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File: 1404340450832.png (2.01 MB, 1706x994, 1401727112112.png)

Vausten 795524

"Nebelvaahl Station. This is the Solar Arrow. We are on approach and are requesting permission to dock. Current position is grid sector MK-5565 6687. Current approach trajectory is Five Seven degrees at Four Zero Zero metres per second. Distance is Five point Five kilometres out. Over." relayed the pilot, ending with a grunt as he thumbed off the comms switch.

"That's the third time already. No damn word." complained the stockily built pilot as he swiveled his chair about, the vessels autopilot dealing with the job of navigation.

"What do you think?" he asks as your vessels speeds through the iron-grey clouds and towards the immense, disk shaped station in the distance.

Ace_noir 796209

File: 1404490611747.jpg (149.03 KB, 523x1101, chow___military_unit___hacker_…)

"I'd make the excuse about them changing staff while we hailed them, but it's been to long, and too many times for that." replied the slightly muffled but accented voice of the technician. He leaned a little towards the pilot as he peeked out at the station like he was looking for something. From proximity the pilot could smell the latent propulsion grease on his suit which he had neglected to remove since he came from engine room on his routine checkups on it.

"How close can we get?" Questioned the man. "Our comms should be fine, but can we make a pass and see if we can spot their external receivers? They may be impaired in some way."

Vausten 797006

"Well, typically, we're just in the range for the long-guns they have for point defense. They would have hailed us for entering their airspace without authorization." says the pilot as he reaches for his drab green mug, doing his best to ignore the pungent odours of the engine room which have clung to the technician.

"We could probably get away with one circle around the station. We're about roughly what, 15 seconds out at our current speed?Just gotta poke the navcomp a bit and we'll be on a new course." he continues, turning to face the array of controls which spans the width of the cockpit. He spreads his fingers over a keyboard which sits at the edge of the coal black panel, typing away a new set of commands and coordinates for their ship to follow. In seconds the crew would feel a gentle pull in the ship as it banked to the left, and a noticeable sense of inertia as the vessel decreased in speed.

"Took us down to around 80 metres a sec'. Dampeners must be acting a bit screwy too."

Ace_noir 797270

"I'll see if I can do something about that next time we dock. With any luck that shouldn't be too long."

He was familiar with the common locations for external receiver arrays but between the clouds and the sheer surface area he would have to to look over, he may have had some difficulty.
"Seeing anything?"
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Vausten 797277

"No eyes, wrench-rat." He affectionately called the engineer while peering through their vessels view ports.

"I'm taking her in for a landing. Send out a call if you don't mind to the rest of the crew. I mainly want those turds we call SecOps to be in gear when we touch down.

Ace_noir 797461

The only response the pilot would get was a humored scoff before the tech walked over to a nearby console, flicking the switch as the on board PA system kicked in. With a click he lifted his faceplate and spoke:
"Ladies and gentlemen docking/landing positions. We will be touching down in T minus five* minutes. SecOps, suit up and have your gear ready by the time we touch down."

>*I'm not sure how long it would usually take to land so that number is variable at your leisure.

Vausten 798039

The crewmembers hurriedly moved about, taking their drilled and assigned positions throughout the ship. Hatches sealed and restraints clicked as they all prepared for landing.

"On approach. Foils shifted and locked, landing struts deployed and fixed." stated the pilot, having rehearsed this numerous times through countless landings in his career. His voice sort of droned, naming off every action taken as he brought the ship in over one of the wide landing pads extending out from the station. Nozzles pivoted and spit hot jets of plasma to slow the vessel; the dagger-shaped craft hovering over the scorched platform. It lingers in their for a moment before touching down, the legs of the landing gears telescoping into the hull as it absorbs the shock and the weight of the ship.

"And we're down" the pilot says with a tint of relief, pulling himself out of his chair and towards the hatch.

'I'll meet you down in the cargo bay in a few minutes."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 800272

The technician nodded as he to left his assigned landing spot.
"Until then, anything you want me to pull together or grab before we disembark?"

Vausten 800430

"Basic tools, cutters, wrenches; whatever can get is through our out of a sticky situation." replied the captain, pulling open a rusted and dented locker to pull out an armoured vest and a pistol belt, a hefty looking sidearm resting snugly in its holster. With a few clicks his gear was on and ready, and opened the hatch out of the cockpit.

"I'll see you in a few." with a wave he walked through the rust coloured portal, disappearing down the corridors of the ship.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 800767

File: 1405486476587.jpg (101.46 KB, 437x843, 067ee4f9d684c887a2119f8d273070…)

The tech eyed the vest for a second as he left, making a quick assessment of how serious the captain was about the situation. Although his own garment was caustically resistant to deal with the engine room buildup and possible leaks, it wasn't ballistic resistant or proof in the slightest...
It may have been somewhat unorthodox but when he clunked his way down the metal stairs to join the captain and anyone else who was there, he had dawned the industrial grade suit for external repairs. He carried with him what the captain advised. Basic tools including a standard issue omni-cutter/welder, couple spare fuel cartridges for the cutter, can or two of emergency sealant, etc...
He adjusted the use worn suit before spying the captain and approaching him.
"So, do you know if we have atmo on the other side?"

Vausten 800995

File: 1405560381962.jpg (382.83 KB, 636x900, 1404325922610.jpg)

"We've got atmo. I'd keep sealed, but that's just me." said the pilot as he stood in front of the loose sort of formation of crew and security operators that have gathered in the cargo bay.

"Alright, listen up. We've just landed on what could be a dark station. That means we go in hot, fast and above all; carefully. Myself, and Sec-Team 1 will move first to the gate and secure the area. The rest of you will stay close to Sec-Team 2 and do as they say, got it?" A collection of acknowledgments and more motivated "Yessirs!" rang out from the fully armed and armoured Sec Troopers that stood lined up to the side.

"Suit Team will post security around the ship, and are clear to engage anything not displaying our IR marker strobes." the Pilot further orders, pointing to the set of four towering humanoid Mobile Enhanced Carrier Hardsuits. They looked like a cross between the cockpit of a heavy gunship given arms and legs. The pilots within the armoured glass and metal plated canopies nodded, lifting up on their control gauntlets which actuated the hardsuit's bulky arms.

"Guns up, eyes open. Lets move" shouted the Pilot, slipping on his helmet as he struck the switch to the bay doors.

The thick plating swiftly fell open with a clunk, the Pilot rushing forward with pistol in hand. The first Security team of five men soon followed, forming up behind him.

"Keep your spacing and form a wedge, stop at those crates and carrier vehicles ahead!" he barks over the commlink, the Sec Troopers moving quickly up to the assigned position, around halfway up the wide lane which connected the landing pad to the main hangar doors.

"Sec-Team 2 You're clear to move. Go!"

The next group of troopers motion to the rest of the crew, taking a line formation as they advanced across the open pathway.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801259

The tech followed along, mag-locking the last few extraneous pieces of his equipment to his belt as he kept a decent distance between himself and the second team. The captain didn't even need to mention keeping sealed. He already was.

As he progressed into the hanger he made a visual inspection of it out of habit for any signs of irregularities in the structure or any visible tech/systems.

Vausten 801323

It would be immediate that there was little to no power in the hangar bay, the doors having needed to be pried open by a pair of the hulking power suits for the rest of the group to enter.

The two Security teams formed a pair of half circles around the crew, the front led by the Pilot as they quickly moved a head in a sort of half crouched jog, with the second team trailing behind to cover their rear.

Only a few emergency lights and the displays on a few crates and panels could be spotted, their glow scattered about the cavernous interior that was the Station's Hangar section.

"Hold position, spread out and set up security. Teams 1 and 2." ordered the Pilot, the group stopping at the door to the interior command tower which overlooked the hangar.

!GUARD5kv/U 801339

File: 1405642275159.jpg (6.75 KB, 229x174, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Within the second security team's perimeter, moving along with the group as it smoothly maneuvered forward in practiced, precised synchronization, one particular figure seemed slightly out of step.

Not quite crouching or as carefully watchful, unarmored, possibly unarmed.. Even dressed just slightly differently, it was apparent it was not a member of the crew or its security contingent. Without any marking or identifying emblem, it would seem not a member of anything at all. Quite a plain looking fellow; and as the group eased to a halt when the order to hold came, as the security element looked down their barrels sweeping back and forth in their sectors of fire, he didn't seem to be looking at anything at all.

Awaiting their further command, a tense and stilted silence fell. The man absently reached into his pocket and pulled out a nearly new pack of cigarettes. Sticking one between his lips he went to the other pocket for the lighter - when one of the other interior members gave him an incredulous look. He opened his mouth to say something, then shook his head and shrugged.

"Eh, whatever," he said in a low, quiet voice, and let the unlit cigarette hang from his lips.

Vausten 801370

After a moment of fiddling with the door, the Pilot turns around to address the group.

"Looks like no power is feeding into here. It could just be local, or station wide. Not sure. Until the tech's can pry this thing open, we're going to be setting up a little site right here. Sec Team 1 will remain here on security, while Sec Team 2 will head on out to scout the rest of the Hangar. I want any one else that isn't on security to work on setting up some cover, moving crates, tread haulers, anything that can move and give us some protection here.' tersely ordered the Pilot, his voice carrying a noticeable crack and hiss as it was rendered through his helmets voice emitter. The rife-teams and the rest acknowledged his commands and went about their assigned tasks, spreading out around the immediate area.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801429

File: 1405649284848.jpg (101.46 KB, 437x843, 067ee4f9d684c887a2119f8d273070…)

"On it, sir."
The suited tech unclipped his omni-cutter and tentatively made his way over to the door with the other techs following suit. Not that he was scared of what was beyond the door but the fact that sec was planning on pointing guns at it soon. Though preferably he'd have it open and be out of the way before then.

He was already scanning the wall around the door for the access panel. With any luck he didn't need to waste fuel and cut it or the door open.

!GUARD5kv/U 801462

File: 1405650950137.jpg (18.56 KB, 280x357, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Striding up to the Pilot, the nondescript man was able to pull the lighter from his pocket - an old wick-Zippo; flicking an orange flame in the dim room one could make out the letters "ONI" emblazoned on one side of the steel face of the lighter, and a crossed quill and ringed bar on the other. He lit the cigarette still hanging from his mouth.

"That isn't going to matter, of course." He said dryly. "Only getting inside will."

He took a look around the space they occupied, finally, taking a long drag and letting it out in a stream of bluish smoke in the darkness. "You want one?"

Vausten 801478

The smoke rolled over the dented and pale grey metal of the Pilot's mask, the vision slits optics glowing ever so faintly. He lifted a hand and hit a switch below his chin, the front faceplate lifting upward on its hinge to reveal his face.

"No, but thanks." he replied, holding a hand up to reject his offer.

"Also, it's better than nothing. We're going to have to be working out of this spot here for quite a bit, given how the situation looks." he continues on, looking out at the small sort of 'camp' already being built. Makeshift walls and barriers were made with bulky metal crates and containers, carried into place by either muscle or some of the motorized hauler cars that still had some power.

"Though, whats your take on things?"

The engineer would find an obvious panel at the left side of the door, its boxy frame protruding from the wall. It was coloured in a dull red, and had a a dimly pulsing light in the upper left corner which indicated a loss of base power.

!GUARD5kv/U 801690

File: 1405687476632.jpg (75.72 KB, 610x582, Screenshot_4.jpg)

He shrugged nonchalantly.

"Suit yourself."

He leaned back against the wall, the dim emergency lighting giving little impression about him.

"My take? It's about as expected, captain." He took a long drag and slowly exhaled. "We're either lucky, screwed, or already late."

Not wanting to let that simmer in the pilot's mind too long, he moved on to other matters.

"Might be able to get some temporary juice to that door if you jerry-rig a power converter and plug a suit into it. Oughtta have enough in there to at least get the emergency lockout released. Still means prying it open, but it beats working against 4.5 tesla maglocks or cutting through 4 inches of plastisteel."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801746

File: 1405708252064.jpg (101.46 KB, 437x843, 067ee4f9d684c887a2119f8d273070…)

Whether the panel co-operated or not it was removed to reveal the guts door's guts. He peered around the inside for a while familiarizing himself with it's layout. Before he could open the door he need to know what was keeping it closed whether it be maglock, manual, or perhaps even something completely different.

"Lets see what you have for me.." the tech mumbled to himself, silently hoping the mechanisms for the door where outdated enough for a manual override.

Vausten 801748

File: 1405709724249.gif (449.84 KB, 88x136, ghost.gif)

"Not a bad idea. Though, I want to wait before sucking up suit power. Those are older moldel Mobile Hardsuits, and run on liquid fuel." replies the Pilot, finding most of the man's suggestions here to be doable.

"I'll keep it in mind as an option, but there must be something in this bay we can drag here and use instead. Think you can find something here for me?" he asks, looking over his shoulder to the vast and darkened hangar before them. Figures could be seen milling about and moving objects, the crew at work in bringing supplies over to their temporary camp. The commlink then buzzed, a stern voice filling the quiet channel.

"Sierra-Alpha, this is A-Section." the Pilot would turn away slightly as he thumbed on his comms to reply to the Sec-Trooper.

"Go ahead A-Sec."

"We've almost finished are sweep of the area. Nothing here but dust and grease, it looks. Only thing out of place here is we've got a bulkhead hatch slightly ajar. It's up here at the north end of the structure, up and to the right corner from the control tower. Over."

"Good to go A-Sec. Hold there. SA out." he pulled his thumb off the commlink switch and turned back forward.

"Also, you must be new. I can't seem to recall your name. Forgive me.

The Engineer would not be so lucky, as the magnetic locking mechanisms were engaged, as well as manual locking latches holding the door shut from the inside. However, with some prodding and prying at the panel he would discover that the manual locks can be opened from the outside, with the adequate tools. The maglocks, on the other hand would require an external power source to disengage.

!GUARD5kv/U 801801

File: 1405725116460.jpg (127.83 KB, 850x643, Screenshot_2.jpg)

"Fair enough, captain..." he acknowledged.

With the faintest hint of a smile, he added.
"I'm Casper. We work for the same employers. I came aboard when you took your last contract. They wanted... someone to observe."

Vausten 801804

File: 1405726167998.gif (1.43 MB, 163x239, Animation15ghost.gif)

"Oh..." he said in masked disappointment. "So you're one of them from the Company. Well, that's just the nature of things, I suppose. So, Casper, feeling comfortable so far? I'm sorry if this isn't quite like your office conditions." he snarked in response. "But that's just how things are with rough and tumble freelancers."

!GUARD5kv/U 801820

File: 1405728387634.jpg (6.75 KB, 229x174, Screenshot_3.jpg)

"Well it's nice to be able to get out and stretch my legs a bit, so it's not all bad," he remarked without malice. He knew the captain's situation; `Casper` wouldn't have liked it either if their roles were reversed.

"And the company is very thorough, you know; they like to keep a good eye on their investments... especially when they're shelling out a quarter-million credits a man for you and your crews services. That's not a bad haul; a good years worth of work, even at top-tier mercenary rates. Can't blame them for worrying you'd skip out on the work after getting your cash." While the second part was stated similarly without any bite or edge to his voice, the words themselves were sure to draw at least a little reaction. Which he'd hoped for... All the files and documents in the universe will only tell you a part of the story about a man - what he's actually like face to face can be a very different story. And Casper wanted to know more than what his dossier concluded.

Vausten 801853

File: 1405730640775.jpg (207.57 KB, 1200x684, 1404326313862.jpg)

"Taking cash and skating usually only works once..." he replied, pausing for a moment.

"...that is if you've not good at your job. Piracy does have its own set of perks, I'll tell you.Not quite my thing, though. An honest mercenary is a sort of an oxymoron, or so how the stereotype goes."

"Today should have been short stop for refueling, Mr. Casper. I hope this won't affect our pay at all." he said with a bit of a laugh-like grunt.

By this time their little base had been more or less built up, a fairly tall and somewhat unstable looking wall established with a mix of metal and heavy polymer crates along with a few service vehicles lined up in a bit of a ring, the piled up gear curving into the thick walls of the corner they set themselves up in.

"Cap, this is Bravo-Section. We've found some starships at the far end of the hangar, and look serviceable. Though, much of this place looks a little to empty. Someone's been here before us it looks. Over". crackled a stern voice over the comms-channels, the Captain quickly responding.

"Stay on your toes and see if there are any other signs of entry or recent activity. SA out."

"Either they left in a hurry or someone sent them all away through the garbage chute." he says to Casper, closing his helm's mask with a crisp hiss as it sealed.

"Good chance we could strip those starships for the gear needed to get into this door, if Wrench Rat here can't get us in."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801856

He cursed under his breath and set to work on releasing the mechanical lock. As for the maglock he'd need to think of something clever in the hoped of avoiding extraneous fuel use on a generator.

Vausten 801857

"Hows it looking over there, Wrenchy?" calls out the Pilot, looking over his shoulder to see the Engineer hunched over the door's access panel.

!GUARD5kv/U 801862

File: 1405731329698.jpg (128.58 KB, 910x828, Screenshot_7.jpg)

"Too true, cap... And don't worry. We're... right where we need to be, it seems. Just like any other job, if we live, we get paid," he said dryly, taking a last puff of the now nearly depleted cigarette.

Turning away slightly, and to no one in particular now, "...one way the other we're gonna find out soon." He flicks the butt away, with a thousand yard stare.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801886

File: 1405732890199.jpg (101.46 KB, 437x843, 067ee4f9d684c887a2119f8d273070…)

'Wrenchy' cocked his head a bit, and looked back at them over his shoulder, taking a pause in his work.
"Some good, some bad. I should be able to get the manual lock open in a minute but releasing the maglock is going to be a bit harder. We may need some external power to get that open. Could reroute the emergency power to deactivate them, maybe."

Vausten 801977

"Hmm, well, we should get moving over to those ships. We could see if we can drag their gear over if they still run, and get this door open like you suggested.

"Wrenchy, you ready? We've got a little walk to do."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801979

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 801992

Whoops! *Ahem*

He didn't really turn to look at them just yet but he certainly addressed them.

"Ready enough to leave the rest of the manual lock to these guys." he responded, jerking his head towards the couple other engineers next to him.

Wrenchy stepped aside as the other less... well... 'suited' techs pulled out there tools and picked up where he left off. Wiping his hands off on the thighs of his outfit he stood up and briskly walked towards the two of them.

"Where too, then?"

Vausten 801999

File: 1405739954621.jpg (1.26 MB, 744x1052, 1404252953211.jpg)

"Well, then. Lets move. Casper, Wrenchy. On me!" he commanded, giving a stern shout as he drew his pistol and held it close to his chest, angled downwards slightly. He reached up to thumb on his commlink, moving at a quick jog into the darkness that was the Hangar.
"Sec Team 1 I'm approaching your position at the ships. Hold there and establish security. SA out."

Sec Team 1 found a couple of ships at the far end of the bay. Good condition and look serviceable. We're gonna see if we can take anything from them to help us out."

Vausten 802004

Also, to any players and future players. This is a sort of open roleplay where anyone can add on to the story as they go along. You know, add things to the background lore or just the directions the plot may go. Don't feel hesitant to include something if you think it might be a good idea.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 802065

File: 1405750549648.jpg (136.16 KB, 395x825, potemkin__crowe___second_by_io…)

Following along into the blackness he flicked a switch on the side of his helmet. Ahead of him would have been suddenly flooded with the small focused LED flashlight integrated at about the right temple and quickly adjusted the lumen output so he wasn't blinding anyone from the sudden illumination. Though, seeing as it was designed to provide light while doing external repairs in the middle of space, it was still decently bright even on the lower settings.

"Did Sec say what kind of ships? Just a thought but it may help figure out what happened. How many staff transports or other personal carriers can they see in the hanger from where they are?"

Vausten 802114

"They didn't say what class of vessel they found, just that they found two of them. Just give me a second." the pilot opened the comm channel once again, demanding the make of the craft they found. After a short relay of words the Pilot released his finger from the switch.

"One looks like some kind of two seater craft, octagonal shaped hull with with solar panels built into the wings. My guess is some kind of light hauler. The other one is a much larger ship,Brig Class. Unknown model though.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 802130

A quizzical eyebrow was raised behind his faceplate at this news.
"Can you ask them if there are any markings about who they belong to?"

!GUARD5kv/U 802846

File: 1405887173195.jpg (59.77 KB, 682x822, Screenshot_8.jpg)

Casper quietly straightened up. He began to pull another cigarette from his pocket, but spoke before lighting it.

"They belong to the Týr Corporation. Our employers. You'll find the upward-pointing arrow of its emblem on the vessels."

He lit the cigarette, and flicked the lighter closed, silently awaiting the reply to this revelation.

Vausten 803212

"Not too surprising given where we are. They've got a big grasp, that corp." replies the Pilot, moving a bit quicker as the silhouettes of the craft come into sight. Chemlights lay strewn about the two star vessels, lighting a small path out to the Security Team.

"But, how do you know what they are?"

!GUARD5kv/U 803452

He heaved a sigh. "Because that's why we're here, my good captain."

The contract with these freelancers. The empty station belonging to those who hired them. His presence with them, there. Unanswered questions - the less they knew, the better.

Vausten 804477

"Right, well." he quickly replied, the group coming to a halt as they reach the pair of Steller craft, one of the Sec Troopers walking up to address the Pilot.

"We looked a bit closer, found an insignia" the trooper points upwards to the side of the hull, it bearing the exact same mark described by Casper.

"We did some closer looks, this seems like a light freighter and escort craft. They both got some teeth, surprisingly." he continues, guiding the three about the two ships.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805018

Maybe it was sec jargon, maybe he was just feeling stupid today but that flew right over his head as he was previously listening to Casper in an uneasy silence.
"Teeth?" he said, looking up at the ships, reflexively checking the hull for anything out of the ordinary.
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!GUARD5kv/U 805123

Noticing the somewhat tense silence that ensued, Casper clarified.

"They're well armed," he said into the darkness.

Looking back over at the captain, he added to it.

"They expected they'd need to be..."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805284

"Rght then..."

Subconsciously putting his hand on his omni-welder he followed.

"..In your professional opinion Mr.Casper, are we armed or prepared enough for this job?"
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!GUARD5kv/U 805287

He smiled grimly.

"...Does it look like the former occupants were?"

Vausten 805954

"So, Wrenchy, you think you can see if these critters here can still run? Or anything that can be salvaged?" he says, interjecting into their little conversation

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 807802

File: 1406523749855.jpg (136.16 KB, 395x825, potemkin__crowe___second_by_io…)

"From what I'm seeing of the hulls, they should be salvageable in that respect. Internals has yet to be seen.."

With a nod he indicated Casper.

"..If the Týr corporation will allow us access to the interior for the possible good of the mission."

!GUARD5kv/U 808975

"I doubt there's anyone to... who would object," he replied, catching himself midsentence.

"We're here to scout and investigate. Do whatever you have to in order to get it done."

Quieter, under his breath, he added mostly to himself; "whatever happened here, whatever it takes to figure it out."

Vausten 809002

"Well you heard the man, start gutting these two birds." said the Pilot, who had been pacing between the two vessels.

"Lets make it quick as we can too. You've got the Sec-Troopers to help haul things if need be, Wrenchy."

"Pilot, we've got something on motion scanner." crackled a gruff voice over the comm-channel.

"Go ahead, what is it?"

"One object, large. Distance puts it at six hundred metres. North-East of our position, and closing."

"What? can you get an estimate on its speed?" replies the pilot, his free hand dropping for his holster.

"30 kilometres an hour. It's coming right for that jammed door that's to the right of those ships, Pilot."

"Right, all personal we are on REDCON-1. Pilot out." he snaps his head to both Casper and the Engineer, his pistol held at a low ready position, his arms tucked tightly against his chest.

"Wrenchy, you better get moving."

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