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Something Strange {A reboot} Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 825064

#New Canon #open #mlp/animal races only

“Welcome dear stranger to the quiet little valley known as Whannell. I am your host Mr Dream..Now its time for a lil public service announcement from the town council. If you take your kids to the woods today be sure to arm them only with the latest pistols provided by our friendly NRA. Cause you know we have a bad gnoll problem,and also we would like to remind you they are not the same as our diamond dogs friends who live in our beautiful mountains.

And now for the weather. Mist..and Heavy fog like every other day.

So be sure to use your lights and other heavy mist gear.”

>The radio clicks off..

>You are obviously your self here for whatever reason unbeknownst to the narrator. Or the readers of this now blooming fiction.

>You find yourself looming the town square on your own personal task..What ever that may be..Cause you know no pony here is a mind reader...Cause well that means you would have forbidden knowledge which is punishable by death.


1.Be respectful to the mod of this cannon or dms of other tales from this place.

2. Be kind to each other ooc.

>Rules may be added if as canon grows.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 825074

File: 1410411726637.png (651.14 KB, 1015x1024, Pill Popper.png)

>Pill was walking through the town square..Pondering how a town could use a new local doctor so quick. She had pondered this for sometime after hopping off the train. The local mayor of this town had sent her a request to take over as town doctor till the could find someone who might permanently take the job. Normally she would decline such a request but the invitation came accompanied with a book,and one of her father's journals.

“How did they get his journal...Did he study some stuff in this town?” She thought to herself her thought echoing in her head.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 828897

File: 1411086888604.png (13.59 KB, 233x195, pill lurk.png)

>Pill would begin trotting down the the square and to the local clinic which she would be supervising for a short time. This town seemed quiet and calming. She thought to herself as she pulled a key from her saddlebag,and unlocked the old oak door. The door opened with an eerie almost haunting sound. The warm air rushed out and added to the dank air.

“Well it’s a lil off,but I can work here for awhile.” She said with a half hearted smile as she spoke to no one,but herself.

“Hope the equipment here is at least sterilized.” She thought to herself as her lightish pink tail flicked.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 828918

File: 1411087830368.png (3.71 KB, 184x201, pillpixel3.png)

>Pill made her way through the rooms inspecting all the medical tools,and equipment..There was a lack of tongue depressors,and lollipops. Also a few weird notes on weird anatomy of creatures she never heard of before.

“Things seem to be cleaned properly..I will have to order a few things later,but for the most part we can operate as a functional clinic.” Pill thought to herself as she made a few paces around the clinic.

Film Reel 828943

(well, its open, so here i goes)
>Film walks idly around the town square with his camara strapped to his back. His magic alleviated some of the heaviness of the bulky, news station style camara, but it was still extremely heavy. A few other items, ranging from personal care itens to candy, spikled out of his saddle bag. The brown pony with the blue mane levitated the items back to his bag.
"Why did I have to get sent here? It seems abandoned..."
>He walks around, calling out
"Is anybody here?"

Tricky Aquarius!MePilljLDc 828944

File: 1411092969593.png (570.5 KB, 733x366, Tricky sexy abck.png)

>A blue stallion walks by dressed in a red cloak and carrying a large double barreled weapon of sorts. His black long mane dangled over side of his face covering up a dim scar on his cheek.

>He approaches you.

“How may I help you sir.” He asked in a rough gravelly voice.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 828965

A young diamond dog walked out into the town square, looking around, left and right, lost, confused, but at the same time feeling as if he was meant to be here, somehow...

"Where am I?" He muttered to himself, as he looked around. He clutched his pickaxe as he moved forward - last he remembered he had been mining when the tunnel he was in collapsed.

Tricky Aquarius!MePilljLDc 828970

File: 1411098691283.png (42.15 KB, 182x314, tricky by lesboo.png)

>Tricky turns his head to the oncoming diamond dog.

“Hmm a Diamond Dog Maybe he could tell me about the gnoll problem.” The stallion thought to himself.

“Greetings fine canine. How goes the gnoll festation up in the mountains?” He asked with a voice like gravel.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 828979


The diamond dog blinked a couple of times, and shrugged. "I'm not from 'ere, Laddy. So I wouldn' know... Sorry."

Tricky Aquarius!MePilljLDc 828980

File: 1411101399558.png (36.68 KB, 407x390, Tricky.png)

"Huh..It seems were getting a lot of outsiders as of late..Well my names Tricky,and I'm the sheriff of this fine town Whannell." He said extending his hoof to shake your paw.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 829036

He reaches forward to shake that hoof, "nice t'meet ya. M'name's Tungstite, an' I don' know how I got here. Last I remember I was minin' with Iolite, Granite, Dusty Barrel, Titanium, Realger, Hornfel and Slate, an' everythin' started to shake... " he frowned.

Tricky Aquarius!MePilljLDc 829037

File: 1411112400975.png (2.09 MB, 1081x1081, trickygraves.png)

"Well welcome to Whannel stranger..After hearing your story...Well I reckon I'd say you should go see the new doc in town shes just down the road from here. Then find you place to stay..We have a lot inns and apartments around here...Hell even the old gym takes in some lost wayward folk." He said with a voice like gravel.

"I could escort you to anywhere you need to be..Ain't much that goes on here anyhow..Excerpt for a large amount of you outsiders showing up." He said with a smile.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 829038

Tungstite simply shrugs, "I suppose so... can y'lead me to the doctor, then? I'd hate t' not know if anythin' serious'd happened in that collapse..."

Tricky Aquarius!MePilljLDc 829039

File: 1411113099152.png (42.15 KB, 182x314, tricky by lesboo.png)

"Sure just follow me Tungstite" He said as he led him down a misty cobblestone road the lanterns looking like giant lightning bugs in the mist. As you approach a building you see some lights on in the window.

"If I'm not mistaken the dames name in charge of this clinic is Pill Poppeh" He said with a low voice.

"Welp best of luck mate..Hope things go well for you." He said before trotting off vanishing into the mist.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 829042


He is quiet as he follows, and then nods, moving forward to open the door and head into the clinic, to find Pill Popper.

Pill Popper!MePilljLDc 829044

File: 1411114408417.png (1.47 MB, 1297x1877, pillmundoverse.png)

>A purple mare with a pink mane looks up from her catalog.

"So I'm gonna need you to fill out some forms and such.." She said as slides a clipboard with some forums on it to you.

"What are in for today Mr?" She asked.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 829046


He waves to her as he moves over, "I think I had tunnel collapse on m'head...." he tells her what he had told Tricky, and then adds, "Hope everyone else got out alright, y'never know 'till y' see 'em again after all, lass."
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Pill Popper!MePilljLDc 829052

"Well we will have to get some X rays done on you after you fill out the forms i gave you." She said with a smile.

"Huh a mine collapsed odd the radio never mentioned it." She said puzzled.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 829054


He starts to write, and as he does, adds, "Wasn' a mine from round here, I don' know how I got here either. I was all the way up at the Smokey Mountain near Vanhoover, before I passed out. I have no idea where this place is..."

Film Reel 829188

"Well, I guess so. I was sent here by EDN to do some filming here. They want to know about the town"

Tricky!MePilljLDc 829305

File: 1411225367849.png (42.15 KB, 182x314, tricky by lesboo.png)

"Well there ain't much except for well a few oddities from time to time." He said.

Film Reel 830581

"Well, perfect. I'm here til I get called back, so I might s well make the most of it"

Tricky Aqaurius!MePilljLDc 830669

File: 1411435030787.png (42.15 KB, 182x314, tricky by lesboo.png)

"Well I can show you around if you like." The stallion said.

Pill Popper!MePilljLDc 830670

File: 1411435118825.png (114.59 KB, 495x484, Pill sketch blue.png)

"I came here by bus by request of the mayor here. Seems they have trouble keeping a doctor here." She said with a pondering tone.

Tungstite!2JFduv62yo 830963

"Odd, wonder what happened t' the previous doctors? Ah well, no point'n worrying about it for the moment" he pauses for a moment and adds, "The mayor seemed like an okay lad 's'far 's I could tell."

Film Reel 833936

"Sure, why not"

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