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Anonymous 787708

#HumaninEquestria #SomewhatNSFW #Adventure
>you are a pony.
>live in Equestria, of course.
>no one has ever seen nor heard of a human before.
>as usual in Equestria, extraordinary things happen
>late at night, the sky is lit up by a bright flash of light coming from the Everfree forest, no one knows who or what could generate that kind of light.
>an order comes from the royals themselves, telling everyone to stay calm
>Wat do?

A few rules

>no torture/murder for no reason and no trolling/griefing in thread.

>no god-like characters

>Alicorns are okay as long as they are royals

>if someone asks you to knock it off OOC, knock it off.

Anonymous 793039

>Be a pegasus
>Fly towards the Everfree to investigate
>Might be a lightning strike, need to watch for potential fires

(OOC: canon characters allowed, or only OCs?)

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