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File: 1402614701596.jpg (46.38 KB, 600x338, Tundra.jpg)

Better Layton Never: The First Holy Grail War The Administrator!Ren/VL7f/Q 785847[Last 50 Posts]

#Closed #BLN#Side Thread #Let the Holy Grail War commence
>The Isla Cascade. A small island off of the coast of the Terrestrian tundra. It was barren and icy, home to no life whatsoever…It was perfect for a high stakes war. The blisteringly cold winds howl through the small, desolate island, unimpeded by only the ice formations and rocky peaks…But that was soon to change.

>Across this island, there were flashes of light, they brighten to blinding levels, truly harsh among the stark white of the snow, before fading and leaving the various teams of Master and Servants scattered around the isle. However, no matter where they were, on plains of snow, icy coast, rock formation or frozen lake…They would hear a deep booming voice blare out

The First Holy Grail War is about to commence, I wish good luck to all Masters and Servants in this trial. May the best team win.
>It's recognisable to the Masters as the voice of The Administrator, who speaks only one last word, before the voice fades away once more.

>Thus marked the beginning of the long awaited contest, The Holy Grail War, a chance for all Masters and Servants to achieve one wish, of anything they desire…Good luck.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 785857

File: 1402615914312.jpg (36.22 KB, 493x273, that is shocking on five diffe…)

>one of the many brilliant lights brings down wildly swinging arms, followed by a yelp
>Roll 1d1000 = 162
>evens and less than 500, the mage lands on his feet on the soft cold snow
>odds and less than 500, he lands right with his face in the snow

>evens and over 500, he nimbly lands on a single rock sticking out of a frozen lake, nearly falling over but managing to balance himself on the stone

>odds and over 500, he lands on the hard ice, face squished again the frozen water


File: 1402616562005.png (259.44 KB, 400x600, huh.png)

>She was reading a book one moment before she suddenly was blinded by the brilliance of the teleportation's light

>The fox quickly found herself falling through the air, her book a mile below her

>of course her first instinct was…to save the book, so she opened a connect portal and sent it back to the closest book shelf she could

>…she then looks down and realizes she's about to slam against a thick sheet of ice

…oh fuck.
Roll 1d10000 = 8014
>evens, she manages to cushion her fall by turning into fire before she lands…but now the water bellow her starts melting and she falls through once she's back to normal

>odds, she falls face first

Caster!aLEJudith. 785875

File: 1402617600438.jpg (22.67 KB, 300x400, 11953-dracula_super.jpg)

>As Jo falls once again, she can feel her self slow down.

So it's begun.

>Jo would discover that she, and caster behind her, was floating on a cloud of bats as they made their way down towards the frozen ground. Once they got close enough to the earth, the bats disperse giving the both of them a soft landing.

Interesting choice of battle field…

>Caster looks a the cold and harsh environment around them with a hum.

Our mortal opponents will be struggling to survive here…


File: 1402617788274.png (183.29 KB, 600x700, ice.png)


>Jo nods and stratches a bit

…thanks for the save there.

>She rubs her chin a bit as she surveys the area

Ice ice and more Ice, I can't exactly saw I'm in my element myself.

Caster!aLEJudith. 785898

File: 1402620026362.jpg (29.27 KB, 250x333, Castlevania-dracula.jpg)

>The vampire only gives a curt huff at the gratefulness and walks forwards.

Then we'll make our own environment.

>He looks around the cold and unforgiving area for a giant ice cave of perhaps a precariously formed mountain.

>Roll 1d1000 = 475

>1-250 Nothing of the sort.

>251- 500 he finds a suitable mountain side that while easy to spot, would be very difficult to get to by foot alone.

>501-750 He spies a absolutely huge and deep ice cavern among all the snow and ice which was difficult to see if you weren't actively looking for it.

>751-1000 A giant ice cavern on the side of mountain having both the benefits of the last two roll possibilities


File: 1402620477218.jpg (430.74 KB, 708x1000, b8452a52a4afec79d44a4689df1452…)


>Jo blinks a few times, and just stands by

Alright then..

>She'd heard stories of what Dracula could do, but she wasn't sure what she could expect here

>So she just did what anyone else could, and waited to see.

Caster!aLEJudith. 785922

File: 1402623842977.jpg (368.96 KB, 1024x768, 1318156-wallpaper01_1024.jpg)

>Not perfect, but it would do for now.

Here, this is the location where we shall remain strong while our foes struggle to survive in the ice and now!

>Darkness starts to radiate from the vampiric being and the snowy earth around beings to tremble.

Castle of Illusions!!

>Jo can see the mountain before then start to change rapidly. Soon a recognizable structure beings for form on sheer cliff face.

>It was Dracula's Castle once again manifesting itself into the world.


File: 1402624032653.png (478.21 KB, 821x1200, SOMEONE WAS WRONG ON THE INTER…)


>She looks shocked and terrified at this display of power

>but she soon calms down and thinks on how to move the strategy from there…

Well let's not get cocky either, while we're in the castle, we'll still need to practice and train, to keep up with those who make it past each other and to the castle, because they'll be stronger for their endeavors.

Caster!aLEJudith. 785929

File: 1402624901845.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

>Using his Noble Phantasm took plenty out of him, but having been reasonably inactive since his time here had been a boon. By the time someone entered the castle, he'd have restored is mana levels.

Fear not, we'll keep ourselves from being rusty. But forget not that rest is as important as activeness.

>A luxury he doubted others would have here.

Come, let us go.

>A cloud a bats once again appears under him making a solid platform for him to stand on.


File: 1402625042547.jpg (305.97 KB, 424x600, 43239815_m.jpg)


I think I'll play the safer route, instead of letting them see me right away.

>She uses her connect powers to make a portal directly into the castle, walking in and then dispersing it.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 786932

File: 1402792500188.png (345.53 KB, 634x358, leftheironon.png)

>One moment, Ryner was at the manor, spread out on the grass and enjoying the warm summer day.


>The next, he was falling through the blisteringly cold air, towards piles of white snow below.

… hhaaaa?!

>Ryner's eyes bug out. Why did these kinds of things always happen to him? Why was he involved in thi–oh, right. The whole "Holy Grail" thing, that he'd been researching between naps in this fancy new place. He had a decent collection of notes, but they were stashed in his room, not on his person.

>He assumed they were only a few kilometers and one more raspberry from fate away from being up a creek without a paddle.

Crap crap crap crap–

>Quick, remember a levitation spell!

>He really needed to study a spell book.



>After the powdery snow clears, the fierce-some bearer of Alpha Stigma can be seen with his upper half stuck in a particularly large snow drift. His legs are almost perfectly vertically in the air, just bent slightly at the knees.

>If one were to listen close, they would be able to hear the muffled sigh of a tired mage.


File: 1402792775122.jpg (487.76 KB, 720x780, 62fb7f5ecc60058e102c63e644123e…)


>Ah yes, her Master, nimble and graceful as always, wasn't he?

>Rider chuckled to herself at the thought as she slowly hovered down on the Congouram, her Noble Phantasma

>She'd been waiting and waiting for this day, and not it had finally arrived, the day that the war would start

>she slowly approached her Master in the snow drift, jumping off of the Congouram and causing it to vanish

Need a Little help Ryner?

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 786968

>Her Master, Graceful.


>Ryner's legs droop a little in response. A loud groan of consent sounds from the mage stuck in the drift. Yeah, he needed a little help if he was gonna get out of here.


File: 1402794303400.jpg (411.73 KB, 864x1152, e8c785a41638a4c05639515ecbed8d…)


>Rider grabs onto Ryner's legs and pulls him out of the snow

>she offers him a hand to help him up and sighs slightly

So then, let's get out wits about us

>she looks around

there's snow, snow, mountains, more snow, the ocean, snow, more snow, ominous castle in the distance, snow, and more snow.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 786994

File: 1402794922936.jpg (319.43 KB, 1032x700, 30b6da1e8b6988479bd7a164fc57de…)

>Among the group of flashing lights fell a pair heading towards one of the snowy drifts below. Thankfully the fall wasn't a large one, and the snow would provide them some measure of cushion for their fall, if a fairly cold one.
>Yet, even with that being the case, another scenario had been adopted. Instead of seemingly having been caught out and plummeting towards the ground like a pair of stones in a pond, the blonde-haired Servant fell feet-first, knees pre-bent in preparation for the harsh landing from so high up in the air.

>With his superior vision, he had spotted the signs of the summoning to the Grail War with ease, the bright flash of light ample enough warning to react.

>It was not, however, enough time to explain the situation to his Master, so he'd done what any good Servant would.

>Scooped her up in his arms in a quick motion before finding himself plummeting down towards the snow.

No need to worry, Lilyana! We've simply arrived at our destination, that's all!

>The wind was a little choppy from their height, but Archer was doing his best to shield her from the worst of it, angling their descent so that she'd be protected from the snowdrifts and the majority of the cold, blasting air.

>It didn't take long for them to hit the ground.

Roll 1d1000 = 656
>Evens, Archer manages to land with ease, his powerful legs making short work of the sudden meeting with the ground and digging into the snow for a soft, pleasant arrival.

>Odds, he stumbles rather quickly as soon as his feet hit the ground, but rather than let his Master face the cold of this place he twisted himself as they both fell, causing him to hit the ground on his back first with Lily following on top of him quickly afterwards.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 786997

File: 1402794977307.jpg (13.67 KB, 103x265, mangaholes.jpg)

>Ryner rolls over and gasps for breath the moment he's yanked out of the snow. Shortly afterward, he props himself up on his side, and coughs. Alright, not studying some kind of levitation spell was definitely a dumb idea… though how could he have predicted that they'd start all this through falling through the sky?!
>Wiping a bit of snow off his face, he takes Rider's hand, and pulls himself to his feet.

… right…

>Her observation was very accurate.

Wait, castle?

>The mage turns towards the horizon. Yep, there was definitely an ominous castle in the distance. That couldn't be more of a trap if the owner tried.

… how do these things normally go?

>Frowning slightly, he turns back to Rider. He looks like a drowned puppy that's just done with the world.

I don't suppose they give us a place to sleep.


File: 1402795376237.jpg (202.24 KB, 850x1182, sample_82df061335a80eb86dbd834…)


I know very little of how these things "Usually go" but I suppose our first priority would be finding other teams.

>she rubs her chin

If we can manage to ally ourselves with a few others, we might be able to gain an upper hand. The other knight classes, Saber, Archer, and Lancer, would be especially useful allies.

If we happen to run into someone who doesn't wish to negotiate, we'll have to think on our toes to defeat their servant.


File: 1402795890221.jpg (Spoiler Image,598.86 KB, 709x992, 35099492_p1.jpg)

>She'd been pretty flustered when she'd been suddenly scooped up…and much to embarrassed to say anything in response before they were suddenly dropping out of the sky.

>At which point she forgets her embarrassment for the moment as its replaced by clinging to her Servant in abject terror.

>….Its only when they land that she remembers how she's being held, and does her best to keep her skirt from flapping up at all, as her face starts to turn red.

"Um….Archie…not to sound…ungrateful…but….could you…put me down….now? Its…."

!pR.BaFF/uk 787028

File: 1402796983882.jpg (80.76 KB, 400x400, flowers.jpg)

–cold down there, Master. We can't have you pushing yourself for my sake. Let us find a safe place to rest, so we can figure things out and proceed with a plan in mind.

>Having finished Lily's sentence for her, he didn't let her drop, instead beginning a quick pace as he looked around with his sharp eyes for somewhere to get away from the wind and the cold.

Roll 1d1000 = 955
>1-250: Nothing in immediate sight. This was going to be a long walk.
>251-500: There's a strange castle in the distance that appears odd for the locale, but would at least provide some shelter. It is a ways out, however.
>501-750: A small cavern can be seen in amongst an ice shelf. It might not be the warmest, but it would definitely provide shelter from the wind.
>751-1000: There's a log cabin close by. Seemingly abandoned, it would serve well as a place of rest and recuperation, and may even hold some winter supplies.

>Whatever the result, he walks in the direction appropriate to the findings, looking down at the girl in his arms.

Did the fall cause you worry, Lily? If you are in even mild shock, I will do my best to make this more comfortable for you.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 787036

File: 1402797498212.jpg (40.22 KB, 600x425, rainraingoaway.jpg)

>Right, right, she wasn't good at all this. Ryner runs his hand through his hair and shakes it to get the snowflakes out.
I don't see any teams nearby.
>He folds his arms and shivers, maintaining his exhausted frown.
So unless you want to wander until we find one, I think our first priority should be to find shelter.


File: 1402797843172.jpg (73.18 KB, 468x510, Upset.jpg)

>"Stupid Grail! What is it even doing, dropping them from the sky into some sort of frigid wasteland?"

>She shakes her fist subconsciously at this.

"If you aren't going to set me down, you could at least carry me in some way that isn't totally embarrassing!"

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 787045

File: 1402798188065.jpg (133.16 KB, 375x500, as a matter of fact.jpg)

Embarrassing? What could possibly be embarrassing about your safet-

>It was only then that he realised one of his hands was awfully close to her skirt. Perhaps he was being a tad too chivalrous.

>Though the log cabin wasn't too far…

Worry not, Lily - your blush shall not last long! I will protect you from the inset of unwanted emotion as good as I am able!

>The best way to cope with this was to run! That surely wouldn't make her kick up more of a fuss because her skirt flutter everywhere, or anything! Log cabin, ho!!

>A simple hundred meter sprint was no trouble for a battle-hardened king!


File: 1402798314275.png (262.08 KB, 724x1024, 59f9f5a4a2388fa779983922ad3c3b…)


Right right…The Castle is a definite no no, we'd probably get ambushed so…

>Rider stretches and summon Congouram to get a birds eye view

>1. she finds a cave

>2. she flies down and suggests they build an igloo
>3. …there's a box with a window and light coming from it, that for all intents and purposes seems to be torn from an apartment complex, part of another apartment hanging from it, how it had power was anyone's guess
>4.she flies over and knocks down a few trees, using their branches and trunks to construct a rudimentary hut
>5. she says "Let's wander!"



>6. The log cabin Lily and Archer are at

Roll 1d6 = 1

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 787057

File: 1402798982736.jpg (139.55 KB, 608x579, mangahuffpuff.jpg)

>Of course, she took off without him. Ryner continues to freeze atop the snow drift, arms crossed, slowly growing icicles on the ends of his hair.
Anything that looks like it has a bed?!
>he shouts up at her,
Or a heater? Or anything easily flammable!


File: 1402799794666.jpg (224.78 KB, 700x700, 3f3fae58896027f1841ca218f41014…)


…well there's a cave, doesn't look like it'd

>She shouts down


Roll 1d5 + 1 = 4(to prevent 1 again)


File: 1402799795753.jpg (337.35 KB, 600x610, 23942603_p1.jpg)

>In addition to the way she's being carried still being embarrassing, her skirt being harder to keep from flapping up, she's also now going at frightfully high speeds again.

>Which means, her only real response, or the only one that comes to mind at least….is screaming at the top of her lungs.


>Roll 1d1000 = 830

>Dubs or trips and a girl's screams can be heard from across the plains. Trips and the words can be made out.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 787081

File: 1402800215010.jpg (225.22 KB, 869x1242, mangaalwaysrunning.jpg)

>And she just flies off to a patch of dead trees that he somehow didn't notice.
>Ryner jumps. All cold forgotten, he dashes down the snowdrift after her.
W-wait up! I don't want to sleep in a snow cave tonight, build shelter for me, too–!
>Roll 1d1000 = 1000
>Evens, he reaches the bottom of the pile of snow, and somehow has the stamina to continue running after her.
>Odds, he trips on his robes, and falls head-over-heels all the way to the bottom.


File: 1402800865164.png (1.07 MB, 1000x1222, bde8697d3d6bdf4ae173a1704e8388…)


>Watches as Ryner runs so fast and so hard through the pile of snow that the snow he kicked up actually manages to fall down onto the ground and form a rather large igloo

>Rider had finished making a shelter big enough for the two of them when she looked up to see this

>staring in shock and awe

…I have no words for what you have just done Ryner.

No words.

>she walks up to it and…it even has a snow door


!pR.BaFF/uk 787107

File: 1402801232977.jpg (103.71 KB, 450x563, tumblr_mwhcunY5p41rrq7bvo1_500…)

>The shout didn't seem to do much for her situation, though thankfully one of the Command seals hadn't been used for it.
>Archer did, however, plant his feet forward at the command, causing the pair to skid across the snow at high speed with gentle deceleration before his feet gently collided with one of the wooden logs that formed the strairs to the door of the cabin.
>This prompted him to actually put her down, gently placing her on the step above him.

As you wish, Master.

>As he said it with a bow and a grin, Archer seemed a little bit late with the response, even if he'd followed through with the command in the end. Returning to upright position, he provided her with a double-V symbol that he'd learned whilst wandering around 'Town'.

Did I not assure you that all would be well in the end?


File: 1402802546977.jpg (25.11 KB, 242x489, There is nothing fine about th…)

>For being a king, for all his battle smarts….

>Her Servant can be kind of an idiot sometimes!

"What part of any of this counted as being 'well'?!"

>She turns towards the door, her face still red from just how embarrassing it all was, and storms inside, provided the door opens that is.

>"The only thing even remotely good about this is its easier to use fire spells when I'm angry! No wonder no one wanted to join this stupid War!"

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 787186

File: 1402804887243.jpg (21.36 KB, 203x226, mangaididntdothat.jpg)

>He had no clue what possessed him to run so fast. Some kind of magic, deep inside, with the stress of the situation and the fear of being left out in the cold to freeze to death uncomfortably serving as the catalyst. Whatever it was, he wished he had that sort of drive earlier.

Huff… huff…

>He leans forward, hands on his knees.

I have… no clue…

I think I'm just gonna, gonna take a nap now…!

>With that, he falls over in the snow, and groans.


File: 1402805010577.jpg (202.24 KB, 850x1182, sample_82df061335a80eb86dbd834…)


>Rider shakes her head and sighs

…boy am I glad goofballs seem to be good luck

>she says to no one in particular, as she brings Ryner back into the warm shelter

!pR.BaFF/uk 787204

File: 1402805790601.png (162.37 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mc0y3jNfM11rerbxmo1_500…)

You are safe, secure and we have found a place to rest for a moment! I would very much consider this an opportunity of fortune!

>The door opens with a bit of a shove, having been somewhat frozen prior to their arrival, but Lily does get through with her rather heated way of going about opening the cabin.

>Inside was a simple table, some chairs, a single-sized bed in the corner and a portable iron fireplace that had long since been put out, but still had some coal inside. The window was well sealed and had a view to the outside, but there was only one and not much visibility otherwise.
>On a rack close to the door were two large fur coats that were strangely undisturbed.

>Following Lily inside, Archer shut the door behind him in order to keep the wind out. Despite himself, he did feel rather chilly.

A fortune that only seems to increase, by the looks of it…

Roll 1d1000 = 507
"These coats will give us a very practical advantage - I don't believe the others would have prepared for this."
"I think you would look lovely in one of these."


File: 1402807469625.jpg (24.09 KB, 127x133, Annoyed37475634_p0.jpg)

>Lily isn't really paying attention, instead focusing on getting the fireplace started.

>She catches just the last bit though and…

>Roll 1d1000 = 696 Evens she's just got the fireplace going, Dub evens, the added indignation results in her forming a larger than expected burst of flames that sets the fireplace roaring with a fire that is almost too big for it to contain, and Lily has to scamper back away from the heat.

>If so, she just blushes and looks away, her anger dissipating as the magical energies provide a release for her emotions.

"I…guess…we don't really need them right now though…"

>Odds, she gets to flustered and can't concentrate properly. If so, she glares at the Servant, looking like she's still embarrassed, and is now visibly angry at him on top of that.

"Could you just shut up for like, 10 seconds! I'm kind of in the middle of something here!"

!pR.BaFF/uk 787591

File: 1402875873067.jpg (499.26 KB, 1280x1499, tumblr_mlkkqr3Mjc1rc1y1do2_128…)

Perhaps not, seeing as you have started the fire.
Well done on that, by the way.

>Before she had turned to look back at him, he was already sat on a chair by the fireplace, seemingly enjoying the warmth as he stared into the pleasant glow. It was only a small thing, but it certainly felt relaxing compared to the outside.

… but we will need them.
It's this kind of harsh environment that can cause a lot of problems for people who aren't ready for it, and I am not about to let the cold take its toll on you.

I hate to bring this up, but we are here now. The other Masters and Servants are scattered somewhere nearby, and even now there may be some out there who are losing their lives.

So forgive me for carrying you here as I did. I simply wanted to ensure you are at your very best condition when we encounter another team. I will defend you to the last, but I cannot be everywhere at once…


File: 1402881801942.jpg (108.21 KB, 510x612, 34293722_p0.jpg)

>Lily stays crouched down near the fire.

>She's still not to happy with him, but well…he did apologize.

"…Just, carry me in a less embarrassing way next time, okay?"

>Still he had a point, though she's not really sure how well prepared the other Masters might be, or really any of them beyond the Relic Hunter she ran into in town.

"That one Master is probably pretty prepared for something like this in any case, I mean, he's fought a lot of monsters and someone who studies and hunts down relics for a living would surely go into something like this with a powerful Servant. If he travels a lot he'd probably have some survival skills as well…even if he was able to get lost so easily in Town."

>She seems like she's more of grumbling about it than really trying to come up with a plan or anything though.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 788154

File: 1402961938709.jpg (79.29 KB, 465x642, tumblr_mfmaxvbQ5V1rerbxmo1_500…)

>Less embarassing way? Perhaps carrying her on his back would suffice, it would certainly give her a vantage point during their search though it would also make her far harder to guard. Best to leave the subject til the moment required it.

I'm glad that meeting went as it did. I scouted him from a distance for a moment, but I only managed to gleam the few people his Servant was likely to be. That large Manor hosted a great deal of strong entities and I did not want to risk exposing myself.

Fortunately, we still have the advantage even with such small amounts of information. If we spot that pair, it simply means we shouldn't fight them head on. I have a tactic we can use against such a target, though it will rely on us finding them before they spot us.

>Mulling to himself for a moment, the calming atmosphere of the warm fire and protection from the wind was certainly a good one for thinking and resting. If they devised the proper strategies here and then set out with a plan, they would be well-rested compared to others who may simply be wandering through the snowdrifts.

Lily… do you have any magic that might be sensory, in any way? Some method to detect others beyond natural capability?


File: 1402964235459.png (297.56 KB, 600x600, 29782389_m.png)

>Something like that….

>Roll 1d1000 = 10Roll 1d1000 = 834 Anything but two dubs/trips on either.

"…Not really…I mean Pony Magic is written down in sort of confusing ways…So I mainly just know what my parents taught me. Sorry."

>Which was basically their specialties mainly.

>If DoubleDubs or any Trips,

"Well…I'm not sure if it'll be useful, but, well, you know how much my mom worries whenever anything happens right?"

>She pauses for a moment as if to collect her thoughts.

"So…yeah, I think it was after the Heartless attack…but she made me go through this book of protective wards she found at the library…well, one of them you basically focus around an area, and if anything enters the area without the deactivation phrase…it sets off some sort of alarm in the caster's head."

>She sighs.

"Not sure how useful something like that would be, other than for keeping the cabin secure though."

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 788354

File: 1402973717991.png (427.93 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mc10dtG9p31rerbxmo1_500…)

Pony… magic?

>He wasn't really quite sure what that might entail. Was it magic specifically developed for riding purposes? Though there had been those strange little horses in Town who were flying around or wandering about… could they perform magic?

>Either way, making the job any easier seemed to be a bit of a bust. It seemed he'd have to go about this the old fashioned way, though that would be difficult given that other servants may have the same idea - Caster, in particular.

Well, perhaps your style will be able to help anyway. What we really need to do is set up a trap. We can try to hide among one of the higher cliffs and wait for a pair to wander by.
Once one does, I can attempt to take them down from a vast distance, hopefully before they realise where we are.

Of course, that relies a lot on someone happening to walk in the area we set out to 'guard'… that, and such tactics should only really be employed against servants like Saber or Lancer, whose close-combat capabilities will likely widely outstrip mine once it comes to clash of Noble Phantasms…

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789222

File: 1403107194329.png (745.51 KB, 743x1263, 58f4dd6587372f3559bd133a6c1e05…)

So, after months of lolling about, trying to get magical constructs to fly straight and generally shooting the magical breeze, there was going to be an actual test of her abilities again.

Considering what was at stake and how much hope she was riding on this…

…Well, best not to dwell on that.

Peeking over the edge of the cliff she and her partner had situated themselves on, the girl double-checks the light-bending bubble around them. They shouldn't be visible, though she couldn't do much about scent or heat or sound, if the other contestants had animals with them…

Turning to her servant, she quickly and quietly kneels. Her armor was light and made to not clatter or make noise in general, but it never hurt to be safe.

"What's our progress on landmarks?"

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789223

File: 1403108272314.png (337.42 KB, 525x480, Ohdearjustlookatthetime.png)

>Assassin peers over the edge, narrowing his eyes to try and see something past the fields upon fields of white…He'd honestly be inclined to say that there weren't any…But hey, he kept his look out.
> Roll 1d1000 = 279
>If 800 or higher, Assassin can spot what appears to be a dark shape against the stark white of the snowfield. In which case, he speaks up
We appear to be in luck! I can see something in the distance…Seems vaguely like a building, I doubt there'd be such a shape if it were a simple snow drift, perhaps not as grandiose as the Houses of Parliament, but I'm sure it'll fine a fine spectacle nonetheless…
>If anything else, Assassin clucks his tongue and sighs
Seems to be as barren as the snowfield suggests…What a shame! We'll have to pick our battles carefully then, it's unlikely that we'll find anybody housed…

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789224

File: 1403109435010.jpg (221.01 KB, 500x653, tumblr_mz4t9gb1Vk1t22d4no1_500…)

Nodding, the girl slips her gloves off and holds her hands to the small, smokeless fire in front of them, her shoulders trembling slightly under the thick cloak. Finding dry, aged wood in this slushy wasteland wasn't easy, but they'd managed.

Rubbing her hands together, she asks,

"What about the others?"

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789229

File: 1403110382076.png (171.64 KB, 317x382, Ain'tevenmad.png)

>Assassin looks over questioningly
The other Servants? They should be around somewhere…Sadly, I know very little of this land! But, if it is anything like this all the way around, no doubt that the others will have found their own shelters, perhaps in caves…Or log cabins.
>He winks at Lux and laughs jovially at his own joke, seemingly unaffected by the cold, before he taps his chin
Nonetheless, it would behest us to apply a battle strategy for when we face the other Servants.
>He holds up one finger
First up, Saber. If we encounter Saber, we run. Of all the Servants in the Grail War, Saber is generally accepted to be the most dangerous. Even if I prepare my Noble Phantasm perfectly, and have only minutes before the blast engulfs them, that's still minutes to face against the most powerful all around class. I may be miles above the leagues of humans, but if I'm ahead in miles, Saber is ahead in light years.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789231

File: 1403110720572.jpg (213.07 KB, 460x750, tumblr_mqs5i5ITAJ1rna804o1_500…)

The girl nods, taking note.

"I suggest we find out as much as possible about the Saber and his Master.

Crossing her arms and stuffing her hands between her body and arms, she tries to think.

"That… Man never really explained who we'd be fighting. As far as I could gather, they're archetypes?"

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789232

File: 1403111624979.png (568.72 KB, 872x490, Drinking.png)

>Assassin sighs
If there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's a shoddy organiser…Honestly, for an event like this, there should be MUCH better cohesion…This really hasn't been planned well.
>He takes a seat opposite Lux, tapping his chin more as he tries to determine how best to explain it.
Servants are…legends. Just like I am, however, if we were to just summon the legends, there are some that would be unbeatable. If someone were to summon God, how could other Masters compete fairly? So, the class system was implemented. The legend will be placed into the class that best befits their legend. For example, the legendary King Arthur, sung in tales of yore in England…He would best be attributed to the Saber class for his holy blade Excalibur. Does that make sense?
>Assassin tilts his head, an inquisitive look on his face.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789234

File: 1403114244200.png (53.19 KB, 264x248, tumblr_mzxc3qI6cl1tqx79go2_128…)

The girl nods.

"Which ones will we be facing?"

Thinking for a moment more, she adds,

"And how many? While I'm sure your abilities are great, deception only works so many times…"

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789235

File: 1403114949661.png (571.11 KB, 871x490, Clenchedfist.png)

>Assassin shrugs his shoulders
I have no idea…Any can be summoned, from all manner of eras. And they won't be the kind to talk of their identities, if your foes know your legend, they know how to stop you. And as for how many, six more. There are seven Servants counting me, and seven Masters. As for how we can beat them…
>Assassin's shit eating grin gets wider
Let's just say that I'm full of surprises. Deception is more than just a knife in the back.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789249

File: 1403116220622.jpg (125.51 KB, 850x1133, sample-6865c13e9b085a74e3f5ad1…)

The mage nods, knowing full well.

"Right, well, now's as good a time as any to tell you that I'm a mage. "

Gesturing to the bubble around them, she continues,

"That's probably not very shocking, but more specifically I'm a light mage. I manipulate, concentrate, distort and solidify light. I can make you perfectly invisible, then turn the sphere of light into a shield at a moment's notice. I can make you any object you need, as long as its properties aren't what matter. And if the situation's ever so dire that I deem it necessary, I can painfully and very permanently render anyone and anything blind, regardless of how much protection they use."

Rocking back onto her her rear, the cold stone chilling her to her core already, the girl shivers and adds,

"I also try not to kill people if I can avoid it."

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789250

File: 1403116411812.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>after Rocks landed, his Servant would drop down from the sky and fall towards a spot not far away from him
>yet Berserker doesn't seem to react to this at all, just standing perfectly still, his arms folded and a stony expression on his face
>even as he hits the snow and sinks into it up to his waist, he maintains the same look, staring straight ahead the whole time


>as a cold, biting wind blows by him, he lets out a long exhale


Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789253

File: 1403116720251.png (465.28 KB, 871x490, Hmph.png)

>Assassin smiles brightly
In that case, my dear, I believe we shall work STUNNINGLY together…I am sadly bereft of many weapons, but if you can make constructs, then this can work out stunningly in our favour!
>He pauses for a brief period, before he looks over at Lux, a pensive expression on his face
…Personally, I do not have a wish, however, whatever you deem necessary to win, I shall perform…However, I have to ask that no matter what your arsenal may contain, and no matter how fearsome you are, that you don't engage any Master or Servant unless I am there too. There is no telling what other plans the pairs will have, or how honourable they may be…So, to keep the both of us safe, we must fight as a team. Your safety is my priority as a Servant.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789261

File: 1403117326679.jpg (138.1 KB, 528x748, whats that.jpg)

>the mage quickly stands up in the snow, looking up towards the sky as the Administrator's voice ring out across the air
>this was it, the Grail War was starting, and his only chance at freeing Raven from her father's grip

>the mage felt extremely pleased with himself that he had chosen to shower earlier than what he normal did, or otherwise this entire situation could have been far more embarrassing than it needed to be
A warning would have been nice…
>he grumbles beneath his breath, until a cold wind brushing past him gets him to focus on the terrain around them
>snow and white as far as the eye could see, only the hardiest of life surviving in the harsh environment of this frozen tundra

>a small smirk crosses over the redhead's lip
>of all the places this could have taken place
>"This brings back memories…"

>he would quickly look around him, spotting his half-buried Servant in the snow
>behind them stood a small frozen lake, but otherwise there would only be scarce trees and shrubs, snow covering the entire land
>the mage slides his hands in his pockets, very calmly crossing the snow over to the giant man he would be stuck with for the duration of the War
>if they were to have any chance of winning, they would have to start with the very basics
When did you last eat?

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789263

File: 1403117463510.jpg (37.03 KB, 181x200, Uhm....jpg)

The young woman nods in acknowledgement.

"I understand."

Shuddering slightly, she bundles up more.

"…Is the entire island this cold?"

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789265

File: 1403117643353.png (527.04 KB, 871x490, Laughter.png)

>Assassin laughs again, back to his easy going self.
Most likely, seems very snowy from the look, but if it's all ice and peaks, it can't be that hard to find a cave. Come on, let's find ourself some shelter.
>His grin widens, and his voice takes on a smarmy tone
We could always huddle together for warmth.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789267

File: 1403117894649.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)

>the Servant doesn't make any movements to respond to Rocks, still staring straight ahead into the distance
>while he doesn't make it clear, he's trying to survey the landscape and figure out where to move to find shelter
>off in the distance, he saw what was clearly a castle, somehow there despite not being suited to the area
>he lets out a derivative snort, before finally addressing Rocks

I don't need food. Your magic is enough to sustain me.


>he turns his head up and looks at the mage, now only slightly shorter than him, as opposed to when he would usually tower over him

Do you require food?

>he nods at the lake behind them, somehow already aware it was there

We will have to hunt to keep you alive, at least.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789268

File: 1403117937059.png (72.42 KB, 211x347, fucking.png)

Taking him far too seriously, the girl shoots him an indignant look and buries her face in her cloak, her already red face blushing even brighter red.


Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 789270

File: 1403118037241.png (515.21 KB, 871x490, Comeonthen!.png)

>Assassin laughs even louder and he pats her on the back
Come on then, let's get moving. Staying in one place will only further endanger us.
>He makes to move out of the light bubble and looks back at Lux, smiling brightly.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789272

File: 1403118237155.jpg (74.48 KB, 619x394, stop being boring.jpg)

The living usually need to food to remain that way, yes.
At least we can cut time on hunting this way, but that's not necessary right now.
I'm not exactly planning on staying here for too long.
>"Didn't even get enough time to tell Raven… I hope she doesn't worry…"
>the mage turns, beginning to walk towards the snowy woods
>clearly doesn't plan on bothering to help the Servant out of the snow
Come on. We need to find higher ground.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789279

File: 1403118749530.jpg (405.74 KB, 2560x1600, khal drogo, warrior 161905.jpg)

>without warning, Berserker suddenly slams his hands into the snow beside him
>he then launches out of the pit in the snow, leaping into the air
>he quickly lands a few steps in front of Rocks, kicking up more snow on impact and letting out a loud THUD

Your desire to finish this quickly will not only go unfulfilled…

It could make us sloppy and reckless.

>he turns and starts walking down the path Rocks had started to walk, still speaking as he moved, assuming his Master would follow

This battle could last a very long time.

You should be prepared for that.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 789285

File: 1403119188534.jpg (336.92 KB, 655x850, Barrier 2, Electric Boogaloo.j…)

Grumbling quietly to herself and kicking a few drifts of snow onto the small fire, she follows after, taking a deep breath of the chilly air before following after.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789287

File: 1403119295863.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

A man can dream, can't he?
>again blandly, the mage not at all surprised by the Servant's sudden leap
The most important thing to do right now is to find our opponents.
>he quickens his pace slightly to walk alongside the much taller man, giving him a light pat on the arm with the back of his hand
Do you see a hill or a mountain somewhere?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789291

File: 1403119790786.jpg (208.52 KB, 1600x900, Khal_Drogo_Wallpaper_HD_Vvallp…)


Yes, I did.

But you are wrong.

>the Berserker doesn't break his stride towards the woods, simply looking at the trees, searching for something

The most important thing right now is to find shelter and prepare.

If we storm about trying to find the others, they will come to us.

We will be swarmed because we're easy targets, and we will die.

>he turns his attention back to Rocks, fixing him with a stern stare

If you want to win, then we will need to be smart about it.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789293

File: 1403120405266.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>the redhead slowly looks up at the Berserker's face

So you're telling me we spent all of that time training together, going over your plans, and making sure we could work flawlessly together in a fight…

And you still know absolutely nothing about what my powers can do?
>a small fire bursts underneath his feet, throwing the mage up so he can get a swift smack to the back of the taller man's head
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 808

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 789297

File: 1403120580634.jpg (133.71 KB, 576x1037, Windy Day.jpg)

… there truly is nothing here.

>The blisteringly cold wind blew across her robe as Sigyn stared out across the bitterly blue sea. They'd managed the short distance to the northern coastline, but beyond them all they could see was, well… sea. Behind was nothing but snow and ice, though what else there could be was left to discover.

Do you not have any method of creating warmth? If I were capable of creating my own spells then I wouldn't have this trouble…

>Wrapping her hands around her chest, the blonde anti-mage didn't know how long she could bear the cold. Vescaria was a warm country, after all, her college robes weren't meant to bear with the snow.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789299

File: 1403120898116.jpg (184.47 KB, 610x374, khal-drogo-jason-momoa.jpg)

>Berserker stops in his tracks, though he still doesn't turn to look at Rocks for a moment


>he then lets out a thoroughly irritated grunt and turns to stare down at the mage

If you are referring to your little sparks, a fire will only serve us to a point.

We need shelter to keep us protected from the others, to hide when we are wounded and can recover.

>he then reaches out and taps Rocks's forehead with his finger, then applies enough force to push him back

And so long as we are talking about what we do not know…

How much do you know about our enemies? And I don't just mean the Servants.

The Masters. The other mages involved in this War.

Do you know who they are? What their powers can do?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789303

File: 1403122024149.jpg (62.34 KB, 497x424, I SAID GOOD DAY SIR.jpg)

The "little sparks" that can help me see souls. The "little sparks" that can make me smell[i] magic!
>the mage stops slightly in front of the man, keeping a solid glare towards the taller man
Why do you think I've been talking about finding a high place? A high place that could get us a good view of our surroundings? A [i]high place
where I could find out where our opponents are hiding!?
>he lifts a hand, holding up one finger
That way, we know where to attack when they're at their weakest.
>another finger is held up
And we can better pick a hideout for ourselves, away from all the others.
>he lowers his hand again, his eyes narrowing slightly
Of course I don't know that, but they don't know my powers either, just like you. So that white wolf in the snow? Just a local predator looking for food. A raven flying in the sky? Just a scavenger, nothing important!
>he throws his arm around to motion at the snowy terrain
Living in the cold snow, hunting for food wherever you can find, if you don't just end up starving for a whole week, while thousands of strangers search for me, wanting to kill me… This is home to me! So stop acting like I don't know what I'm doing, and have some damn confidence in your own partner!

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789306

File: 1403122911464.jpg (61.15 KB, 995x719, Drogo-khal-drogo-30463515-995-…)



>he doesn't respond for a few moments, simply staring down at Rocks after his outburst


>he folds his arms yet continues to stare at him, still wearing that same stern stare


>he then sighs and lowers his arms

You should consider not screaming every other sentence.

Others could easily hear you.

>he then reaches out and grabs the back of Rocks's coat, lifting him up one-handed

>he changes direction and starts walking away from the woods, carrying Rocks along with him like he was luggage


File: 1403122987258.jpg (92.52 KB, 900x675, pantheon_by_azufiel-d32wfle.jp…)

>Standing there amidst the blistering cold wastelands of isla cascade with nothing but endless snow drifts and ice fields on all sides, Lancer stood resolute as always. This new battlefield being naught but a new variation to the endless terrains upon which this legendary spirit had waged war upon others.

>Soon, the pristine snow of these lands would be tainted red with the blood of his enemies whilst war raged across this lands of a scale none of this world had yet to witness. Legends would clash upon these frozen lands, mountains would quake and fortresses would fall whilst mighty heroes of humanity wielded weapons of legends and slew one another for the ultimate prize that could be conceived.

>But before any of that could happen, Lancer's first and foremost priority was to keep his Master safe and find her shelter. Tearing off his bright red cloak, Lancer would wrap the thick texture around Sigyn's small form; his red eyes constantly scanning the horizon for any signs of danger from his opponents.

We will find shelter.

>He told her with his usual stoic grace, conceding to her that she was right in her priorities. Establishing a base of operations from which they could then orchestrate their operations should be their first priority as well as staving off the cold for his Master's sake.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789308

File: 1403123107984.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>and he was just completely ignored again
>the mage doesn't even try to struggle as the Servant lifts him up like a cat would their kitten
>he simply crosses his arms, eyes closed as he lets the man take him wherever he was going

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789311

File: 1403123782973.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)

>the Servant doesn't address Rocks again for a few minutes, continuing to walk away from the woods and away from the lake they landed near
>it wasn't until they reached a dip in the snowy valley that he came to a stop, halting just shy of the dip itself
>he lifts Rocks up over his head, still holding him by the back of his coat, allowing him a clear view of the horizon

There are your mountains.

Do you see anything wrong with them?

>Rocks would get the same view that Berserker had earlier, able to see the mountains off in the distance, with the castle sticking out of the side of one of them

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789314

File: 1403124328831.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>the mage blinks, staring towards the large castle in the horizon
>his expression doesn't change, still holding on to his frown
It's a castle. Maybe some old ruins?
>he looks around them
We don't really know if anyone actually lives around here or not either…

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 789316

File: 1403124498771.jpg (159.44 KB, 1129x911, Sigyn 178.jpg)

>The cloak wrapped around her certainly helped. Whatever the fiber was made from, it was meant to be protective, and at the very least sheltered her from the wind if not the cold as a whole.
>Her servant definitely seemed to be a man of few words, and his suggestion was a simple plan that would be effective for survival.

No… no we will not.

>Standing stalwart and turning around to face the icy mountains, she stared off into the distance. This was not the time to hide or find shelter - this was a time to push forward.

I've no doubt the other servants and masters will be thinking that way. In an environment as harsh as this, it could be considered folly to not seek out a safe place. That is why we will actively seek them out.
If they decide to try and 'pick us off', all the better for us. My skills will render the other Master's magic useless, and I doubt there is any way you can lose to another Servant in a one-on-one battle.

They will spring their traps… and we shall punish them for it.

>*For the sake of home… for mother and father…*

>With a brief swish of the cloak, she stepped forward, trudging through the snow in her white boots whilst keeping her eyes focused, looking out across the desolate lands that reminded her of home, if far colder.

My magic sensing capabilities will root out their locations.
All you need to is ensure their servants don't make it to me…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789319

File: 1403124842014.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)


They don't. The fields of battle are typically devoid of human life outside of us. Only those the Administrator chooses are supposed to know about the War, so he would not find a place with others about.

Humans may have lived here once before, but they do not now.

>Berserker says all of this while still holding Rocks up, not straining at all as he keeps the mage in the air

More importantly…

Why build a castle in such a remote area? The side of a mountain is a very hazardous place to live, and the larger the establishment the greater the chance of it falling.

Someone actually wanting to live there would be more likely to choose a spot at the foot of the mountains, which is more structurally sound.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789328

File: 1403125248097.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the mage looks up at the Berserker's face, his expression softening slightly as he attentively listens to the man's words
>he may not like the Servant, but he knew he had plenty of experience in this contest
>as he talks about the choice of an empty land to hold the War, a huge weight feels lifted off the mage's mind, no longer having to worry about any innocent lives being endangered by the fights
>he turns his head again to look towards the castle in the distance, head tilting to the side slightly
Good point… Maybe the terrain just changed with time? We can't exactly tell how old the castle is from here.
There could have been a clearing that held a village or town… Or maybe someone just had that much trust on their architect.
>the redhead simply hangs off the Berserker's hand, not looking at all annoyed or embarrassed by how he was being held

It seems a bit obvious, don't you think? Any other wizard could easily spot it and hide inside, it's too visible of a target to be a safe hiding place.


File: 1403125574879.jpg (111.69 KB, 764x1046, lol_challenge__pantheon_by_ray…)

>A bold strategy if he had ever heard one. His master, it seemed, was not one to hide in the shadows and wait for a proper opportunity to strike. Rather, she would force others to forcefully comply to her own terms and conditions. Gambling with the chance of a potential situation she could not handle for the reward of being the one to take on the enemy whilst it was flat-footed and potentially drawing first blood.

We will have to be cautious.

>The Servant warned her, the audacity of this plan appealing a great deal to the Servant. How many risks had he taken in his own legend, gambling the lives of both himself and his men for the chance of acquiring his treasure? How many times had he stolen victory out of the jaws of death itself? In a sense, audacity and heroism was an integral part of this Servant's soul. Though having seen the consequences of what such plans could reap, Lancer dreaded to see any such consequences being bestowed upon his own Master.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 789350

File: 1403126525690.jpg (172.66 KB, 1179x917, Sigyn 149.jpg)

So will the rest.

>Seven masters, seven servants. If she worried too much about the strength of her enemies, she might just forget her own. Certainly, it was a lot of assumption… but she had to act. She had to save everyone. The search she had been sent out on those years ago had finally bore fruit - there was no reason not to give everything to win.

>If she had to endanger herself in order to achieve victory, it was a small price to pay to see the green grass of home once again.

Come, Lancer.
We've no time to waste.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789354

File: 1403126625953.jpg (118.97 KB, 1024x576, khal-drogo-1024.jpg)


Exactly. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Which makes it more likely that another Servant created it.

>he lowers Rocks at this point, placing him back beside him

>he still stares ahead at the mountains, focusing intently on the castle

Structurally sound or not, that castle is still the largest place to hide out. And it would have most of the antiquities of a proper house.

Rooms to sleep in, food stored away, a fireplace to keep warm…

Not every mage is suited to the life of a hunter.

And so…

>he lifts a hand and points at the castle, seemingly without any real reason behind it

The others will likely try to travel to that point.

Which, if it is made by a Servant, may be the plan. To lure them all and have a better chance of killing them.

Therefore, the mountains are not safe.


File: 1403127159119.jpg (178 KB, 550x639, tumblr_msxfzp6shL1stimkco1_128…)


Always at your back Madam.

>The Heroic Spirit replied, finding himself to be looking forward now, more than ever, to the battles to come. These conflicts would shape the world to come and offered the man one final chance at redemption. If he failed now, who knew how many more years it would be before he was summoned again to participate in one such conflict if ever he was granted the chance?

>With that in mind the Servant tread forward, each step of his large armored boots leaving deep footprints in the snow before him. Each step carrying him that much closer to salvation or back to his own personal hell.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789360

File: 1403127163279.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>as he's placed on the floor, the mage straightens out his coat
>he glances at the Berserker, then back at the castle with a hum
>everything he said made sense, but the mage couldn't quite believe a Servant had simply summoned a castle out of nowhere
>still, even if it was simply a long abandoned castle from some lost time, everything he said could still be there, making it an easy flytrap for anyone who went there

>the redhead looks at the Berserker

>Roll 1d100 = 25


I could check the place out. If there are already any souls inside, then it's definitely not safe.
But if no one is there, we could still use it ourselves in some way.


>odds, he stops himself before saying something

>his mood falls once more into a frown, the mage simply turning to stare at the horizon again
>he knew the Berserker was just going to take control of this entire thing, and any idea he would have would simply be shot down
>"I am not going to waste my time…"

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789369

File: 1403127864205.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)

>the Berserker lowers his arm after a second, but keeps speaking, more talking to himself now than Rocks

Either that, or there's a Servant stupid enough to think that they can just create a castle and no one would notice.

Or arrogant enough of their own powers to do that without fear.

Something to keep in mind for further down the road…

>he notices that Rocks hadn't said anything for a bit and turns to look at him, an inquisitive eyebrow raised


>he then stoops down and grabs Rocks's ankles

Hold on.

>he suddenly yanks him up into the air, again holding him over his head

Caster!aLEJudith. 789370

File: 1403127889793.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

>Meanwhile inside the castle on the mountain…
>Caster surrounds himself in the trappings of his large Alchemy Lab. Bubbling bottles hissed and all manner of oddly coloured fluids flowed from clear hoses in a complex maze.


>The well defended base was already established, now it was time to send out familiars to poke and prod for weaknesses in the other groups. Though he wanted to preserve his mana for those that would enter his castle. This is where the labs work was impotent…

>Before him lay a large corpse on a table sewn together haphazardly and deathly grey.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789375

File: 1403128116481.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>the mage blinks, suddenly being yanked off the ground
>he simply hangs upside down, the long red hair length enough to reach down at the ground even with the Berserker's height
>his coat falls past his chest, getting caught over his chin so it luckily didn't cover his eyes
>or, "luckily", as the mage would now simply be staring at the mountains in the horizon upside down

>he doesn't say anything, just hanging from his ankles at the Berserker's whims


Berserker!pinkie78Os 789388

File: 1403128529921.jpg (77.56 KB, 1280x720, Drogo-and-Daenerys-khal-drogo-…)



>keeping the neutral expression constant, (if only to save face and not look like an embarrassment) Berserker suddenly spins Rocks around

>in one strangely quick motion, Rocks was now standing on Berserker's hands, which were being held over his head
>he gripped down on Rocks's feet to keep him steady, ignoring the fact that he may have motion sickness of some sort, and just keeps staring ahead

You wanted a high place, this will have to do.

I suggest you start searching now.


File: 1403128773233.png (38.13 KB, 240x197, fuckin.png)


>Despite the confusion and almost maze like structure of this enormous castle, somehow the fox had managed to keep an eye on her Servant this whole time

>Due in part thanks to her ability to make "Connect" portals

>Walking into the lab, Jo looked flabbergasted for a few moments as she saw the corpse sewn together

>Sighs a bit she stares at Caster for a moment


>She groans and rubs her temples, oh this thing bringing brought to life would probably put a strain on her kitsunebi reserves, Caster's constant physical presence was already using a whole tail reserve as it was…

>But she couldn't argue much, it'd defeat the purpose, and besides…strength does come in numbers.

…well as a positive since I thought ahead and brought these

>she holds up the copy and dupe rings

This is probably the only one you'll have to put together by hand.

>She seemed remarkably calm and relaxed, despite how taboo necromagics were usually perceived…but she couldn't argue with the fact that having minions would very likely help, since Caster wasn't as durable as the other servants

>In retrospect though, she regretted only bringing the rings with duplication spells, and the Dark Kiva ring…but she didn't want to risk them falling into the wrong hands either.

Caster!aLEJudith. 789396

File: 1403129491817.jpg (29.27 KB, 250x333, Castlevania-dracula.jpg)

>The vampire lord turns to look to his "master" and the rings.

That shall prove useful, the crypt had very little parts to spare.

>And less so since he could not gather more from unassuming humans thanks to the command spell.

>He walks around the table sticking wires into the body which were connected to a large machine, something out of an old sci-fi horror film.

In order to preserve and pool as much mana for the both of us, I'll be using alternate methods of creating familiars.

>Which made the work in this lab all the more important. Which was why this lab was hard to access for anyone that didn't know the path here.

This one though will be for later use. For now, possessing the local wildlife to test our opponents will have to do.

>He had taken some time to study the landscape. Bears and wolves… not much else to effectively use.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789398

File: 1403129679194.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

>the sudden spin doesn't change the redhead's expression at all
>his arms would cross, the mage showing no trouble in balancing on the Berserker's hands

>his eyes roll, the mage finally letting out a noise
>his eyes are covered in a black mist, darkening the world to the redhead
>he slowly turns his head, using what little edge the Servant's height gave him to get a good look around him

>in the horizon sat the outlines of the castle, a faint glow surrounding its silhouette

>the mage hums, knowing that could mean only a small number of things
I think you were right about the castle. I can see traces of magic all over it, so either someone created it, or there's a curse on it…
>he slowly turns his head again looking at the area around them
>Roll 1d100 = 21

>odds, the Servant's height isn't enough to look past the terrain around them and see very far

That's all I can see from here…

>evens, he gets a good clean view of the darkened tundra

>evens, even in the distance a pair of souls were easily spotted by the shadowy spell over the mage's eyes
I can see two of them, to the east…

>evens, he comes across two others making their way through the snow
Two to the north…

>if any odds, the mage says nothing, simply sighing if no souls are found

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789410

File: 1403130359270.jpg (405.74 KB, 2560x1600, khal drogo, warrior 161905.jpg)

>the Servant grunts as an answer, though he has a bit of a smug smile on his face
>he puts on the stony expression again before Rocks can see it, moving him back down and setting him on his feet

We will head back to the woods, then.

If we climb the trees we should have a better view from there.

>he turns and starts walking back again, assuming Rocks would follow again


File: 1403130384415.png (846.78 KB, 822x1200, grab a seat.png)


>She nods a bit, conserving Mana was a priority…but at the sametime she felt the need to bring something up

Conservation is important, but don't forget, being a 4 tailed fox, I have higher thresholds than most modern mages, probably part of the reason I was able to summon you specifically at all.

>she crosses her arms a bit

so if you really need the mana to cast a powerful spell, don't hesitate.

>she states before leaning back

But right, do we have a way of seeing what the possessed animals do? We need to collect as much info as we can on the other servants.

Caster!aLEJudith. 789431

File: 1403131101421.jpg (61.8 KB, 470x730, DraculaPortraitEcclesia.jpg)

>That was interesting to know. It meant that things could be speed up quite a bit then.

How quickly does your mana replenish then?

>He do the math and see how many familiars he can being into the world and how quickly.

>Walking over the odd machine he pulls a switch and the body starts to spasm widely.

Good good… not much left to do.

>flipping the switch once more, the body stops and Caster answers Jo's question by pointing at large mirror on the wall.

From there. We'll begin gathering information now.

>Walking over to the mirror, darkness radiates from Caster once more…


Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789432

File: 1403131135261.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>the mages simply frowns slightly, remaining in his spot

>he lifts both of his hands, summoning two black flames
Huginn. Muninn.
>the two flames burst into two black ravens, their wings quickly flapping for them to take flight
Or we just do this.
>the birds make far past the treeline, quickly spreading out into two different directions
Unless you can find a tree the size of that castle, I don't think we'd be able to see much from these.

>the ravens quickly cross through the air, their black eyes focused on the snowy ground beneath them

>Roll 1d100 = 92

>odds, they don't come across any paths taken by the other Mages and Servants



>Roll 1d100 = 36
>evens, a black bird would quickly fly far above the mage and warrior, not staying for very long before it took off in another direction
>odds, it misses them entirely

>Roll 1d100 = 70
>evens, the other bird would perch on the branches of a tree, staring down at the one soul atop the black snow, and after a few seconds, it would take flight once again in another direction
>odds, would miss the soul completely

Caster!aLEJudith. 789438

File: 1403131527505.png (83.78 KB, 256x164, 256px-Ice_Wolf_(Skyrim).png)

>The Mirror shimmers and soon displays several images of the icy landscape. Looking at some, Jo could see that Caster had possessed several packs of wolves from across the island.

Now go my childeren, seek out my foes and tear the flesh from their bones!!

>A the command, Jo can hear howls coming from the mirror as the wolfs move out to seek out their prey.

>The many other master and servant pairs on the large island would hear the howling in the distance, some sounded more close then others.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 789447

File: 1403132206493.jpg (28.42 KB, 640x360, huh.jpg)

>The young mage, having been lazing around since arriving on the scene, wakes up from a mid-afternoon nap to the sound of distant howling.

. . .

>Roll 1d1000 = 600

>Evens, he actually gets up, and crawls out to the entrance of their makeshift snow cave to look around.

>Though he doesn't spot the source of the howling, he does get a peek at a large black form flying overhead. He blinks once and red arcane runes appear over one eye.
>Some sort of summon, with no attempt to hide its connection to the summoner. From just looking at it, he couldn't see where the summoner was, but he knew they were being spied on, at the very least.

>He frowns.
This isn't very relaxing.

>If previous roll was odds,

>Ryner remains in the igloo, though he stares dumbly at the ceiling.

Was that your stomach or mine?


File: 1403132297196.png (183.29 KB, 600x700, ice.png)


>Jo stretches a bit and rubs her chin a bit

All things considered, if my Mana, or as I call it Kitsunebi, reserves Are completely depleted it takes about 8 hours for them to regenerate. Much less time otherwise.

>she stares at the body and rubs her chin as it spasms

>All of this reminded her of the contents of one of the books she raised back when she was the head librarian of The Great Library in Mo'galile

>she rubs her chin and quietly reminisces to herself

I kinda miss Frankie


>Staring at the mirror, Jo watched the wolves from it and rubbed her chin

>sighing and shaking her head at how Dracula had put it "Melodramatic as ever…"

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789451

>evens Roll 1d100 = 83

Caster!aLEJudith. 789455

File: 1403133210991.jpg (347.43 KB, 763x1048, Dracula_Symphony_by_ClAyMoRe__…)

>Watching the packs of hounds run about, Caster hums in though.

Do you know methods of containing your… Kitsunebi… outside of your body?

>The word comes past his lips awkwardly as if he wasn't use to it.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789465

File: 1403133794800.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the redhead would slowly nods his head as he saw the world through the ravens' eyes
>he starts to walk towards the Berserker, sliding his hands in his pockets
Two to the north, and one to the east. I'll have the constructs fly around a few more times to see if they find any-
>the sound of howling doesn't escape the mage, and he blinks as he looks out into the woods
>Roll 1d100 = 97

>evens, one of the ravens spots the magical influence in their souls

>the mage quickly jolts, running over to the Berserker
We have to move! I think one of the wizards just summoned wolves!


>odds, he simply ignores the howling

Must be a pack out hunting…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789471

File: 1403136078524.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>Berserker stops again and turns when Rocks speaks up, an eyebrow raised
>he looks up as the ravens start to separate, appearing a tad skeptic about this course of action

If you can sense magic, then what's to stop other mages from doing the same?

Perhaps you-

>he stops when Rocks speaks again, falling quiet when he starts detailing where the other pairs were
>he folds his arms and looks around the area, making note of the directions Rocks pointed out

…then again, it has its benefits…

>he turns again suddenly when he hears the howling, a frown moving across his face


Roll 1d1000 = 564

>evens, reaches over and turns Rocks's body towards where the howl came from

I would advise checking all the same.


>odds, he does the same and brushes it off, turning to the west

In that case, we may want to head in that direction to find shelter.

Once there, we can work out an exact strategy before moving out.



>Rider materializes behind Ryner as her comes flailing out of their shelter, crossing her arms a bit she looked to the sky herself

>Seeing the bird and hearing the hollowing, she just looked to Ryner, her arms crossed

>seeing the unease on her partner's face, she guesses what he saw

I take it that our enemies are mobilizing with their own smaller familiars then?

>reaching into her pocket and grabbing a knife, tossing it up in the air once before catching it, she looked to Ryner

It seems our brief respite of peace has ended, we can't afford to let them find anything out about us, they've already got our appearance and location…

>Rubbing her chin a bit she thinks

Can you use a fireball to take out the bird?

If so do so quickly, because we can't stay here anymore.


File: 1403136442111.png (760.02 KB, 1000x1200, woah what the fuck.png)


>Jo holds her hands behind her head

That's one of the oldest and easiest tricks in the book.

>she said in a cocky but justified tone, given she was one of the Kitsune Myobu

I can store Kitsunebi in a costruct called A "Hoshi-No-Tama", in fact I have to to properly disguise my tails. That's usually the only thing I've ever really used the technique for.
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Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 789484

File: 1403137046011.gif (996.91 KB, 400x225, magic_flare.gif)

>Ryner comes flailing out of the shelter, complete with striking a kung-fu pose once he finds his footing. Unfortunately, the only one to see his display of tomfoolery is Rider.
Pretty much.
>He sighs, holds his hands leisurely behind his head, and glances back at his Servant.
I guess I can take it out… you'd just have to get us out of here quickly so nobody else finds us.
>He was lazy, but he knew his tactics. He turns back towards the bird still circling the sky and traces runes in the air.

Goddess of Fire, will lend us her power–
>the runes solidify into a summoning circle
–Flare Burst!
>and from the center, a ball of flame explodes outward, right towards the summon.

>Roll 1d1000 = 144 evens hits, and the ball explodes on contact with the bird.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789486

>evens Roll 1d1000 = 809

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789489

File: 1403137654705.jpg (123.81 KB, 494x595, you need to stop guys.jpg)

>the redhead glances aside at the warrior
If you say-
>only for him to suddenly jolt
What the-?
>the black bird vanishes from the air as the fireball explodes on contact
>the heat travels along the redhead's body, inadvertently raising the temperature around him that would begin to melt the snow around his feet
Uhm… One of the constructs just got blown up…
>he blinks, simply staring towards the direction of the construct's last spot
To the northwest… Maybe one of the wizards was out hunting…?
>it didn't seem too likely that someone would choose to look at a black bird for any magical energy
>he frowns, but doesn't seem at all worried

>Roll 1d100 = 69
>evens, the remaining raven flies over a wolf, spotting the tainted soul
>the mage quickly turns to face the Berserker
Those aren't wolves! We have to hide!


>odds, the loss of a raven distracted the mage enough that he didn't order the remaining construct to look for the wolves


File: 1403137942569.jpg (154.49 KB, 640x453, SICKT_KuugaGouram03.jpg)


Right then

>Summoning her bike and Congouram, the two fused together, making an armored all terrain Motorcycle

>Rider get's on the bike and motions for Ryner to get on the back

We don't exactly have the leisure of helmets, I'm sorry.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 789500

File: 1403138256038.jpg (16.33 KB, 214x168, Staaare.jpg)

>Her mana sense being active and searching the immediate area, it wouldn't be too long before she noticed the bird above.
>It was a strange thing. Definitely not natural, but at the same time made of natural energy… magic was there, but it didn't encompass the entire bird, but rather simply allowed it to take form.
>What it held at its core wasn't magic at all…

This is going to be more difficult than I expected.
If I can just examine…

Roll 1d1000 = 614
>The bird flies off, moving out of range of her abilities before she can catch it. Cursing to herself, she does her best to memorise what she'd sensed. She hadn't spent long enough connected to it to trace the origin, if she even could.

Blast it… Lancer, we need to move.
We're not the only ones searching…

>If she couldn't do anything with the core, she could certainly try to do something to the shell.
>Her mana quickly attached itself to the creature forming a link, and she re-arranged the particles to form a direct line to the creature.

ⓞ ➻ ❈
>"Shell -> Attach -> Scatter!"

>Would breaking the shell holding it together be enough to disable the spell?

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 789502

File: 1403138330050.png (602.28 KB, 433x574, yepthatsme.png)

>Ryner blinks as the bird just explodes above them.
That was a little cooler than I expected.
>he remarks, deadpan.

>With the whoosh of magic beside him, he blinks once more, and turns to his Servant to see some sort of motorized… bicycle? Man, the ways people got around without magic were weird. He draws up his robes and carefully sits on the thing.
Why would we need helmets?



Because we're going to go very fast, so hang tight

>she remakrs before the bike propels forward at Roll 1d100 = 93

>1-25 average motor vehicle speed
>26-65 the average speed of a horse at full gallop
>65-80, about 70 miles per hour
>80-100, exceedingly fast sounds, near breaking the sound barrier, the riders protected from the negative side effects by Rider's power

>If 65-100 she looks at Ryner

You doing ok back there?

>They're heading…

Roll 1d4 = 2
>1. east
>2. west
>3. north
>4. south

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 789510

File: 1403139645695.jpg (18.42 KB, 640x360, capitaldcolon.jpg)

What do you mean by "very"–
>Okay, that's what she meant.
>Ryner leans forward instinctively and wraps his arms around the Servant in a tight bear hug, pressing his head against her back, and doing anything he can to just hold on. All he can see around them is a white and grey blur of tundra passing them at blinding speeds. It was enough to make his eyes spin.

Y-yeah! I'm perfectly fine, I go this fast all the time!

>His face seems to be turning a nasty shade of green.

Caster!aLEJudith. 789515

File: 1403140076801.png (83.78 KB, 256x164, 256px-Ice_Wolf_(Skyrim).png)

>While Rocks and Berserker scout the area, they can hear the howling getting closer. The pack as approaching them rapidly…

>In the castle meanwhile, Jo and Caster would see the two figures (Not yet identifiable) the wolves were approaching.

Ah… looks like we've found out first pray.

>Hearing that they can be stored in an another vessel, Caster smiles as the gears in his mind turn faster.

How many can you make? If we can amass a large stockpile of mana here we will not need to leave this castle at all.

Just keep sending stronger and stronger minions to attack our foes.


File: 1403140261947.png (442.7 KB, 800x1000, 5d2ced8daf3e63e4ef4eba2de38b10…)


>Noticing the green hue on her Master's face, Rider stares for a moment

Try to make sure you don't hit Congouram with any of your bile, she doesn't exactly appreciate having to be washed.

>Rider says nonchalantly, as they eventually stop in front of…

>1. a cave

>2. a…strange apartment box thing
>3, an empty field
>4. Trott's choice

Roll 1d4 = 2


File: 1403140682371.png (259.44 KB, 400x600, huh.png)


>Jo thinks on this for a moment

>Despite being a practicing mage for decades, if no centuries, Jo had never tried to store any of her kitsunebi any where but her tails, unless it was for disguising herself as a human
>She didn't recall a limit ever being mentioned in the texts she'd read about Hoshi-no-tamas, but it might be something that's common knowledge that they felt didn't need to be mentioned in books…

>Jo rubs the back of her head a bit

…I honestly have no idea how many I can make.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789520

File: 1403140694810.jpg (64.96 KB, 1013x719, Drogo-khal-drogo-30463506-1013…)

>Berserker turns his head to look to the northwest after Rocks makes mention of the construct, his stony expression changing to a slightly vexed one

…or they discovered what it truly was.

>he turns around fully to face the south, then nods in that direction

We'll head this way, gain some distance and gather our bearings.

You should keep your other construct moving just-

>he stops as he hears the howling from closer by, as well as rapid footsteps heading towards them
>he turns again and stares off into the distance, his eyes narrowing

…perhaps we've been out in the open too long as it is.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 789525

File: 1403141460013.jpg (28.7 KB, 636x360, eARSLDHGLSAGBJLB.jpg)

I'll keep that–
>Ryner lurches forward, and covers his mouth with his hand. Once the feeling passes, he groans, and murmurs,
I'll keep that in mind.

>Upon arrival in front of the strange box thing, he doesn't even seem to care. He sloooowly leans to the side, until he just flops off Rider's bike, one leg in the air, and stays there.

>He makes a light wheezing noise. The normal colors return to his face.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789526

File: 1403141548387.jpg (25.05 KB, 233x217, oh no thats hot.jpg)

>the redhead frowns slightly, but knows that was also a possibility
>at the growing sounds of the pack of wolves approaching, the mage goes into a more defensive stance
I'm starting to think maybe you're-
>the black bird seemed completely unaware as the mage controlled the magic it held to her whims
>the thin layer of magic is dissolved, and from it would erupt a swirling vortex of pitch black oily fire
>the bizarre spectacle would resemble a shadow, a crackling absence of light floating in the air
>but more than the inky darkness, at the very center set one large eye, unblinking, and widened beyond any natural means
>despite the sheer unnatural and chaotic look of the vortex, it would seem perfectly stable in the air, not showing any issue with remaining "alive"
>it isn't until after a long moment that the fiery portal vanishes completely
>the mage's eyes widen, his entire skin shivering as a freezing sensation overtakes his body
What…in the name of-…
>his skin was pale, eyes widened as he stared off into the horizon
>he still had the senses to dispel the last of the construct, but the experience of having the very essence of his soul be set free from the magic that bound it had left him too shocked to speak or move
>he had felt many different deaths
>but he had never felt anything like that


File: 1403141786401.png (262.08 KB, 724x1024, 59f9f5a4a2388fa779983922ad3c3b…)


>Rider gets off her bike and pats Ryner's back a few times

…So any idea what this is?

>Rider asked rubbing the back of her head before knocking on the door of the weird apartment box thing

Roll 1d1000 = 83

>odds, and the door falls over

>dub odds and the door somehow falls onto Ryner after Rider knocks

Caster!aLEJudith. 789533

File: 1403142215109.jpg (21.06 KB, 229x374, Dracula_CoD_Manga.jpg)

Then we'll test the limits of what we can produce.

>While keeping an eye on the events unfolding on the mirror, Caster goes back to the construct on the table.

If it is not enough to my plans, then we'll use what we have to steal mana for the other servants to further production.

>He hums calculating what he'll need.

Two should be enough for what is needed…

>He looks to Jo point at a too chest under a table next to her.

There should be a rotary bladed chain device in there. I want to attach it to this one's arm.

>The wolves approach the two from the forest, nine in total, surrounding them both. Circling them and waiting to see if there's an opening.

>But only eight of them do so, the ninth sits in the snow some distance away. Just watching them.


File: 1403142532814.png (808 KB, 850x1057, fluffyness.png)


…right then. Hopefully we won't have to take any unnecessary risks. And oh? Chainsaw arm?

Alright just a second
>Heading over and grabbing the Chain-saw, she hands it to Caster

>She looks off into space and muses to herself out loud

I wonder if this is what Shocker Scientist's aids feel like when their Cyborg soldiers are made.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789539

File: 1403142753104.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)

>Berserker hears Rocks suddenly gasp, turning his head to look back at him
>he actually appears slightly concerned about the matter, once again frowning at him

What is it?

Did something happen?

>he then looked up to see the pack of wolves heading for them, moving into a defensive stance as he prepared for them to attack
>he watches them circle around, his eyes following them as best he can, standing back-to-back with Rocks and waiting for something to happen
>he looks up to see the ninth sitting further back and frowns, the creature's action not sitting well with him

…this is too organized to be an ordinary pack of animals…

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789541

File: 1403143233881.jpg (79.94 KB, 368x590, why do you people keep waking …)

>the mage has to shake his head many times, even slapping himself once just to clear away the some of the strange coldness that had crossed his entire body
>he blinks once, then twice, not even paying much attention to the wolves beginning to circle them
>the redheaded mage would stumble to the side, close enough to place his hand on the Berserker's arm
>he was using his magic, so by taking a page from what he had learned with Clover, the mage could easily speak to the Servant by a Soul Resonance
>"Punch the ground… We have to get out of here…"
>meanwhile, a small spark of heat would travel down the warrior's arm, stopping at his knuckles like all of the times they had practiced before

Caster!aLEJudith. 789548

File: 1403144256915.jpg (30.05 KB, 432x699, CoD_OST_Dracula.JPG)

>Taking the weapon, he attaches it to the right arm of the body making sure it's stable and properly secured.

Shocker…. Scientists?

>He looks at Jo questioningly for a moment before glancing back at the mirror.

Hmmmm a red haired boy and a man… warrior of sometime…

>He scoffs

Reminds me of a Belmont before long coats became a fashion statement…
>The wolves, sensing a plan in motion form their pray quickly attack!

>A wolf leaps at Berserker and tries to bit his arm!

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 757

>Another approches Rocks to snap at his leg.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 635

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789550

File: 1403144780458.jpg (73.16 KB, 550x365, Drogo_1x08.jpg)

>Berserker looked surprised again for a moment when Rocks suddenly began speaking in his mind, again looking back at him with the same expression
>when he sees the spark move near his fist, however, he catches on and turns his head away


>he swings his hand away from the wolf before it can chomp onto it, then rears back
>with a bellow, he swings down at the ground, his fist crashing through the snow and hitting the earth
>the impact moves out all around them, a crater quickly forming and dropping both him and Rocks down


File: 1403144967591.jpg (430.74 KB, 708x1000, b8452a52a4afec79d44a4689df1452…)


You know, Shocker, Evil Organization with ancient ties, led by a guy called the great leader.
ended up creating their own demise in the form of a cyborg they made code named "Kamen Rider"

>She stretches as she looks at the mirror

>Jo blinks a few times and rubs her chin as she continues to watch

Huh, the red haired kid almost looks familiar, barely though. Maybe someone who lived with me back when I lived at the Manor

>She muses to herself

The big burly guy must be his Servant. What type of servant do you think he is ? I mean he doesn't look like a swordsman or a bowman, so that rules out Archer or Saber…then again there are some people who look like that who've proven to be quite the adept sword fighters too…

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789552

File: 1403145215620.jpg (36.22 KB, 493x273, that is shocking on five diffe…)

>the mage's eyes widen as the wolf's fangs dig into his leg
>his hand slides off of the Berserker's arm, the redhead letting himself drop to the snowy ground beneath him
>he lets out a loud cry, one that the Servant would easily recognize as very unnatural for the redhead, before rearing a foot back, looking to kick the wolf away from his leg
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 850

>regardless, as the fist crashes into the earth, black flames would stretch from it
>they swirl all around the Servant and Mage, creating an oily portal beneath them to get them as far away as the mage could handle
>Roll 1d3 = 3
>1 - they would only be taken into the forest, not too far behind the ninth wolf
>2 - further into the forest, away from the wolf's line of sight
>3 - they would be taken back to the frozen river, far away from the pack of wolves

Caster!aLEJudith. 789555

File: 1403145847369.jpg (45.45 KB, 442x479, 442px-Dracula_Prelude_to_Reven…)

>The wolf yelps and lets go as Rocks kicks it in the snout. Caster watches in mild surprise as the Mage and his servant vanish in the portal. His hounds could not sense them around the area.


>the wolves attempt to track where the two have gone…

>Roll 1d1000 = 903

>Roll 1d1000 = 354
>If both evens, they catch the scent of they two and howl once more before taking off after them.
>Any other roll results in them losing their pray.

>Regardless, Caster makes note of the pair as Jo comments.

Possibly… Though a Berserker is another…
>If roll was both evens.
>The Vampire smirks

We'll soon find out.
>If roll was not evens
>Caster sighs.

Pity, we could have killed them off quickly.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789556

File: 1403146136678.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>Berserker lands on the edge of the river, having dropped down from the portal Rocks made
>he grabs onto Rocks's wrist as they fall, so that once they land he's able to hold him above ground so he isn't injured
>he takes a moment to look around to ensure they aren't being followed, a slightly tense expression worn on his face


>when he seems satisfied, he looks over to Rocks, giving a short approving nod

That was quick thinking on your part.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789559

File: 1403146731510.jpg (66.18 KB, 477x355, why must you guys be so loud.j…)

>the mage's chokes back a short cry as his arm is yanked up from the fall
>it wasn't very painful, just surprising
>the redhead lets out a small sigh as he dangles in the air, looking over at the Berserker
I told you, I'm used to this…
>he lets out a sigh, then holds up his free hand, one finger held out
Alright, what we know so far… There's someone out there that can summon a castle…
>a second figure is held up
Another that controls wolves- Hold on a second…
>a white flame gathers in his hand, which he sends down to the ground
>the muscular white wolf appears beneath the mage's feet, quickly turning to stick its nose on the sole of his boot
>it takes a few big whiffs on the boot that had struck the attacking wolf, then the bloody bite mark on the mage's leg, before turning in the direction of the castle in the horizon
Alright… Alright, the castle and the wolves? Same magic, so it's probably the same guy.
>the white wolf would vanish, the redhead holding up a third finger
There's someone out there without their partner…
>then a fourth finger
Another that can throw out fireballs…
>instead of holding out his thumb, he simply lets his arms drop
And someone who… Gods above, I don't even know how to describe it… They tore away the magic from my construct! Just… Tore it! It was like someone peeled away all of my skin and left my organs out in the open, it was… It was gross!


File: 1403146951309.jpg (8.93 KB, 160x160, 10253936_556273761160645_51340…)


Until we have further evidence, I'm going to assume he's either Berseker or Rider in that case

>She sighs and lays back on a wall

As idiotic and stupid as this sounds, I REALLY hope someone tries invading the castle, I wanna have a bit of the satisfaction of Mage on Mage combat.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789563

File: 1403147387305.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>Berserker keeps holding Rocks in the air as he speaks, just patiently listening to everything he was telling him
>he looks back towards the castle once Geri points it out, making a mental note of what he had discovered

The Servants are always meant to be stronger than the Masters…so if there's someone like that out there, it's possible it's Caster…

All the more reason to avoid it for now, then…

>he continues to listen attentively to Rocks's recap, not caring about most of it given that it didn't help them in any way

>that is, until he mentioned his construct being torn apart
>his eyes widen and he suddenly drops Rocks, though it appears that he didn't even mean to

Tore away your magic…?

>he kneels down after Rocks falls, a more insistent tone in his voice when he speaks again

Are you saying they absorbed your magic?!

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789566

File: 1403147804422.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the mage is dropped,landing on his behind with a small groan
>but not paying it much attention, he quickly shakes his head at the Berserker's question
No… No, just tore it… Just…
>he lifts his hands, holding both of them together
>then simply pulling them apart as if he were tearing a piece of paper into small shred
Just like that… I don't think they did anything with it, just let the magic fade away…

Caster!aLEJudith. 789569

File: 1403147920661.jpg (347.43 KB, 763x1048, Dracula_Symphony_by_ClAyMoRe__…)

It will probably happen eventually.

>with the hunt over, the mirror ceases showing images of the outside lands and now only shows Jo's reflection.

I have limitations on what I can summon outside my castle. A pack a wolves, possible turn one or two into a werewolf or a small hoard of vampires. Things that can be easily fought off by Servants.

It's within the walls that I can amass the elite of my forces…

>He paused for a moment.

With enough mana, I could call upon my friend Death as well.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789570

File: 1403148000127.jpg (77.56 KB, 1280x720, Drogo-and-Daenerys-khal-drogo-…)


…they had control over your own magic…even if briefly…

>what would undoubtedly be strange to Rocks is that his Servant sounded both awed and scared about this bit of information, just staring at him for a few long seconds

>he then looks all around them, now appearing as though he thought someone would jump in and attack them at a moment's notice

Do you remember where they were?

What about their Servant? Did you see them?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789572

File: 1403148474974.jpg (79.94 KB, 368x590, why do you people keep waking …)

>the mage is quick to point in the direction where the bird was last sent
To the north… They were pretty far away, still close to the sea…
>he reaches up, placing a hand over his head
>if he noticed the fear in the Servant's voice, he wasn't showing it
The Servant was there with him… But, it's hard… Since the wizard's magic is what creates the Servant, I can only see two identical souls…
Maybe Geri and Freki can find out more, but… I'm not sure which of the two actually had those powers…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789575

File: 1403148893360.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)

>Berserker turns to look north, his eyes narrowing as he starts to estimate the distance and the travel time
>he nods once at Rocks's suggestion, speaking up right after

That would be advisable.

Because that is where we are going.

>he reaches over and grabs Rocks's coat, then hauls him back to his feet

>rather than drag him along, however, he lets go of him and starts walking north, expecting him to follow

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789577

File: 1403149281135.jpg (123.81 KB, 494x595, you need to stop guys.jpg)

>the mage takes in a long breath, letting out a sigh as he tries to remain on his feet
>he continues to breathe in and out slowly, following the Berserker as they head north
>only to suddenly jump in front of the Servant
Hold on a second! Where going to them first!? Why!?
We should find a shelter first! I can send my construct out to get a better look at these people, and then we can think about attacking them!


File: 1403149494848.jpg (305.97 KB, 424x600, 43239815_m.jpg)


>The fox girl nods a bit and stretches

I suspect we'll probably be around the last place people come to though, they're more likely to come into conflict and fight each other on the ground instead of using the energy to attack us head on first.

>folding her arms behind her head she scratched her own ears

I mean we couldn't be a more obvious trap if we tried.

>"His friend Death"

…it figures someone as old as you were befriend the end so easily

>she shakes her head a bit

anyway, I think we should on simpler minions, more on overwhelming them with numbers when they arrive in the castle….Also we should integrate one of your minions in the castle with this

>she holds up the Dark Kiva ring

I'd use it my self, but since I've got you I can't use it.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789580

File: 1403149596834.jpg (184.47 KB, 610x374, khal-drogo-jason-momoa.jpg)

>Berserker stops once Rocks jumps in front of him, but the agitated look on his face shows that he's doing it against his will, truly wanting to just keep moving as fast as possible

We're going to them first because we can't afford to let them get any ground.

If what you said is true, then the one who defeated your construct is the most dangerous being in this entire battle.

>his eyes narrow as he glares down at Rocks, not in the mood to argue the point, but knowing he wouldn't stop until he got an answer

If they could do that to your creation, imagine what they could do to me?

Never mind what I would go through, it would mean that with a single spell, we would instantly lose in this War.

>he lets that remark hang in the air for a second before speaking again, assuming the sheer weight of it was enough to justify his decision

That is why we must go and defeat them now, before they can get their bearings and form a plan of their own.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 789581

File: 1403149734267.jpg (52.05 KB, 329x422, Not good.jpg)

What in the-!?

>She had expected the spell to simply fall apart, the energy scatter outwards and become one with the world.

>That wasn't what happened.
>Instead she was left with a vision of something that could almost appear alive. It was far deeper and more complicated than the Artificial Arcsouls that were used in Vescarian constructs, it was almost an entity all its own, and yet not.

I… that magic.

>Turning to Lancer, Sigyn had a expression that showed a mixture of shock and confusion, tainted with a touch of fear.

This is not the first time I have come across a magic that I have never seen.
It is the first time such a magic has disturbed me like this…
Someone who is capable of doing such a terrible thing-

>It had only been a moment that the creature had remained - the black, ominous flames and the ever-watchful eye, yet in that moment she tried to gleam it's true nature only to find it too complex to fully grasp in such a short space of time.

>But what she had learned shook her to her core.
>It wasn't a life force all its own - it was a part of something else. What that was, exactly, remained a mystery, but one truth was certain.

Whoever has the capacity to cut their own life apart like that is a frightful opponent.
I only pray to the Fairy herself that it was the Servant, Caster…

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789582

File: 1403150078955.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

>the mage's expression doesn't change at all, clearly having realized all of those things already
No, that's exactly the reason why we should form a plan!
If we just storm against them, who's to say if they can't just tear you apart with a wave of their hands?
>he stands his firm in his spot, not moving until they both reached to some plan
We should wait. We should sit in the shadows and watch, wait until another Servant crossed them and see just how much power they really have over magic!

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789585

File: 1403150497106.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)


And if we wait too long, then they will come up with a plan of attack and they will have the advantage!

>surprisingly, it's Berserker's voice who raises this time, though only for a moment

>he clenches his teeth together, even more uneasy than he was before, but he soon forces it back to resume speaking

Right now they're still disoriented and getting used to everything around them. They'll likely be unprepared for a sudden attack, even with them being aware of your construct.

If we go over right now, take them by surprise and try to defeat them as fast as possible, there will be less of a chance of them using that magic!

Caster!aLEJudith. 789590

File: 1403151373147.jpg (148.39 KB, 900x1100, Cj-dracula.jpg)

Had I found a more suitable place to bring the castle, I would have. Though being an obvious trap is also beneficial to us, it increases our chances of wining the war…

>He glances from body on the table to Jo.

As much as you may want to face them, we must do what is strategically sound to ensure victory. I needed remind you what you risk losing should we fail do I?

>Letting that linger for a moment he continues with a slight chuckle

Death is my most loyal of allies and of my strongest I have. He will be a fair match for what servants find their way here…

Numbers are our ally, but one does not send conscripted farmers to fight the enemy's elite.

Lancer, Saber, Archer, Berserker, and Rider… Each one would slaughter my lesser minions like sheep… we must remember to bolster our strength with power of our own.

>Taking the offered ring from Jo, he slips it on his finger and examines it.

How does one use this ring?


File: 1403151774167.png (281.53 KB, 367x796, I'll judge you anotehr day.png)


Well you see you channel energy into the ring, whether it be mana or otherwise, and if you're wearing it on your left hand you'll transform into the figure the being depicts.

If you're wearing it on your right hand, you'll summon a clone of the being who obeys you instead.

>She stretches a bit

…although in my experience the clones can be a bit dim, but for the sake of showing you…

>she slips the ring onto her left hand

Roll 1d1000 = 819
>Evens, it a magic circle circles over her, Cont.
>odds, the ring shouts "ERROR"

>If odds, Jo blinks a few times and looks down

…looks like because of you I can't even use a ring that's like you.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789595

File: 1403151897981.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>the mage lifts his hands, as if getting ready to stop the Berserker should he begins storming towards the other Mage and Servant
Look, I understand, alright? I know what you're saying, it's smart, it make sense, but you're forgetting one thing!
>he jabs a finger forward at the man's chest
You're panicking! And when you panic, you just want to storm through whatever the source of that panic is. You want to finish it as quickly as possible, and that can make you sloppy, remember?
If we go now, we won't know who we'll be facing. We won't know if it's the Servant who can cast that spell, we don't know if it's the wizard, we don't know if they will admit it, or if they'll try to hide it to throw their enemies off.
>his hand motions between the two of them, indicating it as their own strategy
We both know how much is at stake here. So we need to play this smart, yes, but we also need to play it safe. And the safe thing to do right now is to find a safe location, and study our enemies before blindly charging in into a fight we may not even have a chance to win.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789596

File: 1403152367745.jpg (61.15 KB, 995x719, Drogo-khal-drogo-30463515-995-…)

>Berserker opens his mouth to let loose an angered retort, not liking the accusation that he was panicking
>he was a brilliant general and conqueror, he did not panic!
>his eyes narrow and an enraged huff escapes the Servant's mouth, and for a moment his body actually starts to glow, a faint white aura coming off of him


>he then sighs and lowers his head, the aura quickly fading

…alright…you are right.

>he looks back up again, his expression turning more indignant

…but I will not be saying that often, so I suggest you enjoy this while you can.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789600

File: 1403152672092.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the mage simply holds to a very stern glare towards the Berserker for a few long seconds
>before it suddenly vanishes as the mage's shoulders shrug slightly
If I can make it through all of this without needing to use the command spells, I'll at least hear it three more times before we get our wish.
>he gains a small smirk, just throwing out a joke to hopefully loosen the tension of their situation
>turning his head, the mage would look at the area around them
Now… I'm sure we could find a cave around here, or something… But that seems to obvious…

>he lets out a hum, placing his hands on his hips before turning back to the Berserker

How good are you at digging?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789603

File: 1403152991256.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>the Servant blinks at Rocks's question, not immediately understanding the significance of it
>he looks around the area as well, then back to Rocks, looking rather confused still


>he then looks down at the ground under their feet, then back to him


>he slumps slightly, as if annoyed that he wsa being asked to do this, but also acknowledging that it had to be done

I'd be better with something to dig with.

Caster!aLEJudith. 789604

File: 1403153294782.jpg (22.67 KB, 300x400, 11953-dracula_super.jpg)

>Seeing her attempt to use the ring fail, Caster sighs.

If it and I are similar, then I should be able to use it. But for now…

>He looks down at the body.

Let's revive this one and start assembling our defences here. This will also give you a chance to see full lay out of the castle as well as it's tricks.

>Then he points at the lever he pulled to make the creature spasm.

If you would.


File: 1403153389058.jpg (49.43 KB, 382x600, 253489_375861395868550_4655050…)


>Jo just nods a bit and gulps slightly nervously, filling her body with kitsunebi prepared to help the creature come to life if need be

Alright, here goes nothing

>She pulls the lever

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789606

File: 1403153450327.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the mage blinks as he sees the Servant look down at the ground
>and surprisingly, the mage lifts his hand to wave it
Not on the ground, no! Do you know how unstable dirt can be?
>he claps his hands together, already beginning to walk east
This is a little trick I learned during a long summer, three years ago. You're in an island, covered in snow, where temperatures can drop so slow at night that any liquid will be turned solid in less than an hour.
So, you search for caves, you search for any wooden or rocky buildings, something that you can easily heat… Where is the last place you would think to find someone hiding in conditions as extreme and as low as this?
>he looks over his shoulder behind him at the Servant, holding up a hand
Ice! If we head to the shore, we should be able to find some of it to dig a hole in.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789611

File: 1403153884149.png (140.95 KB, 500x282, tumblr_m8v8p0FeRl1r2gme7o1_500…)

>the Berserker tilts his head at Rocks's answer, now looking more confused than before
>he follows along behind him, still unsure of where exactly this was going, and somewhat unprepared for the role reversal the two were going through
>up until he mentions the shore, which causes him to stare at Rocks with a surprised and mildly impressed look


I will admit…not many would think to look there…

Not to mention that we'll have a steady supply of fish if we stay near the ocean…

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789613

File: 1403154251015.jpg (49.51 KB, 272x352, I have the sword I make the ru…)

>the mage nods slowly, not slowing down his step
>of course, unlike with the Servant, the mage simply didn't stop because he knew the much taller man could easily keep up with his smaller legs
Now you're getting it. back home there were also a lot of walruses around. Easier to catch, and with a lot more meat in them, but I'm not feeling that lucky about this place…
>he slides his hand sin his pockets, his head slowly turning from side to side, clearly not letting his guard down as they cross through the snowy fields

Do you even need to breathe at all?
>the question may have been a little sudden, but it was at least still related to the subject brought up by the Servant

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789617

File: 1403154593158.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>the Servant's impressed look fades, and is replaced by a more annoyed expression

Yes, actually.

>he picks up the pace a bit, coming up right beside Rocks to show him that look

If you were planning on using me as bait for the fish, I would be very cross with you.

Caster!aLEJudith. 789619

File: 1403154956159.png (109.96 KB, 320x220, 64-GDK.png)

>Powerful sparks of electricity fly from the machine and the body once again spasms this time with even more violence… and almost inhuman wailing.

Rise… Rise! Come forth from death! Your lord commands it!!

>Jo can feel a very small amount of kitsunebi being pulled from her and places into the monster's body. And that was all it took. The Creature rises from it's table.


>Caster blinks as it speaks, but says nothing of it. He looks over to Jo.

A small portion of your kitsunebi was used to jumpstart it's body, but it shan't need more then that to continue it's life within the castle.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 789627

File: 1403155145321.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>the mage's head slowly turns to look back at the Servant, the redhead giving him the flattest look he could muster at the moment

I was thinking more that you could dive in and grab them without having to worry about coming back to the surface.
No offense, but you would make terrible bait. What animal would ever think they could eat you?
>he turns his head forward again, not bothered at all by the Servant's glare
I was only asking… It's weird, alright? You were summoned from my magic, but you don't act anything like my spells.
I can't feel you from a distance, I can't see and experience what you experience, I can't mold you in any way… Imagine how many of our opponents we could catch completely by surprise if I could shrink you down into a spark and keep you up my sleeve…


File: 1403155168310.jpg (430.74 KB, 708x1000, b8452a52a4afec79d44a4689df1452…)


So it's life is like a perpetual motion machine? It just needs a single jolt to go but then it'll keep going forever huh?

>"Groovy" …oh great, we were dealing with Chainsaw zombies from the 70's

Alright then. should I make a few copies of it now before it leaves?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 789636

File: 1403155842195.jpg (87.27 KB, 1280x720, Drogo-and-Daenerys-khal-drogo-…)

>Berserker just snorts at Rocks's remark, having nothing really clever to say in response to it
>he listens a little more attentively when he talks about how strange things were from his perspective, but the Servant simply shrugs his shoulders

As convenient as that would be, I do not know what to say to you.

I would find it convenient to be able to pick you up and turn you into a Noble Phantasm so I actually have a weapon, but I do not have that luxury.

Things are as they are. Why bother to question it? It is easier to just accept it instead of dwelling on why.


File: 1403164521666.jpg (141.99 KB, 500x650, tumblr_mw3uhrjxE91rcy5vdo1_500…)

>Having looked out through the entire event, Lancer had readied himself to destroy the spell with a thrown spear through its core; however before he could take any such action, Sigyn had been the one to act out against it first, deconstructing its animalistic outer shell and exposing the horrid inner machinations of the spell.

>And though the spell itself seemed to have vanished, Sigyn's reaction to the event as well as her description of what exactly the spell had entailed left little to no doubt that their opponents had not only already found them but were likely of a magical prowess that was to be feared.

>But none of that mattered now. Right now, the only thing that mattered was that their plan to go to the enemy was still feasible if more risky to accomplish now that they'd been detected. And so, turning to Sigyn, the massive armored figure of Lancer asked the only question he deemed important when faced with his Master's intense reaction towards this new type of magic.

Can you handle it?

Caster!aLEJudith. 789912

File: 1403216515303.jpg (29.27 KB, 250x333, Castlevania-dracula.jpg)

Exactly. It may be more time consuming, but such efforts will play off in time.

>As the question of making copies, Caster nods.

Four should do. This one is a durable specimen.


File: 1403216865056.png (846.78 KB, 822x1200, grab a seat.png)


>She nods a bit and stretches, putting the dupe ring on her right hand

Duplicate, please~

>She says as her kitsunebi flows into her hand and then the ring, before a fox themed magic circle scans over the Homunculus before moving forward in the room and making four copies of it

>The circle then vanishes and Jo stretches a bit

well that worked well!

>she exclaimed, glad that something worked out with the rings

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 789925

File: 1403217404533.jpg (129.95 KB, 576x852, I need to hear this.jpg)


>The shock had already started to subside, but the impressions of the whole thing were still fresh in her mind. It had been relatively simple to do what she'd done, but what exactly had she exposed? Those flames weren't something she wanted to have to touch if possible.

Assuming the extent of that magic is to create small scouts in that manner, then yes… I simply worry about the mage's other skills. Furthermore, tearing them apart one at a time is a menial task - I worry for my safety if a flock appear… though that would not be impossible either.

>Staring out in the direction that the strange constructed bird had arrived from, she reached out her mana sense to see if there was anyone within several hundred meters, but there was no sign. Sigyn doubted there'd be anyone that close if they were using familiars like that to search, but there was always a chance.

>Sighing, she turned to the large spear-wielding man to her side with a small nod.

With you by my side, I will continue to believe we have a chance.


File: 1403221764352.jpg (65.85 KB, 500x647, tumblr_mv9jv9Ln4E1s64ejvo1_500…)

>Her confidence had been shaken by the strange sight of a magic outside of the realm of her expertize. To be fair, she was still willing to push on forward with her brazen plan if more hesitatingly. But what bothered Lancer was that she seemed to look down upon her own capacities in favor of his own.

>Looking down into her eyes with his own glowing orbs situated deep in his darkened helmet, Lancer shook his head in answer to the girl's testimony.

No matter the obstacle, there is always a way.

Even if the gods themselves stand in our way; their designs can always be altered.

>His own legend was based upon such acts. Creatures and Deities who rose against one man and a his crew, intent to stop him from progressing upon his intended journey only to find themselves outsmarted and often overpowered by what amounted to an ordinary man.

The only limits that exist are the ones you set for yourself, Girl.

Never forget this.

>That being said, the large man turned away from his Master, already trekking across the snowy fields of the island in the same direction they had been heading when they had spotted the strange bird.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 790023

File: 1403224105499.jpg (137.36 KB, 1135x910, Sigyn 184.jpg)

>For a quiet guy, at least he was encouraging when she needed it. She was positive that was the most she'd ever heard him say at any one time, though she wasn't sure if he was trying to boost her spirits out of kindness or our of the sense for victory. It wasn't as if she had treated him particularly well since the summoning.
>The part about gods in particular caused imagery to appear in her mind.

Yes… I suppose you'd know much about overcoming the odds, wouldn't you?

>How could she forget? After all, this was why she had selected him as her champion. The man who could overcome everything set before him without compromise or fear.

Well… there's no knowing until we try.
Let's press on. With luck, we'll find them soon.

Caster!aLEJudith. 790063

File: 1403227021173.png (34.42 KB, 147x145, Dracula-ORECA_BATTLE.png)

>And there they were, four copies of the same creature. For once Caster was legitimately impressed in his Master could do such a thing.

What fortune, this ring will serve us well.


File: 1403240777437.jpg (243.33 KB, 500x558, tumblr_mk3a8y6b5x1r0yf4ko1_500…)

>The war had commenced, that much was made certain the moment that Agnès and Saber were teleported to the frozen wastes isla de la cascade and a loud booming voice proclaimed it to be so.

>Standing amidst the frozen wastes of the island, its howling winds freezing the poor girl to the bone, Agnès was again reminded of how high the stakes of this war were. The fate of her entire world would be doomed if she failed to win. Every life, every creature and the earth itself would crumble to nothingness.

>Out here in the middle of nowhere in a climate so hostile that no life could possible thrive, Agnès had to wonder… was this what her world would turn into - a frozen rock with nothing but absolute darkness and rotten ice to mark the passage of time?

>No, she would not let it fall to that. As the Vestal of Wind, it was her duty to ensure that her world would keep on living. She would kill the opponent's Servants and win this contest - there was no other option.

Saber!Boasth3oiY 790463

File: 1403271963865.jpg (242.6 KB, 329x612, tumblr_mqudieSqlT1s0adc8o1_500…)

Dropping a pile of freshly-broken limbs at the girl's feet, her servant sighs and folds her arms, looking just the slightest bit saddened.

"No sign of anyone else, madame. Only snow and trees for many miles, mountains to the north and what looks like a swamp beyond some small hills to the west."

Leaning forward on one of the longer branches, she adds,

"What miserable conditions to fight in. The cold dulls your mind and the snow drags your feet. Not huge problems for Servants, but you may wish to be more careful and put more distance between yourself and danger than you usually would."

Pressing down on the branch and snapping it in half, the woman smiles and tosses it into the pile, sitting down across from her Master.

"That's my humble advice, anyway."

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 790550

File: 1403290095149.jpg (138.1 KB, 528x748, whats that.jpg)

>their battlegrounds weren't that big
>at least, they shouldn't be, otherwise everyone would have had to fall very close to each other
>the stench of magic that filled the air was powerful, and easily distinguished as coming from six different sources
>the Servants were immensely powerful constructs, so for the Fenris armor's enhanced senses it was like sniffing out a forest fire, the smoke and ashes overpowering every other smell
>six sources of magic, each coming from one Mage and one Servant, the subtle differences between the two impossible to tell from the distances, but it could easily be solved another time

>the redheaded mage looks over his shoulder, a single red eye peering out from the eye socket of the ghostly white wolf cloak covering his head

>the wolf mage ran the clawed gauntlets over the snow, clearing out large clumps of the cold whiteness to reach the ground below

>another peer over his shoulder, the cloak's ears perking up as he keeps alert for any approaching noise or scent

>he resumes digging through the snow before finding what he had been hunting for

>a rock

>slightly larger than his own head, the sturdy rock would be easily tore from the dirt by the mage's own strength

>carrying it a few feet beside him, he would let the rock drop back on the snow

>again, he would look all around him, sniffing the air once

>looking back at the rock he would raise the glass-like claws of the gauntlets in his hands, crushing down on the large stone to tear it into two pieces

>another heavy slash would cut the rock further, then another, and another, turning the large stone into two slightly smaller chunks
>taking one of the chunks in his hand, the mage would begin running his claws over the stone, slowly and carefully shaping the material into a different form

>it didn't take long before one chunk was finished, being shaped into a makeshift knife roughly the length of his hand

>the next chunk would be finished just as quickly, now being a much longer and thinner blade for faster strikes

>one last time he would look at the area around him, the one visible eye narrowing beneath the wolf cloak

>quickly, he would store the newly-made weapons beneath his coat, launching into a four-legged sprint into the forest, the ghostly fur covering him almost vanishing in the snow as he head towards the eastern shoreline


File: 1403321817127.jpg (208.35 KB, 362x600, 23109100_m.jpg)

"Well, I suppose its a better plan than nothing…"

>That and…

"It'd be easier for me to enhance your abilities before they see either of us that way too."

>That is their main real trick in any case. And would be more convincing than casting the spells on the fly, if they want to pretend that Archie is the Saber of the War.

>Not that it'd work on the Saber…or that she really feels like they have a reasonable chance of winning as is.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 790917

File: 1403323092331.jpg (50.43 KB, 356x394, dba26dceb8956e7ce0554965f9cea4…)

Well, the only worry with that is I would have to pull out something rather special if we wanted to attack from a distance. I would rather save that for a definite defeat. Not to mention, the deceit would not last long if it were to happen.

>It was a difficult choice - to shoot the enemy down from the start, or to confront them head on and use the 'Saber' plan? It would very much depend on who they happened upon first, but there was one factor which could decide which was better…

Remind me, Lily, at what range can you cast the majority of your spells? And the touch-based ones, how far can I move from you before they are rendered ineffective?


File: 1403324642244.jpg (64.84 KB, 306x428, Hmmm.jpg)


>When it comes down to it…

"…For the most part, its more a manner of…time? If I'm closer its easier to do as well, but thats why it'll generally last longer too. …Well, assuming it works like it usually should, I mean, a magical construct should be easier than the human body, but…Inanimate objects are what I'm most used to and those usually last longest in any case."


"…Well…for the repairing ones, if I'm going to do a good job of it, I should really be close by you, even if touch would be best…the others…I can probably do as long as you're close enough to see you, and as long as its not anything too big, it shouldn't be too hard for me to keep them up, though thats assuming the other mages let me keep my concentration, so…to be on the safe side, it'd be probably about three to five particularly strenuous actions relating to the spell? Like…I guess you could think of it like armor that breaks down when it gets hit or something?"

>That said…

"Casting it before hand where I'm less likely to be in danger should last longer, but its maybe still something that deteriorates if the fighting is really rough."

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 790954

File: 1403325810469.png (143.37 KB, 500x201, here to help.png)

>Placing a hand on her shoulder, he gave Lily a broad and warm smile almost representative of the flames in the pot.

That's perfectly adequate Lily - the most important thing is that it's possible. If I can take on the enemy without you having to get in harm's way, then I am glad for it.

I could not let anything happen to an enchanting mage like yourself.

>Of course, he'd meant that in terms of 'a mage that uses her magic to enchant objects or people', but it appeared he hadn't even realised what he might've said otherwise.

I recommend you get some rest - we will need all of your strength when the time arrives. I shall watch over you and ensure you are safe, Master.


>Roll 1d1000 = 24


File: 1403326378587.jpg (238.45 KB, 600x400, 33997092_p1.jpg)

>She blushes and turns away abruptly at this.

"I..I should probably check and see if this place has a mattress or something at least!…You should try and rest a little too if you can."

>And with that she hurries off, looking for bedding, and well trying to pretend she hasn't been embarrassed by her 'stupid prettyboy Servant' yet again.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 790962

Roll 1d1000 = 625

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 790963

File: 1403326992054.png (156.47 KB, 640x360, tumblr_mhnnjelJUq1rs2gquo1_128…)

>With the semi-frantic dashing of his Master, who seemed to be headed into one of the two other rooms in the small wooden building, the ever-doting Servant came up with a simple yet incredible idea.

Fret not, dear Lily!

>In a blinding flash, as Lily stepped into the small room with a pair of hammocks, she would find Archer laying across the closest one with a superhuman degree of balance, resting a hand on his cheek as he propped himself up slightly with an elbow, looking across at the brown-haired girl with an almost sparkle-accompanied smile.

For I shall be your comfort and your protection~


File: 1403327576015.jpg (50.5 KB, 270x567, Blush.jpg)

>Stupid Sexy Archer!

>…At least her Servant isn't some creepy old guy, but a cute older guy is troublesome to have as a Servant too…why couldn't she have summoned a girl or something?

Except for the fact that one of those two is a terrifying tomboyish warlord and the other would be potentially even more dangerous in a completely different way.

"I should see if there's any blankets…"

>And she busies herself with looking the nearby closets.

>Roll 1d1000 = 581 Evens.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 790974

File: 1403328285424.jpg (158.33 KB, 560x700, tumblr_mov1rlGMVp1rkc5lwo1_128…)

>There was a fleeting moment of surprise from his master, but it was somewhat short-lived. At the very least, she seemed to recognise his efforts by complying with the search for sleeping equipment. That said, it seemed that there weren't any blankets in the cupboards. Perhaps there was less in this place than they had originally expected.

How unfortunate… it would seem these hammocks are all that-

>An idea came to him quickly. It was a bit of an impromptu situation, but it would at least work for the most part. Perhaps it wouldn't be the most comfortable thing in comparison to a king-sized bed and a large, velvet blanket, but it was far better than trying to hide in a cave.

>If Lily were to look back over at the hammock Archer had been lying in, he simply would've vanished. It wouldn't be long after that, however, that she would feel a large coat being wrapped around her, made well from what seemed to be fur - one of the two that were hanging close to the doorway.

Perhaps there may not be blankets, but there are these. You may use both to cover yourself, if you like, I will ensure that you are tucked in well.

>In contrast to before, his tone had seemed to take on a more responsible aspect to it than an amused one, extending a hand to direct her to the hammock across from the one he'd recently occupied.

You may be far from home… but I will do what I can to at least let you feel safe in your own slumber.


File: 1403329626893.jpg (106.22 KB, 559x600, 34289932_m.jpg)

>Lily is to distracted by her own worries to realize what happened until after she has the coat draped over her.

>It is pretty large…

>And well…its thanks to his quick save that she doesn't have to do anything really embarrassing…

"You should take one too…I mean we both have to be in the best condition we can if we're going to have a chance…and its only fair for us to split them since there's two of them…"

>Even despite her unsure sounding tone, she smiles happily as she snuggles up against the fur of the coat.

"…Good night, Archie."

>And with that she heads off to her own hammock.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 790997

File: 1403331494321.jpg (46.66 KB, 303x444, Archer2.jpg)

>At first, he had intended to place the other one across her legs so as to cover her as a blanket should, but if she was worried about him…
>*Perhaps I should alleviate her concerns. It may be better for her to see me close by rather than simply know it.*
>Normally, it would've been a simple case of making sure she was alright and taking spirit form to watch over her, but perhaps getting a little more comfort wouldn't be a bad thing.

>As Lily clambered into the hammock, he held it still by the wire so as to give her an easier time of it, before, with or without her permission, tucking the coat down the sides so as to make it a more secure blanket than before.

Rest well, Lily.
I am sure we will reach the grail soon enough, and you can rest at your family's home once more.

Roll 1d1000 = 634
>Odds, Archer leaves it at that, deciding to let his Master rest properly before proceeding to his own hammock, coat in tow in order to allow himself a very brief period of rest himself.
>Evens, instead of preparing his hammock for a brief rest, Archer sits, using it as something of a chair as he watched over Lily, waiting for her to fall asleep whilst wearing his own fur coat. He wasn't sure whether Lily would find someone staring across at her like that uncomfortable, but it was for her safety…

>Dubs of either sort, the emboldened Servant allows his slightly more boisterous nature through and plants a kiss on her forehead before retreating to his hammock.

>Trips of either sort and the silly flirt outright kisses her on the lips without any sort of prior warning. Jeez, control yourself, will you? You're here to make war, not love! He backs up towards his hammock and preps it for sleeping.


File: 1403331933543.jpg (478.18 KB, 661x916, b17bf38c4fd8834e9ef10e6e3b445c…)

>Its…sort of embarrassing having someone watch over her like that…

>But if she rolls over its easier to pretend like he isn't.

>…And well, really, he's some fancy king with some big wish he has to fulfil, and she's just a silly girl who doesn't really have anything that important to wish for at all.

>She doesn't have time to worry about stuff like that, especially if everyone else is as impressive as the one other Master she's met claimed to be…

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 791447

File: 1403408660294.jpg (142.28 KB, 479x733, take my hand.jpg)

>it didn't add up

>the mage's frown grows slightly as he finally realizes it

>sitting atop an iceberg not far from the main shore he would sit, staring out towards the snowy island they were stuck in

>within that island, hidden by the snow due to their ghostly white fur, two wolves had already crossed most of its length

>their noses would scour every tree, every entrance of a cave, even if they didn't necessarily need to do it

>the twin wolves weren't the most powerful of constructs

>even at their most powerful, the mage could only have them rival his own strength
>if the Berserker was the measuring stick of this contest, then the other Servants could easily take on the two constructs
>however, what they lacked in raw strength, they made up for it in the most simple of talents

>he was sure there were other wizards that could detect magic

>he knew that at least one of them could outright manipulate it
>but he was confident that the sheer power of the wolves' noses were unmatched by any Mage or Servant in this War

>their noses would hover near every tree, any entrance to a cave, or the unbroken blanket of snow beneath their paws

>only a handful of magic users knew just how deeply their arts could stick to any particular area, especially when it came to magical constructs or summons
>which just happened to comprise roughly half of their competition

>including the mage's own, there were seven distinctive forms of magic crossing the frozen land

>seven arts of magic for the seven Mages that entered the War, most of which he wasn't familiarized with, and of varying levels of power
>just as important were the magic trails of their companions, almost identical in scent as the Mages that summoned them, but with very subtle differences, easily picked up by the white wolves

>there was always another form of magic, a second scent hidden deep behind the trails

>this was the same scent that the wolves could find in the original place where the mage was dropped onto the island, a similar concentration of it found in six other points of the island
>it was the same scent that stuck to the redhead's arm, in the small Crescent Moon-shaped marks left to him by the man that gave him this opportunity
>the magic of the Administrator was strong, but so expertly hidden that many would simply not notice it
>it was a magic that could be found in all of the Servants, blended together with the magic that keeps them alive
>this magic would also stick to the Mage but in a much smaller quantity, making the distinction between the two easy to spot

>and yet, there was something that still bothered the mage

>seven Mages, seven Servants, that's what he was told by the veteran Berserker, and the mage had very little reasons to doubt him
>there were seven Mages in the island… but only six Servants

>could a wizard had entered the War without the need of a Servant?

>could the Servant had already been killed before the War had even began?
>or could they somehow hide their presence even from the sensitive noses of his constructs?

>too many possibilities and guesses, but nothing concrete

>the mage crosses his arms, bothered by this one fact
>as powerful as the other Servants or Mages could be, strength can be guarded against
>but what you can't see can't be fought

>"Berserker is going to want to hear about this…"


File: 1403464207839.png (896.13 KB, 1002x680, 43610910.png)

>Turning to meet the tall slender form of Saber carrying a load of wood in a small enclosure the two of them had found on the outskirts of an ice-cliff, Agnès found herself smiling despite the grim thoughts clouding her mind. Here stood the one and best chance her world stood at surviving and earning the grail as it is. A spirit of such grace, elegance, beauty and nobility that she became an immortal legend destined to serve as a protector of humanity as a symbol people believed in. That her legend itself had dubious elements of sexual orientations unknown to her was but a minute detail in comparison to the larger elements of her personal character. So far, Saber had proven to be everything a proper knight should embody and more. Her knowledge of combat and tactics was without pair and Agnès knew, deep down in her heart, that she could fuly rely on this woman.

So then how should we engage the enemy and where?

>Pondering at the geographical information Saber had given her, Agnès wondered which terrain would best advantage them.

Should we try to pick out isolated targets and fight them off?

If so that great big castle might be a good place to start.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 791747

File: 1403465786370.jpg (82.45 KB, 350x750, tumblr_n0kimc4QQ81s0adc8o1_500…)

While the frenchwoman may not have been an excellent tactician, being a duelist rather than a soldier, she did have some sense of what was right and wrong on the battlefield.

"If you were lost or cold or hungry, where would be the first place you would go? Certainly not deeper into the hole you'd hidden yourself away in."

Fingering the parrying dagger strapped to her back, she continues,

"In all likelihood, a good number of our foes are heading there as we speak. I question whether or not they realize just how attractive such a place would be, and how unavoidable a conflict is there. I question whether or not they care."

Sighing, the woman falls silent for a moment, a smile creeping to her face as an idea is born.

"Though I may not think it wise to go, that doesn't mean we cannot still go."


File: 1403467470436.jpg (86.23 KB, 482x750, tumblr_mbpdnv3nmX1qzvtljo1_500…)


But then…

>Confused for a moment by Saber's contradictory recommendation of simultaneously going and not going to the castle, Agnès wondered then how exactly to handle the situation, her own experience being nowhere near related to these battles.

What exactly do you recommend?

I do not think I understand…

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 791778

File: 1403470176138.jpg (27.52 KB, 517x399, i5pv6r.jpg)

The woman chuckles darkly, smiling at her Master.

"We wait until the dust settles, and then clean up whoever survives, of course. It's almost a certainty that a good number of our enemy will be there, and the ones who survive will surely be weakened."

Spinning the dagger on the tip of her index finger, the smile fades a bit.

"It seems cruel and underhanded, the work of an dishonorable fighter, but there's very much on the line, so I would say that the stakes merit such an action."


File: 1403472913948.jpg (171.9 KB, 500x733, tumblr_n10u81d1KV1sz1zn6o1_500…)


Yes… yes of course…

>The truth of the matter was that the simply idea of killing so many people and Servants for the sake of her world tore at Agnès to no end. The innocent Master wearing her troubles on her face for all to see despite her resolve to see the task itself accomplished no matter the cost. Her own sense of duty and responsibility overtaking the morals she had come to hold dear leaving her own poor heart torn between the two.

How shall when the fighting has ended?

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 791805

File: 1403473260958.jpg (57.55 KB, 624x884, league_of_legends_wallpaper_fa…)

The woman shrugs her shoulders, sitting back.

"I have no clue. We'll just have to go, watch and wait."

Noticing the pained look on her Master's face, the duelist sighs.

"If it makes you feel any better, we'll only have to kill one pair. Perhaps only the Servant, if they're cooperative."


File: 1403473667451.png (338.55 KB, 265x750, tumblr_n06aeopvOu1s6gotyo1_500…)

>Tough the apology offered did little to soothe the aching of the tender girl's heart, Agnès knew nonetheless that there was nothing to be had about it. Success was something that was absolutely needed, it was not simply a matter of want but held the gravity of millions of lives in the balance. With such immense scales on the line, there was literally no length to which Agnès would not go to fulfill her duty as a Vestal.

Before any of that… we should find food.

You might not need the sustenance but I…

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 791892

File: 1403480979002.jpg (11.26 KB, 126x200, fiora_by_hyldenia-d6wyvii.jpg)

Shrugging, the woman pulls the dagger from the sheathe on her back and tosses it blindly into the canopy above them. Almost immediately, there's a clatter of snapping limbs as the impaled body of a squirrel spirals towards the ground, the protruding tip of the rather dull blade burying itself in the ground.

Lazily sauntering over to it, the duelist retrieves the blade, and in one motion, grabs the carcass, snaps all four limbs at the joints and begins dressing it as she speaks.

"Could you start the fire? This won't take long, I promise."

Remembering just how squeamish she was when it came to violence, the woman cringes.

"It's fine if you don't watch. I wouldn't imagine you'd need to do this if I were incapacitated."


File: 1403485375256.jpg (200.56 KB, 500x642, tumblr_n1eyri8REE1rjcgdho1_500…)

>As the knife sunk deep into the squirrel's tender soft body and the small creature let out a soft squeal of pain before its small furry body fell to the ground; Agnès let out a soft gasp of surprise mingled with cold horror at the sight of the dead animal's limbs being cracked and broken right before her eyes as small rivulets of bloodied Saber's othewise pristine white hands.

. . .

>Despite the Servant's warning, Agnès failed to heed her warning and simply kept staring at Saber as the young seeming woman went about her gruesome business, throughout which the young mage remained utterly silent, the fire remaining unlit at the end of it all.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 791991

File: 1403487306645.jpg (355.4 KB, 1230x533, fiora.jpg)

Grimacing that she hadn't thought to do such a thing out of sight, the woman sighs and continues the grisly work of separating the edible parts of the animal from its skin and now useless organs.

After a few more moments, she sighs and, with one hand, draws the rapier from her belt. Despite its intended use as a stabbing weapon, she carelessly flicks her wrist at a nearby tree, cleanly cleaving it in two without so much as disturbing it. Sheathing her weapon, and without taking her eyes off of the grisly carcass, she nudges it over and away from the two of them, revealing a very solid, sanitary, chest-height surface as the rest of the tree crashes to the ground.

"I am sorry, Biche."

Pulling out the knife again, she nudges the corpse aside and sizes up her new countertop. Gently digging the point into the wood, she begins carving out a small bowl-like depression as easily as if it were made of butter. After another quiet minute, she sighs, sheathing the knife again, none worse for wear. Glancing back at her companion she remarks quietly,

"Could you find a flat rock for me? At least as big around as your open palm? The thinner the better."


File: 1403491435218.png (300.43 KB, 500x409, tumblr_mbwcvazjwU1r24hxjo1_500…)


Oh…oh right… yes.

>Having overcome her initial shock at seeing the small animal get butchered with quick, quiet efficiency far above human prowess, Agnès idly wondered if this would be the fate that awaited those who stood against them. Surely then, the carnage that she would experience would be multiplied a hundredfold in both scale and intensity. Could she then imagine herself not only allowing but also participating in such a gruesome act for even such a grand goal as her ideals?

>Truth be told, the answer brook no further question for the answer to any similar questions could only ever be "Yes". No matter the price, no matter the sacrifice or the pain she should endure, Agnès would get her hands on the Grail - the fate of her entire WORLD rested on it.

. . .

>That being said, Agnès quietly moved away to find some stone of the kind Saber had described, returning some time later with something similar to what she had asked for.

I found it…

>The girl said, her voice strained but her composure resolute.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792106

File: 1403494487037.jpg (420.53 KB, 1920x1080, Royal-Guard-Fiora-Ch.jpg)

Nodding silently, the woman takes it and sets it on top of a small fire she'd set alight in the little dip. The carcass was nowhere to be seen, but in its place were very fine cuts of meat, not a bit wasted, nor any sign that it hadn't been bought from a supermarket shelf besides the traces of blood on her hands.

"Never leave what's left out. It will attract predators."

A small, playful smile returning, she adds,

"I would have burned it, but we aren't immediately moving and I didn't think you'd enjoy smelling burnt fur for the rest of the night. It's buried a few dozen meters into the forest. If anything does smell it, at the least it won't bother us."

And if it did…


File: 1403553805666.jpg (386.86 KB, 600x600, 32356325_m.jpg)

>Yet again Agnès found e herself to be stupefied by how ridiculously adept at everything Saber proved to be. Not only had she disposed of the carcass in a way that was practical and considerate to her own sensitivities but had managed to dress the meat in such a way to almost seemed to multiply the amount of flesh contained within the small tree dwelling rodent. Looking down at the clean cuts of meat slowly cooking of the rock hot plate set above the small fire, Agnès began to feel guilty for having looked so sickened when all Saber was doing was trying to provide for her own Master however well she could. To then feel sickened at such effort was just…

. . .

>Silently moving closer to Saber, Agnès slowly proffered a small wet rag from somewhere about her person, taking on of Saber's free hands, the diminutive Master would try to clean the blood off her Servant's hand as a show of appreciation for her efforts thinking that it was the very least she could do for having acted so selfishly mere moments ago.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792394

File: 1403556298907.jpg (89.89 KB, 456x561, what is with my hand.jpg)

>their hideout was perfect
>located several meters off the mainland, and needing to cross the precarious thin ice, very few people would even consider inspecting one particular iceberg out of a cluster of four, or even risk crossing the frozen water to do so
>the hole had been dug facing out towards the ocean, hidden from sight from all angles of the snowy beach
>the iceberg itself was very large, but the cave the mage and Servant had dug out was only as big as it needed to be to prevent weakening the entire structure
>it wasn't the comfiest of accommodations, and there were almost always only a few inches between himself and the giant muscular warrior, but neither of them actually spent too long inside the cave

>two pairs or white wolves and black raven constantly scoured the island, by land and air, keeping a close watch on any movement by their opposition

>the mage himself often spent his time hunting for food, or creating more weapons out of simple wood and stone
>they weren't the best of weapons, their entire arsenal having been left behind at the Manor, along with a great big useless hole in the redhead's pocket
>there were twelve spears, five knives, four swords, and two axes laid out on the floor, sculpted out of the primitive materials
>the mage lets out a low sigh inside the icy cave, leaning back as he looks down at his work
>they were still amateurish, but the redhead felt he was beginning to get a hang of it
>sculpting was far easier than molding, especially when his spells allow him to cut through rock so easily

>he didn't even get to say goodbye, that's what was eating him from the inside

>no kiss, no "Good luck!", not even an understanding nod; he was simply there one second, and gone the next
>"I didn't even bring a picture of her…"
>with another sigh, the mage crosses his legs as he sits on the wet floor of the cave
>his arms over his lap, the single visible eye closing, the redhead remains in silence as he meditates to lose some of the weight atop his soul

>six bodies shared his life energy

>another was being kept alive by his magic
>the four constructs were formed by both

>and lastly

>the dark force that hid deep inside his soul, always searching for a crack in the frail glass to seep out and take over…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792401

File: 1403560057237.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>just outside of the cave, Berserker sat cross-legged on the ground, staring down at the ice and snow underneath him
>carrying one of the stone knives that Rocks had made, he continues to etch marks in the ground, drawing rather primitive and crude symbols in a certain pattern that made sense to him
>once done, he moves his hand away and stares contemplatively

>there were six other Servants and Masters to contend with, and they had little to work with

>he knew that he and Rocks were in the southern area of the island, and given their remote location they were likely off of one of the corners
>he raised the knife and made a marking beside one of the seven circles he drew, etching a "B" beside it for himself
>besides that, they knew very little
>someone had created a castle in the center of the island, and if his theory was correct it was likely the work of Caster
>he couldn't imagine one of the mages being responsible for constructing something like that, as the Servants were always meant to be stronger than the Masters
>or rather, he didn't want to imagine it, for if a mage had the magical ability to do that, then their Servant would have to be phenominally powerful
>he leans down and etches a "C" in the ice beside another mark, indicating where he believed Caster was

>going off of Rocks's trackers, he had a rough idea where everyone was on the island, but no way of knowing who was who

>besides the wolves they fought, they had yet to encounter anyone in the field of battle so far, so information was limited
>except for the fact that one of the mages had anti-magic abilities
>this still worried Berserker immensely, as an anti-mage was a dangerous factor to these battles - it could very well be someone who could negate his very presence on this plan, ending their own conquest with little effort
>as such, they had to seek them out and defeat them as soon as possible
>all he got from Rocks regarding this mysterious mage was that they were to the north, but there was no way of knowing just how far north they were, or if they were even still there anymore

>to further complicate matters, there was no way of telling which Servant the mage was allied with, which left open a number of possibilities

>if the Servant was Caster, they were in deep trouble. His own Magical Resistance was very low, and unless Rocks had access to some sort of armour it was likely he would be defeated by Caster with ease. Which left the possibility of Rocks facing both Caster and his Master alone, which was an insanely stupid decision, but one he assumes the redhead would attempt all the same
>if the Servant was Archer, then they were still at a disadvantage. While he was capable of long-range combat, it was not his forte, and if Archer saw them coming it was possible he'd get pinned down before even reaching the Servant. That said, if they did reach the Servant then they'd be able to turn the tide, as Archers were not always very skilled at close-range combat, whereas Berserker certainly was.
>if the Servant was Assassin, then they'd likely have an even harder time than with Archer. While there was the possibility of sneaking up on the Servant and taking them by surprise, such an act was Assassin's trademark. So the chances of him blindsiding Assassin before they blindsided him were so miniscule it was barely worth mentioning.
>if the Servant was Rider, then they might have a better chance once they got them off of their mount. The act itself would be very difficult, but doable under the right circumstances. Those circumstances, however, weren't something he could predict, leaving that a very grey area
>the last two kinds of Servants, Saber and Lancer, would be the most ideal choices. Both of them were close-combat specialists, like him, meaning he could quite easily overpower them. Saber's high Magical Resistance would mean nothing if he fought them without Rocks interfering. And while Lancers tended to be heavily armoured, all armour had weak points that could be exploited

>of course, none of this mattered if they didn't have the element of surprise, and they would need that if they hoped to finish the battle quickly before the anti-mage could do any damage

>but they would need to find the right way to approach them to do this
>stealth was not something Berserker was very good at, even if just setting off on foot was the easiest way to accomplish that
>but even if they managed to approach the mage successfully, the fact that they didn't know who the Servant was meant they could easily be walking into a trap
>so there was no point in preparing unless they could make that distinction
>and they couldn't do that until they knew where the mage was

>with a frustrated grunt, he drives the stone knife into the ice, then reaches up and rubs his temples

>his mind was swimming with countless ideas and plans, but being unable to actually utilize any of them only left him with a swelling headache
>he couldn't wait any longer. They had to act now.

>he raises a fist and swings it back, slamming it into the side of the cave mouth

>the loud THUD rings throughout the cave, before he calls out


I want a word!

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792405

File: 1403560834435.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the massive THUD that causes the small cave to tremble would, surprisingly, not actually surprise the mage
>it was only in meditation that the mage could actually feel as one with the Servant, although not quite at the same level as his other constructs
>the frustration building inside the warrior's head was as clear as day for the mage, and that usually meant the Servant began hitting things

>his eye slowly opens, looking over his shoulder at the entrance of their hideout
>there isn't much urgency in the mage's speed as he turns fully to make it to his knees, but he still heads to the Servant with some quickness
>crawling on his hands and knees, he peeks out from behind the Berserker's massive arms at the map carved on the ice, curiously turning his head to the warrior's face afterwards
What is it? Do you have a plan already?
>part of the mage thinks the Servant is only going to yell at him to feel better about himself
>it wasn't often the Berserker actually called him by name, after all

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792411

File: 1403561202815.jpg (208.52 KB, 1600x900, Khal_Drogo_Wallpaper_HD_Vvallp…)


No. And that is the problem.

>Berserker turns his head around to regard Rocks, moving his hand away from the cave mouth at the same time

>Rocks could easily see the frustration and anger on his face, but along with that was weariness, showing just how long he had been trying to think

Are you certain that your constructs cannot tell the Servants and Masters apart?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792419

File: 1403561764949.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the mage blinks, even the eye patch over his left eye twitching slightly from the reflex
>he points a finger upwards towards the sky
My ravens can't. The energies are just to similar to be able to find any distinction.
>he shifts from his position, taking a cross-legged seat again at the mouth of the cave
The wolves can, though. I've had them smell out the entire island for all they could find.
>he reaches into one of the pouches in his belt, removing a large nail with a red scarf tied near its head
>he grips the metal nail slightly, quickly making seven small stabs on the Berserker's maps
They found out the spots where we were first dropped here, and where the other teams went after that.
>once again he moves the nail over the map, only this time marking small circles in the snow of the last known locations of the remaining six teams
None of the teams have made a move yet, so this is all we know right now.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792421

File: 1403562310039.jpg (118.97 KB, 1024x576, khal-drogo-1024.jpg)

>this seems to relax the Servant significantly, a long sigh leaving his mouth and his posture changing just a bit

Good…that makes this immensely easier…

>he turns his attention down to the map again, memorizing the separate locations as best he can, in particular their own so they had a point to start from

>he opens his mouth to continue, but pauses, taking a moment to think
>while Rocks did say that they could now tell the difference, that didn't mean he found out everything they needed to know

…so what else can you tell me?

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792424

File: 1403562657122.jpg (175.04 KB, 640x960, Broken-Blade.Sigyn-Erster.640x…)

>The great hills were steep and rocky, but thanks to the skills of her Servant they had finally made it here. No moment had been spared to move further south, through the small amount of woods that populated the area and down along the strange, snowy path that led them onward.

>Along their travels, they had arrived at what looked like a former farmhouse, though the fields and equipment used had long since degraded through the cold and the snow, rendering all of it useless. What they had found, however, was food - quite a lot of it.

>Various meats, pork and poultry, had all been frozen for what appeared to be many years. Unfortunately this meant that such stock was relatively inedible, and Sigyn didn't want to die of food poisoning - that'd be a rather pathetic way to leave this war. What they did manage, however, was fruit. Strawberries and raspberries, in fact, all collected in frozen packets as if to be stored as part of the farm. These wouldn't be the freshest when reheated - a simple task of taking some of Lancer's magic and turning it into fire - but they would be edible, providing much-needed nourishment in the frozen wastes. They could hunt if they needed to, Lancer's spear would find a target true, but why waste time when such a plentiful and simple resource was available? It wouldn't be the most satisfying of meals, but it would do.

>From there, after having spent the night amongst the rooms (Lancer standing guard outside in a semi-restful state so as to consume less energy), they pushed further south. The twisting path led them to a large group of frozen hills, comparable to small moutains. Choosing the smoother path, they'd made their way through another small wood, and upon their exit they found their first target.

Lancer… do you see it?

>Around them were what appeared to be the ruins of a small fort. Old brick and mortar that had long since crumbled and eroded scattered about the place, presumably as a blockade given the two large mountain-like hills either side of it. Another forest continued to the south of them, along with many more and larger snow-capped landmasses, but what she had seen was only barely visible on the horizon.

>The top spires of a large building - a deep black amongst the white like a dark shadow looming over the land. If these were only the tips, no doubt that beyond that southern mountain they would see a vast structure, far larger than anything they had come across as of yet.

What do you make of it? We're not yet in range of my mana sense, so I can't tell but… it certainly doesn't look natural.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792429

File: 1403562989411.jpg (9.55 KB, 160x316, images.jpg)

>Meanwhile, in the castle…
>Caster had been busy once again massing his legions into the world. Or it would be more accurate that he never stopped his work at all.

>Even with shutting himself in his lab, the halls of his castle were now teaming with vampire butlers and maids all working diligently in maintaining the castle… as well as stuffing food items into the walls for some reason.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792431

File: 1403563034839.jpg (73.91 KB, 531x474, so he did take Long John Silve…)

>the mage glances at the Berserker for a short moment, noticing some of that weariness fade away from his face
>turning back to the map, the mage himself pauses to think about what he's been able to find

>he reaches over with the nail, tapping the large "C" in the center of the map
You were right about the castle. It was a Servant that summoned it, and it's also them that are taking over the wolves around the island.
They're slowly growing in numbers, and this drags on for too long, they could very well have the entire wolf population of this island under their control.
>another pause, not only to let the Berserker take in his words, but for the redhead to also be able to think
>the nail moves again, the mage pointing at another place in the map where he would draw a small box around the circle
There's a small building, of sorts, here. A team is hiding there, but they came from-
>he moves the nail to another section of the island, where there would be a cave
Here. This was the same place one of my constructs got hit by a fireball, but the interesting thing is, there's a very sudden increase in the Servant's magic in this area, which stretches all the way-
>he trails the nail back to the square
To their new hiding spot, where the scent goes back to normal.
>he pauses again for a few seconds, but can only give a very short shrug
I'm not really sure what that means… Ah!
>he jolts slightly, suddenly remembering something
>and very quickly aims down at one of the circles on the map
This one. I almost forgot… Seven wizards and seven Servants, right?
>he looks up at the Berserker with a rather stern look in his eye, clearly something that he felt could be very important
This one doesn't have a Servant. There isn't a seventh Servant anywhere on the island. Is it possible they managed to join without one?

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792436

File: 1403563523046.jpg (931.33 KB, 2000x1600, Travel path.jpg)

>The travel path of Sigyn and Lancer as according to the map
>The Star at the top represents their landing location, whilst the circle around the building represents the long-abandoned farmhouse. Their path heads through the woods before the final circle, surrounded by smaller stars, is their current location amidst the ruins of the fort.


File: 1403563581707.png (372.57 KB, 600x600, 30515703_p19.png)


>Jo had been mostly delving through books and other material at the time, making sure any of her firebased spells were up to snuff

>Watching as Maids and butlers went across the halls, stuffing food and various other items into the castles bricks, she saw as one of them stuffed a case of fried tofu into the wall

>Gasping at this travesty, the master angrily stomped off towards her servant

>To any whom could detect magic and had been detecing the magic of the area, they'd find the strange contrast between Jo's very inari like kitsunebi and Caster's own magical signature

>Shouting as she went into the lab where Caster was, she practically gives him the evil eye

…I saw minions stuffing TOFU into the walls! What the hell are they doing that for?! …Granted they were mostly stuffing turkey in there, but still! Why the tofu!?

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792446

File: 1403563997887.jpg (206.26 KB, 800x1131, fiora_by_onlysaneonez-d6euz3u.…)

Staying silent as her Master does one of the more subservient things she could think of, she nevertheless fails to stop her, waiting until she'd finished and tells her, smiling,

"Now who is the Servant and who is the Master?"

Chuckling, she takes the girl's hands in her own and squeezes.

"I renew the promise I made to you, my doe-eyed Master, but with a change. I will not do my best to have your wish granted, I will have your wish granted, even if that means spilling every ounce of my blood for you."

Letting go and smiling bravely, despite her grave words, the duelist adds,

"I have never really had a purpose before. I spent my lifetime lusting after adventure and life, but never had one, not until now."

For the first time seeming a bit lost for words, she continues, while looking up and away,

"It's… Nice. Quite nice, actually."

Turning back to face her young master, her smile comes back anew as she adds,

"It is my honor to share your quest, ma biche."
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Caster!aLEJudith. 792447

File: 1403564259313.jpg (45.45 KB, 442x479, 442px-Dracula_Prelude_to_Reven…)

>Caster, currently overseeing two butlers each chiselling statues of large hounds doesn't react to Jo's anger. Even if it's the first time he's witnessed it directed at him.

As both a Lure for our foes and emergency rations for us in case the kitchens are captured or destroyed.

>Because of it's tremendous stock, the two of them have been eating very well since the war started. To have that supply cut off would mean Caster would have to waste time having to have food gathered or face his "master" starving. Pitiful weak mortals.

I figured you'd like something of your own preference among though stockpiles as well.

>Partly that and he wanted to torment her a bit.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792448

File: 1403564263258.jpg (178 KB, 550x639, tumblr_msxfzp6shL1stimkco1_128…)

>The nights since they had first set off across the island had been heavy with anticipation for Lancer. There was no telling when an enemy might attack them or if others had taken it upon themselves to seek out and engage enemies as they had. If so, then an ambush from the likes of Assassin or Archer could happen at just about any moment, leaving Lancer without a chance of leaving his guard for even a moment as they made their way towards their intended location.

. . .

>When finally the two of them come to a stop just outside another small patch of frozen woodlands, Lancer could clearly see spires of some grand castle sticking out of a nearby mountain laying black against a background of white mountains.

A castle standing high atop some mountain.

>From this distance and angle it was impossible to know if the castle was occupied or not. It was still very possible that the building was a decrepit husk of some former age and construct and so did not voice any hypothesis of what it might be to Sigyn in case that he might be wrong.


File: 1403564773490.png (296.14 KB, 600x780, heavy winter clothing.png)


>The fox looks down and sighs

I still can't help but feel it a waste of time, if I really needed to I could easily catch my own food..

>she points to her ears

I am a fox after all.

>Crossing her arms she sighs

They'd be better off if they trained a bit rather than this…but I'm not going to argue much more, your methods are usually sound.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792455

File: 1403565341933.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)

>Berserker nods along with Rocks's first statement, confirming for him that the castle definitely belonged to Caster
>though the fact that they were taking over every beast in the area meant it wouldn't be long before they'd have to be on their guard all the time
>still, he decides they're better left alone for now, not having the resources to take on them just yet, and they'd need to prepare for an army like that

>he quietly files away the location of the one team, noting that the mage seemed to be well-prepared, and again something to deal with later

>the lone mage, however, gives him pause, his head tilting curiously

…no. That should be impossible.

No one outside of those chosen should even know about the War.

>he stares down at the map for a second, his brow furrowed in thought

…if Caster is at the castle…

>he picks up his knife again and etches an "As" beside the point Rocks picked out

Then this must be Assassin.

The class is meant to be skilled at hiding and stalking its targets. So this one being able to hide their magic from you wouldn't be impossible.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 792456

File: 1403565561876.jpg (271.44 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n1l1m5kQjz1tnrlsko1_500…)

>That Saber accepted her doting on her as an apology came to immense relief to Agnès who had honestly half-expected the woman to push her away after the way her own Master had reacted to Saber's care. However, when Saber took Agnès's hands into her and squeezed them gently, the young girl found herself blushing quite profusely; wondering where this was going and why the older, more confident woman was touching her so tenderly.

. . .

>When finally her hands were released after what felt like hours of bated silence but was in actuality less then mere seconds of contact, Agnès heard her servant's heartfelt words and thought her head might simply explode as her blush increased a thousandfold over the loving nicknames and purposeful declarations she was given.

>When finally Saber was done talking, Agnès found herself replying to her own Servant with a breathless stuttering voice.

O-o-of course I-I-I am the M-Master!!

Y-Your c-commitment t-to the c-c-cause is a-a-appreciated S-Saber!!!

W-W-Whi… With your h-help I-I a-am sure t-to s-s-s-s-see t-that m-my w-w-world is s-saved!

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792457

File: 1403565565265.jpg (118.29 KB, 759x726, Sigyn 46.jpg)

… yes. Very astute. I can see that for myself.

>Was there really nothing more he could add? Perhaps it simply wasn't within his ability range, or maybe Servants didn't have particularly enhanced senses on a passive basis like the had originally thought. A constructed body made on that kind of level was surely made to perform impressive feats, but she had yet to see much of it.

>Not that she was entirely disappointed - he was loyal, steadfast and would likely follow her anywhere. Lancer felt impressive, just standing around him, but there was little to no proof of it yet…

>With a sigh, she reached across through her robe and the red cloak covering it, placing her hand gently against his shield.

Bear with me a moment, I have an idea.

>She had been able to use and manipulate the magic that made up his armour before, but admittedly he was still a very complex being. She couldn't physically destroy it, there was a limit to how much mana she could manipulate at any one time and the amount that formed a Servant was utterly phenomenal, but if she could just use a tiny portion…

>It would take focus. That castle was a very long way away, and she needed this boost of mana. Even if she pushed her magic senses out to a tiny window in front of her, she would only be able to search 500 metres forward at most, but with this borrowed power, something normally inaccessible to her on a daily basis, she could triple that range. No, perhaps even more than that.

Concentrate, Sigyn… concentrate..!

>Reaching out, channeling Lancer's magic as her own for a brief moment, the very tiny window of mana sense rushed forwards, reaching up above the mountainous hills, before finally managing to reach the great black spire on the horizon.


>With a gasp, she immediately receded. It was not what she expected. Sigyn had planned to slowly and very carefully scan what she could in order to see if she could detect any magical presences. What she had learned was a bit beyond her initial calculations.

>Pulling her hand away from Lancer's shield, she took a few deep breaths. Concentrating like that took a bit of effort, but it had only taken a moment to make sense of what she had felt.

That castle, it's made entirely of magic. Everything, from the brick and mortar that makes up the walls to whatever decorates the inside. I couldn't gleam much more than this, but surely such a thing…

>Standing strong, she stared up at the very distant spire. It would be a long walk, given that it was likely around half a day out through the woods in front of them, if not more given the mountainous wall, but Sigyn felt resolute.

I believe we've found our first target.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792463

File: 1403566137035.jpg (104.49 KB, 1920x1080, iDuel.jpg)

Snickering softly to herself at the poor girl's confusion, the Servant bows low and gracefully.

"Hopefully we may see it together."

Standing upright, she smiles and turns back to the impromptu counter, her hands busy with preparing the girl's meal as she faces her Master and speaks.

"It is a shame that we are not in my homeland. One bite, and you would be unable to stand lesser foods for the rest of your life."

Stopping, her hands freezing and her face taking on a puzzled look for a moment, she comments,

"Or is that a good thing…?"

Caster!aLEJudith. 792465

File: 1403566166946.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

>But where would be the fun in that? He didn't doubt her ability to catch pray, but…

Leaving the walls is ill advised. As long as we're in here we're better protected then anyone else on this island.

>If the enemy wanted to wait outside the walls, they'd starve to death or die in the environment eventually. But going outside meant they'd have to face them on equal terms. Not something he wanted.

>The two butlers had finished the statues now. One a dull red, almost pink and the other a faded green. Caster examines the work of the almost life like works of art.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792467

File: 1403566315802.jpg (60.25 KB, 736x1053, tumblr_mxvfb3iOOd1qjg4hco1_128…)

>Taking in the knowledge that the entire castle was made of magic and that Caster and its Master lay somewhere inside, Lancer reached out with his spear arm and wrapped it around Sigyn's slender waist, pressing the woman against his armored chest, his legs flexing decidedly as he did.

Hold on tight, we are going there -Now-

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792468

File: 1403566485820.jpg (138.1 KB, 528x748, whats that.jpg)

>perhaps strangely, despite the assurance that the last Servant was not missing, the mage's frown only increases as he looks down at the "A"
That's what I was afraid of…
>he crosses his arms, looking up at the Berserker
I think I would prefer to face an impossible opponent, than one I'm not able to see…
>he pauses before opening his mouth to say something-
>but almost immediately stops himself

>on one of its flies around the island, one of the small black ravens had spotted something

>or rather, a lock of something, as two of the had left their hiding place

>the mage, having grown silent for a few seconds while staring at the sky, holds up his finger

Our antsy friends are moving again…
>placing the nail over the map, he slowly makes a trail down from the northernmost circle

>mimicking this motion would be the bird in the sky, quickly finding the missing team from its highly advantageous position

>the nail finally stops at a rough estimate of the team's location, the redhead tapping on it with the nail

They stopped there, but I'll keep Huginn close by to see where they're heading.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792471

File: 1403566941335.jpg (83.93 KB, 539x356, Oh my god.jpg)

>Having stared at the Castle in contemplation for a moment, she had begun to devise strategies for how to take it on if it was indeed an enemy stronghold.
>She could chip away at it from a distance and tear it apart, brick by brick, until the entire thing collapsed, or she could shift some of the castle into explosive magic and blow it apart piece by piece. Alternatively there was the possibility of opening secret pathways through the magical castle, or attempting to locate the enemies within it specifical-

Wha-!? Wait wait wait! No! What are you doing? Hold on!

>Having been picked up by the strong arms of her Servant, Sigyn wasn't sure what to think. What kind of nonsense was he spouting? How did he intend to get them there -now- of all things? Furthermore, why did he need to press her so close against him…!?

>Sigyn struggled at first, before resigning half due to shock and half out of curiosity.

How? That castle is hours away, we might not even get there by nightfall!

>The startled Sigyn couldn't notice the black raven, the creature over a hundred meters away in the air and thus beyond her normal range even had she been concentrating enough.
>For now, she lay still beneath her Servant's arms, though magical power seemed to be growing… and very quickly.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792472

File: 1403567208462.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>Berserker looks up at Rocks when he suddenly changes topic, an eyebrow quirking in mild confusion
>when he makes note of a team on the move, he turns his attention back to the map, eyeing the path they were following
>his eyes trail down past their new location, then moves his hand out and points to another circle

If they keep heading along that path, they'll run into Caster's base.


>he moves his hand away and places it against his chin, briefly pondering what to do about them

>he instead leaves the subject alone for later, looking back up at Rocks

What about the anti-mage?

Were you able to determine which one they are?


File: 1403567209732.png (262.9 KB, 600x750, how boring.png)


>She nods a bit…and sighs

I still can't help but feel we're sitting ducks in here.

>Stretching a bit though, she cut off a few strands of her hair and turned them into long swords, which she gave to four of the vampire maids and four of the butlers.

…might as well cure my paranoia by keeping them well equipped no?


>Despite her superior mana sensing prowess, the duo aren't yet close enough for Jo to sense anything more than what she already was, a slight sense of paranoia.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792475

File: 1403568064028.png (85.4 KB, 320x220, 64-STD.png)

>As the vampires examine their new weaponry, Caster nods at her statement about being in once place.

Even I have limitations in this world. Much of my abilities are tied to this castle. Without it, I'm afraid to say that we'd be one of the easier pairs to pick off.

>Placing his hands on the statures, he places a small amount of mana into them.. A few moments later, the statues come to life and begin the sniff at the air around them.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792476

File: 1403568908212.jpg (47.14 KB, 350x382, to be or not to be.jpg)

>the mage's head turns again to look at the warrior
Do you think they're going to try to take it over? Or maybe they don't even know that was summoned by one of the Servants…
>he crosses his arms again, closing his eye to focus

>far above in the sky, the black raven would simply be a small speck in the cloudy grey
>its powerful wings move in a rhythmic upwards and downwards motions, allowing the construct to defy gravity itself and remain in a stationary spot in midair without much effort
>while it couldn't see very well from its position, it could see enough to be able to tell where the two souls on the ground would head towards, and follow them

>the mage taps a finger over his arm at Berserker's question

Not from it's standing…
>opening his eye again, he glances at the warrior
Freki is close by. I'll wait and see if they'll move away, then send him in to find anything.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792477

File: 1403569027207.gif (1.28 MB, 245x300, tumblr_n5313ogEne1qjnbtgo1_250…)

>With his legs flexing further still further still, the ground itself began to tremble beneath the Servants mighty sway, dust and small rocks being flung into the air from the micro earth-quake occurring right beneath the armored knight.

Remember your plan, Master.

We take the enemy on our own terms and force them to fight us flat-footed.

>With every word the man spoke his glowing red eyes seemed to glow stronger in intensity. A bright golden light appearing across his back that shone with such intensity that it rivalled that of the sun itself.

Remember your goals and ambitions!

Remember why you fight!

But never forget -WHO FIGHTS BY YOUR SIDE-

>By now the golden light had turned a bright orange, an intense aura of heat radiating from Lancer as the earthquake at his feet grew stronger and stronger still as the earth itself seemed to be struggling to hold of the force of the man that trod upon it.

My name is Legend, Sigyn!

You chose me for a reason!

Remember now what it is the bards sang when they spoke of the might of JASON!

>With a mighty inhuman roar of magic and a torrent of magic beyond the scope of mortality, dragon wings of fire three times the size of Lancer sprouted from his back whilst the man yelled at the top of his lungs.


>Upon unleashing the name of his Noble Phantasm, Lancer beat his mighty fiery wings a single time sending the pair of them rocketing into the sky with speeds too fast to be followed by the naked eye and leaving only a trail of fire in their wake to be seen by all.
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Lancer !MrCarnage2 792478

File: 1403569044462.jpg (538.85 KB, 1215x717, tumblr_n4gs9nBXd11sruwpxo1_128…)


>As the pair of them flew so high off the ground that they could no longer be seen, a veritable meteor of flames came crashing down from the sky onto Caster’s castle; the force of the impact being such that it blasted an enormous hole into the stone structure that shook the mighty castle all the way down to its foundations.

>Roll 1d500 = 44

>1-100 = They smash all the way down to the very first floors of the castle.
>101-200 = They smash their way into the armory.
>201-300 = They land in the kitchen.
>301-400 = They smash their way into the resident’s quarters.
>401-450 = They crash with such strength that their momentum carries them all the way through the castle and into the dungeons bellow.
>451-499 = They land directly into the room where Caster its Master stand.
>500 = Lancer land on top of Caster, squishing him as he lands.

>Regardless of the roll… Upon the crash site unfolded a figure straight out of myth and legend. A mighty titan clad in armor whose scarlet red eyes glowed with intent and purpose that could not be matched or denied. The stone or ceramic beneath them seeming to blow melt in the shape of a small crater as a testament to the fury and strength bestowed upon Lancer when he flew through the skies on the wings of –Dragons– with the spear in his right hand glowing with a heat unmatched in even the greatest of forges.


File: 1403569689362.png (13.85 KB, 500x500, Wut jo2.png)


>That feeling, that pure raw magical energy, the last time she'd felt something that big was when she'd summoned Caster

>No, this was bigger than Caster, this imposing strength and will power…

>Shaking to the fiber of her core as she feels it, she manages to shout

Caster! Is everyone prepared?!

Roll 1d1000 = 295
>evens, and despite the absolutely enormity of the other Servant's presence, Jo is able to detect where they are and shouts in response

They're on the first floor!

>odds, the presence of Lancer and the after effect of him using his noble phantasm is too much for the Fox's meager senses and she looks around frantically

I'm not sure where they are, scatter the groups of minions all over.

>regardless of roll, the Fox remains rooted still, if the other servants wielded power like this, what chance did she and Caster stand?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792482

File: 1403569987488.png (140.95 KB, 500x282, tumblr_m8v8p0FeRl1r2gme7o1_500…)


Hmm…fair enough…

>Berserker folds his arms and focuses mainly on the map, humming softly as he starts to think about the situation that was building up


If this is the anti-mage and their Servant…we may not have to do anything.

>he reaches out and taps the spot on the map where the castle was

Out of all of the Servants, Caster is the one that could hurt me the most.

My magical defenses are very weak. And unless you can make a suit of armour from those stones you've been collecting, I wouldn't stand a chance against him.

But the anti-mage…

>he lifts his head and turns to look at Rocks again, a surprisingly relaxed smile on his face

We can just sit here and wait.

If the anti-mage defeats Caster, then my most damaging counterpart is out of the way.

If not…

>he simply shrugs at him

Then we won't have to worry about the anti-mage anymore.
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Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792483

File: 1403570328716.jpg (132.11 KB, 569x794, holy shit.jpg)

>What in the fairy's name!?

>She had read the legends, pored over them as she skimmed the vast number of adventures the great hero had found himself upon, various feats of skill and strength had tested him and a variety of strange a wondrous items had fallen into his possession, one of them standing out most of all - the legendary Golden Fleece.

>Yet, of all things, she hadn't truly expected to see that power first-hand, let alone feel it. Sigyn knew that if Lancer hadn't protected her as he had she might well be but charred flesh on the ground right now, but as the pair leapt into the sky with astounding speed she found herself in a calming place - aside his chest in the wake of it all, where no wind or force could touch her.

>She wanted to take in the sight of the island, the frozen land spread out below them forming a small island in the middle of the ocean, but by the time she'd taken a brief glance out across the horizon to see all the island's edge, they were falling. Like a fiery comet they collided with the outer wall of the castle, and for a moment Sigyn feared for her life, worried that they would end up a mere splat amongst the slate.

>But they pushed through.

>Crashing down through walls and floors, by the time they came to a halt she couldn't even tell how far they had just gone, both across the land and into the castle. Everything had passed in a blur, and as she looked up at her Servant in bewilderment and amazement, she couldn't help but feel her fears, her doubts, being dissuaded.

>This was a Servant.
>This was the hero, Jason, that she had summoned.

I-…. incredible.

>So flabbergasted was she that her senses failed her, not immediately trying to search around her for anything. It would take her some time to recuperate after experiencing something of that magnitude.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792484

File: 1403570552289.jpg (25.05 KB, 233x217, oh no thats hot.jpg)

>the sheer intensity of the growing soul is enough to cause the black bird to fly back, despite already being nearly a hundred meters away
>in the dark and shadowy world seen through its eyes, the growing soul would burn as bright as a star
>however, that brightness would make it easy to follow, and even as the soul rocketed towards the sky in the blink of a eye, the raven could still see it, far above the clouds
>before it came crashing back down, right on top of the glowing castle in the distance

>the redhead had grown silent, his jaw hanging in a stunned surprise





Th-They're… attacking th-the castle…
>the mage's voice is weak, his eye wide open in sheer awe at the display of magic the raven had just witnessed
>were all of the other Servants this powerful!?

>Roll 1d100 = 88

>evens, some part of him still has enough sense to send one of the ghostly wolves towards the now charred location, and immediately begin searching

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 792485

File: 1403570870572.jpg (62.96 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mc0gf2r4fN1rerbxmo1_500…)

>The class skill of Independant Action was a strange blessing, on occasion. While Lily slept soundly, he could move freely without the need of a mana supply from his Master, allowing him the mobility and planning to be able to outflank and prepare for almost any occasion, at the cost of leaving his master vulnerable.
>That was why he had briefly ventured to the nearby ice-cliff, reaching rather high amongst the hills. It hadn't taken him too long to jump up to this height, and from here his sharp class-granted vision could keep watch over the small log cabin they had made their temporary home. It was cold out, but he didn't intend to be here for long. A brief scouting attempt before returning to Lily's side, he simply couldn't risk her being harmed in any way.

>But that was when he saw it.

>The bright flash of light on the horizon, tearing down from the sky with a violent explosion into what appeared to be a small group of spires in the far distance.
>Whilst lacking true context of what had just happened, his keen sight only able to see so far, the power he could simply feel from his location alerted him to a simple and obvious conclusion.

>Yet, this didn't elicit any show of shock or worry from the servant atop the wall of ice, instead opting to smirk. Such a violent crash could only mean one thing, and he could feel himself shiver at the thought, the anticipation of what was to come ever-present in his mind was now even moreso, his gaze not leaving the small tower of smoke rising from the distance.

>It was an impressive display, but it by no means meant that fight, whoever it was between, was over.

>It did, however, symbolise something.

This Holy Grail War… has finally begun.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 792486

File: 1403570899343.jpg (243.33 KB, 500x558, tumblr_mk3a8y6b5x1r0yf4ko1_500…)

>Blinking at the sudden humor after having gone through such an emotional talk, Agnès found herself smiling nervously feeling that she was still a bit shaken by Saber's sudden redoubling of her vows.

I-I am sure that the food is quite…

>Before she could voice her exact opinion on how it would feel the eat the very best of foods, Agnès was cut off by the sight of a grand fiery meteor smashing into the castle. From this distance, Agnès could see the meteor smash its way all the way down to the ground floor of the castle, leaving behind an enormous hole in its wake.

. . .

. . .

. . .

>Standing there numbly at such a titanic display of strength, Agnès looked upon the work of this enemy Servant and asked herself…

>"Can I really do this?"

>And for the first time since her quest began, despite Saber's apparent skill, despite the reassurances that she was right in act and purpose for wanting to save her world from dying; after having witnessed such a display, the girl was not sure if she could.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792489

File: 1403571247929.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)



>Berserker stares at Rocks for a few seconds, focusing on his stunned expression

>he then lets out a barking laugh, looking away from him and across the horizon, to where he knew the castle was


Ahhh…what I wouldn't give to see what you can see right now…

This is sure to be a battle to remember…

Caster!aLEJudith. 792490

File: 1403571676736.jpg (33.41 KB, 387x480, 387px-CoD_Dracula.jpg)

>Caster jolts as the castle is rocked by the power of Lancer's Noble Phantasm.

Looks like our first opponents have arrived…

>He smirks as now he has them where we wants them. Caster spends a decent sized portion of his mana and spreads it out into the castle… the Castle in turn quickly repairs the damaged that Lancer had done. Starting from the floor above them and going up to the roof.

>Should Lancer attempt to shatter the walls of the castle once more, he'd find it would prove fruitless… The castle and it's master had now trapped them inside.

>Doing as his Master asked, Caster bellows out commands that do not just reverberate in the lab, but throughout the entire castle

Fresh blood enters my halls! Go forth my army and strike them down so I may feast upon their bodies and souls!!

>A the command, ever vampire and otherworldly creature in the castle begins their search for the intruders…


>Gathering a sense of their soundings, the first floor seemed to be a indoor garden of sorts with plants, both natural and otherwise growing in planters all around them.

>More disturbing though was the floating watering cans that stalked the area watering the plant life all around them with blood.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792491

File: 1403572294621.jpg (260.55 KB, 636x900, league_of_legends__fiora_by_na…)

Raising an eyebrow at the show of strength, and despite the glory and power on display, the woman can't help but shrug, unimpressed. If the ability to run away really far or bring the fight to them on her terms and her field of choice was the most her enemy had to offer, she wasn't really all that worried.

It wasn't like a single person on this island could fight her anyway.

Her Master's hesitation and scared look, however…

"…What would you say if I told you that I could have a blade in that Servant's heart before the night is over?"

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 792493

File: 1403572320264.jpg (122.44 KB, 1600x900, spartan_pantheon__by_huskywong…)

>Having crashed through the castle in its entirety and now finding themselves to be in what appeared to a strange sort of greenhouse. And though the watering cans of blood and the walls reforming at their leisure was strange in of itself, Lancer was not one to allow much of anything to affect his purpose; especially given that they were now in a construct made of magic and that such strange or grisly sights merely spoke of the madness of Caster rather than it did any threat to himself or his Master.

This is no time to be Starstruck.

>Lancer commented off-handedly as he willed the flames at his back and spear to disappear before they could burn through too much of his mana. Putting Sigyn on the ground to stand on her own whilst Lancer stepped forward with his shield raised, intent to face anything that Caster or its Master might throw at them.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792494

File: 1403572432234.jpg (114.13 KB, 472x640, not impressed.jpg)

>a ghostly white blur would almost instantly reach the location of the other team's takeoff
>in a short burst of white flames, the ghostly wolf would grow larger, more powerful, and more solid in its form
>the second stage of the spell was harder to hide, but its abilities were also greatly increased
>without looking off into the horizon, without bothering with the raven as it swoops down to rest atop the ruins of the ancient fort, the wolf immediately begins sniffing the darkened ground beneath it

>the stench was immense, a single action from the Servant almost overpowering every other scent on the island at that moment

>the Berserker had spoken of the ultimate art of each Servant, the Noble Phantasm that laid dormant within all of the contest's constructs
>if this level of sheer brute power was not the mythical Phantasm, then the mage would hate to actually come face to face to one

>but even at the humbling power left behind by the Servant's spell, the wolf focuses solely on its job

>its nose stuck to the floor, it quickly turns to face the castle under assault in the distance
>there was something hidden deep beneath the scent of the Phantasm, like a rodent in its burrow beneath tons and tons of dirt
>it was small and insignificant, easily overlooked by anyone that would be able to sense it

>there was a very small, very thin line of the Servant's scent, stretching from the spot where he stood, and heading towards the castle's walls

>the scent was so minuscule compared to the overpowering stench all around the area, but it was exactly that smallness that stood out
>all along that thin line there was another, an even smaller and frailer coat of magic the guided it, controlled it, took hold of the Servant's power and made it its own

>a magic that didn't belong to the Servant

>but of the female Mage next to him

>the mage's eye closes, quickly settling down from his initial shock
>slowly breathing inward, he quickly takes in all that the wolf sees and smells, before turning to the Berserker with a much more serious look on his face than the Servant had on his
The anti-mage is the wizard.
>quickly and simply, feeling that the next piece of information was more important than that
And she can manipulate a Servant's magic.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792496

File: 1403573218818.jpg (197.87 KB, 1210x917, Sigyn 134.jpg)

>Lancer's comment immediately snapped her back into focus, allowing him to put her back on the ground with ease but immediately turning away from him after the fact.

I am not! That was just… surprising.

>It was far more than surprising, but as he said, this was no time to be starstruck. They were deep into enemy territory right now, and wherever they had landed was now likely filled with threats, or the potential for them. Taking a brief look around, she found herself immediately disgusted at the vile machinations of whoever owned this castle, blood being poured for a wide variety of plant life being the most notable of them.

Ugh… blood magic. An absolute affront to the very reason why I took part in this war.

>Her voice was filled with disgust, as though the act itself was a blasphemy to her in some way. Almost immediately, she scattered her magical presence, looking to find and feel what she could. Strangely, all the magic felt linked, as though it were all part of the same whole - a whole who was full camouflaged amongst the castle. If this was the Servant's work, she could not find him.

>What she could find, however, was a trace of something that wasn't truly attached, not related to the castle itself. A strange energy that felt difficult to describe, almost as though it were part of a monster more than a mage, yet milder and more tame, more capable. Was this the mage who summoned the Servant?

>The energy was only trace, but it was definitely coming from a direction.


>After that simple statement, she turned to Lancer, pointing simply towards the ceiling.

We need to proceed up - that's where we'll find them. I know not what dangers lay ahead, only that there's a lot of magic being used right now, some of which seems to be moving above us, as well as in this room. I can't tear apart the walls, there's a source that's actively keeping them repaired now. It seems we have to follow the path laid out before us.

>She could reverse engineer the spell that was holding the walls together, but that would take time for an analysis they could not make. Not to mention that a Servant's magic was incredibly vast by nature, something on so large a scale would be difficult to do.

>Sigyn would have to concentrate on what lay ahead of them, first. Small constructs she could tear apart with relative ease, but if this was truly a living castle…

Be careful. I have a feeling we've stumbled into more than we expected.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 792497

File: 1403573586104.jpg (662.13 KB, 1536x2048, 40310552.jpg)

>Turning to look at the secured, confident stance of her Servant, Agnès wondered at the woman's words and how to take them. Was she simply boasting or did she somehow know that she was stronger than even something of -that- magnitude?

I…I would be relieved that you were so strong and confident in yourself.

>She honestly told the woman, wondering if Saber had really just said that to make her Master feel better.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792499

File: 1403574482064.jpg (184.47 KB, 610x374, khal-drogo-jason-momoa.jpg)

>the Servant's head snaps over to stare at Rocks after he says this, his smile fading away and being replaced by a thoroughly unnerved expression
>if she could manipulate her own Servant's abilities, then who was to say she couldn't do the same for any other Servant?
>it didn't mean she could, but the possibility was certainly there
>he looks back to the horizon and tents his fingers together, his mind troubled with questions and the desire to see this for himself

…then we had best pray she doesn't win.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792500

File: 1403574768359.jpg (82.45 KB, 350x750, tumblr_n0kimc4QQ81s0adc8o1_500…)

Even though her senses were far beyond those of a normal human's, they weren't perfect, but the woman swore she'd seen an outline of a longer weapon, vaguely spear-like.

If that were the case, the fight was already won for her. She was too fast, and it would be far too easy to get inside of its effective range and slip her blade under the Servant's ribcage and into their heart. It didn't matter who they were, she was stronger, and there was no way they could win when her means of fighting made them unable to retaliate.

…She'd just have to get there before they decided to run off with whatever they pilfered from the castle.

"Would you like to go? It's almost certain that someone will have followed after that display, and we may have an easy time of it should we come across them."

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792502

File: 1403574947126.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

But we need to be prepared if she does.
>the mage's response is quick and surprisingly stern
>before even giving the warrior a chance to speak, the redhead continues
We can't rely on our strategy against them. If it comes down to it and we have to face them, we will both have to fight.
>he places the tip of the long nail on the icy ground, airily dragging it along the surface of the iceberg

I'll take her on, while you keep the Servant busy.
>very simply, the mage's tone not being one of confidence, but of a strange regret
If you keep him from killing me… I'll have no problem taking on the anti-mage.


File: 1403575427346.png (259.44 KB, 400x600, huh.png)


>Caster had announced his presence within the castle, and very assertively

>It seemed any sort of diplomacy would be lost for them
>The fear weakening her knees though…the Servant who arrived must be beyond powerful
>…Even so though, power alone has its limits, this wasn't a mere contest of brute strength, as she'd known for awhile now, this was war
>She'd figured this war meant a lot to many of those involved, whether there desire be something trivial like money, or the salvation of their home
>But she'd have to find a way to out smart, over power, and over come the strength others had, make sure her desire, her need to protect her family would win out

>putting on her dupe ring, she used up an entire tail's worth of kitsunebi to construct it into a one tailed clone of herself

Caster, do you have a room where I can see the other floors of the castle?

>It may be her Servant's castle, and her Servant's minions, but if she were to win as she intended, she'd have to work around Caster's own massive ego

>She'd have to cast herself as the Dungeon Master

>Whoever it was in the castle, she knew they were strong, she knew they were unpredictable, she couldn't let herself think she would ever have the upper-hand

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 792509

File: 1403576540662.jpg (224.13 KB, 1000x1241, tumblr_n1053sk74W1qdqmalo1_128…)

>The way Saber talked about, this was some sort of game to her; the might of the other Servants was something of a joke, despite the ridiculous displays of strength and magic done, so far, it seemed that it had simply served to amuse Saber. Like a man watching children point finger guns at each other and pretend to play at fighting.


Is that wise?

I thought we were going to wait for them to finish fighting before we sweep in and finish them off…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792511

File: 1403577070678.jpg (61.15 KB, 995x719, Drogo-khal-drogo-30463515-995-…)

>Berserker sighs at Rocks's sudden declaration, having already known that he was going to say that

Taking them head-on at all, regardless of the circumstances, would be foolish.

We don't know which Servant the anti-mage commands, so we would have to stick to hit-and-run tactics to get any sort of advantage.


>he glances over at Rocks after saying this, wearing a slightly annoyed look on his face

…but, I suppose, if there really is no other choice…

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792513

File: 1403577658725.jpg (73.92 KB, 500x619, tumblr_mwnl54sHY51rcy5vdo1_500…)

The woman shrugged. Truth be told, she didn't really care what they did at this point. One way or another, a fight would happen, they would win, and things would continue. She'd only suggested being sneaky earlier because… Well… She didn't really know why, other than trying to be as efficient as possible.

"Does it really matter?"

Staying silent a moment, she adds,

"I suppose I really should be asking my Master what it is we are to do. Either way, I have no intention to fail you, though perhaps it would be best to stay and rest."

Smiling, she gestures towards the slowly roasting meat and continues,

"After all, you've yet to eat. A dinner and a show is better than just a show, no?"

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792514

File: 1403577703251.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>the mage quickly turns his head to face the larger man
I know that, you know that, but we also know there isn't much protection to be made against someone who can pull you apart with a wave of their hands.
>his voice grows sterner, but successfully holding in an actual shout towards the Servant
We don't know who they're partnered with, but a Servant is what you're good at. We know it's not an Assassin or a Caster, and I doubt an Archer would make such a direct assault as he did. That only leaves three other possibilities, and all of which play into your strength.
>he looks down at the ice, frowning slightly
All we need to do is split them up. You take on the Servant in a one-on-one battle, while I prevent the Mage from tearing you to shreds.
>his head drops slightly, the frown only increasing
>dragging the nail along the ice, he draws a large circle
When the anti-mage tore at my construct last time… She only tore away the magic. The construct remained, and it was me who dispelled it.
>he fills the inside of the circle with various scratches, seemingly for no reason
>his head turns just enough to be able to look at the Berserker
Whatever magic she has, it won't affect me as badly as the other mages.
Because even when my magic is removed, my soul still survives.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792516

File: 1403579049925.jpg (72.39 KB, 1280x720, Drogo-and-Daenerys-khal-drogo-…)


Easier said than done, I'm afraid.

>Berserker turns away from Rocks again, just idly staring out into the sky with a bored look on his face

>he actually did wish he could see the battle: at least that would provide some entertainment

It's a simple strategy, and one the other group would likely consider.

So the only way we could get them to separate is to create a reason for them to do so, rather than try to force it…

>he drums his fingers on one of his knees, trying to think of something just to pass the time


>he turns and looks at Rocks again, a curious expression on his face

What exactly do you see through your constructs?

You were able to tell the anti-mage was a woman, so what else can you see?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792519

File: 1403579954129.jpg (60.55 KB, 366x520, why does fate hate me.jpg)

>at the question, the mage very visibly jolts
>his head turns away from the Berserker, but not before the seasoned warrior could spot a very small blush over the mage's cheeks, and a very embarrassed look on his face as they had touched on a subject he had hoped would be ignored
W-Well… I d-didn't actually see the Mage, o-or the Servant… I-It's just that…
>one of his arms reaches across him, grabbing the other in a nervous twitch
The human body… Has a lot of scents… A-And some can only be found o-on either gender…
>taking in a shaky inhale, he tries to continue
I know her Servant i-is a male… Clad in armor, from how much metal Freki could smell… The Mage isn't wearing any armor, just common clothes…
>he releases his arm, moving on to rub the back of his neck
Geri and Freki see the world mostly the same way you and I see it… But their noses are really powerful, a-as you've probably guessed…
>he turns to the Berserker, a blush still over his face but the mage tries to ignore it
It's how they managed to find everyone. Magic sticks to places, usually for a really long time since it's not affected by weather or anything… Constructs like you, or that castle, you're easy to find for them because you're made entirely of magic. Once they find a scent they recognize, they're able to tell me everything about it.
>a small smile stretches over his face, the mage letting his hands drop on his lap again
They're not strong in a fight, except maybe in numbers… But they're probably the biggest reason I'm still alive today…

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 792521

File: 1403581007540.jpg (166.62 KB, 638x900, 42282650_p5.jpg)

>Looking over at the meat she had managed to completely forget about between her Servant's conversation and the jaw-dropping display of the enemy Servant assaulting the giant Castle before them. But now that she had remembered, she saw that the meat was not only very well done but on its way to becoming charred unless it was taken care of right then and there. Reaching out with her hand to take the meat off the fire and onto a surface she could eat out of.

. . .

>Pausing then with the small amounts of meat in front of her, Agnès found herself looking up to her Servant's profound bright blue eyes.

We should… at least wait a few hours… maybe fight them when the battle is almost over…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792523

File: 1403581120643.png (140.95 KB, 500x282, tumblr_m8v8p0FeRl1r2gme7o1_500…)



>the Servant stares at his Master for a few seconds, a rather blank, disbelieving stare on his face


>he then smirks and turns away, shaking his head slightly

You act like such a child at times.

>he looks back down to the map, pondering over what Rocks had told him

>a more heavily armoured fighter would imply it was a close-range fighter, like he had already said, which was good for him
>but which of the remaining three was still up in the air, and it would be difficult to tell which one

…were you able to smell anything else with them?

Another animal, or some other construct, or anything?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792525

File: 1403581544658.jpg (109.38 KB, 494x586, shameless flatterer.jpg)

>at the first comment, the mage quickly crosses his arms
>an annoyed stare crosses his eyes, the redhead's cheeks puffing out slightly
>despite his frown, the mage still shakes his head slowly
Nothing. The only things at that fort where the Mage, her Servant, and my own constructs.
>he pauses for a moment in thought, looking down at the ice, then back up at the Berserker
I could have them get closer to the other groups. "Hit and run" sort of stuff, you know? Even if my constructs are caught, I can just dispel them, and if they're killed, only I'm actually… Sort of hurt for a while.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792528

File: 1403581966500.jpg (118.97 KB, 1024x576, khal-drogo-1024.jpg)

>Berserker hums at Rocks's first response, nodding once

Then we can likely rule out Rider as her partner.

Unless they went in without Rider's mount, which would just be suicide.

>he ponders Rocks's suggestion, tapping the knife he was holding against the ice in thought

…it might be better to bring one of them back here just to act as our look-out, in case any of the other teams find us.

But we should keep an eye on this fight so we know what to prepare for in the future.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 792538

File: 1403582791330.jpg (355.4 KB, 1230x533, fiora.jpg)

Bowing politely, smiling as always, the Saber simply answers,

"As you wish."

Caster!aLEJudith. 792629

File: 1403620913795.png (85.4 KB, 320x220, 64-STD.png)

>As Sigyn locates what could possibly be the mage, her and Lancer can hear the plants around them start to move and shift about. Thorny vines start to emerge from rose bushes and creep towards them.

>Further down other plants are starting to become more animated as well. The end of the large room though had a door in which they could escape into the next room.


>A shrill howl comes from somewhere in the garden room. Where there guard hounds here as well?

>Roll 1d1000 = 165
>Odds two stone dogs leap from a near by rose bush and snap at Lancer with their sharp and stony teeth. Evens hit Roll 1d1000 = 974

>Evens the howls are distant still, but getting closer, they still have a chance to make a break for the door before they're attacked.

>Caster responds with a nod.

We can monitor our guest's progress in the Tower of Science. A floor down and into the south hall. It powers much of the Castle's traps and other devices. It's also well protected with laser turrets and other such technology.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792648

File: 1403629422695.jpg (187.47 KB, 1280x914, league_of_legends_pantheon_by_…)

>With Lancer's near unability to sense magic or the constructs made from it, it was no surprise that two stony creatures he would have easily seen as being mere statues would get the jump on him when his attention was directed elsewhere. And as the two dogs sank their rocky teeth into his plated leg armor, the mighty Servant would breathe in sharply at the pain, stepping back from the two creatures with speed above human conditioning before letting out a mighty shout even as a bright golden light of blinding intensity once again drapped itself across the man's back.

-[b]Aspect of the Elephant![/i]

>He screamed as an aura of power suddenly radiated from the man's being before he brought his spear to bear and slammed it into the ground before him where the dogs stood.

>Roll 1d1000 = 641

>Evens = He slams his spear into the ground with such thunderous force that the ground itself caves in beneath the blow, leaving a small crater of broken rocks and ceramics in its wake.

>Odds = Failure at Judith's discretion.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792655

File: 1403631651667.jpg (176.6 KB, 1276x872, Sigyn 198.jpg)

>Where Lancer's sensing capabilities lacked, Sigyn's soared. Even in this abundance of saturated magic, it was easy to tell what was moving where and how close it was, especially if it was that close. It wasn't the loud howling that alerted her to their position, she had traced them before that, however her physical prowess was left greatly lacking so she'd hoped to leave it in Lancer's capable hands.

>Unfortunately, he seemed to be caught off guard, and the wolves were surprisingly nimble. If they truly were stuck in a place full of creatures like this, she'd need to do what she could to help in this.

>There was one idea that immediately sprung to mind.
>Reaching out with her hands, pointing them at both wolves, she attached a portion of her spread out mana to them. They were connected by command to an unknown source, but that source was far above her now. Other magical energies were slowly sweeping towards them, so she had to get this right.

♒ ♋! ☞ ₪ ✂! ₪ ➟ ✍
>"Mana -> Synchronise! Command -> Link -> Sever! Link -> Bind -> Contractual Seal!"
Roll 1d1000 = 59

>Odds, the constant mana fluctuations around the room cause her re-arrangement of the complex particles to fail at the sever stage, and she accidentally sets the dogs on fire.

Of all the pixie-ridden things to happen-!

>Evens, she manages to sever the connection to their source long enough to bind them to her Command Seal for the Holy Grail War, and thus also bind them to allegiance with Lancer. It would take her own energy to maintain them, of course, so it wasn't as if she could build her own army in here, but at least she could turn the tide and make it four against however many rather than two.

Lancer, don't break them! They're ours, now, focus on whatever else approaches!


File: 1403633189482.png (521.63 KB, 684x674, Wizard_Circle.png)


Alright, so I'll be headed there in that case

>The fox marches down to the "Tower of Science" and from within she uses the technology to find out where Lancer and Sigyn were


>Spying as the duo fall into combat with her Servant's dog like familiars, the fox rubs her chin thinking on what to do in response

>The first thing she does is send the one tailed duplicate of herself to guard the second floor, if Lancer and Sigyn were to get past the first

>The next thing she'd do is cut off a bit of her tail fluff and turn it into a set of several throwing knives

>Opening a connect portal, which looks no different than the average arcan magic circle, next to her that leads to the ceiling of the first floor, she throws a set of seven flaming knives out and towards Sigyn

Roll 1d1000 = 613
>if hit, how many hit
Roll 1d7 = 3
>Soon after the portal in the ceiling closes and one in the side of the wall in the first floor would open and 7 more flaming knives would come flying out, aimed towards Lancer
Roll 1d1000 = 835
>how many would hit if they hit
Roll 1d7 = 4
>regardless, as soon as the last knife leaves the portal, the portal closes.

>Pictured is an example of what a connect portal looks like

Caster!aLEJudith. 792665

File: 1403633988503.png (65.42 KB, 320x220, LOD-COC.png)

>The vines around Lancer begin a flurry of activity quickly binding his arm and weapon before he can slam it into the ground. They serve to hold him in place so that the hounds to tear at him…

>But before they can attempt to do so…

>They are set ablaze by Sigyn… though since their bodies are not made of flesh and bone they are not affected by the flames. A good fortune of the fire though is that the vines binding lancer quickly recede to prevent being burned.

>The Red hound quickly snaps at Lancer once more now with a burning edge to it's already painful bite.

>Odds Roll 1d1000 = 323

>The Green one in the other hand now turns it's attention to Sigyn and starts to stalk towards her poised to strike the moment to makes her move.


>Roll 1d1000 = 894
>Odds Among the growls and roar of fire, both can hear the noise of a chainsaw approaching…

>Caster, curious to see what the fox intends to do followers her into the tower of power crystals, lasers turrents, conveyor belts walkways, and electrified trap floors.

>Unlike his master though, he simply waits in the tower itself making no attempt to attack yet.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792669

File: 1403635318162.gif (1023.12 KB, 500x180, tumblr_mvt7wkIfEg1subziuo1_500…)

>However before the mighty blow from Lancer's spear could come down upon the two troublesome constructs, large jungle-like vines come to bind his movements. A troublesome situation that might have left the Servant in a dangerous situation had Sigyn not had the foresight to simply set the dogs on fire in order to force the vines off of him.

>And though the dog did land another painful bite on the Servant, this time having its jaws clamp down on his arm, Lancer then spun around in such a way as to smash the stone-made dog against the wall with enough strength to shatter it to pieces thanks to the strange magic that now permeated him.

>Roll 1d1000 = 39

>Evens = Success!

>If success, Lancer then continues to spin and very simply throws his spear at the second construct with the same amount of terrifyingly brutal strength with which Lancer had just obliterated the first dog.

>Roll 1d1000 = 695

>Evens = Success!

>Occupied as he was then, Lancer could do little to nothing to protect his Master from these phantom projectiles.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792671

File: 1403636015899.jpg (125.34 KB, 928x881, Sigyn 199.jpg)

>Not only did she have dogs to deal with, now something else was targeting her directly?
>In a quick shift of position, thanks to her spell ending prematurely, she locked onto the knives and immediately scanned through them. They weren't part of the castle, they were connected to the other presence she felt earlier - was the Master trying to kill her directly now!?

➞ ✕
>"Momentum -> Halt!"
>All of the knives thrown were now frozen in place, the direction given to the magic itself now altered to zero. The seven flaming knives felt strange, difficult to alter in comparison to the other magic in the room, but at the very least she could use them. It wouldn't be very difficult to switch one element for a very similar one, after all.

>Not to mention the ranged attack would prevent the other dog from immediately responding - if she managed to succeed, that is. She needed to succeed. For some reason the surprise attack was already beating them back.

➞ ➦ ➣ ✳ !
>"Momentum -> Adjust -> Speed -> Target!"
>Suddenly, four of the knives pointed directly at the stone dog in front of her whilst the other three pointed towards the one Lancer was dealing with, before zipping forth to assault them.

Lancer! Raise your shield!
✸ → ❇!
>"Flame -> Alter -> Explosive!"

>Four fired in front of her

Roll 1d1000 = 738

>Three fired toward Lancer's stone dog

Roll 1d1000 = 898

>If either set hit, they would stick into the stony hide before individually exploding within the cracks they created.


File: 1403637553157.png (81.06 KB, 319x317, YOU DID WHAT to my toys.png)


>So using the flaming knives was a mistake, whomever this Mage she was combating was, they could easily manipulate Jo's own magic

>Thinking quickly, she decided to access the sound system her Servant had used earlier to welcome their "Guests"

>she puts her hand through a connect portal to spread an enchantment on the 4 speakers in the room before quickly pulling her hand back

Please make sure a few more minions head down there, would you Caster? Fire resistant ones would be preferred because…
>Stretching a bit, she grins slightly
You'll want to see what's coming up, Caster, it's a trick I learned from my Older sister, Shira.


>Jo attaches an MP3 player from her pocket to the sound systems and presses play

>Music flows out of the four speakers


>And with each high beat or peak in sound, a short stream of fire would fly towards the intruders, 2 speakers aimed at Sigyn and 2 at Lancer


Roll 1d1000 = 32
Roll 1d1000 = 68


Roll 1d1000 = 473
Roll 1d1000 = 958

>evens all

>Regardless of roll, Sigyn may find that the flames this time weren't magical in nature themselves, but the speakers spewing them were

Caster!aLEJudith. 792688

File: 1403639448106.png (86.18 KB, 320x220, 64-DCS.png)

>Feeling Lancer ready to slam it into the wall, the hound lets go…

>Then both it and the one targeting Sigyn shatter into rubble from the exploding knives…

>Aside from the flames coming from the sound systems built into the walls, their path forward was free…

>But for how long?

>Roll 1d1000 = 127
>Odds the sounds of thundering foot steps and a chainsaw are hardly heard over the music.
>Evens the music is too loud and masks it's approach.

>Caster obeys the command, and thinks about his options…. fire was among one of the major weaknesses among his army expect for the more powerful and mana expensive beings. Or the highly weak fodder know as skeletons.

>Cringing at the choice of horrid music now blasting from the speakers, Caster decides on the latter and pours mana into the castle once again…

>The suits of armor decorating the halls all start to come to live making their slow way to the garden room on the first floor.

>Caster breaths a sigh for a moment… that took plenty of mana… mana he wanted to use when Lancer and his master finally got to the tower…


>He looks around him a the wires and power crystals around him. Then he turns his attention to the large cubs of compacted rotting human flesh on conveyor belts…

It's time to preform an experiment I've been meaning to do for several years…

Caster!aLEJudith. 792689

>*Caster decides on the former

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792694

File: 1403640459595.png (1.06 MB, 1215x717, league_of_legends__pantheon_wa…)

>Seeing the dogs get blasted apart by the magical manipulations of his Master, Lancer readied himself to move on as he dispelled the current aura of strength emanating from his body.

>Only to have speakers come out of the walls and spout fire at them.

>No matter what that noise was… it was not music. Whatever knowledge of the common era the Grail had imparted on Lancer upon his summoning was obviously faulty as this droning cacophonous sound could not be anything but a method of psychological torture to break their enemy's spirits. Truly these were people who wound sink to the lowest of tactics so long as it granted them victory.

>Reaching out to Sigyn, Lancer would pull the woman close to him, angling his shield to face all four incoming streams of fire as he did so in order to shield the woman from the fire. As he did so, Lancer once again called upon his magical abilities as a bright golden light of blinding intensity spread across his back.


>He shouted as the golden light morphed to become a vibrant green; enlarging his shield with a bright viridian aura to augment both the Servant's armor but also enlarge the shield's actual protective area.

>Roll 1d1000 = 619

>Evens = The aspects manifest in time to block all incoming streams of fire intended for the both Lancer and Sigyn.

>Odds = The aspects manifest in full only moments after the fire hits its mark and Lancer is hit by three of the four blasts of flames from the speakers.

>If evens, Lancer then proceeds to march out of the room entirely with Sigyn hugged close to his front behind his immense shield as the ravenous flames of the speakers finding no purchase on the magically shielded pair.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792713

File: 1403641601157.jpg (175.11 KB, 1062x784, Sigyn 201.jpg)

>More portals? Just how much were they planning to send down here? What kind of person was this mage to want to send something like speakers down here? It was just their luck that they got caught on the bottom floor, but despite having had the element of surprise prior to arrival, it was clear they were now essentially trapped. Whatever illusion they had of storming the place was quickly being shut out, because both Master and Servant intended to keep them here until they fell.

>But they underestimated her. She could easily take this fire and-

>… take this fire and-


>It was too late, she'd realised too late that the flames couldn't be controlled.

>And something else was coming too.
>Would their journey end here? After such an immense display of strength, were they to fall?

>As she prepared for the burning sensation that would spread easily over her robes, she flinched back… only to find that the flames didn't come. She waited for a moment more before peeking out, only to find her Servant standing before her, sheild raised and burn marks now present on his body.


>Crying out without even thinking, she worried for him.. but despite this incoming feeling of dread, despite the various entities collapsing in around them, he stood stalwart in the face of it.

>This is what it meant to be a hero… and she couldn't stand to let him fall, not after he'd taken the blows to protect her like that.

>In a frustrated motion, she pushed out her mana to wrap around the speakers themselves, gritting her teeth in order to fight off this strange hopeless situation as she attached this extended part of herself to the things currently in their way.

Roll 1d1000 = 904
⌘ → ❂ !
>A simple command, but one she knew well.
>"Mana -> Alter -> Disassemble!"
>The speakers were pulled apart, piece by piece, in an instant. The mana that created them separated from ideas of form or shape, as well as from the kitsunebi that was present. Both the mana and the kitsunebi would scatter as if they were simply a part of the environment, no longer bound to a will.

>Odds, and it's taking far too long to gain a grasp of the speakers, the music blasting through her ears causing her concentration to wane.


File: 1403642645957.jpg (349.35 KB, 700x560, 9bbaa8038de06ae79c00a6cead4eac…)


>Seeing that her speaker attack at least did some damage to the Servant before the Master tore it to bits, the fox sat down

>she turns off the mp3 player for now


>For now she opted to wait, she'd decided that she'd done all the weakening she could on the first floor, and so sent 6 or speakers to the second floor for her clone to set up

>On the third, she filled the room full of kindling and only a single speaker

>Afterward she returned to the science tower with Caster

>…but not before switching control of her body out with Naomi, so that she could better control the clone's body

>Sitting down and rubbing her chin, Naomi looked to Caster

…I still don't quite understand why Jo's so obsessed with this…or why she chose you of all people to be her Servant…

Caster!aLEJudith. 792756

File: 1403643725363.png (109.96 KB, 320x220, 64-GDK.png)

>The speakers down and the hounds destroyed… all that was left was whatever other horror was on this floor.


>Instead of appearing before them to block their path like the hounds, a towering monster of a man appears behind them. The hight of Lancer and with a chainsaw attached to it's arm this monster looked far more durable then the hounds. worse still Sigyn would only sense trace amounts of mana on the creature. It was used to revive it… but not power the monster.

>But if they moved fasted enough, they could probably outrun it.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792761

File: 1403644290780.jpg (83.49 KB, 900x531, pantheon_wallpaper_by_eztch-d5…)

>With the speakers having been completely destroyed by Sigyn's strange manipulation of magical energies, Lancer let go of the girl and spun to face the new threat that had appeared behind them.

>Whatever strange being it was, Lancer thought it best to destroy it before it had the chance to corner them in some other part of the castle.


>Lancer screamed, the green light around his shield and body disappearing to be replaced with a bright purple light all across his arms and at the tip of the man's spear.

>Having done so, Lancer stepped forward with speed far, far above what any human being could handle, trusting his spear in and out of the creature's body over and over again with such an insane tempo that the weapon itself had blurred into a single wall of spear-points.

>Roll 1d1000 = 159

>Evens = With every wound the great weapon inflicted on the Zombie, a thick magical poison would suffuse its wounds, causing the very flesh around it to [i]rot[/b] into nothingness thus effectively breaking the base body down to nothingness.

>If evens, Roll 1d50 = 31 hits land.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792766

File: 1403644715187.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

>Looking at the appearance of Naomi, Caster scoffs at her statement.

You and the other that share her mind are what drive her, you should know that.

>going over to a control panel on the room he starts plunging away at the nobs and levers as he uses his magic to pull wires from the ceiling.

Love can make even saints commit the most unholy of acts. That is what her and I seem to share.

In that regard…

>Pulling another lever, conveyor belts start to feed the large cubes of rotting flesh into a giant furnace-like machine…

I'll see to it she get's her wish.

>The first cube goes in and large surge of tainted mana pulsates from it spreading into the castle's walls and all around them. And with each cube that follows the pulsing grows in strength. A Flesh to Mana Conversion Furnace.

>To Naomi and Sigyn, the mana feels sickening as it reeks of evil and darkness, just like the master of the castle.


File: 1403646780689.png (455.23 KB, 850x637, sample_f4d232ec60fecee46659302…)


>Wait, Jo'd been fighting for her and Meum? Why? what was happening?

>The sickening feel, the fact that Jo'd be this desperate…

>What was that wish? It had to mean something very important to Jo…

…flesh into Mana…that's like a Thanatos Cauldron.

>Naomi manages to state to Caster while rubbing her chin, and bringing a bow out from behind her back

I might as well do what I can to help

>she says with a sigh, before opening a connect portal to the ceiling of the first floor, and shooting a set of arrows through it

>although not knowing Jo's exact plan, since Jo was focused on controlling her own clone, Naomi aims purely at Lancer

Roll 1d1000 = 246

Caster!aLEJudith. 792775

File: 1403649348405.png (109.96 KB, 320x220, 64-GDK.png)

>In an amazing display of speed and strength, the Creature grabs Lancer's weapon with it's free hand and stops the assault before it starts.

>Then with it's saw arm it takes a swing at Lancer attempting to tear into his flesh with a downward diagonal arc.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 786

>Caster wondered for a moment as he continued to manipulate the wires and controls of the tower if Jo's siblings knew what her goals were.


>Perhaps their lack of knowledge could serve him somehow…

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792778

File: 1403650799387.jpg (120.04 KB, 900x651, Being Lancer is Suffering.jpg)

>Being first shot in the back by some unseen arrow coming from some unseen location and then slashed directly across his armored chest by some chainsaw wielding freak whose blow rent his armor down the middle, leaving a long trail of blood spilling out of his wounds from both attacks.


>Yet still his knees did not buckle nor did his posture bent or change despite the burns across his body or the bleeding wounds scattered across the titan of metal. The man's unrelenting stalwart composure disallowing him the mere possibility of failing. Before he fell, they would have to cut hiss legs off. Before he would give up, they would have to drain every single drop of blood of his body out of him. And until such a time as any of those things happened, Lancer would. not. fall.

>Breathing heavily and pained from the heavy punishment the Servant had taken up until now, Lancer roared in defiance of fate as he had done time and time again in the past as once more the bright golden light appeared at his back as he called upon his noble phantasm.


>The bright golden light then morphed a dark orangy-red as bright two-foot long claws appreared out of the back of Lancer's gauntlets with which he slashed the zombie.

>Roll 1d1000 = 372

>Evens = Success!

!pR.BaFF/uk 792796

File: 1403652657833.jpg (71.33 KB, 418x449, Teardrops.jpg)

>More strange combined efforts were forming above them, both from the Master and the Servant. The strange creature also made its appearance, wielding a chainsaw as part of its body and lumbering towards them as a heap of flesh barely powered by anything.

Necromancy, now? Does this pair intend to break all three of the forbidden laws?

>Lancer immediately engaged in combat with the creature, attempting to hold it back from her position. Whatever his strikes were managing to achieve, at least it was giving her some time to herself.

>Only for that time to be spent sensing a terrible flow of magic through the castle itself. This strange, almost limitless feeling power was spreading so quickly, it was clear what the situation was. The Servant was undoubtedly Caster, now, and they had been lured into his or her Territory Creation. This kind of situation was unfavourable in the best of circumstances, but of all things they had fallen to the bottom floor, the Master and Servant capable of bombarding them nigh continuously if what she was now sensing proved to be correct.

>What was there to do? She couldn't reach out and make a passage in the walls, Caster would simply re-arrange them back again or, worse yet, adjust the path to lead them into a trap. They had both stumbled into a near impossible problem, with no real way to proceed upwards and threats approaching from every angle.

>Their options were limited. The majority led to death and failure, and if Caster managed to truly fill this territory with this constant dark magic their chances would be even slimmer.

…. haaa.

>A deep sigh escaped her as she took the briefest of moments to think. There were two very drastic measures she could take here that would provide them with a way out. Perhaps it would be best to leave, to escape and try to come at this from another angle, a different plan of attack.

>But an exchange of blows caught her ear, several arrows piercing into Lancer's back whilst a chainsaw ripped through his chest, he bit back fiercely with claws in a strange display of intensity.
>It all seemed hopeless. Maybe it was. But even then, he kept on fighting, almost as though it were all he had.

>All this time, Sigyn had been pushing them onward without emotion and without letting herself get too involved, as though being cold about the situation would help her do what needed to be done. She had a wish, a deep wish, carried with her the dreams of so many people and the answer to a search so long over a hundred years had passed.

>Yet why was it that at every twist and turn, she found herself in doubt? She doubted his skills when they'd arrived at the ruins, she hadn't believed he could make such a leap, and even after being proven wrong she still worried for him as though he were doomed to fail in some way. She'd been looking out for him all the while because she didn't know if she could trust in his skill, and this situation had only further planted the seeds out doubt in her mind about their chances.

>But he still kept on fighting.
>For a cause she didn't even know - she hadn't even told him her own. They had gone into this blind with an idealistic view on how things would progress.


>A warm sensation spread down her cheek. She was frightened, this much was true. These knives, these arrows, the flames, there was every bit of potential that she could die here, and it was terrifying to think about. As she noticed the tear, she wondered what it meant. Had she finally broken? Was the fear too much?

>No.. she'd been afraid since the beginning, and she hadn't let a single drop spill. This tear felt warm, it reminded her that she could feel. This place, this energy surrounding her, the blood being poured for the flora, all of it had made her feel numb.

>But seeing him fight on despite it all.

>*If we don't believe we can win this… how will we ever succeed?*

>There were things she had seen that made her doubt her abilities - constructs that contained a force she could not manipulate, a castle built so strongly that she felt it was pointless to try affecting it, and even her own Servant felt too powerful to truly help, despite her recent actions.

>But she had managed it once.
>The time when they met, the adjustment to his gear and equipment, even if it was out of frustration and insolence, had occurred.

>If it were possible… she needed to do it fast.

>This place was full of magical presence, she only needed a small amount.

>Standing up, her eyes turned to one of the pillars beside her. It was pulsing with the dark magic from before, and was therefore risky, but what good was belief in someone if you didn't take those risks?

>Placing her hands on the pillar, she spread out her mana…

Roll 1d1000 = 170
>Evens, continued
>Odds, she stays in place, seemingly gathering up her strength.

!pR.BaFF/uk 792797

File: 1403653779181.jpg (234.34 KB, 1618x917, Sigyn 150.jpg)

>This was it. It had to be now.
>Composition - Large source of unknown origin, strong in nature, similar to Lancer.
>Diagnosis: Holy Grail Energy
>Composition - Saturated mana of dark type, residue of life energy contained within.
>Diagnosis: Advanced Blood-Type Magical Energy
>Construction - Fortified into a hardened shape by method of mana energy becoming mana particles. Shape retains properties of intended desire - hardness, stability.
>Adjustments - Blood-Type energy being used to reinforce structure with dark-type attributes, regenerative properties, possibly more depending on the concentration.

>Course of Action: Adjust for Split-Type, Descontruct regeneration patterns and split connection to source, deconstruct shape, retain properties, assign new shape. Adjust dark property into elemental affinity.

⌘ ½ ♐ ☫
>Mana -> Split -> Alter-split -> Dark
☤ ➙ ✕
>Regeneration -> Alter -> Static Mana
☞ ₪ ✂
>Command -> Link -> Sever
☥ ➙ ❇ ➙ ❂

>The pillar Sigyn was holding onto would shatter into tiny pieces, cut off from the rest of the castle as the tiny chunks of empowered magical stone deconstructed into mana that still retained the properties of the dark magic being fed through it, as well as the aspects of 'stability' and 'hardness'.

Roll 1d1000 = 897
>Evens, continued
>Odds, in this state, Sigyn stays still, concentrating on manipulating the vast amount of various different types of magic that she was currently in control of.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792801

File: 1403655527518.jpg (21.06 KB, 229x374, Dracula_CoD_Manga.jpg)

>The creature falters from the slash attack stumbling back as it's stitches started to become undone…

>The chainsaw on it's arm shuts off and it had to start it once more to attack it's opponent.

>Caster's eye twitches as he sense the mana in the castle being altered in a small piece.

So that's what power you have… dangerous indeed.

>He had to work fast, the conversion furnace would be the key to victory now… but depending on what happened in next few moments, would determinate who that victory went too…

>The vampire uses the wires around the tire to fashion a harness as he takes off his cloak, and his over coat. Leaving him in his tunic as he slips the harness around himself…

In that case… I'll deem you a threat.

>The wires of the harness contact his body and he uses his magic to pull leaver some distance away…

>Roll 1d1000 = 11
>Odds Continued.
>Evens Sigyn can feel the surge of mana start to bleed away from castle and focus instead on one point in the south part of the castle three floors above them.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792813

File: 1403657151854.jpg (24.81 KB, 610x343, dracula-dragon-500-610.jpg)

>The change in the mana flow was instant and violent making the castle tremble as the mana furnace now pumps it's power directly into Caster's body at full capacity. Darkness of the purest of black, evil mana so dense it was visible to the naked eye, cloaks the vampire in an ever growing orb of evil.

>Once again, the dark lord of the castle's voice booms in the halls not from the speakers, but from ever single stone in the halls of the entire building at once.



>The whole castle trembles once more as it's structure was not rebuilt… but frozen in time and space making it unyielding to the commands of all but it's dark master.

>darkness rises from the castle cloud and quickly forms into the body of a massive and terror inspiring ebony dragon that spreads it's wings and steeps itself, the castle, the whole mountain in eternal night void of all light, life, purity, and goodness…
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Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 792824

File: 1403659158621.jpg (110.88 KB, 703x626, fuck these notes.jpg)

>The mana she separated from the castle itself had been completely separated from its owner - but the overwhelming presence rendered her plan null and void.

☫ ➙ ⌘
>Dark -> Alter -> Non-Elemental
>The magic itself became purified, and she quickly absorbed it - there was no time to take shape or use it for anything. This castle was now going to become her and her Servant's graveyard if she didn't go with her emergency plan RIGHT NOW.
>From the sound of Caster's voice, he was not pleased with her. The oppressive energy was so strong she would feel it pulsating through the walls of the castle, twisting it and making it nigh impossible to adjust.

>She had to toss her analysis and course of action away.

>Everything she had, the mana she had just absorbed, she pushed across to left hand, the red symbols shining brightly as she raised them towards Lancer.

By the power of the seals of the Holy Grail, I command you, Lancer!
Get. Us. Out of here!

>There was no time to panic, or rather perhaps she already was. If she had hesitated for but a moment, she greatly feared what would've come for them.


File: 1403659681414.png (502.87 KB, 800x861, hmmm.png)


>Jo looks around shocked at the sudden shaking of the building, Naomi gulps nervously

>Jo quickly takes back over the main body and heaves a heavy sigh

Caster, what the heck is going on?!

>confused and disoriented, she was less afraid of her Servant's Phantasm, and more afraid of what this pair had as a contingency plan

We could have weakened them slowly and taken them out easily when they made it to where we are, but now they're going to try going straight to us!

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792828

File: 1403659685645.jpg (25.05 KB, 233x217, oh no thats hot.jpg)

>the redheaded mage would gulp loudly, staring blankly towards the endless watery horizon before him
>the sheer intensity of the magic coming from the castle was just as bright, if not even greater in brightness as what he had seen when the previous Servant had used their Noble Phantasm
>the loyal wolf remains at his location, looking up at the mountain as it's engulfed in darkness, and rises as a black draconic form


>slowly, he turn to the much taller man sitting beside him

Can you turn yourself into a giant? Please tell me you can do that…

Lancer !MrCarnage2 792849

File: 1403662391629.gif (1.28 MB, 245x300, tumblr_n5313ogEne1qjnbtgo1_250…)

>As the battle raged on and Lancer fought to protect his Master from the various monstrosities rampaging through their castle on their endless quest to destroy the pair of them, Lancer felt his magical claws tear their way through the zombie’s flesh and damage the chainsaw affixed to its arm.

>All the while he could feel Sigyn doing… something. He wasn’t quite sure what it was given that his own knowledge of witchcraft and other such things was limited but he knew that whatever it was going to be, that he could count on his Master supporting him through this battle even if she doubted his capacities.

>And so narrowing his eyes, Lancer prepared to finish off his current foe when…

>The very castle roared in anger at the both of them. The very air and stones becoming saturated with a foul darkness of such cloying destructive corruption that it sickened even a man as stalwart and resilient as Lancer.

>Still, even when faced with such a terrifying threat, even when defeat was almost a certainty beyond a shadow of a doubt, even when he was heavily wounded and blood was seeping from all sorts of wounds strewn across his body, Lancer simply narrowed his eyes in ever growing focus as he prepared to face this new danger to himself and those close to him.

>But at that moment, his Master invoked one of the three command seals she had been granted at the start of this war. An absolute command that could not be denied which empowered him with powers beyond even that of a Servant’s normal abilities so long as it obeyed the intent of the command itself.

Hold on…

>Lancer told the girl as he reached out and hugged her close to his chest, a warm orange glow spreading at his back as fiery wings of fire spread out across his entire back to reach a size that was over five times the man’s size. And as the ground beneath Lancer cracked and rippled with the sheer amount of –power– being invoked by Lancer and his empowerment of the command spell, the heroic spirit let loose a roar to match even that of Caster’s intensity as it reverberated throughout the entire castle and caused the very windows to rattle in their panes.


>And with a single mighty beat of those titanic wings, Lancer rocketed his way out of the castle with far far far more strength than he had when he had originally entered the castle, thus enabling him to simply blast his way out of the castle and into the night air high above the castle.

>To anyone looking out to the scene, they would see a meteor absolutely shatter its way through the roof of the castle. The raging ball of fire now glowing with something close to ten times the energy of the original blast that had crashed into the castle as a small sun rose through the night air and bathed the island in a new dawn.

>And as Lancer flew away from the castle, as he flew past the mighty shadow dragon’s eyes, for the briefest of moments, Lancer’s glowing red eyes locked with the monster’s own – communicating a spirit of an unbroken will to resume this fight at a later date before resuming his flight high off into the heavens to carry both himself and his Master somewhere safe where the two could rest and fight another day.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792860

File: 1403663695609.jpg (21.06 KB, 229x374, Dracula_CoD_Manga.jpg)

>Despite his master's protests, Caster continues to gather mana form the machine he connected himself too.

They do not intend to stay fox!

>and just as he stated, he can feel the walls shatter, even as strong as they were now, under the might of his opponent's Noble Phantasm.

>The walls and floors repair themselves the instant Lance and Sigyn pass through them and once again seal the castle shut from the outside world…

>As Lancer glares at dragonic manifestation of Caster's power, the beast looks back at and seems to smirk projecting the confidence, pride, and iron will of the dark lord gladly waiting for the return of the warrior and his mage…

>The dragon form sinks back into the castle and the darkness exuding from Caster recedes showing the man connected to the Tower of Science by the wires that pumped it's life's blood.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792946

File: 1403725039338.jpg (118.97 KB, 1024x576, khal-drogo-1024.jpg)

>the Servant blinks and turns to look at Rocks, then looks back across the horizon at where the battle had been taking place
>though he couldn't see anything from where he was, he had the feeling that something had happened to put Rocks on edge like he was


>he turns to look at the mage with a raised eyebrow, appearing more nonchalant than one would expect


Is it necessary for me to do so?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792950

File: 1403725651588.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the mage takes in a short breath, quickly calming down from the surprise
Caster can turn their entire castle into a dragon.
>rather bluntly, but more out of urgency than anything else
So it would help…

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792951

File: 1403726196647.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)



>Berserker stares at Rocks for a few seconds longer, as though he had said something that was just completely ridiculous

>and to anyone outside of this world, it certainly would be


>he slowly turns away from Rocks and stares across the horizon again, trying to imagine seeing the dragon where the castle once stood

…so…the castle itself is his Phantasm…

That makes a lot more sense…

>he doesn't seem anywhere near as alarmed as Rocks does, instead just analyzing this bit of information and starting to think

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792952

File: 1403726523960.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the mage turns his head towards the sea again, clearly not as calm as the Servant that this doesn't affect their odds of winning
The anti-mage retreated, so we're still facing both of them…

>Roll 1d100 = 40

>evens, he gains a more thoughtful frown
Although… If the anti-mage couldn't just tear the castle apart, there has to be some limits to her power, right?


>odds, stays silent, clearly just growing more worried about the entire contest

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792953

File: 1403726629902.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>the Servant whips his head to stare at Rocks after his response, this catching his interest

The anti-mage retreated?

>he shifts around to fully face Rocks, a more eager look on his face

Can you tell what condition they're in?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792954

File: 1403726814364.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the mage blinks as he turns his head to the Berserker
>it was obvious he knew exactly what the Servant was thinking of already
Not right now, no… But I can send my constructs to scout them out.


You're thinking about attacking them now, aren't you?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792955

File: 1403726943157.jpg (72.39 KB, 1280x720, Drogo-and-Daenerys-khal-drogo-…)

>at this, a smirk appears on the Servant's face

If they are injured, that makes them an easy target for us.

>he reaches over and gives Rocks's back a rough pat, then gets up to his feet

Send your construct ahead to see where they're headed.

We should move out right away.

>he turns and heads back into the cave, to start gathering up their weapons for the trek

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792958

File: 1403727653429.jpg (73.91 KB, 531x474, so he did take Long John Silve…)

>the mage's frown deepens slightly as he sighs
I'm not trying to say that's not a sound strategy… But I can't help but feel there's a better way to go about this…
>crossing his arms and closing his eye, the mage focuses on the wolf constructs who immediately begin to follow the very noticeable stench of the other Servant's Noble Phantasm

I mean… What if we tried to lure another team towards them? Have them do all the work, and they either defeat the anti-mage, or they're weakened even more.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792961

File: 1403728152112.jpg (405.74 KB, 2560x1600, khal drogo, warrior 161905.jpg)


Not worth the risk.

>Berserker's response is almost immediate, his voice echoing from inside the cave

Exposing ourselves to another team just increases the possibility of them getting a leg up on us. We should only make ourselves known to those we intend to battle.

We cannot make friends in this. Only enemies.

>he walks back out in short order, carrying a few of the weapons in his arms

>almost all of the knives were hooked around his waistband, as well as two of the swords, the rest kept in his arms
>he drops them beside Rocks, then pulls out one of the knives

We have an idea in place already for how to deal with them, and I have a way to implement it.

Give me your jacket.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792964

File: 1403728518419.jpg (79.94 KB, 368x590, why do you people keep waking …)

>perhaps surprisingly, the mage doesn't offer any rebuttals
>as he said, the plan was sound, and as long as the Berserker remained away from the anti-mage and kept her Servant busy, they could have a shot at beating them
>the redhead quickly gets to his feet, blinking quickly at the request but not arguing against it, quickly removing the long white coat
>this would leave him only in his black midriff-showing shirt, the leathery armor beneath it now more visible without the baggier coat over it
>glancing at the knife the mage could already guess what the man had planned, a small frown crossing his face at the thought of losing his favorite jacket, but not knowing it was an insignificant thing to be upset about


File: 1403728728387.png (324.65 KB, 600x800, alright you have 2 mintues.png)


>Lancer had seemed to retreat

>Letting out a deep sigh, Jo wipes her brow slightly

…So then the first thing we need to do is rebuild, and make new defenses for the first floor. We can't assume they'll keep them to themselves, and we can't assume they won't return for another attack

>stretching a bit, she lets out a deep sigh

first though, first we should rest, so that we can actually rebuild properly…agreed?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792967

File: 1403728779333.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>Berserker takes the coat as soon as it's handed to him, then flips it over so he was grabbing the lower end
>without a second's hesitation, he cuts into the fabric with the knife, shearing off the material in long strokes
>once he's cut off two long pieces of white, he drops the coat on the ground, then holds the pieces up


Now hold out both your arms.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792969

File: 1403729208773.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>again, the mage simply does as he's told, holding out his arms towards the Servant

Do you never explain your plans, or do you just like making me guess?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792971

File: 1403729509428.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)


The latter.

>Berserker doesn't bother to look up at Rocks as he says this, just stepping forward while holding the white material out

>he starts looping the fabric over Rocks's forearm, deliberately covering the spot where the three Command Seals could be seen, before tying it tight
>he then does the same for Rocks's other arm, then takes a step back

Alright then.

>he stoops down and picks up Rocks's coat, before tossing it to the mage

This is the plan.

Once we find the anti-mage and her Servant, you will go ahead of me.

You will make the claim that I turned on you and attacked you, and you had to make your escape. You couldn't call me off because you wasted your Command Seals before the War actually began.

If one of them is injured, focus on leading the other way, regardless of which it is. Once they're separated, I'll rush out and attack the Servant and handle matters from there.

You just keep the anti-mage busy after that, as you said.

Caster!aLEJudith. 792973

File: 1403729728752.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

>Removing the wires from his body and shutting off the furnace, Caster gives a tried sigh as he nods in agreement.

Agreed. Plenty will need to be done to make ready for the next assault…

>He looks over that the contraption that had given him a mush needed boost in power… it already looked like it was suffering from major wear and tear. That'll be need to improved if they were going to use it again for more then a few moments.

You can have the master bedroom, I'll rest in my casket.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792975

File: 1403729841072.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>the mage blinks slowly, remaining silent as the Servant explains the plan
>taking his coat back he would quickly slip it back on, but never breaking eye contact with the Berserker

>once he was done, the mage holds up his hand as if asking permission to speak in class
You do realize that, if they don't buy into it at all, I can easily be squashed by the Servant, right?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792977

File: 1403730267958.jpg (184.47 KB, 610x374, khal-drogo-jason-momoa.jpg)


And you do realize I wouldn't be stupid enough to not be close by?

>Berserker shakes his head, slightly annoyed that he was being taken for an idiot by the mage

Obviously if things go wrong I will jump in.

You should not assume that you're the smarter of the two of us, Sutcliff.

>with that, he turns and starts to walk away from the cave, already moving onto the shaky ice path leading towards the mainland

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792980

File: 1403730471876.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>the mage's eye twitches slightly

>for the Berserker, he wouldn't hear the sound of footsteps
>instead he would hear something drop, as the mage simply takes his seat on the ice once more
>his legs and arms crossed, the mage simply glares at the Servant with no intentions of following him

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792982

File: 1403730706442.jpg (61.15 KB, 995x719, Drogo-khal-drogo-30463515-995-…)



>the Berserker stops in his tracks and lets out a heavy sigh, already growing irritated

>he turns and faces the mage, but doesn't move any closer, instead spreading his arms out and taking on a more mocking tone


What is the problem this time, oh Master?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792987

File: 1403731378771.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

Your plan sucks.
>as blunt as a rock
>he holds up one of his hands, along with a finger
One. You will be close by, good for you. What you're ignoring is that I'll be even closer.
I am literally going to have to go mere inches away form the anti-mage and her Servant. I know how fast you can run, and you're not so fast that you can cross the terrain in such a short window of time. and even if I had all the confidence in the world that I could survive the Servant's attack, it would only take one good blow and this entire contest is lost!
>a second finger is held up
Two. There is no certainty that the anti-mage will even buy my story. All she will have is my word, since these-
>he holds up the bandaged arms
Aren't exactly the most convincing argument, as anyone can cover their arms this way to hide the marks. And speaking of the marks, I do still have them.
>he raises a third finger
And this is something you brought up. We don't know if our opponents can sense magic the same way I do. And I can tell exactly who is the Servant and who is their Mage by exactly these marking.
You can hide them all you want, but if the anti-mage can see this magic on me, the entire plan is ruined. And even if she didn't-
>a fourth finger
We don't even know if she'll care. How do you know that she'll take pity on a weakling mage being chased by his own Servant? How do you know they won't simply see it as an easy win, and immediately stab me in the back to get rid of you? Are you going to tell me you wouldn't do that?
>he lowers his hand, arms crossed over his chest again
That's what the problem is.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792990

File: 1403732007129.jpg (64.96 KB, 1013x719, Drogo-khal-drogo-30463506-1013…)



>the Berserker smirks and shakes his head, wearing a look of utter disbelief

Then I suppose your plan is clearly the superior one?

>he stands there with his hands on his hips, not willing to take Rocks's snappish attitude for a second

Just try and find another team that we know even less about, and somehow convince them to go and attack the anti-mage - who could probably defeat them as easily as she could defeat us - in order to accomplish…what, exactly?

>he spreads his hands out again as he speaks, his voice growing in volume

What are you going to say to them to convince them to do our work for us?

We have nothing to offer them, we have just enough supplies for ourselves. We cannot promise to leave them alone, inevitably we will have to fight them.

So what exactly was the plan? Or did you even have one?

>he places his hands back on his hips, a foot tapping impatiently on the ice

At least I had the werewithal to actually think of a way to implement my idea. Yes, it's risky, but it's far less risky than your idea!


File: 1403732315025.png (808 KB, 850x1057, fluffyness.png)


Right then

>Jo heaves a sigh as she heads to the master bedroom

>Despite Caster's presence, and that of the other consciousnesses within her mind, Jo felt uneasy, and nervous about it all

>not because of the fact she was living in the same building as one of the greatest evils known to civilization, but because for the first time in awhile, she felt like she was sleeping alone

>The anxiety of the very real possibility of losing her siblings shook her to her core, and even once she found a solution, whether it be the grail, the thing Saya had, or something else, things would never be the same again

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792992

File: 1403732866030.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>the mage simply gives the giant man the blandest and iciest look possible
>he says nothing, simply letting the Servant rant louder and louder against him, unflinching and not leaving his position


>calmly clearing his throat, the mage answers in a very calm, and clearly condescending tone

When did I say "convince them to attack"?
>the blank expression quickly turns into a more annoyed glare
I said LURE them into attacking the anti-mage! And what we would accomplish, exactly, would be keeping the pressure on what is possibly our biggest threat on this island!
They're hurt, or at least weak enough that they're not at their highest strengths and needed to retreat. If we managed to send another team against them, they would be locked in another battle. Even if they won, we'd still be down one other enemy, and the anti-mage would be even more tired.
>he uncrosses his arms, pushing himself back onto his feet while still glaring down on his Servant
If they retreat again, there is nowhere they can hide. And we can keep attacking. We keep putting the pressure on them, we never let them rest, never let them get a good night's sleep.
>he swings his arms apart
We don't even need another team! I can just send the four constructs I have right now against them. Even if they're killed, I can just summon them again. And I can send them to attack. Over. And over. And over again, until they are so tired that they can hardly think, much less fight back.
>his eyes narrow, black flames suddenly bursting around the mage's fists
If you weren't so conceited on your own "strategic prowess" you wouldn't have ignored everything I've told you about my constructs, and you would know all of this.
If you want me to stop "assuming" I'm the smartest of the two, then you need to stop ignoring just how useful I actually am in this war.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 792996

File: 1403734600628.jpg (73.16 KB, 550x365, Drogo_1x08.jpg)

>Berserker leans his head back and rubs his eyes, acting as though he now had a throbbing headache after Rocks's tirade
>he lowers his head again and regards him with a thoroughly infuriated look, just completely done with the mage

Oh yes, of course! I have to acknowledge how "useful" you are now!

Even though I've been given nothing to prove that!

>he starts to walk closer to Rocks, his feet shaking the icy path with every step

Because I'm very much convinced that you are not mentally prepared to do anything that we need do in order to win this war!

No, instead I'm convinced that you don't even care about this as much as you say you do!

>he comes to a stop right in front of the mage, staring down at him and giving him the full brunt of his exasperation

I hand you a plan to stock up on weaponry and provisions so that when we come here, we'll be prepared.

What happens? We can't use any of it.

Why? Because you were too busy to actually finish the job.

>he turns and starts walking off to the side, though he continues to shout as he moves

Just like you always seemed to be busy whenever I wanted to speak to you about our plans. Busy cavorting with your woman, or off playing games with your other woman.

>he turns and walks back to Rocks, now wearing a rather fixed grin on his face

Or sitting in your room and crying because you had the oh so terrible problem of people wanting to kill you! Which meant you could hide and act as though you were the only person suffering and everything else you were committed to could go fall off a cliff!

>he claps his hands to his knees and leans down, glaring right into Rocks's eyes

All I am convinced of when it comes to you is that you are a spoiled, impulsive child, and worse, one who is convinced he is a mature adult.

You act as though you have the authority to make demands of me, but instead all I hear is the crying and screaming of a fussy baby. You do nothing to back up your claims, and whenever things go in a way you didn't have the sense to prepare for, you sit down and suck on your thumb until the problem just goes away all on its own.

>he straightens up again and gestures to the cave behind Rocks

Which is why you chose to hole up in here and play caveman with rocks and sticks-

>he turns and then gestures to the island

While everyone else kills each other far, far away from you.

>he turns back to Rocks and leans down again, this time jabbing a finger at his forehead

You did all this because you did not know what you were getting into when you agreed to take part in this war!

But you agreed to it anyway because somehow you were convinced it would help your woman!

Well, out here, sitting on your rear in the bitter cold with just the rocks and ice around you?

You are of no help to anyone.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 792999

File: 1403736145272.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

>the flames die out around the mage's hands
>not a sound leaves him, and he wouldn't even flinch as the Servant placed a finger on his forehead

>silence was all the mage could do as he stared up at the giant in front of him

>his expression was still locked in a glare, making it very difficult to tell exactly what was going on through his head

>there were many things the redhead could say at that moment
>he could agree, he could argue, he could try to be reasonable, he could fly right off his hinges as simply burn the man right then and there
>but no matter what he would say, no matter what he would do, he knew that nothing would be accomplished

>finally, sound leaves the mage
Them why are you still here, exactly? You told me yourself when we first met, if I ever got in your way you would simply win this war without me.
>he motions behind him at the cave
If hiding and waiting for the right time to strike wasn't in your plan, then why did you follow me? If you didn't want me to use my magic to find everything I could about our opponents, why did you listen to me?
>his arm drops, the redhead still looking straight up at the Berserker's face
If I was so incompetent, so incapable of being prepared for things I should have, why didn't you keep yourself in charge of our weapons right after I bought them?
If my magic is useless, if my personality is annoying, if I'm not smart enough, not talented enough, and overall just one big weight holding you down, then why are you torturing yourself by staying at my side? I haven't used any of my seals to keep you by my side, so you're perfectly free to head out on your own if you feel you can do better, because we clearly have two different ways of how we think we can see this war until the end.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 793001

File: 1403737037580.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)




>for a few long minutes, Berserker is silent, keeping his glare fixed solely on Rocks




>but after a very long pause, he scoffs and smirks again

Oddly enough?

I've completely forgotten.

>with that simple statement made, Berserker straightens back up and turns away

>he then resumes walking, heading back onto the icy path
>he doesn't break his stride, he doesn't look back, he doesn't say another word
>he just keeps walking away towards land, leaving Rocks behind

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793002

File: 1403738609907.jpg (142.28 KB, 479x733, take my hand.jpg)

>the mage is hardly surprised by the simple reason given to him
>he doesn't stay at the cave's entrance for long, turning his back to the Servant as he makes his leave
>silent, the redhead simply takes a seat on the ice, again closing his eye in meditation

>releasing a long sigh, the constructs all over the island would suddenly turn

>paws run across the snowy fields, black wings flying above them, all of them heading in one direction…

Caster!aLEJudith. 793008

File: 1403741553999.jpg (148.39 KB, 900x1100, Cj-dracula.jpg)

>Deep in the catacombs, the dark lord rested within his coffin.

>For the first time in millennia, he dreamed. A dream of his wife… The times they spent together, how in love they were. Only to be taken away from him far too soon. That was the day he turned his back on God and swore to get his revenge against the being that took his love from him…

>He was still resolute in this. That would never change. He would bring darkness to this world and destroy all of God's creation…


>Would he want another to walk this path? The Fox, his "Master"… this could have been a path that she could walk as well should she lose her siblings.

>Loss of loved ones…


>The Dark lord he maybe, but perhaps there was still some compassion left in him.

>He rises from his slumber in the small hours of the morning… not that the sun could be seen the castle any more now that it was cloaked in inky blackness. He walks the halls of his castle moving from the basement to the first and then seconds floors.

>He looks at the four halls that lead to a tower each end.

>The Tower of Science in the South, the Tower of Duals in the West, the Tower of Execution In the East, and finally the Tower of Sorcery in the North…

>He makes his way to the north hall to the tower of crystal platforms and endless rows of bookshelves and seeks out a particular book in it's infinite stacks… Which one that was to be, was anyone guess.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793289

File: 1403809165514.jpg (939.75 KB, 2000x1600, Travel path.jpg)

>They'd landed back north, though not exactly where they had been before. Lancer had simply burst out of the castle with force and speed, their direction didn't really pay much mind. It only took a short time to reach their new destination, slightly farther away from the castle than the crumbled ruins they had first found.

>Another abandoned keep, this one seemingly sturdier than the last. A large curved wall spread around it as it sat on top of a large icy hill, looking out over the nearby area's woods and other such places. Whilst the brick and stone had decayed somewhat, the only truly notable problem was the wall to the east, completely broken in and leaving a large gap. The gate faced to the north and was thankfully made of metal, so though rusted it had managed to hold to the passage of time and was thoroughly embedded in the walls and the earth.

>Not that any of this would stop a Servant, mind, but it sure as hell beat wandering around without any sort of defence whatsoever. Taking a page out of Caster's book, if anyone decided to come here whilst they were recovering, or stumbled across them, if they became familiar with the keep and the immediate area they would have a slight homefield advantage, and at this point any bit of help they could get was greatly welcome.

>It had been a rough fight, and Lancer needed to recover his magical energy if they wanted to be able to have a good chance at battling again. On the bright side, Sigyn had quickly learned that fighting Caster in his own territory was practically suicide if he could control the castle at a mere whim. If that place could force Lancer into a corner, then it was likely they would be able to hold off from most if not all assaults by a single Servant in exactly the same way, especially given that they never had to move.

>Standing in the tower of the fort, Sigyn looked out from the large, open window and out to the spires of the castle. It had seemingly faded from its drake-like form and receded back to its ordinary state, suggesting that it did indeed take magical power to maintain and that perhaps such a form was too much for even that crazed machine.

There's only one way to handle this, and I doubt you're going to like it.

>Her Servant, Lancer, had been ordered to take spirit form in order to help them recover more quickly - putting them in physical form took energy that was needed elsewhere right now, and both of them needed to rest after such an ordeal.

>Because of that, however, she didn't have to deal with those eyes staring at her through the helmet, and was able to be more confident when speaking about potentially aggravating ideas.

Given everything I felt in that castle I doubt Caster will ever leave it. If that thing out there is his Noble Phantasm, normally it wouldn't last so long - even sustaining your lesser aspects takes mana.
Therefore we can assume that Caster has somehow created a method of infinitely sustaining the castle… and thus infinitely sustaining its defences, too.

>With a low sigh, she turned away from the distant view of the objective, beginning to take her leave from the room via the stairway that led to the enclosed hall of the keep, where a fire had already been lit for warmth. They would need to gather food somehow as fortune had deigned not to favour them with frozen delicacies this time around, but she cold send Lancer out once this discussion was had.

There are two truths to this war that I believe right now.
The first is that we cannot take Caster on alone. He will never leave, and thus will never be vulnerable.

The second is that the other Servants are stuck in the same position, and Caster will deal with them in the same way. I would hope that perhaps one of the others might be able to take him out, but between your magic resistance and my affinity toward mana itself we stood one of the best chances, and we failed. Certainly, they could all avoid Caster and fight each other, even we could leave him be and move around the land fighting other Servants who we stand a better chance with.

But that is what he wants.

When the dust clears and the smoke settles, even if we are victorious, Caster will be waiting at the end.
Once again we will be alone against his fortress, as will anyone else who succeeds.

>Her shoe clacked against the stone as she made the final step into the room below, surrounded now by four walls and a room filled with light and warmth, an old wooden door barring the way outside that had somehow managed to hold all these long years.

>Yet that peace was shattered by a loud sound as Sigyn slammed her fists down on the nearest table.

We cannot simply sit by and let them do this! Everything I felt about that pair was darkness and the stench of death. The Master outright aimed death blows towards myself and there is no excuse for the kinds of magic Caster is performing.!!

>Breathing heavily from the shouting, she gently released her fists. The servant, ever silent, seemed to continue to listen to her. Whether it was without question or simply with disinterest she didn't know, but her choice was made and her frustrations were clear. Planting her hands gently against the wood, she rested against it, finally steadying herself.

So as much as you might not like this idea, we have a new plan.

We need to rally as many Servants as we can and storm that castle to take. Him. Down.
I know… there's every chance that they will simply ignore us, or be too arrogant to care and figure they can take him on anyway. WE were that only hours ago, I was…

>She had been arrogant from the beginning. The greatest servant? The most powerful technique against any and all mages? What good had either of those managed to do against such overwhelming strength?

>It wasn't that she doubted Lancer. She had seen his strength first-hand, and he had fought valiantly against the odds, not to mention saved her life.
>What she doubted was that they were truly the strongest, that this would be a simple case of find and eliminate.
>This was a War.
>She was intelligent, but she was no battle strategist. Sigyn was not a commander, not an officer, not someone with experience in fighting with her skills or fighting in general.

>Caster, meanwhile, seemed to know battle quite well, as did his Master… Lancer most assuredly did as well, but he had been following her lead at all times aside from when he had launched them into the castle. A hardened heroic soldier following an unworthy commander who knew nothing of what war truly was.

… I'm sorry, Lancer… Jason… this must be so disappointing for you…

>A drip fell onto the table beneath her, yet no rain could fall inside and there were no pipes to leak.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 793297

File: 1403811708628.jpg (95.57 KB, 850x538, tumblr_mupx78iV0Y1sk5qnmo1_128…)

>Whilst his Master had brooded and suffered under the burden of her mistakes, Lancer had felt the young woman's pain and known it to be heartrending. She had tried her hardest, followed the path she though she knew as being the right course of action only to find her efforts had been rewarded with the bitter taste of failure.

>In silence Lancer contemplated the young girl before him. So young and frail, her entire life laid out before her to explore and experience, yet, here she dedicated herself in body and soul for a cause he could not fathom. So like he was she that Lancer felt profoundly moved by the woman's tears for despite the scorn she had borne him ever since his summoning, he himself had never looked down upon her as being either inferior or negligible in either intelligence or prowess. If anything, Lancer faulted only himself for their failures. The Servant had taken a gamble with the confidence that he could defeat the Caster class on its own terrain and lost.

Anyone can deal with victory.

But only the mighty can bear defeat.

>The warrior rumbled to her in spirit form. Over the long span of his legend, Jason had wronged many a person and seen as many women cry for his deeds. In this, Sigyn’s tears saddened Lancer but not because it pained her to see her in this state, but rather, because in the place where there should have been shame or sorrow, Lancer felt only numb. When was it that women’s tears stopped moving him so? When had his heart turned to stone amidst the endless punishment for his sins?

>He wanted to counsel her on the best course of action to take but wondered if such words would be headed. He himself had been gravely wounded in combat and needed time to recuperate; and though Sigyn bore no physical wounds, hers were no less grievous for being wounds to her very soul.
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Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793300

>finding them was the easy part
>two pairs of four paws practically glide over the snow as they run across the field
>their ghostly hide was gone, the fire hardening into a muscular body that would stand at the height of a grown man
>their grey eyes lock on to the ancient barricade to the north, the wolves making no attempt to hide behind anything
>they cam to a stop not far from the keep's walls, standing fully in the snow with only their white pelt serving as camouflage in the terrain

>the stench of Master and Servant came from within the building, making a surprise attack much more difficult

>even with the walls having a convenient gaping hole in the stone, the two wolves would be limited in their movements
>but so would their enemies, and it's possible the slender wolves could better travel down any halls much faster than a Servant

>something heavy would take a step forward, walking out into the open between the two wolves

>its white fur would barely move even in the icy winds of the island, pressed back against the figure's form as millions of thin needles that covered its entire body
>in sheer bulk and height, the beast would fair outclass the two wolves beside it, as wide as a bear and almost twice as tall as any man
>its body was formed out of pure muscle, yet surprisingly slender like that of a large lion or tiger, which would be completed by the large man that stood over the beast's neck
>but any similarities with a large cat ended there, as its jaws would stretch several feet before its sunken glowing red eyes, flattened like a crocodile's head, left hanging opened just enough for a river of sticky drool to pass through its wide sharp teeth
>at the end of the gruesome chimera would be a long and bushy tail, calmly brushing the snow from side to side, the only indication that the monster was ever supposed to resemble a wolf at some point
>it was Fenris, spirit of the hunt

>and it was the source of the of the roar that shook the area around them

>even as it's joined by the howling of its smaller brothers, the monster's bellowing shout would nearly drown them out entirely, its intensity the same as a thunderclap in the silence of the island's wilderness
>if a surprise attack was out of the question, then now was the time to make their opponents sweat

>amidst the howling of the beast, the two wolves would run in opposite directions, quickly taking their position by the large hole in the stone wall, and the closed rusted gate to prevent any escape attempt from either

!pR.BaFF/uk 793319

File: 1403814643550.jpg (159.72 KB, 1233x918, Sigyn 172.jpg)


>His words had a deep meaning to them, but they weren't the most comforting of terms. One the one hand it bore a compliment, but on the other that compliment was dressed in blood, only serving as a confirmation of their defeat.

>But there was no resentment or denial she could feel from her servant or gleam from his words, only the silent approval to go on. It was clear he was dealing with this in his own way.
>At least they had a plan from here.

>Her head turned immediately, however, at the sudden spikes in magical energy that appeared within the area.
>Three of them, one sporting more energy than the others and approaching quickly. Sigyn almost brought forth Lancer into physical form immediately, but further detection stopped that course of action.

>She remembered this signature.

>It was so strangely similar to the bird she had come across on their first arrival. Sigyn had thought it might be someone like Caster's minions, but having now closely experienced Caster himself, she could tell the vast difference.
>Whilst they felt imposing, there was no evil in them.

>They were, however, getting ridiculously close. If this was the work of another servant, it's entirely possible a pair had arrived to take advantage of their weakened state… had they seen them come back from the Castle?

Lancer! Someone's here!

>Immediately she ran over to the doorway, leaning against the wood and keeping her senses on. It proved unnecessary, however, when a loud roar sounded throughout the hall. Was this truly some kind of attack? She could always materialise Lancer, but the longer he stayed in spirit form the more he could heal…

>The two smaller ones split up, covering the north and east exits, but the third, despite that, wasn't advancing. Were they waiting for something?

>Slowly but surely, she pressed against the handle of the keep's door, opening it with a loud, slow creak to stare outside into the open grounds within the walls.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793323

>within the walls of the keep, all still sat as when the pair first arrived
>it isn't until a few seconds that a large wolf's head calmly steps through the hole in the wall, the canine's nose lightly taking in the scent in the air
>and immediately, the head would turn to the carefully opened door, knife-like fangs showing inside the wolf's growling grin
>barking wildly, the wolf would suddenly charge across the field to ram itself against the askew door
>evens, its startling speed allows it to reach the door before the mere inches between it and the wall can be closed Roll 1d1000 = 100

!pR.BaFF/uk 793328

File: 1403816565476.jpg (85.26 KB, 746x380, Whoa, what.jpg)

>The instant she tried opening the door, there was a horrible slam against it, practically wedging the door back shut and sending Sigyn stumbling back to the middle of the room, falling back in the process, clattering against some of the chairs.
>It was a good thing, however, because even with her hazy eyesight she could see the strange creature's head peering through the massive splintered hole in the door that it had made.

>Bringing Lancer into this would be the best idea, but at the moment she lacked the strength or mental capacity to properly think.

>Right now it wasn't doing much other than growling through the doorway, but if it had enough strength to break a large hole in the door, it was clearly able to tear away the rest.

>Staying on the floor, panting heavily as she could feel the bruises spreading through her, she watched and she waited.

>If it stepped inside threateningly, she'd have no choice but to summon Lancer. He'd swiftly be able to deal with the threat without much worry or issue, but sustaining more wounds and using more magic meant that their recovery time would be for naught…

>If this thing was the same as the bird…

>Ideas sprung to mind, but she needed to get up, first.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793330

>the wolf's claws would dig at the wooden door, slowly tearing away at the hole it had already created through the impact of its head
>it would snarl and hiss at the mage inside, the pale grey eyes locked on hers as she struggled to get to her feet
>Roll 1d100 = 28
>evens, the wild clawing would quickly tear open a hole on the door big enough for the wolf to squeeze through
>Roll 1d1000 = 973

>meanwhile, should her sense still be detecting the constructs on the outside

>the second of the wolves would turn its head, suddenly darting around the wall of the keep to make its way to the hole int he stone as well
>while it did so in little time, the much calmer wolf would keep its distance from its growling brother

>finally, the third and largest form would move, only rather than going forward, it would move further back

>and further
>and further
>it would almost seem to be retreating… until it would suddenly charge forward, straight against the wall that surrounded the keep
>only rather than crashing into it, the beast would spring up into the air, leaping onto the ancient stone and brick
>Roll 1d100 = 93
>evens, it would easily clear the wall in a single bound, landing on top of it
>and immediately it would spring off of it again, this time lunging towards the tower
>a loud crash could be heard, if a little faint from the distance, but for the mage in the hall, it would be obvious something had crashed through the old walls into the tower


>odds, the construct can't quite make it past the wall of the keep, its claws digging into its side

>only a few inches away from the top, the beast wolf would slowly climb onto it, but any momentum it had to keep charging into the tower would now be lost

!pR.BaFF/uk 793337

File: 1403817824387.jpg (52.05 KB, 329x422, Not good.jpg)

>As expected, the wolf clambered through with ease, quickly approaching her. As she regained her senses, she once again reconnected to the mana she had been casting out into the surrounding area, she could feel the other two beings - wolves, by the look of the first one that had arrived - were moving in various directions. One had clearly made its way into the room, whilst the other was futher outside and elevated - she could only assume this meant it was either climbing or on top of the gate wall.

>Regardless, trying to heal was one thing, but risking death was quite another.


>Commanding her spirit out of its spectral form and into his body, she got to her feet, backing up towards the fireplace.

Don't attack them!

>It could almost be seen as an almost insane command, given the fact that she was in the presence of these three predators.

>She didn't see them as merely attackers, however.
>Sigyn saw, through them, an opportunity.

>Provided Lancer obeyed her instruction of defence, anyway…

Lancer !MrCarnage2 793341

File: 1403818469110.jpg (122.44 KB, 1600x900, spartan_pantheon__by_huskywong…)

>As if emerging from a fog of smoke, Lancer emerged into the room out of thin air, shield raised and lance held at the ready.

>His armor had been mended in what little time he had spend in spectral form but his wounds underneath had yet to even begin to heal properly in such a small time frame. To then hound them like this after having just emerged from a fight was a thoroughly pathetic strategy - one whose creator mustn't have understood the very concept of honor.

>And as the wolves approached, the giant of steel backed away from them along with his Master, being very careful to keep himself between she and the hungering wolves.

. . .

>Hearing the order given not to attack the beasts, Lancer's back went ever so slightly rigid for the absurdity of the order, yet, even if no command seal was used, Lancer obeyed. Not because he had any particular reason to or because he felt fear towards any such meager bests as those that stood before him, but because even now, Lancer chose to believe in his master and the plan she had come up with for now. Should these beasts attack however, it would be another matter entirely and the Servant would strike them down remorselessly.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793346

>the loud wolf would snarl and growl as the Servant made his sudden appearance
>perhaps because of this, the predator would take a step back as if it knew it was no match for the warrior
>yet it wouldn't leave the door, blocking the mage and warrior's escape path

>outside, the silent wolf would simply watch the torn doorway from the snow, seemingly not planning to rush into the room like its brother

>finally, the much larger form outside would slowly walk along the outer wall of the keep, very calmly as if not worrying about an attack on the other wolves

>as it gets a good angle of the tower, the beast would take another large leap, landing right on top of the lower roof above the same hall where its prey stood

>none of the three wolves make any move afterwards, standing firm on each of their positions

!pR.BaFF/uk 793358

File: 1403820305546.jpg (233.03 KB, 1352x914, Sigyn 36.jpg)

>*Phew… so I was right on two accounts. I'm glad I took the risk.*
>Perhaps taking such risks was a bad idea given how the one with Caster turned out, but at least this time she had a contingency plan in Lancer. The fact that they weren't attacking meant Lancer wouldn't have to suffer any more and they could recover further, albeit at a slower rate for now, but it also revealed something else, judging by their co-ordination and positions.
>She could tell where each of them were, and noticed the one situated above.

Lancer, be careful of something coming from above.

>Spoken aloud so as to get the message across clearly, Sigyn shifted herself and pressed a hand against Lancer's side as she did so, before moving in front of him, between Lancer and the wolves, the hand having moved around to the front of his shield. Through this action she hoped to get across the fact that she wanted to be in that position, and that Lancer shouldn't take any unnecessary action to move for the moment.

>It would also serve as an indication that she was deliberately holding back her Servant.

>Dropping her arm, she turned fully to face the wolf in front of her. Now that she had a chance to concentrate and sense it, she indeed connected it to the bird from before. That meant it would likely contain something similar to the flames given that she could sense that same energy burning inside that she couldn't touch, although it was mixed with another, slightly darker force that showed through the magic.

>Even so, she stared straight into the wolf's eyes, no longer too worried with her Servant directly behind her.

I am no stranger to your magic, nor you to mine.

>Her words, however, seemed to speak in tone that suggested she was addressing something beyond the wolf itself. Admittedly her statement was an exaggeration, this was her second time meeting this type of construct and she had only used her power once, but they were at least acquainted.

If you can hear me from beyond the ears of your familiars, move this one back towards its brother and I shall not harm it, nor command my Servant to. You need not leave the doorway, I do not intend to escape.

Anything else, including inaction, will force my hand. I can do more than tear the formation of flesh from their bodies, that I can assure you.

>This was the true test.

>It was entirely possible that these creatures were automatons that would simply move of their own accord and attack others, but there was also the chance that they were scout-like familiars with a direct link to their caster. This would prove one or the other. If it was the latter, she could seize the opportunity she saw when they first arrived.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793368

>as the mage stepped before her Servant, the wolf at the doorway would step forward as well
>teeth plainly showing, still growling loudly as whatever fear it had shown previously was suddenly gone
>after all, the Servant was large, which meant he would be slower than it
>and all it would take was one clean bite-


>the wolf's ears perk up, the vicious snarling immediately stopping as it stares at the cloaked mage

>this was the first time the wolves had gotten a good look at her, and now they were clearly listening to her

>her voice was loud and clear, and heard miles away inside an icy cavern

>the mage would frown at her words, not liking how confident she sounded when they were clearly surrounded
>it could just be a bluff, something the mage wouldn't normally have a problem in calling out

>but it wasn't like he wanted to kill her either, so he didn't have much of an immediate need to lunge at her
>whatever she wanted to say or do left the redhead curious, and besides, there wasn't much he could lose by letting them know he could see and hear them wherever they went

>with a low growl, the wolf in the hall slowly begins to back away, never breaking contact with its grey eyes over the red mage

>it backs away past the door, its feet once against touching down on the snow

>its brother would remain by the hole, showing none of the other wolf's surprise or cautiousness

>it remained in its spot with a very calm air around it, silently watching the team inside the building

>atop the roof still sat the massive beast, not moving towards the edge, nor moving to strike down on the stone

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793386

File: 1403822331674.jpg (173.33 KB, 935x910, Sigyn 84.jpg)

>Sigyn released the breath she didn't even know she was holding, only just now feeling her heart pound in her chest. The snapping, growling jaws were frightening, even if she had her Servant so close by.
>As the wolf drew back, neither of the others moved. Sigyn watched as it passed the other by the doorway, and found herself slightly surprised - were they wearing different expressions? It was as if only the first wolf had heard her, and the others were simply acting as they had been prior.
>This in and of itself had many implications, but attempting to study them now could ruin the very minor cease fire agreement she'd managed to achieve.

Good… it seems you're an agreeable sort.

>The words were spoken in a tone that heavily implied relief over arrogance, as though she were thanking her own fortune for once.

If you've managed to find me so quickly, you must've seen the event that occurred in the center of this island with the Castle, and thus our escape route.

>Right? That had to be it. Surely these things couldn't simply find people without any prior knowledge at all…?

You aren't tied to either the Servant or Master within that place - the difference in your respective magical structures makes this easily apparent.
This means I have an opportunity through you, and you also have an opportunity through me.

I'm sure you already know that we battled with the pair inside. I have information and a proposal for you.

>Admittedly, Sigyn knew she'd be skeptical and cautious about something like this, so naturally whoever was on the other end of that wolf would likely have little to no reason to trust her.

>But she was the one in need of help, or at least she was the one who knew no one Servant could take Caster down. The others would likely need something more tangible.

As a token of good faith, I provide you with this:
The Servant within the Castle is Caster.
The Castle itself is his territory creation skill as well as his Noble Phantam, and thus he has complete control over it.

>Providing information so freely was a risk in itself. Every time she did so, she would lose a potential bargaining chip. Depending on the alignment of the one she was talking to, however, such a gesture might help sway things toward a mutual understanding as opposed to a mutual distrust.

I have much more information than that to share, but we are all in this for our own reasons - I will not provide this freely.

What I will tell you, however, is that if you can provide some reason for me to have faith in you, it will be possible to take down what is most definitely the largest threat to everyone in this war.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793392

>inside the cave, the redhead would silently go over what he had been told
>he knew the mage wasn't lying, as he had seen the entire battle from afar
>he had seen the massive dragon, and how they had been forced to retreat by whatever opposition they had found inside the castle's hall
>so the mage was definitely telling the truth about this, and from everything the redhead knew, she was right about the Caster being the greatest threat to them, even if he still had his Servant


>the wolf at the door wouldn't move, and neither would the one far away from the building

>instead, it would be obvious for the blond mage (as it was obvious for the redheaded one that she could sense all of his constructs) that one of the sources of energy around her would simply vanish
>the monster on the roof, and the greatest concentration of energy, had been dispelled from its position, not even a cinder being left behind as it disappears

>this could easily be a trap, he wasn't that stupid

>but whether it was or not, the redhead still needed to at least try
>everyone was in this to win, but how can you win when one of your enemies so clearly outmatches you
>a truce, even if a temporary one, would be best for all parties involved in this
>whether the tide turned for or against him, the mage knew how to escape intact either way

>another low growl would leave the wolf by the door

>clearly besides its wishes, it backs away further from the opened doorway, and takes a seat on the snow
>its ears would flatten over its head as it would lay down on its stomach, a common show of submission in natural wolves

>despite this however, the wolf in the distance simply took a seat

>its ears remained sticking upwards to the sky, and a calm stare towards the door just in case its brother's show of good faith were to fail

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793399

File: 1403824874694.jpg (92.15 KB, 837x441, mystical words.jpg)

>Whatever was happening seemed to be taking its time at first, almost as though the wolf was considering what she was saying. Tension grew around her as she pondered just what the response would be. If they chose to attack regardless, they would have another enemy to worry about in their search for others.
>It was only when the large source of energy vanished completely from above her that her eyes widened, surprised by the action but equally pleased at the same time. The wolves seemingly calming down and backing away from the entrance proved only further that her words were getting through.
>Now it was her move again, and given the results so far, she dared enough to try. Turning back to her Servant momentarily, she called out to him.

Return to spirit form. We'll need you to rest if we're to succeed.

>Even if she was dispelling her Servant, she was careful not to give out his class name. It was possible that the person on the other end of these constructs had deduced it by his appearance, but she didn't want to chance her own blunder being the one that counted.

>Once she had given her command, she turned back to the wolves and, without her Servant, stepped forward. Each step felt difficult to take, a risk in and of itself, but she slowly made her way to the torn apart door and stepped out into the cold snow, leaving herself open before the wolves.

>It was bold moves like this which either killed a person or succeeded in some way. There was still some small distance between her and the two smaller constructs, but she was still very far from her Servant.

Right then…

>Then, of all things, Sigyn sat down, directly on the snow, shivering a little as she came into contact with it. Still retaining some level of composure thanks to the heat she'd been with inside, she looked across as the wolf she'd been 'speaking' with.

We need not meet or such-like for now, I wouldn't want you to feel at risk. It's already clear you agree that Caster is a threat to be dealt with, so I will cut straight to the point.

It is of my experience and opinion that if Caster is left to his own devices, and individual Servant teams are arrogant enough to try and take him alone, they will all fall. It is possible to leave it to the other teams, though I truly believe they would fall, and then whomever had hidden away and waited would be left with Caster to defeat.

He would then inevitably achieve victory.
There is no room for sitting on the sidelines any longer.

>Her formerly relaxed gaze grew to an intense stare, her teeth gritting for a moment in a mild recollection of the fury she felt for that particular team.

Caster's nature is dark. Evil, foreboding. The Master who resides out in the castle immediately attempted to help dish out a killing blow in my direction. Of all people, they cannot be allowed to win this war.
Given that you've shown to me this much, I can assume you to at least have morality. The magic I sense in your familiars is not an inherently dark one, and your actions prove as much.

Given that this war can only have one winner, it is inevitable that we will fight eventually. I cannot sit by and let myself lose, I'm sure you understand that much, but if I did fail, I would rather it be to someone like yourself than to someone whose magic reeks of death, decay and darkness.

Between the two of us, we stand a better chance than either would alone, but I worry even that might not be enough.
Caster has somehow created a method of sustaining his Castle indefinitely. A noble phantasm such as that should be draining the Master and the Servant's magic at a ludicrous rate, yet it will continue to stand.

Caster will never have to leave his fortress, and thus he will always have the upper hand for whomever attacks him.
We'll need more than just the four of us if we want to ensure his defeat.

I've realised from the beginning that this may not be possible… but if you are capable of at least hearing my plea, it gives me hope that others are capable of the same.

>Relaxing a little more into the cold snow, Sigyn let out a brief shiver before her expression softened a great deal, looking across at the wolf with a glimmer of the hope she had just spoken of.

What do you think?

>She asked, simply, not entirely expecting a response in the form of words but curious as to how the wolves might react.

Lancer !MrCarnage2 793401

File: 1403825316849.jpg (178 KB, 550x639, tumblr_msxfzp6shL1stimkco1_128…)

>He was mulling around all of the things that had happened but would come to his conclusions at a later time.

>For now, he disappears back into spirit form.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793405

>when the order is given, it seems to trigger something in the wolf laying on the snow
>its head rises with a growl, ears perking back up as it clearly wasn't pleased with the Servant's return into a form it could heal itself or sneak behind them
>while the wolf doesn't make a move as the mage in front of it speaks, it clearly remains much more on edge than before, its nose always twitching as it took in the smell of magic around it, always on the lookout for the Servant should he reappear

>the farther wolf would still remain stoic, only its right ear twitching slightly

>inside his icy cave, the mage can only sit in silence

>there were no holes in the other mage's story, no obvious fallacies or anything that didn't sound logical
>even though she sat so close to the constructs, he had no way of telling if it was out of trust for him, or because she was certain he would be so gullible
>"What would Berserker do…"

>the Servant wasn't exactly the best model to follow, and the redhead quickly shakes the question away

>he needed a way, some way to be sure the hooded mage wasn't tricking him

>slowly, the mage lifts his hands off his lap

>aiming forward at the wall, he would concentrate as much as he could on the two constructs in the distance

>the calm wolf would stand up once more, making its way closer to the mage in red as she sat on the floor

>there was no rush to its step that indicated an attack, but it wasn't slow enough that seemed to say it was worried about it seeming that way
>it was a very natural walk, just like a dog walking towards its owner
>once it stood next to its brother, the wolf would curiously sniff at the air before stepping a little closer to the mage
>something in the wolf's being would change, what once looked like a fully solid construct suddenly taking a more fiery and ghostly appearance
>lowering its head, the wolf would seem to be asking the mage to place her hand atop the small white flames covering its head

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793419

File: 1403829682769.jpg (148.35 KB, 1103x915, Sigyn 177.jpg)

>The wolf's immediate shift had not caught her unawares, but that was why it was all the more important to sit, to be passive about it. It was difficult to prove yourself through only mild actions and words, especially in a situation where everyone had a reason to claim victory for themselves. It only made it all the more important to make this work.

>Because of that rationale, the choice to proceed with this and attempt to gain at least enough trust to be able to work with one another toward a common goal, she did not falter when the wolf approached. Its shift in appearance surprised her, giving her the briefest of startles, but her will to now see this through forced her to stay still as it approached.

>If she couldn't see this through, how could she approach any of the others?

>She was sure that Lancer wasn't particularly fond of how many risks she was taking, but he definitely knew how much of a risk Caster was. Hopefully he would be willing to put up with her selfish, inexperienced direction of action for the sake of eliminating that threat.

>Thus, slowly, she reached out toward the flames. It was almost instinct that guided her, as though a message through the magic was reaching her in some archaic manner and causing her to understand.

>Sigyn wondered if this would hurt, but whether it did or did not, she was unable to predict what might occur as she placed her hand on the white flames.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793436

>as the mage's hand touches on the ghostly wolf, the flames would feel warm and comfortable
>the wolf itself would feel very soft like a pillow, making the strange experience surprisingly good

>however, that serenity would suddenly be broken as a sharp heat wave would rise up the mage's arm

>nothing visible would happen to her, and unknowingly at first, a white spark of a flame would be traveling around her shoulder and stopping at her back
Don't flinch. Don't move. Don't scream. Don't do anything.
>a voice would echo in the mage's head, a very crude form of a Soul Resonance coming from the ghostly construct
Keep your hand on the wolf and we can talk. Try to mess with my magic again, and you will regret it. These wolves are nothing compared to what I can create.
>there was an edge to the voice, but not out of malice
>it would seem like the person speaking to the blond mage had to be a little louder in order to be able to contact her in such a crude manner
I believe in everything you said. I saw what happened, I saw how powerful the owner of the castle is, and I agree with you. Alone, I don't think there is any Mage or Servant out there that can take them on.
Combining our forces is the only way to bring them down, that much is logical… But you will understand I have my own reservations with teaming up with someone who is my enemy.

>the patch of warmth on the mage's back would intensify, growing slightly more uncomfortable
After all, despite you talk of morality, you and your Servant threw out the first blow against the Castle. You stormed into the building perfectly ready for battle, and I've seen no reason to think you wouldn't take the first opportunity you could get in killing off the Caster's Mage.
>the heat would slowly diminish, again becoming far more comforting
So, here's what we're going to do… We're going to meet.
>the request by the voice was blunt
I'm going to keep my magic on you until we do. If you try to do anything with it, I will know about it and this whole thing is off. Keep it on, and we'll talk on even ground…
>there's some hesitation in his voice before he continues
And so we can start this relation on the best possible terms… My name is Rocks.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793706

File: 1403888671571.jpg (60.01 KB, 486x293, I can do this myself.jpg)

Don't we all have reservations?
>She responded to his statement rather sharply through her mind, as though it were a matter of fact rather than an attempt at discussion.

>It was a remarkable difference in attitude from only moments earlier. The warm serenity suddenly bursting forth and placing a strange pressure at her back had almost caused her to think she was about to be assassinated, and had the command not come for her to prevent herself from screaming she likely would've done just that.

>Because of the surprise and the implications of the act, she took on a slightly colder demeanour, but only because she was ever so slightly worried for her life.

Besides, if I hadn't initiated that first assault, someone else would have, and if they had perished in those despicable blood-filled halls we wouldn't have the opportunity we currently do.
Instead of chastising me for making the first move, you could try being grateful that my Servant and I took the risks we did.

>Perhaps that was a little sharper than she ought to have come out with, but despite the warm feeling of the fire on her back, she couldn't help but feel a little trapped because of it. That, and she didn't really feel like being prodded about the morality of their failed assault, even if the suspicion was true, in a sense. Sigyn would have a hard time forgiving those immediate assaults on her person.

You needn't worry about me doing anything to your magic. I'd imagine splitting your essence into pieces is already taxing enough, Rocks.
>It wasn't as if her earlier discovery of his magic style was anything to be worried about, she still didn't know the specifics on how it worked and nor was it really capable of being manipulated given that it had a will, but perhaps her revealing that she'd already gained such knowledge would help to prove what kind of person Rocks was dealing with. Whilst she did want to do away with this mildly threatening banter between them, he did have her locked down somewhat.

>Releasing both a mental and physical sigh, she started managing to shake off the initial jolt of surprise, the hand placed on the wolf's head now much more relaxed as she grew accustomed to the strange and varying warmth.

Sigyn Erster.
It's a shame we couldn't meet in better circumstances.

>Slowly, she got to her feet, still keeping her hand on the head of the wolf she was connected to.
Have your familiar lead, and I will follow, though I hope you have a good path to lead me down. If we encounter another Master and Servant, I'm afraid I might not be able to comply with your rule of keeping hold of this magic.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793725

It isn't.
>his response to the mage's assumptions about his magic was quick
>it wasn't entirely false, as none of his constructs were exactly difficult to create or hold, simply to control, and the two wolves he had right now were always loyal
>still, even if it's a slight exaggeration, there was nothing wrong in keeping his opposition thinking he could do much more with his magic than he could
And I'm not chastising anybody. I'm just saying what I saw. And I see no reason to thank you either for doing what was expected out of everyone in this contest.
>his voice carries a stronger edge to it, the fire on her back growing slightly hotter
>taking a second to calm down, the voice coming from the wolf would continue
You don't have to worry about the other teams. Stay close to the wolves, and you won't come across any of them. If you suspect anything I do, you have every right to attack them. But I don't think I need to tell you what that will mean.
>there's a small pause, the wolf laying on the snow standing up
And, yes… It really is a shame…
>the ghostly construct would move its head, already beginning to walk away towards the hole in the wall, simply expecting the other mage to follow it
>the second wolf, clearly still suspicious of the blond woman, growls quietly but follows behind its calmer brother

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793728

File: 1403900507401.jpg (119.2 KB, 620x628, Sigyn 103.jpg)

>The only real choices were to either follow or forfeit all of her efforts thus far. If she did, it's possible she might never make it to the point of being able to defeat Caster, and unless some mild form of miracle occurred no-one would be able to handle him after that.

>Besides, her honest impression of him was that he was a nice enough person, if a little high strung; though who wouldn't be, given the war around them? Trust was a difficult thing to find in those you had no attachment to.

>Lancer had most likely done the smart thing and stayed in spirit form when the link was made. If he'd appeared, things likely would have gone downhill, but there was every reason to suspect as such when a magic like that appears as it does. Somehow he had managed to maintain incredible self control over the whole incident… did he really trust her so implicitly?

>It was strange to deal with almost opposite ends of the coin at the same time…

>Still… his description about evading danger. His familiars must be able to sense more than she thought if they were almost completely capable of avoiding things. She couldn't quite believe it, but she was about to go through a test run of it regardless.

>Unfortunately, with them being the sensual type she couldn't even analyse them with her magic without them finding out.

Very well.
I place myself in your hands, for the moment.

>The wolves would suddenly feel a shift in the magic surrounding them, but it wasn't actively touching them. Instead very trace amounts would pass right by, before slowly being absorbed back into the mage. Eventually the area around them would be free of it, whilst Sigyn would smell slightly stronger than she had before.

>Having taken down her 100m active sensing capabilities, she was now in the hands of the wolves as they led her.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793732

>the shift in magic would predictably cause the louder of the wolf duo to get on guard again, almost always looking over its shoulder at the mage

>the calmer one carefully sniffs at the air for only a few seconds before continuing forward

>passing the keep's wall, the group would quickly take into the snowy woods surrounding it

>heading to the south, the wolves would remain aside the shore, choosing the path carefully to prevent themselves from being forced to head deeper into the island
>passing through white trees, small hills, and snow-filled beaches, the trek was in no way a short one, yet the wolves showed no signs of fatigue
>the areas in which they passed as they walked down the eastern shoreline were always silent, apart from the wind and the local fauna, coming across very little signs of life, and no other teams

>most of the Mages and Servants would be found on the opposite end of the island, much deeper within the land

>the shores were almost always empty, and the only team close enough to give them any trouble would be that of the Assassin, which if the Mage's soul was any indication, they hadn't moved at all from their location in days

>the relatively safe trek would finally come to an end after a few hours, the strange group coming across another set of old ruins

>this time it wasn't a once-heavily fortified keep or remains of a castle, but a simple lighthouse, rather remarkably kept intact with the time
>the two wolves would quickly run up to the old building, but would take their seats atop some large boulders nearby

>for the mage in red, there would be nothing to sense around her besides the two constructs she had been following, and they seemed to be completely alone

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793734

File: 1403902402556.jpg (44.37 KB, 370x308, THE HORROR.jpg)

>Above all else, she felt hungry.
>The original plan was to have Lancer hunt for the both of them when the coast was clear, cook the food up on the fire in the keep and enjoy the meal together. This had, unfortunately, changed drastically to a several hour long walk across the frigid beaches. At the very least the strange magic from the wolf kept her warmer than she would be usually, but they contained no magic to cure her empty stomach.

>When the wolf that had led her here left her side, thus disconnecting the linked warmth, she immediately shivered, gripping her robes as she attempted to follow and watching as they sat atop the boulders close to the lighthouse. By all rights it could be a trap, but the chances were much slimmer than they were before - if he wanted to get rid of her, he would've turned the wolves on her earlier. In the worst case scenario, Lancer was always with her.

>Having turned off her mana sense before, she initially felt nothing, but when she activated her hundred-meter radius once more, the magic spreading thin from her body and all throughout the air, she could sense- …. nothing. Well, aside from the two constructs. Why was that? Had she been led here only for no-one to have arrived? There was certainly no Servant close by, and there wasn't really any traces of much other magic here.

>She could trace Rocks by linking through one of his constructs and seeing where the magic was connected to, following that line like a data stream, but if she did that it was likely this would all be called off.

>Stepping slightly close to the lighthouse, she didn't go inside just yet. Instead, she stood around 15 meters from the door, looking around for any sign of the other Master or Servant to show themselves.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793735

File: 1403903411365.jpg (114.13 KB, 472x640, not impressed.jpg)

>for a few minutes there would still be nothing around her
>no magic could be sensed, no noise or light came from the lighthouse, and there would be no feeling that someone was watching her from afar

>then, very suddenly, a source of magic would pierce into her "bubble"

>it would greatly resemble the same energy that surrounded the wolves, but for the mage to see that she would need to be remarkably fast at reading that energy
>the soul would almost seem to simply appear close to the blond woman, but it was clear it had simply ran all the way across the very edge of her sensing abilities to the lighthouse in the span of mere seconds, far faster than a normal human could achieve

>he wouldn't stop inside the lighthouse, on top of it, or inside

>he wouldn't even get close enough to the blond mage, the redheaded one coming to a stop on the beach before the ocean
>he single green eye stares at the old building and at the figure that stood before it
>he was alone with no Servant, with only his magic and skills to rely on against an anti-mage and her own Servant

>slowly, he steps closer, the figure growing clearer
>wearing a slightly cut white coat and black pants, the mage was definitely under-dressed for the weather around them
>yet the same warmth that left the white wolves atop the boulders would leave the Conjurer, forming a small bubble of heat which crawled closer to the woman in red
>obviously the most striking detail of the short man was the eye patch over his left eye, and the torn left ear from a passing bullet
>he seemed to have come unarmed, not even having a bag or pouch on him, which he tries to make it clear to the woman as he lifts his hands over his shoulders
Sorry about the long trip… You must be tired…
>the voice that left him was much different than the one in the resonance, no longer having the strain of forcing his soul across the island
>it was calmer and more innocent, the mage sounding genuinely sorry about how long the other mage needed to walk

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793743

File: 1403906270327.jpg (175.04 KB, 640x960, Broken-Blade.Sigyn-Erster.640x…)

>The wolves stayed silent and still, almost proving that they were in the right place, yet why wasn't there anything else around? The seconds were ticking by, and she wasn't getting any warmer.
>Yet, very quickly something entered her sphere of influence. Given that composition analysis formed the very basis of her Spell Intercept technique, it was incredibly easy to tell that whoever it was held a much more concentrated version of the magic that held the wolves together.
>However, despite the speed of her analysis in a magical sense, her eyes couldn't properly follow his movement. Was it some kind of speed spell? Given that his magic was a relatively complicated combination of things, including life energy that she couldn't get a grasp on, it was entirely possible. That said, she didn't latch onto him or anything of the sort, such a thing would likely throw this meeting into chaos.

>His appearance was a little different to what she expected. A short man, shorter than she was, making him appear possibly younger than his actual age if not for the look he had in his one showing eye. Unlike her, this mage had seen his fair share of battle, something she should have considered when contemplating who else would be taking part. The long red hair was an interesting touch, though it was unkempt and messy - possibly from the rough times had here.

>The warmth was a welcome touch, and his demeanour put her at ease from the tension. Unlike before, he did sound genuine, but one thing worried her. Whilst his Servant was most likely in spirit form in response to her own being so, there weren't any traces of them being around. Was it different when you tried to reach out towards enemy Servants hidden in such a way? There certainly wasn't any residue mana of him being around, which made it certain that the mage had just come from a separate location.

>With a simple exhale, misty breath leaving her mouth into the cold yet warming air around her, Sigyn reached up and, almost in a response to his own attitude, she lowered her hood, revealing fully the long blonde locks along with a strange headband that looked as though it had a device attached to it.

>In her own relaxed voice, she spoke in return, placing a hand on her hip as she looked over in a relatively exhausted manner.

Physical activity isn't exactly my strongest suit, and I haven't eaten since the morning of the castle assault. Whilst I would have had my Servant gather some things, I didn't want to jeopardise this.

>Despite her complaints, she didn't sound bitter toward Rocks for any of it, more simply tired and disappointed that she hadn't had the chance to settle down with the fire she'd lit for more than a couple of hours.

>It was going to be such a nice evening… but there were more important things.

Though given what I experienced earlier, I can safely say I'm glad to be here and not fueling some terrible machination or another.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793745

File: 1403907391402.jpg (62.54 KB, 295x393, keep calm.jpg)

>the redheaded mage falters slightly, almost looking like he tripped over his feet
>a small blush appears on his cheeks as he reaches up to rub the back of his head in embarrassment
S-Sorry… I didn't really consider you would be hungry after all that…
>he casually walks up closer to the lighthouse door, simply pushing it open
>giving the other mage a very friendly smile, he nods inside
It's easier to warm up inside. I have a lot of food I can cook for the both of us, so I don't mind sharing.
>as the mage steps inside the lighthouse, the warmth on the woman's back would vanish, along with the two white wolves who would simply burst into white flames

>inside the lighthouse was decisively barren, with very little furniture inside the circular room

>from the entrance there would be two other rooms visible besides the central area, one of which held a bed frame but no mattress, and the other having nothing
>there was a single close door directly to their right, and an opened one that lead into a upwards staircase, likely going to the top of the lighthouse
>in the central area there would be a fireplace, a single chair tipped on the floor, and a small coffee table next to it
>most importantly, as soon as the mage walked inside the old building, it would almost instantly warm into far more accepting conditions, any ice and snow that had entered over the years beginning to melt

>the mage walks into the center area, blinking as he looks around their surroundings

>then back at the blond woman with the same warm and inviting smile
Is rabbit alright?

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793747

File: 1403909026946.jpg (53.14 KB, 539x577, Sigyn 10.jpg)

>Well… so far so good? It was strange to see someone so oddly friendly in such a hostile environment, but because of that it was welcoming, along with the warmth. She could feel Lancer disapproving through their link to one another, but he was biding his time as commanded. The longer they were able to rest like this, the more their strength could recover and prepare for what he hoped to be a larger, co-operative assault.

>Even with her Servant's slight tension whittling away in the background, Sigyn found the room much more pleasant than the outside, quickly finding the one chair in the large room and taking a seat. It was an old, wooden thing, but like the lighthouse around it the piece of furniture had been preserved enough to be functional. Tired from the journey, she took a moment to rest, looking across at the mage as he asked about the food.

Hrm? Rabbit? I can't say it's something I've ever tried, though given my regular diet it might be a good idea to try…
>It seemed that she had a tendency to make things more complicated than they needed to be, even in her most basic of statements.
… thank you, though.

>With the appreciation given and the space around her warm and bright, Sigyn finally had a chance to simply sit and think to herself - something she had been mostly incapable of doing since she arrived. The subject she fell upon in her mind was Rocks' magic. She'd seen the snow melt around them as they walked inside and it was extremely difficult not to notice the warm aura. It was similar to how she felt when she had the magic attached to her, the strange flames that seemed ever-present whether they were black or white.

>Even if she didn't have permission to go diving straight into mana analysis, Sigyn was far too curious not to at least pull together what she had already learned to form her own conclusions.

>As her mind ticked away on the subject, she simply kept an eye about the room, givnig time for Rocks to prepare whatever he deemed fit to prepare.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793750

File: 1403911735688.jpg (68.54 KB, 431x694, what did you do that for.jpg)

>the can't help but smile a bit more again, turning on his heels towards the fireplace
>simply by holding out his hand, a black flame would suddenly ignite, a small form being visible inside of it
>the black fire was there to summon one of the rabbits he had hunted earlier, but to cook it he would need a much warmer fire
>so, without needing any spell or movement, the black flames would suddenly shine a vivid orange as they twisted and crawled above each other
>in the fireplace, instead of a regular fire, was now a large spinning fireball which emanated the smell of freshly cooked meat as it quickly cooked inside the flames
It should only take a minute…
>turning to the woman, the mage's friendly expression changes slightly no another more repentant one

>as much as the redhead could have taken advantage of the situation, as much as he could have lied about his powers, as much as he could have done to try to intimidate and deceive what was undoubtedly one of the biggest threats in the entire War

I'm… Sorry about the whole… "Door slamming shut on you" thing…
>he simply couldn't not be hospitable towards the stranger, who for all intents and purposes, seemed to be very friendly herself

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793769

File: 1403913356858.jpg (74.5 KB, 569x616, Sigyn 11.jpg)

>Whilst she was slowly forming her own conclusions on what she thought might be the origins and techniques, watching carefully as the black flames simply appeared before shifting to orange at what seemed to be a whim, presenting yet another colour of flame that, in itself, seemed to behave as an existing being than an actual fire, she was listening. His last comment actually caused her to snap out of her analytical mental state, processing what he'd said and quickly averting her gaze, not entirely sure how to respond. It had given her a nasty knock, but it wasn't as if she'd been any better about things when she'd first summoned Lancer, and arrived in the Grail War. Had she not specifically told him to 'do whatever must be done for victory'? If Rocks had followed the principle she'd originally set out with, she would be dead.

>A variety of things had caused her to question that original sentiment, one of them being her near-death situations within Caster's Castle. She hadn't really experienced things like that before, aside from the one time in Asylum when that strange chimeric creature was running amuck, and your own possible death usually put the deaths of others into perspective.

>This young man had a hand in her change of heart as well. From the seems of things, he was agreeable, far moreso than she expected most Masters to be. Would it be possible to end this without going too far? Could victory really be achieved that way?
>As usual, however, she found herself thinking for far too long, having left a slightly uncomfortable silence between them before she finally responded.

Yes, well… for every door that closes, another one opens. Admittedly you had that one guarded, but fortunately a handle was put on the situation.

>It was a strange and slightly pun-filled proverb, but for some reason it was the only thing that came to mind.

That said, having a set of familiars that strong just adds to our chances. There's no need to apologise now things are as they are.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793770

File: 1403913994437.jpg (47.14 KB, 350x382, to be or not to be.jpg)

>the mage's eye would slowly blink, the meaning behind the woman's words clearly not quite sinking in
>his following smile was more out of courtesy, and obviously trying to hide his own ignorance
>he would nervously clear his throat again before aiming his hand at the small table
>another black flame would appear, summoning a small plate carved out of rock, the surface very smooth but clearly done by an amateur craftsman
>the swirling ball of fire would float from the fireplace, making its way over the plate to drop the fully cooked rabbit on top of it as the flames vanish
>Roll 1d100 = 44
>evens, perfectly cooked
>odds, a bit burnt on a few places

>regardless, the mage would take a seat on the floor, cross legged across the kitchen table as he looked at the woman

>releasing a small sigh, he knew this wasn't exactly a meeting between friends, and there were important thing on the table right now aside the rabbit
So, about this alliance… Do you think we'll be this lucky with the others?

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793779

File: 1403917180088.jpg (121.86 KB, 799x649, It's MINE.jpg)

>Yet more demonstrations of his abilities, though the bringing forth of strange objects was certainly a strange one. She couldn't help but take note of the little details, curiosity always being her largest of weaknesses. Even as the rabbit was placed in front of her on the table, her mind was elsewhere, following the flames as they brought the plate across.

>It was he who began the conversation, however, and on a particularly important point as well.

I didn't exactly have the highest of hopes when I came up with the idea, but my first attempt worked out.
The simplest answer would be that if we don't try, we'll never know. I took a risk in standing out towards you, and we'll just have to take more risks. That said, with two of us, including our Servants, we'll likely be more convincing-

>That was when she raised the rabbit to her lips and took a hungry bite, only for that bite to stop whatever trail of thought she had in its tracks.

>Swallowing almost immediately, she simply stared with wide blue eyes at the food caught in her fingers.

By the Fairy herself, has this been seasoned!? What do you put in those flames? What kind of spell applies barbecue flavoring to something hunted in a frozen waste!?

>Hungrily digging in, all thoughts on Caster and the Alliance seemed to dissolve in place of her now ravenous hunger for whatever meat was on this thing.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793801

File: 1403918708566.jpg (25.05 KB, 233x217, oh no thats hot.jpg)

>the mage slowly nods form his spot on the floor, simply taking in what the woman was telling him-
>until the subject was quickly changed to his cooking skills
>a blush grows over the redhead's cheeks again, getting embarrassed rather quickly
>but rather than begin to disclose the secrets of the Magrill Arts, the mage is taken aback by how ravenously the woman takes apart at her food
>a small bead of sweat travels down his forehead, the mage not wanting to interrupt her as she really enjoyed her meal

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 793912

File: 1403924104151.jpg (102.74 KB, 698x530, Interesting.jpg)

>It was a full five minutes of biting, crunching, chewing and swallowing before Sigyn was finally done. A hungry stomach combined with good food was usually like this, especially for this particular mage who hadn't been able to have her regular coffee in around two days. The cravings were real, but she would simply have to make do with this excellently cooked piece of meet.

>Once she was finished tearing the thing to shreds, the rabbit was gently placed onto the plate, the mage gently tapping her lips with a handkerchief she kept in her robe to clear the mild mess upon her face before providing a brief cough so as to clear her throat.

Ahem… in any case, two people who believe in a cause is more convincing than one, because it already implies co-operation is achievable. Even if other Servants and Masters are slightly less agreeable, two against one is never favourable and they should all see the benefit of removing a strong opponent from the competition.

Whether we're lucky or no-
……….. excuse me.

Whether we're lucky or not depends a lot on how we're able to handle those we come across, and it also assumes none of the others have been defeated yet…

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 793959

File: 1403925991155.jpg (111.15 KB, 496x595, super happy victory.jpg)

>the mage blinks again, holding in a laugh at just how nonchalantly the woman ignored such a loud sound that came from her
>his hand would raise over his mouth but he didn't need to press down on it, managing to hold it in and still listen to what she was saying
You don't have to worry about that. None of the other teams have even met, much less fought.
>he inches a bit closer to the table, figuring he wouldn't lose anything by telling her this
I've had my constructs look all over the island, and I know where they're all hiding. I also know the identities of two of them, one being Caster, and the other Assassin.
>he pauses, reaching at his head again to rub it with his hand
But that's all I know…
>smiling again he tries to sound optimistic, which doesn't seem very hard for the cheerful mage
Maybe I can try winning them over with my cooking?
>he chuckles nervously at his own joke, another blush spreading on his cheeks


File: 1404171792810.gif (279.1 KB, 256x272, 1394075836647.gif)

>While Archie had been out scouting around for the most part since they had arrived, Lily had instead taken it upon herself to try and figure out how to make the best of their housing situation.

>...Well, and she'd woken up hungry as well, so that was really the first thing on her list.

>Roll 1d100 = 64 Food stores in the cabin.

> Less than 50 its pretty slim pickings, basically anything that isn't in jars is damaged by the cold...and the only jars that were left contain varieties of pickles.
>Greater than 50, like 50 except there's also jams, all sorts of jams.
>70 or more, there seems to be cans as well, though most of them seem to contain beans.
>80 or more, whoever used to live here was probably some sort of hunter or something as well, cause there's even a variety of preserved meats.
>95-100, Same as before, except whoever stocked this cabin, whenever it was that it was stocked, didn't seem to have taken any supplies with them when they left. The chilliness of the cabin and the climate overall before she and Archie started the fire going again seems to have helped to preserve it all to an even greater degree.

>If 80 or more, while Lily is preparing a makeshift breakfast for herself, she wonders what must have happened to everyone who lived in this place before....or if maybe its just that other people have fought the war here previously...neither of which lead towards pleasant thoughts.

Caster!aLEJudith. 794931

File: 1404182238344.jpg (368.96 KB, 1024x768, 1318156-wallpaper01_1024.jpg)

>In the center of the island where the Grail war is taking place, the dark and foreboding castle of Caster stands tall looming over everything around it like a black and angry thunder cloud posed to strike at any given moment.

>And with Lancer and his master's failed attempt to storm the stone structure, the area around it was now cloaked in an eternal and evil night where nothing no light shone and no life remained...

>Were there any among those on the island that would dare be foolish enough to attempt to storm the castle on their own once more?

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 794934

File: 1404183198784.gif (1015.92 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n03erluVmP1qbc2ylo1_500…)

>When Lancer and its Master stormed the castle by coming down from the skies in a grand chariot of fire whose might caused the entire island to quake and the subsequent morphing of the entire castle into a terrible dragon of darkness; Agnès had found herself doubting the mere possibility of her being able to survive this war. After all, how could she possibly face such terrible, incomprehensible power?

>But at the time when she had found herself visibly quaking in her boots, her spirits dashed to nothing, Saber had been there, looking up to the scene with that ever present cocky smile of her. Looking at her calm secure expression, Agnès came to believe, just as her Servant did, that no matter who came at them and what they threw at them, that they could not possibly lose.

>And if her Servant believed herself to be the strongest, who was she to say otherwise? How could she know if, to her at least, all these grand spells were nothing more than paltry tricks fit for children's amusements?

>Dashing her tears and calming her heart, Agnès stood up to confront the terrible castle that stood before her. This first obstacle would fall before her. Everything on this island would fall to her. Her mission was simply too important, the mere possibility of failure did not exist. That was why she had been given the strongest Servant. That was why she would win no matter the cost!

Come Saber... its time to pay our neighbors a friendly visit.

>The girl said as she stepped forward with as much temerity as she could muster and marched right up the the Devil's own keep.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 794941

File: 1404184280588.jpg (355.4 KB, 1230x533, fiora.jpg)

Padding along quietly behind her master, the woman quietly begins to sing to herself. A habit, more than a need.


But it wasn't just for her. Verse by verse, line by line of the exotic language, her Master's resolve would be strengthened. It wasn't the best song for such a thing, being soft and somewhat sad-sounding, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

Eventually matching her Master's stride step-by-step, the woman smiles calmly and surely to herself.

They had a war to win.

Caster!aLEJudith. 794944

File: 1404185241113.png (Spoiler Image,53.19 KB, 2070x978, Castle Layout.png)

Posting the layout again for everyone's reference

>The massive structure stood before them even more ominous up close then it was from a distance. The only thing now standing before the two and the inside of the castle now was a draw bridge and a pit full of toxic looking green water... Perhaps they needed to find another way in? Or simply wait for the gate to open before them...?

>Meanwhile inside the castle, a maid approaches the master bedroom that Jo had been sleeping in and raps upon the door.

My Mistress? Lord Dracula wishes to speak with you, we seen to have more guests arriving and he wants you awake for the battle.

Shall I go warm up some tea and tofu to help you wake up?


File: 1404185539233.jpg (47.89 KB, 461x307, fox_yawning.jpg)


>The fox yawns and rolls out of her bed

No, no it's fine, Thank you anyway

>Evens if the creature was a grotesque parody of a maid, Politeness was important

>Still in her more feral form, the four tailed fox quickly trotts down the corridors and through the halls until she arrives in the Tower of Science, from there she goes into the throne room

>Stretching a bit she looks up

Any idea on whom it is? It isn't The Lancer and the blonde again, the magic's different...

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 794951

File: 1404186283305.jpg (587.72 KB, 1000x1000, ME0001513967_2.jpg)

>For now, Agnès stood patiently at the front of the pulled-up draw bridge. Bidding Saber to do the same as she did with but a small signal of her hand and a glance from her eye.

>Truthfully the darkened castle and terrible green slime at the bottom of the moat frightened the Master whose experience of battles past was paltry at best. However, despite the fear in her heart, Agnès felt strong and secure. Somehow, Saber's mere presence at her side made her feel strong, strong enough to stand against anything in the world. Did it have to do with the song she had been singing as they marched their way up the slope of the icy mountain? In truth the tune had calmed her mind and eased her heart, filling the girl with an even stronger sense of purpose even if she did not understand a word she spoke of. Regardless, be it simply from standing by her side or some spell she had cast on her, Agnès was glad for all the help Saber could offer her then - Crystals knew she needed it as the pair waited in the shadows of this dark castle of evils.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 794957

File: 1404187670155.jpg (206.26 KB, 800x1131, fiora_by_onlysaneonez-d6euz3u.…)

Pursing her lips as she almost instantly scanned the castle's walls, the woman crosses her arms and cocks her head. This was no natural feature. She could feel magic radiating off of it. Dark, choking magic that reeked of blood and the blackness of night. It had to be Caster, and whoever the one for this War was, she'd look forward to piercing their heart, and then quickly cleaning her blade. The sooner they were gone from this place, the better.

Looking over to her Master, standing there valiantly, yet so very, very delicately, the woman can't help but feel unease for the first time. If it was just her, she would nonchalantly walk inside and slay both of their foes singlehandedly, as she was most certainly capable of doing. But with someone at her side...

"...Are you sure you would like to do this? If I had to guess, Caster, as this is obviously their work, has used up all the energy available to both him and his Master to build or corrupt this place."

Kicking aside a loose stone and flinching at the sudden surge of malicious energy she felt, the Servant grips her arms closer to her body.

"I would wager quite a sum that they have no intention of leaving."

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 794959

File: 1404188263095.jpg (119.83 KB, 650x956, 42282213.jpg)


It is not a matter of asking them to leave.

>Looking up at the castle structure, Agnès nodded her head slowly.

I will tell them of my cause and ask them if they will let me win.

No matter the odds Saber... it is something that must be done.

Caster!aLEJudith. 794960

File: 1404188453307.jpg (347.43 KB, 763x1048, Dracula_Symphony_by_ClAyMoRe__…)

>Caster sits upon his dark throne and sips on a glass of blood before he responds.

Indeed it is not, and I have one of my servants going to see who is at our door.

>He sighs as he sets the glass aside and grumbles a bit.

Absolute idiots standing right outside our gates. Right within the ranger of the archers.

>Agnès and Saber would see something red at the high up on the gate wall. A ghoulish looking butler looking at then from a spy glass.


File: 1404188960965.jpg (45.64 KB, 460x288, fox2_1359757c.jpg)

Idiots they may be, but it was wise for them to decide to approach while we're still recovering.

>She taps her paw to her chin as she thinks for a moment

Well it's too soon for them to have gotten word from Lancer, so we can use some of our previous tactics still

...never the less, whether it be stupidity or bravery that brings them to us, Caster, we must be on our guard, the simple fact that they're approaching after the Lancer and his Master fled so noisily, and your display of power with changing the castle's shape, shows that they're determined.


File: 1404189103018.jpg (45.64 KB, 460x288, fox2_1359757c.jpg)

Idiots they may be, but it was wise for them to decide to approach while we're still recovering.

>She taps her paw to her chin as she thinks for a moment

Well it's too soon for them to have gotten word from Lancer, so we can use some of our previous tactics still

...never the less, whether it be stupidity or bravery that brings them to us, Caster, we must be on our guard, the simple fact that they're approaching after the Lancer and his Master fled so noisily, and your display of power with changing the castle's shape, shows that they're determined.

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 794966

File: 1404189139348.png (32.34 KB, 375x360, saber.png)

Sighing, the woman unfolds her arms, drawing her blade and idly tracing its length with a finger. After a few moments of this, she hooks it back to her belt and folds her arms again. Patience wasn't something she was terribly adept at. Tossing her Master a quick smile, she asks,

"Then what are we doing standing around?"

Quickly drawing the parrying dagger from the sheathe on her back, the woman effortlessly tosses it towards the figure, not intending to hit it, but burying it up to the hilt in the spyglass, ruining it before the summoned being gleans too much information about the two, despite the mark of the Saber clearly being visible on the hilt.

"Tell your master and their Master we'd like to have words with them."

Trying to be somewhat reasonable, despite the slight, the woman adds,

"If they will not come out to speak, we will come in."

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 794969

File: 1404189819101.jpg (243.33 KB, 500x558, tumblr_mk3a8y6b5x1r0yf4ko1_500…)


. . .

>Standing silent at the sudden reaction from Saber, Agnès could do nothing but wait and see what Caster and its Master would do from here on out.

Caster!aLEJudith. 794973

File: 1404190656443.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

Of course, with all the players still on the field, and as unaware as we are of their skills, we must always proceed with a fair amount of cation.

>Though he was still confidant that should they begin to storm the castle, they would fall before reaching the two.

>The butler jolts as the weapon brakes the spy glass but soon regains his composer and nods

I will deliver him your message.

>He then promptly leaves the wall and turns into a bat out of sight of the two before making it to the top of the castle.

>Upon arriving to the throne room, the vampire changes back into human form and presents Caster with the spyglass with the dagger inside.

My Lord, the Servant and Master wish to enter the castle and speak with you. They will attempt to force their way in should you reject their plea.

>Caster takes the spy glass and the dagger within, the dark lord blinks.

A Saber. My we've caught one of the big fish.

>The biggest threat to him standing right before him... He'd be a fool to let them in. But.

>He looks Jo.

We pretend to accept their offer and lower the gates. Upon doing so we attack with and do not relent. A Saber would be a threat to me that must be eliminated swiftly...

>He looks at his "Master" with hard and cold eyes.

Focus on brining death to their Master. Sabers have powerful resistance to magic.


File: 1404191091010.jpg (49.43 KB, 382x600, 253489_375861395868550_4655050…)

>Jo transforms back into her more human form
>A Saber..,
>Focus on bringing death to the Master? She couldn't do that, well not purposefully at least
>The Most Jo would do is attack the Master to distract the servant from the real threats to it
>In a calm and collected tone, she said

Very well then, I'll head to the tower of science now

>It'd be difficult to tell that she was lying about the "Very well then" bit

>In the tower though, she could plan well, she had many things at her disposal, chains, knives, various other types of blades

>She could likely even use a connect portal to channel one of the flame throwers in here through

Saber!n/J7qKPqI. 794980

File: 1404192445302.jpg (420.53 KB, 1920x1080, Royal-Guard-Fiora-Ch.jpg)

Watching the man leave, the Servant idly taps her foot, glancing at the sun's position in the sky.

"...I don't want to be here when it turns dark. This magic seems like it would become insufferably black."

Thumbing the hilt of her blade, she adds,

"I'd say we have three hours."

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795060

File: 1404241379947.jpg (165.16 KB, 926x900, Sigyn 194.jpg)

>Better to ignore those things when they happen than acknowledge it. An unfortunate mishap of eating too quickly when hungry, that was all.

If victory could be achieved by cooking, I have half a feeling our Servants would be equipped with spatulas rather than blades.

>A light-hearted comment for a relatively relaxed situation, which was strange given the context of what was around them and the purpose of this meeting. Still, that was useful information - the locations of the other teams would help greatly in their chances of being able to pull this off.

Either way, that certainly helps our chances. If you can attempt to keep watch over them then by all means, though they may have methods of preventing themselves being looked over.
>She had proven that, already.
>Though, whilst they were on the subject...
Wolves, birds, and I seem to recall you threatening me with greater creatures, yes?

>Though the comment was accurate, it wasn't made with distaste and nor did she seem wary, if anything her tone and eyes had filled with curiosity again, looking over the mage with a strange intensity as though she were studying him like a scanning machine would a document.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795061

File: 1404244540881.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the mage blinks at the woman's last statement
>with a sheepish smile and chuckle, the mage would reach up to rub the back of his neck
H-Hey, I have to keep some surprises up my sleeve for later, don't I?
>lowering his hand, his smile would shrink somewhat
>Roll 1d100 = 19
>evens, he would blink and lean back slightly, a small blush on his cheeks at the woman's rather intense stare
Is... Is something on my face...?


>odds, he leans forward slightly on the table

I wouldn't do what you did again. Tearing the magic from my constructs can be dangerous...
>there wasn't any threat to his tone that would indicate he was trying to intimidate the other mage
>instead he would sound legitimately worried that something very bad could happen should his magic be toyed with again

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795078

File: 1404248204594.jpg (135.94 KB, 776x792, Sigyn 109.jpg)

I didn't intend to.
>She said plainly. Rocks would feel a very gentle tingling sensation around him for a brief moment before it receded, followed by a short nod and a smile by Sigyn.

I'm just the curious sort is all. I find all kinds of magic rather interesting, and my first encounter with yours was rather surprising. Jet black flames tied to life energy, contained in a shape built my magic that can vary in nature? It isn't something you see every day.

>Humming to herself for a moment, she seemed to contemplate over something, staring down at the floor with closed eyes and gently tapping her feet. She stayed that way for around another twenty seconds or so before looking back up at Rocks, the rhythmic motion coming to an abrupt halt.

>The next words she spoke sounded almost as though she were reciting an essay rather than engaging in conversation, like she was reading off of the pages of something she wrote.

Black, White, Orange, all flames, and each of them is born from your essence. You bind these within a shell so that they can act independently, or when cast from you in a raw form they never seem to last for very long. It's ephemeral, very much like a soul, which is why you'd need to bind it into some kind of structure in order for it to last, very much like our own souls use our bodies as shells.
If it were a simple case of splitting one's soul, however, it wouldn't necessarily need the flashy display of fire. It's very similar to texts on the fiery passion of the soul, something you bring forth rather than simply sever. It's why they're still connected to you even when far away, and their experiences return to you when you require them, such as when you reacted to my presence through a single construct whilst the others acted on their own will.

Their more animalistic natures and specific purposes, however... along the with colour of the flames, the black, white and orange definitely hold significance. The white exuded a calming aura when it touched me whilst the black I saw when I had torn apart the bird seemed rather intense and ferocious in its burning before it disappeared.

Combine that with the fact that you give these familiars independence when they are separated from you, a way of behaving even when formed from a small part of your very soul, and you have something very advanced. Such a thing when created back home would require a meticulous amount of arcane magic organised and perfected in such a way that it could function as a mind, whilst you bring them forth and have them disappear at a whim.

Forgive me for saying so, but in the brief time I've had in contact with you, you don't seem the sort to be able to form intense calculations in mere seconds, and the flames are representative of a very primal nature, from which I can only conclude one outcome.

>Finally, Sigyn gave a moment of pause, staring over at Rocks with a soft smile that betrayed a large amount of confidence. It wasn't malicious or overbearing, but rather she simply seemed proud of herself, as well as both excited and interested in the subject at hand.

You evoke your magic through your emotions, don't you?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795085

File: 1404250078917.jpg (89.89 KB, 456x561, what is with my hand.jpg)

>the mage remains absolutely silent as the woman spoke, feeling like he was back at in college and getting a lecture from an advanced teacher
>he was clearly impressed by just how much the other mage got right from how little time they had actually met, even if there were some understandable mistakes here and there
>a strange short laugh would leave the mage as the woman seemed to imply how advanced his spells were, when he was still technically only an apprentice that couldn't hold a candle against a truly experienced Conjurer
>at her question, the mage only gives a very nonchalant shrug, keeping a friendly smile on his face
You read me like a book, Miss Erster.
>his head nods slowly, the mage crossing his arms over the table
The sixth of the Nine Arts. Known in ancient times as "the Shadows of Saturn"... But nowadays, we just call it Conjuration. The power to shape one's soul into any item, spell, and even creatures by reaching deep into your being, and simply letting your thoughts come to life.
>he lets out a small chuckle
It's a bit more complicated than it sounds, but that's the main idea... And expert conjurer can create things beyond imagination, whole armies, vessels, titanic monsters born out of just one soul.
>opening his eye, he would stare across the table at the other mage
But... That's where you're wrong on one thing...
>he moves his hand, tapping a finger over his chest
A Conjurer's soul doesn't need magic to stay alive. It's the Conjurer that needs the magic to keep his soul under control.
>lowering his hand, he would let it rest on the table again
What you saw in in the forest was a spell's true form. The raw and naked specter of a Conjurer's soul.
Without any magic, a specter can't be controlled. The ravens are just very basic spells and easily overpowered, so I didn't have problems dispelling it.
>he grows quiet for a second, a more concerned look crossing his face
I'm not here to kill anyone, Miss Erster... So you can understand I would hate to find out just how much damage my other spells could cause by letting them out of their leash.

Caster!aLEJudith. 795086

File: 1404250162656.jpg (29.27 KB, 250x333, Castlevania-dracula.jpg)

>With Jo gone, Caster looks to the butler in the room with him

Prepare the Behemoth. Use it to welcome out guests.

Yes master...

>A Short time later...
>The draw bridge descends and the steel gate opens up to allow the two of them to enter...

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795088

File: 1404250820469.jpg (68.48 KB, 600x547, 40103998_m.jpg)

>As the drawbridge was lowered, Agnès felt her spirits rise ever so slightly for the idea of seeing Caster and its Master even somewhat willing to accept their presence within their domain. That being said, if they were willing to see them into their castle, maybe they would also be open to negotiations and might then just be convinced to see their side of the conflict to let them win.

Come then Saber...

>The young girl said as she advanced onto the bridge and began to make her way to the castle proper.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795089

File: 1404252329927.jpg (85.59 KB, 493x398, Fancy.jpg)

>There were always hidden secrets she couldn't get right. If nothing could surprise her, she wouldn't be half as enthusiastic as she already was. Despite her curiosity flaring at the thought of what might happen to the true effects of a revealed essence like that, memories flashed to her of that time in Asylum when she tried to look too deeply into the assaulting Chimera. If she didn't learn from her mistakes, she would likely end up doing something life-threatening.

Understood... I'll not do so, if I can help it.

>Of course, the situation in which she 'couldn't help it' likely wouldn't occur, given that she doubted Rocks would threaten her life with one of them any time soon if what he said was true. The only other reason she would feel a need to do so would be if she needed a source of mana to form into something else, but given the sheer abundance of it around she doubted that would ever happen, either.

>In the back of her mind, she could feel Lancer stirring. He was impatient at times, but speaking like this was necessary. In confirming what his magic could do, they now had two things - a more capable way of utilising it for the assault on Caster as well as seeking out Masters, and also a more in-depth portion of knowledge on their future opponent.

>However... his honesty was something she didn't truly expect. The detail he went into regarding himself could have easily been kept at bay, but he had trusted her with it. Even if she had figured a lot of it out beforehand, he still filled in the blanks willingly. It felt unjust to simply take that as it was.

I'd rather not put myself in a dangerous situation either, given that my Spell Intercept doesn't work very well on manipulated life energy. It's certainly not impossible, magic is mixed with life all the time, but unlike mana itself, which has no will of its own and conforms to that of the caster, pure soul or life has a tendency to, well... fight back.

Given that my ability is very connected to my mind and ability to calculate, I would very much rather a strong will not force its way into my own, so you can rest assured it wouldn't benefit me very much either.

>Admitting a weakness in the face of the enemy, even if they were a present ally, wasn't something that was exactly 'tactically sound', but the distribution of fair play here helped to prove that a small alliance really could be formed to stop Caster.

Besides, deconstructing and reconstructing magic at its very base level without the utmost concentration can lead to some rather unwanted effects. I could certainly turn a fire spell into small constructed butterflies, but the steps needed to be taken would be rather impressive in and of itself. If any one of them failed, things could go badly very quickly.

>And now onto the main reason for explaining that to him, in a context that would lead to the most important part of the discussion.

In that sense, when we make the attack on Caster, I would very much appreciate it if any assaults sent my way could be prevented. It's very difficult to concentrate if I have a blade in my chest, and you may have noticed I am not the most physically capable.

Caster!aLEJudith. 795090

File: 1404252705667.png (101.09 KB, 320x220, 64-MBD.png)

>And the moment the two stepped into the castle fully, they see the garden filled with plants both natural and monstrous in natures all of them being watered with blood from watering cans possessed by evil spirits.

>And what hope of resolving this peacefully was shattered when the steel gate slams down behind them and the drawbridge rises up once more trapping them both inside....

>Then a shrill roar fills the hall as a towering and powerful beast charges towards them intend and trampling not Saber, but her master...

>Roll 1d1000 = 396
>Odds with a mighty swing of it's horns, the Behemoth sweeps Saber aside.

>If successful odds Roll 1d1000 = 242 It attempts to ram right into Agnès and crush her between itself and the steel gate!

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795092

File: 1404253032889.jpg (62.54 KB, 295x393, keep calm.jpg)

>unlike the woman, the redhead isn't taken by surprise at her honesty, making him seem either even more innocent, or a genius at manipulation to get people on his side
>he's not very surprised to hear the other mage needed time to concentrate for her arts, something that was almost universal across all fields of magic
>to hear that the mage could affect his very soul with enough effort clearly does surprise him, but the mage manages to tone down his shock
>after all, consider what Conjuration is able to do to an opponent's soul, he's not exactly in a position to feel squeamish

>he blinks at her last comment, the conversation turning back to their plan

>a confident and kind smile quickly spreads on his face
Understood. I'll make sure no harm will come to you, Miss Erster. That's a promise.
>he pauses again before continuing with an important question
When should we approach the other teams?

Saber!t1h4CWMimA 795096

File: 1404253849832.jpg (82.45 KB, 350x750, tumblr_n0kimc4QQ81s0adc8o1_500…)

In the blink of an eye, Saber snatches her Master out of harm's way, and with a leap deposits her several dozen feet behind the monster, but away from the entrance, just in case this wasn't the only enemy to be fought.

"It seems we've been betrayed."

Drawing her weapon, the Servant smiles,

"Now I suppose we must resort to violence, since diplomacy has failed us."

Making herself an easily visible target when compared to her Master, the woman stands poised to fight.

"Come now, brute! Let us see what you're made of, and whether or not your cowardly master is worth wetting this blade for!"
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Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795097

File: 1404254130458.jpg (34.67 KB, 234x510, Twintails 4.jpg)

>Mentioning that she could manipulate life with magic was easy.
>Actually performing the act had two problems:
>The first was that she risked overloading her mind and soul. Naturally, this was a bad thing.
>The second was that manipulating life energy like that, even if by your own will, was heavily against Vescarian values and customs. Rocks was clearly from another culture, perhaps another world - she wouldn't push those values on him, especially when his ability would help so greatly here, but that didn't make it any easier for her to compromise the things she grew up with, especially since she was fighting to protect those things.

>As far as his power was concerned, however...

Well, that's where you come in. Originally I was simply going to approach each one and describe the situation. If worse came to worse, I believed my Servant and I would be able to at least hold them off and escape if not defeat them, but my first attempt at this didn't go that route.

Now, however, we have you. Your constructs can seek out the other Masters and Servants at a far faster rate than simply walking could do.
Ideally we should begin heading in their direction as soon as possible, the longer we wait the longer some mishap is liable to occur, and Caster could gain a greater advantage.

Who did you say was closest again?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795099

File: 1404254676430.jpg (66.18 KB, 477x355, why must you guys be so loud.j…)

>the response is quickly, the mage nodding with his head
They're not very far from here, to the north. Their wizard hasn't made a move since arriving, but... I can't see their Servant.
Assassins can hide from my constructs, so if they're planning anything I'm not aware of it...
>crossing his arm, the mage frowns just slightly, but still keeps a positive tone in his voice
Even if they attack, I'm sure the two of us can convince them. If not, well... It's still two on one?
>another awkward smile, the mage himself not sure if that was meant to be a joke or not

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795101

File: 1404255025463.jpg (171.15 KB, 1037x911, Sigyn 19.jpg)

No, you're absolutely right.
>Denying the awkwardness, she stood up from her seat, gently brushing herself off from anything that might've been left over from the meal as she addressed him.
If it's two on one, they'll at least listen to us because of our superior numbers, if nothing else. It's far less likely for them to outright attack us when it's four on two, and we'll see where things go from there.

It's entirely possible things won't come to blows even if they disagree. If we don't decide to outright fight them then and there, we could very well leave them be and continue on our way, though hopefully the argument will be convincing enough. We've both seen what he's capable of, even if you saw it from a distance, and if you did it's likely the others may have as well.

As for Assassin, however...

>Lancer had briefly informed her of his capabilities before they'd arrived here, when they were going over the classes. That said, there was no way to tell just how good at that skill this particular Assassin was, or what other tricks they might have up their sleeve.

... I doubt I could pick them up with my sensing capabilities either. We'll simply have to track down the Master. I doubt their Servant will leave them behind.
>*Though if the Master was exceptionally capable, it's not impossible...*

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795102

File: 1404255215884.jpg (386.86 KB, 600x600, 32356325_m.jpg)

>Being suddenly snatched out of the way of a rampaging brute, Agnès watched uncomprehendingly at the snarling monstrosity poised before them and the horrific setting surrounding them.

>But as Saber turned to confront the beast with the intent to slay it, Agnès placed her hand on Saber's sword-hand. Effectively asking the woman to stay her blade... if only for now as she raised her voice as loudly as she could.



>The young girl pleaded, her heartfelt voice carrying its way throughout the room and beyond as she gambled on one last chance for peace.
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Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795110

File: 1404257437572.jpg (25.05 KB, 233x217, oh no thats hot.jpg)

>the mage just slowly nods along with the woman's words, not having much to add
>he hoped the other team would be as cooperative as they both were, but there was always-

>"Four on two..."





>the temperature in the room would suddenly drop, as if all the heat had been sucked back into the redhead

>all this time and he had nearly forgotten of his own Servant who was now undoubtedly wandering all over the island in search for trouble


>a very strange look crosses the mage's face

>embarrassment, mostly, but also apprehension, annoyance, and eventually defeat
>he had to find the Berserker, because without him, the mage knew he would simply be dead weight

>crossing his arms, the mage tries his best to hide the frustration growing inside of him, and most importantly hide the fact that he was currently without a Servant

>he trusted the blond mage in front of him, but if her Servant was anything like his, he wasn't so sure he wanted to make that little fact known just yet

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795126

File: 1404258185824.jpg (151.2 KB, 846x782, Sigyn 99.jpg)

>It wasn't difficult to tell that all the warmth had suddenly left, given the chilly environment around them otherwise. The walls didn't exactly become covered with ice again, nor did the snow re-appear, but the temperature drop was significant. A brief look over at the other mage's face indicated something out of the ordinary, though she wasn't entirely sure what.


>She called out, slightly concerned. Had he detected something out of the ordinary? Were they in danger? Sigyn grew more concerned the more she thought about it, but she didn't want to cause some kind of panic.

... did the rabbit not agree with you? You look almost as though you're about to be sick.

>That defeated yet embarassed look was certainly something to be associated with accidental food poisoning caused by oneself.

>Immediately followed up with the upchuking and certain other ill effects...

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795133

File: 1404258663299.jpg (83.79 KB, 500x319, tumblr_mc0fvmt8t81rerbxmo1_500…)

If only we had the palace's bread stores right now.

>The voice echoed across the quiet room, alerting Lily to the sudden presence of her Servant if she had been too tired to already notice him. Admittedly he was crouched in the gap of the open window, likely having just returned from scouting further. It was still fairly warm inside, the wind had died down to make it less unbearably cold, though the fact that he left Lily with both coats meant he was rather chilly himself.

>Not that he'd ever admit it.

Strawberry, Raspberry, the strangest of fruits... perhaps we might have them for dessert.

>As he came through the window, not really noting Lily's surprise, if she had any, he deposited onto the table -

Roll 1d1000 = 382
>1-250: Some small berries. Starting the meal off with what the jam was made of seemed like a great idea.
>251-500: Two skinned rabbits. Delicious, not necessarily filling.
>501-750: Wolf meat likely wouldn't be the best in the world, but it certainly came in a higher volume than rabbit.
>751-975: Somehow, he'd managed to find an elk out there, and having easily hauled it back he had just placed some carved meat on the table.
>976-1000: Goodness only knows how some Turkeys managed to survive out there, but he had one. It was nice and plump, too.

>Regardless of what was placed on the table, however, it would be easy to see that very little blood was spilled, if any at all. No stab wound or arrow piercing had been made on the creature at all, so he'd either managed to grab them by hand and wrestle them to death or retrieved them through some other method.

Did you have a nice rest?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795138

File: 1404258831339.jpg (138.2 KB, 496x593, I will barbecue your corpse.jp…)

>the mage jolts, instantly lifting both hands
N-No, no! Everything's fine! Sorry, I-I just got distracted by... b-by...!

>Roll 1d100 = 35


>a raven flies close enough to the castle, spotting the two souls entering it
>and providing a handy excuse for the redhead
S-Someone else is entering Caster's castle!


>odds, no such luck

I-I just remembered, what if I left my fire on! Th-That's all!

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795151

File: 1404259521257.jpg (75.08 KB, 467x490, ......jpg)


>The awkwardness in the silent stare was palpable, her eyes gazing across to him with a raised brow and slight confusion. It lasted a short moment before an eventual sigh came out, Sigyn resting a hand on her hip as she relaxed her posture greatly.

>How had she seen someone like this as a threat, again?

I'm not sure your gas bill is the thing to be worrying about, here... unless you're worried about your house being on fire, in which case you have my condolences.
I suppose you could tack a new one onto the end of your wish.

>Ending her nonchalantly spoken comment, Sigyn looked back up at him with a semi-serious expression.

Well, if that's all, whenever you're ready we'll set out.
You said Assassin was North, from here?

>Such little worries weren't a big problem compared to the bigger picture, right?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795155

File: 1404259874272.jpg (60.68 KB, 477x349, what the crapbaskets.jpg)

>"She actually bought it!?"
>blinking, the mage can hardly believe that such a poor excuse actually worked to prevent the subject from being approached
>quickly shifting onto a kneeling position, the mage nods rather hurriedly
Yes! To the north! B-But!
>he would, again very quickly, get up to his feet
There's something I need to do first! If you want to go ahead, I can have Huginn lead you to them and I'll meet up later! I-if you don't mind waiting here, we can all go there together.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795170

File: 1404260601215.jpg (38.7 KB, 364x290, Swimming huh.jpg)

>For everything she had in intelligence, she was still rather naive when it came down to it.
>Even then, however, she wasn't entirely sure how to react to this new development. He seemed rather panicky for some reason - did he really intend to somehow warp back home and turn his fire off?

Roll 1d1000 = 512
>Dub Evens and only dub evens, and there's only one real logical explanation to his insistence on not proceeding onwards whilst being evasive about it.
... did you leave your Servant behind?

>Anything else, and she provides a concerned expression as well as a conflicted one. If she indeed went now, she'd be able to catch up relatively easily, and Lancer had been resting this entire time meaning he'd be at least capable in a battle, though not as much as a full nights rest would recover him. If she waited she'd have a better chance, but doing so might give Assassin the opportunity to move away.

Well, if there's something that important you need to do...
Roll 1d1000 = 842
... can I help in any way? The faster we get it done, the sooner we can head out to Assassin.


... I'll head out. I've no doubt you'll be able to catch up with that speed of yours, but please, don't take too long.
>She felt a little skeptical about whatever this important thing might be, but he hadn't yet done anything to cause her any real suspicion.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 795178

File: 1404261050459.jpg (138.2 KB, 496x593, I will barbecue your corpse.jp…)

>the mage nods quickly and bows, clearly in a hurry, but apologetic that he needs to leave so quickly
Alright! I promise I won't take long, and we'll catch up in no time!
>a black fire grows over his hand
>the flames grows, taking shape into a familiar shadowy bird
>the raven would flutter from the mage's hand to land on the woman's shoulder, sitting calmly on its new perch

>with another bow, the mage would quickly turn to head out the room

I-I'll see you soon, Miss Erster! Good luck!

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 795199

File: 1404262459961.jpg (282.74 KB, 444x533, 20090714_breakblade.jpg)

>As the raven construct took its perch, she couldn't help but notice just how quickly he left. It was all she could do to barely give him a small wave before he was out the door and probably halfway to wherever he intended to be.

Good luck to you, too..?

>Not that he could hear her, of course, but it still felt appropriate to respond. With a final sigh, feeling the slight chill spread through her, aside from a slightly warm spot on her shoulder, she shivered ever so slightly as she looked across at the strange magic-bodied creature.

Well then... lead the way, I suppose. I promise I won't tear you apart, this time.

>Not that she was certain as to whether these retained any particular memories, but given the fact that the spell had a name, she could never truly be sure.

>Turning on her feet, Sigyn opened the door to the northern side of the lighthouse, finding herself pleasantly surprised that the wind had faded somewhat over the course of the meeting.
>Thanks to the delicious meal and the opportunity for rest in a warm environment, she could feel her stamina return to her. It wouldn't be long til she and Lancer were within the presence of Assassin and their Master, of that she could feel certain.

>She could only hope that Rocks would make it back in time if anything strange occurred.


File: 1404263169192.png (259.44 KB, 400x600, huh.png)


>Through the screens of the Tower of science, Jo sees and hears every bit of this


>she pushes a button to access a com system to Caster's throne room "Caster, back down for now. Please. Please, don't make me use a second command seal so soon"

>"Saber would be a valuable ally, if her Master truly wishes to cooperate..."

>Jo uses the dupe ring to make a weak copy of herself and sends it through a connect portal to where Saber and Agnes were

>The clone crosses her arms a bit

How much are the two of you actually open to discussion?
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Caster!aLEJudith. 795220

File: 1404263850845.jpg (45.45 KB, 442x479, 442px-Dracula_Prelude_to_Reven…)

>The Behemoth turns to attack the two once more...
>Only to pause when Jo speaks to Caster.

>"You're far too soft fox. You forget that any goals they have will require their defeat. As do our own require theirs There is no such thing as a trust worthy ally here."

>That said, the monster does not move an inch bit glares down at the tiny beings before it.

>"Speak to them if you wish, but they shall not take another step deeper into this castle until their intentions are completely clear to us. On that I shall not be swayed."


File: 1404263862791.png (149.48 KB, 532x632, 1394077062013.png)

>Lily jumps a bit as she hears a voice. She has the presence of mind to at least raise something as a weapon before looking around in a panic.

>Roll 1d9 = 1 1-3, its a spoon?

>4-6, A small stool.
>7-9, what appears to be a rather rustic looking meat cleaver.

>...And then sighs as she realizes its not someone from the other teams.

"...You shoulda let me know you were back, Archie."

>...Well...at least he brought food. So its hard to be too harsh towards him...

"As well as could be expected, I guess, I mean we really lucked out here, even if we've just got jam and pickled vegetables...and whatever you can hunt for us. At least we'll be better fed then some of the others probably are."

Saber!t1h4CWMimA 795226

File: 1404264184077.jpg (91.19 KB, 500x727, tumblr_mxi9vo57U91sraxd6o1_500…)

Not taking her eyes off the monster for a moment, she speaks from the corner of her mouth, spending every second thinking of ways to kill it. Her eyes narrowing as she speaks, she tells her,

"With your smelly, halitosis-afflicted beast breathing on us? I'd rather flatten this castle than stand it a second more."

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795241

File: 1404265472516.jpg (171.9 KB, 500x733, tumblr_n10u81d1KV1sz1zn6o1_500…)



>Agnès exclaimed as she turned to the woman at her side with a pleading expression. There was still a chance that they could resolve this without anyone getting hurt.


>Having said her apology, the young girl turned to Jo and seemed to almost plead to her.

Please, let us talk. I know its a long shot but you must let us discuss our wish and its importance.
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File: 1404265601868.png (458.56 KB, 600x847, yeah, and what(questionmark).p…)


Caster, call the creature back, please.

>she says out loud

I'm entirely aware of the inherent risks here, but if we can be a bit civil about this we're more likely to survive further into the war.


Right, you'll have to forgive men, my Servant is much more defensive than I am, with that said, I can't allow you to advance much further until I'm certain of why you're here and what it is you wish to discuss.

>She folds her arms

S'not likely we're gonna get Caster down here for a bit, so you'll have to speak your peace with me first.

Caster!aLEJudith. 795247

File: 1404265826446.gif (1.74 KB, 47x79, dracula.gif)

>With a scoff, the vampire does as asked and the behemoth vanishes into mist that bleeds into the castle walls.

>He knew this would be a waste of time and it would be better to just be rid of the both of them... still he'd have to wait for her to discover that herself.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795273

File: 1404269212146.jpg (70.37 KB, 487x650, 32026597.jpg)


Right then...

>Looking to Saber and the vanishing monster, Agnès sighed with relief that things were at least progressing this well. And so, turning to face Jo's clone fully, Agnès curtsied nervously before the fox woman, bowing low before her before standing back up to her full height.

My name is Agnès Oblige and I am the Vestal of Wind to my people. Now... I-I have come to understand that the title itself means little to you or the people of these foreign lands but it essentially means that I am responsible for the safekeeping of my World.

>Breathing deeply to gather her thoughts, the young girl visibly steadied herself before proceeding.

Ms. Master, my World is dying. The crystals which power the elements of the world have clouded over with darkness. And whilst this is happening, the wind lies dead, the oceans fester and rot, the fire within the earth runs rampant and uncontrollable whilst great craters have already appeared to swallow entire villages whole.

And so... for the sake of the millions under my care whose lives depend on the Grail's divine intervention... I ask you to please consider....

>Bowing as low as she physically could before the fox woman, Agnès pleaded the woman before her with as much groveling determination as she could.

...to please allow me to win this War.


File: 1404271918831.png (262.9 KB, 600x750, how boring.png)


>Back in the tower of science, Jo was thinking deeply and it reflected on the clones face, a look of unease and confusion on it

>If she continued on past this point, she'd might as well be committing genocide...

>Jo thought to herself, gripping her hand tightly

>"I'm selfish, aren't I? People fighting to save millions...and yet here I am just trying to save 2..." she thought, berating herself

>...rather than make her decision right way, Jo decides to change the subject

Ms. Agnes...do you have a family? I don't mean blood relation. I mean do you have a group of people, a group who's stayed with you through thick and thin. A group of people you care about so deeply, you'd even summon the devil himself to save them?

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795314

File: 1404272634008.gif (830.38 KB, 245x155, 101.gif)



>Taken aback by the sudden question, Agnès stumbled a bit with her words but nonetheless kept her head bowed low before the clone of the other Master. What she was asking was a deeply personal question of a troubling nature that Agnès found difficult to discuss with a stranger but... if it meant that there was even the slightest bit of chance that she could somehow convince this person to allow her to win and therefore save her people, then Agnès would gladly trample on her pride and emotions if it meant her duty was done.

>Breathing in deeply once more, Agnès answered the question with her head still bowed down low before the fox-mage.

I grew up and spent most of my life within the Temple of Wind in preparation to become the Vestal you see today. Though I never knew a great many people, the many sisters that tended to my needs were very much like family to me.

>Pausing then, Agnès wondered if she should press on with her story. Even thinking about it made the girl's heart grow heavy, yet, still she had to continue for the sake of her people...

Though on the day that darkness took hold of the crystal.

...they each gave their lives to see that I was kept safe.
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Saber!t1h4CWMimA 795342

File: 1404274681999.jpg (57.55 KB, 624x884, league_of_legends_wallpaper_fa…)

...She hadn't heard that part.

Apparently trying to protect this girl was already proven to end poorly.

Under her breath, the woman silently swears over being paired with what might be the most vulnerable Master yet, but not being able to resent her in the slightest for it.


File: 1404274817465.png (502.87 KB, 800x861, hmmm.png)


>Her family died to keep her safe...and she was risking everything to save her world despite that

...so then you understand what a person will risk, what they'll do in an attempt to save their family.

>The fox clone said, no emotion showing on her face as she talked

>Behind the clone though, the fox in the tower of science thought for a moment

>How did Agnes see her families sacrifice? Did she see it as her family sacrificing themselves to save her, or did she see it as a way to keep her safe until she could set things right in the future?
>Jo couldn't know...but the fact remained that this was a woman before her who was risking her life for a world she was likely very disconnected from
>Doing something like that...it was noble, it was the right thing to do...

...I have to commend you for actually having the sense to be diplomatic here...considering how much evil my servant fills the area with.

>She commented, again in the same deadpan tone

>What Agnes was after was saving a world...Jo couldn't, she wouldn't, let her own desires to save her family get the better of her
>Besides, how would Naomi and Meum feel about that? That they'd been saved at the cost of possibly millions of people...she'd be resented by her own sisters for centuries to come
>in the tower of science....Jo turns off the mics transmitting what's said on the first floor to Dracula's throne room

Ms. Oblige, to be entirely honest I'm desperate to win this war if only for one selfish reason.

Inhabiting the same body as me are two other consciousnesses, they've been with my since I was a young kitsune, and endured 2 centuries in hell with me.

We're 457 years old today, we've seen many many things, developed our own sense of morals and I personally became the utmost premiere Pyromancer of my species. Through it all, whenever I needed support or a shoulder to cry on or vent to, those other two consciousnesses were there for me.

>Her voice starts to crack a bit as she starts explaining her motives

Earlier this year, I found out that those two are slowly fading from existence, my own mind taking up more and more dominance, their voices being more faint...doing the calculations, I'd figured I'd have a year since after our birthday this February before they'd disappear for good.

I'd wanted to use the wish from this war to save them....

>while the clone isn't showing much emotion, in the tower of science, tears are streaming down the foxgirl's eyes as she thinks of the subject...and what she was thinking on doing...

No...not save them as in preventing them from disappearing, but save them as in give them their own bodies and souls...let them have their own lives as individuals...

...Compared to you, Ms. Oblige, my goals are selfish, based purely on my blind love for my family...but I can't let my sister's lives be built on the ashes of your world.

Agnes Oblige, I, Joanne Inarison, vow that you will win the holy grail war. While I'm certain you're confident in your servants abilities, You can not win this war on that merit alone, I pray that you consider at least temporarily allying with me, playing along in a deception of my Servant, when the time comes I'll use my command seal to have him kill himself if you make the wiser of these two decisions.

Caster!aLEJudith. 795367

File: 1404276790248.jpg (21.06 KB, 229x374, Dracula_CoD_Manga.jpg)

>The moment the speakers went dead in his room was the moment that Caster knew his master was no longer of use. She was willing to cast aside her wishes for another.
>He speaks to himself in the utter silence of the throne room.

Foolish of me to think that we could have the same resolve.

>In that case... it was time to put plan B into motion. A far better plan that would ensure that only he alone came out on top in this war.

But now the real game between use beings Fox. Once it is over, I'll have the hides of both you and your siblings for a new robe.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795501

File: 1404334285918.jpg (166.62 KB, 638x900, 42282650_p5.jpg)

>Righting herself after a moment, Agnès looked at the fox-woman's clone and its utterly impassive features and wondered why it was that no emotion showed through the woman's projection despite the fact that the story she recounted was one filled with past traumas and spoke of the imminent death of the woman's closest family.

I...I cannot thank you enough miss Joanne. I know... it must not be an easy thing to make this choice but I assure you it is the right thing to do.

>Though the moment she spoke, Agnès's expression clouded over with confusion as she thought on Joanne's words.

But... I don't understand.

We need to trick your Servant?

Does it not simply follow in your decisions?

>She asked as her eyes turned towards Saber whose own actions had been to follow her Master in all her choices regardless of her own opinions.

Saber!t1h4CWMimA 795503

File: 1404334797308.jpg (27.52 KB, 517x399, i5pv6r.jpg)

Shrugging as her Master turns to face her, the Servant returns to idly twirling her parrying dagger, which had returned to its sheathe the moment she reached for it. She could do damage control if the fox was wrong about something later. For now, she was just listening and trying to make sure they weren't being double-crossed.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795504

File: 1404334806895.jpg (499.26 KB, 1280x1499, tumblr_mlkkqr3Mjc1rc1y1do2_128…)

It's only a measly little thing or two, though perhaps you're right. We can only hope, I suppose, though given the rather impressive abode to the east from here that assumption is called into doubt.

>With a swift and fluid movement, he made his way across to the fireplace and took the poker, placing both rabbits across it and finding a spot just above so that they could begin cooking. It didn't have the best facilities, but at least it had something. Cooking for himself felt like an interesting reminder of his youthful days, and he even had his form from that time as well.

>With that handled, he turned to see the spoon still in Lily's hand, which she had raised in defense earlier.

That, by the way, is a rather frightening weapon. After all, it is not by the sword so much as by the spoon that one can obtain a wound the like of Diabetes.


File: 1404335322396.jpg (73.18 KB, 468x510, Upset.jpg)

"Hmm? There's something out there that impre..."

>She gets about halfways through her sentence before hearing the final comment of Archer's.

>And starts shaking the hand holding the spoon angrily, with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Its..Its not like I grabbed the spoon on purpose! It was just the closest thing I could find! I mean its not like I was expecting someone to pop in through the window or anything!"


File: 1404335671253.jpg (823.16 KB, 850x1076, cheery blossom.jpg)


>Not paying much mind to Saber, Jo sighed a bit

Unfortunately, no, Caster does not simply follow my decisions alone, if he were to have his way he'd plunge the world into darkness himself.

>Crossing her arms a bit

While I'm certain he'll agree to the alliance, I know for certain that he would not agree to the fact I plan to let you win once everyone else has been eliminated.

>Folding her arms she lets out a slightly annoyed sigh

So while I'm certain the two of you are safe for now, he is likely to be treacherous down the line, once the more hostile of teams have been defeated

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795508

File: 1404335734994.png (409.95 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mc10imsr721rerbxmo1_500…)

Well, there was a rather nice hot poker readily available. That said, if anyone were to happen by, I would rather your first instinct be to ready your command spells if I happen to be away. If you demand I return to your side, there will be very little capable of stopping me from doing so.

>As usual, he held his simple smile and soft gaze as he spoke, taking his time to relax as best he could. After all, the information he'd retrieved meant they'd be on the move soon. It was better to appreciate what you have when you have it.

>That said, it was probably best that they headed out right after the meal. Lily had clearly just finished her rest and the food would serve as a good breakfast, giving them a clear edge over whoever it was he'd spotted to the south.

Well then, Lily, if you could put that spoon to good use and prepare us some of your favourites from what you've found, I'll try to make this rabbit as appetising as possible.


File: 1404336379790.jpg (287.11 KB, 600x600, 37081998_m.jpg)

>Well, the hot poker was...over there.

>He's right though, but if anything that just makes her more annoyed. Sure she's probably just a burden when it comes down to it, but what kind of person would even expect her to be prepared for something like this anyways?


>Well, she can put her limited cooking knowledge to good use at least....what would go best with rabbit?

"...Maybe we could use it as like a glaze or something?"

>She says, bringing over one of the raspberry jam jars over as she asks this?

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795514

File: 1404336821204.jpg (68.75 KB, 500x493, tumblr_my1rqcgoYX1r0lkaso1_500…)



>Pausing for a time, Agnès considered the evils that this particular Servant had in mind as well as what was intended to happen should this particular creature have its way with things.

This Servant would wish what is happening to my World onto this one and maybe others.

>Taking in her surroundings including the blood fed plants and monsters which roamed around this terrible place of darkness and chaos, Agnès had to wonder if such an alliance was really for the best as she doubted any help coming from such evil sources would provide anything beyond grief.

I-I'm sorry if this may sound cruel Joanne but...

... should we not be rid of this evil as soon as possible?

I know its strength must be mighty as a Servant to create such things but...

>Shuddering despite herself as she recalled the horrid fate of her world.

I wonder if this thing can truly help us.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795515

File: 1404337115717.jpg (110.9 KB, 638x552, ee858af504f7696bfaa6812bd72358…)

I'm... not sure.

>Similarly to when he was first summoned and some very rare occasions since then, Archer looked veritably perplexed. It was as if he'd simply thought 'berries would be good somehow' but never actually thought about how that would even work. Perhaps desert? How do you glaze a rabbit? What kind of berry fruit would go well with that? Sauces were a possibility but it's not as if they had the time to sit and stew for hours, not to mention he felt like he'd forgotten how to do that over the long years of his reign.

Maybe we could... no, that would be terrible. Rabbit is already awfully game-y. If only we had cream or one of those things your mother had - a blender? Pah, the faults of a wooden cabin.

Well, it could be worse. We could be sharing a home with bears.
It tends to be a good idea to avoid those.

>Blinking for a moment in the rough direction of Lily, he absent-mindedly took the raspberry jam jar from her whilst his mind was elsewhere, though it wasn't long before he seemed to snap back into reality in a moment of confusion.

... where was I going with that, again? Oh, that's right, jam, and rabbit.

>A brief turn led Archer to simply stare at the slowly cooking rabbits. They'd need a good turn soon.

What a predicament.


File: 1404337523569.png (259.44 KB, 400x600, huh.png)


>Jo folds her arms

Under normal circumstances, I'd agree with you whole heartedly, but in this case "As soon as possible", is likely when the other servant numbers have at least somewhat waned.

>Rubbing her chin a bit she sighs

My servant recognizes yours as a viable threat to him, and will not likely attempt to harm either of you until the end of the War.
Until that day, you have a warm place to rest, and plenty of food to eat...despite it being in the walls for some reason.

Over all, having this castle to fall back on is one of your best chances for survival. I have to say that...the soonest I would feel comfortable with leaving the two of you alone in this war would be once we've at least confirmed the defeat of 3 other of the teams.


File: 1404339098608.jpg (81.75 KB, 540x486, Unsure about.jpg)

>Archie really is an odd one sometimes. Though, maybe all kings are that way? She's impressed by the fact he can hunt...but maybe thats actually normal for kings? Its not like she knows any royalty personally.

"Maybe we could just put it on them after they cook? I mean, it probably wouldn't taste too bad, and its better than just eating straight from the jar?"

>She pauses before sitting down near the fire as well.

"You can tell me what all you found while you were scouting while we eat, okay?"

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795525

File: 1404340913478.jpg (290.81 KB, 1000x947, tumblr_n07dq1guAT1qam9dao1_128…)


>For a moment he still wore that element of confusion on his face, as though he still wanted to find the best way to serve the food, but when Lily mentioned the latter point it quickly dissolved into a simple smile, taking his own seat next to the fire to keep an eye on the rabbits.

That is so very like you, always focused on the task at hand. You're right. Eating is secondary to information.

>Reaching across, he turned the rabbits over, letting the other side get a bit of heat to them in order to cook them properly.

>It didn't take very long until they were done, rabbit wasn't the thickest nor most durable of meats, and after cutting it up with mild difficulty due to the old cutlery they both had a small wooden plate containing small cooked rabbit chunks ready for eating. Squeezed berries made for an interesting juice, and the all-too-common ice made it a refreshing mix, and the jam was also used as something of a side-sauce for an optional dip.

>it wasn't exactly a meal fit for a king, but Archer had a funny feeling it was a damn sight better than what they could've been stuck with, especially since they were eating it in the warm and away from the wind.

>he began, tucking into his food.
Lasht night, whilsht you were ashleep,
I took a moment to check out the immediate area, and there are two major things that stick out, the first of which being over the large ice cliff to the east. There resides a great castle of black, which undoubtedly belongs to an enemy team given that another Servant assaulted it for a brief time before leaving.

It's safe to say it's the most notable thing on the island, and is likely at the center. No doubt a lot of teams will slowly be heading that way, inland, away from the frigid seas.

>Taking a moment to pause between points, Archer took a moment to enjoy a little more rabbit before taking a brief swig of the crushed fruit with ice, clearing his throat before continuing.

We can head that way if we like, but given the attacker's hasty retreat I worry whether it would be the smartest thing to simply rush to the easiest to see location.
I did, however, spot something down to our South. I didn't get the best of looks, my eyes can only see so far and I wished not to potentially alert them to my presence, but there were most definitely a pair of people, and a group of two in an isolated place like this can only really mean one thing.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795551

File: 1404343553913.jpg (43.23 KB, 500x545, tumblr_mz8n5zhA6A1rdlq9lo1_500…)


. . .

>Taking all this information that Joanne had told her, Agnès turned to Saber.

What do you think Saber?

Is such a ruse worth the potential reward of a warm home and a powerful ally?

Saber!t1h4CWMimA 795553

File: 1404343997268.jpg (82.45 KB, 350x750, tumblr_n0kimc4QQ81s0adc8o1_500…)

Raising an eyebrow, the woman shrugs, replying,

"Ma biche, do whatever you like. As long as you are not out of my sight, there is no risk."

Balancing the dagger on the point of her finger as she turns to face her Master, she adds,

"Though I will say that, no matter what food they may place before me, or what soft beds they may offer, this is still a place of evil and death."

Gesturing towards the towering castle, she continues.

"The sanguine odor of Caster will never fade, not while we reside in his abode. If you are willing to sleep in the Lion's den to escape the Wolves, I will watch over you, and do my best to see your world restored."


File: 1404344331038.jpg (208.35 KB, 362x600, 23109100_m.jpg)

>The girl is about to take a bite of the food as well, when she shivers, feeling an odd sense of dread at the description of the castle to the East.

>"...No, it couldn't be. After all, its Heroic Spirits that are summoned for this afterall, so there's no way..."

>She manages to calm herself down with thoughts such as these, though she still seems a bit pensive.

"It'd be a lot easier for us to ambush someone out in the open than if we assaulted a castle anyways..."

>They can just let someone else deal with that one, right?

>She pauses and takes a few bites of rabbit and jam, before finally speaking again.

"Maybe we could check out the castle on the way back? Just from a distance of course, but its just...."

>Roll 1d1000 = 207 Odds, she sighs feeling a bit foolish.

"...nevermind, its probably nothing."

>Evens, there's just something about it that keeps nagging at her.

"...I've got a really bad feeling about it. If I just could see it I'd know for sure. I'm sure it's not going to be going anywhere though, so we should probably head south, so we don't lose track of them."


File: 1404344779993.png (846.78 KB, 822x1200, grab a seat.png)


>The Fox simply stood by

>She understood things were tense, and she could not blame Saber for being wary

Saber's worries are well founded

>she admits

regardless of what you two do from here, keep in mind that I'll be here to support you, unless Caster is eliminated and I'm removed from the Island.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795561

File: 1404345140269.png (338.55 KB, 265x750, tumblr_n06aeopvOu1s6gotyo1_500…)

>Taking in all the information that had been given to her from both parties along with the Saber's cool confidence that all would be well so long as she stayed within eyesight of her, Agnès came to a conclusion.

If we were to commence such a ruse... how... would we go about it?

Do we have a plan to keep your Servant in the dark?

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795562

File: 1404345212773.jpg (50.43 KB, 356x394, dba26dceb8956e7ce0554965f9cea4…)

Precisely what I was thinking. We're bound to enter combat at some point during this war, it is far better to do so on our terms as opposed to theirs.

>As he returned to his meal, allowing Lily to speak her mind, he looked up as she mentioned the castle, wondering just what her thoughts on it might be. Before any details came out, however, she decided to hold her tongue, causing the Servant to put down his eating utensils for a moment and rest his arms on the table.

It's never nothing when it comes to things like this, Lily. The smallest idea or recognition can lead to finding out a Servant's true name, and if you think this Castle as something important to see then by all means, we shall take a look on our return trip.

>It might've been a bit confident to simply accept that there would be a return trip, but negativity would only cause to hold them back, something they couldn't afford if they wanted to take advantage of an opportunity.


File: 1404345549918.jpg (305.97 KB, 424x600, 43239815_m.jpg)

Caster will be allowed all of the details of the alliance, however what we won't allow him to know is the fact I'm willfully going to allow you to win.

>Tapping her chin a bit, she stretches a bit

Considering this fact is not to come up for, likely, some time now, it shouldn't be difficult to not bring up in his presence.

For now though, I have to see what I can do about arranging you two's bedroom

>the fox stretches and an orange portal opens behind her

Unless you two had anything else to bring up?

Saber!t1h4CWMimA 795564

File: 1404345796328.jpg (91.19 KB, 500x727, tumblr_mxi9vo57U91sraxd6o1_500…)

Eyeing the portal warily, the Servant shakes her head.

"Not a thing I can think of, anyway."


File: 1404345880381.png (297.56 KB, 600x600, 29782389_m.png)

"I guess you're right. It doesn't hurt to check...I just hope its nothing I guess."

>Better someone they don't know than who she dreads the possibility of it being...

"Anyways, we should finish eating...and then I can set up some enhancements. We're still going with the 'Saber' ploy right?"

>As soon as she's asked this she begins redoubling her efforts on downing her breakfast. Looking more like she's a school girl who is worried about being late than someone preparing for war.

Agnès Oblige !MrCarnage2 795571

File: 1404348127205.jpg (126.34 KB, 500x531, tumblr_mwbsdxiX3H1r0gru6o1_500…)


No... no I think that is all.

>The young woman declared with a faint smile, her expression still beaming with the profound relief that things had gone so well between the two of them.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795573

File: 1404348452008.png (441.08 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mc10pl2K071rerbxmo1_500…)

Hopefully so, assuming it works. The first step is that the other Servant is not Saber, otherwise it'll fall flat before it even begins. Of course, there's always the chance I won't have to reveal anything to them, but the ploy of being Saber may at least cause them to take strategies they should not.

>Archer spoke whilst Lily ravenously devoured her food, and was uncertain whether to take it as eagerness to get something done or whether she was simply nervous. Either way, he couldn't really take his eyes away from the sight, since they both meant she was determined. Whether it was determination to push through her own fears or to see her wish granted he did not know, but he remembered her initial statements about this war.

>She had no true wish to have granted upon the grail, and yet she was here anyway. Even if he had his own desire, it was a relatively feeble thing. Perhaps if she were another he would focus on victory alone, but Archer found himself wanting to see Lily go on and put that ability to push forward to use in other means.

>If her survival called for his sacrifice, he believed there would be no hesitation on his part, even beyond his duty as a Servant.

Let us prepare, then, and we shall head out shortly. The road is cold, so remember to take your coat from the hammock, unless you wish for me to carry you as a method of warmth~?


File: 1404349215625.jpg (49.97 KB, 423x381, No way Jose.jpg)

>Once she finishes her food and drink she stands and points at him rather dramatically.

"Definitely not. How do you plan on protecting me if you're carrying me anyways? Swinging your sword with one arm while I'm slung over the other shoulder?"

"There's no way that'd be a winning tactic at all, its not a lovey dovey comedy film you know. Anyways, I was going to get my coat after I got you all set up...I mean the first preparation is the most important one for our ruse after all."

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795584

File: 1404351315136.jpg (95.03 KB, 765x510, d9e304bc8f571e132734f54f19e5cc…)

>Her sharp wit and directed comments caused him to simply stare for a moment, not sure whether to be bewildered by her lack of sudden blushing or to be impressed. Once she'd finished speaking, he honestly felt like it was the latter.

Ha ha! I applaud your willful tenacity.
>And he did, too. Not ironically, either.

You are, of course, correct on all accounts, as should a Master's will be. Now then, I believe you are the one with the spells in mind, so I shall leave their selection up to you and what you deem best appropriate. I'll be glad to have you make me fit to be called a Saber!

>Taking a low bow, he presented his hand for her to take. It wasn't a boisterous gesture, but rather him simply remembering that her spells are typically best transferred by touch, and whether she required his hand or his blade for them, he would provide.

>Raising his head, Archer looked up at his Master with confidence.

I am in your care, Lilyana.



>The fox just smiles and walks off through the portal

>Soon the clone fades into kitsunebi and Jo exits the tower to go set up a bedroom


File: 1404352645002.jpg (197.35 KB, 454x672, 36411873_p0.jpg)

>...How best to do this?

>It isn't so much a matter of what to use on what, as much as how to get something that'll stick for a while...

"Okay, this might be a bit awkward, but as long as you don't do anything weird and break my concentration...we should be fine..."

>She actually bypasses his hand opting to grasp both sides of his face instead.

>He would feel mana flowing from her hands into his skin, his skin feeling a bit more numb and while not stiff persay it feels harder somehow.

>Lily watches as the Servant's skin turns to an almost bronzelike shade, before finally smiling and moving once more.



File: 1404353509652.jpg (325.23 KB, 600x783, 2e3bab6f8ec42440d09f99105f0ab5…)

>Its at this point that she moves even closer, basically hugging the Servant as she runs her hands all over his shirt and vest.

>The Servant would be able to feel his armor stiffening a bit, as if the exterior of the cloth is turning into something more akin to the stiffness of leather, and the vest itself is turning into some sort of hide or carapace.

>It takes a few moments, the girl silent due to her concentration...before she finally steps back with a little bit of a blush.

"I should probably do something to your sword too...but otherwise this is about as good of a setup as I should probably try for. I mean I don't want to exhaust myself before the battle even starts. I'll probably try and make the sword cut better or something, cause for the most part I just made you more durable, I mean, a Saber is supposed to be like an armored knight, right?"

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795646

File: 1404355904831.jpg (236.2 KB, 485x680, tumblr_mc0fj7rGOm1rerbxmo1_500…)

>A bit awkward wasn't an entirely inaccurate description. For once it was Archer being caught off guard, given that the process was far more involved than he had been led to believe, a simple touch or spell cast, yet she was meticulously going over his skin and his shift, the padding and leather pieces meant for protection.
>It took quite the effort to do as she said and actually stifle a blush, something that wasn't easy and ended up showing anyway as the process seemed to finish.

>Thankfully Lily was straight onto the next subject, pulling his mind away from her hands and their prior locations and onto the mission at hand. For now, at least.

*Ahem*, yes, right, my blade... a Saber's most important tool is their sword, after all, before their armour.

>Reaching to the hilt, he slowly removed the sword from its sheath. It was a strange blade, thin to the point of almost being katana-like whilst being thick enough to seem durable, and holding a curve that suggested influence from a scimitar-like blade. It heavily implied a middle-eastern origin of some kind, though exactly from where or when wasn't easy to tell.

>That is, of course, provided the Vescarian made knew much of typical Earth geography and design, something which seemed particularly unlikely given the world Archer seemed to have arrived in.

>Once it was produced, Archer held the blade steady with both hands as though offering it up to Lily, presenting it in a safe and appropriate manner.

I do agree, however. There is no reason for you to push yourself too far, we don't know when we might need to make adjustments for a quick escape. Though... I do appreciate the effort you are putting in.

>The last line came with his breaking of eye contact, seemingly unable to fully face her as he said it. Regardless of his moment of weakness, the sword stayed rigid in its place, primed and ready to receive whatever treatment Lily had in mind.


>That said when she looks at the sword, making it sharper in and of itself might be difficult.

>There's something else she can try...but...it's not like its something she's really practiced.

>Roll 1d1000 = 524 Evens good, odds notsomuch.

Cont. regardless of die result.


File: 1404357677671.jpg (258.07 KB, 1038x750, Yeah right.jpg)

>They've had good luck so far...but there's no way she's gonna push it. With a sigh she runs her fingers along the flat of the blade, stopping at the tip and then back down to the hilt.

>The blade glints and shimmers, but its hard to see any other visual difference to it.

"Well, that should get you a little more umph out of it...but its not really anything special. I guess we'll just have to hope its enough, since its to risky to do anything more specialized..."

>Even though a flaming blade probably would be more Saber like. Trying to blend the two would be way more than her level of expertise...and she'd hate to mess the thing up.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795889

File: 1404429869112.jpg (412.99 KB, 1462x2221, Guy.Cecil.full.46103.jpg)

>It certainly didn't feel like much, but it wasn't as if he could blame her. If anyone knew the limits of their power, it was ideally the caster themselves, so if it was too risky then he trusted her on that. Even so, he couldn't help but let out a little sigh of his own as he slid the blade back into its sheath, standing once again with the same light smile on his face.

Well, if it helps to distract my opponent's attention toward my blade, then it may just provide the opening I need to succeed. A little more force is still more than it had before.

>That, and the enhancement on his body felt impressive, and would certainly provide him more durability than he was accustomed to in battle against whichever Servant it was. Whether that was to prove himself an apt Saber or quickly defend himself against the real one remained to be seen.

Are we ready to go?


File: 1404430633222.jpg (132.81 KB, 450x600, 34964290_p7.jpg)

"Just let me get my coat and then we can go."

>With that, the girl heads into the bedroom again.

>It takes just a bit longer than it seems like it should to just grab the coat though, because at the last minute she thinks to enchant it as well, juuust in case the other Masters are less than decent people.

"Okay, I think I should be ready now, so lead the way I guess?"

>Lily says as she walks back into the room bundled up in a coat.

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 795898

File: 1404431901327.jpg (56.35 KB, 500x563, tumblr_mbx4pjJGQj1rerbxmo1_500…)

>The Coats! In the event of becoming coated in the spell, he'd almost forgotten they had actual physical objects to cover themselves with. Archer had the strangest feeling that the magic might protect him from the bitter wind if he left without the fur, but putting even slight strain on it over the course of the walk might cause it to wane somewhat.
>Once she'd returned with her own, he went to fetch the other, quickly wrapping himself within it and almost immediately feeling the warmth. It was a little too bulky for battle so he'd have to bear the cold once he arrived, but for travelling there was nothing better, especially since both coats came with a hood.

>Putting the fire out so that the cabin wouldn't accidentally burn down for one reason or another, everything was finally set. It was almost like setting out from home on a brief journey, even though they'd only really spent a short time there.

Right then.

>Opening the doorway, out into the harsh cold outdoors, Archer stepped out of the cabin, holding it open for Lily.

Stay close, Lilyana. I may have seen what lies about, but the nature in this place is still something of a mystery.

Roll 1d1000 = 284
>1-333: It's chilly, but there's little to no wind and, strangely enough, clear skies above them.
>334-666: There's a bitter wind blowing, snow being strewn about with the sky covered by clouds.
>667-999: Whilst it's bearable for now, all the signs of a nasty blizzard seem to be showing on the horizon, which would likely be here within an hour.
>1000: It's raining gumdrops. Don't ask how or why, because there's really nothing to be said.


File: 1404432733886.jpg (168.92 KB, 700x957, 34548372_p2.jpg)

>When Lily steps out of the cabin she looks around her, taking in the sights.

"Well, at least the weather is nice?"

>She doubts things will go as well once they're in a fight, but its hard to be anything but optimistic on a day like this.

>Even if they weren't able to supplement their food supplies with airborne candy.

Ryner Lute (Mobile) 796077

>As an adventurer, you had to be used to eating whatever was available at that instant. In the kingdom of Roland, that meant deer and rabbits; here, it meant itty-bitty little mammals and, if you were really lucky, fish!
>At least they had that strange... box... apartment thing. Ryner was pretty sure it just fell through a rift. It had to be lit with candles and kept warm by a fireplace, but it worked.
>Still, it was a terrible place to read.

>Ryner, in his long blue robes and light armor, sits outside the little apartment cube, atop an overturned pot he stole from its limited cupboards. In front of him is a small fire, crackling in heat and magical energies, still going despite the few sticks that served as fuel. Another pot is atop the fire, levitating midair, a wood stick steadily stirring its various chopped-up meaty contents in the thick stew.

>The mage turns the page of his book as the meal cooks.

>Waiting was so much more relaxing than attacking other people.

ThatOneAnon 796087

File: 1404450047956.gif (1.52 MB, 320x239, prepare to have your ass ravan…)

>have I missed anything?


File: 1404450084171.jpg (487.76 KB, 720x780, 62fb7f5ecc60058e102c63e644123e…)


>As Ryner read and cooked, his Servant was flying atop the Congouram, her Noble Phantasm

>She slowly floated back down and caused her mount to disappear

It's too foggy to see if anyone else is approaching right now...

why there's so much fog in a place that seems to be in perpetual winter is beyond me.

>she sighs a bit

Maybe we'll get lucky and our first encounter will be someone willing to at least temporarily ally with us...

>She shrugs her shoulders

Although that's very doubful

>To make sure Ryner was listening and hadn't somehow fallen asleep while reading and cooking, she waved her hand in front of his face.


You probably have the wrong thread.

ThatOneAnon 796098

Well, this is the first thread I've been in.. So I don't know if I have the wrong thread.


Definitely the wrong thread then. Sorry. Our OOC thread is >>783950 if you have more to say.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 796290

File: 1404511143949.jpg (405.74 KB, 2560x1600, khal drogo, warrior 161905.jpg)

>the Servant that currently held the class of Berserker was, unusually for his title, a thoughtful and clever man
>he always took careful steps to ensure that any actions he took would result in a favourable outcome, and he always had backup plans just in case his initial one didn't work out
>not entirely by choice, though - even more unusually, it was so ingrained into his brain that he couldn't not think of plans for winning the War on a regular basis
>it had gotten so bad that he could barely get any sort of mental peace, and if he even needed to sleep he doubted it would help at all either
>which may have been why he was so hasty in getting away from Rocks - his mind was flooded with so much information that he just had to get away, and sitting around just waiting for something to happen was only making it worse

>of course, storming off like he did, now totally on his own, had its drawbacks

>he was lost
>he didn't want to admit it, his pride preventing him from thinking that he had actually done something wrong, but it was the truth
>he had intended to head north to intercept the anti-mage and her Servant, but after a few days of wandering he found himself in the forest in the east corner of the island, now having no clue which way to head to get to his destination

>he sighs annoyedly and rubs his face, having circled around what was likely the same tree for the thirtieth time

>his remaining options were to either keep wandering around in the hopes that he'd get out, or just tear the whole forest down and eliminate the problem
>tearing apart the forest would only draw attention, though, which wasn't what he needed right now


>or maybe it was - he could certainly use something to blow off some steam

>worst case scenario, he could wind up wandering back to the island and have to deal with Rocks again
>and there's no way that would end well

>so he turns and leans again a nearby tree, rubbing his face again and letting out an irritated growl

>if he was lucky, something could just fall into his lap and he'd at least have something to do

>but what were the chances of that?

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796320

File: 1404512680438.png (515.21 KB, 871x490, Comeonthen!.png)

>Assassin had a lot of time to prepare his battlefield, or at least, a small portion of it that could be conceivably called a battlefield, enough of it to help defend his position. That was usually more a Caster's game, but Assassin he had been summoned as, and Assassin's parameters he'd work with.

>The area was smaller than he would have liked, wouldn't make NEARLY as large an explosion as would be interesting. But thanks to the aid of his chirpy and surprisingly versatile Master, he'd managed to create some...interesting stuff. Which would be put to the test quite soon. Assassin spotted the figure resting against a tree and his eyes widen in surprise as he crouches behind a tree while he peers at him. A foe? It had to be, there were none other on this island...The real question was whether it was a Master or Servant...Either way, he should alert his Master. Assassin turns around to the position that Lux had taken and gestures past the tree, trying to convey with body language that there was a person close by who may be hostile towards them.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 796329

File: 1404513055223.jpg (69.69 KB, 452x750, tumblr_mruo6mrARf1s0adc8o1_500…)

Already maintaining a sphere of invisibility around herself, nestled deep inside the branches of a tree from which she could just barely see her Servant, the mage has a pair of light-based constructs that looked like fireflies blink brighter in acknowledgement.

She'd be watching.

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796337

File: 1404513320662.png (658.17 KB, 871x490, Capehold.png)

>Assassin nods, before he takes a deep breath, this is what they prepared for, after all...And he moves out from behind the tree, easily visible and audible to Berserker
Good evening there! Or whatever time there is on this forsaken island, it's a bit hard to tell with all the snow, wouldn't you say?
>He chuckles lightly, before smiling jovially at Berserker
You don't appear to be from around here, do you? Judging from how very little you seem to be wearing, I'd wager you haven't seen a cold day in years, were I only so lucky.
>His tone of voice is genial and good natured, though tinged with a slight dramatic flare, as though he were playing the lead role in a grand Shakespearean play.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 796358

File: 1404513977063.jpg (208.52 KB, 1600x900, Khal_Drogo_Wallpaper_HD_Vvallp…)

>the burly Servant lowers his gaze after the mysterious masked man addresses him, an eyebrow raising after he speaks
>he takes a few moments to sweep his eyes up and down the foppish man, taking in his attire and memorizing his style of speech
>it wasn't much to tell him just who this person was, Master or Servant, so he'd have to pry more information out of him his way

>he moves off of the tree and rotates his arm, already preparing himself for a fight, even though he knew so little about the man before him

Doesn't matter where I'm from.

None of us should be here, right?

>he takes on his more "simpler" outlook that he had created to disguise his real intelligence, speaking in shorter sentences, and using a tone of voice that was barely above a caveman's growl

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796377

File: 1404514686013.png (404.35 KB, 697x490, Dashing.png)

>Assassin laughs once more and shakes his head
Alas, no we should not...And thus, we do battle in this eternal War for our Masters...A terrible fate, no?
>He reaches into the confines of his cloak and draws a single flintlock pistol, cocking it.
I am Servant Archer. I will at least grant you that before I die.
>And with that, he pulls the trigger, shooting the lead ball towards Berserker at blistering pace. It was no ordinary pistol, as Berserker would discover should it hit him, it would hit with the force to at least hurt a Servant, though how effective that'd be against a tank is debatable.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 319

>Regardless of the results, Assassin begins retreating immediately, pulling back past his Master, giving her an imperceptible nod to follow after him and assist.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 796402

File: 1404515672882.jpg (118.97 KB, 1024x576, khal-drogo-1024.jpg)

>Berserker tenses up once the pistol is drawn, though only slightly, not even so Assassin would notice
>he smirks lightly just as the Servant pulls the trigger

Yes...the worst fate.

>he then tilts his head to the side, the bullet whizzing past him and hitting the tree trunk behind him, splintering the bark

>not that it made much difference, the masked Servant already making a hasty retreat
>outwardly, he kept up the simply smug expression
>inwardly, however, he was cursing his luck

Of all the Servants I could've found first, it WOULD have been Archer...

>he'd have to close the distance between him and the other in a hurry if he had any hopes of winning this

>as he escapes, Berserker turns and grabs the tree that was struck, letting out a grunt as he pulled upwards
>within a few seconds, the tree is uprooted from the earth, a loud creaking sound being heard throughout the forest as the wood bends under his grip
>he turns around, holding the massive trunk over his head, then lobs it at the retreating Assassin's back like a javelin
>evens Roll 1d1000 = 167

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796417

File: 1404516169024.png (128.86 KB, 233x355, Armout.png)

>Assassin continues running back, though he hears the deafening crack from the tree coming up out of the ground and knows the dodge. He judges the time from the sound of the tree being uprooted and...

>Assassin LEAPS into the air, sailing over the tree trunk as it sails underneath him and off into the distance, he continues running forward, arching his back around and firing another shot at the pursuing Berserker, all the while continuing to run.

>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 886

Berserker!pinkie78Os 796440

File: 1404517287256.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)

>the second bullet smacks into the Berserker's shoulder, causing him to stop briefly and look at it
>the shot didn't break his skin, but it did leave a small bruise where it hit, the pellet having fallen off into the snow afterwards

Not a Phantasm, then...

>he ignored the stinging pain going through his arm right then, turning his focus ahead and charging forward, making a beeline for the "Archer"

>rather than try in vain to catch up to the much faster Servant, though, the Berserker was just building up speed and momentum, trailing the "Archer" for a few meters
>he then pushed his feet off of the ground and leapt up into the air, going high enough to clear the leaves above him
>he quickly comes back down, landing on the ground with such force that everything for miles shakes with the impact
>the earth directly in front of Berserker even starts to crack, moving in a scriggly and zig-zagging line towards the other Servant
>roll to avoid (Dew too)

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796442

>Dodge roll
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 127

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 796454

Roll 1d100 = 60 evens

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796478

File: 1404518596453.png (431.13 KB, 871x490, Hiding.png)

>Assassin sadly isn't fast enough to outrun the cracking of the ground, he is shaken up and sprawls onto the floor. He curses underneath his breath, unable to regain his footing for the while...All he could do is try and buy some time for himself to get up. He cocks the flintlock again and aims it at Berserker from his sprawled position and fires another shot at Berserker.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 320
>If the attack actually hits, Assassin uses that period of time to attempt to pull himself to his feet on the shaky ground.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 837
>If it misses, he remains on the ground.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 796486

File: 1404519264211.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>the gunshot hits his gut this time, causing the Berserker to actually double over, the blast being like a punch to the gut for him
>but luckily for him, it put him in the exact position he wanted to be, lifting his head and grinning at Assassin soon after the fact
>he then drives his hands down and digs them into the cracked earth, his fingers prying into the line aimed at the Servant

>then, with a mighty shout, he pulls his hands in opposite direction, prying the very ground open underneath the "Archer"

>the trees to both sides of them are pushed further away, as the earth is pulled apart to form a deep crevice right underneath the other Servant
>roll to escape

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796488

>Escape roll
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 310

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 796503

File: 1404520049671.png (453.91 KB, 871x490, Eyeshot.png)

>Assassin notices his foe crouch low and try to...pry apart the Earth? And it works! Surprisingly enough, however, Assassin is ready for it. In a brilliant display of agility, as expected of the class of silent movers, Assassin leaps to his feet and pushes himself off the ground further backwards, landing out of the reach of the crevice and looking forward at Berserker. He laughs and claps
Impressive stuff! Very impressive! And such a handy skill, we would have gotten on swimmingly in life! Alas, that's no such issue now, is it?
>With that, Assassin aims the gun once more at Berserker and grins rogueishly as he fires another shot.
>Evens Roll 1d1000 = 195
>And once he fires, once again he retreats, moving back enough to be pursued, but not far ahead enough to be left.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 796514

File: 1404520809441.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>Berserker again moves his head to the side, the bullet whizzing by his ear without any halt to