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File: 1402614701596.jpg (46.38 KB, 600x338, Tundra.jpg)

Better Layton Never: The First Holy Grail War The Administrator!Ren/VL7f/Q 785847[View All]

#Closed #BLN#Side Thread #Let the Holy Grail War commence
>The Isla Cascade. A small island off of the coast of the Terrestrian tundra. It was barren and icy, home to no life whatsoever…It was perfect for a high stakes war. The blisteringly cold winds howl through the small, desolate island, unimpeded by only the ice formations and rocky peaks…But that was soon to change.

>Across this island, there were flashes of light, they brighten to blinding levels, truly harsh among the stark white of the snow, before fading and leaving the various teams of Master and Servants scattered around the isle. However, no matter where they were, on plains of snow, icy coast, rock formation or frozen lake…They would hear a deep booming voice blare out

The First Holy Grail War is about to commence, I wish good luck to all Masters and Servants in this trial. May the best team win.
>It's recognisable to the Masters as the voice of The Administrator, who speaks only one last word, before the voice fades away once more.

>Thus marked the beginning of the long awaited contest, The Holy Grail War, a chance for all Masters and Servants to achieve one wish, of anything they desire…Good luck.
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Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 796978

File: 1404608522599.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

>the blond mage wasn't very used to social interactions, he thinks
>it's not wise to start peace talks by brandishing your weapon like that
>but at least it gave the Assassin enough pause to listen
>even if he's simply humoring them, maybe he'll choose to pay attention after everything is explained

>he only looks over his shoulder with a very stabbing glare towards the servant
I said, be quiet, and listen.
>turning to the blond mage, he figures it would be best for her to have the first word

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 796994

File: 1404610241190.jpg (169.49 KB, 1183x878, Sigyn 82.jpg)

>Rocks' assumption was right, even if Sigyn had no idea he was thinking it.
>That said, talking to Rocks had been relatively simpler given that neither of them had shown their Servants when they'd spoken.
>Given that the only thing she'd seen was his own having been beaten up, she'd assumed that Rocks had tried to engage in conversation before, only to have his own Servant set upon by Assassin. Judging by that disposition, she didn't really want to take any chances if he was the sort to attack first and talk later.

Roll 1d1000 = 153
>Evens, and she manages to catch the name 'Sutcliff' over the current chaos, giving her cause to pause for a moment to look across to Rocks.
>Was he related to the Manor in some way...?
>This wasn't the time nor place to ask, but she made a note of it for later.

>Given that the mana presence hadn't moved, she wasn't sure whether they knew what was going on or if they'd decided to stay. Either way, not moving tended to equal inaction as a whole, so as long as no sudden actions were taken Sigyn felt no need to worry about the Master just yet.
>Besides, if they were truly capable, why would they be hiding?

>With Lancer performing his role as expected, even with his prior grumblings over the alliance itself, she was happy that his will was still alongside hers when push came to shove.
>Which only left Assassin to deal with.
>The motivation for helping with the Caster problem seemed to be there, even if it was a little bit... explosive. Whether or not he could be trusted, however, was another matter entirely. His attitude was something she already disliked, the cocky sort who seemed to believe they were capable of anything.
>Given her recent experience in the assault on Caster, it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

>Relaxing from her previously tense posture, though not giving word to Lancer to relax himself, she took a slow breath in order to calm herself, gathering her thoughts as best she could despite the situation.

Very well, I shall explain.
Given that you already know of Caster's Castle, you may also have seen the assault on it that took place recently.
That attack was performed by Lancer and I, assuming very simply that a surprise assault on such a place from a large distance away would bypass whatever defences they may have set up and allow us a clean victory.

We were wrong, and were dealt with swiftly.

>Pausing for a moment in slight shame, not for Lancer's weakness but for their combined failure against such odds, she then resumed her gaze towards Assassin with a new intensity of belief.

It was not through mere underestimation nor though chance. Caster is a threat in this war more than any other, for he is someone that has found a way to infinitely sustain his Noble Phantasm as well as the defences that plague its halls.
He need not ever leave it, and any single team that attempts to breach the castle walls will be set upon by all that he has. Given that he can alter the nature of the castle at a mere whim, eventually they will be overwhelmed.

Certainly, we could all ignore him and focus on the other teams, eliminating each other one by one, but in the end Caster will still be standing, and he will, inevitably, win alongside his master.

I desire not to fight you, this day, and nor, I believe, does he.
>A brief point towards Rocks indicated of whom she spoke.
We simply ask your assistance.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 797013

File: 1404611896344.jpg (116.69 KB, 471x420, lux_by_wssemura-d64y7ko.jpg)

So they all shared a common enemy? That was... Believable enough.

She didn't like it, but it was only a matter of time before she was found if they began looking, and she doubted they'd be very trusting if she refused to trust them first.

So, clutching the little artifact she'd held onto since the day she arrived and dispelling the bubble of light keeping her hidden, the young mage drops to the ground with a dull thud, pushing her way through the bush towards the group in the most non-threatening way she could imagine.

Head held high, hands behind her back and on a weapon with a somewhat defiant look on her face, just in case she did get immediately murdered.

"...And then what?"


File: 1404613016068.jpg (208.35 KB, 362x600, 23109100_m.jpg)

>The fact that Archer seems concerned, doesn't do much for Lilyana's confidence...

>Still...its probably better than their other options...


>She does make sure to move a bit closer to where her Servant is standing though, a tight anxious feeling building up in her chest as she does so.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 797033

File: 1404614300564.jpg (87.01 KB, 345x540, mangaeh.jpg)

>Meanwhile, not too far off, over a hill and through the mist...

>Ryner is vaguely aware of speech-like noises around him, but it's not until a hand intercepts his vision that he looks up.
>He blinks, and turns his half-lidded gaze towards the servant. Shoot, was he supposed to be listening to whatever she said?

>Roll 1d1000 = 879

>Evens, half-heartedly responds, pretty sure he's going to get an earful after completely ignoring Rider,

Yeah, you're right. So you should sit down and have some stew.

>Odds, shrugs, and looks back down at his book as he replies to what she said to the best of his knowledge,

I don't know, it was a dragon earlier, so we should avoid it.

>Dubs/trips, he opens his mouth to speak... but something catches his eye through the mist. Red, arcane runes circle over one eye as he stares into the distance.

... huh. I think I see someone.

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 797071

File: 1404615675795.png (128.86 KB, 233x355, Armout.png)

>Assassin furrows his brow, as once again he turned his head towards Caster's castle. He hadn't seen the attack on the castle himself, having been planting the traps for his territory, though he'd been able to sense the shockwaves, he was doubtful if anybody could have MISSED it. And if they had been defeated...Lancer was not a class known for it's magic defence, Saber was the class for that, but Lancer was no offensive slouch. If they had managed to be dealt with 'swiftly,' Assassin could probably not take them on himself. At the very least, not without the prep time needed for his Noble Phantasm. And even then, that was too long to just fire off.
If he is such a threat, why come to me? Assassins are not knight classes, and by my own admission, I'm not the strongest Servant, and you already have Lancer, and apparently Berserker. Why myself? And as for my assistance...
>He turns over to Lux at the sound of her voice and inclines his head to her.
That is in the hands of my Master.

Rider!Oda.Y/gJBM 797074

File: 1404615929450.jpg (12.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)


>Aaand Ryner mentions, what was definitely Caster's noble phantasm

>Showing he hadn't been listening even in the slightest

...your head's almost as dense as the fog, isn't it?

>She commented in an angered tone

I'm trying to say with all of this fog it'd be easy to get snuck up on and attacked by someone, so do me a favor, could you please try to pay a little bit of attention?

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797082

File: 1404616533790.jpg (208.52 KB, 1600x900, Khal_Drogo_Wallpaper_HD_Vvallp…)



>in the name of every God he was aware of he hated being right sometimes

>Rocks had actually gone and formed an alliance with another team
>worse, apparently this was the very same anti-mage that he had tried to find by himself after getting away from Rocks
>now, the one being that could easily wipe out any of the Servants and likely win the whole War knew who they were, possibly what Servant he was, how Rocks worked and likely what his skills were, and how best to defeat them


>choosing to ignore the rest of the conversation, Berserker turns around and leans against a tree, a hand covering his face in utter disgust
>at the same time, his other hand feels around the bullet wound, trying to find the exact spot of the bullet
>if he could just get his fingers in far enough...

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 797085

File: 1404616936992.jpg (33.65 KB, 250x250, hrm.jpg)

>She sounded nervous, or at least felt unsure about the situation. As much as he might have wanted to reassure her, however, he needed to focus. Battle was a dangerous place, and though he enjoyed himself when he had the time to indulge, Archer was no stranger to war.

>What he caught, during the quiet, was some talking. He couldn't make it out very well given that they weren't exactly being loud, but there was definitely sound coming from close by. If only he knew the fantastic irony he was just about to cause.
>Through the fog, he could see a hill - were they around the other side of that? All the better to get a vantage point - catching vision of them from above would be far easier than trying to peer directly through.

>Turning back to Lily, he made gestures toward the hill, moving slightly quicker than before whilst trying to keep the noise of footsteps through the snow as low as possible. It wasn't long til they made it to the top, it was only a small thing, but it made the area a little more visible.

Roll 1d1000 = 235
>Evens, he easily spots shadows in the mist below thanks to the sunlight bearing down, pointing them out to Lilyana as silently as possible. That said, if he could see them, vice versa was also potentially possible. He could only hope they were too caught up in conversation.

>Odds, the mist is a little too thick to properly locate them from there. It seemed he'd have to locate them by sound, and the closer he got the louder his and Lily's footsteps would be for them, especially on this side of the hill.


File: 1404617925515.jpg (51.97 KB, 600x377, Fate.EXTRA.600.549123.jpg)

>With how thick the mist seems to be getting, Lilyana actually grabs onto the back of Archer's coat, to make sure she doesn't lose track of him as well.

>She's not sure if he's able to see anything or not...but with how quiet he's being, it probably isn't safe to speak up.

>...As it is...she could probably clear a path through the fog...but it wouldn't be subtle in the slightest, and without knowing where to aim the fire...all it'd do would be letting them know where they are first...

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 797096

File: 1404618137016.jpg (149.63 KB, 1243x915, Sigyn 171.jpg)

>And so she moved. Sigyn could feel herself tense up slightly at the feeling of the presence shifting position, but thankfully it was relatively slow like walking, and the woman appeared relatively quickly. She couldn't catch where the master had appeared from, but she seemed confident - perhaps she was riding the thrill of her Servant's apparent victory, but there were more important things to focus on.
>She did, after all, make a good point.

We assault the castle together, or form a far more effective plan depending on the skills we can gather. Ideally, gathering all 6 of the other Servants would prove to have our best, if not a guaranteed chance at success.

After that... well, there is no denying that we are still all opponents in this war.
In the wake of victory over Caster, I would call for a single day's cease fire in order to rest from the ordeal. We can challenge each other with our skills as we like afterwards, but to do so with Caster still stuck as an active threat would be folly of the highest degree.

>Assassin's further point was an interesting one. Freely admitting he wasn't the strongest as if to test her reasoning, Sigyn held firm, acknowledging his deference to his Master but wanting to answer him all the same.
>The most interesting thing was the identity of the Servant that Rocks was tied to. Of all the Servants she could have found first, Berserker and Assassin were on very opposite ends of the scale.

Like I said, the goal isn't simply specific Servants. Each one has their own skills and capability, and we will likely need all of them to defeat Caster in his current state. If you could take his castle and 'blow it to ruins', I and everyone else here would gladly see as much, I'm sure.

>With Rocks staying by his Servant's side, Sigyn felt no real need to pay attention to him over speaking to Assassin and his Master. After all, if Rocks was on board with the plan, surely his Servant, who was seemingly there at the time of the agreement, would be as well..?

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 797109

File: 1404618978490.jpg (18.58 KB, 147x258, manganyuu.jpg)

Considering it's just visible air, I'll take that as a compliment.
>He sets the book on his lap, leans forward a little, and looks up at his servant. She could be so pissy sometimes... but at least she wasn't threatening him with a knife any more.
I'm alert, alright? I'm just not going to go seek out anyone. It's such a bother. Who would attack two people just having dinner, anyway?
>The mage gives a casual shrug and holds out his hands.
And even if somebody attacked us, we could outrun them.
>With a sigh, he leans back, and holds his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose.
Perfect plan for some peace and quiet.

>Ryner's voice is calm in tone, though at normal conversational volume.
>Roll 1d1000 = 205
>Evens, the sound of footsteps crunching in snow reach his ears. He opens one eye to peer into the mist towards the source of the noise.
>He sighs.

>Odds, he misses it completely, and continues to look pleasantly relaxed.

Rider!Oda.Y/gJBM 797116

File: 1404619538151.png (1.07 MB, 1000x1222, bde8697d3d6bdf4ae173a1704e8388…)


>Rider couldn't hear those two as of yet


I get that we're not seeking anyone out, but my point is it's very likely someone is seeking us

And we can not keep running forever.

>she crosses her arms

...as for who'd attack two people just having dinner?

>She stares for a moment before saying bluntly

I would have.

Roll 1d1000 = 357

>evens and...

So you'll have to excuse me while I do this

>She attempts covering Ryner in white tree bark, paint she found in the apartment thing, and other items

>before she covered herself


So please, be ready for a fight, I know I already am.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 797118

File: 1404619593045.jpg (365.3 KB, 925x852, fe6b2bbc531e8d2a3af73c0967eb35…)

So a temporary alliance. No illusion of permanent soildarity.

While that didn't do much for her ability to trust this woman, at the least she wasn't being treated like an idiotic child, so there was that.

"And do we have any idea where the others are? Where they might be? What they might be doing? If they're even willing to cooperate?"

Eyeing the woman who all of sudden appeared and made a simple situation complicated, asking her to risk her life to aid people who'd very likely just toss her, her wish and her Servant aside the moment their usefulness was used up, the mage couldn't help but feel the spark of rebellion.

"And perhaps most importantly, why should I trust you to be honest?"

Waving towards Lancer, she adds,

"I hold no grand ideals of being the strongest on this island. It's very likely I'm outclassed, as well as my Servant. Besides a threat on my life, why should I help you when you're just going to defeat Caster with or without my help, when in all likelihood, as soon as he's gone, you'll have your Servant stab me through the heart?"

Obviously upset, and it being made very obvious by the slight quaking in her voice and the frustrated look on her face just how in over her head she felt, she continues,

"I don't want to die, I just want to go home, but if I follow you, that's a very real possibility."

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 797136

File: 1404620438771.png (322 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mc0zptiz8r1rerbxmo1_500…)

>He could feel Lily close by given that she'd grabbed onto him. At least through that he could tell without doubt whether anything might happen to her, as her grip would likely tense up if she spotted anything suspicious.
>With that in mind, he cautiously made his way down the hillside, getting closer through the mist.

>Their voices were much clearer now. From what he could tell, one of them was Male and the other Female, though as for which was the master or servant he couldn't quite tell. Archer suspected it might be the more serious of the two, but heroic spirits were widely varied in nature.
>But then he heard her last phrase.
>If she was ready for a battle, it was possible he'd already been found out. It was now or never.

Lily, I'm going.

>Spoken in a hushed tone, he broke away from his Master before charging through the mist in their direction, his footsteps now definitely audible amongst the ambience.

Roll 1d1000 = 765
>Evens, Archer is easily capable of spotting their shadows, one standing and one sitting, likely before they manage to react to his presence.
>Heading immediately for the one standing, the closer of the two and thus the faster one to catch by surprise, he burst through the mist and into their small zone of vision with a leap, striking diagonally with a calculated sword stike.


>Rider, roll to dodge the surprise assault.

>If odds, he's loud and gives away his presence with enough time for the other pair to prepare themselves, and possibly counterattack him.


>Roll 1d1000 = 170 Evens for being able to get an impression of where they are from the sound of their voice.

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 797148

File: 1404621318754.png (337.42 KB, 525x480, Ohdearjustlookatthetime.png)

>Assassin keeps an eye on Berserker, watching him as he leans against the tree and covers his face with his hands. Apparently he wasn't too keen on the idea of an alliance. To be honest, Assassin wasn't either, it didn't mesh well with his particular skill set, but it wasn't up to him...That and he genuinely DID want to blow the castle to smithereens.
>Assassin chuckles slightly, gesturing with his hands as he spoke.
True, true...Though, I can't help but feel a little pleased that you decided to bet your chances on the class of trickery and deceit. Seems a little odd for an alliance's purpose. Traitors have a nasty habit of stabbing you in the back.
>He readjusts his mask slightly, his grin returning in full force.
And I would appreciate the happiness of the onlookers! A performer loves an audience, odd style for an Assassin, no?
>Assassin turns back to Lux, as she moved closer to Lancer he tensed slightly, and almost moves towards her, before turning his gaze back to Lancer, trying to look as protective as a fop in a mask can look. But he turns his head to his Master and looks as sympathetic as he can. However, he remains silent on the matter, it was not his position to question his Master.


File: 1404621990946.jpg (1.38 MB, 1826x1848, Fireball.jpg)

>After he speaks to her in a more serious tone than she's ever heard from her Servant, he's darting off, leaving her alone in the mist.

>However, between the direction he darted in, and the sound of voices, she thinks she has a general idea where their opponents are.

>...And while she doesn't really have something really important to wish for, it doesn't seem fair to let her Servant fight alone, especially with how much he's done to look after her so far.

>...She's not sure if she'll even hit anyone, but maybe she'll at least be able to be a distraction?

>So, raising out her hand in front of her she takes a deep breath and does her best to focus on forming a ball of elemental fire in front of her....

"Rain down upon our foes...Fireball!"

>And launches it actually upwards in an arc.

>...And then prays that it hits, or at least gives Archer some cover...or doesn't hit him by accident at least.

>Roll 1d1000 = 690 Dub/Trips Even, it actually comes crashing down on top of Roll 1d2 = 2 1. Rider, 2. Ryner, roll to dodge. Evens, while it doesn't hit anyone, it creates a diversion right in the middle of their camp, blasting the mist in the area in the process. Odds, it comes down right near her, completely exposing her own location. Dub/Trip Odds, it comes crashing down right where Archer is standing, roll to dodge.

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 797169

File: 1404622970905.jpg (27.54 KB, 333x191, mangarunes.jpg)

>Ryner rolls his eyes and peers into the mist, seemingly ignoring his servant. Couldn't keep running forever, blah blah...
... wait, really?
>He blinks and looks up at her.
>Cooold, woman. Way cold.
That's a dirty tactic, even in war...

>With another long, exaggerated sigh, he sets the book aside, stands up, and dusts off his robes.

Yeah, yeah, I'll be ready...

>A shout from the mist catches his attention. Actually wide-eyed, he looks over, runes instantly appearing over one eye. He could hear the rushed footsteps on the snow and see a vague figure running right for them. Judging by the magic surrounding them, they were either a servant or extremely powerful.

>Either way, way to ruin dinner.

>The fireball crashes right in the middle of their little outdoor camp, knocking the pot of stew over and turning the tiny fire into a brief blaze. Ryner leaps backwards and raises his hands to prepare an incantation.

>Roll 1d1000 = 831

>Evens, wait... that voice--was that the girl that helped him?

>He immediately drops his hands and shouts,
Whoaa, stop, don't attack, let's talk this out, you helped me in Town!

>Odds, he can't shake the feeling that he knows that voice, but instincts kick in first.

The king of light compiles the countless moments--Light Cancer!
>A web of pure bright light shoots out of the summoning circle in midair, right towards Roll 1d2 = 2 1 the source of the fireball 2 the figure charging at them. Roll 1d1000 = 287 evens hits and they're stuck in the incredibly sticky webbing. Roll to escape/break.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 797173

File: 1404623244465.jpg (118.29 KB, 759x726, Sigyn 46.jpg)

>An odd style for an Assassin indeed, and if anyone was to be considered for trust issues it would certainly be him. That said, Sigyn couldn't go back on her thoughts of requiring every Servant possible, even if that required her to be more wary than she typically wanted to be.

>This was already proving to be more difficult than Rocks was to convince, perhaps because he already had his own thoughts on how powerful Caster was. Whoever this woman was, she had a very good reason to be cynical.
>Though a part of Sigyn couldn't help but narrow her eyes at the stranger. That long blonde hair and those blue eyes, as well as her general facial structure, almost felt as though she was looking at herself in a strange way. It felt uncomfortable, and it didn't help that she was being very accusatory toward her.

I'm not trying to threaten you.
All I came to was your Servant crashing down upon one who aims to help me. Is it so wrong to try and protect an ally, even if only temporary?

>Letting out a frustrated sigh, she then went on to try and help with the other points.

None of us want to die. The difference here is that I am out in the open speaking with you, as is the mage over there.
>Pointing to Rocks as she had before, she then went on to elaborate.
I am Sigyn Erster, and he is Rocks. It is through his magic that we found you and it is how we intend to find the others.

As far as trust goes, admittedly we're not in a position to say we won't eventually fight, because we will, but acknowledging that fact doesn't mean it has to be a bloodbath.

That said, if you choose not to side with us, if you don't want to fight then we'll leave you be. Neither of us want to chance being weaker in the face of Caster, and if your negligence of his strength causes us to fail in our endeavour then you will be left to face Caster alone, and you will die.

Caster's master seems to hold no qualms about killing, given that their first assault was to throw knives and fire directly at my person from a concealed position.
I need not even mention the veritable army of creatures Caster holds under his whim.

They are dark, their magic contains the stench and feeling of blood and death, and I would rather eventually lose to you or anyone else than allow that pair the satisfaction of wishing for whatever twisted thing they have in mind.

>There's definitely an added touch of venom and emotion to that last point, as though remembering their magic and how it had felt to her was enough to give her a feeling of disgust.

Rider!Oda.Y/gJBM 797182

File: 1404623808101.jpg (183.95 KB, 800x1132, 52f23cc897ea38f6aaab6b1a613163…)


>Fire already...but she couldn't let the Master's magic distract her


Try to keep the other Master distracted, I'll try to get at their servant


>With the fog gone, Rider runs ahead and tries to stab Archer with her knife

Roll 1d1000 = 222

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 797189

File: 1404624085174.jpg (17.19 KB, 500x435, Wut Dafuq.jpg)

As soon as she was told she wasn't going to be forced to fight, the girl almost broke down then and there. The fact she wasn't cut down the moment she offered resistance was the small push she needed to trust she wouldn't be betrayed by these two, and the reassurance she could make her own choice was one she appreciated greatly, because perhaps more than any evil or anything else in her small world, being told that it was her duty, her obligation to do something was the most stifling, upsetting thing she could think of. She'd already had her life stolen from her against her will because it was her "duty" once, she couldn't bear the thought of something similar being forced on her again.

...But did she really have a choice here? Hadn't she, from the first day, made it clear to Assassin that no matter what, those who might be considered evil must not succeed, even if it meant going against the morals she held dear to her heart? Even if it meant killing someone who had never wronged her, never once offended her, never seen her before? She'd decided that so easily, but now, now that it was her life on the line, now that she was the one who might die, it was acceptable to make allowances. Now it was acceptable to allow those with darkness in their hearts to succeed.

Could she live with herself now knowing that she was willing to kill for her ideals, but not to die?

"...What would you ask of us?"

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 797205

File: 1404625789077.png (309 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mfm9iayB3E1rerbxmo1_500…)

>As he charged forward, his rush was quickly added to by a large blast from the center, pushing away the mist and providing easy vision for him. No doubt this was assistance from Lily given that the other two seemed surprised - Archer hadn't expected it, but he was thankful for it. With his Master by his side, even in a battle she didn't originally want to be a part of, he felt that he could-

>It seems like they weren't lazing around after all! Whoever this guy was intended to help the fight, just like Lily, only his spell was more targeted. Thanks to his keen eyesight shining through, he nimbly dodged the-

>What happened?
>He'd just moved past the strange substance, his sword preparing itself for the other member of their duo. It was a flawless combination, surely? With his now active vision and Lily's assistance, there was no way they could-

>-oh... that was... heh.

>That was his blood.
>The blood of the vessel he'd been summoned into, a body in which he has intended to battle and fight to the end.
>But even worse than that...

... looks like you got me, huh...?

>... it was his heart.

>A brief cough caused blood to dribble from his mouth. It wasn't technically his own and it felt strange to the taste, but either way he had seemingly been bested in an instant.

It looks like... I couldn't even grant the simple wish... of a hopeful girl...

>A small smile lit up on his face at the strange irony of what had happened. The first strike, the first assault, his tactical decision. All the promises he'd made almost collapsed to dust. His vision blurred quickly as his heart stressed over the immediate trauma, and memories filled his vision.

>A threatening giant.

>His long reign.
>Battles he had fought as a King.
>His own adulterous mistakes.
>The will of God granting him faith throughout.
>The death of his own son.
>Even in this young form, his old life still rang through his heart, and his wish carried on in his will with his gentle regrets.

>Turning to face Lily as best he could, having already faced the one who had stuck him so, all he could provide her was that same warm smile as his legs weakened.

>Collapsing to his knees, he felt his consciousness waning, before his body slumped down to the side, the blade of the knife easily sliding out of his body covered in the Servant's red blood.

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 797212

File: 1404626566395.jpg (65.92 KB, 450x514, Why is there an owl on your he…)

... okay.

>Letting her statement out with a relieved tone, Sigyn visibly relaxed even further, the tension from her voice and posture now almost non-existent. She still appeared serious, though it was in a much more informative manner than a cautious one.

Simply put, we need to find the other Servants and convince them to help us. Whether we seek them out alone, given that there would be three of us looking for another three, or seek them out together is something we can decide, but the end goal is Caster.

I can share what information I have, but beyond that we simply need to gather up and take him on together.
Unfortunately I'm... not exactly the best battle strategist.

>With this, she looked to both Rocks and Lux, hoping that either of them might be better in that aspect, or perhaps their servants. Lancer, strangely, didn't seem to really approach things with a great deal of strategy himself, given his rather impulsive decision on the assault.

>She would have to talk to him personally at some point...

I'm hoping that with what I can tell you all, we might be able to figure out a surefire way to defeat them. The more we have, the better our chances, that much is clear.

Luxanna Crownguard!LightlX0LI 797217

File: 1404627057766.jpg (61.38 KB, 600x600, 1402307133877.jpg)

Still somewhat unsettled, the young woman smiles, pulling out the wand she'd held behind her back and giving it a stylish twirl.

"If strategy is what you need, then I, Luxanna Crownguard, Lady of Luminosity, would be more than happy to help."

Past unpleasantness already forgotten, or at least seemingly so, she adds,

"You don't spend four years in military training and war room meetings without learning something, especially not me!"

Turning to face her Servant, she gives him a smile less forced than he'd have seen since their first day on the island.

"How long do you imagine you could work under Independent Action?"


File: 1404627382871.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.57 KB, 1000x1000, HakunoFCapsule.jpg)

>There's voices going back and forth...

>And then she can feel something disturb...or no...cut straight through the alteration magic she cast earlier like it was nothing...and hears Archer's voice...

>It sounds weak...she has a hard time seeing the battle from where she was, but...something is wrong.

>...Its not that she has something she needs to win the war to achieve...

>Or at least nothing that everyone wouldn't just laugh at and call her childish for...
>She wasn't even sure when it came to just her own drive that she can even compete with any of the other Masters in this war...

>When it comes down to it, she's just a normal girl who got dragged into something she barely even understands.

>...But...that doesn't mean she doesn't have anything to fight for.

>...Sure he can be an idiot sometimes, and its not like she even has any clue what his wish might be...
>But...he's been kind, he's done so much to try and prepare her for this, to keep her safe, to try and make sure that no matter what, she at least will survive this.

>...And he has a wish, a dream...something he had to become a Servant to make come true. Something he needed to win this war to have any chance of achieving. Something that would have been much easier with a better Master than she could ever be.

>That is why she is fighting this war, it has been since she first learned what she was actually now part of. ...And sure...what she's about to do, will probably get herself killed, but...she can't just let things end like this. Just this once she wants to be the one to protect him. If nothing else, she'll go out as a proper Master.

>With these thoughts in mind, she cries out from her hiding spot amongst the mists.

"Archer, I command you to return to spirit form!"

>A flash of red comes from the command seal on her hand as she cries out, before one of the marks fade, having been used up.

>Roll 1d1000 = 143 Evens, she manages to pose dramatically as she does so, in the hopes it might help her keep herself together.

>Odds, she's too worried, both for her Servant as well as her own fate, and collapses, sobbing.

Assassin!Ren/VL7f/Q 797230

File: 1404628188384.png (264.75 KB, 428x468, Grinning.png)

>Assassin looks back over to his Master, a smile on his face as she addresses him. It was wonderful to see that smile again, such a charming Master he had! Assassin shakes his head sadly
Alas, I am no Archer, as much as I've professed to be one. Working independantly is not my forte, and I imagine I could work alone for...perhaps three hours. And even then, my mana reserves would be depleted over time and affect my ability to use any of my skills...Alas, I work best with my master.
>He shrugs his shoulders
However, I am a planner myself. A good one if I do say so myself! Believe me when I say...
>He looks over to Lux, and she'd almost get the feeling he was winking at her behind his mask
For the charming smile of my Master, I can accomplish anything.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797363

File: 1404674739736.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)




>during the conversation, Berserker had managed to get his fingers in deep enough to grasp the pellet lodged in his head

>it was a little hard to keep his hold on it, but he managed to remove it in due time

>though he was capable of keeping an ear to what was being said, despite being more focused on the now-more-profusely bleeding wound in his head
>after he was finished, he let out a loud barking laugh, turning his head to look back at the gathered people

>he first regards the Assassin with a look of contempt, the fight still fresh on his mind, and his attitude only confusing him

>he'd never heard of an Assassin that wanted to be seen or noticed, though he supposed it was the "hiding in plain sight" mentality that made it make sense
>he then looks over at his Master, quickly deciding that she was far too soft to be a part of this, if her only concern was getting out of it alive
>granted, that should be what all of them want, but if she had no desires beyond that, why even take part in the War?
>he then looks over at Sigyn, the Master of Lancer, and the anti-mage he was so concerned with that he had to separate from Rocks
>he wears a clear glare of suspicion on his face, not having bought anything she said at face value, least of all her proposal for a one-day ceasefire if they suceeded in defeating Caster
>it was clear from how she spoke that this was her plan, which only made him even more wary of her, knowing what this could mean

>rather than address any of them, though, he just strides over towards his own Master

A word.

>without waiting for Rocks's permission, he grasps the back of his coat and hauls him up, carrying him as easily as a bag of luggage

>he then turns and starts walking off into the forest, eager to get away from the rest of the group

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797364

File: 1404674945218.jpg (25.69 KB, 342x304, still not impressed.jpg)

>the mage's expression quickly drops as he's lifted off by the Servant
>crossing his arms, the redhead makes no sound as he's carried, simply letting the Servant do whatever he wanted

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797369

File: 1404675545497.jpg (49.42 KB, 1280x720, Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-183…)

>the Servant walks a good ten meters away from the group, changing direction every few steps so as to make them harder to track in case any of them decided to follow
>once he felt they were a safe distance away, he ducks behind a tree and turns around so Rocks was in front of him
>he drops the mage at the base of the tree, then immediately kneels down

First of all, I had him.


>he closes his eyes and takes in a breath, clearly exasperated with how everything was progressing

>he reaches up and rubs his temples, despite one of them still wearing a deep, bleeding wound, before whispering to the mage

Just tell me this is all an elaborate ruse to get the anti-mage in a vulnerable position.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797371

File: 1404675852298.jpg (74.48 KB, 619x394, stop being boring.jpg)

>the mage practically makes no move as he's set on the floor, simply leaning back
First of all, you didn't. He had you.
>answering very calmly, the mage doesn't uncross his arms
Second, depends on how confident you are.
>very simply, the mage only speaking in clipped sentences, clearly not finding no reason to bother going into any other details

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797373

File: 1404676079398.jpg (208.52 KB, 1600x900, Khal_Drogo_Wallpaper_HD_Vvallp…)

>the Servant stares at Rocks with a highly annoyed look, not willing to put up with the attitude at that moment
>he moves his hands back down and rolls the pellet that was in his head in the palm of his hand, all while keeping his glare focused on Rocks


You believe every word she said, don't you?

>he said this with a slight mocking tone, as though he were speaking to an ignorant child who did something rather stupid

Ryner Lute!VstiGma/6s 797374

File: 1404676280112.jpg (48.3 KB, 251x526, angryfaec.jpg)

>Ryner pushes the summoning circle away and turns toward the mist, already scanning for the source of the fireball,
Aren't I supposed to be the one giving orders--?
>Even though he heard that noise too many times before, he still hated it; the breath that got cut off by a killing blow.
>He stops. He doesn't gasp or shout, he just stops, and turns towards the servants. A blonde with a sword fell to the ground, Rider's knife plunged through his chest.
>A wishful girl? Who was he talking about? He didn't intend for them to kill each other, not now, not while he still didn't know who the master was! He swore he recognized that voice from somewhere...!
>The red flash and the call are more than enough to reveal her position. The sobbing is a dead giveaway.

>Ryner turns to his servant, and orders in an uncharacteristically serious tone,


>He walks towards the other master, boots creating clear crunching noises in the old snow, making no attempt to hide his approach. He even holds his hands out, sleeves pulled up slightly to show the three command seals up one wrist, to show that he holds no weapon.

>He speaks loud enough that he can be heard clearly through the thinning mist as he grows closer,

If you could wish for anything... what would it be?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797378

File: 1404676683584.jpg (25.63 KB, 216x284, why are you still speaking.jpg)

I believe in what I see.
>again, very simply
I can see Caster's magic. I can see that it doesn't surround the castle, but forms it.
I saw the dragon that it created, and that despite it all, it hardly made a dent on its reserves.
>his eye closes, the mage very calmly leaning back more
I saw the assault. I saw they were swarmed, that everything she said about Caster and their abilities were true.
Even with one eye I could see that you and me would be slaughtered if we were to ever take Caster on by ourselves, same as she did.
>he remains silent for a few seconds, before continuing with the same derisive attitude towards the Berserker
I believe she plans to do what she says. Attack the castle at full force, and remove that threat before all others. Do I believe she'll keep up with her "one day rest" idea?


It's hard to say. Maybe I do...
>his eye opens again, now staring at the large man in front of him with a very obvious frown and a poisonous tone to his voice
I would have also liked to believe that my partner wouldn't have his head so far up his own ass to realize in just how many ways we can take advantage of this entire situation, but I suppose that was just too much to ask out of you.

Rider!Oda.Y/gJBM 797389

File: 1404677182418.jpg (516.11 KB, 650x661, 9dd83d58fa2de3015fa340730ba5cb…)


>Pulling the blade back out of Archer in a slight sense of shcok

>Rider looks down at the blood covering her blade
>She had only been attempting to hit him in the arm, to incapacitate him, but with the way he'd been moving, she'd ended up plunging the blade into the depths of his most vital organ
>Not being one to complain she was about to finish Archer

>But then....
>The girl's voice who sounded out, she had to assume that was this Servant's Master, as she commanded Archer to return to Spirit form

>Rider crosses her arms, re-holstering her knife


>"Stop.", the tone he'd given dead serious, Rider didn't know what to say in response, but she thought to herself for a moment "Stop what?"

>She'd simply done what was expected of her, she fought the other Servant.
>Confused, she sighs and walks off, with Archer in spirit form it was likely he wouldn't die from his wound, while this thought disappointed Rider, she wouldn't let it get to her, because she knew that Master and Servant would likely take quite awhile to recover

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797397

File: 1404677608141.jpg (118.97 KB, 1024x576, khal-drogo-1024.jpg)



>Berserker lets out an irritated groan and looks away from Rocks, though it was partially due to the aching feeling coming from the gunshot wound on his head

>he wasn't about to admit that he hadn't thought of ways to take advantage of this situation, instead just assuming that Rocks was blindly going along with it
>but even if they did do something to take advantage, who's to say the others wouldn't?

...even if she is telling the truth and does not plan on backstabbing all of us...

And even if we suceed and she follows through on this "ceasefire"...

>he turns to look back at Rocks, still looking rather vexed

There is still the fact that we will be in a vulnerable position no matter what.

A Servant's greatest weapon is their Phantasm, and their greatest advantage is being able to keep a Phantasm hidden. If the enemy does not know what a Phantasm is or how it works, then that gives the edge to the attacker.

If we all go through with this assault? The odds of me keeping my Phantasms hidden are essentially null.

>he raises a hand and points back and where they came from

Now, we may see their Phantasms in the process, which would work for us...

But if everyone knows what everyone else is capable of, then we cannot gain any sort of edge over them.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797402

File: 1404677929936.jpg (74.48 KB, 619x394, stop being boring.jpg)

>the mage blinks, a very clear surprised look crossing his face
>he had expected the Berserker to stubbornly ignore any and all possible advantages that would come from their position
>instead, he actually seemed open to discuss strategy instead of throwing his voice around

We would only be revealing anything if we were to actually go along with the anti-mage's plan...
>he trails off to let the Servant pick up the suggestion on his own, and evaluate the large man's reaction

Archer!pR.BaFF/uk 797404

File: 1404678226826.png (327.78 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mc0xzwPBy41rerbxmo1_500…)

>Given that his senses were fading, it wasn't as if he could quite grasp what was going on around him. He saw shadows through his vision, muffled sounds of voices slowly fading out.
>He thought it was over. It definitely felt that way, as a wound to the heart was something he definitely hadn't experienced during life.

>But one single strong set of words broke through even his fading consciousness. The command to return to spirit form burned itself into his mind, as though it was the last thing he could do instinctively.
>Slowly, his physical body dispersed, but the soul that kept him tied here, to Lily, managed to remain even if it was damaged.
>This eventually faded into invisibility as well, dispersing whilst still existing around Lily herself. She would feel Archer close by, though his presence was faint. He was still 'alive', though no sense of thought managed to come out from him. It seemed he couldn't even communicate properly with his Master in his current state, though he didn't appear to be getting any worse.

>Deep inside his mind, he simply had to wonder...

>Archer's barely capable consciousness continued to process what had just happened. He'd been defeated, he had gone down, and with that his Master would no longer be in the Grail war. With the Servant down, they would have no need to target her. At the very, very least, he had managed to protect her from a grisly fate.
>Until she had decided to use the power she had been given to save him.
>If they were still in the war, she was still at risk. Lily was a threat as a Master, and her Servant was not yet eliminated.
>Why? Why would she risk herself to save someone who had fallen at the first stroke? This girl who wanted nothing to do with war, who needed nor wished for anything in particular, placed herself alone against the threat before her for his sake.


>It was something he couldn't quite compare to. He felt ashamed as a Servant, yet honoured as a man. In his current state, he couldn't even wish to protect her.

>All he could do was hope for his Master's safety.

>Hope for Lily...

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797413

File: 1404680062715.jpg (21.32 KB, 640x360, game-of-thrones-1x01-winter-is…)

>Berserker soon lets out a relieved sigh, thankful that it seemed like they were finally on the same page


>he moves down to a seated position, his anger fading away and replaced with a more relaxed tone and expression

So what is your plan?

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797418

File: 1404680621048.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

>the redhead would slide down the tree, taking a cross-legged seat on the snow
We play along. We help Sigyn with her plan, getting all of the other teams together to fight Caster.
>uncrossing one of his arms, he holds out his hand with a small black flame floating on his palm
When you mount a large assault on a place, it isn't uncommon for people to go missing. I meant what I said, you and me alone can't take on Archer, but all of them might.
We let the other Servants do all the work, run off on our own and simply escape out of the castle. Once everything is said and done, we will either be left with one wounded Caster, or five wounded teams, assuming none die off during the assault itself.
>closing his hand to dispel the flame, he would cross his arms again
Then, we go with your own plan. We strike them fast, and we strike them hard.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797422

File: 1404681427385.jpg (77.56 KB, 1280x720, Drogo-and-Daenerys-khal-drogo-…)

>Berserker remains silent for a moment after Rocks finishes, staring at the mage with a clear approving look


>he then nods once and starts to get back up

Alright. Now we're getting somewhere.

We keep to ourselves, give them very little, and then we exploit their weaknesses when the time is right.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797428

File: 1404682287975.jpg (47.8 KB, 450x371, can I help you.jpg)

>quickly hopping to his feet, the mage brushes off some snow from his pants
I didn't give them much. They know I can have my constructs search the island, but I don't think they suspect how powerful their abilities really are.
Unfortunately, your little skirmish against Assassin has already revealed your class, but at least now we know the anti-mage has Lancer.
>he pauses for a second
They also don't know about our disagreements, so let's try not to give them any wood for their own fires.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797435

File: 1404683402519.jpg (77.47 KB, 1280x720, GameOfThrones_Targaryen01_Scre…)

>Berserker nods as Rocks stands up, agreeing with his statements, even if he didn't necessarily like the fact that Assassin now knew who he was
>but at the last part, a thoughtful expression crosses his face

...then again...

>he folds his arms and looks down at Rocks again, an idea occuring to him

What if we kept up the apperance that we were still arguing?

That might lead them to believe we won't work as a cohesive unit, and lower their guard even further. Which would make it all the more easy to catch them by surprise.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797442

File: 1404683852799.jpg (73.91 KB, 531x474, so he did take Long John Silve…)

>the redhead blinks, staring up at the Berserker
>crossing his own arms again in thought, he thinks over the larger man's words
Would that really be necessary?
>he glances over his shoulder as if to make sure none of the other teams were getting closer
If our plan works, we'll just be storming into their camps as they lick their wounds and strike them out as quickly as possible. I don't think we'll need any further confusion than that.
>turning to the Berserker, the mage's single eye very clearly focuses on the deep bleeding hole on his forehead
>a small smirk spreads on his face as he points towards the red hole
That, however, could work to our advantage. Instead of making it look like we can't work together, we could try to play possum. Pretend that digging around in your own skull did more damage than good, and that you can't work at full capacity.
That way, when we disappear during the assault, the other teams could just assume we were killed off by Caster's forces.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797449

File: 1404684445144.jpg (208.52 KB, 1600x900, Khal_Drogo_Wallpaper_HD_Vvallp…)

>Berserker reached up and touched the wounded area of his head again, pulling it away soon after to look at the blood
>the wound hadn't hit anything vital, thankfully, but it would've looked like it did to the untrained eye

...that does make sense...

Instead of assuming we are not working together, they would assume I am much weaker than I really am.

>though Assassin proved to be a very poor test of his skills, in the end

>he really needed to make up for his inability to attack at long-range somehow

...though this depends on how long it would take to gather all of the remaining forces together...

If I am still "injured" a week or so from now it will look a little suspicious.

Rocks!7iNNPsLMuM 797451

File: 1404685172491.jpg (37.53 KB, 394x348, what is it.jpg)

>the mage frowns slightly, nodding slowly
That's true...
>he taps a finger on his forearm before glancing over his shoulder again
But for now, it's all we can work with. I think we're starting to stretch our luck discussing strategy this close to the competition.
>turning back to the Berserker, he points at him
Just don't overact. That would be a mistake. Keep it subtle, like you're only barely capable of hiding your injury, but visible enough at times that the other teams can spot your weakness.
Maybe after some time, they'll even think I don't know about spirit form, and see us as a weaker team.

Berserker!pinkie78Os 797459

File: 1404685838311.jpg (112.96 KB, 346x563, Drogo_1x01b.jpg)

>Berserker lets out a short scoff at Rocks's latter suggestion, reaching up and rubbing the wounded area again

I do not need you to tell me that.

...still, you have a point. We should head back now.

>and that was the end of that, the Servant already walking past Rocks and starting to head back the way they came

Sigyn Erster!pR.BaFF/uk 797472

File: 1404686709627.jpg (137.36 KB, 1135x910, Sigyn 184.jpg)

>With a good agreement slowly coming to terms, Sigyn felt pleased. This could really work! That was two out of five, and that was two more than she thought she could end up at the beginning.
>The three began talking various tactics for the moment...

>Sigyn had noticed the two moving away, but hadn't thought much of it. Berserker had been wounded, perhaps Rocks simply wanted to take care of things a little bit away from Assassin and Lancer, which was understandable.
>Besides, they were just coming back.

Ah! You've returned. Great.

>Greeting them with a simple smile, it seemed she was too busy riding the high of succeeding with this plan so far to suspect anything ill of them.

I suppose we should go over what's just been discussed.
Luxanna and I have thought about splitting up. With three of us here and three other Servants left to contact, it would be faster for us to gather them individually than roam around together.

That, and if Caster gets wind of a large group of Servants moving together, he might better prepare for a larger assault rather than be caught off guard by it.

>It was thanks to Lux's tactical advice that they'd formed such an idea, but they did need Rock's input before they went ahead with it.

The current division plan is this:
Assassin will try to contact Archer. If anyone can slip by his sharp eyes and long range, it's him.

Once Lancer recovers, he and I will attempt to find Saber. As a more defensive class, he'll likely be able to hold off Saber's potential assault long enough for myself and Saber's master to talk.

That leaves Berserker and yourself to find Rider. His typical raw power and strength should be enough to hold off Rider whilst talks are held before it comes down to Noble Phantasms, where Riders usually shine.

Of course, if you've any input or a better idea, we'll be glad to hear it.


File: 1404696345163.jpg (319.22 KB, 466x600, 34722516_m.jpg)

>She can't even find the strength to get to her feet.

>Could she even outrun a Servant anyways?

>"I...I don't...I don't want to die here...where no one back home will even know what happened to me."

>She almost doesn't hear the man over her sobbing...

>And even then it takes a while before she looks up at him, her teary eyes quivering in fear as she does so, as if she's expecting a killing blow at any moment.

>Still...how does she even begin to answer that...what she is wishing right now...isn't something she'd be able to wish on the Grail...but her silly childish wish seems so far away now...

"I...I...don't want to die...not here...I...I didn't even have a chance to tell my parents that I was going..."

>All she can see is a roughly human shaped blob moving towards her, through her tear stained eyes. Its a man, but she's not able to recognise the voice more than that, at least not when she's this anxious.

>She can still feel Archer close by, over the connection made by the command seal...but there's no way he could fight in his current state...At least she was able to save him...even if only for a few moments.


File: 1406113623245.png (262.9 KB, 600x750, how boring.png)

>With various alliances forming within and outside of the castles walls, Jo was left to her own devices to plot and plan for attacks on the castle...
>But both she and her siblings found the events terribly boring and tedious, Jo didn't even have reason of her own for fighting anymore, since she'd decided to let Agnes win...
>In all honesty what was it that she was still here for? To help save some stranger's world?
>Her cause for fighting no long her own, Jo was a bit distraught as she dropped down onto her bed with a *flop*
>Her hands behind her head, she had to think...
>What did she want out of this war? A chance to give her siblings their own lives...to save them from disappearing.
>Was she seriously letting guilt stop her from doing what she had to do to save her family...?
>...She was, wasn't she? How long had she been letting guilt guide her...
>She had that problem before too...putting her needs and desires behind her because of guilt about what happened to Ros
>...but could she put herself above Agnes's needs? Her family over an entire world?
>...she'd abandoned a world for them once before...
>...an obsession with being a hero, that misguided feeling is what led her to being black mailed again, regardless of Agnes's intentions, or how she said it, at the moment that's how Jo felt, she felt she was emotionally black mailed!
>like Ardins all over again!
>At that thought, the foxgirl gripped tightly at her bed
>...if she could keep her command seals and make it to the grail herself, Agnes's world might factor into things...but that's not what Jo signed on for.
>No, she wasn't fighting for Agnes's world, she was fighting for her world, the two people who've been constants in her long life, that's who she was fighting for!
>...For now she'd let Agnes think she was still fighting for her, fighting to save that world, until later.
>But right now, blinded by rage at her own stupid idiotic decisions...she did something potentially even stupider...
>She went out of the castle for a walk, of all the trivial things...

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