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Petplay? Scribbles!gkXD1QX4Gc 794763

Hi. I'm new here from 4chan, I'd just like to take this first few moments to greet you all, you seem very nice.

The mlp petplay community is a small subgroup who arose from a story known as Zephyr's tale.
Basically, the premise is either you want to own a pet pony or be someone's pet pony. We're all a very friendly bunch and are just looking around to see if there are any other fellow bronies out there who would like to join.

As far as roleplay, I'm fairly new to this, but I'll give it my best.
You can play as anyone you wish, be it human, pony, changeling, etcetera. Our adventure takes place on a remote island in the Pacific, where all creatures looking to be adopted currently live in Fort Rook, the island itself is mostly rainforest, with shallow waters surrounding.
East of the main compound is an airstrip where anyone looking for a pet will start.

Basically, just socialize with eachother, you don't have to be someone's pet unless you want to. It's an agreement between the two of you.
All relationships are welcome, ponies looking for pet humans, humans wanting pet ponies, gryphon looking for a changeling, anything goes as far as who is the pet or owner.

Most importantly, have fun, make friends, and be nice.

You can roleplay here or come to our irc at #ppg on irc.rizon.net

Anonymous 794790

File: 1404162596065.jpg (115.31 KB, 960x839, better out than in.jpg)

>pet pony
I could get behind it.

Anonymous 794858

Why haven't you?

Snowy 795077

It would be great to see new faces around the IRC. Feel free to hop on and check it out!

Anonymous 850612


Never again. Been there once. Did the thing. Fuck no.

Also, Zephyr is shit

Anonymous 856138

Fluttershy is now your pet.
What do you do?

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