.

>With that warning issued, Yang steels herself and reaches into the ant hill for the glowing object inside.


File: 1418238932062.png (577.03 KB, 871x490, 2kawaii2quit.png)

>Saya just smirked and stood with Wolf and Jo.
Good luck getting whatever is in there Yang.
I'll tell you if I see any ants.


File: 1418239183195.jpg (50.67 KB, 473x649, HolyGrail.jpg)


>Jo glares a bit as she sees what Yang manages to pull out

...you're kidding me. It's that things. It's one of those...is it re...

>Jo throws her hands up in the air and she lets out a frustrated growl

How many damn versions of this thing are there?! There's the one in that natural history museum, the one indiana jones got, the one I fucking summoned Dracula to try to get...and the source of all of this is...

It's one of these?!

>she just points at the thing Yang picked up

>A golden chalice overflowing with mana and magic, of course. It was a Holy Grail

Let...let's just get it locked up in Tear Guard HQ until we can figure out how to use it to reverse everything the ants did so far.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865329

File: 1418240195562.jpg (31.92 KB, 536x405, Sebastian_Quite.jpg)


>Sebastian snorts, the concept of him not having above-average intelligence something he personally resented. Wit was by far his most useful attribute, the second being his silver tongue.


>Wade's next question does make the demon leery. It was one thing to admit to being a demon, and quite another to embrace the fact he was representative of an entire sin. Envy was not a sin he felt suited him, the demon always having a particular fondness for the seat of Pride. Apparently such a seat was coveted, and Satan who held it was not as keen to giving it up easily.

>He could lie and the man wouldn't know any different, but that thought does not sit well with him either. Should he lie, he liked it to have a semblance of truth to it. It made the lie more interesting that way.

Demon Princes abdicate their thrones either by succession or usurpation. In succession, there is a successor chosen who will, should the demon end their existence on their own merits, their right of rule shall fall to.

However, should a Demon Prince be murdered successfully, their right of rule and all the powers they contain transfer into the individual that bested them. I can only assume this applies to anyone.

>If a mortal killed a Demon Prince, would they too become a demon by doing so? Sebastian never considered it, but given even he was not a real individual himself and had attained a seat as a Demon Prince, he supposes that anyone with enough ambition could do so.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865353

File: 1418251552317.png (139.11 KB, 640x360, 640px-Yang_Creeped.png)

Yeah, hopefully that'll be the end of all this...

>It was an annoying end to a frustrating quest but Yang didn't get ants in her hair and she might be able to get home soon. So all was not lost.

I suppose I gotta hold on to this thing on the way back since it doesn't burn me huh?


File: 1418252510582.png (610.12 KB, 871x490, Hithere!.png)

Yep, neither one of us can touch that thing so it's for the best.
>Saya then looked back at the way they came.
We should really go now though.


File: 1418252659135.jpg (7.98 KB, 123x104, 11715836_m.jpg)


>Jo rubs the back of her head a bit embarrassed

Don't go doing anything too hasty with thoughts now though Yang, a bunch of ants in it somehow caused people to swap places and ...giant ants and sugar to be br..

>She taps her chin

you know in retrospect, this makes a lot of sense.

>she opens a portal to the Tear Guard HQ

I'll work with the scientists of the TG to figure it out..

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865365

File: 1418253616295.jpg (45.81 KB, 724x1024, tumblr_nfmfkrsSpn1si99vho1_128…)

>nodding at Saya's comment, Yang also takes what Jo says into account. With this thing in her hand she could very well make anything happen, good or bad.

>Better to just not think of anything right now... Boy Weiss would be happy to have heard that.

>Roll 1d1000 = 619

>Evens thinks of nothing at all as she walks into the portal.
>Odds her brain betrays her and thoughts of Jo's nude body with/without extra fluff creep into her mind.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865403

File: 1418256541895.gif (614.25 KB, 500x200, tumblr_n9i7ypRByw1teuo3ao1_500…)

>Ah, the good old Roman method of capture the base. Shouldn't come as much a surprise that prideful beings like demons based such systems by the base of killing each other. If that was the case, Wade himself would have made a pretty good one himself back in his hayday. Fortunately for the underworld, he was destined for other things in life.

Well, the pleasure is all mine your majesty.

>Remaining in his chair, Wade would place the side of his hand over his chest as he gave a bow to Sebastian. His other hand stretched out to the sky of course.

I suppose it's only natural that you're more then miffed about being stuck here. You got a kingdom to run and everything. I imagine it's like watching a bunch of teenage girls waiting for a boy band concert to start down there.

>As he straightens his back, he looks up to Sebastian with a raised eyebrow.

...you guys didn't start that tradition did ya?

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865404

File: 1418257740506.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)


>True; it was most aggravating to be away from his realm and his responsibilities, in addition to his pasttimes in plotting to kickstart Armageddon. He would gladly spend an hour listen to the cat demon's inane babbling (a torture in of itself) than remain any longer than he had in this backwards world.

I know nothing about that sort of thing, Mr. Wilson, but you have hit a correct point in your assumptions. Being here in this world is prohibitive to my duties as a Demon Prince.

>Sebastian rolls his eyes once, his agitation once again flaring up.

My realm was custom fitted to my aesthetics and purposes, and due to the rules of succession there is no conceivable way someone may take my realm over at their whim if I happen to still be alive.

But I do not doubt those beneath me would procrastinate in their duties now that I am absent. Aside that, appointments made have likely been missed.

>Sloth never would have minded, but missing a meeting with the Prince of Pride would be a severe dent in his favour. Such a thought sours Sebastian even further thinking of it.

>His red eyes narrow, the tone of his voice dropping to a more dangerous inflection of lucidity and venom.

Whomever is responsible for this will have plenty to answer for. I am not one to be trifled with.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865413

File: 1418261191228.jpg (107.79 KB, 800x600, 94c06918-e1ac-48f9-af14-2c3b26…)

>The apparent anger growing in the demon would do little to cause alarm in the mercenary. It's rather hard to put such reactions in him. Especially since he knew what would come to himself after he returned home.

>He would however nod in agreement to Sebastian's promise to give what's coming to who or whatever responsible for their predicament.

I hear ya your majesty. Back in the day the villain of the month had the damn decency to come to you. Now a days the big theme is yanking you off world and making you dance the moonlight sonata for Celestia knows how long.

>He lets out a sigh as he leans forward. His elbow on the table as he rests his hand on his head. The running themes of his latest adventures beginning to take their toll.

Is it too much to ask that the big world destroying threat take place in the world it's trying to destroy? I mean seriously who benifits from blowing up a random planet?


File: 1418262257445.jpg (28.35 KB, 155x156, 3.jpg)

Good, We'll start looking to see if we can find out where other people were switched.
That is if the love birds will join me.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865421

File: 1418262597209.jpg (10.56 KB, 240x135, Sebastian_IAmEnglishWhyDoIOwnT…)


>Sebastian shakes his head once, his more volatile emotions simmering down into his more composed and muted composure.

I haven't the slightest clue, unfortunately. I may be a demon prince but I have never seen the benefits in pulling individuals out of their world. The world itself is large enough already; why bother with another one?

>In addition, he felt out of place in different worlds. There was something unnatural regarding it.

>Though, with that in mind, he considers an aspect of the instigation in bringing others into a new world. Why would anyone desiring to destroy a world bring people from a different world into it?

...Is it those who antagonize the world that bring outside sources into it? Why introduce a chaotic unpredictable subject into a situation you have under control? It makes no sense, does it?

>Sebastian looks at Wade with his own arched eyebrow.

So who then is responsible? Those that are antagonistic towards the world? Or someone desperate enough to reach across the boundaries of worlds to employ help?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865453

>The entire thing gave Wade a bad taste in his mouth. He was as in the dark as the ink that likely made up Sebastian's suit. On top of it all everything seemed to be going on without them, which was only curious as to why. If Sebastian's words were correct, then he wasn't nearly as strong in this world. So why bring a stronger version of someone who would could actually get in their way? Unless it was their world they were gunning for.

This whole thing stinks. Both of the versions of us got an upgrade when we switched places. That alone let's me know this was not the bad guy. Unless he was going for chaos theory.

>The way he spoke seemed that he was very confidant in what he said. If this was indeed a person they would have no way of knowing how the Fairdust Lollipop in this world would end up in the state that he himself had, in any world for that matter. This could only lead him to believe in the most likely alternative.

Or maybe this whole thing is just a series of random events. I personally wouldn't see the benefit of pulling two guys like us in here. Leaves me pretty confident to this being by accident.

Unless the guy was trying to weaken OUR world, but in that case why go through all the trouble. AND why not just pull all the strong people into this one? Ugghh, like those damn rings all over again.


File: 1418267967336.jpg (12.63 KB, 141x125, swimsuit.jpg)

>Wolf looks to Saya

There could be any number of people whom switched, finding them all would be an excersize in futility, the sooner we figure out how the ants caused what they did, the sooner we can do the exact opposite of what was done
>As Yang thinks on that, suddenly a tear opens up and sucks clothes in


>She looks down, then at Yang

>She opens another portal

...It's to a shelf in TG HQ, put the grail there. Now.

>Groaning....she sighs, using her tails to cover her indecency

...Saya, you wouldn't happen to have a dress up ring on you, would you?

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865500

File: 1418268637469.png (41.9 KB, 234x308, Sebastian_Hmn Who Could That B…)



>Sebastian sips from his teacup, finally draining the marble sized soul within it. The liquid inside appears as viscous as before, but now without the soul, there is nothing at all beneficial for the demon to drink from it. He places the now 'empty' cup down, regarding Wade with a mildly intrigued expression.

I do agree that perhaps this may be random, given we both have little if no connection with each other to warrant pulling us specifically in this world particularly. However, it seems to me that you have gone through something like this before, if your demeanour is anything to judge on this scenario.

>He did seem rather agitated about it, if his choice in words were anything to judge. Some of his theories about swapping out for their weaker counterparts made sense to the demon, but for what purpose, if any, was a good point to question. Perhaps the world they left behind benefitted and someone desired them both gone from it. He could imagine such a thing happening.

>But it being mere chance seemed to lend itself better, as what did he have in common with Deadpony exactly? They both had swapped for entirely unknown reasons, forced to stake out this world for any shred of knowledge or a sign that would take them to their true homes.

>Musing on this for now, Sebastian leans back in his seat and tilts his head slightly in query to the man seated across from him.

Is that an apt observation, Mr. Wilson?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865507

File: 1418269744035.jpg (414.66 KB, 1269x1162, Deadpool_boots.jpg)

The fact that we're both sitting here is a big exclamation point that's for sure.

>Pushing himself away from the table he would get up from his seat and grab his cup.

I mean, there's a very short list of things two guys like us have in common. Well, except maybe for the killing people thing. Other then that, I'm pretty sure there's only a few chance things like liking a band or two.

>As he speaks, he walks over to the refrigerator. Upon reaching his destination he opens up and pours a rather large container of red colored liquid.

You've said yourself, you're a butler in this universe. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the rooty tooty point and shooty man I am in this world.

>Of that he was actually one hundred percent positive about. But Sebastian didn't neccesarily need to know that little tid bit. Walking toward the counter next to the fridge, he refills his cup with the liquid inside the container before setting it down.

Then there's the theory of switching to "Save the world". If someone was going to do that, then why a switching spell? Why risk pulling in someone worse, or causing a universal implosion if there was nothing to switch?

>Grabbing his cup, he would move to walk back to his chair. He left the container out on the counter with knowledge he was going to simply get it back out again in a few minutes. Once he takes a seat he would take a few chugs from the cup before placing it back beside the checker board.

No, this is really either one of two things. Either the guy was stupid, or was after random chaos. A chance to cause confusion before he slammed the hammer down. If it is a guy behind this anyway.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865510

File: 1418270491026.jpg (18.22 KB, 500x281, Sebastian_ExcuseMeButThatIsRid…)


>Sebastian considers Wade's explanation, and finds himself nodding in agreement. Surprisingly that did make sense; there was very little evidence to prove that someone was orchestrating what had happened to them and it had merely been caused by chance or accident.


>Such a thought sits sourly on Sebastian, as this chance randomness also meant that there was very little he could do in discovering how to reverse such a swap.

Considering that this may be an act of simple chaos, Mr. Wilson, how do you suppose we shall be able to return to our world? I have no mind nor want to spend my days in this world; I have no attachments in it.

>He hated to think such an event would again happen by chance but he has a sneaking suspicion that may be the only way such a thing could happen.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865514

File: 1418271417566.png (455.92 KB, 590x836, 3575974-deadpool6.png)


>As Wade thinks on the subject, he leans his head to the left while crossing his arms. He did have some theories on how they could make it back to their world. Most of them were particullarly troublesome, some near impossible. But there was one somewhat possible idea. Though for multiple reasons he was reluctant to consider it.

I...do have one idea.... You probably wouldn't like it though.

>For that matter, neither did he. To consider such an option himself was risky business. Both on a personal level, and an overall dangerous one at that.

I know this guy in our world. Really smart dude who was constructing a gateway to other worlds. Kind of like the Stargate. If so he could probably do it in this world too. Only problem is, I have no idea on what he's like here. Or where we could possibly find him.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865519

File: 1418272844246.png (40.24 KB, 216x238, Sebastian_PositivelyQuestionab…)



>Sebastian's intrigued and slightly bothered expression slips his red eyes narrowing at the man sitting opposite from him.


>His incredulity only grows, as does his own frustrations.

Do you mean to tell me that you've known of a possible way we can return to our homeworld..and yet never thought to bring this up until right this second?

>He liked the idea, he liked it more than he cared to admit.

>What he didn't like nor appreciate was the idea that the mutated Equestrian was stupid enough to overlook such a possibility for the time they spent in this world already.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865522

Hey hey now, don't be getting all mad at me over a few cracked eggs.

>Wade raises his hands, his open palms as if to hold back the obvious anger Sebastian was feeling.

I have my reasons for not bringing this up. I just had to do some research first.

>He lowers his hands and grabs onto the table.

I staked out Wayne manor for some time. I know the guys car just by looking at it, but just to make sure I went and watched every vehicle that went in and out, but none of them matched. So I didn't know what to think.

>Leaning back, he would cross his arms over his chest and look up.

So the thing is, I don't even know if this guy is even alive. And if he is the only place I could think to look for him is so thick with guards getting into it would be as tight as a Rolling Stones mosh pit.

>He could only recall several times he had been inside Asylum. Every time he had accompanied Stien like some kind of "Bring your phyco to work day". With Sebastian's brain and Wade's...uniqueness, it was possible they could break in.

Then there's the other problem. Even n our world the guy's got serious problems. So if their worse here then that would mean more work for us. And a few boxes of bandages too.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865633

File: 1418281959385.png (45.83 KB, 303x236, Sebastian_AlmostWellHiddenDisg…)


If you are referring to that stitched up man with the screw through his head, I did notice his soul wasn't drifting about this version of Wayne Manor, Mr. Wilson. His companion Miss Marie Mjolnir was there, yes, but that soul had been conspicuously missing.

>Mjolnir's soul was always somewhere around the stitched doctor's; to know she was alone there was a telling tale.

>Perhaps he was dead, perhaps he was somewhere else the mercenary suspected he'd be. He has a mind to ask the woman at the manor, as if the doctor was dead and she aware, she would likely react in such a way to confirm.

>If not...


>Sebastian pauses, still staring at Wade with barely repressed frustration at the mutated Equestrian.

...Even still, you could have mentioned that he was a possible candidate for returning to our world. We wouldn't have been wasting our time buggering around here.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865635

>Uncrossing his arms, Wade would shrug his shoulders. His flattened hands making an almost perfectly leveled plan on either side of his head.

Like I said I've been trying to find the guy. Would you rather I lead us on a wild goose chase or actually give us a good place to start?

>Lowering his hands he leans forward and places his right elbow on the table.

I Know he's not at Wayne Manor, I know he's not at Phantomhive, but I do know he's somewhere in town. So, there's really one other option. His office...if it even is his office anymore.

>With a sigh he lowers his head. He knew the main reason why he was hesitant to go there. Because if he was right then he'd likely end up having to kill the poor bastard. He'd prepared for months to do it, and he was ready to do so at the drop of a hat. But these days, he would hesitate.

So that's what I got. We go there, either get him to show us the original gate, or get him to build one. If we can't get either, I'm sure someone there will be able to help us out with some proper motivation.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865637

File: 1418283342269.gif (268.83 KB, 500x280, Sebastian_If This Jackass Does…)


>Sebastian stares at Wade, his eyes half-lidded and his expression spelling out how utterly tired he is of this runaround with the mercenary.

>He suspects the man is keeping more information to himself, or perhaps assumed that he knew more than what Sebastian actually knew himself.

...Let me see if I'm correct in my assumptions. You propose we find this doctor who may or may not have a way to return us back to our homeworld by going to his office? An office that exists somewhere in Town, and an office that at any time you could have mentioned on the offhand but did not.




>Sebastian sighs loudly and stands from his seat, taking a moment to pull his gloves taut.

Where is this supposed 'guarded' facility?

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865638

Well, to be fair I was expecting the big bad to show up and grant us a way back home. I swear that guy's running late.

>Lifting his wrist over his face, he would stare at a watched that seemed to suddenly materialze on his arm.

Anyway, the place is in underground bunker near the edge of town. Grab your helmet, we'll take my car.

>At that, Wade gets up from his chair. Not before finishing his drink however. After giving off a refreshed gasp for air he then begins to head out toward the hole in the wall, rather then going out through the front door.

Sebastian!.ZzGrellBs 865640

File: 1418284185530.png (39.86 KB, 195x245, Sebastian_If This Guy Don't Sh…)



>Sebastian exits the room, but unlike Wade he does opt to take the door.

>He still has some semblance of manners, for Hell's sake.
>And, while not enthused about having to storm some highly guarded facility, Sebastian supposes as long as it serves a purpose he'd do it than sit around twiddling his thumbs.

>The biggest question now would be what would they do if they did not find what they set out to look for. He suspects they might face that bridge sooner or later, as it was not very likely they would find Wade's associate (or the counterpart of him) in this world.


>At least he could say he was doing something proactive in returning to his world, he supposes.

Deadpony!rjtGfDeadI 865644

>Upon exiting the candy shop, Sebastian would find Wade had sat himself upon a red scooter. The engine thumping as the mercenary sitting upon it reves the engine a few times to make sure it's working.

It was the only thing I could find on short notice. Found a spare helmet for ya.

>To his word, Wade stretched his arm out to offer a black helmet to Sebastian.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865773

File: 1418319212466.png (79.78 KB, 244x206, Oh crap.png)

>More seeking people out? Well that shouldn't be too much of a hard... right???

>Though as wolf says finding everyone will be impossible...

>But that train of though, as long as all others, were stopped when Jo was stripped of all her clothes.


>She shoves the grail into the portal and places it on the shelve and blushes bright.

I sorry I couldn't help myself!


File: 1418330648425.jpg (29.91 KB, 156x156, 2.jpg)

>Saya tossed the ring over to Jo before covering Yang's eyes.
Well you have a point there Ko-san.
But I still think it's weird ants did that.
You really should watch what you think.


File: 1418331585173.jpg (169.1 KB, 424x600, tumblr_nfe5katmYG1rrzs5no1_500…)


>Jo uses the dress up ring and a magic circle goes over her before clothing materializes in the areas it passes over

>She lets out a sigh of relief and tosses the ring back to Saya

I don't think the Ants did the switching on purpose actually, I mean the things they wanted, more ants, big workers to protect them, sugar, getting rid of aardvarks and anteaters...

>she rubs her chin

Those things, those things make sense, but what would benefit ants from switching a bunch of people's places?

So for whatever reason, switching things between these two worlds is a side effect of its wish granting process

>Elsewhere...a little kids lollipop gets switched with a candy cane

why it does this...I'm not really sure

I suppose that's what I'll have to figure out with the other mages at TG Headquarters...

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865827

File: 1418334055310.gif (1.78 MB, 245x350, tumblr_nbyh2ln8Le1rtbkkjo3_r1_…)

>As Yang's vision goes dark, she sighs at the loss of the beautiful figure before her.

Saya it's not as if I haven't seen, or explored carefully, Jo naked body before.

And it's hard not to think about that.

>Hearing talk about having to figure out how this all works first makes her worry.

So... how long do you think that'll take?


File: 1418335301924.png (788.2 KB, 848x485, 56.png)

Well I'll see I I can do some reserch on this grail when we get back.
There may be more to learn.
I know... But you've seen enough for one day don't you think?
>Lowering her hands, she smiled.


File: 1418344289243.png (262.9 KB, 600x750, how boring.png)


Saya, I severely doubt you'll get much of a solid account on this thing.

>Jo says graoning a bit, her shoulders slumped

>It was true, there were so many possible holy grails and so many stories it's hard to tell which is true for this one

It could honestly take anywhere from a few moments, to a few days...possibly much longer

>Wolf says with a long sigh before shaking her head

Hopefully we get the answer sooner than later...

>Jo and Wolf walk through the portal back to the Tear Guard HQ

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865905

File: 1418346079354.png (139.11 KB, 640x360, 640px-Yang_Creeped.png)

No, I'll never get enough of seeing Jo naked.


>No truer words were ever spoken by Yang.

>Yang sighs, that's not what she wanted to here at all...

Welp, looks like I will be doing that concert then...

>which mean she had to wear a skimpy outfit in front of hundreds of Miki's fans.


>Yang follows after the two into the portal.


File: 1418346702649.jpg (20.27 KB, 154x156, 1.jpg)

>Saya just slumped over a little and followed the two.
Just let me find something to do ok?
>Saya looked over to Yang and smiled.
Let me come.


File: 1418346983426.png (95.84 KB, 600x720, 30515703_p21.png)


>Jo scratches behind her own head

...I hope the 3 of you have fun with what you're doing, I'm just going to check in on the grail before going to bed myself.

>Those last 2 words likely made her friend happy, given Saya knows that Jo hadn't slept in the last 3 days

Sleeping already? Well fine I guess I'll have to do all the work myself.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865917

File: 1418347884920.jpg (10.19 KB, 256x256, 70179123140d916342f4e1c58ed8ae…)

>Yang looks to Saya and gives an evil grin right back.

Sure, you can be my guest star. I'm sure the producers got a dental floss bikini and a pair of thigh-high boots for you to were while you're on stage in front of hundreds of not thousands of people.

I hear the idol lovers'll go crazy for a bunny girl.

>Mess with the dragon, get the flames.

I'll probably do the same Jo...

>But she had an evil idea then...

You know, there's a nice fluffy ultra soft king size bed at Miki's place I can offer you.

>Since she was gonna always be dragged off there anyway, she was crashing there now. Far better then her other living arrangements.


File: 1418348363490.png (577.03 KB, 871x490, 2kawaii2quit.png)

Weren't you working with others Ko-chan?
>Saya'sgrin just grew.
Then you must know that they'll put you in the same thing so that we match huh?
Maybe they'll add bunny ears and a tail to it too.


File: 1418348783454.jpg (15.29 KB, 160x153, red.jpg)

...I don't generally like encroaching on others property, but that sounds nice.

>Jo says while scratching the back of her head


The others are about as useful as a barrel full of ghouls

>She said truthfully

I'll just head out there now though, I'm sure Genesis can help somewhat

>And with that, Wolf exited the room


>Yang in rabbit ears and a tail

>No words from Jo, just her eyes going wide and...well pic

>It takes a moment or two, but eventually she holds a hand up

...Yang, I do hope you know you're going to end up in that outfit even if things get fixed before Miki's concert.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865927

File: 1418350095036.png (40.8 KB, 170x164, 1401684017702.png)

>Blow 1
>"Shit! No you're suppose to freak out and back off!"
>Now Yang was on the hot seat and all squeamish when Saya should have been.

I-I am not wearing anything of the sort! I'll kick everyone's ass before I wear that!!

>And there came blow 2
>"Noooooo Jooooooo, you're suppose to be be on my side!"


>But the eyes were red, the promise of getting Fluffy Tail that came with it was too much for her.



File: 1418350271086.png (597.4 KB, 871x490, Smile.png)

I don't know... ghouls do have some use.
>Placing a hand under her chin, she looked over to Yang and Jo.
Now that that's settled, what will we do now?
I think we have the night to ourselves.


File: 1418351027679.jpg (28.78 KB, 182x156, sample-53ccd5d8c2e21f89f32ef42…)


...Well personally, I wanted to sleep some, but if you two need to drag me elsewhere, by all means.

>She said with a bit of a sigh, sweat dripping down her neck

It's not like capturing the Ant Capone family was difficult or anything.

>She said in a semi-sarcastic tone


Oh Yang, you'll make such a cute Bunny...~

>Jo giggles a bit before wrapping her arms around Yang and leaning against her

>She rests her head on Yang's shoulder, a slight vibration coming from her neck as she purred sleepily

...You know, Saya's made a few rings in the past that can temporarily transform people...if you wanted to try anything exciting before our nap later...

>Jo's ears lower and she blushes a bit

>Mentally she cursed herself for getting caught up so suddenly like this, she should be working to get home
>...but all the work she'd be doing for the missing Tear Guard members, it was only fair she'd have some time to have fun.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 865947

File: 1418352794517.png (528.74 KB, 1100x1100, tumblr_nf09kb2XXJ1u3r1dqo1_128…)

>The whole night to themselves eh...?

Party at Miki's place?

>Party at Miki's place! Perfect way to relax after another stressful day.

>and now it was Yang's turn for her face to go red. god damn Jo knew how to turn her on so much...

Saya... can I have one of those transform rings please. I need it... for kinky bedroom stuff.

>No need to hide the fact at all, Saya was right there anyway and just heard it all.

>but god damn did Jo know how to turn her on.


File: 1418353200349.gif (860.16 KB, 500x281, tumblr_minii8no1T1rxeywdo1_500…)

>Taking out a ring. she tossed it over to Yang with a grin.
You know... at this rate Yang will become a kitsune.
But this ring will let her know what it's like sooner.


File: 1418359850306.png (44.82 KB, 162x119, JEEZE.png)


S-Saya! We don't do it that much!

>Jo protested, besides she could usually control the flow of her kitsunebi to prevent too much from going into Yang

>Her ears lower in embarrassment

Fluffy Yang though...sounds exciting!~

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 866003

File: 1418398987253.png (296.94 KB, 450x600, 28679817_m.png)

>Yang takes the ring and agrees with Jo

Yeah! It's not as often as you think!

>Not that Yang didn't wish is were.

>Looking at the ring she did wonder what she'd look like at a Kitsune... Though she did sort of know how it'd feel after being possessed by Jo a few times.

>And Jo herself seemed excited by the prospect as well. Maybe she should slip it on and see just for the sake of curiosity?

Eh, why the hell not.

>And so she does and activates the ring quickly changing from human to fluffy fox girl. She looks to window that she's her reflection and she hums.

My hair got less poofy, guess it went all to my tail.


File: 1418400502586.png (619.37 KB, 871x490, Andthat'swhyyou'rewrong.png)

I was joking Jo.
>Saya lifted an eyebrow before looking at the copy she made of the ring.
Well I guess it had to come from somewhere.
Also you can keep that one Yang. I made an extra.


File: 1418416396540.png (21.5 KB, 101x101, bodysuits are crap.png)


>Jo blushes and grumbles a bit, her ears flattening against her head

S'not that funny Saya.


>Jo puts her face into Yang's tail and snuggles the fluff

So you know the way to Miki's place?

>She questioned, fully intending to snuggle Yang's tail for the entire walk

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 866029

File: 1418419646453.png (287.54 KB, 581x600, 25217221_m.png)

Thaaank you Saya~

>She could be a nice bunny when she wanted to be.

>And Jo... Jo could be so damn cute.

Of course, just follow me~

>And so, she leads Saya and Jo to Miki's big ol' pent house in the city's north side where within were all the luxuries a woman could ever want and so much more...

>Maybe becoming an Idol wouldn't be so bad...? Naaaaah, not enough punching stuff!


File: 1418420226775.png (267.49 KB, 374x490, Hrrm.png)

>Looking around the penthouse, Saya stretched her arms out over her head before letting out a yawn.
Why does Miki have a separate place anyway?


File: 1418420358530.jpg (16.25 KB, 160x153, 3424149_s.jpg)


Probably so she can throw off the fact she's got 3 girlfriends.

>Jo snuggles tighter into Yang's tail as they arrived

I mean can you imagine the field day the media would have with that?

>Jo asked before chuckling lightly, her four tails swaying back and forth

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 866038

File: 1418423060942.png (222.07 KB, 600x586, 21328222_m.png)

>Yang nods at Jo's comment.

Yeah pretty much. That and it keeps her trouble some agents from bowling down her girlfriend's doors looking for her...

>Though it seemed the cleaners got everything sorted back into their place after Yang had a blow out.

Well, fridge has all kinds of goodies, there's a TV in the living room with games and every channel ever, every sitting surface is super comfy, and...

>She turns to Jo and takes her hands.

The bedroom is upstairs~


File: 1418423280507.png (807.31 KB, 871x490, Sadface.png)

Yes, but at some point I think they might find out about that.
>Letting out a sigh, she walked over to the couch and flopped down to lie on it.


File: 1418423484020.jpg (13.67 KB, 165x157, lkl;.jpg)


Well there's that old saying, "They'll burn that bridge when it comes to it"

>Jo said with a sigh and a bit of a shrug


>Before blushing as Yang takes her hands

>Her ears lower and she squeaks slightly before waving to her friend

...see you in a bit Saya.

>She slowly walks towards the stairs.

Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 866046

File: 1418424731479.png (330.65 KB, 600x505, 26266248_m.png)

>Next to Saya lays a big ol' universal remote, it looked like it could control everything in the home just by itself...

>And Yang brings her fluffy lover into the bed room giving her a deep and passionate kiss as they both fall onto the giant conformable bed...
>Care to fade to black for us Ivy?


File: 1418424993002.png (575.95 KB, 871x490, Depressed.png)

>The rabbit just curled up on the sofa ignoring the remote and hugged her knees close.


File: 1418507973560.jpg (496.85 KB, 600x930, Beast_Wars___Waspinator_by_Ahr…)

>Wolf and the other scientists and mages of the Tear Guard that hadn't been lost had studied the Grail day in and out

>The most they'd been able to find is when creatures were in it or touching it, one way or another, they'd get what they desired, whether the item had to spontaneously generated, which it sometimes was, or brought in through a tear

>But if people being swapped was a side effect of having the Grail, they knew they couldn't use it to "Wish" people back to their proper places

>There must have been something missing, perhaps it had to deal with the chip in the grail itself, but at this moment in time, they needed their rest

>Waspinator in his time spent at the Tear Guard Headquarters was quiet, friendly, and hadn't seemed the least bit hostile as they did their best at repairing him

>But now with everyone in base having left Waspinator alone...

>Another persona all together emerged, none other than the spark he'd been sharing a body with this whole time, the spark of the notorious Decepticon, Starscream

>The Decepticon stealhtily moved through the base, using his advanced weaponry and ability to possess machinery to by pass most of the base's security measures

>Eventually, he arrived at the room the Grail was locked in

>Hoisting it up, and holding it tightly in his grasp, Starscream announced to himself

At last, I'll have what was rightfully mine to begin with, not only a new body, not only leadership of the decepticons, but I shall have the entire universe at my heel!

>As Starscream was gloating however, another desire could be felt tugging at the grail, pulling it across barriers...but the desire and and ambition burning in the spark of a seeker would NOT be surmounted by any others!

cont in Main thread

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 866970

File: 1418536393550.png (149.95 KB, 439x240, Sebastian_Empathy.PNG)

As I talked to Patches about this, we're setting it before Ivy's arc's endgame

>He takes care to make himself rather scarce since that meeting with the young lady in the kitchen. Replacing his suit was a dreadfully embarrassing affair, as it required a tango of money exchange with bills that had to be sorted into Equestrian bits, which took all the longer to do.

>Thankfully he did finally get a new suit fitted, and the crispness of the fabric felt wonderful. Even his gloves were new, as he did have some extra to spend.

>Sebastian still is wary around Manor residents, and does not readily reveal himself when he can. Too many he wonders about, and wonders if his counterpart had hurt them in any way. He feels terrible over those thoughts in particular, on how cruel and absent of morality his counterpart was.

>A demon of no compassion or sense of honor for an existence he was gifted, saved from a startling brush with nonexistence. Sebastian had lived that life, he had seen and felt the emptiness of nonexistence in that cycle of dreams within his Creator. He too had felt the blessing of sentience, the notion of fate and how quickly it could change.

>It was by his begging of those foreign in the dream that they allowed him shelter in the amulets, and took him to this world beyond the world he knew. It was a world deeper and richer than what he last experienced, and he treasured an existence where he had free reign upon what he could do, a freedom of self and thought all his own.

>This freedom was not without setbacks and unpleasant events, however. People such as Mami Tomoe or Hueco Mundo had made his life difficult, and challenged the safety of the manor or himself on many occasion.

>But he had things he cared about; the mansion and his cats particularly.


>Did his counterpart like cats too? He never saw a sign that he did, but then again, it appeared he did not live here at the manor.

>Where did he live, then?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 866979

File: 1418537582117.png (154.99 KB, 360x387, 12-10-2012 4-29-09 PM.png)

>"Blonde hair..."

>Hueco sat in his room in front of his full length mirror, eyes closed. He had discovered his ability to change appearance not too long ago. Having wondered if it was unique to him or an ability that all demons of his kind possessed, he started practicing it the immediate day after he discovered it.

>slowly but surely, his appearance changed, Hueco had to stay concentrated hard. His black hair slowly shifting into a lighter shade of blonde. Finally, the catboy opened his eyes, seeing the results. There were still several strands of black hair, looking less like a complete change and more like a really bad dye job.


>he crossed his arms, pouting to no one in particular. His hair quickly shifted back to its natural color.

>"I'll work on it..."

>he headed out to the resident hall, hands in his pockets.

>"Wonder how Alice is doing... Hope she's doing alright. What about that Sebastian from the other world?"

>Hueco was still unsure if he was to be trusted or not. But his actions were sincere.

>"I should show Alice or someone my new abilities! I could look like anybody in the manor if I practice enough! A master of disguise~"

>Hueco, lost in thought, wandered around the resident hall, headed for the foyer, not really paying attention to where he was going.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 866985

File: 1418538743831.png (164.63 KB, 457x316, Sebastian_NoEyesShownIsABadThi…)



>The sound of footsteps coming from the hall to his left draws Sebastian's attention away from his thoughts. It's unexpected; it was rather late and the moonlight shone brightly outside the windows of the foyer downstairs. Sebastian, hidden in the shadows near the stairwell down, has access to a bird's eye view of the foyer below and the Residential Hall to his left.

>He expects to see someone he doesn't recognize, as it seems the manor was full of them, but he instinctively prickles when he sees a familiar figure walking towards him.

>Hueco Mundo, as Sebastian knew him, was the Demon Prince of Lust. He was a loathsome creature, single-minded in his own carnal ways and amusements. He found himself center to the cat-demon's torments and focal point of his attentions thanks to a long-ago snub Sebastian had unwittingly given.

>To be honest, his creation left him knowing only he was a demon and a butler. He didn't know, or particularly enjoy, the advancements the demon made upon him and had politely turned him down.
>Such a gesture to a Demon Prince of Lust, so used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it, likely was a great affront. Sebastian unwittingly created an enemy that day who relished in tormenting him with ungracious frequency. His face still turned red thinking of all the different things the demon had done over the two years, and it truly felt sometimes that Mundo, in his twisted way, was winning.

>However, Sebastian mentally shakes himself. This was not the same Hueco Mundo he had known. This one held a meeker and less confident form. He also was curiously absent of his companions Sebastian was accustomed to seeing. The fact the Hueco of this world helped him, in lieu of emotions he claimed against the travesties his counterpart had done, baffled Sebastian to no end.

>The cat demon, or what he was here, was far different from the Hueco Mundo he knew. It seemed he must have been quite different from the Sebastian Michaelis he knew as well, to treat him with such belief when there was little else but his own behaviours to judge.

>The female demon could have easily destroyed his body here, and with that, any help he gave to Mr. Lollipop would have been made forfeit. He at the very least he deserved a thank you for such an action.


>The idea of thanking Hueco Mundo was a very different thought to reconcile regardless, a part of Sebastian twisted uncomfortably at the idea of it. It's only through interior reassurances he could quell such a feeling, though it stuck to the back of his mind like a bit of dried gum at the bottom of a shoe.

>With a deep breath, Sebastian scoots out from his hiding place and regards the cat demon with as much of an even stare as he can muster, though there's an uncomfortableness to his voice that he just cannot mask.

>He calls out to alert the demon to his presence, not wanting to surprise him or incite some kind of new attack on himself.

Mr. Mundo, I presume?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 866992

File: 1418539596933.png (132.25 KB, 500x646, tumblr_mvllagJCJT1rik615o1_500…)

>Hueco had spotted him before he even came out of the shadows, catching him out of the corner of his eye.


>he slowly turned his head to focus on the demon. Taking a second to register, Hueco's tail puffed up, his ears pointed backwards, going on the defense.


>He quickly stopped himself, biting his tongue. "It's not the same Sebastian", he reassured himself. His ears went back to their normal positions.

>On the other side of the coin, Hueco himself was tormented by the Sebastian of this world. The Sebastian he knew was clever, devious, malevolent, and tormented him solely because he saw him as a stain on demonkin.
>yet this Sebastian felt different, even acted different. Hueco had thought it was a ploy to mock or trick him... But after that fateful night, he could very well be a different demon butler.

Just call me Hueco... Mr. Mundo sounds strange.

>he himself had a strong tone of nervousness in his voice. He could be a different Sebastian, but he couldn't shake the fact that he was a near replica of the very same demon that's not only mentally and physically broke him, but did the same to several members of the mansion.

...Do you go by Michaelis or Sebastian?

>he tried his best to come off as friendly, lest not accidentally lead Sebastian to believe he was the wrong Hueco.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 866997

File: 1418540066566.jpg (6.12 KB, 130x189, Sebastian_NotTooCertainOfThat.…)


Sebastian, normally. I can understand if you'd rather call me something else, seeing as my counterpart-...well...

>Sebastian averts his stare from the cat demon awkwardly, then clears his throat. He speaks slowly but reverently, his words holding meaningful inflection within them.

I've discovered that the stories you and your demon friend had told me on the road were true. I hadn't thought to believe either of you given the circumstances, but now that I have a fresh perspective, I want to thank you for sparing me.

I imagine it must have been quite difficult; my counterpart has done terrible and unforgivable things in this world that deserves such a reaction.

>Sebastian pauses and looks back to Hueco with an apologetic expression.

And I must apologize for treating you distrustfully. Your counterpart that I am familiar with in my world is not a very pleasant individual either. It's quite hard to trust someone you know is deceitful on first meeting.

>Which was impressive all the same the cat demon had believed him and his claims. He was quite the trusting sort to do so, really.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867003

File: 1418540748375.png (162.34 KB, 261x389, 2-13-2013 9-54-44 PM.png)

THere are a lot of things I'd call your counterpart, heh..

>he rubbed the back of his neck. Hueco's kitty ears drooped down, as Hueco's face shifted to a small frown.

While we're at it, I'd like to apologize too, for the same reason. I'm sorry for the actions that my counterpart has done to you and the rest of your mansion...

>he rubbed his arm.

The little you've described him made it sound like he is the exact person I don't want to end up being... Also, sorry for kneeing you in the gut, that was uncalled for.

>trusting and apologetic. He was either a walking paragon of kindness, or he was just really stupid... Maybe it was a balance of both.

>the cat demon smiled

Anyways... I accept your apology... It was your friend that led me to believe you were different, I'm sure the Sebastian of this world would have no need for someone like that...

>who was that pony's counterpart anyways?
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RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867012

File: 1418541978124.png (180.58 KB, 378x350, Sebastian_IDespiseGettingFlash…)


>He offers a rueful smile to the cat demon, recalling the knee to his gut and how painful that had been. It healed, naturally, but Hueco was no slouch in the strength department, and to be fair, he had tried to punch him.

>He nods to the cat demon at first, but his smile quickly fades as Hueco continues.

>Sebastian makes a disgusted noise under his breath, looking quite agitated at that facet of information. The more he heard of his counterpart's misdeeds or views on individuals, the more it disgusted him.

It truly is repulsive to know my counterpart only cares for those who are of use to his machinations.

>His frustration towards the misdeeds his counterpart has done in this world only serves to make Sebastian more agitated, and with a sharp turn he looks down at the foyer beyond the stairwell.

I wish I could assist in helping this mansion and those who were plagued by him into his defeat; truly he is one who deserves nonexistence for being such a terrible being. No honor, no compassion for life or even the decency to appreciate the gift of life he was granted...he's a loathsome individual, that's quite certain.

>But hadn't he? He a;ready told that young woman in the cape what his counterpart's weakness likely was. Couldn't he do the same for the cat demon aside him?

...Actually, there is something I can do.

>He looks back to Hueco, his own dark brows furrowed.

In case I may switch with my counterpart again, I must share the information I know of him with anyone who could see to his defeat or destruction, before he does any more damage to this world.

>He gestures to himself, placing a hand on his own chest.

This information is something I have kept to myself. I'm certain your counterpart would love to hear this, as would a number of my enemies in my own world. To confide in you this, I must hear you promise to use it to destroy the Sebastian of your world.

Can you do this for me, Hueco?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867023

File: 1418543245394.jpg (54.89 KB, 500x500, And stop staring at me with th…)

Guess we're in the same boat.

>he smiled, warming up to the butler. It felt so awkward... A good kind of awkward.

>He hoped that Sebby would feel the same.

It's alright. We have several fighters here, that can fight him, including myself... I wish I could help fight the demon of your realm...

>from the description he wished that he could punch the hedonist himself.

>As for the Sebastian of this world...

Trust me, I've been wanting to wipe that bastard from this map ever since we first met~

>hold on... RW!Sebastian was onto something. If he was here and the Sebastian of this world was there...

So what do you know about him...? A weakness? A kryptonite of sorts...

>"I like the sound of this."

>his ears went back up again, as expressive as the rest of the catboy.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867030

File: 1418544167439.png (49.06 KB, 286x276, Sebastian_YouRang.PNG)


>Sebastian opens his mouth to reveal the information, certain he could help at least with this. While his world would need to still handle the Demon Prince of Lust, he could certainly help this world with little else than simple disdain for his counterpart.


>However, the words die in his throat for a moment, his gaze fixated on Hueco's head.

>Or namely, his ears.


>By the angels above and demons below, the way they moved, as expressive and lively as a cat's and they looked just as soft too.

>His fingers twitch; even the Hueco Mundo of his world knew how much he liked cats. Cats were the most perfect creatures on the planet, so graceful and endearing creatures that had no flaws he could ever think of.
>Hueco Mundo of his world held the same features as the one before him. They both were cat-demons, yes, any they both did traipse about in a humanoid form.
>However, Sebastian secretly adored the features. He would never reveal this to his tormentor, who he knows would use such information to his benefit. Thankfully the demon very rarely acted like a cat and his ears did not often reflect emotion (if he truly felt any).

>This Hueco Mundo was a true cat. His ears were expressive and flopped about as an animal's would, his expressions and even voice similar to a cat's mewl.

>It's so heavily distracting that when Sebastian realizes he's let a silence drag on too long, he jolts slightly and clears his throat in embarrassment, his face coloring a very slight tint of pink.

Yes! A...weakness, that's right! His existence and corporeal form is tied to this world via magical amulets. They sustain his mind, soul, and body in this world and allow him to stave off even death. Should his physical body be destroyed, the magic of these amulets would return him to life, as they is where he truly exists. His body may be solid, it may bleed and he may experience what he will, but he and I are the same. We were borne from a dream, and made real by these amulets. To destroy them would be to destroy our existence itself.

>Sebastian turns to break his gaze with Hueco, looking towards the windows in the foyer itself.

If you destroy his amulets, you destroy him. They are not difficult to break; mine had done so by being thrown to the floor. I imagine the same would be for him.

>His face color returning to normal, Sebastian sighs and shakes his head.

The real challenge comes from finding these amulets unfortunately. I haven't the slightest idea where they may be hidden, as my counterpart has hidden his in a place different from where I had hidden mine.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867044

File: 1418545450637.jpg (52.33 KB, 500x468, tumblr_mki79uqzBg1rj0mkdo1_500…)

>Hueco stared at him... Was he going to tell him.
>"Was it something I said...? I sounded stupid there, didn't I... Does my breath stink.. Or is it my appearance? ...My ears...?"

>Hueco looked up, unable to see the ears atop his head. Out of all his features, those ears and his tail were the favorite parts of his body. Fondly taking care of the fur of his tail and washing his ears extra carefully when he bathed.

>cats were pleasant animals, Hueco inevitably became attached to them, even getting them to follow him around Town when he wandered around; most of the time they'd follow him on their own accord.
>he wondered what his counterpart had in terms of kitty features...

>did Sebastian just blush?! Because of his kitty ears... Hueco couldn't help but do the same, thinking about being the cause of it, his blush appearing dark red on his tan skin.


>the blush disappeared as both of the demons got back on track.


>So the amulets were like some sort of soul jar? He's immortal unless these things are destroyed.... Simple enough. They were easy to destroy as well. However, there was just one problem... How to get them. After his fights with BW!Sebastian, he doubted that he would have them on his person.

>they had to be squirreled away somewhere far.

So to find them... Where would we start...?

>he rubbed his chin. As he thought, his right ear twitched occasionally, like it was flicked by a invisible hand.

...I have a idea... But it's ridiculous. But...

>Hueco scanned his eyes up and down Sebastian's figure.

It could work...

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867049

File: 1418545995619.png (40.66 KB, 237x208, Sebastian_OhHell.PNG)


>It takes some mental fortitude to remain focused on Hueco; his ears were quite a distracting thing to watch, and Sebastian contained a growing urge to want to touch them.

>Luckily, Hueco seemed more on task. He takes a breath, and considers suggesting checking places his counterpart may call home, as he himself hid his amulets in his room of Wayne Manor.

>However, when he starts to propose this, he sees the cat demon looking over him with a very odd expression, not unlike the way the cat demon's counterpart would look at him in his own world.

-! Why are you looking at me like that?

>He wonders briefly if he was being had and this Hueco was being every bit as coy as his counterpart. It was impossible he simply wasn't doing this on purpose.

>Though a part of Sebastian reminds himself that if this is indeed not a trick, then of course the cat demon would still have attributes his other self contained. He certainly must have reflected some of his own counterparts mannerisms too to some degree.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867054

File: 1418546697817.jpg (120.99 KB, 500x728, tumblr_mcteozFMw41qjhxito1_500…)

Because you look like the Sebastian of this world...

>he continued to rub his chin. A calm, confident smile crossed his face, as he spoke in a more subdued tone.

This sounds stupid, I know, and dangerous... But what if Sebastian at least has information on these in his realm...

>he crossed his arms

I would go there myself, but there would be guards. You could pass off as Sebastian and get us through easily... If you can't fight for yourself, I'll protect you if anything goes south.

>but, despite delivering that plan with confidence, he sighed, head bowed.

It... Won't work, would it?

>he didn't want to force this man into what would be a death trap.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867059

File: 1418547266198.png (335.43 KB, 494x328, Sebastian_AQuandaryHolmesWould…)



>Sebastian narrows his eyes in thought and glances to the side. Whatever his counterpart had, if it was a place he frequented, it stood to reason there was a good chance they may find an amulet there.

If we go to a place he inhabits, there may be a chance we could find an amulet there, or perhaps both. If we swap again, the amulets will become his, and it should be quite easy to dispatch him thusly.

>To use this opportunity to help beyond information would be ideal; and the more Sebastian thought of it, the more he warmed to the idea. He certainly could do more than what little he had so far, and all for the good cause of protecting the manor.

It might work. I haven't an idea what it is we shall face in this place, however.

>Sebastian allows his arm to fall to his side and looks to Hueco with a curious gaze.

Do you suppose I could do it, Hueco? If the guards notice something queer about me and determine I am not the person they know of we could be in quite a bit of trouble.

>Unfortunately, while he was adept at defensive tactics and operated well with others to fight back threats to the manor, he was not by far a powerful demon. He heard this is because he needed to ingest more souls but he did not often get to partake in eating very often.

I wouldn't be much of any help in a fight, should we find any...

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867064

File: 1418547675755.jpg (24.87 KB, 500x201, tumblr_m70uxvJbv61rt0zl5o1_500…)


>So he didn't think the plan was stupid? Point to Hueco!

We should face lesser demons, if we happen to get in a fight... From what I've been through, I am far stronger than those. You don't have to be good in a fight, don't worry... You just have to play the part as Sebastian Michaelis, Crowned Prince of Envy.

>he chuckled lightly

Asking too much...?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867069

File: 1418548014417.jpg (16.06 KB, 229x309, Sebastian_Right Then.jpg)


Not terribly, but...

>Sebastian doesn't appear as sure as Hueco with the proposal. While he's certain the cat demon could protect himself, they were still going to a realm of a Demon Prince. He had seen Hueco Mundo's before, and that had been a terrible experience in of itself.

>A trip to one modeled after his own counterpart didn't sound terribly fun either.

>His hesitance gives a gracious pause between them both before he manages to speak again.

I must admit, I am not much of an actor. These lesser demons must be convinced I am who I claim. I know my counterpart is quite the manipulative and unpleasant individuals but a frame of reference would be helpful.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867075

File: 1418548474973.png (49.4 KB, 500x300, tumblr_me9bxovXjG1rl88f1o1_500…)


>he took a deep breath, stood up right, and put on a sly smile

Oh, he acts quite sardonic~ A sinister person, like a villain of a movie. He acts high and mighty, over the weak demons like ourselves~

>he tried his best to put on his best impression to give a reference, hoping it'd be enough. Quitting the act, he stared at Sebastian nervously

...Kind of like that... If my counterpart acts similar, do that...

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867246

File: 1418592870621.jpg (48.95 KB, 500x693, Sebastian_YouBelieveYOUCanWin_…)


>Sebastian slowly nods along to Hueco's explanations of the behaviours his counterpart held. He was sinister and sardonic, had something of a superiority complex over those he viewed weaker than himself.

>Judging from previous descriptions, he also was quite manipulative in his machinations, as he had very nearly orchestrated the corruption and death of two mansion residents.

...Let's see...

>Sebastian's expression smooths into a more confident one, a small smirk pulling at his face as he stares down at Hueco. He clears his throat to gain a little more confidence to his voice, which he steadies into an even, if not mildly mocking, tone.

Weak demons such as 'ourselves'? You are one to talk; even the most cowardly of children would never fear such a meek and pathetic demon.

>Roll 1d1000 = 825

>odds, Sebastian keeps the charade wholesale, and even smirks a little more widely after the insult, something the true Sebastian of this world would do, as if he had said something funny doing so.


>evens, Sebastian's confidence and meanness drops halfway through, his insult coming off flat and uninspired.

>if so, he sighs in frustration and brushes a hand through his hair.

That's simply far to rude to say!

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867258

File: 1418594238761.png (138.79 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mnw7dyI85o1rsccq2o1_500…)

>Hueco's eye twitches at the comment. He's heard that a million times before from the evil Sebastian, and was now hearing it from the friendly one... He was getting good at this very quickly.

>Roll 1d1000 = 51

>evens, while the cat demon might have taken offense, he still knows that it's just a act, a good at as well.

You're good... You could pass as the real one.

>odds, Hueco snaps and let's loose a kick to Sebastian's shin. While not as strong as when he kneed him, it certainly was enough to hurt.

I'll show you who's weak!

>only then, did the catboy realize what he did. Just seeing someone acting as Sebastian in front of him was enough to entice a reaction... Now he knew why Halloqueen attacked him when he put on the act himself.

S-sorry... Force of habit.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867279

File: 1418595873705.png (108.54 KB, 630x344, Sebastian_BadEnoughToWarrantCh…)



>The kick finds his shin easily enough, a jolt of pain shooting up his leg from the connection.

>He hisses and jumps back, bending to rub at his shin with a pained grumble.

Glad to know...I'm convincing enough!

>Actually, it hurt.

>He hopes the kick didn't damage his ability to walk for a while, but if it did he'd have to put on a stiff upper lip. His healing factor wasn't quite the quickest in the mansion, but at least he had one compared to some of the other residents.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867292

File: 1418596561719.png (351.75 KB, 459x406, 2-13-2013 4-59-51 PM.png)

Now... What of me...?

>he scratched his chin, his left ear started to twitch again.

I don't want you to go alone, just in case, but I doubt that I could go in...

>he thought of putting his shapeshifting to work, but taking into account that he couldn't even change his hair color properly, he had a better chance using his words to get by.

>there was one idea...

Hm.. I'll be your prisoner. Take me around the place, anyone who asks, tell them I've given myself up to you or something like that... Aaaaand... Make sure you talk lowly of me, Sebastian hates me after all..

>the catboy chuckled, a grin spreading across his face

We're spies~ You're James Bond and I'm Q. The Sebastian of this world is our Goldfinger.

>was he having fun with the idea of sneaking into the zone of a Demon Prince.

Think we can pull it off?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867299

File: 1418597013411.png (58.75 KB, 490x389, Sebastian_CatVideos!.PNG)


>Sebastian, at first, seems less than enthused thanks to the effects of the kick he still felt himself.

Between my apparent acting ability and your ruddy kick I believe we'll be just fine.

>Sebastian finally pauses from tending to his sore shin and stands upright, wincing a little from the electric jolts of pain shooting up his leg still.

>He stares at Hueco with a frown, having the impression Hueco was making a reference of something but having no idea what it could be,
>Thinking it best not to inquire, he instead focuses on the plan at hand.

Indeed; I'll focus on playing the part of Demon Prince Sebastian Michaelis, you shall be my 'prisoner' and with such a story we should be able to search his place of residence for any sign of the amulets.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867323

File: 1418598383225.jpg (198.85 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mb3dpbNcrm1r27q2lo1_500…)

>he nodded, smiling with confidence

So we have a plan.. Hope everything works out well. If things go south, I know how to fight.

>he coughed


>snapping back into "serious mode" he turned to face a nearby wall.

Give me a moment. Going to try and open a portal to Sebastian's realm. I've been there once before...

>he held his hand out, a dark purple mist emitted from the skin of his hand. He's opened portals before, even summoned demons, with the use of his sword "Navaja"

>but never before has he opened them by his power alone.

>Roll 1d1000 = 747

>evens, a large, assymetrical door of dark purple light appears before him. Awfully fancy for a portal to another realm. Hueco looked tired from creating it, but quickly recovered.

>odds, it takes the shape of a misshapen purple portal in the wall, twisting and shifting shape, it didn't look like it'd hold for long. Hueco appeared physically strained by the creation of it.


...So should we stick something in just in case or wing it?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867350

File: 1418599606473.png (135.84 KB, 343x302, Sebastian_DidThatActuallyHappe…)


>Sebastian waits patiently for Hueco to create the portal that would take them to his counterpart's realm in Hell, watching with relative silence.

>However, the shakiness of the portal added with Hueco's strain is more than enough to tell the demon butler that the portal would not remain for much longer.

I believe we don't have much time for anything except action-!

>With that, Sebastian seizes Hueco's arm in his hand and hurries into the portal before it can collapse on them both. He feels a curious sensation of warmth as they pass through, the cool air growing heavy and stifling but the light fading to a measure of darkness. The air itself felt thick and humid, making it hard to breathe.

>They both stood on a street paved with cobbled stones, shabby dark buildings made of obsidian standing around them. A curious stench filled the air and with it the sounds of quiet mutters and grumblings.

>Sebastian looks about in confusion, finding that the surroundings bore resemblances to Town's rundown slums, but with a Victorian aesthetic to the architecture. Demons sat about inside of these hovels, glaring at at them both with glowing green eyes, though they made no move to exit their domiciles, their eyes staring right at Sebastian in particular.

>Beyond the road, Sebastian can see that this urban area is built upon some rounded cone-like mountain, the road leading upwards. An eerie green light builds with the city the higher up the mountain became, and at the top sat a splendid castle illuminated in an emerald glow.

>In the air Sebastian could see winged serpents fly about, screeching and snapping at a fine rain of souls fluttering down from the sky. It appeared as if the closer to the top of this realm someone was, the better their chances of attaining these souls. In fact, many of the buildings closer to the top looked more splendid and less rundown than the area they stood in currently.

>What sin had Hueco called his counterpart?

>He glances to Hueco in particular, his hand still firmly gripping the catboy's arm. It serves a good first impression to those around them, if only to imply that he had brought Hueco here and not the other way around.

>There was a strange poverty of this area, though nothing felt truly poor. The buildings were modestly maintained and aside the odor it wasn't as bad as the worst parts of the slums in Town. The environment felt poor but only in contrast with the gleaming magnificence of the castle perched high above it all.

>Sebastian had a very good feeling who belonged in that castle, and also had an inkling that they had quite a walk ahead of them.

Come along, you.

>Sebastian tugs Hueco's arm and walks up the road, making sure to shoot the observing demons a sharp glare on occasion. Many would jerk and duck out of sight, leaving them well enough alone as they moved onwards.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867373

File: 1418600706081.jpg (17.41 KB, 230x171, ss (2013-06-05 at 11.30.02).jp…)

>Hueco nodded and got ready to jump through, only to be seized along.
>"At least he's quick to leap into action."

>As they arrived, Hueco felt a chill run up his spine. The atmosphere was a lot different than Mia's stark white realm... It was on the whole other end of the spectrum. Rather than white and alien in construction, it was dark and borrowed from human society for its appearance. Yet, both places looked liveable, and provided housing for the residents. If not for being the land of his worst enemy, Hueco wouldn't mind living in a place like this. He made note of the apparent caste system. Those at the bottom of the mountain are poor, unable to get the souls that rain down.. While the ones at the top get the lion's share; Sebastian himself included.

>how did this caste system work anyways? Are those at the top simple more powerful than the ones at the bottom or is it ranked by wealth... Either way, things would get more dangerous as they went higher.

>Occasionally, Hueco would make eye contact with a demon in hiding, only to look forward. He felt like using his demon eye ability, give himself a better view of the area; yet he choose not to, lest make himself look suspicious.

>"That caste... That's where he lives?"

>Hueco stared at the towering castle and its dragons... Guess a Prince deserves a castle befitting their power.

>he hurried along

Y-yes sir...

>Hueco himself decided to put on a act himself. Bowing his head defeated, ears folded back, as if he had matyred himself up to Sebastian; maybe he should've let Sebastian rough him up, to look like he had just got out of a fight.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867391

File: 1418601606654.png (166.84 KB, 619x345, Sebastian_DidSomeoneSayJapanes…)


>Their walk goes about unimpeded, the demons of the lowest caste in Sebastian's realm looking upon them both with their luminous green eyes. Should Hueco look around into the domiciles, he would see some demons hugging souls preciously close to themselves, yet eyeing Sebastian with clear amounts of resentment or jealousy.

>This was the realm of Envy indeed, for how even well off the lowest class was, they burned of the desire to have something of someone else's. Sebastian, a handsome and intelligent demon in his own right, was quite the pick of contention in the realm that had once been ruled by Alice, and before her, the Prince Leviathan himself.

>When they ascend to a higher block, the air becomes less stifling and the buildings less shabby. Demons walk about here, and there appears to be a curious amount of shops called 'Facechangers'. The demons of this realm, lacking the inherent shapeshifting abilities that some other demons possessed in different realms, stand outside with buckets filled with collected souls. There's a strange aesthetic of this area, and for some of the demons, they seem to be following the fashion sensibilities of Sebastian in particular. No demon in this area is without a suit or fine clothing.

>As before, when they pass, many demons watch them go with varying degrees of chilled discontent.

Look at that! Our Prince has taken in a pet! What a pretty puss, my Prince!

>Sebastian stops and quickly turns his head, flashing a dangerous expression towards the direction the sarcastic voice had come from.

>At once the demons in the street race into the nearby buildings, the doors slamming with impressive unity, leaving the street empty for them both.
>Sebastian sighs and gently tugs Hueco's arm, leading him onwards in the street. Unlike the last, it seemed his glare did the trick and left them alone for a brief spell, without the prying eyes or ears of other demons.
>He mutters loud enough for Hueco to overhear him, but keeps his gaze fixed for the castle at the top of the city.

Seems to be going well so far...

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867409

File: 1418602265902.jpg (45.31 KB, 412x576, tumblr_mmke5jansu1spxjxgo1_500…)

>Hueco grinned at the demons inability to shapeshift. Despite his lack of skill in the department, at least he could still do it and improve on it.
>these poor creations had to spend money just to do it.

>but, at the same time, he feels a bit of envy toawrds Sebastian... He wished people would be afraid of him too. The idea of ruling over a land sounded like too much for him, he couldn't handle it despite being able to in his past life.

>"I'll show you who's a pretty puss, you jerk..."

>he didn't respond to Sebastian, only nodding.

>"That it is..."

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867455

File: 1418603939660.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)


>Entering the final section before the castle proved to be the richest area. The buildings were well maintained, there were lampposts and a lack of stench. There is also plenty of light that gleams from the interiors of buildings they passed.

>Even the demons walking about appear well off, but there still is something wrong in how they interact with one another. There's quick glances to things like facial features, trinkets, suits, even such small differences like the color of a soul eaten for lunch.

>They leave this area just as unmolested, though above Sebastian can hear the feathery wings of the serpents in the sky beating occasionally, with unnatural screeches of their vocalizations grating at his ears.

>It's the gates of the castle where they do finally find an obstacle, in the form of a red imp dressed in a black suit.
>The imp, at first, doesn't pay attention to them as they approach the gates, but a cursory glance up rewards the red creature with the sight of his boss standing before him with a cat demon in tow.

Gah?! M-My Lord, you've returned?!


>Sebastian eyes the gates briefly, and the imp beyond, his own eyes narrowing with shown impatience.

I'm certain you have plenty of questions for me but I can assure you I am not in any mood for nonsense. I have a demon here I must attend to, and I wish to do so in the privacy of my quarters.

>The imp stares at Sebastian, his red ears flopping back from confusion.


>Roll 1d1000 = 889

>odds, after a moment, the imp nods nervously and steps back.

Y-Yes sire! One moment, let me get these gates for you!

>He flicks his hands aside, and with a groan, the gates open to allow the two inside.

>Above them both, two flying serpents land upon the pillars between the gates and gaze down at them both. Reptilian eyes, slitted and glowing from the amount of souls they've consumed, burn into the demons' backs as they watch.


>evens, the imp hesitates, sensing something amiss

S-Sire? What about all the business you've left unattended? Lucifer has been very cross and asking for your response to missing your meeting, and the Prince of Sloth-...well, he actually doesn't care all too much but we all know you never once miss an appointment! What happened?

>if evens, Roll 1d1000 = 101

>odds, Sebastian glares at the imp, and with a squeak and a wince he steps back and opens the gates.

Sorry-sorry! I know I'm an idiot, I-I'll just be quiet!

>evens, though Sebastian glares, the imp stares at him with slowly narrowing and suspicious eyes

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867468

File: 1418604516731.jpg (54.14 KB, 500x275, tumblr_mpowlavDRg1s6d6pvo1_500…)

>Someone was coming!
>"Don't talk to us, don't talk to us, don't- He's talking to him."

>Hueco fell silent, hoping that what little he taught Sebastian would come into play. It was working until now...

>it looked to be working, leading Hueco to breath a sigh of relief.

>"That worked?!"

>Hueco stayed close to the butler. Not making eye contact with the serpents or the imp. They were actually getting by enemy lines, to the palace of the enemy. For the first time, Hueco was actually making progress in defeating Sebastian... But not by his own power, but through the help of Sebastian's self from another universe.

>"I should give him a reward for this... Maybe I'll let him touch my ears."

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867475

File: 1418604942187.jpg (47.02 KB, 1024x576, Sebastian_NowYouAreGettingOnMy…)


>Once the gates are open, Sebastian yanks Hueco along behind him, swiftly heading inside with a brisk pace and unfriendly stature. Any imps or demons who thought to approach him and inquire where he had been thought twice of it and turned around once they saw his no nonsense and aggravated expression.

>The only problem was now that they were inside the grand and majestic castle Sebastian had called home, he had absolutely no idea where the hell his main quarters would be.

>Such a thought strikes him as they approach the stairwell, to the point where as they walk up, Sebastian pulls Hueco close and mutters lowly to him:

Where is his room?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867480

File: 1418605340742.jpg (174.98 KB, 500x500, 1360633779874.jpg)

>he whispered back

How should I know..?

>the wheels in his head began to turn... He was in Mia's realm before... She had her throne room at the top floor. In that case, shouldn't it be the same for good ol' Sebby?

Top floor? Maybe there is a map?

>why would he keep a map of his own place though. It was an amusement park.

I'd just try top floor...

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867489

File: 1418606246783.jpg (35.4 KB, 704x400, Sebastian_An Aside For Thought…)



>Why would there be a map in his castle? Didn't his counterpart call this place his home?


>Sebastian ascends the stairwell with Hueco, the steps covered by a fine green and gold carpet. Indeed, the color scheme of the castle matched the city, dark obsidian with tapestries of green and gold strung up on the walls. A massive painting of Sebastian himself decorates a wall, rendered so delicately it appeared in the style of a Renaissance painting.

>Light fixtures burn souls on the walls, the small faces of the orbs twisted in agony as they give off warm yellow light to illuminate the castle interior. They give no scream but they look as if they are trying.

>Hueco's guess proves correct, and at the top of the stairwell they find themselves facing only a set of dark doors, which when opened, reveals Sebastian's personal study. His trophies he's collected from other Demon Princes sit in display cases, statues of predatory cats such as lions and tigers decorate the corners, so lifelike and fierce looking that they appear as if they could pounce. A huge desk piled with papers sit in the center of the room, with a large leather office chair set behind it.

>The walls are populated with shelves lined with ancient books taken from Leviathan's personal library for Sebastian's reference, many detailing Armageddon, the end of the world, and some regarding demon princes through the ages or the many uses of mortal souls for fun or profit.

>A massive fireplace burning with constant green flame sits to one end, a fine couch pushed up against a wall closer towards the center of the room, and the other end was a massive window looking out over the realm of envy below, which in its eerie green glow faded to darkness and obscurity at the very bottom.

>Sebastian pulls Hueco inside and shuts the door swiftly behind him, being sure to lock it to further dissuade any interruptions from any within the castle itself.

We're in!

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867494

File: 1418606990143.jpg (24.87 KB, 500x201, tumblr_m70uxvJbv61rt0zl5o1_500…)

>Green and gold? What did Sebastian think this was? Slytherin House? At least it went with the rest of the town... Although Hueco preferred colors like purple, black, and colors that complemented or contrasted those two.

>Hueco stared up at the painting of the owner of the castle as they passed by, getting the urge to claw it or draw a mustache on him or a phallus pointed towards his mouth... Thankfully for Sebastian, Hueco didn't have a marker with him.

>the appearance of the souls was burnt into Hueco's mind... If he knew how to free them, he would... Could he even free them?

>then finally, they made it to their destination.

Yes~ Thanks, Sebastian.

>he made his way over to the desk, looking around the room. Those books looked enticing, so did that statue... He considered taking one of them for himself, but now wasn't the time.

You did great... Now where do we start?

>he started going through the stacks of papers, looking for one that could be of use.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867501

File: 1418607805611.jpg (69.87 KB, 674x598, Sebastian_EvenIDoNotKnowWhatTo…)


>The papers on the desk all appear to be boring accounts or transcriptions of meetings with Demon Princes, which appear to all be in consistent frequency. Sebastian had met with all the Demon Princes at least once before, and all of the topics appeared to be of the same subject. Many of the papers mention the union of the Princes proposed by Sebastian, with the intention of kickstarting the war against Heaven and ultimately the end of the mortal world as it was known.

>Luckily, a good number of the transcripts show indifference from some of the Princes, leaving notes of frustration written in Sebastian's hand on them in some places.

>The Sebastian from a different world also approaches the desk, but instead of looking through the papers he pulls out the drawers. He finds a variety of writing utensils, stamps, and jars of souls sitting inside, though to his surprise he sees that these souls look unusually brighter compared to the ones that they had seen earlier.


>Unbeknownst to the butler holding the jar, the souls within were Sebastian's absolute favorite, coveted by almost every demon in his realm. These were the souls of good people who had lived good lives, tricked to fall into sin and embrace their fall wholeheartedly.

>Such cruel misguidance left these souls juicy, balanced with a virtuous past and a sinful end. Sebastian was a gourmet and with his abilities of manipulation and a silver tongue he collected the foods that suited his fancy.


>Sebastian sets the jar down and digs into the drawers, but finds no false bottoms where an amulet could be hidden.

>With a sigh he closes the drawers and shakes his head.

Not here, I'm afraid...I'll check the shelves, perhaps there's a secret room hidden somewhere within this room.

>With that, he walks to a nearby shelf and carefully searches for some kind of seam or lever that could reveal such a thing, allowing Hueco to look around some more to his leisure.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867515

File: 1418608609506.jpg (314.43 KB, 850x1271, sample_bd88852474ea7df40f5fc56…)

>he wanted to start a /war/
>the Prince was insane... But, at least it looked like he wasn't getting all of the other Princes in on it... Hopefully.
>Hopefully, this planned war won't even start in the first place...

>Hueco looked over to the shelf, which Sebastian was checking out.

Pull on every book, there might be a fake one.

>Hueco continued to go through the papers, setting the ones he had read to the side. Maybe one of them would hold the key to where this amulet was. Maybe there was a possibility that he gave the amulet to one of the Princes...

>Hueco quickly looked under the desk, to see if there could be a secret button or switch.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867524

File: 1418609554315.png (26.61 KB, 258x215, Sebastian_ReallyFarAwayFromHer…)


>The papers hold nothing about any amulets, though one of the last papers he finds is a schedule. The times and sections are mostly filled, some for meetings, some for soul collection, and some for spying on Wayne Manor, but there are spaces of five minute timeslots that are curiously blank...

>Beneath the desk is nothing but polished wood, but near the center Hueco can see a sealed small plastic bag filled with something green and flaky taped right at the center. WIth effort, he likely could grab it and pull it from its place for inspection.

>Sebastian meanwhile stares at the shelves after Hueco makes his suggestion, a large part of him (the butler-ish part) recoiling at the idea of untidying such a lovely arranged set of books.

>The quickest way to discover any secrets would be to pull down the novels and tomes from their shelves, however. It didn't mean that Sebastian fancied the idea of doing so, but had no means otherwise a slow and tedious process of searching for something that may not be there.


>Well, they came this far, hadn't they? His counterpart would already be incensed someone snooped about his office, so the mess would heap insult onto him.


>Still he hated the idea of making a mess. It takes a deep breath and a mental resolution to let go of his compulsive needs to be tidy and polite before he finally extends his arm.



>Sebastian runs along the length of the wall, knocking books down with his extended arm onto the floor with a single sweep. He goes row by row, adding more and more books to the floor as he clears the shelves one by one.

>When he finishes, there is no secret place, and the butler surveys the mess he's made with chagrin and discomfort.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867549

File: 1418610846399.png (154.99 KB, 360x387, 12-10-2012 4-29-09 PM.png)

>Hueco didn't make a note of those five minute timeslots, thinking they were useless.

Hm... Nothing...

>he frowned. But upon noticing the green bag, his ears pricked up.

>"Is that what I think it is...?"

>he reached for the bag, only to withdraw his hand, and bonk his head on the bottom of the desk, upon hearing the loud noise ringing through the room.


>he stared at the mess of books... BW!Sebastian will surely know that he was here.

Nothing, huh...?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867586

File: 1418613094346.png (34.63 KB, 170x280, Sebastian_LordLuciferGiveMeStr…)


>Sebastian shakes his head and sighs heavily, pressing a hand on his forehead as he tries to think of someplace else the amulets may be hidden.

Not a thing except well-maintained bookshelves, unfortunately...

>Perhaps his counterpart thought better than to keep his amulets in his place of residence. As he was the Demon Prince of Envy, perhaps that was for the best in retrospect. So many would likely seek his death or destruction; hiding his amulets here would be inviting trouble.

Perhaps this was a longshot chance; I was hoping that perhaps he may have stowed one here but it seems to not be the case.

>In that case, where were they, then?

>With a weary sigh, Sebastian allows his arm to fall to his side and turns to regard Hueco with an apologetic expression.

I'm afraid we may not find them here. If he is as clever as I'm starting to suspect, to hide an artifact that houses his surefire way to maintaining immortality in a place where he has many enemies would be an incredibly poor choice on his part. Unfortunately...if there are none here, there is truly nothing I can think of to where they could be hidden.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867606

File: 1418614698858.jpg (29.17 KB, 216x633, tumblr_n05771gbY01s7pwv2o1_500…)

>Hueco sighed, his ears drooping down, sporting a defeated expression.

At least we tried I guess...

>he looked to the papers, picking them back up. There had to be /something/ and it lied in these papers. He couldn't come this far only to have to head right back.

What do you make of these? I'm not a bright person and you're more orderly than me... You might understand them..

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867614

File: 1418615399290.png (38.85 KB, 215x233, Sebastian_Quizzical.PNG)


>Again Sebastian approaches the desk and picks up a small set of the papers, looking over each one with brief interest. As Hueco had found earlier, he too sees the transcripts of meetings with the Demon Princes, and his dark desire spelled out completely in each meeting.

Armageddon? He aspires to incite a war between Heaven and Hell?

>His counterpart truly needed to be stopped, before any of this nonsense happened to lift from the ground. It seemed as if there were pitfalls and trials that he faced; troubles with the Demon Prince of Sloth, his suspicions of Greed, and some rather unsettling scraps about Lust as well.


>Perturbed and setting these aside for now, Sebastian looks for different papers not related to the transcripts.

>He finds the schedule Hueco had seen earlier and scans it. A set of blank spaces interspersed between the times catches the demon's eye, causing a dark brow to lift.

What is he doing in these gaps of time...? Five minutes, every...three days, it seems, he goes somewhere after observing Wayne Manor before returning to his office.

>Sebastian passes the schedule to Hueco, pointing out the strange aspect of the times.

It's curious he did not write down what he does; everything else in this schedule is meticulously noted except for that. Whatever it is he does, why doesn't it warrant a note as everything else in his day?

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867617

File: 1418615802476.png (480.04 KB, 620x877, 5a1916baf0a366c445d5797a0a3134…)


>Hueco sat down on the office chair, resting his feet on the desk. He felt a strong urge to inspect that bag of green stuff... It had to be what he thought it was.

...Spy on him?

>he said plainly

If someone can spy on Sebastian during this time... They can somehow discover where he is going. Right?

>that sounded almost too dangerous, to tail him like that. It might not even work.

>but at least they discovered /something/ that might lead them to what they want.

It has to do with the amulet. I'm sure of it... He wouldn't leave info about them, would he, he's too smart to do that. But...

>Hueco's confidence dwindled

...We don't know where it is and we can't spy on him easily.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867623

File: 1418616490065.gif (252.16 KB, 500x473, Sebastian_Don'tBlink_OrYou'llM…)


>Sebastian takes up a piece of paper from the pile of nonsense and copies the information on the schedule with a pen. Amusingly, his handwriting is absolutely identical to his counterpart's to the smallest detail, making it appear as if it is a copy when he is done.

>The copy now in hand, he folds it and hands it to Hueco.

Unfortunately that will have to be the challenge of attempting to discern his amulets' whereabouts. It was too optimistic to think it could be any easier.

>Sebastian sighs.

Luckily you know where he is before he does do whatever it is he does. If you can find him as he's watching Wayne Manor, you can then follow him to this secret location or place, and see what it is he's doing there. While it may not be anything relating to the amulets, there is a good possibility it could be given the circumstances.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867629

File: 1418616940673.jpg (42.28 KB, 500x536, I just want to live a normal l…)

>Hueco nodded, taking the paper from Sebastian and stowing it away in his back pocket.

I think I can do that...

>well, they failed to find much, but this very little information gave him a hope spot. Taking a deep breath, Hueco got up from the chair

Thanks, Sebastian...

>He looked outside. There was something that he wanted to ask Sebastian, now that he's become so attached to him... He's not only allied himself with him after their rough first meeting, but helped him find information on how to beat Sebastian.

Once this is over and fixed, this issue with being separated from your world.. You can't come back, can you?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867637

File: 1418617941979.png (103.78 KB, 474x464, Sebastian_Goddamn_ThatHurt.PNG)


I...don't believe so.

>Sebastian shifts his gaze away from Hueco with a guilty mutter. He felt responsible for his counterpart's evil deeds. He felt as if he could do more, but had no means to do so with. He'd gladly come back otherwise and assist putting down that vile counterpart himself.

The dimensions and different worlds may mean we will never meet again under any circumstances, which...is unfortunate, but that's how it must be.

>He couldn't very well live here anyway. He had obligations at his own mansion, to protect and maintain it when there was nobody else to do so. He was a butler first and demon second.

>This also meant returning to his homeworld and bidding the endearing cat demon goodbye, in exchange for that Prince of Lust he had become accustomed to handling for ages now.

>That damn narcissist must never know about this; he'd have a damned field day.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867654

File: 1418619282763.png (33.85 KB, 165x268, tumblr_mdiz4jEQqK1rp6vzco1_250…)


>he smiled, despite his sadness.

You have a world of your own, friends to take care of. Can't rob you of that... Make sure you tell my counterpart about me once you see him, just to see the look on his face~

>Hueco would have to deal with Sebastian, while RW!Sebastian would have to deal with Hueco's own counterpart.

>things would go to how they should be...

>Hueco turned to face a nearby wall

We should go. Can't stay here for too long?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867668

File: 1418620438602.jpg (6.12 KB, 130x189, Sebastian_NotTooCertainOfThat.…)


>At the mention of friends, curiously, the butler's expression shifts to a less confident expression, his gaze directed away from Hueco.

>He couldn't rightly call anyone at the Mansion a 'friend'. Mr. Lollipop was a friend, though one of the very few he could call without much hesitance. He worked at the estate because he felt indebted to it, yes, but not many residents who called the manor home truly attempted to befriend the butler.

>Some refrained because he seemed to busy. Some did not because he was a demon. It was a busy life, if somewhat lonely, broken in monotony by visiting those in Town whom he could speak freely with.

>In fact, it seemed he had more enemies than friends in that world, when he actually had the time to think of it. Mentioning Hueco Mundo visibly dampens Sebastian's already gloomy mood, a thought he'd have such a pleasure to return to that sticking in his mind.

...Yes, we should depart before someone comes around.

>He looks to the wall as well, expecting Hueco to create a portal they could use to escape this place, leaving it a ruddy mess for his counterpart to find when he returns. Such an idea does raise his spirits (slightly) to know as much.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867674

File: 1418621029065.jpg (365.11 KB, 889x1000, Neko Boy color.jpg)

>Hueco held his hand out, creating a portal on the wall. Oddly, this one looked more refined. Having a rectangular shape rather than the distorted appearance from before.
>was it because Wayne Manor was more familiar?

This should take us to the manor, no doubt.

>for the first time in ages, he felt accomplished.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867706

File: 1418632453690.png (183.64 KB, 365x310, Sebastian_HereWeGo.PNG)


>Sebastian smiles weakly back to Hueco, and with an inclination of his head, he walks into the portal Hueco created for them. The heat melts away into a coldness, the surroundings changing from the Demon Prince's study to that of the mansion foyer.

>He pulls his coat a little tighter around himself, and with a deep breath, the butler looks about the mansion with a strangely nostalgic expression.

>Even if this wasn't his mansion, this still was a Wayne Manor. It deserved as much of a break as his own world's did. It was a wonderful place that gave people homes when they had none, and that was as much why he liked his own home himself. Those at the manor had given him an existence, a home, and a purpose in life.

>That was what was so special about Wayne Manor. No matter the world,Sebastian suspected it was quite the wonderful place indeed.

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