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New Lunar Reserves: Navis Concordia NLR 787799[Last 50 Posts]

#Adventure #Chill #Ask/Invite #Canon: New Lunar Reserves #03

>Anyone who is interested in signing up, has questions or simply those who need a refresher or update can check the OOC thread here: https://mlpchan.net/rp/res/698576.html

Manehattan Ports Normalized!
Aurora–The unreported shipments have begun to fall dramatically in quantity in the past few months. Manehattan officials are placing credit on increased policing in the area since a warehouse fire earlier in May. Some civilians in the area claim that they have spotted a number of guards and cloaked ponies moving around before the drop in unreported shipments, however, no one else has claimed to have seen such an event.

Sweet Apple Assault?
Core–Locals in Ponyville have reported animals attacking Sweet Apple Acres earlier this month. Local investigation has proved inconclusive, and the Apple Family has refused to comment on both what, exactly, attacked them, and who helped them fend it off, only stating that "they can handle it."

Sea Beast Sightings In Seaddle
Bridle Shores–There has been a sudden spike of massive sea beast sightings in Seaddle. Claims of seeing dragons have been common for centuries, however, in recent days, the number of claims that there have been something even larger off shore have grown exponentially, some even saying that it appeared artificial. Authorities have passed it off as a sea serpent or simply mistaking a ship for one, however, each sighting has stated that it was far larger than anything else seen before.
Two years have passed since an unknown calamity rendered the Elements inert, leaving only a new organization called the New Lunar Reserves to fight off the evils who wish to attack Equestria. Formed from a group of unlikely, yet extraordinary people and given a base between the cities of Ponyville, Cloudsdale and Canterlot, the New Lunar Reserves have been in fierce combat with another organization known only to them and the Princesses: the Cult of Harmony, a group that not only claims to know what caused the Elements to become inert, but want to use that reaction to warp the world in their image. After a raid to steal one of their prized beacons, the group was left gravely wounded, and with one of their own, Shining Shuffle, kidnapped by the enemy.

It is now June 16th, 1934. The corrupted light has claimed one of the NLR's own and, soon, they shall take it back, and extinguish the Cult of Harmony forever… but the Cult of Harmony may not be the only one wishing harm on Equestria.

Map of base: http://i.imgur.com/5EfXeGK.png (Underground)
http://i.imgur.com/4ho70I4.png (Surface)

DJ (The God Collector) !PON3fVm.U. 787802

File: 1402908314628.png (185.89 KB, 900x453, art_block____by_spyro_fan_25-d…)

>Faust is humming a jolly little tune as he finishes up his report on the injuries the team sustained in their last mission. From the sound of things there were more than a few close calls, particularly in Stefran's case. But they would all pull through just fine with plenty of medicine, bandages, and bed rest.

>Spyro was released fairly early in his examination and was resting on his usual perch at the highest point of the base. He was bandaged in a few areas but for the most part his injuries seemed superficial and he'd heal within a day or so.

Canis (The guilt master) 787807

File: 1402909772981.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

Stefran lay in a hospital bed, fast asleep with the aid of sedatives he'd been hopped up on to get him through the days to come and the painful surgery that had come before, though in truth there was none too much that *could* be done outside of magic and so magic he'd been filled with, though that could only help so much. So now the stallion, chest wrapped in bandages, slept upon a hospital bed, lying on his back. Last mission he'd been the only one unharmed, this time he barely made it out alive. Karma I suppose.

Cult of Harmony 788330

File: 1402971791044.jpg (25.78 KB, 550x733, doorways.jpg)

>A massive blast of magenta light erupting across Shining's view was the last thing he saw of the fortress before it was replaced with a set of long, cold and tight halls. The ponies in gray robes were dispersing in all directions before one could even react, loud clanging and shouting coming from every which way as other cultists rushed by in a blurs of whites, browns and blacks. The only ones who had not moved were the unicorn who had brought Shining there, and the white-robed cultist that accompanied him. Both had their weapons prepared, whether it was the unicorn's glowing horn, or the white-robed cultist's submachine gun.

"Get up!"

>The white robe shouted over the chaotic din.

Shining Shuffle 788335

File: 1402972215923.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

Eyes flashing around at all the swirling robes and the lights, Shining's mind was sent into overdrive, adrenaline fueled state she ran in, in a rave. Sadly this was not nearly as fun as a rave, not nearly as enjoyable… Oddly not as seedy either, probably far less drugs available here than at any rave she'd ever attended. Pulling the robe she still wore about her she got to her feet, eyes focusing to flicker between the two cultists in charge of her as she got to her feet, blades still all about her form she very slowly sheathed the sword still in her hooves to make sure they knew it wasn't aggressive movement. Staying quiet and letting them tell her what to do next.

Cult of Harmony 788347

File: 1402973100584.png (26.48 KB, 140x140, Cultist_HighMook.png)

"Drop all of your weapons, please."
>Now it was the Magus's turn to give orders, though, his voice was much calmer than his comrades. However, his horn was flashing dangerously as he ordered Shining around. A metal door suddenly flung open behind them, another white-robed cultist stepping out with a shotgun aimed at Shining.
"Is this the prisoner?"
"Correct. Is the brig open?"
>The two white-robes had started talking to each other, though their eyes kept dropping down to Shining with suspicion clear in them.

Shining Shuffle 788350

File: 1402973320524.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

Shinings ears flattened, glad at least she could feel the comfortable tension of one thing familiar to her around her neck. Her headphones, this place would be far worse knowing she'd be without music entirely, she undid her sword belt and offered it to the magus, reaching down to her abdomen and undoing a second belt, pulling it away revealing the two knives sheathed in it, she hoofed that to him too, staying silent and oddly, standing a little closer to him than the first class. He hadn't been unkind in his words when he captured her, he did not seem one of the more violent ones. Being a tiny, truly small pony, she'd barely come up to his shoulders.

Cult of Harmony 788352

File: 1402973594152.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>By now, the roar of activity was beginning to fade, leaving only a strange, dizzying sensation. Only after a few seconds would one unfamiliar with it realize that the ground was ever so slightly rocking and bobbing from side to side. The Magus hovered the weapons to him, then pointed down the hall.
"Keep trotting until you reach stairs. We will be right behind you, so do not think of trying anything…"
>The magic around the Magus's horn began to swirl around each of Shining's hooves, leaving a magenta trail leading to the unicorn. There didn't seem to be any resistance to Shining's movement, but, perhaps it would be best not to test exactly what it could do.

Shining Shuffle 788356

File: 1402973882792.png (312.83 KB, 1024x1024, Shuffle nervous.png)

Nodding, she continued on, keeping her head down and trudging along in front of him, being sure not to go too fast or too slow, just trudging along towards the stairs as the people stayed behind her.

…Hopefully she'd live to see tomorrow. That's all she could pray for now, not escaping, not seeing her sister again, just living to the next day.

Cult of Harmony 788362

File: 1402974710088.jpg (7.95 KB, 200x300, stairs0596_080511.jpg)

>Shining almost had to squeeze by the stairs to start trotting down them, only a slight increase in width given to let others get up and down the staircase. At the bottom, though, the Magus raised his hoof and waved the other two off. In such a cramped area, and with the magic surrounding Shining's hooves, the unicorn seemed certain there simply was not a way out if Shining were to try something.
"You don't seem like a soldier."
>He finally spoke after what felt like eternity, stopping in front of a door that looked the same as any other, only the word "brig" on the side of it.

Shining Shuffle 788390

File: 1402978322498.png (277.68 KB, 900x1396, 1395915471545.png)

She saw no point in deception now, at least not something as simple as this. So she simply chose to tell the truth.

"Not really no… I'm a dancer, I was recruited after I saved a soldiers from some thugs."

She rolled her neck, adjusting the headphones that lay around it, cord leading off into the fatty pants she wore.

"Oh uhmn… I do stoll have some weapons, my throwing knives, but the belt I keep them on keeps my pants up so do you mind if I give you them one at a time."

Cult of Harmony 788406

File: 1402980734423.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

"Go on."
>The Magus opened the door, leading to a slightly more spacious room with cells slightly larger than the claustrophobic hallways they were just in. He looked back over his shoulder.
"That organization of yours even hires… dancers?"

Shining Shuffle 788409

File: 1402981024152.png (122.44 KB, 915x874, Nope!.png)

"Well I did kill all three of them with nothing but a broken bottle… I umn… Well blades and dance go together pretty well to make you deadly and hard to hit. Not too sound rude but I *did* take down a lot of your men. I may not be a soldier but I'm good in a fight."

Cult of Harmony 788413

File: 1402981532388.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>The Magus let out a low, displeased hum, but did not make any comment on the killing of his own allies.
"I see. One question, then: why do you fight for them? They just left you back there, even that zebra you saved…"
>He seemed honestly curious about this.
"Death does not seem like something to risk just for money, if that's it."

Shining Shuffle 788423

File: 1402982547728.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, Shining shuffle.jpg)

"Well at first…? It was because it seemed an oppertunity to do good, they told me I was joining a force that would deal with the problems that no one else could, that I'd be a hero. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life so that seemed good to me… Later on though… Well I stayed because they were my friends, and I was sort of in love with one of them even if she wouldn't give me the time of day…"

Cult of Harmony 788424

File: 1402982771781.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>The Magus sighed.
"I suppose friendship doesn't mean what it used to, anymore…"
>He placed a hoof on one of the bars of an empty cell, then stopped and turned around to face Shining, muttering "hero" under his breath in a disdainful tone.
"Where was the one you loved in all of this? A guard in your base?"

Shining Shuffle 788429

File: 1402983211213.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She obediently stepped inside the cell, shaking her head as she turned and sat down inside the room.

"I'd rather not talk about that, not really relevant is it?"

Cult of Harmony 788430

File: 1402983353409.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>The cultist arched his brow beneath his hood, an expression somewhat difficult to see from the shadows cast across his face.
"Is it irrelevant, Miss…"
>He trailed off, leaving the space for her to introduce herself.

Shining Shuffle 788431

File: 1402983415654.png (312.83 KB, 1024x1024, Shuffle nervous.png)

"Shining Shuffle… And I'm a stallion…" She muttered dejectedly.

Cult of Harmony 788436

File: 1402983712937.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

>The cultist blinked, then coughed awkwardly and continued.
"Yes, of course, Shining, I should pay better attention. Back to what I was saying, though, is there a reason you won't tell me? After all, we'll probably just ask this question later on. We're so intrigued to know how the bonds between those who oppose our harmony work."
>He paused for a moment, furrowing his brow before looking aside, then sighing.
"Well, at least I do."

Shining Shuffle 788438

File: 1402983814471.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, Shining shuffle.jpg)

She blushed a little at the cough and the way he seemed decidedly more awkward, considering the things likely going through her captors mind.

"Her names Lauresta, she's the yellow mare who just punches people."

Cult of Harmony 788440

File: 1402984434436.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>The cultist seemed surprised at that.
"The golden one? Really? The only good things I've ever heard about her has been from Honest Soul."
>There was a glint in his eye of both curiosity and honest pity.
"She was there, wasn't she…"

Shining Shuffle 788441

File: 1402984655367.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

Shining nodded softly, ears flopping down as she seemed to just slump down into herself.

"I got caught by you because I ran into a heap of cultists to protect her and let her get into cover, when I turned around… She'd abandoned me."

Now it was clear why she hadn't been eager to talk, bowing her head down and puling her hood up in an obvious defensive gesture.

DJ (The God Collector) !PON3fVm.U. 788443

File: 1402985174969.png (417.17 KB, 702x806, __spyro___by_eternaldragoness-…)

>Spyro is making his way down to the holding cells, having had enough of waiting. Maybe this Open Arms guy was like Warm Heart and could be convinced to help them.

>Faust meanwhile has sent a memo to Raspberry that when she has the time he'd like to speak with her.

Cult of Harmony 788444

File: 1402985191420.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>He frowned at that, perhaps sympathy swimming in his eyes when he turned back to look at Shining.
"And the very same thing happened with the zebra, as well."
>The cultist frowned at her pulling up her hood, looking at the barred door he held open and tapping his hoof against it.
"Glowing Pact."
>He suddenly looked back at Shining, a tiny smile visible as he changed the subject.
"My name's Glowing Pact, by the way."

Shining Shuffle 788445

File: 1402985371066.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"Well not really… He was near dead, and I doubt particularly conscious…"

She looked up at him, cocking her head to the side before responding.

"Well umn… Nice to meet you I guess? You haven't beaten me yet so you're a nicer jailer than I expected…"

Glowing Pact 788447

File: 1402985766157.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"Aren't friends supposed to help one another to the end?"
>Something about his tone wasn't coming off as accusatory, or even suspicion, just… more curiosity.
"And worry not, Shining, I will see if I can get some of our more diehard members off the patrol list."

>Since 3 rps at once might get a bit insane…
Roll 1d2 = 2

Shining Shuffle 788448

File: 1402986011040.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"You'd think so… "

Shining said, looking about her new home, before sitting on the bed provided if there was one.

"So… What now? I'm guessing you're going to go tell your superiors you caught one of us alive and then I'll probably be interrogated soon after…"

She said this with a certain… distance in her tone. It wasn't so much a question, just a grim acceptance that she was going to be in a lot of pain, and it was going to be ending later rather than sooner. Even now she was in quite a bit of pain, small calibre bullets embedded in her arms and one in her lower abdomen, body caked in dried blood.

Raspberry Black 788449

File: 1402986320086.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>According to the guards, this 'Open Arms' was refusing to speak to anyone, or at all, for that matter. All he did was lie in his bed, eat, and stare down at anyone who so much as looked at him. Even if Spyro were to attempt, the best he got was a knowing smile, as if the young dragon were a child trying to play when it was not his turn…

>Raspberry, who simply hadn't been seen outside of her room since the mission had started and took as short of time as possible in the hospital, grabbed the letter slipped beneath her door. After a short sigh and a mug of coffee, the mare traveled to the medbay, looking a fair amount more tired and out of energy than she usually did.

Glowing Pact 788452

File: 1402986942960.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

>There definitely wasn't much privacy: everything was open… everything being a toilet, sink, mirror and bed. From how tight the room was, it was only a couple steps at max from any of those things.

>Glowing Pact flashed another smile and dismissively waved his hoof.

"We're not brutes, Shining: we haven't even gotten you fixed up yet. Do tell me your group at least treats our ponies better…"

Shining Shuffle 788453

File: 1402987082160.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She merely shrugged a little at that, not looking at him now just the steel ground beneath her

"Who knows, we've never taken a prisoner as far as I know. We have very good medical facilities though, even if the head doctor is creepy."

Glowing Pact 788454

File: 1402987357824.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"Our own healers should be here in time. It's a long walk around here to get them, though, so we have a bit of time to talk."
>The cultist smiled once more.
"So tell me, what are you friends like?"

Shining Shuffle 788455

File: 1402987475916.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"Well Spyro, the dragon he's the nicest of us, he really does believe he's a hero and always does his best to avoid hurting people where he can. I don't really have many friends, people tend to find me weird, but he and I get along well. The commanders are nice but I can't really say I'm friends with them, they're my bosses…"

Glowing Pact 788456

File: 1402987700143.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, mane 6.png)

>Glowing adjusted his hood a little and once again began tapping the bars of the door.
"You don't have too many friends either, eh?"

Shining Shuffle 788458

File: 1402987794103.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"I thought me and Laury were at least friends, but no not really… Most of my friends aren't in the group anyway, they're just my friends back in canterlot. Even then, just a few… Things tend to get weird when people find out I'm a stallion. Girls make fun of me or feel weird around me, guys lose interest in me."

Glowing Pact 788459

File: 1402988277513.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"W-well, I'm still interested!"
>Glowing said quickly, almost desperately, even, before coughing and looking away.
"Sorry, sorry, I know how you feel, there. My only friends were Followers before I joined…"

Shining Shuffle 788461

File: 1402988529200.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

That got a blush out of the tiny effeminate stallion, wondering what kind of interest this man had in her, especially when she was entirely helpless, and he was likely the only one here who wasn't already inclined to hurt her. The last sentence got her confused though, pushing back on the bed a little she looked up at him from under her hood, the platinum strip in her mane catching the overhead light and gleaming brightly

Glowing Pact 788462

File: 1402988790564.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

"You know… Followers of Harmony?"
>Glowing paused for a moment, then sighed.
"Cultists. They were cultists."

Shining Shuffle 788464

File: 1402988850667.png (350.21 KB, 1058x956, 79541__safe_rainbow+dash_cute_…)

"So you only had friends in the cult before you joined it?"

Glowing Pact 788465

File: 1402989054059.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"That's right! They had asked me a few times to come along, but, it just didn't seem like my kind of thing…"
>His hoof dropped from the bars, his expression difficult to see.
"But, uh, they were working in the Aurora branch at the time, in Manehattan."

Shining Shuffle 788466

File: 1402989164192.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"Well that explains how you ended up here… Hard not to join it with everyone you care about already being a member… Uh… Mind if I ask something? I've seen plenty of unicorns and Earth ponies in your cult, but I've never seen a pegasi… Are we just… not invited or something?"

Glowing Pact 788468

File: 1402989483485.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

"Yeah, besides, once we're finally done, they'll be brought back."
>Glowing let out a little sigh, but bounced back to an amused smile.
"Pegasi are there, just pretty hard to spot. I mean-"
>He leaned forward, shrouding all but the end of his periwinkle muzzle.
"Without this black robe, you wouldn't even know that I'm a unicorn."

Shining Shuffle 788470

File: 1402989634004.png (277.68 KB, 900x1396, 1395915471545.png)

"Well… Unicorns horns are a bit easy to spot, I mean I can see it through the hood still… Uhmn… Are the medics going to be arriving soon… I am in quite a bit of pain here."
She held a hoof to her shoulder, the wound may have clotted but there was still a bullet in there, likely moving that arm at all brought agony out of her.

Glowing Pact 788472

File: 1402989918766.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"I told you that the base is pretty big. I'm sure they'll be here in a few seconds…"
>Glowing leaned out of the door and looked around a little before letting out a short hum.
"I'm going to need those knives of yours, though."

Shining Shuffle 788474

File: 1402990046557.png (312.83 KB, 1024x1024, Shuffle nervous.png)

She nodded, taking them out one by one and placing them at the end of the bed for him to take with his magic, staying silent at the reprimand.

Glowing Pact 788476

File: 1402990514664.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>One by one, the magenta glow swept them away and into Glowing's magical grip.
"I think I hear them coming up, now…"
>He said before turning his attention back to Shining.
"You said something about your commanders… what, do they go on those missions, too?"

Shining Shuffle 788478

File: 1402990610576.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, Shining shuffle.jpg)

Thinking quickly so as not to give so much information away she shook her head.
"We're a small group, so I just interact with them a lot in the base, one of thems the best soldier out of us by far, the zebra owes all his skill to that guy."

Glowing Pact 788479

File: 1402990859255.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

>The cultist tilted his head to the side, his curiosity finally holding a tell-tale hint of suspicion.
"You don't send your best soldier with you?"

Shining Shuffle 788482

File: 1402991399053.png (312.83 KB, 1024x1024, Shuffle nervous.png)

"You send your most vital members into the field? We wouldn't risk the guy who decides our plans, that would be stupid."

Glowing Pact 788484

File: 1402992001219.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

"But you said you were a small group, anyway… if you just left your best soldier, especially a friend, then wouldn't that just put everypony else at a bigger risk?"
>Two lavender-hooded ponies came into view at the door. One had piercing, orange eyes, but the other was more calm, with amethyst irises.
"Oh, it looks like the healers are here! It's been really fun talking to you, Shining!"
>He smiled brightly.

Shining Shuffle 788486

File: 1402992144959.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She seemed largely confused by that… Was this guy really that lonely that he took her prisoner and then immediately began treating her like a friend, regardless she gave him a smile and a little wave with her unwounded hoof, looking to the healers worriedly. She didn't expect them to be exactly gentle in their ministrations to an enemy, but he did say they weren't brutes.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 788487

File: 1402992815535.png (276.64 KB, 900x569, mighty_purple_dragon_by_icelec…)

>Spyro is undettered, sitting outside his cell and staring right back at him.
So you're really going to go with this whole silent treatment thing? I mean you were perfectly happy talking and being suspicious of us at the base.

>Faust smiles as she walks in.

Ahh, Commander. Good to see you out of your cave.

Glowing Pact 788488

File: 1402992894076.png (42.33 KB, 282x282, Cultist6.png)

"I know those ponies from your organization might've left you, but I'll try to help you the best I can, Shining!"
>Glowing Pact waved back and squeezed out of the brig, letting the other two quietly step in.
"Now then-"
>The one with orange eyes closed the door and locked it as he spoke, the other stepping inside the cell with a glowing horn.
"While my partner begins the healing process, Shining, there are a few questions I'd like to ask you."

We can either pause there or continue

Raspberry Black 788490

File: 1402993288781.gif (1021.51 KB, 500x281, Neeaat.gif)

>Absolutely nothing. Not even a change of expression, only those mauve eyes of his boring into Spyro's own.

"Heh, yeah, I guess so… what's the deal?"
>Even from Raspberry's less energetic voice, it was clear she was more or less out of it. Her goggles seemed to block too close of an examination of her eyes, though.

Shining Shuffle 788491

File: 1402993357121.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

"all right…"

The - apparently - mare slid off the robes and the jacket she wore underneath to leave her wounds in full view, staring up at the man shyly.

"What do you want to ask…?"

Cult of Harmony 788492

File: 1402993674254.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"The other in the white robe told us of what occurred in the fortress, so we will start simple."
>The one with amethyst eyes began to look over Shining's wounds as he with orange eyes spoke, staring holes into Shining's own.
"What is the name of your organization?"

Shining Shuffle 788493

File: 1402993812131.png (277.68 KB, 900x1396, 1395915471545.png)

Shining looked down, keeping her eyes averted from his own, an easily intimidated one this. Shy…

"New Lunar Reserves."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 788494

File: 1402993903109.png (276.64 KB, 900x569, mighty_purple_dragon_by_icelec…)

Guess I'll have to speak for both of us then.
>He smiles a little and points at him.
You're name's…Open Arms, right? Your magic smells a little like Applejack, so I guess you're a follower of the Honesty branch of your cult.

>Faust pauses to regard her.

It can wait for a moment, Commander.
>He hums to himself as he leans forward, examining her.
You don't appear to be sleeping well. Bed rest is an important part of your recovery you know.

Cult of Harmony 788496

File: 1402994186316.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

>The two cultists glanced between each other, the one with orange eyes giving a short nod to the healer to begin. A light aura began to cover Shining, notably taking over that which had belonged to Glowing Pact, as well. He could feel his body begin to numb, and the pain drift away.

>Open Arms sighed and shook his head, not denying anything, but instead as if dealing with a colt who just wouldn't listen.

Raspberry Black 788497

File: 1402994301858.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"I'm fine, Doc, just real exhausted, is all. Lost Shining, nearly lost Stef, and my old pride and joy got destroyed, too. Whole lotta shit's gone wrong…"

Shining Shuffle 788498

File: 1402994693207.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

A tiny smile came to her face as the numbness overtook her, watching them curiously as they attended to her. Hopefully they'd remember to actually… remove the bullets, before they sealed the wounds with magic.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 788635

File: 1403034106488.jpg (39.55 KB, 640x480, faust 8 episode 16.JPG)

>Spyro ignored the sensation of being looked down on. He was still young for a dragon and Nestor had told him to prepare for some people not to take him as seriously as he'd like while he was out here.
No, huh? You know, if you'd speak up I wouldn't have to guess whether you mean "No, the name Open Arms is a title and not my name" or "No, I'm not one of the Honesty followers."

Ah yes. I heard about that. A trifecta of bad news, yes?
>He hums to himself as he listens, smiling gently.
Tis always darkest just before the dawn, Ms. Black. I assure you Mr. Stefran will make a full recovery soon. I am certain you will rescue Ms. Shuffle in short order once you determine her location.

Raspberry Black 788789

File: 1403047723810.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Open Arms only moved his arms out and shrugged, each movement of his prolonged and slow. He had nowhere else to be, nowhere else to go…

"I don't have any doubts about that, but… still, it's somethin' that can bring a mare down."
>Raspberry stretched herself out and yawned.
"I appreciate the support, though. What did you call me in for? Something with the timbercore?"


>>Whoa, lots o stuff goin on here

Raspberry Black 788854



Spyro!GemTooYrDI 788889

File: 1403055536139.jpg (11.85 KB, 480x360, hqdefault1.jpg)

>Spyro just shook his head.
Okay. I guess I'll just have to assume you mean you're not a follower of Honesty. What about Kindness? Open Arms sounds like the name of someone kind.

Happy to help. Psychology is not my particular forte, but I'm always available if you need an open ear.
>Faust bows his head.
At any rate, no. I've been sending my findings to several botanists and veterinarians I know but it's stumped each of them. Even the Canterlot Research Institute doesn't know quite what to make of our odd pet. The only thing I've confirmed since we last spoke on the issue is that the creature was indeed being controlled by an outside force, and it's still very much active.
>He shakes his head.
Getting off track, though. While I was treating Mr. Stefran, it occurred to me that given how injury prone you and your team are when you are out in the field, setting aside a supply of painkillers and other medicine could prove incredibly beneficial in lieu of an actual battlefield medic accompanying you for your missions. Only so many of those healing stones the Princesses provide you remain, correct?

Raspberry Black 788914

File: 1403058184519.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

>Open Arms sighed.
"I suppose you can't take a hint. For what reason should I speak to you?"


"That might be a pretty good idea; get us some… I don't know, medkits or something. I only have one of those rocks left, and my connection's looooong gone.

And nothing from Canterlot? Whatever this is must be pretty serious, if they're just crafting their own magic like that."
>Raspberry blinked.
"… I hope you didn't tell Canterlot about that. It's kinda illegal. Just a little.

Okay a lot since it's military-grade enchantments, but, you know…"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 788927

File: 1403059200554.jpg (411.79 KB, 789x701, 4d31c6f90b154cc33a15bb138b30bb…)

>Spyro practically beams. Now they were getting somewhere.
Cause I think we can be friends if you guys can get off this whole "Destroy the world to hopefully make it better" thing. When you sit down and think about it, your group and mine aren't that different.

Of course. I've been maintaining as much digression as possible when speaking with outside consultants. The Botanists and the Research Institute believe I am treating an odd parasitic plant growth from the Everfree forest in one of my patients. The veterinarians think I am looking into treating a friend's pet.
>He smiles.
I would be happy to provide a kit for you all next time you head out, but I'm afraid we lack the surplus necessary to do so without negatively impacting after mission treatment.

Raspberry Black 789037

File: 1403066184375.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"We're quite different, actually. While your organization prefers to keep an old order of lies and selfishness alive, we want to be rid of it. Don't mistake means for goals."


>Raspberry leaned against a wall, folding one arm over the other.

"Well if we're fixed up there, we wouldn't need fixing up here, right?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789053

File: 1403067051137.png (417.17 KB, 702x806, __spyro___by_eternaldragoness-…)

That's not the way I see it. We're both trying to make the world a better place in our own way. My friends and I respond and fight the bad guys when they show up. We protect and help people because even if this world isn't perfect, it's still worth fighting for.
>He points at him.
Meanwhile you want to make the world a better place by rewriting the world to be perfect. I can see the appeal, honestly. No crime, no bad guys, everyone is happy. All we have to do is sacrifice this world and everyone on it to achieve the new one and maybe if things go extremely well we'll be reincarnated in this new world. Only problem I have with it is the simple question of "What if you're wrong? What if when you destroy this world the next world will end up worse, or heck, what if things go wrong and this world just ceases to exist altogether?"
>He shakes his head.
That's not a risk I'd take, man. Not with millions of lives, people who never asked for this or even had a choice in the matter riding on it.

>Faust smiles.

Certainly. Assuming of course that the mission does not so gravely wound you that you exhaust your field supplies and are still injured when you return. I rather doubt you will wish to go out and fight with a broken arm or cracked rib when the princesses send the next call if it can be avoided.

Raspberry Black 789068

File: 1403068027772.jpg (34.85 KB, 640x480, Hehe.jpg)

"Would you say this world is worse than one enveloped by darkness? Surely you're not that ignorant…"


>Raspberry only shrugged, flashing a tired smile.

"Hey, if we got so beat up that we needed all of our med stuff and still got our flanks handed to us, that'd just mean we'd have died!"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789083

File: 1403068707917.png (276.64 KB, 900x569, mighty_purple_dragon_by_icelec…)

>Spyro raises his eyebrows.
Definitely not! The world isn't all bad, that's why I'm fighting against you guys to stop you. I think most of you really do want to help the world. You've just been misguided because whoever's in charge of your cult has convinced you that the world as it is now is irredeemable and the only way to save it is the put it down.

>Fast shakes his head.

My point, Commander, is that if you wish for me to send you out into the field with medical supplies, I will do so. But I would prefer to do so without the risk of not being able to provide the quality treatment I was hired to perform when you return.
>He smiles.
I believe I have found the means to do both if, when your team has recovered, they are willing to assist me.


>So… I'm enlisting in the Air Force!

Raspberry Black 789112

File: 1403070664602.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Huh, really?

"If this world is not worse than the one before, then why would the one after this be?"


>Raspberry sighed.

"I guess you got a point, there… what's your plan?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789122

File: 1403072031019.png (551.45 KB, 900x731, you_think_that_i___can___fly__…)

>Good for you!

Spyro stares at him for a moment before slowly answering.
From what I understand the Elements are very old and very powerful. On par with the Legendary Elder Dragons of old from my land, maybe even beyond. Your cult is trying to recreate something they did, something that apparently took so much power and energy that the elements themselves have been rendered inert afterwords…and I'm supposed to believe that you can not only build up and contain that level of power without it becoming unstable and doing Ancestor's know what to all of you and the world, but then direct it to do what you want when any margin of error or mistake could have unfathomable and irreversible consequences?
>He smiles sympathetically.
Are you beginning to see why I'm so skeptical about this plan?

You may not be aware but I dabbled in a bit of alchemy before I devoted myself to necromancy. While I am nowhere near as adept in that field as I am in my secondary profession, I am skilled enough to brew potions and elixirs to numb pain and heal wounds.
>Faust opens his desk and rummages through it before producing a notepad. attached are pictures of various plants, notes on how to properly collect them, and where they are reported to grow in the Everfree Forest.
As I understand it there are several herbs and reagents that I've listed on this notepad. If you could venture into the Everfree Forest and fetch them for me, I could begin creating potions myself. Enough that I could reasonably supply you with medicine and painkillers in the field without reducing the quality of care here in the medical wing. I've also included addition herbs that, while not required for me to produce the potions, should increase their potency with some experimentation and research.

Raspberry Black 789127

File: 1403072730572.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

"So why would you not have the same beliefs about the Elements themselves? Powerful as they may be, they, too, have their weaknesses."


>Raspberry slowly flipped through the notes, her head tilted to the side as she tried to memorize it. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly something in her field, though, she was at least able to understand some of it.

"Off in the Everfree, huh? Might take somepony with me; I don't know if any of those timbercore things are still skulking around…"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789133

File: 1403073448246.png (678.1 KB, 900x720, sky__s_revenge_by_goldentigerd…)

>Spyro shrugs.
Sure, nothing's perfect, but like I said they are very old and very powerful. It stands to reason that they would be accustomed to using and controlling power on that scale and directing it as they see fit. And by your reasoning even then they didn't quite get it exactly right. No offense, but your cult is just a bunch of ordinary guys who I'm not convinced are used to wielding that kind of power, controlling it, and directing it to do something as complex as erasing and then recreating the entire world without it backfiring or something going terribly wrong.

>Faust smiles.

I would recommend bringing a team with you, Commander. Even without Timercores and whatever is creating them lurking about, the Everfree is full of dangers.

Raspberry Black 789136

File: 1403073838508.png (42.33 KB, 282x282, Cultist6.png)

>Open Arms rolled his eyes.
"That is the kind of logic that has stopped every bit of progress in the world. It has not stopped anypony then, and it won't stop anyone now. Nothing but the blabbering of the selfish, old guard to protect their place in life and lies in their head."


"You got a point there, but, I'm pretty sure the BAR will give 'em a hard time! After all, the ol' Mark I did a number on the timbercore, no prob."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789144

File: 1403075129152.jpg (146.07 KB, 408x495, ICy_by_koalakitty.jpg)

>Spyro raised an eyebrow.
No, see, that's the thing. I think asking the question of "What happens if you mess up?" is perfectly reasonable when there is apparently such a small margin for error and failure or a miscalculation could result in anything from erasing this world from existence to completely undoing whatever the elements already fixed to something neither of us could even imagine.
>He shakes his head.
I'm not asking these questions for my sake, Open Arms, I'm asking them for everyone's. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is more than your cult seems to have done. You've decided for everyone else that this is the only way to make the world a better place, regardless of the fact there are tons of alternatives things that you guys could do to help improve the world without just destroying it. It seems to me that you've been convinced to give up on the world because it's not perfect rather than accepting the imperfections and still trying to make it brighter.

I'm certain it will Ms. Black. As your physician though I recommend getting some shut eye before you go rushing off on your next adventure. Skilled as you are, a tired mind is more prone to make mistakes.
>Faust smiles.
If it would help you rest, I could prescribe some sleeping aids.


>Yup! After I gain enough weight to meet the minimum for my height, Im enlisting, and I ship out to basic training sometime after.


Raspberry Black 789150

File: 1403076241435.png (42.33 KB, 282x282, Cultist6.png)

>Open Arms waggled his hoof.
"But you were not asking 'what if we mess up', child, not out of true curiosity. No, no, you were just stating that we did not have the capability to do so. Your question was only a part of it."
>He leaned on to one hoof, looking almost bored.
"In the end, you are not neutral, neither are you even willing to think of anything outside of your own view of morality. You're stuck in your ways, just looking for more to make yourself feel right. Tell me, if we did not know our methods would work, why would we be going through with this? Tell me, child, if we were to tell all the fate that led them here, and the fate that we wish to bring, do you know how many in power, how many of those already corrupt, would try to fight us?"


>Raspberry brushed one of her bangs aside and huffed.

"I'm tellin' ya, Faust, I'm just tuckered out from the stuff that's been goin' on. I'll be fine soon, just you wait."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789156

File: 1403077824081.png (656.96 KB, 900x720, Spyro_by_AbsoluteDream.png)

>Spyro squinted at him.
You're asking me why? Well, from my point of view as an outsider looking in and trying to understand, it's because you have been convinced that this is the only way to truly fix the world. That any chance for a better tomorrow is worth the risk.
>He regards him.
And what about those that aren't "corrupt" and still do not want this? Ordinary people with lives and families who don't want to risk losing them on the blind hope that if you succeed and they somehow arrive in this new world, that it'll be perfect. Do they not matter? Would you condemn the entire world as corrupt if they all were set against you and your plan? Have you the right to force that choice on the world?
>He holds up his claws and shrugs.
And yeah, I don't think you have the capability to do this. I see no evidence to the contrary, no reason to think that this is anything but a terrible idea that needs to be stopped.
>He smiled.
But as I've also said, the idea of just pressing a button and the entire world becomes a better place? There's an appeal to that. I can easily see why someone would want to join with a group trying to make such a thing a reality. And under different circumstances I could see myself standing where you are now, doing whatever I could to help.
>He sits down.
So convince me. If you're so certain that what you are doing is right, that your plan is so full proof that millions of lives is a small price to pay, and in fact may not need to be payed at all, then convince me that I'm fighting for the wrong side. That I'm the one who's misguided in my faith in this world and that this is the only way to save the world.

Cult of Harmony 789165

File: 1403078861448.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, mane 6.png)

"Such a shame, really. I tell you that I see that everything you're saying is just that we're too weak and foolish to accomplish it, and, yet, that's all you have to say: it just can't be done. It's too risky. We, who want to change the world for the better, would clearly throw everything away at a whim."
>Open Arms sighed.
"How droll: you do not want to be convinced. Your tone. Your eyes. Everything just shows me a child who does not want to be convinced, only validated."
>A more devious smile grew.
"Nor do you want enlightenment, only espionage. So tell me again, child, why should I speak to you?"

>The numbness was just for that; magically removing the bullets without much pain or discomfort(besides the strange feeling of something being pulled out without feeling it hurt). The healer seemed to be taking quite some time, though…
"Who was the zebra?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789169

File: 1403080278397.png (276.64 KB, 900x569, mighty_purple_dragon_by_icelec…)

>Spyro frowned, at last beginning to become irritated with this guy before sighing and standing back up.
I don't know why we're talking now. I guess I figured I might be able to make you see reason, or at the very least try to better understand how so many of your fellow cultists who I think are honestly good people at heart, could be led to believe that destroying the world is somehow paradoxically the best way to save it. The Cult of Harmony could do a heck of a lot of good in the world if they shifted focus away from this and instead bettering the world they currently have.
>He shrugs.
Guess you're right, I was looking to be validated in my beliefs about you guys.

Cult of Harmony 789170

File: 1403081101594.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, Generosity.png)

"If the world has more of us and more of you, perhaps it would be so simple. Were you not seeking information on our inner workings, perhaps I would have been willing to talk, but, unfortunately, I am one who speaks to those who are open and helping, not those who are closed and harmful."
>A kinder smile slipped on to Open Arm's visage.
"When you are the former and not the latter, then, we shall speak. Until then…"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789172

File: 1403081903653.png (287.93 KB, 852x938, spyro_and_sparx_by_zutheskunk-…)

Yeah, and if we could fix the trolley that'd be something.
>He muses over that idea for a second, furrowing his brow.
And I'm being as helpful as I can. I'm trying to understand your cult's thinking and reason with you before this gets worse. It's not like I'm trying to kill you all, I'm trying to end this peacefully before any more of your friends die or my friends get hurt. What more would you have me do?

Cult of Harmony 789173

File: 1403082044174.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

>Open Arms only sighed and shook his head. It looked like, once again, he was simply done speaking.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789174

File: 1403082178669.png (731.66 KB, 815x796, none_of_your_nonsense_by_karle…)

>Spyro shook his head when it was clear he wasn't going to get an answer and headed out to leave, calling over his shoulder.
Good talking with you, Open Arms. See you around.

Shining Shuffle 789175

File: 1403084838870.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"He's a half zebra…"

She mumbled distractedly, looking around the room, feeling rather detatched from it all with the feeling of the numbness spreading through her form.

"Name's Stefran, he's our sniper… He's a nerd."

Cult of Harmony 789176

File: 1403085321012.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>The one with orange eyes stared at Shining for a few seconds, then nodded to healer again. He began to pick up the pace, pieces of bullets falling into an orange, magical grip, and an amethyst energy spreading over Shining's wounds.

"Are there any other leaders?"

>There was still a certain edge to his voice, but, his hostility was beginning to fall with Shining's rising cooperation.

Shining Shuffle 789177

File: 1403086826616.png (122.44 KB, 915x874, Nope!.png)

"The one with the biggest gun, Raspberry…. She isn't so much as in charge as she is the one who makes all our gear. Stefran is the only member of the team with military experience, so he tends to have the main vote in what we do, but she's bright so he tends to let her take charge…"

Shining knew she should be lying, that she should be protecting the others… But they'd left her, and at least this way she could avoid more pain…

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789178

File: 1403087897398.png (287.93 KB, 852x938, spyro_and_sparx_by_zutheskunk-…)

Cult of Harmony 789179

File: 1403088289351.png (42.33 KB, 282x282, Cultist6.png)

>This time, when the healer looked back, the cultist with orange eyes just looked around a bit before just shrugging, as if honestly having not expected things to go so easily. The healer's pulsing waves finally brought feeling back to Shining, but one of warmth and a tingling sensation, rather than pain. Were the pegasus to look at himself, he'd see wounds slowly shrink and stitch themselves back together.

>The one with orange eyes hesitated, closing his eyes in thought before speaking.

"I want you to explain in detail how you found yourself here."

Shining Shuffle 789181

File: 1403088837319.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

Her voice stayed as it had since arriving, sullen, a bit sad, but grimly accepting of her situation. Lying would do her no good in a place full of mages and fanatical cultists, it would just make them executing her once they got all they could from her all the more painful. So she told them the story.

"Things had gone poorly in the invasion of your fortress, and people weren't falling for my bluff and took me prisoner, right before I was going to be executed my friends sprung out and a fight started. One of my friends was looking to be near dead so I rushed in and took over for her and Stefran, giving them a breather as I stepped in the line of fire, when I had a moment I turned and saw…"

She paused here, and actually let out a whimper, the sadness in her voice only growing the more she thought about this act.

"Everyone had left me behind. I cut into a side room to get out of fire and saw Glowing Pact about to steal away Stefran, so I tackled him and he took me instead…"

Cult of Harmony 789182

File: 1403089257308.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

>He with orange eyes stared intently at Shining as he spoke, his expression not changing in the least. Shining's healer, however, furrowed his brow and held a frown.

"If they left you back there, I doubt they will be showing their faces here."

>The orange-eyed cultist spoke bluntly with a short sigh.

Shining Shuffle 789183

File: 1403089395679.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She merely nodded, sinking back against the wall, bringing her hind legs up against her chest.

"Why I'm not bothering lying or holding you up… I don't expect to be rescued."

Cult of Harmony 789184

File: 1403090900277.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

>The two hooded cultists nodded at that, and the healer waved the other to the other end of the brig. They seemed to try and stay quiet, though, in the cramped quarters, few bits could be heard, the first voice clear as Orange:

"… soldier… in his quarters, scare him a little… the information."
"I'm not… Facs. He seems… just abandoned by the Reserves… and… never heard…
No one… look for him… I swear it's a mare."

"That other one said… What are you saying?"
"Maybe we can…"
"It's worth a shot."

>Eventually, the two turned back and trotted back towards Shining, Orange speaking first.

"I guess you're lucky. Most of the time, selfish betrayals get ponies killed. In this case, it tossed you over to the ponies trying to get rid of that kind of thing."

Shining Shuffle 789185

File: 1403091187226.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

Shining had little of a response, at first merely resting her head on her knees and looking up at the both of them.

"I heard you talking… Is this the part where you beat me until I spill everything, or the part where you tell me you know where my family is…"

She murmured, a tad more forcefully than she had been up to this point, but still it was really more of a question, and a sad, fearful one at that rather than a sarcastic retort, in fact the pic perfectly sums up her expression, apart from the platinum strip of her mane very nearly blinding them as it caught the light.

Cult of Harmony 789186

File: 1403091605752.png (42.33 KB, 282x282, Cultist6.png)

"Calm down, prisoner, now is not the time for fear… that comes later."
>For once, the healer was the one who spoke to Shining.
"I will not deny that we have a number of questions to ask you, however, the one that piques our curiosity is simple: why do you fight?"

Shining Shuffle 789187

File: 1403091787151.jpg (173.12 KB, 700x700, But... I'm a boy.jpg)

She answered almost immediately, with the same response she'd given glowing Pact

"Because it's what I think is right, I was asked to join because I can combat threats the normal military can't. That I'd be helping protect Equestria from threats no one else could, because I want my sister and all her friends to live a happy life, without worrying about things like… this. And because the people of the NLR are… or at least I thought they were, my friends."

Cult of Harmony 789188

File: 1403091975824.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"Good answer."
>Orange said, leaving the healer to continue.
"For friends and family… selfless, I see. That is what many of us here fight for, as well, but I imagine that's not the story you hear at all, is it?"

Shining Shuffle 789189

File: 1403092065068.png (126.36 KB, 852x852, UWOTMARE!.png)

She shook her head.
"I was told you want to end the world. Restart it under your own ideals, take away everyones freedom."

Cult of Harmony 789190

File: 1403092482514.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Kindness.png)

"Restart may be the right word to use, but taking everyone's freedom? How does that even make sense? We expected some strange things to be said about us from the Princesses, but brainwashing-"
>Orange nudged the healer for him to quit his tangent, then continued.
"I am sure you've been told of this, but the Elements had cleansed the world once, and I think we're rather free right now. The only problem is that they just did not have enough power to fully fix everything. They still left so many threats to Equestria. So many dangers, from the horrid beasts that still kill in the Everfree, to that need to betray others for the sake of one's self.

What came before us just had too much to fully wipe away…"

Shining Shuffle 789191

File: 1403092642937.jpg (296.48 KB, 977x818, Yes.jpg)

Shining raised an eyebrow, pausing a moment before continuing.

"So you mean to tell me you mean to take away peoples *ability* to act and betray others, but you're not brainwashing people…?"

Cult of Harmony 789192

File: 1403093020584.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"We would not dare take the act, just the want to betray. Just look north for an example: the Crystal Heart, giving peace and harmony across Equestria and the Crystal Empire alike. When they sent away the depression of the crystal ponies, would you call that brainwashing?"

Shining Shuffle 789193

File: 1403093202157.jpg (173.12 KB, 700x700, But... I'm a boy.jpg)

"No, but that's different, the crystal ponies rely on the crystal heart as a source of power or something, without it they're like half-dead. That's not just wiping away depression, that's completing them again. How is this relevant to me right now anyway?"

Cult of Harmony 789195

File: 1403093659735.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

"Originally harmonious, that trait is stolen away by evil, and it must be returned to it again, much like our own situation: our world was originally harmonious, that trait was stolen away by evil, and it must be returned to it again. If bringing everything to how it should be is brainwashing, then so is the Crystal Heart."
>The healer raised his hoof.
"Oh! So was using the Elements on Nightmare Moon!"
>Orange nodded in agreement.
"We were just curious on what the Princesses were telling you. Of course, we could always go on to more important questions, if that is what you want."

Shining Shuffle 789196

File: 1403093881195.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"What I want is to be home with my sister in time for my twentieth birthday, but that's not going to happen is it. So I don't really care too much."

She muttered sullenly before staring at the ground, mulling their words over.

"I guess I get it… sorta… I see where you're coming from at least."

Cult of Harmony 789197

File: 1403094525674.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

"I'm afraid not. And do not worry, we are not demanding you follow our ways, only that you think about it. The Princesses, like many others would be, are afraid of losing their power, if the Elements were to see them as unfit to rule."

Shining Shuffle 789198

File: 1403094681810.png (122.44 KB, 915x874, Nope!.png)

That actually caused her to laugh, looking up at him.
"And what are my other options? Follow your ways, rot here in this jail until you succeed in your plans, or fail, or you kill me when I'm not useful anymore. Not to be rude but you're really not leaving me many other options.":

Cult of Harmony 789199

File: 1403095182739.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

>Orange's stare hardened. He spoke curtly:
"We never said we would kill you, did we? You are bringing these decisions upon yourself."
>The healer looked over to Shining, then continued for Orange:
"He's saying that it's a bit of an insult to just think that asking you to think is the same as threatening your life. If we forced you to join us, I'm sure Loyalty would soon become a rather big problem of yours."

Shining Shuffle 789200

File: 1403095379693.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She paused a moment before nodding, resting her head on her legs.

"All right… Been a bit of a traumatic day for me, been shot at, seen my friends leave me behind and now the captive of the groups enemies. You've been far nicer than I thought you would be, but I'm understandably a tad on edge right now. I'll think about your groups ways though…"

Cult of Harmony 789206

File: 1403096408917.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>A flicker of orange was visible beneath Orange's cloak as his eyes locked on to Shining's, piercing with a far worse stare than even Open Arms, searching for only one thing: truth. Meanwhile, the healer decided to speak once more:

"Of course, it is understandable."
>He began trotting to the door.
"Just know one thing, Shining: we do not know what the New Lunar Reserves considers friends, but we do not betray ours."

Shining Shuffle 789207

File: 1403096590177.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

Shining visibly cowered at those harsh eyes, staring back at them for a split second before looking down to the floor, subjugation and force of will winning out over her easily before she looked to the healer, eyes begging him not to leave her alone in the room with Orange

Cult of Harmony 789212

File: 1403097234728.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>After a few seconds, the intensity of Orange's stare vanished as swiftly as it arrived, the light beneath his hood dissipating as well.
"Lock the door and come along."
>The healer spoke. Orange produced a key from his robe, shut the door and locked it, his sight not leaving Shining the entire time.

Shining Shuffle 789213

File: 1403097332545.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

Shining merely slid her jacket back on as they left, putting her head phones over her ever flattened ears and turning on her music player in her pocket, when he left she simply lay on her side, staring at the wall as dubstep boomed in her ears and she let her eyes close.

Cult of Harmony 789214

File: 1403097652578.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>The doors opened and, after a bit of surprised chattering Shining could barely hear before he put on his headphones, the brig fell silent. Though, it was only after a Magus peered into the room for a few seconds and departed with a sigh did the door close and lock once more.

Shining Shuffle 789215

File: 1403098254274.png (312.83 KB, 1024x1024, Shuffle nervous.png)

Oblivious to her friendly observer, Shining turned off her music eventually, getting up and having a drink from the sink before laying down on the bed, putting her headphones beside her for comfort and laying the robes she'd stolen over her as a blanket alongside the thin sheet provided, keeping the hood over her face to block out the light overhead, eventually she fell asleep, but it was not for a long time spent worrying and listening for sounds of others coming for her, hostile or otherwise.
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Cult of Harmony 789733

File: 1403194382637.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

>The only familiar sound beyond his own music was what woke Shining up: the opening of the brig door.
"Time to wake up, Shining!"
>Glowing's voice echoed out in the nigh-empty room, a dimly glowing tray of food a few degrees below the military grub served at the NLR's cafeteria hovering at his side.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789734

File: 1403195058551.jpg (144.18 KB, 821x973, frozen_altars_by_possumato-d6r…)

>Spyro is doing a flyby over Ponyville. He's getting better at flying and maintaining his altitude but it's clear from watching him that he still has trouble stabilizing himself and staying in the air once he starts to descend. Made no better by recent events that are doing a number on his peace of mind.

Raspberry Black 789737

File: 1403196443860.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry was traveling around Ponyville as well, her brow furrowed in agitation. As much as she didn't want to, she had been trying to find if there was anyplace selling shotguns. Unfortunately, such a peaceful place full of unicorns and pegasi didn't really need them. Or guns, for that matter.

>Noticing a purple object passing by overhead, Raspberry looked up and waved a bit to Spyro when she recognized him.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789738

File: 1403196925493.jpg (205.27 KB, 900x600, random_by_thesammie-d5f4l2y.jp…)

>Spyro smiles as he sees her waving and glides down flapping his wings a few times as he lands beside her and folds them.
Hey Raspberry! What's going on?

Raspberry Black 789739

File: 1403197001009.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Tryin' to find a good replacement for the Mark I! Can't trust the surplus when it comes to the good stuff, y'know?"
>Raspberry's head bobbed along with Spyro's wings as he landed.
"I see you're getting better with that flying of yours!"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789740

File: 1403197322809.png (313.41 KB, 600x705, soyro_by_the_nutkase-d75l4mu.p…)

>Spyro looks back at his wings.
Thanks! I've been doing a lot of practicing. Hardest part so far is learning how to ascend. My wings just aren't strong enough yet.
>He scratches idly at the ground.
And why don't you just buy the parts and rebuild it? Or make the parts that you can't buy? The BAR still works right, so it's not like you won't be running in without a weapon.

Raspberry Black 789745

File: 1403199779718.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"Since you're just a wittle kid, maybe you should drink some milk!

… Wait, no, that's bones… does that still count?"
>Raspberry rubbed her chin and let out a little hum.
"It was more of a little stopgap measure. You can never be too prepared! If something were to happen that'd need my attention, I wouldn't want to be still fixin' up my gun… besides, if I'm gonna rebuild the Mark I, I'm gonna make it better."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789746

File: 1403200197866.jpg (411.79 KB, 789x701, 4d31c6f90b154cc33a15bb138b30bb…)

>Spyro has to think about it for a second.
I think? Does milk have protein in it, cause I'm pretty sure that's what you need to build muscle.
>He shrugs.
And I guess that makes sense. If something goes wrong with the BAR, it's good to have a fallback.

Raspberry Black 789748

File: 1403200509903.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Nothin's going to happen to the BAR if I can help it. I was going to start producing a few more of them, but after the second, well…"
>Raspberry couldn't help but giggle.
"I kinda noticed that we didn't have too many who I could see carrying those big 'ol things. I mean, Tex looks like a pretty strong mare, but, she's a sniper and all that."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789755

File: 1403200863986.jpg (115.29 KB, 864x924, _spyro__by_cynder_dragon_spyro…)

>Spyro grins.
Yeah and all my weapons are built right into my body so it's no real use to me even if I could carry it. I already have my horns, Breath, claws, wings, teeth, and tail. I may have to get in close to fight but I never need to reload and it's hard to jam up a breath full of ice.

Raspberry Black 789765

File: 1403201322241.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"I seriously gotta try and think of somethin' for you. Maybe something for when someone gets too close for comfort."
>Raspberry had begun to trot down the street, now, only pausing to buy a soda from a stand.
"Want one?"
>She asked over her shoulder.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789788

File: 1403203084328.png (540.09 KB, 800x533, spyro___land_of_moon_and_sun_b…)

Nah, I'm good.
>He taps his chin in thought.
As far as I know, my kind has never found a need for weapons like yours. When we fight, if we can't out muscle our enemies in raw strength then we bombard them with our breath attacks until they stop moving or surrender. Sometimes the Peacekeeper Dragons wear armor into battle but I think it's mostly ceremonial since an adult dragon's scales are probably as tough, if not tougher, than steel.
>He shrugs.
I don't think I should have any trouble if something comes up close to fight me. Close to mid range is kind of my specialty. If anything what I could really use is something long range that can keep the bad guys who like to play keep-away pinned down while I close the distance. Ideally it'd be something that can do it without slowing me down and with a non-lethal option.

Raspberry Black 789802

File: 1403204055721.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"If there's anything my research on armor has taught me, it's that the difference between a… I dunno, half-inch sheet of steel and two half-inch sheets of steel with a bit of space between it is pretty dang huge."
>Raspberry grinned as she grabbed the soda and nodded to the vendor, then began trotting towards a few tables set up next to a restaurant.
"Long range, I can do, but we don't have too much other than that can be all ranges and still have a good non-lethal going for it… I guess I could see if I can edit a Trench Broom for ya, but, when you're dealing with lead, you can't be… too…"
>The line briefly reflected brightly off of Raspberry's goggles as she suddenly paused and perked up.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789806

File: 1403204276656.jpg (98.12 KB, 1200x1200, how-to-draw-spyro_1_0000000008…)

>Spyro tilts his head at her, grinning.

Raspberry Black 789808

File: 1403204665642.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"Hay yeah!"
>Raspberry plopped down in her seat, beaming.
"Because as long as you're dealing with lead, it's hard to make stuff non-lethal! I say, why deal with lead at all?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789809

File: 1403205104925.png (326.8 KB, 400x325, bathroom_break_by_pookiepony-d…)

>Spyro blinks at her.
I suppose that makes sense but I thought it was how fast the bullets are moving that makes them deadly instead of what they are made of. And what are you gonna shoot if not lead? Beanbags? Rubber balls? A healing salve that cures all wounds?
>He pauses, considering that last one.
Huh. That'd actually be kind of ironic, now that I think about it.

Raspberry Black 789810

File: 1403205294858.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>She popped open her soda and took a long swig.
"Ain't too sure about beanbags: I doubt those would work too well as a bullet. Rubber's what I'm thinkin'. No guarantees that it wouldn't leave them in a world of pain and broken bones, but it'd definitely have a way smaller chance of killin' them."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789812

File: 1403205721247.png (450.04 KB, 900x654, spyro_old_school_by_cynder_dra…)

Doesn't sound too much worse than being frozen, really. Might take longer to heal if they break something but it's better than just outright killing them.
>Spyro smiles.
Sign me up. Never handled a gun before but I'm willing to learn.

Raspberry Black 789814

File: 1403205966561.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"I'll have to toss that one on the big board of ideas!"
>Raspberry took another sip, letting her eyes drift along the tables nearby. Didn't look like anyone was around.
>With a hearty sigh, she flipped the cap back on to the bottle to keep any bugs out, then leaned forward.
"Strange how Warm Heart never showed up."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789817

File: 1403206323831.jpg (164.71 KB, 817x542, 1bde04987ffeb874451823862cf5ba…)

>Spyro raises his eyebrows and idly scratches at the ground.
Uh, yeah. I'm a bit disappointed really. I was hoping to talk to her after our encounter at the base.
>He shrugs.
Maybe something's come up, like her friend got frostbite after fighting me and she has to take care of her.

Raspberry Black 789822

File: 1403207483581.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>She finished off the rest of her drink, wondering where to continue from there.
"Whatever happened with you two up there, anyway?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789834

File: 1403208485317.png (276.64 KB, 900x569, mighty_purple_dragon_by_icelec…)

I just…convinced her to leave, that's all. Told her to get out of there and leave the cult behind or I'd have to fight her and take her in. She asked to take her friend with her and I let her do it cause…
>He paused as if realizing how crazy his next words would probably sound but continued anyway.
…Cause I trust her. They left and I went back downstairs to help you guys.

Raspberry Black 789839

File: 1403209222735.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

>It was now that Raspberry regretted finishing her soda earlier, no longer able to use it to help her think now that she needed it most. The mare was left to try and calm herself only with a deep breath.
"So… what you are saying, is that you let her off with a warning."
>She poke slowly, poking the bottle and biting the very bottom of her lip.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789845

File: 1403209557566.png (220.29 KB, 900x772, spyro__tlos__by_kanonakiwi-d4u…)

>Spyro scratch's at the back of his head.
That's one way to put it, yeah. She's not a bad person Raspberry. She saved my life. She's just been misled like most of the other members of the cult. You said it yourself, the leaders are the real bad guys here and if we take them down then the cult should go down with them.

Raspberry Black 789856

File: 1403209814903.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Another pang of regret. Another deep breath. Raspberry pushed her goggles up just to rub her muzzle without smudging the yellow lenses.
"Okay… okay… how's this: Spyro's not a bad person, Weird Hooded Cultist, he saved that soldier's life. He's just been misled like most of the other members of their group. Their leaders are the real bad ones, here, and if we kill them, the rest will fall!"
>Raspberry let her goggles slide back down.
"Sound familiar?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 789867

File: 1403210515194.jpg (268.6 KB, 821x973, Baby_Spyro_by_JazzTheTiger.jpg)

>He tried to find the words to argue about how that was different but none of them came to mind. Just looking at his face, it was clear that the young dragon certainly wasn't used to having his own words and reasoning turned back around on him like this. He's quiet for a while, scratching at the ground in thought before speaking up.
Okay then, what would you have had me do instead? Just drag her in to rot in some cell for making a mistake? That doesn't sound like justice to me.

Shining Shuffle 789997

File: 1403223161852.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

Entering the brig, Glowing would see only Shinings bright green mane poking out from under the two blankets/jackets she wore over her own clothing. Hearing his voice her eyes snapped open, too nervous to do more than sleep at the peak of lightness. She turned her head up to look at him over the blankets before simply sweeping them aside and sitting up on the bed.

Glowing Pact 790041

File: 1403225353043.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"Good morning… not really able to tell from here, but, still!"
>He opened a flap and passed the tray of grub through.

Shining Shuffle 790043

File: 1403225486995.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She stood up, stretching herself out and letting out a soft yawn baring her fuzzy chest with her ceremonial military jacket hanging off her shoulders. Then she reached over and took the food, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at him curiously.

"Why're you bringing me food…? I mean I'd gotten that Magus's where somewhat high ranked in this place."

Glowing Pact 790046

File: 1403225831679.jpg (23.72 KB, 300x244, Brig.jpg)

>The periwinkle stallion looked aside with a hint of embarrassment in his eyes.
"While I was definitely awarded for helping capture you, my base was… well, destroyed. Barely any of my chain of command still existed, so I'm waiting here until I'm redeployed."

Shining Shuffle 790052

File: 1403226252691.png (350.21 KB, 1058x956, 79541__safe_rainbow+dash_cute_…)

She picked up a spoon and began eating the largely flavorless porridge, watching him curiously.
"And they had no one else to be a prison warden, or did you ask to because you captured me? Keep your eyes on the prize." She said in a half hearted joking tone

Glowing Pact 790058

File: 1403226669640.jpg (25.78 KB, 550x733, doorways.jpg)

"… Yes."
>Glowing flashed a tiny smile, hiding the rest of his face with his large hood.
"But we don't really expect any prisoners, not here, anyway."

Shining Shuffle 790061

File: 1403226802578.png (277.68 KB, 900x1396, 1395915471545.png)

"Makes sense…"

Having been suspecting it, she voiced her suspicions

"We're on a ship aren't we?"

Glowing Pact 790072

File: 1403227515211.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"Well, I'm not exactly allowed to tell you, I'm afraid. Sorry about that."
>Glowing Pact leaned against the door across from them.
"This may seem a bit out of the blue, however, what did you do while you were in the Reserves?"

Shining Shuffle 790075

File: 1403227637704.jpg (173.12 KB, 700x700, But... I'm a boy.jpg)

"I fought people…? And danced when I had nothing better to do, can't really do that in this tiny room though, so I guess won't be doing that for a long time… My special talent is dancing, so it feels weird to go a while without it."

Glowing Pact 790089

File: 1403228162880.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"Dancing, hm? Very interesting…"
>Glowing smiled.
"I'm afraid I've never done anything so interesting; I have always just been the studious sort."

Shining Shuffle 790093

File: 1403228356469.jpg (173.12 KB, 700x700, But... I'm a boy.jpg)

"Yeah…? I haven't even been to college yet, I only graduated high school two years ago."

Glowing Pact 790099

File: 1403228595513.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>The cultist blinked in surprise and looked up at Shining.
"You're that young?"

Shining Shuffle 790100

File: 1403228703770.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"I'm Nineteen, my birthdays next wednesday."
She frowned a little at that, continuing to eat her food slowly

Glowing Pact 790114

File: 1403229175825.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

"Well, that's a right shame… perhaps I can see if I could get you some better food by then. Even if you still consider yourselves our enemy, it is not right for one to be alone."
>He smiled reassuringly.

Shining Shuffle 790117

File: 1403229311033.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She smiled weakly for a moment, looking back at him, holding the pose for a moment before dropping her head into her hooves, shoulders softly shuddering.

Glowing Pact 790127

File: 1403229880230.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>Glowing stood back up and took a notably wary step forward, his head cocked to the side in curiosity.
"Are you okay, Shining?"

Shining Shuffle 790139

File: 1403230177670.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"I'm a nineteen year old virgin who's never been in a relationship, and my closest friend is my older sister, who I've just realised I'm probably never going to see again… I'm great!" She said with a weak laugh, looking up at him with tears on her cheeks

Glowing Pact 790145

File: 1403230646508.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>Glowing glanced aside at the outburst from Shining, not so much from having not expected it as having not expected exactly what he'd say about his situation.
"Well, I may not be able to help out so much on the first part, however, I wouldn't mind being friends in the least."
>He looked back and smiled at the imprisoned pegasus.
"It would not be smart to fraternize with an enemy, but, at least after getting to know you and your situation a little, I don't think I could consider you the same as them…"

Shining Shuffle 790149

File: 1403230831654.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

The extremely effeminate stallion merely smiled weakly, sniffling and wiping tears away before standing and offering the tray with its bowl now nearly three quarters empty.

"Thanks Glowing Pact I… I don't deserve being treated so well by you considering I've… Well I don't know if I did but I might have killed some of your friends…"

Glowing Pact 790159

File: 1403231537155.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

"It's possible, I cannot deny, but, well, as one of my friends used to say about a lot of good traits: forgiveness might not be an Element, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't follow it."
>He put a hoof against the bar in a manner that was like a hoofbump… even if the bars were in the way. It was his magical grip that instead hovered the tray out.
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Shining Shuffle 790160

File: 1403231717454.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She bounced her hoof off the bar in a return gesture, sitting on the edge of the bed again and looking at him.

"I umn… I was actually thinking about the elements and your cult and such, and I can actually see where you're coming from in a lot of things. I had a bit of a crash course on it from the interrogator last night."

Glowing Pact 790171

File: 1403232295209.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

>Glowing tilted his head to the side once more, curious, though there was a clear excited glint in his magenta eyes.
"Oh? Do go on; I found it rather convincing when I did some research of my own…"

Shining Shuffle 790187

File: 1403233318122.png (277.68 KB, 900x1396, 1395915471545.png)

"Well, he explained your plans in the context of the crystal heart for the crystal ponies, and saving luna from nightmare Moon. It makes sense just… trying to free the world from evil influence, it sounds nice kinda…"

Glowing Pact 790191

File: 1403233552807.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

"It's wonderful! We'll get to bring back those we lost, make everyone happy and get rid of strife in one fell swoop. No offense to the Elements, but evil does seem to be powerful enough to need more than one shot to really get rid of it. Nightmare Moon was imprisoned first, Discord was temporarily trapped, and now the world was only somewhat fixed."

Shining Shuffle 790196

File: 1403233790862.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She nodded, smiling.
"I get it… It does sound nice… Wait, bring back those lost… That doesn't mean… Everyone right? Cos the world can only sustain so many you can't bring everyone back."

Glowing Pact 790203

File: 1403234201715.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"There would of course be those whose names are lost to time, whose families would not recognize them if they were to come. They, of course, would be fine in the Elysium Fields."

Shining Shuffle 790205

File: 1403234358398.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"Thaaaat… Sounds like it could be problematic. It's a nice sentiment and all but hve you thought about how to sustain life for that many people…"

Cult of Harmony 790217

File: 1403235259221.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

"Shining, we're talking about the rewriting of an entire world. Maybe even the universe. The return of a generation or two would not damage much; it'd even be accounted for. Perhaps even just those who were taken too soon."
>Glowing Pact crossed one arm over the other.

Shining Shuffle 790220

File: 1403235385892.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"Rewriting the whole universe…"
She said that with frankly stunned tones, as if it where something hard to comprehend… Which it was.
"Well I'd get to see my dad again, he died when I was twelve…"

Glowing Pact 790227

File: 1403235727582.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"An amazing prospect, isn't it? The same thing that led to this universe, done once more to return it to its most pure form."
>Glowing grinned.
"Such is why we wish to see our plan brought to life: so much strife could be removed… and the fear of whatever corrupted the world before would no longer exist."

Shining Shuffle 790231

File: 1403235863829.jpg (173.12 KB, 700x700, But... I'm a boy.jpg)


She smiled softly.
"I get it, I… Actually like the idea. They never told us why you where evil really I just followed orders but now… Well just talking a bit makes me wonder why we're fighting this."

Glowing Pact 790252

File: 1403237138839.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, Generosity.png)

"That's the tricky bit: the Speakers of Harmony say that it is due to the selfishness of the upper class: they do not want the risk of losing their vast empires of wealth–or, in the Princesses' case, their *kingdom*. After all, why would they have needed to come to power if there was not the chaotic events leading up to it? If selfishness would no longer pay, how many aristocrats would lose their gold?"

Shining Shuffle 790260

File: 1403237330367.png (350.21 KB, 1058x956, 79541__safe_rainbow+dash_cute_…)

"… So you want to make a communist society?"

Glowing Pact 790265

File: 1403237547327.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, Kindness.png)

"A communist… no, I doubt the Hooviet Union would exist alone if that was the Elements' plan. It is only those who achieved their wealth or power through impure means–hurting and killing others, caring not for their own struggles, stealing from them or even worse, that would stand to lose the most… unfortunately, that's why we cannot be public with our desires: more than the Princesses would be frightened for their positions.

Even lowly managers who managed to get a job by, say, selling out a friend could be put at 'risk'."

Shining Shuffle 790283

File: 1403239039718.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

She nodded, taking some time to mull it over and simply staring into space a few moments before looking back at him.
"So, what happens to me for now? Am I gonna be brought to speak to your leaders or anything today?"

Raspberry Black 791759

File: 1403467247223.png (101.95 KB, 355x355, RaspberryToken2.png)

>Raspberry kicked her back hooves up on to the table and looked up to the sky with a sigh.
"Come on Spy, don't tell me there's no jail or whatever where you come from. Just because someone made a 'mistake' doesn't mean they're forgiven. How many ponies do you think died because of her? How much money do you think needs to be spent to fix the crap she broke?"
>She crossed her legs.
"Justice doesn't just focus around you, Spy. Just because you like her doesn't mean she hasn't broken the law."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791764

File: 1403467915081.jpg (268.6 KB, 821x973, Baby_Spyro_by_JazzTheTiger.jpg)

>Spyro puts his head on the table, looking melancholy. Raspberry was right, of course. He was allowing his personal feelings to cloud his vision and affect his judgement.
…Yeah, I suppose you're right. I may not like it but she's chosen her side. I can't keep protecting her like this.

Raspberry Black 791765

File: 1403468186776.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry leaned over to look at Spyro, then frowned at seeing him so down.
"… You sure you don't want a soda? It's on me."
>She brought her legs off of the table, then leaned forward.
"Look; best case scenario, this is called a war and she's a PoW. I think those get released or something when it's all over."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791768

File: 1403468783071.png (185.89 KB, 900x453, art_block____by_spyro_fan_25-d…)

>Spyro waves his claw dismissively.
Nah, I'll be alright. This whole moral grey area thing is just hard to figure out. I always figured that there's a clear good and a clear evil in the world and for a real hero that distinction's not difficult to make.
>He snorts.
Shows what I know.

Raspberry Black 791769

File: 1403468911427.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"I guess that's just the dangerous zone, y'know? Heck, if it wasn't so gray, I doubt those cultists would have so many."
>She stretched herself out with a yawn.
"How'd interrogating that purple guy go?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791776

File: 1403469812448.png (315.19 KB, 800x845, __spyro___by_crash_fan3210-d5o…)

No kidding. They must have a heck of a PR Department. I guess all I can do is try to follow my code as best I can and figure it out as I go along.
>He smiles a bit.
Open Arms? I got him to talk to me, yeah but he wasn't very informative. He saw through my attempt to reason with him and trying to understand his cult's views for what it actually was. An attempt to validate my beliefs that the cult isn't bad in and of itself it's just on the wrong path. I admitted he was right and he said he'd only be willing to really open up with me if I was "Open and Helping" instead of "Closed and Harmful" whatever the heck that means.

Raspberry Black 791777

File: 1403469954225.png (153.7 KB, 500x281, Let Me Tell You Why That's Bul…)

>Raspberry snorted.
"I don't know about you, but that sounds like he only wants to talk to somepony he can convert."
>She sighed and brushed a bang away from her goggles.
"I'm guessing he's going to be a tough nut to crack, too… but I'm wondering why, exactly, he's staying here. Every other magic pony just teleports out when they're captured…"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791783

File: 1403470707992.jpg (142.99 KB, 979x816, 2be6014e74edbc3782090c36a58bd5…)

>He nods.
Yeah, that's what I figure too…Maybe it's some sort of trap? He stays here and while we're out saving Shining or something, he opens a portal so the cult can spill out right into our base? Either that or he actually thinks he can convert me to join them and wants to give it a shot before he leaves.

>He blinks.

Wait. Why do we even have a holding cell at the base if it's not warded against teleportation?

Raspberry Black 791784

File: 1403470996409.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Magic blockers–especially ones stopping escapes–are big stuff. The red tape to try and get one of 'em is insane. Best we could get are ones that stop non-allies from getting in. For a small military base, that won't raise any eyebrows."

Porter Texas Apple 791786

File: 1403471219034.jpg (304.02 KB, 1024x1337, it_s_a_girl__by_madspartan013-…)

>It had been several weeks since the light brown mare last trotted up to the gate, showing her badge to the guards and sauntered in. Even before leaving her last destination, she knew everyone here would have questions about her sudden leave. Sighing, she found her room and dropped off her weapons, ammo, and changed the straps that kept her wings flat and tight against her back. She stretched them out; her wingspan reaching from one end of the room to the other, before folding them back in and replacing her straps and coat.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791791

File: 1403471881203.png (678.07 KB, 755x1058, purple_hero_by_tearraven-d7j6k…)

>Spyro stares at her for a moment.
Well yeah, A full on Anti-Magic Field Generator is big news, no doubt. No telling what sort of diabolical things we could do blocking out all magic in the area. But isn't this whole thing the pet project of one of the Princesses? I'd like to think that if she's going to give us a holding cell in the base, it'll be one that's more than just the equivalent of a line on the floor that you're told not to cross.

Asomamobile 791792

File: 1403471915405.jpg (10.79 KB, 227x114, images (3).jpg)

A certain yellow earth pony made seems to just kind of show up with her arms crossed and narrow eyes. "And just where have you been?"

Porter Texas Apple 791794

File: 1403472175713.jpg (304.02 KB, 1024x1337, it_s_a_girl__by_madspartan013-…)


The first thought was that she was glad that she had put on her coat before she suddenly popped up. She blinked while still laying on her bed, looking towards the ceiling with a thousand-yard stare.

"Did I miss a few things?"

Raspberry Black 791797

File: 1403472227322.png (77.35 KB, 400x400, I Give Up I'll Human Pic.png)

"That's the thing; we're kinda… I don't wanna say temporary, but I don't think we're too trusted, either."
>She looked around to once again make sure no one was around their table before leaning over again.
"Not to mention that we are kinda secret. I'm guessin' that we're… not supposed to look too big. It might raise some eyebrows if some tiny base suddenly has an anti-magic signature.

It might point out where we are, too."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791798

File: 1403472511504.png (235.03 KB, 529x612, 64167db1faaca86ab67c2c494e6e20…)

>Spyro considers that for a moment.
Ahh. So we're more of a task force than anything official. Trial basis and all that and if we screw up too badly then they'll shut us down.
>He smiles a bit.
I suppose we should be lucky we even get the base then.

Asomamobile 791800

"Yeah, like just about everything going wrong! And just where you in all this, you coward? Decided to run from the fight huh? And come back the moment we aren't dying and getting stolen like old cattle? Yeah thats [i]mighty convenient.[/I]" She spits in disgust and snarls, from the looks of it she hadn't slept in a pong time and she was riddled with bruises, her steel gauntlets even showed wear along their fronts from repeated impacts. "Where was our sniper, huh? Tell me just that. Because I'll give you just this chance. [I]where the living FUCK were you doing that was so important?[/I]

Laury's pained and angered yells would likely be heard from far along the base. In reality she had little against Tex, but she also happened to be the first pony she talked to in the days after she lost her sister.

Porter Texas Apple 791809


"….Helping out my family, Laury."

Texas sat up, crossing her hind legs. She appeared much calmer than she was.

"Sorry I hadn't told ya, but there were still plant-things running around when you guys left. But, fuckin-a what whent on?

Raspberry Black 791811

File: 1403473577280.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Bingo. I'm always kinda worried we might lose the base, though…"
>Raspberry sighed.
"I wonder if I can get those Canterlot gals to help us out a bit. Maybe if they helped us break through the red tape…"

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 791818

File: 1403473986788.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"We got wrecked is what happened! Stefran's nearly dead, Spyro's an absolute pussy who hesitated too much, and to top it all off they stole my little sister and are likely torturing her to death right this moment and there's nothing we can fucking do about it. It would have been nice if we had a little bit of help, don't you think?"

Laury glares at Tex with all the anger she had in her, though, she did seem to calm a little. Even in her raging haze, she had to admit that it was honorable to take care of your family.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791819

File: 1403474007506.png (313.41 KB, 600x705, soyro_by_the_nutkase-d75l4mu.p…)

I could mention it whenever Twilight decides to write me back. I think I may have broken her with my mispellings and puns.
>Spyro looks around.
Well heck, if it gets bad enough that we need a new base I could look into building a portal arch to connect Equestria to the Dragon Lands and we can stay at my place.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791820

File: 1403474063636.png (220.29 KB, 900x772, spyro__tlos__by_kanonakiwi-d4u…)

Raspberry Black 791823

File: 1403474441803.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

"I hope it never comes down to that, but, it's something to keep in mind."
>Raspberry chuckled at how Spyro decided it'd be a good idea to prank a royal.
"Just be sure to spell your request right."

Porter Texas Apple 791826


This was about the last thing she would have expected from returning. Even knowing she would have to explain for disappearing, she only wanted to finally put her brain to rest.


She knocked her head against the wall she was laying against, then buried her face in her hooves. Only when she touched her face sis she realize just how much dirt was coating her, at is left an imprint. She had just come from an ordeal with her family, as her last living parent thought she was dead ever since she had run away and joined her gang. Emotionally, even she was not all there. She was breathing heavily in her hooves.

"What do ya mean by you can't do anything about it?"

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 791830

File: 1403474934826.jpg (62.08 KB, 1280x720, 1395365960429.jpg)

"Well we don't know where she is and frankly nobody seems to care because apparently I'm the only one who.. loved.. her." She suddenly slows down upon saying those words,shaking her head, a mixture of confusion, anger, frustration, guilt, and sorrow making her head spin again. Without another word she turns around and leaves to head straight for the training room.

Porter Texas Apple 791839

File: 1403475573610.jpg (304.02 KB, 1024x1337, it_s_a_girl__by_madspartan013-…)


"That's a loa..oh godDAMNIT!"

She jumped out of bed, grabbed her rifle, and ran off after her. In light of this occurrence, she had pretty much forgotten about getting some rest.

"Hey! Ya ain't the only one who cares here ya know! Get back here!"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791842

File: 1403475690436.png (200.24 KB, 900x506, goblin_spyro_is_win_by_batlove…)

Me neither. I'll send a letter to Nestor and see if he can try and smooth the idea over with Princess Celestia. If nothing else it's a good place to fall back to.
>He smiles.
Of course I'll spell everything right! You gotta be polite when you ask someone for something.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 791850

File: 1403476836427.gif (798.82 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo9_250…)

Laury spins back around to face her, her scarred magenta eyes staring back at Tex. "I'm talking about Shining Shuffle, she was my friend here, I eventually made her my honorary sister, that is heavy meaning for me, that means she was my responsibility. To make sure she was safe, sound, and happy… And I chose to check on that coward Spyro in the middle of combat. When I got back, she was gone.

Just… Teleported away by our enemies. God only knows what's happening to her now."

Raspberry Black 791851

File: 1403476837468.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"You'd be surprised how many ponies have no clue about being polite."
>Raspberry hopped off of her chair and started trotting back to the soda stand.
"Always good to have a backup, though, I gotta say, I'll miss the forge if we have to head out."

Porter Texas Apple 791857

File: 1403477839308.jpg (79.52 KB, 640x905, 640x905_18241_Steampunk_Rach_2…)


"Shining? Hell…"

She looked away, poking her tongue around her cheek, then taking a deep breath.

"I can track her. thats my job. Even teleportation leaves a trail. Who took her, those cult guys?

She cocked her gun.

"I have never stopped at something like that, Laury. This isn't the first time I have dealt with this very fuckin' thing. And if we really need some help, I have a few contacts."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791858

File: 1403477846609.png (326.8 KB, 400x325, bathroom_break_by_pookiepony-d…)

You catch more chickens in sap than you do in swampwater, as the Beastmakers say.
>He shrugs with a smile.
And I'm sure they'd be happy to let you use the Peacekeeper's forge. Though the tools might be a bit big and heavy for you.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 791861

File: 1403478174081.gif (435.95 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo3_250…)

Laury's ears raise and she hums, becoming much more calm at the prospect that there was something that they might actually be able to do. "If there's any possible way we can get her back, you have my attention. They teleported her away over at a castle a while away, you think it's possible to track her? If there's even a chance that we could rescue her, I'd want to take that chance."

Porter Texas Apple 791865


"I havent yet met with anything yet that wasn't possible, we just gotta fuckin' get'on it.

Texas looked at her with her eyes shining with the same intensity and as would a particularly dire situation gave her. Her thoughts of rest fleeted by with little more than a hard poke as her mind settled into mission mode once more. She took a seat on a large ammo box and crossed her arms.

"Tell me everything that happened."

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 791873

File: 1403479511532.png (392.29 KB, 600x900, 1393726138197.png)

Laury sighs and closes her eyes a moment to clear her head a little and then starts to recall what happened. "We went over to this castle place to find the Cult of Harmony and capture or destroy their beacon thing. When we got there Spyro decided to take someone nonlethally and that set us back a few minutes while we carried her back. Then we entered the base and got split up pretty fast, sadly none of us were any good at lying but we managed to be okay for a while. Stefran and Shining got caught and then Raspberry made a small plan to gank wreck those around her so we could get her out of there. We succeeded, but a fight broke out. Spyro ran out after this archmage, who he let get away scot free, mind you, and so Rasp, Stef, and I fought in a big room while Shining and Shooting fought down somewhere nearby. Not sure what happened to Shooting but he seems okay now, I haven't spoken about it to him to be honest. I went to go check on Spyro, and despite my protests he let the cowardly mage go, I only backed off because Raspberry's one of the only people around here who has my respect.

I went back and we fought for a while, honestly things were a blur then, that was when Spyro said Shining was kidnapped. I went after this big guy and we fought good and hard, unlike the rest of those bitches he actually knew a honorable fight when he saw one. Frankly I kind of even liked him.

But then he threw everything off by letting me go when reinforcements were coming, and he made sure we escaped.

I just don't understand that. Why would you let someone go when you have the advantage over them and can kill them right there. The others might have interrupted the duel but… Is sounds downright treasonous to let someone go.

Anyways, after that we all left carrying the some lavender-robed pussy and Stefran who was dying with a big hole through his whole body. Then we got back here."

Raspberry Black 791878

File: 1403479934935.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Bah! I'll think of a way, Spy, I'll think of a way…"
>She paid for a couple sodas, then started trotting back to the base.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 791882

File: 1403480186330.png (297.43 KB, 900x612, cold_flight_by_icelectricspyro…)

>Spyro meanwhile heads back for Sweet Apple Acres to get another hour or so of flying practice in before heading back himself.

Porter Texas Apple 791888

File: 1403480469934.jpg (304.02 KB, 1024x1337, it_s_a_girl__by_madspartan013-…)


"I've done that before when the object of the fight wasn't to kill, rather defend. Sounds like a bunch of guys in that cult didn't really know what they were getting into when they joined, but also don't really want to stop. I dunno what to say about Spyro though, that whole thing with him doesn't even make sense."

She purses her lips, placing her hoof under her chin.

"Does anyone know anything about these guy's history? Or what they're even after? ..and whats this beacon?"

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 791891

File: 1403480756548.gif (540.13 KB, 245x275, tumblr_mqvocbPnxW1rq5fzso4_250…)

"But this is a military operation, we kill each other! Back in the gang I never once saw someone just… Let someone else go for no reason. Just like that. No, that just doesn't happen! there has to be something… Some reason why he let me go.. The only thing I can think of is that he wanted to continue his fight with me personally, but would it really be worth the treason of letting a whole party of people that just slaughtered a bunch of your kin get away? It just doesn't add up…" she snorts.

"I don't know too much, just that they want to reset the world and fuck shit up… Might be better if you ask Raspberry about that, I think that's her area."

She sighs. "I'm just a brawler, I'm there to kill where I'm pointed at, not wonder what we're fighting or anything."

Porter Texas Apple 791895

File: 1403481654287.jpg (232.79 KB, 900x1316, i_spot_friendlies_by_medders-d…)


"Yeah, it wouldn't be in the middle of a fight, thats for damn sure. Anyway, all I'll really need now is where all this happened, then get ourselves back there. They wouldn't have called for backup if it wasn't something important. We might need some help of our own to do this the right way. I'll ask Raspy for the details, but for now we need to get ready again."

She hopped off the ammo box and opened it up, then taking a chain of rounds suited for her rifle and wrapping it around her waist.

"We got some huntin' 't do!"

Stefran 791929

File: 1403484258878.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

Stef had finally woken up from days asleep in the med bay, and currently was sitting up in bed, eating soup with the aid of bread he dunked in it. The stallion certainly looked more alive than he had recently but to say he looked in perfect health would be as far from the truth as feasibly possible.

Raspberry Black 791941

File: 1403485003654.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"You finally up, sleepy-head?"
>Raspberry poked her head into the medibay in a wide smile, her goggles pushed up on to her forehead.

Stefran 791945

File: 1403485123236.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

Stef shoots a weary smile to his friend, looking at her through his mane, long overdue for a haircut.

"Hey Rasp…" He said in a rasp, clearing his throat. "How's everyone goin'…?"

Raspberry Black 791953

File: 1403485526673.jpg (78.78 KB, 1500x1067, Coffee.jpg)

>Raspberry let out a short sigh and stepped inside, carrying a couple mugs of coffee.
"Everyone's a bit on-edge, I gotta say. Shining's kidnapping and Laury getting angry has everyone more than a little tense."
>She plopped down in a seat, smiling again.
"But it's good to know that you're alright. Something good…"

Stefran 791956

File: 1403485662804.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

Magic wrapped one of the cups and floated it to him.

"All right is one way to put it nut… Yeah… Yeah hopefully I'll be back at full strength soon enough, fucked me up proper that did. And Shining…?"

Stef sighed, taking a sip of his coffee

"We'll get her back Rasp, we gotta."

Raspberry Black 791961

File: 1403486089577.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Trust me, Stef, we will. Even if we gotta bust down each and every one of those cultist bases until we do. He's practically a colt: he has no business as a prisoner…"
>Raspberry took a long sip from her mug.
"How's that hole coming?"

Stefran 791966

File: 1403486224910.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

He patted his chest, on the unwounded side.

"Not much of a hole anymore, fully sealed up, getting treatment from some of the doctor unicorns every day, but it's very technical work to heal up interior muscles and veins and shit, so they can only do so much every day. Nearly up and ready to go though."

He gave her a smile, reaching over and playfully patting her cheek.

"Was Raspy worried about me?"

Raspberry Black 791973

File: 1403486538476.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>The mare rolled her eyes, though her bright smile was enough of a confirmation as Stefran was going to get.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep teasin'. Good to know you'll be combat ready again, though; Faust thinks he might be able to help us out when it comes to sustaining ourselves out in the field."

Stefran 791977

File: 1403486729699.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

Stef grinned back at her, glad to see he'd gotten a smile out of the worry.

"Is that so…? Well we definitely need some way of doing it. I nearly died twice last mission, Laury wasn't doing too hot either. I'm thinking we really need a field medic or something."

Raspberry Black 791980

File: 1403486831864.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Well, we wouldn't want to drag one of our own medics out: as helpful as Faust might be, if he gets taken out, we'd have more than a few problems."

Stefran 791982

File: 1403486907758.png (161 KB, 809x988, 1393521039511.png)

"Exactly… Maybe you or me should get some basic field medicine training. We're the back line troops as it is. So it makes sense."

Raspberry Black 791988

File: 1403487132463.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"Ain't too sure the mare who was whipping around a shotgun's much of a rear fighter."
>Raspberry poked Stefran's nose, smirking.
"But, you might have a point. What someone like you or me could to… well, a hole materializing in your chest, though, I ain't got a clue."

Stefran 791994

File: 1403487480642.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

He wrinkled his nose up, chuckling
"Well I think that's a one in a million case… Hopefully we aren't gonna be running into fucking cyclops too often, nah, but we can at least learn to patch up bullet wounds and the like, stop our guys from bleeding out."

Raspberry Black 791999

File: 1403487978300.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"True, true. You or Tex could get some knowledge of it…"
>Raspberry stroked her chin.
"It'd definitely help us out; it doesn't look like too many of us can take too much punishment… no offense."

Stefran 792002

File: 1403488098520.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"None taken, I'm a sniper, I may be… The only masculine pony - Shining counts, sorta - in our crew, but I don't pretend I'm some hunk of muscle made to absorb bullets like I do cigarettes."

Raspberry Black 792006

File: 1403488385719.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>A smirk started to creep across Raspberry's face, and she gently prodded his shoulder.
"Masculine, riiiiight…"

Stefran 792008

File: 1403488498749.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"Our team is made up of: A girl sniper, a girl shotgunner, a girl brawler, Shooting Star who is a girl, a guy who looks like a girl, a baby dragon, and me."

Raspberry Black 792011

File: 1403488599796.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"Right! The nerdy girl! It's the perfect team, you see… though if you had glasses, it might complete the image…"
>Raspberry's smirk only grew.

Stefran 792025

File: 1403489787692.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

he raised a brow, merely smirking a moment before chuckling and shaking his head.

"If I'm a nerdy girl think I got a shot with Laury~?"

Raspberry Black 792049

File: 1403491092601.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Only in your dreams, Stef. Ooonly in your dreams."
>Raspberry giggled and leaned back in her chair, drinking down the rest of her coffee, then letting out a pleased sigh.

Stefran 792050

File: 1403491219534.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"What bout with you? Is that only in your dreams~?"

He grinned at her, settling back against the bedhead as he finished his coffee, letting out a soft pleased sigh of his own.

Raspberry Black 792053

File: 1403491430117.png (77.35 KB, 400x400, I Give Up I'll Human Pic.png)

" 'Ey, I'm a gun geek, not a nerd. Get it right."
>She smirked and placed the mug on the stand next to him.
"I'm thinking of makin' some improvements to the normal shotguns we have…"

Stefran 792055

File: 1403491542078.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"That so…? You're the only one who uses them in our group though… I have been thinking of carting one with me in place of my pistol, give me some real punch for when dudes get too close for comfort."

Raspberry Black 792060

File: 1403491860180.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Think you could even carry it?"
>Raspberry teased before her smile fell a bit.
"Well, the thing is, the Mark I got busted pretty bad, back there… shit, I couldn't even go back and get the pieces. I ain't gonna use anything but the Mark II, and the Mark II will be better.

It's only fair that his successor be his better, as well."

Stefran 792064

File: 1403491964849.png (111.45 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)


He struggled not to smirk there.

"You really consider your guns your babies huh~?"

Raspberry Black 792067

File: 1403492097078.gif (1021.51 KB, 500x281, Neeaat.gif)

"I was workin' on the Mark I since I was a filly! That's how I even got my cutie mark, too… 'course the Mark I was like my best friend."
>Raspberry shrugged and leaned against the stand.
"Sucks that he's gone, but, you know. Could've been worse: could've lost more of y'all."

Stefran 792071

File: 1403492439558.png (128.99 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

Stef nodded, pausing a moment before looking to her

He reached over and took one of her hooves.

"Thanks mare, I wouldn't have made it out alive if it weren't for you…"

Raspberry Black 792073

File: 1403492648186.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry blinked in surprise, then stifled a small chuckle and smiled brightly, her normal, energetic demeanor returning, even if it did seem a little more… fake.
"It's no problem at all, Stef! Like hay would I ever leave you or any other of my friends behind."

Stefran 792077

File: 1403492837107.png (89.43 KB, 894x894, Sup.png)

Stef patted her hoof gently before letting his hoof come back to his lap…
"Come on, help me up. I haven't walked or smoked in nearly a week, I'm gonna go insane if I don't get outside" He chuckled, offering her his hoof.

Raspberry Black 792089

File: 1403493970101.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Sure, why not; is it safe for you to drink?"
>Raspberry offered her hoof for him to grab on to, her smile still wide and joyful.

Stefran 792093

File: 1403494067338.png (149.27 KB, 809x988, big_macintosh_vector_by_scrimp…)

Stef took it, and with a clearly pained grunt pulled himself to his feet, knees shaking for having to support him for the first time in a week as he let out a shuddering sigh…

"Don't know… Want some. Let's go."

Raspberry Black 792098

File: 1403494181240.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry gave Stefran a pat on the back and kept an arm around him as they started walking.
"I'm pretty sure those surface dwellers have somethin' good… maybe that guy who keeps getting Germane stuff will have something."

Stefran 792103

File: 1403494354041.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"Germane booze?… I want, I want now."

He said, chuckling but noticeably leaning into her for support as he walked. Once they left the infirmary, he reached for his side and cursed.
"Forgot my jacket, s'got my smokes in it… Ah well, grab it later."

Raspberry Black 792113

File: 1403495108772.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"We're gonna have to pay that guy some day for all the exotic booze we keep snatching."
>Raspberry let out a tiny giggle and tilted her head.
"Ah, you don't need 'em anyway! Beer's good enough!"

Stefran 792116

File: 1403495296550.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"I'll see if I can't make him our quarter master, that'll do it right? Lets him charge all his booze to the government."
>He chuckles and gives her a little nuzzle.
"You're adorable when you giggle"
He teased, grinning cheekily.

Raspberry Black 792119

File: 1403495427991.jpg (34.85 KB, 640x480, Hehe.jpg)

>Raspberry rolled her eyes, a slight blush on her cheeks.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that a lot… and I wonder if the Canterlot gals will be mad if they suddenly get a bill full of foreign alcohol charges."

Stefran 792124

File: 1403495713160.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"We could bluff our way out of it, just make sure to only order them after a succesful mission, claim they're rewards for the troops."

He smiles at her blush, looking genuinely happy regardless of the pain in his eyes.

Raspberry Black 792127

File: 1403495938866.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"And, what, instead we're getting Germane guy all the free stuff he needs?"
>It wasn't long before the two got to the stairs, Raspberry making sure Stefran could travel up them as she moved.

Stefran 792130

File: 1403496248678.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

"You mean we need, he just has the contacts~!"

He chuckled a bit, but as they moved up the stairs, the stallion was getting notably short of breath, grimacing with each step.

Raspberry Black 792134

File: 1403496748747.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Don't worry there, Stef, we only need a couple more steps…"
>She nuzzled him a bit.
"Maybe you should've stayed in bed, if it's this bad."

Stefran 792135

File: 1403496853494.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

He shook his head, returning the nuzzle in doing so, managing the last few steps as he began to pant softly, catching his breath after a moment.

"Nah, feels good to be out and about, just… Shorta breath, lungs still a bit weak. Worth it to get up on my hooves again, hate lying around alld ay."

Raspberry Black 792138

File: 1403497036064.png (153.7 KB, 500x281, Let Me Tell You Why That's Bul…)

"I ain't the pestering sort, but maaaaybe smoking's wasn't gonna help out too much with that."
>Raspberry grinned when they finally reached the top of the stairs, the way outside not too much farther away.

Stefran 792140

File: 1403497205881.png (41.45 KB, 600x714, haters gonna hate.png)

He chuckles a little.

"I concede the point there, but hey, I don't pretend I ain't addicted to smokin'. I know it's bad for me but fuck it, in our line of work I can die any day so why bother caring what can kill me twenty years down the track."

Raspberry Black 792144

File: 1403497848868.gif (996.22 KB, 500x281, Canshtop Whenever Ah Want.gif)

"Ain't gonna help too much if it messes your lungs up to the point where ya can't even make it up some stairs."

Stefran 792148

"That aint thhe smokes! It's just the hole in me…"

Raspberry Black 792151

File: 1403498426638.gif (1021.51 KB, 500x281, Neeaat.gif)

"Ah, see, but that's gonna get worse! If you keep smoking, it'll jsut get bigger!

… I think that's how it works."

Stefran 792154

File: 1403498768785.png (106.01 KB, 900x991, 132636121389.png)

"… Raspy… Raspy stop trying to make me quit smoking I am not in the mood for it right now, at least give me some incentive, like a kiss."

Raspberry Black 792162

File: 1403499635507.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

"Nice try, hun."
>Raspberry flicked Stefran's nose again, then trotted them both outside, the Moon hanging full in the night sky. The mare yawned.
"Aw, mare, I swear it was dusk just a few minutes ago."

Stefran 792165

File: 1403499887541.png (219.71 KB, 900x1502, asd.png)

He merely grins and laughs.

"Wanna grab that booze and just relax on the fields for a bit? Chat."

Raspberry Black 792168

File: 1403500454153.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Sure, Nerd, think you'll be safe out here while I go grab us some?"
>She asked with a peppy smile.

Stefran 792169

He nodded.

"I'll see you soon. I'll go sit down."

With than, he limped off towards a tree to sit down against it.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792639

File: 1403625549142.png (1.01 MB, 934x856, looking_for_adventures_by_oran…)

>Spyro is walking through the hall of the base, looking for some lunch. He seems to be in relatively good spirits today.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792640

File: 1403625748082.png (158.1 KB, 595x728, LV-FB.png)

"Hey, kid, we need to talk." Laury says as she walks up to the dragon.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792641

File: 1403625812937.jpg (134.54 KB, 839x953, classic_spyro_the_dragon_by_ja…)

>Spyro raises his eyebrows at her and smiles.
Uh, sure. C'mon, I was gonna go grab some lunch.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792642

File: 1403626055190.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

Laury ignores the invitation and cuts to the chase. "Look, you need to stop being so soft with the enemy. We're paid to fight them, not play dolls with them. One of these days you'll hesitate with one of them trying to get them to surrender and it'll be the death of maybe not just you, but other members of our group."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792643

File: 1403626404766.png (678.07 KB, 755x1058, purple_hero_by_tearraven-d7j6k…)

>Spyro comes to a stop, staring at her.
Laury, what are you talking about? Asking the bad guys to surrender at first instead of fighting doesn't hurt anyone. It's just a little extra effort that I'm happy to make. And it's not like I hold back if they refuse.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792644

File: 1403626721889.png (38.49 KB, 300x188, yang_xiao_long_by_a_fistful_of…)

"Except when you keep giving them more and more chances, it wastes time. Time is incredibly important in a fight, a lot can happen in a few seconds. You need to make sure you're not taking your sweet time asking the enemy to lie down, especially in situations they aren't likely to surrender in. Now if they're already incapacitated, then, whatever I don't care.

You're not acting like a soldier, you're being a charity. Newsflash, kid, we're in the military, ever wonder why we got all these guns, knives, and bombs? Yeah it's because we're here to kill.

You aren't in fluffy rainbow christmasland anymore, kid, so don't act like it."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792645

File: 1403627505329.png (187.91 KB, 510x465, Avatar_Spyro.png)

>Spyro blinks at her for a moment before frowning.
I'm sorry, it's starting to sound like you're saying that killing is the only way to resolve a fight. Last I checked, when I'm using my ice breath, I can take down bad guys without killing them, with no extra effort on my part besides having to learn how to breath ice. The only difference between my ability to breathe fire and ice is that when I use ice there's a few less bodies in the pile that don't need to be there.
And really, how is my desire to try and save the lives of our enemies hurting you?
>His eyes narrow.
And are you telling me you actually believe that they don't [/i]deserve[i] a chance to surrender? That just because they'd picked the wrong side that somehow they've become irredeemable? Cause I have to say, I don't agree. At all.
>brb shopping.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792647

File: 1403628069571.png (269.5 KB, 800x403, LV SC.png)

"Except not. If you used your frost breath like any other attack then whatever, the big problem is that you're not freezing first and asking questions later. In the heat of battle you can't afford to take the time to ask them nicely several times while everyone else is fighting for their lives.

It's not me I'm worried about Spyro, it's Stefran, Raspberry, S… Everyone else! If any of us slips up for too long it could mean the death of one of us, or worse!"

Laury's tone darkens and her voice raises a few levels. "NO! Get your head out of those fake moral clouds they're in and come back down to earth! This ain't about if they deserve it, frankly I couldn't give less of a fuck about why they're doing what, the fact of the matter is you need to toughen up and stop hesitating. We're not paid to play psychologist, we're here to fight them.

Something you don't seem to get. You let that archmage go, and there was someone else too. Now they have the chance to kill us even more, if not others, if not the entire world."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792650

File: 1403630539492.jpg (90.2 KB, 894x894, digi_painting_practice___spyro…)

>Spyro is now actively glaring at her, his voice remains level but he's starting to get upset.
Again, I don't see the problem here. I'm no less effective in a fight than I've always been. Raspberry and Stefran can handle themselves. They don't need me to babysit them. And we'll get Shining back if I have to freeze every bad guy from here to Elysium, you watch.
>He snorts, a small wisp of mist escaping from his nostrils.
And you're wrong, morality is what separates us from the bad guys. We're here to help people, Laury. We're here to save lives because that's what heroes do. It's not hesitation to ask the enemy to surrender, it's an attempt to save the lives of people I don't think have to die for us to win the fight.
>He points at her.
And for your information, I let them go because I believed they could still do the right thing and leave the cult behind. The choice was mine to make and I did what I thought was right. And given the chance, I'd do it again.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792651

File: 1403631062317.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"EXCEPT YOU'RE NOT!" Laury shouts at him. "Don't you get it? You are actually wasting time when you ask them MULTIPLE times instead of giving them even one chance. Their lives aren't your responsibility, it's their own." She spits, unlike him she wasn't good at containing herself. "You aren't being at your best when you fight. You aren't! because you spend way too long doing this. It's not like you're just asking them once and then freezing them when they decline, no, you're spending around 20 seconds asking them over and over until you eventually decide it's time to freeze them.

You know what, if your frost breath isn't lethal, then why ask in the first place? You could just as easily freeze them and then get them in a spot where they could easily be captured when they come out of it. This way, you're not fucking us up and you don't have to whine about the sanctity of life or whatever you hippies do."

Laury sighs and rolls her eyes. "Heroes belong in fairy tales, being a hero and helping people sure as hell ain't why I'm here, I'm here because I'm getting paid a lot to do my damn job."

"Fine. When we face them next don't expect me to back you up."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792661

File: 1403633027971.png (287.93 KB, 852x938, spyro_and_sparx_by_zutheskunk-…)

>Spyro bares his teeth at her, furious.
Yes I am! We aren't all going to die if I take 20 seconds out of my day to politely ask the bad guys to give up!
He fumes at her with a seething rage for a moment before choking it down and snorting.
Huh. That's all that really matters to you isn't it? The money. Nevermind the people we're supposed to protect, nevermind that fighting isn't always the best answer, or that sometimes mercy is a greater victory than murder.
>His tone becomes full of contempt and barely contained fury.
No no, better that we all just kill everything we're sent after, because that's justice. Ancestor's forbid we actually try to be the good guys in this fight.
>He shakes his head, looking almost bemused if he wasn't so appalled.
You know what, I don't think I want your help anyway. Cause you're right, if that's the way you see things, then you're definitely no hero.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792667

File: 1403634018902.gif (540.13 KB, 245x275, tumblr_mqvocbPnxW1rq5fzso4_250…)

"It only takes 4 seconds for someone to hit a pony with a cocktail, that could be enough to kill someone. Someone could throw five of those in the span of time it takes for you to potentially convince someone to give up. potentially even though you have a habit of asking them even when they have the manpower advantage! No, Spyro, you need to stop wasting so much time on them. Let's say you spend 20 seconds and manage to convince… Hmm… Let's go best-case senario: let's say you convince a misunderstood mare who loves puppies and flowers and shits rainbows to give up, and in that time someone uses the space you could have been protecting to get by and throw five molotov cocktails at us and let's say… Raspberry burns a slow painful death.

Congratulations, you might have saved one misunderstood girl, but now you got our commander killed, and now the entire NLR is damaged, and because of this we might not even be able to save the world to begin with.

A lot can happen in twenty seconds, kid." She sighs.

"You need to get your head out of the clouds, kiddo, heroes like you think about them don't exist. You can't save everyone, and unfortunately the world is a lot less black and white than you make it out to be. There aren't no "good guys" and there isn't any "heroes" you aren't doing more good because you're keeping a couple people alive, in fact, those very actions could result in the loss of much more that you claim to be fighting for!

Grow up, Spyro! You aren't in a fantasy world, we don't have any knights in shining armor or crazy mystical holy grails around here. Look around, kid, you see what's around here? Grey. Nice solid concrete,steel and iron. Notice it's not a big white fantasy castle.

There's a reason for that, and it's called practicality. And it's what really gets things done.

Why are you here? You sound like you'd want to be more of a diplomat than anything, why the fuck are you in a military organization when you hate killing the enemy so much!"

"And no. I'm not a hero, and I never will be. I'm twice your age Spyro, and I've seen what happens to heroes. Let me tell you, it ain't pretty, and they don't get near as much done as they want to because of it."

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792668

Oh shit. Sorry, I didn't realize how long that was lol.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792670

File: 1403635634908.jpg (77.48 KB, 256x312, Spyro_the_Dragon_(character).J…)

>Nah, man. Longer the post the better.

The way you talk it's like I make everyone wait when I ask the bad guys to give up. Think about it, Laury, when was the last time I asked you not to cave someone's head in or charge while I was asking for them to surrender, or the last time I pestered Raspberry to use nonlethal rounds to defend herself? Last I checked, I'm not the one trying to push someone into following my way of thinking. I may not like that you guys kill people, but at least I'm not so arrogant as to assume I have the right or authority to demand you change how you fight!
>His claws extend.
And you know what? If heroes like the ones I believe in don't exist in this world, then I'll become one and I'll make them exist. I know I can't save everyone, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to save everyone that I can. It certainly doesn't mean that I shouldn't put forth the effort to follow my code on the say-so of a jaded equine with anger issues. You wanna know why I'm here? Here's a short list:
>He holds up a claw, counting out each of his beliefs as he does so.
Heroes help the helpless.
Heroes save lives. Even the bad guys when they can.
Heroes stop the bad guys.
And Heroes aren't evil.
I'm here because I believe that the NLR is a good place for someone who wants to be a hero to start out and put those ideals into practice. A place to learn and fight and make a difference and earn the right to call myself a hero. And just because you've given up on that ideal doesn't mean that I have.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792672

File: 1403636042186.png (269.5 KB, 800x403, LV SC.png)

"You might not pause the whole battle, but you sure take yourself out of the fight for long enough for the tide of the battle to change.

Arrogance, huh? You know usually I'd be right up your alley and agree that yeah I'm an arrogant bitch, that much is true, but in this case I'm not thinking about morality at all. What I'm thinking about is making sure as many of our kin – whose safety is our responsibility – get out alive! I couldn't possibly care less about your morals and whatever you can pretend you can be King Arthur and get yourself killed until the day you die, but the fact of the matter is that if you take it too far, like you're doing now, you're putting everyone else at risk.

I already lost Shining. If I lose Raspberry too because of you, I promise you won't make it until sunrise. That's all I have to say on this subject." She states, and with that, she turns her back on him and leaves the room.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792673

File: 1403636602817.jpg (260.68 KB, 610x686, 21c1e46e953d77f52ea6d632b63b20…)

>Spyro stares after her for a moment be snorting and grinning darkly.
Ohhhh, I see what this is all about now. This doesn't have anything to do with my desire to save lives, does it? It's all about your guilty conscience. You're looking for someone to blame for Shining getting kidnapped and settled on me because if you'd gone with her instead of checking on me, she'd still be here. That about right?
>She can hear the sneer in his voice.
Guess what? Me deciding to just freeze all of them without an offer to surrender? It wouldn't have changed anything. Neither would me deciding to burn all our enemies to the ground. You'd have still run after me and Shining would've still been kidnapped.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792674

File: 1403637185361.gif (798.82 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo9_250…)

Laury stops in her tracks, and slowly turns around. She was angry before, now… Now she was beyond anger, she was beyond even fury and rage now. If Spyro went so far as to challenge her on the touchiest subject there could have been, and with that dark sneer as if he was taunting her for her failure to protect her honorary sister, while in her mind completely missing the bulk of her argument… Yeah…

She walks towards him, almost casually, and throws a punch as hard as she possibly could towards his face, and her cutiemark was for breaking bones.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that again. Or I will kill you."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792676

File: 1403637629407.png (656.96 KB, 900x720, Spyro_by_AbsoluteDream.png)

>Spyro leaps back, avoiding the punch and letting out a short cone of frost to push her back and put some distance between them. He didn't have a cutie mark but he was a purple dragon, and even as young as he was fire and ice still heeded his call.
You don't want this fight, Laury. I'm every bit as tough as you are. And I promise if you don't back off right now I'll freeze you where you stand and give you frostbite so bad it'll make your ancestors shiver!

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792677

File: 1403637862069.jpg (18.9 KB, 250x247, 1384939151895s.jpg)

"A challenge huh? You will learn your place."

Without any further warning she steps forward and throws another one at him.

Roll 1d20 - 4 = 12 to hit
Roll 1d30 + 6 = 22 damage

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792678

File: 1403638214541.png (133.61 KB, 700x700, legendary_by_bricken-d7b3g4o.p…)

Not a challenge. A warning.
>Spyro takes the hit right on the chin, reeling before shaking it off with a glare. his scales made it like she was hitting iron.
Okay. You asked for it.
>Sucking in a breath, he retaliates with a cone of frost.
Roll 1d20 - 2 = 11
Roll 1d30 + 3 = 31
>38 hp

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792679

File: 1403638413788.gif (42.9 KB, 283x200, 200_s.gif)

Sweet dick that roll
Laury put far too much power into her first swing, and in doing so had no time to get away from the attack and he gets her right in the face partially freezing her body, but at least she was still functional even if it hurt her like hell to have her skin frost over like that. Interestingly enough, she didn't seem to get any angrier though.

Roll 1d20 - 4 = -3 Roll 1d10 + 2 = 6
Roll 1d20 - 4 = 13 Roll 1d10 + 2 = 11
Roll 1d20 - 4 = 6 Roll 1d10 + 2 = 3

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792680

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792681

23 HP*

nat one there

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792683

File: 1403638764967.png (486.58 KB, 700x960, 1b4e528c832283046945d81b105949…)

>Spyro ducked and weaved as best he could, able to open up a small cut on her arm with one of his horns. He has no time to enjoy it though as she was able to knock him back with another shot.
Give it up, Laury, or you'll end up a ponycicle!
>Sucking in another breath he releases another cone of ice right at her.
Roll 1d20 - 2 = 14
Roll 1d30 + 3 = 18
>27 hp

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792684

File: 1403638947526.png (480.29 KB, 600x600, tumblr_mukrlk43Ig1r76oxho9_128…)

HP: 5

Laury receives yet another blast to the chest, seeming to just abandon her usual dexterity in her fury, despite her body telling her that she reallyshouldn't keep this up, her emotions weren't having none of that.

Roll 1d20 - 4 = 4 Roll 1d30 = 23

Raspberry Black 792685

File: 1403638987034.jpg (45.41 KB, 900x229, BAR.jpg)

>A thundering, heavy rattle echoed through the air, along with the sharp noise of bullets whizzing a little too close for comfort overhead. Shells fell silently to the soft dirt as Raspberry let off the trigger and brought the powerful BAR down lower, goggles completely blocking her eyes, and a restrained frown evident on her face.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792686

File: 1403639194767.jpg (610.72 KB, 754x729, simple_spyro_by_mustapantteri-…)

>Spyro ducks under the punch, sucking in a final breath to freeze this stupid equine solid…
,But jumps back, hearing the gunshots over his head. In looking around for their source he finds Raspberry and seeing that frown on her face he releases the breath he'd sucked in as a harmless rush of air. He glares at Laury, but doesn't move to follow up on her attack…Yet.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792687

File: 1403639411898.gif (798.82 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo9_250…)

Laury usually would have not noticed the signal at all, but, the BAR just so happened to be an extremely loud machine gun. She snaps around to face Raspberry after seeing Spyro hesitate. Currently, she was too pissed off to make herself civil, even for Raspberry.


She glances over at Spyro still, her muscles tense and ready to pounce at a moment's notice.

Raspberry Black 792690

File: 1403639675952.gif (662.7 KB, 500x280, Go Time.gif)

"What do you bucking think?"
>Raspberry gritted her teeth, her sharp, harsh tone showing just how much she was holding back her own anger. She took a couple steps forward, scanning the BAR across both before settling it dead on Laury when Spyro looked to have calmed down.
"Now, I've heard a couple things about what's been going on here, but I'm gonna give you two the benefit of a doubt.



Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792691

File: 1403640003397.png (404.27 KB, 620x451, not_surprised_by_darkythedrago…)

>Spyro's teeth remain bared, icy mist rolling from his mouth. He was all but daring her to try it.

>Spyro doesn't take his eyes off Laury, prepared to defend himself if Laury made another strike against him

Laury told me to stop giving our enemies a chance to give up. Allegedly because she doesn't want my desire to try and save them too to get people hurt. The real reason is she wants someone to blame for Shining's kidnapping, and apparently she's picked me.
>He snorts.
Then she picked a fight and I defended myself.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792692

File: 1403640244745.gif (435.95 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo3_250…)

Laury stares at Raspberry for a full two seconds. No. No, she didn't have to explain herself to anyone. Without saying anything, she thinks about just booking it, but as she's about to-

"I already talked to Tex about Shining Shuffle, no, that's not why I'm pissed at you. What's REALLY getting me now is you rubbing her loss in my face! You might say you're not evil but that's too far. You heard your sneer, you know what you were doing.

You couldn't just leave it at 'don't take it too far' could you? Could you?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792696

File: 1403640659026.jpg (142.99 KB, 979x816, 2be6014e74edbc3782090c36a58bd5…)

>Spyro glares at her
Yeah. I called you out on the real reason you were getting on my case and trying to change how I do things. This had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you and your guilty conscience. I didn't ask for this argument or this fight. You started both.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792698

File: 1403640770759.gif (435.95 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo3_250…)

"NO! That's not it at all and you know it. Yes, I'm fucking pissed that Shining's gone, but that's not what this is about. What this is about is you endangering the team!"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792700

File: 1403641016478.jpg (97.81 KB, 1024x768, 1024_-_Spyro.jpg)

That's the thing I don't get! Name one thing I've done that has actively hurt the team? Asked them to surrender? guess what? no one got killed instantly in the 20 seconds it took me to ask. Using my ice breath? Yeah, because I'm so much less effective now. Face it, nothing I've actually done has put the team in any more danger than it already was.

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792703

"And you're damn lucky most of us made it out of there alive. Keep spending so much time and eventually it's going to bite us in the ass."

Raspberry Black 792704

File: 1403641074267.png (725.35 KB, 1024x768, I Give Up I'll Use Humanized T…)

>Raspberry took a deep breath, trying to calm herself before she did anything she'd regret, especially if one of them tried something.
"Let's assume you're right."
>The BAR, the only sign of where she was even looking, momentarily flicked over to Spyro when she noticed the mist, but fell back to Laury once more.
"That's still no reason to go attacking a damn chi-"

"Shut the buck up! Both of you!"
>Raspberry suddenly shouted loud enough for ponies even in adjacent buildings to hear, a shot into the skies punctuating her exclamation.
"Bucking children, both of you! You-"
>Her rifle fell to Spyro.
"Are too busy throwing low blows at people to realize that you're going too far! I expected better from you Spyro, way better! All this "hero" shtick and here you are trying to push all the blame on someone else just because she might have a couple problems with you!"
>The BAR found itself pointed at Laury, next.

"And you…"
>She growled.
"There's not a single damn reason for you to go picking a fight with a kid. Not. One. Bucking. Reason, Laury…"

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792708

File: 1403641451520.jpg (62.08 KB, 1280x720, 1395365960429.jpg)

Laury glares at Raspberry for a couple more seconds, but then lowers her guard and her eyes soften a little. She even mentioned before she was twice Spyro's age and she sure didn't act like it a second ago. "… Right."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792709

File: 1403641484780.jpg (88.05 KB, 900x713, little_dreamer_by_goldentigerd…)

>Spyro seems more than a little surprised, and slumps to the ground a bit, but argues with Raspberry.
Well what was I supposed to do? Let her come in and tell me how I'm supposed to act, imply that I'm the reason Shining is gone and then threaten to kill me if anything happens to you? And it was her fault! She started it! I even warned her that I'd defend myself and that she should back off!

Raspberry Black 792720

File: 1403641850707.gif (662.7 KB, 500x280, Go Time.gif)

>Raspberry groaned, speaking in a mocking tone:
"Ooooh, 'she started it', that changes everythi- Be the bigger dragon, that's what you should've done! If you think she's trying to swing low, don't stoop to her level! You're too smart for that…"
>It was then that it clicked on exactly what Spyro said Laury had said she'd do. For at least a moment, both could see beyond those golden lenses, and the wrath behind it was unfathomable.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792726

File: 1403642203759.jpg (268.6 KB, 821x973, Baby_Spyro_by_JazzTheTiger.jpg)

>Spyro takes a few steps back wanting to put some distance between raspberry and himself.
Yeah, she said that she'd already lost shining and that if she lost you because of me than I wouldn't wake up to see the next morning. That's how I got the idea that she blamed me somehow for Shining's kidnapping!

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792727

File: 1403642212143.gif (831.07 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo4_250…)

Laury didn't pause to think, but in the timespan between reacting and talking back, her emotions did quite a few trips. On one hand, part of her stood by what she said, if he was going to get her friends killed she thought he deserved to die. On the other hand, he was a stupid kid to her, and while she was pissed, going so far as to make a death threat was too far even she had to admit, well, at least that side of her. The other part still stood by it.

"Heat of the moment, I don't even know what I say half the time. That one was too far… Yeah." She looks to Spyro. "I might hate your guts right now, but I take back the death threat."

Raspberry Black 792736

File: 1403642737359.png (210.45 KB, 567x319, Uuuhhuh.png)

>A few seconds passed before the seething anger in her eyes faded, and the mare lifted her head up again, the light blocking her emotions other than a fierce frown once more.
"Childish or not, that kind of thing is unacceptable. I don't care what either of your views are, but we are allies, you two. That's the kind of talk that causes stuff you're gonna regret…"
>She took another deep breath, her grip on the BAR noticeably shaking.
"We might've lost one of us, but we can get him back. It's gonna be pretty hard to do that if we have people jumping at each other's throats, and I'll be damned if we're going to lose more from it.

Promise me this kind of crap isn't gonna happen again."

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792740

File: 1403642949716.png (392.29 KB, 600x900, 1393726138197.png)

Laury looks over to Spyro. She already said all that needed to be said anyways. "You have my word, Raspberry."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 792745

File: 1403643151585.jpg (411.79 KB, 789x701, 4d31c6f90b154cc33a15bb138b30bb…)

>Spyro is quiet for a while before nodded dejectedly.
…Yeah okay. I'm sorry for saying you're not a hero and stuff.
>He nods, reaching around to poke at his lightly bruised side.
I promise…

Raspberry Black 792754

File: 1403643620373.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry slowly nodded, finally lowering her rifle with a heavy sigh. When she spoke, her voice was a magnitude much softer, if not more tired.
"Great… you two gotta try and get along: you're our frontline fighters, we can't afford to have y'all arguing."
>She turned to look at Laury, her eyes now visible and showing a fair bit of exhaustion from all the anger.
"Well, Laury. He apologized, your turn."

Asomameow!sKlHUGGLEs 792759

File: 1403643812117.gif (Spoiler Image,812.34 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo5_250…)

Laury stays silent for a while and sighs, thinking it over. She was still honor-bound and wouldn't want to apologize if she didn't meant it. Then again, Spyro apologized for the part that she cared the least about, if at all, so it would be fair for her to do the same. "Sorry for threatening to kill you, Spy, and for punching you. Credit where it's due, I at least respect you a little more for fighting me.

Now… If there's nothing else, I'm going to go get drunk."

Raspberry Black 792767

File: 1403645093465.gif (1021.51 KB, 500x281, Neeaat.gif)

>Raspberry let out a short sigh and tossed the BAR on to her back as if it weighed much more than it actually did.
"Great. I'll just be in my forge… probably doing the same…"

Stefran 792826

File: 1403659672956.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

If any came looking for their wounded commander, they'd find that the stallion had left the med bay. Asking around they'd eventually find him though where he was currently sitting topside against the wall of the cafeteria, a comic book held open in front of him, wrapped in the mans scarlet magic aura, in one hoof he held a salad wrap, and in the other a mug of coffee, smoke trailing from the cigarette held in his lips. The commander still had bandages wrapped about his chest, and looked noticeably less… Lively, than before, always having had thick, strong looking legs he now seemed smaller, as if the near-death had reduced him in a way.

Shining Shuffle 792846

File: 1403661317571.jpg (831.3 KB, 1063x751, 861266e8418fe00db2fd831e54f611…)

>Shining was lying flat on her bed as usual, waiting for someone to come for her with questions or perhaps food, the sink gave her water on demand so at least there was that but… Well she found herself hoping Glowing Pact would visit today, he was the nearest thing she had to a friend in this place, and with it being her birthday and yet another day spent all alone, far from her friends and family in hostile territory, she could really use a friendly face. As usual she had her headphones, but they couldn't block out her loneliness with their music, not today, a few tears rimmed in the girls eyes, but she was hardly sobbing like she had done a few days prior.

Cult of Harmony 792851

File: 1403662513866.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

>It was some time in the afternoon when the door opened… but a low, powerful laugh came from the pony who had entered. One that most assuredly did not belong to Glowing Pact, or even the two lavender-hooded ponies who had entered before.

"And here I was thinking that they were pulling my chain!"

>His booming, jovial voice, however, did sound somewhat familiar…

Shining Shuffle 792852

File: 1403662602372.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

>Confusedly, Shining sat up on the bed, looking at this new entrant just a tad worriedly, cocking her head to the side.
>She asked timidly, worried slightly at how… Happy, this new arrival seemed.

Cult of Harmony 792855

File: 1403663179102.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

"Shining, your name is, right? I don't think I caught it, last time we met…"
>The cultist, wearing a brown-robe that hid most of his visage, trotted closer to the cell, kicking the heavy door shut behind him.

Shining Shuffle 792857

File: 1403663271597.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

"Y-yeah… Shining Shuffle…"
>She pushed herself up against the wall, legs coming up to her chest in a protective ball, fears only building when she saw him kick the door closed…

Cult of Harmony 792858

File: 1403663549656.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

>This one was much larger than either Glowing or even the lavender-shrouded ponies by quite a lot, towering high over Shining from even this far away. A rifle was strapped to his back, along with a few hard-to-discern pieces of metal occasionally showing themselves.
"Don't tell me you've forgotten already…"
>He blinked.
"Or you may not have heard my name before. 'Name's Honest Soul: you fought me back in Manehattan…"

Shining Shuffle 792861

File: 1403663711297.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

>She nodded, visibly shaking at this point, realizing both his height, the fact that he had a personal reason to dislike her, and the fact that with that door shut, no one would hear her….
"I…I did?… Sorry…"

>She said, in a quiet, apologetic tone, looking up at him from under her long bangs, ears pressed down.

Cult of Harmony 792864

File: 1403664439854.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>Honest Soul groaned and rolled his eyes.
"Oh come on, don't tell me this is what my opponent looks like when the chips are down…"
>He produced a key from his robe.
"Come on, at least put up a little fight: a growl, snarl, something…"

Shining Shuffle 792866

File: 1403665063346.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

>At that, she did have something of a reaction, a tightening of her lips as her eyes focused more on his

"Why would I…? The chips aren't down they're held all in your hoof. I'm alone, in a place filled with people with good reason to hate me. If you attack and I fight back, what happens then? If I kill you, someone walks in here and puts a bullet in my head, if I get out somehow, I don't know where to go, I've never seen beyond two hallways and this room. If I somehow escape the whole building, I don't even know where I am, and you'd all be hunting me down before I ever had a chance to get my bearings. There's no point…"

Honest Soul 792878

File: 1403667074474.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

>He crossed one arm over the other.
"I'm not saying you should try to fight me, because that'd be pretty damn stupid and, yeah, you'd die, but.. you're just curling up into a ball!"
>Honest tossed the key up and down in his hoof.
"Even your mean look needs work… I'm gonna have to teach you a few lessons with that, I swear…"

Shining Shuffle 792879

File: 1403667218343.jpg (154.12 KB, 500x559, Hug me....jpg)

>She blushed a tiny bit at him saying her mean look needs work, now embarrassed on top of scared and confused, after a moment she asked.

"So… What do you want from me…?"

Honest Soul 792880

File: 1403667336446.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

"A few things. A rematch, first off, but that can come later."
>He unlocked the door and swung it open for Shine.
"For starters, I want you to come with me. You said you wanted to join, right?"

Shining Shuffle 792883

File: 1403667807032.jpg (173.12 KB, 700x700, But... I'm a boy.jpg)

"Well I said I was starting to see your point of view and liked some of your goals…"

>She said, a tad confused but… Honestly, fuck it, joining them didn't seem so bad right now, the NLR had betrayed her but the cultists, surprisingly, had treated her very well as a prisoner, and she honestly was starting to think she'd been on the wrong side of this fight. Hopping off the bed, she pulled her military jacket on, and trotted towards him, not in battle now and without her flitting around in the air, he realized just how miniscule she was.

Cult of Harmony 792889

File: 1403669122278.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

"Close enough."
>Honest opened up the door out of the brig.
"I don't think I need to say not to try anything, right?"

Shining Shuffle 792891

File: 1403669194705.png (122.44 KB, 915x874, Nope!.png)

>That actually got a tiny bit of a smirk from her as she wandered to the door.

"Didn't we just go over how pointless that would be?

Cult of Harmony 792892

File: 1403669305450.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

>Honest began to trot down the tight hallways, grumbling as his cloak actually managed to get caught on something more than a few times.
"We'll be on the same floor, so it's just further down here. Whether or not we're going to give recruiting a go is still up in the air, but, until then…"

Shining Shuffle 792894

File: 1403669392496.png (277.68 KB, 900x1396, 1395915471545.png)

"Until then…?"

>She said questioningly, following him the whole time and making a point to keep her head down whenever they encountered other cultists.

Honest Soul 792895

File: 1403669645678.jpg (25.78 KB, 550x733, doorways.jpg)

"We're getting you a bigger room. Sort of. It's better than the brig, anyway, and close to what we have."
>Honest Soul finally stopped next to another door that looked like any other.

Shining Shuffle 792896

File: 1403669727172.png (350.21 KB, 1058x956, 79541__safe_rainbow+dash_cute_…)

>That actually caused her to brighten significantly, having room to move about a bit would certainly brighten her days significantly… She stopped beside him, smiling now, her wings giving a brief flutter.

Honest Soul 794699

File: 1404131506334.jpg (87.39 KB, 375x500, A Room.jpg)

>As Honest flung the door open, Shining found that he would indeed have more room... well, perhaps a few square feet. There was a carpet instead of the cold, metal ground, and an actual bed close to the ceiling that she could fly up to, the space beneath it taken up by a desk with a mirror in front of it. Only about six or seven feet in either direction, it was just as claustrophobic as the rest of the base... but there was wiggle room, so Shining had that going for her.


>Oh right and Glowing Pact was there, leaning out from behind the door, his horn glowing brightly.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794700

File: 1404131842145.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

The tiny stallion couldn't help but beam upon seeing the size of his new abode, this was... This actually really meant something, no more was he sitting behind iron bars at the mercy of his captors, this was a room... Not a cell but a room... His room... The cult was accepting him and letting him find his place here, they were treating him well where his friends abandoned him...

And more than that, the closest thing he had to a friend in this new world he was trapped in was there. That only made him smile all the wider, a twinkle of a gleeful tear in his eye as he rushed up to glowing pact, hooves out and... Hugged him.

"I knew you wouldn't forget Glow!" Shining said happily, hugging the stallion for a moment, about his shoulders, head only reaching his chest.

Cult of Harmony 794701

File: 1404132498173.jpg (192.97 KB, 1191x670, the_ancient_elements_of_harmon…)

"Of course I wouldn't!"
>Glowing tossed an arm around Shining with a bright grin of his own.
"I'm the one who tried to see if I could get you a better room than the brig over there. After all, what are friends for?"
>Behind Glowing, there was a phonograph, and a rather modern one, at that. This close, Shining could also see what his magic was activated for: a cupcake with a lit candle on it.
"Sorry that I couldn't get you much; rations are rather uptight."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794702

File: 1404132809964.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

Shining giggled upon the sight of the cupcake,, giving Glowing Pact a little squeeze before releasing him. Such things like this normally wouldn't affect him... Or anyone this much. But with how miserable and afraid he'd been of late, this... This was a huge gesture.

"This is still far more than I could ask for Glow. Thank you."

Plucking the cupcake out the air he looked at the two of them before closing his eyes and blowing out the candle, looking back at Honest Soul with a cheeky smirk.

"I wished that I win the rematch~"

Cult of Harmony 794703

File: 1404133447194.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

>Honest shrugged, a smirk evident beneath the hood that hid most of his other features as Glowing hovered the plate over into Shining's hooves.
"Well, you know what they say about wishes, colt."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794704

File: 1404133605229.jpg (81.03 KB, 500x339, tumblr_m6tprnqhkY1qmz0qzo1_500…)

"Once in a blue moon they come true."

Shining finished, taking the plate out the air and beginning to nibble demurely at the cupcake, glad to taste something with some real flavor again. However after a moment his ears perked and he looked over at Honest Soul.

"You know I'm a guy then...? Well, that makes my biggest worry largely gone if everyone around knows that..."

Cult of Harmony 794705

File: 1404134044244.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

"More like 'if you say what it is, it won't'."
>Honest Soul chuckled and leaned against the edge of the doorframe, not even wanting to take up more space in the already cramped room.
"A few know, but I'm pretty sure there might be a little confusion from time to time... alright, most of the time, if you end up with a cloak like ours."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794706

File: 1404134268785.jpg (107.44 KB, 500x667, Dalia.jpg)

"Well I wear pants at all times except when I'm sleeping as it is..."

Shining said smirking a little.

"So... How about I finish this and we go for that rematch? I could use the chance to actually move about again!"

Cult of Harmony 794708

File: 1404135272687.png (131.68 KB, 719x716, Cultist7.png)

>Honest Soul let out a low hum, uncrossing his arms and thinking it over.
"Dueling with a prisoner, huh? Sounds like a good way to get killed, even if it wouldn't be smart..."
>He shrugged and snorted, his smirk coming back.
"Of course, that implies you'd be able to beat me."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794709

File: 1404135446842.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

"And that's why it'll be a spar...? We can go for touches, not actual wounds, wrap our blades in cloth to protect us. Anyone asks Glow can tell em what's going on."

With a flap of his wings, Shining was on the edge of the bed, continuing to nibble gleefully at his birthday treat. Giving the two of them a bit more room to move in the tiny room.

Cult of Harmony 794710

File: 1404135600635.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

"Blades? The only weapon I need up close is my rifle and my hooves. We've got some training weapons for the new folk, those could work out."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794711

File: 1404135708936.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

"I can't even use a gun at range let alone up close. I think I might actually have something wrong with my eyes with how bad a shot I am..."

Shining actually blushed a little as she said this. Taking a big bite from the cupcake.

"And as for hooves... Well you're twice my size and I'm a dancer. I think training weapons would be the best option."

Cult of Harmony 794712

File: 1404136538003.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

>Honest shrugged.
"Now, who said I'd be shooting? I'm a pretty good fighter with just the rifle, if I do say so, myself. After all, that's how I was able to fend you and your friend off."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794714

File: 1404136713806.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

Shining seemed to be getting excited at the idea of a fight, taking bigger bites of her cupcake until it was quickly finished, at which point she jumped down off the bed. Giving Glowing Pact a second hug.

"I can't thank you enough for all this Glow..."

The tiny stallion flapped his wings to let him hover a bit higher than his small stature normally allowed, so that he could give his friend a quick nuzzle on the cheek before turning to face Honest Soul.

"Well? Shall we? I would offer a wager but..."

Cult of Harmony 794717

File: 1404137720804.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Magic.png)

"It's not a problem at all, Shining, honestly. Oh! That desk of yours has a bit of a communication system in it; it's linked to a couple other ones in the ship, including mine. There's a glyph in the corner: just stamp it with the right stamp and put it there; it'll take care of the rest!"
>Honest dusted off his hooves.
"Oh, don't worry, I couldn't accept it, anyways: I barely even gamble with real money.

Now, if we were playing blackjack, on the other hoof..."
>Glowing, conveniently standing out of sight, since he was mostly behind the door, quickly shook his head and brought his hoof across his neck.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794718

File: 1404137903499.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

"You'll have to show me how it works later Glow." Shining said enthusiastically, before turning to Honest Soul

"Well I was just going to say I'm still a prisoner. You guys are treating me nice to be sure, but there's no posession I have anymore you couldn't just take from me, so a wagers pointless."

Shining was quite a melancholy, blunt soul at times wasn't he?

"So? Shall we?"

Cult of Harmony 794719

File: 1404138157227.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, Honesty.png)

"Well, yes, but I could also have this entire base's wagers, too, but where would the fun be in that?"
>Honest stepped out of the way so that Shining could get into the hallway. Notably, the magenta rings around his hooves had vanished, replaced by only one around her left, front hoof.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794720

File: 1404138273210.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

"By the way..."

>Shining said absently, raising the hoof up as she hovered past him, staying on her wings rather than her hooves.

"What is with this enchantment? You never told me what it is Glow, all I know is you slapped it on me when you we first got here and you were still two inches from killing me."

Cult of Harmony 794721

File: 1404138508156.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

>Glowing dismissively waved his hoof.
"Just something to keep you from galloping off. Before, it was pretty simple; just shackles we could activate at any time to restrict your movement. Now, if you try to get too far, it'll change from magenta, to orange, then to yellow.

You won't want it to be yellow."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794723

File: 1404138668004.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

>That actually got a bit of a smile from her.

"Oh so you're giving me more freedom huh? Putting a bit more trust in me...?"

>She fell back a little as they went along, staying in easy range to speak to Glowing Pact.

"Since it's you who placed the enchantment on me, is it my range from my cell or from you? So say if you went to the otherside of this... Place, would I be in trouble?"

Cult of Harmony 794724

File: 1404138950316.png (23.39 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Magic.png)

"From your room-"
>As they trotted, the enchantment started to turn orange, just as he had said, occasionally letting off a low vibration against Shining's hoof as a warning.
"Though, I can always just set it to myself, like... so."
>A bolt of magenta magic struck the cuff, returning it to its former color.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794726

File: 1404139123051.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

"That's... actually a pretty cool spell I have to say Glow. Magi seem to be much better at magic than any unicorns I know... I mean you alone, I've seen you create darkness around me, teleport entire rooms, and do this magical detention equipment like what you've done to me... Well let's just say I'm glad you like me~"

Cult of Harmony 794728

File: 1404139934721.png (33.92 KB, 140x140, Cultist_Officer.png)

>Honest finally opened up a door leading into a mostly empty gym area which, surprisingly enough, was actually comparable to a real gym in size. A few ponies were lifting weights or using gymnasticons. Honest's interest, however, was in a small fighting ring off in the corner.
"I might be smart, but there's a lot more I need to figure out, first. I'm no Warm Heart, and I'm definitely not archmage material... well, yet."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794729

File: 1404140366473.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

>Shining made a point to keep close to the two of them now, keeping his gaze averted from the other ponies working out there in the hopes that they wouldn't question the latest arrival being out of her cell. She followed close behind Honest, looking over the ring and the area around it for said training weapons.

"Yet~ I bet you can get there if you work at it Glow."

Cult of Harmony 794730

File: 1404141008948.png (9.86 KB, 140x135, Cultist_Mook.png)

>Glowing flashed a bright grin to her.
"That's what I'm hoping for, friend."
>Honest began trotting along the fighting ring before stopping at a wall with a number of wooden weapons: blades, knives, staffs, even training rifles. Of course, the giant took the rifle for himself.
"Heeere we go, this is my kind of weapon..."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 794731

File: 1404141162903.jpg (298.82 KB, 720x720, SilverShuffler.jpg)

>Shining looked as if she'd be going for the knives, the weapon she'd been wielding the last time they'd met, but the mare changed at the last moment, smirking as she pulled a sword from the rack, holding it loosely in her hoof as she turned to look at Honest.

"And this is mine~ Fight till one of us surrenders? Make it a bit more of a proper rematch...""

Stefran 796545

File: 1404523161946.png (219.71 KB, 900x1502, asd.png)

>Stefran was upstairs in the base, on the combat training field with another soldier. The units striped commander was currently learning the ropes of how to defend himself with his rifle as a melee weapon, the two using short staffs to try and knock the other down.

Raspberry Black 796555

File: 1404524277793.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Couldn't work in the forge, that'd make it too easy to see. The garage? No, that'd be dumb: she could just poke her head in and find her... in fact, the whole underground was too open for spying eyes! Such were the thoughts that brought Raspberry--after a fair amount of trouble--up into one of the larger trees on the surface, furiously sketching down new ideas in a notebook.

>Hearing a bit of a commotion, Raspberry carefully leaned out to see what was going on.

"Yo! Stef! What'cha doin' down there?"

Stefran 796557

File: 1404524450104.png (96.68 KB, 894x894, bouncing_big_macintosh_by_shad…)

>Nice trips.

>Stef didn't respond immediately, but she did distract him a moment long enough for the stallion to end up flat on his ass, chuckling and rubbing his bruised chest and pride as he saluted the other soldier, letting him pull him to his hooves before waving him away. After that the stallion grabbed a lower branch and pulled himself up, climbing until he was just around 6 feet below her.

"Hey Rasp, I could ask the same."

Raspberry Black 796558

File: 1404524693994.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>Raspberry grew a wide, pointed smirk when Stefran fell over, light glinting off of the golden goggles that tended to hide her eyes.
"Just, uh... okay, no, wait: if I tell you, you can't tell *anypony*, got it?"

Stefran 796560

File: 1404524844867.png (51.98 KB, 600x450, big_macintosh_by_imfreakazoid-…)

>Stefran nodded, having chose this vantage so that he could stare at her ass while she thought he was looking at her, but after a moment, for more secrecy he climbed up a bit higher, sitting beside her on the thick branch, leaning into the one behind them like a back-rest

"Cross my heart hope to cry, stick a cupcake in my eye."

Raspberry Black 796566

File: 1404525867619.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"... Cute."
>Raspberry tried reaching down to boop his nose, but couldn't reach while holding the notebook. She pouted and just tossed it down to him.
"Makin' a birthday present for Boss."
>On it were a number of designs that made what Stefran had seen before from here mere sketches. From what he could tell, at least, it appeared to be trying to find a system to mount a BAR(or two) on to a vehicle: in this case, a motorcycle.

Stefran 796571

File: 1404526135170.png (111.45 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)

>Upon getting up to level with her and knowing he'd been found out, Stef just poked his tongue out at her for a moment, chuckling as he looked down at the notepad.

"... Oh."

"Okay if I'm reading these right, that's gonna be god damn awesome. I get why you're up here now seeing as she pretty much lives in your forge."

>He spent a moment longer looking over the design before handing it back

"Looking good... Designs not bad either."

The cheeky stallions eyes flashed back towards her behind as he said that, grinning dickishly.

Raspberry Black 796584

File: 1404528801815.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry just rolled her eyes, but had a tiny smirk as she snatched her notebook back up.
"See, the other problem is tryin' to get into the garage when Laury isn't paying attention. I'm sure that once I get this baby fully designed, I can slip over and add it on, but..."

Stefran 796587

File: 1404529003292.png (128.99 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)


>He let out a soft humn at that conundrum, taking a moment to mull it over.

"Maybe get the guys upstairs to ask her for help with something to keep her out of the way for a few hours so you can work?"

Raspberry Black 796588

File: 1404529145152.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"But what could be a good enough distraction to keep her outta the garage for over an hour?"
>Raspberry crossed her hooves and leaned up against the tree itself.
"... Think we have enough drinks and soldiers willing to get beat up?"

Stefran 796589

File: 1404529241072.png (165.25 KB, 738x1082, eeeyup_by_shelltoontv-d3hqayq.…)

"Nah give her actual work... She's seemed pretty depresed lately I think something constructive might be good for her. Maybe if we break a carriage, get her to fix it."

Raspberry Black 796591

File: 1404529454888.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"... Stef, either she'd kinda need to go to the garage for her tools, or she might want to, y'know, bring it back to the garage."

Stefran 796592

File: 1404529591232.png (108.42 KB, 707x1130, BOOBS HUGS OR PIE!.png)

"... Point."

>He chuckled a little, rubbing the back of his head.

"Hmn... We could have someone ask for hoof to hoof training, or we could hire an exotic dancer that'd keep her busy for a while..."

Raspberry Black 796596

File: 1404530101567.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

"We're tryin' to distract Laury, not you."
>Raspberry teased with a wide grin, whipping open her notebook and beginning to draw out further designs.
"So it all comes back to that first bit: who's gonna be the unlucky stallion or mare gettin' beat up?"

Stefran 796598

File: 1404530219149.png (111.45 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)

>He grinned with a blush before retorting
"But your cute little self already keeps me distracted."

"... Shooting Star. Only guy here who can take a punch from her and just keep going, I remember the last fight those two had."

Raspberry Black 796599

File: 1404530498850.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Just can't resist, huh, can ya?"
>Raspberry giggled and shook her head, then bit the eraser of her pencil.
"Hmmm... didn't that take forever and a day? It might work..."

Stefran 796601

File: 1404530599507.png (96.68 KB, 894x894, bouncing_big_macintosh_by_shad…)


>He chuckled back and nodded.

"I heard some of the crowd died of fatigue the fight took so long. We get him to challenge her to a rematch you'll have all the time in the world."

Raspberry Black 796602

File: 1404530706674.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"Pfft, I could probably just build a new motorcycle in that time!

... And I don't even know how to do that!"

Stefran 796603

File: 1404530793424.png (105.1 KB, 768x1039, i lied!.png)

"So that's the plan then? What's the ocassion for this present anyway? You two going on your first date?"

Raspberry Black 796604

File: 1404530995261.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>A bright blush rose to Raspberry's cheeks, and she nearly dropped her notebook. The engineer mare coughed and held it up closer to try and hide her colored cheeks.
"N-no! It's just her birthday, is all..."

Stefran 796606

File: 1404531153117.png (51.98 KB, 600x450, big_macintosh_by_imfreakazoid-…)

>He burst out laughing, wrapping a hoof around the flustered mare and prodding tummy

"Just teasing~ I'd be crushed if you ever got with her... Wait it's her birthday..? Shit I need to get her something then."

Raspberry Black 796609

File: 1404531875670.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry wriggled a little with a meep when Stefran poked her belly.
"Hey, quit it... and I found the date in her files! Makes enough sense since, you know, I recruited her and all."

Stefran 796611

File: 1404532549186.png (219.71 KB, 900x1502, asd.png)

>He grinned, not releasing her from the hug but taking his hoof away from her belly.

"All right... Any ideas for what I should get her?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 799135

File: 1405050500940.png (132.39 KB, 991x900, 132636121389.png)

>Stef was in the shooting range, practicing with his pistol for once, going for a headshot each time and taking his time with every shot. With the frequency he used this he might as well get good with it. After that he would start training with those weird revolvers he had.

Asomamobile 799774

File: 1405223568064.jpg (10.79 KB, 227x114, images (3).jpg)

Laurlesta Valentine was doing just about what she always did other than fixing things or punching other things, which meant she was working on the tank engine in her room. Her already messy area had gotten even more cluttered as time went on, from beer cans, food wrappers and dirty magazines with the occasional spare part to practically looking like the inside of a large toolbox.

... Not to say that there wasn't still evidence of alcohol everywhere, but the magazines were gone.

Raspberry Black 799795

File: 1405224788747.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Work had been slow, but steady; so far, Laury and Raspberry had managed to work out a basic version of a sleeve-valve system and, now, were on the very brink of making it many times more efficient. Of course, knowing what kind of engine to build did not mean they knew exactly how they would build it.

>After a particularly difficult period of work, Raspberry found herself knocking at Laury's door, having removed her goggles and started cleaning them while she waited for any kind of answer.

Asomamobile 799799

File: 1405225425698.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury's ears raise and she gets up off of her room floor to answer the door, a small smklw coming to her face the moment she sees who it was. "'Sup, babe?" She asks in greeting.

Raspberry Black 799803

File: 1405226140055.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Nothin' much, Butterscotch, just finished up another little project."
>Raspberry's bright, sapphire eyes gleamed with a hint of pride before she put her goggles back on. Instead of wearing them as she usually did, Raspberry just left them on her forehead; after all, she could afford to "relax" a little with just Laury around. "Relax" in this case being only thinking of work some of the time.
"... Two projects, actually, but I'd say one's waaay bigger than the other."

Asomamobile 799806

File: 1405226510956.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"Oh now this I gotta hear." She makes a small grin, not hiding that she was pleased to see her eyes at all. She glances back at her room. "My room's a bit of a disaster, even by my standards; just as a warning." She leaves the door open for her friend and trots straight to the fridge to dig around and return to Raspberry with an ice cold canned Margarita can.

"Tell me all about it, sugarflanks."

Raspberry Black 799812

File: 1405227026985.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

>The gunsmith thankfully grabbed the can and smiled to Laury. She popped it open.
"Ah whatever, my forge ain't too much better at times. See, first off-"
>Raspberry squeaked as she almost tripped over a few tools on the ground, nearly spilling the drink in the process. Turns out that while she had no problem with a messy room, navigating one that wasn't her's was a lot more difficult than she thought...
"... First off, I finally got the early model of the semi-automatic rifle done!"

Asomamobile 799817

That squeak managed to get a slightly girly giggle from Laury before before she grabs a can for herself "careful there, beautiful, wouldn't want to mess up the angels' work there!" then sits on her bed, looking at Raspberry. "Oh, nice work, Raz! I wanna see it, take me along next time you go shooting; I need to get some practice in anyhow. What's the second project?"

Asomamobile 799818

File: 1405227725063.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, 1397628792958.png)

Raspberry Black 799819

File: 1405227864913.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry arched an eyebrow, a tiny blush visible. While she might've thought it was in reference to the actual work in the room... well, she'd spent enough time around Laury(or the base itself, for that matter) to know what she was probably talking about.
"That's what I came here for! I wanted to show you it, myself!"

Asomamobile 799823

File: 1405228292891.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, 1397628792958.png)

"Oh, why didn't you say so, let's get moving!" She stands up again. "Lead the way, to the forge I'm guessing?" She grabs her thick bronze gauntlets, having gotten a replacement pair after giving Rasbperry her beloved ones. "What was the project? Or are ya just makin' it a surprise?"

Raspberry Black 799827

File: 1405228857687.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"What's the fun in just tellin' ya? Come on!"
>Raspberry smiled off to her, took one step backwards... then realized how dumb it'd be to try and trot backwards through this madness and just turned around. While she took her time getting out, she took a long sip from the margarita, her short tail wagging a little.
"Not half-bad! A little fruity for my tastes, buuut..."
>She started trotting down the large 'roads', heading not towards the forge, but, towards the garage.

Asomamobile 799829

File: 1405229494306.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

"The garage, huh? You work on the tank or something while I wasn't looking?" She guesses, trotting after her, keeping right at her side. "Yeah I usually don't drink fruity as often, but... I gotta admit these are kinda refreshing. Like a hard lemonade but without the pussy part of it." She chuckles.

Raspberry Black 799833

File: 1405229959968.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

"Huh, that so? Well, don't you worry, I won't tell anypony you like the fruity stuff."
>Raspberry joked with a little smile as they got to the door.
"Ah horseapples, I think I might've actually left it in the forge after all! Tell ya what, why don't you go wait over next to Heartburn and I'll go get it?"
>... Of course, it was Heartburn that was the subject of the gift: having had some spare time over the course of the past few days, it didn't take too long for Raspberry to get a working system for shooting a BAR while on the motorcycle. A few mechanisms and counterbalances later and, while a couple mph here or there might've been sacrificed, two sparkling new BARs(painted in the same color scheme as the Heartburn) were at either side of it.

Asomamobile 799838

File: 1405230589960.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury chuckles and rolls her eyes. "Got it, babe!" She trots over to her beloved motorcycle...

... And then goes totally silent for a few long seconds..

And then she makes a loud high-pitched squee! The only one of its kind. Following by laughing and rummingt excitedly around the vehicle. Looking it over. "You even got the colors right! Oh made, look at yje triggers and... Holy shit! This is amazing! I mean... Oh my god!"

Raspberry Black 799843

File: 1405230934477.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

>Raspberry casually waited at the door, sipping from her can until she heard what all that work was for: that adorable squee of happiness. Pleased(and more than a little haughty) with a job well done, she swung out and sauntered into the garage, a bright smirk on her face.
"Might not have been able to bake a nice cake, buuut, I think this works out pretty well, don't ya think, birthday mare?"

Asomamobile 799850

File: 1405231426797.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury spins around to face her best friend and blinks. "... Holy shit," she says as she realizes, "it's my birthday isn't it?! You remembered it when even I didn't? Shit, mare, you're an amazing friend." She runs over, more life in her than there was the last couple weeks and gives her a hard strong hug. "This is the best thing anyone has done for me. And hell yeah two awesome steel death machines on my bike -- which by the way if anyone other than you did this if kill them -- sure beats the hell our of a cake. Who needs to eat a cake when you can make someone eat a machinegun sandwich?"

Raspberry Black 799859

File: 1405232026683.jpg (34.85 KB, 640x480, Hehe.jpg)

>Raspberry giggled and returned Laury's hug, her sapphire eyes sparkling.
"Spotted it in a couple papers when you got recruited and kept it in my head ever since!"
>She blushed.
"Is this really the best thing?"

Asomamobile 799861

She nods her head, squeezing her fellow engineer tightly. "Hell yeah it is, made. Like... Shit, usually I just go out for drinks on my birthday or something but this. I know how much effort goes into those guns and all the effort you must have taken to install it right... That's awesome!"

She starts realizing she was getting rather exciteable... But then decides she doesn't give a fuck and smiles wide.

Asomamobile 799863

File: 1405232413349.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

Raspberry Black 799864

File: 1405232499341.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>The gunsmith let out a little squeak and rubbed noses with her with a wide smile of her own.
"Well, hay, why not go out for some drinks anyway? Good way to cap it all off, right?"

Asomamobile 799866

"You know what, that's a good idea. C'mon, let's go have some fun." scene

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800409

File: 1405387881363.png (86.56 KB, 815x981, big_mac__s_grin_by_sircinnamon…)

>Taking it easy until the next mission aside from his training, the base commander was taking a stroll through the lower levels, smoke trailing from the cigarrette in his lips, his camoflague jacket present as ever as he wandered along, passing by the forge.

Raspberry Black 800413

File: 1405388518846.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Near the forge, Stefran could notice that things were a little more quiet than usual, short of the occasional grumble or groan of the base's lead engineer and second commander, occasionally punctuated by the noise of a few parts crashing to the ground.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800414

File: 1405388582710.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>Wandering over, Stef poked his head in, looking into the workshop and asking.

"Need a hoof Raspy?"

Raspberry Black 800416

File: 1405389167315.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry's head poked out from behind her desk and a literal pile of parts near one of her desks, her goggles a little crooked and a wrench in her mouth. She mumbled something muffled by the tool before she spat it out and shook her head.
"Nah, nah, I'm fine... just tryin' to find one of my old designs! Almost kinda stressed, actually; kinda funny, isn't it? Used to not get any work done, now I've got too much to do!"
>She shook a few bolts out of her mane and tail.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800418

File: 1405389358767.png (130.26 KB, 961x831, Survival zone stefran.png)

Stef entered the forge, closing the door behind him and absently beginning to sort and clean things for her. Horn glowing as the bolts where picked up off the floor and placed in a neat pile on a nearby table.

"What design?"

>He asked, stubbing cigarette against a table and flicking it off into the bin for her benefit.

Raspberry Black 800421

File: 1405389643884.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"... Okay, 'one' is an understatement. A bunch of 'em."
>She dipped out of sight again, her tail swishing from side to side as she dug through parts and papers.
"One's really important, though! A long while ago, I drew up a few designs for an automatic rifle, but, I could never really get to just how I could make it automatic!

Now that I've made the BAR..."
>Raspberry giggled, still a little excited at the prospect.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800423

File: 1405389793488.png (49.41 KB, 600x450, big_macintosh_by_imfreakazoid-…)

>He came around the side of the table, watching her (and that flank swaying side to side) with an amused smirk before moving to sit against a table beside her. His horn glowing once more as he began to move the parts away from the papers and her, moving them into a pile on the floor beside so she could reach the papers more easily

"Maybe if you kept your designs seperate from your parts..."

>His voice carried just a bit of a teasing hint. Amused by how disorganized his friend was.

Raspberry Black 800424

File: 1405390024481.jpg (34.85 KB, 640x480, Hehe.jpg)

" 'Ey, I never had problems with it before, I just gotta... aha!"
>Raspberry popped back out, this time with a dusty notebook that, frankly, looked like it would've had to have been knocked into the pile in the first place when she was searching for it.
"Got it! This is from waaaay back; I think I was building the machine gun back then!"
>She hopped up on to one of her chairs and tarted flipping through it.
"So, how've you been?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800426

File: 1405390184750.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>He went over and stood behind her, head over her shoulder to get a peek at the book himself as she browsed through it.

"Pretty all right, fully healed up now at least. So a fully automatic rifle huh?"

Raspberry Black 800428

File: 1405390695064.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Freaking great to hear, stallion. You had me worried sick with the big hole in your chest, I gotta say...

Yep! Lighter than the BAR here and made out of wood. It can't give you the same kind of sustaining fire that the BAR can, but, it's definitely something you might want more in enclosed areas..."
>The notebook definitely had a much more "organized" form to it, sections cordoned off with hastily-written "Weapon Designs", "Notes", "School", etc. The designs were far more rudimentary than they were now, most taken up by mostly the first machine gun and its various former looks, but sketches of a wooden, automatic--as so kindly pointed out by a few words beneath it--rifle were prevalent every so often. Were she originally recognized for it, the notebook would probably be worth quite a few bits. A few times, though, Stefran could notice a few sketches of a tall stallion and a young, glasses-wearing teen that looked a fair amount li-
>She snapped the notebook shut with a blush.
"Gimme a warning, first!"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800429

File: 1405390840405.png (49.41 KB, 600x450, big_macintosh_by_imfreakazoid-…)

>Stef struggled not to laugh, holding his hoof over his mouth.

"Oh sorry sorry, I thought this was a notebook, not your diary~ Who's your crush Raspy?"

Raspberry Black 800432

File: 1405390976443.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"N-no one, shut up!"
>She hugged the notebook close to her, its pages a little frayed here and there. It looked like it had been through quite a bit of punishment, in fact.
"It's not even my diary... that's another book.

Which you will never see.


Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800434

File: 1405391152419.png (167.06 KB, 900x1100, 97070 - artist-anarchemitis bi…)

>Stef merely grinned and gave her a short noogie, rubbing his hoof into her mane.

"I swear you are the cutest mare I know~"

>He moved around and grabbed another chair, sitting down and leaning back against a table to give her some more privacy ot look in the book.

Raspberry Black 800436

File: 1405391435689.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry huffed, the color on her cheeks spiking momentarily before she returned to her notebook. After a few moments, she sighed.
"Looks like even with this, I'll have a lotta work to do. I guess it was just an idea, after all."
>She hopped up, tossing the notebook on her back and trotting over to a large chalkboard which, as per the usual, had her inventions she was working on. Ten of them, now, including the automatic rifle.
"Sooo, what's with you spinnin' your rifle and stuff?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800440

File: 1405391895293.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

"Oh I wanted to learn how to you know, defend myself in close quarters with it. So I don't have my head kicked in the moment someone get too close."

>He watched her, reclining in the chair as he smiled at her reactions, then eyed the chalkboard. Going over it and inspecting the inventions to the best of his knowledge alllowed

Raspberry Black 800452

File: 1405393484706.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry ooed in interest with the idea.
"... Want me to see if I can craft a bayonet or something like that? Probably easier on ya."

>The list was surprisingly understandable, split into three main sections: Design, Construction and Prototyping. Design only had names written down, some with a few swift drawings of what they were: Automatic Rifle, "Fix out the damn kinks in the semi-auto", Anti-Tank Rifle, Lighter SMG, Ballista Mk II and "Non-Lethal Shotgun?"

>Construction was a bit more varied, including a Takedown Shotgun and notes on something just called a "105hp". The Prototypes were a better bolt-action and a shotgun revolver.

>Interestingly enough, where what she'd normally be working on would usually be, there were just a few question marks. It looked like she wasn't too sure on what to do next...

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800454

File: 1405393627802.jpg (621.74 KB, 1680x1050, 5c5A8hj.jpg)

>He shrugged

"Would just need a fitting for me to put my knife into. Probably would take you about twenty minutes really so sure.... What's a 105hp?"

>He asked curiously, eyes on the board.

Raspberry Black 800459

File: 1405394056848.jpg (78.78 KB, 1500x1067, Coffee.jpg)

"Good point, just toss me a few rifles and I can get to work on them right quick!"
>Raspberry tossed the chalk on the board and spun back around to face Stefran, reaffixing her goggles. Her blue eyes were almost unnaturally bright and, unsurprising for one of her attitude, filled with a fair amount of energy. Usually, they were at least partially obscured by her goggles to Stefran, but, today...

"A 105hp?"
>They gleamed a little brighter with excitement.
"That puppy's an engine! Part for a big project Laury and I have been working on for a while. Seeing how we both aren't experts, it's taken a looong time..."
>Raspberry started to make the two some coffee.
"Say, you got any idea on what projects you want done first?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800461

File: 1405394191240.jpg (24.74 KB, 469x371, 1664541-akiba.jpg)

>He shrugged lightly, still smiling at her show of excitement

"You seem in a particularly good mood... Hmn... Well I'd say bolt action's definitely need to be improved. But... Well I'm the only one who uses them."

Raspberry Black 800467

File: 1405394452655.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry just shook her head and giggled.
"It's not like our squad is huge, hon. With a battle squad of around six? What one pony uses is pretty important, ya know. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have even started building those Ballistic Hooves."
>She raised up a mug.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800468

File: 1405394557835.png (169.48 KB, 457x345, Red_Ruby.png)

>He reached over and took it from her.
"Thanks... And you've got a point... Well I've proved myself time and again to be a damn fine shot, if you got me better equipment I think it would give our little gang a bit boost."

Raspberry Black 800473

File: 1405394796899.jpg (78.78 KB, 1500x1067, Coffee.jpg)

"Maybe add a better scope so that you can scout out targets, maybe? Or do you have somethin' of your own in mind?"
>Raspberry smiled and took a few gulps of her own.
"Hayrish or no?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800475

File: 1405394960029.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

"A proper scope would be a huge improvement, though I'm thinking something to make it easier to unjam might be helpful."

>He shook his head.

"Bit early for that isn't it~?"

>He took a sip of his own, a bit too hot for him to take big gulps yet.

"Mind if I smoke?"

Raspberry Black 800480

File: 1405395497407.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"I got machines runnin' in here almost 24/7, go on ahead."
>Raspberry ran her hoof along the rim of the mug.
"As much I'd rather not have you jammin' your gun every five seconds, it's a little hard to simplify it further."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800484

File: 1405395637826.png (104.71 KB, 795x1004, Sorry Avedon ah gotta put you …)

"No kinda quick release on the barrel so I can eject the cartridge faster?"

>He asked as he put the mug down on the table, taking a cigarette from his jacket and pulling a lighter, a tombstone etched on the front with a very simple design for a pair of pistols crossed on it. He lit up his cigarette and took a drought, blowing the smoke out his mouth and nostrils away from her before holding it in his magic as he took a sip of his coffee

Raspberry Black 800488

File: 1405395852083.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"The way our bolt-actions work, the best way to load it is with a stripper clip. A quick release isn't going to do much for one of those... gives me an idea with the automatic, sure, but, not much I can do with one of these."
>Raspberry paused to take another sip.
"... Besides, screw you, cartridges are expensive! Ain't even fun to make, either..."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800495

File: 1405396039108.png (105.62 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)


>He took another, larger sip now that it had begun to cool, looking back to the chalkboard, looking over her designs for a moment before letting out a little sigh, shaking his head before asking.

"So you actually have a diary...?"
>He smirked a little as he asked the question, cigarette floating back into his mouth

Raspberry Black 800502

File: 1405396521706.gif (1010.53 KB, 500x388, Hmph!.gif)

>Raspberry coughed, spilling a bit of coffee on her cheek which she quickly rubbed off, a blush having replaced it instead.
>She quickly muttered with a flustered voice.
"E-erm, maybe..."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800504

File: 1405396647609.png (49.41 KB, 600x450, big_macintosh_by_imfreakazoid-…)

>He merely chuckled, raising an eyebrow.

"I wonder what the entry from the day we meet is like."

>He put on a poor impersonation of her voice

"Dear Diary, today I met the most handsome zebra. He saved my life with his powers of masculinity and wooed me with his marksmanship. Also I met Celestia."

Raspberry Black 800506

File: 1405397251146.png (210.45 KB, 567x319, Uuuhhuh.png)

>Raspberry crossed her arms and grumbled something to the effect of:
"I don't even sound like that..."
>As she gulped down the rest of her coffee.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800508

File: 1405397324612.png (105.62 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)

>Stef smirked, finishing off his own.

"You're too easy to rile up Raspy~ And you're so cute when you are I can't resist."

Raspberry Black 800510

File: 1405397492990.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess the nerds really are quick to find somepony else to mess with if they can."
>She stuck her tongue out at him.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800512

File: 1405397571789.png (41.55 KB, 600x714, haters gonna hate.png)

>He blew a raspberry in return. (Though really he'd like to be blown by raspberry o.o)

"So. Plan for the rest of the day?"

Raspberry Black 800517

File: 1405398142163.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Drink, work-"
>Raspberry suddenly hopped off of her chair and marked down something on the bolt-action beneath plans to work.
"Eat, sleep. Same as it's been for a while, now. Maybe check in with the Canterlot gals for any info on what the beacon's telling us..."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800520

File: 1405398421873.png (161 KB, 809x988, big_macintosh_vector_by_scrimp…)

"I hope we can head off on a new mission soon, get to work on finding Shining if she's... well still alive..."

>He said that with the grim finality of someone who was acquainted with losing soldiers, but that didn't mean he wished to give up hope just yet

Raspberry Black 800527

File: 1405399112816.png (210.45 KB, 567x319, Uuuhhuh.png)

"No one's reported any interference, no ransom, not even a sign of contact, or... I don't know, gloating."
>Raspberry sighed and started pouring another mug.
"I don't think there's too much of a chance of that."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800530

File: 1405399192547.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

"It is a cult... What if they're trying to indoctrinate her? You know, make her see things their way."

Raspberry Black 800534

File: 1405399534452.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry took a sip.
"We might call 'em a cult, but I don't think they'd see themselves like that at all. Truth be told, they act more like an organized gang than any cult I've seen. And if a gang ain't got a reason to keep you around, they aren't going to.

I'm gonna be honest with you, Stef; if he's alive, he's probably getting 'interrogated'. If that's the case, then we need to probably prepare some defenses. No way in Tartarus is that kid going to take any kind of punishment."

Stefran 800535

File: 1405399588829.jpg (116.89 KB, 500x667, 1354488544655.jpg)

>Stef shook his head softly.

"If he is alive, they'll probably know who to gun for now..."

Raspberry Black 800536

File: 1405399822504.png (210.45 KB, 567x319, Uuuhhuh.png)

"Not like it matters; the way our team works is that dang near everyone's a credible threat. Maybe they wanna kill Goldilocks to get to me, or Big Blue because they'll know for sure he only has a close-range weapon.

They could wait for Tex to run in, or have some other cultist just happen to be nice and cute for Spyro."
>Raspberry looked down at her coffee, grumbled something about not wanting to use her stash, then took a much longer drink.
"Nothin's changed. We're all still targets, and we all still need to be careful.."

Stefran 800537

File: 1405399900934.jpg (72.21 KB, 375x750, as-hQiCDNkilkK3fYqRfEg2.jpg)

"Start being careful you mean...?"

>He sighed a little.

"Didn't know 'im that well but I'm gonna miss the kid."

Raspberry Black 800542

File: 1405400593377.jpg (68.5 KB, 640x480, Something's Up.jpg)

"Well, we haven't been too careless, lately..."
>Raspberry sighed and spun the mug around on her hoof as she spoke.
"It's a shame, really, but, I guess we were gonna get casualties some time... I guess it was better now, than later: shows us that we can't get careless. Ever."

Stefran 800545

File: 1405400827229.jpg (28.24 KB, 300x362, 2DmNtZ2izUCfC7nX0o09lQ2.jpg)

"Laury was the closest to 'im, and she seems mostly over it but yeah... You're right this is good. I'm used to casualties but most of the people here aren't soldiers. They need to learn that in battle people die, you're going to lose friends."

Raspberry Black 800547

File: 1405401099580.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"I don't know if I'd call her too over it, but she definitely seems to be happier... the new attachment to the bike probably helped."
>Raspberry grinned over to Stefran and leaned back to prop her hind legs up on the table.
"Yep, this world is cruel. Sad, but true..."

Stefran 800549

File: 1405401238476.jpg (70.32 KB, 460x616, -17Eh8pTz0iQInHxy3B42g2.jpg)

>Stef nodded.
"She's lucky to have you around... As a friend I mean." He said making sure she knew he was serious for once. "I get a feeling she'd take this much harder if you two werent so close."

Raspberry Black 800551

File: 1405401378219.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Maybe, just maybe..."
>Raspberry sighed, then gained a short smile again, that little gleam in her eye coming back.
"It's kinda funny, you know; I still have to get used to having ponies this close to me..."

Stefran 800552

File: 1405401540592.jpg (82.7 KB, 500x434, 2XULE0HyR0SDr3tWUfIFxQ2.jpg)

>He smiled back.

"Being serious here, it suits you Raspy. You're a very likeable mare. You're someone who naturally attracts friends."

Raspberry Black 800555

File: 1405401673478.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry let a giggle slip out, a hint of color rising to her cheeks.
"You think? I've spent most of the past decade just kinda off on my own... never really had the chance to get close to anypony."

Stefran 800559

File: 1405401926340.jpg (32.78 KB, 500x280, 0GL4KfCOXE2QuWbu10PBFQ2.jpg)

>He nodded smiling.

"Despite my teasing, I can honestly say you're my best friend these days Raspy."

Raspberry Black 800561

File: 1405402109558.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

>Raspberry blinked twice, caught a bit off-guard by that.
"... Huh... seriously? I would've thought you'd have connected with more of those military types."

Stefran 800562

File: 1405402279097.jpg (27.31 KB, 460x300, 3lgt4s8JiE6pSU25s4urgw2.jpg)

>He shook his head.

"You see me talking to them that often? Usually it's shop talk, I help run the place upstairs but... I haven't been in combat with them, they haven't saved my life, I haven't saved theirs. Plus I honestly do just enjoy spending time with you, but beyond that, fighting alongside someone bonds you to em I think."

Raspberry Black 800565

File: 1405402367908.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry leaned back with a groan, her hind legs wiggling as she wracked her brain for the right words.
"... It's called 'blood brothers' or somethin', right?"

Stefran 800566

File: 1405402448599.jpg (85.22 KB, 400x299, 2zfshoi.jpg)

>He smiled and nodded. Sitting back himself watching his cute friend through half closed eyes, letting our a soft, content sigh.

"Something like that."

Raspberry Black 800570

File: 1405402718508.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>The mare started staring up at the chalkboard dominating an entire wall of the room, then hummed.
"Hey, Stef, when's your birthday, anyway?"

Stefran 800573

File: 1405403002499.png (98.46 KB, 805x992, Stefran a loveable sot.png)

"October Eleventh, why do you ask?"

Stefran 800575

File: 1405403187300.png (70.88 KB, 500x764, 132661521066.png)

"At least... That's when I think it is, it's the date I was left at the orphanage, so close enough."

Raspberry Black 800577

File: 1405403430653.gif (446.17 KB, 500x282, Hi There.gif)

"Because! Maybe I can do somethin' for you, even if it's just payin' for the drinks or something..."
>Raspberry was going to say something else, but instead sat up normally.
"What was it like over there?"

Stefran 800578

File: 1405403534614.png (219.71 KB, 900x1502, asd.png)

"Where? Zebrica...? Couldn't honestly say too well. I was taken here by the time I was two."

Raspberry Black 800581

File: 1405403817259.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

"Huh... so, do you have a family out there, somewhere? Even the one who took you here?"

Stefran 800613

File: 1405411585159.png (236.24 KB, 768x704, Rawne.png)

>He nodded softly.

"I did some research to find out a bit about myself, found out there was a letter delivered with me to explain it all to me when the staff thought I was old enough, didn't get taken with me, was still in the original orphanage. I had it delivered up here. I've got a mother and a sister, father's some wealthy unicorn land owner up there. Mom's just a worker on tea fields or something, already had my sister, and when dad found out she was pregnant with me, he dropped all contact. Didn't want the disgrace and she couldn't afford to keep me. So off to the orphanage."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800738

File: 1405477544623.png (161 KB, 809x988, big_macintosh_vector_by_scrimp…)

>New post.
"I did some research to find out a bit about myself, found out there was a letter delivered with me to explain it all to me when the staff thought I was old enough, didn't get taken with me, was still in the original orphanage. I had it delivered up here. I've got a mother and a sister back in Zebrica. Father was a unicorn who was in Zebrica working to help a university professor write a book about other cultures. He and my mother had a bit of a fling and what-do-you-know, I happened. Zebra's aren't especially fond of Ponies same as Ponies don't like them too much, so a zebra carrying a unicorns baby? Well my father left the country pretty fast to avoid getting lynched, and my mother didn't have the money to give both me and my sister a happy life. So she thought my best chance was at an orphanage."

Raspberry Black 800742

File: 1405478730970.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry stretched herself out and yawned, kicking herself out from behind her desk and with a curious look in her eye.
"So you're sayin' that your pa might actually be around here, then?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800743

File: 1405478869045.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>Stefran nodded.

"Probably somewhere in Canterlot or Manehattan. Don't know his name though, and... Well I don't really care about meeting him. My family is the people I grew up with in the orphanage, not some guy who left before I was born."

Raspberry Black 800744

File: 1405479441220.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry shrugged and frowned a little.
"It's always good to know who your family was, after all. I can't really call it his fault or anything like that, either, when it was life or death."
>She sighed and slid her goggles back down over her eyes.
"Maybe it's because I kinda had to do the same thing, but..."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800745

File: 1405479505421.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>That caused him to straighten up a little, leaning forward as if to inspect her.

"You did...?"

Raspberry Black 800746

File: 1405479732152.gif (1010.53 KB, 500x388, Hmph!.gif)

>Raspberry blinked and waved her hoof, blushing a little.
"Ey! I'm not saying I had a kid, I'm sayin' that I had to run from loved ones because of life or death, too!"
>She crossed her hooves, her short tail waving indignantly.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800747

File: 1405479796429.png (49.41 KB, 600x450, big_macintosh_by_imfreakazoid-…)

"That's what I meant Raspy, that's what I meant."

>He chukled, reaching over and lightly bopping her on the nose..

"You've already established you're a virgin~"

Raspberry Black 800748

File: 1405480520381.png (21.23 KB, 500x500, Raspberry_Mark.png)

>Raspberry gained a bright, flustered blush, her tail wagging more often. She turned her chair a little away from him and grumbled.
"Yeah, yeah... I think I told you, anyway: I had to run off from my parents and Winchestnut after I got my talent."
>She nodded down to her mark.

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800749

File: 1405480741903.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>She nodded.

"You did tell me the story yeah. Was just a little hazy for a moment. Heh, I just noticed something..."

Raspberry Black 800750

File: 1405481167413.png (153.7 KB, 500x281, Let Me Tell You Why That's Bul…)

>Raspberry blinked and tilted her head, the color starting to fade from her cheeks.
"Oh? What'd you realize, Nerd? That Captain Equestria is obviously superior?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800752

File: 1405481240039.png (266.05 KB, 924x768, Cutiemark.png)

>He stood up and faced her side on to give her a better view of his cutie mark.

"Our cutie marks are actually pretty similar."

Raspberry Black 800753

File: 1405481391755.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Oh hey, would you look at that!"
>Raspberry grinned.
"I guess ours are pretty similar, but, uh-"
>She leaned over and waved over at the odd design circling the bullet in the center of it all.
"What's the squiggly stuff?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800754

File: 1405481483292.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>He shrugged a bit.
"Cos I'm a zebra really, Zebra's cutie marks are always more abstract and tribal looking than ponies. I always thought it was representing a scope zooming in or something, or the way a bullet spirals as it travels."

Raspberry Black 800755

File: 1405482254520.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry squinted her eyes and lifted her goggles up to get a better look at Stefran's cutie mark.
"Hmmm... maybe if it was the back of the cartridge... I guess I could see, like, the scope zooming in... perception, maybe?"

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800756

File: 1405482349621.png (105.62 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)

>He sat down again, patting her head as he did.
"Stop staring at my ass~"

"And it's definitely something to do with shooting and accuracy, so perception sounds about right."

Raspberry Black 800760

File: 1405482975956.gif (1010.53 KB, 500x388, Hmph!.gif)

"Could work, could work..."
>Raspberry huffed and crossed her hooves again, pouting.
"I'm not! I'm tryin' to figure our your cutie mark..."

Canis !wolfYkqdaY 800761

File: 1405483082817.png (126.19 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>He chuckles a bit, finishing off his cigarette, stubbing it out and tossing it in the trash.

"You wanna get some lunch?"

Raspberry Black 800998

File: 1405560541017.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Not like it wouldn't be fair, anyw-"
>Raspberry perked up and her ear twitched at Stefran mentioning food.
"Did you say lunch? Sure, let's go!"

Stefran 800999

File: 1405560622785.png (219.71 KB, 900x1502, asd.png)

>He stood up and set off for the cafeteria, looking back at her as he walked.

"You ate breakfast today right?"

Raspberry Black 801001

File: 1405560811320.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Are you implying that I'd ever pass up hay bacon? That's like saying you'd pass up a chance to try and look cool."
>Raspberry teased and nudged Stefran's side as she trotted beside him.

Stefran 801003

File: 1405560897439.png (128.99 KB, 594x1344, big_macintosh___helpful_by_war…)

>He merely grinned back at her, giving her a little nudge in return as they trotted along.

"Say.. You ever have a chat with Tex?"

Raspberry Black 801008

File: 1405561284254.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Tex, Tex..."
>Raspberry rubbed her chin and thought it over. She thought she remembered one time waaay back, when Midnight nearly blew himself up. Again.
"Once or twice, yeah; seems like a pretty nice mare, if she'd only loosen up a little. Might check if she's up for a drink or two some time... if only to see where she got that awesome rifle of hers. I meant, do you see the power of that thing?! If I could just get a better look on how that thing works... maybe it'll help me figure out how to upgrade it, or how to get an anti-cover weapon, or, or-"
>She coughed and blushed a little, scratching the back of her head.
"Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Why'd you ask?"

Stefran 801012

File: 1405561553629.png (98.46 KB, 805x992, Stefran a loveable sot.png)

>He smirked at his friends near ever present blush when he was around.
"Well I meant less in general and more... the fact that she still seems to think running headlong at our problems is the best solution. One of us needs to have a talk about how she acts on the field."

Raspberry Black 801019

File: 1405562176068.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Or I could get her a really neat shotgun, so that if she does run in, she has a good chance of doing something."
>Raspberry leaned against the wall next to the cafeteria's door.
"But, yeah, I guess one of us could give her a chat... maybe we could just check our strategy in general."
>She suddenly perked up, light gleaming off of her goggles.
"Maybe I can make her a heavy version of our semi-auto! She likes the power, right? Tex might not like sittin' around waiting for one of us to get someone into range, but if I gave her a powerful rifle, she could have range, stay close to track other ponies and keep the power!"

Stefran 801023

File: 1405562285709.png (89.53 KB, 815x981, big_mac__s_grin_by_sircinnamon…)

"Her carrying a back up weapon alongside that ... thing, she calls her gun would be an idea yeah. Anyway, let's eat~"

>Grinning he ruffled her mane as he walked in, heading straight to the back to get his meal.

Raspberry Black 801027

File: 1405562443236.gif (1010.53 KB, 500x388, Hmph!.gif)

"Hey! Don't insult the rifle; it's neat... you just don't understand it..."
>Raspberry huffed and followed behind Stefran, a little bounce in her step from all the talk about guns.

Stefran 801028

File: 1405562527437.png (97.18 KB, 791x396, Dont wake me Im being adorable…)

"That thing isn't a rifle it's a force of nature, have you seen what happens when she actually hits someone with it?"

Raspberry Black 801029

File: 1405562622276.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry hopped up and down in place.
"Imagine if that kinda thing could be fit into a more compact space! Hay, why even have artillery? Let's just plug a whole buncha those things everywhere!"

Stefran 801030

File: 1405562706851.png (108.42 KB, 707x1130, BOOBS HUGS OR PIE!.png)

"Okay this is our new tactic. We get one of those for all of us. We aim them at the enemies facility, we open fire. Job done."

>As she hopped in the air he merely watched, holding a hoof to his lips to stop himself laughing

Raspberry Black 801037

File: 1405562937024.gif (446.17 KB, 500x282, Hi There.gif)

"Ha! Those cultists wouldn't even know what hit 'em... okay, they might when they notice they're missing a torso or two but, you know."

Stefran 801076

>He grins, shaking his head with a soft chuckle before getting to the counter, getting himself some food and a cup of coffee before moving to sit down.

"I think that'd be cheating though, wouldn't be nearly as exciting if we just bomb them from afar."

Raspberry Black 801086

File: 1405565832618.png (77.35 KB, 400x400, I Give Up I'll Human Pic.png)

"Well just you wait, once Goldilocks and I get the big guns up and running, let me tell you, the Cult of Harmony--or anypony who messes with us, for that matter--are gonna learn a reeeeal important lesson about attacking Equestria."

Stefran 801107

File: 1405567300525.png (111.45 KB, 873x916, big_mac___wink_by_cptofthefrie…)

>He laughs.
"Goldilocks huh? Well it looks like soon we'll be a real fighting force with you two working."

Will Smith 801109


Raspberry Black 801111


Will Smith 801114


Raspberry Black 801116

>Born and raised?

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801120

File: 1405568427883.jpg (98.12 KB, 1200x1200, how-to-draw-spyro_1_0000000008…)

>Spyro, not long after his dust up with Laury, decides to head down to the cells to talk with Open Arms again.

Will Smith 801121


Raspberry Black 801126

>Notify the others that Skype's a complete dick and apparently kicked me off for using an outdated version, so I have to redownload it on this connection.

>Also, terribly low on pictures and heading to sleep in ~45-60 minutes, so I'm gonna have to leave that one for later.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801128

>Will do.

Raspberry Black 801130

>53 minute download, no less. Thanks Skype

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801131

>Could be worse. you could be in the middle of a storm with a heart condition so your feet feel like they are on fire.

Raspberry Black 801133

>Ouch, it's storming over there?

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801135

File: 1405569195858.jpg (63.04 KB, 600x398, __Contest__Spyro__s_Death___by…)

>Why do you think I passed out around 8? This damn thing is kicking the shit out of me.

Raspberry Black 801136

>How does it connect to your feet, again? The change in pressure, I get, but that's what I keep forgetting/what keeps getting me

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801138

File: 1405569480484.jpg (80.4 KB, 828x966, 1a78f159e9a0cc53d80d43ceb7cfe4…)

>My condition makes it so my veins don't constrict properly to regulate my blood circulation. So standing tends to cause my feet to turn a nasty shade of purple, and combined with the barometric pressure changes that come with the storm I' struck with incredibly fatigue and a burning in my feet and hands even when lying down. Elevating them over my head can help, but only so much during a storm.

Raspberry Black 801140

>I assume it's from the blood pooling there... how strange, especially if even elevating your feet while lying down doesn't help.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801144

>It's not that it doesn't help. it just presents me with a different kind of problem. When I elevate my legs, the blood naturally drains from my feet which is good...right up until they start to turn white and tingle painfully from lack of bloodflow. so I have to put them down again.
>And round and round we go.

Raspberry Black 801146

>Maybe there's a "sweet spot"?

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801148

>If there was I'd have found it. Best I can do is deal with the discomfort and keep a steady flow of cold air on my feet until the storm ends or I return to sleep.

Raspberry Black 801149

>Yikes, that just plain sucks...

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801150


Raspberry Black 801269

>Trying to download Skype again. While I wait 30 min for that, anyone around?

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801284

File: 1405635848115.png (235.03 KB, 529x612, 64167db1faaca86ab67c2c494e6e20…)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801416

>There's a faint whistling coming from down the halls. Folks might catch a glimpse of a happily walking Shooting Star with a bulging satchel at his side, heading towards the base exterior.

Raspberry Black 801426

File: 1405649129525.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry was jogging down the halls carrying a small satchel of her own, bouncing a bit with each step, though she seemed to be going to the firing range. She paused a bit when she noticed Shooting.
"Oh, hey there, Blue!

... What's that thing?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801430

An experiment, raspberry!
>He seems quite a bit excited, carrying on and still whistling himself. She'd catch sight of a long red stick inside with the word DANGER in black letters clearly printed on it.
I'm headed outside the base, catch you on the flipside!

Raspberry Black 801443

File: 1405649956892.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

"Uh, might I remind you that our demolitions 'expert' managed to put himself in a wheelchair?"
>Raspberry started trotting back to the firing range... then sighed, snapped her tail and spun around on her hooves to gallop off after Shooting.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801467

>He's made it quite a distance in that time. He's not really listening at this point
Don't worry! I'm putting it under a shield. Besides, my uncle was a Theiman demolitionist. How hard can it be?

Raspberry Black 801475

File: 1405651910365.png (153.7 KB, 500x281, Let Me Tell You Why That's Bul…)

"Weren't we havin' some conversation the other day about a buncha ponies in your family being marksponies!"
>Raspberry shouted, chasing behind him.
"And with that much dynamite? Yeah, I ain't crafting another shield!"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801480

Yeah, that was my father. And his father before him. But my uncle liked the finer point of things that go boom!
>He heads out the doors, towards the base exterior.
A magicshield, silly. Put it under an actual shield and it's bound to smack me in the face!

Raspberry Black 801487

File: 1405652739209.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"... No, that's not even how explosions work! Best-case scenario, we're still down a shield, if it doesn't just become extra shrapnel!"
>Raspberry waved her hooves around for emphasis.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801490

No, no, I meant like a bubble or something. I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out when I get over there.
>He points out into a field, where a big rock sits smack dab in the middle of it.
Figured I'd help out with that rock in question over there.

Raspberry Black 801499

File: 1405653733467.png (153.7 KB, 500x281, Let Me Tell You Why That's Bul…)

"Uh, hello!"
>Raspberry yanked Shooting back with a loud grunt, then pointed off to the outside of the base, where the artillery cannons stood on each corner.
"We're kinda talkin' *that* kind of damage, here. If we're gonna blow somethin' up, maybe we should just... I don't know, stay as far away as possible? Grab a whole lot of wire for the fuse?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801505

>He looks down at his bag, stuffed with dynamite.
...I had the idea of using bags like this to blow holes in building walls, so we don't get stuck in bases again... Maybe this is a bit too much explosive.
And I just tied the fuses together. Figured that'd give me long enough to get away.

Raspberry Black 801508

File: 1405654458195.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

"Uh, Blue, mare, I don't think this would blow a hole in a wall, I think this would blow a hole in a whole building.

... Wait no that'd be a hole in the wa- look that's not the point! I'm sayin' you might take down a whole building with it!"
>Raspberry opened her mouth to speak again, then just sort of fell silent when he mentioned the fuses.
"... But that wouldn't do anything at all... we need a longer fuse."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801510

File: 1405654664983.jpg (114.46 KB, 450x357, 2007-20050817020214.jpg)


Do correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Star.
>A pleasantly bemused voice that could only belong to Faust chirps up behind them.
But was it not a lack of proper planning that was at the root of Mr. Sparkle's stay in the infirmary?
>He smiled in that creepy way of his.
Not that I mean to discourage you from trying new things in an effort to help the team, of course. Medicine is my main purview, not explosives or battlefield tactics.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801513

...Dramatic entrance/exit?
>He smiles faintly as she catches herself, and nods.
Who knows when we'd need something like that?
>Then quietly stops when she falls silent.
A biiiit of rethinking this is in order.

Raspberry Black 801528

File: 1405655963029.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"That's probably the only thing we'd be able to use it for, too... that thing probably weighs a good 10 pounds..."
>Raspberry sighed, her voice finally returning back to normal.
"Who knows just how many we could take with-"

>The mare yelped and found herself latched on to Shooting's back in an instant.
"By the Sun and Moon! Where the HAY did you come from, Doc!"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801537

File: 1405656747911.jpg (39.55 KB, 640x480, faust 8 episode 16.JPG)

As a doctor, I'm inclined to agree.

Now, now, calm yourself Ms. Black. You'll give yourself a heart attack getting so riled up.
>His smile remained, as unsettlingly pleasant as ever.
I couldn't help but overhear your argument with Mr. Star and thought I'd listen in to see if I should have the medical wing ready to treat him for all the wonderful wounds a large explosion can cause on the pony body. I'm certain some of the younger healers under my supervision could use some applied practice.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801539

...Well, probably not more than a...
>He's not even phased by her added weight.
>He tilts his head, and blushes slightly.
...Y-you okay there raspberry?
Yeah... Thanks, Doc.

Raspberry Black 801544

File: 1405657550468.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Y-yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just spooked the living crap out of me, is all. We need to put a little bell on you or somethin', Doc..."
>Raspberry plopped down on Shooting's back, just making herself comfortable, since he didn't seem to mind.
"Maybe I could grab you a longer fuse? Maybe help you look over those explosives?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801548

File: 1405658058094.jpg (68.04 KB, 225x220, 19101.jpg)

Happy to provide a consult, Mr. Star.

Yes, I do tend to startle more normal folks, don't I?
>He hummed to himself with a small smile.
Perhaps I will look into purchasing heavier shoes. I understand they make more noise when one walks in them.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801556

That might be in order. I wouldn't mind the help at all. Just... Trying to find ways to be more useful around here.
And I appreciate the advice.
...Maybe get some cleats. They make such great sparks if you walk on cobblestones with them.

Raspberry Black 801559

File: 1405659327178.gif (446.17 KB, 500x282, Hi There.gif)

>Raspberry smiled and poked Shooting's ear.
"Well, you're pretty good at being the big mare with the sword. Maybe try relaxing a little some time?"

"Heavier shoes with bells?"
>The mare grinned wide.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801561

Like I said before, relaxation isn't something I'm exactly accustomed to. Not having a task or a goal just...
>He circles a hoof in the air, trying to find the word.
I get uncomfortable if I'm not being productive.
>And Raspberry would know, in passing. He still slept very little. Not to the point of danger anymore, though he still tended to wander the halls helping out with tasks all over the base, anywhere he could lend a hoof at all.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801562

File: 1405659611910.jpg (39.55 KB, 640x480, faust 8 episode 16.JPG)

Heavy cleats with bells, hmm?
>He chuckles.
I somehow doubt that such a pair of, shall we say "unique", shoes exist, but I'll see what I can do.

Raspberry Black 801563

File: 1405659728230.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Never underestimate the crazy things we ponies can come up with! Besides, you could always just tie some bells on and call it a day."

>Raspberry looked from Faust to Shooting... then back up to Faust... then to herself.
"... We're all a buncha workaholics here, aren't we?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801566

How about tap-dancing shoes?
>Now he's smiling.
For the most part. I have no idea what Tex actually... DOES in her free time.
...Or Stefran for that matter.
But between the three of us... yes. I suppose so.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801574

File: 1405660304614.jpg (114.46 KB, 450x357, 2007-20050817020214.jpg)

Oh believe me, I don't. If nothing else you ponies are much like humans in the amazingly creative ways you can injure or otherwise make yourselves sick.

There is no harm in being passionate about what you do. To always strive to improve yourself is a wonderful trait.
>He smiles.
Within reason of course. Though I may have rendered myself incapable of sleep through my body's will to continue working and my obsession with finding success, that does not mean the two of you should follow in my footsteps.

Raspberry Black 801578

File: 1405660485487.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"Ha! You hear that, Blue? You should be trying to get some sleep after all, doctor's orders!"
>Raspberry nudged him again with a victorious smile.
"Seriously, though; if you really wanna help me out, don't overwork yourself... and I think Laury's quite the worker, too. Tex seems all uptight, but I don't know if she's missin' sleep because of her work."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801585

>Shooting nods.
Exactly what I've thought abo...
You don't sleep.
>He blinks twice.
Interesting to know.
Alright, alright. You got me there.
>He chuckles, shaking his head.
I've been trying to keep it under control. I'm only up all night sometimes, now.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801590

File: 1405662527886.jpg (9.7 KB, 200x200, Faust_VIII_Johann-63209-8279-1…)

>He raised a bemused eyebrow.
That goes for you too, Ms. Black. Much as you may love spending all hours of the day and night working on your weapons, if you don't sleep regularly your mind and body will grow sluggish.

If you find yourself suffering from insomnia, Mr. Star, I would happily prescribe you some sleeping aids.

Raspberry Black 801592

File: 1405662683723.gif (1010.53 KB, 500x388, Hmph!.gif)

>Raspberry huffed and crossed her arms.
" 'Ey! I figured that one out years ago; a few all-nighters to get some designs juuust right never hurt nopony..."

"... What, you didn't know that he didn't sleep?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801594

I'll swing by if I need some. Appreciate the offer, doc.
...No. Am I the last one to know something yet again?

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 801596

File: 1405664226731.jpg (61.14 KB, 403x504, Faust_VIII_by_U_kazaki.jpg)

No, it did not.
>He concedes with a small bow of his head and a smile.
Not in moderation anyway.

I am happy to be of assistance, Mr. Star.
>He glances back as another medic comes over before smiling gently.
Ah, you'll have to excuse me. It appears Mr. Spyro has left yet another sparring partner with a case of frostbite.
>He tips his hat to them in farewell and allows himself to be led away.
I'm sure it's nothing major but it never hurts to check things over. Toodles.

Raspberry Black 801598

File: 1405664418077.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"See ya, Doc! Tell the missus I said hello!"
>Raspberry waved off to Faust, still content to sit on Shooting's back.

"I don't think the last, but..."
>The mare gave him a sheepish smile.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 801606

Farewell, doctor!
>With a faint nod, he turns back to Raspberry. Well, turns his head at any rate.
Yeah, yeah. I'm picking up whatcha putting down. And the two of you were right. Hup!
>He starts trotting off back towards the base, in the general direction of the armory.
I believe we do have some work to do. What was that you were saying about a longer fuse, now?

Asomameow 802201

File: 1405808903447.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

Laurlesta Valentine was trotting around the New Lunar Reserves base, she was training plenty and doing a lot of work on the engine as well as her other duties, but she still felt like she just needed to wreck something, she needed to fight. After a while she found herself near Shooting Star's room and hummed ot herself. She liked the guy enough and he had a strong sense of honor she respected, sure, maybe she'd fight him again! She trots up to his door and knocks on it. Her knock being fairly distinctive from the heavy bronze gauntlets she wore on her front hooves. "Yo, chick, open up!"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802205

>She'd hear a shout from within and the distinctive crash of piles of books and things just falling over. After a short moment, the door opens by itself, at inital glance. It's only when she looked down would she spy Shooting opening the door from the floor.
Uh... yes. Hello Laury!
>There's a pile of manuals for all different subjects stuck on his back, enough of them to pin one of the stallion's legs to the floor, and either he was taking severe advantage of his library card, or had spent pretty much his entire wage on books.

Asomameow 802209

File: 1405809358357.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

She looks at the catastrophe of his messy room littered with books and can't help but make a chuckle when she notices that he was on the floor. "You have a messy room too, huh? I guess our little group isn't filled with neat freaks that's for sure..." she looks at the books again. "...Though it's definitely filled with nerds." she grins and trots in.

"I wanna fight something, and you're the only one around here that's both worth my time and I wouldn't feel bad beating up so let's fight!"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802213

It's not messy! It was perfectly organized, just like my workstation. You only startled me is all... Gadzukes. What knockers!
>Whether he's actually being honest or not is up for debate, as moooost of the room is pretty orderly. He pulls back and eventually prised his leg free from the books.
Theeere we go. Right.
>He spends a moment dusting himself off, shaking his head.
I just remember last time, however. We both ended up in the recovery wing. For days, I might add.

Asomameow 802216

File: 1405809775569.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, LV-SF.png)

"Why thank you, herr docktor!" she jokes, and sends him a grin, looking around the room a little more.

"Yeah, exactly! You actually put up a good fight, you even won, so that means you're the best I got for me! C'mon, a few bruises won't hurt...

... Okay yes they will, but you know what I mean!" she chuckles. "Well... If you don't want to fight me, how about you fight with me? I'm getting bored and I was thinking of doing some more mercenary work."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802220

>He raises an eyebrow at her first comment.
>He starts putting the books back in a nearly organized stack.
I didn't win by much. You hit me far more often than I hit you. And hmm.
>He grins a shit-eating grin.
I'm still not sure you CAN bruise me~
>With that, and the likely punch to his shoulder it brought on, he chuckles.
Though you have a point. I'm sure there's a soldier around here or someone who can point us in the direction of a problem that needs solving

Asomameow 802223

File: 1405810295675.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, LV-SF.png)

And punch his shoudler she did with a small chuckle of her own. "I'd happily test out that theroy~" she murmurs.

"Usually I just head to a bar or something, but yeah a soldier might have some idea around here. C'mon, unless you have a better idea, let's go see what we can find, huh?" She starts trotting back out the door, swishing her tail back at him, motioning for him to follow her.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 802224

File: 1405810334278.png (417.17 KB, 702x806, __spyro___by_eternaldragoness-…)

>Spyro poked his head in the door with a smile.
I'll fight you.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802228

>He trots out after her.
We might want to check with communications, too. They might have picked up something on the airwaves.
...And you should know me by now, Laury. I never have a better idea.
Hey there Spyro. Afternoon!

Asomameow 802230

Oh hey, Popo. I just devoted this day to Nevermore, we were going to just do Shooting and Laury for a bit, if that's okay?

Asomameow 802236

File: 1405810924327.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

She motions to all the books and gives him a friendly bump with her hip. "Looking at all those books? Something tells me you're not exactly brainless, hon." she gives him a smile, and then returns to her usual cocky grin. "Alright let's head there! There's bound to be something they've picked up on."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 802237

File: 1405810969559.jpg (114.74 KB, 928x861, Run_Run_RUUUN_by_Michella13.pn…)

Hey Shooting. How's it go-
>Faust's voice called from a ways away, sounding mildly irritated.
"Mr. Spyro, get back here this instant!"
>Spyro looked mortified for a second.
Uh, on second thought, maybe later. See you.
>Without another word he darted off.

>No worries.

Asomameow 802239

Thanks, mate :)

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802242

Many of them are right out of my skill level. And I'm just... trying out a bunch of things. I have... trouble feeling useful when not on a battlefield.
>He picks up a bit of speed, moving ahead of Laury and towards the... place where you can find communications workers. The comms office, one would suppose.
Just about to head out, actua...
>He pauses when Faust interjects, suppressing a light snicker as he gets chewed out.
Talk to you later, Spyro!

And on that note, I might have something for ya later. Been tinkering with a few side-missions of my own in my free time.

Asomameow 802249

File: 1405811519338.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

"Weren't you learning how to do blacksmithing or something? You knwo if you can really get the hang of that then it would be al ittle easier for me to teach you how to do some metalworking on engines and the like. It wouldn't hurt to have another mechanic around. Other than that though you also got to get working on those bartending skills, remember?" she smirks, remembering way back to when they first reached this place and how he acted as bartender for a short time while they played poker.

"Other than that... If you ever need to feel useful, well I can always use a punching bag!" she chuckles, her tail making a slow lash.

She turns a corner as they almost reach the office.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802269

I picked up a few on enchanting as well...
>He sighs, shaking his head.
I just can't find something outside of fighting things I can get passionate about. And maybe. Maybe I'll sharpen my bartending abilities on the side.
>He stretches slightly, and nods as they reach the office, the slow sounds of conversation coming through the ajar door.

Asomameow 802273

File: 1405813073944.gif (3.2 MB, 400x225, 1393217513233.gif)

"Hrm... Well, fighting's plenty fun at least, but sadly there's not always enough people to fight when you want... I dunno, when in doubt I just drink or something." she chuckles and enters the door.

"'Sup?" she asks in greeting as she enters the door.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802279

Yeah... That's true. And you know I'm a bit of a lightweight.
>He follows Laury in.

>A fellow with a radio headpiece over one ear turns to the two of them as they enter.

>A slight lisp identifies the speaker as he waves the two of them over.
I hath a problem that could use some athithance!

Asomameow 802288

File: 1405813757268.gif (42.9 KB, 283x200, 200_s.gif)

"Says the guy with probably twice my mass! We'll just have to condition you a little better~" she offers and then nods to the radio operator. "Great, does it involve punching something? Because I really want to punch something."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802295

Twice your mass but half your liver.
>He adjusts his equipment as the radio operator pulls her over.
I'm not thure, but it's something suthpithious all the same. Reports keep coming in of "Strange activity" from around Stormfront Manor. Fires in the chimney. Strange lights from inside. Old place in the woods. Abandoned for years, but thomebody is using it. It might be cultithts again, or maybe thomething worse, if that'th at all pothible... Ith worth checking out.

Asomameow 802303

File: 1405814777415.jpg (949.07 KB, 3401x2480, Nn2IGWR.jpg)

She just rolsl her eyes and listens to the radio operator, making a nod. "Sounds like fun! Where's the place? If there's cultists then we can have a real good time breaking some bones."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802310

>The radio operator pulls a map from his desk and circles the location with a pencil, handing it to the pair of them.
Local polith were investigating for a while, but didn't put much stock in rumors. Priorities, or thomething. Theck in with them before you head over to the place.

Asomameow 802317

File: 1405815225749.jpg (68.43 KB, 960x541, 1398216563489.jpg)

"Yeah sure, why not? I know where the police station is. Come on, Shoots, let's get going.


Fuck, you're going to have to take one of those piece of shit carriages aren't you?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 802319

>Shoots nods to the radio operator, who waves them off.
Make thure to come back alive! Or Mr. Faust will kill you!
>The radio operator chuckles to himself as he puts his headset back on as they leave.

Well, yeah. I can pull one myself just fine. I worked as a cab driver for a few weeks after leaving Theima and before... finding myself involved with gangsters.

Asomameow 802323

Once more she only just rolls her eye s as they leave and hums. "Well I guess I'll meet you there because I'm taking my baby! Heartburn and I are inseparable, she'd feel betrayed if I left her gathering dust!"

Raspberry Black 804323

File: 1406064750052.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry had dragged a few boxes around behind one of the many counters of the forge to lie down on, aiming across at a large target she set up on the other side of the room. In her hooves was a recently-made bolt-action, a brand-new scope sitting atop it and a few other, smaller additions, such as a straight-pull bolt. She licked her lips and let out a little hum, adjusting the sights better. She wasn't too good of a shot, and the noise of the forge and swing playing in the background admittedly wasn't helping her out.

Asomameow 804324

File: 1406065289655.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

>As if to purposefully add to the distractions and noise, Raspberry would suddenly feel a tug at her short purple tail as Laury crept behind her and couldn't resist.

Raspberry Black 804325

File: 1406065441976.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry squeaked and suddenly pulled the trigger, causing the shot to go completely awry... which, for Raspberry, managed to mean it actually hit the target. The engineer shook from being unprepared for the recoil, then glared over her shoulder.
"Who the ha-"
>She blinked.
"Oh, hey, Goldilocks!"
>Another thing that probably wasn't helping her out was having her goggles on.

Asomameow 804327

File: 1406065707774.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

The mechanic laughs heartily. "Look, you hit your target!" She boops Raspberry's nose and then canters around in a circle about her, apparently being in an excitable mood today. "We are so close to finishing that engine, I can just taste it. The sweet taste of victory. Which tastes like steel, motor oil, and grease."

She looks voer to her again. "But that's just common knowledge of course."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804328

File: 1406065878213.jpg (260.68 KB, 610x686, 21c1e46e953d77f52ea6d632b63b20…)

>Spyro pokes his head in the door.
I thought the smell of victory was toasted bad guys and a pile of gems.

Asomameow 804329

File: 1406066017656.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, LV-SF.png)

"So... Like roasted meat? Blugh, there's only one kind of meat I eat!" she grins shamelessly.

"At least it's not defeat. Which tastes like Red Bull. Which tastes disgusting."

Raspberry Black 804331

File: 1406066108353.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

>Raspberry's nose scrunched, and she let out a little huff as she sat up on the boxes and lifted the rifle up.
"Oh hay yeah! I'm kinda surprised the sleeve valve is that quiet, even when... you know, it's part of that giant monstrosity."

"Oh come on, it'd totally be hay bacon and gunpowder."
>The engineer jumped off of the boxes and waved over to Spyro.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804333

File: 1406066393494.png (276.64 KB, 900x569, mighty_purple_dragon_by_icelec…)

>Spyro tilted his head, looking confused.
...I thought you ponies were all herbivores?

>Spyro makes a face
Blegh, and you say meat tastes bad! I don't know how you ponies eat that hay bacon stuff. Tastes like day old sheep and dirt.

Asomameow 804334

File: 1406066473381.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"... Okay, you might be onto something with the hay bacon. And I know right? Now we won't have to go deaf in there! Though we should probably wear earmuffs, just in case. And goggles in case of fumes.

After this is done I'm going to get to work on the suspension... Well, while learning it. Then we should do the chassis... Hopefully with really good ventilation."

She looks at Raspberry's tail. "... I hope my long tail isn't a problem in there."

"I'm a carnivore when it com-" she pauses, remembering this was Spyro and sighs, walking over to pat him on the head. "When you're older."

Raspberry Black 804335

File: 1406066620187.png (77.35 KB, 400x400, I Give Up I'll Human Pic.png)

>Raspberry shook her head with a sigh at Laury's joke, then tossed the rifle on to a table next to what looked like a deconstructed shotgun.
"Hey, I don't know how you dragons eat gems, either, but you don't see me complainin'."

"Well I already got the goggles; I could always grab you a pair, too."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804338

File: 1406066806942.png (200.24 KB, 900x506, goblin_spyro_is_win_by_batlove…)

>Spyro blinks up at her in confusion and shakes his head.
I don't get-
>He scowled at her.
We do not eat gems! We're carnivores, not...rock...ivores...Whatever the word for that is, we aren't that!

Raspberry Black 804340

File: 1406067225737.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>Raspberry stifled a giggle and leaned over to poke Spyro's side.
"I also don't know why you get so crazy about that... especially when you haven't even tried 'em. I bet you'd love emeralds... then again, you might be more of a diamond fella..."

Asomameow 804344

File: 1406067439337.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, LV-SF.png)

"Works for me, babe; I'll find a way to pull off being badass with them!"

"...Or I could just wear my biker helmet I never wear, that has some goggles on it. Helmets are for the weak and all that."

"Mineralvores, maybe?"

"I dunno about him, but I'd have to say I'm a big fan off sapphires~"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804345

File: 1406067699467.png (133.61 KB, 700x700, legendary_by_bricken-d7b3g4o.p…)

>Spyro throws up his claws in frustration
Man, I don't know how else to explain it to you! Eating gems goes against our very instinct to collect and build a hoard. You can't very well maintain a hoard of treasure if you routinely eat the treasure!
>He snorts.
Maybe it's just something you have to be a dragon to understand, I don't know.

>He shrugs.
Maybe? I'll have to write a letter to Twilight about it.

Raspberry Black 804347

File: 1406068081616.gif (150.1 KB, 200x152, u wanna go.gif)

"It's not my fault that you don't know how to snack in moderation! I mean, check it-"
>She kicked a nearby drawer, popping it open and revealing that it was just full of candy.
"I snack on that all the time, and you don't see me runnin' out of a stash, now, do... you..."
>Raspberry's ear twitched a bit, and she spun on her hooves.

>The engineer suddenly hopped forward and leaned close to Laury's face, a fake glare clear beyond the golden lenses of her goggles.
" 'Ey, are you implin' that goggles aren't badass?"

Asomameow 804349

File: 1406068425050.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury looks at the giant stash of candy and then she makes a small smirk to herself and chuckles. So that's where she got it...

"Could be in a dictionary or somethin' too I guess. Maybe ask one of the nerds around here..."

She playfully nips at Raspberry's nose in response. "Not everyone can be as badass as you, hon, you're an exception! Maybe it's that your nerd level got so extreme upon wearing them that it reset and became badass."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804351

File: 1406068619104.jpg (134.54 KB, 839x953, classic_spyro_the_dragon_by_ja…)

It's not a matter of moderation, it's a matter of-
>Spyro just ran a claw down his face.
Forget it, I don't care anymore.

Yeah, but picking on Twilight's so much fun!

Raspberry Black 804354

File: 1406068935851.gif (1010.53 KB, 500x388, Hmph!.gif)

>Raspberry huffed and turned her nose up.
"I am not a nerd, I'm an engineer, get it right..."
>She joked, then winked at Laury.

>The mare shook her head in a bit of shock.
"I still have no clue how you manage to get away with this..."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804356

File: 1406069252295.jpg (411.79 KB, 789x701, 4d31c6f90b154cc33a15bb138b30bb…)

>He shrugs.
With what? Poking fun at her? C'mon, any Princess worth a ruby should be able to take some good-natured ribbing.

Asomameow 804357

File: 1406069267394.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

>Laury chuckles and canters around Raspberry.
"Whatever it is you are, it sure is pretty fucking adorable! Oh! Say, Berry, want to go shooting? I need to get some practice in and it looks like that's what you were doing anyhow."

"... Okay yeah that does sound fun, I gotta give you that."

Raspberry Black 804361

File: 1406069757550.jpg (45.41 KB, 900x229, BAR.jpg)

"Hmmm, I guess you might have a point, there..."
>Raspberry chuckled a bit, then glanced over to Laury.

"Sure, mare! I could get some good practice in with my BAR: it's only had field practice so far..."
>She popped her neck.
"Still gotta get used to the recoil of that thing."

Asomameow 804363

File: 1406070042913.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

"Sounds good, I'll go grab my SMG, see you at the firing range in a minute, sweetheart." She canters out to go to her room and grab her gun she took off of a cultist a while back and takes the ammo she picked up for it then heads over to the firing range quick as a whip.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804366

File: 1406070282403.jpg (77.84 KB, 1075x744, Spyro__s_Dinner_by_Spyro_fan_2…)

I think I might go get me some lunch.
>Spyro smiles and heads in a different direction, waving goodbye to the two of them.

Raspberry Black 804369

File: 1406070644123.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

"See ya, Spy! Be sure to grab yourself some juicy emeralds!"
>Raspberry giggled.

>The mare grabbed her BAR and the rifle she was just tooling with, then rushed off with her.
"Oi, Goldilocks, where'd you go?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804370

File: 1406070787848.jpg (90.2 KB, 894x894, digi_painting_practice___spyro…)

Emeralds don't have juices! And we don't eat them!
>He shouts back at her as he goes around the corner.

Asomameow 804371

File: 1406070880284.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

"Ah, alright, cya later, kiddo!"

"Right over here!" she calls teasingly, and then when they reach the firing range she checks out her SMG.

"Alright, let's see how terrible I am at this." she grins over at Raspberry. "Hey, could you give me some pointers when I start shooting? I'm not as terrible as I was, but I still got a ways to go."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 804373

Later Laury!

Raspberry Black 804376

File: 1406071245891.gif (662.7 KB, 500x280, Go Time.gif)

>Raspberry started trotting over to where Laury was set up.
"Well first off, you want to brace yourself: Trench Broom's stuff is powerful, but it can really take you down with that recoil."

Asomameow 804380

File: 1406071431155.gif (557.25 KB, 201x202, 1393216496548.gif)

"Got it, babe, why don't you hold me, it'll definitely help with the uh... Recoil~" she teases and stands in a better firing position with the Trench Broom, aiming down the sights as best as she can and takes aim at a target...


Roll 1d20 - 4 = 16

Raspberry Black 804384

File: 1406071648763.png (587.74 KB, 1600x900, u wot.png)

>Raspberry notably ducked down a little when she started firing, not knowing exactly where those bullets were going t-
"... Wait, holy crap, did you just hit dead on?!"
>The engineer popped back up and stared over Laury's shoulder, pushing her goggles up to get a better look. Sure enough, there was a tight group of holes just in the center of the target's mass.
"No freaking way!"

Asomameow 804388

File: 1406071856296.gif (356.57 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo2_250…)

"Oh my god!" she squeals, clapping her hooves. "Did you see that? Wait you just said you did. Holy shit I can't believe I did that. You must be my good luck charm or something, sweet cheeks.

Let's see just how beginner's Luchs that was, huh? Then it can be your turn."

Asomameow 804389

She fires one more burst. Roll 1d20 - 4 = -1

Raspberry Black 804390

File: 1406071966825.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry suddenly tossed her arms around Laury and nuzzled her.
"Quick, fire again! The luck's already running out!"

Asomameow 804394

File: 1406072334714.png (837.66 KB, 620x877, 1398217739981.png)

Laury looks over to her and chuckles, kissing her ear affectionately, she couldn't resist that adorable nuzzling. "Cover your ears hon~"

Roll 1d20 - 4 = 0

Raspberry Black 804402

File: 1406073058974.jpg (34.85 KB, 640x480, Hehe.jpg)

>Raspberry blushed lightly and folded her ears down, preparing for the incoming shots... which unfortunately, like the ones before, completely missed the target. She let out a soft sigh.
"I guess it was beginner's luck after all."
>She giggled.

Asomameow 804407

File: 1406073331194.jpg (7.4 KB, 184x184, 76561198060478863.jpg)

"Bah, I'll get it later..." She smiles, it was hard to be in a bad mood when her best friend was hugging her and blushing like that. "Alright, beautiful, I guess it's your turn; we can cuddle all we want after~"

Raspberry Black 804409

File: 1406073502431.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Awww, do I have to stop?"
>Raspberry nuzzled Laury again, a coy grin on her face. She finally let go and grabbed the SMG.
"Haven't fired one of these in a range in a while; I'm more of a slow and steady gal, y'know?"
>She bounced over to the next set of targets, took aim, braced herself and fired, not expecting to do too much better, herself.

Roll 1d20 - 2 = 5

Asomameow 804413

File: 1406073806008.jpg (13.93 KB, 202x200, yang_xiao_long_by_rawr_milliga…)

"Yeah I know what you mean, sugar..." she paused and moment then walked beside her when she takes firing position. "Hey, I think one of those hit, so you're doing okay in my book!" she grins.

"Why don't you try your big rifle? That's what you wanted to train on anyhow, right?"

Raspberry Black 804414

File: 1406073946935.jpg (45.41 KB, 900x229, BAR.jpg)

"It's good enough!"
>Raspberry smiled and shrugged, then put the SMG aside to get the much larger, heavier BAR.
"Now, this is more my style..."
>The engineer spread her legs a bit, swished her tail back and forth, took aim, and let off a better-aimed set of four shots.
Roll 1d20 - 2 = 14
Roll 1d20 - 2 = 15

Asomameow 804418

File: 1406074555879.jpg (53.26 KB, 580x295, LV-RW-RB.jpg)

Laury stepped back, knowing that weapon was bound to be even louder than the SMG and watched... Well, or at least tried to watch. Her eyes ended up drifting to somewhere else and found herself making another grin of self-indulgence. Once she stops firing she shakes her head and tears her gaze away to look at how she did.

"Whoa, nice work, Raspbooty! Why don't you shoot it some more, it looks like you got the hang of it!~"

Raspberry Black 804420

File: 1406074963210.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

>Raspberry exhaled and let go of the gun, a bit surprised from how much the shots shook her now that there wasn't any adrenaline was in her system. She shook her hooves and smiled back to Laury.
"You think so?"
>She stretched and grabbed a hold of the gun again.
Roll 1d20 - 2 = 17
Roll 1d20 - 2 = 17
"A *few* more shots..."
>The engineer shouted over the gunfire, readjusting her stance as she wiggled a bit from the recoil.

Asomameow 804424

File: 1406075375186.gif (70.48 KB, 250x250, tumblr_n4c4rfIwbM1t4kaz1o2_250…)

Laury's heart skipped a beat as she realized it worked! Withotu shame she moves her eyes again, holy dear tanks in heaven it was so beautiful...

"Sweet mother of Celestia..." she trails off in amazement, which might be mistaken for Raspberry's sudden fantastic accuracy with the BAR.

Raspberry Black 804427

File: 1406075577964.gif (456.71 KB, 500x269, swag.gif)

>Raspberry blinked and looked up from her weapon in shock: every bullet had hit its mark, and rather close to the center of mass, too!
"I... I know, right!"
>She bounced up and down, giggling with glee and her sapphire eyes sparkling.
"I guess once I get my mind all quiet, I'm pretty dang good with this! Maybe I should try to get a bigger model working..."
>Raspberry rubbed her hooves together, her tail practically wagging, now.

Asomameow 804430

File: 1406075943702.gif (4.11 MB, 400x225, yang_vs_pillow_by_iceninjax77-…)

Laury can't help but laugh at that exclamation, and tackles Raspberry to hug her tight. "Or who knows? Maybe I'm your good luck charm!" she nuzzles her gently. "Yeah that sounds like a plan, god big or go home right?" she almost purrs.

"In case if you haven't noticed I'm claiming that cuddle now~"

Raspberry Black 804432

File: 1406076084618.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry squeaked in surprise and tumbled over, still giggling with a light blush on her cheeks.
"Maybe we're both each other's good luck charms, then!"
>She hugged Laury tight and nuzzled her.
"I ain't got a problem with you claiming it now..."

>A certain soldier leaned over from his own booth, curious.

Asomameow 804435

File: 1406076491829.gif (540.13 KB, 245x275, tumblr_mqvocbPnxW1rq5fzso4_250…)

Laury's eyes flicked about Raspberry's face. "Heh, you've been more than a good luck charm for me, sweetness, I can't honestly say I'm ever happier than I am when I'm with you. Instead of a good luck charm you're like a..." she mulls it over in her head but everything she came up with sounded lame. "... You know!"

She pauses for a second, then opens her mouth to say something, her magenta eyes simmering with affection when she saw that soldier over there. Instead of glaring, for once, she sighed, and nuzzled her dearest friend she ever had gently.

Raspberry Black 804440

File: 1406077105785.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Ah, it was just those two again. The soldier, not even appearing surprised, just leaned right back over and went to what he was doing before.

>The color grew on the engineer mare's cheeks.

"A 'you know', huh?"
>She giggled and rubbed noses with her.
"The highest of honors..."
>Raspberry sat up on top of Laury, her own eyes gleaming with affection.
"Well let me tell you, you're my... 'you know', too, how's that?"
>She grinned.

Asomameow 804443

File: 1406077616192.gif (562.17 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo8_250…)

Laury's eyes widened and she bit her lip. After a few seconds she makes a coy grin. "Hey, uh... Berry..." she pauses.

"I... " she looks off to the side then back to her, at least now the soldier was gone... "I think there's something I should tell you. Something I've had on my heart for a while now.

I uh..." she bites her lip again. Terrified, but... Deciding to just spit it out and be done with it, frankly she just couldn't hold it in much longer.

"I love you, Raspberry. Have for a while now." she thought about continuing, but decided just admitting it was hard enough, she searches Raspberry's eyes with her own, both fear and suspense in her magenta spheres.

Raspberry Black 804446

File: 1406078318895.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>The engineer curiously tilted her head to the side when Laury said she wanted to say something. Raspberry then proceeded to stay like that, silent and unchanging besides a slowly-growing, rosy tint on her cheeks. Her eyes finally darted back and forth, love and affection also joined up by confusion and a bit of fright. After a few unsuccessful attempts to speak, she gulped and finally forced a few words out:
"W-well, I... I mean, I do really lo-like you and all, but, erm..."
>She sank down a bit, her tail swishing back and forth.
"I, uh..."
>Raspberry just squeaked, her ears folding down.

Asomameow 804452

File: 1406078806006.gif (812.34 KB, 180x258, tumblr_n1bij7C0Pd1s9mdewo5_250…)

Laury bit her lip a third time, nodding and sighing. "It's alright, Berry, I... Just needed to get that off my chest.... I'm still good with being friends and all. I've had more fun and meaning in my life ever since we became friends and I wouldn't trade a minute of that time for all the money and motor vehicles in the world. You're just someone so special, hon, you can hardly blame me for taking an interest.

I stayed quiet about it for a while because I didn't want to ruin what we had, that and I respect that you're straight even though I'm not. I've had guys hit on me before and when they didn't back off I got pissed, so... I won't bring this up again, if it's not what you want."

With that off of her chest and in the air, she actually seemed to relax a little, having finally taken some sort of action after months of pondering and keeping it locked, it was a relief one way or another.

Raspberry Black 804456

File: 1406079696601.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry just groaned and laid down on top of Laury, remaining still as she thought over it. She couldn't really lie to herself: the mare wasn't *too* averted to the whole thing--after all, Laury was the closest friend she had, yet, Raspberry didn't really know, something just... didn't feel right. She grumbled something and sighed before nuzzling Laury.
"... You know what's funny, hun? I'm pretty sure I always had a dream like this before... kinda passed it off as maybe having a bit too much to drink."
>She giggled softly.
"I didn't pay too much attention to how happy I was for the rest of the day."

Asomamobile 804461

File: 1406080554413.jpg (35.38 KB, 125x125, 1396830917106.jpg)

"Well, that's what matters most, right? How happy we can make our friends and loved ones. I want to be the pony that makes you the happiest mare in the world. Just... By my honor I have never seen a mare with such a fucking awesome mix of beauty, skill, and strength.

... What happened in that dream of yours?" She asks tenderly, still holding her friend securely in her arms.

Raspberry Black 804463

File: 1406081192605.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

>Raspberry's blush intensified and she grinned coyly.
"That, uh, that doesn't matter. What *does* matter-"
>She pecked Laury's cheek.
"Is that I guess I feel happiest when I'm around you, too, Butterscotch... I guess I just need a bit of time to think over this, is all."
>The engineer squeezed Laury tightly.

Asomamobile 804469

File: 1406082034611.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury's rose eyes glimmer when Raspberry kisses her cheek and when she hears that there was a chance. She nods, feeling a little warmth when she hears that she made her friend happy when she was around. "Take all the time you need, babe.

In the meantime, you want to get back to shooting or would you like to be alone for a bit?"

Raspberry Black 804473

File: 1406082350258.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Awww, but I don't want you to leave me alone..."
>Raspberry kissed her nose.
"A little more shooting never hurt nopony."
>The engineer smiled gleefully, though her quickly-beating heart and anxiousness in her eyes did begin to betray it.

Asomamobile 804478

File: 1406083044814.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, 1397628792958.png)

Laury smiles and goes to get up, but with Raspberry ontop of her she couldn't really move. "Well,I kinda need to get up to shoot right!" she chuckles. She feels her anxious heartbeat, and just plays it cool, I'd she was calm maybe it would help calm her down as well.

Raspberry Black 804480

File: 1406083175528.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry sighed and crossed her arms.
"Aw fine..."
>She said and rolled off of Laury, sliding her goggles on and moving the BAR out of the way.
"There you go, hon! I'm guessin' you don't have too much left in the clip, though."

Asomamobile 804496

File: 1406084296683.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"Well then how about I just empty whatever's in there and see how many hits I can get!" She stands up again and grabs the SMG with a grin. "Spray and pray!"

Roll 1d20 - 4 = 2
Roll 1d20 - 4 = -1
Roll 1d20 - 4 = 6
Roll 1d20 - 4 = -1

Raspberry Black 804500

File: 1406084465202.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>The engineer held a hoof to her mouth, just barely trying to stifle the laughter when she saw that not a single shot had managed to hit... and, in fact, some of the bullets seemed to have missed targets nearby as well.

>"Trying" being the keyword, although "failing" was more like it, for Raspberry had fallen to the ground, her hind legs kicking out as she burst into uproarious laughter.

Asomamobile 804501

File: 1406084511335.jpg (3.12 KB, 140x140, images.jpg)

Asomamobile 804509

File: 1406084841576.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Now it was Laury's turn to blush, embarrassed. She knew she was a bad shot but holy crap that was bad! She makes a coy smile over at her friend literally ROFLing and can't help but chuckle with her. "Maaaaybe I should stick to punching things!"

Raspberry Black 804518

File: 1406085175814.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>Raspberry finally subsided to giggling, rolling onto her side and snorting before finally getting enough air to speak.
"O-oh, oh that was good. It's like Lady Luck wants a refund!"

Asomamobile 804525

Laury chuckles a little more herself. "I swear it was the gun!" She says jokingly, starting to reload the SMG and shaking her head. "Maybe I just oughta try the shotgun again. Then maybe at least one pellet will hit!."

Asomamobile 804526

File: 1406085403371.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Raspberry Black 804527

File: 1406085473844.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Suuuure, blame the gun."
>Raspberry reared back, then jumped back up on her hooves.
"You know, I still have that shotgun revolver prototype sitting around somewhere..."

Asomamobile 804532

File: 1406085752621.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"... Okay now that just sounds amazing. Let me at it!" Laury says enthusiastically. "A shotgun pistol totally sounds my speed. Up close and personal."

Raspberry Black 804533

File: 1406085933217.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Sure! It's probably back in the forge somewhere... hay, I could probably get the thing up and running in a couple days, if you want."
>Raspberry rubbed her chin, trying to remember just where she had left off on that project.

Asomamobile 804537

File: 1406086062833.jpg (5.1 KB, 191x136, images (2).jpg)

"Oh hell yeah, babe, I'd love to try that out! In the meantime is there a shotty lying around? This smugg definitely hates my guts." She chuckles.

Raspberry Black 804538

File: 1406086177149.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Probably, let me see if I can find one for ya."
>Raspberry trotted over to the back of the range, whistling a swing tune as she searched the wall and tables for a shotgun.
"Hmph, it ain't no Mark I, but it'll do you good!"
>She tossed one over to Laury.

Asomamobile 804543

File: 1406086507003.jpg (10.79 KB, 227x114, images (3).jpg)

She catches the shotgun and makes a smirk. "Thanks! Alright let's see if I can hit the broadside of a barn with this fella!" She checks to see if it was loaded, and I'd not loads a couple shells into the weapon then fires a round downrange.

Roll 1d20 - 4 = 11

Raspberry Black 804544

File: 1406086630416.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>The shotgun definitely seemed to do the trick, riddling the target with holes. Raspberry trotted up next to Laury and smirked.
"Think it's just Lady Luck again?"
>She poked her side.

Asomamobile 804547

"Considering that was the first shot? Probably! Here let's give it another go!" She aims the shotgun downrange and fires once again. Roll 1d20 - 4 = 4

Raspberry Black 804549

File: 1406086933426.gif (1020.56 KB, 500x484, Not Planning At All....gif)

>... Well at least a few bits hit the edge. Better than missing completely. Raspberry patted Laury's shoulder and sighed.
"Maybe we really should look into getting you some corrective lenses."

Asomamobile 804560

File: 1406087451817.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

"What, glasses? But I'd look like a dork!" She huffs. "Maybe if sunglasses could be corrective... I usually wear those..." She blinks. "You think that's possible?"

Raspberry Black 804562

File: 1406087584683.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"Corrective... sunglasses? I don't know... I think glasses help you by just being a certain shape, so, I guess if you made them out of whatever sunglasses are made of..."
>She rubbed her chin again.

Asomamobile 804564

File: 1406087763561.png (267.54 KB, 800x715, 1397628792958.png)

"What do they help with though? I mean, my eyes are shaped okay they're just... Messed up, you know.?" She points to her left eye where there was as always light scarring on her eye.

"Maybe if there was a way to heal my eyes... That would be fantastic."

Raspberry Black 804567

File: 1406087936242.jpg (68.5 KB, 640x480, Something's Up.jpg)

>Raspberry scratched her head and frowned, trying to remember just what glasses actually did for someone.
"I think what happens is that it refracts light just right so that it... I guess 'fits' with how your eye works?"
>Her frown deepened slightly when she looked into Laury's eyes.
"I wonder if it could be fixed this late..."

Asomamobile 804574

File: 1406088479380.jpg (10.79 KB, 227x114, images (3).jpg)

"I don't know, mare, they got ugly over decades, might never be able yo be healed. Maybe with magic or something there might be a chance... Who knows. Maybe we should look up how glasses work."

Raspberry Black 804579

File: 1406088600447.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"... You know, you'd think we would've thoughta that one, being the smartest ones around here."
>Raspberry joked before popping the magazine out of the BAR and beginning to load it back up.
"And I have no clue what you're talking about: those are the most beautiful eyes I've seen."
>She grinned over to her.

Asomamobile 804597

File: 1406089198626.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

That one got a blush out of Laury, and she kicks a hoof at the dirt below her with a chuckle. "Thanks, sugarflanks..." She smiles, she was always very sensitive about her eyes, and often wore sunglasses to hide their scarring so that meant a good deal to her.

"Well I'm just a mechanic, that doesn't have anything to do with...

... Wait did you just say I was smart?"

Raspberry Black 804601

File: 1406089400043.png (372.29 KB, 1033x1675, Raspberry2.png)

"... Well duh, Butterscotch, of course I did! You're the mare who just about came up with the idea for this armored carriage thing of ours, carried my big flank through most of this project and did a fairly good job at coming up with these theories!"
>Raspberry beamed brightly.
"You're the smartest mare here, Laury!"
>She hung an arm around her... and gained a short smirk and joking, prideful tone.
" 'Cept me of course."

Asomamobile 804611

File: 1406089797851.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury makes a soft smile, backed up with a slightly girly giggle. "I'm not even sure what to say. I've been called plenty of things, hon, but smart wasn't among them... Thanks." She nuzzles her friend's neck sweetly. "Hey, second place to you might as well be first!"

Raspberry Black 804614

File: 1406089905127.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

>Raspberry couldn't help but giggle and give Laury a warm nuzzle before stepping back.
"Well, I guess you just didn't find nopony who knew a good head when they saw one!"

Asomamobile 804625

File: 1406090221478.jpg (5.1 KB, 191x136, images (2).jpg)

"Bow chicka bow wow!" She laughs. "No but really, thanks. Hey you know... Wait.


Oh god. I'm turning into a [I]NEEEERD[/I]

Asomamobile 816089

File: 1408388450098.png (144.68 KB, 595x728, 20PQgAV.png)

Laurlesta Valentine trotted straight into the workshop and yells in. "Yo, Shoots, where are you!" She was carrying a bottle in one of her pockets.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816093

File: 1408389788969.png (30.6 KB, 830x650, Shootin Star.png)

>Shooting was doing something back in his corner of the workshop, but he turns his head when Laury comes in.
Hey Laury! I'm just over here, come on back!
>In his little space, he's filled the benches with workbooks, manuals, and arcane-looking tomes.

Asomamobile 816097

File: 1408390696009.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

"There ya are, ya big blue bastard!" She chuckles and trots up to him and reaches into her pocket and presents him with the bottle. It was a very fine Vauxian wine. "Here, I got this for ya. Thought it might remind ya of home a little." She shoots him a small grin and looks over his work. "I am surrounded by nerds."

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816105

Aye, Big blue, that's me.
>He stands up, stretching, having just been pouring over a tome with arcane runes filled through it.
Urgh. Reading this stuff makes my head hurt.
>He shakes his head as he says it, perking up a bit as she presents him with said bottle.
For me? Awe, Laury, you shouldn't have! Well, I'm actually a Theiman, not a Vauxian, but... close enough. Theimans don't make wine anyways.
>He grins as wide as he can and smiles, holding out one arm in the classic "Hug me" gesture.

Asomamobile 816116

File: 1408393223310.png (35.38 KB, 125x125, 1396830917106.jpg)

The rough n' tough brawler looms around for a moment, then moves forward to give him a hug. "You tell anyone I hugged you and you're a dead mare." Then she pulls back and smiles at him. "So that must be how I for confused. I know countries by their alcohol!" She chuckles.

"So whatcha nerding on, nerd?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816117

What hug?
>Shooting gives her his best innocent look and smiles again.
Yeah, social drinking isn't as much of a thing there. I mean, still a thing. Well, I wouldn't know. I didn't get much chance to associate with the common folk.
>He steps back over to the books and shoots Laury a look.
Keep callin me a nerd and we might have to step into the ring again~
>He gestures to the book.
I wanted to be a bit more useful, and then I remembered I could retake my enchanting lessons from the Academy. Asked my sister to send the books over here, and they just arrived today.

Asomamobile 816120

File: 1408395418582.png (373.82 KB, 900x800, PgPMsFq.png)

Laury makes a wiiiiide toothy grin. "Nerd! Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!" She continues to say repeatedly while cantering in a circle about him, a playf gleam on her face and her tail bouncing with her cantering. "You wanna fight yet?~"

She makes a small laugh and glances at the books. "Well I guess that's neat and all... Can ya make any now?"

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816122

I do want to punch you a bit more. Does that count?
>Shooting's grin turns from the cheeky to a full smirk.
Not yet. The last time I took these lessons, I was about ten or so. I'd have to get in some practice first.

Asomamobile 816124

File: 1408396242843.jpg (5.1 KB, 191x136, images (2).jpg)

"That's the spirit!" She says in a rather chipper tone and raises her hooves in a boxing position. "Put 'em up!" She makes a couple light, clearly not meant to be damaging punches to his shoulder with a small laugh.

"Enchanting can wait!~" though she seemed to be in more of a playful mood than a competitive one.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816126

U wanna go, m8?
>His smirk grows and he returns her punches with one of his own, equally light, to her upper arm, and doesn't even seem to notice her punching his thick forelegs.
I suppose it can wait. Want to go hit each other with sticks until one of us passes out?

Asomacomputer 816128

File: 1408397870294.gif (4.11 MB, 400x225, yang_vs_pillow_by_iceninjax77-…)

"You can keep your pansy sticks, I'm more of a hoof-to-hoof gal!" she grins and starts to canter outside when she realizes something. "Wait why not just spar in here?" she questions, and then turns to face him again. "Since when are you a [Brit]?" she grins teasingly from his first phrase.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816133

>Shooting chuckles at first, but then srs's.
...Because it would knock my organization out of place and then I'd have to set it all up again and...
>Then back to normal.
...Eh, I could manage. But I'd rather do it in a place without sharp instruments. Even if we're going to be punching each other in the face, I'd rather do it where there's no chance of a sharp object in the back. Or, at least less of one.

Asomacomputer 816135

File: 1408398735096.gif (167.98 KB, 600x627, 1a2.gif)

"Pfft fine, let's go!" she canters out of the room, which immediately turns into a casual jog once she's out of the room and in public.

Nevermore !NeverGIA4U 816138

>And Shooting follows behind her, having to put extra effort to keep up. Laury was far faster than the bulky Shooting.

>And they proceed to beat the stuffing out of each other. Again.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 816726

File: 1408516429848.jpg (68.86 KB, 1056x757, relaxing_in_the_snow_by_millai…)

>Spyro is taking a midday snooze on the roof of the base.

Porter T. Apple 819930

File: 1409553193218.png (419.01 KB, 1680x1050, Tex in the fight-2.png)


NLR 820269

File: 1409617263918.jpg (61.03 KB, 1191x670, NLR 2.png)

>The Cult of Harmony had recently been beyond merely quiet: they were absolutely silent. No mumblings in ports, no movement of arms, no raids or even rumors that the cultists were doing anything at all. Not even Warm Heart was spotted very often by Spyro. The only sign of their existence was the magical broadcaster, and the mark somewhere in the middle of the ocean, providing no tips or ideas on their next move, taunting them with every recon run that bore no results.

>And this brought the most dangerous enemy of all... budgetary concerns. The Princesses up high had been deciding that there really wouldn't be much of a reason for the NLR if there wasn't any problems happening, much to the soldiers' chagrin. Off in the busy halls of the rec room, however, not too much of those problems popped up... until the radio stopped working. One of the soldiers was banging the radio and switching to different stations when he happened to stumble upon a repeated message... one that had him quickly rushing over to the commanders and well-known fighters.

"Uh, ok- oh, it's on! Great! My name is Thousand Leagues and I am the captain of the REN G-001. If there is anyone out there, I would be rather greatful if you assisted me: recently I have been attempting to locate an ancient relic, one that will change the face of Equestria... er, again, I think, it depends on if it was around here or near Gildedale somewhere and-

Oh, yes, right! Assistance! My base has been attacked by a number of creatures of supernatural nature. I am broadcasting this everywhere I can, and this message should be recorded... I hope. Please help. My coordinates are as followed..."

>There was a rustling of papers before the coordinates were listed... it looked to be someplace not too far from Manehattan...

Stefran 820274

File: 1409617548736.png (152.09 KB, 707x1130, 8_2_millimetres_from_lead_shot…)

>Stef had been sitting by a window smoking, breathing out the window to avoid bothering people. When he heard the broadcast however his ears perked up and he watched the others with interest.

"... I don't think that's something the coast guard can handle..."

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 820275

File: 1409617769462.png (678.07 KB, 755x1058, purple_hero_by_tearraven-d7j6k…)

>Spyro yawned as he was woken from his nap to hear the message.
Well heck, this sounds fun. Let's go fight some ghosts and save the day.

Porter T. Apple 820279

File: 1409618118548.jpg (304.02 KB, 1024x1337, it_s_a_girl__by_madspartan013-…)

>A tan mare sighed and slowly rose from her resting position on an old couch tucked away in a less sighted corner of the rec room, blinking her eyes and regaining her focus on the group nearby.


Raspberry Black 820281

File: 1409618241713.png (178.44 KB, 365x878, Raspberry.png)

"That's what I'm thinking... looks like we got ourselves some work, after all!"
>Raspberry shouted from the back of the rec room, practically bouncing in with excitement, light gleaming and bouncing off of her golden lenses.

"Want me to go grab the carriages? Laury did a good job bettering them so they're not that bad at all."

>Her ears twitched when she heard Tex get up.
"We've got a broadcast coming from somewhere near Manehattan. Something about a guy getting attacked by ghosts.

Or somethin'. That's what we're going to find out!"

Stefran 820283

File: 1409618333500.png (161 KB, 809x988, 1393521039511.png)

>Stef nodded.

"Go get em ready, I'll grab my gear and get your guns on the way."

>He said as he stood up, the stallion seeming a tad more serious than the rest as he wandered out the rec room. He knew.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 820284

File: 1409618425822.jpg (134.54 KB, 839x953, classic_spyro_the_dragon_by_ja…)

>He shrugs.
I'm fine, either way. It'll be nice to do some heroic stuff.

Porter T. Apple 820285

File: 1409618462009.jpg (232.79 KB, 900x1316, i_spot_friendlies_by_medders-d…)

>Though she was not a superstitious pony, she did take the word "Ghost" seriously, from her experience in the lone sands of the deserts.

"Huh...alright, im pretty much ready to go."

>She never took off anything she wore when outside her room, not even the gun from her back as she lays down.

Raspberry Black 820292

File: 1409618801684.png (268.98 KB, 622x700, Raspberry Black.png)

"Sweet! Let's go, then! Haven't gotten to see you in action too much since the port mission, too, Tex. This should be fun..."
>There seemed to be something specific about this kind of mission that left Raspberry happier than usual, but she'd ducked out to grab her equipment before anyone could actually ask any questions about it. Soon after, the call was sent to get to the garage, and the ride had begun... a long, *long* ride...

"Say, Tex, where'd you get that giant rifle of yours, anyway?"

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 820293

File: 1409618803457.png (200.24 KB, 900x506, goblin_spyro_is_win_by_batlove…)

Isn't all that stuff heavy, Tex?
>Spyro stretches, flaring out his wings before folding them. Being a dragon, the only weapon he really needed was his body.

Stefran 820295

File: 1409618913959.png (123.57 KB, 797x1003, But ah wanted to kill them.png)

>Stefran was sat beside Raspberry, dressed in his ever-present camoflague jacket, rifle case stowed under the seat and a small backpack sitting atop it. From the backpack Stef had pulled a comic book and was reading quietly. The others didn't, but Raspberry knew him well enough to recognise when the stallion was troubled.

Spyro!GemTooYrDI 820299

File: 1409619257708.png (380.28 KB, 690x588, easy_breezy_by_wolfxdog-d4tgbg…)

>Spyro was sitting near the back with his head on his claws, occasionally rattling around with the carriage.
So where exactly are we going, Raspberry? A monastery? Maybe a weather factory?