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File: 1412029695136.jpg (50.8 KB, 702x533, Bruce_Wayne_BTAS.jpg)

First Annual BLN Olympics Tournament Bruce Wayne!pinkie78Os 835043[View All]

#Better Layton Never #Side-Thread #Tournament #Closed #For Glory!


>on the continent of Belle'Ayn, in the country of Victin, in its shining jewel known as Silver City

>right outside of the utopian city's foremost sports arena, Comet Stadium, news reporters gathered around one man, eagerly thrusting microphones in his direction and excitedly jabbering all at once

Ladies! Gentlemen! Please, one at a time!

>Mr. Wayne would hold his hands up to try and calm the growing crowd, but it wouldn't last for long, as they continued to shout questions at him

Mr. Wayne! Can you please run through what exactly this event will be once more, just to get everyone at home up to speed?

>the billionaire playboy would give a gentle chuckle at the question, lowering his hands

Of course, of course. I imagine we have many curious and excited viewers today who aren't sure what they're in for.

>he'd readjust his suit jacket briefly, then begin speaking in a calm, descriptive voice

At the last World Government Council meeting, we made a proposal to help ease growing tensions between various countries, as well as to hopefully create some form of unity between us all.

As you are all aware, many of us are aliens to this world. We fell through the multitude of rifts that, to this day, still populate this entire planet, and possibly this entire universe. But even though many of us have been here for years, we've yet to truly open communication with one another, content to just stay within our borders and deal with our own problems.

A great man once said: "A house divided against itself cannot stand". I believe that still rings true, and that is why we have organized this special event.

>he lifted his hand at this point and gestured to the building behind him

Right here, in our very own Comet Stadium, we will host what will hopefully be the first of many Rigel Prima Olympics Tournaments.

Though we have taken the name from the planet-wide sporting event from Earth, it is very much a traditional tournament. It operates in the same way as previous, smaller tournaments have operated in other countries of this world.

>one of the reporters would then raise their hand, waving to get Mr. Wayne's attention

So it will operate exactly the same as the tournament last year in Guilt Edge?

>the crowd went into a collective, uncomfortable silence at this point, some of them looking incredulously at the one who asked the question

>Mr. Wayne, in turn, cleared his throat and spoke again in a soft tone of voice

I can assure you that it won't be exactly the same as that event.

For one thing, we will be using a unique team-related mechanic for this tournament. We have sixteen teams of four representatives each from various countries around the world. Each bout will be the standard one-on-one battle that we are accustomed to, and each team will choose their combatant to participate.

Once the battle is concluded, the winning team will continue in the tournament unchanged. The losing team, however, will have to go on with their teammate eliminated from the event. This will add a new level of strategy to these fights, especially when the teams begin to shrink in size towards the end. The last team standing will be declared the winner of the tournament.

But what about the level of violence typically shown at this events?

>again, the crowd falls into an uneasy silence, the same reporter having hit the troubling issue right on the head

>Mr. Wayne would give a weary sigh, and would soon speak in a more even tone

Listen...I understand that many of you are concerned about this. The Guilt Edge tournament last year had long-reaching effects for us all. Guilt Edge itself is still recovering from the invasion, as are other areas on this continent.

So I do understand the issue with possible drudging up old wounds and bad memories. However, I can assure you that such a thing will not happen here.

>the entrepreneur took on a much more serious tone, adjusting his tie for a second before speaking further

This is not some glorified street fight for money or for the sake of shedding blood. This is a legitimate sporting event.

Therefore, we will be watching the battles very intently all throughout the tournament. If excessive force is used, by anyone - force that could severely injure or possibly even kill their opponent - then we will step in.

The participant in question will be eliminated on the spot under the right circumstances. Not only that, but the rest of their team will be called into question, and - if deemed necessary - will be eliminated as well.

We do not intend to let this turn into a debacle, or let old grudges turn this event ugly. This is meant to promote peace and unity, and it will do just that, no matter what anyone else attempts to do.

>the crowd had fallen silent again, though this was more out of nervousness than uneasiness

>for the time that Mr. Wayne spoke, his voice had grown unusually cold, taking on a voice that many didn't associate with the man
>in fact, it sounded awfully familiar to a much more menacing figure that prowled the streets of Silver City...
>Wayne, unabated, cleared his throat and took on a more sunny disposition

Now, any more questions?


>tournament rules are as follows:

>use d1000 dice only
>a crit hit means that the receiver is stunned temporarily and is thrown to the edge of the ring
>if one is sent to the edge, the attacker must roll both to hit them and to knock them out of the ring
>if both rolls work in the above situation, the defender is sent out and loses the fight
>if the attack roll hits but the ring-out roll fails, the defender must roll to get away from the edge of the ring
>if the first attack roll fails, then the defender may move away without a roll
>if a roll is a crit fail, the defender may land a free hit and roll for maximum or minimum damage
>a trip crit is an instant KO; a trip fail means the defender gets a free critical hit
>don't be unreasonable with fights; if your character is in a position where they will lose a fight, let it happen - don't drag it out and make other players unhappy, this is just meant for fun
>above all, have fun!
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File: 1417324028686.png (65.77 KB, 250x188, 250px-CyborgTTgo!.png)

>Rolling under the punch , Cyborg rose up behind the copy and fired both cannons at him.
>evens right Roll 1d1000 = 454
>odds left Roll 1d1000 = 15

Leo Sutcliff!bXgeUCIUnk 861219

>the copy let out a loud gasp and a cry, being thrown back by the sonic blasts
>there was a flash of red light, the mage returning to normal as he fell to the ground
>he tried to push himself up, but he wasn't a fighter, and he wasn't strong
>the mage fell into unconsciousness quickly, silently cursing his brothers for putting him in this situation to begin with

Referee!pinkie78Os 861220

>wincing sympathetically as the Sutcliff fel to the ground, the referee would quickly raise his hand

The winner of this bout is Cyborg of Victin!

>as always, the EMTs would rush out to check on the young man, hoping to ensure that Cyborg hadn't accidentally caused some lasting damage with his attacks

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861695

File: 1417486279209.png (74.64 KB, 450x525, 29501655_p3.png)

>stepping into the arena for the second time, was the electric user, Arnfried. Making sure to tone down his electric conducting nanites, so he does fry his opponent to a crisp, he was all ready to go.

>"Lumina is doing well so far... 3 out of 4. Whether I win or lose shant matter, it will only bring us down to the level of everyone else."

>stopping near the center of the ring, he awaited his opponent.


File: 1417487524644.jpg (190.6 KB, 627x717, FF_AC___Reno_by_astolat.jpg)

>The opponent who enters after a few moments doesn't look that worried about things either.

>Sure they lost one of their team, but its not like he'd had that high of hopes for the 2nd Class SOLDIER they were sent with.

>In fact, the sight of his opponent actually causes the redhaired man to smirk.

"Hey, looks like me going out this time was a stroke of luck on my end..."

>The Turk flicks his extending baton, letting it click into place before resting it on his shoulder.

"...I was hoping I'd get the chance to prove which of us is the better man. Then again, you look more like some sort of freak show than a man anyways..."

>Definitely fighting words, though the man keeps his lazy stance while he waits for the round call.

Referee!pinkie78Os 861724

>as ever, the referee was gearing up for the battle, though he was rather nervously adjusting his glasses out of habit
>he then quickly raised his hand up

The next bout in the Rigel Prima Olympics begins now!

>he first turns and gestures to Reno

In this corner, representing Shinra, Reno!

>he then turns and gestures at Arnfried

And in this corner, representing Lumina, Arnfried Baumburg!

>he'd swing his hand upward and cry out:



Roll 1d2 = 1
>evens, Reno goes first
>odds, Arnfried does

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861732

File: 1417488854276.png (159.3 KB, 500x558, 36711591_p15.png)

>Freak show? Kind works to start off.


>he replied with a subdued tone, a complete lack of emotion in his voice

...Proving who is the better man would require both parties to be adult men... And you look like you should be studying for 11th grade math tests.

>he took note. He recalled Reno's fight with the bird boy from Honnouji. He was warned that this man used electricity to fight... He could never well be impervious to it; then again, so was Arnfried

Very well..

>he unzipped his coat, revealing his full appearance. Part of his neck and most of the lower half of his face was horribly burnt, even revealing the teeth on his left side

>removing two throwing knives from his belt, he tossed them at his opponent, aiming to graze him to start off the fight

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 606
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 555


File: 1417490337826.gif (1.69 MB, 500x200, tumblr_n758uf9d9l1rk4j5yo2_r2_…)

>Reno would totally have a comeback for that...really, he's comeback central over here.


>Just...wow, seriously, how ugly this guy is threw him off for a moment there.

"Hey, I know I just called you a freak, but seriously how are you even still ali..."

>And then he feels something sharp cut his cheek, and barely has time knock the other knife away with his baton.

"Yo, seriously? You're just going to up and attack me while I'm still talking? Really?! Well, you know what?"

>Reno raises his baton, and a large glowing spark shoots out from it that hits Arnfried before crystalizing around him in the form of a energy pyramid of some sort.

"I think you deserve a time out! I mean, what the fuck man, throwing knives? Were you aiming at my face on purpose too? I mean sure beating up a ugly, and I do mean UGGLY, old man isn't gonna look too good for the cameras, but I'm gonna make sure to enjoy this."

>Arnfried would find himself unable to move, while Reno rushes him and slams his baton repeatedly against him Roll 1d3 + 2 = 3 times.

>Regardless of how many hits he makes the pyramid shatters under the force blows once he's done.

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861783

File: 1417490765861.png (454.53 KB, 580x696, 36711591_p5.png)

>which the relentless blows, Arnfried is stumbled back, grunting in pain. He had let his emotions get the better of him. Had his retirement from the Luminan Black Ops years ago led to him getting sloppy.

>the repeated attacks sent him towards the edge of the ring, open to be knocked out.


File: 1417491777859.jpg (15.19 KB, 446x339, BeforeCrisisReno2.jpg)

>While the Turk should be happy about how easy this fight is going, he's still really pissed about being interrupted like that.

"Hey, no way am I gonna let you get off that easy, I mean long as I don't actually break anything too important it'll be fine right?"

>And with that he stomps over, looking more like some punk lowlife than a legitimate employee of well, any organization, really.

>He goes to grab the Luminian by the collar of his jacket.

>Roll 1d1000 = 932 Evens.

>If he succeeds, Roll 1d1000 = 297 Evens he yanks the man towards him, and then slams him downwards onto the center of the ring.

>If both succeed,

"How'd ya like that, old man? Still think you're so much better than the rest of us?"

>If only the grab succeeds, Reno's face strains as he attempts to throw the man.

"Hrrgh....seriously, how much do you EVEN weigh?"

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861820

File: 1417492129099.png (150.74 KB, 496x384, tumblr_n89ovin4A41qgpxpqo1_500…)

>the man weighed a lot, when your body is full of cybernetics, he tend to weigh more than you should.

>the boy annoyed him. He was a childish brat, using abilities that should be in the hands of someone older or at least more mature.

I only think I'm better, because you're so immature.

>he attempted to drive his knee into the boy's chest

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 198

Grow up...

>if roll was successful, he gets away from the edge, not wanting to be ringed out just yet


File: 1417492646525.jpg (11.08 KB, 608x336, 120.jpg)

"What'd you sa-Agggh!"

>The knee to the chest forces Reno back, and it takes him a few moments to catch his breath.

"...Hey...I'm not some kid, ya know...."

>Seriously though, that hurt. Maybe he better actually take the fight seriously, and you know...use his weapon some more.

>Reno swipes up at the man's exposed face with his baton.

>Roll 1d1000 = 348 Evens

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861841

File: 1417493085205.jpg (3.99 MB, 2083x2500, 40911844.jpg)

>he took the hit. He wasn't going to let a immature man child shame him like this.

Insulting others appearances... Ranting and raving... You're a child in my eyes.

>he struck out with a palm strike, not charging his attacks with electricity, afraid he might have a trick to subdue it; after all he used electricity as an attack before.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 526

>if successful, he extended both of his arms out to the side, palms open, and tried to slap both sides of Reno's head, specifically striking his ears. It appeared the old man wasn't afraid to stoop to dirty tricks.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 725


File: 1417493777112.jpg (8.31 KB, 295x171, kick.jpg)

>The palm strike connects, knocking Reno's upper body backwards.

>A bit too much so, in fact, as the slap to the head whiffs right above where Reno's head was, but no longer is.

"Oh, yeah, well, you're way too slow, old man!"

>As he shouts back his retort, his foot is already shooting upwards towards Arnfried's head in a kick.

>Roll 1d1000 = 988 Evens, hit, odds the impromptu kick is just off far enough to miss its target completely, striking air instead of face.

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861853

File: 1417493997265.jpg (365.13 KB, 811x1200, 44994525_p0.jpg)

>the attack connects,sending the old man stumbling back again, and dazing him. His whole body was starting to ache from the repeated attacks.

>he knew he wasn't long for the fight, but his will to teach this kid a lesson urged him to keep going.


File: 1417494968327.gif (2.54 MB, 500x278, reno_from_ff__advent_children_…)

>Okay, last time, last time he sort of f'd the whole thing up.

>He's a lot calmer now though, and seriously, after screwing up previously in the fight, he really really doesn't want to lose. He actually does have his Shinra pride, ya know? Even if it doesn't look like it sometimes.

>...That said, Shinra Pride isn't gonna move this guy on its own, but maybe if he goes with the ol' one two?....Explosives would be easier, but those tightasses back at the weapon check wouldn't let him keep anything even remotely bomblike.


>With a charge he baseball swings at the man's gut with his baton.

>Roll 1d1000 = 428 Evens.

>If it connects he then pivots and attempts to slam his fist into his opponent's face with enough force to knock him backwards out of the ring.


>Roll 1d1000 = 204 Evens, Ring out. Odds, it just misses completely.

Arnfried Baumburg!MEOWKdWFcQ 861876

File: 1417495166995.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1133, 40102954_p9.jpg)

>with that the man is sent out of the ring, beaten without so much as a fight.

>he could recover from the wounds in no time, but the thing that was hurt most of all was his pride

Referee!pinkie78Os 861880

>rather surprised by the swift ending, the referee stammered a bit before launching into the typical call

Th-The winner of this bout is Reno of Shinra!


File: 1417495667518.jpg (20.23 KB, 310x426, reno[2].jpg)

>With another click his baton collapses, and he finally wipes off the blood from the cut on his face.

"See, I told you I was better, old man. Even with all that tech you guys have in Lumina, doesn't matter if you're just a dead man walking when push comes to shove."

>And then once his victory is announced he just shrugs and walks off, seemingly paying the announcer no mind.

Servil Versuch!.ZzGrellBs 864249

>The third battle.

>This was his third time stepping into this ring, and the longer his win streak grew, the more nervous he became. The Doktor was elated, over the moon that he had survived as long as he had compared to the others that had gone. It proved his project had merit, and as the Doktor said, proved that the ultimate form of humanity still was locked in his DNA exclusively.

>Servil wasn't sure about that, he wondered more if he had been simply lucky in who he was paired against.

>His whip charged for the fight and muscular body refreshed, Servil climbs into the arena with a heavy sigh. Now the pressure was bearing down upon him, and the odds of winning stacking higher against him.

>Even the previous bout revealed to him that the opponents were becoming tougher. Just what was he going to do when he reached those sort of opponents?


>There was really nothing more he could do except win, honestly. He needed to prove the Doktor's research had merit, that he too had merit of his strength and ability. To prove otherwise...

>He did not want to dwell on the concept of failure, not before this fight.

>Gleaming glasses shine bright beneath his dark green hat, his face shadowed and turned to look at the other end of the ring, and to were his opponent would be.


File: 1418008425648.png (42.57 KB, 250x140, tumblr_nbri6g89Ua1tch3j8o4_250…)


>Atorasu was somewhat excited, it seemed like it'd been an eternity since he last entered the ring

>He'd seen a few of the opponent country's matches, but he still wasn't quite certain what to expect from Guilt Edge, it was a country that always seemed to elude him when it comes to its mysteries, he'd heard rumors of magic, tech, and more come out of that country, he wasn't sure what was true and what could be believed, but he knew not to underestimate them

>They'd still try his hardest too, both he and his demons, to bring honor to Planeptune, and to Lady Purple Heart

>Raising the arm he had his COMP on as he entered the ring, he tightened the grip on it a bit

May the best man win.

>He said in a slightly cheerful tone looking across at Servil with a soft grin
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Referee!pinkie78Os 864267

>as ever, the referee stood waiting for the two participants to arrive, though he seemed even more nervous than usual
>there were some murmurs among the officials as to why the matches were taking so long to get going, as the ones running the tournament were keeping tight-lipped on the subject
>perhaps they had been too ambitious with how many countries they brought in for the first event?
>it was only reasonable to expect that some of them wouldn't fit with the intended mold for this event, some of the antics that Mares pulled jumping immediately to mind
>but that wasn't something that concerned him, so he focused on the matter at hand

The next bout in the Rigel Prima Olympics shall begin!

>he raises a hand, then gestures to Servil

In this corner, representing Guilt Edge, Servil Versuch!

>he then turns and gestures to Atorasu

And in this corner, representing Gameindustri, Atorasu Yakuwari!

>he swings his hand up and calls out



Roll 1d2 = 2
>evens, Servil goes first
>odds, Atorasu does

Servil Versuch!.ZzGrellBs 864273


>Servil neither nods or says anything to his opponent, his arms held at his sides and gleaming lenses focused on the similarly bespectacled individual.




>The moment the referee shouts, Servil's hand dives for his belt and grabs up his whip.

>There's a whistling noise and a loud crack as he snaps it right at Atorasu's leg.

>Roll 1d1000 = 966 odds

>if hit, Roll 1d1000 = 21 odds, at the moment of contact Servil pushes the button on the whip, sending an electrical jolt up through the whip as if it were a live wire.


File: 1418009790159.png (81.13 KB, 250x250, tumblr_nbm152GX8M1tuh5x7o5_250…)


>The words "Fighters Begin!" Ring through the air for the briefest of moments before Atorasu can hear the whistling of the whip ripping through the air

>He quickly responds by jumping backward slightly and pushing a button on the device on his wrist

Jack Frost!

>He shouts, summoning the Frost Fairy Demon

>As the little demon materializes, it laughs going "Heehee hoho!" before looking to Atorasu

Roll 1d1000 = 644
>evens, Max
Use Bufudyne!

>Frost obliges and breaths a strong blast of ice towards Servil, covering his legs, roll to break free

>odds, Min
Use Bufu!

>Jack Frost obliges and breaths a light blast of ice onto Servil that can be easily broken free of, no need to roll

Servil Versuch!.ZzGrellBs 864285



>Servil's pupils shrink, but it's simply far too late to actually move to avoid the demanded spell.

>With a cheerful and frankly unimpressive little 'demon', the Bufudyne not only freezes Servil's legs, but also all the way up to his torso, also immobilizing his arms as well.

>The cold overcoming most of his motor senses makes the man cringe with an alarmed yelp, his muscles seizing all at once. In that moment he simply cannot move, everything numbing all at once.

Was ist das?!



File: 1418010612297.jpg (290.52 KB, 2112x1144, latest.jpg)


>Seeing how effective Jack was in freezing Servil in place, Atorasu seems almost reluctant as he returns him back to his storage area in the COMP

Maybe it's a bit early to pull this trick out of the hat, but here we go.

>he pushes a few buttons on his comp, and his eyes seem to glimmer with a yellow shine for a moment as he summons the only demon in his arsenal that's not a part of the Jack Brothers.


>He announces as the white demonic lion materializes behind him

>Both he and cerberus run forward, Atorasu ducking down for Cerberus to jump over him and tackling towards Servil with a viscious strike from its claws

Roll 1d1000 = 7

>if successful, roll for ring out

Roll 1d1000 = 322

Servil Versuch!.ZzGrellBs 864290


Oh mein Gott-!

>Servil winces and readies himself for the lion-like creature the man had summoned to ram into his icy prison, but it seemed the cat had overestimated the jump and leaped right over his head.

>Realizing he had a moment of safety at hand, with a short grunt he tries desperately to force himself to shatter the ice encasing him.

>Roll 1d1000 = 586 odds, success! The ice slowly cracks and falls off of him in chunks, releasing him from the freezing prison.

>if so, he quickly rubs at his arms and legs vigorously to warm up his muscles, which are nearly numb from the cold.


>evens, no dice, and it starts to get harder to breathe the longer he is trapped in the ice


File: 1418011126451.gif (98.08 KB, 245x261, tumblr_nbtukry6sw1qda6uso3_r3_…)


>Atorasu realized the freezing temperatures of the Ice could harm Servil to the extent that it'd risk his own disqualification in the tournament

>...So naturally he points his hand forward and commands Cerberus

Use Agidyne!

>And the lion obliges, breathing a heavy dosage of flames out of his mouth

Roll 1d1000 = 232

Servil Versuch!.ZzGrellBs 864295




>Servil's attempts to thrash himself out of the ice doubles twicefold when he sees the fire coming, but being as immobilized as he is, can do nothing to stop the flames from hitting him directly.

>The ice weakens and melts under the flames, though the man's yell is far louder. His upper body, particularly his head, isn't quite as safely encased in a block of ice.

>Face sooty, hat charred, and glasses warped by the heat, Servil is barely aware he was freed from his prison of ice, and manages to take one step forward. He coughs and stumbles to a knee, his fingers twitching and his ruined hat falling from his drooped head, revealing short-cut red hair.


The sudden switch of extremes from cold to hot clearly has done a number to his sensory system, as it's clear he can't move quite right, or even stand up.
>Though not without trying, which the man certainly was.

>Roll 1d1000 = 748

>odds, with a low growl, Servil manages to gather enough energy to last his whip out at Atorasu.

>Roll 1d1000 = 65 odds, hit


>evens for first roll, with a defeated groan, Servil flops onto his stomach and lays inert on the arena floor

Referee!pinkie78Os 864300

>and with that rather abrupt finish, the referee quickly lifted his hand into the air

The winner of this match is Atorasu Yakuwari of Gameindustri!

>the EMTs would soon exit from the back to check on Servil, the sudden change in temperatures likely having caused extensive damage to his body


File: 1418017633195.png (55.38 KB, 250x148, tumblr_nbyzdcMoKI1tlocpto1_250…)


>...That had been certainly easier than he had anticipated.

>Not that he was complaining, but he couldn't help but feel a sense of hollowness from this victory


>He supposed his opponent must be only human though, so it's understandable why such extremes did so much damage so quickly

>As he looked at the crowd, he coughs a bit

>"Think of something snappy to say..."

...I guess what they say about the Icy Hot technique i...

>He shakes his head, no he couldn't finish that sentence, that man was going to be in the hospital soon enough, best not to make fun of it

>He covers his face as he just turns around and walks out of the ring

Princess Celestia!rjtGfDeadI 864311

File: 1418020415547.png (191.04 KB, 1007x794, princess_celestia_by_90sigma-d…)

>So, the time had finally come.

>The princess of the Sun would sit in her private booth as she looks down at the arena grounds. Two of her fighters had already been defeated, a third had been victorious in two of her fights. Even with her neigh immortality, she needed rest. So it had come down to her nation's fourth and final represenative.

>She would be lieing had she said she had not been looking forward to this. If only to see the look on everyone's faces when he was announced. Of course why wouldn't she had chosen him herself to be placed on this team. When they were flooded, he alone had changed the tide of the Outworld battle. He alone had defended Canterlot while the guards stayed inside the barrier to ensure the safety of the citizens, he alone had the skill to command a private army beneath him.

>And of course, above all else. He alone had hair wavey enough to rival hers own. The princess grew ever so excited as she awaited the next fight to begin. So much so those around her began to show some concern for her mental stability.

Mmmmmhmhmhmhm! This is going to be fun!

>Unable to contain her excitement, she clampers her hooves against the padding of her chair. She then uses her magic to summon a tub of popcorn which rivals her in size to her side.

Ooohhhh! When is it going to start already!?


File: 1418022037078.jpg (487.76 KB, 720x780, 62fb7f5ecc60058e102c63e644123e…)

>Paying no mind to the Princess in the stands, who was likely there to cheer on her own representative, Sophy entered the ring

>She stretched a bit and put her hands behind her head before taking a fighting pose as she looked across the ring

>She thinks quietly to herself, tapping her chin "I hope whomever I'm fighting is willing to take this seriously..."

>Oh she had noooooooooooo idea....

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864316

File: 1418023110143.png (147.34 KB, 262x267, Seph_Cactaur Needles and Empty…)



>The representative of Equestria, or rather the non-pony population housed in the country, steps out from the long hall leading to the fighting arena with a purposefully slow walk. To those of Town and Equestria alike, they would recognize him as the head of the Riftguard, the man who was an army all unto himself, and to those of Shinra, their missing SOLDIER First Class.

>To his opponents, the man is particularly tall and sports a wonderfully long and fine mane of silver hair. While he wore shoulder pauldrons gleaming of bright silver, he wore no armor, and even his chest appeared to be somewhat exposed despite his armor's straps and long black coat. Even his boots didn't look very heavy, and two mental bangles around his wrists held one gleaming orb within them.

>The only two dangerous things the man possessed were his sword and his eyes. Unnatural slittled pupils focus on Sophy as the man finally enters the arena, standing upright as he looks her over. His eyes seem to glow slightly, but what's more concerning is how hard and steely his gaze is, as if it could pierce a hold through her should he decide to glare.

>On his belt is the other dangerous artifact, a frighteningly long katana gleaming brightly in the light of the arena. While stowed for now, it's without doubt that the man likely had incredible reach with his sword, should he decide to use it.

>Sephiroth had used Masamune before to nonlethal effect, and this tournament he has no issue with restraining himself once again for the benefit of Princess Celestia. It was by her personal request that he act representative of Equestria, and he was more than willing to oblige her whim.

>His gaze briefly sweeps around the audience to gauge the mood, and for a moment he spies a familiar celestial twinkle from a private box above the rabble.

>"Ah...so she is watching?"


>Sephiroth looks back to his opponent and inclines his head in a respectful nod, a mild smile apparent on his own elegant face.

Referee!pinkie78Os 864318

>the referee was a bit surprised when they launched right into another match, so soon after the last one
>perhaps they were trying to make up for lost time?
>regardless, when Equestria's "secret weapon" took the stage, he reflexively tensed up, despite not actually understanding why
>for some strange reason, a chill went through the timid referee, and he could swear he heard an ominous choir begin chanting in the back of his head
>with Princess Celestia's eyes staring down at the ring, he'd nervously lift his hand to make the opening call

Th-Th-The next fight in th-the Rigel P-Prima Olympics w-will begin n-n-now!

>he'd first gesture over to Sophy

I-In this corner, representing L-Littledove and Th-The Great Plains...Sophy Laurenz!

>he then shakily gestured to Sephiroth

A-A-And in th-this corner, r-representing E-Equestria...S-S-Sephiroth!

>he swung his hand upward, now trying to quickly make the call so they could get on with it



Roll 1d2 = 1
>evens, Sophy goes first
>odds, Sephy does

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864320

File: 1418024707715.png (230.44 KB, 480x272, BlackMateria_Charge2.png)



>As the referee begins calling for the match, one of the orbs in Sephiroth's bangle begin to glow. The materia primes itself with a magical energy, ready to be released as soon as the referee shouts begin.



>Sephiroth extends his arm suddenly, his hand opening as the magic abruptly casts. A meteor the size of a basketball shoots rapidly down at Sophy, covered in a bright green magic.

>Roll 1d1000 = 228 odds, hit!


File: 1418025108086.jpg (390.52 KB, 960x1280, 5fe6c8b1676b561e17c3263795564d…)


>There it was the signal to start, and Sophy knew she couldn't waste any time goofing around with this

>Quicker than someone can say "I shout my attacks!", Sophy becomes enveloped in an aura of blue energy and she side steps out of the way of Sephiroth's meteor spell

>With the same enhanced speed, she runs towards Sephiroth and attempts a punching him in a jabbing motion

Roll 1d1000 = 812

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864323

File: 1418025528742.png (244.32 KB, 387x328, Seph_If I Stand Here Long Enou…)



>She's was a fast one? Refreshing; he hadn't expected to take a hit this early on, but he guesses he was being cocky about his start.

>The punch does find mark on his chest, eliciting a small disgrunted grunt from the supersoldier. His chest feels very hard to hit, his muscular build requiring a heavier punch to knock the wind out of him.

>A heavy punch that the Sephiroth is more than keen to send with into Sophy's gut in their proximity.

>Roll 1d1000 = 845 odds, hit!


File: 1418025800458.jpg (6.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)


>The Martial Artist takes the punch to the gut and groans as she falls to the ground

>Letting out an "oomph" sound as she tumbles over, she holds her stomach as she slowly stands up

>She nods a bit to herself as she thinks over her situation, who ever this guy was, he was a toughie

>She'd have to maybe try to avoid using her normal up close and personal tactics.

>Using a bit of the Aura surrounding her body that enhanced her strength and speed, she made a "Soul Shuriken" and tossed it towards Sephiroth's legs

Roll 1d1000 = 813

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864327

File: 1418026615885.png (173.91 KB, 451x510, Hell's Gate.png)


>Sephiroth bends at the knee, springing up into the air as the shuriken zips right at his legs, pushing himself into an impressive height above the arena from the single leap.

>The SOLDIER swiftly unhooks his long katana, and points it downwards with a sharp twirl as he begins his descent towards her.

>But the sword isn't pointed at Sophy, Sephiroth coming down nearby her and stabbing the Masamune right into the concrete with enough force to crack it, the ground shaking beneath hhis feet from the impact.

>Roll 1d1000 = 904 odds, the shockwave from the attack knocks Sophy back


File: 1418026875372.jpg (143.33 KB, 850x633, sample_1a08aecc37726766c80c88f…)


>Despite the Earth shaking beneath her feet, Sophy manages to stand unshaken by the shockwave Sephiroth created when stabbing his sword into the ground

>She takes in a deep breath before charging the aura around her legs into her right fist

>With Sephiroth near by enough, she moves slightly forward, swinging her fist in an uppercut

Roll 1d1000 = 630

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864331

File: 1418027552339.png (160.8 KB, 261x291, Seph_Flying Enemies AGAIN.PNG)


>The uppercut seems to be more effective, Sephiroth taking a step back with a louder grunt as his head jerks up.

>As much muscles as he had, nothing could really protect the chin from a good hit.


>His eyes flash, a fist curling to again punish Sophy for getting that close to him again. He leaves the Masamune wedged in the ground for now and swings sharply back at her in a surprisingly quick jab.

>Roll 1d1000 = 96 odds, hit


File: 1418027857585.png (445.29 KB, 850x1133, sample_651387dbb3a1d8f06be96bb…)


>Sophy barely manages to lean out of the way of the sharp jab

>Charging her aura back into her legs again, she spins into a round house kick

Roll 1d1000 = 374

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864568

File: 1418074286530.png (140.21 KB, 480x272, Seph_Last Warning Before I Wre…)



>The kick finds its mark, enough to push Sephiroth a few staggering steps away from Sophy, his head shaking abruptly to dispel the momentary fuzziness in his vision.

>The other orb in Sephiroth's bangle glows brightly for a moment, though Sephiroth dials the spell's power back as best as he mentally can.
>This whole fight in general proves to be trickier than he'd prefer; he often in his trials for Riftguard would cut loose and increasingly climb back to where his proper strength lie.
>But, not wanting to risk Equestria from being disqualified on the grounds that he cut someone in half or immolated them in a massive Firaga, it required dialing back and actually thinking on how strongly he attacked instead of planning directly on strategy.

>But it certainly doesn't help his opponent is melee instead of a pure weapon user.

>A ball of flame appears in Sephiroth's hand for a moment as the materia flares to life, and with a grunt, he lobs the Firaga right at Sophy with a sharp pitch.

>Roll 1d1000 = 716 odds, hit


File: 1418086743575.jpg (245.33 KB, 850x595, sample_a39a811ef2483cddfc3c014…)

>Sophy's momentarily distracted by the red glow, knowing it can't be good she gets ready to move out of the way

>As the fire ball is thrown at her, Sophy leaps into the air, over the materia summoned flames

>In the air, she channeled her Aura almost entirely into a single fist as she tried to deliver another heavy punch to the SOLDIER she was fighting

>While it left her more vulnerable than how she normally dispersed her Aura, she knew pulling her punches would be a downfall considering how much this guy had actually taken so far

Roll 1d1000 = 1000

Sephiroth!.ZzGrellBs 864603


>Damn, she was a slippery one! The fireball flares but no flame catches his opponent, her body nimbly flying into the air over the fiery blast.

>Sephiroth looks up sharply, silver brows furrowed and mako-colored eyes gleaming in agitation at first.
>With how rapidly the woman is, he doesn't get much outside a fraction of time to realize that strange glowing was now coating her entire fist.

>Sephiroth, not entirely outdone in speed himself, drops his hand to grab his Masamune from his belt and lift to block-

>And realizes at the last moment that he had left the tall sword wedged in the arena only a few steps behind him.

>A critical error.



>The aura charged hit slams into his face full force, the impact causing a blast of energy to erupt and the cloaked man to fly out of the arena, smashing through the wall on the other end of the room.

>The building shakes from the impact, and what's left is a Sephiroth-shaped hole in the wall above the stands, which drops chunks of drywall and wood displaced.

>The stage, still with Sephiroth's Masamune stuck into the center of a radial crack, gleams in the lights of the arena.


>On the other side of the wall, Sephiroth stares up at the ceiling in abject surprise, his slitted pupils merely black lines in a sea of glowing green.




>Mortified, bewildered, and feeling rather sick of his poor showing in front of Princess Celestia, TELEVISED, the silver haired captain smacks his own face with a hand, then swears loudly from the burst of pain from doing so.

>She broke his nose too?!

The working Dead 864611

File: 1418089407356.jpg (69.51 KB, 874x914, image.jpg)

>from her booth, Princess Clestia would be in complete and udder shock. One of the main events she had been lookig forward to for some time had been brought to an abrupt, rather discouraging end. She spoke no words, even as her aids called out to her. She stared down at he sword imbedded into the arena floor, and would continue so until she could regain her composure once more.

Referee!pinkie78Os 864631



>like many, the referee would stare in shock at the fallen Riftguard Captain, especially after the punishing blow that had been delivered

>a part of him wondered if it was at all possible that the Captain would protest the decision, but he appeared so battered that he clearly couldn't even if he wanted to


>still clearly stunned, and a bit afraid, the referee would very slowly raise his hand and stammer out the call



>he inhaled sharply, then blurted it out


>the EMTs would usher out to go and check on Sephiroth, though they seemed a bit wary to go near him, not sure how he would react once the shock wore off


File: 1418091849044.jpg (4.44 KB, 300x168, images (5).jpg)

>Reno had thought he was exceptionally lucky in the fact that he'd decided to watch the fights following his rounds when this one started.

>The hair, the stupid sword that he's not even sure how the man unsheathes or resheathes it...

>That was definitely their top priority MIA. He might even get a bonus for this one.

>His first message was short, just letting Lazard know to turn on the TV and check out the tournament broadcast. Its easier to get the point across that way, and he'd look really stupid if someone from the SOLDIER 1st Class' fanclub beat him to it on their dumbass mailing list.

>This was followed by a few more emails filling in the details of what had happened in the moments the bossman had missed.

>Now however he's just sitting there with an almost disappointed look on his face.

"What the hell, man? I mean, sure you've been out in the boonies for a few years, but I didn't think you'd have gotten that soft. I mean, yeah sure, now I don't have to risk fighting you, but I'm still going to look like some sort of idiot back home for reporting your flop like that...."


File: 1418092291119.jpg (411.73 KB, 864x1152, e8c785a41638a4c05639515ecbed8d…)


>As the Match was called, Sophy walked towards the area of the ring where Masamune was embedded in the floor

>After pulling the blade out of the ground, the aura around her body faded away and she slowly walked over to where the EMTs were trying to care for Sephiroth

>She sets his blade down next to him, after all, it was obvious he was no hand to hand tactician after that.

>Afterward she turns around and waves as she heads towards the rest area

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