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File: 1411623703449.gif (529.83 KB, 398x224, Bang Gavel.gif)

AA: TSoT Case -1 : Turnabout Smooth Criminal Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 831964[View All]

Court is now in session for the trial of... Em Jay.

Am I really judging Micheal Jackson here? Are we back in the early 90s?
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Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832130

File: 1411636502380.gif (63.03 KB, 256x192, phoenix-normal(b).gif)

Alright let me try something different.

>2. I met Annie on the street, who was so nice to me; she let me stay at her apartment that night, until I had enough energy to cast a spell home!

Do you remember how long you were there till?

Colgate 832131

File: 1411636557303.png (143.55 KB, 894x894, 994383_1333761822101_full.png)

I left after the criminal left all smoothly and stuff

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832132


>3. Then there was this guy, dressed all in white!

The guy in white correct?

Colgate 832135

File: 1411636821853.png (867.42 KB, 4525x5940, colgate___minuette_by_90sigma-…)

Yes sir!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832136

File: 1411636881959.gif (72.61 KB, 256x192, phoenix-handsondesk(b).gif)

Thank you.

>5. It was like 8 PM when it happened, and I was cowering under the table!

Colgate im going to have to ask you to tell us exactly what happened while you were under the table.

Colgate 832139

File: 1411637173086.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

My field of view was blocked, so I couldn't really see too much, but I saw Annie's body fall down along with the murder weapon, it was all bloody and stuff! He struck her, and I heard it right before she fell down! He even left the bloodstains on the carpet!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832140

File: 1411637269767.gif (72.61 KB, 256x192, phoenix-handsondesk(b).gif)

And what did you do from there?

Colgate 832141

File: 1411637341666.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

I waited until he was gone, and then I ran out of there myself! I picked up the murder weapon though, before I left, because I wanted to chase him down and hit him with it... but I put it back down, and stomped my hoof, and left

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 832142

File: 1411637687098.gif (450.94 KB, 507x272, Thinking.gif)

I do believe that this is all the testimony I need to hear to make a verdict. Does anyone have any objections before I hand it down?

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832143

File: 1411637799824.gif (68.04 KB, 256x192, phoenix-thinking(b).gif)


Just one second your honor.
I have a question for the witness.

Colgate 832144

File: 1411637841282.png (867.42 KB, 4525x5940, colgate___minuette_by_90sigma-…)

What is it Mister?

The Bateman 832145

File: 1411637919885.jpg (37.68 KB, 419x467, 1407029386589.jpg)

How does it feel to have gotten those sweet doubles?

Colgate 832146

File: 1411637965547.png (867.42 KB, 4525x5940, colgate___minuette_by_90sigma-…)

A really great feeling!

You were off by one

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832147

File: 1411638073707.gif (200.79 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(b).gif)

Go ahead Wright, ask it. I'm waiting.

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832148

File: 1411638113517.gif (59.41 KB, 256x192, phoenix-pointing(b).gif)

Right here.
>I picked up the murder weapon though, before I left, because I wanted to chase him down and hit him with it... but I put it back down, and stomped my hoof, and left

You said you had the intention to chase the man down and hit him. What made you change your mind?

If you had the power to stop and catch the murderer right then and there, why didn't you?

If we go back to Ms.Jeans testimony
> He just smoothly walked away.
He just "smoothly" walked out, The same way he walked in!

If i just committed a murder, i would be a bit more on edge in my walk.

I think you may be hiding something in your testimony.

What made you drop the bat and leave without contacting the authorities?

It doesn't make sense.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832149

File: 1411638217461.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)


Colgate 832150

File: 1411638337222.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

I... I-I urm... I... I... got into a f-fight with Annie, physical fight!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832151

File: 1411638427658.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)


Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832152

File: 1411638455762.gif (72.61 KB, 256x192, phoenix-handsondesk(b).gif)

You were fighting?
Why were you fighting? You said that she let you in to rest.

>she let me stay at her apartment that night, until I had enough energy to cast a spell home!

Colgate 832153

File: 1411638505269.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

That was a lie... I broke into her home!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832155

File: 1411638569669.gif (68.04 KB, 256x192, phoenix-thinking(b).gif)

Broke into her home?

Witness are you saying your testimony was a lie?

Anonymous 832158

Colgate 832159

File: 1411638719118.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

Y-Yes! I am...

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832160

File: 1411638808926.gif (19.05 KB, 256x192, phoenix-deskslam.gif)

Then its time to come clean.
We have wasted enough time. Witness, why dont you tell us what really happened? The truth is all we are looking for after all.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832161

File: 1411638834064.gif (157.83 KB, 256x192, miles-damage(b).gif)

You will pay for this. You have made me look bad. Tarnished my name and your own!

Colgate 832162

File: 1411638924954.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

I... I was the one who killed Annie... I killed her okay?! She startled me, so I put on a suit and everything, and stood on my hind legs to look big, and then I hit her with that weapon I found lying around! The smooth criminal guy just left when I did this...

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832165

File: 1411639083461.gif (56.26 KB, 256x192, phoenix-sweating(b).gif)

Y-you put on a suit and hit her with a bat...?
T-Thats ridiculous!

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832166

File: 1411639104799.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)

You... You what?!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832168

File: 1411639164715.gif (56.4 KB, 256x192, phoenix-sweating(a).gif)

Did you manage to stop the metal gear and blow up the death star while you were at it?

Colgate 832170

I killed Annie! I did it! I used my magic to make the clothes fit and to levitate the bat...

You forgot taking down gigantic titans with blades

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832171

File: 1411639406387.gif (257.9 KB, 960x640, Animation_010.gif)

Witness... Why.... How... I... Wright... do something...

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832172

File: 1411639411616.gif (24.42 KB, 256x192, phoenix-ohshit.gif)

But that's ridiculous!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832173

File: 1411639431374.gif (56.26 KB, 256x192, phoenix-sweating(b).gif)

I'm trying to!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832174

File: 1411639451475.gif (19.05 KB, 256x192, phoenix-deskslam.gif)


Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832175

File: 1411639483265.gif (80.23 KB, 256x192, phoenix-document(b).gif)

Why dont you give us a full testimony in detaill of the truth, for the record of the court.

Colgate 832176

File: 1411639887404.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)


>1. I came to this world by accident
>2. I broke into the nearest place I could
>3 Annie came home and I was startled
>4. I hid in the closet, put on a suit, and found a bat thingy inside there to
>5. It was about 7:55 when I wanted to come out, but I couldn't cause smooth mcgee was there
>6. I waited for him to leave
>7. Annie opened up the closet and I was so surprised, I instinctively hit her with the bat and killed her

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832177

File: 1411640029471.gif (72.61 KB, 256x192, phoenix-handsondesk(b).gif)

Alright, i just have one question for you.

When you broke in and hid, did she or the smooth guy see you at all before she opened the door?

Colgate 832178

File: 1411640235369.png (101.53 KB, 777x1089, FANMADE_Minuette_by_s7alter04.…)

I don't know if anyone saw me... I just know I hit Annie because I was so scared... I didn't want to be seen...

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832179

File: 1411640284846.gif (63.03 KB, 256x192, phoenix-normal(b).gif)

Thank you.

Your honor, i think i can explain what happened in that apartment on the night of the murder.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832180

File: 1411640431411.gif (200.79 KB, 256x192, miles-crossed(b).gif)

I do believe I can also deliver a logical explanation of the events, Your Honor.

Clearly, this witness was mortified to be in this world. Look at her right now, her facial expression tells it all.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 832181

File: 1411640501601.gif (426.68 KB, 507x272, Speaking.gif)

So... She did it? Mr. Wright, Mr. Edgeworth, please explain yourselves.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832182

File: 1411640578563.gif (697.82 KB, 256x192, miles-point(b).gif)

I'll leave it to Wright to explain this one. This is what they pay you for.

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832183

File: 1411640777238.gif (80.23 KB, 256x192, phoenix-document(b).gif)

Put yourself in her shoes your honor, a different species randomly thrown into our world without a clue.

Frightened she found the nearest place to hide and when she was found out, she reacted instinctively.

As tragic as this case is, i think our victim Annie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meaning our murder case wasn't a murder at all....

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832184

File: 1411640793973.gif (72.61 KB, 256x192, phoenix-handsondesk(b).gif)

It was an accident.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 832185

File: 1411640899434.gif (450.94 KB, 507x272, Thinking.gif)

So the murder was not per-meditated in any way... meaning there isn't anyone to pronounce Guilty or Not Guilty... There is no verdict that can be given...

As far as I see, all parties are innocent...

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 832186

File: 1411640925687.gif (426.68 KB, 507x272, Speaking.gif)

I will now adjourn court, unless anyone has any objections.

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832187

File: 1411640958171.gif (24.61 KB, 256x192, phoenix-headshake.gif)

No more your honor.

Miles Edgeworth !vk2noctis. 832188

File: 1411640992387.gif (92.47 KB, 266x192, miles-shrug(a).gif)

The Prosecution has no objections, Your Honor.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 832189

File: 1411641044164.gif (964.52 KB, 400x240, gs5-gavel_zps5bcc3e9d.gif)

Very well then. Court is adjourned!

Phoenix Wright!Vn48qlRnx2 832190

File: 1411641283492.gif (68.04 KB, 256x192, phoenix-thinking(b).gif)

(Even though no one was guilty. Someone out there lost their life to this tragic incident. Still, i cant blame her. If i were in her position i may have done the same thing... Does that make me a monster..?)

Hey Colgate, lets find a way to get you home.


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