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File: 1402802877280.png (9.27 KB, 256x192, CoM.png)

AA: The Court of Magic Case 3 [RETRIAL] Anonymous 787141[View All]

Court will convene soon for the trial of the bearer of the Element of Generosity, Rarity!

*FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING -> http://pastebin.com/9wzsS6Ba

Full Guide - https://docs.google.com/document/d/10u-nfOswEQwmdf2svNVZMhShW7WNwPQJhP2OniKYC6g

Court Record - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B265bG7X_D2C0H7asaP_2Nmk6bUI7ya49McLAWz2SGY/edit
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Simon Blackquill !vk2noctis. 790913

File: 1403322932639.gif (513.69 KB, 500x300, BlackquillStare.gif)


If you listened to her Highness' testimony, you would have heard the crucial words
>Such an aura would begin to fade a day after, and then would enter stage two of fading a day later

More specifically,
>then would enter stage two of fading a day later

The knife was used to kill Fancypants on the 14th. Yesterday was the 15th. Today is the 16th. Over 24 hours have passed, meaning that the aura should be in stage two now.

The knife began stage one from hours 1-24. Then began stage two from hours 25-39.

Simple. Take this other theory I have, if you are not satisfied with my previous one. The auras are obviously connected to the days themselves, not hours. The cycle of sun and moon is what auras are attached to, not the actual hours of time. It has been two days since the murder, ergo, the knife is in stage two.

The knife's aura was never checked yesterday, if you may recall. Ergo, you are in the wrong. Your Baldness, I ask that you penalize them for their foolishness.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790914

File: 1403322938852.png (142.55 KB, 640x480, ayathinking_oops.png)

(Sorry, six hour and 42 minutes.)

Anonymous 790915

File: 1403322967503.gif (92.65 KB, 256x192, gumshoe-confident(b).gif)

Hey there

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790916

File: 1403323037602.png (140.81 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_ridiculouslysmug.png)

>Simple. Take this other theory I have, if you are not satisfied with my previous one. The auras are obviously connected to the days themselves, not hours. The cycle of sun and moon is what auras are attached to, not the actual hours of time. It has been two days since the murder, ergo, the knife is in stage two.

I'm sorry, where did you get that from? In evidence format, if you please.


>Such an aura would begin to fade a day after, and then would enter stage two of fading a day later

More specifically,
>then would enter stage two of fading a day later

Well done. You can count. But you cannot read. A day later… meaning the day after the original day later. 48 hours.

Princess Luna 790921

File: 1403323246575.gif (1.63 MB, 294x272, PrincessLuna (20).gif)

Thou does not knoweth the truth behinds the magic in this land. Recall that I said that auras can be erratic. This is an example of a time that it is erratic. It is also possible that Rarity has used the spell to advance the decay of her aura, but was not fast enough to preform it completely.

I am not a prosecutor, but when thou challenges my words, thou shall face my WRATH!

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790922

File: 1403323368482.png (140.67 KB, 640x480, ayaidle_speechless.png)

The knife would have begun to undergo phasing the moment it was released from 8:30 PM. If you could read english, you'd be able to know that it'd be perfectly normal up until the day after that, 24 hours after, when it begins to fade, and another 24 where it destabilises into an unidentifiable one.
Stabbed at 8:30 PM, June 14. Time passes 3 hours 30 Minutes onto June 15. \\3:30

Court day one, 24 hours pass. \\27:30

Court day two, 9 Hours pass since prelogue. \\36:30

Court day two to present (since Lobby), 4 Hours 42 Minutes. \\41:12

That's a six hour 42 minute gap you have there when it BEGINS to deteriorate. "Erratic" is not a synonym of "instantaneous", it wouldn't have happened immediately after it crossed the mark, and it hasn't yet even.

>It is also possible that Rarity has used the spell to advance the decay of her aura, but was not fast enough to preform it completely.

I must be getting old, I can't hear the word "evidence" at all.

Anonymous 790923

File: 1403323442822.jpg (5.57 KB, 263x191, download.jpg)

I would think that if there was a spell to advance the decay there would be a spell to slow it down or even stop it.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 790924

File: 1403323510430.gif (236.05 KB, 245x147, Joetoldmetousethisgifinsteadof…)


ENOUGH. I have listened to both sides spout their constant arguments for long enough! Your arguments are starting to deteriorate to mere conjecture!

You! You dare challenge the highest authority in the land?! Are you insane?! Have some respect!

Mind you you also have no evidence proving that Ms. Rarity has not preformed such a spell! Yours and the Princess' arguments are invalid in this court of law!

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 790926

File: 1403323689448.gif (1022.19 KB, 960x640, Judge-Serious Speaking.gif)

It seems to me that the problem here, is not Princess Luna, the defendant, or any of the three attorneys that have taken this case. It is, in fact, Prosecutor Blackquill!

Prosecutor Blackquill, you have been grasping for any kind of hole you could, spouting conjecture against the defense ever since they blew that hole in your case. Give. Up.

I am ready to hand down a verdict now, if it will cease all this yammering. I believe that since the integrity of the evidence has been called into question, and there is very little else connecting Miss Rarity to this case, I can hand down fair judgement.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790929

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790930

File: 1403323793856.png (134.75 KB, 640x480, ayaevidence_happy.png)

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 790931

File: 1403323801748.gif (1.02 MB, 960x640, Judge-Speaking.gif)

Does either side have a solid argument to make before I hand down my verdict?

Simon Blackquill !vk2noctis. 790936

File: 1403324020466.gif (525.25 KB, 553x327, BlackquillBack.gif)

Unfortunately, no, Your Honor. I have no other arguments to make that won't end in baseless conjecture. Take me back to my old prison cell, please. I realize I am no longer a prisoner, but that is the one place where I can meditate on my failures.

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 790937

File: 1403324149729.gif (1.02 MB, 960x640, Judge-Speaking.gif)

Very well. Bailiff, please escort Prosecutor Blackquill to his cell.

I will now hand down my verdict. I must say, this was never expected. However, many things in life can not be expected.

A homeless woman defending and winning a case. Never in all my years did I believe this was possible. However, you have all opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, just like Mr. Wright once did.

1/3 Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790938

File: 1403324175556.png (125.88 KB, 640x480, ayaready_annoyedsweat.png)

2/3 Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790939

File: 1403324222743.png (161.4 KB, 640x480, ayadesk_normal.png)

..For the last time…

3/3 Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790940

File: 1403324260667.png (126.88 KB, 640x480, ayaready_shocked.png)


Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 790941

File: 1403324264279.gif (46.78 KB, 256x192, NotGuiltyKillyourselfJoe.gif)

I declare that the defendant, Ms. Rarity is

Judge !4DoxwKTFKs 790942

File: 1403324291282.gif (964.52 KB, 400x240, gs5-gavel_zps5bcc3e9d.gif)

Court is now Adjourned!

The Bateman 790945

File: 1403324461308.jpg (38.86 KB, 225x240, s4s.jpg)

You're coming down with me, loser! Don't samurai commit like sudoku or something after dishonoring themselves? I think that's what you should do. But you're free to do what you want. You're welcome to stay in your cell for as long as you wish, we don't care.

Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790946

File: 1403324465809.gif (1011.15 KB, 276x250, 1388031573827.gif)



Party poppers pop

The Court of Magic Case 3 End Notes Bobby Fulbright 790972

File: 1403328050440.png (208.98 KB, 1024x1024, RarityVector.png)

Alright! The case is over! Rarity is innocent, and Equestria is safe!

We haven't done this in a long time, and I don't want to be an asshole and force Rice to do this, so I'll do it instead. And I know Blackquill Anon loves it.


Autopsy Report - States that the victim, Fancy Pants, was stabbed three times in the chest with one stab to the heart. He bled to death at 8:15 PM.

Knife - Found in Fancy Pants’ heart wound. Had what was originally believed to be Rarity’s aura, but it has since then shifted into an unidentifiable aura. Holds other unidentifiable traces. No other organic traces found on the knife.

Picture #1 - Shows Rarity and Fancy Pants arguing. This helps establish Rarity’s motive for the murder of Fancy Pants. Rarity testifies that it pictures Fancy Pants bumping into her

Sales Sheet - Evidence that shows Rarity purchased the knife from a weapon’s dealer three days prior to the murder. Helps establish her motive. Is a possible forgery by the weapons dealer.


Simon Blackquill - The Prosecution. Pretending to be a samurai.

Aya Shameimaru - The Defense. Floundering around like a.. flounder.

Mia Fey - The Defense. Ready to rock.

Rarity - The Defendant. Talks in a tone I don’t recognise.

Fancy Pants - The victim. Found stabbed to death in his home.

High Judge - The Judge of Courtroom Number 2. Rather indecisive.

Bobby Fulbright - The detective in charge of the case. Has a thing for justice.

Princess Luna - The Princess of the Night. She uses an older form of English.

>[Prosecutions Argument]<

The aura found on the knife was once identified as Rarity’s, meaning something must have happened to it for it to alter itself.

>[Defense's Argument]<

The Defense has no argument due to the case having ended

>[Judge's Bias]<

The Judge is unbiased and has handed down his verdict.

>[Reason for Innocence]<

The evidence is not incriminating enough to indict Rarity for the crime of the murder of Fancypants. Current culprit unknown.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790976

File: 1403328743153.gif (492.1 KB, 500x281, 1388236770426.gif)

Mia Fey 790977

File: 1403329257587.gif (43.03 KB, 256x192, y-mia-confident(b).gif)

Thanks for the first case guys. I look forward to future shenanigans wid all you beautiful people.
Also, this song suggestion is credited to me

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790983

File: 1403329927104.png (132.86 KB, 659x471, 1388437067136.png)

Those doubles are also credited to you.

!vk2noctis. 790984

>Don't know if intentional inside joke or not

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 790985

File: 1403330134858.gif (1.25 MB, 350x265, 1388987562010.gif)

It was unintentional, but someone did in fact point out they got accidental trips.

The Bateman 790986

File: 1403330323945.jpg (5.63 KB, 232x217, dubgun.jpg)

If those weren't trips, I'd be mad.

>hide numbers
Who the hell would want to hide sweet digits?

The Bateman 790998

File: 1403331615785.jpg (111.12 KB, 349x250, EvilAnondestroys4thwall.jpg)

Hey Noctis, remember this?

>tfw I felt like proving I'm an oldfag of your threads

The Bateman 790999

File: 1403331638855.jpg (46.93 KB, 472x472, Checkem.jpg)

The Bateman 791000

File: 1403331652344.jpg (140.88 KB, 433x500, Chekcem.jpg)

The Bateman 791001

File: 1403331775112.jpg (32.47 KB, 500x500, Evil Anon.jpg)

Remember this classic character of yours?

Also, check those double trips.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 791011

File: 1403333225192.jpg (120.61 KB, 816x816, 1403183674450.jpg)

noice 1 m8.

The Bateman 791012

File: 1403333255679.jpg (138.85 KB, 752x581, Bateman.jpg)

Nice one yourself.

!vk2noctis. 791013

>tfw it's been 4 months since I wrote that part of the story
God damn it, it's been too long. 4th wall breaking was that guy's specialty. He was insane like no one else.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 791015

File: 1403333357357.png (88.46 KB, 300x425, want some candy.png)

Aw, shucks, Bateman
Don't tell Wright

!vk2noctis. 791019

This line will probably take you back, Bateman

EA:" You really think that eh? Humanity is dead? Let me break it to ya kid. IT WAS NEVER ALIVE TO BEGIN WITH! We always battled! We always had war! Our concept of war was a brilliant way to take things that we wanted! Human spirit was all about doing what you needed to do to get to the top! If you don't risk it all, then what is the point of your existence?! To be a mere follower living an average life?! Becoming a nameless face to those who really call the shots?! Humanity is about rising through the ranks to be able to wipe those without faces out!"

The Bateman 791020

File: 1403333942499.jpg (55.94 KB, 458x472, 1386981908455.jpg)

Damn right it does. I remember when "That voice guy" from /b/ recorded that line. Fucking glorious.

>tfw I remember Ebuive's FUCKING GRIFFONS thing to

Am I a faggot?

!vk2noctis. 791027



Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 791038

File: 1403339478815.gif (2.64 MB, 629x332, 1388730432438.gif)

Not at all.

Franziskanon 791564

I apologize for my absence. I got caught up in something and am now stuck in a place with no access to Skype or my Franziska images. I promise I will be here tommorow.

!vk2noctis. 791571

File: 1403416950010.gif (269.86 KB, 500x300, 3DSpeak.gif)

Roger that.

Miles Edgeworth 796169

File: 1404454611235.gif (363.22 KB, 500x298, EdgeworthFront2.gif)

I see you chaps haven't been up to much.
>new month
>no new case
What gives?

Miles Edgeworth 797774

File: 1404713825123.gif (748.62 KB, 500x290, EdgeworthDeskSlam.gif)

I take it that the group's dead?

Well, it was nice while it lasted, I do suppose.

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 797851

File: 1404744084801.gif (22.87 KB, 256x192, godot-confident(b).gif)


I dunno what you're talking about. We're still alive and kicking. Things are just a bit slow right now.

Apollo Justice !H44/JpR3nw 798662

File: 1404906061646.gif (451 KB, 250x275, Apollo Front Talk.gif)

Well you all certainly did some work.

Shame I wasn't around for two cases!

Simon Blackquill !vk2noctis. 800039

File: 1405298458799.gif (381.29 KB, 500x297, BlackquillGrin.gif)

It was fun doing these cases. We missed you pal

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 801044

File: 1405563384288.jpg (52.94 KB, 534x208, 1396801568607.jpg)

>a bit

Yeah, we're not sure when we're actually going to do anything yet.
Soon, I guess.

Simon Blackquill !vk2noctis. 804193

File: 1406024816289.gif (300.53 KB, 500x297, BlackquillFront.gif)

Good news everyone. We should be finally out of our hiatus tomorrow. Or er, later today.

I've made a new case, and the stakes are high. Godot Godfrey is planning on being my right hand man, but if he doesn't show, then anyone else is welcome to be my right hand man

Simon Blackquill !vk2noctis. 804891


This is the new thread. Day 1 just finished,

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