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File: 1402108703204.png (9.27 KB, 256x192, CoM.png)

Ace Attorney: The Courtroom of Magic Case 4 - Vengeance and Turnabout [HIATUS BREAK EDITION] Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 782400[View All]

*FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING -> http://pastebin.com/9wzsS6Ba

Full Guide - https://docs.google.com/document/d/10u-nfOswEQwmdf2svNVZMhShW7WNwPQJhP2OniKYC6g

Court Record - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tSpKBIUUcKATr4RY16JEIFcRGaV5P-30ePgUDuTW_zs/edit

Court is now FINALLY back in session for the trial of Twilight Sparkle V. Trixie Lulamoon!
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Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784149

File: 1402347065540.gif (633.79 KB, 415x258, 3DSweat.gif)


Y-y…you have no evidence!

Miles Edgeworth 784150

File: 1402347151814.gif (748.62 KB, 500x290, EdgeworthDeskSlam.gif)

Evidence? Ha! I have tons.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784151

File: 1402347294765.gif (633.79 KB, 415x258, 3DSweat.gif)

(Do… do I even want to ask?)

Miles Edgeworth 784152

File: 1402347386603.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.51 KB, 850x1183, sample_108f4f8dcd02cae066734d0…)

BEHOLD! Photographic Evidence!

Miles Edgeworth 784155

File: 1402347445283.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.93 KB, 1200x900, 07.jpg)

Have another!

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784157

File: 1402347533805.png (6.25 KB, 474x324, PhoenixHeadache.png)

I didn't have to see that…

(Why do things like this always happen to me? Am I not a good person? What have I done to deserve this?)

Simon Blackquill 784159

File: 1402347747232.gif (1003.97 KB, 500x281, Simonlaugh.gif)

>Be me
>See Miles Edgeworth post
>R34 of Edgeworth having sex with Ema Skye
>That fucking face Edgeworth is making
I can not laugh at this hard enough.

??? 784401

File: 1402371257691.png (142.5 KB, 333x237, AA5_Holdit.png)


I can't allow this to happen!

Please, pretend its still the day of your case.
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Trixie Lulamoon 784405

File: 1402371438563.png (483.65 KB, 1280x720, Trixie_staring_at_the_crowd_S1…)

I won't allow Twilight Snarkle to be acquited! I know she did it! She had to have done it!

Cherry Berry is lying to protect Twilight! I know she is! I have evidence of this to! Please, Your Honor! Understand! The Great and Powerful Trixie will not let Mr. Wrong get away with this injustice!

Miles Edgeworth 784415

File: 1402372014373.gif (748.62 KB, 500x290, EdgeworthDeskSlam.gif)

I'm going to have to agree with Trixie here, Your Honor.

Wright, I thought you were better than this. Foolish as always, I see. You so hastily rushed to the verdict, ignoring the witness' obvious lies because it simply benefited your case!

If you are about seeking the truth, then I demand this trial continue!

Your Honor, we must see Trixie's evidence! This will surely prove the prosecution's claims! We must know the truth, I will not allow any verdict other than that! There is too much at stake here! Twilight Sparkle is Princess Celestia's most highly esteemed student, which is why you're all so insistent on letting her off the hook so easily! We must know the truth before she is to be let free, if she is truly, without guilt.

Mr. Godot has brought up an interesting point. Phoenix Wright had his attorney's badge taken away from him for presenting false evidence to the court. Now surely, that is unlike the Phoenix Wright we have seen in court, however, it still did happen. Phoenix Wright paid the price for submitting forged evidence. Surely, you can't let him off the hook so easily, especially with this in mind, can you? While its true, things are still being investigated in that case, the results are undeniable. Wright has no law license in our world for a reason. I'm surprised Celestia demanded him over his new subordinate, Apollo Justice.

Like I said, this trial must continue!

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 784459

File: 1402377678441.gif (32.17 KB, 256x192, godot-sips.gif)

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 784460

File: 1402377693359.gif (28.66 KB, 256x192, Godot_Surprised.gif)

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 784462

File: 1402377927661.gif (124.17 KB, 256x192, Godot_Worried_with_Mug_1.gif)


Well, I'm surprised to see you up and at'em. Last I heard you were still conked out in the hospital…

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 784463

File: 1402378038716.gif (20.43 KB, 256x192, godot-normal(b).gif)


Are you sure you should be up and about?

And with that interlude, a quick heads-up. We are discussing a continuation of the case, we'll get back to you all when we actually reach a decision.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784467

File: 1402378798749.gif (24.42 KB, 256x192, Phoenix-ohshit.gif)

Prosecutor Trixie?! Edgeworth?!
(Looks like I must've upset some Lord of the cosmos to deserve this. I knew winning that case was too easy…)

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784469

File: 1402379037506.gif (56.26 KB, 256x192, Phoenix_Sweating_2.gif)

I can hear the judge wanting to vocalize his complaints already. It's gonna be tough to convince him, but maybe if we cause enough of a ruckus, we can have our way. After all, bitching and whining is what the Internet does best. Here's hoping to getting more from this case, and while we're at it, a case 3 retrial, I'm still on that, months later.

Godot !2y2YEp0IOI 784471

File: 1402379625614.gif (23.16 KB, 256x192, godot-handondesk mug.gif)

Eh. I'm not too keen on hopping back on the Case 3 wagon. Don't get me wrong, I agree that a retrial is in order, I just don't have any plans to play any major parts in it. MAYBE I'll play one of the witnesses though…
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Aya Shameimaru !MJ7QOwb7Ts 784473

File: 1402380071618.png (154.34 KB, 640x480, ayalistening_bewildered2.png)

That's alright. I think Noctis is going to head up the Prosecution for that case.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 784474

File: 1402380255922.jpg (16.88 KB, 221x195, 1398574907721.jpg)

Sides not found. Would you like to perform an indexed search?

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784475

File: 1402380654158.gif (63.03 KB, 256x192, Phoenix-normal(b).gif)

That's fine by me. I made that case, I will prosecute for it to the end of time. I will show off my true ability as a prosecutor.

Oh? You're still here? I thought you disappeared after the verdict was given. Anyways, apparently, there's new and vital information about this case that has just come to light. We owe it to the court to let the Victim speak. Maybe our truth isn't all too true at all.
(if only there was some kind of science we could use. Maybe some kind of science that can allow me to see people's emotions. Maybe I should ask Ema if such a science and technology exists, she is the science girl)

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 784476

File: 1402380728902.gif (163.8 KB, 256x192, ema-side-normal(b).gif)


Miles Edgeworth 784479

File: 1402381114933.gif (87.24 KB, 256x192, edgeworth-confident(b).gif)

Ah, Ema Skye, beautiful as always. Go on, tell Wright about our relationship.

That is, unless of course, you want me to reveal more pictures to the court. Which I have plenty of.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 784480

File: 1402381158159.gif (149.33 KB, 256x192, ema-cheerful(b).gif)

What relationship, Mr. Edgeworth?
You're not paying attention. This Ema is from another timeline.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784481

File: 1402381400413.gif (56.26 KB, 256x192, Phoenix_Sweating_2.gif)

Hey Ema, is there some kind of science that can help us figure out that someone is lying-

Edgeworth… Please… Just stop man… I have it bad enough with the ladies already… You're not exactly helping..

Besides, those photos are clearly fakes….I Hope…

Maybe he's just referring to how much you love seeing him prosecute? You did say once that just being in his presence makes you want to "confess everything"

Miles Edgeworth 784482

File: 1402382191271.gif (645.45 KB, 500x200, EdgeworthShock (1).gif)

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Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784904

File: 1402431859034.gif (2.5 MB, 640x480, PhoenixSweat.gif)

Edgeworth… come on… you should know better…

Testing gifs, using you as an excuse. Made these gifs myself from this trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8QohYyactE
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Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 784908

File: 1402431982209.gif (1.87 MB, 640x480, DeskSpeak.gif)

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785435

File: 1402518883219.gif (3.25 MB, 640x480, 3DSweat.gif)

These gifs didn't work the way I wanted them to…

Miles Edgeworth 785436

File: 1402519158172.gif (977.55 KB, 500x290, EdgeworthShake.gif)

I commend you for creating your own gifs. This is rather impressive, considering how technologically illiterate you are. Are you sure you didn't have Ema Skye make these for you?

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785438

File: 1402519193053.gif (636.73 KB, 640x480, 3DSweatSilent.gif)

(It does seem that way, doesn't it…)

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785445

File: 1402519908108.gif (741.76 KB, 640x480, 3DDeskSpeak.gif)

Still experimenting

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785514

File: 1402528042820.png (387.06 KB, 640x480, PhoenixHeadache.png)

I'll never get that gif right, will I?

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 785609

File: 1402545023594.png (24.78 KB, 603x235, The Australian Securities &…)

I made him gifs, but not these ones.
They're too thin. Make the aspect a bit wider

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785630

File: 1402569356914.gif (1.52 MB, 500x290, Untitled-1.gif)


Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785682

File: 1402597828074.gif (871.08 KB, 800x480, 3DDeskSpeak (2).gif)

Resolution adjustment take two
Deskspeak take 3

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785687

File: 1402598650527.gif (3.81 MB, 800x480, 3DSweatSpeak.gif)

Not too bad, I guess. Still need to work on those frames on the Deskspeak gif.

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785968

File: 1402631129877.gif (369.43 KB, 500x290, 3DDeskSpeak(New).gif)

Switching back to this resolution, and I think I've gotten the desk speak gif speed fixed

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 785969

File: 1402631238226.gif (3.81 MB, 800x480, 3DSweatSpeak.gif)

Evidently not… alright then… time to make it from scratch again

Phoenix Wright !vk2noctis. 786084

File: 1402677178526.gif (269.86 KB, 500x300, 3DSpeak.gif)

Just testing out all of my gifs now, didn't work on the other two recently though.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 787108

File: 1402801259838.jpg (68.38 KB, 599x374, It's not actually related.jpg)

So, anyone here?

Miles Edgeworth 787116

File: 1402801744354.gif (236.09 KB, 500x297, EdgeworthFront.gif)

I am. I am also still waiting for Prosecutor Trixie's words to be heeded.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 787117

File: 1402801819295.gif (140.28 KB, 256x192, emmie-sad(d).gif)

Right… about that…

The Real Phoenix Wright 787120

File: 1402801884590.gif (1.03 MB, 960x640, Chinspeak.gif)

You bet I'm here. I'm stealing those gifs to flip them for the next case.

AAI sprites eh? At least you're not jailbait anymore.

The Real Phoenix Wright 787125

File: 1402801994109.gif (960.83 KB, 960x640, Talk.gif)

When I mean those gifs, I mean the 3D Wright gifs Noctis is working on.

Yeah, didn't Trixie say HOLD IT! or something? You guys never did an epilogue, so I consider this an open case. But hey, if you don't wanna, all you gotta do is say so.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 787126

File: 1402802021584.gif (977.55 KB, 245x234, 1386035242730.gif)

The Judge is calling in on the "I'm so done with this" card, so unless we can find a Judge that's not exactly going to be easy to pull off. Not to mention we kinda were planning to retrial Case 3 now.

The Real Phoenix Wright 787129

File: 1402802254726.gif (1.25 MB, 960x640, Chinstroke.gif)

Huh, so the Judge really is a bit of a hardass, isn't he?

Just like he said. I'm sorry you guys don't have a more cooperative judge.

Anyways, I'm up for a case 3 retrial! That shit was a good case that Noctis came up with, at least in concept. I didn't care for the circlejerking about photos, but hey, I'm up to see what you do with it this time.

Simon Blackquill 787130

File: 1402802334305.gif (771.14 KB, 323x368, BackLook.gif)

A case 3 retrial, you say? I absolutely approve.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 787132

File: 1402802363769.gif (197.12 KB, 256x192, ema-confident(b).gif)

Kinda crappy we can't continue on this one, though. Unless we're going to put it in the Hiatus Chamber for now and come back to it in the future.
Who am I kidding? You don't come back from the Hiatus.

Simon Blackquill 787138

File: 1402802642037.gif (684.22 KB, 320x372, BlackquillThink.gif)

I'm sure that you'll be able to pull it off sometime in the future. I assume your prosecutor friend isn't entirely against the idea. All you need is a more cooperative judge. Have you tried making announcement threads on 4chan? Maybe you'll get some fresh blood in. I jumped in from there, after all.

Ema Skye !MJ7QOwb7Ts 787144

File: 1402803068194.png (3.55 KB, 640x400, 0.png)

The more experienced guys did do that, not sure why they stopped

In other news…
Get in here please

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