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Dark Moon: Dystopian Utopia Edition Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 789476[Last 50 Posts]


>Welcome to Dark Moon!

#Pseudo-canon: Open Equestria#Ask/Invite#Cyberpunk
>This is a thread set in the near-future year of 1997, where Harmony has fallen to the forces of greed, mistrust, and violence. It's a dark world that the people inhabit, but there are points of light out there in the darkness…. And great evils. It's a time of terrorists, spies, renegades, and mercenaries. Of law, and lawlessness. Hope, for most of the populace, has long been extinguished, and magic slowly starts to vanish from the world, as mysterious forces both corporate and ancient make plays to control the populace…
>This is the world of the Dark Moon.
>[Character note: Corporate heads are reserved for managers only.]

>Eighth Thread: Dystopian Utopia Edition

>Lore: https://docs.google.com/document/d/115UND6WJZin8ufpfxPWAm5SlH0d1DWeincbNT8UJlY0/pub
>Cafeteria(OOC): https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/753975.html
>DataPress Headlines…

"Daedalus announces infrastructure project"
>Earlier this morning it was made public that Daedalus has been planning a large scale infrastructure project for the near future. Location and purpose of this development have not officially released at this time but Daedalus representatives assure us that quote: "Citizens will have a fighting chance at financial gain" upon its completion.
"Possibly curfew for [number]district"
>In the wake of the Serenade butchery during the Vixen's Massacre, The Authority have been pushing for legislation from the CCC allowing the implementation of a curfew in that district for the reputed safety of it's occupants. If they are successful it is unknown at this time how long this curfew would be in place or the punishments for breaking it.
"Citizens warned to avoid Industrial District"
>The authority claim to have reason to suspect the alleged Canterlot Kings have "set up shop" in the abandoned section of that district. Your Cooperation is appreciated.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 789482

File: 1403136825533.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

OPEN: ...Do you think we should be watching any of these? I mean, we don't really know what we're looking for here.
LURCH: We're looking for something that got Turner killed. These names are all descriptive. We'll know what we're looking for when we see it. We keep looking.

>Sure enough, Lurch backs out without checking any of the files and goes into the last folder, the one marked Private.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 789497

>Private folder would have only two videos. One was titled:
-Feelin kinda bad
>The other:
-PTV's goin to eat this up.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 789501

File: 1403138305962.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

LURCH: Heh. Like that, for example.
>Lurch checks the dates on both files, to see which one was recorded first.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 789511

>"Feelin kinda bad" was filmed according to the date a few hours after he arrived home and about twenty minutes before he gave the disk to Open.
>The other video however was taken long before he arrived home. From the time on the video, he took this after all the previous videos in the locations folder.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 789512


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 789522

File: 1403141033624.png (22.53 KB, 306x382, I'm Going To Ask You To Leave.…)

>Lurch nods.
LURCH: That's what we need…
>He clicks on "PTV's going to eat this up" without another word.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 789767

>It takes a few seconds for the older computer to process the file and boot up but soon enough the video began:

>…With a nice facefull view of turners vest.

"-ink it's going.. better not fall."
>The camera adjusted itself from side to side a little, still looking like the view was examining the individual fibers of his signature article of clothing, before he stepped back and allowed a better view of his surroundings and him. He himself was as he always was, a little greasy but never actually dirty. The scenery behind him appeared to be at least a story off the ground in front of a somewhat large broken window giving a view an abandoned courtyard-like social area from when the industrial district wasn't the industrial district thirteen or fifteen years ago.
Lighting seems good. Hope it's not too echo'y… let's give this a shot. *ahem* Hello internet!"
>Yup. Way to much echo.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 789771

>*area left over from when the…

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 789774

File: 1403201671204.png (20.82 KB, 284x351, I'm Sorry, What.png)

OPEN: …Oh, boy. Here we go.
>Lurch arches an eyebrow and watches the screen intently.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 790331

"Nah, that kinda intro is too generic… how about-"
>The next minute or so was trying to figure out how to even start the video which in a sense was a start of it's own but the focus was no longer on him after that minute though the video continued.
>Winch was kinda cut off in the middle of his tribulations by sudden muted popping sounds that echoed through the buildings.
"What the…"
>He turned around and stuck his head out the window as the sound continued with no discernible patterns.
>He finished his sentence as he picked up the camera and heading down a flight of stairs that was previously hidden from view.
"…heck is going on over there..?"

>Winch has only heard movie versions of that sound, but I'm pretty confident both Winch and Open would know exactly what that noise is.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 790358

File: 1403245315091.png (21.41 KB, 284x344, Somepony's Getting Fired For T…)

OPEN: …Oh, no… Turner, you fool…

>Lurch doesn't say anything. He just keeps watching, silently.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 791070

File: 1403367928206.jpg (156.34 KB, 364x800, MARS_PACK.jpg)

>The screen was rather hard to watch as it trailed along with him jarringly switching from the sky to buildings to the ground in swinging motions most likely due to his haste.
>From the nauseating bits and snippets they could catch he was making his way across the previously seen courtyard. He seemed to be going in the right direction at least, the sound was getting louder.
>.."Was" is the operative word of that sentence seeing as the sounds stopped about as quickly as they had started. Now that he couldn't hear it, he took the moment to look around with both the camera and probably his eyes.
>Both him and the camera looked up at the building they could now be seen as next too. There was a much more faint scuffling noise but was constant enough to notice from inside the building. Had Turner not purchased a quality camcorder that actually dug into his savings, the audio system may have not even picked it up.
>After a silent debate and a deep reassuring breath, he entered the building.
>He was much more careful about entering here and they could actually track his progress without tying their stomachs in a knot. The camera gave a quick look over of the two floors as a singular voice could now be heard. It was hard to tell what this voice was saying but it sounded angry, scared, …and like it was having half a conversation with itself?
>They didn't really have time to contemplate what was happening because the voice got snarky which was followed by a sudden shattering of glass overhead and a pony sized something falling past a window the camera was rather conveniently passing over. Whatever flew past the window wasn't dead yet, but from the sounds and curses it was uttering it had probably broken something if not multiple things.
>Turner didn't really have time to think about this either due to three sets of footsteps coming down the stairs.
>It's unclear exactly what he hides behind since the camera view hugged the floor for that transition but it seems to work as the footsteps pass him by.
>The camera peeked over the edge of the window in time to catch what they would now see is a Kings gang member (the one dropped from the above window) trying to crawl away with a what looked like a fractured leg at least. Any other wounds where hand to tell but he clearly hit the ground hard and was leaving a little trail before two of the three guys catch him and hoist him u…. are those robots? Yeah, those are robots, dragging the gang guy back towards the building where the third guy was waiting.
>The third guy, Lurch would automatically the masked guy from turners apartment.
>Masked guy held the kings head up and showed him a small, black, rectangular, device, which for lack of a better term looked like a phone.
"I don't know nothin.. *ragged cough* ..and I aint tellin you anyw-!!!"
>He would have had a sudden slug in the gut from the mask guy, prompting him to hack up some blood and some cooperation.
"*Hack-cough*.. I don't..*cough* ..know the aliases. Check the laptop, just let me-"
>The king was looking around frantically, eventually his eyes cane to rest on The camera and winch.
"Y-you! Help m-"

>More then that wasn't heard because that was the end of the video, all of them staring up at Turner in the final frame.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 791095

File: 1403372494270.png (20.82 KB, 276x355, That Wasn't On My Agenda.png)

>As the video stops, Open and Lurch have basically nothing to say. They stare blankly at the screen for a few moments, before eventually turning to exchange glances with each other.
>But, after a long moment of silence, Open sighs and nods his head.
OPEN: …Check the other one.
>Lurch nods, closes out of the file and selects "Feelin kinda bad".

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 791695

>A few seconds boot-up and the video was running.

>As expected the recording took place inside Turners apartment. From Lurch's short visit he could tell the camera was probably placed somewhere on or around the computer facing the now late Turner with a noticeably forced smile.

"Hey… camera. Not like anyone is going to be seeing this but… hey."
>He shifted in his seat making himself more comfortable before continuing.
"Ran for my life, got shot at, pretty… interesting day… I think I did get hit by something but, I'm not shot. Just got nasty stain on my old mans vest. Tenacious stuff whatever it is. I don't want to use anything harsh, might ruin the color."
>With an exhausted exhale he rested his head in his hoof, the forced smile melting.
"Heh.. leave a pony behind and think about lying to a kind neighbor right after words? Nicest guy ever aren't I? 'PTV's going to eat this up'? Once the excitements gone kinda callous of don't you think camera?"
>There where a few seconds of silence like he expected or wanted the camera or perhaps them to respond.
"…I'll change the name and tell Open afterwords, probably delete this video too… for now I need to have a second copy elsewhere encase something happens."
>He puts his head on the desk causing the lower half of his face to go partially out of sight.
"I.. don't really have anything else to say… it's not like the movies I can say that much… Goodnight camera. Maybe some robot cockatrice will lighten the mood…"
>His hoof reached up at the camera, a muffled click and some shaky video, and it was over.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 791732

File: 1403464109032.png (22.23 KB, 315x379, Cut That Out.png)

>Open doesn't say anything for a few moments. After processing the situation, he hangs his head and lets out a soft sigh.
OPEN: …You know… I'm going to miss him.

>Lurch hesitates a moment, then selects the first video again.

LURCH: Me too…
>He hesitates a moment, then glances back at Open.
LURCH: He said something was stuck to his vest. Did you notice that when you talked to him?
>Open blinks and glances up at the ceiling.
OPEN: …Er… now that you mention it… I think so? Hold on…

Recollection: Roll 1d20 = 14

Anonymous 791806

>From what he could remember it was most likely a blue stain. He only just caught it because of the way one of the blue patches on his vest leaked some color out onto the patches around it.
>Something nagged at him about something to do with it other then the color but nothing specific in his memory presented itself at the moment.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 791821

File: 1403474280281.png (20.82 KB, 276x355, That Wasn't On My Agenda.png)

OPEN: …It was… blue, I think. It seemed a bit odd, but… I'm not sure why.
LURCH: But it was blue.
OPEN: Yes.
>Lurch considers this for a few moments.

LURCH: …So… Turner went out into the industrial district and filmed a member of the Canterlot Kings being interrogated by robots and a cybernetic human in a mask. He ran back home, leaving the ganger to die, with a blue stain of some kind on his vest, and gave you the video evidence in case something happened to him. That night, he was killed by a cybernetic human in a gas mask, equipped with a cloaking device.
>Open let out a deep shudder.
OPEN: …Well, one thing's for sure… this isn't a gang case of gang violence. This runs deeper than that.
LURCH: What are you thinking?
>Open swallows.
OPEN: …As much as I hate to suggest it… we may have just gotten involved in a corporate conspiracy. Again.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 792170

File: 1403500592043.jpg (79.55 KB, 900x566, a_cyberpunk_afternoon_by_alexd…)

>Not sure what to respond with.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 793005

>*cricket sounds*

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 793314


>Where the hell has everyone been?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 793316

>They vanished into the aether?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 793913

File: 1403924184968.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

>It was about closing time for most businesses and it was no different for Diana's Garage.
>The namesake owner was just putting the finishing touches on closing up locking the backdoor and so forth. Putting the keys in a zippered pocket on the inside of her coat she headed out of the alley.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 793934

File: 1403924811403.png (36 KB, 289x325, Yes, You Say That Now.png)

>By sheer coincidence, just as she's leaving the alley, a yellow taxicab pulls up in front of the building. The window rolls down, and the head of a pony pops out of it, grinning coyly.
Vell, zhat couldn't haff vorked out better if I'd planned it. Hello, Diana!

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 793951

File: 1403925637161.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

>She raised her head a bit and looked in the direction of the cab.
"Mh? Oh, hey Leo."
>It wasn't raining hard but she briskly made her way toward the taxi.
"And what can I do for you today, freind?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 793975

File: 1403926796341.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo chuckles softly, arching an eyebrow at Diana.
Vell, I vas here to pick you up, actually. I mean, I assume you just locked up, so unless somezhing's come up since ve've spoken last… Ve vere going to go to zhe movies, remember?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 793986

File: 1403927708394.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

"Yep. Everyone's gone home and I don't have anything I need to fix overnight today so that plan can go ahead."
>Now standing next to the cab she leaned against it looking at him with a somewhat guilty expression.
"Not to be rude… but… can this be a movie between freinds?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 793994

File: 1403928070151.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo opens his mouth as if to say something, then hesitates for a moment.
…Oh, I see. Hm. Vell, I'd haff to check zhe tables, but I zhink zhat might just be a new record.
>He chuckles warmly, but there's a hint of disappointment in his smile.
Anyvay, yes. Yes, it can. Zhere's a nice long conversation ve can have about zhe specifics, but I'm sure you'd razher have it out of zhe rain, hm?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 793999

>She nodded.
"That would be good thank you."
>She went around to the other side of the vehicle and opened the door, sitting down.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794003

File: 1403928506958.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo nods, rolling the window back up and tapping the metal grate that separates them from the driver.
Right, zhen. To zhe theater, as planned.
>The cabbie, a stout young human with an unkempt and unclean beard, lets out a soft grunt of acknowledgement and sends the car speeding off.
Okay. So… Do you vant to start, or should I?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794017

File: 1403929045574.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

"I think both sides are just as valid so… I don't know."
>She reached into her pocket and pulled out a bit.
"It's a bit callous but, should we flip for it?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794024

File: 1403929259507.png (36.2 KB, 304x342, Now What.png)

Er… I…
>Leo hesitates, inhales deeply, then clears his throat.
Yes. Yes, I don't see vhy not.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794032

File: 1403929738870.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

>She flicks it up, catches it… but doesn't open her hand. She grimaced a bit.
"..this is way too impersonal… I'll start."
>She put the bit back in her pocket, then took a deep breath.
"Before I do, is there anything in particular you'd like to know?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794036

File: 1403929944667.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo nods.
Zhank you. And no, I don't zhink so. Just… go ahead. Start us off.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794049

File: 1403931389318.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

"Alright. I just want to start off by saying this isn't because you are a pony or you being not a good guy. This is me."
>She lent back in the seat getting a bit more comfortable.
"You're a great guy, I support what you're doing, and I do want to see you happy, but I just don't have any interest in anything beyond a friend. This isn't just for you, this is.. in general."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794052

File: 1403931713624.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo nods, leaning back a bit himself.
Alright… I can respect zhat.
>He glances over at Diana briefly.
…I don't suppose you'd be villing to elaborate on zhat last bit, zhough? In general?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794060

File: 1403932734718.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

"It's nothing complex. I'm just not interested in finding someone. Period. Maybe in the future, but not now."
>An unsure half smiled creased her face as she tilted her head towards him.
"..if that makes any sense."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794065

File: 1403933240574.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

No, no, it does. I understand.
>Leo chuckles warmly, tilting his head cordially in Diana's direction.
Actually, it's kind of a refreshing change for me.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794066

File: 1403933756943.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

>She sat up to readjust, her height causing her to accidentally bonk her head on the cab ceiling.
If you don't mind my asking, how so?

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794067


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794068

File: 1403933995598.png (36.17 KB, 284x329, That Wasn't Supposed To Happen…)

>Leo lets out a soft chuckle, but quickly plays it off by feigning a cough.
Vell, it's just… normally, vhen zhis sort of zhing happens to me, it's more along zhe lines of "Vhat vould zhe children look like?"
>Leo leans back a moment later, suddenly realizing what he said.
I-I mean, er, not to suggest… you know vhat I meant.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794073

File: 1403935593755.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

>She stifled a laugh and rolled her eyes at his awkwardness but comes down from it as a bit of a frown showed itself.
"I know what you meant.. I can't imagine you're not the first or the last one to get that response though."

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794074

>*I can imagine you're not…

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794075

File: 1403935845680.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo lets out a soft sigh and settles back in his seat.
Vell… such is life, I suppose.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794077

File: 1403936165693.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

"Indeed. On an unrelated topic, did we ever decide what movie we were seeing?"

I'm joining a friend at a con in the morning. I'll be signing off here if that's alright with you and we can continue in the morning or sometime like that.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 794080

File: 1403936625222.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

Ah. Actually, yes.
>Leo chuckles, glancing out the window briefly.
Zhey're doing a theatrical re-release of Seth McDebit. I vas hoping ve could go see zhat again. It's a great comedy, and… surprisingly topical.

Alright. See you then.

Ace_noir!SCREenPLaY 794472

File: 1404075816843.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

"Right, it's starting to come back to me now."
>She sighed, lowering her head a bit.
"Sorry I forgot that.. just had something else on my mind recently."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 795384

File: 1404280409561.png (36.2 KB, 304x342, Now What.png)

>Leo blinks and tilts his head up towards Diana.
And vhat vould zhat be, if you don't mind me asking?

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 795387

File: 1404281318241.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

>She looked skyward with a sigh and stretched her arms as much as the constraints of the cab would allow her.
"Eh, It's nothing that would spoil the evening. A little family business I don't particularly agree with."
>She lowered her arms and readjusted to a more comfortable position in her seat, facing him diagonally and partially leaning against the cab wall.
"..The movie is a welcome distraction."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 795390

File: 1404281677158.png (36 KB, 289x325, Yes, You Say That Now.png)

Ah, I see.
>Leo lets out a soft chuckle, giving Diana a quick glance.
Vell, I'm happy to serve as a distraction, zhen. Vhat kind of friend vould I be if I didn't distract you from your legitimate real-life problems, hm~?
>He lets out a chuckle that... fades after a few moments.

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 795395

File: 1404282434257.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

>Diana doesn't appear sure how to answer that.
"Next best thing to a bar?... Not sure if that's a compliment or not.."
>Some mirth does creep its way into her tone however.
"Well, I'm probably guilty of distracting as well. When we first met I believe."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 795396

File: 1404283295309.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

Heh... Yes, zhat's a fair point.
>Leo chuckles again, giving Diana a lopsided smile.
Vell, I guess ve're both guilty of zhat, zhen.

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 795398

File: 1404284295857.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

"I think most friends are guilty of some kind of distraction."
>Diana looked out the window briefly.
"How much farther is the theater? I don't know when the movies starts so I hope we're not missing it."

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 795399

>*I don't quite remember when...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 795400

File: 1404284802275.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

Oh, it shouldn't be zhat much farther now. Just about... five minutes, I zhink...

>The cabbie lets out a soft grunt of affirmation.

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 795404

File: 1404285737454.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

"Good good. While we're waiting, how are things going with that deal you cut with Children of the Mantis?"

>Sorry, dozed off. Mind if we continue in the morning or sometime tomorrow?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 795405

File: 1404286162524.png (36 KB, 289x325, Yes, You Say That Now.png)

Oh, great!
>Leo grins and chuckles shortly.
Zhat's going great. I mean, it's hard vork, of course, but I zhink ve're really getting somevhere vis zhe negotiations.
>He chuckles softly.
...I haff a lawyer now, by zhe vay. I don't know if I mentioned zhat. It's an... interesting feeling.

Certainly. See you around.

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 795486

File: 1404324472082.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

"Having someone help you legally defend and support yourself, with the situation of most mutants, simply having one I can imagine it feels kinda liberating."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 795538

File: 1404341929448.png (36 KB, 289x325, Yes, You Say That Now.png)

Indeed it does.
>Leo chuckles again, shaking his head.
Of course, I vouldn't exactly bring him around for Christmas dinner, but still... it feels nice. It's like...
>He hesitates for a moment, glancing up at the ceiling.
...It's a bit like owning a gun, I guess. You alvays hope you're not going to need it, but once you have it, you just feel a whole lot safer.

>It's at about this point that the cab pulls up in front of the theater.

Ah, here ve are! Er... you go on ahead, I'll just settle zhe fare.

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 796126

File: 1404451832169.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

"Gotcha. See you on the inside."
>She unclipped her seat belt and exited the vehicle, making her way into the theater.

Ace_noir!Nobody.2BI 796458


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 797154

>Meanwhile, a few days later...

>Leo Langzaat was sitting at his apartment. It wasn't a large place by any stretch of the imagination, the admittedly tacky wallpaper was beginning to peel and at least one rat had been making its home in the walls for what must've been several months now. But it was, at least, home. A TV and a couch sat parked in the center of the room, a well-worn stove currently occupied by a teapot was stationed near the corner, and the entire room had a faint, pleasant smell of cinnamon. At the moment, the room's occupant -- a green-furred, red-maned mutant with a pair of gossamer dragonfly wings -- was resting on the couch, staring at a series of DVDs spread out on the table in front of him.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 797162

>All is strangely quiet around him. The sounds of the argument between the tenants two doors down seems to have gotten quiet, and the general hustle and bustle of the city has grown blissfully quiet, and for a moment, all is at peace...

>And then there's a knock at the door

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 797163

>Leo glances up for a moment, then hops off the couch.
Just a moment!
>He trots over to the door, whistling softly to himself. A faint smile on his face, he trots over to the door, grips the knob in his teeth and pulls it open.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 798609

>There are way too many guys outside for a social visit. One of them puts his hoof in the door.
Leo Langzaat?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 798611

File: 1404883652496.png (36.09 KB, 293x337, Do You Have A Moment To Talk.p…)

>Leo lets go of the doorknob, flicks his tongue out of his mouth a few times, clears his throat and nods.
Yes, zhat's me. Who vants to know?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 798612

Nobody in particulez.
>The other men step forward and force the door further open and step inside. Two of them are armed with bats. Baseball bats. Boy, wasn't it grand that the humans brought their sports with very effective blunt weapons with them?
You mades some very important people upset, misterr L.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 798614

File: 1404884053238.png (36.02 KB, 274x331, I Can Explain.png)

>Leo blinks, stepping backwards.
...Er... Have I now? Hm. Haven't done zhat before. Zhat's interesting.
>Leo chuckles, batting his eyelids at the approaching ponies.
I don't suppose zhere's a chance ve could discuss it over, say, a nice cup of coffee?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 798615

Shure. Bring out the coffee.
>One of the toughs whaps the baseball bat against the floor, tap-tap-tapping it against the baseboards.
You have to be more careful bout whatcha do.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 798617

File: 1404884517366.png (36.02 KB, 274x331, I Can Explain.png)

>Leo chuckles, trotting over towards the tiny little kitchen area.
Or else vhat, hired gangers come to beat me vithin an inch of my life? I hope you don't zhink me presumptuous, but you'll forgive me for coming to zhis conclusion. Zhat is razher vhat it looks like. I mean, I von't lie to you, you are qvite intimidating, but your employers could've just come zhrough proper channels. I mean, I hired a lawyer and everyzhing...
>As Leo rattles away, he begins to get his coffeepot ready, keeping an eye on the approaching intruders.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 798619

Ohh nos. We're not just here to rought you up a little. And I mean a little. Specific instructions to not hurt yous too bad if it comes to that.
>A baseball bat slams hard into the nearest piece of furniture. Preferably something smashable.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 798620

File: 1404884792649.png (35.94 KB, 280x343, We're Not Going To Win, Are We…)

>Leo turns to face the broken table and lets out a weak groan.
...Okay. Vhat are you here to do, zhen? Please, spell it out for me. Vhat are your instructions?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 798621

Break yous things. Get paid.
>Another delicate thing gets hit hard with a baseball bat, flying across the room in Leo's general direction.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 798623

File: 1404885153248.png (36 KB, 289x325, Yes, You Say That Now.png)

>Leo ducks as the... let's say vase in question whizzes past his head, then grins.
Mmmm... Sorry to disappoint you, gentlemen, but I've got a better idea.
>And suddenly, before the stallions have any time to react, powerful, upbeat music suddenly pours into the room. (http://youtu.be/N4d7Wp9kKjA)
Aaaaaah... aaaaaah... aaaaaaah... aaaaaaah...

>Leo begins to trot into the center of the room, doing an inexpert little jig as he does so. For some inexplicable reason, the stallions sent here to break his things suddenly feel compelled to do the same.

Will Manipulation: Roll 1d20 = 3

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 798626

>Now, he thought that. But they all look at each other like Leo's a massive idiot.
Excuse you?
>One of the guys with the bat puts a little more energy into his swinging.
"hey, this is pretty catchy!"
Just keep smashing.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 798629

File: 1404885675668.png (36.02 KB, 274x331, I Can Explain.png)

>Leo groans and rolls his eyes.
Come on... I svear, it never vorks vhen I vant it to. Just give me some time, here...
>Leo keeps on dancing for a few moments, even hopping into the air and gliding across the apartment at one point. But the music keeps on going, and soon enough some unfamiliar voices join in.
Let's dance!
>And a few beats later, Leo begins to sing.
Put on your red shoes and dance zhe blues...
Let's dance!
To zhe song zhey're playin' on zhe raaadio...

Will Manipulation: Roll 1d20 - 1 = 0

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 800758

File: 1405482883384.jpg (72.94 KB, 600x800, exo__speed_paint_by_marrilliam…)

*cricket noises*
...Yeah... seems this thread has a terrible case of "silence".

We seriously need more people. Badly.
This post was edited by its author on .

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804189


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804191

Meetgrings. I shall post in a moment.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804194

>The ever-present Canterlot downpour has apparently developed a bad mood of late, dumping buckets of rain on the unfortunate populace. At the Hanging Gardens Apartments, the door to room 404 stood slightly ajar, the owner lightly pushing the door open after fishing in his pockets for the key, and it creaks rather impatiently as he does, enjoying the moment of being open while it could after being locked so tightly most of the time.
Well, here we are.
>Niren takes off his heavy raincoat and just tosses it aside. and it lands with an almost sickening wet noise on the floor.
Sorry we had to come back here. We'll have to get supplies later, that storm is going to get worse before it gets better. There's a few chairs around, and a heating vent in place of a fireplace. Make yourself at home!
>He heads over to the computer desk and starts digging through the pile of stuff around it...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804196

File: 1406025270355.png (550.33 KB, 800x1000, 2f23958fb765adc839c54b733097b5…)


>Lapsa shakes her tail to dry it, and takes her own coat off.

You got a towel? I need to dry my hair and ears.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804197

>He stops, and looks around, before realizing where he would keep towels.
Yes, there's one in the bathroom. In the cupboard. Second door on the left side.
>He pulls out a few discs from his stack, making a slightly bigger mess as he does it and starts to head over to a laptop attached to a projector, clearly a recent addition as the wall it's pointed at has been clearly and hastily cleared off.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804198


>She leaves, and returns with the towel, scrubbing her head with it.

What are you looking for?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804199

Data, plans. Maps, stuff I'll need. This is a pretty big operation, after all.
>He looks around, as if checking around for someone else.
I need the laptop from here too. I don't have enough long-range stuff to make this a command post yet...
>He stops, shaking his head.
And now I'm saying things like "Command post".

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804200

File: 1406026341913.jpg (440.59 KB, 600x800, 4e1fcf8df2460b254f98c8d24c5c91…)


God help us.

>She chuckles.

Tell me if I can be of any use. Otherwise I'm raiding your fridge.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804202

Go ahead. Just don't eat any shrimp you find in there. They're Orchid's favorite.
>He unplugs the laptop and folds it up. A few sparks fly as he does, and he pats them out as they landed on his tunic.
I really need to take steps to stop that from happening.
>He places it in a satchel bag hanging from a post.
Now, what do you know about what happened? I might as well give you the long and the short of it while we're here.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804203

File: 1406026550932.jpg (440.59 KB, 600x800, 4e1fcf8df2460b254f98c8d24c5c91…)


>She has a mouthful of beef.

I know absolutely nothing.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804204

>Niren makes a slight face at that, but then smiles, and chuckles.
Alright, the short version then. The official report of the incident at the Vittles lists a group of Serenades as the ones responsible for a terrible massacre there. But they're not. In fact, our friendly neighborhood terrorists were involved in Stopping a similar attack across town. In disguise, of course. So, our current goal is to track down the real culprits.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804205

File: 1406026850999.png (1017.4 KB, 850x1062, sample_daea97ac43850704cdd125b…)



Do we have any leads?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804207

Only one.
>He reaches into his pants pocket and produces a card.
Orchid provided it, believe it or not. She has a Serenade contact. I want to pick his brain, see what he knows. Or she.
>He blinks.
I really don't know that much about the whole affair.
>He grips tightly onto the bag with the laptop in it, looking down.
Which is why I wanted to get in touch with you.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804208

File: 1406027406510.png (580 KB, 750x1000, 55aa22a260de87e7aec23763733504…)


And what can I bring to the table? I'm not great at playing the spy game.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804210

What I could use is someone with good eyes. Who can tell when somebody is lying.
>He smiles wider at the thought, a smug and solid smirk planted square on his face.
Do you think you might know somebody who fits that bill?
>His smirk grows even wider.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804211

File: 1406027948078.jpg (577.39 KB, 900x1108, 0751faf7368a377faedf06b1a755ec…)



I see now.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804213

Precisely. You're also handy with a sword. Which is awesome.
>He loosens up a bit, the worry melting away.
And uh... I also really, really like you. Alot. That helped.
>He blushes, and coughs, turning away and pretending to busy himself with something.
I-In the meantime, we still need to get some supplies. And you need to meet Open and Lurch, who're the other guys involved in all this. They... probably won't trust you in the slightest.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804214

File: 1406028439345.png (550.33 KB, 800x1000, 2f23958fb765adc839c54b733097b5…)


>She also blushes when he mentions he likes her, but then serious's when she gets told she won't be trusted.

Is this the 'corporate heir' thing? It's the 'corporate heir' thing, isn't it?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804215

You hit it right on the nose. I told them I was bringing in an outside consultant, and well... It wouldn't be a good idea to lie to guys who are already jumpy, right?
>He says, more to convince himself that he did the right thing than Lapsa.
I don't know much about them, but they're Orchid's handpicked bodyguards. There must be something special about them.
>He looks towards the door where she's ostensibly sleeping and sighs, contented.
I trust she made a good decision.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 804216

File: 1406028684902.png (467.88 KB, 1000x1010, 14cecaa3bbd41ac464471e01e7848a…)


I'm sure I'll win them over eventually.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804217

Me too. You've got the winning personality~
>He gives her a slight elbow in the side and smiles.
In the meantime, I need a shower that's not actually rain.
>A crack of thunder outside illustrates his point.
Feel free to raid the kitchen. I'll be back soon.

And pause for now, my energy has run out.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804784

>An undisclosed time later...

>Niren just throws the door open to Apartment 404, leaving the things in the car for now. The storm has gotten much worse, constant peals of thunder ringing out through the air and flashes of lightning frequent outside.

Damn this weather...
>He kicks a bucket over and spends a long moment wringing out his coat like a sponge.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 804794

>And oddly enough, a red fox the size of a pony is lying in the middle of the room, shivering and damp from the rain but asleep in spite of it. Such a sight wouldn't be that odd under normal circumstances, but it certainly is of late. This is the first time Orchid's come back to Niren's apartment in what seems like a very long time.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804809

>He doesn't notice her at first, wiping the dampness from his face and shaking his head before turning and spotting her. He doesn't say a word.
>Instead, he heads towards the guest room and opens the door, digging for the blanket he gave her earlier. He could ask where the hell she'd been and why she didn't call and why she ran out another time.
>He contemplates just how to go about getting her some coverings without waking her for a long moment.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 804814

>Orchid, seemingly oblivious to Niren's entrance, lets out a soft whimper in her sleep. Her legs twitch briefly, and she curls into a tighter ball.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804828

>Deciding that she was definitely fast asleep to not hear him throw open the door, he gently places the blanket around her, nice and warm from having been nearby the heating vents. He could launder it later to get the water out.
>He sighs softly, heading over to the fridge. There wasn't that much left, but he finds a bottle of orange juice and cracks it open.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 804833

>Orchid uncurls slightly and shifts around under the blanket.
>After a few moments, she opens her eyes and lets out a soft sigh.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804839

Hey orchid.
>He starts digging through the pantry, getting out a can of soup and sighing.
...I'd ask where you've been... but I'm not sure I wanna know. You just rest as long as you need to, okay?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 804843

>Orchid sighs softly, curling up under the blanket.
...that's... that's fair...
>She sniffles softly, then nods.
...alright. I'll just... be here...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 804904

Yeah. And I'll be here too, okay?
I'll always be here.
>He slowly walks over to her, shoes squeaking on the hard linoleum of the kitchen, and kneels slightly, rubbing Orchid's shoulder gently.
Don't doubt that.
>He stands back up and heads over to the couch, carefully taking his shoes off and setting them in a box nearby.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 805234


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805307

File: 1406164016765.jpg (107.63 KB, 1280x523, 13_9_13_the_enforcers_by_blake…)

>So, anyone around?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805344

you could say that.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805347

Hey there.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805351

Hey there. What're you up to?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805353

Not much. Just doing something on OE and lurking here.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805354

Well, care to do something here?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805356

Sure! What would you like?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805367

We could continue with that thing with Leo and Diana... or we could have Lurch and Open advance their little mystery, if you were more in the mood for that.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805371

File: 1406168194655.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.8 KB, 332x332, photo.jpg)

I'm in the mood for both to be honest. Now to decide which to do...

>Also, was browsing and through you could find a use for this.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805377

Ah, thank you.

Want to roll for it?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805385

Sounds good to me, Roll 1d2 = 2
1-Lurch and Open.
2-Leo and Diana.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805386

>Leo and Diana it is, then. Whose turn was it?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805389

>I believe it was yours.
>If I remember correctly they had just arrived at the theater/on their way in.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805394

>Right, then. So:

>Leo trots into the theater, whistling softly.

Right, zhen. I've bought our tickets ahead of time, so... I should go pick zhose up. You can head to zhe concession stand, if you'd like to.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805400

File: 1406170368630.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

>She took a few steps then turned on her heels to face him again.
"Any requests? Buttered popcorn is a must, but what do you want?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805428

Eh... just a cola is fine vis me.
>Leo chuckles and trots towards the ticket counter.
I'll catch up in a moment!

Thought I sent this already, sorry... :/

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805451

File: 1406173724943.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

"I'll be waiting!"
>With that finished she made her way into the concession line. If Leo where to look for her again it wouldn't have been hard. Compared to the Mares, stallions, humans, and even an equine mutant with an abnormally lanky build and a head-crest, she was a good head above all of them.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805453

>And sure enough, after a few moments, Leo darts back through the line and up to Diana.
Alright, I'm back!
>He reaches behind his ear, retrieves the tickets, and holds them out to Diana.
Okay, take your pick.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805470

File: 1406175267797.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

"Ah, thank you Leo."
>She seems to play a little game of inni minni mini moe with herself in choosing the ticket like there was a losing one but picks the left one, with a smile.
"If you want to find seats I'll meet you there with the snacks in a minute."
>She was actually second in the line and the mare in front of her looked close to finishing her order.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805478

Excellent. See you on the inside!
>Leo chuckles and trots off towards the theaters. He hands his ticket to the cashier and trots off to his left.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805519

>Sorry for the wait. Sudden rain and thunder storm I had to go stand in. It only made it better when MGR:R Monsoon's theme came on my music playlist while in it. Love thunderstorms.

>Soon enough she followed suite, walking into the theater with a balancing act of popcorn and a couple drinks. Getting a better grip on the foodstuffs she sidled her way across the isle towards leo.
"Don't worry, I got the straws."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805521

Ah yes, zhank you.
>Leo smiles up at Diana, steps ahead of her and opens the door to Theater 12.
Your hands look full zhere... After you.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805524

File: 1406178694642.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

"What a gentlestallion."
>She commented with some mirth as she went through the door.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805526

Zhank you, I try!
>Leo chuckles as well, trotting in after her.
Speaking of vhich, you look nice tonight. I don't know if I mentioned zhat earlier.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805532

File: 1406180916576.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

"Aww Thanks leo, you to."
>Snacks in hand, she waited for him at the foot of the seats.
"Right then, which row?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805535

Zhank you.
>Leo chuckles, glancing up and down the aisles.
Vell... I usually prefer to sit in zhe back, if you're okay vis zhat.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805541

"No, I'm good with that."
>She nodded her head towards the stairs, seeing as her arms where full.
"You first Leo."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805543

Of course.
>Leo trots up the stairs towards the top row, his tail swishing slightly as he walks.
Haff you seen zhis movie before, Diana?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805545

File: 1406183159294.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

>She followed along, watching her step in the light of the theater.
"I don't think so. You mentioned it being "topical" to our conversation on the taxi over."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805546

Oh yes, yes. It's, eh... quite zhe experience. Let's just say, you'd never see a movie like it being released today. Excuse me...
>Leo chuckles, sidling past a human teenager to reach a free seat.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805548

"Remastering or a re-release.. Sounds interesting."
>She sat down next to him, placing his drink in the holder of Leo's seat.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805549

I'm afraid I'll have to call it a night. Continue in the morning?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 805550

I'm sure it vill be...
>Leo chuckles, settling into his seat and taking a sip of his soda.

Alright. See you in the morning, Ace.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 805828

File: 1406248417698.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

"I'd better buckle up for the ride then."
>With that, she popped some popcorn in her mouth and waited for the movie to begin.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806069

>It's quiet out, now. The rains have stopped, for once, and the people are taking advantage of that fact as best as they can.
>On a rooftop near Midtown, a slightly built mare with cyan eyes and a thick scarf sits waiting for someone, a stack of manuals and books bound up in a backpack nearby. Now it was just a waiting game...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806071


Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806072


>There's a hooded figure on the roof. She wasn't there a minute ago and had made no sound coming up.


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806073

>The mare kicks her hooves out a bit, and turns her head slightly.
Got some stuff for you. I wrote it all down in the books, so it'll be a bit harder to find if it's all searched.
>She gestures to the backpack. It looked like it was used for school at some point or another, a few stickers on it.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806074

File: 1406288328695.jpg (101.72 KB, 600x600, medium (4).jpg)


>Amethyst raised her hood.


How are you, though?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806075

Oh, you know. I'm gallivanting around the city, seeing things I shouldn't, hearing others. Studying magic still, though I've still got some kinks to work out. Ma says I've got real potential and all.
>She kicks out a hoof again, and blinks as a lingering drop of rain falls on her head.
Saw some stuff at the Mantis place earlier. Got out of there before it went bad. I know better than to spend time around cults.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806076

File: 1406288609298.png (165.58 KB, 680x680, 209016__UNOPT__safe_amethyst-s…)


Mantis, you say?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806077

Yeah, you know. The big advertising company? Turns out they run a religion on the side. I mean, it makes sense.
I dunno exactly what happened, but I saw a friend of mine run out of that place like he saw a ghost. Or his pants were on fire.
>She plays with her scarf a bit, her old nervous habit.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806078

File: 1406288829560.png (165.58 KB, 680x680, 209016__UNOPT__safe_amethyst-s…)


If the auth...sees this on a news broadcast, say, I wonder what would happen.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806079

I wonder, right? Strange things happening at the mantis HQ. I wouldn't want to be the unfortunate to report it, though. Be careful.
>She slides the backpack over.
Soooo. Tell me a story!
>She giggles, and leans forward, wide-eyed and excited.
I mean, the ones you actually can tell.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806080


(What has actually been happening?!!1)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806081

You'd have to ask Conch exactly what's going on, but a series of unfortunate events happened to Digit after he escaped from strange goings-on at the Children of the Mantis' new building. A strange message, and a sudden appearance by corporate Men In Black. Starbloom only saw the big crowds going in... And only Digit running out.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806082


>(No, I mean with non-mantis stuff. I have nothing for Amethyst to say, but she definitely has not been doing nothing all this time)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806083

Two options. One, make something up that she's been doing.

Or, she's been on the trail of the madman calling himself Eidolon, having a running battle through the streets from time to time.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806084

File: 1406289554794.jpg (80.64 KB, 756x700, 83325__UNOPT__safe_amethyst-st…)


Well, I've been hearing a lot about Eidolon from...an associate.

Besides that, I've been looking into the Bridle Cartell.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806085

Yeah, I heard about that guy too. Killed a whole bunch of people...
>She shivers, and shakes her head.
Scary stuff...
>She picks her head up.
Are they a gang? Like the Kings?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806086

File: 1406290122696.png (165.58 KB, 680x680, 209016__UNOPT__safe_amethyst-s…)


They're suppliers. Take them out, we starve the gangs.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806087

Ohhhh, I see. Because the corps won't sell to the gangs, someone else steps up to the plate?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806088

File: 1406291237970.jpg (101.72 KB, 600x600, medium (4).jpg)


Indeed. The Bridle Cartell are pirates. They import weapons from the southern continent. From the Zebras.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806089

>She smiles big and wide, her most charming smile she can manage.
Actual pirates, in this day and age? Zebra pirates?
>She tries to stifle a giggle to no avail.
Sounds like something that would have a few stories.
>She stands up, and trots around the rooftop.
Grog and treasure, shady knife-fights in a back alley dive bar. It's like something straight out of a storybook, isn't it?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 806090

File: 1406291940755.png (165.58 KB, 680x680, 209016__UNOPT__safe_amethyst-s…)


Well, all that, and spies, snipers and machine guns, but the principal's the same, yes.


File: 1406294934469.jpg (50.63 KB, 604x417, tumblr_m3z48kyFYO1rw45kyo1_128…)


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806093

>Look up FFVIII's Doom Train

Blank Flank (ipod) 806098

I remember what it looks like :3

>wanna do a thing? I'm in the mood for ganon

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806151

File: 1406314201281.jpg (28.91 KB, 864x480, Lelouch81.jpg)

Blank Flank (ipod) 806182

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806186

File: 1406319333562.gif (185.48 KB, 256x144, Zero.gif)

The OOC thread hasn't 404'd has it?

Just playing some Mario kart: double dash with a friend but I'll see what I can do. What'chu want?

Blank Flank (ipod) 806187

Not sure, but I know I want to do somthing with ganon

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806283

File: 1406332484638.gif (1.44 MB, 320x180, Origami attack!.gif)

Well, some quality time could be spent establishing his domain. In simpler terms, world building via interaction. That or we could just have some simple character interaction.

Blank Flank (ipod) 806285

How about both? :3

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806368

Sorry for the long waits.

Well, where shall we begin?

Blank Flank (ipod) 806370

>well ganon would more than likely be in his study, aka the archives, talking with some engineers

Blank Flank (ipod) 806588

Clearly no one wants to rp with me here, so I'm out.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 806590

Aww. No cannons?
>She looks off into the middle distance, and slowly but rhythmically rocks from side to side.
Well. Tell me! You know I love a good story!
>She turns her attention back to Amethyst and grins.


>Riddle me this: How come the ont time where I come and try to RP everyone is distracted to the Nth degree or just not interested?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806602

Being distracted in my case was because I was spending time with an irl friend and I didn't have much access to a computer out of respect for his presence by giving him my attention while he was around. As for why I'm responding now, I literally just woke up less then twenty minutes ago, some of that time spent on making this post.
Also people aside from myself can't really interact with your character because of it is not in Canterlot. The only character (that I know of) out in that direction is Dann. If you wanted more RP here I might recommend the creation or addition of another character closer to or in Canterlot.

I would like to do the interaction, and I will be able too properly in around half an hour.


>I also have illiyana :| Shes in canterlot and nev knows this

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806628

File: 1406395831723.jpg (567.74 KB, 1050x578, Urban_Enviro_by_xenomorph_desi…)

I thought she was retconed/in Vauxia. Huh.
Also, nevs to my knowledge has been busy. I'll agree he's posting more now but I expect those are more short bursts of his presence then interjections from a constant overwatch.


>translated: Busy as fuck

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806637


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806650

File: 1406397311929.jpg (27.53 KB, 864x480, Not sure if candy bar....jpg)

>As if he'd been standing there the whole time, a familiar voice came to Ganon's ears.
"I'll bite. What are you doing?"

Blank Flank (ipod) 806678

"Ah dann there you are."
>he motions him over
"We're designing a mining Derrick and a dredge, to get mining in the sea, and better acess the highest mountains and the most desolate areas."

Blank Flank (ipod) 806685

"They will be attached to airships."

Blank Flank (ipod) 806791

File: 1406417632217.jpg (59.31 KB, 531x526, image.jpg)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806825

File: 1406420821561.jpg (28.91 KB, 864x480, Lelouch81.jpg)

Just got back from free RPG day.

"I see. Is this you initiative or Titanite mandate?"
>He stepped up and viewed the plans.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806829

>*your initiative...

Blank Flank (ipod) 806840

>he smirks
"That's our little secret, we need to make profit as well you know. I already have a prototype under construction."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806859

File: 1406426853377.png (256.93 KB, 530x720, code-geass-s2-kallen-lelouch-b…)

"Hm. How do you plan on keeping this under the radar?"

Blank Flank (ipod) 806868

"Scaffolding for watchtowers."
>he smirks
"Or just pay the correct people a good amount of money."
>he points to design for a impressive looking airship with hidden drills and landing gear, a large storage section
"We pass it off as a miner transport ship and storage ship, meanwhile we have these drills working over time, whatever it digs up we keep, whatever the miners dig up goes to whoever buys it. And to pay off the right people, of course."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 806896

File: 1406431365150.jpg (17.41 KB, 864x480, Lelouch98.jpg)

>He was silent for a disturbingly long time with his assumed gave on either Ganon or the designs from the angle his helmet was facing.
"What exactly would you do with the siphoned ore? I can't imagine selling it would go unnoticed by Titanite for very long."

Ganondorf 807030

File: 1406440036898.jpg (267.43 KB, 870x570, HNI_0100_JPG.JPG)

"We are a kingdom of engineers, not to mention the living armor you make fade faster."
>He walks over to the window
"I assume you've felt the magic starting to fade from this world, too?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 807065

File: 1406443906159.jpg (31.6 KB, 1024x576, r2codegeass07_38.jpg)

"At least we can melt down and reuse the failed armor. Their shells are useful even after they... 'expire'."
>The topic of magic did seem to change something in his demeanor. What exactly changed was hard to tell from behind his mask.
"You could say that."

Blank Flank (ipod) 807232

"Magic is fading, without it we loose the bulk of our armies, and a majority of my and your power. We need to make more magic nexus' to try and draw more magic and energy into this world."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 807463

File: 1406500669671.jpg (22.64 KB, 864x480, Lelouch93.jpg)

"I'm not a hopeful man, but I would not worry as much as you. For all we know this could be a natural cycle and it will be back hopefully sometime in my (hopefully) ridiculously long lifespan. As for the moment you are right; Magic is taking a nosedive and you are lesser because of it..."
>With a slight of hand he produced a tiny red marble, rolling it back and forth on his knuckles.
"...to an extent. As you also said, you are a kingdom of engineers. You'll think of something to connive your way back to your previous status."


File: 1406504164268.jpg (207.04 KB, 1364x1024, 5.jpg)

"But, What if When everyone becomes accustomed to not having magic, what if we are the only ones left to have it?"
>He starts pacing
"What if this kingdom was the last for the magic front? People wouldent know how to combat magic, becuase no one could no longer cast it, We would have an edge. Take the recent records that unicorn birthrates are plummeting."
>Now he gets dark
"What if we breed the unicorns from this world, with workhorses? A domesticated, magic weilding horse, A workhorse, beast of burden.or war horses."
>HE smirks
"Along with the daedulus project on the latest dome, Sell them beasts of combat, make a killing on buying and selling them and th gladiators, not to mention the gambling that can come out of this. To procure magic in this world is to once again saturate it, That is why we need these extra drills to make the NExus' Needed to seep magic once again into the world."
>He walks to a window

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 807791

File: 1406522885140.jpg (28.91 KB, 864x480, Lelouch81.jpg)

"I have the feeling bringing back magic may be a little tougher then you might think. Using magic to make more magic does seem a little unequal in concept but could be quite profitable if handled correctly. As for this project of yours it is sounding rather long term with the conception and maturing of the glorified workhorses you desire. I'm not apposed to the idea or you following your agenda, but I would like to point out something rather crucial. You're not getting any younger last time I checked."
>Sitting down in one of the studies armchairs he continued.
"You are tenacious, I will give you that, but even you are not immune to time. Not to mention, I still have yet to see this daughter you claimed to see thanks to freileg's spell... twenty years ago?"


File: 1406555171783.png (76.17 KB, 397x683, ganondorf_drinking_by_zoesaday…)

"Time...Time is one thing that has kept me alive for so long. Time is what my curse is, time is what keeps my being intact. Link and I are bound through time Thanks to a curse that was made upon the both of us eons ago. IT may not look like it but I am over 300 years old. As for my daughter...You remember slynn?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 807917

File: 1406560370038.jpg (27.53 KB, 864x480, Not sure if candy bar....jpg)

"Yes, what about her?


File: 1406564252496.jpg (113.2 KB, 800x600, Twilight_Princess_Ganondorf_by…)

>He remained in silence, letting him fill in the gaps
"You let me worry about an heir to my throne."
>He continues to look out the window at the city below the fortress

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808101

File: 1406591303026.jpg (17.36 KB, 584x332, jhkjhl.jpg)

"I see."
>He replied in regular tone, if not somewhat resigned.
"Speaking of her, where has she been?"

Blank Flank (ipod) 808109

"Kept safe. As a queen should be."
>he clears his throat

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808121

File: 1406593038611.jpg (20.65 KB, 864x480, Lelouch87.jpg)

>He rested his head on his knuckles before giving his retort.
"You insult me, sir. My concern was that in returning she may not have as much of an investment in this business thanks to her absence. Nothing more."

Blank Flank (ipod) 808138

>he sighs
"My thoughts are the same...will my daughter even recognize her father, or will slynn even remember who I am, to this..money thirsty monster willing to sacrifice his very morals for the almighty dollar?"
>he holds his hands against the edge of the window
"What kind of person have I become, dann?"
>he sighs
"I'm getting off topic."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808149

File: 1406596870958.jpg (31.6 KB, 1024x576, r2codegeass07_38.jpg)

"I don't know, nor is it my business to know. My business is providing council to you."

Blank Flank (ipod) 808209

"Anyway, the topic of the new ships are to be kept under wraps, understand?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808266

File: 1406605009874.jpg (113.08 KB, 1920x1080, Zero.jpg)

>He chuckled to himself and leaned back in the chair.
"What ships?"

Blank Flank (ipod) 808269

>he chuckles
"Any word from Dadelus or titanite?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808299

File: 1406609299884.jpg (74.73 KB, 640x440, codegeass0806lgqr8.jpg)

"Noting to report yet. While actually building the project, I'd imagine your request is a little on the back burner. Give it more time."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 808351


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808535

File: 1406644554352.jpg (339.77 KB, 641x1200, heretic_by_ishutani-d6x9i32.jp…)

A very belated good morning too you sir.

>Found this pic, thought you might find use for it at some point.

Blank Flank (ipod) 808538

>he nods
"Very well. Anything else to report?"
>feel free to make shit up

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 808539


>Excellent. I shall put it to good use.

>In the meantime, I would like to RP.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808564

File: 1406646532459.jpg (31.6 KB, 1024x576, r2codegeass07_38.jpg)

>There was some creaking from his chair as he stood up and stretched a bit and began to flit through a clipboard that he produced from seemingly nowhere.
"Requests for raises, a flat tire on one of the massive dump trucks, small tunnel collapse with a side-note about 'Volvogia, enough with the shaking already!', union notice, union notice, union notice, union notice, etc. One more thing, I request a leave to Canterlot for personal matters. While I'm there I could check on the status of the request if I am in that area."
>Whether or not his request was approved, in the near future, there would have been a knocking on the door of Niren's apartment.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 808568

>There's no answer at first. And in fact, there's no answer immediately after. But there is one from down the hall.
The boy's not here. Left about an hour ago.
>The voice's owner is a middle-aged stallion, fighting a losing battle against his baldness, and accompanied with that is a skin condition on top of his weight, which would be placed somewhere between "Chubby" and "Portly". A flask sits prominently attached to the belt of the pants he's wearing.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808581

File: 1406647551553.png (72.17 KB, 123x354, Capeless.png)

>Blank, the thing with nevs is bubbled, we can still continue.
>Addressing the stallion was spindly man of about average human height with a relaxed yet strangely practiced posture. His outfit looked like he got lost on the way to or from some masquerade party.
>The downright strange man spoke with a smooth but not silky tone, bordering on condescending but that may just be because who he was looking for apparently just left.
"Really now? Where to?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 808593

Didn't say. Ran off in his usual way.
>That sounds about right.
Said he'd be back in an hour, and to have some hot noodles waiting for him. Course, I left Maggie to the whole noodles business. So that means any minute now.
>He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a cigarette, in a battered metal case with a bullet hole in it.
Mind if I smoke?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808604

File: 1406648631391.jpg (27.53 KB, 864x480, Not sure if candy bar....jpg)

"Not at all."
>He says with a confirming hand gesture.

Blank Flank (ipod) 808615

"May I ask what the matters in canterlot are? Or is that private?"
>he sat back in his own chair

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808620

File: 1406649717230.jpg (28.91 KB, 864x480, Lelouch81.jpg)

>He seemed to follow the stallions lead in relaxing as he his back against the wall.
"It's not really that terribly personal. Catching up with an old acquaintance."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 808624

>He pulls out a lighter and lights up before putting the case back away.
Coulda sworn I quit this stuff.
>He looks up.
I'll leave you to...
>At that moment, a figure comes hustling up the stairs with a hearty bowl of noodles, slurping them absentmindedly on his way up, looking down and not even noticing the two until he was halfway between them.
>He looks up, spots Dann, and stops mid-slurp, blinking. Though with Niren's eyepatch, it was slightly hard to distinguish his blinks from his winks.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 808631

File: 1406650556421.png (72.17 KB, 123x354, Capeless.png)

>Hair: check, build: check, social awkwardness: check, eye: not checked.
>Dann seemed content to share the stare from behind his mask, casually remarking..
"I don't look that bad... do I?"
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Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 808772

M-Mister Dann?
>He finishes his moutful of noodles and blinks.
>He looks to the stallion standing nearby.
Th-thanks for putting my order in, Unpa...
>The stallion in question nods, and leaves the two of them to it, heading back down the stairs.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809036

File: 1406696750922.jpg (113.08 KB, 1920x1080, Zero.jpg)

"It's been some time, Niren."
>His focus shifted from Niren to around him and back again as Dann made a quick assessment.
"Apartment, noodles, connections with tenants. You've done well for yourself. Not to imply you aren't capable of more."
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Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809086

I've been busy...
...Oh, right! Come in, come in.
>He opens the door to the apartment, going through the several locks.
Pardon the mess. I'm reconstructing a laptop.
>He tosses his coat into a heap by the door, revealing his usual tunic under it. Computer parts are scattered all over the floor, in various stages of assembly.
I Swear this is worse than it usually looks.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809146

File: 1406729844415.jpg (28.91 KB, 864x480, Lelouch81.jpg)

>If the mess bothered him, he wasn't showing it. Despite a glance around when Niren mentioned it he didn't seem to be paying much mind to it.
"Reconstructing? Is this one yours or is this just a hobby?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809149

It's mine. I use it for information control. I may have been dropped right in the middle of a large conspiracy. Long story.
>He nods.
I've been keeping to the training, too. In secret. Don't want to end up on TV again.
>He pulls back his eyepatch as he moves aside some parts from one of the chairs so Dann has a place to sit and he sets his noodles by the big computer setup against the other wall.


File: 1406732320583.png (59.11 KB, 846x944, 9qLkTHX.png)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809153

File: 1406732713146.jpg (27.53 KB, 864x480, Not sure if candy bar....jpg)

>There was a muted chuckle from under the mask.
"I had a feeling the pasted kings a while back was your doing. I will honestly say, I was impressed."
>Niren could easily hear the grin in his tone.
Hello Blank.


File: 1406732819625.png (448.69 KB, 886x902, 1368661917288.png)


Oh ace you know the book "The giver" ?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809178

Yes. It was a mandatory read during a past coarse.


File: 1406733895883.png (164.88 KB, 360x360, Tamamo.png)


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809182

Huh, cool.inb4 John Hurt is the giver.


>I dunno I was too busy fangirling over the trailer

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809188

Never was a huge fan of the book but I'll admit it was a decent read. If they get a good screenwriter they could certainly create work wonders with the material. Personally I'd like to see a 'Maze Runner' or 'Malice' movie.

A quick notice Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809193

File: 1406735055924.jpg (372.84 KB, 801x1132, Self_Portrait_mk3_by_Balance_S…)

I know the OOC is really full, but from here on out can OOC be kept in the OOC?
Unfortunately something has happened and I can't edit the OP to add a new OOC and in light of that when the next thread comes out, a new OOC will be created as well.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809194

You saw that, then?
>He looks down for a moment and shifts his weight back and forth for a moment.
...Yeah, that was me. I can still see the surprise on their faces...
>He bites his lip a bit.
...Anyways, make yourself at home.


File: 1406735341344.jpg (17.53 KB, 462x301, 5029.jpg)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809196

File: 1406736516903.png (72.17 KB, 123x354, Capeless.png)

"Much appreciated."
>He takes up the offer and seats himself on the chair Niren cleared.
"It seems that event is an unpopular topic with you. As I was/am your mentor depending on how you look at it, I found it a point curiosity where that came from."
>Dann reclined further into the chair, his gaze fixed squarely on Niren for a second before he broke the teacherly tone and shifted his posture to a less professional and more social one.
"However, I'm here to visit my student and friend. Not pry into his life."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809199

That's alright. I was just afraid the OOC would start to feel unappreciated.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809201

>Niren smiles now, a slight one.
It's nice to have you by for a visit at any rate.
>He pauses for a moment, sighing softly.
Thanks. In the meantime, let me pry into your life.
>He smiles wider now, a tiny smirk on his face.
Where have you been? It's been... what, two years?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809204

File: 1406738275045.png (391.51 KB, 851x1567, IMG_0248.PNG)

>He makes a sarcastic and humored sighs at this.
"Oh well, mutual courtesy has failed me. I have been out of town. Out of country in fact."
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Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809209

Oh yeah, you did work with that...
>Niren's face goes blank.
Guuuuuy. The one guy. With the name.
>He stammers for a long moment and fails to draw the name.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809216

File: 1406741065030.jpg (27.53 KB, 864x480, Not sure if candy bar....jpg)

>Dann was never one to give a straight answer when there was a game to be made of it or he know the other person could come to the conclusion on their own.
"Tall, sun baked, orange hair, offered aid to Ponyville during the war."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809323

>Sudden recognition shoots across his face.
Yes, that was his name. Jeez, I was... what, three at the time?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809325

File: 1406772027305.png (72.17 KB, 123x354, Capeless.png)

My sides, they are in orbit.
>Dann suddenly cocked his head to the side with as much of a look of disbelief as the helm would allow.
"You where three at the time?!... curses, my high ground is now reduced to nothing. You honestly seemed older then that."
>Tilting his head up to stare at the ceiling he tapped his index fingers together, going through some thought process.
"...maybe your development is different from being... you know. You."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809346

Mmhmm. That's what the doctor said, at any rate. Wolfsbane had it too, though... Well, I'm sure you know.
>Wolfsbane's stunted height and breathing difficulties weren't exactly a secret, after all.
Being a mutant does have its perks, I guess.
>He heads into the kitchen and comes back with a cup of cheap print-coffee, handing it to Dann with another for himself. Thunder rumbles outside, but for once, there wasn't any rain.
more importantly, I've been working on a few new techniques, if you're interested.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809354

File: 1406782182006.png (102.1 KB, 198x356, ;kjhsdkafjh.png)

>He graciously took the mug, but how exactly he was going to drink with that thing on his head was questionable on it's own, however that thought seemed to come second to Dann with the mentioning of Nirens's "new" stuff.
"By all means. Do tell me more."
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Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 809355

Well, for years, I hadn't been doing much more than telekinetics. Levitation, compression, and the like. Force, in other words. And well, I've been trying a few new tricks.
>He takes a stance, and holds his hand out. His contrast eye glows purple again, and he grits his teeth. Dann would notice he's expending a great deal of energy at SOMETHING...

>It's then he'd notice ice crystals in the coffee, the heat being pulled right out of the top.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809361

File: 1406783271449.jpg (28.91 KB, 864x480, Lelouch81.jpg)

>Dann would have noticed this with an entertained guffaw.
"Very nice! You are already showing why this is the best kind of magic. Versatility."
>He stared down into the cup, watching the process with an air of satisfaction.
"As may know, I am self taught. Seeing these developments without my intervention is more then pleasing."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 809468

>Something feels wrong for this response...

Blank Flank (ipod) 809651


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 810104

>Niren stands there panting for a short moment, and the glow fades and he puts his eyepatch back on, lowering his hand.
It's not magic. It's all mental, right? Magic comes from the heart, and emotions, or learning secret ways. That sort of thing.
>The gathered heat floats around his hand for a moment, a shimmering orb of thermal energy. No fireballs, no fancy flashes. Just energy.
...Though, I'm still curious about... something else.
>He waves his hand and dissipates the heat energy.
This... isn't just a social call, is it?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 810803

File: 1407092859060.jpg (17.36 KB, 584x332, jhkjhl.jpg)

>He cocked his head to the side slightly at this comment. The meaning of this reaction was not apparent but most easily taken as a kind of self conscious curiosity.
"What makes you say that?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812287

Several reasons. If you were just coming here to visit, you'd send a message, plan it in advance. I get the feeling there's something going on around here you want to investigate. Dual purposes is not only smart, it's efficient. And I've never known you to not be efficient, mentor.
>He adjusts his tunic slightly, slurping down some of his noodles while waiting on Dann's response.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812298

>Some time... Whenever.

>Niren was busy tidying up the guest room, keeping an eye out for Orchid as he worked.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812302

>After a few moments of this, Orchid nudges the door open slightly and steps inside.
...Oh, hey Niren...
>She sighs softly and just kind of... slowly inches past him.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812309

Hey orchid.
>He doesn't say anything else for a few long moments.
...We're almost ready to carry out the operation.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812312

>Orchid sighs, and sets down on her mattress.
...That's... That's good...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812343

So it is... You alright?
>He leans against the nearest wall.
Anything I can do to help?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812348

No, no, I'm... I'm okay.
>Orchid takes another deep breath.
I'm okay. I'm feeling better now... I really am.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812352

Great to hear it, chiddy.
>He kneels down slightly and holds one arm out.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812377

>Orchid sighs softly, then leans out and gently nuzzles his hand.
...Um... what about you? How've you been... holding up lately?

oh jesus, I'm really really sorry, I thought i posted this already...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 812448

File: 1407382789796.jpg (27.53 KB, 864x480, Not sure if candy bar....jpg)

"You might be correct. Might be. Possibly. Maybe. Possibly maybe."
>He raised his mug to try and drink but stopped himself before coffee flavored calamity struck his shirt as the edge met his helm. Though he did seem like he wanted to drink it, he put it down on the nearest form of table in reach. Probably for the best right now.
"Most official visits get a notice. I'll admit they became more common when people started getting angry at my... appearing unannounced to discuss matters. You are right however. I am in Canterlot on more official business which I am not at liberty to talk about in detail. This however, is an efficient way of doing sweet F-A while I wait."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812932

I've been alright.
...I'll uh... I'll leave you to it, then.
>He turns and heads out of the room, on a beeline for his computer desk, and the half-assembled laptop that sits next to it, the frame gutted to pieces and just waiting to be finished.
>He doesn't do anything with it, just stares and looks at it with the sort of impotent emotion, twirling a screwdriver in his hands and sighing slightly.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812934

>Orchid keeps lying on her mattress, staring forlornly at the ceiling.
>After a few moments, she lets out a soft sigh, stands up and pads into the main room.
...Um... Niren, look... I know I've been... well...
>She stares down at her paws for a moment.
...away... a lot lately...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812937

Yeah, I noticed.
>He finishes twirling the screwdriver and sets it down, sighing again.
Going out at random hours of the day, and sometimes not coming back at all. I mean... I kinda understand why. But...
>He turns and looks at her for a moment, but then slowly fails to meet her gaze and stares at something mildly interesting on the floor.
What happened between us that I missed?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812938

>Orchid lets out a soft whine and sits down.
It-- It didn't have anything to do with you, Niren. I just...
>She stops for a moment.
...well... you know what's happened... the incident at the store, and then... um...
>She hesitates, as if wondering whether or not she should tell Niren something, then shakes her head.
Well, the point is, I've had a lot on my mind lately...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812939

I guessed, but Lapsa, Open and the rest should be here...
>He taps his cybernetics twice, and a little date readout appears on his eyepatch.
Tomorrow? We're going to get to the bottom of all that, don't you worry...
>He looks down at Orchid and smiles.
I understand. I guess. I mean, lil'bro is always here to help you out, right? If you need anything, even if it's just an ear to listen, I'm here.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812941

>Orchid nods.
>She says nothing for a few moments, then sighs.
...Actually, um... about that...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812944

Go on...
>He turns, leaning back in his chair slightly and listening.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812945

Well, I-I've just been...
>Orchid hesitates a moment, then sighs.
I don't know. I feel like I've been making really bad decisions lately...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812946

Well... I don't know about that.
I can't imagine what you're going through. All my stuff is... Well...
>He just gestures to the whole apartment. Half-assembled computers and all.
Pfffft. It's all here. Yours was all there, and... It's still cordoned off while they get the viscera cleanup detail or whoever in there, right?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812947

>Orchid lets out another heavy sigh and nods.
...Not to mention, I don't really have a job any more... and, well, I don't think there are a lot of people who'd like to give me one, so...
>She trails off here.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812949

...You haven't called dad or ma for help?
>His expression wavers, though he keeps it as close to neutral as possible.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812951

...well... um...
>Orchid clears her throat, glancing around the room.
...n-no, I... I've been trying to... take care of myself...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812952

I get it.
>His neutral expression grows into a smile.
Hey, tell you what. I'll get on the 'Net and see if I can't find you a job. Or at least something to do.
What... DO you do when you disappear? Err, uh... You don't have to tell me, though.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812954

Oh, well, um... I-I've mostly been... wandering around the city, really.
>Orchid glances down at her paws, saying nothing.
...You know... trying to, well... you know how I get around strangers. I've been trying to... talk to people. Make some friends, I guess...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 812958

That's good!
...You haven't had much luck, have you?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 812962

>Orchid's face falls.
...Well, um... not... really...
>A brief pause, then...
I-I mean, I did meet this one guy, down in the Crossroads District, but...
>Suddenly, Orchid's head snaps up.
W-Wait, that's not what I meant. Um...

>The Crossroads District, according to local lore, is a particularly skeezy and ill-maintained section of Lower Canterlot that has a certain reputation as Lower Canterlot's unofficial red light district. Not that Niren would have any reason to know such a thing, of course.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 813032

>Niren was just listening quietly until she suddenly moves and stammers.
Uh... Crossroads, huh?
>He tries to put on his best impression of his father, though his much sharper face was a bit hard for Niren to pull off.
...You... reaaaally shouldn't be going down there, if what the 'Net says is true.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 813034

>Orchid leans down, whimpers, and stares intently at her paws.
I-It's not what you think. I... I just got lost, I swear...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 813042

>Niren nods.
I know, chiddy. Jeez! You're not a silly filly. I also know you can turn into an eagle and scratch somebody's face off. So... I'm not that worried.
...Dad found out though, he might blow a gasket.... Speaking of family, you seen wolfsbane lately? I haven't heard anything from her for days...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 813046

>Orchid blinks.
Oh, um... now that you mention it, no, she hasn't been in touch lately...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 813047

>He kneels down out of his chair and slightly forward, grabbing orchid into a hug.
Have I said that I'm just glad that you're still alive?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 813049

>Orchid blinks, leaning back slightly.
...Um... I don't think so...
>She hesitates a few moments, then returns Niren's hug as best she can.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 813052

It's been a few weeks since this whole business started, and I think somebody needed to say that.
...This does make me think, though. Maybe you should pay Leo or Wolfsbane a visit. They might be able to help you reconnect... Most likely...
>He lets out a faint groan.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 813055

>Orchid nods, gently nuzzling Niren's cheek as she does so.
...Probably... I'll see if I can get in touch with him...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 813062

>He chuckles faintly.
For as much an idealistic idiot as Leo is, he does have a way with people that I don't have. C'mon. Where's that happy smile?
>He flashes one of his own as an example.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 813064

>Orchid hesitates a moment, then eventually dons a faint smile.
...Thank you, Niren...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 813067

No prob. I mean, it's fine. I mean... Urgh.
You know what I mean.
You're welcome.
>He pulls away.
Oh, and uh... here.
>He fishes through the pockets of his pants and pulls out some crumpled bits.
Go on. Get some ice cream.
>He holds them out for her.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 813068

>Orchid pulls away as well, and slowly takes the money.
...That sounds like a good idea...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814423


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814425


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814429


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814430


>I shall start typing now.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814433

>Meanwhile, in Apartment 404...

>Niren is pacing back and forth next to the door, bags of mil-spec gear from the shopping trip he went on with Lapsa, representing several weeks wages, sitting nearby. With Lapsa and Orchid already in the apartment, it was just a matter of waiting for Open and Lurch to show up...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814438

>Orchid, for her part, is sitting by Niren's desk, not paying a whole lot of attention to her surroundings.

>But sure enough, after a few moments, there's a knock at the door of Niren's apartment.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814441

File: 1407872130255.jpg (440.59 KB, 600x800, 4e1fcf8df2460b254f98c8d24c5c91…)


>Lapsa was sitting in a chair in the 'lounge', eating a bag of dried meat as a snack. Her sword sheath was resting on the chair too.

>She looked up when she heard the knock.


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814442

And heere we go...
>Niren darts over to the door, undoing the locks and opening the door quickly, only after checking who exactly was at the door.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814443

>Sure enough, our old friends Open and Lurch are standing by the doorway. Lurch trots inside as soon as Niren opens the door, pushing right past him. Open, for his part, glances around briefly then nods.
...Good day, Niren. And might I say... well, actually, never mind. There'll be time for that later.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814444

...Well alright then. First, introductions.
>He turns and points to Orchid.
Well, you already know Orchid well..
>Then he turns to Lapsa.
This is Lapsa. She's a... What was it, a Mystic Fencer?
>He rubs his right arm, then fiddles with his cyber for a moment.
Er, sit down everybody. We've got alot to discuss, and our meeting's today.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814445


>Lapsa nodded and waved.

Spirit Fencer, but just call me whatever you want.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814446

>Lurch grunts and sits down on the floor a good distance away from Lapsa, keeping a close eye on her movements.
>Open, for his part, trots up to a chair and sits down.
Yes... thank you. Er... for those that aren't aware, I'm Open Book. I was... head of security in Miss Langzaat's store when... at the time of the incident. And my... companion over there is Lurch. He was working for me at the time.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814448

>Niren nods, a single bead of sweat running down his forehead.
Err... Right.
>He dashes about in place for a bit, before settling down on a place to sit, ending up within arm's reach of Orchid.
So. We've got a meeting with Orchid's supplied contact in about... two hours. I think it goes without saying that this would be a perfect opportunity for an ambush by... well, whoever's behind this whole mess. Lapsa and I went out gear shopping, and the results of that are by the door.
>He clears his throat, wiping another bead of sweat from off his forehead. It wasn't a particularly hot day out.
...Right, what was I... Yes! Okay. Orchid, Lapsa and I are going to be the ones doing the talking. Lurch and Open, we need you on fire support. Have either of you used a rifle before?
>Niren shivers at the word, still not quite comfortable with the idea.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814449

>Lurch shakes his head once, still not taking his eyes of Lapsa.
LURCH: Nnnope. Can't say I have.
>Open, meanwhile, nods vigorously.
OPEN: I have. I'm more comfortable with closer-range weapons, but I'm perfectly capable with a rifle.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814450


...Why are you staring at me? It's making me really uncomfortable.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814451

LURCH: I don't trust the corps.
>Open blinks.
OPEN: Ah... yes. Um, we were informed of your... title before we arrived here, miss.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814452

Right, well...
>Niren heads over to the bags, getting a duffel out and passing it over to Open and Lurch. Inside, was an older-model bolt action with stand and converted equine trigger mechanism, equipped with a relatively low-magnification scope for this sort of thing and a pair of binoculars. Also included was some street clothes, with inserted kevlar plates for a little bit of bullet protection, and ammo for the rifle.
You two are uh... sniper team. If anything goes wrong, you two are going to be essential.
>He turns to Lapsa and Orchid.
Meanwhile, the three of us are meeting with the contact. Lapsa can read people better than anyone I know, and Orchid's the one who knows this guy. So we should be all good on that front. I'll be unarmed, of course. I don't have much skill with guns, but if there's a fight, I'll get Orchid out of there, and the three of us will head out in my car. I rented a van for you two.
>He turns back to Open and Lurch.
Well, more... uh, had it creatively borrowed by some friends of mine. We'll need to return it once this is all done.

>He looks to the group.

Any q-questions?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814453


>She stares at them for a while, her heckles up.

...I don't trust the Corps either.


I'm good with it.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814456

OPEN: Right... Lurch, you'll be spotting for me. You have the saddle?
LURCH: It's in the car.
OPEN: Oh. Well... you should get it before we head out.
LURCH: I was going to. I didn't want to draw attention to us.
OPEN: Okay, that's fair.
>OPen nods, running his hoof up the length of the rifle, then glances back up at Niren.
OPEN: Alright... I believe I understand.

OPEN: Heheh... I'm sure you don't. It'll be fine. Won't it, Lurch?
>Lurch hesitates a moment, then tilts his head down a few degrees.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814461


I'm glad we're on the same page.

>She's still a little icy with Lurch.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814463

>Niren nods, and turns his head so Open and Lurch couldn't see, and flashes her an affectionate smile. Orchid, however, would be able to notice.
>Turning back to Open and Lurch, he nods.
Alright then, we go and see what this is all about. There's some extra gear and ammo in the bags. Let's get suited up. Oh... and there's some uh... coffee and sandwiches in the kitchen, if anyone's peckish.
>He lets out a slightly awkward laugh.
I-I know I am. Alright, uh... dismissed!

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814464

>And Lurch is still a little icy with her.

OPEN: We'll be alright. We'll just grab our gear from the car, and then... meet you in the van, I suppose. We'll follow you. Come along, Lurch.
>Lurch stands up and makes for the door, with Open heading after him shortly.

>Orchid, meanwhile, glances up at Niren and silently shoots him a look.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814470

Alright. It's in the garage next to the apartments.
>He stretches, grabbing a few bags from the pile and pulling out some bulletproof clothing from the bag, replacing his tunic with a hawaiian shirt that was far too big for him and a jacket to go over it.
>He gives Orchid a sheepish look.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814472

>Orchid hesitates a moment, then lets out a heavy sigh.
Nothing. I'll... meet you in the car, I guess...
>Having said that, she stands up and begins to trot towards the door.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814474


>Lapsa looks between the two feeling a liiiiitle bit awkward.

I'll go to the car too.

>She caught up to Orchid, ears down.

...Something wrong?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814475

>Niren watches as everyone just leaves.
...I'll catch up with you!
>He heads over to the bathroom with a pair of camo pants slung over his shoulder and the rest of the stuff from the bags he grabbed..

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814478

No, no, nothing's wrong. I just... have a lot on my mind...
>Orchid lets out a soft sigh, glancing back at Niren, then nods.
After you...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814479

>Niren's car is waiting in its usual spot. It seems... roomier than before. There's an actual backseat now, though it appears it was formerly invisible as it was covered by an old blanket, now bundled up, and several half-finished computers, as some of their parts lie scattered around. There's not much leg room, but it looks like there's actual seating now. And the window Orchid smashed before is still duct-taped together.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814480


>Lapsa gets in the car.

Hey, there's actually room to sit now!

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814484

>Orchid sits down in the back seat as well, and lets out a soft sigh.
Yes... that's nice.
>Having said that, she settles rather quickly into silence.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 814487


>She looks at Orchard, and her ears go down again.

It's not healthy to keep issues bottled up, you know.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814489

>After a few more minutes, Niren comes out with some extra bags and heads over to the car, peeking in before getting in, and noticing both Lapsa and Orchid in the backseat.
>He makes a slight face, and sets the stuff in the front seat next to him.
Alrighty, here we go...
>He drives around to the garage, waving to Open and Lurch as they are likely all set in the van now, which, they would notice, had almost all identifying marks expertly filed off.
>Niren pulls a walkie-talkie out of the bag, and gives Open and Lurch a few simple directions in case they lost sight of each other.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814491

>Orchid sighs, just glancing out the window.
I'm okay, Lapsa. Really.

OPEN: Good copy. Moving on target.
>The van remains in the garage for a few seconds, then peels out after Niren and company.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 814497

>The two vehicles dart down the road, Niren having to make a conscious effort to keep to streets wide enough for the van. The usual rains start drizzling down, the clouds seeming almost... darker than usual. Though that doesn't seem to damper the.. festival mood that they suddenly seem to be passing through.
>Niren rolls down the driver's side window and sticks his head out.
Huh. I forgot that that was today...
>A parade is heading down the streets beside them, from the looks of it a Titanite militia convoy, complete with both military-style APC's and parade floats, the soldiers and mercs inside reaching out and waving to the people, as vendors travel the streets, hawking wares. Niren pulls the car to a momentary stop.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 814499

>Orchid suddenly shivers.
I don't have a good feeling about this.


Giving a bump

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816136

File: 1408398768102.jpg (522.41 KB, 744x1052, FullMetalWolfsbane.jpg)


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816145

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 816149

>Mickey Lurk

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816150


>At an unknown time...

>A tired Niren stumbles into Apartment 404, flicking on the lights and checking in the security cameras for a second before he just falls onto the couch, exhausted.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 816152


>Lapsa is sitting on the floor, sharpening a sword, weary and thouch she smiles when he came in, she didn't look in a generally good mood.

Oh, by the way, thanks for letting me stay here. Mom's being a bitch.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816161

>Niren nods softly, taking off his coat and tossing it in the small pile of coats by the door, switching back to his usual tunic-and-jeans combo, and he grabs a brown paper sack that he brought in with him and sets it down next to Lapsa.
Got you a sandwich from the deli... Uh... Hope you like it.
>He leans back into the couch and just sighs.
...You doing alright?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 816162


If I can eat it, I like it.

>She scoffs it down, her spirits lifted slightly. She then sheaths her sword and looked up at him.

I'm fine. And you?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816163

Having to run to dodge the Auth is anything but a pleasant experience. How'd I end up in the one outlet that was getting robbed?
>He hangs his head and turns to Lapsa, smiling softly.
I'm glad you're alright, though. It's... nice to have you here.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 816164


It's nice to be here.

>Her tail swished.

Is there room on that sofa?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816165

>His smile grows a little bit.
Of course! It's a bit lumpy, though. Hope you don't mind.
>He softly pats the seat next to him, and pulls back his eyepatch now. Lapsa already knows about it, so why hide?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816572

File: 1408499165231.jpg (118.58 KB, 744x1052, FullMetalWolfsbane-By Nightsha…)


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816579

>On an otherwise dark and stormy night in Canterlot, a green pegasus pony with dragonfly wings is staring absently at his laptop. Waiting has never been an easy thing for him to do, but it's all he can do at the moment. Wait, and find whatever ways he has left to kill time.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816580

>Things are silent outside, strangely quiet indeed. Even the usual sound of the trams, corporate transports, and personal autos seem to be missing. So, it would likely come at a shock when there was a sudden knock at the door.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816583

>Leo is indeed surprised, and quickly slams his laptop shut.
Y-Yes! Yes, I'll be vis you in a moment!
>He quickly plucks his earbuds out of his ears and trots over to the door.
Right. Anyvay...
>He opens the door quickly, and speaks before he can see who's actually there.
You're not here to extort me or somezhing, are you?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816600

>Before he's even able to finish his last sentence, a very familiar girl jumps forward and hugs around his neck. He might get a better idea when her human standing height really wasn't all that much more than his four-legged standing height.
I missed you!

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816609

Aaack! I-- Oh! W-Wolfsbane!
>Leo stumbles back from the sudden approach. He lets out a faint chuckle as he recedes into his apartment, the door left open in his wake.
Um... H-Hello, Wolfsbane! I... I vasn't expecting you today.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816626

File: 1408503369836.jpg (118.58 KB, 744x1052, FullMetalWolfsbane-By Nightsha…)

Well, I wasn't expecting you either, I tell you what!
>She giggles and just walks right inside, tossing her jacket next to the door.
How was... Germaney, right?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816630

>Leo clears his throat, closes the door and trots back into the apartment.
Germaney, yes. It vas... productive. I feel like zhings vent vell over zhere.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816652

Well, something must have happened to make you come home.
>She hops onto the nearest, comfiest place, yawning and leaning back.
Niren told me you were in town, and said I should really pay you a visit!

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816654

Ah... Niren, yes. I should've known he'd be involved in this.
>Leo lets out a faint chuckle and trots over to the couch, just... keeping an eye on Wolfsbane for now.
And yes. I... vell, I decided to come back home to Equestria. Ve're a nation zhat could use a bit of progress, in case you haven't noticed.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816696

I like things the way they are, sorta. Is it really that bad out... *Cough*!... there?
>She watches him too, kicking her legs out a bit, then tapping one on the floor. A faint meowing is heard from Wolfsbane's jacket.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816699

>Leo rolls his eyes.
Well, discounting the whole forced, life-threatening registration process, the Authority ignoring blatant discrimination against our kind and near-constant unrelated gang violence... no, not really.
>Suddenly, Leo blinks and turns back to Wolfsbane.
What was that?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816703

Oh. Right, that stuff.
>Wolfsbane looks down and away for a moment, then back up at Leo.
Sometimes I forget about all that. We're... I'm lucky. I look human. So does Niren.
>She holds out her hand, examining the jet-black mark that extended from her fingers up her arm... Then notices Leo acting weird.
Oh, that's Whiscashmoney! He's my cat!
>A white cat with pale red eyes peeks its head out from the hood of Wolfsbane's jacket. An albino.
You remember Leo, don't you Cash?
He remembers you, Leo.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816706

...Ah. Right. How could I forget. Hello... Cash.
>Leo chuckles, grinning a sheepish grin at Wolfsbane.
...Ahem. Anyvay, yes, you are fairly fortunate in zhat regard.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816707

He needed to get outta the house for a bit, so he tagged along in my hood!
>She holds out her arm, and Cashmoney hops out of the jacket, takes one look at Wolfsbane, and decides to not bother.
...Yeah. Niren still giving you guff about your accent?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816709

Zhat hasn't come up recently, I don't zhink, no.
>Leo sighs, keeping an eye on the cat.
...Vhat about you? Haff you... Vell, how've you been lately, anyvay? It's been a vhile, obviously...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816720

I still remain on my pursuit to steal the truth from the jaws of those who would keep it secret!
>She raises a fist triumphantly into the air...then slowly lowers it down to her side.
...Er... That is, I'm scraping by. I did some work earlier. Been keeping my head down for a while. Dad sent me another check in the mail, so I've got enough to stay comfortable.
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Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816724

>Leo nods, sitting down at his desk and still keeping his eyes on the cat.
I see. And how's... vork been going for you, anyway?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816729

>Cash walks over to Leo and rubs against his legs... Wow. How soft.
Well, there was some trouble with a prototype thing before, but I got all that sorted. Then, I was part of a hostage rescue! And that was pretty fun. I got to taze a guy.
>She starts kicking her legs out again, and she fiddles with one of the many pockets on her clothes.
And yooooooou, Leo?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816730

>Leo looks down and dons a faint smile despite himself. He seems willing to tolerate the presence of the cat for now.
Funny you should mention zhat, actually. Stranger Vorld is going zhrough a major transitional period, and... vell, I'm vaiting on a call from my lawyer.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816731

...Did I have bad timing then?
>She turns around and lies back on the couch.
You still... fightin the good fight?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816732

Vhat? Of course not. I alvays appreciate learning zhat you're still alive.
>Leo chuckles, flashing a cocky grin at Wolfsbane.
And yes, I am. It's zhe only fight I've ever known. You have your battles, I have mine.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816733

Heheheh. I like the idea we're both warriors or something. Like the old Theiman stories we heard, or the stuff from the wars...
>She can't stifle another giggle, but something makes her pause halfway through...
...What do you mean, still alive?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816734

>Leo's grin suddenly fades.
...Oh, right. Um... zhat's not vhat I meant. I vas just referring to zhe fact zhat you're obviously a vigilante.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816735

File: 1408524521034.jpg (118.58 KB, 744x1052, FullMetalWolfsbane-By Nightsha…)

>She laughs for a while at that one, waving one hand in the air before clutching her stomach, going through full belly laughs, legs kicking in the air a little bit.
Do I look like the type to go dressing up in a cape and a big ol mask and give what for to Johnny Criminal to you?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816736

>Leo chuckles softly at the mental image.
Vell, I vouldn't go zhat far. But you did just tell me zhat you vere recently involved in rescuing a hostage, and you're clearly not vis zhe police. Not to mention your personal crusade for zhe truth... Oh, and zhe zhing vis zhe invisibility.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816926

Well, it's not like the police really do much these days anyways. It's all "Authority this, authority that. Auth saved X by doing Y". And of course! The truth is more valuable than any buried gold!... Well... Maybe alot of buried gold. It'd have to be a sizable amount...
>Leo can just seeeee the growing dollar signs in her eyes... His last words seem to snap her back to reality a bit.
And hey. Natural camoflague. I can't do invisible. See?
>Starting along the black marks on her skin, she slowly turns transparent. Her clothes and such still remain completely visible, and it humorously looks like a pair of fingerless gloves move on their own and tap him on the arm.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816938

>Leo lets out a soft chuckle and rolls his eyes.
Yes... Yes, I'm aware.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816945

>Shortly after, Wolfsbane fades back to visible. She's frowning, slightly.
...I think it's impressive...
>She's strangely quiet as she says it, not in her usual loud, boisterous voice.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 816947

>Leo's smile fades quickly.
I... never said it vasn't, Wolfsbane.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 817813

>It's a bit too late. Wolfsbane's mood has darkened, and she looks to the side.
I... I should go. I'll leave you to your lawyer...
>She hurriedly stands up, rushes over to her jacket and scoops it up, Cashmoney making an annoyed noise and making a deft leap up into Wolfsbane's hood, as she was short enough to make a leap from the ground to. The albino cat pokes out of the top of the hood and just gives Leo a stare as Wolfsbane rushes from the room.
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Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 817817

>Far from the main hub of the Canterlot sprawl, along the old road that once led to Ponyville, is a certain place. When the Ponyville Wall was built, it didn't cover the whole city. What was left outside the wall slowly withered and died, considered too close to the corrupting influence of Canterlot and the corporations to be included. This area became known as the Dead District, a literal ghost town.

>Of course, some people still made their homes there, including a happy little family who kept to the high trees. A long-maned but now almost middle-aged stallion sweeps the little raised deck of a house built into the trees. He checks an old brass pocketwatch in a pocket on his worn and aged bodysuit. What was that about wizards never being late?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 817822

>Suddenly, the relative silence of the Dead District is shattered by the sound of an overly dramatic organ. Plumes of green smoke and flame shot up in the center of the street, bolts of lightning sprung up from the ground and arced wildly against the abandoned buildings, and in the center of it all, a spindly human in a long, dark robe began to rise up from the ground, slowly fading into existence as if from nothing. He thrusts his staff into the air and bellows loudly, his voice echoing through the empty streets:
>After a few moments, he slowly lowers his staff again and chuckles lightly.
I never get tired of that.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 817900

>With a light chuckle, Draco sticks his head over the edge of the balcony, looking down at the aged sprawl of the city that grew to encompass his treebound home, and the recently arrived Merasmus.
Honestly, Merasmus, never a quiet entrance, huh?
>Draco kicks down the rope ladder up into the trees in the little abandoned park.
And ten minutes late. Hurry on up, the tea's getting cold.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 817909

>Merasmus glances up, his eyes twinkling with mischief, and grabs the ladder.
A Wizard is never late, Draco. Nor is he early. An apprentice, on the other hand, arrives at his destination whenever the hell he wants.
>With a short burst of laughter, he grabs the ladder and begins ascending.
Not to imply that I intended to be late, of course. I had a bit of a... shall we say, scuffle in Canterlot.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818393

And an apprentice you'll stay if you keep showing up late!
>He can still hear the smile in Draco's voice even though he's gone back into the house now. The ladder sways slightly, twenty years of age having worn the boards and ropes down a bit.
Though extenuating circumstances do happen. Though, do try to keep it down. The girls are sleeping, and... Well... I'd rather not risk another fire.

Asomacomputer 818637

File: 1409124393501.jpg (452.04 KB, 1440x900, caitlyn-and-vi-lol-art-badcomp…)


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818640

Howdy, stranger.

Asomacomputer 818641

File: 1409125073568.png (115.61 KB, 246x450, moRcSk5.png)

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818642

Not much. I've mostly been squatting in my own filth and playing Civilization V: BNW on Easy for the past couple of days. Yourself?

Asomacomputer 818643

File: 1409125518498.gif (998.94 KB, 245x281, tumblr_n9z7conuJK1rqc6sso3_250…)

Sounds lovely. I just finished upgrading a couple MtG decks and I'm upgrading a couple more. Might go to a competitive game tomorrow with a new deck I built.

My birthday was yesterday, so that's mostly what's been going on recently. For once it didn't suck, which is nice.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818645

Oh, that's good to hear. Happy birthday, man.

I could never get into Magic, myself. Nothing against it, of course, I just hang out with a bunch of people who really, really know the rules better than I do. Having said that... what color are you building?

Asomacomputer 818646

File: 1409126056821.gif (1.59 MB, 434x553, tumblr_n9ys01ecyG1scpjeyo1_500…)

I'm a bit of a MtG freak so I have a lot of decks. I just upgraded Red/Blue, Red/Blue, Red/White, Red, White, Green/White/Blue, Green/Red/Black, Black, Black, White, Red, Red/Blue, Red/blue, Red/Blue, Green/Blue, Green/White/Blue.

I aslo have two White/Blue/Black decks, 1 more Blue/Red deck, three more green decks, and... I think that's about i-

Oh wait no, I just recently built a black/red and a green/red deck.

I'm currently working on three knight decks, one is all five colors, another is only white, and the last is green/white

... Like I said, I'm an MtG freak, it's my main hobby.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818647

Well, congratulations. I think you have more decks than my entire circle of friends combined.

Asomacomputer 818648

File: 1409126476980.png (363.39 KB, 695x1106, tumblr_n9yiva3kbG1r2m2lpo1_128…)

I have more decks than probably all of my friends put together. :P

I'm still building decks. I probably won't even play most of them, I just love deckbuilding. It's something I know well and intellectually stimulating. Great for when I just want to relax.

My main decks are my Bant (Green/White/Blue) Izzet (Blue/Red) and Bant EDH/Commander decks. Though I have a lot of sleeved decks, which I consider to be my "main decks." but those are the most common ones.

The first Bant deck is my pride and joy though. I've been building it for 6 years.

Asomacomputer 818650

File: 1409126650893.png (325.78 KB, 445x594, 2-me.png)

Oh I've also been getting into League of Legends recently.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818651

I see. I assume the deck's still legal, then? I don't know much about Magic, but I do know that they tend to change the rules every year or so. Certain cards are made... illegal for draft, or something... I don't actually know the terminology.

And yeah... LoL is a thing as well. I believe Nev mentioned it a couple of times.

Asomacomputer 818652

File: 1409126996143.jpg (182.71 KB, 479x947, lol___vi_by_master_of_games-d5…)

Nev and I play on rare occasions. I play with Canis, Giygas, and Andrea the most. And in that order.

Depends on the deck, most of them are casual, my competitive decks are for Modern and Standard. Being Bant and Boros Burn respectively.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818654

Ah, I see. Glad that's under control, then.

...I've just realized something. I don't mean to change the subject, but I'd like to point out that I find you remarkably easy to talk to.

Asomacomputer 818655

File: 1409127820665.jpg (27.85 KB, 500x488, 317543-league-of-legends-vi-ar…)

Why thank you, I'll take that as a compliment!

Since we're on the subject of changing subjects: where's Nevermore?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818656

You're welcome. ^_^

And... I'm not sure, actually. If I had to hazard a guess, it's probably his family acting up again. That or he went to bed, but probably his family.

Asomacomputer 818657

File: 1409128208793.jpg (112.82 KB, 800x480, vi_the_piltover_enforcer___lea…)

Perhaps, perhaps... I'm waiting for him since I don't know the canon very well. My character's had an intro over Skype with Nevermore, but that wasn't with any real characters.

She's so similar to Vi from League of Legends I'm actually using her reaction images :P

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818658

Ah, I see. Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing how that turns out, then.

Asomacomputer 818659

File: 1409128513672.jpg (156.91 KB, 927x861, league_of_legends__vi_by_kiwi_…)

She's an old character of mine, I guess we'll see how this rendition of her does.

Well I think I'm gonna go play League until Nevermore gets here.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818660

Okay. I'll probably be still lurking by then. Have fun.

Asomacomputer 818661

File: 1409128694399.png (630.95 KB, 1000x750, tumblr_nabpl8MvvU1twemryo1_128…)

a new ice age will be here by the time that happens

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818662

>I'm here!

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818663

Well there you go, then.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818664

>It's officially the ice age! Global warming advocates rejoice!

Asomacomputer 818666

File: 1409129352778.jpg (88.05 KB, 1366x768, 18890-vi-league-of-legends-136…)

Hue hue hue hue hue

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818668


>I'm going to go ahead and make an intro for everybody.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818669

>A girl's voice rings out through the apartment block's courtyard.
Niren? Niren, where are you?
>A short human girl bounces around the various stalls in the courtyard. Most of them are closed, and only Unpa's Bar remains open.
>The girl is no more than five feet tall, clad in a zippered coat with plenty of pockets, and a shirt under that. This too, has a zipper on it, for some reason. A faint mewling is heard from the jacket's hood, though it was nearly impossible to hear over her shouting.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818670

>As it so happens, there's a hooded figure standing at the entrance of Unpa's Bar. He stands, tall and thin, against the wall. He doesn't lean against it -- he just stands there, in front of the wall, staring blankly out at the courtyard. Most people wouldn't recognize him, especially considering the dark helmet he wears that completely shrouds his face in shadow. Wolfsbane, however, is not most people. She might recognize him from a certain hostage negotiation she assisted with a while ago.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818671

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818672

>It's enough to get her to stop and head in his direction.
Have you seen a red-haired boy, a bit older than me, pass by you?
>She taps her right foot against the ground, just the tips of her shoes.
I'm looking for him...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818673

No, I haven't.
>Stormfront shakes his head, then glances down at Wolfsbane.
That said... I was looking for you.

Asomacomputer 818674

File: 1409131170179.jpg (88.05 KB, 1366x768, 18890-vi-league-of-legends-136…)

Somewhere near the bar an armoured woman with medium-short asymmetrical pink hair wearing large gauntlets Not as large as Vi's, but still large -- that seemed like they were most definitely powered judging from the light they gave off --a trim, hard, athletic body from what was visible, and chewing on bubblegum stood. A cocky grin was on her face and she blows a bubble, popping it and then going back ot chewing. "The shy one? Last I saw him go upstairs recently, but I don't know if 'e's still around there, it was a while ago."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818675

You w...
>She suddenly and quickly raises her head, much to the dismay of the passenger in her jacket's hood.
>She darts over, jumping right over one of the tables to get a closer listen.
You haven't seen him recently? He's not in his room, and neither is anyone else. I figured he'd be wanting to stay inside, since it's the Titanite Militia parade today.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818676

>Stormfront tilts his head to look at the girl for a moment, who he... somehow hadn't noticed before, then tilts his head back to its original position. He clears his throat and leans back against the wall, choosing not to enter the conversation right now.
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Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818677

File: 1409131822995.jpg (111.03 KB, 1024x695, league_of_legends___vi_by_mr_c…)

"... Oh my god is that a cat?" the woman asks, a small sparkle coming to her eyes Still haven't decided whether to keep them gold or to make them blue for the sake of reaction pictures. and she makes a grin. "That's a fine [insert exact breed or mix of breeds of the cat here] you got there."

If he saw her from behind he might, well, definitly would notice a massive cannon on her back, it looked to be a 105mm howitzer, the kind fired by light artillery or tanks. She pops another bubble and turns to glance at him. "Sup?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818678

>Stormfront doesn't say anything for a few moments. He inhales sharply, then slowly lets the breath out.
...the parade is today.
>...And apparently, he's perfectly content to leave it at that.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818679

>And Wolfsbane takes a moment to nod back in his direction.
Huh? Oh yeah! Say hi WhisCash!
>The cat sticks its head out of Wolfsbane's hood, and mews quietly at Khalini, resting her head on Wolfsbane's shoulder. The cat's a pale white with pink eyes, an albino. A siamese breed, however. Or some variation thereof.
...But um... You sure you haven't... Seen Niren anywhere?

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818680

File: 1409132697725.jpg (46.68 KB, 236x536, a87e095205732897787bfa6fd64a57…)

"Yeah for the miner dudes, I got that much." she raises an eyebrow, didn't seem like a big deal to her. Though it did seem to be like the only thing going on.

"That... Is a really beautiful cat... Hello, WhisCash!" she makes a light chirrup exactly like a cat would and grins at the cat's slave. "Beautiful, beautiful cat. I haven't seen an albino siamese in a long time.

No haven't seen him, but I'm sure if you shout his name hard enough for long enough you'll find him eventually. You know what, since I'm bored, I'll help you look for 'im." she spits out the gum into a nearby trash can and pops in another piece.
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Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818681

>Stormfront glances around the courtyard, his head flicking softly from location to location.

>Again, he seems fine with that. He adjusts his helmet, pulling it down lower over his face.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818682

>Wolfsbane nods.
Yeah, the Parade's a dangerous time for mut...
>She suddenly goes wide-eyed, and clams up a bit.
It's a tough time for some people. And you like him? I found him outside the manor I grew up in. Apparently, he was the runt of the litter.
>Cash curls back up in Wolfsbane's hood and purrs quietly.
And it's not just Niren that's gone. Orchid's gone too...
>She suddenly turns.
Storm, you should come with!
I just... I have a bad feeling about today.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818683

>Stormfront blinks... not that Wolfsbane would be able to tell. Probably.
...I'm... just here to deliver a message, miss.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818684

File: 1409133823295.jpg (118.58 KB, 744x1052, FullMetalWolfsbane-By Nightsha…)

Oh... Alright then. I'm here.
>She nods to Khalini.
I should... Really listen.
>She smiles up at her, before turning to Stormfront and heads over to him.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818685

File: 1409133854449.jpg (182.71 KB, 479x947, lol___vi_by_master_of_games-d5…)

The armoured woman shrugs and keeps her attention on the woman with that cat.

"Don't worry, I don't give a rat's ass as to who's a mutant or what." she crackes her neck and flexes her gauntleted hands. "Alright, let's get going. Coming, Storm?" she looks to the silent man, having picked up on his name just now.

"Since I know your name I'll give ya mine. Khalini Heart Star. I'm not from around 'ere." she rolls her shoulders.

"But first, just to check he's not just around here somewhere..." she clears her throat and booms at the top of her powerful lungs. "YO, NIREN! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE YOUR GIRL WANTS YA!"

"There, if he's around he'll have heard that I'm sure."
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Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818686

Good. Blitz wants to talk to you again. He'd--

>Storm suddenly reaches behind his back, pulls out a sniper rifle and aims it wildly at Khalini.
>He lets out a heavy sigh, then lowers his weapon.
...prefer to keep it discrete.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818687

File: 1409134355684.jpg (72.98 KB, 707x1131, lol_pin_up___vi_by_shygoggles-…)

The woman almost casually moves her great gauntlet between the barrel and herself until he lowers it. "Discretion's not my strong suit. You see my weapon kit, right?" she scoffs.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818688

Yeah... It's best not to go spreading it around if you're a mutant.
>Wolfsbane takes a moment to eye khalini up and down... She was probably a mutant too. Specially considering how heavy all her stuff was.
It's nice to meet you, Khalini! And I'll bet. You sound like a Silasian.
>She sniffles a bit, letting out a slightly hacking cough from the fright that Khalini's shout puts her through. Cash complains quite loudly at the noise... And then Wolfsbane realizes the implication.
Wh... I'm...
>She blushes a bright beet red.
...Not that way, Khalini! Jeez!
>She turns away, convenient that she could listen to Storm to distract from the awkward implication.
>Wolfsbane nods.
I'm... Sorry about her?
>She grins sheepishly, and shrugs.
I'll head over to his place soon as this is settled. And not bring friends.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818689

>Stormfront flicks his head up slightly, presumably glaring down the bridge of his nose at Khalini.
Then it's a good thing he doesn't want to talk to you.

>He hesitates a moment, then glances down at Wolfsbane.
What do you mean, y...
>He shakes his head.
Never mind.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818690

File: 1409134819792.jpg (27.85 KB, 500x488, 317543-league-of-legends-vi-ar…)

"I got no idea what that is!" she laughs and claps her hands together once. "Oh that's just perfect! Anyways until I know your name you're Katty now.

... Get it? Because you have a cat?" she snickers.

"I got no reason to go spreading other people's business, that would hurt my honor. Let's just get going, eh? Here's hoping your bad feeling is right, because I'm itching to punch something!"

"Probably so!" she grins, completely both unashamed and unintimidated, the cocky woman starts jogging out of the building. "Let's go find us a ginger!"
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Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818691

File: 1409135113878.jpg (106.76 KB, 660x854, 1397082943440.jpg)

...Uh... alright, Storm. Stay out of trouble, okay?
>She flashes him a little smile, and reaches up to... pat his elbow. She can't reach his shoulder, and whispers...
"It'll be nice for me to have a distraction in case trouble comes up. I'll catch you on the flipside, kay?"
>She turns to Khalini and speaks in normal volume.
It's Wolfsbane! Like the plant.
>She follows quickly behind Khalini.
But Katty is fine, if you want. I'll add it to my list of aliases!
>She dashes out behind her, coughing a little bit as she tries to keep up, then...
...What was that about gingers, now?
>Says the vividly red-haired Wolfsbane.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818692

>Storm chuckles, then nods and slings his rifle back over his shoulder.
>He then leans down and murmurs softly at her:
When you get the call, head to the building where you tagged Isaac.
>With that, he straightens himself, nods, and leans against the wall again.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818693

File: 1409135548376.jpg (452.04 KB, 1440x900, caitlyn-and-vi-lol-art-badcomp…)

"Ginger! You know, pale skin, red hair? Kinda like you!" she grins, then coughs.


Wait Wolfsbane? süße Geliebte Sturmmörserwagen! That name is badass!" She shakes her head with a soft chuckle.

"Now I don't know which to call you. Damn, I had little idea it would actually be something cool."

She pauses outside to jog in place while she waited for her, punching the air a couple times. Each punch moving enough air to cause a small rift of air.

She hears faint whispering, but frankly doesn't care. If it wasn't spoken out loud it probably wasnt' her business. She looks around the area, actively searching for potentially hostile targets. Both for protection's sake and because she was itching for a fight.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818694

>With the two gone, the local bartender walks slowly up to Storm.
...You should be careful around those girls. They're bound to be quite a handful.
>The bartender, Unpa, is a very middle-aged stallion with a skin condition peeking out from the top of his pants, and on his arms, covered up by an old nylon shirt.
...The boy left with a few others, I believe. You should keep an eye on the girl. Something's fishy on the air. She might get in trouble.
Come back sometime. You can have a beer on me.

Now, I may be a ginger, but I'm not pale!
>She's absolutely pale, the sort of pallor one gets when they spend their time out in the moonlight. Like now, for instance. It's getting late, and the sounds of the distant parade can be heard on the night air.
...Yep. Wolfsbane! For... whatever reason. All the girls in my family are named after plants. I dunno why Mom and mom picked that name, but I think it suits me!
>Wolfsbane keeps up easily. She's quite light on her feet. Khalini would now get a better look at her armament. All she'd get a clear look at was a tazer on her hip, but it looked like she might have a micro SMG tucked into that jacket.
Let's go. I think they might be at the Vittles, they might be doing an investigation...
>If Khalini ever read the news, she might have spotted that name on a back paper. It was decent news a few weeks ago. Of course, she was in manehattan at that time. So possibly not...

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818695

File: 1409136322769.jpg (286.33 KB, 565x333, Vi_splash_thumb.jpg)

"Whatever you say, Katty!" she grins and nods, she checked out the area around the inn when wandering around the last couple days and starts jogging to where she thought she remembered it being. "The Vittles, eh? Also, what's your fighting style, Katty?" she asks out of curiosity. Fighting was one of the most important parts of a person to her, and knowing could be useful if they got jumped on at some point.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 818696

>Stormfront scoffs and rolls his eyes.
Handful... That's a word for it. Damn cyber punks...
>He hesitates for a moment, then sighs.
You're right. If she gets killed before...
>He sets off after them without another word, making sure he stays a good distance behind them.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818697

>It's not near the apartments, and it's a few miles away. Wolfsbane starts trying to hail them a cab.
...Silly girl, we don't have to walk there! We can travel in style!
>Khalini's second sentence gives her pause.
Yeah, the Vixen's Vittles. My sister runs the place. She... soooort of kicked me out the last time I came by. Then there was that whole massacre thing. So... Place has been shut down by the Auth for days. Dusting the walls for prints and whatnot.
>She pauses for a while, then starts giggling. The four and a half or so foot tall girl starts laughing.
Do I look like the type to get in a straight up fight to you?
>It progresses into a deeper chuckle, which stops when a taxi just leaves them on the street. Wolfsbane doesn't hesitate for a moment to give the cabbie a finger. And not a nice finger.
...Asshole. Anyways... I don't beat up guys straight up. Strike from the darkness, with the light of the truth!
>She throws her fist up in the air... Then slowly lowers it. Another cab comes by, and this time it stops.
Ah. Here we go! Traveling in style!
>The cheap, shoddy looking taxi pulls to a stop on the edge of the street.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818714

File: 1409151886984.jpg (125.57 KB, 584x488, 1365397478576.jpg)

Morning Dark Moon.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818908

File: 1409194155528.gif (1.59 MB, 434x553, tumblr_n9ys01ecyG1scpjeyo1_500…)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818914

Good evening/morning to you sir!

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818915

File: 1409194706622.gif (307.79 KB, 263x269, v51FCxx.gif)

How's you, Ace?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818918

Doing rather well. Yourself?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818920

>Why hello!

>I've spent the last hour watching the pilot of Forever on Hulu.

>It's a combination of Sherlock and Highlander.

>...Tumblr is going to shit itself.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818922

File: 1409195257741.jpg (328.71 KB, 1500x1500, Vi9LY0f.jpg)

Hot. It's really really hot. I'm just waiting for it to cool down so my brain can come back in full @[email protected]
What are you up to, dude?


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818925

File: 1409195584517.jpg (588.2 KB, 1366x768, __the_morning_coffee_____by_lo…)

Just lounging, listening to music, also pretty hot on my end despite being late in the evening. All in all, not a lot.
Ha, like the pic.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818929

File: 1409195878228.jpg (123.43 KB, 500x707, tumblr_mk2eac3yq31r6p10to1_500…)

Yeah, it's just now starting to cool down over here. It's late evening here too. Damn summer.
We should kill summer.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818931

...Why is that character (Sweetie belle?) wearing harem pants?

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818932

File: 1409196114164.png (455.6 KB, 600x700, keep-calm-and-tog-ii.png)

I think it's someone's OC, drawn by one of my favorite artists. Though he hasn't been all that active recently...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818933

File: 1409196189426.jpg (175.17 KB, 900x1379, bounty_hunter_by_balance_sheet…)

How would we go about doing that?I mean, poison it? Stab it? Or come up with something more creative?

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818934

File: 1409196220390.jpg (30.44 KB, 500x375, 1BOgUM1MtUyqenprUIB0-w2.jpg)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818936

File: 1409196599479.jpg (22.4 KB, 250x332, killer-robot-movie-abe.jpg)

Well then, let's get started.
What brings you here my good sir?

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818938

File: 1409196758058.jpg (139.01 KB, 800x667, _99_nano_party_rifle_by_tgwond…)

Nevermore asked me to join Dark Moon a hundred-thousand times, I eventually, for the third time, said I'd give it a shot. The last few times I joined I immediately quit because I had no idea what was going on. I'm gonna try staying a little longer this time to see if I like it.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818939

>Well then. Let's get started, shall we?

>Would you like to continue from last night?

>And you. We do have that bit with Eidolon and... Shaun? to get back to.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818941

File: 1409196902258.gif (129.14 KB, 373x253, 3LH3pAm.gif)

Let's wait a little bit longer, it's still really hot, and I can't do longposts while my brain is down.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818942

File: 1409196973605.png (1.7 MB, 756x1058, RuhigFortepiano.png)

>Well, if you have any questions, I'll be more then happy to answer them to the best of my ability.
>Indeed we do.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 818943

File: 1409197109536.gif (55.3 KB, 400x400, 60hJSqQ.gif)

So far the solution is that I'm playing Jon Snow. That is, a character that herself has little reason to know what's going on. She's not from the Equestrian plane.
Thanks, though, I might ask you something occasionally.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818945

>Alrighty then, prod me when you've cooled down.

>Where we last were, Eidolon, the man with the fake face, was pinned down, with the barrel of Shaun's pistol pressed against his head. Two Authority figures were attempting to force him to turn Eidolon over to them...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818946

File: 1409197335875.png (198.4 KB, 647x469, Cross_Legged_Smile_by_8939.png)

Alrighty then. I'm happy to help.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818954

File: 1409198448273.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

>Presently, despite their rank he was disinclined to go along with their request. However.... he was in a tricky position given his... position. Not tacitly speaking but in terms of feigning his allegiance and 'mission'. Time to do what he did best for the past years. Lying/acting for info.
"You'll get him alright, but at least tell me you've got some backup and restraints. I got lucky with the drop on him... it... whatever this thing is."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818956

>Eidolon just laughs quietly to him... itself. Or whatever lurked behind that shifting mask....

>and then the Auth fellows laugh too.

He won't resist. You want to come with us, don't you?
>Eidolon doesn't respond. He simply looks up at Shaun with fake eyes. He could swear it was trying to give him puppy dog eyes.
Don't make us kill you. Even if you're an 0-Rank, we'll gun ya down and sort out the paperwork later. We want the thing.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818965

File: 1409199977752.jpg (208.72 KB, 788x800, stealth_entry_by_shimmering_sw…)

>It was shaun's turn to laugh this time, though he suppressed it to a harmless snicker given the situation. Exactly what he found funny was up for debate but I doubt anyone really had that on their minds. As for the puppy eye's, given this things rep at the moment he couldn't decide whether it was sincere or just having fun.
"And I said you can take it. Besides, you wouldn't be getting any paperwork about me."
If you require an explanation for this, please poke me on skype. I'm not sure whether they would know or not.
>Although he kept Eidolon pinned, there was the click from Shaun's pistol as he pointed it more to the floor then the thing.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818974

>Eidolon turns its head slightly towards the two officers.
...Your badges are fake.

>In the meantime, the two have started approaching. They stop in their tracks, and turn to the pinned Eidolon.

Shut up.
>They both put their hands on their belts. Two micro-SMG's are strapped to their sides... Street-customized, from the looks of it...

Asomamobile 818976

File: 1409201938207.gif (1.31 MB, 400x300, VdZOMCo.gif)

"The light of truth, huh? Cats, light of truth and someone who knows their style. I think I'm liking you already." She smirks, only now realizeing just how short she was. Frankly, she had never seen someone with dwarfism who looked normally proportioned before. Odd.

She opens the door and slides inside to the other side. "Never heard of the massacre..."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818979

>With a good look, Wolfsbane seems to be sitting right around 4'10, maybe 4'9. She certainly would have an irritating time at amusement parks, that's for sure.
I can understand that. It was all local news stuff. I don't think Datapress really ran it outside of local interest stuff. Niren told me about it.
>She kicks her feet against the backseat, telling the taxi driver where to go and giving him a little money. Crisp clean bills. They looked new...
Some kooks came in, armed with knives. They killed all the people inside that they could. Every customer. It was just a little corner grocery... If Orchid didn't have bodyguards... She'd probably be dead.
>Wolfsbane hangs her head down.
...A-anyways. Place has been closed off since then.

Asomamobile 818980

File: 1409203265324.jpg (42.9 KB, 500x500, 5651dbddcf34bfa1cc761dd1d6ee87…)

"And you think your brosef is over there, eh? Pretty scummy move to murder random people though, I mean seriously. That takes a psychopath to do. People these says don't have any honor." She huffs and looks out the window and then to the driver, always on the alert for danger.

don't have pics on phone

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818981

Yep! He's a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Well, a really big conspiracy theorist. He thinks the corps are covering it all up. If he's anywhere with Orchid, it'd be back there. And I saw the footage on the news. They had to get the viscera cleanup detail in there.
>She shivers, staying quiet as the driver takes them to the street. Eventually, he drops them off outside a flickering sign cheerfully stating "Open 24 hours!"...
We're here.
>Wolfsbane pays the cab driver, and looks towards the Vittles, just ahead of Khalini... But... Something makes her stop, and gawk. It takes a second for just what it is to come into view.

>In big letters over the door, sprayed large, is

Icarus Returning andLongs for the Storm

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818982

File: 1409203989082.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

"Nice pieces."
>He nodded to one of the 'Auth', indicating him.
"Mind if I trade you for them?"
>Eidolon would feel a sudden gripping of the collar of his borrowed armor as Shaun whispered to him.
"Take care of him will you?"
>The phony auth shaun nodded at would suddenly find the form of Eidolon, as thrown at him by Shaun, hurtling at and more then likely knocking him over. Honor or rolls? If rolls, here is the throw: Roll 1d20 = 13
>The other would have Shaun's pistol now whirling to face him, albeit still recovering from the throw. He was fast, really fast, but by no means was he the flash.

Asomamobile 818983

File: 1409204343683.jpg (361.23 KB, 846x1108, tumblr_mvzcv8rFzv1r32nn4o1_128…)

Khalini gives him a small tip and has over to Wolfsbane, looking at the sign a moment and then to her. "I'm guessing that means something important?" She asks, then turns around and keeps an eye out, then returns to keeping her eyes on her much much shorter companion. Khalini herself being somewhere around 5'11

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818984

Not for sale, bu... Aah!
>That was quite a throw by Shaun. Eidolon was very heavy, and it's not quite as much a throw as just a big push. But it is effective. Eidolon falls right into the guy who Shaun threw him at, who had managed to raise his weapon a bit, literally firing from the hip straight into the air. The second gets his weapon out around the same time, raising it right as Shaun does, pointing it at him just as Shaun finishes getting a bead.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 818985

>It's been painted on in something sticky and red. Either real blood, fake blood, or animal blood... Probably fake blood, but it still seemed to have the desired effect on Wolfsbane.
...What? What... This wasn't here before!

Asomamobile 818986

File: 1409204900322.jpg (226.08 KB, 569x615, da_120613.jpg)

"So is this potentially bloody graffiti meaning anything oris it just some local dickheads?" She continues walking to the store.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 818987

I assume this is the guy with the cybered up head.. right?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819043


Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819046


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 819119

File: 1409270328166.jpg (524.05 KB, 759x1173, memories_of_green_by_skullsqui…)

Good afternoon Dark Moon.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819188

>Oh god... What happened to me?

>Why did I sleep so long?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819297


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819298

>is lurking

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819299

>All wings, report in. Red leader standing by.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819300


>Red Bull standing by

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819302

>Righto then.

>The parade continues out the window unabated, and the cheers of the crowd make quite a din. The Titanite Militia is certainly loving the attention...

...We have to keep moving.
>Niren in particular looks upset. He leans back in and rolls the window up as the convoy heads back down the road towards the meeting point. It wasn't far now.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819303

File: 1409345901027.jpg (314.17 KB, 530x744, ae3f749aaa5b3bf14bfe61b385149a…)


What is going on out there? I see lots of cheery spirits. That's a rare sight.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819304

>Orchid lets out a heavy sigh and leans her head against the window.
>She doesn't say anything, just staring at the parade outside... observing it.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819305

The Titanite Militia parade. Something about how they're here to protect the people... It's also... When Mutants have to renew their registration. It's why the people are celebrating... They fear us.
>He grips the steering wheel tight enough for his hands to go a bit pale.
...And I know why.
>Niren turns his head to the backseat.
...It'll be okay.
>From the look on his face, he didn't likely believe it.

>Their destination comes into view in the distance. You can still hear the parade from here, though it was a street or two over.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819306

...Well, of course it'll be okay for me. I don't have to register. I'm an earth pony, remember?
>Having said that, Orchid slips back into silence.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819307

File: 1409346497507.png (2.48 MB, 1280x1939, I am regretting this decision.…)


>Lapsa gets closer to Orchid. Even knowing the stubborn fox would shrug off Lapsa's spoken attempts to help, she still wanted to let her know she cared for her.


Look, Orchid, we're almost there.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819308

...Orchid, it's for our safety. You know that. We don't want to end up like...
>He deliberately doesn't finish his sentence, making a quiet sigh of relief that he didn't have to.
>They were here.

>He picks up the walkie-talkie in the front seat.

Alright. Open, Lurch. Tall building, back left. High-rise. There's some construction on the high floors. Head there. We'll wait to head in until you're in position.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819311

>Orchid sighs softly, but doesn't say anything.

OPEN: Good copy. Closing on target location now.
>The van pulls in behind Niren and the gang, and Open and Lurch hop out. Open has a military-issue battle saddle strapped to his body, and the rifle strapped into it. Lurch, meanwhile, just jumps out and begins to fly up, making a beeline for higher ground.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819313

>Niren pulls the car to the side of the road, leaving the engine running for now, waiting for Open and Lurch to head into position.

>Open would quickly find an elevator to take him to where he needed to go, unless he wanted to walk the several flights of stairs. The floors with the construction had cardboard hastily placed over them stating that fact, but removing it wouldn't be a problem.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819314

File: 1409347600251.png (550.33 KB, 800x1000, 2f23958fb765adc839c54b733097b5…)




So remind me exactly what signal we're waiting for?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819316

>Open does indeed find an elevator, after a few moments of wandering, and quickly heads up to the fourth floor of the building. He quickly finds the position that Lurch has assumed, slides in next to him and aims the rifle down at the alley below. Once he's in position, Lurch takes the walkie-talkie from Open and sets it down next to them.
LURCH: We're in position. You're covered.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819318

Open and Lurch'll press the com bead on the walkie-talkie twice. It'll send a little static ping to this one. That's when we know they have eyes and ears. Well, eyes at least.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819319


Alright. Hope they're quick about it.

>Lapsa spares a sideways glance at Orchid to see if her mood's improved any.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819320

Or just, y'know. Say something.
>Niren gives Lapsa a little look and smiles. Though not particularly enthusiastically.
Let's go.
>He opens his door and steps out.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819321

File: 1409348240643.png (550.33 KB, 800x1000, 2f23958fb765adc839c54b733097b5…)


>Lapsa's out of the car and stretching before Niren can finish speaking.

Finally. Now we can get to work.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819322

>Orchid, naturally, steps out after him. She says nothing, just immediately steps up to the center of the alley, towards a conveniently placed manhole cover.
As soon as he shows up, yes.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819323

Yep. We stick together, and if anything bad happens, nobody gets left behind, right?
>He takes a few steps towards the alleyway where they'd be meeting.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819324

File: 1409348511067.jpg (314.17 KB, 530x744, ae3f749aaa5b3bf14bfe61b385149a…)


>Lapsa follows behind the two.


Probably isn't the time to say this, but I'm really excited.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819326

>The three of them stand together before the manhole cover, and wait. A slight breeze blows through the air, and a tiny trickle of drizzle falls. The sounds of the parade seem muffled slightly by the rainfall. All the other sounds of the street have completely stopped. No cars pass by, none of the usual din of distant machinery. Just the sounds of joviality, and the drip of the rain.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819328

>As if on cue, the manhole cover that Orchid's standing in front of lifts up and slides over to the side. A few moments later, a man climbs out of it. His clothes, normally the bright red uniform of a ganger, are unrecognizably stained with god-knows-what. A porcelain mask covers the upper half of his face, a bright red bandanna covers the lower half, and oddly enough, a stainless-steel pot is balanced over the top of everything else. The man hauls himself out of the sewer with a loud grunt, stands up and crosses his arms.
???: Well, look what we've got here... Fox and the hound.
>He then glances up at Lapsa and hesitates.
??: ...And the fox. Who's she?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819329

File: 1409349149997.jpg (380.93 KB, 734x895, Lapsa.jpg)


>Her ears wiggle, and she squints at this strange man.

Um, Lapsa Viama. Who are you?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819330

>Niren chuckles quietly. When did Orchid have contacts with the sewer people?
She's a watcher. Stand and observe type deal. And a trusted friend. She won't be a problem.
>He nods to Orchid and Lapsa.
>...And blinks.
>His voice cracks halfway through that word.
What do you have for us?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819331

>The man scoffs and glances over his shoulder at the building behind him.
...Call me... Salvo. Salvo works.
>"Salvo" then turns his head back to Niren.
Not so fast, son. I'm assuming you're the fox's brother, but I'm not working off that assumption alone. When you called me to arrange this meeting, you identified with a codename. A name that Orchid here gave you, something that would let me be absolutely sure that I could trust you. What was the codename?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819332

File: 1409349774480.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1200, dccd767b3fbdd9090c050212e5e6c9…)


Okay then, Salvo.


>She glares at Niren, in a kind of "don't speak over me again" way.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819333

>Niren pauses for a long second. What was it... It was white something. White wolf? No, that wasn't it. White rhino?... What was with this sudden animal trend? White yankee? That wasn't.... That was it!
That I did. White Yankee.
>He certainly catches her glare, though he doesn't respond to it, not wanting to do anything that might indicate secret conspiring. That wouldn't do.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819334

>Salvo nods.
SALVO: Correct. Now, second question... why did "White Yankee" set this meeting up?

>Orchid glances up at Salvo, a confused look on her face.

ORCHID: Um... Is that really--
SALVO: I'm in a dangerous line of work, kid. And if I learned anything from my last job, it's that there's no maximum on the number of times you can spy-check.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819336


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819337

We need to speak to a Serenade. Preferably someone with some position.
>Saying it out loud suddenly made the whole thing seem a little bit silly. Why did he think this was a good idea, again?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819338

>Salvo nods again.
SALVO: Well, you've come to the right man. Tell your sniper to ease off, and I'll tell you what I know.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819341

How did...
>Niren reaches into the bulletproof jacket he'd put on over his tunic and pulls out the walkie talkie, mumbling something approximating "Stand down".
...Alright, then. Give us what you've got.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819342

Thank you.
>Salvo jerks a thumb over his shoulder.
There's a light up there, in case you were wondering.
>Sure enough, as Open lowers his rifle, Niren might just be able to see a flash of light glint off the scope.

>Once the weapon's lowered, Salvo begins to pace back and forth across the alley, arms crossed behind his back.

Okay, here's the situation. I started working for the Serenades a long time ago. I was the lookout on a low-level intel heist. Since then, I've been climbing the ranks as fast as I can. It hasn't been quick, or easy, but over the course of several months, I've worked my way into a somewhat favorable position. So here's the deal: I can, and I'm willing to, inform the head of a local Serenade cell that you want to talk to her. But I'm just the messenger. She decides if she wants to talk to you, and if she does, she decides where, when, and for how long you get to meet her, and how many questions you get to ask. With me so far?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819343

...Oh. Right you are.

>Niren, first, looks to Lapsa, as if asking for a read.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819349


>Lapsa nods discreetely

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819351

>Since he's cleared Lapsa's check, Niren nods as well.
That sounds fair. We're with you. Do go on.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819356

>Salvo nods again.
SALVO: Good. Now, that's the good news. But you should take in mind, I am taking a very big risk here. I have been working on this for months -- crawling on my hands and knees through this city's underbelly, doing all the dirty work I can get my hands on in an attempt to earn any scraps of favor I can with the Serenades. If this meeting goes south, it's going to look bad. Sure, you'll make an enemy of the Serenades... but I'll also go down in the books as having brought this terrible idea up, and whatever credibility I may have had with the Serenades is going to be killed, buried in an out-of-control minecart and banished to the depths of Hell. So I would strongly advise you not. To screw. This. Up.
>Salvo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dull, rusty knife to emphasize this point.
SALVO: Is that understood, maggots?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819358

>Niren takes a startled step back, clearing his throat nervously and wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead. Or was that just rainwater? Impossible to tell, but the motion was there.
>He checks in with Orchid and Lapsa. They were part of this too, after all.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819359

File: 1409354359543.png (550.33 KB, 800x1000, 2f23958fb765adc839c54b733097b5…)


Crystal clear, Salvo.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819361

>Orchid nods as well, taking a couple of steps back.
ORCHID: Y... Yes, I understand...

SALVO: Good.
>Salvo pockets the knife again, then crosses his arms.
SALVO: I think that covers the important aspects of this operation. Do you ladies have any questions you still wanna ask me?

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 819364

File: 1409354782763.jpg (135.03 KB, 667x900, My favourite Tekken character …)


No, I think that the discussed course of action leaves all questions answered.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819365

>Niren spares Orchid a worried glance.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 819366

>Orchid, for her part, nervously clears her throat.
ORCHID: Um... N-No, I think that's it.

>Salvo nods, grabs the handle of his pot and tips it in the direction of Niren and Lapsa.

SALVO: Good. Then I think we're done here.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 819369

Well then. Seeya later, Salvo.

>There's some movement from behind them, but Niren doesn't catch it.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 819391

File: 1409360511506.jpg (205.08 KB, 1062x578, vCoHHWSre.jpg)

>Evening Dark Moon.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 819626

File: 1409436071796.gif (901.82 KB, 500x750, tumblr_mlcz1clR8T1ru3ss4o1_500…)


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820256


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820936

File: 1409771881414.gif (210.82 KB, 307x281, daft+eyebrows_3746df_5012482.g…)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820951

File: 1409775445808.jpg (588.2 KB, 1366x768, __the_morning_coffee_____by_lo…)

Afternoon gents.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820952

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820954

File: 1409775803368.jpg (92.25 KB, 452x667, Digit-(If he was corp).jpeg)

I saw, and I liked it. All was well.
Hey Nevs.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820955

And all manner of thing shall be well.


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820958

File: 1409776190935.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

Doing well?

When would you like to continue with the rooftop event?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820961

File: 1409776539750.gif (1022.23 KB, 450x253, Most fun death ever.gif)

Sometime when I'm more awake. The afternoon nap has hit me hard...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820964

File: 1409776708049.jpg (83.89 KB, 490x367, bru88.jpg)

Dammit why do these ifs half to be so funny!?
That's alright. I'll be around.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820965

I have funny gifs. S'what I do.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820968

File: 1409776911459.jpg (56.89 KB, 624x317, Anchorman-well-that-escalated-…)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820969

File: 1409776943023.gif (960.77 KB, 245x142, UsCKbco.gif)

...I realized that a snowd**k might not be appropriate. MFW.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820971

File: 1409777030968.jpg (13.36 KB, 200x232, WRXIXN6.jpg)

I should have looked at that more closely... Damn, that was some dedication by whoever made that.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820972

File: 1409777125324.jpg (26.54 KB, 344x226, the_more_you_know.jpeg)

Well you can at least appreciate the level of detail. Either this is the car of a worst enemy or a best friend.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 820984

File: 1409778385975.jpg (372.39 KB, 1803x1351, ~comfort intensifies~.jpg)

The best bit is it's impossible to tell which.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 820988

We may never know but it's still funny.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 821368

File: 1409852878562.gif (1.99 MB, 280x210, Excuse me.gif)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 821431

File: 1409855210507.gif (535.23 KB, 240x176, 3155034+_dd467e003a81252f08f9b…)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 822058

File: 1410011259626.gif (3.33 MB, 636x358, They see me rollin.gif)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 822101

I have to commend him on that nice green shell throw.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 822130

File: 1410024510630.gif (2.41 MB, 421x237, Dance.gif)

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 822281

*holds up judges card*

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 823658


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 823680

Hold on... how long have you had that gif?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825056

>I'm not crying... My eyes are just a little sweaty today. It's not because something really left me this way...
>These aren't tears of sadness... They're tears of joy. I'm just laughin...

>Haaah. Hah. Hah hah. haaaaah....

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 825060

>All units, report in.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825125

File: 1410446429716.jpg (288.61 KB, 1920x1200, the_interview_by_alexiuss-d6ua…)


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825642


Asomamobile 825645

File: 1410527103179.jpg (3.12 KB, 140x140, images.jpg)

Pink leader standing by

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825651

>Right, then. Conch can join us later.

>Wolfsbane peeks through the windows of the Vittles and looks inside.

...Hey Khalini... D'ya see anything moving in there?
>She taps on the glass twice.

Asomamobile 825652

The pink-haired women shakes her head and looks around a bit then to the glass. "Nada. But keep your guard up. Something don't smell right..."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825655

That's probably the Blackworks chem plant across the way... But I'm pickin up what you're putting down...
>There's nothing inside the vittles. The place sure looks like something serious went down inside... but the smell of sterilizing chemicals hits Khalini's nose hard when she gets near the doors. Seems like the viscera cleanup detail has already been...

>Wait. What was that? A tiny flash of light hits her eyes from inside.

Asomamobile 825658

Khalini's eyes dart to the flash with cat-like intensity, scanning the area she saw the flash with piercing blue eyes. "... I don't like this. There's been cleanup detail here recently. Stay behind me, Kat." She moves an armored hand in front of Wolfsbane.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825659

>Wolfsbane makes a face like she's about to object, and loudly, but then spots the flash from inside too. A little bit of movement accompanies it this time.
...I can open the doors for you. I purloined Orchid's key and made a copy of it.

Asomamobile 825660

"Go ahead, but be careful. If you get shot I'm throwing you out of here." She turns around and watches the surrounding area. "I got our six"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825661

>Wolfsbane nods, heading to the doors and opening them with the key. They slowly slide open, and Wolfsbane steps in. She pulls out a flashlight from her coat and clicks it on. Of course, all the lights are off, save for a fluorescent bulb hanging from the ceiling bathing the entrance in a strobing pale light. Sounds can be heard now. Something's in there...

Asomamobile 825662

Khalini Heart turns back around and walks past Wolfsbane, her gauntlets half-raised. "Yo, who's there?" She asks into the darkness, making sure she was in front of her fellow cat-lover.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825664

>There's no answer, but the sounds change. They seem to be getting closer...
>The main counter of the store is blocking the view. The light is shifting back and forth now.
...Khalini, I'm not sure we should be talking to it...
>The normally boisterously loud Wolfsbane has dropped into a frightened whisper that seems to suit her slight build much better... And promptly hides behind the much bigger woman, Cashmoney quietly mewling in Wolfsbane's hood.

Asomamobile 825665

Khalini whispers to Wolfsbane "stay behind me...'' As she got behind her. Khalini was indeed a large woman around six foot already, and compared to the shorty by her she'd seem like a giant. She then turns on a light on one of her gloves and shines it over the counter, leaning forward just slightly and narrowing her eyes.

... Maybe it was just a rat or something...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825667

>Well, it wasn't a rat.

>But Khalini probably wasn't that far off.

>A heavily discheveled figure pokes over the top of the counter. The smell hits the two even from a distance. The delightful, wholesome smell of feces, urine, chemicals, and smoke greets their noses as it rises. The face is completely covered by a hood and a beard, and chips and other junk keep disappearing into the mess, leaving crumbs everywhere.

...What the hell is that?

Asomamobile 825670

"Oh my howitzer it's a hobo... Just back away slowly and don't mention the word C-H-A-N-G-E ..."

"No but really who the turret are you? And what the manifold is that smell? And have you seen a little ginger boy around here?" She asks, in case he wasn't hostile...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825673

What, change?
>Fortunately Wolfsbane was whispering, but the thing behind the counter perks up and grumbles loudly, stuffing some pickles into the beard.
'Mneh... Most capering, meph. Nom nom nom...'
>...He actually says "Nom" when eating.
...Well, that was rather... disappointing?
>The thing keeps eating, positively stuffing its face with the spilled goods.... Taking a closer look around, dear gods the place was a mess. There's still the faintest outlines of blood writing on the walls. They clearly couldn't get quite all of it off...

Asomamobile 825674

"SHHH don't let him hear you day that!" She hisses, and lowers her hands. "Well the ginger isn't here so let's go check outside again. Any other idea where we can find the little dude?" She asks, starting to walk out of the store.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825675

File: 1410534458418.jpg (72.17 KB, 800x449, 12b7b070eaa55f47387657742876e9…)

Monorail Rufes. Reporting for duty.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825676

File: 1410535081399.gif (227.8 KB, 400x250, vV4mtFs.gif)


Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825680

File: 1410535436388.jpg (103.92 KB, 584x800, 8fa50b95d760b4cfe78917a7af6abd…)

Do you play LoL by any chance?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825682

File: 1410535526962.gif (40.83 KB, 320x200, 200_s.gif)

Sadly no. Despite owning a cat the origional owner named after Nami, I don't play LoL.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825684

>As Khalini turns around, the thing behind them suddenly starts freaking out.
'Nyaargh gharrg capering down de pub!'
>He bolts right past them and dives headfirst through the window... But that's not the interesting part.

>What is interesting is the glow of at least five pairs of night-vision goggles just outside the door.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825685

File: 1410535586592.png (193.29 KB, 900x786, purrity_and_her_pet____erm__to…)

Do you want to try it sometime? I could teach!

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825687

File: 1410535761067.png (887.18 KB, 900x701, dragonslayer_vi_by_edmoffatt-d…)

"... Those definitely aren't cats' eyes." Says captain obvious as she raises her gauntlets in case, now placing herself between them and Wolfsbane and starting to shift her weight back and forth between her legs.

"What do you want!"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825689

File: 1410535917196.jpg (116.73 KB, 640x480, cat-kitten-grey-tabby-lounging…)

I've certainly thought about it. The possibility of a teacher pleases the lazy and adored Rufes.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825690

>There's absolutely no response. It's gotten pitch dark outside, the overcast sky dropping bits of rain. Thunder rumbles in the far distance as the tri-optic green dots stay unwavering.
>Wolfsbane pulls out the emergency micro SMG from inside her coat and holds it in one hand. Cashmoney jumps out of Wolfsbane's hood and darts away.
...They can see us...

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825691

File: 1410536354478.jpg (60.54 KB, 539x604, tumblr_met0scaPe11rs6p09o1_128…)

Hearing her get out the SMG, but more importantly, the cat darting away to safety, Khalini gets into a battle ready stance, ready to dash and punch, if she could cause enough of a ruckus by herself then none of the potential gunfire would be on Wolfsbane. Without an answer, the feeling in er gut was telling her something bad was about to happen. And Khalini trusted her instincts. She decides punch first. Ask questions while punching.

And with that thought she dashes out the broken window and throws a punch to the first set of eyes she could reach. "I SAID: what do you want?I"

If you want rolls uhh... I don't know the system so...

Roll 1d20 = 16 [?]I don't know what modifiers you use.[/]

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825692

Sweetness! What's your Skype?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825697

File: 1410537327114.jpg (202.69 KB, 900x1407, coffee_break_by_balance_sheet-…)

Same thing as my username here, minus the tripcode of coarse.
<-- Here's my profile pic if you needed help finding it.Don't know why, but I recently noticed I have a thing for face covering helmets in my pic folders.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825699

Do you live in Canada?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825701

Indeed I do.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 825703

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 825705

File: 1410538453178.jpg (492.6 KB, 769x597, a4e7a500742252cc82ff1f59309874…)


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 825803

>Khalini's hit strikes true, and the eyeglasses shatter into a million pieces as an equine in a spec-ops bodysuit goes flying backwards, slamming into a parked car along the way, setting off the car alarm, and lighting the pitch-dark street along the way... Someone cut the streetlights...

>There is barely a second of hesitation.

Open fire!
>Two of them start firing wildly at Khalini with a low degree of accuracy, while the rest scramble for cover. One leaps onto a wall and just... sticks to it, like a gecko. Lightning flashes, providing the barest glimmer of light on the scene.

Asomamobile 826043

Khalini makes a quick second dash to the next one, a couple rounds ricocheting off of her sloped armor. With a glare she tries to outright grab one of the soldiers in her gauntlet and literally throw him like a javelin into the two on the other side of her with a loud yell.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 826059

well it looks like you've got that under control then

Asomamobile 826063

Roll 1d20 = 20

Asomamobile 826066

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 826072

>She gets right lucky, and she grabs the one and makes an absolutely perfect throw, sending them all scattering like bowling pins, though it didn't do much more than knock them over. Well, it killed the thrown guy. But the other two aren't getting up soon.
>That's still several people shooting at her, though. And this time, they aim to hit.
Roll 1d20 = 2
>Not only that, but...
>Cashmoney yowls a warning from a rooftop, and Khalini might catch the slightest glimpse of a red laser sight lining itself up with her head...

Asomamobile 826080

Khalini ducks down and rolls to he side, suspecting the laser if being a coward. That is, a sniper, and then stands again, her dodge also having the extra benefit of making many of the more accurate shogz miss. To the downed guys she leaps and smahses both of her gauntlets down, aiming to crush both of them beneath her raw strength.

Khalini Heart was strong, to say the least.

If you want a roll for that attack, you might not since they're stunned but: Roll 1d20 = 15

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 826090

yeah no precisely. looks like this is getting effectively taken care of.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 827718

File: 1410910169383.png (268.37 KB, 700x990, __OCG___by_sangheili117.png)


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828014


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828016


Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828017

File: 1410981954436.jpg (452.04 KB, 1440x900, caitlyn-and-vi-lol-art-badcomp…)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828018

>Check your skype.
>Why hello there

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828020

File: 1410982323100.jpg (180.3 KB, 755x1057, caitlyn_and_vi_by_hyldenia-d64…)

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828025

File: 1410982536035.jpg (314.17 KB, 530x744, ae3f749aaa5b3bf14bfe61b385149a…)

>Whassup, guys?

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828026

File: 1410982583795.jpg (664.43 KB, 1920x1080, Two-beautiful-girls-League-of-…)


Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828027

>Well hey there.
>Not much at present. Was just doing a bit of roll call, I suppose.

>And actually, everybody except Conch is here.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828028

File: 1410982640694.jpg (133.56 KB, 550x477, 9e8fddc9956431c01bcbe4bbaa7391…)


>Hugs you.

>Long time no talk!



Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828030

File: 1410982691883.jpg (163.05 KB, 979x816, vi_x_caitlyn_by_ikebanakatsu-d…)

Indeed; how are you doing, mate?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828033

File: 1410982791167.jpg (432.14 KB, 640x960, 640x960_14129_Redhead_2d_sci_f…)

Hey there.

>For Nev.

I ran across this image a while ago. It's a shame it has that thing in the background/the arm but it's one of the only redheaded wolfsbane(ish) images I could find.
>Will do.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828034


>I'm pretty damn good!

>Uni starts up next week and I'm actually looking forward to it for once.

>I've started writing a short story every day.

>I've started reading 100 pages of books every day.

>Going to the gym every 2 days.

>Being busy feels so good.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828041

>Right, I'm offering some RP. Who's interested?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828043

>Speaking of which...

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828044

File: 1410982986952.png (1.22 MB, 1020x783, piltover_s_finest_by_bwsr3-d61…)

Nice to hear; being productive is always good, something I've been procrastinating myself, LOL.



Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828046


>I've been procrastinating for three years solid. I've just been slowly getting better and better and doing more things I enjoy.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828049

>The gang's all here!

>All RP's are officially back in session, I'll start writing posts

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828050

>I could go for some.
I know, I know. That accursed thing in the background.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828055

File: 1410983245136.jpg (209.57 KB, 630x448, ed224f544c88c5c798036f8ad60b3c…)

Nicely done -- keep at it.
I'm not even through all of my Vi x Caitlyn pictures

>[Rape intensifies]

You going to join in where Nev and I left off? :3

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828057

File: 1410983400787.jpg (194.81 KB, 378x600, 1403866763451.jpg)


>I like these pictures :D

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828060

>Khalini's dive strikes hard, and the two on the street aren't going to be getting back up again. For a while... But it gets worse.
>The first laser dot is joined by a second. And a third. And a fourth. All from different angles. And they're all converging on Khalini as the remaining guys on the street hightail it away. Wolfsbane is nowhere to be seen, but her clothes are all tossed onto a nearby car...

>Meanwhile, on the other side of the corporate peace parade...

>Niren doesn't catch the flash of movement, quickly walking back towards the car, with Orchid and Lapsa in tow. He pulls out the little walkie-talkie.

Alright, Open. Lurch. Looks like it's all clear, you two start packing up...

>But Lapsa could catch it. Something moving very quickly, sticking to the shadows. Light glints off of something in the darkness for less than a second before it moves again.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828061

I should be soon. Just waiting for Nevs right now.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828062

File: 1410983492128.jpg (261.76 KB, 1024x705, league_of_legend__wanna_join_u…)

They are my new OTP. I've been getting into LoL recently, and they're two of my mains too :P

I actually use Vi's reactions for Khalini since they're Sofa King similar

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828065

File: 1410983633210.jpg (103.66 KB, 600x851, Let's mosey.jpeg)


>I don't have OTPs.

>Maybe FlashShimmer...

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828069

File: 1410983756744.jpg (110.57 KB, 786x1017, officer_vi_by_mauricio_morali-…)

Khalini Heart reaches back behind her and grabs her 105mm howitzer, narrowing her eyes and oting that she could see the different angles of the lasers, and uses this to track the nearest one and fires her howitzer right towards it, the shell being a literal artillery shell and making a loud whoop as she makes a small jump, letting the recoil launch her back into the store. Roll 1d20 = 7

Man I barely even pone anymore, I haven't shipped any pone in like, half a year at least.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828073

File: 1410983975680.jpg (458.74 KB, 855x1114, As deadly as she is pretty.jpg)


>I don' really pone either, but I OTP even less.


Guys, I just saw something. You know, with my spirit eyes thing. C'mon!

>She runs towards what she saw without waiting for the others.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828079

>Orchid glances up and tilts her head to the side.
ORCHID: H-Huh? Where are you...? Spirit eye? What?
>Salvo, meanwhile, pulls out his dull, rusty knife and holds it up in front of him in a way that would allow him to clearly see that yes, he is indeed holding it.
SALVO: You should probably belay that order, cyclops. We might need the cover.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828082

File: 1410984449960.png (550.33 KB, 800x1000, 2f23958fb765adc839c54b733097b5…)


>She stops and eyes the knife.

You make a persuasive point.

>She says the word 'point' in a way that cannot be taken as anything but a bad pun.

I will quell my curiosity in favour of the element of surprise.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828087

>The recoil was a bit much. The shell flies just above the dot, absolutely destroying the roof access. The dot disappears, though, so something must have happened. That still left three dots, bearing down on her... Would her armor stop a sniper's bullet? It might be time to find out...

...Nevermind. Get your stuff back in gear, guys. Something's up.
>Niren puts it back in on his belt, and adjusts his tunic and heads forward first...
Orchid, head to the car. Lay low.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828088

File: 1410984850882.jpg (80.2 KB, 903x257, ADR_50cal___Preview_by_Shimmer…)

>He had his own interests in the parade but this took priority. Taking the opportunity and using the sound of the canon to cover the sound of his own shot out of habit despite his suppressor, aiming for one of the snipers, another person entered the fray from a somewhat higher rooftop.
If rolls: Roll 1d20 + 3 = 17 (+3 for shot from stealth)

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828089

File: 1410984924671.jpg (111.01 KB, 751x1063, vi_study_by_badcompzero-d79j2v…)

"Whoo yeah!" She waits just a second longer, being the daughter of a sniper, she could at least estimate just when a smart sniper would take their shot... And then she punches the ground, her gauntlets overloading and an electric explosion coming from them, forming a small personal shield around her. It wouldn't take more than maybe two rounds, but it was better than nothing.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828090

SALVO: The point was directed at the cyclops...
>Salvo gestures towards Niren's eyepatch with his knife to emphasize his point.
SALVO: ...but yes. Good plan. What can your spirit eye see from here?

OPEN: Copy that, we're going back.
>There's a glint of light off the scope as the two of them get back into position.

>Orchid, meanwhile, lets out a short whimper and darts back to the car...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828094


There was something in the shadows over there.

>She points to where she saw it.


"Be careful, Niren." she said with concern in her voice, her hand on her hilt.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828100

>One goes down, two dots trace on the shield and fire, putting exactly two rounds into her defenses, but buying her more time. But they won't be as slow this time. She can almost hear them reloading and readying another, the dots homing in...

>But that's just it. It was something, a cold, dead white aura. The sort a recently made corpse might have.
>Niren's peeking his head around the corner that it disappeared behind...

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828102

File: 1410986476781.jpg (60.54 KB, 539x604, tumblr_met0scaPe11rs6p09o1_128…)

Her shield bought her some time to think, and losk about her, there wasn't much way to escape... Unless... She gets up and sprints to the back of the store, raising a gauntlet and punching through the wall as she slams through it, and keeps on running, her plan being to circle back around and start hunting for the snipers...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828104

File: 1410986618527.jpg (140.29 KB, 825x1200, The sword dancer.jpg)


>Lapsa drew her sword a few centimeters.

It's aura's cold, and weak. Like a fresh cadaver. Be very careful.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828105

SALVO: Got it.
>Salvo crosses his arms, knife still clenched in his hand.
SALVO: You got anything, son?

>Orchid, meanwhile, takes this opportunity to climb into the car.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828107

>She's quick, but one of the snipers is just a bit faster, a shot ringing out just as she makes a swing for the wall..
Roll 1d20 = 20
>But it gives way, sending a shower of bricks, dust, and shrapnel flying into the store... The second didn't get a shot off, but for sure, they were now searching for...

>The sounds of the parade get louder and louder, a marching band starting to play it's most boisterous song, amplified by speakers on the floats. It's like an open-air rock concert...

...No. Can't see a thing.
>But on the street, it's suddenly dead quiet. The streetlights flicker, and go off completely.
>Niren looks around, the only light on the street now the pale glimmer of the moon above, and the stars. And the now slowly falling rain...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828108


>She draws her sword completely.

I'm here, Niren!

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828109

File: 1410987141801.jpg (177.76 KB, 1152x750, Await_the_Sniper_by_Shimmering…)

>Our as of yet unseen friend pulls back and re-cocks the bolt on his rifle, chambering the next round, while making a quick search to see if the other snipers seemed to notice that fact that he just blew one of their comrades minds or where changing position.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828110

SALVO: Oh, great.
>Salvo places his knife on his arm, behind his elbow.
SALVO: Get behind me, rookies. This could get ugly, and I've got my back to the wall.

>Orchid, meanwhile, whimpers and ducks down under the seat of the car so that she can no longer be seen from the outside.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828111

File: 1410987414194.jpg (182.71 KB, 479x947, lol___vi_by_master_of_games-d5…)

The sniper shot hits right in one of the softer, more flexible parts of her armor and pierces right into her chest, hitting something nasty, making her choke and roll onto the ground just behind some cover and clutches her chest, heaving for a moment and looks back.

She was hurt, and hurt bad, for all she knew it could have hit something fatal even, but she was pissed off now, but even as reckless as she was at times, she knew charging more than one sniper was suicide, if even one. She decides to stay in cover for a few moments, and closes her eyes, focusing on conjuring some magic to start to pull the bullet out from her torso, pain was just weakness leaving the body...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828112

I'm heading your way!
>Niren fumbles out in her direction, trying to reach out for her... There's a white glimmer behind his back, in the street's pitch darkness, the light of the parade blocked by the walls of the nearby buildings. Only the sky was alighted...
>The silence is broken by the distinct sound of electrical current...
>There's nothing. Niren's car isn't even providing light. Looks like the headlights have an auto-off of some sort... And Open and Lurch can't see a damn thing. It's like looking into a deep pit with no lights at the bottom...

>If they did notice, it's not like the mystery sniper could hear them. He'd catch the motion of them changing position quickly. Either that, or a local resident getting...
>Oh. That's interesting.
>One of them just leaps from the window, smashing it into millions of tiny pieces, screaming, to his death below before he can even fire a shot at the person below... there's a faint heat shimmer behind where he was standing. Nothing more. His rifle slowly tips out of the window and joins him in the red puddle that once marked a life below.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828113


>Lapsa can see Niren perfectly despite the lack of light. She could also see the glimmer. She started running towards him.

Niren, watch out!

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828114

>She'd hear the screams from the street and see one of them go splat on the concrete below. Did he kill himself?
>But more distressingly... There's the click of rifles nearby. Remember those two who ran off? They're poking their guns around the hole that Khalini punched, not looking through yet... And trying to magic the bullet out just seemed to make things worse. At least, pain-wise.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828115

File: 1410988087504.jpg (156.91 KB, 927x861, league_of_legends__vi_by_kiwi_…)

She grits her teeth and looks over to the hole, hearing the voices. She quickly pulls out her howitzer and pulls the hot shell out, and sets it aside quietly, then opens it up and reaches to her back to grab another shell and loads it inside with a loud *clunk*

Then she aims it at the door from where she was...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828116

File: 1410988619023.jpg (208.72 KB, 788x800, stealth_entry_by_shimmering_sw…)

"What the..."
>Cursing himself for shelling out the cash for other things like food and not one of those new fangled X-ray scopes the community was whispering about, he wiped his visor and then lens of his scope to make sure it wasn't just catching some...abnormally hot rain... yeah...
>Whatever the case, there was still one in remaining (since he assumed this was relatively small scale he was pretty sure there weren't any more he hadn't become aware of), he searched in earnest for the last one, trying to keep the window the other one fell from in mind. Should check that once this little firefight was over.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828117

>Salvo can't see the flashing light from his current position, but he can hear the sound of an electric charge building up. That's enough of a signal to let him know something has gone very wrong. In a flash, he leaps into a fighting stance, holds his knife out in front of him, and screams at the top of his lungs:

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828118

>He's cut off in the middle of his scream as he collides with a wall so hard he bursts through it. That thing Lapsa saw earlier is back, and she gets a good look at it. As much as one wouldn't want to.
>It's definitely equine, though it's not standing like one. A glossy black helmet covers much of its head, though it's broken across most of the face. Pale grey skin and a colorless, moving eye meet her, though all the color of life that should be there is just gone. A broken horn protrudes from the helmet. Same colorless, dead hue as the rest.
>The rest of its torso is covered by an obscuringly loose shirt, with gloves, tucked into pants, which were tucked into boots. It's standing perfectly upright, and seems to have no problem with that at all.
>And a machete-like blade is gripped in one hoof, blood dripping from the blade.

>There's no hesitation. It leaps directly for Lapsa with far more power than it should reasonably be able to have standing like that and swings for her nose.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828119

File: 1410989285902.jpg (203.55 KB, 1024x575, You dun goofed, kid.jpg)


>Her sword rises to meet the creature's machete. After blocking his attack, she goes on the offensive with a thrust.

"you'r going to pay for hurting Niren, you zombie bastard.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828120

>Salvo leaps up and charges towards the sound of the wall shattering.
SALVO: Where are you, cyclops? Don't you die on me, I'm gonna get you to cover!

>Upon hearing the distinctive clang of metal on metal, Salvo's head snaps in that direction.
SALVO: And now a swordfight's happening... I need eyes on the target, people! Let's get these lights back up!

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828122

>They slowly step around the corner, spot Khalini, blood dripping from her wound, and shout something... Before they finished, she'd get a good look at an armband around their arms... It's an old character, a rune, perhaps. But under it...
>Daedalus Corp. Clear as day.

>The other sniper has moved now, and the rain starts coming down on this side now, obscuring vision. The heat wave is gone when he clears his visor. Must have been a glitch of some sort...

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828124

File: 1410989696658.jpg (46.68 KB, 236x536, a87e095205732897787bfa6fd64a57…)

"Back off, or I blow us all to kingdom come, this bitch is one-hundred-and-five millimeters of explosive derptastic death!" she warns with a glare, a faint green glow forming around her.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828125

Ni-ren. Ni-ren. Ni-ren. Niren.
>The voice emanating from the "Zombie" as it moves its mouth slowly becomes more human, but it just has something wrong about it. Something very wrong. The way it continues moving, thrust tearing a hole in its shirt but missing the body beneath is wrong. It's smell is wrong. It should stink of death, but there's none of it there. Nor is there any preservative smell. It's... Honey. The smell of honey.
>Two swings follow, in quick succession, accompanied by a forward step with each one, in time with the speaking.
>He'd find Niren twitching in the wall, legs protruding through the hole. Blood is splattered on the side of the wall, near the break.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828127

File: 1410990202571.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1200, dccd767b3fbdd9090c050212e5e6c9…)


"What in the two hells are you?"

>:Lapsa was freaked out by this, and her mental state combined with the monster's swings, had put her on the defensive.

>She tried to sweep for its legs. Get it on the ground and gain an advantage. She wanted to end this fight quick.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828128

>Salvo reaches into the hole, grabs Niren's leg and hauls him out.
SALVO: You're gonna be fine. You hear me, son? You're gonna be fine. Moan in agony if you can hear me.
>He picks up Niren's broken body, slings him over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes, and makes a beeline for the car.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828133

File: 1410990578335.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

>With the other sniper on the move, this was an opportunity of his own to move. Besides either this other sniper is careful, or leaving because his job is done, or aborting the mission. Whatever it was, he dropped to a reasonable rooftop below him (which was still pretty far for most people) that was close enough for at least a somewhat quiet landing and crouch running his way towards the shop with his cowl around him, trying to minimize exposure.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828135

>They don't respond, but both start slowly backing up. Which, arguably, is the wrong move when someone has what amounts to a rocket launcher.
>They speak something in a language that Khalini doesn't know, and raise their guns as they back away, apparently waiting for the cue to open fire... Stepping out into the open street...
>Right into his view...

>It says matter-of-factly, or as much as it can. Then it gets faster.
>She'd hear the faintest click-click-click as it moves, along with the sound of tortured metal. Which, really, is just a fancy way of saying metal under duress. But this sounds like metal in actual pain.
>She cuts part of the pant leg away, and would connect with something solid, and hear a pneumatic hiss. A cyberleg. A light glints out at her from where she cut.

>Niren's not moving. He doesn't moan in agony. Blood drips from the left side of his chest... Taking a look, one might say zhat zhe vound appears to have missed his vital organs, but he's still in a bad way. The car seems to be happy to open up for its master.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828142

File: 1410990874071.png (5.75 KB, 635x599, Tattoo-Spirit.png)


Guys! It's not a zombie. It's a robot!

>With a powerful swing, she knocks his machete out the way of his body, and then a wiccan tattoo on her arm starts to glow, and a purple ball of energy shoots forth from her hand and hits the monster square in the chest.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828149

>Salvo decides not to question the door opening by itself, and instead sets Niren down across the backseat of the car, on his back.
SALVO: Orchid, your brother's injured! He needs you to-- Orchid?

>Orchid, meanwhile, is curled into a ball on the floor of the call, shaking and hyperventilating.

ORCHID: M-MacArthur's Park is melting! MacArthur's Park is melting!

>Salvo's head snaps around before he can finish that thought, however.
SALVO: It's a robot?! I HATE ROBOTS!
>He grabs Niren's walkie off his body and charges towards the fight.
SALVO: Spirit-eye, use your magic! If I have line-of-sight to the target, I can and will disarm it! Light this sucker up!

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828154

File: 1410992107129.jpg (205.73 KB, 975x800, freehand_shooting_by_shimmerin…)

>He watched the two of them exit and skidded to a stop on one knee as he raised the rifle again, quickly taking a shot before taking off again.
>Quickscoping or hardscoping as the gaming community called it was a load of shit and he didn't expect to hit, but at least he could distract them for a second if he did from whatever they had their weapons trained on.
Roll 1d20 - 3 = 15

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828157

File: 1410992357867.jpg (170.31 KB, 1095x730, vi_fanart_by_kaiser_jim-d5z2us…)

Seeing a sniper suddenly taking out one of the goons, Khalini drops the howitzer and with the green mana she had been gathering, she practically explodes towards him fast enough to cause a warp in the air behind her and with a yell throws her fist at the center of mass at the soldier. 1d20+4 (+2 for surprise, +2 for buff), also she deals the equivalent of double damage.
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Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828158

Roll 1d20 + 4 = 15

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828162

>This is enough to get it to stagger backwards, and burns a hole in the shirt. There's a chestplate there... A rune's covering most of it, but there's words on the bottom that Lapsa would just barely be able to make out...
>Daedalus Craftworks.

>Lapsa interrupted it mid-swing, and it takes a step forward, to get back into melee range, and it swings. Even though it's too far to connect, lightning jumps off its machete and directly at lapsa, like a tazer. Though with much, much too great a charge to simply stun.

Roll 1d20 = 6
>Niren's still not moving. The faintest rise and fall of his chest is the only thing that indicates he's alive.
>It's quieter than a whisper. But it still seems to rise above, as the sounds of the carnival start filtering up above the walls again. That infernal noise...


>Open and Lurch would hear some sparking from the power box behind them. It appears that someone, or something, sucked out the power to the lights and flipped off a switch. It would be easy to turn it back on...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 828164

>Sorry. My five hours of sleep this morning are catching up with me. I'd like to conk out here if that's ok.

>But I don't want to ruin everyone's fun. Maybe the attack actually worked and knocked Lapsa out, and she has to be saved?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828169

>I'll resolve it here in a second.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828170

>Orchid whimpers, her head slowly turning upwards, and stares at Niren for a few moments.
ORCHID: ...N-Niren...
>She whimpers again, tears running down her muzzle, and squeezes her eyes shut.
ORCHID: ...I-I don't know what to do...

>Open, meanwhile, whips his head around towards the direction of the sparking. He quickly grabs the walkie and begins to shout into it.

OPEN: I think I see the problem! We're going to see if we can get the lights back on! We'll give you support as soon as we have a clear shot!
>He shuts off the walkie and makes to stand up, but Lurch places his hoof on his back and stops him.
LURCH: Stay here. I'll get the lights. Take the shot as soon as you get a visual.
OPEN: Y-Yes, of course... Be careful.
LURCH: I'm always careful.
>And with that, Lurch jumps into the air and flies off into the darkness in the vague direction of the electrical noises.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828175

>There's an angry yell as one of them goes down from the shot. The other turns around and points directly at the sniper and holds up his hand in the international "Stop!" symbol. He then points at his armband... But...

>Khalini bought herself enough time. Her fist slams right into the guy's back and she can hear the sound of his spine snapping directly in half. He's dead before he even hits the ground, ten yards away from the point of impact.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828181

File: 1410994454820.jpg (573.59 KB, 647x1000, paint_pictures_while_punching_…)

"Whew.... Teach those fuckers to try to kill me." She wipes her brow and moves back to her cover to continue healing up, re-working on moving the bullet out from her, it was a tricky process, but it wasn't the first time. Bit by bit painful shrapnel was extracted from her torso, and she then starts gathering magic again, handing her head low but keeping her ears alert.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828182

>Niren rolls to the side, and slowly lifts off his eyepatch. Well, he tries to. Unable to move much, he just snaps it right off, and it falls to the side. Of course... A telekinetic rarely needed his body to be functioning.
>First thing's first.
>Lapsa was just standing there stunned, but a telekinetic hand flies out of the car and grabs her, and she flies backwards towards the car. The door of the passenger seat flies open, and she shoots past it into the seat. The door slams shut.

>Niren's eye is entirely glowing now, in the three primary colors. Red, yellow, and blue.

>The car turns on, but Lapsa or anyone else really would see an orange hand slam into the Engine Start button as the car springs to life, bathing the street in the glow of its headlights. The robot seems irritated by this, and takes a step back. All the glow is gone from its machete. It's still not quite bright enough to get a good view of, as the thing almost instantly has stepped back into the darkness again.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 828190

>Lurch is too far into the building by this point to observe this latest development on the ground. Open, however, uses the opportunity as it presents itself. He tries to line up a shot on the creature and take it down before it vanishes into the darkness again.
Disabling Shot: Roll 1d20 = 2

>And at much the same time, Salvo charges out into the darkness, whooping and waving his hands.


>And finally, Orchid just continues whimpering and weeping.

ORCHID: Y-You can't die... You can't die, Niren! What do I do? I don't know first aid! What do I do?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828204

File: 1410995443876.jpg (208.72 KB, 788x800, stealth_entry_by_shimmering_sw…)

>That point. He picked up the pace.
>If that other sniper was paying attention he'd have seen that and he would prefer remain on the giving end of a sniper rifle as apposed to the receiving one.
>Then again... from a punch like that, even he and his armor would have a hard time standing against that. Either stay out of sight or make sure that lady knew he was an ally and not the next punching bag.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828246


Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828248

File: 1411000144834.jpg (70.67 KB, 813x982, vi_sketch_by_senryuji-d76al8a.…)

The pink-haired woman grunts as she removes the last of the bullet and shrapnel and starts feeling herself get weak... And then it's clear why, an artery was severed, only the green buff and adrenaline were making her combat-ready. Damn snipers and their cowardly strikes from afar.

She lies down in the recovery position, and covers herself with a viridian green glow, and starts regenerating her wounds slowly. She knew she'd make it, she just hoped no more of those soldiers showed up...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828265

File: 1411001145584.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

>Since she was on the alert despite her weakness, she would have heard a the slight grind of boots on the asphalt further down the way. When she saw the person it was clear they where trying to retain some vestige of stealth in the way he crouch walked, but he didn't seem to be trying to hide from her.
>He placed his index finger vertical to where his mouth would be, gesturing for her to remain silent.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828266

File: 1411001439628.png (887.18 KB, 900x701, dragonslayer_vi_by_edmoffatt-d…)

She coughs once, if he had particularly sharp eyes be might be able to see that the blood coming from her right atrical artery near the top of her chest on the right side was slowing in bleeding naturally, or maybe not so naturally judging form the magic around her.

"Fuck you're the one that got me I bet..." she hisses, and drags the howitzer over. "You shoot me and we both blow up, clear?" she says, a small amount of confusion in that he didn't shoot her immediately that would make her tone a little less than fully threatening.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828279

File: 1411002256289.jpg (208.72 KB, 788x800, stealth_entry_by_shimmering_sw…)

>He held a hand out in the general "stop" gesture. Whether he was gesturing because of the threat from the launcher or because she'd hurt herself hauling it seemed equally plausible after his next set of gestures. Whoever this was he didn't want to attract any more attention then he needed to.
>He then proceeded to point in the general vicinity of where the two outside the shop used to be before placing that same hand against his temple like a pistol and using his thumb as the hammer gestured that he was the one who killed the first guy.
>Moving his cloak out of the way he revealed (albeit right next to a pistol) a small belt mounted emergency first-aid kit. He gestured with a cocked head, asking whether or not she needed it.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828339

File: 1411004718364.png (887.18 KB, 900x701, dragonslayer_vi_by_edmoffatt-d…)

She shakes her head. "A mute, huh, well if you're the guy who took out some of those guys you have my thanks, manifold snipers are always a nuisance on me..." she sighs. "No I can regenerate myself, it just takes some time..." she coughs. "I'll be okay. Make sure nobody's around will you?"

She pauses and then looks up to him. "Name's Khalini. You got a name, stranger?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828387

File: 1411006852631.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

>If the sniper was still there, he would probably be out of hearing range.
"I'd prefer to not say mine, if you don't mind."
>The voice coming from the helmet was modulated adding yet another layer of anonymity to this person. What she could tell from the time he pulled back his cloak was that more then just his helmet appeared to be Mil-Sec grade hardware, most of which seemed customized to varying degrees.
"So, Khalini, what brings you here? More then just an early spot at the parade I'm guessing."

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828419

File: 1411007662449.jpg (46.68 KB, 236x536, a87e095205732897787bfa6fd64a57…)

"I'm a bounty hunter, but I was helping some young girl find her friend, but when we got here to this wrecked store we were ambushed by whatever those guys were, mercs I'd be guessing. So I fought them. Did pretty well too until the snipers showed up and one of them got a lucky shot on me. Luckily I'm a bit of a mage." she smirks up at him, her wound now sealed and her body, though pale from blood loss, starting to lose early signs of the damage, though it had some repairs to go.

"Damn blood, why do we have to need it?" she jokes. "So, Jeff, got a plan for getting out of here?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828484

File: 1411010382225.jpg (208.72 KB, 788x800, stealth_entry_by_shimmering_sw…)

"Young girl? what did she look like."
>Having no plans to move just yet he sat down, keeping his legs in a position he could easily get up or run from.
"I won't be leaving yet. I've got some bodies and possibly motive to collect from said corpses. Maybe tech I don't have to pay for as well. Doesn't look like you'll be going anywhere yet either."

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828501

File: 1411011153423.jpg (452.04 KB, 1440x900, caitlyn-and-vi-lol-art-badcomp…)

"I can move soon, I just don't want to." she says pridefully, but she still nods. "Yeah I getcha, looting's always a good idea, eh? Might as well, it's what adventurers like me live off of."

"Though," she continues with a small grin, "make sure to leave some for me~"

"But as for motive I don't even know who they are; I'm new in town, came here to collect a rather big bounty."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828520

>There was something garbled by the helmets vocoder which was must likely a chuckle.
"I'll see what I can leave. Which bounty? I might know a thing or two. Did that girl you mentioned have anything to do with the mark or was it just on the side?"

Asomamobile 828543

File: 1411012957712.jpg (3.12 KB, 140x140, images.jpg)

"That was just something on the side. Comento think of it... I don't see her anywhere. She must have got away when I distracted them. Good, that's what I was hoping for. I'll try to find her later.

My bounty I'm going for is called Eiolidon. I don't know much about him so I'm looking for leads. You known anything? All I've been given is an address to get more info I'm on the way to."

"The boy I was looking for was a ginger, don't know too much else I'm afraid bit the girl would have known him when she saw him. Some kinda nerd."

on phone so random pix

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828562

File: 1411013897291.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

"I'm sure she's around here somewhere."
>The name seemed to make him turn his head a bit.
"That's quite the mouthful of a name. Who's offering the bounty?"

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 828573

File: 1411015578623.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.98 KB, 707x1131, lol_pin_up___vi_by_shygoggles-…)

"Titanite, a mining corporation, though they seem pretty militant. Though there might be other offers, given he's supposed to be a complete psychopath." she reaches into a small compartment in her gauntlets with the other and pops out some bubble gum and starts chewing it, then sits up straight, recovering enough to start moving normally again.

"So, you know anything about the guy?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828642

File: 1411058660459.jpg (208.72 KB, 788x800, stealth_entry_by_shimmering_sw…)

"I've heard the name before but I don't have a real physical description either. I think I've seen a bit of his work on television. I'm willing to bet that he or she, I have no idea, had something to do with the Titanite Airship crash outside Canterlot a couple months ago."
>He pulled a small mirror out of one of the many pouches on his batbelt and held it out from behind the wall,using it to at least get a veiw of what was still outside.
"...I'm pretty sure they or he moved on by now."

Asomamobile 828643

"Crashed airship, huh? I'll have to check it out on my to-do list. Even if it's been a while there still might be a clue. My only lead is with this address I have saying I have the option to get more information from there.

I think it's an Auth place..." She looks at the mirror and. Then to the outside. "Do you are anybody? Nobody's tried to kill us just yet, but they could be waiting. Snipers and all that. I hate snipers.

Excluding you, I don't hate you yet." She grins then that reminds her of something.

"Say... Why did you help me anyways?" She asks curiously.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828645

"If they where watching, this mirror would be shattered about now."
>He slips it back into his pocket.
"Technically, I should be watching the parade. Technically, I should have left you and the girl to them, not my business. Personally, I have my own reasons."
>He points a thumb to the toword the inside of the shop in the general vicinity of Wolfsbanes clothing pile.
"Any idea who's clothes those are?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828646

Asomamobile 828648

"So what you're saying is don't look a gift horse in the mouth, huh? I can get behind that..." She ealkd over to the clothes and looks them over for a few seconds until it clicks.

"Those are the girl's... What the turret? Why would she have her clothes here, and neatly stacked?" She asks herself in confusion.

"I better got looking for her. Thanks for the help."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828652

File: 1411063466312.jpg (234.2 KB, 802x826, rust_and_hope_by_fonteart-d5sc…)

>He looked over at the window the sniper fell from, put a hand on the front of his visor like he was facepalming before looking skyward, knocking his head back against to wall, and mumbling something to himself that the vocoder completely killed any chance of her understanding it. Whatever it was, it sounded like it would have been pretty funny from the slightly laughing tone of his voice.
>Recovering from his sudden spell of albeit random and possibly misplaced mirth from her perspective, he continued.
"You can keep all the swag from this event if you want, if you just do me the favor of making sure none of the bodies can be identified 'sniped to death', and..."
>He pointed again at the clothes.
"...you bring those to the building the sniper jumped from. Deal?"

Asomamobile 828654

"Oh I can make sure of that... " she walks over to one of the bodies that he had sniped and loots all the valuables off of him then picks up the body, pressing her hands together and crushing it into a crumpled mush then throws it somewhere.

"They aren't identifying no bullet holes on that!" She grins, then looks over at Jeff.

"So Jeff, you think she went over in that building? What makes you say-" and then she remembered that the guy they were looking for was a mutant. What if she was as well?

"What, you think she shape shifted or something?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 828656

File: 1411065757600.png (737.16 KB, 900x1673, silent_mobility_by_philip_027-…)

>When she looked back he was already crouched on the first floor of the adjacent buildings fire escape. He spoke with the hint of a smirk in his voice breaking through the modulation.
"That, is another thing I'll keep myself."
>With that, he began the climb to the roof again.
"Until next time Khalini."

Asomamobile 828658

"You people and your secrets," she scoffs with a roll of her eyes, "fine, catch you later, Jeffarino; may Lord Sturmtiger keep his derp upon your enemies." With that, she goes back to looting before picking up the clothes and taking them to the building...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 828978

Do I... look dead to you?
>Blood trickles onto the seat. For the second time, it looks like he's going to have to get it reupholstered...
>The telekinetic hand sets the car into reverse, and slams the gas pedal so hard it nearly goes through the floor, and they rocket off backwards and away from the scene.

>Meanwhile though, the abomination doesn't even bother approaching Salvo out of the darkness. It throws its machete like a flying guillotine, right for Salvo's chest. Open's shot doesn't even come close. Without Lurch to spot, the thing moves too quickly to get a proper bead. and it's too close to the building's base.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 829202

File: 1411168712554.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

>Somewhere in Canterlot, several days before the parade in a mid city bar there was a tall and somewhat brawny women sitting at the counter staring at the half empty glass she had in front of her. Occasionally she'd look up at the older boxy television in the corner of the room as PTV's regular schedule of celebrity scandals was punctuated with Datapresses latest news updates.

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 829209

File: 1411173562483.jpg (111.01 KB, 751x1063, vi_study_by_badcompzero-d79j2v…)

And after a couple minutes a tall, also muscular woman slides to the counter next to her and tosses her pink hair. "Sup?" She greets her, and orders a pair couple of high-end beers.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 829214

File: 1411175845925.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

>Up close, even Khalini was somewhat dwarfed by the 6'5 lady in slightly oil stained cloths who raised an eyebrow at her sudden appearance but wasn't about to turn down some conversation. Hearing about Miss Vanhoover's closet dog obsession on PTV was getting even more dis-interesting the more in depth they went.
"Not much, as you might guess. Nice hair."

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 829215

File: 1411176221594.jpg (182.71 KB, 479x947, lol___vi_by_master_of_games-d5…)

"Ha, thanks, hon, grew it myself." She chuckles and looks her over before sliding one of the fine beers her way and pops open her own, taking a quick swig.

"So where are you from? Are there more like ya where you come from?" She says in a slightly dark and appraising voice, making a small, confident grin.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 829226

File: 1411177514406.jpg (65.42 KB, 360x990, 530b4e2da7bb4e68073c67a7f10003…)

>She chuckled a bit and made a point of finishing her own before cracking open the offered beer.
"Here, and oh we've got plenty of the tall strong types walking around here.."
>She looks skyward for a second with a sarcastic scoff and rolls her eyes, clearly about to diss them in some way.
"..Oh wait, that's the Authority."
>She too takes a swig.
"Sorry pink, It's just me."

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 829228

File: 1411177805380.jpg (91.67 KB, 1920x1080, of_legends_fantasy_art_goggles…)

"From what I hear, the auth are a bunch of bitches. Well I guess you got enough eye-candy to make up for them. I like the tall strong types~" she grins, and spins around to lean back against the bar, leaving her arms open. "Name's Khalini by the way, you got a name, hot stuff?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 829233

File: 1411179557533.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

>She set her beer down.
"So, you asked me, where are you from? I'm willing to bet you're not from Canterlot or this district at least."

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 829237

File: 1411179805083.jpg (46.68 KB, 236x536, a87e095205732897787bfa6fd64a57…)

"Diana, huh? I like it." She takes a drink of her beer and hums to herself for a moment before answering. "Germane, I'm a bounty hunter chasing after someone who's believed to have moved into Canterlot." she answers, then taking another drink of her beer.

"Ain't like the beer at home, but it does its job."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 829243

File: 1411180585339.jpg (58.34 KB, 381x850, Hey there..jpg)

>She groaned and leaned back in her her chair a bit.
"This place just gets better and better... Did you come here to gathering info or to dole out free compliments?"

Khalini Heart Starforge !lw7SmasheY 829245

File: 1411180872867.jpg (111.01 KB, 751x1063, vi_study_by_badcompzero-d79j2v…)

"Yes!" Khalini laughs in answer, then shakes her head and actually responds. "No but I'm actually here to drink, relax, laugh and hook up." She grins over at her. "You in the game, hot stuff?"

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 829304

File: 1411225059038.jpg (100.72 KB, 525x700, No_Tears_by_Shimmering_Sword.j…)

"Nah, I'm just here for a drink. Thanks for that by the way."
>She took a swig of her beer ,emphasizing the point.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829769


Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829773

>Mickey Lurk

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829821

>Canterlot Castle.

>The court of Equestria's Queen. The symbol of the realm, figure of the most ancient monarchy. The throne, sitting regally, overlooking the large hall.

>It's almost entirely empty. It had been a busy day earlier. A few chipless citizens had been by earlier, to voice some concerns to someone who might actually hear them. A rookie guard had gotten a wee bit tipsy and needed discipline. Smaller matters. The usual players were still around. The unnamed watcher from the CCC was still hovering about, a slowly circling carrion bird around the back side of the throne, though not directly in the shadows of it. Percival Dunst, a former noble's son and a habitual drunk. The commissar of police, drinking from a mug with "#1 police officer" emblazoned in happy blue and yellow lettering on the side, sighing slightly at the poor and acrid taste of artificial coffee. The few old hats about that were still loyal.

>There were less and less of them every day. But then, something unexpected happens.

>The doors to the court slam open. In comes a trio of corporate suits, dressed to the nines, absolutely impeccably matching black suits and sharply contrasting white ties. They don't bother to bow. After all, they likely considered themselves more important than the Queen anyways. The commissar mutters something unprintable under his breath, several of the room's old ladies turn their heads to look and the watcher stands up in alarm, whispering angrily in the queen's ear.

"Did you do something while I wasn't watching?'

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829826

File: 1411326907033.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


>The Queen of Equestria sat at the throne, her gaze transfixed on the three strangers.

>She whispered back acidly.

"No, I did not. Did you?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829839

>There's an equal venom in the watcher's voice. If it were possible for words to kill, he would certainly be a wanted murderer many times over.
"Of Course not, Your Majesty, I would never."

>The three strangers come straight towards the throne, and the royal guard nearby attempts to utter a warning only to be glared down by the middle member of the three. They stop at a closer than respectful distance and the one on the right hefts a briefcase to the other three.

Your majesty.
>One of them says in a strangely robotic and entirely artificial voice. Likely cybernetics, of some sort, but none of it's visible. One of the members is a regular human, another a normal earth equine, and the last a unicorn with a hat, the only item that is different from the other two's appearance. The human is the one speaking.
Daedalus Corp requests your assistance.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829843

File: 1411327678975.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


Oh, do they indeed?

>She sighs, and then puts on a smile.

I would be delighted. How may I assist your Corporation?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829846

>The robotic voice starts, but then promptly starts. He looks to the one on his right. That one frowns and shakes his head. Then he turns to the other. Same response. The one speaking then gets tight lipped and the watcher looks at them with annoyance, to say the least of the commissar.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829848

File: 1411328056218.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)



>Mint Imperial coughs.

Are we at present experiencing technical difficulties? Or am I simply having my time wasted?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829853

>The equine sighs, and nudges the human, who speaks.
Technical difficulties. Ma'am.
>The unicorn on his right opens the briefcase, and the human takes out a few papers from the levitating briefcase.
There's a certain matter among the upper management that could use a... A pleasing face to speak of.
>The three look conspiratorially between each other and then back to the Queen... While the Watcher has a curious look on his face. The commissar slowly starts to break from his sort of torpor and starts to pay attention...

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829858

File: 1411328865233.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


So, you need a televised announcement?

Or are you suggesting advertisement and promotion? Because Corporate bias by any member of the royal family is illegal by the Laws of the Realm, and the Authority.

Dammit, I had to fight so damned hard to get that law passed, but it'd be just like these ponies to alter that little fact.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829875

>The three cough amongst themselves.
>The watcher growls in annoyance and makes a surprisingly threatening glance at the three, who clear their throats once again.
More specificially... We need someone to appear with a... besieged member. One of our scientists had an... explosion... that leveled an apartment complex next to his lab. A statement on...
>He looks at the papers in the briefcase.
"The need for scientific research and development" should help us... mitigate the damages... And a photo op with the scientist in question. It would do wonders to help us... mitigate the... damages."
>The other two nod in agreement... But the Watcher doesn't look exactly pleased with this.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829878

File: 1411329962922.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


I shall agree on the single condition that I could first read the statement and make queries upon it.

If there is something I read that is particularly eye opening, a Royal Enquiry into you R&D will be given the all-clear.

These are my terms.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829904

>This time, the unicorn speaks. And not in a polite tone.
Absolutely not! Daedalus R&D is a top corporate secret. Just think what would happen if Titanite or one of the others got to sneak a look at what we're developing, we could lose thousands!
Inconcievable. Rethink your conditions. I won't risk having the company's labs compromised for a powerless holdover. *Ma'am.
>Ooh. A murmur springs up from the crowds and the two other reps immediately turn to the unicorn among them. The commissar sits up directly and looks to one of the guards. The Watcher looks like he's ready to hurt someone. And quite badly.
Just agree. You look good. We look good. We all win. And we'll donate a sizable amount to your treasury.
"...How alarming."
>The watcher whispers through his teeth.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829913

File: 1411331302351.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


>She grits her teeth. They just crossed a line, and her face shows it.

But will I look good? If this comes back to bite me, I'll remember your faces, and so will my royal guards and jailers.

...I accept your proposition. You may leave now. I expect to be sent further details.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829940

>The other two remain completely silent, but they are clearly displeased with their compatriot. The Watcher clenches his fist as they beat a hasty retreat, the unicorn mouthing something along the lines of "I own you" as he walks out. As soon as they're gone, the commissar speaks up.
...You won't be able to jail them. As useless and incompetent as they are, they're corporate. It'd never stick. Especially with our friend here.
>He makes a gesture at the Watcher, who goes through the expected motions and makes a pained expression.
"You wound me with your words, sir. I am but a humble servant of the crown, after all. I mean, are you possibly suggesting I can help make a trio of stooges escape the justice of the crown? Never. In a thousand years."
>His usual venom has disappeared, and there's actually a barely perceptible note of humor behind it.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829950

File: 1411333121593.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


I know I won't be able to jail them. It was an empty threat, but a threat nontheless. If I keep acting like I'm pleased to do everything they ask me, it won't be long before I'm peddling computers on T.V. adverts.

>She turns to the watcher.

And you. You are welcome in my court. Your council is welcomed and you can be invaluable on occasion. And I think you deeply for all of these things.

>She brings her voice to a whisper so only he can hear.

But don't pretend you wouldn't go under my nose for ponies like them. Neither of us are idiots. If there's one thing the world doesn't need any more of right now, it's dishonesty.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829966

>The watcher smiles, a genuine one, and speaks in the same whisper.
"Well, in the interest of total disclosure, even I don't like incompetence. I'd save them regardless. But I don't have to like all of it."
>He moves back to his semi-stoop near the back of the throne, then slinks off to find the nearest toilet. Most of the old ladies seem to be waiting to be dismissed to their gossip after the display. The commissar seems actually alert now, and is writing at his little desk in the corner.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829973

File: 1411334573858.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


>She stands up from her throne.

I adjourn for the day, unless there is anyone else to see me.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829974

>The moment Mint stands up the gossiping begins. The chatter quickly fills the court more than it's been filled in weeks as the old ladies and the occasional husband file their way out of the royal court. The Commissar stays around, smiling faintly.
Your majesty? If you need me... I'll be having some... Cor, what time is it? Brunch? Dinner?
>he fishes about for his watch but fails to find it.
If you meet with anybody... that's what I'll be doing. Now where is my watch...
>He stands up and heads in the direction of the kitchens, his brass antique pocketwatch sitting on the desk under some papers.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829977


>Mint trots to his desk and picks up the watch, trotting after the Commissar to find him.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 829980

>He set off quickly, having stopped just outside the galleys. He stands waiting, listening for the Queen's hoofbeats.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 829992

File: 1411335498666.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


>She steps out of the doorway, and hands him his watch. She's actually pleasantly smiling now, something that not many people see up close anymore.

Your watch, Commissar.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 830001

Thank you, ma'am.
>He smiles as well, but his is quite a bit sadder. There's years of experience behind those old eyes. He holds up his pocketwatch, closing the lid.
I had a feeling you'd find it.
>He turns around slightly, and speaks in a slightly lower tone of voice.
Anything else you have for me?
>Of course, Mint would be well aware of the tiny listening device in the commissar's watch. And who might hear what was recorded on it.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 830004


>She cocks her head.

What do you mean?

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 830008

Ah, that answers my question. My mistake. By your leave, your majesty.
>He bows politely and proceeds to head into the kitchens... And there's an extremely tiny slip of paper left there on the floor. Looks like a fortune from a fortune cookie.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 830010


>She picks up the bit of paper, and reads it.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 830017

"Your actions will be appreciated by your friends." and on the back, "Buy a lottery ticket."
>It's got the logo of a ibexian restaurant that those in the real know would be aware went out of business five years ago.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 830020

File: 1411337186986.png (98.96 KB, 896x1024, Adult Mint Imperial.png)


>'Why would he keep a fortune for five years?

>Mint entered the Castle's library, and started looking through the records. She eventually found the address and number of "Lucky Garden: Authentic Caprinese cuisine"

>She went to the library's phone, and rang the work's number.

Cyan Hide !CyanV5oOvU 830022


>That top line should be a thought.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 830032

>At first, nothing happens. But then there's a ring.
Lucky Garden authentic Caprinese cuisine. What is your order?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 830180


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 831345

File: 1411529884656.jpg (341.58 KB, 1067x800, 4_Hypertexture_Sphere_Vue_56_0…)

Ignore this post.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835380

>Orchid screams and ducks down under the seat.
ORCHID: NIREN! Niren, where are we going?! You can't see!

>Salvo, meanwhile, takes the flying guillotine http://youtu.be/fzZNWqUJuA4 square in the chest. He cries out wildly in pain and stumbles backwards, the knife sticking right out of his sternum. He looks down at it for a few moments, then grunts. He grins a bloodthirsty grin, reaches up and yanks it out again.

SALVO: I will send my condolences to your voodoo priestess.

>Lurch, meanwhile, tries desperately to fumble around and get the lights on. After a few minutes, he stumbles upon what he thinks is the right switch and throws it without bothering to check first.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 835412

NIREN: Anywhere but here!
>The car spins around as the steering wheel spins in Niren's telekinetic grip. The car stops for a moment as it's shifted into forwards, and they rocket off into the night. Niren clearly can't keep this up for very long. He needs first aid. Probably a doctor, as one of his arms is hanging broken off the seat.

"Niren": voodoohoodoovoodoohoodoovooooooooo-
>The lights don't snap on as Lurch throws them. But something else interesting happens.
>A puddle of water in the street, filled by the rain, suddenly flares up in sparks from the severed power cable that was laying in it. And the mystery monster is standing right in the middle of it.
>Sparks fly out as it lets out a both incredibly human and incredibly inhuman scream as its joints lock up in place. But it's still very much alive... And there's a groaning noise coming from the lever.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835413

>Orchid whimpers, glancing quickly up at the front of the car.
ORCHID: ...N... Niren, I... Oh, gods... H-Hold on! I'll get us to a hospital!
>Orchid suddenly stands up and climbs swiftly into the front seat. It's only when she gets there that she realizes that she is a fox, and foxes cannot drive cars.
ORCHID: ...Oh, no, not again...

>Salvo grins and twirls the knife in his hand. He grabs the walkie off his lapel with his other hand and shouts into it.

SALVO: Nice work, Team Bravo! Take the shot if you've got it!

>The light of the sparks, thankfully, is just barely enough for Open to get a vague idea as to where the monster is. He aims down and tries to hit it while he has the chance...

Attack: Roll 1d20 = 3

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 835450

>Despite the incredible pain he was in, Niren manages a smile. Thatta girl.
Orchid. I can power the car. If you steer.
>The wheel was still operable, even if she couldn't get the pedals.

>The shot ricochet's off the cement and shoots a few feet to the left of Salvo's head. Not much time left...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835452

>Orchid lets out a soft sigh of relief and places her paws on the wheel.
ORCHID: ...Okay... Thank you...

>Salvo, upon hearing the shot hit the concrete, ducks and slams one hand over the pot on his head.

SALVO: Hey! Stationary target, asshole! Watch your fire!
>And with that, he charges forward in an attempt to slash at the zombie...
>...but doesn't. He hesitates, lowers his blade and takes a moment to carefully examine the handle in an attempt to figure out what it's made of.

>Open, meanwhile, takes another shot at the target...

Attack: Roll 1d20 = 9
>...while Lurch goes darting off into the darkness looking for another switch he could try.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 835460

Someday I'll teach you how to drive...
>And they power off into the distance as Niren tries to keep the power on the gas pedal. It's enough to get them out of the area.

>It's some kind of composite metal. Probably Titanite materials. They seem very roughshod. Makeshift. Like they're prototype. Proof of concept level prototype.

>Open hits it this time, but the shot bounces off a plate on the back of its head.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835461

>It's not that she doesn't know how to drive, it's that she literally can't. Her paws can't reach the pedals. Orchid chooses not to comment on that, however, being a little more focused on not rear-ending anyone.
ORCHID: ...Okay... Just hold on. You're gonna be okay...

>Salvo, meanwhile, groans and rolls his eyes.

SALVO: Conductive. Dammit.
>He hesitates a moment, then takes a step backwards and hurls the knife back at the monster's head.
Attack: Roll 1d20 = 20

>Open, meanwhile, reloads and takes another shot.

Attack: Roll 1d20 = 17
OPEN: Lurch, any luck with the lights?
LURCH: I'm trying!

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 835462

>And they head off into the night, doubtless finding somewhere to end up. We'll check back in with them later...

>In the meantime...

>Well that did it.

>A flash of a word meets Salvo's eyes as it flies. Daedalus craftworks is etched into the blade. And it enters the thing's head right between the eyes, buried to the hilt.
>And then it's shot.

>And electrocuted.

>Rarely has there been more overkill of one thing. And NOW the lights come on, as Lurch just stumbles on the right lever.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835463

>Salvo grins, claps his hands and points emphatically at the fallen beast.
SALVO: Congratulations, Moreau. You are now the ugliest unicorn!
>He hesitates a moment, then clears his throat and wipes the grin off his face.
SALVO: Bravo, it's clear. Get down here and help me clean this up.
>He steps forward and kneels down, examining the corpse as best he can without actually touching it, since it's probably still being electrocuted.
SALVO: And whatever you did to electrocute this guy, shut it off. I can't get electrocuted.
OPEN: Got it. Moving.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 835464

>"Moreau" doesn't respond other than, once again, the sound of tortured metal.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835465

>Salvo sighs, crosses his arms and just stares down at the corpse for a few moments.

>After a few minutes of searching, Lurch finds the switch he flipped earlier and deactivates it, then zips out of the building and falls three stories before flapping his wings hard and coming to a gentle landing right next to Salvo.

LURCH: What is that?
SALVO: Some kind of robot. Touch it. If there's any spare charge in that thing, I don't want to get zapped with it.
>Lurch shoots him a look, then rolls his eyes, grounds himself and pokes the body.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835540


Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835542

Hello there.

Let's get straight to the point, then. You remember that time that Digit said he was going to head in and talk to the Children of the Mantis?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835545

Ah yes, I remember that.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835546

Wanna do that, then?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835548

By all means. I'll work on a first post.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835550

Alrighty then.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835556

File: 1412110124739.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>His PDA was his friend and and it was one of the few things he managed to put trust in, in this day and age. However if other people where clever and knew how to work around it, even it could betray him. In light of that, he had decided to leave it behind.
>He was being paranoid and he knew that full well. Killing the lights and running from the church of the Mantis after the suits showed up... not that great looking back in it... He was beginning to think after spending so much time in the hospital and seen schizophrenics, that he might be turning into one.
>As the bus stopped and he paid his fee, he was glad today wasn't as rainy as it was in the recent past. now he could at least make his way to the church of the mantis being able to see somewhat clearly out of his helmet.
>Why someone hadn't had the bright idea to add something like windshield wipers was beyond him.
>Taking a deep breath and reassuring himself that this wasn't corp and he probably wouldn't vanish if he said something wrong, Digit made his way towards the Mantis arched doors.
>...Who knows, they might not be open today...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835561

>They're definitely open today. There isn't nearly as big of a line as there was the first time he arrived, but they're still definitely open. As he walks in, a smiling human greeter in a white suit and purple tie grins at him and scratches his ear.
Welcome to the Children of the Mantis, sir! Are you already a member of our congregation?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835573

File: 1412111312368.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

"No.... sorry, I came here about my first visit when...what was her name.."
>He scratched the side of his helmet, it had been a while and he hoped he had remembered the name correctly.
" ...'Miss Sepulchers' sermon got locked in?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835577

>That is the name, for the record, and the greeter clearly recognizes it. His warm smile vanishes in a matter of instants. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a phone, looks down at it and then looks up at Digit.
Well, in that case, sir, the legal department's been wanting to speak with you. Could you come with me, please?
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Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835588


>One more reassuring breath, here we go...
"Lead the way."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835594

>The greeter nods, turns on his heels and slips into the building. He walks off down the large, curved hallway to the left, following a bright red line on the floor. The sound of chattering crowds and cheerful music echo through the brightly lit hallways. Notably, there are a lot more men in dark suits wandering around the hallways than there used to be, but none of them seem to care about Digit's presence. A few of them give him a passing glance, but they don't stop what they're doing or go out of their way to follow him.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835597

File: 1412113274072.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>Digit to this point follows in silence aside from the sound of his feet on the floor or the odd rustle of his coat. Out of habit, he was making a mental note of security fixtures he could see without turning his head.. not that he had any plan to do anything about them or planned funny business in general... it was just a routine he went through to make himself feel better.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835599

>He'd notice a vast array of black security cameras lining the walls, staring down at the corridor below him. Considering that it's a large, circular hallway, he'd be very hard-pressed to find a blind spot. Then again, there's no way of telling how many of them are actually on...

>Eventually, the greeter leads Digit to a small door laid into the wooden wall on the interior of the building and opens it. Inside is a considerably darker corridor. It's lit with dim, flickering fluorescent lights, lined with industrial-looking metal doors and cold concrete walls. It generally looks very dark and unpleasant, striking a disconcerting contrast with the warm and cheery room outside.

You'll want Room 14. It's on the left. And, uh... sorry about the lights. We're trying to get them fixed, but I don't know when the contractor comes in, so...
>The greeter lapses into an awkward silence, clears his throat and just kind of wanders off.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835604

>......Legal department? This?
>Waiting a second to take his prescription he nodded at the greeter who had begun walking away.
"Got it."
>He opened the door, looking in to see exactly how bad this lighting situation is on the other side.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835607

>Room 14 looks vaguely like an interrogation room of some kind -- dull concrete walls, a single long table with a chair on either side, and a large mirror on the wall behind him... but hey, at least this one is well-lit. There's even a selection of tabloids and fashion magazines on the floor next to one of the chairs, which is nice.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835611

File: 1412115723958.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.89 KB, 660x800, 8a0752aae86953e21b5dace52677c9…)

I find this pic floating around my folders. I'm confident you can make use of it better then I could.
>Scenes from crime shows had begun flowing into his head once he had properly observed the room, staring for a little longer then intended at the mirror. He felt the temptation to wave at it but now was not the time for that.
>He entered the room, for comforts sake wishing he had actually brought his datapad but at the same time knowing that with all this concrete, a signal wouldn't even be plausible to hope for... for some reason he couldn't help but feel that was intentional.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835615

Ah, thank you.
>The room is silent for a few long moments...


>And then, suddenly, an elderly man in a purple button-up shirt walks into the room, holding a briefcase in his hand.

Hello! My name's Michael. I'm from the legal department.
>He smiles warmly and sits down at the table with a soft sigh.
Have a seat, sir. We've got a lot to talk about.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835627

>He stiffens for second in surprise, not expecting anyone this soon.
>He shuffles over to the seat and sits in it.
"So... where do you want to begin?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835630

Well, why don't we begin with what you saw?
>Michael lifts his briefcase up and onto the table as he speaks. He opens it and begins to search through it for something, but Digit can't see what it is from this angle.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835656

>He sat quit still and was actually sounding a bit calmer then before. His meds where starting to kick in and they always managed to make him a bit more mellow...
"I saw, to begin with, people going for the doors when miss Sepulcher mentioned people could leave... The line formed and someone saying the doors aren't open and are locked. She keeps pressing what I assume was a button on the podium to open the doors but its not working.. she kept pressing and an automated voice kept saying it needed a higher and higher rank to open, once it hit... I hope I pronounce this right.. 'mentobea' she asked the crowd for help getting it open.."
>He waited a second, there was more to this tale of his and he knew it, but still... if they didn't ask, he probably wouldn't tell thanks to some latent paranoia making it's way through his meds.
"Is there... any particular part you want to hear about?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835667

Mantodea, actually... but yes, that sounds right so far.
>Michael nods and takes a few packets of paper out of his briefcase, setting them on the table next to him.
And yes, in fact. There is. At that point, we believe the computer...
>Michael hesitates for a moment, then sighs.
...well, a few of the witnesses stated that the computer began to relay some kind of message at this point. Did you notice anything odd?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835678

File: 1412120902376.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>He cleared his throat in a somewhat muted fashion from inside his helmet.
"..I remember a voice from the podium asking if there was anyone there. I... Followed by something I didn't quite make out alongside the voice quoting old songs. Something about, danger and mentodea's.... though how much of that was quotes or actual speaking I'm not sure...."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835681

...I see.
>The man clears his throat and shakes his head.
Now, sir, I realize this incident happened... four months ago now, and it may be difficult for you to remember, but I want you to think carefully. I've been told this is important. Did the voice mention any names or numbers?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835692

Incidentally, if you don't remember, there's no shame in letting me know...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835698

Sorry, was called away for a quick conversation. I think I remember there being numbers but I don't quite remember there being any name. Thankfully, having multiple threads that aren't cyclic is a glorious thing and I can look into the past and see if there was.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835700

Ah. Alright, then.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835718

File: 1412124200192.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>He stalled and took some time to think.
".... I don't remember.. When miss Sepulcher asked the crowd for help getting the doors open I was trying to open them while the voice was going.... I get a bit absorbed when I'm working with computers..."
>He lowered his head a bit in a somewhat embarrassed fashion.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835720

I see. ...Oh, that reminds me!
>Michael smiles a smile that's maybe a little less kindly than he would've preferred.
I hope you don't mind if I change the subject, but speaking of working with computers... I'd like to talk about that little stunt you pulled with the lights.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835724

>His head went a little lower and his body stiffened.
>Dangit, he thought adjusting the timer was clever enough...
"....What about them?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835729

Oh, it was you, then? Excellent.
>Michael chuckles and rolls his eyes.
Seriously, though... Normally, in a position like yours, the conversation we'd be having would be a lot more... heated, shall we say. The Children of the Mantis take their security very seriously. However... well, the Mantodeas had a little talk about the incident.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835738

File: 1412126162313.jpg (126.62 KB, 667x1000, Digit-Sans coat.jpg)

>He put his head on the table with a subtle *clonk*, cursing himself for falling for that. Origionally he was raising his head again because that display made him look even guiltier, however on the note of people discussing him, it was was more a snap to attention.
"Not saying I did.... but what did they say?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835744

Well, they basically took a good long look at the incident. Whoever this was...
>Michael smiles at Digit silently for a few moments.
...used the guest WiFi to turn off the lights. As intrusions into the network go, that's pretty harmless. It's not like the culprit was hacking into our secure servers and stealing information about our clients, or tampering with the fire suppression systems. It's not sabotage, it's just turning off the lights. In fact, all the culprit really did in the long run was alert us to a flaw in our automated system. But now that the lights have been taken off the Internet, we've reached the point where we can look back on this and laugh. In fact, the Mantodeas have decided they'd even be willing to compensate the hacker for bringing this little loophole to their attention. Call it an "outside consultant's fee," if you will.
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Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835749

File: 1412127752966.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>His posture still looked as uncomfortable as before, if not more so as he weighed his options and living expenses... as well as his level of trust in these 'Mantodeas'.
".........How would the culprit receive this 'fee'?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835754

Well, we'd just transfer the money to his bank account, of course.
>Michael continues smiling warmly.
Assuming, of course, he'd signed a nondisclosure agreement about the ordeal. If word got out that we were paying people 8,000 bits a pop to find and exploit holes in our security, that wouldn't end well for anyone.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835763

>After a second or two followed by a somewhat frustrated sigh..
".......May I see the paperwork?"
>He couldn't help but have this gut feeling that he was selling out even considering it, thought he may not use all those bits on himself mind you.... best to know what he was dealing with before deciding anything..

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835767

Certainly. It's right here.
>The lawyer slides a five-page packet across the table to Digit and places a pen next to it.
Of course, that's just the one about the hacking...
>He reaches into his briefcase, pulls out a considerably thicker thirty-page contract and slides it across as well.
This is the one about the computer incident.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835770

File: 1412130974700.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>Had Michael been able to see digits eyes he might have been astonished human eyes could open that widely as he stared at the small hill of paperwork which he expected he'd have to climb over to even exit the building.
>He skimmed through the larger pile, looking for specifics involving how much and how severe the consequences where if they found out he had spoken. They may not be the big three but he expected Mantis to pull out big a ban-hammer as they could muster...

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835771

>*pull out as big a...

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835772

>It's astonishing. Thirty straight pages of legalese and doubletalk. On one page, it talks about fines and "tithes", on another it talks about lengthy prison sentences, and on another it talks about "debt owed to the party of the second part to be paid in accordance with the Canterlot arm of the Global Charity Initiative." The agreement doubles back on itself like a serpent swallowing its own tail, repeats itself like a press executive who had only prepared a speech and not been expecting to receive questions, and contradicts itself much more than would seem to be acceptable for a document of this type. Digit is struck with the feeling that even if he had an ace attorney of his own to go over all this with him, he wouldn't be able to decipher the terms of the agreement... but the phrase "to the fullest extent of the law" pops up at least once per page.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835795

I'm sorry to make you wait this long for no payoff but I have things that I need to take care of that can't wait any longer. I will post properly at the earliest opportunity.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835797

Alright. I'll be here.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835843

>He'd heard paradox zen riddles easier to figure out then this... it wouldn't earn him any points by having Michael explain it to him, implying he didn't just flat out refuse. The more he read the more he didn't want his name on any of it's vaguely described, implied, or possibly contrived guidelines.
>However, there was no way he was leaving this building or even ten feet from this room without signing... though:
"The tithes... is that mandatory after signing or is it just members?"

Do you want to call it quits for the night and continue in the morning?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835848

Oh, no no no. Don't worry about that, sir.
>Michael chuckles softly and rolls his eyes.
The section about tithing only applies to those with Arthropoda-level clearance or higher. You may be subjected to fines, but that's only if you violate the agreement.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 835849

And no, I'm good to keep going if you are.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 835917

File: 1412173048742.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>Sorry... I didn't realize I'd fallen asleep in my chair until just now,sorry.
>Giving it another quick once over, he signed the papers with no small amount of visible reluctance.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836096

Excellent. Thank you for your cooperation, Mister...?
>Michael cranes his neck slightly to catch a glimpse of Digit's signature.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836105

File: 1412198848914.jpg (126.62 KB, 667x1000, Digit-Sans coat.jpg)

>The paper would read:
>"Tollin, Derren Garith"
"Digit... well, that's what I started calling myself after a friend thought it was clever to add 'I's' between my initials..."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836122

I see. Well then, Digit...
>Once Digit is done with the documents, Michael slides them back to his side of the table.
I believe that should be everything. Unless you'd also like to collect that consultant's fee...
>He gestures briefly to the smaller agreement, a harmless smile still plastered across his face.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836132

File: 1412205307637.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

>He sat there again in silence, returning Michael's smile with that blank semi-reflective look he gave everyone who looked at him.
"...can I see those papers as well?
>It was honestly the best thing he could say without blurting the glaring question on his mind: 'What's the catch?' aside from damaging his pride that is.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836134

>Michael slid them across the table quickly, still smiling.
Of course. Here you are.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836145

>He didn't waste any time getting straight to reading them and silently hoping it was more comprehensible then the first one.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836157

>The second agreement is much simpler than the first one, thankfully. That's not to say that it's any more straightforward than the original -- there's still a lot of incomprehensible legal jargon and apparent contradictions -- but it's a much simpler agreement, and much harder to screw up. The only real difference is there's a section of the form where he has to fill out his bank account information.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836169

File: 1412208483968.jpg (126.62 KB, 667x1000, Digit-Sans coat.jpg)

>It's not like they wouldn't be able to get that information now that they had his name thanks to being a registered citizen. It may be protected, but someone is always willing to make some extra on the side. Especially here in Canterlot. Besides, he never left credit for long before turning it into cash.
>Swallowing his dignity and his pride, he signed on the dotted lines before solemnly sliding it back across the table.
"..I actually have one more thing to say."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836171

>Michael picks up the packets, places them in his briefcase and closes it.
What would that be?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836183

File: 1412210194354.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

"I honestly wouldn't have shown up today... or at all for that matter, if one of the other attendees of that event hadn't found me and convinced me. Scaly pony, tentacles on or around his mouth..."
>He put his hand in front of his face with gloved fingers forwards, mimicking the mutants tentacled mouth and then putting them down, realizing that might have been rude to him if he was in the room.
"...'Billy' I think he said his name was."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836186

Hm? Oh, yes... you must be referring to Mr. Dagonovich. Not easy to forget a face like that one...
>Michael chuckles softly and rolls his eyes.
Well, we'll be sure to credit his account, then. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, and thank you for your cooperation.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836208

"Mhh.. you're welcome"
>He sat in the chair fidgeting his fingers in his lap, probably waiting for Michael to dismiss him.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836209

Right, then. I suppose that's--
>Suddenly, Michael cuts himself off mid-sentence. He looks away from Digit, presses his finger to his ear and begins muttering softly to himself.
>Eventually, he nods and turns back to Digit, his cheery smile coming back in an instant.
There's just one more thing, Mr. Tollin. In the four months before you signed the nondisclosure agreement, did you tell anyone about what you saw?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836220

File: 1412215866958.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

"Umm... let me think..."
>He sat there for a while, his helmet blankly staring into nothing before he rubbed it around the areas where his temples would be, sliding them back down to his lap with a sigh as he seemed to be coming up with very little.
"...Aside from when I brought it up for a second when Billy was convincing me, which the topic died before it even started, I don't think so... if I remember any, do you have a card or something I could contact?"

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836223

Yes, I do. Just... a moment, please...
>Michael reaches into his shirt pocket, plucks a card out between two fingers and holds it out to Digit. At the same time, he glances away from him and presses his finger to his ear again. He continues muttering for a few long moments, then nods and turns back to Digit.
Excellent. If you think of anyone else who might know about this, be sure to let us know. It's a very... sensitive matter. I'm sure you understand. Oh -- and it should go without saying by this point, but don't tell anyone else, alright?

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836230

>From behind his helmet he did his best to follow michaeal's gaze this time, taking the card and putting it in the now spacious flap where his PDA would have been.
"I understand."
>Feeling it was the appropriate time to stand he did so, taking a second to brushoff and unruffle the lower half of his coat he was sitting on.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836235

>He wasn't staring at anything in particular -- just an intriguingly-shaped stain on the floor, from what Digit would be able to tell.
Excellent. I think that's everything, then.
>Michael smiles again, stands up and extends his hand to Digit.
Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Tollin. It's quite a relief to have all the loose ends tied up. The money will be transferred to your account by 9 AM tomorrow.

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 836245

File: 1412220032169.jpg (179.55 KB, 533x800, Digit-Streetwear.jpg)

"Thank you..."
>He shook his hand. Albeit a little longer then intended as a thought crossed his mind.
".......If you need any other, 'outside consultations' I have an open schedule."

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836247

>Michael chuckles and grabs his briefcase.
I'll be sure to let my supervisors kno--
>Suddenly, he stops. He blinks, tilts his head down and presses his finger against his ear. He mutters something under his breath which sounds remarkably like "who is this?", falls silent... and then his eyes snap open.
N-No, wait! Stop! I'm only a Pterygota! You have the wrong frequency!
>He falls silent for a few long moments, then lets out a heavy sigh and lowers his hand.
...Er... sorry about that. Internal matter. Nothing to concern yourself with. You should...That'll be all.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836249

>It's a cold, wet evening on Canterlot -- but then, what evening isn't? But tonight seems worse than most other nights. The weather tonight is the kind of weather that could flood the streets. Just send all the filth and hobos and prostitutes tumbling down the mountain and rinse the city clean. The thunderclaps are still a few seconds after the lightning strikes, though, so that's something, but it's still not very conducive to going outside.

>What a pity, then, that tonight, just after midnight, a burner phone that's been gathering dust on Wolfsbane's desk for months now suddenly jolts to life and begins to ring...

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 836263

>A pile of blankets on the bed groans and a red haired head pokes out.
...Thass not my ringtone...
>Wolfsbane tries to reach for it and just falls out of bed onto the floor. Her head raises up again, and she crawls for the desk and shoves aside a half-assembled clock and grabs the offending piece of plastic and metal.
>and promptly says something unintelligible after answering.

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836264

>A few moments later, the all-too-familiar voice of Stormfront pipes up from the other end.
It's time.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 836279

Oh, gods.
>She falls back over into the blankets and groans.
>She looks up at the now overturned clock and curls up in the blankets again... And sighs.
When and where?

Conch Shell VII!CloSETgeO6 836280

>There's a slight pause here. When Stormfront speaks again, his voice is much quieter than before.
We discussed this. On the night you spoke with Khalini. We need you to head to the building where you tagged Isaac, tonight. It's