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Dark Moon: Business as usual Edition Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 845079[View All]

>Welcome to Dark Moon!
#Pseudo-canon: Open Equestria#Ask/Invite#Cyberpunk
>This is a thread set in the near-future year of 1997, where Harmony has fallen to the forces of greed, mistrust, and violence. It's a dark world that the people inhabit, but there are points of light out there in the darkness…. And great evils. It's a time of terrorists, spies, renegades, and mercenaries. Of law, and lawlessness. Hope, for most of the populace, has long been extinguished, and magic slowly starts to vanish from the world, as mysterious forces both corporate and ancient make plays to control the populace…
>This is the world of the Dark Moon.
>[Character note: Corporate heads are reserved for managers only.]

>Ninth Thread: Business as usual Edition

>Lore: https://docs.google.com/document/d/115UND6WJZin8ufpfxPWAm5SlH0d1DWeincbNT8UJlY0/pub
>Cafeteria(OOC): https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/845065.html
>DataPress Headlines…

"Machine found after shootout"
>Following a shootout near the parade route a 'mechanical corpse' was reportedly discovered in the aftermath. Before any confirming investigations could be made by our journalists or Authority personal, Daedalus mercenary units where already on site, restricting access to the scene and claiming, quote: "[having] everything under control".
"Silasian Ambassador found dead"
>Room service at the Grand Canterlot hotel received a horrible shock upon discovering the dead Ambassador. Although cause and circumstances surrounding the death have not been officially released yet, it is speculated the Ambassador was assassinated due to message found on the wall of the room he was discovered in.
[Public Service Announcement]
>Nightmare Night is drawing near and with it we would like to remind citizens and their families about costume and candy collection safety. For more information on the following, please refer to [net domain]..............
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Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879565

With a bazooka, yes. She's out of ammo at my last check, though.
>Wolfsbane blinks.
Don't call the cops. She's not going to blow up the store...
Here to pick up some groceries. And kinda, yeah. I stopped a couple of hostage takers with some friends.
>She stands by Orchid and sticks close.

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879566

>Wolfsbane plays off that first bit so there's no way to tell if she's serious.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879569

File: 1421364100559.jpg (323.85 KB, 850x562, Stop Staring At Me.jpg)

>Orchid is no longer sure that that's a replica.
>She lets out a soft whimper and hunches down slightly, still ringing up the goods as fast as she can.

...y-your total is twenty bits, ma'am...

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879572

File: 1421364219772.jpg (270.63 KB, 1600x945, vi_piltover_enforcer_splash_ar…)

"Pffft, hostage-takers are wimps, what kind of coward hides behind hte lives of others? Glad you took care of them!"

"If there's anything I hate, it's cowards. Oh and I'm not gonna blow up your store, I only blow up evildoers or people who get in my way too far." She winks at Orchid and pops a piece of gum as soon as it was paid for.

"I'm bored. Hey Kat, there anything to fight around here?"

She pays her 30 bits. "Keep the change." She chuckles. "You're too cute to just pay normal."

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879576

File: 1421364443975.jpg (118.58 KB, 744x1052, ULiUrHK.jpg)

>Wolfsbane waves her hand in the air, trying to come up with something.
You could always just head to one of the corporate fight clubs, I guess, but you'd need a membership and those aren't easy to come by...
>She puts her hand to her chin...
Other than that... Niren might know. He tends to keep tabs on hackers and the like...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879577

File: 1421364530050.jpg (36.25 KB, 902x608, What Did I Do Wrong.jpg)

...um, thank you. I...

>Orchid trails off quickly. As soon as she makes the crack about looking for a fight, however, she lets out a soft whimper.

...M-Miss, I... we have a no-weapons policy here...

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879578

File: 1421364715883.jpg (489.73 KB, 1920x1080, vi_the_piltover_enforcer___lea…)

Khalini grows a wide smirk and cocks her head to the side. "Orchid... I am a weapon. I don't need my cannon to destroy a tank."

"Who's that?" She blows a bubble with her bubblegum and pops it. "And who are these hackers?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879580

File: 1421364914303.jpg (323.85 KB, 850x562, Stop Staring At Me.jpg)

I'm n...
>Orchid whimpers again, leaning away from Khalini.
I'm not asking you to remove your cybernetic augmentations, ma'am. I just... would've preferred if you didn't bring a cannon into my store...

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879581

Niren's my big brother. He's in the same apartment building as you. Remember, we were looking for him last time we met? I can give you his address if you want. He can point you in the direction of someone who needs punching better than I can...
Unless Orchid has some ideas...
If you do have any ideas, now is the time.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879582

File: 1421365198662.jpg (323.85 KB, 850x562, Stop Staring At Me.jpg)

>Something does come to mind... but Orchid decides not to bring it up.
...no, I don't think so...

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879583

File: 1421365343099.jpg (182.71 KB, 479x947, lol___vi_by_master_of_games-d5…)

"Heh, alright, if it makes you feel any better." She walks out of the store and sets the cannon right by the entrance, removes her gauntlets and also sets them down, then a pistol hidden inside of her hip, then some knives in her boots, then a belt of high explosive 105mm rounds that were built into her armor and hidden into the design through artifice.

Then she walks back into the store with her hands open.

"Alright, I'll make sure to check in with him! Why don't you take me there? Memory isn't exactly my strong suit."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879584

File: 1421365601035.jpg (72.04 KB, 600x450, Um... Hi.jpg)

>Orchid whimpers softly and tenses up, ready to dive under the desk at any moment.
...thank you, miss...

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879585

...I didn't know about the arsenal...That's kinda cool actually.
Ohh... alright, I guess I can do that. You gonna be okay here alone, Chiddy~?
>Wolfsbane flashes her a cheeky smile.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879586

File: 1421365711325.gif (979.02 KB, 500x269, Oooh, Really.gif)

...yes, I... I'll be fine.
>Orchid lets out another soft whine, then suddenly perks her ears up.
...H-Have you been helped? Did I... ring you up already?

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879588

File: 1421365893403.jpg (111.01 KB, 751x1063, vi_study_by_badcompzero-d79j2v…)

"No prob."

"... Well, if we're going now, then I'd better resuit up! I'll meet you outside, Kat." She grins and walks back outside, first re-attatching the pistol, which seems to just melt into her body.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879589

File: 1421366244358.jpg (72.04 KB, 600x450, Um... Hi.jpg)

>Orchid clears her throat and stands up slightly as Khalini steps outside.
...have a nice evening, miss...

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879590

>Wolfsbane looks back at Orchid with a "What're we going to do with em, right?" look on her face as she turns and follows Khalini outside.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879591

File: 1421366436164.jpg (133.21 KB, 500x494, 8ce53d11619e57f132a77a96d6ad2b…)

Khalini quickly re-puts everything on, and after checking the safety on her howitzer, she straps it on her back, waiting for "Kat."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879592

File: 1421366587265.jpg (93.04 KB, 761x1049, I'm Going To Ask You To Leave.…)

Wolfsbane... Wolfsbane, you...
>As the door closes behind Wolfsbane, Orchid whimpers and rests her head on the counter.
...didn't pay for your groceries.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879594

Khalini walks back in and hands her 100 bits then walks back out to Wolfsbane. She might be a brawler but she was a generous one.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 879596

File: 1421367044312.jpg (72.04 KB, 600x450, Um... Hi.jpg)

Wh-- I...
>Orchid doesn't get the chance to say anything before she walks back out.
>She just sighs, hops off her chair and curls up under the counter.

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 879597


>Wolfsbane is already walking back down the road in the direction of Niren's apartment, having indeed completely forgotten to pay, pint of milk, cheap block of cheese and crackers under one arm.

Oh, also... be careful. Niren can be a bit... paranoid around people he doesn't know.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 879660

File: 1421374474127.jpg (71.8 KB, 396x594, 20141201172809-9fcccc8c-me.jpg)

"Bah, I got nothing to hide." She holds a small grin. "Besides you should have seen my dad, he was as paranoid as you could possibly get. You should have seen him when my brother got his first romance... It was painful and hilarious at the same time."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 882450


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884522


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884523

Present as well. I'll have something posted in a minute.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884527

I'll be here.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884528

>The Canterlot day was as usual, wet. Normally it would have been the rain but as of recently the literal tons of snow that had been dumped in Canterlot over the winter was now beginning it's seasonal transformation into the light brown slush being plowed off the streets by passing trucks.
>Nearly masked by the engine sounds one such truck, The phone in the Apartment of Lurch and Open began ringing.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884541

File: 1422665838859.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

>Lurch is sitting in the main room when the starts to ring. He glances up after a few moments, eventually picking up on it, then sighs and stands up. He slowly walks over to the phone, letting it ring for a few moments, then picks it up.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884548

>The familiar voice of Walker came across the phone after a quick and relieved sounding sigh.
"Ah good, I didn't know if you'd be around. I've been talking to some ponies and I might have something. Before you ask how I know this number, I don't. I'm in the lobby. Mind if I come up?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884550

File: 1422666842030.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

>Lurch hesitates for a moment and casts a brief glance at the bedroom.
>Eventually, he shrugs.
No. You're clear.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884555

"Thanks. I'll be up there soon."

>A few minutes later and there was light rapping on the door.

"It's me"
>Went the wood muffled voice of Walker.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884561

File: 1422667660507.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

>Lurch has already positioned himself in front of the door. As soon as he hears Walker's voice, he opens it.
>In lieu of actually saying something, he grunts softly and recedes further into the apartment. A quick swish of the tail is all the invitation Walker's going to get.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884568

>From the gritted teeth awkwardly smiling expression, he seem to be expecting that much of a welcome to begin with.
"Sorry for this, I've just got finished a phone conversation with a third person hanging up... Call me paranoid but I though it would be best to speak in person."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884571

>Lurch turns around, keeping his eyes firmly on Walker. Clearly, he is no stranger to paranoia.
So talk.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884587

>He cleared his throat, still standing near the door, and began.
"I haven't found out anything about this guy. I haven't I've searched high and low but nothing stays. I've talked to a mole we have in the kings and he's saying that some members who are going missing. They all have had something to do with that file or whatever it was that was on the laptop our friend wanted and killed turner to keep it and his existence a secret. The disappearances started after some pony... I think 'Cog Noggen" was her name one of the member mares who helped get this thing in the first place casually mentioned a while ago they had copied it."
>He paused. Not for dramatic effect, but to pull out a small map of this district.
"Whatever they have, it's burning a hole in their lap and they want it gone. My source has no idea what it is, but apparently its still worth enough to them they are still wanting to make a bit on it...."
>He tapped his hoof on the map. An open air diner.
"Here, tomorrow. I don't know who's buying, but mark my words, our killer will be there."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884603

>Lurch remains silent throughout all of Walker's speech, then looks at the map carefully when he indicates a location.
What's security going to be like?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884649

File: 1422680655108.png (30.27 KB, 900x650, Street walker 1.png)

"I'm not one hundred percent sure but I'd imagine most of the patrons that day will be kings in case something where to happen. They may be dimmer then most gangs but I don't think their dumb enough to not have some kind of overwatch after that massacre we saw on the CD. With any luck my source will be on either one of those details and he can fill us in in the morning."
>He exhaled with a guilty look at thee ground.
"I know I've already invaded your privacy to get that disc, but I'm still suspended from duty and would probably get fired if people found out I was still pursuing this... hell, I'm probably getting fired whichever way this turns out. I'm not asking either you or Open to come and I could probably cut into my savings to hire some help, but an extra set of eyes and hoofs would really help..... Even if you could refer me to someone that would be appreciated, just as long as the know what their getting in to.."
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Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 884733


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 884896

File: 1422801996829.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

>Lurch hesitates a moment, then sighs softly.
I can't speak for Open. But I'll be there.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 885178

File: 1422897827902.png (30.61 KB, 900x650, Street walker 6.png)

"Bu.. I..!"
>He hung his head for a second before raising it again, a guilty yet grateful smile creasing the left side of his muzzle.
"Thanks. I appreciate your help."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 886061

File: 1423158059458.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

>Lurch sighs softly and gives Walker a curt nod.
You're welcome.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 886698

"I think I've overstayed my welcome, sorry for not giving any notice ahead of time. Should I contact you in the morning?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 887415

File: 1423810397604.jpg (156.52 KB, 1600x1200, Wheeeeeee.jpg)

>Late at night, somewhere in the streets of Lower Canterlot, a fox is skulking through the streets. There are two things interesting about this situation. The first is that the fox is about the size of a pony, and the second is that she's not alone. In fact, she's walking alongside a perfectly average-looking human, holding what seems to be a pleasant conversation.

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 887416

>Walking in the opposite direction is a girl in a bodysuit. She really needs no description by now.

>Wolfsbane doesn't even notice who's ahead of her for a while, eyes closed and hands in her jacket pockets.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 887417

File: 1423811025807.jpg (116.54 KB, 1024x693, Foreign Languages Are Hard.jpg)

ORCHID: ...well, that's what I thought, too, but actually...
>In the middle of her sentence, Orchid realizes she's about to be bumped into and stops.
ORCHID: Huh? Oh, Wolfsbane!

Cardboard TARDIS!NeverGIA4U 887418

Hmm h- Wait...
>She opens her eyes when she hears Orchid's voice.
Wh-Orchid! What's up? I...
>She turns her head to the gentlman with her.
Who's your friend, chiddy?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 887419

File: 1423814269244.jpg (23.19 KB, 597x640, Heh.jpg)

ORCHID: What? ...Oh. I... I wasn't...
>Orchid smiles softly, glancing up at the human in beside her. She falls silent for a moment and eventually decides to step behind him.

>The human, for his part, lets out a soft chuckle and shoots Wolfsbane a cocky smirk.

???: It's okay, Orchid. The name's Xavier. And you must be the sister I've heard so much about, huh?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 887546


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 893027

File: 1427058431024.png (268.37 KB, 700x990, __OCG___by_sangheili117.png)

Lurking hard

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