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File: 1414881746072.jpg (50.34 KB, 864x540, 2earths.jpg)

Better Layton Never: Reverse World 848318[View All]

#Ask/Invite#BLN#IC Event
One change in someone's life can make all the difference. Maybe you really would do better in someone else's shoes. Maybe a choice you made turned sour, maybe it turned out better. But who we are and what we do in the light of our choices is what defines us.

Which makes you have to ask yourself, what if I made a different choice? What would my life like be then, how different would I be?

Some people may never know, others get that chance to see in this crazy mismatched nexus of a world.

But it quite rarely happens that you and your other possible paths cross, or even swap.

Something in the air tonight, something strong, something unknown, makes that not only possible, but happen right under our noises.

A storm of cracks, of portals and lightning in the air shows something strange is happening...

Things are changing, chaos is sure to follow.

Welcome to ReverseWorld

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Yang Xiao Long!aLEJudith. 866046

File: 1418424731479.png (330.65 KB, 600x505, 26266248_m.png)

>Next to Saya lays a big ol' universal remote, it looked like it could control everything in the home just by itself...

>And Yang brings her fluffy lover into the bed room giving her a deep and passionate kiss as they both fall onto the giant conformable bed...
>Care to fade to black for us Ivy?


File: 1418424993002.png (575.95 KB, 871x490, Depressed.png)

>The rabbit just curled up on the sofa ignoring the remote and hugged her knees close.


File: 1418507973560.jpg (496.85 KB, 600x930, Beast_Wars___Waspinator_by_Ahr…)

>Wolf and the other scientists and mages of the Tear Guard that hadn't been lost had studied the Grail day in and out

>The most they'd been able to find is when creatures were in it or touching it, one way or another, they'd get what they desired, whether the item had to spontaneously generated, which it sometimes was, or brought in through a tear

>But if people being swapped was a side effect of having the Grail, they knew they couldn't use it to "Wish" people back to their proper places

>There must have been something missing, perhaps it had to deal with the chip in the grail itself, but at this moment in time, they needed their rest

>Waspinator in his time spent at the Tear Guard Headquarters was quiet, friendly, and hadn't seemed the least bit hostile as they did their best at repairing him

>But now with everyone in base having left Waspinator alone...

>Another persona all together emerged, none other than the spark he'd been sharing a body with this whole time, the spark of the notorious Decepticon, Starscream

>The Decepticon stealhtily moved through the base, using his advanced weaponry and ability to possess machinery to by pass most of the base's security measures

>Eventually, he arrived at the room the Grail was locked in

>Hoisting it up, and holding it tightly in his grasp, Starscream announced to himself

At last, I'll have what was rightfully mine to begin with, not only a new body, not only leadership of the decepticons, but I shall have the entire universe at my heel!

>As Starscream was gloating however, another desire could be felt tugging at the grail, pulling it across barriers...but the desire and and ambition burning in the spark of a seeker would NOT be surmounted by any others!

cont in Main thread

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 866970

File: 1418536393550.png (149.95 KB, 439x240, Sebastian_Empathy.PNG)

As I talked to Patches about this, we're setting it before Ivy's arc's endgame

>He takes care to make himself rather scarce since that meeting with the young lady in the kitchen. Replacing his suit was a dreadfully embarrassing affair, as it required a tango of money exchange with bills that had to be sorted into Equestrian bits, which took all the longer to do.

>Thankfully he did finally get a new suit fitted, and the crispness of the fabric felt wonderful. Even his gloves were new, as he did have some extra to spend.

>Sebastian still is wary around Manor residents, and does not readily reveal himself when he can. Too many he wonders about, and wonders if his counterpart had hurt them in any way. He feels terrible over those thoughts in particular, on how cruel and absent of morality his counterpart was.

>A demon of no compassion or sense of honor for an existence he was gifted, saved from a startling brush with nonexistence. Sebastian had lived that life, he had seen and felt the emptiness of nonexistence in that cycle of dreams within his Creator. He too had felt the blessing of sentience, the notion of fate and how quickly it could change.

>It was by his begging of those foreign in the dream that they allowed him shelter in the amulets, and took him to this world beyond the world he knew. It was a world deeper and richer than what he last experienced, and he treasured an existence where he had free reign upon what he could do, a freedom of self and thought all his own.

>This freedom was not without setbacks and unpleasant events, however. People such as Mami Tomoe or Hueco Mundo had made his life difficult, and challenged the safety of the manor or himself on many occasion.

>But he had things he cared about; the mansion and his cats particularly.


>Did his counterpart like cats too? He never saw a sign that he did, but then again, it appeared he did not live here at the manor.

>Where did he live, then?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 866979

File: 1418537582117.png (154.99 KB, 360x387, 12-10-2012 4-29-09 PM.png)

>"Blonde hair..."

>Hueco sat in his room in front of his full length mirror, eyes closed. He had discovered his ability to change appearance not too long ago. Having wondered if it was unique to him or an ability that all demons of his kind possessed, he started practicing it the immediate day after he discovered it.

>slowly but surely, his appearance changed, Hueco had to stay concentrated hard. His black hair slowly shifting into a lighter shade of blonde. Finally, the catboy opened his eyes, seeing the results. There were still several strands of black hair, looking less like a complete change and more like a really bad dye job.


>he crossed his arms, pouting to no one in particular. His hair quickly shifted back to its natural color.

>"I'll work on it..."

>he headed out to the resident hall, hands in his pockets.

>"Wonder how Alice is doing... Hope she's doing alright. What about that Sebastian from the other world?"

>Hueco was still unsure if he was to be trusted or not. But his actions were sincere.

>"I should show Alice or someone my new abilities! I could look like anybody in the manor if I practice enough! A master of disguise~"

>Hueco, lost in thought, wandered around the resident hall, headed for the foyer, not really paying attention to where he was going.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 866985

File: 1418538743831.png (164.63 KB, 457x316, Sebastian_NoEyesShownIsABadThi…)



>The sound of footsteps coming from the hall to his left draws Sebastian's attention away from his thoughts. It's unexpected; it was rather late and the moonlight shone brightly outside the windows of the foyer downstairs. Sebastian, hidden in the shadows near the stairwell down, has access to a bird's eye view of the foyer below and the Residential Hall to his left.

>He expects to see someone he doesn't recognize, as it seems the manor was full of them, but he instinctively prickles when he sees a familiar figure walking towards him.

>Hueco Mundo, as Sebastian knew him, was the Demon Prince of Lust. He was a loathsome creature, single-minded in his own carnal ways and amusements. He found himself center to the cat-demon's torments and focal point of his attentions thanks to a long-ago snub Sebastian had unwittingly given.

>To be honest, his creation left him knowing only he was a demon and a butler. He didn't know, or particularly enjoy, the advancements the demon made upon him and had politely turned him down.
>Such a gesture to a Demon Prince of Lust, so used to getting what he wanted when he wanted it, likely was a great affront. Sebastian unwittingly created an enemy that day who relished in tormenting him with ungracious frequency. His face still turned red thinking of all the different things the demon had done over the two years, and it truly felt sometimes that Mundo, in his twisted way, was winning.

>However, Sebastian mentally shakes himself. This was not the same Hueco Mundo he had known. This one held a meeker and less confident form. He also was curiously absent of his companions Sebastian was accustomed to seeing. The fact the Hueco of this world helped him, in lieu of emotions he claimed against the travesties his counterpart had done, baffled Sebastian to no end.

>The cat demon, or what he was here, was far different from the Hueco Mundo he knew. It seemed he must have been quite different from the Sebastian Michaelis he knew as well, to treat him with such belief when there was little else but his own behaviours to judge.

>The female demon could have easily destroyed his body here, and with that, any help he gave to Mr. Lollipop would have been made forfeit. He at the very least he deserved a thank you for such an action.


>The idea of thanking Hueco Mundo was a very different thought to reconcile regardless, a part of Sebastian twisted uncomfortably at the idea of it. It's only through interior reassurances he could quell such a feeling, though it stuck to the back of his mind like a bit of dried gum at the bottom of a shoe.

>With a deep breath, Sebastian scoots out from his hiding place and regards the cat demon with as much of an even stare as he can muster, though there's an uncomfortableness to his voice that he just cannot mask.

>He calls out to alert the demon to his presence, not wanting to surprise him or incite some kind of new attack on himself.

Mr. Mundo, I presume?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 866992

File: 1418539596933.png (132.25 KB, 500x646, tumblr_mvllagJCJT1rik615o1_500…)

>Hueco had spotted him before he even came out of the shadows, catching him out of the corner of his eye.


>he slowly turned his head to focus on the demon. Taking a second to register, Hueco's tail puffed up, his ears pointed backwards, going on the defense.


>He quickly stopped himself, biting his tongue. "It's not the same Sebastian", he reassured himself. His ears went back to their normal positions.

>On the other side of the coin, Hueco himself was tormented by the Sebastian of this world. The Sebastian he knew was clever, devious, malevolent, and tormented him solely because he saw him as a stain on demonkin.
>yet this Sebastian felt different, even acted different. Hueco had thought it was a ploy to mock or trick him... But after that fateful night, he could very well be a different demon butler.

Just call me Hueco... Mr. Mundo sounds strange.

>he himself had a strong tone of nervousness in his voice. He could be a different Sebastian, but he couldn't shake the fact that he was a near replica of the very same demon that's not only mentally and physically broke him, but did the same to several members of the mansion.

...Do you go by Michaelis or Sebastian?

>he tried his best to come off as friendly, lest not accidentally lead Sebastian to believe he was the wrong Hueco.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 866997

File: 1418540066566.jpg (6.12 KB, 130x189, Sebastian_NotTooCertainOfThat.…)


Sebastian, normally. I can understand if you'd rather call me something else, seeing as my counterpart-...well...

>Sebastian averts his stare from the cat demon awkwardly, then clears his throat. He speaks slowly but reverently, his words holding meaningful inflection within them.

I've discovered that the stories you and your demon friend had told me on the road were true. I hadn't thought to believe either of you given the circumstances, but now that I have a fresh perspective, I want to thank you for sparing me.

I imagine it must have been quite difficult; my counterpart has done terrible and unforgivable things in this world that deserves such a reaction.

>Sebastian pauses and looks back to Hueco with an apologetic expression.

And I must apologize for treating you distrustfully. Your counterpart that I am familiar with in my world is not a very pleasant individual either. It's quite hard to trust someone you know is deceitful on first meeting.

>Which was impressive all the same the cat demon had believed him and his claims. He was quite the trusting sort to do so, really.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867003

File: 1418540748375.png (162.34 KB, 261x389, 2-13-2013 9-54-44 PM.png)

THere are a lot of things I'd call your counterpart, heh..

>he rubbed the back of his neck. Hueco's kitty ears drooped down, as Hueco's face shifted to a small frown.

While we're at it, I'd like to apologize too, for the same reason. I'm sorry for the actions that my counterpart has done to you and the rest of your mansion...

>he rubbed his arm.

The little you've described him made it sound like he is the exact person I don't want to end up being... Also, sorry for kneeing you in the gut, that was uncalled for.

>trusting and apologetic. He was either a walking paragon of kindness, or he was just really stupid... Maybe it was a balance of both.

>the cat demon smiled

Anyways... I accept your apology... It was your friend that led me to believe you were different, I'm sure the Sebastian of this world would have no need for someone like that...

>who was that pony's counterpart anyways?
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RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867012

File: 1418541978124.png (180.58 KB, 378x350, Sebastian_IDespiseGettingFlash…)


>He offers a rueful smile to the cat demon, recalling the knee to his gut and how painful that had been. It healed, naturally, but Hueco was no slouch in the strength department, and to be fair, he had tried to punch him.

>He nods to the cat demon at first, but his smile quickly fades as Hueco continues.

>Sebastian makes a disgusted noise under his breath, looking quite agitated at that facet of information. The more he heard of his counterpart's misdeeds or views on individuals, the more it disgusted him.

It truly is repulsive to know my counterpart only cares for those who are of use to his machinations.

>His frustration towards the misdeeds his counterpart has done in this world only serves to make Sebastian more agitated, and with a sharp turn he looks down at the foyer beyond the stairwell.

I wish I could assist in helping this mansion and those who were plagued by him into his defeat; truly he is one who deserves nonexistence for being such a terrible being. No honor, no compassion for life or even the decency to appreciate the gift of life he was granted...he's a loathsome individual, that's quite certain.

>But hadn't he? He a;ready told that young woman in the cape what his counterpart's weakness likely was. Couldn't he do the same for the cat demon aside him?

...Actually, there is something I can do.

>He looks back to Hueco, his own dark brows furrowed.

In case I may switch with my counterpart again, I must share the information I know of him with anyone who could see to his defeat or destruction, before he does any more damage to this world.

>He gestures to himself, placing a hand on his own chest.

This information is something I have kept to myself. I'm certain your counterpart would love to hear this, as would a number of my enemies in my own world. To confide in you this, I must hear you promise to use it to destroy the Sebastian of your world.

Can you do this for me, Hueco?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867023

File: 1418543245394.jpg (54.89 KB, 500x500, And stop staring at me with th…)

Guess we're in the same boat.

>he smiled, warming up to the butler. It felt so awkward... A good kind of awkward.

>He hoped that Sebby would feel the same.

It's alright. We have several fighters here, that can fight him, including myself... I wish I could help fight the demon of your realm...

>from the description he wished that he could punch the hedonist himself.

>As for the Sebastian of this world...

Trust me, I've been wanting to wipe that bastard from this map ever since we first met~

>hold on... RW!Sebastian was onto something. If he was here and the Sebastian of this world was there...

So what do you know about him...? A weakness? A kryptonite of sorts...

>"I like the sound of this."

>his ears went back up again, as expressive as the rest of the catboy.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867030

File: 1418544167439.png (49.06 KB, 286x276, Sebastian_YouRang.PNG)


>Sebastian opens his mouth to reveal the information, certain he could help at least with this. While his world would need to still handle the Demon Prince of Lust, he could certainly help this world with little else than simple disdain for his counterpart.


>However, the words die in his throat for a moment, his gaze fixated on Hueco's head.

>Or namely, his ears.


>By the angels above and demons below, the way they moved, as expressive and lively as a cat's and they looked just as soft too.

>His fingers twitch; even the Hueco Mundo of his world knew how much he liked cats. Cats were the most perfect creatures on the planet, so graceful and endearing creatures that had no flaws he could ever think of.
>Hueco Mundo of his world held the same features as the one before him. They both were cat-demons, yes, any they both did traipse about in a humanoid form.
>However, Sebastian secretly adored the features. He would never reveal this to his tormentor, who he knows would use such information to his benefit. Thankfully the demon very rarely acted like a cat and his ears did not often reflect emotion (if he truly felt any).

>This Hueco Mundo was a true cat. His ears were expressive and flopped about as an animal's would, his expressions and even voice similar to a cat's mewl.

>It's so heavily distracting that when Sebastian realizes he's let a silence drag on too long, he jolts slightly and clears his throat in embarrassment, his face coloring a very slight tint of pink.

Yes! A...weakness, that's right! His existence and corporeal form is tied to this world via magical amulets. They sustain his mind, soul, and body in this world and allow him to stave off even death. Should his physical body be destroyed, the magic of these amulets would return him to life, as they is where he truly exists. His body may be solid, it may bleed and he may experience what he will, but he and I are the same. We were borne from a dream, and made real by these amulets. To destroy them would be to destroy our existence itself.

>Sebastian turns to break his gaze with Hueco, looking towards the windows in the foyer itself.

If you destroy his amulets, you destroy him. They are not difficult to break; mine had done so by being thrown to the floor. I imagine the same would be for him.

>His face color returning to normal, Sebastian sighs and shakes his head.

The real challenge comes from finding these amulets unfortunately. I haven't the slightest idea where they may be hidden, as my counterpart has hidden his in a place different from where I had hidden mine.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867044

File: 1418545450637.jpg (52.33 KB, 500x468, tumblr_mki79uqzBg1rj0mkdo1_500…)

>Hueco stared at him... Was he going to tell him.
>"Was it something I said...? I sounded stupid there, didn't I... Does my breath stink.. Or is it my appearance? ...My ears...?"

>Hueco looked up, unable to see the ears atop his head. Out of all his features, those ears and his tail were the favorite parts of his body. Fondly taking care of the fur of his tail and washing his ears extra carefully when he bathed.

>cats were pleasant animals, Hueco inevitably became attached to them, even getting them to follow him around Town when he wandered around; most of the time they'd follow him on their own accord.
>he wondered what his counterpart had in terms of kitty features...

>did Sebastian just blush?! Because of his kitty ears... Hueco couldn't help but do the same, thinking about being the cause of it, his blush appearing dark red on his tan skin.


>the blush disappeared as both of the demons got back on track.


>So the amulets were like some sort of soul jar? He's immortal unless these things are destroyed.... Simple enough. They were easy to destroy as well. However, there was just one problem... How to get them. After his fights with BW!Sebastian, he doubted that he would have them on his person.

>they had to be squirreled away somewhere far.

So to find them... Where would we start...?

>he rubbed his chin. As he thought, his right ear twitched occasionally, like it was flicked by a invisible hand.

...I have a idea... But it's ridiculous. But...

>Hueco scanned his eyes up and down Sebastian's figure.

It could work...

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867049

File: 1418545995619.png (40.66 KB, 237x208, Sebastian_OhHell.PNG)


>It takes some mental fortitude to remain focused on Hueco; his ears were quite a distracting thing to watch, and Sebastian contained a growing urge to want to touch them.

>Luckily, Hueco seemed more on task. He takes a breath, and considers suggesting checking places his counterpart may call home, as he himself hid his amulets in his room of Wayne Manor.

>However, when he starts to propose this, he sees the cat demon looking over him with a very odd expression, not unlike the way the cat demon's counterpart would look at him in his own world.

-! Why are you looking at me like that?

>He wonders briefly if he was being had and this Hueco was being every bit as coy as his counterpart. It was impossible he simply wasn't doing this on purpose.

>Though a part of Sebastian reminds himself that if this is indeed not a trick, then of course the cat demon would still have attributes his other self contained. He certainly must have reflected some of his own counterparts mannerisms too to some degree.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867054

File: 1418546697817.jpg (120.99 KB, 500x728, tumblr_mcteozFMw41qjhxito1_500…)

Because you look like the Sebastian of this world...

>he continued to rub his chin. A calm, confident smile crossed his face, as he spoke in a more subdued tone.

This sounds stupid, I know, and dangerous... But what if Sebastian at least has information on these in his realm...

>he crossed his arms

I would go there myself, but there would be guards. You could pass off as Sebastian and get us through easily... If you can't fight for yourself, I'll protect you if anything goes south.

>but, despite delivering that plan with confidence, he sighed, head bowed.

It... Won't work, would it?

>he didn't want to force this man into what would be a death trap.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867059

File: 1418547266198.png (335.43 KB, 494x328, Sebastian_AQuandaryHolmesWould…)



>Sebastian narrows his eyes in thought and glances to the side. Whatever his counterpart had, if it was a place he frequented, it stood to reason there was a good chance they may find an amulet there.

If we go to a place he inhabits, there may be a chance we could find an amulet there, or perhaps both. If we swap again, the amulets will become his, and it should be quite easy to dispatch him thusly.

>To use this opportunity to help beyond information would be ideal; and the more Sebastian thought of it, the more he warmed to the idea. He certainly could do more than what little he had so far, and all for the good cause of protecting the manor.

It might work. I haven't an idea what it is we shall face in this place, however.

>Sebastian allows his arm to fall to his side and looks to Hueco with a curious gaze.

Do you suppose I could do it, Hueco? If the guards notice something queer about me and determine I am not the person they know of we could be in quite a bit of trouble.

>Unfortunately, while he was adept at defensive tactics and operated well with others to fight back threats to the manor, he was not by far a powerful demon. He heard this is because he needed to ingest more souls but he did not often get to partake in eating very often.

I wouldn't be much of any help in a fight, should we find any...

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867064

File: 1418547675755.jpg (24.87 KB, 500x201, tumblr_m70uxvJbv61rt0zl5o1_500…)


>So he didn't think the plan was stupid? Point to Hueco!

We should face lesser demons, if we happen to get in a fight... From what I've been through, I am far stronger than those. You don't have to be good in a fight, don't worry... You just have to play the part as Sebastian Michaelis, Crowned Prince of Envy.

>he chuckled lightly

Asking too much...?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867069

File: 1418548014417.jpg (16.06 KB, 229x309, Sebastian_Right Then.jpg)


Not terribly, but...

>Sebastian doesn't appear as sure as Hueco with the proposal. While he's certain the cat demon could protect himself, they were still going to a realm of a Demon Prince. He had seen Hueco Mundo's before, and that had been a terrible experience in of itself.

>A trip to one modeled after his own counterpart didn't sound terribly fun either.

>His hesitance gives a gracious pause between them both before he manages to speak again.

I must admit, I am not much of an actor. These lesser demons must be convinced I am who I claim. I know my counterpart is quite the manipulative and unpleasant individuals but a frame of reference would be helpful.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867075

File: 1418548474973.png (49.4 KB, 500x300, tumblr_me9bxovXjG1rl88f1o1_500…)


>he took a deep breath, stood up right, and put on a sly smile

Oh, he acts quite sardonic~ A sinister person, like a villain of a movie. He acts high and mighty, over the weak demons like ourselves~

>he tried his best to put on his best impression to give a reference, hoping it'd be enough. Quitting the act, he stared at Sebastian nervously

...Kind of like that... If my counterpart acts similar, do that...

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867246

File: 1418592870621.jpg (48.95 KB, 500x693, Sebastian_YouBelieveYOUCanWin_…)


>Sebastian slowly nods along to Hueco's explanations of the behaviours his counterpart held. He was sinister and sardonic, had something of a superiority complex over those he viewed weaker than himself.

>Judging from previous descriptions, he also was quite manipulative in his machinations, as he had very nearly orchestrated the corruption and death of two mansion residents.

...Let's see...

>Sebastian's expression smooths into a more confident one, a small smirk pulling at his face as he stares down at Hueco. He clears his throat to gain a little more confidence to his voice, which he steadies into an even, if not mildly mocking, tone.

Weak demons such as 'ourselves'? You are one to talk; even the most cowardly of children would never fear such a meek and pathetic demon.

>Roll 1d1000 = 825

>odds, Sebastian keeps the charade wholesale, and even smirks a little more widely after the insult, something the true Sebastian of this world would do, as if he had said something funny doing so.


>evens, Sebastian's confidence and meanness drops halfway through, his insult coming off flat and uninspired.

>if so, he sighs in frustration and brushes a hand through his hair.

That's simply far to rude to say!

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867258

File: 1418594238761.png (138.79 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mnw7dyI85o1rsccq2o1_500…)

>Hueco's eye twitches at the comment. He's heard that a million times before from the evil Sebastian, and was now hearing it from the friendly one... He was getting good at this very quickly.

>Roll 1d1000 = 51

>evens, while the cat demon might have taken offense, he still knows that it's just a act, a good at as well.

You're good... You could pass as the real one.

>odds, Hueco snaps and let's loose a kick to Sebastian's shin. While not as strong as when he kneed him, it certainly was enough to hurt.

I'll show you who's weak!

>only then, did the catboy realize what he did. Just seeing someone acting as Sebastian in front of him was enough to entice a reaction... Now he knew why Halloqueen attacked him when he put on the act himself.

S-sorry... Force of habit.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867279

File: 1418595873705.png (108.54 KB, 630x344, Sebastian_BadEnoughToWarrantCh…)



>The kick finds his shin easily enough, a jolt of pain shooting up his leg from the connection.

>He hisses and jumps back, bending to rub at his shin with a pained grumble.

Glad to know...I'm convincing enough!

>Actually, it hurt.

>He hopes the kick didn't damage his ability to walk for a while, but if it did he'd have to put on a stiff upper lip. His healing factor wasn't quite the quickest in the mansion, but at least he had one compared to some of the other residents.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867292

File: 1418596561719.png (351.75 KB, 459x406, 2-13-2013 4-59-51 PM.png)

Now... What of me...?

>he scratched his chin, his left ear started to twitch again.

I don't want you to go alone, just in case, but I doubt that I could go in...

>he thought of putting his shapeshifting to work, but taking into account that he couldn't even change his hair color properly, he had a better chance using his words to get by.

>there was one idea...

Hm.. I'll be your prisoner. Take me around the place, anyone who asks, tell them I've given myself up to you or something like that... Aaaaand... Make sure you talk lowly of me, Sebastian hates me after all..

>the catboy chuckled, a grin spreading across his face

We're spies~ You're James Bond and I'm Q. The Sebastian of this world is our Goldfinger.

>was he having fun with the idea of sneaking into the zone of a Demon Prince.

Think we can pull it off?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867299

File: 1418597013411.png (58.75 KB, 490x389, Sebastian_CatVideos!.PNG)


>Sebastian, at first, seems less than enthused thanks to the effects of the kick he still felt himself.

Between my apparent acting ability and your ruddy kick I believe we'll be just fine.

>Sebastian finally pauses from tending to his sore shin and stands upright, wincing a little from the electric jolts of pain shooting up his leg still.

>He stares at Hueco with a frown, having the impression Hueco was making a reference of something but having no idea what it could be,
>Thinking it best not to inquire, he instead focuses on the plan at hand.

Indeed; I'll focus on playing the part of Demon Prince Sebastian Michaelis, you shall be my 'prisoner' and with such a story we should be able to search his place of residence for any sign of the amulets.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867323

File: 1418598383225.jpg (198.85 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mb3dpbNcrm1r27q2lo1_500…)

>he nodded, smiling with confidence

So we have a plan.. Hope everything works out well. If things go south, I know how to fight.

>he coughed


>snapping back into "serious mode" he turned to face a nearby wall.

Give me a moment. Going to try and open a portal to Sebastian's realm. I've been there once before...

>he held his hand out, a dark purple mist emitted from the skin of his hand. He's opened portals before, even summoned demons, with the use of his sword "Navaja"

>but never before has he opened them by his power alone.

>Roll 1d1000 = 747

>evens, a large, assymetrical door of dark purple light appears before him. Awfully fancy for a portal to another realm. Hueco looked tired from creating it, but quickly recovered.

>odds, it takes the shape of a misshapen purple portal in the wall, twisting and shifting shape, it didn't look like it'd hold for long. Hueco appeared physically strained by the creation of it.


...So should we stick something in just in case or wing it?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867350

File: 1418599606473.png (135.84 KB, 343x302, Sebastian_DidThatActuallyHappe…)


>Sebastian waits patiently for Hueco to create the portal that would take them to his counterpart's realm in Hell, watching with relative silence.

>However, the shakiness of the portal added with Hueco's strain is more than enough to tell the demon butler that the portal would not remain for much longer.

I believe we don't have much time for anything except action-!

>With that, Sebastian seizes Hueco's arm in his hand and hurries into the portal before it can collapse on them both. He feels a curious sensation of warmth as they pass through, the cool air growing heavy and stifling but the light fading to a measure of darkness. The air itself felt thick and humid, making it hard to breathe.

>They both stood on a street paved with cobbled stones, shabby dark buildings made of obsidian standing around them. A curious stench filled the air and with it the sounds of quiet mutters and grumblings.

>Sebastian looks about in confusion, finding that the surroundings bore resemblances to Town's rundown slums, but with a Victorian aesthetic to the architecture. Demons sat about inside of these hovels, glaring at at them both with glowing green eyes, though they made no move to exit their domiciles, their eyes staring right at Sebastian in particular.

>Beyond the road, Sebastian can see that this urban area is built upon some rounded cone-like mountain, the road leading upwards. An eerie green light builds with the city the higher up the mountain became, and at the top sat a splendid castle illuminated in an emerald glow.

>In the air Sebastian could see winged serpents fly about, screeching and snapping at a fine rain of souls fluttering down from the sky. It appeared as if the closer to the top of this realm someone was, the better their chances of attaining these souls. In fact, many of the buildings closer to the top looked more splendid and less rundown than the area they stood in currently.

>What sin had Hueco called his counterpart?

>He glances to Hueco in particular, his hand still firmly gripping the catboy's arm. It serves a good first impression to those around them, if only to imply that he had brought Hueco here and not the other way around.

>There was a strange poverty of this area, though nothing felt truly poor. The buildings were modestly maintained and aside the odor it wasn't as bad as the worst parts of the slums in Town. The environment felt poor but only in contrast with the gleaming magnificence of the castle perched high above it all.

>Sebastian had a very good feeling who belonged in that castle, and also had an inkling that they had quite a walk ahead of them.

Come along, you.

>Sebastian tugs Hueco's arm and walks up the road, making sure to shoot the observing demons a sharp glare on occasion. Many would jerk and duck out of sight, leaving them well enough alone as they moved onwards.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867373

File: 1418600706081.jpg (17.41 KB, 230x171, ss (2013-06-05 at 11.30.02).jp…)

>Hueco nodded and got ready to jump through, only to be seized along.
>"At least he's quick to leap into action."

>As they arrived, Hueco felt a chill run up his spine. The atmosphere was a lot different than Mia's stark white realm... It was on the whole other end of the spectrum. Rather than white and alien in construction, it was dark and borrowed from human society for its appearance. Yet, both places looked liveable, and provided housing for the residents. If not for being the land of his worst enemy, Hueco wouldn't mind living in a place like this. He made note of the apparent caste system. Those at the bottom of the mountain are poor, unable to get the souls that rain down.. While the ones at the top get the lion's share; Sebastian himself included.

>how did this caste system work anyways? Are those at the top simple more powerful than the ones at the bottom or is it ranked by wealth... Either way, things would get more dangerous as they went higher.

>Occasionally, Hueco would make eye contact with a demon in hiding, only to look forward. He felt like using his demon eye ability, give himself a better view of the area; yet he choose not to, lest make himself look suspicious.

>"That caste... That's where he lives?"

>Hueco stared at the towering castle and its dragons... Guess a Prince deserves a castle befitting their power.

>he hurried along

Y-yes sir...

>Hueco himself decided to put on a act himself. Bowing his head defeated, ears folded back, as if he had matyred himself up to Sebastian; maybe he should've let Sebastian rough him up, to look like he had just got out of a fight.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867391

File: 1418601606654.png (166.84 KB, 619x345, Sebastian_DidSomeoneSayJapanes…)


>Their walk goes about unimpeded, the demons of the lowest caste in Sebastian's realm looking upon them both with their luminous green eyes. Should Hueco look around into the domiciles, he would see some demons hugging souls preciously close to themselves, yet eyeing Sebastian with clear amounts of resentment or jealousy.

>This was the realm of Envy indeed, for how even well off the lowest class was, they burned of the desire to have something of someone else's. Sebastian, a handsome and intelligent demon in his own right, was quite the pick of contention in the realm that had once been ruled by Alice, and before her, the Prince Leviathan himself.

>When they ascend to a higher block, the air becomes less stifling and the buildings less shabby. Demons walk about here, and there appears to be a curious amount of shops called 'Facechangers'. The demons of this realm, lacking the inherent shapeshifting abilities that some other demons possessed in different realms, stand outside with buckets filled with collected souls. There's a strange aesthetic of this area, and for some of the demons, they seem to be following the fashion sensibilities of Sebastian in particular. No demon in this area is without a suit or fine clothing.

>As before, when they pass, many demons watch them go with varying degrees of chilled discontent.

Look at that! Our Prince has taken in a pet! What a pretty puss, my Prince!

>Sebastian stops and quickly turns his head, flashing a dangerous expression towards the direction the sarcastic voice had come from.

>At once the demons in the street race into the nearby buildings, the doors slamming with impressive unity, leaving the street empty for them both.
>Sebastian sighs and gently tugs Hueco's arm, leading him onwards in the street. Unlike the last, it seemed his glare did the trick and left them alone for a brief spell, without the prying eyes or ears of other demons.
>He mutters loud enough for Hueco to overhear him, but keeps his gaze fixed for the castle at the top of the city.

Seems to be going well so far...

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867409

File: 1418602265902.jpg (45.31 KB, 412x576, tumblr_mmke5jansu1spxjxgo1_500…)

>Hueco grinned at the demons inability to shapeshift. Despite his lack of skill in the department, at least he could still do it and improve on it.
>these poor creations had to spend money just to do it.

>but, at the same time, he feels a bit of envy toawrds Sebastian... He wished people would be afraid of him too. The idea of ruling over a land sounded like too much for him, he couldn't handle it despite being able to in his past life.

>"I'll show you who's a pretty puss, you jerk..."

>he didn't respond to Sebastian, only nodding.

>"That it is..."

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867455

File: 1418603939660.jpg (29.21 KB, 225x350, Sebastian_ChallengeAccepted.jp…)


>Entering the final section before the castle proved to be the richest area. The buildings were well maintained, there were lampposts and a lack of stench. There is also plenty of light that gleams from the interiors of buildings they passed.

>Even the demons walking about appear well off, but there still is something wrong in how they interact with one another. There's quick glances to things like facial features, trinkets, suits, even such small differences like the color of a soul eaten for lunch.

>They leave this area just as unmolested, though above Sebastian can hear the feathery wings of the serpents in the sky beating occasionally, with unnatural screeches of their vocalizations grating at his ears.

>It's the gates of the castle where they do finally find an obstacle, in the form of a red imp dressed in a black suit.
>The imp, at first, doesn't pay attention to them as they approach the gates, but a cursory glance up rewards the red creature with the sight of his boss standing before him with a cat demon in tow.

Gah?! M-My Lord, you've returned?!


>Sebastian eyes the gates briefly, and the imp beyond, his own eyes narrowing with shown impatience.

I'm certain you have plenty of questions for me but I can assure you I am not in any mood for nonsense. I have a demon here I must attend to, and I wish to do so in the privacy of my quarters.

>The imp stares at Sebastian, his red ears flopping back from confusion.


>Roll 1d1000 = 889

>odds, after a moment, the imp nods nervously and steps back.

Y-Yes sire! One moment, let me get these gates for you!

>He flicks his hands aside, and with a groan, the gates open to allow the two inside.

>Above them both, two flying serpents land upon the pillars between the gates and gaze down at them both. Reptilian eyes, slitted and glowing from the amount of souls they've consumed, burn into the demons' backs as they watch.


>evens, the imp hesitates, sensing something amiss

S-Sire? What about all the business you've left unattended? Lucifer has been very cross and asking for your response to missing your meeting, and the Prince of Sloth-...well, he actually doesn't care all too much but we all know you never once miss an appointment! What happened?

>if evens, Roll 1d1000 = 101

>odds, Sebastian glares at the imp, and with a squeak and a wince he steps back and opens the gates.

Sorry-sorry! I know I'm an idiot, I-I'll just be quiet!

>evens, though Sebastian glares, the imp stares at him with slowly narrowing and suspicious eyes

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867468

File: 1418604516731.jpg (54.14 KB, 500x275, tumblr_mpowlavDRg1s6d6pvo1_500…)

>Someone was coming!
>"Don't talk to us, don't talk to us, don't- He's talking to him."

>Hueco fell silent, hoping that what little he taught Sebastian would come into play. It was working until now...

>it looked to be working, leading Hueco to breath a sigh of relief.

>"That worked?!"

>Hueco stayed close to the butler. Not making eye contact with the serpents or the imp. They were actually getting by enemy lines, to the palace of the enemy. For the first time, Hueco was actually making progress in defeating Sebastian... But not by his own power, but through the help of Sebastian's self from another universe.

>"I should give him a reward for this... Maybe I'll let him touch my ears."

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867475

File: 1418604942187.jpg (47.02 KB, 1024x576, Sebastian_NowYouAreGettingOnMy…)


>Once the gates are open, Sebastian yanks Hueco along behind him, swiftly heading inside with a brisk pace and unfriendly stature. Any imps or demons who thought to approach him and inquire where he had been thought twice of it and turned around once they saw his no nonsense and aggravated expression.

>The only problem was now that they were inside the grand and majestic castle Sebastian had called home, he had absolutely no idea where the hell his main quarters would be.

>Such a thought strikes him as they approach the stairwell, to the point where as they walk up, Sebastian pulls Hueco close and mutters lowly to him:

Where is his room?

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867480

File: 1418605340742.jpg (174.98 KB, 500x500, 1360633779874.jpg)

>he whispered back

How should I know..?

>the wheels in his head began to turn... He was in Mia's realm before... She had her throne room at the top floor. In that case, shouldn't it be the same for good ol' Sebby?

Top floor? Maybe there is a map?

>why would he keep a map of his own place though. It was an amusement park.

I'd just try top floor...

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867489

File: 1418606246783.jpg (35.4 KB, 704x400, Sebastian_An Aside For Thought…)



>Why would there be a map in his castle? Didn't his counterpart call this place his home?


>Sebastian ascends the stairwell with Hueco, the steps covered by a fine green and gold carpet. Indeed, the color scheme of the castle matched the city, dark obsidian with tapestries of green and gold strung up on the walls. A massive painting of Sebastian himself decorates a wall, rendered so delicately it appeared in the style of a Renaissance painting.

>Light fixtures burn souls on the walls, the small faces of the orbs twisted in agony as they give off warm yellow light to illuminate the castle interior. They give no scream but they look as if they are trying.

>Hueco's guess proves correct, and at the top of the stairwell they find themselves facing only a set of dark doors, which when opened, reveals Sebastian's personal study. His trophies he's collected from other Demon Princes sit in display cases, statues of predatory cats such as lions and tigers decorate the corners, so lifelike and fierce looking that they appear as if they could pounce. A huge desk piled with papers sit in the center of the room, with a large leather office chair set behind it.

>The walls are populated with shelves lined with ancient books taken from Leviathan's personal library for Sebastian's reference, many detailing Armageddon, the end of the world, and some regarding demon princes through the ages or the many uses of mortal souls for fun or profit.

>A massive fireplace burning with constant green flame sits to one end, a fine couch pushed up against a wall closer towards the center of the room, and the other end was a massive window looking out over the realm of envy below, which in its eerie green glow faded to darkness and obscurity at the very bottom.

>Sebastian pulls Hueco inside and shuts the door swiftly behind him, being sure to lock it to further dissuade any interruptions from any within the castle itself.

We're in!

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867494

File: 1418606990143.jpg (24.87 KB, 500x201, tumblr_m70uxvJbv61rt0zl5o1_500…)

>Green and gold? What did Sebastian think this was? Slytherin House? At least it went with the rest of the town... Although Hueco preferred colors like purple, black, and colors that complemented or contrasted those two.

>Hueco stared up at the painting of the owner of the castle as they passed by, getting the urge to claw it or draw a mustache on him or a phallus pointed towards his mouth... Thankfully for Sebastian, Hueco didn't have a marker with him.

>the appearance of the souls was burnt into Hueco's mind... If he knew how to free them, he would... Could he even free them?

>then finally, they made it to their destination.

Yes~ Thanks, Sebastian.

>he made his way over to the desk, looking around the room. Those books looked enticing, so did that statue... He considered taking one of them for himself, but now wasn't the time.

You did great... Now where do we start?

>he started going through the stacks of papers, looking for one that could be of use.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867501

File: 1418607805611.jpg (69.87 KB, 674x598, Sebastian_EvenIDoNotKnowWhatTo…)


>The papers on the desk all appear to be boring accounts or transcriptions of meetings with Demon Princes, which appear to all be in consistent frequency. Sebastian had met with all the Demon Princes at least once before, and all of the topics appeared to be of the same subject. Many of the papers mention the union of the Princes proposed by Sebastian, with the intention of kickstarting the war against Heaven and ultimately the end of the mortal world as it was known.

>Luckily, a good number of the transcripts show indifference from some of the Princes, leaving notes of frustration written in Sebastian's hand on them in some places.

>The Sebastian from a different world also approaches the desk, but instead of looking through the papers he pulls out the drawers. He finds a variety of writing utensils, stamps, and jars of souls sitting inside, though to his surprise he sees that these souls look unusually brighter compared to the ones that they had seen earlier.


>Unbeknownst to the butler holding the jar, the souls within were Sebastian's absolute favorite, coveted by almost every demon in his realm. These were the souls of good people who had lived good lives, tricked to fall into sin and embrace their fall wholeheartedly.

>Such cruel misguidance left these souls juicy, balanced with a virtuous past and a sinful end. Sebastian was a gourmet and with his abilities of manipulation and a silver tongue he collected the foods that suited his fancy.


>Sebastian sets the jar down and digs into the drawers, but finds no false bottoms where an amulet could be hidden.

>With a sigh he closes the drawers and shakes his head.

Not here, I'm afraid...I'll check the shelves, perhaps there's a secret room hidden somewhere within this room.

>With that, he walks to a nearby shelf and carefully searches for some kind of seam or lever that could reveal such a thing, allowing Hueco to look around some more to his leisure.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867515

File: 1418608609506.jpg (314.43 KB, 850x1271, sample_bd88852474ea7df40f5fc56…)

>he wanted to start a /war/
>the Prince was insane... But, at least it looked like he wasn't getting all of the other Princes in on it... Hopefully.
>Hopefully, this planned war won't even start in the first place...

>Hueco looked over to the shelf, which Sebastian was checking out.

Pull on every book, there might be a fake one.

>Hueco continued to go through the papers, setting the ones he had read to the side. Maybe one of them would hold the key to where this amulet was. Maybe there was a possibility that he gave the amulet to one of the Princes...

>Hueco quickly looked under the desk, to see if there could be a secret button or switch.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867524

File: 1418609554315.png (26.61 KB, 258x215, Sebastian_ReallyFarAwayFromHer…)


>The papers hold nothing about any amulets, though one of the last papers he finds is a schedule. The times and sections are mostly filled, some for meetings, some for soul collection, and some for spying on Wayne Manor, but there are spaces of five minute timeslots that are curiously blank...

>Beneath the desk is nothing but polished wood, but near the center Hueco can see a sealed small plastic bag filled with something green and flaky taped right at the center. WIth effort, he likely could grab it and pull it from its place for inspection.

>Sebastian meanwhile stares at the shelves after Hueco makes his suggestion, a large part of him (the butler-ish part) recoiling at the idea of untidying such a lovely arranged set of books.

>The quickest way to discover any secrets would be to pull down the novels and tomes from their shelves, however. It didn't mean that Sebastian fancied the idea of doing so, but had no means otherwise a slow and tedious process of searching for something that may not be there.


>Well, they came this far, hadn't they? His counterpart would already be incensed someone snooped about his office, so the mess would heap insult onto him.


>Still he hated the idea of making a mess. It takes a deep breath and a mental resolution to let go of his compulsive needs to be tidy and polite before he finally extends his arm.



>Sebastian runs along the length of the wall, knocking books down with his extended arm onto the floor with a single sweep. He goes row by row, adding more and more books to the floor as he clears the shelves one by one.

>When he finishes, there is no secret place, and the butler surveys the mess he's made with chagrin and discomfort.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867549

File: 1418610846399.png (154.99 KB, 360x387, 12-10-2012 4-29-09 PM.png)

>Hueco didn't make a note of those five minute timeslots, thinking they were useless.

Hm... Nothing...

>he frowned. But upon noticing the green bag, his ears pricked up.

>"Is that what I think it is...?"

>he reached for the bag, only to withdraw his hand, and bonk his head on the bottom of the desk, upon hearing the loud noise ringing through the room.


>he stared at the mess of books... BW!Sebastian will surely know that he was here.

Nothing, huh...?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867586

File: 1418613094346.png (34.63 KB, 170x280, Sebastian_LordLuciferGiveMeStr…)


>Sebastian shakes his head and sighs heavily, pressing a hand on his forehead as he tries to think of someplace else the amulets may be hidden.

Not a thing except well-maintained bookshelves, unfortunately...

>Perhaps his counterpart thought better than to keep his amulets in his place of residence. As he was the Demon Prince of Envy, perhaps that was for the best in retrospect. So many would likely seek his death or destruction; hiding his amulets here would be inviting trouble.

Perhaps this was a longshot chance; I was hoping that perhaps he may have stowed one here but it seems to not be the case.

>In that case, where were they, then?

>With a weary sigh, Sebastian allows his arm to fall to his side and turns to regard Hueco with an apologetic expression.

I'm afraid we may not find them here. If he is as clever as I'm starting to suspect, to hide an artifact that houses his surefire way to maintaining immortality in a place where he has many enemies would be an incredibly poor choice on his part. Unfortunately...if there are none here, there is truly nothing I can think of to where they could be hidden.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867606

File: 1418614698858.jpg (29.17 KB, 216x633, tumblr_n05771gbY01s7pwv2o1_500…)

>Hueco sighed, his ears drooping down, sporting a defeated expression.

At least we tried I guess...

>he looked to the papers, picking them back up. There had to be /something/ and it lied in these papers. He couldn't come this far only to have to head right back.

What do you make of these? I'm not a bright person and you're more orderly than me... You might understand them..

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867614

File: 1418615399290.png (38.85 KB, 215x233, Sebastian_Quizzical.PNG)


>Again Sebastian approaches the desk and picks up a small set of the papers, looking over each one with brief interest. As Hueco had found earlier, he too sees the transcripts of meetings with the Demon Princes, and his dark desire spelled out completely in each meeting.

Armageddon? He aspires to incite a war between Heaven and Hell?

>His counterpart truly needed to be stopped, before any of this nonsense happened to lift from the ground. It seemed as if there were pitfalls and trials that he faced; troubles with the Demon Prince of Sloth, his suspicions of Greed, and some rather unsettling scraps about Lust as well.


>Perturbed and setting these aside for now, Sebastian looks for different papers not related to the transcripts.

>He finds the schedule Hueco had seen earlier and scans it. A set of blank spaces interspersed between the times catches the demon's eye, causing a dark brow to lift.

What is he doing in these gaps of time...? Five minutes, every...three days, it seems, he goes somewhere after observing Wayne Manor before returning to his office.

>Sebastian passes the schedule to Hueco, pointing out the strange aspect of the times.

It's curious he did not write down what he does; everything else in this schedule is meticulously noted except for that. Whatever it is he does, why doesn't it warrant a note as everything else in his day?

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867617

File: 1418615802476.png (480.04 KB, 620x877, 5a1916baf0a366c445d5797a0a3134…)


>Hueco sat down on the office chair, resting his feet on the desk. He felt a strong urge to inspect that bag of green stuff... It had to be what he thought it was.

...Spy on him?

>he said plainly

If someone can spy on Sebastian during this time... They can somehow discover where he is going. Right?

>that sounded almost too dangerous, to tail him like that. It might not even work.

>but at least they discovered /something/ that might lead them to what they want.

It has to do with the amulet. I'm sure of it... He wouldn't leave info about them, would he, he's too smart to do that. But...

>Hueco's confidence dwindled

...We don't know where it is and we can't spy on him easily.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867623

File: 1418616490065.gif (252.16 KB, 500x473, Sebastian_Don'tBlink_OrYou'llM…)


>Sebastian takes up a piece of paper from the pile of nonsense and copies the information on the schedule with a pen. Amusingly, his handwriting is absolutely identical to his counterpart's to the smallest detail, making it appear as if it is a copy when he is done.

>The copy now in hand, he folds it and hands it to Hueco.

Unfortunately that will have to be the challenge of attempting to discern his amulets' whereabouts. It was too optimistic to think it could be any easier.

>Sebastian sighs.

Luckily you know where he is before he does do whatever it is he does. If you can find him as he's watching Wayne Manor, you can then follow him to this secret location or place, and see what it is he's doing there. While it may not be anything relating to the amulets, there is a good possibility it could be given the circumstances.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867629

File: 1418616940673.jpg (42.28 KB, 500x536, I just want to live a normal l…)

>Hueco nodded, taking the paper from Sebastian and stowing it away in his back pocket.

I think I can do that...

>well, they failed to find much, but this very little information gave him a hope spot. Taking a deep breath, Hueco got up from the chair

Thanks, Sebastian...

>He looked outside. There was something that he wanted to ask Sebastian, now that he's become so attached to him... He's not only allied himself with him after their rough first meeting, but helped him find information on how to beat Sebastian.

Once this is over and fixed, this issue with being separated from your world.. You can't come back, can you?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867637

File: 1418617941979.png (103.78 KB, 474x464, Sebastian_Goddamn_ThatHurt.PNG)


I...don't believe so.

>Sebastian shifts his gaze away from Hueco with a guilty mutter. He felt responsible for his counterpart's evil deeds. He felt as if he could do more, but had no means to do so with. He'd gladly come back otherwise and assist putting down that vile counterpart himself.

The dimensions and different worlds may mean we will never meet again under any circumstances, which...is unfortunate, but that's how it must be.

>He couldn't very well live here anyway. He had obligations at his own mansion, to protect and maintain it when there was nobody else to do so. He was a butler first and demon second.

>This also meant returning to his homeworld and bidding the endearing cat demon goodbye, in exchange for that Prince of Lust he had become accustomed to handling for ages now.

>That damn narcissist must never know about this; he'd have a damned field day.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 867654

File: 1418619282763.png (33.85 KB, 165x268, tumblr_mdiz4jEQqK1rp6vzco1_250…)


>he smiled, despite his sadness.

You have a world of your own, friends to take care of. Can't rob you of that... Make sure you tell my counterpart about me once you see him, just to see the look on his face~

>Hueco would have to deal with Sebastian, while RW!Sebastian would have to deal with Hueco's own counterpart.

>things would go to how they should be...

>Hueco turned to face a nearby wall

We should go. Can't stay here for too long?

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867668

File: 1418620438602.jpg (6.12 KB, 130x189, Sebastian_NotTooCertainOfThat.…)


>At the mention of friends, curiously, the butler's expression shifts to a less confident expression, his gaze directed away from Hueco.

>He couldn't rightly call anyone at the Mansion a 'friend'. Mr. Lollipop was a friend, though one of the very few he could call without much hesitance. He worked at the estate because he felt indebted to it, yes, but not many residents who called the manor home truly attempted to befriend the butler.

>Some refrained because he seemed to busy. Some did not because he was a demon. It was a busy life, if somewhat lonely, broken in monotony by visiting those in Town whom he could speak freely with.

>In fact, it seemed he had more enemies than friends in that world, when he actually had the time to think of it. Mentioning Hueco Mundo visibly dampens Sebastian's already gloomy mood, a thought he'd have such a pleasure to return to that sticking in his mind.

...Yes, we should depart before someone comes around.

>He looks to the wall as well, expecting Hueco to create a portal they could use to escape this place, leaving it a ruddy mess for his counterpart to find when he returns. Such an idea does raise his spirits (slightly) to know as much.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 867674

File: 1418621029065.jpg (365.11 KB, 889x1000, Neko Boy color.jpg)

>Hueco held his hand out, creating a portal on the wall. Oddly, this one looked more refined. Having a rectangular shape rather than the distorted appearance from before.
>was it because Wayne Manor was more familiar?

This should take us to the manor, no doubt.

>for the first time in ages, he felt accomplished.

RWSebastian!.ZzGrellBs 867706

File: 1418632453690.png (183.64 KB, 365x310, Sebastian_HereWeGo.PNG)


>Sebastian smiles weakly back to Hueco, and with an inclination of his head, he walks into the portal Hueco created for them. The heat melts away into a coldness, the surroundings changing from the Demon Prince's study to that of the mansion foyer.

>He pulls his coat a little tighter around himself, and with a deep breath, the butler looks about the mansion with a strangely nostalgic expression.

>Even if this wasn't his mansion, this still was a Wayne Manor. It deserved as much of a break as his own world's did. It was a wonderful place that gave people homes when they had none, and that was as much why he liked his own home himself. Those at the manor had given him an existence, a home, and a purpose in life.

>That was what was so special about Wayne Manor. No matter the world,Sebastian suspected it was quite the wonderful place indeed.

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