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Better Layton Never #44: Prelude to Conquest Edition Lord Zedd!pinkie78Os 804021[Last 50 Posts]

#Ask/Invite #Better Layton Never #In-Character Thread #Every Genre You Can Think Of #Cry Havoc #Let Slip The Dogs of War #Eat #Sleep #Conquer #Repeat

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...do you know who I am?

>he sits atop his mighty throne, within his castle atop one of the world's many moons

>he regards you, the viewer, with a patience he normally does not have, tapping his fingers together idly

I am the ruler of seventy-six planets scattered across the universe. I swept across those planets like a hurricane, washing away all those who would dare to oppose my will. I stood above the broken, the beaten, the boorish whelps who wept and cried for my mercy.

They asked for it far too late.

>he reaches over and picks up his staff, rising to his feet in the process

I am the Conqueror of Galaxies!

I am the Emperor of Evil!

I am Lord Zedd, and you-!

>he points a finger in your direction, white energy crackling from the tip as his voice raises, then drops just as quickly, now barely above a whisper

...you are but another one of the faceless. The ones who have no affect on the world at large. Who live and breed and die having made no impact on those in power or those worth the attention of the masses.

You...you are my future subject.

>he lowers his hand from your field of vision, a clear tone of contempt in his voice as he speaks to you, regarding you as little more than an insect

You will exist only to serve my will. You will be given a purpose that you could not find for yourself. And you will fulfill this purpose, and any other I give you, and only then...will you be allowed to die.

>he spreads his arms wide, a light chortle escaping his masked mouth, seemingly amused by your further unimportance in his view

All worlds within my sight are subject to the same fate. Do not think this is because of something you or anyone else has done.

I seek to rule all! A universe, nay, a multiverse, under the supreme rule of the Zedd Empire! And this world-

>he waves his staff forward, to indicate the world just outside of his castle walls

This world is but another jewel to add to that crown!

I command forces that are unrivaled in all galaxies! I have weaponry that can wipe out any enemies that are foolish enough to try and stop me! I have the will and the drive to achieve the ultimate conquest!

Compared to that-

>he pauses at this point for the briefest of moments, then raises a single finger

Compared to that, what is but one insignificant manor?

A manor that can barely stop its residents from tearing each other apart! A manor, that despite somehow having been declared a country and possessing powerful beings from all across the stars...has one crucial and very exploitable weakness.

Compared to what I have...one manor is but a bundle of sticks, waiting to be blown away by the wind.

>he shifts downward, sitting back in his throne, seemingly calming down a little at this

Rest assured, I have no intention of underestimating them. I will unleash my full fury upon that manor.

I have handpicked warriors that will hurt the residents where it matters the most. My finest soldiers will pour the pressure on the manor until they completely break, and when they do...

I will begin my conquest of the entire world!

>he lets out a loud, victorious laugh, having already decided that he won the war

Soon! Soon, the drums of war will sound out, and Rigel Prima shall be mine!



Welcome to BLN.


File: 1406000997535.jpg (758.08 KB, 1920x1334, pFm9TB6.jpg)


>Mako groaned and sloooowly got up

...you know I actually feel surprisingly refreshed!

>She says and soon transforms again, before cracking her knuckles a bit


>She jumps forward towards the dragon and while it's being crushed by Jenny aims to hit it with a barrage of punches from four fists!

>how many hit! [1d20]

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804037

File: 1406001186568.jpg (97.84 KB, 550x409, ss (2014-07-21 at 03.39.51).jp…)

>whiel Mako's attack doesn't hit, the attack from Jenny engulfs the giant, crushing its torso, as well as knocking Inumuta off. The dragon landed, appearing to be exhausted. Torso crushed, wings damaged, one head destroyed...
>It looked like it was all over for the robot. Did they win?

>then, the eyes and wings of the monster lit up, a powerful rainbow color. From all around the academy, the light could be spotted.

>letting out a powerful roar, a sound similar to a music box came from the dragon's torso
>The two remaining head began taking in energy, changing up their attack.

>Inumuta's eyes went wide, as if he was afraid.

>"This is not good! I thought I made sure to disable that. If that fires..."

>rounds until it fires [1d2+1]

>attack unavoidable
>destroy it before it fires

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 804039

File: 1406001330908.jpg (538.71 KB, 800x1132, 8462b9acb3dd527e27408ecb7f672a…)

Seeing what she'd done, the girl immediately tosses the weapon aside and covers her mouth with her hands, stammering in anxiety.

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!"

...But why was he laughing. Reeling back a bit, she recoils from his strange demeanor, wondering just why he'd-


Very barely resisting the urge to raise her hand and pipe in a "Me, sir" for the poor guy, she catches herself with the assumption that he had to be an enemy with the way he was speaking to Ryuko.

She really didn't want the last thing she did before she died to be beating up a blind man.


She sure sounded confident for someone who, she assumed, had her only source of power held together by stitches made by the person she just said she could win without.

Maybe she should just not fight and see if Matoi could do it. She could always step in if it was needed, and it'd allow her to get a little further without falling over dead.

That is, of course, if Ryuko wasn't just being cocky and overconfident.

...Yeah, she might just watch for a minute. Just to be sure.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804041

File: 1406001406809.png (68.72 KB, 480x280, Concentrating.png)

>Joel falls over, knocked flying several feet, landing with a strangled choke.
Ohhhh fuck you.
>Evens, he struggles back to his feet, willing the jacket to become the armor again, twirling the bat in his hand before charging again.
>Odds, he slumps down, incapacitated for the next round.


File: 1406001748703.jpg (684.42 KB, 995x1200, 5a3ce2af4c90433344f4d9c00c81b2…)


At least I didn't kill him again

>She sighs a bit


>She blocks the blows by suddenly causing her more heavily armed legs to grow sleeker and build up more armor on her arms!

...oh yeah, didn't you say something about skittles ?

>She reaches into her pocket and tosses him a large unopened bag of them


>she rams forward and tries to impale her horn on him



File: 1406001776237.png (419.64 KB, 800x1000, 20091835.png)

>Taking the switches out, Jenny took out a large blue one and placed it in the far right slot.
>Pushing down a lever, the cover for the activator button opened up as an alarm blared out.

Janet !MrCarnage2 804048

File: 1406002116934.jpg (535.73 KB, 595x842, 509e2a174c1c17dec51eff68d2182b…)

>Turning around, Janet looked at Ashley for a second and wondered at her proposal for a brief moment before nodding her head.

Sure, I could use a lift.

Do you know where the Manor is?

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804049

File: 1406002135760.jpg (153.17 KB, 811x578, Notaspy_onward!.jpg)

>Seeing the kaiju-tan lower her head and charge, he does the practical thing and simply sidesteps her.
>Now came the moment of truth. Yomi was passing him now, so he raised his blade and brought it down on her back with

Roll 1d1000 = 284
>The sharp side. Max damage
>The blunt side. Min Damage


File: 1406002618169.png (567.06 KB, 568x795, 9244886ea96e6d48192498bb5281a9…)


>Yomi gets knocked over by the blunt end of the blade


>she decides to transform back to normal

>she slowly gets up and whimpers

Alright you guys win....just don't tell Satsuki about it, I don't want to lose my uniform, getting to be a kaiju girl feels too right to lose.

>That's right, she's giving up because she doesn't want to lose her costume.

>She sighs

...I need an ice pack or something...


File: 1406002663138.jpg (1.51 MB, 1357x1920, 29775900.jpg)

Co su mic on
>Suddenly all of Jenny's switches flew out before going into her and forming new armor on her torso with a rocket shaped lance forming in her right hand.
>Holding it up, she pulled on a lever casing it to open up into a sword. As she put a switch into the base and flipped it on.
>Claw on
>Using her boosters, Jenny swung at the neck of the right head as the blade divided into three.
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 926

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804068

File: 1406002957071.jpg (8.25 KB, 152x155, Nash_aprettygoodsmilingpicatla…)

>As the president made her exit, Logan pulled off his helmet.
>That whimper set something off in Logan. Made him re-think his priorities.


>Logan tossed Yomi an unopened, ice cold can of iced tea.

"Thanks for the Skittles. Figure I may as well return the favor."

>Then he smiled at her.

"Besides. It's not you guys I have a beef with. It's Satsuki."


File: 1406003110019.png (257.76 KB, 640x360, 640px-78.png)


...well, this is certainly a pickle!


Roll 1d1000 = 858
>Evens, she notices a clear switch on Jenny's belt as she flies
H...Hey Jenny, can I see that?

>regardless, she dives forward and goes for a huge punch towards the Dragon's middle

Roll 1d1000 = 940


File: 1406003291900.jpg (78.16 KB, 600x800, 8fd0602f4c3efb80b629588e0777b6…)


>she takes the iced tea and nods for a moment


>She scratches the back of her head

What did Lady Satsuki do to upset you?

>she said, a very confused tone in her voice

As far as I knew she only had a feud with Ryuko Matoi

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804078

File: 1406003324526.jpg (78.85 KB, 500x281, 208.jpg)

>the attack hits, slashing up the beast. Yet it doesn't falter. Despite being near broken, despite being barely able to support its own body, the dragon doesn't fall. Continuing to charge up its attack

>The attack lands, caving in the dragon's torso, leaving a large hole in its chest. Yet, it still keeps charging.

>collapsing, to the ground, its legs giving out, it was completely helpless other than this final attack.

>Roll 1d1000 = 481

>evens, it can hold out for just one attack, continuing to charge up.
>1 more turn until it fires!
>odds, the rainbow light flickers, and the mouths of the dragons sputter, before finally blowing up in a explosion of blue fire and red life fibers.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804084

File: 1406003527799.png (73.14 KB, 480x280, Letmeexplainyouathing.png)

>Joel coughs, hauling himself upright.
Soooo, we're done. Alright then.
Well, she seems to be a massive bitch who's apparently in charge of a shitty dystopia, so we're gonna try and get rid of her.
>He pauses, looking around.
Anyway, I'm gonna loot the place quick.
>With that, he starts to rummage through the room, picking through the contents of desks and whatever he finds.

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804086

File: 1406003645552.jpg (24.89 KB, 600x380, Nash_whatthefuckdoInamethis2.j…)

>Logan cocked an eyebrow. Why didn't anyone here hate Satsuki besides Matoi?

"Well... doesn't she rule over everyone with an iron fist? Force people to live in slums unless she has some kind of use for them?"

>He thought back on the trip up to the academy, all that poverty... And the only way out tears apart your family...

>Logan didn't seem to pay his compatriot much mind. Too focused on his doubts.

Ashley!aLEJudith. 804088

File: 1406003678732.gif (5.81 KB, 177x200, socialgroupicon_3707_126885977…)

Yeah I know where it is, kind of hard to miss after all.

>With that, Ashley takes Janet down to the garage and takes her home on "her" Motorcycle

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804089

File: 1406003684680.jpg (78.74 KB, 716x663, ss (2014-02-09 at 12.40.19).jp…)

>with that, it was finally over. The beast Ohrowchee was destroyed. Inumuta looked at the wreckage, taking notes

Going to make sure that can't fire if I'm nearby...

>he looked to the others, as if about to say something, then, the airship began to tilt to the side.

>the explosion from Ohrowchee had taken out a portion of the airship! They were going to crash. Even in death the robot proves to be a hassle.

>"Not according to plan... But I can work with it."

>Roll 1d3 = 2 Turns until the airship crashes


File: 1406004084037.png (255.88 KB, 520x700, 565c15700b483bb88bee7af3d8ab1d…)


It's more like Captialism, really. The Harder you work, the higher you go up in society, no one's being forced into the slums, the only ones in the slums are the slackers.

>She states calmly

People are provided with more supplies and money depending on how well they can and do work. Whether or not that influence is corruptive depends on the person. I'm sure Lady Satsuki has programs in place for those who literally can't perform at the levels others do though.
The "Rule over everyone with an iron fist" mantra is more of a show of confidence, showing that she's got everything managed, and that the school will meet it's eventual goal.


>She opens the tea and takes a sip

For someone so cute you're certainly loud and obnoxious aren't you?

>She sighs and shakes her head

Regardless, you're a very deluded Ahoge man...I'm sure you'll both find out what the Academy's meant for eventually, for now I bid you farewell

>she pushes a button and all of the Toku merch outside slides into the room


File: 1406004840335.gif (1021.52 KB, 245x200, tumblr_n39pogqswX1soe93no3_250…)


Aaaand we're crashing.



>She gulps nervously and walks towards the edge

Maaaaybe we should jump


File: 1406005025546.jpg (1.51 MB, 1357x1920, 29775900.jpg)

>Jenny looked at her belt to see the switch.
Ok but I don't see how you can use-
>Jumping back from the explosion, she watched the explosion before looking over to Inumunta.
>Watching as the ship they were on started to fall, Jenny threw her sword to the side and looked between them.
Umm I could fly you two down but my booster pack isn't strong enough for all three of us...

Nymph Holland!MEOWKdWFcQ 804120

File: 1406005274762.jpg (23.12 KB, 225x350, 243819.jpg)

>as the airship desends and all seems hopeless, the group would hear a voice from above... Yelling


>landing on the deck with a loud banging sound as his feet make impact on metal. Was Nymph Holland, the Club President from earlier. Attached to his arms were a large pair of wings, giving him flight. They weren't as great as his life fiber wings, these ones are better for gliding, but they appear to have gotten the job done. Despite the new wings, he was still in his boxers.

>he looked to the others

Guirrermo told me of the appearance of the dragon monster, I tried to get here as soon as possible! Sorry I am late!

>Inumuta stared at the rosy cheeked boy, confused and slightly annoyed, not saying anything.

...I am here to help my friends!


File: 1406005478404.png (255.68 KB, 640x360, 640px-Sc00044.png)


>Mako smiles...despite the fact Nymph's mostly clad in just underwear

Well good thing you're here, we're about to go down!

Jen, you can get Inumata back down to the Academy.

Nymph, Catch me!

>Mako backs up before running forward and DIVING OUT OF THE AIRSHIP

>spiraling down in a dive, shit Nymph better hurry


File: 1406005796106.jpg (1.43 MB, 1536x2048, 29127866.jpg)

>Smiling, Jenny lifted Inumunta by his arms easily before taking him to the edge of the ship and jumping off.

Nymph Holland!MEOWKdWFcQ 804129

File: 1406006082260.gif (651.61 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n52l5aq89m1r2pvg2o1_500…)

Ah! Catch! I can't use my arms well with these on!

>sprinting off the roof and leaping after Mako

>with the use of his arms being taken over by his wings, he is forced to use his legs to grab Mako. Wrapping his legs around Mako's waist and using the wings on his arms to glide safely to the ground, he successfully stops the both of them from falling to their deaths.

>also Roll 1d1000 = 298

>evens, before they hit the ground, he turns his body so that he ends up being the one hitting the ground, softening the impact for Mako
>odds, he doesn't think of doing this. The impact isn't too bad, but she might be a bit sore from it, a scrape or two


>Inumuta, being carried away, looks up to the girl

I just tried to kill you. I was the one who ordered both the Bird Watching Club President and the Film Club to attack you.. And yet you save me.. Why?


File: 1406006497936.png (260.46 KB, 500x707, tumblr_n39sk1QBWl1scu61to1_500…)


>Mako rubs the back of her head

Sorry Nymph...I was reckless back there, are you ok?

>she sighs, embarrassed at her flop


File: 1406006873178.jpg (147.66 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n4awqp1G9s1rdeq5jo5_128…)

Because no one should die.
>Setting him down, Jenny landed and deactivated her belt.
You all were doing something for your leader and I can't really fault you for that.
But she knows something about who killed Ryuko's dad, and due to experiencing that kind of loss myself I will support her has best I can.
>Shen then held held out her hand to him.
My name is Jennifer Kisaragi, will you be my friend?

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804144

File: 1406007389680.jpg (53.62 KB, 500x625, tumblr_mu79fvCYq21sijcfvo1_500…)

>Nymph gave a thumbs up, despite his back being scraped up by the landing.

As long as my friends are okay.. I'm okay.

>he took a deep breath, chuckling

I need to get some clothes...

>She had a point.. Inumuta would've shrugged off what she said. But, he likely would've died or been handicapped by the crash landing of the airship, so he does owe her something; you can't really do more research after all while dead, after all.

I was in it for the information, I have little concern with Ryuko or her objective.. So I suppose I have no further quarrel with either of you.

>he smirked, shaking her hand

But, I can't promise friend.. Acquaintance maybe?


File: 1406007539107.png (290.99 KB, 640x360, 640px-Sc00043.png)


>Mako rubs the back of her head and pats Nymph

Don't you have any normal clothes in your wardrobe in case your uniform got busted ?


>Mako walked over

Jenny, trust me, we'll get to friend with him eventually


File: 1406007597539.jpg (169.44 KB, 1920x1080, _30v010326_1401370255877.jpg)

That works for me.
>Jenny gave him a normal hand shake... for now.
But I don't think my friend will be happy that you have data on what I can do.
I'm not worried about it.

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804149

File: 1406008128073.jpg (26.06 KB, 200x370, ss (2014-02-09 at 12.37.03).jp…)

Um.. I was going to do that... But I had no time, had to rescue you.

>it was a close call, not only did he have to get his wings but also had to get to higher ground to land on the ship.

>Inumuta adjusted his class and took his cellphone out

Very well... But, this begs the question: what shall you do now?

>they're a bit in a rut now, with their goal done.

>Nymph nodded at his surperior's question

U-um.. Maybe.. Maybe you can go meet up with the others? I have some snacks as well, if you just want to relax and trust your friends will be victorious!


File: 1406008417027.png (262.04 KB, 640x360, 640px-Sc00039.png)


>Mako rubs the back of her head





I have confidence in Ryuko!
B...but...I'm still worried...I think we should go and at least keep an eye on her and Lady Satsuki

I don't want either of them to die fighting..

...before Jenny and I go anywhere though, I do have one question...

Why did the Film Club President have a copy of my old uniform?


File: 1406008520289.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, tumblr_n7ff1bGGpz1s4qvrdo1_500…)

I'm wondering where he got the statue it was one too.
And going to help is a good idea.

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804157

File: 1406009002897.png (194.91 KB, 641x357, 1393102756096.png)

>Inumuta nodded

Very well, but I will not be fighting along side you. I can't risk betraying Satsuki after all... I'm risking punishment just by speaking to you.

>he then looked over to Nymph

However... Nymph Holland. Meet with me at the Sewing Club, I have something for you.

Yes sir!

>Nymph, responding to the question of the uniform.

Guirrermo likely say it as a good prop... He may or may not've known that it was your uniform.

B-but he's a nice guy, despite his flamboyantness..



>...well that doesn't explain much

>Mako sighs
>since when am I the person who needs things to make sense?!

>She asked herself shaking her head violently

Alright, that makes sense.

>She said with the same cheerful grin and voice despite her mental confusion, deciding to just go along with it

and I understand Inumata, sir.

>show bows a bit, before offering her hand to shake

see you later?


File: 1406009271489.gif (357.68 KB, 250x150, tumblr_mvjyk3aNYj1shf5jzo1_250…)


File: 1406010207990.jpg (89.01 KB, 500x663, tumblr_inline_mub42agMuk1s789p…)

>Jenny stood and watched the two before looking up at the sky.
I wonder which way we should go.

Hoka Inumuta!doGGyUhjqw 804169

File: 1406010725198.jpg (72.62 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mub4giBGeO1qcf2szo1_500…)

>reluctantly, Inumuta gives a shake

I believe we'll see each other soon...

>the scientist headed off

Come along Nymph.

>with that, the bird boy silently followed along.

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 804187

File: 1406023177713.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, Gamagoori2014-07-02-21h19m04s1…)

>Throughout the yelling in the already loud hallway, Sanageyama's, "MATOI" also echoed loudly throughout the entire floor. Of course, it also meant that it had reached Gamagoori's ears as well.

>The smile was wiped off his face as he turned his head with Ryuko and Mami to see who he had expected to see: his colleague in the student council, Sanageyama Uzu. With his headband wrapped around his eyes and his shinai and all, he stared with some surprise.


>As usual, he was already eager and raring to tear into Matoi Ryuko for the long awaited rematch that he had wanted for so long. He just really can't be helped.

>Once Sanageyama pointed out the weird scent of perfume, Gamagoori himself also sniffed the air around him. As he said, there really was a distinct smell among all the blood, sweat, and dust that circulated in the air around them. Of course, it didn't take long to realize who it was.

>Gamagoori shot a glare at the blonde one behind Ryuko, remembering her skills with a firearm from earlier. She had a high advantage over Sanageyama, but her actions earlier, just before he had arrived, and how she wasn't holding a weapon now says otherwise about her intents.

...I see.

>His eyes turn away from Mami and back to Sanageyama, whose Shinai continued to be pointed at Ryuko.

Sanageyama, the third person that is in this room is an accomplice of Matoi Ryuko. She has experience with firearms, but she is unarmed and looks like she does not intend to fight. I suggest you focus your energy solely on Matoi. I will prevent her partner from intervening.

>He doesn't wait for Uzu to even retort, nor for Ryuko to respond either. He brushes off any dust and rocks on him and starts walking towards Mami, his large frame getting bigger and bigger as he gets closer and closer.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 804212

File: 1406028306222.jpg (97.41 KB, 1280x720, Moveaside.jpg)

>Uzu predatory grin only grows wider as Gamagoori gives him all the confirmation he needs to go all out. The third person in the room would be stopped by Gamagoori, and it wasn't like anybody ELSE was going to intervene.
...Heh. I would have done that even if you hadn't asked me to. Keep my back covered, Gamagoori...Because I intend to get my money's worth here.
>He strides confidently towards Ryuko, still grinning wider as he puts the shinai back in it's holster
Whether it's in this world, or the next, I haven't forgotten what you've given to me, Matoi. You took from me my eyes and gave me the world...But in return, you took from me my pride. My chance at redemption in Lady Satsuki's eyes.
>He slams a fist against his chest. If Ryuko was paying attention, the stars on his collar would seem to...sparkle, as the eye marks on his face widen and his grin becomes positively evil
And for that loss, I'll pay you back one hundred fold!
>In a flash of bright light, Uzu is standing there...totally naked. Green lights dart around the area as three stars form a triangle around him. His grin doesn't change as the same three stars whirl around until they move forward, his body falling through the main body of the stars while his hair is blown up by the wind.

>The Life Fiber of the Goku Uniform pulls together, tightly contracting as they start to work their magic. A hulking green hand tears out from the light of the stars, followed by a leg, and then the crested head, a closed yellow grill at the front of the helmet.It pulls it's way out of the light, a gigantic suit of armour, entirely green in colour, adorned by spikes and gigantic armour plates on the shoulders, one of which decorated with three golden stars. The armour suit skids on the ground as it comes out of the portal, and Uzu's roaring voice can be heard coming from the inside

>The figure ceases skidding along the ground and stands tall, posing as it does so. While it stands there majestically, it is named.


>The gigantic suit of armour points it's shinai at Ryuko, and Sanageyama's voice echoes from beneath the armour

Now, come at me Matoi. This time, nobody runs.

Raven (Green)!pinkie78Os 804316

File: 1406060687470.png (167.09 KB, 305x354, Not quite the reaction I had i…)

>Raven sighs and waves her hand dismissively

It's fine, Rocks. Don't sweat it.

If that was as bad as you said it was, then it's just good that you're still here.

>she folds her arms after this and tilts her head, a thoughtful frown on her face

...and besides...

Suppose you getting rid of Trigon meant you got rid of my powers?

>she jolts at the thought, actually looking very unhappy with the idea

That would've really sucked!

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 804318

File: 1406061102065.jpg (89.89 KB, 456x561, what is with my hand.jpg)

>the mage blinks, quickly looking up at the half-demon
I... I didn't consider that...
>he gains a small and conflicted frown
>he never thought that the half-demon's powers would come from her father's own
>which meant that now getting rid of the demon Trigon would also mean leaving Raven powerless


>his expression falls slightly, and he slowly scoots closer to the sorceress

>leaning forward, he would plant a kiss on her lips, but not say anything

Raven (Green)!pinkie78Os 804320

File: 1406064378039.png (249.61 KB, 330x468, Thank you.png)

>Raven blinks at the kiss, and doesn't seem to return it, though she doesn't push him away either
>when he does pull away, she stares at him for a few seconds with a blank but confused look on her face, as though she didn't know how to respond


>she then gives a slightly forced and awkward laugh, reaching over and lightly pushing Rocks's shoulder

Geez, you're really sappy today, Rocks...

Come on, it's OK! Really, I'll live with it!

>she moves back up to her feet, then reaches down and gingerly pats his shoulder again

So don't be so gloomy, alright?

???!aLEJudith. 804321

File: 1406064600757.jpg (3.3 MB, 3456x2304, Chester_Fritz_Auditorium.JPG)

>The path Joel takes leads him to a giant Auditorium that seems to be deserted. The lights were off giving the area an eerie feeling...
>Perhaps he made a wrong turn because there was no other way ahead in sight.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 804322

File: 1406064713548.jpg (62.54 KB, 295x393, keep calm.jpg)

>the mage blinks slowly at the strange way the sorceress reacted to him
>but he still puts on a soft smile, pushing himself back up to his feet as well
Alright, alright... I'm sorry, I guess I'm just not done being happy to see you yet.
>he chuckles quietly, stepping closer to the sorceress to wrap an arm around her waist
>with a curious hum he looks back at the barbells, then at the half-demon with a slight grin
So, you want to actually put these things-
>he reaches with his free hand to pinch her arm
To some use, do you?

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804326

File: 1406065528713.png (70.03 KB, 480x280, Grrr.png)

>Joel glanced around.
...I hate how confusing this place is. When does the fight start?

Raven (Green)!pinkie78Os 804330

File: 1406066045763.jpg (12.41 KB, 191x188, I Do Not Have Attention Defici…)

>Raven seems a bit more receptive to Rocks's change in mood, though she reaches over and lightly slaps his hand after he pinches her

I should give it a shot, shouldn't I?

I mean, say I'm right and I do lose my powers once Trigon's taken down.

>she walks over to the barbells and leans down, attempting to pick up a pair of smaller ones

So...if I'm gonna beat him...one day...

Then I...need to be able...to find a new way...to kick some butt!

Roll 1d1000 = 401

>evens, she just manages to lift the two barbells up, just barely off of the floor

>odds, no such luck, she's left struggling to move them

Starky!whAhasimHo 804332

File: 1406066123741.png (3.86 MB, 3000x2947, Dude what.png)

>Starky lies on the stage, an empty bottle of whiskey in her hoof as her voice echos throughout the empty room.

Ya know... I feel like I live in a world made of...fuckin' cardboard, always taking constant care not to break something or break someone. And yet they always fucking break. Like cardboard or something. Like you know what couldn't be...be a good idea? Charging to cure diseases. It's like hey I have this awesome shit that can save everything but I'm a huuuuuuge dick so fuck all that noise. It's just...fucking I have this sword and shit. And no one ever fucking questions how I hold the fucking thing. I can't even hold balls that contain animals that beat up other animals. When did that become legal anyway?


Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 804336

File: 1406066674366.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the redhead can't help himself, snickering quietly at how she couldn't even lift the smaller barbells
>he places his hands on her shoulders, trying to nudge her away from the weights
Then you need to start a bit simpler. How many pushups can you do?

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804339

File: 1406066958260.jpg (144.83 KB, 403x530, 41130232_p0.jpg)

Very well..

>the boy genius looked around, checking of the different models.

If I were to pick a model, I'd like a jack of all trades type one.. Master of none. One that is good at ranged and melee, not strong but not weak.

>he adjusted his glasses

Have anything like that?

???!Shiftb2Xr2 804341

File: 1406067249352.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.54 KB, 523x550, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.45.56).jp…)

>Meanwhile, in the slightly breezy streets of town, in the central district, there was a small ruckus emanating from the side of a store, out of public view for the most part, but definitely within earshot for anyone who might notice when trouble is being stirred up.
>If one were to look, they'd notice a group of three, young men surrounding a rather meek, timid girl who was dressed like she just came out of the Shibuya shopping district. The girl was no older than 16 or 17, by the looks of it, while the men were most definitely over 18, and at least one of them was inebriated.
>They were shouting expletives and vulgarities as they hit on the young woman, and one even seemed to try laying his hand on her bare shoulder. Instead of fighting back, however, she'd simply let her gaze fall to the ground, looking extremely uncomfortable and scared.
>However, while this might have seemed like simply sexual harassment at first, it would soon be clear that this wasn't the case.
>At the girl's surprise and horror, one of the thugs suddenly began to cast some kind of spell, his hand glowing in front of him.

"Sorry, girly, but you're one of the best we've seen today. Those nerds'll pay big bucks for you."

>Snapping his fingers, a large, black bolt of lightning would suddenly launch out of his fingers, quickly zapping the woman with no sound, except for a cry of surprise and pain from the woman, who'd fall to the ground, paralyzed. At least temporarily.

>After looking that the coast was relatively clear, the three men began to lift the woman up, and carry her off into the alleyway behind them.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804343

File: 1406067378669.jpg (874.57 KB, 1335x752, 1386281152832.jpg)

>As soon as Joel asks the question, the stage lights up with blinding lights as the sound of classical music fill the auditorium.


>Moments after the music starts, a marching band of one-star students marches into the stage lead by a small pink haired girl..

>As for the pony on that very same stage.
Roll 1d1000 = 508
>Odds the girl and the band behind her march right over Starky trampling here as if she wasn't there at all.

>After that, they stop and the short girl points her baton at Joel

So you're the one that's been causing trouble for me clubs have you? ...I was expecting someone that didn't look like a stupid kid, guess they let their guard down.
>Evens the girl and band stop before the pony and she looks down at Starky with a very big frown on her face.

Ok, who left a drunk yellow pony on the stage!??! It's ruining my grand entrance!

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804346

File: 1406067799446.png (68.82 KB, 480x280, Uhh.png)

>Joel snorts. Where the hell did that pony come from? Whoever they were, this was hilarious.
>Joel groans audibly as Nonon and the band walk onto the stage.
Why is almost everyone I've had to fight a pretty girl?
It's almost enough to make me feel a little bad.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804348

File: 1406068153441.png (113.06 KB, 300x300, WOAH..png)

Ay ay ay...You know what?

I...I don't know where the hell you came from. O-Or even where the hell I caaaame from, bur you know?

>She slowly stands up, barely able to stay upright.

If you wanna start s-s-somethiiiiing...We can go right now. We can ffffffuckin go right now.

>Starky raises the bottle over her head and slams it down on her skull.

>Roll 1d1000 = 108
>Evens she shatters it effortlessly, making a jagged makeshift weapon.
I'll fffffuck you up if you wanna start something.


>Odds, it bonks her on the head, sending her to the floor again.

AAAAAGH! Oh fuck why did I do that!? WHY DIDN'T IT FUCKING BREAK?

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804350

File: 1406068469256.png (87.5 KB, 252x490, GF13-050NSW_Nobel_Gundam_Front…)

>The fox girl chuckles

Good good, just don't be surprised when I start fighting~ Us Mo'Gal have been doing it for centuries.


>with that suggestion in mind, Marea picks a more nimble looking model then the one she'd changed into.

How about this one?

>Her choice was the Noble Gundam.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804352

File: 1406068792626.png (303.98 KB, 588x720, 1385226382815.png)

>The girl chuckles at his comment.

Then if you don't want to fight then sit there and be reduced to a bloody pulp for me. I have better things to do then to deal with some stupid intruder~

>Like deal with a drunk pony that could somehow hold things in it's hooves... how the hell did it do that?
>Either way the girl scoffs at the threat.

Do you know who the hell I am? I'm the Non-Athletic committee chair Jakazure Nonon!

Show some respect you stupid puke yellow mule~

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804353

File: 1406068840347.jpg (387.77 KB, 1351x768, Notaspy_swordcharge.jpg)

>Boy. One day you're in an uncomfortably morally ambiguous situation, the next you catch an eyeload of that.
>Welp. He better hop to it. Vigilante mode: activate!

>Eventually the dark magic wielders would hear the metallic footsteps of a power armored man approaching them at surprising speeds.

>In his hands was a sizable two handed sword with arcs of electricity running down the blade and a series of makeshift electrical components that seemed to power said arcs.
>As he closed in for the kill, Logan made a low swipe at the dark mages' shins.

???!Shiftb2Xr2 804358

"OH SH-"

>Was all that they were able to say as one of the thugs' legs were thrown up in the air, the rest of his body doing a double-somersault in the air before landing on the ground with a loud "smack!".

>As the guy rolled around in pain on the ground, clutching his head and his back, the other two developed horrified looks on her face.
>Setting the woman's body on the ground, who was still conscious, by the way, the both turned to face the stranger.

"H-Hey... Back off, man. You're pretty outnumbered... y-you know? Just go home!"

>It was clear they didn't expect to fight... which was probably why they were preying on seemingly defenseless young women.

>As they stared at the man in power armor, one of their arms began to spark with dark electricity, as he gulped nervously.

"Go on, man. Mind your own business..."

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804359

File: 1406069384817.png (68.33 KB, 480x280, Talk.png)

>Joel chuckled.
I said almost, ya pink-haired shit.
>He leans back casually, bat resting on his shoulder, grinning lazily.
Joel Maravalle, nice to meetcha.
Joel Maravalle, the guy who's about to kick your ass
>With a flash, the red superhero-looking uniform forms around him.


File: 1406069545132.png (130.63 KB, 260x342, huh.PNG)


I'd have to recommend...

>Sei thinks for a moment

The Strike Gundam with the Aile Striker pack

>Rinko goes and grabs that


Oh! That's one of my favorites, very Sailor Senshi inspired.

>Rinko comments and stretches

Careful though, its berserker mode can cause the calmest of people to turn into complete savages

...sooo who's covering the Rental fees?

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804362

File: 1406070003409.jpg (132.22 KB, 740x630, dc2d0504dbcbfe2cedc9ddcaa8b7de…)

>"Looks like a Sailor Scout..."

>if he was to give his honest opinion, he would say that it didn't look fitting for a giant robot.

The weak link here is that, whie you've been fighting for years, you're out of your element with robots. I've been working with them since I was a child.

>his glasses, for some odd reason, glimmered briefly, making a sparkling noise... Weird.



>inspecting the robot, Volker gave a thumbs up

Looks like the right choice. A classic appearance too. Not too gaudy and not too boring.

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804364

File: 1406070070724.jpg (138.02 KB, 796x586, Notaspy_greatswordready.jpg)

>The man in the armor cracked his neck, standing his ground.

"Riiiiight. And let you do... whatever it is you're gonna do to her."

>Something told Logan he didn't even want to know what they were gonna do.

>Regardless, he hiked up the sword to a guarded position.

"Sorry bub. Ain't happenin'."

>With that he began a slow, steady approach towards the weakest looking one of the two not incapacitated.

"In fact, y'all are lucky I'm using the blunt end of the blade."

Starky!whAhasimHo 804365

File: 1406070105000.png (122.29 KB, 900x722, A BOWL I GOT A BOWL.png)

You know what?

I wouldn't give a fffflying fuck if you were some sort of god.

Let's go...I-I'm fffucking ready for this!

>Though incredibly intoxicated, Starky had fire in her eyes and liquid courage in her belly.

???!Shiftb2Xr2 804367

"Shit... shitshitshit...!"

>Clearly, the weaker one was beginning to panic, his eyes growing wide in fear.

>It looked like he was about to make a break for it, but a glare from the other guy seemed to stop him.
>Raising his arm at Logan, shivering in fear, his arm lit up with the black lightning like before, before launching about a dozen lightning bolts at Logan.


>He was clearly panicking, and his shots were extremely inaccurate because of it.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804368

File: 1406070517497.jpg (9.74 KB, 402x226, The Bat Credit Card.jpg)

>Taking this piece of info to hear, Marea nods and them flashes a black credit card with a bat symbol on it.

I'll pay for the rental fees~

>Or rather her boss will.

>While she could get into an argument about knowledge Vs. Instinct, she instead simply hums.

Then we'll see who wings this match. let the victor be the one who's right!

Batman!pinkie78Os 804372

File: 1406070900784.jpg (285.81 KB, 2151x1662, Batman.jpg)

>meanwhile, in Silver City


>deep in the Batcave, he sits in front of his computer, his bank accounts up on the screen

>the amount in one of the accounts had been dropping recently, and he couldn't quite figure out why


>the account in question that had money disappearing was labelled under an alias, of course: "J. Schumacher"

>for some reason, just looking at the account made him unusually angry


File: 1406070981198.png (106.85 KB, 241x331, oh good.PNG)


>Rinko scans the card and nods

Thank you M'am.

>She bows politely

Hope you both have fun!

>Sei said with a sigh...he was still so very nervous about the fact he so often rented out the models he made himself, but they had a business to run, and having people test things for themselves first was always a way to get them hooked

>The Arena activates

Please set your GP base and choose your battle mode

>The choices given are


>Dance Dance Revolution

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804379

File: 1406071429070.jpg (251.88 KB, 1230x900, Notaspy_areyounotentertained.j…)

>Luckily for Logan, the mage's bolts were way off. and as for the ones that -did- hit, energy attacks were precisely what his armor had a protective field against.
>Logan visibly recoiled as the few that hit connected, but otherwise, he didn't seem too fazed by them.

"Sorry buddy. Wanna try again?"

>As soon as he said that, he closed in and tried to bring the flat of his blade down on the mage-gangbanger's head.


Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804381

File: 1406071503066.jpg (62.84 KB, 680x382, Symphony Regalia Grave.jpg)

>With both the pony and the brat looking for a fight, the Non-Athletic committee chair is more then happy to oblige.

Well then, be prepared to be pummled utterly one-sidedly!!

>With that, Nonon leaps away from the two and activates her goku uniform which starts to grow in size... until it was large enough to nearly outsize the very stage it was standing on.

Behold! Symphony Regalia Grave!

>with a loud "wyrrring" the tank treads come to life and the massive vehicle starts to advance towards Joel and Starky.

Light Cavalry Overture - Franz Von Suppe!!


>Shouting out the piece of classical music, the large heart shaped speakers start to blare out sound at an obnoxiously loud volume.

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804386

File: 1406071660421.jpg (1.08 MB, 1000x2000, 4da86b1eb5d5c6fca9a267639f6e96…)

>"A bat credit card!!!"

>even Volker, the human with the emotion of a robot, felt angry at the sight of such a thing.

Very well.. And let the best man or woman win.

I understand what Deathmatch and DDR is.. But what's Escalation? Things get harder as they go along?

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804391

File: 1406072273709.png (70.03 KB, 480x280, Grrr.png)

>Joel backs away, wincing at the volume.
Jeez, overdoing it much?
>With this, he reaches into his bag, pulling out the blue and silver sphere of a electricity grenade, throwing it at the tank, where it sticks to whatever it hits before unleashing electricity in every direction for several feet.
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 538

>Regardless of success, he moves away quickly.

???!Shiftb2Xr2 804392

>And, like the last one, the cowardly thug gets thrown into the air, the blunt edge of the blade colliding with his face and breaking his nose, leaving a trail of blood through the air as he falls to the ground, knocked unconscious.
>As for the one remaining punk, he seemed just as afraid as the last one at this point, slowly backing away.

"You... F-Fucking psycho..."

>The man stutters out in disbelief and fear.

>Of course, not even he was stupid enough to stand and fight... instead, the man turns on his heel, and makes a break for it down the alleyway, sprinting as fast as he could away from the vigilante and abandoning his partners.
>Meanwhile, the young lady on the ground was still there.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804395

File: 1406072372901.png (104.93 KB, 238x285, tumblr_inline_my7l0iPwr31rzx1i…)

>And that would be her of course.

>While the two explained to Volker what Escalation was, Maera once again changes shape into a succubus. Though she knew the history of this form. The Succubus Queen, Alma Elma master of unarmed combat and creator of the Violent Arts!


>This watch was already in the bag.



>The shop's owners had set back, it was all the machine for explanation now

Escalation mode is where you, as a team, will face increasingly large waves of AI controlled enemies for 5 rounds before facing a boss

Starky!whAhasimHo 804401

File: 1406072874025.png (266.48 KB, 450x480, Come on, I can't spank my ass …)

...You know what? I've fought weirder shit before, this doesn't phase me in the fffucking slightest.

>Starky tosses away her bottle, instead opting for the Blade of Evil's Bane, and charging

>Roll 1d1000 = 791
>Evens, to the side, away from the grenade
>Odds, right in the grenade's direction
>And starts slicing at the tank.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 378

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804403

File: 1406073123489.jpg (148.59 KB, 600x900, 8116a98f8af93fd3d44e3c71266378…)

>An interesting choice of form...

>so a horde mode...

>he looked to Maera

So what do you say? Either we stick with what we planned or we go in as a team. My brain and your brawn.

Matoi Ryuko!GNAKEDWUXo 804404

File: 1406073167609.gif (997.5 KB, 500x281, active_runningslice.gif)

>There was a very good chance Ryuko was just being cocky and overconfident.
>Then again, there was an equally good chance that she could back her words up with her skills.

>Ryuko looks from the frantic green-haired guy to the much calmer beast of a man. He was gonna take on Mami by himself, which meant...

>... they could finally get the rematch they deserved.
>While Senketsu was held together by unprofessional stitches and she was already weakened from a previous fight. Not much of a fair rematch, but after their last few fights, she was beginning to get an idea of how to deal with him. Perhaps it was a blessing that she was to face him instead of Gamagoori, as she had no idea how the latter fought. (aside from his strange whips...)

>The transfer student grits her teeth and brandishes her scissor blade, letting it catch the light that filtered through the windows.

You sure nobody'll run?
>With a smirk, she lowers herself into an offensive position, preparing to dash.
Last time your own uniform broke before it really got started! I'll make sure it happens again, this time by my scissor!

>She lunges forward, easily crossing the distance between them, yet at the last minute, she falls onto her side and slides right between his legs, slicing at the Blade Regalia's heels.

>Roll 1d1000 = 935 evens

>If successful, once she's behind him, she flips upright and slashes at the back of the uniform.

>Roll 1d1000 = 450 evens

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804410

File: 1406073583258.jpg (221.22 KB, 1920x1080, 1386277192336.jpg)

>The electric blast does little to the tank other then give it's operator a nasty jolt. The slash though dents the side of the vehicle.

Oh, is that how we're going to play? Fine, writhe on the floor in agony!

>In the moment, the tank sends out an absolutely horrid and loud note that both of them could feel in their guts and rattle their teeth in their skulls.

>Roll to resist.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804411

>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 659

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804412

File: 1406073658897.png (89.89 KB, 218x235, tumblr_inline_my7kwtuiQf1rzx1i…)

Death Match of course!

>It was a simple answer for her and she was already fired up to prove herself right.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804415

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 745



Confirmed, Please set your Gunpla

>The screen showed Maera's name, Volker's, and 10, respawning every 5 posts, AI suits

>Whomever scored the most kills would be the winner, and scoring a kill on a Player Model would count as 15 points.

>Arena Selection:

>1. City
>2. Coliseum
>3. Sakura Fields
>4. Rainforest
>5. Canyons
>6. Desert
Roll 1d6 = 3

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804417

File: 1406074239090.jpg (155.7 KB, 600x450, 41779331_m.jpg)

Very well. Brain vs Brawn. Intelligence vs Instinct. A classic.

>and then Volker found his robot to be in a large field of cherry blossoms... Kind of an odd battle ground, like it belonged in a samurai movie more than anything.

Alright then.. Who gets first strike?

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804419

File: 1406074651933.png (724.85 KB, 768x651, Nash_eitherbowing,justoffedsom…)

>Logan did a little flip routine with his blade and put it back in it's sheath.
>Psycho, huh? Couldn't be any worse than they were. But still, there was the matter of the person he was trying to save. Better get her out of here.
>Just so he wouldn't look like an evil robot carrying off an innocent maiden, Logan switched out to a less conspicuous outfit on his Pip-Boy.
>Next, he checked for a pulse on the girl, just to see if she was okay.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804421

File: 1406075115064.jpg (156.43 KB, 900x700, this_isn_t_even_my_final_form_…)

>and in these beautiful fields is where though bloody battle will be begin. Honestly it feel like she was back in the East Region...

They who strike first may go first!!! Go Noble Gundam!!

>And with zero hesitation, Maera flies into the fray...

>Violent Arts: Killing Flow!!

>And unleashing a torrent of rapid kicks on a target AI unit that flow together like a raging river!!

>Odds hit Roll 1d1000 = 444
>how many kicks connect Roll 1d10 = 6

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 804422

File: 1406075288427.jpg (423.4 KB, 1076x1500, 138913626204.jpg)

Simply staring up at the hulk of a man, the girl quickly folds her hands and bows her head, pretty ashamed of that dishonorable strike against him.

Maybe if this was her fight, something she truly, deeply believed in, and maybe if her conversation with Ryuko hadn't been cut off before she could get a clear answer... Maybe then she'd have gone all out and not cared.

But as it were... She really didn't want to fight.


Bowing her head lower, she throws in a traditional Japanese bow for effect.

"I-I'm very sorry, Gamagoori-sama. I meant you no serious harm, I just... I felt obligated to help this girl since I gave her my word, and..."

As he gets closer and closer, she grows smaller and smaller, until she's almost a dwarf in comparison.

"I-I... Hope I have not caused you any harm, Gamagoori-Sama."

...She really hoped the suffixes she'd spent her entire life using weren't being messed with somehow by this world, but this place almost certainly coming from... Some Japan had to give them some weight.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804423

File: 1406075288588.png (67.87 KB, 480x280, Gckt.png)

>Joel stumbles, free hand resting on his skull as he groans in pain, struggling to focus enough to fight.
Roll 1d1000 = 137
>Evens, he succeeds, drawing his SMG, black clip visible on it as he unloads it into the tank-like vehicle's speakers.
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 799

>If first roll is odds, he fails, and is incapacitated for the next round.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804425

File: 1406075442606.png (202.98 KB, 1600x661, aaaaaaaaaaaaa_by_kurokaji11-d4…)

>The noise starts vibrating through her body. It didn't help that she was also zapped by the electricity or had a massive migraine from being so intoxicated. Luckily, the alcohol dulled her senses, so the pain was partially blocked.

M-Mother fuuuuuck...

>Starky stumbles up, trying to slash at the same spot she hit before.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 249


File: 1406075762282.png (230.74 KB, 720x720, Beowolf.png)


>Grimm Count:

>3 Beowolves
>2 Ursas
>1 Death Stalker
>3 Boarbank
>2 Nevermore
>The Rapid kicks cause the 10 Grimm Models to dodge

>Advancing on her 2 beowolves rip an arm and a leg off of her!

>Roll to reattach!


>One of the crowlike Nevermore flies towards Volker's Aile Strike, trying to slice at it with it's razor sharp feathers


???!Shiftb2Xr2 804429

File: 1406075787884.jpg (107.68 KB, 775x716, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.48.05).jp…)

>While she seemed unconscious, she was in fact only paralyzed, leaving her able to know exactly what was going on around her.
>As she's examined, she slowly begins to regain the feeling in her body, barely able to just twitch her finger at the moment.
>However, as he checks the girl's pulse, her eyes manage to blink, and then her breathing begins to get a bit faster and more pronounced, until finally she "wakes up", sitting up the best she could while still half-numb, and shouting.

H-Hey! I didn't need you help me like that... I...

>She turns away, arms crossed, and was clearly blushing, embarrassed about being seen like this.
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Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804431

File: 1406076005354.jpg (113.5 KB, 1280x720, 1386291181686.jpg)

>Nonon actually seems to enjoy the sounds being blasted from her sonic weaponry as she drives back to avoid the oncoming attack

Hmmmm something is messing from this performance though... Oh I know~

It's the sound of your bloody screams!!

>The bombardment of sound stops but only to unleash of a barrage of razor sharp musical notes at the two.

>Odds Joel Roll 1d1000 = 160

>how many hit Roll 1d10 = 3

>Evens Starky Roll 1d1000 = 309

>How many hit Roll 1d10 = 1

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804433

File: 1406076140956.jpg (234.01 KB, 850x850, fae442b3d1227012f5de6df54a9adf…)

>the feathers scratch up the gundam's armor, but don't do considerable damage. The robot can take it


>the gundam takes aim at the Nevermore and fires, going for its wings.

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 907
>if successful, it slashes at it as it falls out of the air, wiht its beam saber
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 373

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804434

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 753

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804436

File: 1406076709421.png (40.8 KB, 148x146, tumblr_inline_my7l23aBIp1rzx1i…)


Well that didn't go as planed at all!

>Even then at least Maera got her arm and leg back on. Though she didn't know how long those would last...

Welp hopefully the next one will work!!

>Violent Arts: Palm of Pure Violence!!

>Maera thrusts her arm forward and tries to strike the beowolf that ripped off her arm in the face with powerful blow from an open palm.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 933

>If hits Odds Roll 1d1000 = 224 She launches it right into the other wolf that had ripped off her leg.


Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804437

File: 1406076928499.jpg (23.73 KB, 366x301, Nash_idle2.jpg)

>Logan retracted his hand as the girl began to come to and protest his assistance.

"Didn't need my help by checking your pulse? Or..."

>From the looks of it, those guys were gonna haul her off for nefarious purposes, and she didn't look quite able to take them on herself given the stun magic.

"I'm sorry. I don't follow."


File: 1406077092034.png (559.36 KB, 1444x806, Nevermore.png)

>Grimm count: Same as previous


>The nevermore maneuvers out of the way and tries grabbing onto the back of the Aile Striker pack

Roll 1d1000 = 916


>The wolves quickly dodge out of the way, leaping over Maera's palm

>seeing an opening it slashes towards her back

Roll 1d1000 = 22
>odds, Max Damage, it's claws were charged with Plavsky Particles for some reason, tearing more out of Maera's Gundam! Causing Maera's gundam to be paralyzed while it recollected it's own. It seemed these "Grimm" models had a few modifications added by the Gunpla Champ, Sei
>evens, a normal slash
>Dub evens...for some reason after the Grimm Slashes Maera's Gundam, her console and HUD is filled with Slash Fanfiction

Starky!whAhasimHo 804439

File: 1406077092298.png (220.67 KB, 900x1081, ATTENTION!.png)

>Starky rolls out of the way, standing at a distance. She raises her sword in the air, charging up light energy and firing it at the tank.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 365

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804441

File: 1406077361104.jpg (165.7 KB, 692x1000, Strike.jpg)

>the gundam leaped back and jams the rifle into the nevermore's chest, trying to shoot it point blank before it can get away
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 816

>if successful, the attack travels through the monstrous raven and hits another AI opponent behind him

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 771

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804442

File: 1406077511711.jpg (67.13 KB, 509x632, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.48.45).jp…)

>Continuing to look away, her blush grows a bit darker.

... Those guys. I could've handled them myself.

>With a small sigh, she gets up to her feet, albeit a bit wobbly, her feet still being a bit numb.

>Finally, she looks over at Logan with a small pout, before looking away again and holding her hand out.

... My name's Alice. Alice Garz-... Erm... Graham. Alice Graham.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804444

File: 1406077783870.jpg (22.1 KB, 360x480, 360px-Almaplushie.jpg)


>This as bad, she didn't even land any hits on her enemy and already she was in a bad spot... well at least some of these fics where good... some of them.

Ewwwww vore!! WHY IS SHE EATING HIM WITH HER TAIL!??! This is know what Monstergirls do!!

>Her enemy on the other hand was doing a bit better...

Grrrrrr... I will not be defeated!

>Violent Arts: Dragon Knee!!

>Maera attempts to strike the Slashficwolf right in the chin with a hammer blow of a knee!

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 515


File: 1406077983178.png (86.52 KB, 250x260, 250px-DeathStalkerProfilePic.p…)

Grimm Count:
>3 Beowolves
>2 Ursas
>1 Death Stalker
>3 Boarbank
>1 Nevermore

Kill Count: Volker 1, Maera 0, Bots:0


>The blast sails through the nevermore, causing it to shout in pain before it falls to the ground

>A blue dust of particles bursts from it and flies into Volker's model, the score count marking his first kill

>The other nevermore tries it's best to stray away from Volker for now...but then The scorpion like Death Stalker launches one of the three Boarbatusks up towards Volker in a kamikaze attack!

Roll 1d1000 = 731


>The Slashfic wolf rolls out of the way...for an Ursa to run in with an attempt to ram into Maera's mech!

Roll 1d1000 = 883

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804447

File: 1406078330771.jpg (165.7 KB, 692x1000, Strike.jpg)

>the explosion hits hard, damaging the robot considerably

>"Damn, didn't expect that..."

>the gundam moved in, singling out the scorpion Grimm

>bringing out its beam saber, it went in to stab the monster in its head

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 449

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804448

File: 1406078566655.jpg (9.97 KB, 153x153, Nash_strikeapose.jpg)

"Well, I saved you the trouble, eh?"

>He chuckled softly to himself before accepting the handshake.

>Ooh. She still looked pretty shaky, as little as she seemed to want to admit it.

"Logan. Logan Nash. Now, Alice. Whadya say we get outta here before those bozos wake up?"

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 804449

File: 1406078588281.png (819.42 KB, 1280x720, Gamagoori Ira2014-07-22-04h45m…)

>As Gamagoori walks past Ryuko, he could already hear Sanageyama waste no time in transforming into his Goku Uniform. There were sounds of the stars on the uniform sparkling as the light illuminated the entire room, causing a large silhouette to cover the front of Sanageyama as he continued walking in between Mami and the fight.

>He has been waiting for this rematch the whole time they were here, and he couldn't even wait to start showing off his new uniform to Matoi.

>However, his focus turns back to the weaponless blonde girl that stood before him.

>As he gets closer and closer to Mami, his image seems to grow bigger and bigger, his head looking like it had already covered up most of the ceiling of the now enlargened classroom they were already in. It may just be his resolve growing as time passes on.

>Soon, his broad frame had already covered up the fight that was going on between Matoi and Sanageyama, blocking Mami's entire view of field to only see the dirtied and bloodied uniform he wore and the toned muscles that were shown through the many cuts that were given to him by Matoi.

>His eyes gave a cold stare down at the now dwarf-like blonde accomplice as she tried to explain herself and her actions beforehand. While it did indeed hurt him then, but right now, he's already brushed off the pain and is standing as tall as ever.

>But, as Mami finishes up her apology Gamagoori... does not do anything. He continued to stand where he was between her and Matoi like a bouncer in front of a club entrance. He does not expect to move at all from where he stood, nor does he expect to fall either.

>In a deep, and surprisingly calm voice compared to his earlier.. actions, he spoke

While you are Matoi Ryuko's accomplice, I feel that it is not right to fight anyone who has willingly put down their weapon and is left defenseless. Thus, I will only stand guard between you and Matoi.

However! If you dare try to get past me to intervene in their fight or even attack me, I will not be hesitant to harm you. Remember these words, accomplice.

>Once he was done, he continued standing high and mighty and crossed his arms, looking like an unmovable statue.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804450

File: 1406078781766.png (103.16 KB, 277x202, tumblr_inline_my7ks3NdlA1rzx1i…)

>While she's getting rammed by an Ursa and stumbles forward, Maera quickly clears her screens of smut and tries to look at the user manual for the Noble Gundam

Come oooon there's got to be some sort of cool rocket launcher or nuke cannon on this thing--


>Vulcan Guns

Ok, that's good--
>Beam Ribbon, Beam [I]Hoop[/I]

Hora hora... I had to pick the magical girl one!!

>Well can't hurt to try!!

>Maera turns around and uses her beam ribbon weapon to slash at the Ursa!

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 534


File: 1406079120086.png (74.5 KB, 250x260, 250px-UrsaMajorProfilePic.png)

>only 2 out of 3 boar grim left

>The Death Stalker jumps back, dodging Volker's beam by the skin of it's teeth, before it attempts hitting the Mecha with it's tail!

Roll 1d1000 = 772

>The Ursa literally rolls out of the way of Maera, balled up

>...it then foolishly attempts a parody of Sonic's spin dash heading towards Maera!

Roll 1d1000 = 960

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804454

File: 1406079136065.jpg (106.6 KB, 450x540, ss (2014-07-21 at 03.22.00).jp…)

>The girl shakes back, without making eye-contact. She was clearly still a bit embarrassed.
>However, once he offers to leave the area with her, she turns back to him, brushing her hair back.

Good idea...

>She'd follow him wherever he led her, afterwards.

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804455

File: 1406079481105.jpg (32.89 KB, 263x282, ss (2014-04-15 at 09.28.09).jp…)

>just in the nick of time, the gundam block the attack

Check this out.

>evens, he manages to get a grip on its tail Roll 1d1000 = 268

>if successful, he swings the scorpion monster over his head, using it as a melee weapon to hit another one of the Grimms
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 721

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804457

File: 1406079853545.png (72.44 KB, 609x516, Falcon PAAAAWNCH.PNG)

>Violent Arts: Diamond Plated Fist!!

>In an attempt to stop the creature from getting to her and attacking at the same time, Maera tries to shatter the Ursa with a might punch!

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804458

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 316

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804459

File: 1406080184174.png (1.02 MB, 990x616, Nash_What'sgoin'oninthisthread…)

>With that, Logan started back the way he came. Out of the alley and back into the streets of the central district.
>He kept an easy, but purposeful pace as the two left the area and the magipunks to their fates.

"You alright? Don't need anything?"

>Seemed like the best thing to ask at a time like this. Who knows what might have been caused by that stun spell or why she didn't resist earlier.


File: 1406080185536.png (559.36 KB, 1444x806, Nevermore.png)

>Death Stalker eliminated
>Volker:2 Maera:0, Bots: -2

>The Grimm fails to hit any of the other Grimm, and instead is destroyed when it hits a wall

>While the Ursa doesn't get destroyed by the punch, nothing's there to stop it from rolling right out of the arena, causing it's own "Death"

>The Slashwolf returns and tries to strike at Volker's Aile Strike!

Roll 1d1000 = 676

>The last Nevermore swoops down and tries to grab Maera's gundam by the hair!

Roll 1d1000 = 245

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804462

File: 1406081053527.jpg (20.73 KB, 187x208, ss (2014-04-21 at 11.14.29).jp…)

>with the gundam's mobility, he is able to get out of the way of the swift wolf monster.

>in response, he swings his gun at the wolf's head, using it as a melee weapon

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 351

>if successful, he turns his attention to Maera, his opponent, firing an energy beam at her

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 324

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804464

File: 1406081253566.png (53.92 KB, 323x289, Goddamnit.png)

>Rolling to the side, Joel shakes his head, trying to work through the noise that makes his head hurt and teeth shake, heaving himself up gracefully, and once again leveling the SMG at the uniform, unloading the clip into one of the speakers.
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 429


Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804465

File: 1406081288278.jpg (76.98 KB, 1039x719, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.58.57).jp…)

I'm fine. I've been through way worst than that... Trust me.

>Shrugging, she continues to follow him down the street.

>With a slight sigh, she rests her hands on her hips.

So... Where are you from?

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804466

File: 1406081648116.png (229.64 KB, 576x432, Vlcsnap-2012-01-25-05h30m37s19…)

>Dang it she could have gotten that point!!


>Now she was being pulled into the sky by a bird, and Volker was taking her!! She was out of options now, she had to use that Berserker System.

Berserker System on!!

>As soon as the system activated, Maera could feel primal bloodlust that had been silenced for 500 years boil over once more as if they'd never ceased to begin with. She lets out a feral roar that doesn't just make the arena tremble, but the store that it was inside of as well!


>Forgoing learned movements Maera reaches up to grab the Nevermore's leg lifting herself up and jag her arm into the monster's ribs and rip out whatever guts it had inside.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 696


File: 1406081982273.png (53.8 KB, 250x260, 250px-UrsaMinorProfilePic.png)

>Volker: 2 Maera: 1, Bots:-2
>3 Beowolfs, 1 Ursa, and 2 Boars left

>The wolf dodges and goes to slash again

Roll 1d1000 = 724

>The remaining Ursa sneaks up on Volker and tries to tackle him down

Roll 1d1000 = 129

>The nevermore was torn to bits! Leaving nothing but the skull mask it had

>the small boars charge attempting to hit her legs

Roll 1d1000 = 522
Roll 1d1000 = 971
>odds both

>if failure, they'd likely be too inconsequential to notice in the middle of Maera's rage

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804468

File: 1406081995755.jpg (8.25 KB, 152x155, Nash_aprettygoodsmilingpicatla…)

>Tread carefully, Logan. You don't know what she thinks of where you stay.

"Well, I was born in the NCR, but I'm living around here now with my lil' sis."

>Seemed innocuous enough, right? Just gotta hope she doesn't ask for specifics.

Grell Sutcliff and [i]Will!.ZzGrellBs 804470

File: 1406082280956.png (109.71 KB, 500x427, The Sexual Tension is What Mak…)

Late again, Sutcliff?

>Their usual meeting spot in North District of Town is markedly busier than usual. The cafe was brimming with customers, waiters zipping about to fill orders for cold icy beverages. The cloth canopy does little to keep the head off the customers, but the fans move the air around, which stops the air from being completely stagnant.

>William T. Spears, head of Operations for the Belle'Ayn branch of the Reaper's Staffing Association, watches with a mildly annoyed expression as a redheaded figure sits across him. He eyes the suit in particular. Black instead of red, unusual choice for who he was meeting with.

>The red Reaper across from him only shoots a sour look. Her hair doesn't look as well kept as usual, and there's a sourness to her expression that had become repetition over the last few weeks of meetings.

>In one arm she holds a manila folder, bulging with papers. In another, a squirming fussy toddler that looked as if he wanted to be put down posthaste.

Did I take up your precious time, William? Feh...

>Grell drops the folder onto the table, the 'thunk!' loud enough to draw the attentions of some patrons seated at the other tables. The dark reaper glances discreetly to the side, then refocuses his gaze on the person across from him with an agitated frown.

>The red reaper merely sits in the seat across from him, placing the dark-haired child on her lap for now. The toddler grunts and pushes her hand away with a shove, then with a sullen glare, looks to the pepper shaker left on the table between them.
>Grell meanwhile was the same as she had been in weeks; aggravated and impossible, more than usual.
>Will slides the folder closer to himself and opens it, finding to no surprise that the interior of the folder is messy, unorganized and as sloppy as the previous set of files had been.

And I see you've failed to do what you're tasked properly. Again.

The work is done, did you expect it to be pristine? How typical from a bloody perfectionist. Perhaps you would like me to make copies and turn in two of these ruddy folders every week instead of one?

Actually, yes.

>William watches stone faced as Grell glares at him through her red glasses, the lenses flashing red as well. The tension lasts only for a few moments before she looks away with a huff.

>Seeing work left undone, Will leaves the folder open and begins organizing it properly. He can hear the murmurs of the crowd around him, the frustrated whimpers and grunts from Grell's son, and the chirping of birds from the trees situated nearby.
>Usually this would be the part where Grell would go on about something idiotic, but to Will's interior surprise, the red reaper is dubiously silent the entire time. He manages to organize the entire folder with little fuss, and is finally left with a properly sorted and ready-to-process submission.
>When he looks up, he sees Grell staring impatiently at him, her lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed.
>He knows what she's waiting for, reaching into his own coat to withdraw a thin manila folder of new files that had to be processed.
>But when Grell holds out her free hand to take it, he doesn't hand it over.

First thing first, Sutcliff. I am losing patience with your quality of work and attitude. You have been riding a thin line over these two years but I have been overlooking it due to the peerless work in the field you have done.

>Grell scoffs and rolls her eyes, looking moodily away from him. Will's own eyes narrow at her, not once losing pace with his statement.

Your work with an assignment as easy as paperwork is absolutely terrible. Likewise, every week I find your work rapidly deteriorating in quality. Either you shape up and work correctly or I shall be forced to take action regarding your lack of work ethic.

Oh? You mean take Nigel from me, recommend me for that process to eradicate memory of any 'distractions' and turn me right back into your perfect little worker bee?

>Grell glares at Will with a poisonous expression, one William meets with his same stony expression. Nigel, meanwhile, reaches in vain for the pepper shaker with the same loud grunts he had made earlier.

Don't flatter yourself, Sutcliff. You never were perfect.

>At first Will expects her usual bluster, a yell and a curse added with her snatching the file from his hand and storming off. Instead, he's treated with the same vicious glare.

>But he sees something break in her hatred, her eyes doing little to hide the weakness plaguing her. Insecurity, doubt, hints of self-loathing and fear...

Never perfect? Tch...of course you would go on about what is perfection. Just give me the damn file, William. I don't have time to sit here and listen to your pompous ass lecture me-


>It was a a reflexive action at this point, the familiar weight of his shears weighing down in his hand and the end of his weapon slamming down onto the red reaper's head.

>Grell yelps and flinches, same as always.
>The boy sitting in her lap giggles and claps his hands, the schadenfreude not lost upon him.

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804471

File: 1406082286733.jpg (23.15 KB, 194x247, leaving.jpg)

She'd been here, what, a year?

Time flew by, especially after The Professor gave her a chance and she got into that secret little group...

...It wasn't safe, and it wasn't sane, but if anyone else in this world shared her interests more than anyone, it was those guys.

Besides the occasional failed experiment from one of the other labs getting into robotics, some crazy inventor making a robot a little too sentient and the terrible lunches, it was actually pretty nice. She got free access to anything she could ever want, as well as things she'd have never dreamed of. Since she got entered into the database, she'd built plenty of small maintenance bots for the Robotics wing. Apparently everyone here thought they had to either be really tiny, human-sized or gigantic. No exceptions.

She... Hadn't really talked to people all that much. She had a good enough understanding of how the robots back home worked to program them with an inkling of personality, but no real sentience. So, for the most part, she sorta cloistered herself in with them and Parley, then spent days on end working at Asylum, working an actual job in Town, falling asleep at her desk and repairing the bots people around her just sort of abandoned. But, as of late, she'd stopped doing that, or at least started sleeping back at the Manor more often, despite the walk.

Filling a backpack with a few projects she'd brought home, assorted tools and a few of the papers published locally about robotics and engineering, the girl reaches for the front door of the Manor, just about to head back to work after her first night's sleep in a bed in over a week.

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804472

File: 1406082317288.jpg (1.26 MB, 1000x1200, 41272132_p0.jpg)

>while Volker is able to dodge out of the way of the first attack, the Ursa's sneak attack hits him to the ground.

>he attempts to get back up, before anything worse can happen

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 591

>if successful, he draws his beam saber and does a circular slash, trying to get both the wolf and ursa in the attack radius

>evens Ursa Roll 1d1000 = 252
>evens Wolf Roll 1d1000 = 833

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804474

File: 1406082500166.jpg (123.64 KB, 973x716, ss (2014-07-21 at 12.01.14).jp…)

... Ever think of going somewhere else? This place can be kind of, well, hazardous, can't it?

>It was clear that she wasn't the biggest fan of Town, but she didn't hate it.

>Brushing her sidelocks out of the way of her face, she continues.

... So, where do you stay? North district?

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804475

File: 1406082655104.jpg (125.18 KB, 1920x1080, 1386277961077.jpg)

>The Symphony Regalia once again avoids taking any damage and Nonon grins all the while.

You're both pathetic, just die for me quickly!!

>Once again the tank sends up a blast of sound but this time it had the power to launch both Joel and Starky across the auditorium!!

>Odds Joel Roll 1d1000 = 643

>Evens Starky Roll 1d1000 = 507

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804476

File: 1406082715592.jpg (173.63 KB, 661x864, flawless_hair_by_rukiexramen-d…)

>Logan shrugged a little.

"S' just right for me. Plenty of chances for a good scrap, bars are good, got a stable job, I think I'm pretty set around here."

>Oh shit. It's like she read his mind. Logan pulled out the practiced non-answer to that question.

"Surrounding area."

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804479

File: 1406083159579.jpg (102.71 KB, 519x718, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.56.35).jp…)

>Her eyes become downcast as he talks about what he liked about Town.
>Blinking slowly, she sighs slightly and looks back up after a moment.

I see. Sounds like you've got a pretty comfy life, then.

>At his answer to her question, she gets a bit of a curious look on her face.

So, you live outside the town? What, in some cabin or something in the woods?

>Roll 1d1000 = 529

>Evens: "... Or even... 'that' place?"
>Odds: She doesn't say anything more.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804483

File: 1406083445217.png (163.16 KB, 576x432, Vlcsnap-2012-01-25-06h04m16s24…)

>One boar is able to do damage to Noble Gundam, but in Maera's rampage it was all lost on her. The only way to stop her know would be to destroy the Gundam.
>The other boar wasn't so luck as it fell into Maera's sight and so goes to attack it as well.

Roll 1d1000 = 538
>Odds she rips it to pieces like she had done with the Nevermore (Max)
>Evens she just picks it up and throws it away from her. (Min)

>Then just as Volker did to her, Maera turns her attention on and goes to kill her next victim.

>Violent Arts: Killing Flow!!

>Just like she had done in the start, she begins in a torrent of flowing kicks be now each blow could easily brake off parts of the target before her as a testament to how strong the Berserker System was.

>Odds hit Roll 1d1000 = 618
>how many hit Roll 1d10 = 1


File: 1406083771112.png (230.74 KB, 720x720, Beowolf.png)

>1 Ursa, 3 Beowolves, 1 Boar
>Volker Kills: 2 Maera Kills: 2 Bot Kills: -2

>The Ursa keeps Volker tied down allowing the Slashwolf to attack!

Roll 1d1000 = 550
>evens, Min, normal attack
>odds, Max, the same porn filled attack that hit Maera!


>The boar being tossed aside dissolves upon hitting the ground

>Seeing Maera's flop as a distraction for Volker, the remaining Beowolves dive for Volker!

Roll 1d1000 = 312
Roll 1d1000 = 432
>odds both

>The last boar is uselessly trying to push against the Nobel's heel

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804487

File: 1406083836477.png (115.1 KB, 461x368, Nash_shruggan2.png)

>Okay, good. Sounded like she didn't quite catch on. That, or she'd rather not breach the topic.
>At the last question, Logan gave a non-committal shrug.

"You could say that."

>Alright. Now to try and close the matter.

"So, what exactly happened back there if you don't mind my asking?"

Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804492

File: 1406084110202.jpg (32.96 KB, 150x150, tumblr_inline_mp5uzgW7Zo1s2a3v…)

>Just beyond the front door of the place, she could hear a muffled voice on the opposite side of it. The voice would talk, and sometimes loudly too, and will be accompanied with mostly silence due to the door blocking most of the noise.

>As Kat opened the door, she would see that Bolin was holding up his red fire ferret, Pabu, in his hands as he talked to it. Despite not speaking the same language, the both of them seem to be able to understand each other quite well.

Now, Pabu, I know that sweets are really tasty, but you gotta lay off of them! You're getting all fat and heavy to carry around now.

>Pabu chips and chatters in response, not really looking dazed at all.

Hey, I can't help it if I get sweaty! Work is work, and if you want to keep company with me, you gotta live with it!

>Pabu responds with just a single chirp.

Hey, that's a low blow!

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804494

File: 1406084163224.jpg (155.7 KB, 600x450, 41779331_m.jpg)

>welp, now that she had her attention on him, he had to deal with both her and the others. Thankfully her attack ended up being out of range, leaving Volker's robot unharmed.

Please get off, bear

>taking his beam saber, the gundam attempted to stab the Ursa in the head

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 642

>if successful, he does the same circular slash from earlier, trying to get both Maera and the Slash wolf in its attack

>evens Maera Roll 1d1000 = 116
>evens Wolf Roll 1d1000 = 728

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804495

File: 1406084224123.png (62.96 KB, 625x860, Chara-marie.png)

>Crossing her arms, she rolls her eyes at the question.

Well, I was just minding my own business when these three guys started, like, hitting on me. To be honest, I liked it at first, but... I didn't plan on doing anything other than just leaving. But when I tried, they pushed me against that wall, and, well... I think you know the rest.

>Scratching the back of her head, she looks away.

I... was about to kick their asses, but then you came along.

Grell Sutcliff and [i]Will!.ZzGrellBs 804499

File: 1406084439396.jpg (23.86 KB, 440x246, Grell_Whatisthiscrap.jpg)



>Grell whimpers and rubs at her head as Will lifts his shears away, her teeth clenched tightly. She takes a short breath and shakes her head, feeling a familiar rush of anguish rise up inside of her.

Why must you be so cruel, Will?! Can't you see I'm trying, that I am trying to keep a hold on my job, my family, my living conditions and it's simply in a state of being so utterly impossible to deal with all at once?!

>The general chatter around them starts to lessen but Grell continues in her rant, her voice wavery as Nigel's giggles lapse into worried whining.

There are people that want Rocks dead and he has a ruddy lich living in his bloody head! That absolute ass running that mansion I have no larger desire than to see his broken bleeding body on a pike, and surprise! I can't even do the easiest job in the bloody RSA right!

>She feels something hot burn in her eyes, and with a sniff and a growl she squeezes them shut, the noise around them absolutely gone at this point. She's likely making a scene but at this point the reaper doesn't care.

Will, I don't know what I can do, it's-!


>The second hit hurts far worse than the first one, and with a pained cry Grell grows silent, the metal bar still pushing down onto her skull from where Will had smacked with his Reaper Shears.

...Do your job, Sutcliff. One week. I expect it to be done correctly this time.

>His voice is as detached and cruel as usual.

>Grell hears a gentle flap of paper, and with a squint, opens her teary eyes to see the file for this week resting on the tabletop in front of her, which Nigel quickly grabs with his tiny hands.
>She stares down at the thin file, her own teeth grinding together and chest tightening.


>It was a bit of a stretch to even expect any kind of comfort from William.


>With a short intake of breath, her red fringe of hair disguising her face, Grell collects the file and moves Nigel back into her arm, standing with both. She says nothing, but quickly retreats away from the cafe, ignoring in staring eyes of the patrons and workers as she marches off.

>Down the street there is the faint noise of a chainsaw, which fades from earshot abruptly, the owner of said chainsaw slipping into a rift leading back to Wayne Manor.


>William stands from the table as well, glances to the patrons, and cuts into his own shadow, disappearing from sight with Grell's thick folder in tow.


>The red reaper appears in the kitchen from her day out, fighting back a maelstrom of emotion as she quickly walks to the nearby table. She tosses the chainsaw onto it with a throw, the clatter making a loud sound, then sits heavily in a chair aside it, breathing in and out to calm herself down.




>Roll 1d1000 = 714

>evens only, at this moment, Nigel's face scrunches up, and with a deep breath of his own, he begins to cry and fuss

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804502

File: 1406084560644.jpg (18.47 KB, 192x248, Alright.jpg)

Pausing mid-step, her face frozen in mild surprise, the girl's face slowly relaxes into a friendly and amused one as she realizes what's going on.

"Uh... Hey Bolin."

...This was kinda awkward, though. I mean, they hadn't talked much, but he was a really nice guy that she really enjoyed being around and, in retrospect, it kinda seemed like he might have had a little crush on her for awhile.

And then she kinda disappeared off the face of the earth for several months. At first because she took the whole "keeping Asylum secret" thing overly seriously, and then just out of habit.

It didn't help that he was honestly the only person she could even recall talking to, so coming back to see him would have been nice... But a bit of a stretch, no matter how nice he was.

So, rubbing the back of her neck nervously, the girl continues,

"It's, uh... Been awhile..."

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804506

File: 1406084721470.png (130.98 KB, 349x348, tumblr_inline_my7l4vbX3c1rzx1i…)

>While Maera takes the slash she makes no reaction to it and simply presses her attack blindly.

>Finally getting annoyed of the creature pushing on her heel, she turns, grabs it by the tusks and tries to use it as a bludgeon to hit Volker with!

>Evens hit Roll 1d1000 = 808

>Boar has to roll to break free.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804508

File: 1406084840037.png (917.94 KB, 5500x6078, AW YEAH.png)

>Starky sticks the sword in the floor and grips it, shouting over the soundwave.


>While she holds her ground, she throws a mace at the speakers.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 165


File: 1406084925093.png (40.83 KB, 250x260, 250px-BeowolfOldProfilePic.png)

>2 Beowolves left

>Volker Kills: 4 Maera Kills: 3

>The Ursa screams in pain before vanishing

>The slashwolf sliced across the chest also vanishes!

>one of the remaining wolves roars and suddenly all of it's armor and spikes fly off towards Volker, it's eyes and mouth now dyed deep red!

Roll 1d1000 = 703

>The other seems to follow suit, but it's spikes aren't directed at anyone as it dives forward and falls head first into the snow.


>The boar squeals and squirms, but after being used to hit Volker's mech, it's too weak to struggle

>It's likely only useful for one more hit against him

>The other beowolf takes its head out of the snow and tries to tackle The Nobel gundam

Roll 1d1000 = 800

Shy OP 804514

File: 1406085003265.png (14.63 KB, 196x190, Air15.png)

>Air slept in his bed, but he did not sleep peacefully. His door was locked, but if anyone could see him they would notice just how restless his rest was. He was constantly tossing and turning, shivering despite being in a comfortable temperature and tucked in beneath the covers. Whatever was going on in his head was...definitely not pleasant.

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804519

File: 1406085206039.gif (989.51 KB, 500x356, tumblr_inline_mwt1j54ni81r98k2…)

"So, typical douchebags thinking they own everything in the world, ah?"

>Another chuckle, followed by the lightest of jabs to the shoulder.

"And I bet ya coula' too, but I saw a bunch of shady lookin' dudes carrying someone off and I just couldn't help myself."

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 804520

File: 1406085234520.png (293.3 KB, 720x720, Well shit.png)

>Shy materializes into the room, looking down at Air.

A-Air? Are you ok?

>She tries to nudge him, trying to wake him up.

>Evens, she can make physical contact. Roll 1d1000 = 462

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804522

File: 1406085273566.jpg (151.95 KB, 640x815, ce683689c75c865a65d2890d1d0c4c…)

>hit by a boar and struck with several spikes, the gundam goes down to one knee, damaged but not out.

>taking his handy dandy beam rifle, he fires three consecutive shots at the wolf

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 190
>how many hit Roll 1d3 = 1


File: 1406085518726.png (14.63 KB, 196x190, Air15.png)

>He seems to respond to the nudges at first, starting to stir and reach up to put her hoof on hers. But as soon as it would have made contact, it just phases through like she hasn't been touching him a moment ago. He lets out a small whimper as his eyes clench tighter shut.
>She'd possessed him and heard the thoughts he had spoken to her while inside in the past. But if she did it now, would he be able to stop the dream from passing on to her as well?

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 804529

File: 1406085521250.jpg (103.29 KB, 1035x720, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.49.39).jp…)

They said... I would make them "lots of money", or something... I don't wanna think about that.

>Alice shoots Logan a skeptical look.

... I bet you did it just 'cause you think I'm cute, or something.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804530

File: 1406085631059.png (72.44 KB, 609x516, Falcon PAAAAWNCH.PNG)

>trying to attack Maera only served to give her another weapon to beat Volker with. She grabs it by the throat nearly crushing it's windpipe with the act and swings it along with the nearly dead boar.

>Odds hits Beoclub.Roll 1d1000 = 112
>Evens Boarclub Roll 1d1000 = 714

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804531

File: 1406085687571.png (77.51 KB, 444x325, OBJECTION!.png)

>Joel is knocked off his feet, skidding across the floor.
>Reaching into his bag and rummaging around, he retrieves a red SMG clip, which he quickly replaced the depleted black clip with, before taking aim and unleashing a burst of explosive rounds!
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 397


File: 1406085945498.png (40.83 KB, 250x260, 250px-BeowolfOldProfilePic.png)

>Volker: 4 Maera: 4

>The Beowolf takes the blunt of the blast, but since Volker had gone with burst rounds instead of a single full battery blast, it remains standing and goes to attack him!

Roll 1d1000 = 47

>The Beowolf picked up looks confused as it's used in an attempt as a weapon

>And the boar fades to just it's skull mask after Maera slams it into Volker, giving the Nation Personification another kill on the chart

>The beowolf not long for life in Maera's mech's hands, and the other Beowolf weak from Volker's blast, it seemed the match was down to the two of them

>Gundam vs Gundam!


Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 804541

>Shy continues to stare, was she able to posses him and see what he's thinking of? Could this be an ability of hers?
>Shy tries her best to mimic Air's position in order to take control...

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804542

File: 1406086409084.jpg (148.59 KB, 600x900, 8116a98f8af93fd3d44e3c71266378…)

>damaged by numerous attack, but still standing, it looks like the Gundam isn't long for this world. Yet despite the bleak odd, Volker keeps his typical cold, emotionless expression.

>"Come on, just a little longer..."

You're not bad at this, Mo'Gaillian.

>at this point, does winning even matter?

With odds like these, I might be able to take one more hit... Got to make that hit count, don't I?

>drawing his blade, he goes in for a slash to the opposing Gundam

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 502

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804545

File: 1406086697699.gif (988.92 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mxcvgadEMH1sbo963o6_500…)

>once again the two fail to make any mark on the tank.

Aw come on, you two are starting to bore me!

>She sighs and shakes her head.

Fine, I'll finish you both off quickly.
>The sides off her tank pop open showing more speakers with send out a blast of sound that lifts the huge uniform into the air...


>As she settles in to his position and starts to ease into control of his body, her mind is quickly overwhelmed by the imagery that his subconscious broadcasts to her freely. She could see Air standing upright under a spotlight in a dark void, wearing a long flowing dress that matched his fur color splotches of red on it, as well as what seemed to be little strings leading off into the darkness surround him that seemed to be attached somehow to the ends of his dress. It was a little hard to make out, as if she was far away, but she began to gain a sense that she was floating there in the darkness, her only ghostly body somehow also within his dream, and she could approach him...

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 804551

File: 1406087104038.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>Crona wasn't the type who liked leaving things unfinished
>which, unfortunately for him, was a situation that cropped up often
>whether it was due to things just being completely out of his control, or so many things piling up that he only had so much time to deal with a select few, more often than not he had to contend with issues concerning him being left unresolved for quite some time

>Sebastian was still out there, for one, and there was no telling what he was up to. Not that Crona really needed to know, he knew he was bad news already. It was just a matter of when he was going to strike and how.

>Alton was still in a really bad state, last he checked. He had been questioning his marriage with Judith and his own self so much that he seemed to completely forget what happened before with Tessa. He never knew Alton ever wondered about how things were with Judith, but from how he spoke things were really bad. Bad enough that it's likely things were over between them, and that was going to be rough on them both.
>Xion was still a werewolf, and he really owed it to her to find a cure. But part of him was still so overly grateful that she was alright that he couldn't think clearly, and another part of him just had no idea where to even start looking for that.
>he had a conversation with Marie a short time ago, and she just seemed to be in a bad way. She tried to hide it, as she would do, but it was obvious that something was seriously weighing her down. Upon pressing her for info, however, she changed the subject or remained tight-lipped. He'd need to talk to Stein and see if he knew anything.
>and there were many more other matters he thought about sometimes: promises that he had to keep, grudges that he had to settle, things that had been left for months or even years unresolved, and for whatever reason he just couldn't do so.

>his train of thought was derailed as he walked through the foyer of the manor

>he had gone to Town to pick up fresh groceries for the kitchen, not sure if Alton was even aware that the dimensional-whatwhosis was broken, but feeling just getting supplies was more important than troubling him with that right now
>but as he was heading in that direction, he was greeted with a very alarming sound

>he couldn't quite pinpoint why, but a baby crying made him very uneasy
>granted, there were a zillion different reasons for a baby to cry, and none of them were usually any good, so the possible implications about why the baby was crying were likely why he was on edge
>regardless, he had to step right into the room where the noise was coming from, so there was no use dwelling on it
>he quickly strides across the foyer floor to the kitchen door and pushes it open, speaking as soon as he steps in

Hey, is everything al-

>he stops mid-sentence once he sees who was sitting in one of the chairs at the table


>and there was another bit of unfinished business Crona had to attend to

>which evidentially had to happen right now, with him standing in the kitchen doorway, arms weighed down by bags of food, wincing at the sounds of Nigel's crying

...oh boy...

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804552

File: 1406087121079.jpg (143.35 KB, 1440x810, Symphony Regalia Presto.jpg)

>the tank had now become an air ship that flies around in the auditorium before the ceiling opens up and she rises higher and higher.

Now to crush you ants!!

>the bottom of her ship opens up and drops two giant recorder shaped missiles that rocket towards the two at high speed!

>Odds Joel Roll 1d1000 = 189

>Evens Starky Roll 1d1000 = 628

Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804554

File: 1406087150771.jpg (12.91 KB, 190x272, ss (2013-09-07 at 07.37.30).jp…)

>In the middle of all his bantering with his ferret, he had heard his name being called by a rather feminine voice. It sounded all too familiar.

>He still held out Pabu in his hands, but his head turned to look at someone that he has not talked to in a really long while. Soon a smile spread across his face and Pabu, getting the hint, struggled and slipped his way out of Bolin's grasp to perch himself onto his shoulder. At the same time, Bolin's hands were placed on his hip and the back of his head, acting pretty casual around Kat.

Kat! Whoa, it's been way too long since I last saw you! I mean, uh.. you.. kinda did fall off the face of the Earth..

>He really did miss talking to her and generally hanging out with her. He definitely did have some sort of a crush on her at first, but he.. sorta moved on from that.

>Sensing that the way he was talking was kinda bumming out the mood, he immediately perked up and continued on.

So, uh.. where've you been?

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 804558

File: 1406087371969.jpg (173.63 KB, 661x864, flawless_hair_by_rukiexramen-d…)

>So she thought he was trying to save the damsel in distress. Well, it was partially true, but that was much more of a bonus than anything. As such, Logan smiled incredulously.

"What? Naaaaaah. I was just itching for a good fight is all. And what better excuse to fight a guy than attempted kidnapping?"

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 804559

File: 1406087435970.png (180.48 KB, 512x300, EXTREEMECLOSEUP.png)

>As the missile rockets directly for him, Joel lets out a mighty shout.
>And with that, he was reduced to chunky salsa by the resulting explosion.
>Rounds to revival: Roll 1d5 = 3
>Resulting Joels: Roll 1d4 = 1

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 804561

File: 1406087478776.png (104.31 KB, 271x309, Damnit, how did I miss?.png)

>Shy looks around, confused. She started to hover towards him.

Air? Air? Are you alright?

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804563

File: 1406087656926.png (211.38 KB, 324x330, tumblr_inline_my7krvPZhV1rzx1i…)

>Maera pauses to take a short breath, while a normal human would have passed out by fatigue in 60 seconds, her Mo'Gal body wouldn't cave so easily. Still she was starting to feel it now so she did't have much time even with her extra endurance.

>gripping the Beowulf's throat even tighter she madly rushes Volker as her more durable Gundam takes another damaging slash and slams the nearly dead body at her opponent.

>Odds hit Roll 1d1000 = 239


File: 1406087832686.png (40.83 KB, 250x260, 250px-BeowolfOldProfilePic.png)

>Maera: 5 Volker: 4

>The Beowolf choked out and died after Maera slammed it into Volker

>The other one died from it's earlier wound, leaving the two alone.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804566

File: 1406087872761.png (449.6 KB, 1340x1080, Fluttershy WOAH!.png)


>Starky flies high into the air by the explosion, falling down.

Oh...oh god...

>She slowly starts to get up.

>Roll 1d1000 = 56
>Evens, she somehow sobered up.
>Odds, it just made her more disoriented.

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804568

File: 1406087969281.png (23.86 KB, 116x116, Skywatcher_robot.png)

And this is why she avoided people since becoming part of Asylum. This exact question.

"Work, talking with people, fixing stuff, that sorta thing..."

Slipping the backpack off of one shoulder, she reaches inside and pulls out a small, black case with a simple snapping mechanism on it, the kind you'd expect to be filled with a few tools or something.

"Like this."

Snapping it open, she gingerly reaches inside and pulls out a small, metallic praying mantis.

"It detects barometric pressure shifts and temperature changes, and then predicts the weather based on that."

Gently pressing a button at the back of its neck to bring it out of sleep, she rubs it on the back of the head with a single finger, like someone caressing a pet.

"Well, it will, when I get the nerve and time to put it somewhere high up in town."

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804570

File: 1406088167783.jpg (311.92 KB, 900x1172, 815855a6f2e31483e1c6801425057c…)

>"I have to beat her if I want to win..."

>with the two of them alone, Volker goes in for a knee strike to stun her

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 71

>if successful, he follows up the strike with a upward slash from his blade

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 273


File: 1406088197362.png (15.24 KB, 196x184, Air16.png)

>Despite the distance between them, Air immediately seems to perk up from where he stood off, turning his head around as he tries to search for her translucent body in the darkness?

Sh-Shy? Is that you? Where are y-

>Before he could continue, one of the strings on his skirt starts to tug, and he lets out grunt of pain. It starts to yank repetitively, harder and harder as Air started to frantically shout:


>Then with an extra hard yank, a small portion of the dress is torn free by where it was attached to the string, the piece of it immediately getting dragged off into the darkness while Air lets out a shrill scream before hanging his head and sobbing.

>More splotches of red started to spread out from where the dress had been torn, and drip onto the floor around his hind hooves.

It hurts...

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804573

File: 1406088428980.png (99.21 KB, 211x232, Grell_Ugh THIS Bleeder Again.P…)


>Nigel's crying was something she had become accustomed to lately. The little brat wouldn't shut up some days and bawl his little lungs out for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The pediatricians at Town General hospital tested him and the results were all the same. There was nothing wrong with them that they could find, his colic's source something of a mystery.

>But the voice coming from nearby makes Grell stiffen, her eyes snapping open with a small jerk.


>She sits up a little straighter, and turning her gaze to the doorway, sees a familiar pink-haired individual standing there gawping at her.

>Eyebrows furrowing, Grell grinds her teeth, scowling at Crona with an agitated glare, though to Crona her eyes appear glossier than usual.

>They hadn't spoken properly since their disagreement about the situation following the rescue attempt of Rip Van Winkle, when Xion supposedly was missing. She wasn't in any mood to handle his own selfishness once more and growls lowly, revealing her pointed teeth in her scowl.

>Was everything alright, did it look alright to that airheaded twig?


>Nigel continues to cry on Grell's lap, even as she bounces him to try and calm him down, the baby continues to scream and cry, tears rolling down his pudgy cheeks.

>Roll 1d1000 = 756

>odds only, Nigel manages to grab a fistful of Grell's long red hair and pulls, eliciting a grimace and a twitch of an eyebrow on Grell's face

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804576

File: 1406088538203.jpg (80.76 KB, 1280x720, (351).jpg)

>Seeing the destruction she left bellow, Nonon laughs smugly watching her opponents suffer.

You were both foolish to pick a fight with Honnouji Academy!!

>This time she doesn't attack and instead lets Starky recover so that she can prolong her suffering.

Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804582

File: 1406088653588.jpg (39.83 KB, 418x578, ss (2013-07-03 at 12.16.31).jp…)

>Fortunately for Kat, Bolin was pretty gullible and easily distracted, so he's yet to even ask about what she's been doing.

>Once she pulled out the small black case, he stood on his tiptoes and tried to look over it to see what exactly was inside. But at least Kat pulled it out to show him.

>He leaned in close to the little praying mantis-like thing, amazed much like a child would when discovering something new.

>He just barely caught what it could do, though. Something about the weather or something like that, but that doesn't matter, little robot!

Wooow, look at it! It looks adorable! I can't believe you made it yourself!

>Pabu was also as interested in the robot as Bolin, but for several other reasons. And Bolin knew Pabu well enough to know his intentions. Just as he leaned in to get a few sniffs of it, Bolin already covered his face and pushed him back and away from the mantis.

Pabu, no, that's not dindin!

>Pabu, in response, chittered back at him and retired into his shirt.

Anyways, are there any more of these guys that you've made?

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804585

File: 1406088798343.png (119.3 KB, 317x218, 1383968765018.png)

>Maera leaps into the air to avoid the attack.

>Violent Arts: Flying Knee!!

>Then comes down on Volker knee first trying to smash the Gundam's head in!

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 321

>fatigue roll. Can only last Roll 1d3 = 3 more rounds.

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804590

File: 1406089020257.jpg (144.83 KB, 403x530, 41130232_p0.jpg)

>already damaged from earlier attacks, the gundam falls down, giving out from all the damages it had taken.

>with that, Volker had lost.. 5 to 4 with a victory on Maera's part.

Hm... I suppose that instint really does win over intelligence... In some categories at least.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 804593

File: 1406089097187.png (48.36 KB, 245x208, Oh god no..png)

Air? AIR! Please! Stay with me! You're going to be ok! Please, just...grab my hoof!

>Shy extends a hoof out to him, hoping to reassure him in his dream.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804604

File: 1406089472826.png (448.26 KB, 687x661, It's like you crossed a pony w…)

>Starky simply chuckles, shaking her drunkenness away.

You don't think I know this?

I was born a fool! And I don't give a damn about what I'm up against!

>Starky picks up her sword and rushes forward, trying to thrust the blade into the speakers.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 86

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 804607

File: 1406089600873.png (107.33 KB, 254x292, It's Gonna Be One Of Those Day…)

>the rather infuriated glare and flashing of her teeth was enough to tell Crona that she was not in the mood to talk to him right then
>so asking about the Dragon Radar or how the quest had been going was probably not a good way to start things off
>for all he knew, her sour mood was likely because something had gone wrong with the quest, so asking about it might just trigger more anger from her
>not to mention she had to deal with a very fussy Nigel, evidentially, and that was the last thing he wanted to get in the middle of


>so, Crona rather awkwardly turns his head away, only glancing back at Grell once or twice as he walks over to the counter, gauging her reaction to what he was doing

>instead of addressing the elephant in the room, or really, saying anything to her, he just opts to start putting groceries away and wait
>until Nigel calmed down, or Grell calmed down, or the mood just felt like it would make sense to strike up a conversation
>whatever the case, keeping quiet for now seemed best

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804608

File: 1406089625887.png (108.03 KB, 368x211, 003_-_Unconscious.png)

>With the battle over, the Berserker System shuts off and brings Maera back to normal... only for totally exhaustion to hit her like a hammer causing her to change back into her normal form and flopping to the floor unceremoniously.

....Did I win?


File: 1406089804113.png (15.42 KB, 190x180, Air11.png)

Shy...please...d-don't go...

>Getting close enough to reach out toward him, she could no see all of the details close up. He wasn't wearing a dress exactly, his flesh had seemingly stretched out to form the shape of such an outfit. The strings attached weren't tied on, there were hooks at the end of them that were digging into his skirt while simultaneously pulling just hard enough from each side of him so that he was forced to keep standing to avoid more pain.

>Blood continues to drip from his recent injury as he struggles to lift one of his front hooves out toward his marefriend. But as they're about to make contact, the hooks yank him away and he's forced to stumble back while crying out in pain.

Noo! No please...Shy!

>He was getting forcibly dragged away from her as the light above follows, letting her keep track of him even as he was forced to back away from her.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 804616

File: 1406089932671.jpg (109.23 KB, 1280x720, (313).jpg)

>The Blade digs into her speaker causing it to sputter and the die.

Hey!! Get your dirty hooves off my uniform you stupid mule!!

>Once again she tries to slash the pony up with blades musical notes. Odds Roll 1d1000 = 98


File: 1406090115130.png (108.36 KB, 268x240, ah.PNG)


>Rinko and Sei walk back in with shocked looks on their faces

That was.. just fantastic for beginners! That was amazing! You both took major hits, managed to fight off the Grimm...and everything! That was simply amazing

>Rinko chuckles a bit

So do the two of you think you'll take up modeling as a hobby?

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804624

File: 1406090196322.jpg (76 KB, 640x815, 471bed218a51ed9163f1500b8c8bb7…)

It was amusing.. I enjoyed it.

>his expression didn't seem to convey that. Then again, his expression rarely conveyed anything. He was practically more robotic than the gundams

Possibly, I do build robots as a hobby... Modeling might be child's play for me.

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804632

File: 1406090469831.jpg (13.71 KB, 169x161, Heh.jpg)

Back at Asylum, yeah. With her? Not really.

Not unless you counted...

"Nope. Just this little guy."

Speaking up in a small, mechanical voice, the robot asks,

"Am I needed, Angel?"

Bonking the little bug on the head with her forefinger, she shakes her head.

"No, just showing you off."

If it had blood, and skin, the robot would probably be blushing about now.

"W-Will that be all? Are you sure you would not like me to record the humidity and temperature at the current time?"

Chuckling she holds him out in her hand, attention now completely on him.

"Nope. Gimme a few days. Until then..."

Reaching over, she thumbs the button and the green sensors of the robot dim to a dull green, its limbs contracting and coiling for easy storage.

Turning back to face Bolin, she adds,

"Probably shouldn't have disturbed the little guy. They get upset when they can't do their jobs."

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 804633

File: 1406090491666.png (500.56 KB, 971x858, The fuck?.png)

Air! Please! WAKE UP! YOU'LL BE OK!

>Shy continues to keep chase, trying to grab onto him.

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804634

File: 1406090535829.png (113.1 KB, 500x321, tumblr_inline_my6n9yQGBE1rf6kj…)

>Taking some effort to stand up once again, Maera nods.


>Wow that too tons out of her. Just like the real thing.

It's... *Gasp* a fun thing to do... you should... *Weez* set up shops in Mo'Gallile... you'll maker a fortune with the battles...

>Knowing her nation's love and traditions of battle, these, along with the arena technology itself would sell like hotcakes.

Starky!whAhasimHo 804639

File: 1406090680078.jpg (41.94 KB, 1220x808, 131233635677.jpg)

>Starky deflects the notes, rushing back in.

Your taste in music is horrible!

>She tries to stab another one of the speakers.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 67


File: 1406091104135.png (461.45 KB, 759x560, shipping eyes.PNG)


>"Child's play", the blue haired boy looked a bit distraught at Volker, groaning under his breath.

>The boy put his heart and soul into those models and Volker dismissed it as Child's play

>Sei sighs and doesn't acknowledge how insulted he is

>Rinko sighs seeing Sei's mood shift and puts a hand on his shoulder

That's alright, regardless we hope to see you again.


Hmm...with a bit of help from my contact we might be able to manage just that

>Rinko smiles

If we decide to open shop there, people cna expect the branch to be opened in 2 weeks time


File: 1406091165499.png (14.63 KB, 196x190, Air15.png)

>At first she's unable to keep up with him getting pulled away by the hooked strings. But as he opens her eyes and sees her chasing after him, a sense of determination cuts through his pain and despair. Closing his eyes and bracing himself, he hops a little on his hind legs and forces himself to lean forward despite the pain that would result, while simultaneously landing with both hooves at once tilted and digging into the floor beneath him with the friction to slow him down as he was pulled.
>Doing so put an even more intense strain on his flesh skirt as the strings yank tighter with every ounce of resistance he shows them. He manages to slow down, and then lets out the loudest scream yet as the flesh hooks carve right through his flesh but break free from him, sending him stumbling into Shy with his forelegs outstretched to embrace her.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804649

File: 1406091304917.png (70.25 KB, 488x224, Grell_A Showdown.PNG)


>She really should have gone to her room first but damn did she want just a single cup of tea. One moment to herself to calm down was impossible to find, wasn't it?

>Not willing to acknowledge Crona any more, and hoping he'd eventually leave, Grell focuses on Nigel exclusively. She looks down at him through her glasses lenses, brow furrowed in consternation.


>He didn't feel as if he needed a change, he ate before she went to talk to Will for the day...what was it now?

>She sighs and lifts the dark haired baby into her arms, patting his back with a gentle pat.

>He was so small and so unhappy lately, and that hadn't made her time much easier to handle him.
>But likewise, she couldn't feel angry with him specifically. Nigel was tiny, so very dependent on her. He didn't have a father around for him, as much as she would have liked it for a variety of different reasons.
>Perhaps the poor boy would cry less if he had someone around him who wasn't an absolute wreck like she was.

>Her rage simmers back in her eyes, swapping out for distracted regret.


>"And no man in his right mind would ever want a creature like you."

>Alton was so cruel in his words, but that sentence dug into her like a tick, sapping at her every time she thought of it.

>Nigel's father she would likely never know, and it wasn't something she suspects anyone would step up to claim as their own.
>The men she met were flings, one offs that never stayed around for very long.

>And the one she felt as if she loved the most looked for the company of another woman, too. Even if he was dead now, that particular thought never stung any less.


>"Who'd want a freak like me, anyway?"

>Roll 1d1000 = 777

>odds, Grell struggles with her internal war but does manage to keep it together. She holds Nigel a little more snugly, an expression of grief passing on her face, but her care with the child tender.

>in reaction to this, Nigel slowly quiets down into small sniffles, burying his small face in her shoulder.


>evens, Grell clenches her teeth and shuts her eyes, knowing what's welling up but having nothing to quell what's rising inside of her.

>she stands abruptly and quickly leaves with Nigel, heading straight for the basement while giving no word to anything along the way.

>in her haste, the chainsaw remains on the table, forgotten in her exit.

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804651

File: 1406091435493.jpg (180.2 KB, 640x815, a63671221130dc0c79629a8b4ad6c6…)

You can expect to see me in a week or so maybe..

>that is if he decides to leave his room.

Maybe you and I can do a joint project, share trade secrets supposedly?

Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804658

File: 1406091911486.jpg (17.51 KB, 258x273, ss (2013-09-07 at 06.36.36).jp…)

>While everything else seemed to be all fine and dandy, just one thing made Bolin pretty curious. It didn't bother him in the sense that he was jealous, it was more the fact that it was something new he hadn't heard of yet.

>As Kat puts the little robot back in its case, Bolin stands straight up again and raises an eyebrow while grinning a little to himself.

So.. "Angel", huh? Is that a new nickname that the little guy had been calling you?

>Soon after, he realized that that may have sounded like he was teasing her, so he panicked a bit and tried to correct himself

Not that it isn't a cute nickname though! I mean, I.. guess it fits you since you did make the little guy!

>Though he does have to wonder if he could even metalbend her robots. Maybe he could be like some kind of metalbending repairman! That'd be the day.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 804659

File: 1406091913390.png (560 KB, 3000x3668, Did I do that?.png)

>Shy begins to tear up at how much he's in pain.

Please...Air...wake up...T-this isn't real...

Maera Alipheese Monstrum!aLEJudith. 804671

File: 1406092396414.png (277.44 KB, 258x422, Happy as can be.PNG)

>Energized by Rinko's words, the now excited Maera seems to make a full recovery from her exhaustion.

Perfect! I promise you, you won't regret that decision!! Mo'Gallile will embrace Gunpla with open arms and open minds!

>And who better to know this then the Nation herself?


File: 1406092727282.png (142.96 KB, 265x273, my sson has gundam on the brai…)


Neither Sei or I exactly have any trade secrets

The Arena is a PPSE design and Sei's not likely to divulge info on his personal Gunpla

>she bows, as does Sei

I'm sorry


>Rinko smiles widely and sighs happily

Oh the designs you'll come up with are certain to be interesting.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804679

File: 1406092777990.jpg (24.89 KB, 288x180, Grell_Do My Eyes Decieve Me.jp…)



>Nigel's crying seems to cease immediately, but Grell can feel him snuggle his face into her shoulder with a small sniffle and a mewling mumble.

>She listens to him, and even held close and snugly she can feel his little heartbeat flutter in his small chest.
>His small hands grip at her dark overcoat tightly, a familiar grip he had when he was feeling scared. What he was scared about was beyond her, but being held this closely seemed to quiet him down immediately.


>"Well, there's one person who does."

>Grell stares forward, the simple thought passing through her head freezing even her own breath. She didn't need to breathe normally, but the sensation of emptiness inside of her matches the startling clarity in her mind.

>Nigel needed her, more than anyone else in this bloody world. More than Rocks, than his brothers, than anyone else she could even begin thinking of. She was someone constantly there for him, and to the small dark haired baby, she was probably 90% of his known world.

>If nothing else, he needed her and wanted her more than anyone else in the world did.

>Such a tiny realization held so much power to it, but enough for Grell to push aside that interior doubt, grief, and rage.

>She rubs his small back, and with her own green gaze softening, hums lightly to him in a gentle melodious tune.

>Nigel, erstwhile, relaxes as he calms down, and gradually closes his eyes to a peaceful doze.

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804683

File: 1406092902981.jpg (39.89 KB, 255x241, Runic2.jpg)

...Oh yeah, that. She'd gotten so used to it that it didn't even phase her anymore.

"Well, I kinda based their designs off of the robots back home, used a few profiles I had on me at the time... And they're basically copies of the originals, artificial minds and all."

Shrugging, she snaps the black case shut and slips it into a pocket on the side of her leg.

"They've always called me that, ever since I started fixing them from that workshop my mom lent me in the Court. Pretty sure it has to do with some shrine to the one-sided love of the man who made the very first robots ever made back home."

Frowning as she thinks about Diego and his... Repulsive, evil selfishness and the cost to poor Jeanne, the mechanic sighs.

"If anyone even says her name, they're seemingly hard-coded to say 'She died and we did nothing.' It's weird, and even pouring over every inch of their code, I can't find any reason for it besides what they share with the ancient models. And even then, they aren't programmed to say that."

Resting her face on one hand, she continues,


Biting her lip, she momentarily hesitates... But decides there's no harm in talking.

"I looked inside one of the older models. They're kinda magic, as weird as that sounds. More golems than anything. They have the means to move, but no power source, no processor, no sensors, nothing. Just a hole in their chest with computer code-like runes inscribed onto a clay heart."

Realising that'd gone way off topic, she blushes and bows her head.

"Sorry. Home takes... A bit of explaining."

Volker Voss!MEOWKdWFcQ 804701

File: 1406093846388.jpg (187.78 KB, 640x815, d.jpg)

That's alright I guess..

>he began to head out

But, I will see you, hopefully, sometime soon. Sei and Rinko.

>then he looked to the monster woman

And hopefully we can fight again, you and I

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 804714

File: 1406094433986.png (183.94 KB, 501x312, OK, OK, You I Can Tolerate.png)

>Crona kept his gaze away from Grell for the time being, just opting to put the acquired groceries in their proper places for now
>though, internally he wsa struggling with how to approach this matter
>asking about the Dragon Ball quest was right out as a starter, as it'd just give her a subject to get angry over, if she wasn't already
>mentioning their argument from their last meeting, or anything about Xion or Rip was likely ill-advised as well, for the same reasons

Mental note, doublecheck with Rip and make sure no one is picking on her.

>even after all this time that was still something that worried him a bit

>offering to help with Nigel might warrant a better response, but it could just as easily backfire on him, with the infant proving to be too much for him, or Grell getting angrier at the implication that she couldn't handle the child on her own

>a much simpler opener would've just been "how're you doing?" or "are you OK?", and given that she looked pretty strung-out it could show that he did care enough to ask...but then again, it could also backfire in the sense of it being a "stupid question"

>it was after a few minutes of mental struggling that Crona noticed the room had suddenly gone quiet
>rather alarmingly and abruptly so, which was reason enough for him to turn and look at Grell again
>while he was initially worried that something had gone wrong (though the chances of something so severe happening in so short a timeframe were astronomically small) all he saw was Nigel sleeping rather peacefully against Grell, and Grell having seemingly calmed down


>this, in turn, causes Crona to relax a bit, at least thankful that there wasn't any real tension in the air now

Roll 1d1000 = 470

>evens, he decides to speak up, and asks in a rather cautious tone:

Are you alright...?

>odds, he instead continues to opt for silence, not wanting to ruin Grell's seeming improved mood, and after staring at her for a few seconds longer with a slight smile on his face, turns back to resume his work

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804730

File: 1406095050579.png (32.93 KB, 190x235, Grell_Are You Serious Or Are Y…)


>Nigel's breathing turns rhythmic and relaxed, in turn making the red reaper relax her own shoulders with a small sigh.

>It seemed for now that Nigel would remain settled and calm, and if he was napping peacefully, there would be a reprieve from the crying he had indulged in for weeks.


>A voice behind her makes the Reaper turn her head, her humming stopping abruptly as her softer expression fades into mild disappointment.

>Right, he was still here.

>At first she's tempted to take a brash approach and tell him to sod off, but that would easily disturb Nigel from his peaceful dozing.

>Instead, she sighs again.

I'm surprised you care enough to ask. I was under the impression you weren't going to talk to me again following our little spat.

>She keeps her voice even and slightly quiet, not wishing to rouse her son from his contented snooze.

Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804732

File: 1406095157357.gif (1002.84 KB, 500x481, tumblr_m2uxgqFWqI1qje032o1_r1_…)

>Needless to say, Bolin was.. not ready for that whole explanation about why the robot called her "Angel". In fact, he practically got lost somewhere in the middle of her explanation as he tried to make sense of the entire thing.

>But at least he understood the last thing that she said. He waved his hands in front of her, trying to ward off her guilt over suddenly heaving all of that information on him.

No, no, don't be sorry! I guess you, uh.. had a lot on your mind about home, huh?

>He sighs and looks away from Kat, remembering his home back in Republic City.

I.. miss my home a lot, too. I miss Mako and Korra and.. and Asami, and a whole bunch of other people!

>As he goes on, there was a big smile on his face as he remembered Republic City, all his friends, his fans, his Pro-Bending stuff, so much that this world didn't have or couldn't replace.

But.. I don't know how to get back. One day I slip on a banana peel, fall into some weird vortex portal thing, and next thing you know, I'm here with no way back.

>Just like Kat, he also realized he was starting to bum out the current mood, so he had to cheer it up somewhat.

Not that this place isn't great! I mean, free food, no rent, no stinky trash to sleep in, it's amazing how Mr. Sutcliff is even running this place! I'd almost wish to stay here forever if I could.

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804742

File: 1406095601282.jpg (14.52 KB, 173x177, 00001273 (2).jpg)

Yeah... About that...

"...Don't get too attached. You never know when a way home might show up."

...Like the Professor's gate he'd told her about.

And how she'd turned down his offer out of some misconceived notion that she'd make a bigger difference here than back home.

And how many ancient mysteries had she solved since then? How many times had she given someone some kind advice? How many times had she held hands with Paz?


Yeah, she thought so.

"...It is pretty nice here."

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 804750

File: 1406095978322.png (84.47 KB, 500x509, Hnnngh.png)

>well, her answer could have been worse, so that was something of a positive sign
>though the look on her face told him that he wasn't quite out of the woods yet, so he had to be careful with this

>he turns back to the groceries that still had to be put away, having moved mostly baking supplies into their appropriate places by then


>still speaking in a hesitant tone, for fear of sparking something, he stretches up to start putting the more perishable foods in the cupboard, like soup cans or pasta

I just...you know, had time to cool off...look at things a bit differently than I did at the time.

...besides, you looked pretty upset when I came in...

>he briefly wondered if perhaps that was too much to say at once, but ultimately just waits for her answer

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804768

File: 1406096758914.png (102.08 KB, 189x285, Grell_Grosss.PNG)


It's been a trying time, Crona. There are plenty of troubling things on my mind for now.

>Her tone is dispassionate but not overtly cruel for the circumstances. She still feels a bitterness towards him but being as sapped of energy as she is emotionally, the effort doesn't feel worth it anymore.

>Roll 1d1000 = 404

>odds, she holds her tongue and relishes the quiet afterwards, feeling a bit of her frustration start to ebb away.



>evens, continues in a darker sullen tone, her frustration bubbling and simmering inside of her, which is present in the tenseness of her voice as she speaks.

What with Will hounding me about his ruddy files he needs done, Rocks's lich problem, Nigel being cholicky, or Alton being an absolute bastard...it's a ruddy miracle I'm still going about my business.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 804788

File: 1406097872122.jpg (53.5 KB, 470x468, Would You Please Quit Staring …)


...oh dear...

>that did sound like a lot to go through all at once, which would certainly explain why she had been pushed to such a point

>Crona winds up grimacing after a few seconds, feeling like he had basically walked into a minefield of subjects to choose from

That's...certainly a lot of things to have to deal with all at once...

>he still uses that same wary tone, still focusing on his food sorting while deciding what subject to tackle first

Roll 1d4 = 4

>1: "Shouldn't Will be giving you a break since you're raising Nigel...?"

>2: "I haven't heard anything about any hunters lately..."
>3: "Have you thought of hiring a sitter to help with Nigel sometimes...?"
>4: "...what did Alton say...?"

Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804791

File: 1406098029464.jpg (11.19 KB, 214x263, ss (2013-09-07 at 07.37.41).jp…)

>Kat's words stuck onto Bolin. What she said was.. depressingly true. If he does get too attached to this place, there could be a chance that he wouldn't want to leave and go back to how he lived.

Yeah.. you're right.

>He sighed and lowered his eyes to the floor. He.. didn't expect to be so sad in so little time. It'll probably pass over soon, though.

>He looks back up at Kat, however, as she finally spoke up again, and on another topic too.He gave a small smile and looked into the foyer.

..Yeah, it really is a nice place. Did you know? I helped fixed up all the holes and stuff in here with a friend. This place was an absolute wreck before, I'm surprised no one ever bothered to try and help.

Katerina Donlan!Pi.Tech1wc 804800

File: 1406098345784.jpg (19.53 KB, 167x247, Heh, Yeah.jpg)

...She honestly didn't notice when the place was wrecked, when she was even here. It was destroyed so often...

...Well, the contractors Mister Sutcliff had on speed dial must be making a fortune.


...So what now?

"You, uh... Still bending metal?"

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804817

File: 1406100011256.png (81.62 KB, 295x306, Grell_I Broke A Nail.PNG)


>At that question, Grell scoffs. It was typical Crona would look to that first; he had a good rapport with Alton after all. The two were very similar in personality, rather meek and deceptive when first looked at, but hiding some sinister depth underneath a disarmingly charming exterior.

>It was almost a shame to shatter that perception of the ever-kind and beleaguered mansion owner.

What didn't he say?

>Almost. He deserved worse, honestly. She still would have loved to kill him with her bare hands, and stuff that dog talisman down his corpse's throat for good measure.

Among the plethora of hurtful things, shall I list them in order of severity and cruelty? Let's see...

>She takes a slow breath, keeping her interior emotions reigned in, at least to stop any emotional outburst. Nigel's constant and peaceful breathing serves as the perfect ballast against the sea of emotions she tread when revisiting that particular talk.

He blames the manor's destruction on Rocks, threatened to evict me from the premises even if I have nowhere else to go or live at this point, that my apologies for what I've done to him in the past didn't matter and that he still holds a grudge over that...

...That I, apparently, am some sick fascination of his, a mirror of his life that makes him feel fortunate because I am a pathetic loveless freak to him.

>There's a dissonant serenity to Grell's voice, actively removing her emotions tied to this. It still hurts, dully, but she speaks as airily as she can in her usual dismissive tone.

And finally that no matter what he said he could say it, because the moment I kill him I effectively evict myself from the premises, get Nigel removed from my care, get killed, or some combination of all three.

>She pauses, her eyes narrowing upon recollection of the glee in the man's eyes the moment she hit that wall of despair for how right he was in that moment.

...He was quite smug about that.


Bolin!mjjEARTHjo 804818

File: 1406100186233.jpg (12.91 KB, 190x272, ss (2013-09-07 at 07.37.30).jp…)

>He continued his admiration for all the handiwork that he and Josuke had done to the manor that one time. They both did a pretty dang good job of it, and best of all, it's still in once piece, somehow!

>He finally snapped back into focus as Kat spoke once again. How long had he had been out?

Bending.. metal? Oh, oh! Yeah, I've been getting lots of practice in! In fact, the guys down at the Town even hired me just for my bending.

>He turns to look at the Town from where he stood and admired all the work that the guys in there have done in the while.

I'm still surprised I could even do that, honestly. I mean, if it weren't for you I'd.. still be a regular old Earthbender.

>He turns back to smile at her, but then looks down to see that her bag was still slung around her shoulder. His face turned into that of worry.

Oh! Uh, were you going some where?! I didn't mean to hold you up!

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 804822

File: 1406101229042.png (74 KB, 446x269, What The Friggidy-Fuck!.png)



>though Grell had no way of knowing from her position, Crona was left staring at the wall with an expression of complete and utter disbelief

>that was a lot for one person to throw at another, and for it to all come from Alton was just baffling for him

>granted, it shouldn't have been - he knew Alton was in a very bad mental state from their last conversation, so an outburst of some kind was to be expected

>and given Grell and Alton's long and tumultuous history, for them to be at odds was also something to be expected
>Alton blaming the manor's state on Rocks wasn't surprising, he knew the owner had no love for Grell's son - though that didn't justify his placing the blame on him
>him trying to evict Grell without good cause would go over as well as a fart in church - Alton already had a tenuous grip when it came to the residents' respect towards him, so something like that could ruin it completely
>Crona couldn't quite feel sorry for Grell in regards to her apologies going unanswered, however - Alton had gone through a lot at Grell's hands, and he was certainly justified in choosing to not forgive her for any of that. It'd be one thing if the two kept their distance from each other and this erupted anyway, but if they were going to go after each other or Grell was going to start a fight, then she was basically walking into that one.
>the rest of the harsh and hurtful comments, though, were certainly unnecessary and frankly cruel

>though, despite all of this running through his head, Crona was unable to properly vocalize his thoughts

>instead, all he could do was put down the bag of cookies he was holding, slowly turn to look at Grell with an expression of complete shock, and say:


Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 804831

File: 1406102131387.jpg (17.69 KB, 557x317, Grell_Now I Serious'D.jpg)


>The shock is expected, and with a sigh, Grell manages to stand, still holding Nigel in a steady comforting hold.

>She turns around to face him, a solemn seriousness in her face that very rarely comes back for the normally catty reaper.
>Her green eyes bore into him, daring him to call her claims lies in favour of Alton's moral standing.

Believe me or not, Crona, but by my word and my status as Grim Reaper, I am not exaggerating an ounce of that.

>Her gaze hardens.

He pretends so much he, and I wager others, forget who he really is. When that bit of him finally pulls free, he is as every bit ruthless and terrible as I can be, should I will it.

...Though I'd never systematically destroy someone in the fashion he clearly engineered for me. I have the grace to let someone know I hate their bloody guts with a passion.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805094

File: 1406139302757.gif (1.58 MB, 400x224, MENDOUKOTE!.gif)

>As Ryuko slides forward to slice at her heels, the Blade Regalia's hulking arm reaches down, a shinai extending from behind the heavy green armour surrounding his wrist. The bamboo blade stops the attack from her scissor dead in it's tracks and Uzu pushes her away, chuckling while he does so.
Not this time, Matoi. Now, we finish it.
>The shinai retreats back into his wrist and he holds another one in both hands, taking a Kendo stance. He takes a deep breath...Concentrating hard.
...Here I come.
>He charges forward, the sounds of the Blade Regalia's feet crashing against the floor echoing throughout the academy as he swings his Shinai straight towards Ryuko's head.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 131
>If it hits, Uzu follows up with another swing of the shinai, this time aimed at her midsection
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 67
And to finish off the combo, he sends a crashing blow at Ryuko's wrists, with the same pulverising force as the previous blows
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 317

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805098

File: 1406140302955.jpg (115.21 KB, 1183x917, ToumaEndymion 49.jpg)

>The run from the Kendo club building had been a long one, but thankfully he'd been able to follow Uzu's trail. The occasional flash of green in the distance, the slammed-open doors and the loud, fast footsteps had managed to lead him through the winding maze of Honnouji and up through the main building. Touma was, however, mildly late, given that Uzu was both naturally faster and completely uninjured, unlike himself. A fair amount of his body ached but was still very much functional, letting him finally make his way to the only open door in the corridor, which he managed to recognise as the detention room they'd kept him in!

>Skidding to a halt as he reached the door, Touma stood doubled over, panting for breath as he stared at the floor, listening to the sounds of clashing weaponry very close by. He hadn't even looked into the room itself yet, until he'd finally caught his breath and raised his torso, gathering up his energy to let off a shout into the room.

I'm not just gonna let you run off somewhere before I get my permis- !

>Of course, halfway through his speech he caught sight of the incredibly large-sized man's back, immediately recognising him, as well as spotting that Matoi girl fighting head to head with someone in a giant suit of armour and a massive shinai! Was that Sanageyama-san!? What the heck happened to him!?

>Touma did not, however, see who was presently hidden behind the giant figure of the Disciplinary Chair, whose bulky form took up a rather large chunk of his vision, forcing the Level 0's gaze up to take a better look, his voice quieting as he finished his sentence.

...sion slip?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805154

File: 1406144612787.png (173.83 KB, 365x388, Your Stupidity Is More Painful…)

>Crona was left staring at Grell, his mouth agape as he had to process just what he had been told
>he had to repeat to himself over and over again in his head that Alton was in a really bad way, and that the stress from all that was likely what triggered this sudden change in temperment
>it didn't justify his actions at all, but it did explain them - it wasn't like he suddenly became a different person overnight
>and while Grell was right in that she was upfront with how she felt about someone, she wasn't above personal jabs and at least attempting to verbally destroy someone
>but, of course if he said that, then she'd just snap back at him and they'd be back to square one


>now facing Grell completely, the remaining groceries left on the counter, Crona just lifts a hand and places it over his face, a long sigh ekeing out through his fingers

>clearly he still needed a minute or two to process what exactly happened, given that things were clearly really bad between Grell and Alton
>and waiting to see what else Grell had to say might help give him a point to start from

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805174

File: 1406146253935.png (106.35 KB, 239x249, Grell_Come Again Dear.PNG)


Nothing to say about it?

>Of course he didn't, he was likely trying not to say anything rude in case he made her angry again. Crona was many things, though he usually came with responses quicker than this.

>He didn't seem terribly surprised now, more maligned, as if this news were an imposition on him.


>How very Crona-like. She scoffs and stands, looking back to the table where her chainsaw is resting.

>It's a bit of an armful, but having nearly a year to handle a baby and other items in her arms had made her somewhat of an expert. Some careful shifting puts Nigel in a safe hold, still propped halfway on her shoulder, his grip still very tight on her coat.
>An arm now free, Grell takes the chainsaw from the table, and with some effort, places it back inside her coat.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805177

File: 1406147093803.png (147.65 KB, 268x295, Don't Mind Me, Just Waiting Fo…)

>Crona could hear Grell move out of her chair, and quickly understood that he was running out of time to actually talk to her or get any sort of rapport going
>as such, he moves his hand away and straightens back up, returning his gaze to Grell

What started all this?

>waiting for a discussion point to crop up wasn't working, so prying for more information was the next best thing

I mean, say what you will about him, but I seriously doubt he'd just walk up to you one day and say all that.

What exactly happened?

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805187

File: 1406148404223.png (59.67 KB, 237x355, Grell_Am I Angry-YOU BET YOUR …)


>With another noise of disgust, Grell turns her head to look at Crona once more.

>Of course he wouldn't figure Alton to be like tat, even if he was. Why did she bother telling him this if he was trying to ferret out an excuse for that man?

Nothing aside Alton throwing an absolute fit at the sight of the foyer being an utter wreck for what I assume must have been the hundredth time.

All I had done was told him to calm down and he rounds on me, blaming Rocks and that ruddy hunter problem for it being that way to start!

>A mumble close to her ear stems Grell's voice from getting any louder or angrier, though she was sorely tempted to go on and accuse Crona of trying to defend Alton to her.

>But she wouldn't risk waking Nigel, and instead releases an annoyed snort, quickly turning her gaze away from Crona.

>She continues in an incensed but quieter tone of voice, the lenses to her glasses flashing bright red.

And when I illuminated him to the fact that Rocks didn't draw the source of that destruction, and that perhaps if he rethought that stupid open door policy that his mansion might be able to weather a week without someone knocking out a ruddy window, he launched into that.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805191

File: 1406150133597.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)

>now here Crona had to hold his tongue
>he knew that Grell had quite the mouth on her and was far from innocent when it came to arguments, especially if she had all that other stuff weighing her down prior to their argument
>much like Alton, funnily enough
>and Crona also had to consider just how much about Alton's own problems he should reveal to Grell, considering it was possible she could use that against Alton, and that would only escalate matters even further
>regardless, he wasn't about to automatically take Grell at her word that things went exactly as she said

...God, when did I get so cynical?

>pushing that thought aside, he opens his mouth to say something to Grell

>but as he looks up, he catches the sight of Nigel in her arms again and halts, closing his mouth and thinking things over again

>if he was going to wind up starting an argument again, there's no way either of them could properly talk so long as there was a baby between them

>which meant there was no way to really get to the bottom of this whole mess, because the both of them would be thinking about how to avoid getting Nigel upset
>and it was possible it would just end in one or both of them throwing their hands in the air and giving up

...maybe we should talk about this after you've put Nigel to bed.

Just so we don't get him upset or anything...

>he doesn't look up at Grell when he makes this suggestion, instead keeping an eye on Nigel and seeing if he was reacting to anything

Matoi Ryuko (Mobile) 805194

>Was she seriously just gonna stand there and call him sama?!
>Ryuko was beginning to wonder whether Mako would've been more help in this situation.

>He was still fast.
>Her attack blocked almost effortlessly, Ryuko pushes herself off the gigantic shinai, jumping into a crouched pose on her feet and sliding backwards. She blows a bit of hair out of her face and resumes holding the scissor with both hands.
>He had a size advantage, absolutely, but even with that bulky armor, he was still blindingly fast!
>... heh. Blindingly.
>Ryuko shakes her head to rid herself of the stupid pun.

>She dives out of the way of his first swing and rolls onto her feet, letting the huge bamboo stick slam into the already-dented floor. His footsteps alone practically left craters in his wake!

Oi, was that supposed to hit me?!

>The transfer student doesn't waste a moment. She leaps forward, bringing the scissor down in an overhead swing right at the Blade Regalia's wrist.

>Roll 1d1000 = 637 evens

>Dub/trip fail, she doesn't have time to move away, otherwise she hops to the side and away from him.

>Too busy with her fight, she's unable to really focus on the newcomer, but she does shout out,
You're not gonna get one any time soon, Kamijou!

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805195

File: 1406151046870.png (80.5 KB, 420x270, Grell_And That's Disappointing…)


>Grell stares at Crona for a long while, her mood quickly dipping.

>There was a part of her that is still disappointed, but if he wasn't willing to actually talk to her with Nigel here, there was likely a reason for it.
>A reason she had no desire to see through all the way. She sighs and fixes him with a flat expression.

...Here's an idea. I can just go and stop being an imposition on your business. Archive knows how much my word matches up against the infallible word of my stuffy counterpart.

>She turns with a flip of her red hair and starts to walk out, the clicking of her heels marking her brisk pace to the door.

>Nigel remains sleeping peacefully on her shoulder, but his grip tells her there's always a chance he'll wake up when he's made to let her coat go.
>Likewise, her patience with Crona had completely vanished. It was clear where he was standing on this.

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805196

File: 1406151098184.jpg (89.46 KB, 528x465, Oh No.jpg)

That voice...


No... No, no, no, no!

Of all the times, all the places he could have shown up, he had to show up here. He had to show up when she wasn't holding out much hope for herself, and was finally ready to die for something worthwhile, peacefully and without many people to get upset over it.

But now? Now he shows up? Once she was already in over her head? After there wasn't really much hope, to give her some, only to have it snatched away again? Of all the times he could have come back, he had to have picked the absolute worst for both of them, because now, he'd get the pleasure of seeing her die, she'd have to deal with the idea of him dying in some anger-induced, bullheaded fight because of her dying and he was almost certainly going to get hurt if not killed, and there was nothing she could do to protect him without dying in front of him sooner.

Fukou da, indeed.


...But all that said, she had to see him. She had to see his face. She had to know that one of the few people she felt genuinely close to, the one person she'd met and become friends with without the illusion she put on for everyone else, was actually here. All that said, she'd missed him from the day she sent him off. She'd missed him, and it hurt knowing that she might never see him again. It hurt to know that, following the line of reasoning she'd used to justify doing it in the first place, she never should see him again. That seeing him again meant that he was in danger because of her. That seeing him again meant she could be the reason he'd be hurt or killed. She enjoyed his company and his friendship, and it had hurt her so, so much to just remove him from her life after all he'd done for her and her friends, but she would never, ever be able to live with herself if he or Kyouko or Jenny or any of her other friends had died because of her. But now that he was back, now that she couldn't do anything about that, now that raw emotion overpowered reason, she had to see him.

She had to.


Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805198

File: 1406151436025.png (67.48 KB, 244x273, I don't want to live on this p…)


And here we go...

>just a mere suggestion and he was already being pegged as an insensitive jerk

>this was going to be an uphill battle if there ever was one

>he stares straight ahead as Grell starts to head to the door, keeping his growing annoyance masked as best as he could with a simple blank look

Grell, I was just advising that perhaps it'd be best if Nigel didn't listen to this.

Considering he was already in a sour mood before and only now just calmed down, putting him back in that mood wouldn't be fair to him.

And I don't know if you noticed, but he only seemed to calm down after you did. So having this discussion with him here will get him agitated, regardless of what stance I take or what we discuss.

>privately, Crona was really hoping Grell would just take what he was saying and not start searching for something that wasn't there, or make more accusations that'd make him agitated

>he needed to keep as cool a head as he could if he hoped to actually do something about this

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805205

File: 1406152097663.png (102.08 KB, 189x285, Grell_Grosss.PNG)



>The reaper stops at the doorway, her head turning slightly to listen to Crona's statements.

>There's something about his blank look, but there's nothing she can see that suggests he was thinking anything else...


>Though she says nothing, Grell leaves the kitchen with a pensive expression, her footsteps eventually fading from earshot.


>Roll 1d1000 = 932

>odds, a short while later, Grell returns and sits at the table, a small device for listening to Nigel nap sticking of of her black overcoat and a frown on her face


>evens, as long as Crona waits, it doesn't seem as if the Reaper is coming back at all.

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805215

File: 1406153170082.gif (1.63 MB, 371x209, 1.gif)

>In the midst of the battle, a new voice and person had suddenly appeared in the middle of all of this. It was a voice of one person that he knew of, the one person that single-handedly broke a One-Star uniform in the literal sense: The Intruder of Honnouji Academy.

>Judging by what Matoi and Mami had said, he had finally found out the intruder's name for the first time since meeting him on the ground floor of the school. After escaping twice already, there was no way that Gamagoori would let this dangerous man run around, what with his absolutely strange power.

>Gamagoori's massive body stood and turned to the side to see the small boy that stood just in front of the door. Even from that distance, Touma could already see the angry glare that was plastered on Gamagoori's face like it was permanently tattooed onto it. But not only could he see Gamagoori, because of his shift in his position, he could also see a familiar blonde haired girl, looking mostly unharmed by the man. And just like Touma, Mami could also see him, but more battered, bruised, and wetter than usual.

>However, the calm atmosphere of their reunion after finally seeing each other again was quickly interrupted by a loud, booming shout from the largest and angriest man in the room.


>Without any hesitation, he pulled out one of the whips that was not cut by Matoi earlier and slung it towards Touma.

>Roll 1d1000 = 569


>The next thing Mami would see was Gamagoori's red, thorny whip surrounding Touma and binding his limbs to his body. Once Gamagoori tested that it was wrapped tightly around him, he pulled on the whip and caused him to go flying into the Detention Room and land next to her.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805217

File: 1406153535093.png (51.73 KB, 417x271, I Swear, I Can't Leave You Peo…)

>as Grell takes her leave, Crona turns around and resumes putting the groceries away, this time moving quickly to make sure nothing stopped him again
>within a few seconds, he was finished, and was left waiting for Grell to come back, or give some other indication that she'd talk


>soon about five minutes passed, and Crona was left sitting at the table, simply waiting as patiently as he could


>five minutes became ten, and he was now pacing back and forth


>once it grew to fifteen minutes, Crona was fairly certain she wasn't coming back up

>unless Nigel was being really fussy

>regardless, now he had a choice to make

>he could either let this go and just write Grell off as a lost cause, since she was set in her ways and would likely not want to listen to another perspective
>or he could go down and try to continue the conversation, which meant the chances of her going off on him and him responding in kind were all the more likely, and also included the possibility of things escalating to a fight

>it wasn't right to leave this alone, he knew that much. He had already heard about how Alton was doing, and even though he didn't know about this beforehand, it was still clear to him why Alton would do that. So while he would need to talk to Alton again, most likely, he still needed the whole story from Grell's side. Otherwise he would just be blindly taking Alton's side in the debate.

>but then again, it seemed like he just had no chance of getting anything through to Grell. Ever since their last argument over Rip, and her accusations towards him that basically said he was going out of his way to keep things from her, she was practically a brick wall. Even now, when he was just trying to take Nigel out of the equation for the sake of the child, he was accused of already taking Alton's side without even implying that he might be. Trying to argue with her now would be an exercise in frustration and likely futility.
>even so, someone had to get things sorted out between them or come to some sort of agreement or whatever. Especially if there was the possibility of them butting heads again, and if the last argument was any indication then it would go very badly for one or both of them. But more than that, Nigel would likely suffer quite a bit, and the manor as a whole would go through a large amount of trauma if something bad were to happen to Alton in particular.


>and, if nothing else, Crona just hated leaving things unsaid

>so, with a resigned outlook, he strode forward and exited the kitchen, turning and heading for the basement stairs to get this matter settled

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805219

File: 1406153864456.jpg (142.23 KB, 1920x1080, MEN!.jpg)

>Uzu brings up his shinai to block the swing at the Blade Regalia's wrist, the scissor blade on bamboo making a clang for no adequately explored reason. Uzu smirks behind the helmet
I could ask you the same question, Matoi!
>He pushes the scantily clad girl away from him, and tries to use her temporary balance loss as an opportunity to strike, bringing the shinai down on her head
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 665

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805222

File: 1406155335949.png (49.25 KB, 252x244, Grell_Be Calm Be Quiet Happy P…)


>Inside her room in the basement, Grell sits heavily in a red plushy chair, her hands folded on her stomach as she slouches in her chair.

>Nigel had woken up the moment she pulled him from her shoulder but some gentle humming and shushing lulled him back to sleep in his crib, cuddled with his favourite wolf plush.

>Alone for now, she reflects on her chance meeting with Crona, and her earlier talk with William, with her revelation of Nigel still fresh on the mind.

>She hadn't had much interaction with anyone following her spat with Alton. It was quite a lonely time. Rocks had distanced himself from her since their disagreement on the treatment of the hunters and their deserving of a terrible fate. Or, in Rocks' opinion, the need for mercy upon them.

>And even when she had tried to stand up for him against Alton she was rewarded with bile thrown in her face.

>That alone reminds her of Alton's and Will's insistence about Rocks, and an interior thought that again and again came up within her.
>She already established she was a superfluous addition to Rocks' life, there were reminders of this that spouted up all the time. He did grow up without her, he didn't have any connection to her or dependency.

>...He probably wasn't even related to her by blood, anyway.

>A son she had picked up out of desperation, her doting on a man that had done wrong to her years ago, and the only one she could rely on to be there and care for her was her own small son sleeping nearby.

>Grell manages a bitter and quiet laugh, shaking her head for good measure.

Perhaps he was right...how pathetic...

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805224

File: 1406155561736.gif (680.14 KB, 300x169, If you can dodge a wrench.gif)

We'll see about that!

>Was his only response, though admittedly given Matoi's own battle, it really was unlikely he was going to get anything out of Sanageyama unless he intervened personally. That was the original plan, at least.

>Whatever plans he had going, however, shattered at the sound of a voice he found all-too familiar. The worried tone, combined with a hint of both curiosity, indulgence and despair was unmistakable, even if he didn't consciously understand they were there.
>More important than the realisation of who the voice belonged to, however, was something else.

>From the moment he had stepped back into this world, there had been a constant doubt in the depths of his mind. What if he hadn't made it back? What if he hadn't gone to the right world at all, ended up in some strange parallel universe completely unrelated? He knew he was in Honnouji, and the Academy had recently transferred into a new world, but there was never any guarantee.

>They'd warned him, when he was trying to set up the rift. They'd said the multiverse, now that it had been proven, was made up of billions upon billions of parallels, and that he could end up in any of them if he wasn't certain. He hadn't been, and despite his confidence he had been worried the entire time.

>But to hear and see a Mami that recognised who he was from his voice and surname alone?
>That was more than enough proof for him.

>Unfortunately, he didn't even have time to give a response. The hulking giant wheeled around to face him, letting off that same booming voice that Touma remembered from his initial arrival, only this time it was directed right at him in close proximity. He was loud, and that shocked him for a moment.
>That moment was taken advantage of in it's entirely by Gamagoori, who flung the whip at him at speed.

>Diving out of the way, Touma rolled amidst the desks before clambering back to his feet, far too used to that maneuver than he'd like.

What is it with you and permission!?
That's what I'm here for, damn it!

>A sideways glance towards Mami was all he could spare for her at the moment, given that he was being attacked, yet when he looked across he could see the worry in her eyes. Just what had she faced, recently?

>Touma, however, had found a new confidence, a new strength - the knowledge that he was truly where he wanted to be gave him the resolve to stand, despite his bruised and scraped body, before the Disciplinary Chair.

It's all right, Tomoe-san...

>Clenching his right hand, he stared straight at Gamagoori Ira, as if locking on to a target.

>That hard gaze was kept for a few seconds, the unrelenting force of will coming from his opponent naturally stifling, but he had something he needed to do, and damn it all if some toad was going to get in the way!

I've got no reason to hesitate anymore!

>Bounding from his position, he used a chair in a step up leap, flying towards Gamagoori in an attempt to knock him back by punching him square in the chest.

Roll 1d1000 = 251

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805227

File: 1406156239599.gif (358.13 KB, 500x223, Realization.gif)

She had so much she wanted to say. So much she wanted to do.

...And this enormous, ugly, unfair brute was in her way, and attacking him!

She didn't care anymore. That was more than enough reason to take a risk.

Roll 1d1000 = 740

Evens, the girl draws several rifles at once from the knot in the ribbon at her throat, leveling them at Gamagoori, and blasts him point blank in the back with a quick barrage of shots.

Odds, the effort is too much for her, and she only manages two rifles before swooning, the weapons cracking as they hit the ground and quickly disappear. Dazed, she falls against Gamagoori's back, almost as if she were vainly attempting to harm him.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805228

File: 1406156762889.jpg (6.85 KB, 300x168, I Will Win This Staring Contes…)

>Crona came to a stop once he reached the sitting area of the basement, looking all around briefly

No sign of her here...

>he had hoped she'd just be sitting in one of the chairs so they could get started right away

>if she wasn't there, however, that meant she was still in her room, which would only make things even trickier
>still, he'd already resigned himself to this, and he wouldn't turn back now

>so, he turns and heads down the hall, walking in long and quick strides to get to his destination as fast as possible

>once he reaches Grell's door, he comes to an immediate stop, cautiously leaning forward to listen to what was happening inside


>everything seemed to be quiet, meaning Nigel was probably asleep

>not wanting to ruin that, he reaches up to the door and very lightly taps on it with his knuckle
>he doesn't call out to Grell after this, just waiting for her to come and answer

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805231

File: 1406157356957.png (153.27 KB, 334x312, Grell_God I Need A Vacation.PN…)


>Distracted in her thoughts, she nearly dismisses the first rap on the door as something from her imagination.

>But the following soft taps are unmistakably from her door, and something difficult to ignore in the silence of her room.


>After a moment, she shakes her head and stands with a weary sigh. Her footsteps are muffled by the rich exotic red and gold rug rolled out over the boring floor, masking her steps as she makes the approach to the door.

>A flick of the lock and a twist of the knob opens the door, though once she peers out she sighs once more, looking more tired than annoyed.


>It wasn't enough that talking to him already left a sour taste in her mouth. Did he want to drill his own morally 'right' views into her as a last word?

>She wouldn't be terribly surprised, though she wishes he wouldn't all the same.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805235

File: 1406158096199.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)

>Crona doesn't really react to the tired and exasperated look on Grell's face, having been expecting it given their current status
>he just adopts a more cautious look on his face, matched by his tone of voice when he gently whispers to Grell, knowing he could rouse Nigel at any point

Grell...say what you want, but I'm fairly sure you want to talk about this...

I don't think you would've told me about what happened if you didn't want to go over it with someone. Especially given how we left things last time.


>he trails off at this point, just spreading his arms slightly, as if telling her that the ball was in her court

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805242

File: 1406158536443.png (1022.75 KB, 1280x720, Gamagoori Ira2014-07-22-04h48m…)

>Once Touma dodged out of the way, Gamagoori quickly pulled the whip back. However, as he was getting ready to lash at Touma again..

>He was suddenly barraged by several blasts from his back. The surprise attack caught him off-guard and caused him to fall forward, causing Touma to miss his attack and end up just by Mami's side.

>As the cloud settled from Mami's fire, they could see the silhouette of the man stand back up again. As his back was towards them, both Mami and Touma could see the gunshots that she had made all over Gamagoori's uniform, a smoke trail emanating from each shot.

>He slowly turns his body around for both Mami and Touma to see the signature angry glare that Gamagoori had.


>Once he was finished yelling, the three stars that were visible on his collar quickly flashed, the Life Fibers in his Three-Star Goku Uniform activating. Much like the transformation of Sanageyama Uzu, the Life Fiber threads of the Goku Uniform undid themselves. Afterwards, three bright stars surrounded the naked Gamagoori Ira while a thread connected all three to each other, forming a triangle. Said triangle begun to swirl around him until an even larger and brighter star formed above Gamagoori and lowered itself onto Gamagoori. As it made its way downwards, his body was now covered tightly and wound in a thick thread while spikes pierced out on both sides of the mummification, leaving a hole on his head for his eye to look through and a gag ball in front of his mouth. Once the star had passed through Gamagoori's feet, the Life Fiber threads finally reconnected as the remaining threads pulled themselves back into place on the uniform.

>With the transformation done, Gamagoori Ira yelled out

>Gamagoori stood tall and erect in the Detention Room. Surprisingly, the room was big enough to fit his uniform. But, he only stood and did.. nothing. He only stood and waited.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805250

File: 1406158893865.png (167.58 KB, 448x249, Grell_Frankly That Is Ridiculo…)


>The reaper doesn't dally in her response, keeping her voice low and quiet as she speaks, her exasperation still evident in her tone.

The last person I tried talking to about this ended up smacking me in the head with a metal pole. And that happened today.

>She lifts a hand, staring at Crona is a flat disbelieving expression.

Do you really think I want to hear any more criticisms or be brushed off for the sake of some ridiculous status quo? Be told I'm wrong or be second-guessed because it's my word?

>She lets her arm fall to her side and sighs, feeling an agitation stir inside of her chest.

I know you and I had a falling out over that ruddy leech, Crona. I know you've always preferred Alton's company and that you likely think I'm overstating what happened because Alton couldn't possibly be like that.

>With that said, her gaze simply bores into Crona. She doesn't blink but merely frowns very slightly at him.

...If none of that is true I'll apologize immediately. But if I hit on a few truths somewhere in there, I think it's best that you leave, Crona.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805277

File: 1406160576528.png (107.33 KB, 254x292, It's Gonna Be One Of Those Day…)

>the mention of the metal pole caused Crona to frown a bit, pegging that on William given Grell had ranted about him earlier
>his eyebrow gives a slight twich when Grell uses the term "leech" in regards to Rip, given it was meant to be some sort of slur
>but even so, Grell had managed to hit the mark when she suspected Crona of not fully believing her - an occasion when her suspicions paid off was a rare one indeed in his mind
>and yet, he couldn't back down that easily. This was something that had to be nipped in the bud before it grew any worse, for all parties involved

...I'm not going to say you didn't find something truthful there, Grell.

>Crona's voice was firm, but still quiet, both to keep Nigel at ease and to hopefully keep Grell's temper at bay as well

I'll be honest: No, I don't completely believe everything you said. But at the same time, I don't believe Alton is completely blameless in this either.

I'm not blind. He's changed lately, he's acting very different, and I know at least one or two reasons why. But I don't know what exactly has been going on between you two, or what caused things to escalate to this point.

>he folds his arms while staring up at Grell, wearing a concerned but stern look on his face

If I was just concerned with keeping the status quo, then I wouldn't be talking to you right now. I would just take Alton's side and leave you all by yourself down here, and pretend you never told me what you did.

The fact is, I'm thinking about both of you in this whole mess, because both of you stand something to lose.

If things escalated even further between you two, there's the possibility of Alton losing his very tenuous reputation with the other residents, which I'm certain would break him. Or, on the other hand, there's the chance he could lose his life, seeing as how you want to kill him.

And you, Grell, stand to lose this roof over your head...

>he spreads his arms out again at this point, gesturing to the hall he was standing in

Which means you also could lose providing a safe place for Nigel to grow up in.

>he then points past Grell to the interior of her room, where Nigel slept

You can think whatever you want to about me, but if there's a chance a single mother is gonna get kicked out of this place, I'm gonna do something about that.

Especially since there's still the chance the Reapers could come and take him away if they feel they should.

>he lowers his hand and folds his arms again, carrying the same tone and expression all throughout

So...I think, for yours and Nigel's sake, that we should talk about this. Figure out what went wrong, and hopefully get to a point where you and Alton...

>he pauses, then raises his hands up defensively

Well, where you're not liable to strangle one another.

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805283

File: 1406161102760.jpg (117.15 KB, 1310x913, Touma78.jpg)

>Had he ever seen Mami fight before it happened? He couldn't personally remember it; he remembered her, and that he intended to help her, as well as her voice and appearance, but so much had happened to him since then that it was difficult to pull all of the small details.

>It sounded like guns going off, and judging by the look of his opponent, they'd all blasted him in the back. Wasn't she a Magical Girl? Why use firearms?

>There wasn't much time to think about that, however. Mami's attack seemed to have an effect, but Touma flew past him and landed close by, tumbling for a moment before coming to his feet again.
>Once again, the booming voice rang out, firstly to declare battle proper and secondly...

>Well, the second part came after his clothes transformed, the fibers practically re-arranging themselves in front of him until, finally, they revealed the true form of- .... Bondage Gear?

>Just what in the heck was this?
>After experiencing the transformation effect, he realised why Sanageyama looked the way he did - his must've done the same thing, but why would you pick to tie yourself up completely when compared to crazy huge shinai warrior?

>In any case, that was definitely not normal, and if it wasn't normal...

I'm not an enemy of Honnouji Academy!

>That statement had particularly bothered Touma. He wasn't an enemy of everything here - Kasumi wanted to protect what she held close, and had done so even against him. Maki just wanted to go out and see the world, to experience the things outside. He wasn't an enemy of that. On the contrary, he supported it. What he didn't support was the great iron fist hammering down on people's own freedom and choices.

I'm here to stop you!

>Having specified his intent, Touma wound up a punch, going straight for the uniform!

Roll 1d1000 = 812
>Evens, the hit is a strong one punching Gamagoori in the gut with his right hand.
>Odds, the hit is somewhat negligible, Touma stumbling due to his injuries and catching him on the side.

>Either way


Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 805285

File: 1406161222430.jpg (89.51 KB, 1280x720, (357).jpg)

>The airship ducks a weaves around Starky's attack and the Non-Athletic club President scoffs.

Oh don't tell me you think that modern day pop music trash is better then the sounds of classical music!

William Tell Overture: Final


>And once again Starky was assaulted with powerful sound ways that tried to bash her about.

>Odds hit Roll 1d1000 = 715

Starky!whAhasimHo 805296

File: 1406162133889.gif (1.43 MB, 576x324, NO! NO! FUUUUUUCK.gif)

>Starky gets blown back, crashing into the walls.

To be honest...

>She gets back up, dizzy.

I prefer...HEAVY METAL!

>She takes out a battleaxe and swings at the speakers.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 952

Matoi Ryuko!GNAKEDWUXo 805297

File: 1406162145531.jpg (77.68 KB, 1280x720, active_HUA.jpg)

>What was even going on over there...?!
>Ryuko didn't exactly have the opportunity to pay attention, considering she was in the middle of a battle, but she had a feeling things were about to get tense over there.

>How did he move so fast in such a bulky thing of armor...?
>Scowling, the transfer student lets herself get pushed back. Again, she leaps out of the way, sliding along the tile. The shinai whooshes past her, again digging into the tile and making another impressive dent.

>We're getting nowhere fast, Ryuko.

Yeah, any suggestions?!


>Ignoring the lack of helpfulness from her kamui, Ryuko dives right back in, and goes for sheer number of attacks rather than overwhelming brute force. She slices at every inch of armor she can get to, jumping from one spot to another with each hit.

>Roll 1d1000 = 777 evens and Roll 1d10 = 5 hit

>If 7 or more hit,

>she wraps it up with a final great slash at the Blade Regalia's midsection.
>Roll 1d1000 = 152 evens

>Regardless, she gets a good few looks at the scene over there while wailing on Uzu.
>That was... a whole other level entirely there, Gamagoori's new uniform.
>Was the ball gag seriously necessary?


>Did Satsuki give that to him?

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805298

File: 1406162230876.png (60 KB, 191x281, Grell_I've Seen Bigger.PNG)


>She's tempted to step back and shut the door in Crona's face the moment he concedes she was right in one part, already stepping back to shut the door in his face when he continued. Her arm freezes the moment her fingers grip the doorknob, an eyebrow lifting when Crona mentions Alton is not entirely blameless in this situation.


>She listens to him, but her grip tightens on the doorknob, her eyebrows furrowing at him when, out of all the things Crona mentions, it's Alton's reputation being at risk. Or his life, for that matter.

>Alton had already stressed how that end with Nigel would come about; she had already placed plenty of thought into it. First take that talisman from him somehow. Then it was a plethora of different methods she could employ: poison, an accident on the roof, a grisly and wonderfully visceral stab to his bloody heart...

>The less traceable the better; she fancied the idea of kidnapping him and leaving him in the middle of the Ivory Desert or the toxic wasteland of Aelazandre. Without the talisman he'd die of exposure or radiation and nobody would be the wiser.

>She hadn't done it yet because she needed to be fully focused for it. But unknowing of any security devices that would pin the crime on her had been the only thing stopping her.

>That or a different place to live. If she had any reliable home, she would have killed him that night and left already.


>She steps forward and out of her room, closing the door behind her with a quiet click of the latch.

>But she focuses Crona with a displeased stare, her mouth drawn into a thin line.

...How apt that what you're worried about is his ruddy popular opinion. More than the idea that I can very well kill him if I want.


What went wrong was that the bloody idiot had hated Rocks being here since he first appeared, and has conveniently become Alton's scapegoat for everything terrible happening around him.

>She scoffs

Alton has no love for the idea of family. If it isn't his obviously failed marriage or his disdain for his own progeny, is it any wonder why he dislikes Rocks as well?

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 805299

File: 1406162713198.png (63.27 KB, 489x315, Andthenthere'sthisasshole.png)

>Below, a silent rush of air, and the mess of blood and dismembered limbs and meat vanishes with a faint pop.
>A hand grips a battered SMG as a naked Joel stands up, taking aim at the soaring airship, emptying the rest of the clip of explosive rounds directly into the base of one of the lower wings.
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 116

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805301

File: 1406163194702.jpg (121.61 KB, 850x637, sample-4ff4272dffc8cdf953e4611…)


What was that?

Why was he dressed up like a mummy all of a sudden?

...Of course he'd run at him and punch.

Of course he would.

Seeing no obvious weak spot besides what she assumed was the least protected part of his body, the girl draws another rifle from her breast, and shaking slightly, aims for the ball gag in his mouth.

Roll 1d1000 = 809
Evens, she nails it dead on, at the least jamming it far enough into his mouth to where he couldn't actually speak. You know, the point of the thing.
Odds, she's too weakened by the ordeal and swoons at the last second, the shot harmlessly glancing off his cheek and sinking heavily to her knees, drawing deep, gasping breaths.

Ashley!aLEJudith. 805306

File: 1406163976687.jpg (62.01 KB, 607x531, I'M NEVER FLYING WITH YOU PEOP…)

>The slash to her uniform she was expecting, the sudden reappearance of Joel shooting at her she didn't. Either way, the damage combined was enough to destabilize her uniform and she began a nosedive right back down to the earth.


>Nonon crashes right into the stage in a shower of metal, musical instruments, and wood splinters.

>and that was the end of the battle for the Non-Athletic Chair... Right?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805308

File: 1406164201648.png (91.46 KB, 263x270, Dude...I Can't Even...What.pn…)

>as Crona expected, bringing all this up only made Grell more agitated
>but at least she was still willing to talk, so there was something to work with there

>he does wince a bit when Grell brings up his "failed marriage", wondering if she actually knew about Alton and Judith, or if she was just jumping to conclusions again

>it seemed wiser to err on the side of caution for that subject, especially considering how Grell was clearly not willing to sympathize with Alton at all right now

>he backs away slightly once Grell exits the room, now raising his hands defensively

OK, first of all...

>he then raises a hand and points at her as he continues

And you've talked to me about him before, so you know that this has some truth to it...

>he lowers his hand again and resumes, still appearing to be cautious about this

But Rocks is not the easiest person in the world to get along with. He holds grudges and gets pretty confrontational with people when he wants to. And when he runs into a viewpoint he doesn't agree with he doesn't want to try and see things from the other side, which makes confrontations all the more likely.

So if something happened between them that we don't know about, then that could be why Alton dislikes him so vehemiently.

>he turns after a moment, his back now to the hallway leading to the living area, still keeping up the defensive yet rational viewpoint, his expression one that was calm and collected

Now, having said that...

There was all that confusion before with the clones - or his brothers, whichever is the truth - causing some problems initially, so that may be the reason why. It could all just be one big misunderstanding.

I mean, considering one of them tried to kill me even I thought Rocks was an ass.

>he carefully avoided bringing up how the two of them were now, thinking it better to not get into that can of worms right now

But, regardless...is it fair for Alton to blame Rocks for the hunters?

No, it's not. And there's no excuse for that, he should know better.

Starky!whAhasimHo 805312

File: 1406164456159.png (363.2 KB, 880x1232, 671951__safe_solo_fluttershy_d…)

>Starky takes out another bottle of alcohol,, along with the crate, drinking the contents before shouting wildly in victory.



Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805313

File: 1406164568484.gif (1.58 MB, 400x224, MENDOUKOTE!.gif)

>This was IT.

>This was the fight he had LONGED for.

>A rematch with Matoi, a clash of blade on blade, both of them at their best, fighting to prove who TRULY was the strongest between them. Who had grown the most since they had first come to this academy.

>Uzu could feel his blood boiling. The grin on his face widened to feral levels

You're gonna have to try harder than that, MATOI!
>As Ryuko charges forward, he surges forward to meet her. He could sense her every move, the sharp inhale of breath as she pondered her next attack...The feel of the wind against his body as she dove through it, the smell of her sweat as her assault exhausted her further...Ryuko got closer and closer...And now was the time to strike.
This is what a man's change can create!
>Uzu guards the first strike easily, using Ryuko's momentum against her by pushing her away from him, before he swings the shinai down once more on her head
>The strike impacts with terrible fury behind it. Cracking into Ryuko's skull with a force she'd find horribly familiar. But Uzu was by no means done yet.
>The shinai leaves her head, only to come swinging round into her midsection, lifting her off the ground with how much power he had swung behind it. There's a brief second where she remains in the air, gravity having not quite caught up with her yet, but it was enough for Uzu to capitalise on it.
>And he swings down, the shinai catching Ryuko straight on the wrist, the strength of the blow forcing Ryuko back into the floor, creating a small crater as she's slammed back down. Uzu laughs uproariously behind the grill of the helmet. This was the fight he'd DREAMED OF! He would show her what his resolved could do! Once again, Uzu swings the shinai at her, this time in an upper swing that pulled her out of the ground and flying into the air. Once she was in the air, he struck again, launching a vicious barrage of unrelenting attacks, charging forward as he did so, every attack battering the Kamui clad girl around the hallway, into the floor, the walls, the ceiling, everywhere, all the while, he continued to call his attacks.
>Before finally, at the end of the hallway, Ryuko's left spinning in the air for one final strike, as Uzu holds the shinai high above his head, just long enough to bring it unerringly down on her skull
>The final strike hits, sending Ryuko crashing into the floor. Sanageyama stands triumphantly over the crater in the floor and smirks behind the helmet.
Come on then, Matoi! Show me what you've got! I know you can take more than that!
>There's a very long pause. Uzu would blink, if he was capable of any eye movement, the smirk on his face quickly turns into a frown as he tries to sense for any sign of movement.
>Another long silence. Made even longer by Uzu no longer moving. Not even the sound of the hulking Blade Regalia creaking or hissing. Just dead, eerie silence as Uzu wonders what had just happened.

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805314

File: 1406164740560.jpg (106.6 KB, 450x540, ss (2014-07-21 at 03.22.00).jp…)

So you like fighting?

>She seemed rather surprised, or shocked.

>Shrugging, Alice develops a small, but confident and haughty smile on her face.

Y'know, I used to do a lot of fighting too. I was pretty strong, too.
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Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805320

File: 1406165653697.png (208.39 KB, 393x309, Grell_Can Guess How This'll En…)


>Unlike Crona, Grell remains still in her place, knowing full well her voice wouldn't carry inside the room and stir Nigel from his nap. Even as he edges closer to the lounging area, she stands watching him with a bored expression.

>It seemed as if he assumed she didn't already know these things herself. Honestly.

Haven't you received the memo? If something is an imposition on Alton, he'll develop resentment towards it. He's normally just very clever about hiding it, though I could see through some of his facades,

Even after he discovered Rocks wasn't the cause of his prior qualms, he still clearly did not like him one bit.

>Alton often couldn't hide his feelings regarding other people well when she pushed and egged him for scraps of information. Sometimes talking to him gave her a private peek on the man's very sad life, though Alton often ignored her life advice when it sprang up.

For new reasons; for instance, an impression Rocks may be putting up an elaborate lie to garner sympathy and sanctuary from those seeking his head. Some fellow mentioned Rocks was a cunning liar as well as genocidal maniac and I think he had gotten in his head that it might be true.

Even if Rocks won't and refuses to kill the people coming after him.


>She pauses after a moment and shakes her head with a sigh, lifting a hand for good measure as she continues, gesturing to the hall itself.

...But, before I forget myself; Alton does a spectacular job concealing his personal feelings towards everyone. To me, to you. likely to this entire estate.

>Roll 1d1000 = 376

>odds, adds with a scoff;

But what's there to be surprised about? He's every bit our father: as judgmental and callous as anyone else of the noble wrung of society back in the day.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 805321

File: 1406166078458.png (75.82 KB, 480x280, Airguitar.png)

>Joel cackles as he grabs the strangely unscathed bag up, reloading the SMG with a white clip of rubber ammo.
Thank you for flying Maravalle Airlines, we hope you come to us next time you want an asskicking.
>SMG still at the ready, he approaches the ruined stage slowly.

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 805332

File: 1406166526360.jpg (8.25 KB, 152x155, Nash_aprettygoodsmilingpicatla…)

>Logan nodded.

"Yep. Ever since I was a kid."

>So she was a fighter too? Huh. Maybe they could learn a thing or two from each other.

>Logan put a hand to his chin at her talk.

"Were you now? Maybe we'll have to spar some time."

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805335

File: 1406166634061.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>once it was clear Grell wasn't budging from her position, Crona stopped moving for the sitting area, standing still where he was
>he couldn't really deny what Grell was saying about Alton just finding something to pin on Rocks, or about him hiding his true feelings and thoughts on someone from everyone
>considering he didn't know just how stressed out he was over Valerie, or what was going on with Judith, it wasn't implausible for him to be like that

Well...yeah, I can't really say you're wrong there...

>he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, finding it hard to come up with a point to really use beyond just plain agreement

I mean...someone in his position would have to be good at masking how they really felt.

If he was honest with what he actually thought as the owner of this manor, everyone would probably be pretty angry at him.

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805336

File: 1406166671292.jpg (112.56 KB, 842x712, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.47.52).jp…)


>Looking away for a moment, Alice seems to get a tad bit flustered, clenching her teeth nervously.

I-I mean I was good... I'm no good at fighting, anymore. Besides... girls aren't supposed to do stuff like that.

>"Human ones, anyways..."

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 805343

File: 1406167079827.jpg (8.26 KB, 154x154, Nash_evenIthinkthisiscrazy.jpg)

>Awwwwwwww and here he thought he'd found a sparring partner.
>Wait. What?

"Whadya mean, not 'supposed to do that'? I mean, not wanting to do it because you fell outta practice is one thing, but why wouldn't girls spar?"

>Was it something in the way she was raised? Wasn't like girls around here weren't at least some level of badass, after all.

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805350

File: 1406167206341.png (1.18 MB, 1280x720, Gamagoori Ira2014-07-22-04h51m…)

>Counter: 3

>While Touma's attack did connect with Gamagoori's uniform, and that loud sound of his Imagine Breaker working, it looked like it had no affect on Gamagoori's uniform.

>Gamagoori himself had expected the uniform to break down quite as easily. But, it looks like it was still in tact. A loud laughter erupts from him, mocking Touma's failure to destroy his uniform. Somehow he's still able to talk through the ball gag in his mouth.


>While Touma doesn't seem to see it, Gamagoori's form somewhat.. bloated up a little, despite that punch. He doesn't seemt o mind Mami, however, since she looked like she was about to pass out any any given moment.


>With a flash of his open eye, the cloth that mummified Gamagoori began unwrapping itself and turning into thorny whips that spread all across the walls of the Detention Room, wiggling and waving.

>Gamagoori's form also changed as well, for the cloth that was wrapped around him finally revealed his true form, something that one would see from a certain specific super hero, complete with a ball gag.



>With a raise of his arm, three of the whips that were coming from his back all straightened and went flying towards Kamijou Touma

>All evens

>Roll 1d1000 = 514

>Roll 1d1000 = 739

>Roll 1d1000 = 615

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805352

File: 1406167312810.png (84.77 KB, 211x194, Grell_I Spy WIth My Green Eye~…)



>Grell taps with her chin and pauses, before shooting Crona a sly expression.

>That was true, wasn't it?

>And if such an opinion of him should drop, and respect evaporate...well, this wasn't viscerally killing him, but she'd take anything that would hurt that greasy dark-haired prat.

...Did he ever tell you what he thought about you, Crona?


Before our falling out, we used to share things about our day. A bit of a venting session.

He had some interesting suspicions about you before out little talks stopped.

>Time to seal this up with a good hook.

But first: is it true you attacked his precious mutated lamb? He was so very incensed about that.

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805357

File: 1406167507184.jpg (53.13 KB, 580x713, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.58.37).jp…)

>Slowly coming to a stop, she struggles to think of an answer to that question.

It's just... I... Well...

>Looking away from Logan, she clenches her fists and grits her teeth, clearly getting frustrated and a bit angry.

>Then, suddenly, she whips around to look at Logan, glaring.

What's wrong with wanting to just be a normal girl?! I just want to get away from all that kind of stuff... I hate violence...

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805370

File: 1406167994430.png (69.22 KB, 244x273, I call bullshit.png)



>Crona blinks once at the change in subject, an eyebrow raising slowly

>the look on her face told him that she was definitely up to something, and already he could tell she was just going to make this more difficult
>but, she did ask, and if he lied it would only come back to bite him

...yes, it's true.

>he keeps up a tone of wariness when he says this, before launching into his explanation

It was when another hunter came to attack Rocks. She had this power to take control of creatures and sent them to attack all of us, and she wound up getting in Tessa's ear in the process.

So Tessa was flipping out and electrocuting everyone in sight. In fact, she was the one who caused the most damage of everyone there.

And once the fight was all over, Tessa came after people in the infirmary. If I hadn't stepped in, then there's no telling what could've happened.

>that was the truth as Crona saw it, and he wasn't about to say otherwise

I had every intention of apologizing to Alton, but this happened right before Millenium attacked Town, so I got caught up in that and it was put off.

...why do you ask?

>he folds his arms after asking this, keeping his eyebrow quirked as he stared at Grell, waiting for her answer

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 805375

File: 1406168440849.jpg (124.34 KB, 707x522, Notaspy_wasntme.jpg)

He's not wearing the armor, but it illustrates his gesture well enough.
>Logan raised his hands as the glare came down on him.

"Whoa whoa. Okay. I can respect that. That was just a bit of a broad statement, y'know?"

>Now that he thought of it, Alice had been getting more and more incensed as this conversation went on.

"Want me to just leave you be now?"

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805376

File: 1406168471493.jpg (163.44 KB, 850x595, sample-1650dcffefa70b5bf5e7a36…)

Oh no...

No no no no no...

This was bad. This was really, really bad.

Touma... He'll be all alone soon...

As the whip lashes across him, the girl winces for her friend. That couldn't be pleasant, and she couldn't do anything to stop it.

Sucking in a deep breath, the very act of standing up exhausting her, the girl opts not for a rifle, the more complicated and draining construct, but her real ability.

Reaching for her throat, she tiredly tugs at the knot, loosing the magical cloth and silently thanking the fact that this ability used very little magic, being as ingrained, natural and simple as it was.

"Don't you touch him, you ugly, block-headed bully!"

Roll 1d1000 = 197
Evens, slinging the ribbon towards the uniform's tendrils, the girl tries to, at the least, tangle up as many of them as possible. As it flies, it takes on a life of its own and snakes its way through as many loops and holes as possible, knotting up the majority of Gamagoori's whips. One by one and in his hands, they could probably be broken fairly easily, but in large numbers, woven so intricately and so tightly... She hoped it'd do something.

Odds, same as above, yet the ribbons are so loosely woven and flimsy because of her weakened state that they break at the slightest tug by the massive man's strength.

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805381

File: 1406168889922.jpg (76.98 KB, 1039x719, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.58.57).jp…)


>At first, Alice just stands there, letting her gaze fall to the ground in shame and embarrassment at her outburst.

>However, at the mention of leaving her alone, she quickly looks back up.

Wait. I'm sorry, I just... A lot's been going on for me lately.

>With a small sigh, she gets close to him again, before looking over to the side, at nothing in particular.

... You said you... you had a place outside of Town, right?

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805382

File: 1406169005062.jpg (144.03 KB, 651x405, Grell_Adjusting My Glasses.jpg)


Is that so?

>She had him now. It takes every effort to not smile her toothy grin, her eyes focused on his own skeptical expression.

The way Alton spoke it was almost as if you skinned her alive right in front of him. "He would have never done something so reprehensible to someone he cared about if that was that situation!" he snarled! "How dare he handle her so roughly!" he fumed!

>She shrugs with an airy sigh.

And how dare you presume to know what was good for the estate!

He trusted you, and that was how you repaid him? Attacking his beloved animal, harming her right before his eyes?

I believe he threw hypocrite about a few times, not to mention reflections on how insistent you seemed sometimes about him abdicating his position as head of the mansion.

>Her glasses flash red as she lifts a finger and waggles it.

>Now for the clincher!

"Sometimes it seems as if Crona resents the fact Daring Do gave me this estate instead of him. But we both know that Daring knew better than to leave it to someone like him."

>Grell pauses to let that sink in, then looks up to the ceiling and taps a finger on her chin once more, her lips pursed in thought.

Glad to know that he was exaggerating that stuff about his sheep. I didn't think you had such cruelty in you.
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File: 1406170182216.jpg (22.39 KB, 155x155, 9.jpg)

>Saya stood behind the counter going over what she delivered that day and writing it down.
Ok,so that was ten to the North district, seven to the south and west.
>Placing her pen down, she stretched her arms out and looked at the clock.
Well it's about that time.
>Putting the paperwork away, she walked to stand infront of the counter and waited

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805398

File: 1406170190083.png (100.72 KB, 231x212, You Be Trippin'. It's A Fact.p…)



>now this was going to be tricky to respond to

>he had no doubts that what Grell was saying did indeed have some truth to it, even if it was dressed up in a certain way
>he knew Alton was angry with him over Tessa, there was no doubts about that - there'd have to be something wrong with him not to be
>and if he was in Alton's position, chances are he would be angry too
>not to mention the part about wanting to usurp Alton from the position of manor owner, as well as resenting the fact that Dakota didn't give it to him


>granted, he did wonder initially why the position was given to Alton over him - Alton didn't seem the least bit interested in the role (and the years since proved he really didn't like it), whereas he (at the time anyway) cared the most about the manor and went the furthest to protect it

>and there was the odd day where he wondered what it'd be like if he was in charge, and what he'd do differently to ensure everything ran smoothly
>which was helped by being aware of a few alternate timelines where he was in charge of the manor, and the mistakes he made in those worlds would sometimes deter him from his desire, while other times it'd just show him what not to do
>but did he want the job now? Of course not! He had more than enough stress for the past two and a half years, he didn't need more of it! He wanted to just worry about setting things up for his own home and that was that.
>and he certainly didn't want to take the job from Alton, that'd just crush him now

>regardless, it was clear Grell was playing with him, trying to provoke him into doing something

>and he'd just have to respond in kind

Well! That changes my opinion of him considerably!

>he unfolds his arms and claps his hands together, speaking in a slightly overdramatic tone, just enough to cast doubt on what he was saying

I mean, if there's one thing I hate almost as much as being treated like a child, or having people doubt my true intentions, then it's being treated like an idiot when all I'm trying to do for someone is help them.

That's just completely unreasonable! It sort of makes me wonder why I even bother with people and don't just leave them to rot all alone.

>he was quite emphatic on certain phrases, making sure Grell heard them loud and clear, while still carrying that dramatic tone

>he then unfolds his arms and shrugs, now speaking airily

But then, you wouldn't know anything about that, right Grell?

Patches OP 805408

File: 1406170930336.png (288.38 KB, 800x800, fuck im high.png)

>The kitchen would be filled with humming as the sound of a knife on a cutting board echoed through the the nearby rooms. Bedlam was currently chopping up some tomatoes, with other assorted veggies laid out in little bowls and plates nearby.

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 805412

File: 1406171227592.jpg (9.43 KB, 154x154, Nash_yeahno.jpg)


>Logan shifted about in his spot.

>Dammit! Right when he'd thought he'd dodged that bullet!

"Ill-Tempered" Yvonne!yXU1ArmeD. 805413

>it's been a while since she went here... This strange mansion. She heard along the grapevine that it was full of people that would make her world seem mild in comparison.

>Yvonne peeked through the front door, scanning her eyes across the foyer. Clad in a t-shirt and jeans, along with her trusty cloak over her left side, she strolled in. In her world, abandoned houses and ruins were common, you could just walk right into them, she has since lost the concept of knocking.


>her ears picked up the sound from the kitchen.

>against her better judgement, she headed for the kitchen.


File: 1406171360619.jpg (8.16 KB, 300x168, images (4).jpg)

>A girl begins to walks by the front of the shop...

>"Huh, I've never seen this place before, I wonder what they sell?

>She is a bit off her usual route, but what with the construction and constantly shifting landscape of Town, well, consistent rooftop training routes were hard to come by.

>In any case she likes to keep up on the shops around Town. Well, and it doesn't make sense to let her other skills get out of prac...

>Mid-step and mid-thought, she pauses, and slowly turns her head to peer in through the window again.

>"Saya!?! What's she doin' here?"

>Its not like she'd stolen anything yet, or like she wasn't gonna leave proper change or anything, cause its jus' for keepin' her skills in shape, but still, the bunny being there kind of both shocks and unnerves her a little, at least because of what she was just thinking about.

>Still, just standing there is suspicious seeming, so she waves a bit awkwardly through the window, and moves towards the door into the shop.

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805417

File: 1406171679938.jpg (112.6 KB, 856x713, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.44.56).jp…)


>Sighing, Alice smiles slightly and shakes her head.

... It's fine. I... I don't blame you for not wanting me around. You just met me, after all, and...

>Her eyes drift towards looking at the ground, both out of guilt and disappointment.

Whatever. I... guess I'll just get going, then. I don't wanna bother you anymore.

>Sighing again, she forces a smile at Logan before starting to turn around and walk away, waving.


File: 1406171699746.png (87.73 KB, 374x568, twitchy ear.png)

>Bedlam was facing away from the direction Yvonne approaches the kitchen. But as the sound of footsteps grow closer, her ears perk up, twitching to the sound of someone nearby. As the visitor would approach the entrance to the room, Bedlam would slowly twist her head 180 degrees to face her, yellow and red eyes staring at her for a good several seconds of uncomfortable silence.

Ohai! Are you here to join us for lunch?

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805420

File: 1406171865136.jpg (17.69 KB, 557x317, Grell_Now I Serious'D.jpg)



>At first she's caught off-guard, but there's no doubt in her mind that the overblown over-dramatic annunciations are made with sarcasm slathered over them.

>Her expression rapidly fades to a neutral expression, then a dark frown. She stares at him, eyebrows furrowed.


>Damnit, she couldn't even relish destroying Alton to him, could she?


>She lets out an aggravated breath, a bite in her tone.

...You left me here to rot the moment I criticized your idiotic plans with that vampire mission, you self-righteous prat.

But I applaud you! Cheers to Crona for caring when it's already past a time where that would have been appreciated or truly needed, there to pick up the pieces when they are at their emotional lowest!

You don't seem to care until everything is burning around you and that hatred isn't fixated solely on you. Is it during a distraction when you strike? When others qualms against you are buried beneath an more immediate problem to them?

>Her eyes narrow, a sneer ripping from her.

Perhaps if I knew better then, after Elijah I never would have left Phantomhive. I certainly wouldn't have to tolerate Alton's mere existence from there or watch you continue trying to prove you're an 'adult' even when we both know that isn't true.

After all, what happened with Elijah was engineered by you!

>She turns and faces her door, pausing once to add:

I think I had my fill. Sod off and complain to someone who'll listen about me. I'm sure Alton would love to use that reason to evict me.

You might make his day!

>With a final growl, she passes into her room, the door shutting behind her. There's a click of the lock setting immediately afterwards, a silence settling in the hall afterwards.


File: 1406171958321.png (14.85 KB, 190x185, Air3.png)

W-wake up? But...I can't...

>He didn't seem to process or even acknowledge what she had just said. Instead, he looks up at her with concerned eyes, his pain seeming to take a backseat to him.

Shy, y-you're crying?

>He reaches out to wipe some of her escaping tears. He was bleeding from several different areas, had flesh torn from him in shreds around most of his body. And yet, for the moment he seemed more worried about her.

P-please don't cry I...I promise I'll make it better, okay?


File: 1406172041943.jpg (42.91 KB, 200x210, tumblr_mliiw08kVn1r97hnao5_250…)

>Smiling, Saya waved back as she watched Mona head for the door. After she entered, she walked over to a nearby table and leaned on it slightly.
I take it you weren't expecting to see me here Mona.
>Snapping her fingers, she called out her staff.
How about we take a quick trip?

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 805426

File: 1406172053439.jpg (4.76 KB, 283x178, 1401397097269.jpg)

>Oh shit. Guilt. She played him like a fiddle!
>Logan held a hand out as she started to turn around.

"Wait. Uh, you need a place to stay? It's just..."

>Well, he could probably still salvage himself a little.

"The place I'm staying is... kinda... a love it or hate it place is all."

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805429

File: 1406172324924.jpg (76.98 KB, 1039x719, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.58.57).jp…)

>Alice stops, before meekly turning around with a slightly surprised look on her face.

No, I don't "need" a place to stay, but... I'm just scared. Those guys who tried to... you know...

>Giving him a hopeful look, she takes a few steps forward.

... What's wrong with the place you stay at? I don't mind if it's a little... modest.

"Ill-Tempered" Yvonne!yXU1ArmeD. 805430

>"Oh god no, back at Yvonne! Back out!"

>not wanting to stay but being too curious to leave, she stays put.

>she gave a small wave

You're a creepy little freak aren't you? It's a bit late for lunch isn't it.

>he motioned to the window, the sun was setting.

I'd call it dinner.

Logan Nash!RpQzSCoUts 805433

File: 1406172691762.jpg (7.77 KB, 152x151, Nash_okay.jpg)

>Awwwwww shit. Now he had to admit to it.
>Logan's shoulders drooped with a sigh.

"It's Wayne Manor. the place I stay at is Wayne Manor."

>He looked up at Alice, internally shrinking away.

"That's... not an issue, is it?"


File: 1406172782867.png (54.33 KB, 406x240, you like that.png)

>She simply giggles and waves back to her with her tail while simultaneously shaking her flank, not seemingly bothered at being called a freak. Then, without turning her head and keeping her gaze locked onto Yvonne, she swivels her body around to face her.

Late for lunch? Well of course you're late, you're joining us here at...

>Bedlam raises one of her forelegs up as if she were checking a watch...despite there being nothing there but a sock.

...stripe O'clock! And call it whatever you want, late included, but it'll always be something delicious that you shove in your mouth. So I insist...

>Bedlam teleports directly behind Yvonne, motioning towards the table in the kitchen once her guest had realized she was there and turned around.

...have a seat!

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805439

File: 1406172993634.png (353.19 KB, 3800x2750, Dakota....png)

>Shy begins to shudder, tears starting to flow down her face.



File: 1406173019419.png (284.68 KB, 600x839, 1387473351166.png)

"Oh...uh, hi Saya."

>She seems to calm down pretty quick so maybe she was just surprised?

"And well, yeah, I mean, its not like I usually see anyone from the manor on my training circuit, even when its not all weird and stuff cause of damages and stuff."

>She does blink a bit at Saya's other question though.

"Huh? Where are we goin'? I haven't even figured out what this place even sells yet."

>Hurrah for Illiteracy!

Alice!Shiftb2Xr2 805443

File: 1406173166757.jpg (103.29 KB, 1035x720, ss (2014-07-20 at 11.49.39).jp…)

>Wayne Manor.
>She hadn't heard that name in a long time.

... I see...

>Taking in a long, slightly shaky breath, she sighs.

Actually... I was kicked out, last year. If I went back... I'm afraid of what they'd do to me.

"Ill-Tempered" Yvonne!yXU1ArmeD. 805444

>Well, she didn't seem to be offended.
>At least Yvonne won't risk getting a bad rep in front of this pony thing.

That's a sock... Are you all well?

>staring down at the seat, Yvonne declined the offer, shaking her head

I'm not sure for food, I'm here to meet with whoever is in charge or at least close to them. I'm here to study the place, not hand out. Alright?


File: 1406173504364.png (15.42 KB, 190x180, Air11.png)

>The comforting smile he was forcing himself to give her slowly fades as tears continue to stream down her cheeks, far more than he could keep up with wiping away.

I-I'm trying to s-stop that. Was it something I said? Was I rude for letting myself get stripped out of my outfit in front of you?

>Apparently his brain was running on dream logic.

...kiss me. I promise it'll make it all better.


File: 1406173583526.jpg (35.25 KB, 200x184, tumblr_mliiw08kVn1r97hnao6_250…)

>Saya smiled and placed her staff down before waving her hand around.
Look around you Mona. This is a bakery, my bakery.
>She then rubbed the back of her neck.
I guess you haven't noticed, but my family doesn't live at the manor anymore. We actually live in the apartment above here.


File: 1406174098002.png (78.16 KB, 358x288, this won't hurt a bit.png)

Nah, not all of us are well around here, that's why we have our own infirmary!

>Bedlam tilts her head when her off is declined.

Ooooh, I know who is close to the one in charge! She's yellow and sorta has stripes on her like me. I think her name was...Tessa? At least that's what he calls her.

>Bedlam's horn lit up, and a chair teleports behind Yvonne before

>Roll 1d1000 = 6
>evens the legs of the chair walk itself over to the visitor, nudging her towards the table
>odds it slides across the floor quick enough to knock her off her feet and onto it before coming to a stop at a place at the table

>Either way there is now a sandwich sitting at her place at the table.

Eat up quick before it gets cold!

>Absolutely nothing had been cooked or heated to make the simple meal.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805456

File: 1406174182231.png (1.03 MB, 3000x3000, Oh....png)

>Shy wraps her hooves around his neck, almost shaking him.

Please....I want you to wake up...Please...W-wake up...

Janet !MrCarnage2 805460

File: 1406174574424.png (184.62 KB, 600x850, 9310109a81ba12df36c1c9cf86304f…)

>Welp the last week hadn't been the most eventful. Apart from a somewhat successful scavenger hunt through a junk pile and a very short discussion with Sebastian, Janet hadn't done much at all in the ways of anything and felt somewhat put out by that. Mort and Clover had both disappeared somewhere and though Janet could probably find them quite easily if she looked for their souls, she thought better than to go bursting into their lives for attention - at least until a few more weeks had passed anyways. If after those weeks had passed and they still ignored her, well, then she felt that she was entitled to a little shocking entrance.

>In the meantime, Janet fingered the last of her bits in her pocket whilst she walked along the road that lead from the Manor to Town inside the burnt remains of Inawoods; hoping to find a good pizza to spend what little money she had left. After that was spent... well... it would be honest to say that she would have absolutely no money left to her name. Given that scenario, she might have to consider putting up a cardboard sign and sitting by a bus-stop. Janet had seen quite a few people doing just that and figured that if so many people were doing it then it had to be a sound business venture.


File: 1406174581361.png (15.16 KB, 188x189, Air2.png)


>A look of recognition starts to cross over his face, as if he was starting to understand what she meant and how important it was to her that he snap out of the horrible fantasy he was in. But then he falls right back into the same trancelike state as he replies:

But why would I want to wake up from reality? You're here, and I don't want to leave if it means I won't see you again.

"Ill-Tempered" Yvonne!yXU1ArmeD. 805463

You know what I meant by well!

>she placed her arm across her chest, with the lack of a left arm, it's the closest thing to crossing her arms that she can do.

>as for the chair pestering her...

>Roll 1d1000 = 966

>evens, Yvonne sits down, scowling at Bedlam.
>"Why am I still here?"

>odds, she stays standing, side stepping the chair's nudging.

>"She'll tire herself out eventually... Just put up with it."

>either way, she stared down at the sandwich... Slice bread? What type of nonsense was this? It was hard to determine the ingredients though.

What's in it?

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805467

File: 1406175171004.png (2.81 MB, 2500x1407, I can see everything, and I do…)

>Shy looks up at him, tears still flowing down.

W-what don't you understand?

Y-you have to wake up...this isn't real...w-wake up! Please...


File: 1406175208168.jpg (10.17 KB, 300x168, I already apologized.jpg)

>She tilts her head in confusion at this. Well, not at the bakery part, that makes enough sense.

>...And that explains why she's here as well, its not like she was being spied on or anything.

>Its the last bit that she feels the need to question.

"Huh, but you were just there a bit ago. You know, with the sparring and stuff?"

>She couldn't have dreamt that.

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805472

File: 1406175338247.png (1.26 MB, 1806x998, upset.png)


Behind her was none other than, surprise, surprise, her mentor. He didn't look incredibly happy, but then again, he never did, in everyday situations, anyways.

"We're going to have words. Whatever it is you have planned can wait."

Without waiting for a reply, he began walking towards a fresh new clearing in the landscape, no burnt out trees or anything, probably caused by the acre or so of land being covered almost exclusively by brush, which left only a layer of soot on the blackened ground.

It wasn't like it was isolated, it was clearly visible from the road, but anyone walking along, minding their own business would be hard pressed to eavesdrop.


File: 1406175408567.png (78.13 KB, 375x494, insert here.png)

Yep, your point being?

>Bedlam beams when she sees her guest actually sitting down instead of resisting her efforts. In response to her question, she jumps back over to the kitchen counter and levitates up all of the things she had put into Yvonne's sandwich.

A little bit of this...and this...and this...

>She just kept repeating those words while stacking on a sandwich: bologna, mustard, pickle slices, tomatoes, lettuce, and finally a few slices of cheese, all so that what was added was seen.

Oh, and the most important ingredient:

>She unhinges her jaw, stretching her mouth impossibly wide before stuffing the entire sandwich into her throat and swallowing all in one go.

*burp*, LOVE!

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805476

File: 1406175519914.png (71.06 KB, 184x179, The FUCK Did You Just Say!.pn…)



>Crona wasn't sure whether to scream or bash his head against the wall

>he does neither, instead placing a hand over his face as he starts to literally shake with anger

What kind of twisted bullshit is this?!

She goes and tries to manipulate me to do...SOMETHING, and when I throw it back at her SHE'S the one who blows up?!

I just can't win with her! If I do the same as her I'M in the wrong! If I just call her out on her BS I'M in the wrong! If I even suggest that she's wrong about something, I'M in the wrong!

I am so sick of her paranoia and her accusations and her refusing to accept that I might just be trying to help her, even though she's given me every reason in the goddamn world why I should just LET Alton throw her out!

>a very strained growl manages to escape through his teeth, Crona still keeping his hand clamped over his eyes


>he remains where he is for a few seconds longer, before lowering his hand

>he closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath, then shakily lets it back out
>he quashes his anger as best he can for now - he could find a punching bag or a giant bear to wrestle or whatever to deal with this in a minute
>but first off he was gonna make damn sure Grell did not get the last word here

>so, he takes a few steps forward, coming to a stop in front of Grell's door

>he then flicks his wrist and draws one of the Golden Tiger Claws, digging it into the space beside him and reaching in
>he fumbles around for a few seconds, before pulling out a pen and a pad of paper
>still keeping his anger pushed down, he quickly scribbles out something on it, then rather viciously tears the paper off of the notepad
>he bends down and slides the paper underneath the crack between Grell's door and the floor, then straightens up and tosses the pad and pen back into the rift
>not wanting to wait and see if she actually reads it, Crona turns and walks through the rift as well, off to find something to just vent his anger out on before he exploded


File: 1406175735506.png (15.16 KB, 188x189, Air2.png)

This isn't r-

>His expression switches from confused to one of pure realization.

This Isn't Real.


>Everything, him included, shatters like glass and Shy felt herself forced from his body and out of the dream. His body would be still for a moment, and then he would perk up, yawning and shifting himself over where he lay before coming to.

*yawn* mmm, good morning world.

>He then looks up.

Oh, and good morning Shy, how'd you sleep? If you uh...slept.


File: 1406175832813.gif (845.67 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mihk9oKBC31qgw02vo2_500…)

Well I was over there to meet you Mona, that's why I was at the manor that day.
And I'm glad that you're doing better.
>Smiling softly she walked over to the door after picking up her staff.
Now then are you ready to go?

Janet !MrCarnage2 805485

File: 1406175951087.png (1.26 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 12-08-06-13.png)

>Well now this was tremendous surprise; forget Mort and her not seeing him in a few weeks or so, Janet hadn't seen her mentor in months and had thought that he had either moved on and forgotten about her or simply died on some distant battlefield of epic proportions which, oddly enough, seemed like a completely plausible thing that could happen to the great Noxian general.

>And though she hadn't seen the man in a tremendous amount of time, Janet's mind could only process a single answer in response to the man's callous demands.

Y-Yes Sir!

>She said as she stiffly followed after him as there mere thought of not immediately following his orders utterly failed to enter her mind. Rather, she wondered what she could do to ensure her master's contentment. Because if there was one thing that she learned in her training was that if Darius wasn't happy with you then you got the back of his hand. And damn it... the man had a mean backhand.

"Ill-Tempered" Yvonne!yXU1ArmeD. 805488


>she leaned back in her chair, a quiet cracking noise came from the legs of the chair, the swordswoman initially paid no mind to it.

>as for the ingredients in the sandwich... Well, they did look good. She was just recently getting use to modern day food and yet she was unsure if her stomach could handle it.

>taking the sandwich and bringing it close to her mouth, her chair collapsed, sending the poor woman to the ground, flat on her behind. The sandwich was splattered all over her chest


>"Did I sit down too hard or are the chairs bad? This must be the strange horses doing!"


File: 1406176452892.jpg (87.78 KB, 1280x720, index.jpg)

>Well, that...

>Actually sorta makes sense.


"Where are we going anyways?"

>She says as she follows Saya towards the door.


File: 1406176557014.png (91.9 KB, 600x600, bedlam033.png)

>Bedlam's eyes widened.

Oh no, Mr. Chair how could this happen!

>She flopped down on the ground next to the formerly four-legged wood furniture. She seemed to be looking entirely past Yvonne like she wasn't even there.

Just hang in there, I'll get you repaired in just a jiffy!

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805496

File: 1406176623127.png (106.35 KB, 239x249, Grell_Come Again Dear.PNG)



>In the silence of her room, the red reaper fumes as she sits in her red armchair, glaring at the floor with a very sullen stare.

>At least Crona didn't get the last world. She knew enough about him to know that would leave a craw in his side, one that probably would have thrown him into a blinding rage.
>Perhaps he'd snap at his precious Xion and hurt her feelings later; it'd be a mild victory for the shitty day she's had thus far.


>It takes some time before Grell notices the slip from under the door.

>She stands and walks to the door, eyes narrowing as she picks it up.


Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805497

File: 1406176699425.png (275.3 KB, 742x610, Anthro-Are you staring at my t…)

>Shy opens here eyes, finding herself back in solid reality. The atmosphere and horror of what she's seen still kept her in shock.


W-what happened?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805499

>the note was rather brief, and the penmanship was rather shaky, a sign of Crona's repressed anger as he wrote


If you keep thinking that the world is out to get you, sooner or later it will be.

If you keep thinking that you have no friends and only enemies, sooner or later that will be the case.

Think on that, and I'll talk to you again later."


File: 1406176891401.jpg (21.33 KB, 156x155, 30.jpg)

Remember when I told you about Hero Tv?
We're heading there now.
>Walking out the door, she waited for Mona to walk out before closing and locking the door.
It looks like a nice evening for a walk so we'll just do that.

"Ill-Tempered" Yvonne!yXU1ArmeD. 805503

>getting back on her feet, she wiped the remains of the sandwich off his chest, as well as yanking her cloak off, revealing her lack of a left arm.

Great, I need to wash this... Don't mind me, I just feel on my ass, focus on fixing the chiar!

>if she wasn't in a populated area, she would've drawn her sword by now... Besides, Bedlam might be annoying to her, but she is harmless as far as she's concerned.


File: 1406177020699.png (18.52 KB, 192x228, Air9.png)

>Air blinks a few times before sitting up in bed.

What do you mean what happened? I was just asleep and woke up? Was I talking while sleeping or something?

>No sign that he even remembered everything that had just happened with her in the dream.


File: 1406177295195.jpg (40.53 KB, 225x350, 187173.jpg)

>Oh, yeah, that weird show thing.

>Some of the people weren't awful seeming from what she remembered, but a lot of the seemed pretty weird.

"Well, I guess I don't have much else to do anyways."

>She'd get some exercise at least, if nothing else.

>Maybe if there was some super buff guy she'd get a signature for Big Sis or somethin', after all, she liked that red and blue guy...who was named somethin' like Superbuff, or somethin like that anyways, she doesn't really remember.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805509

File: 1406177296730.png (191.43 KB, 936x854, Um...png)

...Y-you don't remember? Y-your dream? You don't remember dreaming?

>Shy gets confused, she knows most people don't remember most dreams, but not right after they wake up...

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 805513

File: 1406177611400.png (79.2 KB, 351x430, Grell_AndVileToo.png)



>Big surprise. Grell growls, then takes the paper in both hands, feeling the paper crumple in her gloved hands.


>At first she tears the paper horizontally, then vertically, and then a few more times with purposeful shredding until there's nothing but tiny pieces left between her fingers.

>Which she quickly flicks into the air with a spray of white paper confetti.


File: 1406177717203.gif (279.73 KB, 160x220, tumblr_mos237pJhB1qgnxa1o1_250…)

That's good, cause that's where I'll be training you after today.
>With that, Saya started walking down the road in the direction of the building.
Now then while we walk, is there any questions that you have?

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805517

File: 1406177899486.png (431.24 KB, 900x515, Sure.png)

Stopping several dozen yards in, he sharply turns to face her, arms crossed. His eyes tracing her figure, he takes note that, indeed, she'd grown a bit, however small, but also grown softer since the last they'd spoken. Her muscles didn't look as toned, her posture was sloppy, she hadn't seen him approach...

If she'd done that sort of thing without reason several months ago, she'd be running laps, sparring and doing mild exercise while being given a quiz for a week straight. As is, he couldn't afford to go right back int punishment. While she still obviously respected his authority, there was no telling how much the mild fear he instilled in his students remained intact. She might decide to choose rebellion, and he'd sorely hate to injure her before starting training again.

"...You've grown complacent since I last saw you. Soft. Weak. You may think that you remember what I taught you, but lesson one was to keep your body fit and your mind sharp."

The side of his lip curling upwards into a half-snarl, he adds,

"You have one week to lose that baby's fat through exercise. Not weight, but that ugly, worthless fat that clings to you and does nothing but hold you back."

Now that pleasantries were out of the way, the man reaches into the space between his thigh and armor plate, pulling out a small, black leather object and tossing it to her.

"If you'd actually shown up to our next training session, I'd intended to give you this."

And sure enough, when she inevitably tugged on the hilt sticking out of it...

"Noxian steel. A bit of my armor became unsalvageable after some girl dragged me into one of her misadventures. I had it reforged into that blade."

It was a fine piece of work. It'd obviously been influenced by the metalworker's preferences, and as such looked like one of Earth's modern day knives in style, but, unlike modern day weapons, the blade was so dark there was no need for artificial blackening. Not even the edge of the blade was the traditional, greyish color of steel. It matched the armor the man wore almost to a fault, and as he spoke of it, the general looked... Unusually calm, as if she actually wasn't the worst person in the world.

"No student of mine is going to wield an inferior blade. If you die, I want it to be your fault, not the fault of some idiot with a hammer who couldn't properly make a blade."
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File: 1406177901336.jpg (48.36 KB, 1022x552, 1385302249647.jpg)

>Questions currently...

>Well, just the one.

"Is the blue and red guy going to be there?"

>The only superheroes Monello actually pays attention to are either from Marvel Vs Capcom or Luchadores.


File: 1406178173734.jpg (56.96 KB, 635x476, tumblr_mm7i8s9nwM1soprvio5_128…)

Red and Blue guy?
>Placing a hand to her chin, she thought quietly.
I don't remember seeing a red and blue costu-
>Snapping her finger's she tapped her fore head for a moment.
Wait are you talking about Superman?
He's not with hero tv... actually I think he operates in Silver city


File: 1406178340980.jpg (139.14 KB, 1280x720, good-job-club-gj-bu-kirara-ber…)


>She pauses for a bit before speaking again.

"...What about lightning jerk? You know from the tourney here? The one I beat up? Or is he just some sorta loner?"


File: 1406178654523.jpg (109.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mibowjszKP1s1orvwo1_500…)

I actually haven't seen Captain Marvel in a while to be honest
I wonder what he's doing...
Well I guess a trip to Silver city will be planned.
Anyone else you want to see?

Janet !MrCarnage2 805525

File: 1406178893602.png (1.27 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 12-32-23-96.png)


. . .

>Listening on in absolute stoic silence, Janet took the offered blade and unsheathed it to expose the night-colored weapon within. Throughout it all, her mentor's admonishing against her lack of discipline and the softening of her body to the unveiling of the very personal gift her Master gave to her, Janet's face remained completely impassive.

>It was only after a fair amount of time had passed since Darius was done speaking that Janet spoke up again, her voice doing her best to convey a calm neutrality betrayed only by a slight trembling of her voice.

P-Permission to express joy for the gift, Sir.

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805527

File: 1406179145187.png (458.28 KB, 743x943, profile.png)

...While he despised useless displays of emotion and all of those "warm and fuzzy" feelings that softened the mind and spirit, if ever there was a time he'd allow it, it'd be now.



File: 1406179390207.jpg (229.9 KB, 1124x634, 1388247645982.jpg)

>Monello actually just stops in place at this.

"I jus' wanna see that Superguy cause Big Sis is always talking about how much she likes him so I figured I could get her his signature or somethin'. An' I don't want to see that jerk anyways. I mean someone who saves the day with kungfu and his own strength is way better than some jerk who just throws lightning bolts at people, anyways."

>She still seems a bit sore about that, even though she won that fight.


File: 1406179919693.gif (129.49 KB, 445x360, tumblr_mitcpq4I0K1rxeywdo1_500…)

I see.
>Saya turned to look at Mona.
And what do you have to say about how I won my fights then?


File: 1406180711184.jpg (128.37 KB, 1280x720, Paunch GJ-bu - 01 - Large 06.j…)

"Huh? Weren't you just using swords and stuff for most of those? I mean having a super mode is pretty unfair too, but at least its somethin' people can do anythin' about. Stitch has way more of a fighters spirit than most of those guys anyways though. I mean real men fight with their fists right?"

>She actually throws a few punches at the air to accentuate her question, which is obviously more of a statement than anything else.


File: 1406181001631.gif (860.16 KB, 500x281, tumblr_minii8no1T1rxeywdo1_500…)

Well yeah, I don't rely on my magic unless I really need to.
>Watching her throw a few punches in the air, she smiled and looked her in the eyes.
Do I really look like someone that knows what real men do?

Janet !MrCarnage2 805534

File: 1406181172955.jpg (82.47 KB, 743x1000, Tears with a smile.jpg)

>Rather than break out in and running up to hug Darius or some other thing of boundless cheerfulness, Janet rather started to cry. Large warm tears coursing down the sides of her face as a bright, beaming smile spread across her face in a show of profound gratitude.

>This was the first time that Darius had ever demonstrated that he had been proud of her, the first time that, at any point in their relationship, her Master had shown any sign of actually approving of the young girl in a clear way that could not be mistaken as being anything else than what it was. By giving her this knife that had once been part of his own armor, Darius had shown to her that he truly believed Janet to be his pupil and someone worth investing into. He considered her to be a valuable individual that he would not let go or abandon, rather, he would see to it that she would grow strong. She would become strong enough to stand up to anyone and anything that stood against her and through her actions Janet would then become the fully realized human being she craved to be.


>Having realized all of this through the silent offering of a knife and having been allowed to let her emotions out as they would, Janet clutched the sheathed blade close to her chest and cried for a long, hard time as her emotions, pure and raw as they were, completely overrode her ability to process them for a time. For having gone through a great many ordeals in her life, this knife would forever represent one hard man's message to her that she truly was somebody.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 805536

>meanwhile in Town, in the east district, something was going down. Typically, the sound of machinery would be heard about town, this time there was something else. A large man, terrorizing the workers and citizen, boasted loudly over a intercom.

Metal! I need metal! Foundries! Smelters! Workers! Give it all to me!

>the man, standing at about 7 feet tall, built like a professional wrestler, stood at the base of a factory building. His body was covered in screws, dotting his torso, making him look like a metallic, unsharpened hedgehog. His right eye was taken over by a telescopic eye, that changed color depending on his mood; when he displayed anger, it turned red, for happiness it was blue, and neutral moods it was colorless.

>he held his right hand in the air. His left was normal, other than the plentiful armor plating, but his right arm appeared to be entirely metal. Resembling a train, the engine taking place of his fist, as well as a motor where his bicep would be, the cyborg continued his boasting

What are you waitin' for! Metal! Bring me metal! Do you know who I am?

>he shouted at a lone worker, a frail looking Hispanic man.

Sir, this metal is for projects in Town! All the workers here have a family to feed and without this metal, the Town wi-

>before he could finish, the worker was picked up by the collar, the cyborg shouted in his face

I am Tom Stephenson!

>he threw the man to the ground

And no one...

>Tom began to pull his right hand back, ready to punch the poor worker into a fine paste, his cybernetic eye turning red.

No one says no to me!

>he threw the punch, people gasped in terror.. But the sound that resounded through the area was not the sound of a man getting crushed, but rather the sound of metal on metal.


>someone had thrown themselves in front of the man? Protecting him. Clad in head to toe in a silver armor, the newcomer was dwarfed by Tom, yet they some how withstood a punch from them... Who was this fighter?

>the armor around the newcomers face disappeared, fading away, revealing the face of a fiery-willed young, brunette... Hazel Naut.

>the girl smirked at her opponent, truly a girl of few words.


File: 1406181593851.gif (629.31 KB, 500x281, 1397620522212.gif)

"Well, I mean you go to that Hero TV place, right? There's gotta be someone there who isn't a wuss, doesn't there?"

>She bounces back and forth as the travel along. Making it hard to tell if she's trying to warm up for jogging...or just practicing her boxing stance.

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805538

File: 1406181966517.jpg (92.65 KB, 700x699, Wanna Know How I Got This Scar…)

...and after a while of allowing her one last emotional outburst in front of him, the man approaches her more closely.

"Stand up straight, girl. You're a warrior, not a child. Warriors do not cry in front of their generals."

Setting a hand on her shoulder, he gives her another few moments to recover before continuing.

"I had intended that to be the marking of your next stage of training. Normally the weapon is of your choice, and signifies which branch of training you'll receive next, but I refuse to leave my shoulder bared, so you'll just have to deal with a knife until I can procure some true Noxian steel."

Frowning down at her, he continues,

"And as I said, I intended you to move on, but you've slacked off, and pushing you into the next stage in your current condition would probably break or kill you."

Pausing for a moment, he does, however tell her, in another rather unprecedented show of actual emotion with a tone of voice less harsh than she's ever heard him before,

"...You've made me proud, girl. I expect great things from you."

His face and voice growing a bit solemner, he adds,

"But I don't waste time on failures, so do not prove me wrong about you."


File: 1406182003101.jpg (29.91 KB, 156x156, 2.jpg)

Hmm where there may be a few heroes like that there.
>Saya then looked up a head.
You'll see soon enough.


File: 1406182608784.gif (31.15 KB, 109x125, 1379893696581.gif)

>Well, at least there's that to look forwards to.

"Well, what are we waiting for then?"

>Roll 1d1000 = 700 Evens actually runs on ahead a ways, even though she has no clue where they're going. Odds, she at least has the sense to keep following Saya, but she's trying to push her into moving quicker anyways.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 805544

>the cyborg stared at his opponent, baffled that a person smaller than him, a teenager for that matter, took a punch from him and is both still standing and in good condition.
>in the confusion, the worker ran away to safety.

You handle it!

Hmph... Not gonna say anything? Good, I like women silent!

>the cyborg grabbed a lever on his large right arm, where the motor was. After pulling it, all the screws coating the cyborg's body went into him, a revving sound came from his torso and fist. Steam emitted from the cracks in his right fist, as well as a few flames

Any last words before I crush that smirk of yours into the pavement?!

>Hazel quickly wrote a note out and showed it to the man, still smirking, his display of cybernetic prowess completely failed intimidate her.

3 punches, a kick, and a headbutt.

>the cyborg scowled at the note. Who the hell did this girl think she is?

I hope you enjoy having that on your headstone! They're going to have to bury you in a shoebox!

>he threw a punch and Hazel leaped out of the way, going into full armor mode; sacrificing mobility for full on defense, she's going to need it. After all, this man seemed to be slow, mobility isn't a issue. The fist created a fiery explosion at the point of impact.

>Tom, not giving his opponent a chance to attack, followed up with a haymaker, with a wild swing like that, Hazel was forced to block. This time, she was almost stumbled. Not only was there the explosion, but the punch was stronger than before. To top it off, he swung his arm down, smashing Hazel into the pavement, leaving a imprint of her body on the ground... Her armor fading away, all had seemed lost for her and the workers.

Hmph... This was your hero?

>Tom turned towards the onlookers, some of them were mouthing out plees, begging Hazel to get back up.

Disappointing. Kids these days think they are heroes. Especially women. Now where where...

>he smirked, pointing to the man from earlier

Oh yeah, you were giving me m-

>he felt a tap on his shoulder, only to turn to see Hazel; this time her armor was only on her arms, legs, shoulders, and forehead, it was what she was most comfortable with after all, it covers everything she uses to hit people. Before he could react, he received a armored headbutt, right to his nose. Blood sprayed from the surprised cyborg as he fell down

Y-you got back up...? How...?

>in response, Hazel only gave a smirk.

>now began round 2

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 805547

>rising to his feet and wiping the blood from his face, he bared his teeth at the girl. This was not happening. Not only did she get up after taking two punch from him while powered up, but she wasn't even talking to him.

>"She broke my nose... My bones are enforced steel and my implants could put Lumina to shame... This bitch.. I'm going to crush her till there is nothing left!"

>he rushed at her with a single straight forward punch, his anger being his bane, his attack was easily telegraphed; allowing Hazel to easily sidestep it.

>she returned his attack with a punch of her own, hitting him in the joint of his train arm, a satisfying PANG sound came from it.


>she followed up with another punch, hitting him in his right shoulder, right where the motor contraption began.

Who the hell do you think you are?!

>he retaliated with a punch, striking Hazel in her gut; the punch wasn't as strong as his right arm, but it was certainly tough. Hazel stumbled back, getting distance between her and Tom.

You said you were going to beat me in what...? 3 punches, a kick, and headbutt was it? Don't make me laugh!

>the cyborg let out a boisterous laugh

You have 1 punch and a kick left. There is no way you can beat me with both of those! How laughable...

>he got ready for another swing with his right arm

Go to hell!

>but, little to Tom's knowledge, the damage had already been done, he had not known it yet but Hazel already won the fight, and his own strength was his downfall.

>he swung his fist at Hazel, a straight forward jab, when suddenly his fist came off at the elbow in a burst of flames, the hunk of metal crashing to the ground. Hazel used it as footstool, smirking at her opponent. The damage from Tom's recklessness didn't stop there, to his shoulder was also apparent; the motor was hanging by Tom's shoulder by a few pipes.


>"Impossible! Impossible! This is not happening! How could this girl destroy my Loco-Arm!

>trembling, with his primary attack useless, he stepped back. The once proud 7 foot tall cyborg now a sniveling coward in front of a 5'6', slightly pudgy girl who can turn parts of her body into armor.

Who are you!?

>"...Might as well tell him"

>Hazel wrote out a note, quickly, keeping him in view of her peripheral vision.

Hazel Naut

Hazel... You.. Damn you! I'll remember you! You think this is over!? Not even! You'll regret this! I'll crush your bones till they are dust! I'll burn your body till you're a fine ash! Don't think for a second that you have defeated Tom Stephson! The Burning Locomotive! I will-

>and that was enough of that.. Villains talk far too much; especially when they're rendered helpless. Hazel cuts him off with a kick to his gut. Hitting him felt more like hitting a machine, it even more metallic groaning noises.

>"And now.. The finisher!"

>as Tom leaned over in pain from the kick, Hazel got on one knee, taking in a deep breath

Wait! Stop! I'm sor-

>but it was too late, Hazel quickly rose up with a upper cut, hitting Tom square in the jaw, shooting him high in the air.

>"5... 4... 3... 2..."

>then Tom landed


>the crowd burst into applause, people shouting her name. Hazel waved to them, turning back to her normal mode. For someone who just KO'd a cyborg tall 2 feet taller than him, she looked like a normal cute girl in her unarmored form..

>"3 punches, a kick, and a headbutt~"

Janet !MrCarnage2 805551

File: 1406186683485.jpg (167.06 KB, 503x700, 90ae0140874d89d567848e4f0faba4…)

>Getting a grip of herself once Darius came closer to her and placed a steadying hand on her shoulder, Janet wiped her eyes clean of tears and stood up again - her small figure standing under the man's watchful gaze whilst he vocalized the emotions she had understood from the gesture itself; though, to hear them spoken aloud reignited the flow of emotions she had just experienced leaving the girl to struggle against her feelings.

>But she wouldn't cry anymore, not after Darius had asked her to stop. Instead Janet steadied herself and nodded to the great man before her, finding it within herself to force her emotions below the surface of her spyche that she might live through them later when she was alone. For now, the face she showed her Master was of a cool neutral expression with only the wetness of her cheeks to show she had ever cried mere moments before.

Yes Sir.

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805552

File: 1406187324655.jpg (546.12 KB, 1280x727, Carve a Path.jpg)

Smiling at something other than her pain for what was probably the first time since they'd met, the man grins softly.


Patting her heavily on the shoulder, his grin widens.

"Oh, and before I forget..."

Reaching deep inside himself, after conjuring up images of bloodied battlefields and legions of slain soldiers, the man's grin spreads ear to ear as he taps into his soul, willing it to be noticeable to the girl who'd told him about it all that time ago.

Well, that's what he'd intended, anyway.

What he got was a rush of blood red sparks arcing through the girl's shoulder where he'd laid hands on her her.

Roll 1d10 = 3
On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain.

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805563

File: 1406198625006.jpg (87.91 KB, 647x1062, 5134c66e8e0ee1adb63ca08fb2684f…)

>What!? What happened?
>He heard it work, he was sure of it, he felt Imagine Breaker so something, yet why hadn't his uniform reacted?
>One Star, Two Star, Three Star, why did they rank everyone into stars? What was it that made their uniforms different, overwhelming like this?
>One Star uniforms were bland, commonplace, and he'd blown that one up in a single touch. Kasumi was a Two Star club captain, apparently and hers had taken a couple of shots, and hadn't even been destroyed.
>Was this sheer power? No, it couldn't be, power never mattered when it came to his right hand. What exactly were these uniforms!?

True power!?

>To see the tied up form release itself, standing proudly and letting whips flail about the place was something to behold. The sheer number of the vine-like tendrils seemed as though they filled the room, and several of them shot towards him - there wasn't any time, nor any room to dodge them!


>The first was fast, lashing him across the chest and sending him sliding back, barely able to keep himself standing from the momentum of it all. Touma raised his hands to prepare for the worst...

>But it never came.
>After a few moments, he looked about his person. The rest of the whips had been caught, bound by golden ribbons, just about preventing them from reaching up. Touma took a moment to step back further into the classroom, taking a look across at Mami in thanks-

>Only to find that she seemed to be struggling immensely. Her gritted teeth, her stance, barely keeping it together as she tried to protect him with that spell. Was it all really that hard on her?

>But that wasn't all

>At the same time, he caught a glimpse of the other fight. Ryuko was nimble, incredibly fast and light on her feet, practically bouncing from wall to wall in an outfit that the term 'revealing' didn't quite do justice to. Did she have one of those transforming uniforms too? Is that how she was related to all this? If she was one of them, why fight them? Why ask him to fight them with her?

>But then it happened.
>It was almost as if he knew she was coming. Where she was going to be, when she was going to be there, and exactly what motion he had to take to meet her there with force.
>These three sounds repeated alongside Sanageyama's chants. He was relentless, utterly unbelievable - the blinding speed Ryuko had been putting into her motions was both matched and superseded by the green uniform wearer, and each hit of the giant Shinai seemed to have devastating effect.
>If he ever found himself at the end of that cannonfire, he doubted he'd be out of the hospital for a very long time, assuming he survived.
>It was that thought that made him clench his teeth, grip his hands into tight fists.
>As Matoi collapsed to the ground, thoroughly beaten into the floor, Touma felt an unwanted yet familiar sense of dread. Would she be okay?

... this is the guy that Kasumi said was reasonable!?

>He'd been subjected to Gamagoori's punishment and absolute orders regarding the rules, he'd been experimented on by Inamuta, he'd been tortured and interrogated by Jakazure and had been cut up a little by that Kiryuin, right at the top. Now he'd seen the only one he'd managed to have a reasonable conversation with thoroughly beat the living shit out of one of the few people who'd shown him kindness in this god-forsaken hellhole of an academy (no matter how pretty the facilities were). Touma felt just about done dealing with all of this.

>Not to mention that Mami was now in the line of fire in all this.

>But what could he do? The Scourge Regalia to his right, a giant kendo-club captain to his left. By all rights he was just a normal guy with a fancy hand, could he even keep up?

>No... it wasn't a question of could.
>He had to.


Roll 1d1000 = 477
>Evens, Mami
>Odds, Ryuko

>continued in next post.

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805565

File: 1406200099050.png (380.74 KB, 500x578, Not happy.png)

>Both of them were in the line of fire.
>Mami was weak, she looked to be struggling with every ounce of her strength against an truly fearsome opponent, Touma having just tasted that power himself.
>Ryuko, meanwhile, was also struggling heavily against her own opponent, having just taken blows left and right form someone equally as terrifying as the man before him.

>But the decision was clear-cut, and a one-sided outcome was made at the forefront of Touma's mind.

>Mami was struggling, but she was still standing - she held Gamagoori at a standstill, even if she didn't look like she could hold her own.
>Ryuko, on the other hand, was down, and Touma didn't know if she was going to be getting back up.

>What he did know, however, was that if he didn't act now she might not even have a chance to stand, what with Sanageyama standing over her with his relentless form.

>There wasn't even time to give a warning.

>Darting away from the situation with Gamagoori, taking advantage of the fact that his whips were being held, Touma shot across the desks towards the other pair!

Roll 1d1000 = 673
>Evens, Touma focuses on the large green uniform, slipping through the desks with ease and taking advantage of what appeared to be Uzu's tunnel vision, rearing back his right hand to send a solid punch into his uniform as he skidded to a halt in front of him, blocking his path to Ryuko.
>If so, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKolsZiYkEU
>Odds, Touma makes his way through the desks, but instead of getting close enough to throw a punch, he simply skids to a half in front of Ryuko, standing between the Althetics Committee chair and his victory.

>Either way, Touma was now before Sanageyama. His clothing torn, his body bruised and scuffed and his chest still stinging from the whip just earlier, but his eyes showed no sign of the pain he felt. They stared towards him, and whether he could see them or not, Touma had about him an aura of confidence not in his battle abilities, but in his desire to defend his allies from the relentless assault of Uzu Sanageyama, even if it meant the unfortunate situation of leaving Mami with Gamagoori... who may just ignore her and head for him instead, as well.

That's enough.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805610

File: 1406207438303.gif (459.12 KB, 500x258, Batteredandbruised.gif)

>Uzu is still standing shock still. You wouldn't even be able to tell that he was alive any more were it not for the heavy sound of his breathing...And then he heard the noise of somebody moving between him and what he suspected was the unconscious form of Matoi. That voice...was definitely the intruder that he spoke to earlier. The helmet of the Blade Regalia looks down at Touma, he'd almost feel like it was scrutinising him...Before Uzu speaks.
...Yeah. It is.
>There's a bright flash of green light, before Uzu's standing there once again, this time back to his usual self. His posture is slacker than usual, his face is set in a frown, and he gave the impression that had he any eyes to show off, they would be filled with sadness.
...It really is.

>Was this REALLY what he had sacrificed his sight for? Was this the reason why his senses had been supercharged to the point where they were more of a liability? For a rematch that didn't even last five minutes?

>Uzu remains there in dead silence. Not even sure how to proceed further any more. What could you say further about that? What could you DO? He didn't know, and thus, he stays still.

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805614

File: 1406209773449.png (1.4 MB, 1280x720, Gamagoori Ira2014-07-22-04h54m…)

>Mami's words bumped off of Gamagoori's head like a child on a trampoline. He thought little of what people thought of him as long as orders were followed. He watched as the weak ribbons wrapped around the whips that extended everywhere and attacked Touma. She was in such a state that she cannot even fight anymore.

>The suit of armor stood still and looked down at the fallen Magical Girl, weakened by her own powers, yet she still struggles to fight on. That is true resolve that Gamagoori would respect from someone that is not even from their world.

>As expected, with a tug, the ribbons were quickly broken from Gamagoori's whips. However, he does not bring them back to wrap around himself. He instead, leaves said whips coiling and waving around the Detention Room. Surprisingly, instead of the loud booming voice that she was used to, it was instead a rather calm one. To hear that voice from this man would be considered a rarity in of itself.

Your resolve to continue fighting even in that weakened state is respectable. However, I am unsure where you are from, and to kill you now would risk all of Honnou City in an unwanted war in this new world. I cannot have our students go up against something as unknown. You will be spared your life. Do not waste this favor.

>His head finally looked away from Mami and quickly located the current location of Kamijou Touma. He had run away from him before, but in the state he is in, he could not have gone too far.

>Fortunately, he was right. Instead, he stood in between Sanageyama and a beaten down Matoi Ryuko. He.. had thought that that fight would have gone on longer, in all honesty, but Matoi Ryuko was already weakened just before their fight.

>But that is not the main point right now. He reverted back into his school uniform and just.. stood there. Not saying anything while the intruder stood before him like a sitting duck waiting to be shot. The familiar shouting that all four of them would be familiar with rung out from the man.


Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805684

File: 1406228319241.jpg (60.36 KB, 800x640, 36a5f2e32e1576ac5b3ccef4e483ad…)

As he abandoned her to her fate to save Ryuko, the girl silently thought, smiling to herself,

He made the right choice.

Despite supporting who Ryuko maintained was evil and attacking Touma with what seemed like no provocation, the man seemed bound by honor and reason.

Maintaining her position for a few more seconds, the girl lets out a small sigh and collapses onto her side, utterly exhausted.

She wasn't going to die yet, but they'd said something about capturing Touma, and she was not going to let that happen.

"You big, dumb, ugly jerk, pick on someone your own-"


"I won't let you hurt my friends."

Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805687

File: 1406228630551.jpg (85.3 KB, 712x480, great escape.jpg)

>across the skies of Victin and Equestria, a streak of red rockets over the houses and cities
>paying no attention to the blurry ground running beneath her, the Tamaranian princess would keep her eyes on the horizon
>until finally, it came into view, the alien's hands balling into fists

>Wayne Manor

>the orange comet would dive down on the front porch, stopping only mere inches in the air before touching down on solid ground

>and without bothering to knock, she presses her hands on the doors and swings them open, floating inside the building

>she didn't know what to expect

>she didn't even know what she was going to do
>but she couldn't just hide in her room anymore while her friend was in pain

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805692

File: 1406229525753.jpg (20.25 KB, 240x413, The Blood Of My Enemies Is Del…)

>what Starfire would soon see was the foyer in...quite a different state
>the walls were littered with streamers in various colours, hanging off of potted plants and the lights and anything else that was just around the room
>even the chandelier had the paper streamers hanging from it, and the lights themselves were flashing different colours like Christmas lights
>and on the floor itself were:
>a cotton candy machine
>a dunk tank
>a booth filled with stuffed animals
>an arcade machine
>and right in the middle of the room was a small carousel
>which had a pink-clothed version of Starfire's friend spinning around on it, looking like she was having the time of her life


Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805695

File: 1406230061184.jpg (74.52 KB, 630x399, oh the worry.jpg)

>immediately after laying her eyes on the foyer, the Tamaranian's confidence and determination instantly wash away from her
>her wide eyes blink as she stares all around the small fair that had been built inside the mansion
>but most importantly, she would then notice the figure at the center of it all
>it wasn't often she had ever heard the sorceress give off such a happy sound, so she had a hard time believing that was actually the Titan in some capacity
>but what Raven had said, about her emotions having been evicted from her mind and now living in the Manor, quickly brings the alien back
>another blink, the Tamaranian carefully floating towards the carousel, holding her hands together as she takes in a short breath
Rav-...en? Ex-...cuse...me?
>having to wait for the sorceress to actually pass by her before speaking
Uhm... Which...Raven...are...you?

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805701

File: 1406230659326.jpg (7.48 KB, 89x209, Coooooookiiiiiiiieeeeeeees.jpg)

>the pink sorceress wouldn't notice Starfire at first, just having way too much fun spinning around on the carousel as fast as she could
>but at one point when she passes by her, she notices the Tamaranian, her eyes lighting up in excitement


>she then launches herself off of the ride just as she was coming up to her again, an explosion of rainbow light coming from her as she flies


Roll 1d1000 = 725

>evens, crashes into her and tackles her to the floor

>odds, flies right by her and goes SPLAT into the wall at the end of the foyer, right beside the front doors

Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805707

File: 1406231092005.jpg (27.45 KB, 480x358, uh oh.jpg)

>the Tamaranian lets out a surprised squeak, jolting back as the pink-clad sorceress attempts to dive right into her
>only for the crash to never come, the alien blinking and looking over her shoulder at the half-demon stuck on the wall
>quickly flying over, the Tamaranian would attempt to pry the sorceress off the wall with her hands
A-Are you well!? Are you hurt!?

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805710

File: 1406231749780.png (59.63 KB, 117x262, hi.png)

>Raven is rather easily removed from the wall at Starfire's insistence, coming off of it with a loud POP
>she lays back in Starfire's arms, her eyes spinning and a dazed grin plastered on her face


>she blinks a couple of times, then looks up at the Tamaranian with a giant grin

Hi Starfire!

How're you doing today?

Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805712

File: 1406232716001.jpg (19.49 KB, 215x332, standing still.jpg)

>letting out a relieved sigh, she looks down at the sorceress in her arms
Not as well as you are, I fear...
>she turns the sorceress around, easily lifting her up and helping her stand on her feet
You...are one of Raven's emotions, correct?

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805713

File: 1406233294581.jpg (12.41 KB, 191x188, I Do Not Have Attention Defici…)

>the pink Raven blinks up at Starfire, looking slightly surprised and rather impressed

You knew about that already?

>she brushes off her pink cloak as she stands up, all while smiling widely at Starfire

How'd you figure it out?

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805714

File: 1406233440822.jpg (232.4 KB, 500x416, Get ready for my 'weakest'!.jp…)


>Sanageyama backing down was one thing he could almost appreciate, if it weren't for Gamagoori barking the order at him. Mami still desperately trying to defend him despite her obvious strain rang clear in his mind as well, and though the shouting of the disciplinary chair rang through the room, he could hear the soft breathing of the girl behind him.

>Intruder, Test Subject, Enemy, Weapon. He'd been called all of these things when he first arrived, but only a few times had he been shown kindness. One of those times had been Uzu himself, before he recognised Touma as 'the intruder'.

>Yet even then, this happened. The level zero just couldn't take it all in anymore. Gritting his teeth in pent up frustration, he clenched his fist.

>Reeling back with his right arm, bending his knees to provide some extra thrust, Kamijou Touma launched his fist in a diagonal uppercut to Sanageyama's chin, decking his Non-Regalia form with a shout.

>Once done, he stood there, panting for a moment, not worrying about what happened to the one who received his attack. He had something more fundamental on his mind.

What is this place? Huh?
Kasumi looked up to you. She called you a reasonable guy, a good person even.
You even turned and talked to me a little before you knew who I was. You were a reasonable guy. Then I see this.

>Gesturing to Ryuko laying on the floor, he couldn't tell whether she was conscious or not, but she was alive, at least. It could've very likely been another story if that relentless assault hadn't ended early.

I've been beaten, tortured, tested on, and deprived of my damned lunch, all because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't know what Matoi was doing here, but you beat her down, one of your own from whatever world you came from, without even a blink.

You said you were protecting them from the outside, that they were safer here. Hell, I almost believed you. Maki was better kept in these walls than out there in the dangerous wilds.
But that's crap.
Everyone in this Academy is a prisoner until proven useful, Kiryuin said it herself. Everyone outside is an enemy until they're beaten into talking.
If that's how you intend to treat this world and it's people, if that's the vision you have for these students...

>Standing up straight, he faced both Gamagoori and Sanageyama, finally making the decision to pursue the true problem, far beyond permission slips, those uniforms or even that missed lunch.

Then I'll shatter Kiryuin's stupid illusions myself, if I have to! For Maki, for Matoi, for Mami, and everyone else!

Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805715

File: 1406233955726.jpg (8.91 KB, 135x177, a bad feeling.jpg)

>the Tamaranian slowly nods, her expression falling slightly
The original Raven told me... She told me everything-...everything you had to go through...
>looking back up at the half-demon, there is clear guilt and sadness on her face
I am so sorry, Raven... I should have been there for you...

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805721

File: 1406234668666.jpg (15.78 KB, 358x413, I'm Getting The Strangest Impr…)

>Raven blinked at Starfire for a second, then let out a childish giggle

Hey, don't apologize! Everything's just fine!

>she waves a hand idly, then gestures to everything around them in the foyer


Would I really set all this up if I was being a Gloomy...


>she frowns at this and tilts her head, scratching the side of it as she tried to think

...what's a girl's name that goes with "Gloomy"?

Janet !MrCarnage2 805724

File: 1406234759839.png (1.13 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 12-14-27-67.png)

>With Darius putting a hand down on Janet's shoulder, the girl was surprised to find herself suddenly shocked the the grown man's wavelength coursing through her own. His soul coming through to her as a brutally efficient wavelength tasting of blood and steel.

. . .

>Though the attack came as a surprise which pained her a great deal, the shock value of it all was far less than it should have been for, having since harmonized her soul with all of its various constituents, Janet's soul protected itself from Darius's intruision and warded him off by switching her soul to become compatible to his before his wavelength could get anywhere near her core where it could wreck real lasting damage on her.

>However none of this was what shocked Janet the most. Right now, what was most surprising was that a wavelength attack had happened at all. Darius had never been trained as a meister and did not know of souls before Janet had used hers on him in their last real duel. That he now could use his soul as a weapon after such a short time meant that he'd mastered the art in a ridiculous amount of time and that, in of itself, showed just how dedicated and skilled Darius was to everything he approached. Truly the man was a scary son of a bitch.

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805726

File: 1406235129149.png (556.43 KB, 860x604, rekt.png)



Grinning down at the girl, the man's plan rapidly changes. This was new.

"...So that's how that works."

Lifting his hand away from her slightly smoking shoulder, his grin disappears a bit as his arms fold.

"Well, girl, it seems we have plenty to teach each other now."

Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805728

File: 1406235512318.jpg (21.6 KB, 219x365, maybe if we think positive.jpg)

>the Tamaranian slowly turns her head, looking at the foyer around them
>she would turn back to the half-demon, seemingly ignoring her question
You may not be, but the real Raven is incapable of doing so! She has lost all of her emotions, leaving her as...a-as nothing more than a shell of who she was!
>the alien takes a short moment to calm herself down, managing a small hopeful smile
But with your help we can get all of her emotions back together, and make Raven her normal self again!

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805731

File: 1406236268698.jpg (8.45 KB, 66x246, I'm Sorry, Could You Repeat Th…)



>Raven snaps her fingers, suddenly having an answer for her question

>she blinks a couple of times afterwards, staring at Starfire with a tilted head and a confused look on her face


>she then waves her hand and starts to walk to the front doors

Liiiiiiiiittle problem with that, Starry...

Starfire!7iNNPsLMuM 805733

File: 1406236435321.jpg (46.59 KB, 635x464, following.jpg)

>the alien blinks, starring as the sorceress begins to walk away
>she floats over the floor, following behind the half-demon with a confused look on her face
Th-There can not be a problem! We must save Raven from this!

Raven (Pink)!pinkie78Os 805737

File: 1406237538942.png (143.37 KB, 305x369, Please stop looking at me.png)



>Raven pushes one of the doors open and slips through, stepping outside onto the lawn

>she skips merrily along the path away from the manor, until she comes to a stop about ten paces down
>she then reaches forward and lightly taps the space in front of her


>suddenly, a wave of red light spreads out from where Raven touched, taking the shape of a wall in front of her, Starfire having a full view of it

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805745

File: 1406238729763.jpg (93.52 KB, 1280x720, Grrr.jpg)

>Uzu takes the punch and staggers back slightly, he makes no reaction to it other than a slight gritting of his teeth as he rubs his chin. He looks back to Touma, the white marks on his bandanna low and and unresponsive. Touma goes into his speech, and for the most part, Uzu remains silent until Touma himself finishes, at which point, his face contorts into a snarl
You can't understand what this fight was to me. What this fight SHOULD have been to me! The matter between me and Matoi has NOTHING to do with any of the safety or security of the students, I thought she could take that, I KNEW she could take that!
>He roars the final line, clearly upset and angry. He'd probably be tearing up with anger if his tear ducts hadn't been sealed away by the Shingantsu.
The students here are protected, from whatever is out there. If it's other schools or even worse, we can defend against them. Until we know who is friendly...Everyone is an enemy.
>Uzu draws the shinai from his back, Touma getting the distinct impression that behind the bandanna, Uzu was glaring furiously as he pointed it at Touma
I can't allow you to hurt Lady Satsuki. Her dazzling light will protect this academy from anybody that would seek to hurt it. If you're going to blot out that light just to give three people shade...I'll stop you here and now.
>He charges forward, swinging the shinai at Touma overhead in a wild strike.
Now your opponent is ME!
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 558

Janet !MrCarnage2 805752

File: 1406239349106.jpg (491.52 KB, 595x842, fd4022d74916ab0831fa59a225fce6…)



>Now that was something she really hadn't seen coming. Her Master of Arms wanted to learn from her the arts of the Soul? Janet had known Darius respected her when he had gifted her the dagger of his own armor but for him to place himself in the position of a student in regards to her own knowledge of a subject was taking it to a whole new level.

I... I will try my best not to let you down Sir.

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805758

File: 1406240051170.png (1.43 MB, 1915x813, dunked nerd.png)

Well... Not so much a student as someone more skilled in the art he could watch while he taught, but yes, essentially he was taking a big risk with her.

"Saturday morning. 800 hours. You know where."

...Well he hoped. It had been awhile.

"Bring the knife. And your... Partner, if he's available."

Janet !MrCarnage2 805760

File: 1406240531118.png (1.29 MB, 1892x1064, vlc 2013-07-18 12-32-37-84.png)

>Welp, that was an order if she'd ever heard one in her life. Standing stiffly at attention, Janet nodded in understanding and to the best of her knowledge, though, it was pretty sloppy all things considered given her effective knowledge base.

Yes Sir!

Darius!tmjBLOOD8E 805761

File: 1406240610843.png (1.1 MB, 1898x819, mildly upset.png)

Folding his arms, he simply tells her,


Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805776

File: 1406241874055.jpg (208.81 KB, 713x900, 3.jpg)


>Now that Sanageyama finally snapped out of his depressing trance, Gamagoori was able to relax.

>This intruder.. he was nothing short than ordinary, sans that one hand of his that is able to destroy the Life Fibers within their uniforms. But as far as he knew, it had little effect on the Three-Star uniforms that he and the other Student Council members had compared to the total destruction of the One-Star Uniform.

>The boy's speech, however.. all that he said about how the school was a prison for all the students kept here, how these students are just prisoners.. he could not be more wrong. While he respects the boy's resolve for wanting to help the students here, his reasons could potentially put everyone in danger. And that is not something that Gamagoori is willing to risk.

>With Uzu looking like he can take on this boy, Gamagoori's large frame shined and sparkled. All the whips on the walls disappeared out of thin air and the armored body of Gamagoori reverted back into the regular Three-Star uniform he wore previously with the cuts and gunshots and all.

That boy.. he does not understand the situation that we are in. Does he really believe that we are the true evil? For not letting one student go out into the unknown? For protecting our students from whatever it is that could invade us or could destroy us? Foolish!

>He walks over and stands in front of Mami, glaring down at her from where he stood. Again, despite his injuries, he still stands as if they were nothing to him at all.

I will let Sanageyama deal with him. It is a fight that I cannot intrude on. And it is a fight that I cannot let anyone else interfere with either! Do not make the same mistake twice, Matoi Ryuko's accomplice!

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805784

File: 1406242402094.jpg (71.65 KB, 359x426, No....jpg)

Cowed by his tone and how weak she felt, at this point it'd probably be best to remain quiet and not intervene. He didn't seem like he intended on ganging up on Touma, so why should she provoke him into doing so?


"...You said he was 'The Intruder', right?"

The whole weight of what that meant slowly dawned on her as she spoke.

"So... What you said earlier about..."

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805787

File: 1406242455258.jpg (81.43 KB, 500x375, Blocked.jpg)

>Uzu was fast, even without that crazy uniform, and given that he seemed to live in the Kendo club building training day and night, Touma wasn't surprised. What did catch him off guard was how weary his body felt, the emotional rollercoaster of the last few days, as well as the beat-down over the last couple of hours had really done a number on him.
>Thankfully, adrenaline would help push him through this... or so he hoped. Maybe he could press his end of the battle on the fact that the giant green samurai wasn't smacking him around yet.

Roll 1d1000 = 771
>Evens, Touma sidesteps the swing, gently parrying the blow with his palm, his instincts gained after all the street fighting and various life and death battles he'd been a part of shining through.
>If Evens, Touma then sends a left-handed punch towards the side of Uzu's face, trying to use the momentum of his dodge to make the swing smooth and strong.
Roll 1d1000 = 760


>If the first roll is odds, though he'd begun the maneuver, the shinai cracked him in the spot where his neck and shoulder met, causing him to stagger backwards in pain.

>Either way,

Well maybe that light has blinded you to what's really happening behind these walls! If you're more concerned about a fight than how those people feel, then you're not even half the guy Kasumi claimed you were!

>Though he was caught up in battle, he did manage to catch some of Gamagoori's grumblings. It might be something Touma would've considered if he hadn't practically been drawn and quartered since he got here, but right now he was too angry and too emotional overall to try listening.
>He doubted Sanageyama would stop the fight now anyway, regardless of what had been said.

>Mami, however, was remaining quiet.
>A good thing too, her current conversation track was likely to distract him a little.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805793

File: 1406243306419.gif (217.73 KB, 500x283, Lookingback.gif)

>Uzu growls and keeps on roaring at his foe
Once we're SURE they can leave safely, they WILL! The students are treated harshly, but it's for their benefit! We're teaching them to deal with a terrifying world! It's BECAUSE we care about the students that we HAVE to do this to them!
>His teeth gritted and the white bandage marks on his face widening as he worked himself into a fervour of fury
Matoi took my pride from me! She disgraced me in the eyes of Lady Satsuki, and I SWORE I would redeem myself in her eyes! No matter what I had to do, I would do it! I MUTILATED myself to bring back her favour, to prove I was worthy! And for what?! The realisation that it was POINTLESS!
>Uzu presses his advantage, moving forward once more and swinging the bamboo blade into Touma's gut
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 465

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805802

File: 1406245154216.png (877.5 KB, 1280x720, Gamagoori Ira2014-07-22-04h44m…)

>He crosses his arms as Mami spoke, watching as she slowly came to realize what he meant whenever he referred to Kamijou Touma.

>He closed his eyes and nodded as Mami trailed off of her realization, continuing on from where she left off.

That is correct. Kamijou Touma is the intruder of Honnouji Academy. Not only has he been able to invade our school, he was able to destroy a uniform with just a single touch of his hand. To have someone like that running around in our school is not something that we can allow. That is why he must be captured at all costs, before more of our students are beaten and stripped of their uniforms.

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805804

File: 1406245580929.jpg (132.55 KB, 1295x914, Touma208.jpg)

>The sharp pain from earlier was enough to remind him that shinai tended to hurt. It bolstered both his fear of the weapon as well as his reaction time, the adrenaline outweighing the pain as he hopped backwards to avoid the wide swing.
So you're just going to kick the crap out of someone and call it pointless!? Matoi was trying to do something, here! She asked me to help as if whatever it was all she had left in the world, and you're just going to trample over that because you lost a little PRIDE!?
>Taking two quick steps forward, Touma swung his right fist in a wide arc to clock Uzu in the jaw, doing his best to back in and out of the shinai's range to get his own fist-hits in.

Roll 1d1000 = 164

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805805

File: 1406246044290.png (213.49 KB, 451x640, 598794a9a165338f58dbba47d9fe17…)

That wasn't what she'd meant.


...This didn't matter right now. Touma surviving mattered.

Struggling into a sitting position, the girl asks,

"...What's your name?"

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805806

File: 1406246442895.jpg (63.73 KB, 1280x720, Annoyed.jpg)

>Touma manages to get a hit on and cracks against his face, Sanageyama reeling back with the hit, he felt the bandanna around his head loosening up and he growls at Touma
If Matoi wants to achieve her goal, she'll NEED to be strong! Do you think I'm powerful? I'm NOTHING compared to Lady Satsuki! She could defeat me without even trying! If Matoi can't even defeat ME, then what good will she do against Lady Satsuki, or anybody else!? You need to be STRONG! So you can reach out and grasp your future with your own two hands!
>He feels the bandanna loosening further and further
...And I lost far more than pride to Matoi.
>The bandanna falls loose, revealing to Touma what he had been hiding behind them. Star shaped scars over where his eyes SHOULD have been.
Take a long look at this...Because I can't. This is the price I paid for a shot at redemption. My eyes were lost...And in losing them, the door to the world was opened. I can sense this world perfectly! From the slightest rustling of your clothes as you shift to the difference in how much wind I feel against my skin as you charge to attack me, my senses are far beyond ANY of what an ordinary human can do! But for what? So I can't appreciate music because it damages my ears? So I can't even drink TEA because it's too hot for my tongue to take? All for another shot at fighting, I've sacrificed these things...And all of that was for FIVE SECONDS OF A BATTLE?!
>He launches another wild strike with the shinai, attempting to crack the bamboo blade around the side of his head.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 876

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 805816

File: 1406247484771.png (105.29 KB, 272x269, BLUSHING_N-NO WAY AM I BLUSHIN…)

Open post for 4 people!

>Today is as usual for Father Lawrence. He spent the morning delivering care packages to a homeless sect of West District's vagabonds, the usual delivery of clean towels, canteens filled with clean water, and fresh fruit. The afternoon was dedicated to watering the grounds, keeping the grass and trees healthy, and the later afternoon...


>Napping under a fruit-barren tree. It was hot and humid today, but the shade was nice and cool to rest under. He'd only doze for a moment, which evolved into an hour and a half.


>He turns, arm knocking into the tree trunk he's resting against. The tree wiggles, the tightly packed leaves above his head rustling in response.

>Something dislodges from the tree and falls right onto the man's lap:

>Roll 1d3 = 3

>1. A small coin marking 100 bits, which sparkles on his stomach as he continues to snooze.


>2. A leaf with a notch in it, which flutters lightly down and lands daintily on his stomach.

>the leaf disappears in a plume of smoke, a statue of a lucky cat sitting on him
>the heaviness of the object gradually rouses him, and with a grumble, Lawrence opens his eyes to see the statue sitting on him.



>3. A beehive, the results being as one would expect.

>The heaviness of it wakes him up immediately, as a black swarm of angry bees filters out from it. He stares at the hive, then at the mass of bees forming right in front of him.
>He groans loudly.

Not again-!

>The bees dive at him with angry buzzing noises, the man hopping up in turn and running around the grassy lawn with a yelp, waving his arms around to shoo away the cloud of angry bees.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 805818

>As Joel proceeds to the stage, the room comes alive with the disembodied shout's of...


Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805821

File: 1406247654097.jpg (145.48 KB, 1381x911, Touma199.jpg)

>Strength? Power? They were things he'd fought countless times, the people of his world vying for their own definition of the concept. Even if he was using it in the positive sense, even if he meant it in a way that allowed people to hold their fate in their own hands, it still wasn't everything.
>Of course, his entire chain of thought dropped as soon as the bandage on his head was removed.

.... what!?

>Those were... what even were they? Scars? Why would they both be cross-stitched like that? Touma had taken him a little lightly when he mentioned having mutilated himself for the sake of battle. He thought it just meant typical wounds, an exaggeration of what a fight did to someone.

>He never expected this.

But... but that's....

>So when Jakazure mentioned he was 'blind'...

>The reason he never took his bandana off during practice when they met...
>His argument with Jakazure about the music, as well as his strangely easy escape...

>He was so shocked that he didn't have time to react to the shinai swinging straight for his head, giving him a solid crack and shaking up his senses. Touma stumbled, holding onto a desk to keep himself standing for a moment until his left ear stopped ringing and his head stopped spinning.

>Why did the whole situation feel wrong to him? Why did he continue to feel the need to clench his fist? The reasons why he was still capable of turning around and facing the blind fighter became evidently clear once the ache in his head had momentarily faded.
You're an idiot...
>Rising to a stand on his own feet, he gave his head a quick rub in an attempt to dull the pained sensation as he once again focused on Sanageyama, preparing his fist.
You gave up all that for power... for a chance to prove yourself? You threw away your sight, threw away the things you used to hold dear for just a single chance at fighting someone?
Did you just forget everything else!? You can give up your eyes, your heart and your soul, but once it's all over what are you left with!?
>Charging forward and using his momentum, Touma dashed towards Sanageyama before digging in his heels, raising his right fist and going for a strike straight for the middle of his face, hoping to knock him down with the forceful blow.
Roll 1d1000 = 751

>If successful, he continues:

What about all the people who look up to you? Are you just going to sacrifice them too!?

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805822

File: 1406247905361.png (178.93 KB, 642x358, 1393102940561.png)

>A strange question to be asking now, and in the middle of enemy territory and a battle going on behind them.

>Since there wasn't much of a loss that could even come from him giving his name, he might as well answer her. Doesn't look like she'll be fighting any time soon anyways.

I am Gamagoori Ira, head of the Disciplinary Committee and a member of the Student Council hand-picked by Lady Satsuki herself.

It is my duty as part of the Disciplinary Committee to protect the students of Honnouji Academy and punish those that fail to follow the rules set.


File: 1406248006482.jpg (505.8 KB, 800x800, 4f96a384892573b7944011a455ab0a…)


>The Snow spirit had decided to venture away from her Girlfriend's Grandmother's and into the town that day

>Since Naomi and her sibling's vanished awhile ago, the girl was honestly lonely, even if Jo's friend assured they'd be back soon

>...and then suddenly a beehive fell on some old guy

...should I help him ?

>"well I should try to" she said to herself

>She walked over and...

Roll 1d1000 = 195
>with a breeze of spine chilling air she sent it towards the bees in an attempt to trick them into thinking it was winter
>odds...a huge ice spike pops up in front of lawrence.

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805827

File: 1406248244661.jpg (94.27 KB, 596x519, Mami84.jpg)

Smiling at him, hoping that maybe, just maybe, she could soften him, she says,

"My name is Tomoe Mami."

As she turns to watch Touma and Sanageyama fight, she gives them only mild attention, despite how important the outcome was to her. She had to do something besides sit there and be worthless, even if that was only to try and make them seem more human to their enemies.

"...Is this place from your world's Japan? Your names and the things I've seen make that seem like it's very possible, and it'd be nice to talk with people from home, however different it might be."

Dusk!aLEJudith. 805829

File: 1406248721716.jpg (164.79 KB, 800x1300, Sc4-ashlotte.jpg)

>It had been a many months since Dusk learned to truth of her existence had been one built on lies and greed of power... the one thing she swore to keep out of the hands of man.

>Her time here tough had changed her views slightly though and in that realization, she sought a new angle at which to see the words of the lord one that rang truer to what she learned here.


>Though coming upon church she wished to seek those teachings, she discovered that a man in the front lawn being assaulted by bees.

....Work of the Lord if I ever saw it.

>Still she would have to assist him to further her enlightenment.

>Then she sees an ice spike rise up in the man's path as if to slap him in the face for running for his punishment.

...Truly the work of the Lord.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805830

File: 1406248763038.jpg (80.22 KB, 1280x720, Talk.jpg)

>Uzu dodges aside, the punch sailing right past his head as he continues glaring eyelessly at Touma, his grip on his shinai
I HAD to do it! Lady Satsuki's vision...I'll do ANYTHING to make sure it's realised! I shamed myself in her eyes! I betrayed her expectations for me and I HAD to make it up to her! I couldn't abandon the stage she'd made for me because of one stupid mistake! I let her down...
>He looks at the floor for one brief moment, before his gaze snaps back up to Touma and his face contorts into a snarl
I'll throw away anything she commands me to, my eyes, my body, my heart itself! The only thing I'll be left with is the only thing I need, my devotion to HER!
>He launches another shinai attack, this time going for a thrusting strike into his stomach.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 64

???!Funz/OklBo 805831

File: 1406248898237.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, f8fe037712fb5ecd75a393149ecdc8…)

Wah! Oh shit!

>From the distance, a low and rather burly voice, belonging to a woman, could be heard in a panicked, worried tone.

>Coming running from one of the streets surrounding the grassy clearing, a young woman, dressed rather heavily despite the weather, wearing a thick jacket, which was unzipped to reveal a sweat-drenched gray tanktop underneath, would approach the running old man.

Uhh... ! Hold on, try to stay still, gramps!

>Quickly and clumsily, she'd reach into one of her many pockets and take out what appeared to be a water canteen, which she'd unscrew the cap off of.

>Raising her arm to pour the water on Lawrence in hopes to get the bees away, she's stopped as...

>A massive spear of ice erupts from the ground in front of the priest, eliciting a loud gasp from the survivalist, and causing her to stagger backwards and fall onto her butt.

What the hell... ?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805832

File: 1406248920585.png (67.58 KB, 244x273, What the fuck is that.png)

>Crona flew above Town with a sour look on his face, still fuming a bit over his argument with Grell
>despite tossing a bear at least twenty-five feet away from him, he still felt like he hadn't really let out all of his frustration and anger over the situation

...seriously, how did things get so utterly awful between us?

>granted, Grell hadn't always been his closest companion, but after everything he had done to help her out, including getting her a soul, hadn't he earned her trust?

>as he flew over, he glanced down and saw the church that one Father Lawrence resided in, his anger temporarily halted


>if nothing else, heading down for a visit might get his mind off of things for a while

>and it was usually a peaceful place, so it was doubtful he could get testy again
>he didn't plan on ranting to the poor preacher, he imagined he had enough to deal with as it was, and this was hardly something to trouble him with

>so, Crona dips down and slowly glides down to ground level, his black wings gently flapping as he descends

>he soon lands in front of the church, allowing his wings to dissolve as he steps forward onto the lawn
>it's only then that he gets a good look at what Father Lawrence is doing, his eyes widening in shock

F-Father Lawrence?!

>he sees the poor man running about being chased by a swarm of bees, and far from being able to think rationally, starts to panic as well

>he starts to run over to the priest, not even having a plan in mind but just needing to do something to help

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805834

File: 1406249132643.jpg (202.62 KB, 800x900, 2.jpg)

>The man doesn't know where this girl is going with this conversation. But at the very least, she wasn't barraging him with a bunch of guns like last time. Though, it did feel somewhat inappropriate to have such a conversation while his colleague was fighting.

>...He's sure Uzu could handle himself. The guy is fighting against a boy that looked already bruised and beaten.

Honnou City was originally from Japan, yes. Through a strange phenomenon during our election, our entire city ended up here in this.. new world.

>However, now that he thinks about it, something was.. strange from what she said. He raised an eyebrow the more he thought about it.

Tomoe Mami.. you say you are also from Japan, correct? Do you hail from another province of Japan?

Starky!whAhasimHo 805835

File: 1406249215554.png (300.42 KB, 750x942, 131263730194.png)

>Starky stops celebrating, looking around.

The fuck?

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805837

File: 1406249318313.jpg (118.97 KB, 1457x918, Touma200.jpg)

>With his punch missing, Touma was left in a vulnerable position. Thankfully, in incredibly close quarters like this his body was generally faster than a shinai swing. This time, however, it wasn't a swing.
Roll 1d1000 = 223
>Evens, Touma kicks off on his back foot, spinning just enough to avoid the thrusting strike.
>If Evens,
Roll 1d1000 = 167
>Evens again, Touma uses the opportunity to grip the shinai with his right hand during the thrust effectively catching Uzu in place before following up with a left handed punch to the side of his face.
>Odds, he simply dodges back, trying to take a moment to recover.

>Either way

And what about the people who rely on you, huh!? You'd throw them away too, just for some stupid vision!?


>If the original roll is odds, Touma simply takes the shinai to the gut.

>The wind knocked out of him, the level zero stumbled back, clutching his stomach and leaving himself vulnerable to further strikes.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 805840

File: 1406249530931.png (70.53 KB, 480x280, Ohdear.png)

>Joel comes to attention, reloading his SMG and readying a taser grenade.
What horse shit are we gonna deal with now..
>The naked teen mutters.

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 805841

File: 1406249584302.jpg (60.51 KB, 600x450, Your Pity Is Misplaced Candy C…)




>He isn't sure where or when a giant ice spike appeared in front of him, far more concerned with the bees angrily buzzing all around him.
>But he collides face-first into the spike with a yell, the heavy collision making him see stars.

>Roll 1d1000 = 280

>odds, the force of his charge breaks through the spike into chunks of ice, the man flopping face first onto the grass onto the other side with a twitch.

>evens, the spike stays stalwart and Lawrence slowly slides down onto the ground with a pained moan.


>either way, the bees, sensing the cold, disperse and leave the man alone, most heading into a nearby lemon tree.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805842

File: 1406249638526.jpg (58.38 KB, 1280x720, ANGRYCONFUSION.jpg)

>As Touma stumbles back, Uzu uses the moment to move in closer, Touma hadn't the chance to offer any counterargument, so the Kendo Club Captain was using the moment to viciously fight back, launching another overhand strike with the shinai towards Touma's head.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 24

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805846

Roll 1d1000 = 558

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805848

File: 1406249728898.jpg (423.4 KB, 1076x1500, 138913626204.jpg)

The girl nods softly, the sight of Touma being hurt so badly causing her to wince and want to stop this stupid attempt at peacemaking so she could do something.

"...Mitikihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture."

Just... Hold out hope. They probably wouldn't kill him.

She hoped they wouldn't kill him.

"I would be a year 10 student, had I not arrived here."


File: 1406250207813.png (248.81 KB, 600x800, 5c534da31c7994111f50278a9a0410…)



>Yuuki says in an embarrassed tone

>she slowly walks over

Of course, I try to help a man for once and I still end up hurting him.

...well it's less painful than being forzen to death

>she looks down

...are you ok?


>Hasn't yet noticed the other people.

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805867

File: 1406250344334.jpg (89.54 KB, 507x600, To.Aru.Majutsu.no.Index.600.11…)

>Touma had collapsed to his knees at that point. The sensation felt familiar, somewhat, almost as if he'd been in a similar position before, but with his memories prior to a certain time ago he simply couldn't recall.
>As the shinai came down towards his body, he remembered it. How far he'd come to get here, all the people he had tried his best to protect. One of them was here, kept out of the battle but still close by, whilst another who had asked for his help was down not too far from him.

>The shinai came into contact with his body, but Uzu would find that it wouldn't move away when he tried to go for another strike. It was gripped at the end and halfway down the shaft, having been caught at the last moment.

For me to go down here, in front of the people I came to protect...
>Pushing the shinai away, Touma threw it upwards, hopefully causing Sanageyama to lose his balance for long enough for him to launch a driving uppercut towards his chin.
I'll not allow that!!
Roll 1d1000 = 949

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805872

File: 1406250773915.jpg (63.83 KB, 1280x720, Hmph.jpg)

>Uzu frowns slightly as the shinai is caught and pushed up, he falls backwards slightly, but notices the punch coming and over exaggerates his backwards stagger, causing the punch to sail harmlessly in mid air, Uzu readjusts his grip on the shinai, his tone as cold as steel
And for me to lose to you, and to shatter the ambitions of the Lady I swore to serve...I cannot falter here.
>He brings the bamboo sword down unflinchingly on Touma's head
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 604

Dusk!aLEJudith. 805874

File: 1406250925549.png (150.04 KB, 894x894, ashlotte_by_manga_denise-d5mtu…)

>disregarding the others around her, dusk advances towards the fallen priest and kneels before him.

Are you ok Father?

>turning to face the girl Father Lawrence would see a heart shaped hole in her torso where he could clearly see gears spinning in her body. She wasn't a human at all that's for sure.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 805883

File: 1406251150678.jpg (83.3 KB, 1280x720, Symphony Regalia Da Capo.jpg)

>and from the wreckage rises the pink haired girl clad in a the final form of her uniform...

Don't think you've won so easily! Now the real fight begins!!

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805888

File: 1406251440212.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, Gamagoori2014-07-02-21h22m53s1…)

>So she really was from Japan. But that didn't really help him much at all. The more that this conversation went on, the more awkward it started to feel. He was conversing with an outsider of Honnou City after all, yet she was also from the same country as they are.

>But, she actually did say something that interested Gamagoori and possibly flesh out the world surrounding them more.

Ho? I assume that you have been in this world long before us. Please, tell me, what exactly is this location?

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805889

Roll 1d1000 = 176

???!Funz/OklBo 805891

File: 1406251505665.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, f8fe037712fb5ecd75a393149ecdc8…)


>Simply rubbing the back of her head and smiling nervously, the stranger screws the lid of the canteen back on.

>Approaching the rest of the group, she watches as Dusk helps the priest up.

Uh, yeah. What she said. They sting you anywhere, mister?

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805906

File: 1406252205725.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>Crona winces and skids to a halt soon after Lawrence smacks into the ice, holding back a groan as he slides back onto the ground
>once the bees soon clear out, he rushes back over to where Lawrence fell
>he skids again and drops down beside Lawrence, reaching down to try and help him up
>he glances up at the others gathered, though he doesn't pay them much mind (although he wonders where he'd seen Dusk before)

Father? How bad is it...?

>he tries to get him up to a sitting position at least, so if nothing else he could get a better look at the damage

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 805908

File: 1406252239659.png (68.24 KB, 480x280, Smile.png)

>Raising an eyebrow, Joel smirks before simply hurling the grenade at her, which sticks wherever it hits before exploding, shooting electricity in a small radius.
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 880

Starky!whAhasimHo 805915

File: 1406252543888.png (427.98 KB, 860x482, 131292087570.png)


>Starky throws the entire crate of alcohol at her.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 770


File: 1406252569690.png (14.86 KB, 192x182, Air12.png)

Uh...no. I thought I was just having a dreamless sleep, don't remember anything in particular of...wait a minute.

>He looks at her, a little curious.

How did you know...or think you knew I was dreaming?

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 805921

File: 1406252957542.png (116.63 KB, 390x320, Kids and Their Nintendos.PNG)


>His face stings, particularly his forehead, right cheek. and nose in particular. The bees hadn't bee entirely merciless, and it was likely each stinger would make for swollen red marks on his face.

>He'd have to get some of that medicine from his cabinet later for the stings.

>Lawrence tenderly touches his face, and after a moment, squints and looks at one of the many people that had approached him since his mishap started.

>He caught the girl's comment as she approached, and it took little to guess where that mystery ice block came from.
>The other, some kind of robot? They seemed to have walked up from some kind of concern.

>What was strange was how each individual seemed to ignore the other's existence.

>Lawrence glances to the two, eyebrow raised, then finally settles on focusing on the blue-eyed one for now.

I've been better but...hey, is that yours there?

>He jerks a thumb at the spike, then rubs at his nose with a grunt.

>Stupid bees.


>He squints and looks towards the third person who approached and pulls a strained grin, which makes the stings on his face burn fiercely in response.

Ahhh, my face mostly! The good thing about wearing a robe is that there aren't many places these bugs can sting at, especially if you're moving around!

>Another familiar voice frets over him, and with a wheezy chortle, the Father pats the skinnier pink-haired figure's shoulder aside him.

Could be worse! I could be allergic to those things. Or they can sue me; had a bee last week that was in my face ranting about lawsuits for knocking his hive out a tree! Crazy world, eh?

Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805924

File: 1406253157177.jpg (93.09 KB, 1237x907, Touma201.jpg)

>Downed again, and this time straight onto his ass. His head rung with pain, and he could swear he felt something bleeding somewhere on there.
>Was he really this strong? Sanageyama's ability to sense his movements, his pulse, footsteps and even his breathing, was there really no way to overcome it?
>It reminded him of Terra of the Left, in a way. That man had the capacity to change the 'priority' of any pair of objects. If he prioritised paper over steel, the paper could cut through the steel like butter. If he prioritised his clothing over a falling pillar, it could collapse on him and allow him to simply step away unharmed. It had felt like an impossible ability to counter at the time, and he'd only managed to beat it with help from Itsuwa who was there at the time. Had he underestimated Sanageyama because he wasn't in his powered-up Goku uniform? Was he so foolish as to think that mere force of will could overcome skill, training and honed senses?
>Why had he been holding back, from the beginning? If he was fighting for his ideals, why wouldn't he give his all from the start?

There's something... a friend of mine said to me, once...

>Still unable to stop his head from ringing, Touma barely managed to use the wall to prop himself up, gritting his teeth as he tried to bear the two blows to his head and the one to his neck that had narrowly avoided being a third strike to his noggin.

'Just by your right hand coming into contact with the air, you'll continue to encounter misfortune'. I've hit brick walls time and again thanks to that... you'd think I'd have cut the damn thing off by now, just like you did with your eyes.

>Slowly, he placed his hand on the wall behind him, his legs still managing to hold his weight even if his head continued to shout 'no'. Panting out of near exhaustion, he managed to get up, still leaning against the wall for support.

But you know what? I'm okay with failure surrounding me... I'm alright with the fact that the universe has something against me.
Because it means that when I push through and succeed, it means that not even fate managed to stop me from protecting what I care about!

>With every ounce of strength his body could give him, even when his head screaming at him not to move and to take it easy, to not throw himself into the line of fire, Touma pushed off the wall with his left hand, breaking into a rush as he thrust his right hand forward.

>But it wasn't a punch.
>His palm was outstretched. It wasn't reaching for a blow against Sanageyama's face or trying to knock him down.
>All he needed to do was touch a piece of that fabric...!

Roll 1d1000 = 108

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805925

File: 1406253239000.png (575.25 KB, 600x848, Mami58.png)

...You know, she'd never actually asked. It was just sort of... "This world" to her.

"...People of many different worlds end up here."

As Touma is attacked, she visibly struggles to keep herself from getting up to help him, her face and voice contorting slightly.

"You and everyone else here are just a few out of many."

Staring intently at Touma as he fights, her voice quivers slightly.

"We're all stuck here together."


Looking directly into Gamagoori's eyes, she asks him,

"I'm sorry, but would you mind if I checked on Matoi Ryuko? I promised to assist her, and it would be wrong of me to abandon her if she's seriously injured."

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805926

File: 1406253271880.png (136.08 KB, 900x646, See? It fucking looks cool!.pn…)

...Y-you looked like you were having a nightmare...It looked like it was really bad, so...I...I went into your body to see...


File: 1406253434562.jpg (281.14 KB, 736x1000, 7c5e7c50b5db5b6ea6e4bf2b9f0632…)


>The snow woman rubs the back of her head, her cap a little loose

Uhh...yeah. I'm sorry...

>she sighed

It was meant for the bees, not you.


>seeing plenty of other people here to help she sighs

Ma..maybe I should just leave before I cause more trouble.


File: 1406253611878.png (21.07 KB, 236x255, Air1.png)

So...you just kinda...hopped into my body and...somehow into my mind kinda? Without...even asking first or anything? I mean I know I was asleep but couldn't you have waited until I woke up?

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805933

File: 1406254021109.png (98.42 KB, 420x420, You're putting what in my what…)

>Shy looks down, ashamed.

W-well, when I went in...I-it was a really bad nightmare...I-I just wanted to help...


File: 1406254264981.png (21.07 KB, 236x255, Air1.png)

>He stands up from the bed.

When you say 'really bad'...just how bad are we talking? What was I...what made you want to go into my mind more than anything?

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805935

File: 1406254382317.png (976.53 KB, 1280x720, Gamagoori Ira2014-07-22-04h42m…)

>Is that really all there is to this world? Just a collection of several things in a different world all bunched up in one place? It already sounds like it'd be a giant mess at this point.

>He could see that the next few words she spoke were.. something that she herself couldn't handle emotionally. Judging by that, there seems to be no way for them to ever come back home, is there? But.. was it a good thing?

>But, as she stared into Gamagoori's eyes, he stared back at her with the same glare he's had this whole time. Her question made Gamagoori's loose and relax form stand upright once more, blocking the path between her and Matoi Ryuko.

I cannot allow you to do that, Tomoe Mami. The only thing standing between me and Matoi Ryuko is the unfinished fight by both Sanageyama and Kamijou Touma. As I have said, I cannot allow anyone to interrupt said fight.

But, I can say this: We, of Honnouji Academy, know Matoi Ryuko far more than you and your companions. We have seen her fight countless amounts of our Captains before our arrival here in this world, and every time she falls, she continues to stand back up. Like many times before, she will do the same here.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 805937

File: 1406254514561.gif (1.99 MB, 500x281, tumblr_n6q2bbUQkT1qf2huro1_500…)

>Though she's bashed and blasted with booze and electricity, Nonon stands firm and growls at the two.


>And from her hat comes a power beam of focused sound obliterating everything in her path.

>Odds hit Joel. Roll 1d1000 = 397
>Evens Starky Roll 1d1000 = 691

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805938

File: 1406254546515.jpg (74.86 KB, 1280x720, Ohfuck.jpg)

>Uzu growls as Touma makes his speech, readying his shinai for another strike against the ever persistent intruder. He had some kind of powerful right arm? Whatever, it couldn't be anything stronger than the Goku Uniforms, of that he was totally certain. Misfortune and luck was something only a fool placed stock in. And as Touma launches himself towards Sanageyama, he moves his shinai in a defensive position to counter the punch.

>The punch that never came. As he swings his shinai to defend his face from another attack, he feels something grasp his vest. Uzu looks down curiously at the hand that had gripped the fabric of his Goku Uniform so very tightly. He stared curiously for a few seconds, before he smirks. What good was THIS meant to do?

>The answer came but a few seconds later, when with all the grace and subtlety of an elephant that had tripped over and fell onto a moving skateboard, his uniform completely exploded. Uzu's left completely flatfooted as he screamed out in a way that was becoming something of a terrifying habit.

>Sanageyama falls to his knees, shinai still clutched in his hands and as naked as the day he was born as he tried to figure out what exactly had just happened.

>Is this what this man's resolve could do? He'd always talked about that to his Club Captains. What the power of resolve could do. How as long as they had a goal to strive for and to push forward to, they could do ANYTHING. That if they lost, not only should they seek to train their bodies to push past their limits to become strong, they should also seek to hone their resolve, because their opponent simply had a stronger conviction than they did.

>Was that why he'd lost his uniform? Because the intruder's will to win was simply greater than his? Perhaps that's why he'd beaten Matoi as well, his desire to protect Satsuki being greater than whatever she had desired this time...Maybe next time...They could fight without any more reason behind it. Just a clash of skill on skill...Maybe one day.

>For now, Sanageyama looks up at Touma. Or at least, he turns his head towards Touma, hearing his heavy breathing while he knelt on the floor. This man was worth paying attention to. Whatever he was, whatever that arm could do, however he had managed to intrude on Honnouji...He had resolve, perhaps even the resolve to rival Lady Satsuki.

>Uzu smirks slightly as he looks up at Touma, his voice finally taking back on some of the tone he had earlier

...You know. That's a pretty interesting arm you've got there...I'd like to see it in action some day.
>He chuckles lightly, but doesn't say any more. He doesn't even make a move to get back up again...If there was one other thing the loss of his eyes had given him, it was some capacity for calm.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805939

File: 1406254922468.png (380.46 KB, 1015x895, FUCK EVERYTHING AND PANIC.png)

W-when I was in there...y-you were wearing one of your dresses, but it was like, attached to you with strings...and there was a spotlight on you...a-and the strings started to pull away at you, it started ripping your flesh away...

>She starts to shudder just describing it.

Starky!whAhasimHo 805940

File: 1406254999922.png (131.59 KB, 437x355, 131263567916.png)

You think you can stop me and whoever the fuck the other guy is?

>Starky braces herself against the sound, before charging at her with the sword.

Well I've got news for you: You've got that wrong!
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 451

Dusk!aLEJudith. 805941

File: 1406255049169.jpg (164.79 KB, 800x1300, Sc4-ashlotte.jpg)

>Looking between the father and the Mo'Gallian, she shakes her head.

You assisted him child, that effort alone is seen as good work to the Lord.

>Though being made of metal Dusk didn't really understand just how much that hurt...

>Still perhaps it would be best to see if the only thing wrong as just a bump on the head.
>She looks to the other two people among the gathering crowd.

Do either among you have medical experience? While the injury is minor it never does wrong to make sure.

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 805942

File: 1406255069822.png (67.87 KB, 480x280, Gckt.png)

>Joel is knocked back, the sound filling up his ears, every sense overwhelmed, yet still he staggers forward, aiming his gun blindly where she was, emptying the clip in her general direction, praying silently he could hit her.
>Evens, Roll 1d1000 = 698

>If he misses, he staggers once more, and falls to one knee.


File: 1406255294122.png (15.42 KB, 190x180, Air11.png)


>His mouth was sort of agape for several moments, images running through his mind reflecting what she had just described. Well...either imagining them for the first time or remembering them, he really wasn't sure. His wings unconsciously flatten harder at his sides.

W-well...I guess I should thank you then...c-cause that sounds really...really fucked up in a lot of ways. Y-yeah, whenever you think it'll be helpful to hop into my mind from now on, go ahead and do so. Even I can't remember...I think the me that remembers that would be thanking you profusely.

???!Funz/OklBo 805944

File: 1406255457960.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, f8fe037712fb5ecd75a393149ecdc8…)

>The woman gets an uncomfortable, worried expression on her face, biting her lower lip for a moment before speaking.

Yeah, your face looks like a sure mess...

>At this, however, the girl turns and shakes her head, smiling.

Nah, man, I'm sure it was that ice-spike that scared the bees away! Don't feel bad. Y'did some good, at least.

>Turning to look at Dusk for a moment, she nods, before looking at Yuuki once more.

See? Even robo-lady over here thinks so.

>At her question, however, she raises her eyebrows and turns back to face her.

Huh? Uh... I ain't no doctor, but I got some bee-sting pads in my pack.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 805946

File: 1406255726992.jpg (58.9 KB, 1280x720, 1386881819053.jpg)

>While she as hit with bullets, she keeps up her assault. This was an all out performance after all she couldn't stop for anything, she couldn't let these chumps get to Lady Satsuki, she couldn't let them harm her best friend!

>With a roar that was barely heard over the solid sound beam she once again opens fire on Joel and Stary.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 245 Joel

>Evens Starky Roll 1d1000 = 578

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805947

File: 1406256085226.png (958.64 KB, 3000x3000, Oh stop it you.png)

I...I just think it's weird that you don't remember it, since you just had it...I...I think I just absorbed the dream and took it away...

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 805948

File: 1406256252165.gif (783.19 KB, 500x282, 139061367974.gif)

>That sound.. the sound of some kind of bubble breaking. That was the familiar sound that he had heard more times than he should have. But Kamijou was not where he was, he was still fighting against Sanageyama. But it had little effect on his Three-Star uniform! It should not have done the same to him!

>Unfortunately, his worries soon grew as he heard a yell that he had not expected to happen in that fight. He quickly spun his head around to find out what was going on in that fight, only to see that Kamijou was still standing, and for Sanageyama to be stark naked and on the floor while his uniform was in pieces.

What?! But how..?!

>It shouldn't have done anything to the uniform! Why did it suddenly work now?! He clearly recalls hearing the same sound happen when Kamijou punched him in his activated Goku Uniform, but it still stayed the same! Unless.. he kept hitting the uniform..!

>But for this beaten person to best Sanageyama in his top condition.. it was something that not even Gamagoori could comprehend.

>All Gamagoori could do, however, was stare at the right arm of Kamijou Touma. Just what exactly was with that arm?


Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 805949

File: 1406256273485.jpg (107.27 KB, 595x691, ToumaEndymion 20.jpg)

>Due to Gamagoori's near total lack of response earlier, Touma wasn't entirely sure whether it'd work. It was higher quality, he knew that much, and Kasumi's uniform had taken a couple of hits to go down.
>Needless to say that Uzu wasn't the only one surprised when the entire thing tore to shreds in front of him, exploding just like a one-star uniform would. That last-ditch effort hadn't gone to waste, but now his head was both aching and having to deal with the vision of the naked man on the floor.
>The first thing he ended up cursing to himself is why he didn't do that in the first place. He could've saved a lot of headache and a little bleeding, given the slight wound on his head from the shinai.

>Resting against one of the classroom windows, Touma took a chance to actually breathe. There wasn't a lot he could process through his mind aside from resting.

For a blind guy... you sure know how to aim for the head... maybe I'll pay back the favour someday...

>He'd probably need to get himself checked out, later. Between Kasumi and Uzu, he didn't really know if he'd be able to ride this out. He couldn't be magically healed or anything, so for all he knew this was as far as he could go.

>But there was one thing he could do.

>Staring over at the two with tired yet determined eyes, Touma staggered away from the window, leaning on a nearby desk as he looked over to his friend for a moment.

Mami... help Matoi.
If anyone needs that shot at Kiryuin, it's her... I'll hold off the big guy while you do.

>There was no way he'd be able to survive a battle with that Scourge Regalia unscathed, but at this point it wasn't about him defeating the guy on his own and moving on.

>This was about defending his friend until his body couldn't take it anymore.
>It would take him days or weeks to recover from all this, maybe extending into a month or more, but the others could do something now rather than later.
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Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805950

File: 1406256371265.jpg (6.85 KB, 300x168, I Will Win This Staring Contes…)

>Crona winced again when he got a better look at Lawrence's face, seeing the areas where he had been stung
>he was then briefly distracted by his recollection of a bee attempting to sue him


That's...certainly true, Father...

>he had to admit, he hadn't heard a story like that before

>he glances over at the little girl that had spoken up, and at the mention of the ice spike he turns and looks over at it

Had she really done something like that...?

>even if she was just a little kid, that was pretty reckless, and could've got Lawrence even more hurt than he was

>rather than speak up, though, he decides to just let the military-esque woman calm the poor girl down

>the strange grey-skinned girl that he still couldn't quite place brings up the important matter of getting the priest medical help
>he frowns and looks back to Lawrence, studying his face to get a better idea of the damage that had been done

Well...we could just check to see what's inside the church. There should be something in there for cases like this.

Though those stingers would have to come out first...we might have to head to the hospital...

>thankfully, Crona could foot the bill if it came to that

>and if there was a way to take the stingers out at the church, he could just grab a potion from the manor infirmary to do the rest


File: 1406256388020.png (21.07 KB, 236x255, Air1.png)

I...didn't know that sort of thing was possible when you jump into my body and stuff. What do you think caused you to absorb it? I mean, that's gotta be why only you remember it, right?

Rin/Joel/Michael Three 805952

File: 1406256427088.png (70.03 KB, 480x280, Grrr.png)

>Joel cries out in pain, falling to his knees, his pain drowned out by the pure noise.
>Slowly, but surely, he collapses, slowly stretching out a hand and...
Roll 1d1000 = 477
>Evens, he crawls forward at an agonizingly slow rate, head screaming in agony from the pulsing of the solid noise, but he crawls on.
>Odds, the pain is too much, and he slumps over, falling into merciful unconsciousness.

Starky!whAhasimHo 805953

File: 1406256668278.png (48.81 KB, 245x186, Everything sucks.png)

>Starky's body starts to writhe in agony. She vomits onto the stage. Her body if covered with scratches and bruses, but she needs to soldier on.

>She grips her sword and slashes in desperation.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 768

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 805955

File: 1406256982765.png (216.67 KB, 391x286, Heater Always Breaks.PNG)


...Little extreme for some bees, isn't it?

>Lawrence looks to the girl, his bemused smile lessening. He couldn't deny the results, but it he was only a little faster he had a bad feeling of where that spike would have skewered.

But hey, thanks. I probably would be worse off than a few stingers in mt face!

>It would have been bad if his face puffed up completely. Wandering around nearly blind looking for the bathroom wasn't his ideal physical state.


>A robot that knew of a Lord instead of a Maker? That was a new one.

>To her question, and then to Crona's statement, he manages a soft scoff and waves a hand dismissively.

Naaah! I have something for this in my medicine cabinet. Topical cream that does the trick! One of the good things about this place; some of the stuff we have available to us is pretty useful...

>He grimaces and touches his face tenderly with a grunt.

But trees that don't have spontaneously generating beehives would be nice too...


>At the mention of some 'bee sting pads' he looks up to the armored figure.

They have those?

>He pauses, then with a shake of his head, slowly gets to his feet with a grunt.

You'll need to tell me where to find that sort of stuff! It'd be nice to have something I can carry around for this!

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805956

File: 1406257198166.png (293.3 KB, 720x720, Well shit.png)

I don't know, in the dream, I was holding you...shaking you to wake up, but I don't know exactly what happened...

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 805957

File: 1406257239963.jpg (54.77 KB, 1280x720, (148).jpg)

>Taking the slash to the side, the sound beam coming from Nonon's hat stops and falls to her knee.

I can't let you defeat me! I won't allow either of you to harm Lady Satsuki!!


File: 1406257254489.png (577.89 KB, 640x850, 4e1827d90b216e5097aa9d93158458…)



...I'm probably older than you you know, but thanks.

>The Yuuki-onna said with a bit of resigned sigh


I guess so.

>she rubs the back of her head


You're welcome...

>She sighs

Freezing things is just what I do...still sorry that you got hurt, Sir.

>She bows politely


File: 1406257584989.png (15.24 KB, 196x184, Air16.png)

Well...whatever you did I guess it worked, no horrible memory of a nightmare for me, just a horrible memory of a nightmare for y-

>The realization of what this meant hits him.

I-I'm sorry Shy, I didn't want you to be burdened with stuff that horrible in your head. It'll just...vanish soon if we don't dwell on it too much like normal dreams do, right?

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 805960

File: 1406257628303.png (2.05 MB, 1232x738, Mami10.PNG)

"Touma, no."

Calmly climbing to her feet, the girl fixes him with an uncompromising stare. She was not about to let him kill himself over this. Not after she just got him back.

"You're in no condition to fight. If you aren't killed, you'll be captured, and either option means that you might as well not be here. They need you. They don't need me."

Letting the connections between her body and soul fade away until all that was left between them were the basic senses, minus pain, and the ability to move, the girl summons a rifle, all signs of tiredness gone.

Leveling it at Gamagoori from the small space between them, she frowns, still speaking with her friend, albeit in a way very far removed from the girl he knew.

"And if you refuse, I will stop you from fighting him."

Glancing coldly in his direction, she asks,

"So what will it be, Kamijou Touma?"

Starky!whAhasimHo 805961

File: 1406257808653.gif (1.83 MB, 576x324, Are you fucking stupid?.gif)

A-and I...W-won't let you win...

I have to...I don't know why, but i have to...

>Starky draws her sword back, going in for a stab.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 701

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805962

File: 1406257897499.png (67.13 KB, 500x500, Oh shit....png)

I...I hope so...

I-I mean, I killed so many before, I've seen so much suffering...but that...that was something different...

Dusk!aLEJudith. 805964

File: 1406258575476.jpg (198.39 KB, 500x684, tumblr_lzxao93Vzz1qj0zg8o1_500…)

>Well if he's going to insist he's fine then that's that. With that out of the way, she needed to ask the Priest something.

Father, if it not too much trouble to you, I'd like to learn more of the Lord's teachings as was taught to you and yours.

The ways that I've learned have left me disillusioned...

Everyone is young to me at my age.

>It was a simple statement, but also an apology of sorts.

>Of sorts.

Well it is good that it hasn't come to that.

>That would be a hassle to her goals. Though she could ask him while he's in the hospital as well.

>Bee-sting pads?

Such a thing exists?

>not that she needed it ever. The only problem she'd have with bees were if they were to try to make a hive between her gears.


File: 1406258795390.png (21.07 KB, 236x255, Air1.png)

Well...is there anything I can do to make it up to you for putting you through that? I don't want to seem ungrateful that you did this for me.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 805966

File: 1406258963428.png (560.28 KB, 800x450, TheNakedTheProudTheSanageyama.…)

>Uzu chuckles slightly, as he remains on the floor, he was remarkably unscathed, but he was weary in mind. From his shock at Matoi's immediate defeat to his angry outbursts to the intruder and finally culminating in the surprise of having his Goku Uniform shredded with no warning, it had been an emotionally trying day, though he tried to keep a smiling face going
...We'll have a rematch some other time. See who comes out on top then...
>Honestly, right now, he just wanted to think to himself for a little...Ponder his feelings and his thoughts for a while...And maybe come to some further conclusion.
>Which is why THIS was REALLY not welcome right now. Sanageyama rounds on Gamagoori, and the intense man would almost FEEL the weariness in the voice of the man, though he had nary a scratch on him.
Gamagoori. I lost. My Goku Uniform's been destroyed. I should try to maintain any dignity I have left by not making any further embarassment of myself.
>He traced his fingers along the floor until he found the traces of fabric on the floor. He reaches down and reties the bandanna around his eyes, then he stood up, and he started walking away, totally unashamed of his nudity.
I've disgraced the name of Honnouji Academy's Elite Four enough. You'll be fine on your own, Gamagoori. I need to explain to Lady Satsuki what happened.
>And with that, the green haired kendoka simply...left. He walked away without even a single look back, a lot on his mind, and not enough covering his body.

???!Funz/OklBo 805967

File: 1406259043660.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, f8fe037712fb5ecd75a393149ecdc8…)

>Smiling, the woman nods enthusiastically.

Yeah! I get ten of 'em for like, 20 bits at the gas station 'round here.

>Taking off her backpack, she set in on the ground before kneeling down and unzipping it.

>It took a few moments of rummaging through the many items inside, but eventually she pulls out a small, medical-looking box labeled "Insect-Bite Relief Pads".

Found it!

>She holds up the box, showing the label to Lawrence, before handing it out towards him.

Says it's 'sposed to only sooth and reduce the swelling, so you're gonna have to still get those stingers removed somehow. Still... it should help.

>Briefly, she turns to the girl, and gives her an encouraging grin.

Don't worry so much. You did good, for such a young kid.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805983

File: 1406259854599.png (395.18 KB, 700x700, Please...don't hurt me.png)

I-I don't know...I...I didn't expect to be helping you out today...


File: 1406259921938.png (15.16 KB, 188x189, Air2.png)

Come on, don't worry about it being equivalent or anything like that. Just tell me something you'd like me to do for you and I'll do it.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 805989

File: 1406260014100.jpg (31.53 KB, 512x288, PUPPY DOG EYES ACTIVATE.jpg)

>Crona stands up along with Lawrence, though he still seems rather concerned that the man wasn't being entirely truthful about how he was doing
>he still wasn't entirely sure what to say to the ice girl, or the strange mechanical girl that was apparently also a priest
>he still wasn't sure if they'd actually met before, but that could probably wait until after Lawrence was doing alright
>when the military woman hands him the pads that were supposedly to help with the stings, he makes a note that the stingers would still have to be removed
>he turns back to Lawrence and leans closer to him, his eyes narrowing as he stared at his face and tried to get a proper look at the stung areas

Well, if they're not that deep we could probably just grab a pair of tweezers and pull them...

>which he knew wouldn't sound all that enjoyable to the priest, hence why he said it with a slightly hesitant tone

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 805997

>She sighs deeply.

Unless you can get me a permanent living body...

...Could you just hold me tight, please?


File: 1406261002103.png (14.85 KB, 190x185, Air3.png)

Still uh...working on trying to find a way for that first thing.
But you know I'm always up for the second thing.

>He sits back down on the bed and spreads his forelegs, inviting her over before embracing her. If she was solid at that point, he would hug her tight. If not...well he'd try and keep his legs around her body and close enough without sinking in.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 806002

File: 1406261559531.png (76.95 KB, 931x878, But...But....PNG)

>Shy's body remains tangible, breathing softly as her body emits heat once more...

Thank you...

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 806003

File: 1406261586868.png (199.23 KB, 358x339, I'll get the mop_again.PNG)


It's fine; the bees are gone and I'm...mostly fine. I'm in one piece anyway!

>Lawrence nods to her once, slightly pleased by her politeness, even if she seemed overly apologetic.

>He shakes a head and sighs sheepishly.

That bee thing was my fault; I should know better than to sleep under those trees when they aren't bearing fruit.

>Which was true enough, the trees without the fruit generally were the ones with the beehives in them.

>Or money sometimes, which befuddled him again and again. Money sometimes did come from trees!



>Lawrence blinks in surprise, the offered box something he wasn't expecting. He smiles weakly, wincing only slightly from the stings, and accepts the box with a grateful nod.

I'll just have to get the tweezers again...thank you for this, and for your generosity.

>Not many people had such generosity, though he was surprised so many people were drawn to the lawn of the church from the street (or Crona, because he had decided to come by at a bad time).

>He looks over the box with an arched brow, his fingers already working to open it.



>The Father looks up from the box and blinks at the robot, surprised by her insistence.

>As well as timing, it was strange she asked right now when he still was worrying about his stings.

I...guess? Sure! I hold sermons every Sunday morning, and I should have something around here...

>He pats his robe a few times, looking for something, then looks back to the tree he was napping under.

>The now vacated beehive (and now what was likely a jar or two of honey) rested beneath the tree, as does a worn black book with the golden 'Holy Bible' printed on the cover.

>He snaps his fingers and walks back to the tree, retrieves the book, and walks back.
>It's his personal bible, a bit dogeared and used, but it would have been more useful than nothing at all.

Here. This here should illuminate you until then. Read at your leisure! It's my personal bible, might have some notes written all inside of it but it still does the trick.

>He hands the book to her with a nod and a chuckle.

I'd launch into something here and now but...face. It stings.


Well...swelling first, right?

>Finally opening the bee sting pad (twenty bits at the gas station, eh?), Lawrence removes the pad and places it on his face, to lessen the swelling and stinging sensation.

>After the swelling goes down, he figures he can go and finish up in the washroom where his bee-kit remained.

>He likely would need a beekeeper hat if he wanted to keep taking those naps he liked so much.


File: 1406261697010.png (455.59 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_mp9br5Ukhf1ri725lo1_128…)

Everything's okay now, nothing to worry about...

>Air would just keep holding her until she was fully calm and felt better after what had happened.


Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806007

File: 1406262144394.jpg (99.45 KB, 1280x720, 1405998111944.jpg)

>Meanwhile on the back patio of the manor, Hazel lounged about, illuminated by the porch light. Enjoying a small slice of strawberry cheese cake she got at her favorite sweet shop, it was a nice day for her. Besides her dessert, she had a radio resting on the table, quietly playing music

>last night was pretty nice. Her opponent might've been stronger than she expected, but she still took him out in 5 hits; as well as taking less hits herself. She had recently heard that the man was a wellknown cyborg criminal from the outskirts of Lumina, had a bit of infamy in both Lumina and Kameria; stealing metal for his own devices and killing anyone that disagreed with him. He had since been taking to the Town Jail with a fractured jaw, his mechanical arm destroyed, and a couple broken ribs.

>she took a bite of her cake. She didn't have to go out and do any vigilante stuff tonight, last night had satisfied her enough; the pleasure of fighting combined with the pleasure of sending a infamous criminal to jail was a lovely cocktail for a lovely girl like her.

Shy Assassin!YT5CRUELTY 806008

File: 1406262155485.png (91.09 KB, 1800x1080, Mwah!.png)

>Shy continues to embrace Air, rubbing her hooves up and down his back.

T-thank you...I-I love you...

>She places her lips on his cheek, planting a quick kiss before returning to the hug.


Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806009

File: 1406262204161.jpg (94.67 KB, 1280x720, (173).jpg)

>And the stab was all it took


>She wound in her side cuts deep and she falls to the floor bleeding.

I'm sorry......Satsuki-chan.

>was she going to die here? ...Perhaps it was the best if she couldn't fight off a pony and some brat kid..


File: 1406263076494.gif (993.68 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mpiropdOKL1s8jjbzo1_500…)

>Saya walked up to the patio with Hiroko next to her when she spotted Hazel.
Hiroko why don't you go on ahead, I'll meet you inside in a little bit ok?
>The kitten nodded before going in through the door.
So how have you been Hazel?


File: 1406263465390.jpg (74.83 KB, 503x700, 10d7db8b1bf671c7b2db6b9ae4f021…)


Well alright....

Anything I can do to hel...

>Kid, "Everyone a kid", Yuuki looked pissed

>She takes in a long deep breath

I'm sorry Father, I'm going to have to excuse my self before I do something much more reckless.

>The girl bows politely before walking off

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806018

File: 1406263523163.jpg (66.74 KB, 500x706, tumblr_n2fva5lBaU1qze9qao1_500…)


>Hazel looked up from her dessert, wiping a bit of frosting on her upper lip.

>with her other hand she turned the music down till it could only be faintly heard.


>she gave a wave, smiling, and motioned to the empty chair across from her.

>with Saya arriving, Hazel quickly took out her cell and opened the notepad app.

Good how are you?


File: 1406264038340.jpg (42.91 KB, 200x210, tumblr_mliiw08kVn1r97hnao5_250…)

>Saya smiled and sat in the indicated seat.
Oh I'm just fine, I brought my little sister over so that she could visit a friend that lives here.
So I see that you're visiting the manor too, or are you staying here?

Dusk!aLEJudith. 806022

File: 1406264187353.jpg (57.21 KB, 250x444, 250px-Ashlotte_sc4.jpg)

>Dusk looks down at the book in her hand.

...It's smaller then I expected, but still I am honoured you'd give me your personal copy. I'll take prefect care of it until I am finished on which I shall return it to you.

>The one of her religion was a 20 pound, 3983 page book that could honestly be uses as a weapon to beat people's heads in. This was more... humble, innocent then the heavy weight of her old texts.

And I'll be sure to arrive here for your sermons.

>The machine had just happened to look up to check the position of the sun, the time, when she saw something odd upon the roof sticking out of the bell tower.

...Father, if I may state something you're highly likely to be already aware of, a plane seems to have crashed into the church...

>It doesn't seem to have done structural damage, still a home of the lord does not need such an eyesore.

>Dusk blinks as the girl turns to leave.


>she should attempt to apologize should they meet.

>"Lord forgive me."

>with that minimal medical aid was given to the priest Dusk was thankful for. Though she had to wonder why they were both here.

Are you both here to learn about the Lord as well?

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806023

File: 1406264516806.jpg (110.04 KB, 600x786, Sakurai.Rihoko.full.349327.jpg)

>staying? That would be a tough decision. She is a common visitor to the point where the manor was a second home... But to stay there and take up a room and leave her comfy house? That would be a tough decision...

I like my home too much
And the rooms are too small here.

>she shrugged, before taking a chunk out of her cake, typing another message with her free hand.

As far as I know at least.
This manor has infinite space doesn't it?
There could be a large room out there, right?


File: 1406264806424.jpg (15.24 KB, 156x156, 15.jpg)

>Saya laughed to herself a little before nodding.
I'm sure there are larger rooms somewhere in that hall.
Maybe you just have to want a larger one and it'll show up when you open the door.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806027

File: 1406265216869.jpg (109.68 KB, 600x593, Amagami.600.413519.jpg)

>that was... A bit scary when you thought about it. For all intents and purposes, this manor could count as a Eldritch location; it defies space and time after all with its infinite rooms.

Perhaps you and I, maybe someone else, can go exploring sometime.
Until then, I can stay at my home.

>as she finished off her dessert, wrote out another message.

Did you chek the news recently? A villain tried to attack East Discrict and a cute girl stopped him

>someone wasn't the best at being humble

I wonder who she was.
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???!Funz/OklBo 806034

File: 1406265705773.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, f8fe037712fb5ecd75a393149ecdc8…)

>At Crona's mention of pulling them out with tweezers, the girl gets a worried look on her face and shakes her head.

No, no, if you squeeze 'em, it just pushes all the sting juice into him! Just get a wet paper towel and try scraping them off, or something. Just don't pinch 'em.


>The girl looks at Lawrence, smiling nervously at his thanks.

Uh, nah, you don't have t'thank me. I was actually stoppin' by to thank you. I saw you givin' stuff to those folks earlier... Good t'see that this place is still helping out those who need it.

>She gives Lawrence a friendly smile, before getting a look of realization on her face.

>Reaching into her pack once more, she pulls out her canteen she was going to use to try scaring the bees away earlier.
>Holding it out to Lawrence, she shakes it slightly, splashing the water inside around audibly.

Runnin' around in this heat and getting stung like that probably made you thirsty, yeah?

>At her question about learning about "The Lord", the woman blinks confusedly and tilts her head slightly at Dusk, before smiling nervously and waving her hand.

Oh, no, that stuff seems kinda dumb to me, tell you the truth! I was just coming by to thank the guy helpin' out the hobos 'round here.


File: 1406265764614.jpg (98.95 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mkcbvsHpi91s0xvgpo1_500…)

Exploring sounds fun actually, we never know what we might find in there.
>At the mention of the new, she smirked and waved a finger.
I'm guessing she was you huh?
I do you you were staying safe.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806039

File: 1406266189144.jpg (88.62 KB, 431x600, Sakurai.Rihoko.600.482464.jpg)

>to the first statement, Hazel gives a nod, as for the second, she types out a message

Oh you know me.
I hate fighting
I'd never do anything like that

>she winked.. It was definitely her.

What about you?
Have you done anything fun as well?


File: 1406267183579.jpg (109.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mibowjszKP1s1orvwo1_500…)

Hazel are you trying to hide that you fight crime?
>Saya then thought for a moment.
Well you know.. running my bakery spending time with my family, training someone.
Short partrols when I have the time and working on my magic.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806049

File: 1406267579400.jpg (109.19 KB, 600x600, Amagami.600.320260.jpg)

I'm just joking around
I actually love the spotlight almost as much as I liking fighting.

>she hummed

Last night was great because the guy was a superhuman
I didn't have to hold back.

>Running a bakery must be hard work. But what was this about training? Saya had a little Padawan under her bunny ears

Who are you training?


File: 1406267839507.jpg (45.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mqwr1vXOmY1rhklr1o3_500…)

I see, but you don't want to fight too much Hazel, there are limits.
>Saya then looked at the table a little.
Well it's a girl that lives here named Mona.
I believe that she can do great things, but she needs a small push.

Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806058

File: 1406268320652.jpg (66.74 KB, 500x706, tumblr_n2fva5lBaU1qze9qao1_500…)

>the young vigalantee went quiet.

>"Limits? I've faced several people bigger and stronger than me several times in one month.. Groups of normal thugs don't stand a chance. Superpowers are the only people who give me trouble."

>far too proud to admit to respond to the idea of there being a limit to what she can do, she responds only to the latter of Saya's statement.

Is she lazy?

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 806070

File: 1406285452750.jpg (202.62 KB, 800x900, 2.jpg)

>Gamagoori stood by and watched as Sanageyama left the premises. There wasn't a loud cheer, there wasn't happiness, there was nothing in his voice that said that he felt victorious with this outcome.

>He doesn't seem to even notice the rifle that was pointed at him either. He was busy reworking what had just happened in the last few minutes with the fight between Touma and Sanageyama.

>Finally, he focuses back onto the current people in the room: a knocked out Matoi Ryuko, a beaten and bruised boy with a magic arm, and a very exhausted girl that can summon rifles out of no where.

>He turns his head over to Kamijou Touma, looking much, MUCH worse than he did earlier. And he still thinks that he can fend off Gamagoori long enough?

>Unaware of the rifle behind his back, he starts walking towards Touma with an angry glare on this face. He will just have to see whether or not Touma could live up to his expectations.

Do not take me for an imbecile, Kamijou Touma. I am aware of what that right hand of yours can do. I will not be using my uniform to capture you. Instead..

>Then, he stops in his tracks and starts to undress himself in front of both Tomoe and Kamijou. His shirt was.. surprisingly thinner than what most people had expected, for once he took it off, it was clear that the shirt was practically being stretched over his body to cover up all of his muscles. As he takes off his pants, thankfully, he was actually wearing some boxers underneath there so no one's eyes will be soiled. Somehow, both the shirt and the pants were neatly folded almost instantly. Once he set them neatly down on the floor, he starts walking towards Touma again, his size getting larger and larger as he gets closer and closer to Touma, truly showing what the boy is in for.

..I will be using nothing but my own two hands! Prepare yourself, Kamijou Touma!

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806155

File: 1406315551454.jpg (108.43 KB, 1920x1080, Sideon.jpg)

>Uzu had a lot of time to think as he'd strode through the halls of Honnouji Academy. Sadly, all of that time had been devoted to thinking, and not to getting dressed, as he was still so very, very naked. But hey, Honnouji Academy was a big place, and he was definitely one of the scariest people in it, so if anybody felt the need to comment on it, he'd hit them so hard with the shinai that they wouldn't be able to feel anything for weeks.

>It was when he was passing by the auditorium that he finally paused. He could hear something, the sound of...crawling? It was a body against polished wood, trying to move as best it could, judging from the slight squeaking noise he heard...Had somebody injured themselves in there? Sanageyama pushes the door open to the large open aired building and senses around the area

...Is somebody in here?
>He tries to sense around the area...But there wasn't any more he could sense. No particular scent, no more sound other than the scuff of body against wood...And thus he was forced to ask.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806169

File: 1406317067873.jpg (131.03 KB, 474x480, 1384591078751.jpg)

>She'd have been left alone to die by those bastards... maybe she had a second chance at redemption. She just had to get herself patched up and go seek out those intruders.


>if she didn't bleed out first.

>She'd been able to dress the wound somewhat but she was not medical expert and the shreds of her uniform she used where already becoming soaked red. Damn it...

>Then she heard a voice asking if someone was there, hopefully a student that could help her. As demeaning as that was, she needed to live to kill those bastards...

Yeah, right...

>Looking up from the floor she'd been crawling on for the past ten minutes she's graced with the sight of the totally nude Athletic Committee chair as if it where the most normal thing in the world.


>Great, she lost enough blood to start seeing things. Still...

Not the worst thing I could start seeing I guess.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806173

File: 1406317689148.jpg (112.72 KB, 850x1078, What'supguys.jpg)

>Uzu heard that familiar voice that was both squeaky and raspy at the same time and looks down at the floor. He'd obviously encountered Jakuzure...Though why was she on the floor, and why did she sound...weaker than usual? She'd usually have insulted him at least four times by now.

>Uzu walks over to the short head of the culture club and crouches down beside her, raises an eyebrow behind the bandanna as he does so.

Oi, Jakuzure. The hell happened to you? Ain't like you to get beaten up so bad. You need some help getting outta here?

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806185

File: 1406318772362.jpg (45.63 KB, 400x400, tumblr_n2q403sBHg1t04yngo1_400…)

>While Nonon had at first thought this was just her mind playing tricks on her due to lack of blood in her body... said illusion starts walking towards her and even addresses her.

...Oh god you're real.

>Somehow, even in her condition, her face still turns pink and she quickly hides her gaze from the attractive nude body.

Get some clothes on you perv!

>While she still shouted at him, it wasn't with the normal totally indignation, much weaker then it should be.

I-if you must know I... I got beaten by a pony and an idiot with a gun...

>Even in the situation she was in, she finds the energy to laugh bitterly.

I really am pathetic aren't I Moneky?
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Kamijou Touma!pR.BaFF/uk 806188

File: 1406319801766.jpg (95.07 KB, 1635x921, ToumaII57.jpg)

Damn it, Mami!

>Despite his weakened state, his battered and bruised body, the blood gently tricking down the side of his face from the top of his head and the throbbing headache he was still experiencing, he still found the sheer force of will to shout almost as loud as Gamagoori himself.

I didn't come all the way back here just to watch you throw yourself away because of some stupid fight!

>That unquestioning stare directed his way, the cold tone she used, it wasn't something he wanted to see or hear. He'd come back for a reason, and that reason wasn't this. Sure, it might be selfish and more than a little naive, but at this point he was done with people trying to throw themselves in the way for his own sake.

>The last few months hadn't been the kindest, even if things turned out alright in the end.

I'm not going to bow out here, and neither are you!
SCREW YOUR DAMNED CHOICES! I'm not taking one or the other!
I'm going to hold this guy off, you're gonna go help Matoi 'cause I don't know how, and then we're getting out of here together!

>Breathing heavily, Touma finally stopped to let his voice rest, his feet firmly planted to give him an easy time standing. At the very least his limbs weren't too damaged, but he was tired, his head was in a bad state and that affected the rest of his body anyway. Even so, he caught his breath, staring up directly at Gamagoori.

>... who was now naked.
>And huge.

>Those two things combined created a horrifying opponent for differing reasons. Part of him felt confused, but Gamagoori's ever-righteous stare seemed to dissuade the fact that there was even anything to be embarassed about. It felt exactly like when he was talking to Matoi in her underwear - what was with the people from Honnouji and their comfort with being bare like this!?

>Whatever his current clothing status, however, he was a big guy. Bulky, toned, and downright scary to look upon as an opponent. Could he really hold out in his current state?

>No... he reminded himself once again of something important.

>It wasn't where he could or could not.
>He had to hold out.

Don't try to kid me, Tomoe-san. I know you're just about as beat up as I look.
I'm not saying I don't need your help... but we could both use her help.
This all rides on how quickly she recovers...!

>Clenching his fists, he twisted his feet a little to get a better grip on the floor with his shoes, keeping a close eye on whatever the Disciplinary Chair intended to do first.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806190

File: 1406319998547.png (560.28 KB, 800x450, TheNakedTheProudTheSanageyama.…)

>Uzu chuckles slightly, he'd probably roll his eyes were they still visible on his face. He gently scoops his hands around Jakuzure's back and the back of her knees, making sure to not agitate her wound as best he can and making his way out of the room

This is my penance for losing, Jakuzure. I made a mistake, and now I'm paying for it, just as you are. Don't worry, we'll make it to the medical room pretty soon.

>He looks down at the grouchy snake and smiles ruefully, just as unhappy about his situation as she was, though remarkably less bloody.

Tch, if that makes you pathetic, I'm worse. I lost to the intruder. I was beating the shit out of him until he grabbed my uniform and it exploded. Just because I didn't think I'd need to activate it.

>He continues walking through the halls of Honnouji, ignoring any stares that he was getting from the other students, whether it was due to his nudity or the fact that he was carrying Jakuzure

At least we have ONE thing in common now.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806192

File: 1406321225407.png (130.65 KB, 500x586, tumblr_n1p3nqg4NJ1s7mucfo4_500…)

>Before she could foolishly object to his aid, she was in his arms and being carried off to to get help.

...Idiot, you should have been more careful. You could have ended up like me.

>She was happy that only his uniform was wrecked and not the Monkey himself. Well there was nothing left to do but hide her face in his chest so she didn't have to see the looks the students looks.

W-well get them next time. And the time after that... We're the part of the Four Elite after all, people look up to us as much as Lady Satsuki.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 806193

File: 1406322900418.png (72.02 KB, 244x273, Aww, come on, you don't really…)

>Crona raises an eyebrow when Father Lawrence mentions something about the trees not bearing fruit, wondering what that even had to do with the beehive
>he turns to look when Lawrence goes over to the tree, only to see a couple of jars of honey just sitting there, when they likely weren't there before


>was the tree just magically producing all these things on its own?

>he could certainly find a use for something like that

>he turns and sees the little girl walking off, now apparently in a sour mood for reasons he couldn't exactly discern

>he then overhears the military woman's response to the question posed by the strange mechanical girl, a frown growing on his face as he turns away
>he had no problem if the woman didn't follow the religion, but did she have to call it "dumb" right to a priest's face?
>that was just flat out rude

>rather than dwell on that, however, he smiles somewhat awkwardly at Dusk, speaking in a relatively cheery voice

Oh, I was just dropping by for a visit. It's been a while since I last came over...

>he pauses, then turns his awkward grin to Father Lawrence, now a little flustered

N-Not that I'm unwilling to learn, Father!

Mami!TomoeP/Q/. 806194

File: 1406322968538.png (1.09 MB, 685x1000, 101bea62a79dbd2ce4bb686c58305f…)


Shaking slighty as he tries to reassure her, she retorts quietly,

"If you think that he won't beat you, you're wrong."

She couldn't let him fight. She knew he'd die. She knew it. She was already too far gone, the act of fighting her way back out even if she left right now would see to that. Her only hope would be walking out the front door in a full sprint back to Town, where maybe one of the girl's she'd helped would be have a grief seed to hand.

But that wasn't going to happen. She was going to die here, and like hell she was going to let him die too!

"Touma... There's no hope left for me to survive this. That is a fact, and arguing with me over it is only going to hurt you more when it happens."

Ah, yes, becoming a witch...

"If I fall, I need you to do something for me. I need you to destroy my soul. I don't want to become a monster, or hurt you or Matoi, so please, don't let me turn."

She sounded so cold, so detached. Was she really so emotionless? Was this the kind of person she really was?

...No, it wasn't.

"...And I want you to know that, whatever happens, I was glad to have you as a friend, for the short time I did."

Giving him a genuine smile, she adds one last dagger to the heart before making her move.

"Thank you, Kamijou Touma."

Roll 1d1000 = 835
Evens, she fires the shot into Gamagoori's back, dead center.
Odds, she instead opts to restrain Touma with a number of ribbons, and feeling faint from the effort, loses her grip on the weapon.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806218

File: 1406325366956.jpg (108.43 KB, 1920x1080, Sideon.jpg)

>He grins widely, despite his loss, he'd proven that he'd DEFINITELY been strong enough to survive all kinds of attacks. Maybe he'd actually be capable of fighting Lady Satsuki and winning! Not today, but soon...Maybe...
Speak for yourself, I think I did pretty good...Helped that the people I fought didn't have any swords. Heh, I said I was the strongest of us, didn't I? Now you know I'm right.
>He paused as Jakuzure spoke up further, thinking on that. People DID look up to them, even if Nonon was grouchy and rude, she was still here to help, Gamagoori was loud and stern, but he truly cared for the safety of the students in the academy...They all did. Uzu had nurtured his clubs like a proud father..Maybe they were being a little too harsh to keep them all in now? Something to discuss with Lady Satsuki later...
Yeah, they do. We'll make sure to protect them as best we can...For next time.
>And then, Uzu finally makes it into the medical room, the school nurse bustling about her business when she turns to the door and gasps as she spots the naked student council member and his bleeding counterpart. Uzu places Jakuzure on the bed and turns back to the nurse
Treat her. Quickly.
>The school nurse nods quickly, with a muttered 'Y-yes Sanageyama-san!" as she quickens her pace, moving around the small space finding differing treatments for Nonon's various ailments, all the while, Sanageyama sits near his pink haired colleague and watches
...I'll stay here for now. Gamagoori will be fine on his own...Inumuta should be too. So for now, I'll make sure you get patched up. The Student Council has to stick together.

Gamagoori Ira!Toad7Dxhbg 806219

File: 1406325400322.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, Gamagoori2014-07-02-21h18m01s5…)

>Gamagoori was ready. With his clothes off of him, sans his boxers, he could be able to take on Kamijou Touma head-on without worrying about his uniform.

>As he walks, Touma could see all the bleeding cuts and marks from Tomoe's rifle that were put on him prior to his and Sanageyama's arrival. Even with all this, he still stood like it was nothing. He cannot expect to defeat an opponent this huge, especially with the state that he is in.

>As he draws closer to Kamijou, he was already ready to throw several punches in his direction. But, out of no where, the intruder was suddenly wrapped in several yellow ribbons, binding his arms to his sides and his legs together, making him look like a recently caught fish.

>Gamagoori stared at the tied down person on the ground, confused about this new event. The yellow ribbons could only belong to one person though, and that's the one girl that was behind him.

>He turned his head around to face the exhausted magical girl. Why did she do that? Did she really not want this boy to fight? It only made capturing the boy easier.


>He was listening in on the conversation the two were having, and by the sounds of things, Touma was going to try to fend him off for as long as possible. Tomoe was exhausted while Sanageyama and Kamijou were fighting, he didn't think that she would have the energy in her to fight, even up until now. But it looks like he was already proven wrong.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806254

File: 1406326999953.png (560.89 KB, 705x780, 1385402901565.png)

Yeah yeah... just don't get too confident. That's why your eyes are as they are now...

>She lays on the bed and relaxes now that it's save to do so. She was actually happy his was staying, it make her feel calm somehow. Hmph, must be all this blood loss.

Yeah, we should always stick together... It's nice.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806263

File: 1406327847350.png (560.28 KB, 800x450, TheNakedTheProudTheSanageyama.…)

>Uzu raises an eyebrow and looks down at Jakuzure. Her voice sounded so much more relaxed than it did earlier, and she'd said a totally ridiculous thing. Maybe the blood loss was getting to her. He turns back to nurse
...Hurry up in treating her, would you? She's already being stupid.
>The Nurse nods and continues her bustling treatment of Jakuzure, and all the things that entails while Uzu turns back to Nonon.
Try to focus, Jakuzure, you're already saying ridiculous shit. We only see each other in the Student Council meetings and we already drive each other crazy. You're not sick enough to be going mad.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806274

File: 1406329218603.png (289.85 KB, 460x422, tumblr_n34r0zkpxP1tv3qv7o1_500…)

>As the nurse starts to treat Nonon for her blood loss, she also needs to do something about the cuts and bullet wounds she had. So soon the girl was hooked up to a morpheme drip and that before long... made things even more interesting.

I'm not saying something stupid! It's true! I like having you around! Ira-San and Houka-San!

And we don't just know each other from meetings, we talk to each other aaaaaaaaaallll the time~

>Oh yeah, this was gonna be amusing.

And your naked~ You lewd Monkey you~

The working dead 806276


Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806281

File: 1406331523763.jpg (112.1 KB, 450x629, Disgruntled.jpg)

>Oh boy. Just what he needed. A drugged up snake who had lost all recollection of who she was. Jakuzure was gonna KILL him if she remembered what had happened later...For now, play it cool. Uzu gets up and goes into one of the supply closets. It was no secret by now that Ryuko Matoi had carved her path in Honnouji Academy and had left a trail of battered naked bodies behind her, so he knew that there would be at least SOME covering here. Sure enough, he rooted around for long enough and found himself a red tracksuit, usually suited for the No Stars, but for now, it was his.
All right, now I'm NOT naked. Better for you, Jakuzure?
>He sits opposite her, now fully clothed and looking distinctly done with the whole situation, which is no mean feat when you don't have any eyes to express exactly how done you are.
And I wouldn't call it 'talking.' More like excessive arguing about something or another...Arguments you always win...
>He's not bitter about that at all.
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Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806284

File: 1406333687505.png (259.11 KB, 443x406, tumblr_inline_n35elowiDq1sx5h5…)

Damn it Dead.

>The snake giggles as the she sinks further into the hold of her pain killing drug. On the bright side she was getting patched up quickly and blood back into her body.

Awwwwwwww... I wanted to see you body more... So tone and muscular~♥

>Hopefully she'd remember nothing of it. Hopefully.

And I like our arguments! if you want me to lose, I'll lose all the time if it means you'll argue with me more!!

>She sees a bit distressed at the thought he wouldn't argue with her anymore.

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806286

File: 1406335134931.jpg (239.94 KB, 660x950, Hairmessing.jpg)

>Uzu stared at Nonon for a very long time. It was almost...creepy how pleasant she was. Definitely creepy how she seemed to be hitting on him. Not that he didn't appreciate the attention, especially from the tiny snake, but if anybody ever wrangled that out from him, he'd have to kill them. Anyway, he coughs and looks away, trying to hide the faint level of discomfort on his face after that particular outburst...Still, she was confusing him
You LIKE arguing with me? Why? All you do is grouch at me whenever I kick up a fuss about something you do, or grouch at me for no reason at all! Why the hell do ya LIKE doing that?! Figured a rich girl like you'd be happy not dealin' with me.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806292

File: 1406337698795.png (717.29 KB, 817x945, 1393647182794.png)

Because we get to taaaaaaaaaalk!! And you get so fired up, it's cute~ I can't help but tease you.

>the nurse was soon done and all that was left was for the Non-Athletic Chair to heal. Though now she's staring at him as he turned away a bit.

Moneky? Aaaaaaaaare yooooooou blushing~?

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806294

File: 1406338243741.jpg (147.86 KB, 1000x667, Shout.jpg)

>Yep, this had definitely gotten into weird territory. He rounds on Jakuzure, his face hot and making a very definitely frustrated expression. He aims a finger at the mistress of marching band threateningly
I am NOT blushing! You're just...being weird! You're being all friendly and crap, and I think you're kinda hitting on me! It's freakin' me out!
>He keeps the finger pointed at her, his face set in confusion and irritation.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806298

File: 1406339135184.png (213.06 KB, 600x600, Snake Snake Cobra Cobra.png)

That's not what your honest face saaaaaays~

>Even with her hopped up morpheme she's still trying to get into an argument with him. At the comment of "sort of" hitting in him, she just smiles lazily again.

Sort of? I didn't think you were that dense Moneky...

>Roll 1d1000 = 904

>Odds she ends her comment there as even in her state, it would still be a bit much to bluntly say something like that.


If the nurse wasn't here and I wasn't injured, I'd [BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP] you so good!

Uzu Sanageyama!Ren/VL7f/Q 806299

File: 1406339307541.jpg (141.38 KB, 1280x1024, I'mnothappyaboutthiseither.jpg)

>And that was all the blind man had needed to hear. He stands bolt upright, his face furiously flushed
You know what, I'll come back later when you're less...Morphine'd. Seeya later Jakuzure. Don't die on me.
>And with that, he marches out of the room, his limbs jerky and erratic as he moves them, once he makes his way out of the doorway and around the corner, he promptly breaks into a run and sprints down the hallway.

>He did NOT know how to deal with this...But maybe Lady Satsuki did...Hopefully.

Jakazure Nonon!aLEJudith. 806308

File: 1406340322058.jpg (78.42 KB, 500x720, 1385225700521.jpg)

>Aww he ran away... oh well he'll be back!
>The nurse meanwhile stares at her stunned.

....What? I totally would! Have you seen the ass he has? It's perfect!

Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806318

File: 1406341597726.jpg (28.37 KB, 500x328, !TeenNash_smile2.jpg)

>As the song drew to a close, Leeroy came back to the world of the living for long enough to notice a certain bunny girl standing in the doorway, accompanied by a compliment of boxes floating behind her.
>When he noticed Saya standing there, he set the guitar down on his lap and waved.

"Oh. Hello!"


File: 1406342018997.jpg (47.08 KB, 491x600, tumblr_mo1zgd9WNq1sq93qxo1_500…)

Hello there.
>Walking into the room, she gazed at his guitar before looking back at him.
You're quite talented with that.

Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806331

File: 1406342299575.jpg (107.72 KB, 297x378, Ellis_Smiling_by_Jade_Law.jpg)

>Leeroy smiled in return. So people were starting to notice skill. Excellent.

"Thank you! That's what a few year's practice will do for ya."


File: 1406342573452.jpg (42.91 KB, 200x210, tumblr_mliiw08kVn1r97hnao5_250…)

So how long have you been playing then?
>Saya paused for a moment before tapping her head a little.
Where are my manners, my name is Saya Souma.

Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806342

File: 1406342932897.jpg (785.22 KB, 1000x1750, L4D2___Ayehluss_by_Nijuuni.jpg)

>Man. It'd been a good long while. Let's see, he got his first guitar at 11, so... 7 years?

"Hello Saya. I'm Leeroy. Leeroy Gallowglass"


File: 1406343150971.jpg (35.25 KB, 200x184, tumblr_mliiw08kVn1r97hnao6_250…)

It's nice to meet you Leeroy.
>Saya then looked back at her boxes and picked one out.
Would you like anything?

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 806347

File: 1406343240794.png (28.85 KB, 189x165, Looking for a Fuck To Give_Who…)


>With the throbbing ebbing off in his face, the Father pulls away the pad to a crisp dewy sensation on his face.

>He blinks and looks to the strange mechanical figure. To him, he wasn't terribly concerned if she brought his personal version back. He could always read through another one he had in the church, after all. The sentiment was nice, however, that she would have a concept of personal worth given to what would otherwise be a used object.

>Not many mech folk had those kinds of sensitivities.

>Lawrence brightens from the robotic woman's promises, though he winces again from the stingers. Even with the soothing pad, he'd need to get those out.


>Use something to scrape them off? That was a good idea, and the woman had a point. Did he have anything he could use for something like that.

You saw that, huh? Well! You don't have to thank me, helping those that are needy is just what I do. Those less fortunate here in Town still deserve a right to live without suffering from day to day.

>As he pokes his own face experimentally, he glances at her with a slight start.

Oh! No, no no-that's fine, you should keep that water for later in the day. I know I'm wearing black but I can't imagine how sweltering it must be for you.

>He had plenty of water in the kitchen area around the back of the church, and wouldn't feel comfortable taking more than what she had already given, which is evident on his face for a few moments.

>As he prods his face, and the woman responds to the robotic one, Lawrence freezes from the woman's final statement, just as he manages to prod a stinger out of a swollen mark on his face.


>So distracted by the woman's statement, he nearly misses Crona's added on words from his statements focused to the robotic woman.

...? O-Oh! Right! Well, if you want to, you're welcome to drop by on Sunday if you're that interested in what my church teaches.

If you want. I'm not going to twist your arm into doing anything; you can visit like you do already and that'd be fine-



>Lawrence, busy giving the others who had come to his aid some manner of attention, blinks in surprise when he hears the bid goodbye, followed by the girl walking off.


>Too late, she had already passed the gate and out of sight. He blinks blankly at where she went off to. He was glad she did help, but why had she left so suddenly?



Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806354

File: 1406343880804.png (213.23 KB, 487x342, photo.png)

>Now normally, Leeroy avoids sweets like what's presumably some kind of pastry in here, but that wouldn't be very polite, would it?
>Leeroy took a piece of Mochi out of the box and took a small bite.

"Thank you."

>Hm. This had an interesting sort of sweetness to it. Not to mention a pleasantly chewy texture.


File: 1406343992772.jpg (28.35 KB, 155x156, 3.jpg)

No problem.
I just hope everyone here likes them.
>Closing the box, she sent it back to the others.

Dusk!aLEJudith. 806362

File: 1406344784894.jpg (406.87 KB, 614x1300, Ashelotte.full.785140.jpg)

>The Woman's comment causes a very short glare from Dusk. Back in the age of her creation and the prime of her religion, those works would have lost her her head.

If that is your view then. Though speaking your opinion so bluntly is hardly thanks for the Father's hard work.

>More over the Father's distraction prevented her from getting an answer about the plane in the church roof.

>Hmmm so he came here to often, but not so much to learn... was it for confession then? Dusk knew that even the young were capable of evil.

Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806363

File: 1406344806328.jpg (738.01 KB, 1189x1477, Ellis_by_endofnonentity.jpg)

"Well, I certainly do."

>With that, he bit out another half of the Mochi and mindfully chewed on it.

>After swallowing the Mochi that was in his mouth, Leeroy put 2 and 2 together.

"Oooooh. Yer Saya! Stephie's friend, right?"


File: 1406344984976.gif (129.49 KB, 445x360, tumblr_mitcpq4I0K1rxeywdo1_500…)

Why yes I am, but she's like a little sister to me also.
>Walking closer, she lifted a eyebrow.
So how do you know Stephie?

Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806373

File: 1406345814264.gif (146.69 KB, 400x384, tumblr_lryixfIJEM1r13o90o1_400…)

"Oh. Uh..."

>Leeroy scratched the back of his head. Looking away as his face got a slight pinkish color to it.

>Ah shit. Stephie didn't tell her about him?

"I'm... her boyfriend, actually."

>With that, he internally braced himself for whatever was about to come his way.


File: 1406345898154.png (51.16 KB, 250x141, tumblr_mhc6uy1msc1riuo2jo6_250…)

Is that so?
>Saya smiled again as her eyes seemed to glow.
And are you treating her well?

Leeroy!RpQzSCoUts 806377

File: 1406346165455.jpg (28.37 KB, 500x328, !TeenNash_smile2.jpg)

>Here was the good part. He didn't have to lie or stumble with his words here, because all he had to say was the God's honest truth.

"Of course! I love her dearly, an' do everythin' I can to show that."

>And that, my friends, is the power of responsibility.

???!Funz/OklBo 806379

File: 1406346395711.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, f8fe037712fb5ecd75a393149ecdc8…)

>Smiling, the girl shakes her head and smiles.

Naw, I like it this way. A little sweat helps keep me lean n' thin. Just 'cause I'm not very "girly" don't mean I don't care 'bout my figure! But, suit yourself, pops.

>Shrugging, the woman takes a sip out of the canteen herself, clearly feeling rather hot with all her layers.

>As she guzzles down nearly half the canteen at once, she falls back onto her butt, taking a seat on the grass. in a very casual, relaxed manner.

>Giving the mechanical woman a dense, curious look at her light scolding, the girl tilts her head.

Uh, I already said thanks, didn't I, sister? I don't see no "god" helpin' out the poor like he did.

>With hearing the Pink-Haired boy's words, however, she seems to get a newly found curiosity about something.
>Looking between Crona and Dusk, the woman tilts her head slightly and inquires about something with a curious tone.

Say, you two this guy's kids, 'r somethin'? Why d'you keep calling him "Father" like that?


File: 1406346494147.jpg (72.09 KB, 500x707, tumblr_mmpy203PqV1rxtxhbo1_500…)

And just how much will you do for her?
>Saya walked over to a seat and sat down crossing her legs and looking him directly in the eyes.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 806389

File: 1406347428359.png (88.81 KB, 222x300, I Didn't See Nothin', I Don't …)

>Crona really did need to set aside time on a Sunday to come and actually listen to a sermon
>if nothing else, it'd be an interesting learning experience - he'd actually seen gods in person before, but learning how others who hadn't seen their god keep faith in it was strangely interesting to him

>though he could do without this woman being there, somehow unable to keep her comments to herself
>it did seem like she just didn't get it, however, her question prompting an explanatory response

It's the title for priests in the Christian faith.

Although "Reverend" can also apply, I think...personally, Father just rolls off the tongue better.

>he finally tuns his attention back to Dusk and stares at her, his confusion growing by the second

...I'm sorry, it's just...

Have we met before?

>he sounded just a bit frustrated when he spoke, reaching up and rubbing the side of his head

I get the strangest feeling I should know you from somewhere...

Father Lawrence!.ZzGrellBs 806413

File: 1406349177439.png (116.63 KB, 390x320, Kids and Their Nintendos.PNG)


>Father Lawrence rubs the back of his head, puzzled by the woman's curious dismissal, and then ignorance, about what he was. He did say this place was a church and she seemed to know about gods. Perhaps she didn't know organized religions existed?

>At first, he jerks a thumb to Crona for his explanation of what his title meant.

Pretty much what he said.

>But for her earlier statement, he takes a deep breath.

The Lord doesn't have to work on His own to make miracles happen. It is his teachings that make humble and charitable souls, who spread His love and kindness to others.

>He brushes off a second stinger from his face, flicking the small curved barb onto the grass behind him.

>The third he pops from his face, however, he holds up in his rough-looking hand, the small curved barb sitting in his palm. He stares at it, his eyebrows furrowing with thought.

But I know; this world doesn't have many Gods that show their love in obvious ways. Some living gods, like Vesca to the south, gave their own power to create a prosperous land. Other gods of destruction or death encourage the worst in the sentient and beast, manipulating them to terrible action outside of a natural order.

The Almighty God, our Lord who created the universe, perhaps all existence however...


>He pauses with a thoughtful hum, as though a thought occurred to him.

...Take these bees that stung my face; they harm me, yes, though the populate the world with the gift of flowers and fruit. Their stingers are to defend themselves from things that could wish them harm...or some idiot that knocked their hive out of a tree, whichever comes first.

>He smiles sheepishly and throws the stinger behind him with a shrug.

They deliver a bountiful gift for humanity but not without their own conditions for their lives. For those who follow His teachings, they too can deliver a small joy, relief, or help to the world they inhabit.

Not unlike these bees do to the world around them. Ohh, sure, there are bees that sting with no provocation or reason, but notice a bee suffers when they use their stingers to hurt another. This is much the same for a person, who uses their blessings and strengths to hurt others for their gain or enjoyment, hurting their minds and their souls for power.

>To make his point, he gestures to the plane sticking out of the bellfry of the church, still burnt out from the Millennium Blitz months prior.

>Though he only lingers on it briefly before turning for something more positive and bright.

>Lawrence gestures to the trees behind him, some already covered in blossoms for a new batch of fruit coming in (likely tomorrow).

Meanwhile, there are bees that create fields of beautiful flowers and sweet fruit. Not unlike those who grow food for the community, care for the homeless in the shelters, provide for the betterment of the lives of themselves and those around them, resulting in a beautiful world we all can live in.

>Lawrence picks out another stinger, and with a sigh, flicks it away.

And that's not much of a bad thing, is it?

OP for Mams Hazel Naut!Nautd/nL8o 806426

>meanwhile, elsewhere in Town, back in East district again, a fight had broken out; but by the looks of it, it was just ending.

>several goons lied about the area, in the middle of a empty warehouse, all of them groaning in pain but very much alive. One of them who had cybernetic legs, ones that made his legs look similar to a horse's, sat on the floor exhausted. In front of him was the vigalentee from before, Hazel Naut; she looked a bit ruffed up herself, a bruise on her cheek, a few scratches here and there, and a bit of blood on her lip.

>the cyborg grumbled at his opponent, irritated that he was brougth down by her

Ai ai ai... Had you on the rope there.. Fine, I'll split, never come back, and we'll call it even, alright? Don't send me to jail like ya did Tom.

>Hazel grimaced at him, pointing to the door out.

Dusk!aLEJudith. 806441

File: 1406350785360.jpg (164.79 KB, 800x1300, Sc4-ashlotte.jpg)

Though his faith to the lord is why he's able to do so. Why would not be able to help those as he has without his position and what comes with it.

>She pauses for a moment wanting to further add more, but believes otherwise as they seem ignorant to even what would common knowledge to even non-believes. It would simply take too long to explain everything.

>and the boy ask weather or not they'd meet before.

We have. I assisted both you and a red haired woman when the Prince of Greed had attacked you both.

I'm surprised you forgot.

>Then, she adds as an after thought.

Additionally, we're living in the same housing.

>Then Father Lawrence begins to teach the ignorant girl the meaning of his faith.


>Different from hers yet the same. Where they differed however is that in the words God spoke to her and hers the bees where to give up stingers and instead expect others to protect them rather then themselves.

>Now she realized that that was so those with authority in their religion would not contest their word... Certainly this was the word God had meant for her and not the one's Father Cornell and his ilk has spoken.

Vi!iBreaktumo 806459

File: 1406351737006.png (570.66 KB, 800x700, vi_by_2gold-d5owci5.png)

Casually walking in the door and taking a look around was, surprise, surprise, the only person who didn't treat the Town's criminals like garbage.

As she stops, notices Hazel, and allows herself an upset sigh, she stops to toss the injured crooks a pack of cigarettes and some matches.

"You guys all owe Mike for coming to me first."

She lets the understood reasoning sit there to stew for a moment. It being, of course, that any other law enforcer would have each and every one if them in a cell before the sun was up, while she was more willing to give second chances as long as they weren't hurting anybody.

"Bit of advice, guys. You see a teenage girl walk by and she isn't scared shitless by the whole 'tough guy' thing, you're about to get your asses kicked. That's the third time this month this sorta shit's happened, and I'm getting real tired of filling out paperwork."

Folding her arms and turning to Hazel, her mood lightens just a bit, even if she was just going to turn around and criticize her sloppiness.

"Kid, you really gotta work on picking your fights better. If McConaghy wasn't so worthless, you'd be running from the cops right now. At least lear