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File: 1403917289975.png (214.25 KB, 1366x685, Map of Solaris port.png)

Solaris Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793781[Last 50 Posts]

#Closed #canon #Solaris

Solaris a calm beach city currently bathing in the golden crimson sky light. The Stadium is a live with a local game. The youth league,and the local military patrol the shores in search of any specters. Specters being fiends that attack the living at times,but enough about that we seem to be at peace now.

Now the story begins for our unlikeliest of champions.

The city streets are crowded with the hustle and bustle of unicorns and earth ponies all watching the games on the large screens that loomed off the buildings. Meanwhile the pegasie watched from the clouds above the stadium.

Feel free to browse the city streets and begin writing the first chapter of your tales.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793782

Roll 1d20 = 15

Recon 793783

Roll 1d20 = 1

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793784

Roll 1d20 = 5

Colgate 793785

Roll 1d20 = 18

Button!TWACApples 793786

Roll 1d20 = 19

Tree!TdhatTreek 793787

Roll 1d20 = 16

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793790

File: 1403917922455.jpg (270.61 KB, 500x600, 487697__safe_solo_image+macro_…)



Recon 793793

File: 1403918165987.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon sat atop a large building, adjusting her sights before planting the stand of her rifle on the edge. She gets comfortable before flipping her sights up. She looks around the stadium before locking in on one of the head sportscasters. His name was John Madden, a famous sportscaster that had slandered the names of several teams. She focuses her scope before breathing slowly. Roll 1d20 + 3 = 6

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793796

Medic patrolled with the soldiers, scouting out the coast for Specters. For the current moment though, all was quiet.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793798

File: 1403918646890.png (114.59 KB, 495x484, Pill sketch blue.png)

>Pill was watching the game from her house. The opposing team scores a few goals,and the crowd cheers.

"Sigh…The yearly shot for the cup is loud,but at least it drowns out the silence." Pill thought to herself as she tinkered with her pots and mortars.

Tree!TdhatTreek 793799

File: 1403918680081.jpg (193.41 KB, 708x623, 140514-201052.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath gazed through the microscope, barely glancing at the tiny cells, before making note of them in her notepad.
Roll 1d20 = 12

Colgate 793803

File: 1403918941121.png (185.41 KB, 900x900, 21.png)


"Let them enjoy their games or whatever!"
She said kicking back in a beach chair? Do those exist? They sure do, well she was relaxing on one, at the beach, enjoying the summer sun.

Button!TWACApples 793805

Button walked around the diner that she was currently working at, stopping to watch the game some before continued serving a customer.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793812

File: 1403919660327.jpg (35.48 KB, 441x248, futuristic_fantasy_art_beach_m…)

>There is some wind resistance that might make it difficult for you to aim. The cool breeze coming from the ocean cuts you like a knife chilling you.

>A few flying fish jump around there under bellies light up giving off a mystifying view of the shore line.

>The noise from the T.V is getting a lil distracting. But not bad enough to warrant turning off the tellie.


>The sun slowly drifts below the ocean line. You see Medic staring at the fish that were jumping.

>The Dinner is swarming with Ponies a few of the rowdy colts try to grab your flank.

>Play it off.

>Buck the hell out of em.

Recon 793813

File: 1403919720003.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She winces from the cold breeze cutting through her trenchcoat, she just exhales and takes a second before attempting to relock onto the target
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 9

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793815

>As the patrol group moved along they spotted Colgate, and Medic was sent off to talk to him
"Uh, sir, you're going to have to leave. The beach has been made off limits till safety can be ensured"

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793824

File: 1403920326432.png (24.46 KB, 128x122, pill by foxface.png)

>Pill continues to glance at the tv as she mixes her red green and yellow herbs.

"Hey Mooney darling can you turn the T.V down a bit." Pill asked her assistant.

Tree!TdhatTreek 793825

File: 1403920434562.jpg (193.41 KB, 708x623, 140514-201052.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath glances over where her roommate was, slowly getting a little annoyed with the rowdy cheers coming over from there.
"I don't even know how you can stand such loud racket in the first place."
> She moves to turn off the television.

Colgate 793826

File: 1403920507705.png (89.38 KB, 897x891, 13.png)

And she ignored him since she was no stallion, she was a mare, and just assumed he was talking to an imaginary friend since she was literally the only one there.

Button!TWACApples 793827

File: 1403920556201.png (122.6 KB, 445x422, 6Litn6Q.png)

Button glared at the colts, ignoring it for awhile but getting more pissed off eventually snaps and bucks one of the colts hard and into another one of them.

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793830

File: 1403920791111.jpg (45.27 KB, 500x266, tumblr_n6isb4xy2u1qflgwpo4_500…)

>A lone Seagull lands in front of your scope obstructing your view.


>While you two are having a chat. You begin hearing a commotion coming from the dinner. A group of colts are gathering around a blue unicorn.

>As the Tv is switched off a phone rings.

Recon 793832

File: 1403920915432.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon flails, ripping at the trigger and causing it to fire wildly into the stadium.
Roll 1d20 = 1
>She drops the back of the rifle, causing it to hit the roof of the building whilst she scrambles away from the bird.

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793836

>Medic gets confused from Colgate ignoring him, then seems to understand.
"Wait, are you a mare? I'm sorry, I can't tell the difference between all of you ground ponies."

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793842

File: 1403921484554.png (300.28 KB, 816x464, pill loe dance.png)

"A phone call this late? What ever could they want.." Pill sighed.

"Moon fetch me my my robe and wizard hat The phone.

Tree!TdhatTreek 793845

File: 1403921592680.jpg (137.39 KB, 453x410, 140511-202532.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath rolled her eyes at her with an annoyed huff.
"What am I your servant? The phone is right there next to you on your desk."

Colgate 793847

File: 1403921636723.png (216.63 KB, 800x864, 53.png)

"That's racist. You're racist, sir." She said still not moving from her spot.
"I have no time for racism."

Button!TWACApples 793851

File: 1403921728979.gif (10.42 KB, 126x150, unknown_4_by_candycommissions-…)

Starts to move away from the guys, putting ears down.
"Uh.. O-Oops?"

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793858

File: 1403922205820.jpg (45.27 KB, 500x266, tumblr_n6isb4xy2u1qflgwpo4_500…)

>The bullet hits the field,and everypony flees the stadium the sound of ships,and sirens are approaching the area,and spotlights start scanning the area.

>Jump off the building


>Run back down into the building and try to hide.

>The ponies begin chasing button toward Colgate,and Medic.

>Help Button.

>Stay out the conflict.

>Pill answers the phone…Apparently someone was injured at the game. As she gets ready to take notes on the injury a loud shot is heard over the phone.

'Moonlight grab some supplies,and first aid kits..Were heading to the Stadium!" Pill said hoofing some supplies in a bag,and galloping toward the elevator.

>It would be awhile but they would eventually arrive to the stadium.

Recon 793863

File: 1403922429551.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She quickly looks down, surveying the area for a place she can guarantee to jump to.
Roll 1d20 = 8
>If she succeeds: She quickly disassembles her rifle and leaps off the building and lands safely before running off into a nearby alley way.

>If she fails: She packs her rifle and runs down the stairwell back into the hospital. She continues down until she hits the ground floor, sprinting past anyone and everyone.

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793867

File: 1403922605061.jpg (80.42 KB, 369x364, kreiss_gift_art_by_rainydaytre…)

>Medic hears the commotion and looks away from Colgate. Quickly moves towards the group.
"Hey, cease and desist this action!"
Medic grabbed his sword this his mouth and moved in front of Button.

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793874

File: 1403922784574.png (651.14 KB, 1015x1024, Pill Popper.png)

"Moon..What do you think is going on..?" Pill asked out of breath.

Tree!TdhatTreek 793881

File: 1403922919540.jpg (57.78 KB, 640x480, 140627-222346-0.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath moves the specific kits into small packs, before levitating them onto the two's shoulders as well as her own jacket. She shook her head slowly.
"I'm not sure. It could be practically anything."

Colgate 793882

File: 1403922948640.png (624.89 KB, 3000x3420, 64.png)


And the mare decides to flee the scene and go somewhere safer from the crowd.

Button!TWACApples 793884

File: 1403923059034.png (201.66 KB, 1024x560, awwww_by_nortoriousjoy-d77m4is…)

Hides behind Medic, looking around trying to find a place to run if she has to.

20 hp thugDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793898

File: 1403923647392.jpg (45.27 KB, 500x266, tumblr_n6isb4xy2u1qflgwpo4_500…)

>The streets are filled with panic…The Massive televisions urge the citizen to hurry home and lock their doors. The voice of a clear throated stallion speak loudly his words echoing through the streets.

>The stadium is in pandemonium due to the shooting crowds of ponies and tramble fillies are everywhere.

>Help the injured.



>Colgate ducks behind some bushes watching you defend Button.

>One of the colts attempt to buck Medic.

Roll 1d20 = 19 Roll 1d6 = 4

Recon 793903

File: 1403923750161.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She smiles under the mask
20 bits is mine~
>She says before darting into an alleyway whilst everyone is distracted in panic.

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793909

>Medic took a step back, then slashed out with his sword at the pony.
Roll 1d20 = 16
>As this occurs, the other soldiers begin to surround the crowd, aiming guns at them.

Connor !y0ibxMedic 793910

Roll 1d6 = 6

14 hp thugDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793919

File: 1403924299158.png (315.55 KB, 666x666, tumblr_n13x6t0QzW1rlonpdo1_128…)

>Pill decided to help the trampled injured ponies.

Roll 1d20 = 1 to reset some bones and bandage the wounded.

Tree!TdhatTreek 793920

File: 1403924376708.jpg (57.78 KB, 640x480, 140627-222346-0.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath was pushed with the crowd, quickly losing sight of Pill.

Colgate 793921

File: 1403924449907.png (191.76 KB, 1415x1500, 94.png)

Still hiding in a bush.

Button!TWACApples 793922

File: 1403924462939.jpg (455.4 KB, 737x453, spotted_s_request__who_knows_b…)

Starts to back up being worried and looking around.

14 hp thugDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 793926

>Pause for tonight. We will resume tomorrow.

Starting 14 hp thugDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794202

File: 1404001558303.jpg (45.27 KB, 500x266, tumblr_n6isb4xy2u1qflgwpo4_500…)

>Where will you go in all this insanity. All these ponies clammering through the streets.

>You injure the stallion with a grievous wound..His blood spilling onto the pale blue sand. He raised a hoof in retaliation,but then quickly fled as a large howling mass began to form on the ocean.

>The loud roaring from a dark cloud can be heard throughout the city..The ground quakes as the rest of the mass which is about the size of the stadium emerges from the black deep.

>The patient dies..Pill unable to revive them.

>Moonlight is still being caught by the stampede of ponies.

>Try to push through requires a strength roll.

>Get carried away.

Recon 794203

File: 1404002014180.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She then goes through the alley, heading back to her group's campsite.

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794204

>As the shadow passed over Medic, he quickly turned around, looking up at the shape. All of the soldiers paled, before turning to run in the opposite direction. Medic quickly sheathed his sword.
"Quick, follow!"
>He turned and ran off, after his squad.

Starting DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794205

File: 1404002676867.png (136.14 KB, 915x541, hugs.png)

>Pill sighs as the filly dies unable to be brought back..Maybe she pounded her chest to hard.

Pill sighed.

"Dammit all!" She yelled. Then began looking around for Moon.

"Where did she go?" Pill asked herself as she went looking for her,because she has most of their supplies.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794206

>As Moonlight Oath is being carried away she tries to find an opening for her to get out.
Roll 1d20 = 13

Button!TWACApples 794207

File: 1404003042108.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Button looked up at the mass, backing up some before turning and running after Medic and the rest of his squad.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794208

File: 1404003204628.jpeg (46.82 KB, 552x476, 588498__safe_solo_oc_solo+fema…)

>A bus from out of town rolls up in front of the Solaris Park. A lone female zebra with a travelers backpack, a canteen, ragged cloak, dusty saddlebags, and a crude sword with a rather old iron shield adorning her back.

>Her mane was a simple gray and white coloration that was tied into a voluminous pony-tail like hairstyle that was held together with a red band at the back of her head. The zebra's eyes were a light orange.

>She looks around confused at all the scrambling ponies and creatures who flee from something.

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794209

File: 1404003533057.jpg (335.19 KB, 999x1022, Leviathan-24.jpg)

>The large pulsating cloud of darkness begin to from as a few spheres of purple light begin to from with in the mass. The water comes down as heavy as waterfall waves come crashing on to the shore line and sweeping through the city of lights and chaos the sounds of screaming can be heard as ponies are swept away not even the combine efforts of the guard and youth league could handle this tyrannical serpent that had emerged.

>Roll Fate 1d100 everyone.

Recon 794210

File: 1404003711890.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon hears the water rushing and jumps on a large dumpster. She attempts to leap onto a fire escape.
Roll 1d100 = 95

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794211

File: 1404003726695.gif (335.82 KB, 500x302, zapslgN.gif)

Roll 1d100 = 76

Button!TWACApples 794212

File: 1404003870274.png (67.77 KB, 900x900, Untitledxcfvghjk.png)

Looks around for anywhere to get to higher ground.
Roll 1d100 = 39

Tree!TdhatTreek 794213

File: 1404003902993.jpg (26.42 KB, 450x338, 1972452_626520647397621_144601…)

>Moonlight Oath was too focused on getting out of the crowd and ends up swept into the water, trying to swim herself into safety.
Roll 1d100 = 80

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794214

>Medic jumped into the air, flapping his wings.
Roll 1d100 = 89

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794216

File: 1404004287471.png (136.14 KB, 915x541, hugs.png)

Roll 1d100 = 3

>Pill is caught by the chilling water and rock ahr debris as she was swept away.

Roll 1d100 = 5

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794218

File: 1404004764646.jpg (335.19 KB, 999x1022, Leviathan-24.jpg)

>You make it to the fire escape and climb to the top of the apartment complex. Off in the distance you can see the mighty leviathan staring at you from the shore line.

>You manage to get to some higher ground and watch as the tides rip through the streets.

>You are swept away with the current and drift by the apartment complex flailing for dear life.

>You grab onto the fire escape of the apartment complex,and reach the roof only to see a stranger staring at the creature.

>The winds are bit strong but you manage to maintain flight. Your squad however is a bloody mess drifting through the rapids like dead wood.

>You lose all but 10 hp and are rendered unconscious by the wreckage drifting along side you.

>The sounds of screams and shrills of all types of ponies adult and child alike can be heard before they are quickly silenced..The cities lights flicker then explode the water causing surges all around. The smell of iron and singed fur fills this dreadful night.

Recon 794219

File: 1404004864018.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon smirks under her mask, she reassembles her trust rifle and tries to take aim at the leviathan. She aims for its massive head.
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 11 for steadiness

She slowly breathes before quickly holding her breath and pulling the trigger
Roll 1d20 = 15

Recon 794221

Roll 1d12 = 10

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794222

File: 1404004924226.png (199.42 KB, 500x308, block element.png)


>Leaps out of the way and watches the devastation. Too shocked to say anything, but she turns to see if she could find shelter or find someone to save from the tidal onslaught.

Button!TWACApples 794224

File: 1404005032402.png (122.6 KB, 445x422, 6Litn6Q.png)

Tries to swim to the apartment complex, looking for a way to enter while trying to stay afloat near it.

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794227

File: 1404005379458.jpg (113.82 KB, 500x396, tumblr_n6isb4xy2u1qflgwpo3_500…)

>Pill just drifted unconsciously down the street red trailing behind her.

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794230

>Medic frowned some at the sight of his squad, but then began to scan the water for survivors. He spotted Button flailing, and flew over to try and pull her out of the water.
Roll 1d20 = 2
>If he succeeds he flys her to the roof of a nearby building, if he not hovers over her.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794231

File: 1404005556469.jpg (25.46 KB, 500x361, 972347_668595746501389_2144261…)

>Moonlight Oath jumps in surprise as the gun lets out a loud bang

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794233

File: 1404005862539.png (628.92 KB, 1280x642, tumblr_n5kzp1RG7R1tz8kiko1_128…)


>One of the creatures eyes explode. It lets out a roar that about brings down the city..The ground quakes beneath your hooves.

>Roll int for finding ponies.

>A bat pony swoops down and tries to save you,but he misses and knocks you loose from the building causing you to hit your head on another fire escape rendering you unconscious.

>Int roll Roll 1d20 + 1 = 16 to try and wake up

Recon 794235

File: 1404005968355.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon swing her rifle over to her. Her voice a modulated robotic male voice.
Stand down or I will make it where you'll never stand again, DO YOU HEAR ME?!

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794236

File: 1404006316206.jpg (80.42 KB, 369x364, kreiss_gift_art_by_rainydaytre…)

>Medic cursed loudly and tried grabbing her again.
Roll 1d20 = 14
>If gets her he flies her to a nearby roof.

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794237

File: 1404006526738.png (651.14 KB, 1015x1024, Pill Popper.png)

>Pill tries to grab a hold of a nearby flagpole.

Roll 1d20 + 3 = 10 str to try and firmly grab on to the pole.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794238

File: 1404006587351.png (192.62 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mk5d0uupH81qg9pglo1_500…)

>Moonlight Oath jumps backwards

Button!TWACApples 794239

File: 1404006663292.png (201.66 KB, 1024x560, awwww_by_nortoriousjoy-d77m4is…)

Int roll Roll 1d20 + 3 = 20 to try to wake up.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794241

File: 1404006766985.png (19.06 KB, 191x200, 129640427322s.png)


>look for survivors

Roll 1d20 + 3 = 21

>Zelia leaps into action, moving near the newly formed shore, looking for anyone she could save.

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794244

File: 1404007192781.jpg (335.19 KB, 999x1022, Leviathan-24.jpg)


>The air begins to feel lighter almost like you're beginning to float. The creature is roaring to the heavens and the water begins to spiral around the city. Like a tornado made of water.

>You two get caught by the swirling water vortex. A light emerges from the sky.

>As you grab onto the purple mare you are swept into the vortex too.

>The Leviathan roars,and a bright warm blinding light engulfs the party. You are all rendered unconscious..

Roll 1d100 everyone.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794245

File: 1404007262812.gif (37.29 KB, 483x325, 709.gif)

Roll 1d100 = 48

Recon 794246


Roll 1d100 = 94

Button!TWACApples 794247

File: 1404007316977.jpg (455.4 KB, 737x453, spotted_s_request__who_knows_b…)

Roll 1d100 = 81

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794248

Roll 1d100 = 44

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794249


Roll 1d100 = 77

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794250

File: 1404007413906.jpg (71.21 KB, 500x600, god wills it.jpg)


>Prays as the waters cascade over her.

Roll 1d100 = 3

Colgate 794251

File: 1404007564274.gif (365.12 KB, 1000x700, 62.gif)

Roll 1d100 = 49

Leviathan fiendDM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794256

File: 1404008091533.jpg (16.78 KB, 432x293, ground_zero.jpg)

>There is a strange heat beaming down on the parties backs..There face down in something rough and grainy..When the party slowly wakes up they would notice they are surrounded by nothing but clear skies and intense heat and rough sands.

>Some ruins from Solaris lay scatter among the now calm desert dunes..The sun slowly begins to rise it can only become hotter from here.

>You feel a stinging on your left side..you open your eyes only to be able to see out of one of them you're right one to be exact.

Recon 794257

File: 1404008201341.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon rubs her head, dazed and confused. She quickly notices that she doesn't have her rifle anymore. She quickly begins to search frantically for it.
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 5

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794258

>Medic looks around at the others, checking to see if everyone is alright.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794259

File: 1404008522265.png (78.23 KB, 715x627, pillsniper.png)

>Pill begins to stir..

"Ok what's going on and why is it so hot!!!" The mare sat up rubbing the back of her head. Which was caked with blood salt and sand.

"Who are you ponies…And where are we?" She asked looking around at them all only recognizing Moon.

"Moony!!?! Are you okay?" She asked.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794260

File: 1404008578417.jpg (29.07 KB, 459x345, 1080543_10200329913434000_2006…)

>Moonlight Oath slowly opens her eyes, seeing the dessert and spotting the bloodied ponies. She quickly gathers her supplies to take care of the wounded.
"I'm fine. Let me gather everything and I'll treat your injuries."

Colgate 794261

File: 1404008606711.png (216.63 KB, 800x864, 53.png)

"When I said I needed a vacation, this isn't what I had in mind."

Button!TWACApples 794262

File: 1404008640568.png (67.77 KB, 900x900, Untitledxcfvghjk.png)

Button starts to get up, coughing and looking at all the ponies around her.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794263

File: 1404008690992.jpeg (46.82 KB, 552x476, 588498__safe_solo_oc_solo+fema…)


>Zelia gasps in pain as she feels her socket where her eye used to be. A giant wooden splinter was jammed into it and she grunts in agony as she removes it, dropping it to the ground and laying their in shock. The whole ordeal was keeping her from feeling pain for the moment.

>She mutters a prayer in her native language.

Recon 794265

File: 1404008807665.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

Shit, where is it?!
>She continues to look for it
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 18

Tree!TdhatTreek 794266

File: 1404008873182.jpg (8.92 KB, 254x199, images.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath moves to help Zelia first, getting together bandages and an eye patch to help her out.
"Can you see out of your other eye okay?"
Roll 1d20 + 2 = 13

Colgate 794267

File: 1404008982963.jpg (400.2 KB, 1700x1700, 60.jpg)

"Anypony mind telling me why we're in the Sahara?"

Button!TWACApples 794268

File: 1404008988719.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Looks around at the rest of them before looking around at the surroundings and going over to watch Moonlight and Zelia.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794269

File: 1404009048101.png (315.55 KB, 666x666, tumblr_n13x6t0QzW1rlonpdo1_128…)


"I'll help you tend to the wounded..But I might need some medical attention too." She said with a sigh as she trotted through the hot grains of sand to her friend,and the critically injured zebra.


"Anyone know where we are?" She asked again.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794271


>Zelia takes a deep breath and speaks

"T-Thank you. I'm in pain right now, I can see with my other eye."

>The zebra lays still so that you could bandage her up.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794273

File: 1404009269867.jpg (59.49 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lvnms3qkwB1qzxkvt.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath levitates supplies over to her as she finishes tending to Zelia's eye. She also gives the Zebra some pain killers as well.
"Okay at least there isn't any brain damage. It's no problem. My name is Moonlight Oath."

Colgate 794274

File: 1404009352248.png (191.76 KB, 1415x1500, 94.png)

"Hello! Does anyone even know I'm here? What the heck just happened to us?"

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794275


>Leans against you, taking another deep breath.

"My name is Zelia. Thanks again."

>She removes her canteen from her side and sips from it, taking the pain killers before laying back down to rest.

Recon 794276

File: 1404009439782.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon simply sits on the ground, her gas mask still on as she watches the ponies converse. She lays her large rifle in front of her, using her magic to remove the sand.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794277

File: 1404009506879.png (121.97 KB, 818x542, tumblr_mm2o8g6yF51qmt85zo1_128…)

>Moonlight Oath turns to the other mare.
"All I know is that there was a huge sea monster and that moron over there was just about to shoot me after trying to shoot it."

Colgate 794278

File: 1404009589458.png (208.9 KB, 1280x1400, 89.png)

"And why would he try that? Who does he think he is? Some kind of red skintight suit wearing merc?"

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794279

>Medic circles the group, inspecting the surrounding area.
Roll 1d20 = 11

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794280

File: 1404009599952.png (628.92 KB, 1280x642, tumblr_n5kzp1RG7R1tz8kiko1_128…)

"Well we were attacked by a giant water snake or better known as a specter…Or fiend pending on where you hail from..Not that I've ever seen any that large." She said to the blue mare..

Button!TWACApples 794281

File: 1404009622269.jpg (455.4 KB, 737x453, spotted_s_request__who_knows_b…)

Walks over to Medic.
"Hey, uh.. thanks for saving me back in town."

Recon 794282

File: 1404009720139.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon gives her a death stare before pulling out her knife and walking up to her.
I was TRYING to shoot the goddamn thing. You were obviously in shock by it and I didn't want you tackling me!

And you, shut your mouth before I stick this blade up your ass. I was trying to kill the damn thing.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794283

File: 1404009735371.png (811.52 KB, 820x544, tumblr_mm2o8g6yF51qmt85zo2_128…)

>Moonlight shrugs a little, moving to tend to the bloodied spots on her friends skull.
Roll 1d20 + 2 = 10

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794284

File: 1404009743083.png (158.33 KB, 658x434, Worker-enemy-ffx.png)

>You spot a lil robot approaching the party.

>See if its friendly.

>Attack it.

Colgate 794285

File: 1404009805093.png (191.76 KB, 1415x1500, 94.png)

"And send us to a desert. For all we know there's gonna be these other ponies that speak another language, and we have to find books to help us translate them!"

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794286

>Before walking off to engage the robot, Medic hears the commotion. He approaches Recon from behind.
"Drop your weapon and step away, or my blade's going up your ass"
>Draws his sword and presses it against her lightly.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794288

File: 1404009912535.png (186.9 KB, 402x423, 138109915395.png)

>Remains motionless to recover her strength.

Recon 794290

File: 1404009951620.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

The thing caused a massive flood, it was obviously not friendly. What were YOU going to do about it?! Try and talk it out of eating us alive?![b]

[b]Bad mistake….

>She spins around and attempts to punch her.
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 8 *Dex Role*
Roll 1d8 = 1

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794291

>Swings his sword at her.
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 19 Roll 1d6 = 6

Tree!TdhatTreek 794292

File: 1404010166466.png (636.66 KB, 817x545, tumblr_mm2o8g6yF51qmt85zo3_128…)

>Moonlight Oath blinks a little owlishly
"There's no need to shove anything up anyone's ass. We should pool together our resources on what we have to defend each other or not. It was also 20 feet tall how were you supposed to kill that?"

Recon HP:44 794293

>The cut tears at her armor before she attempts to slash at him.

Roll 1d20 + 3 = 21
Roll 1d8 = 4

Colgate 794294

File: 1404010207838.png (624.89 KB, 3000x3420, 64.png)

"I was thinking along the lines of moving to a different city."

"With a really big gun."

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794295

>Medic backed up a little, then slashed again.
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 8 Roll 1d8 = 6

Recon HP:44 794297

File: 1404010305361.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

I will END YOU!
>She slashed again
Roll 1d20 + 3 = 7
Roll 1d8 = 6

Button!TWACApples 794298

File: 1404010316735.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Sighs deeply, going and watching the two fight.
"Do we really need to be doing this?

Tree!TdhatTreek 794299

File: 1404010399847.png (127.24 KB, 821x544, tumblr_mm2o8g6yF51qmt85zo4_128…)

>Moonlight Oath shrugged a little, moving to tend to Button.
"Let them get it out of their systems."
Roll 1d20 + 2 = 19

Button!TWACApples 794301

File: 1404010570617.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Shrugs some, letting her.
"I'm Button. Who are you?"

Colgate 794302

File: 1404010707874.png (386.63 KB, 900x793, 44.png)

"You're crazy."
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Tree!TdhatTreek 794303

File: 1404010790549.png (200.5 KB, 500x351, tumblr_mrfztlzacJ1qhd8sao2_500…)

>Moonlight Oath manages to bandage her up, before moving over to tend to the injuries on Colgate.
"Moonlight Oath."
Roll 1d20 + 2 = 18

Connor !y0ibxMedic 794304

>Stares a her blankly, before stabbing sword into the ground.
"Just fucking stop threatening civilians fuck face."
>Gets sword and sheaths it, walking off towards the others.

Connor HP:54 !y0ibxMedic 794307

>Changes directions towards robot.

DMPill Popper !MePilljLDc 794308

File: 1404011102345.png (158.33 KB, 658x434, Worker-enemy-ffx.png)

>The robot is above a mound staring down at the party. It's not moving..A lens zooms in.



Colgate 794309

File: 1404011133201.png (157.23 KB, 901x886, 47.png)

"Hello Mister Robot! Are you friendly?"

Recon HP:44 794310

File: 1404011137988.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She continues to pant under her mask before sitting on the ground.
Just don't stick a blade near me. I never actually attack any of the civys…
>She picks her rifle up off the ground and holsters it on her back.

Connor HP:54 !y0ibxMedic 794311

>Medic looks the robot over.
Roll 1d20 = 9

Tree!TdhatTreek 794313

File: 1404011248388.png (249.17 KB, 500x355, tumblr_mrfztlzacJ1qhd8sao1_500…)

>Moonlight raises an eyebrow at Recon.
"How do you explain what happened on the rooftop? I was just stopping you from killing yourself."

DMPill Popper !MePilljLDc 794314

File: 1404011248774.png (158.33 KB, 658x434, Worker-enemy-ffx.png)

>A antenna with a red light emerges from it shoulder..The light begins to blink on and off.

Other than a bayonetta like arm it doesn't seem to pose a threat.

Colgate 794315

File: 1404011302633.jpg (27.29 KB, 300x300, 48.jpg)

She smiled at the machine.
"Do you want to join us? We're kind of lost."

Connor HP:54 !y0ibxMedic 794316

File: 1404011333384.jpg (15.92 KB, 300x300, 577093_464920996867395_3497441…)

>Medic backed up slowly, still examining the robot.
Roll 1d20 = 16

Recon HP:44 794317

File: 1404011381245.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

Everyone was in a panic, I didn't know if you were going to try and jump me.

>She stares down the robot, slowly unsheathing her rifle in preparation for a possible attack.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794319

File: 1404011494208.jpg (12.17 KB, 500x370, 1.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath shakes her head at the robotic pony.
"Oh no you don't. You're not leaving us until I take care of your injuries."

DMPill Popper !MePilljLDc 794320

File: 1404011592045.png (158.33 KB, 658x434, Worker-enemy-ffx.png)

>The robot emits some strange sounds.

Shortly after the lens begin projecting an image,and an equine like voice can be heard..

??? : "What in tarnations are yall doing out in the middle of a desert among some pile of rubble thats been here for 600 years.." A deep voice asked.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794321


>Turns her head to the side to watch with her one eye.

Connor HP:54 !y0ibxMedic 794322

>Medic stared blankly at the robot.
"Wait..600 years?.."

Colgate 794323

File: 1404011719787.png (136.43 KB, 632x745, 67.png)

"It speaks!" She said running to the robot.
"Well you see, we got warped here, and now we don't know where here is, then this robot showed up, that's you by the way. And you never asked if you wanted to join us, and then it was now, and we need to get somewhere with shade, water, food, and accommodations!"

Recon HP:44 794324

File: 1404011733638.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She exhales before resheathing the rifle.

Meh, I've heard worse.
How is that possible? 600 Years?
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Tree!TdhatTreek 794327

File: 1404011997440.jpg (12.14 KB, 500x372, 2.jpg)

>Moonlight Oath moves to follow the others
"We also have injured ponies and three medics that'll need as many supplies you can provide. Especially if you have injured ponies where you're at."

DMPill Popper !MePilljLDc 794329

>Pill just looks around the rubble and sand..

"600 years..?" She asked.

"Wait hold the phone….Where are we mysterious stranger!" She asked.

Colgate 794331

File: 1404012072082.png (624.89 KB, 3000x3420, 64.png)

"I'm talking to the robot!! Ruuude!"

DMPill Popper !MePilljLDc 794334

File: 1404012346533.png (158.33 KB, 658x434, Worker-enemy-ffx.png)

???:We have supplies here on the ship…But I'm not sure how many we can accommodate.. If yall dont mind bunking in the cargo bay and engine room we can offer some shelter,and supplies.

???:We will pick you up shortly in like an hour so just hold tight.

>The bot powers down except for the light on the antenna that keeps flickering.

Colgate 794335

File: 1404012386084.png (72.61 KB, 550x550, 74.png)

"Okay! I'll even fix things, and I'll fix you up good too!"

Tree!TdhatTreek 794336

File: 1404012497753.jpg (13.7 KB, 267x200, My+friends+always+pocket+my+li…)

>Moonlight Oath glances at the machine, briefly wondering just exactly how it works, before moving over to tend to Medic.
Roll 1d20 + 2 = 21

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794338

File: 1404012722887.png (1.07 MB, 1170x1024, artist rainbowscreen.png)

>Shakily rises to her haunches and sits up, looking about before pulling her traveling kit off her back and unrolling her bedroll on the sands to lay upon. The zebra lays back down slowly. Zelia had a crazy headache and the world was spinning slightly.

Connor HP:50 !y0ibxMedic 794339

>Medic stood still, letting her do her thing.
"Thanks for that."
>Nods at her.

Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794342

File: 1404012873703.png (315.55 KB, 666x666, tumblr_n13x6t0QzW1rlonpdo1_128…)

>Pill looks over the wreckage.

Roll 1d20 + 1 = 10

"600 years.." She mutters to herself.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794343

File: 1404012876947.jpg (63.16 KB, 487x361, Spongebob_Quote_Karate_Chopper…)

>Moonlight Oath smiles at him, levitating her supplies into her bag.
"It's no problem. My name is Moonlight Oath. Who are you?"

Connor HP:50 !y0ibxMedic 794344

>Medic glanced around at the wreckage, recognizing some of it.
"Just call me Medic, though, don't expect me to be one"

Button!TWACApples 794346

File: 1404013130569.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Walks over to Pill, watching her. "So, who are you?"

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794348

File: 1404013204946.png (65.66 KB, 337x315, IMG_24112012_200029.png)

>There are some worn out signs she sort of recognized.

>The sign was somewhat legible S–r Din-er

>Pill turned rather pale,and decided to not alert the others to her discovery for fear of causing shock.

"Yeah being medics is mine and Moons jobs.." She said trying to lighten the mood.

"I'm umm Pill nice to meet you." She said with a wry smile.

Tree!TdhatTreek 794350

>Moonlight Oath nods her head.
"Well I was about to become a soldier myself after being a medic and all.. but guess now I can't."

Button!TWACApples 794351

File: 1404013371209.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Nods some.
"I'm Button… Its..nice to meet you i suppose."

Tree!TdhatTreek 794352

File: 1404013392179.jpg (61.8 KB, 640x360, Pioneer-Food-krusty-krab-pizza…)

Colgate 794353

File: 1404013540091.gif (2 MB, 271x293, I go so much style I can't con…)

Connor HP:50 !y0ibxMedic 794354

"Bah, no matter the time, soldiers are always needed. Maybe you'll still get your chance."
>Medic look at the robot to see if it changed any
Roll 1d20 = 16

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794355

File: 1404013601192.png (114.59 KB, 495x484, Pill sketch blue.png)

"So Button..Since were gonna be here for a while what did you use to do before our beloved hometown got wiped away by a sea serpent.." Pill asked trotting beside her.

Button!TWACApples 794357

File: 1404013709048.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Spots the sign, stopping and looking at it.
"I uh.. worked at a diner.."

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794358

File: 1404013828233.png (195.56 KB, 1366x685, pill popper1.png)

"What was that like?" She asked as she looked over the other ponies.

Button!TWACApples 794359

File: 1404013928343.png (67.77 KB, 900x900, Untitledxcfvghjk.png)

"Well for awhile.. Before this happened tho I got in some..troubles." Looks at her "What did you do?"

Tree!TdhatTreek 794360

File: 1404013975654.jpg (52.54 KB, 480x360, t_a523727aed954b01912b6def7c09…)

>Moonlight Oath looked down
"My heart wasn't into it anyways."

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794362

"I was mainly an instructor for the youth league,and a medicine maker." She said.

>Points at her.

"That mare is my assistant. " Pill said.

Recon HP:44 794363

File: 1404014078460.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon sits on the ground, panting from the heat.
Well, looks like I'm stuck here.
>She finally rips off her mask, letting her sandy hair fall down.
Much better….

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 794364

File: 1404014078956.jpg (121.88 KB, 500x321, 1358309110637.jpg)

>Snoozes lightly in the desert sands.

Connor HP:50 !y0ibxMedic 794365

>Looks back at Moonlight, noticing no change in the robot.
"Too bad. Soldier's are always needed. You would probably make a good one."

Pause DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 794367

File: 1404014251775.jpg (16.78 KB, 432x293, ground_zero.jpg)

Colgate 799321

File: 1405126039689.png (208.9 KB, 1280x1400, 89.png)

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799322

Roll Call

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 799324

File: 1405126405882.png (106.35 KB, 275x340, well met.png)

Recon HP:44 799328

File: 1405127129696.jpg (20.73 KB, 300x300, beware-of-the-sea-bear_fb_3093…)

Button 799329

File: 1405127198826.jpg (256.97 KB, 500x541, tumblr_n7rak9ajfI1rkflcao2_500…)

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799331

File: 1405127563980.jpg (8.62 KB, 273x184, airship 3.jpg)

>The arid heat sets in,and off in the distance a glistening airship can be seen descending upon the party. As it gets closer the airship seems to be a bit of a clunker. The sand blasts up around the party as it lands. A loading bay door opens,and a pony and grey armors steps out.

"So what brings you to these fine hell dunes?" Asked the stallion.

Recon HP:44 799333

File: 1405127618895.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She looks around
Um, we don't exactly know....We just kinda ended up here..

DM/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799335

File: 1405127888616.png (186.77 KB, 554x614, Dont lose your way.png)

"Ummm we encountered a giant specter,and it wrecked our city,and the next thing i recall I'm knocked around a like a pin ball then sucked into some light." Pill said rubbing her head.

Tree!TdhatTreek 799343

File: 1405128495401.jpg (153.8 KB, 390x379, tumblr_n84ktjycJ81qei28to2_400…)

>Moonlight Oath glances warily at the stallion, before approaching the ship.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 799346


>The zebra cleric stands shakily and strolls forward. She does not speak as she was very dizzy

Button 799347

File: 1405128654485.png (52.79 KB, 900x900, bhyuwefhsdhj.png)

Button follows after Moonlight, looking at the ship before looking around at the other four.

Anonymous 799350

File: 1405128737811.png (185.41 KB, 900x900, 21.png)

"I wanted a vacation."

Colgate 799351

File: 1405128790105.png (559.52 KB, 781x1023, 78.png)

>I am not anonymous.

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799352

File: 1405128870161.png (340.07 KB, 661x619, no wings.png)


"Well my names Tricky...It umm nice to meet you fine ponies...So ughh what was the name of your city?" He asked staring at the party.

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799354

File: 1405128909970.png (36.68 KB, 407x390, Tricky.png)

>Wrong image

Colgate 799356

File: 1405128938328.png (262.83 KB, 789x760, 51.png)

"Pony town... Solaris Pony Town. Solarrailis"

Recon HP:44 799358

File: 1405129002729.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She looks up at the pony
The town was named Solaris, and why are you here?

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799359

File: 1405129082198.png (36.84 KB, 202x287, trickster 2.png)

"Its as they say it was called Solaris...Do you know of it.." Pill asked.

Tree!TdhatTreek 799360

File: 1405129190115.png (436.2 KB, 575x757, tumblr_n6w2ya9NRa1qei28to3_128…)

>Moonlight Oath analyzes that ship quickly, before turning her attention back to the group.
"So how's this going to work? Do you have any injure on board or is it just you?"

Button 799362

File: 1405129343969.jpg (23.65 KB, 496x329, tumblr_mnfjvgREzN1qam8b5o1_500…)

Stands quietly, looking over the group and the new comer.

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799363

File: 1405129473424.png (66.28 KB, 273x309, trick 6.png)

>Tricky just raises an eyebrow.

"Ok.." He said.

"Well I'm hunting specters in the area,and thats it," She said.

"Oh you mean the holy lands?" He asked.

"No its just me,and a few bots.." He said looking the team over again.

>A scorpion stings you plot,and sends you on a gnarly trip for five turns,and will leave you with a sore flank.

Colgate 799364

File: 1405129559678.png (157.23 KB, 901x886, 47.png)

"Hey, we just met, and this is crazy, but I like you."

Recon HP:44 799365

File: 1405129567855.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

Well you're a bit late on that, our town just got destroyed by one I think.

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 799366


>Zelia speaks with confusion in her voice.

"I'm rather confused about this whole ordeal. I arrive at Solaris to find some answers to my abilities and find it attacked by a giant monster. Now I am in a desert."

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799369

"Holy...Lands..? What." She asked.

Tree!TdhatTreek 799371

File: 1405129789097.png (264.97 KB, 500x343, flag.png)

>Moonlight Oath nods slowly, jumping slightly as the scorpion scuttles away.

Button 799374

File: 1405129976272.png (86.1 KB, 434x538, button1.png)

Yelps slightly from the sharp pain, looking and seeing it and jumping away. Starts to wobble slightly.

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799381

File: 1405130279807.png (105.89 KB, 434x370, tricky3.png)

"Ughh...Thanks I guess..." Tricky said pondering her sanity.

"To save Solaris I'm about 600 years late." he said.

"Well I don't know how you got here darling but as i just said Solaris is at the briney deep..Well most of it...So i reckon your answer be sleeping with the fishes sadly." He told her.

"As a memorial what's left of Solarius was decreed a holy site for those who were lost." He said looking back to his ship.

"Oh boi...We may need to move this convo on deck...These lands start getting bad at this time of day." He said softly.

Colgate 799384

File: 1405130368120.png (136.43 KB, 632x745, 67.png)

"So what do you do?"

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 799385

File: 1405130469220.jpg (71.21 KB, 500x600, god wills it.jpg)


>Zelia pauses.

"All according to destiny I suppose."

>She looks off into the distance, clearly absent minded.

Recon HP:44 799388

File: 1405130657238.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

Well, what are we supposed to do now then?

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799390

"So Solaris is no more..Well I need to get something from my old home...Can you take us there?" Pill asked.

Tree!TdhatTreek 799391

File: 1405130956223.jpg (207.86 KB, 933x1413, tumblr_n84ktjycJ81qei28to3_128…)

>Moonlight Oath glances over at Colgate.
"I think it would be safer to get on deck like he said."

Button 799393

File: 1405131100087.png (486.66 KB, 900x900, dshhjkghj.png)

Sits down, seeming spacey and looking over all of them. Tail twitches slightly.

Colgate 799394

File: 1405131150047.png (191.76 KB, 1415x1500, 94.png)

She was already on the deck, how did that happen?
"I don't wanna play fifty two pickup."

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799400

File: 1405131484881.png (105.89 KB, 434x370, tricky3.png)

"I just answered this..I'm a specter hunter.." He said with a face hoof.

"Well if attracting those big ones is your destiny I might have to travel with you make my job easier hunting them." He said.

"I reckon yall could work with me." He said.


"Umm I have some antidote in my first aid kit to treat this one." He said.

"I invite you all to come aboard for for as long as you like." He said.

Colgate 799402

File: 1405131528155.png (167.48 KB, 352x513, 80.png)

"Yes yes, you're a ghostbuster. But what do you do for fun?"

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 799404


>Zelia shakes her head.

"I'd rather not encounter such a beast again."

Tree!TdhatTreek 799405

File: 1405131678740.png (806.06 KB, 917x645, tumblr_n6w2ya9NRa1qei28to5_500…)

>Moonlight Oath takes the antidote with her magic, levitating it over to Button.

Recon HP:44 799406

File: 1405131749726.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

Alright, what needs to be done?

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 799407

File: 1405131827088.png (13.59 KB, 233x195, pill lurk.png)

"Hmm if you can take me to Solaris to salvage anything i can from my home..I'll come with you." Pill said.

Button 799409

File: 1405131917093.jpg (76.4 KB, 720x720, 10502096_717271311672547_94421…)

Sways backwards slightly, trying to focus on the antidote, almost falling.

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801868

Roll call

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801880

"I don't have time for fun.. Not in this day and age." The Stallion said gruffly.

"I can not promise you that we won't encounter a few here and there. Especially now." He said.

>The antidote starts taking effect.


"Well there have been some lage fiends spotted around a major city near by might offer our services,and see if we can get permission to enter the holy land or shit hole now known as Solaris." He said to the two mares before heading to the bridge to prepare for take off.

>The floor beneath you shakes and you have an uneasy feeling stir through the party nothing life threatening just the feeling you would get riding in an elevator.

Colgate 801900

File: 1405733829491.png (906.62 KB, 990x1192, 90.png)

"Is it because of all the ghosts? Yeah I get that. Taking up all your free time."

Tree!TdhatTreek 801903

File: 1405733972400.gif (1.26 MB, 350x240, tumblr_n24yseJTNu1rkthauo1_400…)


>Moonlight Oath smiles at her, waiting for her eyes to focus into place again.

Button 801907

File: 1405734219383.png (52.79 KB, 900x900, bhyuwefhsdhj.png)

It takes a moment before she focuses, looking at Moonlight Oath.

"Erm, what? Why are you staring? ...My head hurts.."

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801909

File: 1405734247032.png (3.71 KB, 184x201, pillpixel3.png)

>Pill would look out a window and watch as the clouds pass by as they continued to lift higher into the wild blue yonder.

Recon HP:44 801919

File: 1405734992475.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

Um, why is everything shaking?

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801923

File: 1405735116226.png (340.07 KB, 661x619, no wings.png)

>Pill looks over to her..

"We just took off.." Pill said with a sigh.

Recon HP:44 801926

File: 1405735190929.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Recon looks out the window
This would be a great sniping spot.
>She says with a laugh

Tree!TdhatTreek 801929

File: 1405735231436.png (257.06 KB, 651x438, Untitled.png)

>Moonlight Oath blushed faintly, turning away.
"I was just making sure that the blood started flowing again.."

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801930

File: 1405735278515.jpg (97.04 KB, 500x588, tumblr_n06fsubuc51s0adc8o2_500…)

"So what were you doing before the giant sea snake attacked?" Pill asked the odd mare.

Button 801932

File: 1405735419627.png (11.53 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n2imqmBHDj1sg2xomo2_500…)

Nods some, looking around before looking out a window and backing away from it.
"Wow..This is really high up.."

Recon HP:44 801935

File: 1405735576637.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>She smirks
Let's just say I was winning a bet~

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801936

File: 1405735644760.png (146.5 KB, 460x520, Steven_amethyst_174x252.png)

"Yep,and there would seem to be birds off in the distant." She said as the birds became bigger.

"Ok.." Pill said with a raised eyebrow.

>Everyone roll fate.

Tree!TdhatTreek 801938

File: 1405735676754.jpg (134.32 KB, 500x745, tumblr_n2nindrqGZ1s5cyzso1_500…)

>Moonlight Oath follows her gaze, nodding slowly.
"That sign from earlier really does look like an ant almost.."

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 801939

File: 1405735685922.jpg (45.61 KB, 480x480, 1284410108737.jpg)

Recon HP:44 801940

>FATE! Roll 1d100 = 1

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 801942

File: 1405735771650.jpg (579.22 KB, 800x800, 132854824571.jpg)


Roll 1d100 = 68

Tree!TdhatTreek 801943

File: 1405735771757.jpg (125.67 KB, 500x359, tumblr_mr91nrwLno1rv0dnjo1_500…)

>FATE! Roll 1d100

Button 801944

File: 1405735774287.png (329.44 KB, 500x386, rtyuiokop.png)

Roll 1d100 = 66

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801945

Roll 1d100 = 41

Tree!TdhatTreek 801946

File: 1405735843515.png (155.91 KB, 840x1050, tumblr_mhm3o5a2g41qbcfv3o3_r1_…)

Roll 1d100 = 44

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801954

>A fiendish bird bursts through the hull of the ship causing decompression over a restless ocean.

roll a 1d20 to grab a hold of something.

Roll 1d20 = 13 str

Tree!TdhatTreek 801957

File: 1405736393800.jpg (66.96 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ml82ubiLW81qzxzwwo1_500…)

Roll 1d20 = 15

Recon HP:44 801958

Roll 1d20 = 5

Button 801959

File: 1405736438082.jpg (190.93 KB, 569x700, tumblr_mpsyqiqGcT1qam8b5o1_128…)

Roll 1d20 = 13

DM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801961

>You grab on to each other and a crate that has been strapped to the ground.

>You hoof the floor flailing as you are being sucked out the hole the specter made.

>Pill lays up against the wall of the ship toward the freshly made hole.

>Pill attempts to grab Recon.

Roll 1d20 = 5 str

Recon HP:44 801963

File: 1405736703523.png (95.67 KB, 384x415, infernos dnd pony.png)

>Attempts to grab again
Roll 1d20 = 17

Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 801964


Roll 1d20 = 17

enemy fiend birb 30 hpDM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 801965

File: 1405736928661.jpg (44.48 KB, 567x357, Eisenzahn.jpg)

>The fiendish creature stares down the party,and attacks Pill.

Roll 1d20 = 13 Roll 1d5 = 5

Tree!TdhatTreek 801967

File: 1405736953018.gif (824.19 KB, 500x363, tumblr_m1s1epBwU61qc1u27o1_500…)

>Moonlight Oath sighs with relief at grabbing hold of the crate

Button 801969

File: 1405737154644.gif (648.95 KB, 500x250, tumblr_mn40eh7PuO1rmbggso2_500…)

Holds onto Moonlight and the crate, watching the creature.

Recon HP:44 801971

>Recon gets back on the ship before grabbing her rifle

>She takes aim

Roll 1d20 + 3 = 9

>She fires

Roll 1d12 = 6

enemy fiend birb 30 hpDM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 806287

Roll Call

Button 806288

File: 1406335489116.gif (1012.28 KB, 500x281, download.gif)


Recon HP:44 806289


Zelia!MuMU9Sb3i2 806290

File: 1406335786128.png (61.81 KB, 459x395, 1284646287979.png)

enemy fiend birb 30 hpDM/Tricky/Pill Popper !MePilljLDc 806291

Due to missing members we are postponed tonight.

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