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File: 1399055241099.jpg (54.68 KB, 553x364, wayne manor.jpg)

Better Layton Never: A Whole New World !tcSassyDEQ 759325[Last 50 Posts]

#BLN#Closed#Side Thread
>Just another day. Everything at Wayne Manor seemed to pass by any normal day.
>It was sunny, birds can be heard chirping in the nice warm weather.
>Today was one of the nicer days this season, it being not too hot, but not too cold either; sitting just right.

>Today was almost too nice of a day. Not a sound could be heard throughout the Manor, the people who live within it either gone outside, or relaxing.

>However, no day went without excitement of some kind.

>What will happen today?

As a note to those involved, not everyone will get introduced to this right off the bat. It will be something eased into, instead of me just throwing everyone in immediately.

This doesn't mean you'll miss out on some of the action though! Everyone will get equal treatment, and I will do my best to make this fun for everyone!

So go nuts, good luck, and most importantly..

Have fun!

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759629

File: 1399078679773.png (197.94 KB, 500x708, pose_saluteyo.png)


>Not too hot, not too cold. Not too windy, not too dry. It was the absolute perfect day for Mister Goldielocks… to spend inside, of course.

>Alfred F. Jones was laying in his bedroom, leaning against the headboard as he read the newest issue of what was quickly becoming his favorite comic book here on Rigel Prima. It had humongous muscles, gigantic men, and a whole lot of punching, so what wasn't to love? The fact that all the sound effects were in Kiku's weird picture letters was kinda dumb, but he could suffer through that if it meant watching guys punch the shit out of each other.

>He grins to himself as he flips the page. Seriously. Sitting inside, wearing pajamas and bunny slippers… it was an awesome way to spend a perfect day.


>All stays silent for a long while, leaving Alfred to sit there and enjoy the day.
>After a good 20 or so minutes of him just enjoying the day, a loud bang can be heard from just outside his room.
>If he decides to ignore it, it happens again only a minute later.
>And again, and again, and again..

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759638

File: 1399079095663.png (21.63 KB, 839x628, face_nO.png)

>At the first bang, Alfred starts, dropping his comic book and looking up. Loud noises weren't unheard of around the manor, but after such a peaceful day…
>He stays perfectly still, staring at the door.

>There it was again.

>And again… and again…
>As far as he knew, everybody was either outside or asleep, and people in his neck of the residential hall didn't make too much noise, so… was it an intruder?
>… what about an intruder of the paranormal kind…?!

>Now freaking himself out more than anything, teeth grit, Alfred slides out of bed. He pulls on his bomber jacket (but retains the bunny slippers) as he sneaks over to his door and peeks out of it.


>From the small crack he makes in his door, he can barely see anything.
>He can see a small bit of purple at the edge of the door though.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759643

File: 1399079669838.png (35.28 KB, 122x131, face (14).png)

>Oh God oh God that couldn't be some kinda ghostly glow, r… right?!

>Following in the footsteps of horror movie protagonists before him, Alfred pushes the door open completely, and very carefully sneaks out.


File: 1399079807923.png (295.61 KB, 1204x902, 10_Year_Bazooka.PNG)

>When he opens the door, what he sees is nothing spooky, but the Ten Year Bazooka he saw days before, leaning against the wall next to his door.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759645

File: 1399079997770.png (314.04 KB, 500x625, face (5).png)

>Alfred heaves a sigh of relief at the sight of the bazooka. Well, that went better than expected.
>He's just about to turn around and go back to his comics, when a thought occurs to him.

>Ten years in the future was supposed to be a lot more peaceful, right? That's what the guy said.

>So if he could go there for just a little bit…

>Alfred looks to the left.

>He looks to the right.

>And he sneaks over to the gun.


>The bazooka just sits there, nothing happening as Alfred approaches the gun.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759650

File: 1399080374217.jpg (82.31 KB, 300x269, face_SPARKLEDESU.jpg)

>He was totally gonna do it! He was gonna be a time traveler, all to get an extra five minutes of peace and quiet!


>Grinning from ear to ear, Alfred heaves the bazooka to his shoulder, and pretends to look down the barrel as he aims it into the distance.

This is so freaking cool! Man, if only it fired serious rockets!

>That'd hurt if you got hit in the face, though.

>Alfred frowns a little, and lowers the huge gun. Would it hurt to go to the future?

>He'd done things that hurt before. He could handle a little extra pain for the sake of science.

Alright, lesse how I fire this thing…
>He sets the bazooka down so that the open end is pointed right towards himself as he gropes around for some sort of trigger mechanism. As luck would have it, he pulls the trigger with it pointed directly at his beautiful face.


File: 1399080571667.png (708.36 KB, 951x652, Travelling Through Time.png)

>Engulfed in the pink smoke, Alfred loses sight of everything around him.
>As the smoke starts to clear, he can see that the entire area around him has changed drastically.
>He seems to be falling down an endless tunnel, the purple walls around him glowing brightly and painting Alfred in all sorts of different colors.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759657

File: 1399080897755.gif (271.9 KB, 437x246, facecheering.gif)

>Alfred falls into a coughing fit not too long after he inhales an entire forest fire's worth of weird smoke into his lungs. Opening his eyes through the fit, he can see that he's…

Ahhhhhhhahahaahaaa, duuuuude!

>Falling through an endless tunnel that seemed to be composed of disco balls. Coughing a final time, Alfred spreads out his arms and enjoys the wind rushing through his hair.

This's like sky diving without the sky! Dude I can't wait to tell Arthur about this this is fucking AWESOME!


>A few moments later, the bright lights around him start to fade, soon turning into complete darkness.
>Soon after, Alfred would land on his back with a loud "THUMP"
>The ground he lands on is hard, and all around him is pitch black.
>If he were to feel around, he'd see that on all sides of him were walls, and there was a roof above him.
>The roof however, felt like it could be moved.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759661

File: 1399081396871.png (61.69 KB, 250x289, face_whwhart.png)


>His fun is brought to an abrupt end when he lands, hard, on his back, smacking his head against whatever was beneath him. The American gives a loud groan and rubs his face.

Don't tell me there's no electricity in the future, dude…

>He tries to stretch out his arms, only to find they can't go quite far. Frowning, he moves his hands up. The ceiling was far too close for comfort.

… maybe everybody's a midget now…?

>He doubted that, but the sound of his own voice was comforting in this cramped space.

>He braces himself against the ceiling of his little space, and pushes.


File: 1399081513328.png (1.06 MB, 953x700, Arriving in the Future.png)

>The light that appears from outside whatever he was in almost blinds him.
>After his eyes adjust, he can see he's sitting in the middle of a forest, sitting in a rectangular box that can clearly be made out to be a coffin

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759667

File: 1399081831953.gif (234.67 KB, 500x300, faceNOPENOPENOPENOPE.gif)

Ow! Gah, dammit…
>He immediately regrets sitting up. Alfred holds up his arm to shield his eyes from the terrible sun above, forced to squint just to see. Once his eyes adjust, he finds himself not in the manor, but… in a forest.

>Inside of a coffin.

>With a totally manly scream, he leaps out of the box and scrambles away from it, backing up against a tree to protect his backside. His chest heaves as he breathes hard, in and out, recovering from the the fright of waking up where he was supposed to be dead.

>What happened to future him? How far ahead did he go? Was this even Rigel Prima? Was this what happened to countries when they died?!

>Alfred's gaze darts around the area to try and figure out just where the hell he is.


>All around him all he can hear is the chirps of birds.
>This forest almost seemed familiar, the light shining beautifully through the leaves of the trees.
>A few more moments of Alfred sitting there in confusion, and he would hear a voice from the distance.

Who's there!?

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759671

File: 1399082259516.gif (239.13 KB, 500x275, face_ihavelosthteabilitytocan.…)

>The fact that it was familiar wasn't helping at all. Alfred had a lot of forests in his country, and he knew at least two in Belle'Ayn.

>A far-off voice catches his attention, pulling him out of his thoughts before he goes too deep and hurts himself.

>Praying it's a friendly, he shouts back in a panicked tone,

I-it's Alfred F. Jones!
>This wouldn't screw up the past, right?


File: 1399082499921.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)


>The man reveals himself from the shadows.

>He has black hair, is wearing black pants and a jacket, and has an odd looking sword swung behind his back.
>He looks at Alfred with a surprised look, not expecting to see Alfred here, let alone an Alfred this young looking.
>The man knows there would be only one reason he should be seeing this Alfred here.


>He then reaches behind his back, and grabs onto the handle of his sword.

..And goodbye.

>Faster than Alfred can think, the strange man runs right over to him, swinging his blade at him.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759698

File: 1399083651167.png (63.25 KB, 187x206, face (13).png)

>Who the hell was that? Some kinda character straight out of one of Kiku's video games? Alfred opens his mouth to speak, to ask the guy what was going on, anything, but before he can get out as much as a syllable, the other leaps forward.


>The country leaps to the side, the tip of the blade barely cutting through the leather of the bottom of his bomber jacket. This was not a relaxing future!

I'm a good guy, I-I swear!

>He doesn't raise his fists to counterattack, or dig through his jacket, or anything. He didn't want to further screw up the timeline by killing somebody in the future.


File: 1399083941656.jpg (1.25 MB, 2492x2689, Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.135…)

>He stands up straight, turning to look at the country.

Your weakness will get you killed.

>He runs at him again, once again swinging his sword.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759751

File: 1399084888399.gif (470.26 KB, 400x222, pose (4).gif)

Weakness? Dude, what, I'm just–!
>There he went with the sword again!
>He leaps back to avoid getting sliced up, but despite expecting the move this time, it still hits; the blade glides too easily through the sleeve, cutting into his skin and staining the jacket red. Alfred grits his teeth to keep from crying out in pain.
>Instead of lying down and waiting to get murdered in the future (again, judging by where he woke up), he throws a mean right hook towards the man, aiming to stun rather than harm.


File: 1399085136825.jpg (60 KB, 850x1179, sample_7fac2b8c602d7fb561f6d80…)

>The hook connects, knocking the man back, and sending him into a daze for a moment.

Ugh.. that's right. You're strong. In a fight of pure strength, you'd definitely beat me.

>He holds up his fist, an odd looking ring glowing up with red fire.

But that was how fights used to be fought.

>He slips the ring into a box on his belt.

>The box opens up, a large, long, centipede like creature flying out.
>It flies at Alfred, but instead of attack, it just tries to surround him

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759803

File: 1399086403793.jpg (77.67 KB, 436x600, facebleeding.jpg)

>Alfred can't help but give a very overconfident smirk.
Hells yeah I would, so put down that sword, dude, so we can talk this out.
>He didn't put down the sword so they could not talk it out.
>Things just got worse from there.
Wait, what?
>That was like the ring he had! It was hidden beneath his glove, but the fiery stuff was just like his, right? Alfred didn't have too much time to dwell on it; he yelps in surprise as the insectoid monster curls around him, effectively trapping him right there with its creepy-crawliness.
>Alfred keeps his fists raised, just in case, and shouts at the man,
The hell're you even talking about, bro?


File: 1399086896884.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>The man just stands there now, staring at Alfred.
>The longer Alfred stands there, the more tired he becomes.
>The centipede like creature surrounding him seems to be stealing away his energy.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759823

File: 1399087220201.jpg (173.61 KB, 465x516, face_sigh.jpg)

D-dude… seriously, what's going on?!
>He time traveled into the future to find out that he was dead and a bigass centipede thing was scaring the energy out of him, that's what's going on… even though it made even less sense when explained as plainly as that.
>Alfred falls to one knee, head swimming, unable to keep himself upright. No, this wasn't good, there's no way this could be good…
>He shakes his head and glares up at the stranger, past the bug.
C-come on, coward, don't just stand there…!
>He nearly falls forward. The American catches himself just in time, now on all fours on the ground.
Tell me what's… yo, seriously…


File: 1399087585168.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>As Alfred falls to the ground, the man sighs, the centipede returning to its box.
>At the same time, Alfred feels some of his energy returning to him.
>The man walks over to Alfred, and offers his hand to help him up.


Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759860

File: 1399087952915.png (191.95 KB, 500x667, face_welliuh.png)

>Alfred was totally prepared to collapse right then and there in the middle of the forest, he just had to think up a dramatic speech before he went unconscious.
>So the offered hand was a nice surprise.


>Alfred looks up. The centipede thing was gone, and he could feel his legs again.

>He refuses to take the hand. The American stands up on his own, wobbly legs, stares down the man, and grumbles,

The hell is your damage, dude?


File: 1399088101725.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He sighs, stepping back a bit and looking at Alfred.

Just teaching you a lesson about this time.

>He slips his sword through the pouch on his back.

>He takes off his glasses, hooking them inside of a pocket on his jacket.

Sorry for the late introduction.

I'm Sasuun

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759875

File: 1399088400854.gif (154.74 KB, 500x280, face_noway.gif)

I've never liked learning, anyway.

>He brushes himself off, doing his best to ignore the blood that was bound to stain his jacket. He busies himself with inspecting a tear towards the bottom as the other man goes on.

Yeah, sure, whate–
>His gaze snaps back to the man, and he stares.

>he echoes,
Dude, no way. Tell me something only Sasuun'd know.


File: 1399088582314.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun sighs.

You and I went on an mission about 11 years ago. We went after a monkey who kidnapped Himari, and Matt.

>He looks at Alfred with a bored expression, not really even caring that much on whether he believed him or not.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759889

File: 1399088827356.jpg (95.4 KB, 500x475, facedazedordrunk.jpg)

>Yeah, that was a thing that happened… and, honestly, he was inclined to believe this guy was Sas, just because it was simpler than being completely lost in this world.

… geeze.

>He rubs the back of his head, brows knitting in concern.

How'd this world get so fucked up that I died and you actually look older than twelve?


File: 1399089117016.png (337.56 KB, 265x544, 147914632.png)

>Sasuun just stares at him, unfazed by his twelve year old comment.

It's.. a long story. We should probably get out of here though. It's not safe out here.

>He turns to leave, turning his head to look back at Alfred.

Come, lets go.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759910

File: 1399089302482.jpg (29.08 KB, 250x354, face_shutyomouthgirlfriend.jpg)

Whaddya mean, it's not safe out here?
>He gestures towards the box he climbed out of.
Seems like a perfect place to, y'know, put my corpse!

>Nonetheless, he hurries after Sasuun, one hand over his wound to keep it from bleeding too much.

Aren't I supposed to go back to the present, soon, anyway? Like, that thing only works for five minutes at a time, right?


File: 1399089382935.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>Sasuun blinks, and stops.

Right, the only way you could be here is from the Ten Year Bazooka.

>He turns around to face Alfred.

..But how long has it been?

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759920

File: 1399089774375.png (67.97 KB, 186x205, face (15).png)

>He stops in his tracks to avoid bumping into Sasuun.

.. uhhh…

>A sweat drop slides down his forehead.

… more than five minutes?

>Something was definitely wrong here. His expression quickly turns from concern to shock.

D-dude, am I stuck here? I need to get back to the fu–back to the past, that's where everybody else is, dude!
>He grabs Sasuun by the shoulders and gives him a firm shake, eyes wide.
My dead body's in the middle of the residential hall, broseph!


File: 1399089892524.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun stares down at Alfred, pushing him off of him.

I don't know what's going on, so let's just get somewhere safe so we can figure it out.

>Sasuun sighs, turning and heading off through the forest.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759927

File: 1399090184441.jpg (58.77 KB, 600x468, face (24).jpg)

I thought you said you knew, Sas!

>He said that it was a long story, not whether or not he knew.

>Alfred hurries behind the other, although he keeps his voice down.

Seriously, man, what happened to you?

>This was way too spooky for him.

>… it didn't help that his feet were starting to get cold inside his bunny slippers.


File: 1399090512290.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)


I meant I don't know why you're not returning to the past.

>It starts slowly getting dark out, and Sasuun looks up at the sky.

We're gonna have to hurry.

>He starts walking a little bit faster, pushing tree branches out of the way as he walks.

>As he walks, he talks to Alfred.

The person I am now is the remains of what happened a few years ago. It's not exactly a happy story.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759949

File: 1399091112913.png (33.06 KB, 111x131, face (6).png)

>Alfred follows Sasuun's gaze and looks towards the sky. It was worrisome, admittedly, that the once proud member of the manor was so frightened by the dark, but he didn't know the full story, so who was he to judge?
Right… yeah, I'm hurrying.
>Alfred shoulders any branches or twigs away that dare stand in his way.
You don't have to tell me everything that happened, bro, just like… a summary, or even where we're going'd be nice.


File: 1399091315961.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sighs at Alfred's request.

If you want a short summary, fine, but it won't be a nice one.

>He continues walking through the forest, pushing more tree branches out of his path.

Three years ago, a large mafia group launched a surprise attack against the manor.

>He makes it to a clearing, and turns around to face Alfred.

Less than 10 people survived.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759959

File: 1399091761797.png (61.44 KB, 500x325, face_what.png)

>Alfred's surprise is cut short by a tree branch smacking him in the face. He flails for a few moments to free himself and stumbles into the clearing to stare up at Sasuun, his glasses halfway down the bridge of his nose, adding to his bewildered appearance.
Dude! We've fought off world-destroyers before, how'd some mafia beat us up?
>He was one of the ten that survived… right?


File: 1399091998901.png (164.47 KB, 354x598, Reckless2HQ.png)

We were simply overwhelmed. Their numbers ranged into the tens of thousands. Even we can't put up with that.

>He sighs.

It's been three years since then, and to our knowledge, only six of us have survived.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759975

File: 1399092294617.jpg (10.29 KB, 125x120, face_backturned.jpg)

Tens of…
>No way… there was no way an army of that size went after the manor.
>Alfred leans against a tree to keep himself from falling over. He exhales and shuts his eyes.
… who survived?
>Maybe he could stop this from happening in his own time…


File: 1399092655365.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

At first, there were seven of us.

>He leans against a tree as well.

The survivors included You, Judith, Xion, Deadpony, Shotaro, Neptune, and I.

>He sighs, crossing his arms.

You died about a year ago.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 759998

File: 1399093200406.jpg (53.99 KB, 160x215, pose (25).jpg)

>Only those people survived, huh…? He could think of a few people that would throw themselves in front of those guys to protect them… two in particular that would care far too much about himself…
>Alfred shakes his head. No, don't want to dwell on that. He'd make sure that never happened in his time. He'd make his own future.

How'd I…
>That sounded too weird to even say.
I mean… how did this me… die?


File: 1399093444214.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

You suggested a get-together with them to negotiate. Find out what they want, and if we had it, give it to them. They agreed to it, and you insisted you went in alone.

>He looks up to the darkened sky,.

But they didn't want to negotiate at all. A large group of them were waiting for you in the room they planned to hold negotiations with, and they all attacked and killed you.

>Soon after he says this, Alfred would noticed a drop of rain fall from the sky.

..We should really get to a safer place, before it's too late.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760008

File: 1399093848827.jpg (17.1 KB, 400x400, face (12).jpg)

>Alfred wipes his face to make sure that he's not the one that started tearing up. Sure enough, it was just the rain.
>That… definitely sounded like something he'd do, at least…

Y… yeah.
>He pushes himself off the tree and walks after Sasuun.
Hurry up, bro, I'm right behind ya.


File: 1399094071060.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>They only walk for a little bit, Sas staying completely silent the entire way.
>He pulls back another big branch, and it reveals the entrance to an underground room, stairs leading down into it.

We're here.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760016

File: 1399094338544.png (379.82 KB, 500x500, face_determined.png)

>Amazingly, Alfred stays quiet for the remainder of the trip as well.
>He blinks in surprise at the measly entrance. He was expecting something a little more secret, but… underground was still pretty secretive.

>With a small frown, he casts a suspicious glance towards Sasuun.

And you guarantee that I won't get taught another lesson if I walk down there, right?
>Whether or not he says yes, Alfred descends.


File: 1399094518677.png (337.56 KB, 265x544, 147914632.png)

>He watches as Alfred walks down, following him with a sigh.

I'm sure.

>When they get to the bottom of the stairs, all they see is a large, seemingly abandoned underground parking lot.

>What it's doing here is a complete mystery.
>Sasuun leads Alfred to the left end of the far wall, moving a large piece of wood to reveal the entrance to an elevator.

Get in.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760021

File: 1399094788003.jpg (49.78 KB, 160x215, face (15).jpg)

>As they walk in, Alfred looks around in wonder, absorbing the sight. What was this doing in the middle of some forest?
Don't have to be so mean about it.
>Back to snarking. It was a lot easier than dwelling on the future that had happened here.
>Footsteps echoing off the walls of the abandoned parking area, Alfred walks forward, squeezing into the secret elevator. At the very least, his arm had stopped bleeding (thank goodness for a country's quick healing), but he kept his hand against the wound out of habit.


File: 1399095050906.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He looks over to Alfred for a moment, looking away soon after.


>He too walks into the elevator, moving the piece of wood back in front of the entrance.

>Inside the elevator were buttons for floors ranging from B1 all the way to B23.
>He presses the button labeled 'B15'
>The elevator whirs to life, and they make their way down.
>The ride down is a long one, and when they finally reach the floor, the elevator notifies them with a soft "ding!"
>The elevator door opens, and they're greeted by a long, rather nice looking hallway.
>It resembled that of the manor's, and at the end of the hallway was a gate with two different colored beams; red, and purple.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760035

File: 1399095521822.jpg (86.18 KB, 500x707, facelookingoutcornerofeye.jpg)

>The elevator ride was as awkward as any other. He was pretty sure the only way it could've been worse was if it had jazzy music playing in the background. Once it stops, Alfred steps out and stretches his limbs, ignoring the bit of blood that stained his hand from putting pressure against his own wound.

Ahh, home sweet home!
>Just without the friends… or the food, probably.

>Remembering that this time probably isn't the best place to joke around, Alfred withdraws his limbs, rubs the back of his head, and looks to Sasuun.

So, uh… I'm guessing this's the heart of the resistance?


File: 1399095742347.jpg (60 KB, 850x1179, sample_7fac2b8c602d7fb561f6d80…)

More or less, yeah.

>He walks out of the elevator, and starts walking down the hallway.

I suppose it's about time I told you where you are.

>He puts his hands in his pockets, continuing down the hallway.

This is our secret base. It's located directly underneath the forest around Wayne Manor. The mansion is just a short walk north from where we entered.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760044

File: 1399096138861.jpg (51.86 KB, 500x375, face_ready.jpg)

>Something told him it was less, rather than more. It wasn't exactly as impressive as he expected. Alfred sticks his hands in the pockets of his bomber jacket and follows not too far behind.

What's the manor looking like nowadays?
>He tilts his head to peer up at the ceiling.
I'm guessing pretty bad, if you guys were forced to move down here?


File: 1399096396444.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sas stops at the gate, raising his hand to the fingerprint scanner next to it.

It's completely destroyed. It was burnt to the ground.

>He says in an emotionless tone, the red lazers of the gate disappearing.

>He then just walks right through the purple ones, looking back and waiting for Alfred.

After we got attacked, we were forced to hide out wherever we could find shelter. We still don't know what those people wanted, but they've been spending the last three years hunting and killing anyone from the manor who survived. They've been slowly broadening their list, too. They've started killing anyone we've ever had interactions with. Most of Town has been killed by these guys.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760049

File: 1399096644403.png (371.28 KB, 351x653, face_huh.png)



… oh, damn.
>Alfred's voice is amazingly quiet as Sasuun explains. This was some deep stuff bordering on legitimate war against the manor. Frowning slightly, he follows after the man, hands still in his pockets.
Since it looks like I'm gonna be stuck here for a while, or at least til somebody shoots my dead body with a bazooka…
Anything I can do to help you guys?


File: 1399097126780.png (164.47 KB, 354x598, Reckless2HQ.png)

>Walking down the hallway, they start passing door after door, more hallways branching out in every direction.
>This place was a lot bigger than it looked.

There might be.

>He walks over to a door on the right, it being labeled "lounge"

>He opens it up, and reveals almost an exact replica of the lounge that was in Wayne Manor.
>He walks over and sits on a couch, looking over to Alfred.

During our fight, I'm sure you noticed. The weapon I used, it completely turned the tide of the battle. These are called box weapons. You use them by injecting flames from your ring into them, which powers it up and releases the weapon. Boxes can hold any ordinary weapons, weapons specialized for your particular flame, or something known as "Box Animals"

>He holds up his hand, showing his ring.

>But it looked a lot different than Alfreds. It didn't look anything like the Vongola Ring he had.

You came from the past, which means you brought a very powerful aid with you; the Vongola Ring. Am I right?

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760066

File: 1399097779836.jpg (30.73 KB, 478x353, z_ring.jpg)

>The place was pretty big for just housing a couple former members of the mansion…


>He sticks his head into the room. Something felt… off, about sitting in an exact replica of a place that apparently didn't exist any more, but they had cushions, and his feet were killing him. He flops down into an armchair and props his bunny slippered feet up on the coffee table.

Yeah, I remember that lesson pretty well.
>It felt like somebody was sucking the energy out of him.
>He leans forward to get a good look at the ring on this Sasuun's finger. That was… different from the one his Sasuun had, right?

>He pulls off the bloodied glove of his right hand. There it was, still slid onto his ring finger.

>He clenches his hand into a fist and nods at the other.

Yeah, I've still got it, just gotta…
>Remember how to use it?
… get the hang of it again.


File: 1399098320829.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He looks down at the ring, having not seen it for a few years.

Well, rings are divided into classes, and Vongola rings are one of two sets of rings. Both of which are the highest class, or most powerful, kind of ring.

>Sasuun sits back.

I suppose I should tell you the name of our enemy now, shouldn't I? The ones who attacked us are called the Millefiore Family. They hold the other, equally powerful rings. The Mare Rings.

>He sighs.

It's sad, but battles these days are determined by the use of box weapons. A certain scientist got interested in the idea, and started mass producing many different kinds.

That's how the Millefiore managed to overwhelm us. At the time, I only had one box weapon, and that was the one I've been using for years. All it was was a set of shields, but as far as I knew, that kind of weapon wasn't popular.

>He looks up to Alfred.

Everything's been going downhill since 3 years ago, but you may have brought with you our only hope to defeating these guys.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760079

File: 1399099095751.jpg (50.69 KB, 500x421, poseback.jpg)

>Bad guys, Millefiore Family… good guys, Vongola. Both had rings. He had one of the rings, but apparently this Sasuun had a lesser form of present Sasuun's ring? Maybe? With these box weapons that were either animals or just straight-up weapons as the main form of combat.
>And then he was easily the last hope these guys had to get back at the people who killed future him… Alfred shudders, remembering waking up in the cramped space, only to find out it was a coffin too late.

>The pacific blue-eyed American looks down at Sasuun, eyes widened slightly behind his half-frames, slowly becoming whelmed by the situation.

I… uh…

>He looks away, picks up his glove, and rubs the side of his face.

… you don't happen to have, like, a guest room, or something, do you?
Any place I can lie down for a bit? Sorry, it's just, like… a lotta stuff to take in at once, bro.


File: 1399099541652.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>For the first time, Alfred sees this Sasuun actually smile.

Yeah, I can understand that. Here, I'll lead you to your future selves room.

>Sas gets off the couch, and heads to the door.

>Walking through it, Sas leads him further down the hallway they were walking through before, reaching another elevator.
>Opening the door, Sas would push the button labeled "B16"
>And sound system would then say "Residential Area", before the elevator descends further down.
>Walking out, Alfred would see plenty of doors, and not to far away, just to the left, would be a door with a sign labeled "Alfred" on it, plated in gold.

Well, there it is.

>Not to far away, would be another door labeled Sasuun.

Sorry for dumping all this on you, but if you're here, it'd be better if you knew.

>He then turns to leave, waving a hand at him.


>He then heads towards his own room, heading inside and closing the door behind him.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 760087

File: 1399100365244.jpg (156.51 KB, 559x700, pose (11).jpg)

>When he asked for a guest room, he meant a guest room, not his future self's room… even if it was technically kinda his own. Whatever, time stuff was confusing, he just wasn't sure he wanted to spend the night in a dead dude's room.
>He stays quiet on the ride down, the short walk to the door, and only speaks when Sasuun begins to leave.

Yeah, man, uh…
>He gives the other a small wave after he turns around.
Night to you, too.

>He steps inside "his" room.

>It was nice.

>Bed set with the American flag printed all over it… wardrobe, barely big enough for his clothes… a quick look into the closet reveals his ancient musket, propped up in the corner, behind a pile of dirty laundry. Everything was covered in just the finest layer of dust, as if it hadn't been moved in months.

>There was even a picture frame on the nightstand, face-down. Carefully, Alfred climbs onto the bed, takes the frame, and peers at the photograph inside.
>Arthur, Matthew, Kiku, and himself, all shoved into a photobooth. He had absolutely no recollection of this picture whatsoever; the date in the corner of the photo was several years away from his current day, so that must've been why.
>He carefully sets the dusty picture frame back in its spot.

>He lays his head down on one of the pillows, the case spangled with stars, and gazes up at the ceiling.

>Maybe he shouldn't have shot himself with a bazooka.

>But if he hadn't, he would've had no idea this was how the future turned out, and he wouldn't have had any chance to stop it from happening again.

>With a heavy sigh, Alfred sets his glasses on the nightstand, shuts his eyes, and dozes off.


File: 1399100836334.jpg (44.21 KB, 604x340, EqhjKPrfEUA.jpg)

>Meanwhile, somewhere seemingly far away.
>A certain red-headed teen sits in his office, head resting on his desk, having completely fallen asleep.
>The door to his room slides open, and two completely identical looking females walk through it, both wearing black masks that cover their eyes.
>Walking up to the boy, one of them speaks.

Irie. Irie wake up.

>They speak rather emotionless, their faces not holding any emotion either.

>The boy slowly sits up, groaning, his headphones falling off his head.

What is it..?

>The pink haired women look to each other, nodding once before looking back at the man.

We've detected powerful ring energy. It was found on our scanners to be north of here, inside the forest. It disappeared since, but it seems it's on equal power with the Mare Ring you hold, Irie.

>The man jumps up at this, his glasses flashing from the light from his open laptop.


>He stops to think about this for a long moment.

>What could it be? The Vongola Rings were destroyed ages ago, so that can't be it. Could it be someone from the past arrived through the ten year bazooka? Even if that were true, they'd only be here for a measly five minutes. They would have disappeared already.
>The man looks to the women, and shouts.

I want you to give me the details on where the signal disappeared! Even the slightest chance of a Vongola Ring has to be explored! I will not allow you to rest until I have a full report on the strength of the signal, and where it cut off!

Yes, sir!

>The two twins turn around, and march out of the room, the door sliding shut behind them.

>The man left behind sighs, falling onto his butt, and clutching his stomach.


???!tcSassyDEQ 760743

File: 1399160099103.png (358.57 KB, 1204x902, Glo_Xinia.PNG)

>Meanwhile, in another part of Town.
>Or to be more specific, inside of an abandoned warehouse.
>An odd looking man, with glasses, pink hair, and a whip, stares down a lone girl.
>The man slowly inches towards the girl, a perverted grin plastered across his face.

At last~!

>The strange man stares at her, licking his lips as he walks closer.

>But much to his surprise, the girl is suddenly engulfed with a pink smoke.


Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760746

File: 1399160345323.png (37.04 KB, 227x212, And then the bass dropped.png)



>Xion blinks slowly, blue eyes alight in absolute confusion and black hair ruffled from the sudden plume of smoke.

>Her jaw is dropped, stare vacant.





>She stares at the man in front of her and tilts her head to look up at him properly, just as surprised as he appears to be.


???!tcSassyDEQ 760750

File: 1399160770419.jpg (9.28 KB, 153x200, f9da678c393420_full.jpg)

>The man looks down at Xion, staring at the new figure which has appeared before him.


>Though really, it didn't look too much different than the girl who was there just moments before.

>In fact, she just looks a little bit younger.
>The man slowly gets his perverted grin back.

This is..!

>He starts slowly inching towards Xion once again.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760753

File: 1399161248251.jpg (24.86 KB, 229x229, OH HAMBURGERS.jpg)



>Xion leans back, the grin something she recognizes as something very not good.

>In a place she didn't know, a man leering at her, no idea what was going on…

>Pretty much everything that Hyde had taught her were all very very bad things, and even worse when applied together.

Hey guy, I don't know what's going on but you need to back off! I'm warning you! I hit someone to the moon before!

And a month ago I almost castrated someone for waaaay less creepy reasons!

???!tcSassyDEQ 760756

File: 1399161995608.jpg (21.82 KB, 300x300, GloXinia.jpg)

>The mans grin only widens, inching ever closer to the girl.
>He tightens his whip.

X-xion..! From the past~!

>His glasses flash, and Xion can feel a fearsome aura around this man.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760762

File: 1399162418083.png (30.69 KB, 209x174, Ew no nasty pervert thoughts g…)


>Xion shivers and steps backward, her gaze flicking around the space she stands in, looking for an exit or something constituting as such.

…Okay. I warned you.

>She takes a short breath, feeling a fire stir inside her chest.

>Then turns and runs the hell away, throwing out her hand to summon a dark corridor to take her far away from this place, or particularly the creep eyeballing her with the even creepier tone.

>"Nope nope nope nope!"

???!tcSassyDEQ 760774

File: 1399163080827.png (358.57 KB, 1204x902, Glo_Xinia.PNG)


>The corridor opens for her without a problem, and the man quickly starts running after her.

Get back here!

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760780

File: 1399163489398.jpg (48.65 KB, 443x581, Coming for You Man!.jpg)



>As Xion runs, a flash of light appears in her right hand, forming the familiar shape of her Keyblade. She extends her arm, still charging forward, and kicks from the ground to spin around, bringing the Keyblade around with her in the air.

No thanks!

>The moment she faces the man mid-spin, she chucks the blade as hard as she can in a Strike Raid, the Keyblade spinning through the air like a boomerang towards the pursuing man.

>Roll 1d1000 = 817 odds, hit!

>if hit, the Keyblade vanishes and Xion lands, charging through the corridor without losing a single step of speed.

>dubs/trips odds, the hit strong enough to expel him from the corridor and shut it

>if evens/miss, she stumbles and nearly falls on her landing. Biting back a curse, she runs onward.

>dub/trip evens, not only does the Keyblade miss, but she trips up and flops to the ground with an alarmed yelp and a wave of her arms

???!tcSassyDEQ 760783

>The keyblade hits, and the man falls back, his glasses going crooked.
>He looks to be in a bit of a daze. Now's your chance to escape!

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760787

File: 1399163827299.jpg (66.08 KB, 579x369, DEFINITELY NOPE.jpg)


>"Run run run run!"

>Xion continues running full tilt, the end of the corridor opening up to the manor grounds. Xion huffs and puts in more speed, leaping through and to the other side.

>She doesn't even take a second to see where she is, instead whipping around and throwing her hand aside to dissolve the portal to the corridor behind her.

???!tcSassyDEQ 760792

File: 1399164295920.jpg (580.04 KB, 1920x1080, f9da678c393420_full.jpg)

>Returning to the safety of the Manor ground, Xion loses the man.
>Back outside, everything seems just as peaceful as it was before she suddenly appeared in that building.
>..However, when she turned around, it didn't seem so convincing.
>The Manor, her home had been completed destroyed, burnt to the ground, and not a soul remained.
>The remains of the manor lay there, scorched wood and what's left of some furniture sprawled across the ground.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760799

File: 1399164953880.png (34.57 KB, 271x262, But Today Isn't Soft Serve Day…)


>Xion doesn't immediately turn around. She breathes heavily, hands on her knees and body stooped over as she tries catching her breath first of all.

>Who was that guy and what happened? One minute she was around the manor, thinking about lunch and the next…?

>Weirdest day ever, she'd need to tell Crona about it-

>The Keyblade Wielder turns and stares, her eyes snapping wide open and a harsh gasp rattling from her mouth. She tenses, pupils shrunken.

>This had to be the manor, she thought of it specifically, and the dark corridors never took her to a place she hadn't been before. She'd think of it and there she was.

>And here it was, but not as she left it. A ruin of scorched brick, fallen obsidian, twisted adamantium and vibranium struts rose from the cracked foundations of the manor itself. Some furniture seemed to have been burnt into ash, and some miraculously only charred by a previous burn.

Wha….Wha….? The Manor, I don't…?

>It had to be a mistake. Her panic brought her somewhere else, this couldn't have been the Manor. She was calm now (alarmed but not running for her life as she was) she could leave it behind and go back now. Whatever place this was, it was probably brought up from stress.

>Xion engulfs herself in another corridor made of darkenss, to bring her home…

>And again expels in the same place she stood when she turned around.

>She stares incredulously, unbelieving at the burnt grounds, the ruined foundation and the destruction of the Manor itself.

>This couldn't be happening, that had to be a really bad dream.

>Xion pinches herself, and winces from the bite of pain through her arm. Still, nothing changes.
>She pinches her other arm, her cheek, her side, but nothing changes.
>Running out of options, Xion drops to her knees and stares at the devastation before her, suddenly finding it difficult to breathe.


???!tcSassyDEQ 760805

>Nothing but silence fills the area, the sight of the broken Manor seeming like an old one.
>From the looks of it, the burns and destruction seems faded. It'd been a mere 5 minutes since she had disappeared, so if it were destroyed recently, there'd be clear signs of it.
>But there was nothing. There was no smoke, no dust, and no signs of huge amounts of heat from the supposed burned down building.
>So what happened?

>From behind her, a familiar voice rings out.

Well~? How do you like it~?

>The man from only a few minutes before stands half way behind a tree, revealing half of his being.

>His perverted grin remains on his face, and the mark her Strike Raid should have made has disappeared.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760810

File: 1399165942015.png (35.4 KB, 500x556, I KNOCKED SOMEONE TO THE MOOOO…)



>A bright flash shines in her hands, the Keyblade reappearing in a brilliant glow of light.

>Xion whips around, her expression morphing into one of furious anger, her body tense and teeth gnashed.

What did you do?!

Where's my home, my manor?!

>The Keyblade achieves a bright and dangerous glow of magic around it, her magical abilities already being tapped into as she glares at the figure behind the tree.

???!tcSassyDEQ 760819

File: 1399166637571.png (358.57 KB, 1204x902, Glo_Xinia.PNG)

>The man stands there, grin widening.

"Where is it"? It's right in front of you!

>He walks out from behind the tree, an Owl sitting on his shoulder.

>His taps his miniature whip against his other hand, walking closer and closer to Xion.
>The girls anger doesn't faze the man in the slightest, in fact, it only makes him enjoy the situation more.
>Though it can't be proved that he's the one who did this.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760823

File: 1399166954099.png (92.5 KB, 600x573, You_HowDAREYou.png)


Don't you play that game with me! And not one more step!

>Xion points her Keyblade, her eyes a furious blue fire, though there is a curious shiny glaze to them too.

>The Keyblade glows a powerful red, the magical aura around it powerful and pulsing, requiring only for Xion to say any spell she'd like to release its built potential.

I was home, and then before I know it, I'm in that weird place with you! What did you do to my home?!

???!tcSassyDEQ 760827

File: 1399167391460.png (97.43 KB, 320x240, de82a210dca1a0_full.png)

>At this, his eyes widen with glee.

So it is you~!

>The man ignores her demand, continuing to walk ever closer to Xion, completely dismissing the keyblade pointed at his face.

The Xion from ten years ago, you've come~! That must mean..!

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760831

File: 1399167617046.png (240.91 KB, 422x302, Are You Lucky Punk.PNG)




>At once Xion's expression twists into a fierce animal-like rage, a growl erupting from her as her grip tightens on the Keyblade's hilt.


>Roll 1d1000 = 323 odds, hits the man with Roll 1d4 = 3 beach-ball sized fireballs.

>Evens, fail to your discretion

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 760847

File: 1399168620011.png (345.12 KB, 780x400, jdfhg.png)

>With three loud explosions, the fireballs connect, sending the man sliding back, and scorching his white uniform.
>Glasses now broken, but his grin remains on his face.
>He even starts laughing, despite being hit with three massive fireballs.

You have something I want~!

>He holds up a fist, a certain ring on his finger lighting up with blue flames.

>Flames that looked all too familiar.
>He takes a box out of the pocket of his coat, and puts his flame-lit ring into it.

If you won't give it to me, I'm going to take it~!

>He points the box at Xion, a large Octopus coming out.

>It stands behind the man, him looking at Xion menacingly.

I suppose I should introduce myself before I dispose of you though. My name is Glo Xinia.

>The octopus' tentacles form a layer of sharp water around them, forming sharp spikes at the end.

>He then sends three tentacles flying at Xion, aiming to stab. Odds Roll 1d1000 = 870

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760852

File: 1399169062113.png (113.28 KB, 500x500, Don't Freaking Touch Me!.png)



>The Keyblade flashes, her eyes flaring when the tentacles zoom towards her. She charges forward, at the man, dipping and dodging each spear-like tentacle with every step she takes.

>Though the tentacles graze her, none truly connect with the speedy girl, who crosses the dusty ground in record time.

>It was unfortunate for him that he didn't stand behind the monster in the first place.

I'll introduce your face to the ground!

>She takes the Keyblade in both hands, and springs at him with a spin, aiming to slam the edge of the Keyblade across the man's jaw in a powerful horizontal slam.

>Roll 1d1000 = 750 odds, hit!

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 760853

File: 1399169240888.png (476.24 KB, 787x406, rtsdfgsf.png)

>Seemingly without any effort, Glo holds up his whip, right in the way of the swing, and stop she attack entirely.

That's quite fine, I like it when they resist~!

>Another tentacle comes flying her way, trying to slam into her. Odds Roll 1d1000 = 579

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760855

File: 1399169611474.png (123.41 KB, 481x448, Bug In Back.PNG)


>Her Keyblade arrests midair, and despite her swing, she's left losing her momentum and nearly twisting out her arm in the same moment.

>"He stopped it-?!"


>Something smooth and large slams into her diminutive form, ripping her away from the man and even her own Keyblade with a powerful smack.

>The weapon remains wrapped in the whip for a moment before it vanishes in a flicker of light, Xion tumbling away a few meters away.


>Xion groans and shakes her head, dazed from the hit. Her chest again burns with a familiar fire, only this time the Keyblade wielder doesn't hold it back.

>She sits up and takes a deep breath, her hands clenched and teeth grit.


>Her voice sounds like a thunderclap, a massive column of fire racing back in retaliation

>Roll 1d1000 = 421 odds, hit!

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 760867

File: 1399170672403.png (97.43 KB, 320x240, de82a210dca1a0_full.png)

>Just like before, her attack hits, leaving Glo smoking.
>But he retains his grin, and seems generally unfazed by even such a massive attack as that.
>The owl on his shoulder lets out a hoot, wiggling its wings a little after the attack.

You sure are fierce.

>Glo starts walking towards Xion again, the massive tentacles moving with him.

>He extends his arm,moving closer and closer towards the poor girl.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760873

File: 1399171001678.png (37.04 KB, 227x212, And then the bass dropped.png)



>Xion's brief expression of victory following her successful shout simply vanishes when she sees the man is still unfazed by her fire magic.

>It was likely he was immune to it, but it was also the strongest elemental magic she had, especially a kind that she could use as a shout and a magic incantation.

>Maybe Unrelenting Force would have been a better option, in retrospect.

>Well, if fire didn't work, she needed to switch tactics until she could shout again!

>Xion summons her Keyblade back to her, her unease forefully pushed out of her mind as she focuses her new magical attack.
>Purple energy surrounds the Keyblade, her brow furrowing in concentration.


>A massive bolt of electricity shoots from the tip of the Keyblade, an bolt as thick as a tree trunk surging towards the approaching man in a dazzling flash of light.

>Roll 1d1000 = 682 odds, hit!

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 760877

File: 1399171139454.png (358.57 KB, 1204x902, Glo_Xinia.PNG)

>A torrent of think water falls in front of him, completely blocking the huge bolt of electricity
>Glo simply walks through the water, continuing his walk towards her.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760888

File: 1399171797232.png (348.62 KB, 570x423, DON'TMESSWITHMEMAN!.PNG)


>This time Xion takes a step back, her pupils shrinking in alarm.

>Thundaga was her second strongest attack, and he dispelled it with a wall of water?!
>A part of her, the logical part of her head, trills in warning and alarm. Self-preservation, get away from this dangerous creep!

>But she catches sight of the ruined manor in the corner of her eye, her breath arresting inside her chest.

>All the people of the manor. Crona, Alton, Hyde…they were all gone, and the manor a twisted mess left behind.
>She takes a breath, then another, and another. Xion feels a boiling anger inside, resentment to her ignorance, her confusion of what's going on, of who this man is or what is motivations are, or how everything went so wrong so quickly.

>She turns her gaze to the man, teeth grit and blue eyes blazing with that same fury. Her breathing becomes quicker and quicker, eyebrows furrowed in unmistakable anger. Her gloves squeak as her grip tightens on the Keyblade's hilt, and for a moment she doesn't move.


>She takes her weapon in both hands and charges forward like a steam train, straight at the man with her Keyblade glimmering in the light. Dirt and ash kicks up behind every footfall she makes, quickly closing the distance with her rage-fueled charge.


>Roll 1d1000 = 853 odds, hits the man Roll 1d8 = 4 times with her Keyblade in a string combo

>if 6 or more hits, she jumps back and points her Keyblade at him, shooting a rainbow-colored array of weaponized light at the man's silhouette; Roll 1d1000 = 684 (odds hit)

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 760897

File: 1399172340393.jpg (21.82 KB, 300x300, GloXinia.jpg)

>Glo is hit once! Twice! Three times! Four times by Xions attack.
>He stumbles back, falling back through the thick wall of water with a loud "THUD"
>Silence fills the area, nothing but the sounds of the water being heard.
>But this silence is short-lived, Glo Xinia's face appearing from the wall of water with a laugh.

You're strong, but sometimes that's just not enough~

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760899

File: 1399172606234.jpg (88.04 KB, 889x500, Whoa_LetsNotGetCarriedAwayNow.…)


>Xion huffs, chest heaving and pupils still shrunken. But now there should have been something she did, she felt her Keyblade collide with his creepy pointed face-


>Xion stares blankly at 'Glo Xinia', her Keyblade slowly lowering in her grip and gaze bewildered.


>This time she turns heel and runs again, metally pulling up another place she believed would be safer than here.

>If Crona was alive, if there was any chance…! He'd be there!

>Ahead of her, another darkness corridor opens up, the keyblade wielder once more making a beeline for it.

>Roll to capture/interrupt!

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 760906

File: 1399173088330.png (345.12 KB, 780x400, jdfhg.png)

Not so fast~!

>Glo sends his tentacled friend after her, trying to grab her before she has a chance to run through the corridor. Odds Roll 1d1000 = 560

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760933

File: 1399174088599.png (70.94 KB, 279x141, Ouchies!.PNG)


>Xion dives through the corridor, the portal vanishing behind her the moment she passes through. The tentacles swipe at the dark energy left behind, but there is nothing to grab except escaping energy and air.

>Meanwhile, the Keyblade Wielder hits the dirt on the other end of her newest escape portal. She wheezes and huffs, then rolls over to look up at the sky. Bits of twig and dirt stick to her coat, and from her position she can look up to the sky, framed by tall and sweet-smelling pine trees.

>After a few moments of quick heavy breathing, Xion closes her eyes and lets out a slow breath.

>Valorcall. If nowhere else, he'd be here.

>She rolls over and looks up, expecting the sight of hers and Crona's half-built home in the middle of a small forest clearing.

>Her jaw, however, drops when she sees not a small modest house between the canopy of trees, but what almost looks like a Valorcall equivalent of a manor itself. The 'house'. two stories tall and featuring two different towers, stand in the sheltered area. A small fence sits outside, and nearby Xion can see a flour mill.

>She slowly gets to her feet and steps forward in silent awe. It was so large

>And worn.

>Xion's awe melts into an anxious fear, a realization the opulent building looked rundown itself. The paint was faded, patches of the thatched ceiling were missing, and the grass around the house was overgrown.

C…Crona? Crona!

>Xion runs forward to the door and throws her hand out, gripping the knob and throwing it open.

Crona! Answer me! Please!

!tcSassyDEQ 760953

>The inside of the house is silent, no answer coming from anywhere.
>At least the odd man from before was gone, so Xion could take time to herself to figure out what exactly was going on.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 760990

File: 1399176751508.png (42.62 KB, 189x319, They Drive Me To Tears Because…)


>The interior smells musty, and while the entrance resembles the interior of the house she and Crona had started, the inside is far bigger than she imagined. The entrance is roomy, with chairs and sidetables holding thick ceramic bowls holding mummified remnants of what used to be fruit.

>Past the room is a massive hall, with a long table. This area, unfortunately, looks wrecked in comparison to the entrance, and looking up from the center Xion can see a hole at the very top of the vaulted ceiling. Shattered plates, goblets, and a bear trophy cut in half litter the ground around her, and it takes the utmost care for her to inch around the mess.
>An auxillary room holds a number of beds, all messy or missing their blankets from the intervention of wild animals. In this room, however, Xion sees personal items resting on the bedstands. Up-ended beds themselves block her from being able to see the rest of the interior, and with a frown, Xion steps in to investigate.


>When she approaches one, however, she jolts and steps back. A skeleton rests on the ground, arm extended and skull resting on the floor, perpetually in an extending pose.

>But the unsettling, haunting image accompanying the image is a rusted and old chainsaw dug halfway into the floor, through the ribcage of the skeleton itself. The metal blades pierced into the floor still appear to be sharp, regardless of how long it looks as if it had been there.

…Is that?

>Xion timidly steps forward and examines the chainsaw more closely, spying telltale golden decals on a red engine block. She slowly looks down to the skeleton and turns a shade whiter, stepping back with an abrupt one-two step.

>She spins around and leaves the room, covering her mouth as she goes.
>She desperately hurries around the ruined home, and finds a library full of books, untouched for ages. Another skeleton rests in the room, but nothing nearby it to suggest who it belonged to.

>Next she hurries upstairs, the old wood creaking under her weight. She finds bedrooms over the balcony of the lower hall. Taking the option to the left, Xion enters a room with two more beds (another unidentifiable skeleton in the chair by the door)

>Nearby is dresser, with a number of frames facing down or cracked by some unknown source. Xion trembles and picks up one that has remained upright, the glass cracked yet unable to hide the subjects inside.

>Smiling back at her are two figures. The taller one, sporting a telltale mass of unkempt pink hair, grins sheepishly at the camera. His jawline and build looks relatively stronger than the one she knows, but there was no mistaking those familiar droopy purple eyes or that side-grin of his.

>Or the robe, for that matter.


>The other in the picture, a woman resembling her but with longer hair and bright sapphire eyes rests her chin on his shoulder. She's still shorter than him by the look of the picture, her face the same roundness and her hair still as black as now.

>Her coat looks like a modified version of the one she currently wears, made into a vest with dark blue and white clothes beneath, an array of zippers and belts all she can make out from what the picture shows.


>What had that man said? 'The Xion from ten years ago'?

>She was in the future?

>Xion looks up, to the entrance leading to the second room, and with a shaky breath she steps inside.

>In the single room, the walls are smeared black, a skeleton bleached not white but as black as night collapsed against the colored wall. It looks agonized, jaw hanging down and empty eyesockets focused upwards at the ceiling.

>She stares at the scene, eyebrows furrowed and breathing slow as she tries to process what she's seeing. She feels her eyes burn and with a grimace she turns away and shuts them, feeling hot streaks run down the sides of her face.

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 761013

File: 1399177510435.png (97.43 KB, 320x240, de82a210dca1a0_full.png)

>This scene, who could have left it? Was it the man trying to attack her before? Was it someone else?
>What happened to make the future like this?
>If she was indeed in the future, how would she get back to her own time? To a place where everyone she knew would be waiting for her?
>And when she got back, what would she do about all this?
>The silence of the house was almost horrifying, not doing well accompanying this sight.

>And as if things couldn't get any worse, she can hear the door to the room she was in start creaking.

My, my, quite a mess in here. I don't think even I would be able to make something like this~!

>It was Glo Xinia again.

>How was he able to keep following her like this? Even this far away, he caught up just like that?
>This time, Glo Xinia just stands there, looking at Xion with the same grin he's been wearing from the start, his owl sitting on his shoulder.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761030

File: 1399178109411.png (35.09 KB, 234x354, My Feels Are Out The Window!.P…)



>Xion jolts with a small scream and throws her hand over her mouth. She spins around and sees the man that had been following her since her arrival to this world, staring with terrified and weeping eyes.

>She instinctively backs away but nearly stumbling over some of the fallen debris on the ground. A stained and grimy stuffed rabbit toy catches under her heel, which she kicks away with a rough kick of her heeled boot.

>Xion pulls her hand away from her mouth and gulps thickly, her voice shaking and heavy with emotions she can barely control.

S-Stay away from me…!

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 761033

File: 1399178315653.png (358.57 KB, 1204x902, Glo_Xinia.PNG)

>The man only starts walking closer, continuing to ignore her demands.

I can't do that! You still have something I want~!

>Should Xion choose to just back up more, she would hear a voice ring through her head.

>An unfamiliar voice, but a voice.

Xion.. Don't worry.. Not everything is over..

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761040

File: 1399178889629.png (35.28 KB, 144x362, Why Would You Even LIE To Me.P…)


>Xion does continue her slow retreat, eyes still shining with unshed frightened tears caused by her predicament mingled with this meanacing and threatening man before her.

>"How can you say that? If this is the future, then everything I love, everything I care about, it's all gone…!"

>Though she isn't entirely unfamiliar with voices in her head, it had been quite a long time since it had last happened.

>Her gaze travels to the skeleton on the ground, her eyes welling up even more.

>"This is what I have to look forward to? That brighter tomorrow, that rest at the end of everything we've been through is this…?"

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 761046

File: 1399179358364.jpg (9.28 KB, 153x200, f9da678c393420_full.jpg)

You have to understand.. this hasn't happened yet..

>Glo Xinia, completely unaware, continues his walk towards Xion.

Look up, I've been with you this whole time..

>The owl on his shoulder, who used to be covered in his blue flame, is now covered in a beautiful indigo.

I will lead you to a place with hope..

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761055

File: 1399179785548.png (17.49 KB, 179x253, Turning Away For The Last Time…)


>Xion feels her beck hit the wall and tenses, a flash of emotions ranging from terrified to angry passing over her in an instant.

>The man, Glo Xinia, leaving her with only the option to duck into another corridor (to likely be caught later again, chased and worn down until she could no longer defend herself) or stay and fight (which hasn't proven to be successful at all).

>Her gaze slowly shifts to the odd owl, her brow furrowing in confusion at the sight of the flame's color changing.


>"If you're going to lead me you better do it fast!"

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 761058

Then just do as I tell you to.

>Glo Xinia almost right overtop of Xion now, him seeming to be completely unaware of the owls change in color.

Use your Vongola Ring, and think of creating a man named..

..Mukuro Rokudo

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761067

File: 1399180415978.png (45.42 KB, 222x192, Ah Maybe That's A Bit Much.PNG)


>"The ring-?"

>Seeing the man nearly looming over her, Xion reacts on a hair and dives her hand into her pocket, grasping for the ring inside of it.

>As she does, she feels a familiar fire well in her chest, and takes a breath in a reactionary jolt


>Roll 1d1000 = 113 odds, pushes him away with a disruptive and powerful shout, enough to send him across the room and away from her, giving her a much better personal bubble to work from.

>But, regardless, her gloved finger slips into the ring, and channeling her magic as best as she can, she thinks of a person with the name 'Murkuro Rokudo'

>Though a huge part of her doubts this will work, she didn't know anyone by that name!

Glo Xinia!tcSassyDEQ 761076

File: 1399180829864.png (638.5 KB, 1280x720, Mukuro_(Vongola_Box).PNG)


>Sent flying across the room, Glo Xinia slams against the wall, falling to the ground.

>Looking up, he'd see Xion slip on her ring, and his eyes widen.

There it is!

The ring, ring, Vongola Ring!

>Well that made his intentions a little more clear now, at least.

>As Xion focuses, the owl flies off of Glo's shoulder, and towards Xion.

-! What!? The Rain Owl! It's changed to.. mist!? What did you do!?

>The voice once again rings through her head.

That will be enough.

>The owl slowly descends to the floor, falling unconscious once it lands.

>The indigo mist surrounding it starts to disperse, forming a being in between Xion, and Glo.

Mukuro Rokudo!tcSassyDEQ 761084

File: 1399181155203.jpg (135.68 KB, 468x471, photo.jpg)

>As the flames come together, it starts forming a solid being, one that was apparently named "Mukuro Rokudo"
>The man had purple, pineapple-style hair, a green jacket, and jeans.
>His right eye was red, while his left was blue, and in his hand he held a trident.
>He appears crouched, and slowly stands up to face Glo Xinia, and Glo's face is filled with shock.
>The man turns around to face Xion.

Congratulations. You've created your first "real illusion"

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761087

File: 1399181302180.png (34.57 KB, 271x262, But Today Isn't Soft Serve Day…)


>Glo Xinia's shock is easily mirrored in Xion's face, her jaw once more dropped and eyes wide at the figure before her.

>Though her jaw moves slightly, suggesting she's attempting to speak, no words come from her mouth.



Mukuro Rokudo and Glo Xinia[b]!tcSassyDEQ 761096

File: 1399181849330.jpg (52.11 KB, 256x256, Mukuro+Rokudo+Mukuro11.jpg)

M-Mukuro Rokudo?

>Mukuro ignore Glo, staring down at Xion.

I'd love to explain it to you..

>He then turns to face Glo.

But the creepy looking one is staring at us.

>He grips his trident.

To keep things simple, I'm an illusion you created with your ring. But I'm no ordinary illusion.

>He dashes at Glo, going in for an attck


>Glo quickly retaliates, several tentacles of his octopus smashing through the wall, aimed right at him.

>As soon as the attack connects with Mukuro, the illusion dissipates.
>Glo smirks.

As I thought, an illusion is an illusion. You can't fool me with simple tricks.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761102

File: 1399182113692.png (54.37 KB, 214x360, DayAlreadyIsTurningOutWeird.PN…)


>Xion, meanwhile, continues to stare vacantly at where the illusion had been a moment ago.

>She doesn't understand what happened, or how she made a man she's very certain she never could have thought up before, or even known about.
>Likewise, she didn't understand what made the illusion so special and unlike an 'ordinary' illusion.

>Zexion probably would know these things better than her. He was the master of illusions of the Organization, after all…

>Even with Glo smirking at her, she manages the very lightest of shrugs, still too bewildered to properly act just yet.

Mukuro Rokudo and Glo Xinia[b]!tcSassyDEQ 761109

File: 1399182463163.png (248.82 KB, 788x405, this does not bode well with m…)

But what is an illusion?


>Mukuro comes in flying from overhead, Glo Xinia looking right up at him.

>However, staying calm, Glo Xinia reacts properly.

A simple illusion won't be able to trick me.

>He sends another tentacle flying at him, the illusion once again dissipating.

>However, at the same time, Glo is greeted by something he definitely wasn't expecting.
>A rock that was inside the illusion flies at him, nailing him right in the eye, breaking his glasses.


>He looks over to Xion.

What did you do!?

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761118

File: 1399183098084.png (48.64 KB, 274x298, I Don't_I Can't.PNG)


>Xion watches in bewilderment, not quite knowing what is going on herself.

>When the man fires his question to her, she in turn fires a glare back at him and a shrug.

Does it look like I know what's going on?! I don't know, but I do know that I'm getting pretty tired of this terrible 'future' and the creepy weirdo who's been following me since I came here!

>The flames around her ring peak with a small flare, her eyebrows furrowing in frustration and anger.

So you tell me!

Mukuro Rokudo and Glo Xinia[b]!tcSassyDEQ 761130

File: 1399184099539.png (377.22 KB, 785x404, this is it.png)

>Glo starts visibly becoming angry, his grin disappeared.


>Above him, two Mukuro fly down, his power increasing because of the increased amount of flames from Xion's ring.

>Glo looks up, a little more panicked now.
>He decides to go defensive this time, assuming the same as last time will happen.

These ones are real!

>Yet the illusions disappear before even coming close.


>From the side, Mukuro runs in at him, Glo looking over in worry.

I have no time to defend!

>Mukuro smirks, looking over to Xion as he runs towards Glo Xinia.

Inside illusions are real illusions, inside illusions sprout more illusions..

Hidden in truths lie lies, hidden in lies hides the truth..

This is the Mist!

>Mukuro leaps at Glo Xinia, swinging his trident down on his head hard.

>Glo Xinia screams, and a bright, indigo light spawns from the impact.
>A large explosion covers the area, and all that remains of the two afterwards is a destroyed octopus, an unconscious Glo Xinia, and Mukuro, standing there with a smirk on his face.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761140

File: 1399184646841.jpg (139.57 KB, 500x500, Because This Can't Be Wiped Aw…)


>Xion flinches back and shields her eyes with an arm from the light that spawns from the attack.

>But, when it fades, and the Keyblade Wielder looks to the damage done, her expression doesn't hold a hint of victory and happiness over it.
>Her gaze lingers on the unconscious man and his ruined cephalopod briefly, then turns towards the black skeleton propped against the wall nearby.

>The flames around her ring lessen, her magic waning away from the fight, and leaving her feeling drained and emotionally exhausted.

For something that hasn't happened yet, the fact I can see this doesn't make me feel any better about it…

Mukuro Rokudo!tcSassyDEQ 761145

File: 1399184983762.jpg (135.68 KB, 468x471, photo.jpg)

>As Xion lets some of her flames die down, the being of Mukuro starts to blur slightly.
>Mukuro doesn't pay notice though, and turns to face Xion.

Some things aren't very nice to look at.

>He leans against a nearby wall.

But that doesn't mean you can't do something about it.

>He rests his trident against a nearby dresser, and he crosses his arms.

From the sounds of it, you're not the only one who has come from the past. And it seems you won't be the last, either.

I'm not telling you to act like this is nothing, but you should know that there are things you can do about it.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761165

File: 1399185911003.jpg (7.3 KB, 150x150, WhyDoIHaveHateClubsAgain.jpg)


>The Keyblade Wielder frowns, and with a slow tilts of her head, looks to the illusory man with a hard expression.

I'm not going to let this happen, you know. I get I'm from the past, I have the power to change this, but I need to go home first for that to happen.

And that means a time machine…

>Would Stein's DeLorean be okay? Somewhere safe maybe? Even if something happened to him, there could have been a chance…

…But while I'm here, I can find out what did this so I can crush it at its source.

>Her gaze turns to the unconscious man who had been pursuing her earlier, and with a hum to herself, she looks to her ring with a stare of deep concentration

>An image of a pair of shackles pop into her head, her gaze hardening even more.

>"Come on…!"

Mukuro Rokudo!tcSassyDEQ 761174

File: 1399186293630.jpg (42.16 KB, 225x350, 107842.jpg)

>The light of her flames becomes brighter, Mukuro smiling as she tries to make another "real" illusion.
>Sure enough, they appeared right in front of her, the flames of her ring condensing together to create it.
>And should Xion try to grab them, they'd feel just like real shackles.
>Mukuro looks down to the shackles she has created.

Like all illusions, those are powered by your ability to imagine and create anything. The flames from you ring hold the ability of 'construction', making the creation of 'real' illusions possible. However, if you happen to forget about making these shackles, or you run out of energy, these shackles will disappear, just like I will.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761190

File: 1399187081452.png (30.69 KB, 209x174, Ew no nasty pervert thoughts g…)


>Of course there was a stipulation to that…

We better get going then, I want to be someplace safer when this guy wakes back up. I have a bunch of questions to ask him, and I get the feeling he knows more than what he was saying.

>Maybe she could make a tiger and have it use him for a playtoy to make him talk later on, but first she needed to restrain him with her created shackles.

>Before she does so, she looks to the man and sighs.

Anything else?

Mukuro Rokudo!tcSassyDEQ 761199

File: 1399187478167.jpg (135.68 KB, 468x471, photo.jpg)

There's one more little restriction, yeah.

You created me, by simply thinking of someone with my name. I used my power to help you finish putting together the pieces, so I appeared with my entire body and mind intact.

>He looks over to Glo Xinia, before looking back to Xion.

So it won't work if you don't have the full picture. But there's one more thing to it as well. My power was what made it possible for me to keep my mind, to bring over my spirit and talk to you like I am now. Without the other persons consent and acknowledgment, all you'll get is an empty ragdoll of the person you want to create.

>He then looks back to Glo Xinia, and scratches the back of his head.

..As for him, he likely won't be moving for months. If he isn't dead, he's so close to it it probably doesn't matter anyway.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761209

File: 1399187939671.png (65.77 KB, 350x350, And I Care Why.png)


>Xion lowers the shackles, her expression flattening in response to the man's final statement.

>With a sigh, she tosses the shackles over her shoulder and folds her arms.

Thanks for that.

Mukuro Rokudo!tcSassyDEQ 761214

File: 1399188120327.jpg (52.11 KB, 256x256, Mukuro+Rokudo+Mukuro11.jpg)

>Mukuro lets out a little laugh.

Kufufu~.. Well, my time is coming to an end. My power is weakening, so I may have to rest for awhile.

>He picks up his trident, and pushes himself off the wall.

Sorry about Glo, but I've been trying to deal with him for awhile now. The future version of you wouldn't respond to me, so I wasn't able to make an appearance.

>His figure starts to fade slightly.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761220

File: 1399188519021.png (200.9 KB, 332x286, I'mSoSorry.PNG)


>Xion's expression falls, the man fading away catching her attention easily enough.

W-Wait, what should I do now? I don't even know where to go! My homes, they're-…

>She blinks. There still was one home left she hadn't tried.

>Though a part of her is equally afraid of what she'd find there too.

Mukuro Rokudo!tcSassyDEQ 761224

File: 1399188764057.jpg (42.16 KB, 225x350, 107842.jpg)


>His figure continues to fade.

Make one of your corridors back to the manor. Someone will be waiting for you.

If I had more time to help you out, I would, but I'm at my limit.

The person you'll find back there will answer any question you may have. He knows more about your situation that I do anyway.

>As his being fades completely, he smiles and says goodbye.

See ya.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761236

File: 1399189400463.png (22.93 KB, 202x298, Do I Dare Dream.PNG)


>With the man faded away completely, Xion is left alone with a comatose body (who likely would be found by a wild Sabre-Cat, bear, or a pack of skeevers if left alone in his state) in a house of death and and silence.

>She looks to the black skeleton one last time, her expression softening into aching stare.

…Oh Crona…I-…I wasn't right this time, was I…?

>She takes a deep breath, her eyes starting to water up again, and turns away. She takes her sleeve and scrubs at her face with a sniffle, her emotions once again welling up inside of her chest.

>It takes a long slow breath and a few more sniffs before she can calm down, and even longer to summon a dark corridor.
>However, before she leaves, she slips back into the previous room and picks up the picture frame from before, easily pulling out the backing and slipping the photograph out from under the cracked glass, She stares at the photo, then gently tucks it into her coat pocket.

>With the souvenir in place, Xion takes another breath and returns to the other room and quickly enters the corridor, leaving the house in Valorcall behind, and reappearing on the lawn before the ruined Manor before her.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761245

File: 1399190111646.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Leaning against a tree outside the remains of the manor, his arms crossed and one leg risen against the tree.
>He stares at the manor, a serious look on his face, thinking back on the day everything went wrong.
>But it was interrupted by the opening of the dark corridor.
>Sasuun, expecting the much older Xion of the future to appear from it, walks towards the corridor.

Hey, Xion. How'd it go-

>Sasuun stops, surprised to see the younger version of her standing there.

Not only Alfred, but Xion too..?

>He just kinda stares at her, being able to tell just by looking that she wasn't in the greatest of moods.

.. Are you alright..?

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761248

File: 1399190383067.png (103.7 KB, 313x296, IDon'tKnowHowToDealWithThis.PN…)


>She doesn't recognize the person who came to greet her, but he isn't immediately looking to harm her, and at the very least seemed to know who she was.

>Xion drops her gaze to the ground and sighs, her expression quiet and somber.


Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761250

File: 1399190522585.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun walked closer to her, standing beside her.

Here, I'll bring you somewhere quiet.

>After a short pause, the man introduces himself.

I'm Sasuun, from the future.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761260

File: 1399191888207.jpg (52.62 KB, 336x334, Couldn't Help_Even Now.jpg)


>Xion looks up and down at the man, her expression difficult to discern from her muted and sad state from earlier.

>After a short while, she sighs and looks ahead, dropping her hands into the pockets of her cloak. She can feel the Mist Ring around her finger when her hands ball up, but makes no effort to remove the ring for now.

You're taller now. That's cool, right?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761263

File: 1399192116434.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun looks down at Xion, giving a short sigh himself.

Yeah, I guess it is..

>Sasuun lightly pats Xion on her back.

Come on, it's dangerous out here.

>He speaks with a worried tone in his voice, before starting off towards the forest.

>He stops and turns around, waiting for Xion.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761265

File: 1399192312703.png (59.02 KB, 390x390, Feeling Kinda Down.png)


>Xion walks after him, as quiet and somber as she was when she arrived.

>She doesn't make any noise of acceptance, of acknowledgement, or of understanding.
>She simply follows the man who, as she remembered, used to be an energetic and bright-eyed young man.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761268

File: 1399192493876.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)


>Sasuun leads Xion in silence through the same underground entrance he led Alfred through.

>While in the elevator, Sasuun breaks the silence, looking down to Xion.

..What happened..?

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761269

File: 1399192735461.png (159.74 KB, 500x275, How Dare You.png)


>Xion slowly looks up at the man, her eyes emptier than usual and her tone very soft.

I'm in a horrible future where everyone and everything I care about is dead or destroyed. That's what happened.


>She looks ahead again, her expression falling back into a quietly saddened stare, the images she had seen inside that house in Valorcall, and the manor's twisted remains as well…

I should be asking you what happened, not the other way around.

>A waspish note colors her voice, her head dipping down as her shoulders bunch up.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761271

File: 1399193163695.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun just listens silently to Xion.
>He wasn't exactly happy with this world either, but he's had three years. Xion's just been introduced to it.
>Sasuun lets out a soft sigh, the only sound after a few minutes of silence.
>The whir of the elevator comes to a stop, the door opening and revealing the hallway leading into the base.

Three years ago. We were attacked without any warning by an army numbering into the thousands. Most of us were wiped out from the attack, only about 15% of us managing to escape, and survive.

>Sasuun doesn't leave the elevator, telling his story.

The past three years haven't been much easier. Those who escaped were hunted down, and killed, and we still don't know why.

>He stands there silently again.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761273

File: 1399193502715.png (37.52 KB, 441x247, But Are You SURE_Really Really…)


>The image of the house in Valorcall, burned into her mind blares to the forefront as Sasuun explains.

>Those who escaped were hunted down and killed.

>Everyone at the Valorcall house, they had likely escaped from what happened. Crona…Grell, likely from what she could gather.

>And, if what she saw was right, then the attack that had killed those who found sanctuary in a country thousands of miles away from Equestria and Belle'Ayn was a systematic hunt that had been successful in catching those hiding by surprise.

>Xion steps out of the elevator and walks forward, her heels softly clicking across the floor.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761274

File: 1399193953903.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun watches as she walks down the hallway, his face covered with a saddened expression.
>He lets out another sigh, following behind her.

I'm going to find a way to stop them. Even now, they continue their hunt for us. I'm going to find a way to hunt them down, and kill whoever's in charge of this insanity.

>His voice doesn't hold even a hint of the lightheartedness his younger self has.

>He's dead serious. Even if he were to go alone, he's dead serious.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761276

File: 1399194278300.png (45.67 KB, 291x328, Do I Have This Will To Go On A…)


>At that, Xion stops, still facing forward but her chin tilted up slightly into the air.

>Though she's staring ahead, she speaks plainly, easily able to be heard by the acoustic of the hallway they stand in.

If you kill them now then you'll never stop what happened, or fix it. You're still going to living in a time where everyone is dead or gone, and even your desire for revenge will be gone too.

>She turns her head and looks to the serious older man, her blue eyes not holding the sparkle she had from earlier.

After all that, what's afterwards?

>Xion shakes her head and looks forward, walking once more.

I need find out who's responsible, what's responsible, then go back in my time and make sure what happened to lead to this will never ever happen.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761277

>Sasuun falls into silence.
>In his eyes, what already happened, happened. He can't stop what happened to everyone three years ago, but he can stop it from happening to anyone else.
>He hadn't really thought about that possibility of things, but if that happened, what would happen to him?
>What Xion said had a lot of sense to it, but there was still one, big, unavoidable problem.

.. How will you get back to your time? When we were attacked, any equipment or special entities we had were either destroyed or taken. That includes our time travelling machines.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761279

File: 1399195059061.png (114.54 KB, 500x293, Bast Moment In The Game.png)


>Xion stops again and looks back, but this time doesn't even allow the pause to happen, instead launching right into the meat of her own logic.

This is Rigel Prima. Somewhere, somehow, there is a scientist, a person, or a thing that could help.

We found the DeLorean in a cave, there used to be a device on the lawn that could take us to any world or any time…

>And, assuming Asylum was as fortified as it was…

>There still was one far beneath Town in the hidden fortress of scientific research and discover, a massive prototype that could take a person to any world, dimension, or universe.

>Any universe that presumably still have these timetraveling devices they would need.

If there's one thing I learned, it's that there's always a way on this planet.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761282

File: 1399195837959.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun, having likely already thought of something like that in the last three years, just sighs.
>He walks past Xion, to the gate guarded by two different colored beams, and puts his hand to the sensor.
>The red beams disappear, and Sasuun walks through the gate.
>He turns around, waiting for Xion.

But we don't know how long it would take to find someone like that. And you don't know how dangerous it would be to look. If someone outside found you, the enemy wouldn't hesitate to send in everything they've got to kill you.

I'm not saying don't look though. We need to get you guys back into your own time, and get the future versions of you guys who've been sent to the past back.

We just have to be smart about it. If we act too recklessly, they could find out about the location of this base, and we still don't know where they're hiding.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761283

File: 1399196247299.png (30.69 KB, 209x174, Ew no nasty pervert thoughts g…)



>Though Xion passes through the gate in her continued walk, she casts Sasuun a startled stare.

My future version is back where I was from? What makes you say that?

>She had thought that, perhaps, she was simply somewhere else in the world.

>But if she was in the past…

>The image of that ruined house again, the picture that was in her pocket.

>She's be back at the manor, the estate unsullied and recovering from the attacks launched on the forest and the Town nearby, as well as the bounty hunters assaults.

>A time period where nobody was dead.

>Where Crona wasn't dead…


Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761284

File: 1399196532583.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Moving to walk ahead himself, he turns back to Xion.

You've heard of the Ten Year Bazooka, right? I think you were actually hit by it once before.

>Sasuun takes a deep breath.

It takes you, and the version of yourself from ten years in the future, and you switch places for 5 minutes. We've already established that something is wrong with the bazooka, because you haven't switched back with your future self, and returned to your time. We can only assume the same thing is true for your future selves. They're stuck in the past, just how you're stuck in the future.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761285

File: 1399196968626.png (8.17 KB, 100x100, Seriously.png)


>Now Xion begins to look skeptical, and a tiny bit offended by the older man's statements.

I know what that is and what it was but I didn't know I was hit by it. One minute I was walking to the kitchen to get something to eat and the next I was in some place with a creepy guy leering at me like some pervert!

>She holds up her hands in an exapserated gesture and a loud aggravated sigh.

That's not a lot to go off of! Heck, you can't even say for sure that's what brought me here unless you saw it happen, or if I saw it happen! Maybe other me is somewhere else in the world doing…whatever it is she's doing!

>She lowers her hands and her gaze, a grumble coming from her lowly

…It'd be a lot better than being in the past…

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761286

File: 1399197711892.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun backs off a bit when Xion starts getting angry. Even ten years ago she was scary.
>when Xion finishes, Sasuun just closes his eyes, and aims his head towards the ground with a sigh.

You're right, I can't prove that's how you came here, but can you think of anything else?

>Sasuun leans against the wall, speaking calmly.

That's the only thing I can think of that would've brought you here without you fully understanding what happened.

>He goes silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

But there is something important I think you should know

>He looks back over to Xion.

You're not the only one who has appeared from the past. Alfred appeared yesterday. But there was something about his appearance that made me think the ten year bazooka is the cause of this.

>His expression quickly turns more serious.

In this time, Alfred is dead. His coffin is in the forest outside.

When he appeared, he was laying in an empty coffin, which suggests he switched places with his future self.

But I don't know. It might be better if you talked to him anyway. Seeing a familiar face might make it easier for you guys, even if it's just a little.

>He turns to start walking back down the hall.

Besides, it's not like everyone died.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761287

File: 1399198197362.png (45.42 KB, 222x192, Ah Maybe That's A Bit Much.PNG)


Alfred's here?!

>Xion jolts as if an electric current was thrown on her, and quickly follows him down the hall with a quicker pace.

W-Wait, if he's dead here does that mean his body is at the manor? Is it decayed? Oh gosh what is Alton going to think when he sees that- what am I going to think if I see that-?

What's going to happen if more people start showing up and people from here end up going back? What if you're next?! I don't know if I can handle that, you at least know a little more about what's going on even if it's mostly nothing but that's better than absolutely nothing at all and I mean-

>It's as if a floodgate was opened, Xion's words coming like a constant stream of questions and frantic musings to herself

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761289

File: 1399198847686.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Man, she was layin' it on hard.
>Sasuun had been actually trying pretty hard to gather information.

Don't worry, calm down, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Besides, even if I do, there's still others that know what's going on.

>He sighs.

Right now, what remains of us are out getting information. I was gathering information too, until I found Alfred. And now that you're here too, we're probably gonna have to gather whoever's left back here.

Those people are Judith, Deadpony, Neptune, and Shotaro.

>He sighs.

How about we both just get a good sleep in for tonight. I'm sure you need time to yourself anyway.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761290

File: 1399198987089.jpg (57.36 KB, 600x500, BecauseIFeelTheNeedToSaySometh…)



>Xion's shoulders slump, the energy from her tirade coming to a stop. She blinks and lowers her gaze, her cheeks flushing a slight tint of pink.

Y-Yeah, okay…I think after today, I could use a rest…

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 761291

File: 1399199277439.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He sighs, quickly patting Xion on the head.

Alright, lets go. I'll lead you to your room.

>The same way he did with Alfred, he leads her to an elevator, moving down from floor B15 to B16.

>Leaving the elevator and moving to the right, Xion would see a large door with her name on it.
>Sasuun then looks down to Xion.

If you don't feel comfortable going into your future selves room, there are some guest rooms just down the hall.

>He turns away, and starts heading towards his own room, just a few doors away.

>He looks back to Xion.

..Sorry for what's happening. You guys don't deserve this. G'night.

>Sasuun then opens the door to his room, and heads inside.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761292

File: 1399201514641.png (21.49 KB, 223x195, Really Bad Feels.PNG)


>Xion watches him walk off, and stands for a long while in front of the room with the plaque upon it. Her name gleams back at her, but she hesitates grabbing the knob.

>This room was hers, but not hers. This was a room of the person who lived in this world, and who likely held pain inside of her worse than Xion could imagine.

>Would it be right to intrude?

>Xion slowly pulls her hand away and shakes her head, instead heading down the hall and to one of the mentioned guest rooms Sasuun had pointed out to her.

>She couldn't take that room for herself. It wasn't hers, and a part of her did not want to see what may have been waiting inside.
>Instead, she takes the first empty room she can find and closes the door behind her with a soft push. The bed inside looks comfortable enough, and with a tired sigh, Xion shuffles across the floor and flops into the bed.

>She only lays there face down in the pillow for a brief while before she rolls over and pulls the picture from her pocket. Xion stares at the picture, studying it as best as she can for a long while.

>They looked happy here. How long ago was this taken?

>She flips the picture over, to see if there is a date or something of the nature printed on the back.

>Instead, she's treated to a familiar manner of handwriting she recognizes as her own.

>Still a couple of dorky teenagers!

>No date, but it makes her flip the picture back over to stare at.
>Just how long ago had this been taken? Did they even know what was going to happen? Were they unhappy? Did they have a good life before everything went bad?

>She has so many questions, and not nearly enough answers.

>With a sigh, Xion rolls over and turns off the light aside her bed, plunging her guest room into sheer darkness. She places the photo on the bedside table, kicks off her boots, and curls up on the spot on her new bed.

>She looks to the empty side of the bed and grabs a pillow from it, pulling it closer to her with a tight hug. It takes a long time, her spirit restless, stomach snarling for food, and insomnia peaked, but it is a delve into her morning, before everything went horribly wrong, that eventually puts her to sleep.


File: 1399243249321.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>Inside the base, all's as quiet as can be.
>These last two days have been long and hard for the two who have arrived from the past.
>And being woken up this morning by such a loud nose wasn't helping.
>An alarm sounds throughout the base. Whoever wasn't already awake, was now.
>Opening his door, the tired Sasuun rubs his eyes.

God dammit, what is it now?

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761733

File: 1399244061645.png (74.71 KB, 335x418, What The Frick Now!.PNG)



>A klaxon of alarms startles Xion from her restless sleep, her body jerking awake from the noise. Any peace of blissful silence and darkness surrendered to the noise, Xion rubs at her head and looks around with a hint of wildness to her eyes.


>She doesn't recognize the place, nor what she sees at first. It isn't until her senses slam back into her that she processes just what is happening, and even moreso, where she is.

…You have to be kidding me…

>A part of her had been hoping everything was a terrible dream, but she never fell asleep during a dream and woke up again while still in it.

>Definitely reality, then.

>With a growl, Xion rolls from the guest bed and quickly pulls on her boots, thrown carelessly to the ground from her arrival earlier.

>She stumbles out of the room, haggard and holding her hands over her ears to block the harsh alarm noise.

>She spies Sasuun exit from his room up the hall and quickly hurries from her end, her eyebrows drawn together in agitation and confusion.

What's going on?!

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761746

File: 1399244690559.jpg (225.38 KB, 500x342, pose_runningoutoftime.jpg)

>Alfred hadn't really been feeling himself, lately.
>Well, you wouldn't be feeling very good, either, if you'd found out that you tried to negotiate, only to be shot into swiss cheese.
>It didn't help that he felt so helpless. Out there were brand new enemies, apparently, with all sorts of weapons that he just did not have access to. All he had was the stupid ring on his finger that he could never get a good grip on how to use. He could make bright flames appear from the gem, but they disappeared shortly after his mind wandered to think about how this could've happened, how his friends could have died, why couldn't he have saved Kiku, Arthur, Matt

>Unable to sleep well that night, he had spent the past few hours digging around his older self's room. It was a lot like his, back at the manor, just smaller. Everything had its place that seemed completely random to any outsider. Glasses shoved at the back of the nightstand, spare socks tucked behind meticulously folded shirts in the wardrobe, there was even what had to be his older version's bomber jacket, hanging on the back of the door.

>It had been through some rough times, though. The 50 on the back had been almost completely torn off, all that was left a portion of the zero, making it look like a 1. The edges were frayed, the fur lining was stained red, and the inside zipper was broken off, leaving the pocket free to be explored.
>… it wasn't snooping around if it was technically his, right?
>He stands on the tips of his bunny slippered toes to reach into the inner pocket of his jacket–
>–only for the most insanely loud of alarms to go off.

>Judging by the shuffling of feet he heard just outside his door, it wasn't set off because he snooped through technically his own belongings.
>Alfred throws the door open and stumbles out into the hallway. It was even louder out here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
>He shouts, his voice somehow audible above the din,
Where's the fire?!
>He looks frantically down the hall, back up–was that Xion talking to Sasuun? Huh, apparently she hadn't grown in ten years. She was destined to look like some flat-chested kid for the rest of her days, poor girl.


File: 1399245183626.png (337.56 KB, 265x544, 147914632.png)

>Sasuun looks over, equally irritated with the alarm, confused himself.

I'm about to find out!

>He turns and starts running for the elevator, motioning for her to follow.

>Turns his head when Alfred appears out of his room.

We don't know yet!

>He also motions Alfred to follow.

>Entering the Elevator and waiting for the two, he'd press the button for floor B15, the elevator moving up one floor.
>As they move up, the alarm only gets louder.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761777

File: 1399246114532.png (54.37 KB, 214x360, DayAlreadyIsTurningOutWeird.PN…)


>The familiar voice draws Xion's attention almost immediately, her head turning to spy a thankfully familiar face.

>Hadn't Sasuun said that Alfred came to the past too?



>She jolts and runs after the two, ending up in the elevator, which Sasuun directs upwards.

>She grits her teeth, the noise grating her ears from how loud and brash it is. What was going on?

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761791

File: 1399246531340.png (35.28 KB, 122x131, face (14).png)

Whaddya mean, you don't know yet?!
>This was his super secret base in the future, right? So why didn't they have robots on hoverboards telling them what was up?
>Not at all wanting to get left behind in the underground complex, Alfred holds his hands over his ears and runs after Sasuun, skidding to a stop inside the elevator.

>Once inside, he takes a deep breath in, leans against the far wall, and exhales. Though he alarm was still dangerously close to making his ears bleed, the ride back up gives him enough time to look down at the hooded figure.

… you're not future Xion, are you!
>he shouts, as they rise, his voice getting more difficult to discern.
>Her face didn't even look like it had aged a bit. That, combined with the panic and surprise, led him to believe that he wasn't the only past person here.
>… which meant that Pinkie was totally flipping his shit back home.

>Or make out with futurey Xion, one of the two.


File: 1399246994358.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>The elevator door opens, and he runs towards the largest door in the hallway.
>Opening it up reveals a large room, an absolutely huge monitor on the far wall.
>In the middle was a long table, rolling chairs surrounding it.
>On the monitor, in big red letters, is the word "DANGER"
>Sasuun runs over to a laptop on one end of the table, and presses a button, switching the monitor to live video of what was going on above the base.
>A large dustcloud, the remains an explosion, were all they could see.
>And as the dust begins to settle, three, familiar figures stand in it.
>Sasuun's eyes widen a little bit.


Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761817

File: 1399247309884.png (48.64 KB, 274x298, I Don't_I Can't.PNG)


>Xion shakes her head and shouts back to the blond, in an attempt to be heard over the ringing alarms.

I'm not! I just showed up yesterday evening!

How'd you get here?! I didn't even see how I got here!


>Unfortunately, the moment the doors to the elevator open, she pushes aside her curiosity to follow Sasuun to the room at the end of the hall.

>Xion narrows her eyes and stares at the screen, a frown tugging at the corner of her lips.

What is that?!

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761829

File: 1399247834813.png (117.88 KB, 500x501, pose (12).png)

>How'd he get there? Oh, he kinda shot himself in the face with a time traveling bazooka and then nearly got shishkabob'd by Sasuun in the middle of the forest after waking up in his own coffin.
>No biggie!

I, uhh…

>Saved by the elevator.
W-wait up!
>Alfred runs after the other, hands still over his ears and making him a little unbalanced while running, but he gets there without tripping over anything.

>Whatever was going on, ittt definitely wasn't good.

>He lowers his hands, one pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, as he leans in and tries to get a better look at the monitor.


File: 1399248125986.jpg (60 KB, 850x1179, sample_7fac2b8c602d7fb561f6d80…)

>With the alarm now being shut off by Sasuun, he turns to face Xion and Alfred.

There's been an explosion just outside one of the entrances to this base.

>Looking back to the monitor, he adds

Judith, Deadpony, and Neptune are out there, likely being attacked.

>He reaches behind him and grips his sword.

I'm going out to help them. With them so close to the entrance, they can't really do much without revealing it to them.

>The dust on the monitor clears, revealing that it is indeed the future versions of the three people Sasuun had mentioned.

>And just as Sasuun had guessed, there are two people with scythes flying in the air above them.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761839

File: 1399248390349.png (54.37 KB, 214x360, DayAlreadyIsTurningOutWeird.PN…)



>Xion blinks in astonishment at who's revealed on the screen, but her bewilderment lasts for a very brief period of time before Sasun's statement finally sinks in.

W-Wait, if you leave you could show them an exit or entrance or whatever! Isn't that just as dangerous?

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761846

File: 1399248631947.jpg (89.29 KB, 500x366, facelistenhereyouchuckelfucks.…)

>Wait, the alarm wasn't on any more. Alfred blinks, clears his throat, and lowers his voice to his still obnoxiously loud, yet much quieter, normal level.
An explosion…? Dude!
>He doesn't bother looking up at the monitor any more; he turns back to Sasuun, pacific blue eyes wide.

>He nods to Xion, agreeing with her statement.
And what'd you want us to do, bro? Sit here and hope it all blows over?!


File: 1399249197729.png (164.47 KB, 354x598, Reckless2HQ.png)

>Looks to Xion.

We have a total of 6 entrances to this base. I could use another one a little ways away from there.

If they found one of our entrances, we could simply collapse it before they got too far.

>And when Alfred asks his question, he simply shrugs.

That's up to you guys. You guys can stay here, or come with me. But decide quickly, it's possible there may not be much time.

>He stands there, waiting for their decision

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761871

File: 1399249521612.png (30.69 KB, 209x174, Ew no nasty pervert thoughts g…)


>The Keyblade Wielder's brow furrows, her gaze briefly catching on the monitors nearby, then back to the two older men of the room.

Then what the heck are we doing standing around here for?! If we need to get outside right now, then let's get outside right now!

>Xion turns and extends a hand, opting to take a third option and use her often-useful dark corridors to slip outside. She feels the darkness around her fingers begin to form, and focuses to make a path in a secluded location aboveground.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761884

File: 1399249997972.jpg (75 KB, 600x506, face (11).jpg)

>Alfred's response is immediate. He whips the red revolver from his jacket pocket, spinning it around one finger to show off before holding it tightly by the grip.
Like hell I'd stay here!
>Even if he was likely to get seriously injured out there, he wasn't going to sit around while two kids fought for him.

>Xion was obviously gonna do some magic thing (and totally refrain from swearing, cute), but Alfred hadn't exactly memorized all the entrances and exits to the compound, so he kinda just waits awkwardly, folding his arms.
What kinda guys are out there? I only saw two enemy weapons, how can it be anybody they can't handle?


File: 1399250626468.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He smiles a bit at Xion's reaction.

Alright, then I leave that to you.

It's the fact that they're trying to keep the entrance hidden as well, that would probably make it difficult.

>Another explosion from above shakes the base, Sasuun looking up with worry.

Alright Xion, let's go.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761904

File: 1399250936003.png (116.23 KB, 356x454, Dark Corridor.png)


You got it!

>With a plume of inky magic and a twisting of unusual spiky tendrils, a corridor opens before them in a whirling rushing noise, forming into a large egg shape that easily towers over the three.

>Xion steps fearlessly through the opening first, emerging in a sheltered place outside of the base, one that likely wouldn't be seen from the battlefront.

>A flash of light forms in Xion's hand, the familiar form of the Keyblade sitting as a heavy weight in her palm. She grips down on it and narrows her eyes, keenly looking towards the sounds of strife.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761909

File: 1399251278278.jpg (162.38 KB, 500x354, gun (1).jpg)

>Even still, there's no way they'd still have that much trouble trying to defend the place…
>Alfred casts his gaze back towards the monitors. His brow furrows.
>… right…?

>… since when could she do that?
>Alfred stares up at the egg shape, blinking stupidly. Xion seems to walk through it just fine, and Sasuun had encouraged her to make whatever it was, so…
>The country takes a deep (unnecessary) breath and holds it as he walks through the corridor. He doesn't stop until he's directly behind the hooded girl. He peers over her, looking the opposite way, just trying to figure out what's going on.


File: 1399251827188.jpg (1.25 MB, 2492x2689, Reckless.Fist.(Raven).full.135…)

>Runs behind them, through the corridor.
>Arriving on the other side, Sasuun would draw his blade, another explosion coming from nearby.

Alright, lets go!

>He runs towards the exit of the small building they appeared in, the three they saw on the monitor a short distance away, through a short path.

>The entire area around them looks like and abandoned storage area.
>Warehouses upon warehouses that look old, and are completely empty.
>Sasuun runs down the path, skidding to a stop at the end of it.

I'm here, guys! Lets just get rid of these guys!

>He catches the attention of their friends, but something he should've been, but wasn't exactly expecting happens.

>Judith and Deadpony go to reply, but are quickly engulfed in an all too familiar, pink smoke.
>The third person, Neptune, remains for some reason.
>Sasuun stares, not wanting to believe what he's seeing.


Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761928

File: 1399252044800.png (37.04 KB, 227x212, And then the bass dropped.png)


Wh-hey, wait up-!

>Xion runs after Sasuun, blade in hand and coat flaring out behind her as she runs. Her heels click across the hard ground, though her feet ache from running in her heeled boots for so long.

>She really needed some new ones eventually.

>Though she lags behind Sasuun and his head start, when she draws closer and skids to a stop aside him, she spies the plumes of smoke erupt on the battlefield and stares in astonishment.


Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761938

File: 1399252376524.png (33.06 KB, 111x131, face (6).png)

>Ugh, why was there always so much running?!
>Bringing up the rear (because he was still in his stupid bunny slippers and couldn't go much faster), Alfred follows close behind Xion and Sasuun, holding his revolver at his side, just in case somebody sneaks up on them and he has to whip out a can of gun-fu.
>They stopped way too soon, for him; he nearly runs right into the girl. He stumbles out of the way before they can collide and casts his gaze towards the battlefield.

>Pink smoke?

… shit.

>He really should've hid that stupid bazooka.


File: 1399252454411.jpg (68.34 KB, 207x286, I came here to kick ass and ch…)


>Neptune looks left and then right for enemies…her sword hoisted up high

>but suddenly her two allies vanished in a puff of smoke and she turned around, looking astonished and confused

…well crap, this isn't good.


>seeing the arrival of the two from the past and Sasuun, she waved the smoke out of her face, coughing quite a bit


Are you all alright?

>Neptune asked the group that had just arrived in a concerned tone, as, although she was concerned for her friends who vanished, she wanted to make sure no one else was about to

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 761948

File: 1399252692991.png (115.26 KB, 500x220, hB7D211AD.png)

Well I don't know Mr. Piggy. Where do you think we should go today?

Well Mrs. Bear, I've been just eager to go try that lovely new dinner down the lane. Perhaps you would-

>As the smoke clears Deadpony suddenly stops himself mid sentence. Slowly he looks up from the toy dolls in his hands. Both of which dressed in rather elegant clothing. It didn't take long for him to realize that he was no longer gazing at the floor of the manor, but was now outside. His head shifts from one direction to another before he stops and looks back down to the dolls in his hand.


>He then notices that his playmate is no longer with him, and then moves to address the rest of the group. Lifting his head he looks over toward Alfred in particular before letting out a rather blank tone.

Let's face it this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 761951

File: 1399252839435.jpg (224.04 KB, 544x600, 16594946_m.jpg)

>The smock around where Judith once stood clears to show a younger woman now stood where she was.

……What the?

>She looks like she was in the middle of a jog and had a backpack full of bricks on her back.

>Blink Blink…
>Looking around sees she's no longer in the bunt forest around them and is somewhere else entirely.
>Instead of looking around in wonder she frowns and states her annoyance verbally.

Ooooooh the fuck's going on now?

>Someone's gonna pay for this she's sure…

>turn to the closet person, which would be poor Neptune at the moment, she shoots her a glare as she grabs her spear.

Who the hell are you and why the hell did you bring me here!? I have a kid, a mansion, and a training schedule to take care of damn it!!

>The apperace of Xion, Wade, and Alf only compound her annoyance.

Either this is a prank or I'm being kidnapped… a-fucking-gain…


File: 1399253283182.png (196.45 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lolhm1b2j81qmnz3xo1_500…)

>Stares in absolute confusion, and is at a complete loss for words.
>This has been progressively getting worse and worse, Sasuun looking around at the two newcomers.
>However, he's relieved at least one person from his time stayed behind.

..Oh my god..

>He simply continues to stare, only able to mutter those three words.

>But that's fine, because someone else was about to do the talking.
>Flying high above them, are two men in black uniforms.
>The one with pink hair on the left smirks, and talks loudly.

Oi, Tazaru, a couple of the big guys got smaller! What's going on?

>The black man on the right replies

I don't know, Nozaru, but does it really matter? They're going to die here anyway.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 761974

File: 1399253663703.png (27.23 KB, 199x222, Euhhhhh.PNG)


>Xion stares at Dead in particular, blinking slowly from the sight of the grown man playing with dolls clearly meant for young girls.



Hijacked is more like it, we're in the future-!

>Xion calls out to the woman with a wave of her arm, the ire in Judith's tone, at least for now, lost on her.


>Before she can elaborate further, the figures above them speak, both holding impressive scythes that reminded Xion of another figure in her past…especially the one with the pink hair.

>She blinks,

>Actually, with that smirk

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 761981

File: 1399254432269.jpg (196.37 KB, 500x556, gun (5).jpg)

>Alfred blinks stupidly at Neptune. Well, there was still one person from the future here. Might as well be the video game lady, right? He gives a half-hearted shrug in response.
>Now that was definitely the Deadpony he knew. It was comforting to have somebody he was good friends with in the bizarre future, even if they suddenly revealed a love of children's toys.
>The American covers his mouth to hide his snickering.
Dude, I think this still ranks up there in the top ten.
>He regards Judith with a flat frown.
Nah, ladybro, you're just in the future.

>No time to reunite, there were two dudes above 'em that looked hellbent on causing some death.
>Alfred raises his revolver without another moment's hesitation, steps out into plain view,
Yo, pink hair!
>and fires!
>Roll 1d1000 = 187 evens, hits!


File: 1399254895884.jpg (86.64 KB, 500x708, tumblr_n3wcxqQ2Zf1r7ska6o1_500…)


>Hijacked? Oh shit that bazooka…

>suddenly shouted at and glared at

>she just sighs and tries to think of something to say

Judith, calm down, your children should be safe with Alton.


>She sighs, and rolls her eyes thinking "Nice aiming Alf…" she could help but feel a bit of relief in the fact that she saw him ALIVE and well again though, it was refreshing


>"They're going to die here anyway"

>No, no they weren't, she wasn't going to let anyone else die again, she hadn't been able to do anything as the other goddesses, even Plutia and Peashy, had perished, these people here, whether they be from the past or the future, were all the family she had left

>She aims her blade up at the Bearded one, and a bolt of lightning shoots out of her blade towards him

Roll 1d1000 = 101

>if successful, she then slashes her sword horizontally, and the bolt of lightning flies towards the Pink haired one, aiming to hit him before it would vanish

Roll 1d1000 = 530

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 761991

File: 1399255308413.png (21.06 KB, 238x245, 1374012325823.png)

>Looking up at Judith, dolls still in hand he lets out a sigh.

Sister if this was a prank I sure as hell with I was in on it.

>Of course then Al's response causes him to put them away into his belt.

Well what do you expect me to do with my kid all day teach them how to shoot!? I can barely handle one of them as it is without the other one being combat ready!

>He pants before his attention is drawn to the two men in the sky.

>Looking up at them he appears to be indifferent to their presence. His eyes shift from one to the other as he examines them thoroughly. The scythes could mean anything, a common weapon amongst people claiming to be death or possessing a foundness for killing. The black cloaks also gave this message. However it was the color of the weapons themselves that gave the biggest clue. Pink is often a color of love, passion, or flamboyancy.

Ok I'm gonna take one guess and say that you two are in some way related to Grell, am I warm?

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 762567

File: 1399332195724.png (164.27 KB, 627x600, Really____fucking really.png)

>She's in the future. Well that's just wonderful, now she's super late for dinner and a whole bunch of other things.

>Though of her kids being safe with her husband puts her at ease… wait.

Wait children? As in more then one?

>given how he acted around Val, having another didn't seem like a possibility.

>And people were threatening their lives. Again with this, she'll have to grill the others for info later. Right now it was time to kick ass.

Well I did need to finish my exercise. Guess you'll both have to do.

>Being in the air wasn't a good thing for the two. They were going to be in for a shocker.

Thunder Moon!

>Judith sends a large bolt of lightening into the sky aiming for the both of them.

>evens Tazaru Roll 1d1000 = 202

>Odds Nozaru Roll 1d1000 = 573


File: 1399345076668.png (273.45 KB, 475x351, sdfgsdfg.png)

>The one with the pink hair swings his scythe, the red flames on it completely destroying the bullet before it even touches the blade.
>And at the same time, the one with the beard simply flies out of the way of the lightning, it flying right past him.
>They both look at each other, and nod, before each of them swing their scythes, sending a sharp blade of fire at both of them.
>Odds for Neptune Roll 1d1000 = 646
>Odds for Alfred Roll 1d1000 = 551


>Both of them are struck by the powerful lightning, almost losing control of their flight.

>They both fly down, swinging their scythes at her chest, aiming for a duo attack. Odds Roll 1d1000 = 317

>Nozaru looks down to him, confused.


>He looks to his brother, Tazaru, hoping he'd have an answer.

Don't ask me. I don't keep track of all the runts we've had to kill.

>He smirks.

It's good to know that the last of our prey have gathered in one spot though. Makes our search just that much easier.

>Sasuun looks over to Xion for a moment, wondering what she'd be thinking about.
>But he quickly looks back to the two men, anger filling his face.
>He walks forward, reaching behind him and grabbing onto his blade.
>His orange, odd-looking arm starts to light with flames, him clenching his fist.
>He stops a little ways away from the people floating above them, and he looks up at them with a glare.
>Then, his sword bursts into powerful red flames, powerful enough that it creates a strong wind that blows his hair and jacket violently.
>The amount of lives he felt he needed to protect continued to grow, and he didn't want the child versions of everyone in the past to get caught up in all of this.


>He leaps high into the air, flying up at them with insane speed.

>Spinning around once, he'd slash at Nozaru. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 700
>>If successful, he lights his ring with fire, shoving it into a box on his belt, a single shield, with a bone outside ring, and a translucent center, coming out.
>>It positions itself underneath Sasuun as he begins to descend, him jumping off and going for another slash, this one aimed at Tazaru. Evens Roll 1d1000 = 422

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 762761

File: 1399347043122.png (34.57 KB, 271x262, But Today Isn't Soft Serve Day…)


>Unlike the others leaping to action, Xion remains alert but armed with her Keyblade. Her eyes are narrowed in though, before she dispels her musings with a shake of her head.

>She could dwell on the past (or her past) later!


>The Keyblade Wielder darts to the red mercenary's location and skids to a stop, her Keyblade still held aloft and at the ready.

>To his question, she shakes her head.

Whoever they are, they're part of the people who've been killing and hunting Manor residents for a while now, a-and-


>Before Xion can extrapolate any more, she hears Sasuun release an enraged yell. She watches in awe as he not only delivers an impressive slash to Nozaru, but delivers in turn another devastating blow to Tazaru as well.


FoxTrott!uvadBiRdiE 762797

File: 1399349238547.jpg (259.05 KB, 600x800, gun (3).jpg)

>Dude, seriously, he couldn't even aim straight when he was in the future?! Lame!
>Alfred grits his teeth and pulls his weapon back. These guys were tougher than they looked, just absorbing the damn bullet like that, and then slashing back at him why was he still standing still–!!
>Alfred's knocked over by the pure force from the slice of fire, it dissipating, luckily, before it starts anything on his jacket. He hits the ground with a grunt and wipes the embers off his front. From there, he gets a perfect view of Sasuun kicking the everloving shit out of both the scythe weilders.

… damn.
>he whistles, impressed.

>The country pushes himself to his feet, rolling his eyes at the mercenary's ramblings.
Dude, considering one of 'em's already grabbing the pants off people as they wear 'em, I think you should teach the other one a thing or two about a gun, instead of Miss Nesbit's tea time or whatever.
>This was why Alfred didn't have children.

>He steps towards the murderers on the ground, places one foot squarely on Tazaru's chest, points the revolver at his brother's head, and puts on his best serious face. It didn't even take that much work; considering these two had been genuinely trying to kill the others earlier, beneath the jokes and his own inability to aim, was a tight frown and a no-nonsense demeanor to avoid the loss of any more life.

So, either of you wanna tell us why you're here?
>In a practiced motion, he pulls back the hammer, primed to fire at one, though his lazy gaze is set on the other.
… besides the obvious.


File: 1399373773629.jpg (138.24 KB, 338x600, 42810276_m.jpg)


>Neptune jumps out of the way of the fireblade with ease

>Only to see Sasuun leap into the air and slash both Nozaru and Tazaru pretty roughly

>She gave a sigh of relief

Still got a lot in you, huh Sas?


So any bright suggestions on what we do from here?

We've already got 4 people from the past here with us and considering how shitty everything is, we've pretty much screwed the pooch on the whole"get them home before we cause a time paradox"

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 762918

File: 1399391530632.jpg (18.44 KB, 639x348, Celestia Sunbutt, how horrifyi…)

The future!? AGAIN!?

>Putting his hands to his head, Wade would pressing against it as he paces back and forth.

Again!? Oh my Celestia! Just please-

>He looks over to the pinkhaired one who appears to know what's going on. His hands now before him in a praying manner.

Just tell me we're not in the triple digits here. I really, REALLY don't want to have to go through that shit again.

>He seperates his hands and points a flat palm at Alfred, still looking at Neptune.

I mean yeah this time the one with the Brooklyn accent has super strength.

>He then slides his arms so his pointing is shifted between Judith and Xion.

And we got two chicks to prevent the sausage fest label. But I really…REALLY don't want to be without pancakes again.

>His displeasure of the situation actually blinding him to the spectacular display above him. Of course seeing reapers getting their butt kicked was nothing new to him.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 763267

File: 1399420446271.jpg (63.07 KB, 181x253, I wonder.jpg)

>Judith growls as she gets slashes by the both of them..

Damn it…

>Though as the mystery man beats the stuffing out of them, she takes two bricks out of her bag and throows them at the two men as they're down.


>Odds Tazaru. Roll 1d1000 = 98

>Evens Nozura Roll 1d1000 = 864

>Looking to Neptune and the others Judith thinks of a battle plan. There was too much she and a few others didn't really know. She needed to learn everything before that..

We flee. fail that, we brake these guys' legs and flee some more.

>She looks to Sas and Neptune.

Then you're both going to fill me in on what in blue blazes if going on here!

>She looks to Xion with a more calmer and less agitated expression.

Can you get us to a safer place Xion?


File: 1399421077985.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun spins through the air, landing on the ground and sliding to a stop.
>He spins his sword around, before sliding it into the pouch on his back.
>Turns around, and watches as Alfred does his work.
>Sasuun decides to leave him be. Even Alfred could handle this.

>Looks over to Neptune when she asks her question, and just sighs.

I have no idea.

This could potentially be a good thing, but if both of us get switched as well, then..

>He looks around at the group of youngsters.

..I don't know what will happen.

>And there was still one survivor missing. If he got switched already, he could already be dead by now.

>Sasuun sighs, looking back over at what Alfred was doing.

>Only to see some bricks thrown at them.
>Sasuun simply nods at Judith, before turning back to watch Alfred.


>They both look down at Sas as he flies up, smirks on their faces.
>..Until they see who it is.

Shit! It's the storm guy-!

>Nozaru tries to fly out of the way, but that only makes the attack worse, slicing right at his side and sending him falling towards the ground.


>With Tazaru's attention focused elsewhere, it allows Sasuun another devastating blow, sending him falling down to the ground as well.

>They both land with a thud, laying in pain.

What the..

>And having bricks thrown at them definitely didn't help.
>Tazaru manages to roll out of the way, but Nozaru is pegged in the face by the flying brick.

>Then Alfred stepping on Tazaru, as well as pointing a gun at the squirming Nozaru, just made their situation worse.
>They both just stare, not saying a word.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 763308

File: 1399423193526.png (48.64 KB, 274x298, I Don't_I Can't.PNG)


>At Judith's question, Xion nods hesitantly.

I can, but…


>Xion looks back to the men, both held at bay by Alfred's steadily trained gun, and subdued by Sasuun's already powerful attack.

>She rubs at her ring with a frown and approaches them, standing aside Alfred for now as she looks down at them both.

I think if we want some answers that matter, these guys need to give them to us. We'll need to take them with us to get anything valuable, first off.


>And fast, considering they only had people there to help them for nobody knew how long.

>Xion focuses her magic through her own ring with a furrow of her brows, once again imagining a pair of shackles. The ring flares indigo in response, and…

>Roll 1d1000 = 931

>odds, the shackles appear before her, which she grabs with a swipe

>if odds, she approaches Nozaru first with a hard stare and a clatter of metal from the illusionary items in her hands.

Hands out, big guy.

>evens, she needs to focus for a little longer, still unused to using the ring properly.

FoxTrott!uvadBiRdiE 763343

File: 1399424715332.jpg (101.7 KB, 500x625, face (22).jpg)

>Alfred raises an eyebrow and takes his gaze briefly off the two to stare at the mercenary.
Is my accent seriously that strong, bro?
>He starts. Did the lady of the manor seriously just chuck bricks at them?
>… better question, why did she carry those around?!

>He continues to stare down at them both, brow furrowed in thought.
>Sas said it was some mafia family that was after them, right? Maresomethingorother. These two were obviously apart of it. They could figure out the headquarters through these two, or arrange for some kind of hostage negotiation, or something… anything to make sure this time was safe for the remaining manor residents. Maybe make a new manor once it was all over with, too.

These guys aren't talking in the first place, ladybro. We're gonna need to do more than just bring them back and ask nicely.
>He flicks his gaze to the side to notice Xion focusing intently on… a ring? He had one like that, too! Except it wasn't like a Green Lantern ring, like hers was…
>He continues to point his gun at Nozaru and resumes glare down at Tazaru. He addresses the group as a whole with a question he's pretty sure he knows the answer to,
Anybody else have one of those Vongola rings…?


File: 1399425504968.jpg (34.55 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n3vyixx5zw1snqzhto1_500…)


Honestly, I always thought you sounded Hawaiian

>Neptune shrugs


>she stretches and sighs slightly

well depends on how far back you're from, it's the year 2024 now


Fleeing? That's just not our style!

And I'd gladly I'll gladly fill you in: you're in the future, everyone's dead.
Well except us, obviously, and anyone you see, but otherwise, everyone's dead.


Well then the best thing to do in case we DO get switched out…

right down the situation, all of our plans, and everything else for our past selves to find,


So should we just take these two schythe guys prisoner in the base, or do you think they have some osrt of tracking device in them?

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 763382

File: 1399426609403.jpg (61.24 KB, 512x342, deadpool___lighting_edit_by_la…)

>Still, at least this time he had others to share his burden. Though the entire situation did nothing if not make him nostilgic.

>Then it happened. The magic words to get Wade's attention.

>Everyone's Dead.


>It was here Wade started pulling two and two together. Ten years in the future. The six of them here fighting these people with no manor in sight. Even if this future had not happened to him yet that still left the very open possibility that it might. Of course he also knew himself. If anyone were to take his kill from him, especially the possibility of one so personal he would be very disgruntled. Still, these men clearly needed to be punished.

I got a way to find out.

>Taking out a sword he takes a few steps closer to the men in question. His voice now a drasticly different tone then his carefree one mere seconds ago.

What say we slice off their skin just to make sure they don't have anything underneath. Better safe then sorry right?

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 763389

File: 1399427581702.jpg (29.4 KB, 248x279, you annoy me.jpg)

>With a nod at Xions suggestion,, Judith puts away her weapon.

Fair enough, once know what's going on we can–

>And had not Neptune told Judith her children and were safe prior to that, she'd would have flipped.


>Her little bother and her "sister in law"…

>Her ire matches Wade's and she shakes her head.

That would not be long enough, poke at them with sharp objects and putting salt in the wounds would be better.


File: 1399428110156.jpg (60 KB, 850x1179, sample_7fac2b8c602d7fb561f6d80…)

>Looks over to Alfred as he asks his question.
>Rubs the back of his neck.

Neptune and I.. used to. We all destroyed them awhile ago when they started to cause too much conflict.

>Looks around at everyone, sighing as he sees that noone else bothered to answer.

Everyone else here should have one, if they had it with them when they switched with their future selves.

>He nods to her.

Yeah, that would probably be a good idea.

Also, since you're the only one who actually seemed to make it back, I'll have to talk to you about how your trip went later.

>Then also makes a note about her last comment.

It would probably be better if we took them somewhere else. People could be watching, they could have tracking devices, or even be able to communicate if they have a mist illusionist.

>Sasuun just kinda watches as these three do their work.
>They're not bad, even compared the the ten year older versions of them he knows.
>He crosses his arms, and just watches.


File: 1399428528225.jpg (40.89 KB, 225x350, 43334.jpg)

>Nozaru looks between Xion's shackles and Alfred's gun.
>This really wasn't looking good for them.
>Nozaru doesn't hold out his arms, and says in a snarky tone.

Oi, you think you can threaten us? You're just a bunch of kids! You think that illusion will be enough to hold me?

>He then looks over to Alfred.

Go ahead! Shoot me! You'll just have more of us Black Spell to deal with!

>Black Spell? Maybe a subdivision of the Millefiore? Xion saw one of them wearing a white uniform instead of a black one, so it's entirely possible.

>Tazaru goes to respond to these two.

Heh.. do your worst. We won't stoop so low to tell you anything. Who do you think we are?

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 763483

File: 1399432165010.jpg (122.08 KB, 578x711, YouDidNOTJustGoThere.jpg)


>Xion tries to ignore the others, but visibly flinches at the mention of 'everyone's dead'. Her memory swipes back to the house in Valorcall, the destruction of what must have been a grand interior at the time, the skeletons littering around the ruined building…

>One of them being pitch black instead of a grimy yellowish-white.

>She needed to keep a cool head. The others, or particularly Deadpony and Judith already sounded like they were ready to commit some homicides or at the very least some kind of torture.

>Alfred so far proved to be the most resistant to being unnecessarily cruel, despite him being the first here.

>Xion didn't agree with cruelty, even if the people they were dealing with had to have been scumbags of the highest degree.



>They destroyed their rings? Why?

>Xion opens her mouth to ask-


>Xion stares at the man after his waspish response is thrown back in her face, her blue eyes hard as sapphires as the corner of her mouth turns down.

>She looks to the shackles, then to the obstinate man sitting before her. Her brow furrows, as if she's clearly contemplating something that required great thought.

>Roll 1d1000 = 544

>odds, smacks the man across the face with the heavy and hard metal shackles, enough to make an audible muffled whapping sound

>if success, she grabs him by the collar and glares down at him imperiously

>A feat, given how small she is in comparison.

It was enough to give you that nice bruise on your face, wasn't it? I'm not in the best of moods right now, guy.

>Her eyes narrow

Hands, now.

>if evens, failure at your discretion Sas


>Hawaiian? Seriously?! He'd been talking like this years before he even adopted those islands! He does his best to ignore that comment, choosing to pout instead.

We could take 'em elsewhere to be safe, set up a watch or something, just–

–whoa, whoa, whoa!

>Still keeping one down with a foot and the other from making any sudden movements with his gun, Alfred can only briefly shoot a glare at Judith and Deadpony as they make their threats.

Put down the sword, dude, and no more bricks, woman!

Why'd you guys destroy 'em?

>he asks, turning his head back to face the brothers, but clearly speaking to Sasuun.

Seems like they could've been useful about now…

C'mon, bro, if we were really a bunch of kids and you were as strong as you say, you would've gotten up by now.
>He rolls his eyes at Nozaru.
I'll shoot if you don't give us some info soon.
>While Xion deals with that one, Alfred looks back down at Tazaru. He presses his foot down harder, putting more of his weight into it, right over the man's ribcage.

We think you're gonna tell us who the Black Spell are 'cause you like having all your bones in one piece!


File: 1399493667296.png (135.51 KB, 500x430, tumblr_n3w783BWdb1s46dn0o1_500…)


>She nods a bit as she rubs her chin and thinks a bit

>she stops thinking for a moment to respond to what he'd said earlier

Alright, but let's not think "Later" right now, instead we should be thinking "As soon as possible", because if at literally any moment we could poof like the other four…


>Somehow Neptune manages to tune out most of this

Excellent ideas everyone

>she said rolling her eyes slightly

Look, let's just leave these two alone like this and head back
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Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 763883

File: 1399497967740.png (291.84 KB, 320x337, tumblr_mdr9aqXWHk1ry01upo1_400…)

Come on Judith, we're not trying to torture them. Just trying to make sure they have nothing that can cry back home to mommy and daddy.

>Without even looking at Alfred he just steps closer to Tazaru.

Why should I? These men didn't seem to have the decency to put their weapons down when faced with a small child. It's like that book you're people are always trying to shove down people's throats.

>He squints his eyes as he stares down to Tarazu.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

>And of course there was the men themselves. Personally in his current mind set he had no real grudge against them. Yet in the small period of his arrival he knew all he needed to. He had dealt with men like this before. They knew only one thing would make them talk. Raising his sword he moves to jam his sword into Tazaru's shoulder as he grabs his shirt collar.

Roll 1d1000 = 388 Evens.

>If hit he leans forward, his forehead just barely touching his victim's as he looks over him.

I think I'm talking to a man who's about to be missing an arm.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 763923

File: 1399502346470.jpg (63.5 KB, 180x257, serious.jpg)

>Judith's Thunder Ring was on a necklace along with her wedding band and engagement ring. She was always worried she's brake them on someone's face one day so it was better to have them there.

>The woman scoffs.

Fine don't talk, I'm sure we could use some undead meatshields instead. You know, to pay back all you and yours have done.

Or maybe you should listen to Xion here and put the cuffs on?

>Judith shoots a glare right back.

Give me one good reason we should kill these two off and not have them report this new development to their higher ups?

I don't think we're in a position to take any chances.

>As Wade stabs Tazaru's arm, Judith points sighs and leans on her weapon.

I'm just in a foul mood, can't help my temper at the moment.

I'm pretty sure we're like minded in that regard at the moment.


File: 1399512044807.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Looks over to Alfred.

We destroyed them because we found out that's what they were after.

>Looks between these two and Alfred, going to answer his question.

I know that much.

The Millefiore are split into two divisions, Black Spell and White Spell. I believe they were split that way because of how they were created, but I can't be sure.

You got a point..

Alright, as soon as we get back, then.

>He nods to her.


File: 1399512543598.png (273.45 KB, 475x351, sdfgsdfg.png)

>As she swing her shackles, Nozaru swings himself backwards, out of the way.
>Then, the shackles simply fly out of Xions hands, heading straight for Alfred, and nailing him in the back of the head.

Haha! Watch where you're aiming there!

>Both Nozaru and Tazaru laugh at Alfred, Nozaru rolling over onto his side, which in turn causes him pain from where Sasuun had struck him.

>With Sasuun answering his question, he doesn't need to say anything.
>He doesn't even begin to try to finish what he said, simply smirking up at Alfred

>That is, until he's stabbed in the shoulder.


>He holds onto his shoulder in pain.

>And neither of them answer Judith, in too much pain to do or say anything.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 764086

File: 1399517093379.png (49.08 KB, 210x217, COME ON_I ROLLED ODDS.PNG)



>Xion feels her grip loosen, the heavy shackles flying from her hand and smacking Alfred right in the face.

>She winces and hurries to him, quickly scooping up the fallen shackles on the ground.


Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Alfred, I was trying to hit that other guy I swear-!


>Before Xion can get turned around, however, she catches the tail end of Neptune's suggestion, and visibly balks when she hears the older Sasuun agree.



>And now everything was getting super violent now, with Judith threatening to kill the men for the heck of it.

>Xion rushes forward and throws her arms out, the shackles jingling in her hands.

Wait a second, we can't kill them and we sure as heck can't just leave them here too!

>She shoots a glare to the two future dwellers and points accusingly at them, one set of shackles jingling in her hands.

I asked you why you guys didn't seem to know anything about what happened or why they were hunting manor residents, or why they killed everyone!

Then you have the nerve to at least know these losers and what their group is called-

>She gestures to the two men, then throws her arm aside again.

And suggest to let them go when they were so gung ho about killing us!

Why?! Are they part of the group that's been hunting everyone? Are they just some punks in this world that think they're all that and a bag of chips?

I don't know, but I know they want to kill us and that we shouldn't let them go in case they come back with backup later on! Or if they actually know something important!

>The Keyblade Wielder glares, her blue eyes flaring from her agitation.

How the heck do you expect to learn anything if you won't even take prisoners to get information?! I saw the destruction! I saw that manor, the burned down remains of it when the other day I was walking through the foyer to get breakfast! I saw a place Crona and I have been working on, finished and abandoned because everyone inside it was dead! And that's only from my first day here!

>Xion fumes and holds up the cuffs.

So can we please come to some kind of sense and do something that makes sense?!

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 764116

File: 1399519378422.jpg (55.37 KB, 500x557, pose (13).jpg)

>This wasn't making any more sense. Why were two groups splitting up based on colors? Why were they after the rings?
>Why was everything suddenly going to hell?
We're not leaving them behind, we can't interrogate them if they're dea–dude, Deadpony, what the hell's your proble–!?

>With little fanfare, Alfred gets beaned in the back of the head by a pair of heavy metal shackles. He stumbles forward, tripping over one of the brothers and landing painfully on his gorgeous face. Roll 1d2 = 1 1 and only 1, he drops his revolver as well.
>He rolls over as the hooded girl goes on her rant, shouting and flailing heavy metal implements that hopefully wouldn't go anywhere near his head again. She said pretty much everything he wanted to say, just with less vulgarity.

Xion's right.
>Alfred murmurs, rubbing the back of his head.
So get your sword out of him, put that spear down, and let's just talk before anybody else gets a concussion.


File: 1399521721317.jpg (174.22 KB, 524x600, 26008672_m.jpg)


>Neptune just sighs and shakes her head slightly

>shrugging slightly, not really having cared that Deadpony had stabbed the goon in the shoulder


>Neptune sighs slightly, oh this was going to take longer than she'd expect

…we'll just have to find one of the abandoned buildings in what's left of the Town to interrogate them in then.

Make it into a sort of secondary base.

I'll explain the very little that I DO know as we head out there, alright?

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 764192

File: 1399523460064.jpg (164.75 KB, 945x587, Who ate my tacos.jpg)

..my problem?
>He glares to Alfred as he continues to hold on to Tazaru's shirt color.

My problem is that I'm having happy tea party with my kid only to suddenly be thrusted into a backwards ass future where not only is he dead, but so is apparently everyone else I've even thought about caring about. Now here I am trying to get some damn answers from someone who might actually know something and everyone's giving me the stink eye. So all of you back off!

>His eyes focus back to Tazaru as he leans in close. His eyes staring dead into his victim's.

That blade would have sliced clean through your rotator cuff. With enough surgery and happy thought's you'll be able to regain function of it. Now for every minute that goes by I'm gonna do the same to another limb until we get a matching set. Then I'm gonna let future me deal with you, and something tells me he's not going to be so nice.

Roll 1d1000 = 578 Evens intimidation.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 764734

File: 1399590081377.gif (7.27 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_myu486ChBv1sptvx…)

>After everyone's protests to not kill these guys on the spot, Judith just holds up her hands and takes a deeeeeeeeeeeep breath.




Ok, ok… just give me a moment to calm down…

>with everything hitting her as hard as it had now, it was hard to keep her cool.


>Suggesting being them to another location give her something else to think about.

Right, we'll take them with us then…

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 764819

>Sasuun just silently watches this unfold.
>Everyone seems to be on board woth the whole "dont kill them" bit, which is probably their smartest option right now.

>Sasuun also nods at Neptunes statement.

We'll explain absolutely everything we know, what's currently going on, and what we know about these guys. You guys can deal with these two in any way you want, so long as it's done somewhere other than the base.

>He looks down to Nozaru and Tazaru, and sighs.

I doubt mere grunts like this will know anything we don't though


File: 1399597009126.png (251.43 KB, 474x357, untitled.png)

>Nozaru and Tazaru just kinda watch them as they fight over what to do with them, looking at each other and giving a quick nod.

>But it doesn't last long, as Tazaru gets a little too close to Deadpony's face, and is about ready to give him a little punch of his own.

Scary, aren't ya? Sure, act tough now, but you wouldn't last three days in this place.

>Meanwhile, Nozaru pulses the flames on his ring, but for what reason, it isn't apparent.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 764842

File: 1399597687624.jpg (200.3 KB, 674x671, DudeYouArePushingIt.jpg)


>Xion grunts under her breath and thrusts a pair of cuffs around Dead's neck as she walks past.

>She doesn't give him orders; from how Crona talked about him, why even bother?


>Instead, she focuses on Nozaru, her own ring flaring up indigo.

>She tosses the shackles at his feet, her gaze never leaving his face.

Last chance; put them on or things are gonna get hairy in a second.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 764846

File: 1399598480992.jpg (212.06 KB, 500x642, pose_dramaticwalkingtowardsthe…)

>Alfred glares right back at the mercenary, picking up his revolver as he replies,
Dude, just 'cause this's how the future looks now, doesn't mean we can't change how it'll be for us.
>As incomprehensible as that sentence was, to him, it made perfect sense.
Slice and Matilda aren't dead for you you, so calm down!

>At Neptune's suggestion, he nods, and glances around at the others. Things were tense, but nobody else seemed to be stabbing the two hostages, so things were looking up.

>At their acting up, Alfred spins the revolver around his finger, before pointing it at Roll 1d2 = 1 1 Nozaru 2 Tazaru.
No funny business.


File: 1399599515810.jpg (34.55 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n3vyixx5zw1snqzhto1_500…)


>Neptune stretches a bit and looks at Sas

I'm guessing they'll want us to explain asap, so why don't we head to where ever they're going to do the interrogation and explain on the way?

>she sighs and shrugs slightly

I mean it's not like there's much we can say that these punks' bosses don't know about already.

>she puts her hands behind her head

so let's get going, alright?

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 764902

File: 1399606991730.gif (40.09 KB, 188x400, deadpool.gif)

Then that just gives me three days to take play with you then, eh tough guy?

>He reals his head back to deliver a head butt.

>However it is Al's words that give him pause. It is true, they were rather forcefully pulled into the future. In his time both his children and Glorya were still very much alive. His fatherly rage is calmed for a moment to give him a clearer head. Nothing was going to get done if he was acting like a murduring phycopath.

…Yer right Al…

>He drops Tazaru before removing his sword from his shoulder. After seathing it he uses his now free hand to rub his head.

Ok first things first are we in anyway dealing with giant ducks who have banished all breakfast foods? Cause if so I've got this covered.

>He moves his head around to observe the group as if expecting an honest answer from that.


File: 1399664975899.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

Yeah, that'd be a good idea.

>He nods to Neptune.

>Looks to Deadpony as he asks his question, and just kinda sighs.

..No, there are no giant ducks.

>He walks over to these two, and stares down at them.

Let's go. If you don't start walking, I'll kick you all the way there.

>Nozaru and Tazaru actually look scared, and get slowly get up, following behind him.

>Sasuun just turns and starts walking, not knowing exactly where he should be going right now.


Not making a Nozaru/Tazaru post, so go ahead

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 765336

File: 1399668702254.jpg (139.57 KB, 500x500, Because This Can't Be Wiped Aw…)


>Xion takes a deep breath. Alfred was right, and she had said so herself when she met Sasuun after her harrowing journey through the futuristic world. They were from the past, the capability of change rested with them for as long as they had the capability to return to the past and set things right.

>Assuming they could return to the past at all, for starters. If they couldn't, this was still the reality they had to deal with.

>A reality where their loved ones were likely dead.


>Xion stares at Neptune, then shoots a glance with a raised eyebrow at Sasuun. She highly doubted that the two they caught didn't know anything. If they were just out to kill them, there had to be a reason behind it.

>A reason that one of their two future hosts had claimed he didn't know, at that.


>At least some things didn't change.


>With a sigh, Xion dispels her illusions, the two shackles bursting in indigo flames as she walks along.

>She makes a new portal ahead of them, this one leading to the warehouse she arrived in when she came to this world.

We'll go here. It should be nice and quiet for what we want to do.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 765375

File: 1399677479327.png (53.35 KB, 160x160, face_whatreyoutalkingabout.png)

>Alfred breathes out a sigh of relief once Deadpony backs off. Granted, without the sword through his shoulder, he was gonna suffer from some serious blood loss, but that was better than suffering from a complete lack of skin. The American reaches over and gives his friend a good pat on the shoulder.
>In regards to his question, however…
>He turns to look at Sasuun, and raises an eyebrow.
Do we still have poptarts?

>With the rest of the group more than ready to move on, Alfred lowers his gun, and glances towards the dark corridor. Something comes to mind that concerns him.

… what're we gonna do with 'em when we're done, though?
>Or if, heaven forbid, when they didn't get any information…


File: 1399677734001.jpg (174.22 KB, 524x600, 26008672_m.jpg)


>Neptune stretched a bit

Alright, to the warehouse it is

>Neptune stretched a bit and yawned, before starting to walk that way


…I don't know, tie them up and cover them in bird seed, coming back several days later to see them pecked to death by crows?

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 765464

File: 1399686181852.jpg (25.73 KB, 637x349, But why.jpg)

>His hand now rests on the edge of his sword. Ever prepared for if anything unexpected were to happen.

Alright, Degenerate Avengers Assemble!

>He sais the group as a whole as he follows them into the portal.

>As they depart however, Wade turns his head over to Al.

Hey man, I'm actually pretty glad you're here. These time traveling adventures always get hectic without a partner.

>Xion and Judith were respectable fighters in their own right. Of course he was still a little on edge after getting nuked by the former. That and the ladder seemed to have Disney Princess syndrome.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 765487

File: 1399688251925.png (21.13 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmtoevsbs31qz4rg…)

>Judith chuckles at Neptune's suggestion.

I was thinking tying them to trees, lathering them in honey, leave them to the next bear that comes along.

>Judith follows the others into the portal.

>Though in the back of her head… she had to wonder if her and her family would ever find any peace in this world. Or was it just better to… go back?


File: 1399689229492.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Follows them all through the portal, pushing Nozaru and Tazaru ahead of him while he walks.

I suppose I should start explaining, then.

>Looks around at everyone, looking especially at the newcomers who are still confused.

Since there are a few people here who don't really know anything, I'll just start from the beginning.

>He sighs.

I'm Sasuun, from the future, and just as you've been told, you have arrived in the future. Ten years in the future, to be exact. I've concluded that somehow, all of you have been shot by the ten year bazooka in the past, which has sent you all here. The only thing suggesting against that, is the fact that none of you have returned to the past. Usually, the time travel only lasts for 5 minutes.

>He looks over to Judith and Deadpony for this next part.

In this future, the manor we all know and love has been destroyed, and everyone who lived within it has been killed. The people here are the only survivors. The people who did it? The same people who attacked us today.

>He motions towards Nozaru and Tazaru.

They belong to the Millefiore, and from what we know, they're an incredibly large mafia group, split between two separate groups. The Black Spell, and the White Spell. Their goal? The Vongola Rings.

>He looks over to Alfred.

That's why we destroyed them. They probably would've had them by now, and it's dangerous to let a group who's already as powerful as it is have even more power.

>He looks over to Nozaru and Tazaru, who remain silent as he speaks.

With that in mind, I can only assume that they're also responsible for sending you guys to the future, in order to get the Vongola Rings from our past selves. If that's the case, it won't be very long until both Neptune and I switch as well.

>When they reach their destination, Sasuun pushes both Nozaru and Tazaru onto the ground.

Am I right so far?

>They both stay silent, and Sasuun just sighs.

Your silence tells me that that's the case.

>He then looks back to the group.

Anything else you guys want answered?
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Xion!.ZzGrellBs 765687

File: 1399700615072.png (45.67 KB, 291x328, Do I Have This Will To Go On A…)


>Xion gives the other older adults a short glance from their methods of unpleasant circumstance of implied deaths, the corners of her mouth pulling downwards yet again.

>She looks away with a small shake of her head. While she'd hurt people who were actively trying to hurt her, doing something like that seemed relatively close to torture.

>Which didn't sound at all something she'd agree to allow. The illusion she summoned against the man who faced her when she arrived had done something she wouldn't have wanted to happen (though who or what prompted him was something she still was clueless about) and if she had any word in the matter, she wouldn't agree on some unnecessarily cruel fate for the men under their capture.


>Xion raises her hand.

I got one!

…Why didn't you mention this sooner?


Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 765703

File: 1399701791066.jpg (29.08 KB, 250x354, face_shutyomouthgirlfriend.jpg)

>Alfred peers at Neptune out of the corner of his eye, brows knit in worry.
Wasn't there a movie about that?

>As they walk through the corridor, the country sticks his hands lazily in his pockets and rolls his shoulder. He must've landed weird after the scythe blast… thing.
>At the merc's words, he shrugs, and grins.
Dude, just be glad I'm here and not future-me, 'cause that me's dead by now.
>He seems surprisingly content with his maybe-eventual-lack of consciousness.

Where would we get honey?
>He hesitates, looking into the air as he thinks.
… or bird seed…

>The American steps carefully out of the corridor and into the warehouse, only half-listening to Sasuun. He'd heard the spiel before.
>But apparently Xion hadn't?
>He looks towards the hooded girl, brow raised.

You not get the memo? I got most of that right after he decided to attack me.


File: 1399702415784.jpg (138.24 KB, 338x600, 42810276_m.jpg)


>Neptune sighs slightly and waves a tiny red flag she got from her pocket, as she started to walk behind the others


Now that, that's creative.


>Neptune stretches slightly and rubs her chin

You know, the more the idea's brought up, the more and more ridiculously stupid it seems to bring our past selves to the future.

I mean, sure they want the rings, but Considering they've gotten THIS FAR without them in the timeline as is, don't they at least think that bringing people from the past to here would put this timeline's very existence at risk?


>Neptune shrugs


I don't know, it's been awhile since I watched movies.

>She says with a slight sad yawn

As for where we'd get bird seed or honey?

Abandoned walmart.

>despite the graveness and gravity of the sitatuation at hand, Neptune seemed very nonchalant and calm about it all, although a slight twitch in her eye brow may show signs of something else on her mind

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 765760

File: 1399740112689.jpg (4.53 KB, 125x170, certainly you jest.jpg)

>Wade had always known it was never a good idea to piss of the first lady of the manor. And this only helped to staple the thought into his mind.

>Now this came as a surprise. Al was dead in the future? From what the two natives had been saying it was as if the six here had survived for the long haul. But if Al, the entity of America was dead then what did that mean for his own world? What about Matt? If these guys could manage to take out those two it could only mean they were a threat of the highest order.

>Wade managed to hold his tongue for the majority of the debriefing. Everything was making sense up until one point of the conversation in general. He could understand needing the rings for their power, he even recalls a certain goddess mother in law showing some distraught when he used it. He could understand pulling weaker beings from the future, an easier target persay. But one thing stood out to the man who existed outside of the law of physics.

I got one. You say the bazooka can only shoot forward in time right? That and only one exists from the way you're wording it. So how could it be that me and Judith here were shot forward at the same time when were at least yards apart?

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 766672

File: 1399848372201.png (15.53 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mn3zx4bBPA1qz4rg…)

>Most of what was said was lost on the Krityan as she seemed to get conflicting messages.

….They're all dead?

>A crackle of electricity arcs between her antennae as her hands ball into firsts.

But she said they were alive. My children and my husband.

>Her comment as obviously pointed at Neptune, but she didn't look at her at all. Instead she opted to look down at the floor.


File: 1399859785014.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Looks over to Xion, and holds up two fingers.

Two reasons.

One, you guys were already in a really emotional state. Piling more on would've made it worse for you, wouldn't it?

Two, I wanted to wait to see if more people from the past arrived first. It would save me explaining this too many times, and would help you decide as a group how you want to deal with it.

>He says with a flat expression.

Who knows? Maybe they figure they're too weak to do anything about it. Kill them off before they get a chance to return, that sort of stuff.

>He shrugs.

I don't get it, but they must be really desperate to bring our past selves here.

Now that is a good question. The only possibility, albeit an unlikely one, would be that the ten year bazooka has somehow malfunction, and, while you two were shot into the future at separate times, appeared at the same point in time ten years into the future.

>He sighs.

..Other than that, I can't really think anything.

>Now this, could be a problem.
>Sasuun looks over to Judith, and tries to think what the best answer would be right now.

Don't worry. The ones you know and love are all safe and sound in the past. No one except the ones present have been thrown into this world, you don't need to worry.

All we need to do is make sure this future doesn't happen, and everything will be okay.

>He really hopes that works.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 766971

File: 1399869933065.png (8.17 KB, 100x100, Seriously.png)


>Xion folds her arms, not accepting the response as a valid reason to withhold information that would have been good to know from the gate.

>But she remains silent and says nothing else, instead mentally digesting the new information the future-self of Sasuun is feeding them for now.

>The people they were against brought them here, maybe for the purpose of the rings they carried.

>Not so much of a maybe, Xion figured. That man she faced had made it clear the moment he saw her ring that it was what he (primarily) wanted. If their future selves destroyed their rings, there must have been some purpose behind it.

>She looks away, eyebrows furrowed as she processes this new information.


File: 1399929936850.jpg (35.14 KB, 102x102, let's do it!.jpg)


You know, how they appeared IS a big question, considering they all seemed to be doing mundane everyday tasks when they appeared

>Neptune crosses her arms

And I highly doubt they could have "Snuck into" the present day manor


The simple fact that you're here already makes it so when you go back to your time the future will be different.

In other words your Husband and Children are alive, the Judith from our timeline's are not.

The working dead 767446

>the fellow parent would be g reeted with a calming hand in her shoulder. I she were to look to her side she would spy Wade looking at her. Even through his mask an aura I understanding would emit from his as the wrinkles have signs of a faint smile.

They're gonna be alright Judes. Once we're all done playing Days of Future Past we're gonna go pack and stop this from happening.

>the explanation, though lacking, would have to do. It's not like he was a master in time traveling weaponry. Even his knowledge of vehicles with the capability was minor at best.

So a bunch of dudes are fighting over Jewlery so badly they resort to pulling past versions of us to ensure they get them. Either we're in a fashionistas wet dream or sone is taking these Ryan Renolds jokes a bit too far.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 767856

File: 1400001661081.png (22.66 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mnuc3tYnvw1qz4rg…)


>She sighs.

>No that was the point, it didn't matter if they were save in the past, they died here in this time… once again her and Alton's future was damned. Or was it always so long as they were tied to the mansion…?

Where's our enemy's base of operations?

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 767956

>Sasuun shrugs at Neptune.

Who knows? They're here now, so we just have to figure out what to do now. Doesn't matter how they got here.

>Looks over to Dead, and raises an eyebrow.
>Did he not know that much about the rings?
>But then again, it was Dead he was talking about.
>Sasuun just shrugs.

Basically, yeah. We don't know why they want them. All we know is the fact that they do.

>He then looks over to Judith with a sigh.

If I knew that, I would've attacked already. We've been trying to gather information from various groups on what their purpose is, and where they're hiding.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 768460

File: 1400098431392.png (20.21 KB, 183x337, Look Up At The Sky and Say No.…)


>So, now they were back to square one, most of what Xion knew already (namely nobody knew what the motivations were for this rival group or where they were located).

>Xion rubs at her ring and looks around the group, her eyebrows still furrowed and the corners of her mouth pulled down.

>She redirects her gaze to the surprisingly silent hostages they brought with them, and folds her arms as she stares pensively at the two.

>They had to know something, or at least have gotten orders from their respective groups that had once been the Millefiore…some kind of mod group who wanted the rings.

>She looks to her ring closely, then back to the two.

So tweedle-dee and tweedle dum, I already know you're not gonna tell us who sent you or where your base is.

>She holds up her fist, flashing the ring at both of them.

Why do you guys want these so badly? To be honest, I didn't think it was that useful until people started trying to kill me over it, or rip me from the past to this crummy future.

And the last time someone actually cared about these things, they were part of some weirdo mob too.

>She tilts her head, an eyebrow lifting.

Care to explain that?


File: 1400099006415.png (243.03 KB, 375x750, tumblr_n4589bFkLl1qd2mamo1_500…)


>Neptune yawns as she stretches a bit

I have to admit, Xion's right here the fact they want the rings of all things is super bizarre

I mean, you guys have massive super powers, enough to have killed Goddesses…

>her eyebrow ticks a bit and while seeming calm, a very slight tremble in her movements indicates she's not, her best friends, girlfriend, and adopted daughter…

>she shook her head, her calm stance returned as she repressed her thoughts, she couldn't get caught up in that depressive line of thought again, she'd fallen into there too often before.
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The working dead 768799

>with everyone else talking, Wade reaches into his belt and pulls out his Sun Ring. He clearly recalls how it came into his possession. During the initial crisis surrounding them Sax bestowed it upon him before claiming he didn't want any part in it. Since then Wade had been keeping a hold of it mostly as a reminder that he still had friends out there in this world.

>he had only used t a handful of times in memory. Each relying on its ability to conjure flames in his weaponry then using its heing effects. It seemed that now after a this time this artifact would finally serve a pourpose more the. Just filling inventory space.

Look all I know about these things is that mine allows me to wield flaming swords of fire to swing at my future mother in law l. Of course it's also a rather treasured item in my inventory. Anyone trying to take it from me is sure to have a hard time.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 769216

File: 1400185236894.png (17.7 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmjovbvQp71qz4rg…)

>As everyone else conversed, Sasuun's response to her question makes Judith fall into a silence for a moment.

…Then I'll get it out of them.

>She looks back the captives and begins to approach them starting to mumble to herself.

Get things done here… get home… get my family out of that evil place…


File: 1400204055515.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun simply stands there, watching as they begin questioning the two they captured.
>He crosses his arms, eyebrow raised, waiting for either Nozaru or Tazaru to respond.


File: 1400204686287.png (381.96 KB, 551x720, Nosaru_1.png)

>Nozaru looks up at Xion, and grins.

You wanna know? Alright, I'll tell you!

>Nozaru sits up, looking straight at Xion.

Your precious little Vongola Rings are part of something called the 7^3 Policy! Them, along with the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers are what make up this Policy! You wanna know what this Policy does? It gives it wielder the power to change the world! Our boss is seeking this Policy to change our world, and get rid of stupid pests like you! He'll change the world to what we want, and there's nothing you weaklings can do about it!

>Tazaru stays silent, letting Nozaru talk.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 769435

File: 1400212760009.png (114.54 KB, 500x293, Bast Moment In The Game.png)




>Xion looks to the older Sasuun and Neptune, then gestures to the two men with a small sweep of her arm.

Did you guys know that?

>She continues with a sigh and folds her arms, her gaze dropping to the ring around her finger.

So we have rings that are part of some bigger collection that can remake the world. I guess I can understand why they'd try anything to get them…

>She shoots a small glare out of the corner of her eye at the two, her expression switching to a flat one.

Kind of.


>Xion carefully shifts herself away from the two, giving Judith an open path and giving her the space to regard her other comrades from the past.

>Namely, Deadpool and Alfred

Any thoughts, guys?

Alfred F Jones (Mobile) 769970

>The American, who had remained conspicuously silent, arms crossed, head down, brow furrowed in thought, looks up.

>He blinks stupidly. It was amazing how the same person could go from deep in thought to idiot within a moment.
>Seemingly remembering where he was, he turns his head to frown at the man with wild pink hair. He takes a few steps forward and looks down at him.

So where're the Acrobologna and Made rings now?
>A thin blond brow rises.
And how exactly can this "policy" change the world?
>And why hadn't Sasuun told him this earlier?


File: 1400335791468.jpg (275.58 KB, 452x600, 43347958_m.jpg)


>Neptune rubs the back of her head and laughs very slightly

To b honest, I am ENTIRELY lost here.

>Neptune had zero idea about the whole policy thing, all she knew for sure was that she didn't want anyone else to die

…but that policy thing, it could bring the others back to life from the sounds of it…

>She stretches

as for how the policy thing can change the world, I'd just take a guess and assume it's like every other wish granting artifact

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 770106

File: 1400345410830.jpg (71.26 KB, 800x1067, 644cpv.jpg)

ugh, Math?

>Wade begins to say with obvious disgust as he rolls his eyes at the villains words.

I always told them in high school that math was evil. They tossed me out to keep me quiet, but I always knew the truth!

>He then mutters to himself.

Ok, maybe they didn't exactly have to throw me out.

>Looking at Xion his signs of disgust would still be as obvious even with his mask on.

Well these guys were so powerful enough to take out then entire manor so why they would need these things is beyond me. Especially if they could kill somebody like Alfred and still be around to tell the tale.

>He then crosses his arms as he goes into a deep thought. An enemy as strong and numeric as this one was going to require thought. It's not like rushing into Kingpin's lair where he could just slash his way through.

Splitting up would be stupid so we'd have to stick together on this one. Given how surprised those two geniuses over reacted we can assume that either they weren't expecting this development or they weren't involved in the plan intself and are simply mindless drones who we've graciously allowed to live this long for exposition.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 770341

File: 1400372782839.png (15.53 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mn3zx4bBPA1qz4rg…)

>As Nozaru talks Judith doesn't really care to listen to any of it.

Your base of operations. That's what I want to know. I don't care what stupid intentions with these rings, it's always the same with people like you. You all want is more power.

Greedy, selfish, whores for power.

I've had enough of dealing with people like you and yours. Just tell me where I have to go to end this game already…

Or I'll tear it from your mind.


File: 1400436777728.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Listening to Nozaru talk, Sasuun's eyes widen a bit.


>He looks around at everyone present, and actually starts to look a bit worried.

>Looks over to Xion when she asks if they knew that.

..No, I didn't, but now that I actually think about it, it makes sense.

>He takes a deep breath, and starts talking.

Okay, so, this Policy is made up of the Vongola Rings, the Mare Rings, and the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, right?

>He scratches the back of his head.

We have the Vongola Rings, the Millefiore has the Mare Rings, and we have no idea where the Arcobaleno Pacifiers are.

But I did do a bit of looking into the meaning of the two sets of Rings.

The Vongola is known for passing down their experience from generation to generation.

The Mare is known for sharing its knowledge across all dimensions, horizontally.

The Arcobaleno, from what I actually know, shows up from time to time at different points.

So if we think about it that way, it makes complete sense.

The Vongola Rings are able to give its user powers passed down from the past, or the ability of Time.

The Mare Rings move horizontally, granting the user power from different parallel worlds. The user can move to different parallel worlds to gain experience that way, everything's connected.

And the Arcobaleno are supposed to be the seven people who watch over this policy, and gives the user complete control over it.

>As he talks, Nozaru and Tazaru let out a huge grin.

Having this policy won't only change this world, but every world. No matter what future we'd try to build for ourselves, it'd be the same outcome if they got their hands on this Policy.

>Sasuun sighs.

And to make things worse, it wouldn't be wrong to assume they've already done the same thing in parallel universes. If they have this power, it's possible they've already battled against us. They know how we fight and what we're capable of.

>Sasuun's face slowly becomes filled with anger.

They know exactly what's going to happen, and when.


File: 1400437162377.jpg (40.89 KB, 225x350, 43334.jpg)

>The two just stay silent as Sasuun talks, grinning wildly.

>And when Judith threatens them, they barely even flinch.

Oi, you really think we're that stupid?

Why would we tell you anything?

>The two, still grinning, yell back at Judith.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 770747

File: 1400445692493.jpg (57.36 KB, 600x500, BecauseIFeelTheNeedToSaySometh…)


>The youngest member of the group folds her arms, eyebrows furrowing in contemplation. Alfred had already asked a question she was wondering herself, and Neptune's nervous laugh confirms Xion's suspicions on how much these future incarnations knew.

>She nods in agreement to Deadpony's assessments, especially the quip to stick together. It would be more difficult to take them out if they combined forces, and it would take all their effort to neutralize the threat.

>Which would be all fine and good if they knew where their enemy was, or who they were for that matter.


>Xion's own eyes widen marginally at Sassun's breakdown, the idea that the rings could not only change this universe, but any around them in parallel worlds?

>It certainly explained how they could so effortlessly take down the Manor residents, though that was of little comfort.

So we're dealing with an enemy that's basically omnipotent? How can we even beat something that can predict what we're going to do next?

>For that matter, how had they not been caught already?


>Xion eyes the two, her frown still present, and jerks a thumb at Judith in particular.

Unless you guys have tinfoil under your skulls, I wouldn't be sassing off to her. She could just take what she wants.

>If Crona was right about Judith being a psychic. From his tales of that alternate world, and Highwind's influence on others, it wasn't much of a stretch to think Judith could do the same if she wanted.

>Which she looked good and ready for, granted.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 770778

File: 1400449474154.png (61.69 KB, 250x289, face_whwhart.png)

>One of the future people didn't know anything about this. Well, that was great.

>Wade talked about that like Alfred had died in some heroic way, putting up a hell of a fight against these guys until he fell over from sheer exhaustion…
>The reality of the death was something he didn't want to share any time soon.
>Alfred just nods idly at the mercenary's comments.

>He turns to watch Sasuun as the revelation washes over the boy–er, man, no matter how boyish he looked in the past.
Well, thanks for figuring that out now, bro!
>He rolls his eyes and lets out a heavy sigh.
Xion's right. If they're already powerful in some other crazy-ass alternate dimension, why aren't they stopping us?
And how come they sent these two after us instead of somebody who could actually finish the job?
>To accentuate his point, he gives Roll 1d2 = 1 1 No 2 Taz a good nudge with his foot–which, considering his strength, is more like a kick.

And, most importantly, what the hell're we supposed to do now?!


File: 1400451658437.jpg (168.8 KB, 500x707, tumblr_n3w75vIWcm1s46dn0o1_500…)


>Taking in the statement, Neptune blinks a few times

…somehow that makes zero sense to me.

>she flat out admitted

the thought that they could change every universe to have a single outcome is simply absurd, because there is literally an INFINITE amount of possibilities. Omnipotence makes no sense, and this is coming from someone who used to be a Goddess!

>she shakes her head and sighs

Regardless, I say we torture these two until they tell us where they came from, go and raid their, base, killing their leader, and make sure that what ever ridiculous chain this has started ends.

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 771072

File: 1400467735560.png (824.22 KB, 815x423, 15.PNG)

>So this was their enemy. A group of people who actually sought out to control the multiverse and with it, all existence. Even Wade couldn't fathom just how utterly hopeless of a cause that was.

>What the small one said was true. The multiverse was grand and expansive beyond any mere mortal comprehension. Even the rest of the Deadpools out there didn't even expand to any of it. There were a literally infinite number of them. Even now with the eight of them in this room a billion more were being made a second. A universe wasn't just born and died whenever. Some were grand, so different in its origin that it be impossible to find anything smiliar to your own. While others were so similar it would take eons to find anything different. Still, if what they said was true then they could have the means to fight and rule to their hearts content. If what they said is true however, then it would only be a matter of time before…

Judith, rip through their minds like tissue paper and pull out what we need. Xion, open a portal out of here, anywhere. We need to leave, now.

>He sais to the group with bluntness comparable to the late Stein. Not since the events of Aelazandre did he display such authority.

Of the enemy is as omnipotient as we just realized then staying in one spot to long risks exposing us as the enemy goes down the list of possibilities until they find us. It would be wise to move out as quickly as possible.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 771587

File: 1400531932451.png (15.34 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmiodtgj151qz4rg…)

>Once again these two were being annoying and now Judith just smiles happily at them and nods as Wade's prompt.

Got it~

You don't need to say anything now, though you can scream if you want~

>Reaching out to place a hand on both their heads, Judith starts to quickly, and painfully, root around in the minds of the two men looking for anything useful she can dig out.
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File: 1400532329781.png (337.56 KB, 265x544, 147914632.png)

>As Sasuun takes in all these questions, he just sighs.

I don't know.

>He looks angrily around at everyone.

If I knew the answer to all these questions, I would've killed these two already. I've told you all I know concerning the Millefiore and the Rings.

>Sasuun folds his arms, and looks over to Judith, Nozaru, and Tazaru, waiting.


>The two simply start screaming as the intense pain fills their mind, the flames on their respective rings starting flaring up with insane intensity.
>Evens, and the disintegration factor of the Storm flames start to burn at Judith.
>Odds, and she feels nothing but a small amount of heat.
>Roll 1d2 = 1
>>Regardless, Judith can begin to come up with information.
>The entrance of an underground parking lot becomes clear, but before she can scrounge up anything else..


File: 1400533008086.jpg (22.18 KB, 400x400, 1250489712_5808_full.jpg)


Oi, oi.. What is this..?

>The sounds of electricity can be heard from the entrance of the warehouse they're in.

>If they would look, they would see a man with blond hair, and the same black outfit as the two present.
>His jacket is unbuttoned and wore loosely, and in his hands is a pool cue, the tip of it sparking with green electricity.

I'd heard from Nozaru that they had spotted some of the guardians, but this is something else.

>The man smirks calmly at the group, giving absolutely zero shits about how Nozaru and Tazaru are being treated, as well as how many of them are there.

But I do have to ask..

>He looks over to Alfred.

Why are you alive?

>The man looks questioningly at the country.

From what I remember, I watched you get shot to death.

>He just shrugs.

Ah well, it doesn't matter much I suppose. Killing you again shouldn't be too hard.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 771720

File: 1400538265836.png (146.79 KB, 207x311, YouLookingForTroubleBub.PNG)


>Xion rubs the back of her neck, frowning as she waits for an answer she knows wouldn't come to her.

>At best, they'd have to wait for Judith to extract the information


>For however long it would take them to her to actually do so.

>Xion glances to Wade in articular, remnants of dark magic already appearing around her hand.

I'll get ready but I don't think we should have our way back left open. I'll open a way when Judith's finished with getting what we need.

The last thing we need is someone following us right back to our base-


>Right on cue.

>Though, in retrospect, Xion wonders if she should have tried a different area than the one she had appeared in. Where was this warehouse even located?

>That was for another time. She summons her Keyblade and steps forward, holding it before her with a steady frown fixated on the newcomer.

>Though she doesn't address him, instead speaking to the blue haired woman behind her.

Might want to hurry that up, Mrs. Sutcliff!

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 771791

File: 1400541941464.png (32.16 KB, 115x132, faceenraged.png)

No, dude, no torture, we don't–!
>Either his words reached deaf ears, or he spoke too late. The American just closes his mouth, crosses his arms, and looks away.
>He hated stuff like this, even if it was a different method than he was used to.

>He visibly starts at the voice, eyes widening. Whoever it was, they weren't friendly. The jacket just screamed douche, after all.

>And their words weren't very comforting, either.

>With a scowl, Alfred whips out his revolver, and points it right at the man. Though it was hidden from view by his glove, his ring was still on the hand holding his gun.

Yeah, things're gonna be different this time, you son of a bitch!


File: 1400543769495.jpg (68.34 KB, 207x286, I came here to kick ass and ch…)




…even this guy doesn't know what's going on

>She looks to Judith

right, what Xion said, hurry up!

>She sighs and looks down, before looking straight at the new arrival

right, there's no way you're killing Alfred a second time!

>she pulls her dual blades back out from the box again and glares straight into the eyes of the new baddie

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 771844

File: 1400546607441.jpg (241.22 KB, 745x1073, deadpool_prize_by_darkartistdo…)

>The forced extraction of memory could in no way be a painless experiance. Still, from what he had been told it would seem that these men deserved it. For all he knew it was one of them that send his family to the grave. In that case he felt a little sad that his future self couldn't be around for this.

>Before Xion could finish her logic the enemy had already found them. His calm, cocky attitude could only mean he was a strong one.

>His thoughts confirmed when he basicly confessed to the murder of Alfred. Anyone able to pull that off was either really strong, or really lucky. Either way the he wasn't that eager to find out the hard way.

Jokes on you, his own boss is way ahead of you on that department.

>His defense mechanism kicking in like clockwork. His typical style of undermining the enemy's threat level with his unique brand of humor to keep them second guessing his motives. On instinct he slips on the Sun Ring and reaches down to his hips and pulls out a standard 12 shot pistol.

Roll 1d2 = 2
>Evens his rare use of the ring has given him some idea on how it works allowing him to set his gun ablaze.
>Odds nothing seems to be happening. Learning how to actually use this thing may be very beneficial to him.

>Either way he lefts out a series of shots from the pistol and fires down to get the enemy's attention on him and away from Judith.

Roll 1d1000 = 770 Evens
Roll 1d3 = 2 bullets

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 771851

File: 1400548416801.jpg (29.4 KB, 248x279, you annoy me.jpg)

>Not long after she was trying to dig though their minds, did another foe arrive to attack them. Green flames… just like her own ring.


>But she didn't stop rooting around in the two men's minds, she needed intel more then to get into a fight. What she knew too far was not enough.

>She just had to hope the others would keep him at bay long enough for her to get something useful.


File: 1400549625065.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun turns around, hearing the sparks from the newcomer behind him.
>He stops, and just stares at him, wide-eyed.


>Sasuun's voice is filled with worry, and he starts visibly shaking.

>But he quickly clenches his fists, and starts walking towards him.
>He steps in front of Xion, blocking her from the enemy.

Lightning Gamma, eh? Are you here to finish us off?

>He moves his hand back towards his sword, getting ready for an attack.


>And the more she digs, the more she finds.
>Deep in the underground parking lot, there seems to be an entrance to a small room, and inside that room is a large door.
>Right next to the door is a number pad, and numbers start slowly coming into view.

>But for anything after that, it would take more time.


File: 1400550626719.jpg (41.68 KB, 225x349, 43328.jpg)

Oh? So you know who I am? Well, I guess I'm more popular than I thought.

>He lets out a calm laugh at his comment.

>He pulls out a block of chalk, and starts putting some on the end of his pool cue.


>Right as Deadpony prepares to shoot, Gamma notices the Sun flames which engulf his gun.

>And right when he's hit by the bullets, a small explosion of smoke erupts.

My, my.. Someone's having a bad day.

>The smoke clears, and reveals Gamma to be completely unharmed.

I would like to request that you refrain from attacking me further. I don't want to be responsible for the deaths of some kids.

>Looks over to Neptune, keeping his calm tone and smile.

A second time? Please, you give me too much credit. I wasn't the one who killed your little friend there.

>He looks back to Alfred.

..But then again, it seems no one did.

>He stares at Alfred now.

So, care to explain? I'd really like to know how you survived.

>He asks curiously.

If you don't answer, I may have to force it out of you.

>As he says that, he looks over to Nozaru and Tazaru.

It's only fair. Here you guys are, torturing my men.

>He starts walking towards them.

>And as he does so, he looks back to Sasuun.

You're the Guardian of Storm, then?

>His smirk grows slightly, and he closes his eyes.

Quite the handful you've got here. If I were here to finish you off, do you think you could protect them all?

>He shrugs, opening his eyes, and continuing to walk past everyone, and towards Judith, Nozaru, and Tazaru.

No, I'm simply here to pick up these little troublemakers.

>When he finally reaches Judith, he points the tip of his pool cue right at the back of Judith's head.

Now, could you let them go? I promise they won't do this ever again.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 771897

File: 1400552451605.jpg (200.3 KB, 674x671, DudeYouArePushingIt.jpg)


>Xion jolts in reproach, her eyebrows furrowing from Sassun's move in front of her, and grips her Keyblade tighter.


>With Wade, and apparently Alfred and the other older girl, Xion steps back and closer to Judith, still keeping her Keyblade at the ready.

>Though she didn't agree to torture, this was a future that wasn't hers, nor those familiar to her.
>Whatever information they needed to escape it and unmake it required the information.


It's okay, Mrs. Sutcliff, just keep focusing. We have you covered.

>Xion looks over her shoulder to look at the woman behind her with a reassuring glance, then back forward.

>She takes a breath and holds her Keyblade aloft, a familiar gleam of magic hovering around the blade in a soft yellow glow.


>Xion's brow furrows, the corner of her mouth pulling downward in annoyance.

>They needed to buy some time if they were going to have anything to go off of.

Who're you calling kids? We're all adults here, or almost adults! And you don't look so old yourself, either!

>"Come on Judith, hurry up…!"

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 771939

File: 1400556152320.jpg (11.78 KB, 124x117, face_hmph.jpg)

>Even though this Alfred technically wasn't the one that got killed in the first place! God, this place was getting confusing.
>Alfred turns briefly to snap at the merc.
Hey, he's doing his best, alright!
>Nobody else attacked, so why'd he feel the need to whip out the gun?!
>Judith didn't seem to be done, and Sasuun was trying to stall… this guy had to be some kind of powerful to elicit this reaction.
>… and powerful he was. Alfred nearly drops his own firearm when he just tanks the hit with those stupid flames. Dammit, why didn't he pay more attention when Sas was explaining them in the past?
>He smirks in response to the man, though it's just to hide his growing frustration with the situation. He wasn't little…

Sorry you had to find out the hard way, bro…
>As the man simply strides towards Judith, Alfred swaps his revolver to the other hand,
But it's a little hard to kill a country.
>reaches out, and attempts to tear the cue stick out of the man's grasp.
>Roll 1d1000 = 766 evens!


File: 1400556605933.jpg (280.42 KB, 500x750, tumblr_myxzo6pjIf1s46dn0o1_500…)



>she taps her chin a bit and thinks for a moment

Judging by the way you're acting at least, something tells me you know more about your compatriots that what you're telling us.

>blinks Slightly as Alfred does this

Way to go! RIP That cue stick from him, waste those crits!

>she shakes her head violently for a moment and coughs


>Neptune walks up to the new arrival, stabbing her swords into the ground, and using them as a teetering point as she tries to use both of her legs to kick Gamma in the balls

Roll 1d1000 = 313

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 771956

File: 1400557116371.jpg (76.85 KB, 500x376, hD2F9A720.jpg)

>The enemy's weapon had been removed. Unless he had a few other tricks up his sleave it was now the time to take the offensive. Now more then it had been a second ago anyway.

>Tossing his gun up into the air he balls up his hand into a flaming fist as he take one step toward gamma.

Well my mama said knock you out!

>He shouts with determination as he makes a swing for Gamma's left cheek.

Roll 1d1000 = 920 Evens

???!aLEJudith. 772355

File: 1400617012073.png (164.27 KB, 627x600, Really____fucking really.png)

>Judith's eye twitches as she poked in the head, but she doesn't stop probing for info.

How about you go shove that pool cue up your ass?

>Then once everyone engages in combat with the man, she pulls away with them easily dragging both of the men in her hands with her by their heads.

>As long as their brains still worked she didn't really care about their conditions at the moment.


File: 1400623904535.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>Sasuun visibly twitches as everyone prepares to fight the newcomer.
>And is especially surprised at Neptune.
>And as Alfred goes to try and take his cue away.

No Alfred, don't-!

>But it was already too late.

>Sasuun quickly gets more and more angry, holding his hand around the handle of his sword.
>Sasuun shakes, not wanting to fight this man at all.


>With the building pain, Nozaru decides he's had enough, and aims a foot right at Judith's chest.
>If Evens, he hits, hard enough to at least get her to lose focus, if not let go.
>Odds, and more information starts spilling in.

>The numbers keep coming. What could they be?


>Roll 1d1000 = 192


File: 1400625003202.png (509.27 KB, 1007x663, untitled.png)

>Not just simply surprised, the man is shocked that Alfred would pull such a move!
>As such, the pool cue gets ripped right out of his hands, but Gamma just looks to him with a smile.

My, my.. That was rather rude.

>The pool cue in Alfreds hands still spark with powerful electricity.

>Evens, and it sends a powerful shock straight through Alfred.
>Odds, nothing.
>Roll 1d1000 = 632
>>If evens, he adds:

Now look what you did.. It's not a very good idea to touch things that are charged with electricity, you know.


You should be careful not to piss me off. I currently hold no grudge against you.


>He holds his fist to his side, and from his ring, generates a wall of green electricity, completely blocking the attack.

Really, I have done nothing to pose a threat.

>But is cut off by Dead punching him in the face.
>He flies back and skids across the floor, a mark left on his face.
>He lay still from the blow for a moment, but soon sits back up, seemingly completely unfazed by the punch.

My, my.. A violent group, aren't you? Do you greet everyone like this?

>Looks down to Xion with a smile.

I appreciate the compliment, but I'm 34.

>And this does nothing to threaten him either.

My, I just came to pick these two up. You should consider yourselves lucky I don't kill you now for torturing the poor boys.

>Walks over to her without fear, and blocks her path.

>Crouches down, looking at Nozaru and Tazaru.

Poor guys. They're about ready to give up.

>But this shocks Gamma a little bit.

Come on, Nozaru, no need to be mean. You've done your job, so lets go.

>Looks back up to Judith one last time, his smile never leaving his face.
>And yet, an incredibly powerful and fearsome aura can be felt, enough to send shivers down anyone's spine.

I would truly appreciate it if you let go of them.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 772619

File: 1400630306112.jpg (34.75 KB, 1000x480, HaveAtTheeCur!.jpg)


>Xion's eyes widen in alarm, her grip on the Keyblade tightening when she sees Alfred light up like a Christmas tree, the electricity falling from his frame luminescent and sparking in terrible power.


>Xion swings her Keyblade in his direction, green magic accumulating around the blade, which she calls out a powerful:


>A green colored magic appears around the country, flitting about images of leaves and leaving a minty scent in its wake.

>For Sas, roll to interrupt. If not and/or fail:

>Roll 1d1000 = 358

>odds, heals Alfred completely from his nasty electrical shock

>evens, only heals a small chunk of his pain, but still leaves the remnant fatiguing effects of the electricity in Alfred


>Regardless, Xion whorls around to see not only Nozaru had managed to fight through Judith's mental barrage and kick her with a particularly painful looking blow to her chest.

>In addition, the man called 'Lightning Gamma' looming before Judith and the two, acting as if there wasn't people standing before her in protection to begin with.

>Xion growls and lifts her Keyblade, aiming for the man's back as a gleaming magic begins to accumulate at the tip.
>But with him standing in front of Judith, and his apparent immunity to anything thrown against him, Xion gets the feeling that this would only be a rehash of the first person she met in this future world.

>One that still have her chills thinking about, for that matter.

Considering they tried killing us first, I think you shouldn't be sitting on your high horse Mr. "I'm 34"!


File: 1400630935587.png (151.32 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mso21aPgAS1ri8w92o5_500…)

In response to the healing attempt
>Gamma makes absolutely no attempt to interrupt the healing.
>In fact, he seems relieved.

Oh good. It's nice to know you have a capable healer among you. That shock could've left quite a mark..

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 772646

File: 1400631612407.gif (49.36 KB, 450x450, face_SHOCK.gif)

>Wait, what was Sasuun yelling about?
>He has enough time to look down at the pool cue and realize he made a terrible mistake.


>Electricity goes flying through his gloves and all over his body, way too many volts than was healthy coursing through him and into the ground. If he hadn't been grounded, he likely would've been electrocuted, then and there. Instead, he receives a nice shock, which sends him back and sprawling on the ground.

>A stray spark courses through his curl. His eyes spin from the experience.

>Xion's interference ensured that he wasn't about to die any time soon. The healing spell swirls around the American, tending to his wounds, though it didn't quite fix the holes now in his gloves from the grab.
>Nor does it fix the feeling like his energy was sapped right out of him.

>The country groans and closes his eyes.



File: 1400632971788.jpg (375.86 KB, 1000x950, 43373051_p0.jpg)


>Neptune blinks a bit and sighs, biting her lip

>to see Sasuun distressed like this was never a good sign


>Neptune meanwhile sighs and removes her swords from the ground, just backing up, waiting to see if anything goes sour from here

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 772752

File: 1400638408001.jpg (21.04 KB, 638x349, Eat bullets freak.jpg)

>All around him his allies were working to try and stall for enough time for Judith to get the answers they needed.

>All of them trying to keep this asshole at bay. Lifting his hand up he catches his gun and twirls around.

You know I really hate villains like you. Got your head so far up your ass you don't even see yourself as evil. Ozzy in Watchmen, The convinent, Westboro Baptist, each and every one of you so convienced that your shit doesn't stink and it really gets on my nerves I just get this giant headache thinking about it.

>His gun once again taking up flames he manages to twirl around and get in close enough to point it point blank into Gamma's forehead.

Like this.

>He quips before pulling the trigger.

Roll 1d1000 = 888 Evens

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 773106

File: 1400697634460.jpg (29.4 KB, 248x279, you annoy me.jpg)

>With the kick to her chest Judith is forced to let go Nozaru

Damn it…

>But now she can double her efforts on Tazaru's mind.

>Roll 1d1000 = 8
>Odds she gets right into digging through his mind twice as fast.

>As Gamma glares at her she glares right back at him.

Make me.

>Though with even with her allies buying her time, she grabs her spear in her free hand and green flame burns bright on the blade.

If you wouldn't beat the me you knew, then you can't beat me now.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 773951

File: 1400821412071.jpg (99.02 KB, 850x870, image.jpg)

>Sasuun, still shaking, watches this all unfold.
>Gamma doesn't seem to have any hostile intent at all, so as long as everyone kept quiet-

>Great, now Judith from the past was talking back to him!
>Sasuun's worry grows, him pulling out his sword in preparation.
>That is, until..


>Sasuun freezes up, watching Dead shoot Gamma right in the face.

>Sasuun's face almost fills with fear, staring in awe at the idiocy of the group before him.
>But Sasuun's fear quickly gets replaced by anger.

Are you guys fucking stupid!?

>He finally said it.

>By now it was insanely obvious.
>The man who had only moments before completely demolished Nozaru and Tazaru in one hit, seemed scared shitless of Gamma.
>He knew about Gamma, he knew what he was capable of, and he knew what he's accomplished in the past.
>He was not someone you wanted to piss off.
>He looks to Gamma, looking to see the result of Deads bullet.

Nozaru & Tazaru[u]!tcSassyDEQ 773956

>Nozaru scuttles backwards, away from Judith and back to his feet.


>His face quickly fills with insane anger.

Don't touch him!

>His scythe reappears from his box, and he swings it in Judith's direction, trying to send a wave of destructive storm flames her way.

>Both odds, and he actually manages to hit.
>Anything else, and hes waay too injured to aim properly.
>Roll 1d1000 = 877
>Roll 1d1000 = 207

Lightning Gamma!tcSassyDEQ 773959

>With these two not really doing anything, Gamma decides to ignore them.

>Still not losing his smirk, he looks calmly at Judith.

My, my.. Like I said, I'm not here for fighting. Just give them back, and I'll be sure to punish them properly.

>But at this, Gamma finally frowns.
>He looks over to Xion, a disappointed look in his eye.

Seriously, you guys should really think about other people's position before pointing fingers-

>The bullet hits directly, and seems to pierce right into his skull.
>Gamma falls back, landing hard against the ground, no motion now except for the faint trace of the sun flames that were surrounding deads bullets.
>He lay motionless.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 773987

File: 1400828322840.jpg (88.04 KB, 889x500, Whoa_LetsNotGetCarriedAwayNow.…)


>Xion's stares, confused at the man's statement, and already starts up to refute him.

Other people's position? What are you talking abo-




>Xion stands, frozen with her mouth hanging halfway open in absolute shock. The man she had been waspishly swapping words with falls backwards and hits the ground with a heavy thud, the red mercenary standing aside with his gun still smoking from the fired bullet.

>Xion blinks, her face slowly draining of color and only peripherally aware of Sasuun shouting.

>"Did that just-? Did he just-?"


>Xion could stomach Judith forcibly tearing information from the men who attacked them earlier with intent to kill. As long as she didn't kill them, that was okay.

>The man attacked Alfred in self defense, and yes he was a bit of a jackass, but did he deserve a bullet in his head?

>Her hands tremble, and it takes a moment for her to realize she stopped breathing for a few moments.

>Everything feels like its happening in slow motion around her, however. She doesn't even move when Nozaru lashes viciously at Judith.
>Xion just stares blankly at where the man fell, frozen in her place.


>Roll 1d1000 = 465

>odds, Xion remains rooted to the spot, her chest heaving but otherwise solid as a rock.

>evens, dark energy explodes around Xion in a burst, but it isn't an attacking spell by any means.

>Instead, it's a Dark Corridor.

>roll for interrupt, if fail, Xion simply vanishes in a burst of dark energy, leaving the rest of the group in the mysterious warehouse.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 774461

File: 1400888696896.png (35.28 KB, 122x131, face (14).png)

>While everybody else chattered and continued to mess with the hostages, Alfred sat up, pressing a hand to his head. Who knew being electrocuted could hurt so much? At least he wasn't totally fried.
>Right, no they just had to deal with the electric guy–
>–or not.

>Alfred stares in horror as the man just falls over, dead, bullet lodged right in his skull.

>The others had a similar reaction, at least, at first. Astonishment.
>Followed quickly, in Alfred's case,
What the FUCK, Dead?!
>by anger.

>He barely climbs to his feet and throws his hands out, completely ignoring the one hostage who was lashing out in favor of addressing the mercenary.

We're not here to directly kill, you fuck!


File: 1400894130806.jpg (86.64 KB, 500x708, tumblr_n3wcxqQ2Zf1r7ska6o1_500…)


>Neptune stares in disbelief for a good solid minute before she lets out a deep sigh

>Unlike most of the others here, she wasn't too shocked, nor angered by Deadpony's aggression, in all honesty, if it wasn't for the fact that they needed information, she'd had been tempted to herself, after all this guy seemed to be one of the thugs responsible for her Girlfriend and Daughter's murders, she didn't really care about their deaths.

…well fuck, there goes a possible source of Info

>She said a bit nonchalantly

>before bending down and starting to exam the body

We might be able to find something on his person though.

>The fact she was so nonchalant about all of this might be a bit of a shocker to Future Sasuun, whom she'd acted mostly calm towards the entire time this crisis had been going on.

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 774553

File: 1400895493410.jpg (241.22 KB, 745x1073, deadpool_prize_by_darkartistdo…)

>Standing over Gamma's corpse, Wade holds the smoking gun in his hands as he looks down at his kill. He shows no remorse for his actions as he remains in silence. It is however Sas's words that snap him back.

What are you so mad about? I did in two minutes what you couldn't even do in ten years.

>He then lowers the gun as he turns to look at Sassun.

But you know what let's talk about stupidity for a second here cause there seems to be a lot coming from you.

>He sais with a straight face, his expression as deadpan as it was before gamma's interruption.

You now have four people who have been ripped from their time periods shoved into a war where not only do we have no idea what is going on but apparently neither does anyone else. Because lord knows you don't seem to have any answers. In fact you don't seem to have any idea who our enemy even is cause from what you're saying it's apparently not these guys. However since I've gotten here I've been shot, slashed, mostly by them and yelled at, mostly by you.

>With the last sentence Wade's tone seems to be deepening in anger. It was clear that he was becoming very sick of all this.

So before you go insulting people over a natural reaction that has seemingly gotten them pretty far for the past two years while living under the late Wayne Manor's roof. And if you do I'd make it fast before natural selection kicks in and replaces you with your past self making you even more useless then you've already proven yourself to be.

>His eyes shifting to Al now. His expression calming the moment he begins to adress him.

No Al, no we're not. In fact, can any of us say why we're even here? I was having a pretty good day until a few minutes ago where I'm thrown at a group that apparently wants me dead because I just so happen to be rocking a certain piece of jewlery. I was supposed to be finishing up playtime with Appleslice right about now but instead here I am worrying if I'll ever be able to see him again.

>Taking his gun he points at Gamma's body.

This man works for the same people who has apparently killed you, Matt, Alton, Crona, Stein, Glorya! Personally I'm thinking they deserve what they get.

>Noazaru's sudden burst of strength as he attacks Judith is enough to break him from his rant.

You shut up too!

>He sais before firing another shot at Noazaru's shoulder.

[1d1000]=68 Evens
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Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 775129

File: 1400963546369.jpg (13.77 KB, 145x263, Shock and fear.jpg)

>Judith frowns at Sasuun's outburst was about to give him a piece of her mind…


>Only to get hit by the destructive flames and shout in pain.


>She's forced to let go of her other source of information and try to back off from another attack.

>and of course now was the time half the group would go into a mental brake down over something they should be doing. In this situation, they didn't have the luxury of trying to end things without death, they needed to survive.

Damn it, why can't I couldn't I end up with more stable people?

>right now, even without said stability, she really could count on one person at the moment.

Wade! I can't anymore info like this, we got to haul ass out of here!

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 775314

File: 1400987012483.jpg (99.02 KB, 850x870, image.jpg)

>Sas stays silent, and allows Dead to finish his rant.
>However, what was about to come next wouldn't be so nice.

Alright, bud, how about we switch positions for a moment then?

>He takes a step forward, putting his sword back in the pouch on his back.

I've spent the last three years watching absolutely everyone I know die. You think you have it bad? Try thinking about someone other than yourself and maybe, just maybe you'll realize I know what I'm talking about.

>He points to Gamma.

See that man? He's responsible for taking down an enormous amount of independent groups and families, and has been the one to kill over half of the people who lived at the manor.

Does he deserve death? Hell yes! But that's not my problem!

My problem is you guys walking around like you own the place, without even thinking about how it could affect everyone else!

>He takes a short pause to catch his breath.

And who knows if he's even dead!? Chances are he protected himself somehow and is faking this whole thing!

>He takes a quick look around at everyone present, before returning his gaze towards Dead.

Information? You want information? Good-fucking-luck! Everytime people have went out looking, they've come back injured or worse. I've been killed multiple times trying to gather information on these assholes. What do you think I've been doing for three years, sitting on my ass enjoying a nice cup of grandmas coffee?

Oh wait, I cant, she died too.

>His glare gets more intense. Sasuun was not in the mood for this.

These aren't your average fucking bad guys here. They have killed everyone. If you don't want to die in this world, then I suggest you be at least a little less reckless.

If Gamma was here to kill us, he would've. So if you get the chance to not die, take it.

>Sasuun takes a deep breath.

But you know what? Be angry! I was pissed off too when everyone died!

You're not the only one in a terrible position here, and if we wanna get through this, we're gonna have to do it together. I'm not your enemy, these guys are, but dont go running in flailing your weapon around thinking you can take on the world.

Because the entire manor couldn't.

>With that, he turns around and walks towards Nozaru and Tazaru, drawing his sword.

Listen here, assholes. You have ten seconds to take your boss and your skinny little asses out of here before I skin you alive.

Nozaru and Tazaru[u]!tcSassyDEQ 775343

>Tazaru backs up, away from Judith now that he's free.

>And they both look up in fear as Sasuun threatens them.
>They gulp, and nod simultaneously, quickly heading over towards Gamma.
>They grab him, lift him up onto their shoulders, and they start scurrying towards the exit of the warehouse.

Nozaru and Tazaru[u]!tcSassyDEQ 775344

>Skipping Gamma for obvious raisins

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 775375

File: 1400993127610.png (37.52 KB, 441x247, But Are You SURE_Really Really…)


>Compared to the more vocal individuals, Xion remains as silent as a ghost. Her blue eyes are fixated on the body before them. She notes the lack of blood, the silence, the limpness of his body.

>The angry words drift through her ears, her head, her thoughts as she stands there. A fringe of black hair slowly shifts in front of her face, hiding her face from being properly seen by the others.

>But she's listening to their words, to their tones.

>Alfred's shock and indignation.

>Neptune's exasperation and nonchalance.
>Deadpony's utter disconnection, his disdain and quiet determination in his conviction over the damned nature of those they were dealing with.
>Judith's snipe towards the lot of them, and her faith in the man who shot the other in coldest blood.

>And, finally, Sassun's enraged, indignant, and biting critique of their methods, their actions they had made.

>She hollowly watches the two they had captured lift the man and carry him out, all under the future Sasuun's direction.

>She doesn't frown.

>She doesn't say anything.
>She doesn't stop them.
>Her eyes simply turn down to the ground, her expression fixated on the ground.

>As the other men walk in the other direction, Xion silently slips back, away from the group, and pulls her hood over her head. The only noise she makes are the soft clicking noises of her heeled boots.

>She turns her back to the group and walks onward, a Dark Corridor appearing before her in a plume of energy, making a soft whooshing noise as it opens up.

>Her hand drops in her pocket and grips onto a slip tucked inside of it as she steps through, her cloak giving only a quiet whoosh as she steps through, out of sight.

>It isn't until she passes through that her lip twitches and her breath catches in her chest, her blank facade breaking like glass.

>She couldn't be around them, not after she saw that-heard that.

>She wouldn't be part of that.
>Even the person she tried to trust, someone she hoped could shed light on where she was, or what hell had befallen the manor and everyone she loved, she felt she couldn't follow, let alone trust.

>She just wanted to go home.

>Her eyes shine with tears, and she unsuccessfully tries scrubbing the tears away from her face, still walking away from it all.

>Yet, the more she tries, the more she feels the tears roll down her face.

>Unable to stifle the swell of emotion, she breaks into a run.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 775423

File: 1401001294412.jpg (80.01 KB, 500x289, pose_Fuckthis.jpg)

>One of the people who actually lived through all this was acting like this happened every day.
>Wade was shouting at them like it was a perfectly reasonable thing to do, lording all those deaths over their heads like he hadn't realized that.
>Alfred opens his mouth to respond, for once being respectful and trying not to interrupt others.
>only for Judith to catch Dead's attention instead,
>and then for Sasuun to go off on everyone.
>It was worse than a world meeting. There he had some authority, but here, he didn't have enough, even though it mattered even more now.
>He had three options: shout back at them, run after the mooks, or make sure the youngest member of the group didn't run off alone.

>Alfred stands there for a few moments, fists clenched, eyes shut, obviously trying to avoid breaking it all up with a loud shout.

>He walks toward the Dark Corridor, footsteps echoing against the walls of the warehouse.

Meet back up at the base when y'all're done arguing.

>He doesn't even look back as he speaks. He just rushes through the pathway after the girl. The American stumbles briefly when his feet meet grass, but quickly picks up the pace, running after her.

X-Xion, wait, we gotta stick together here!


File: 1401026728366.jpg (34.55 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n3vyixx5zw1snqzhto1_500…)


>Neptune had to agree with Deadpony there, that it was only natural to kill someone like that

>but she hadn't commented on it, just nodding to herself acknowledging his argument


>At least Judith was thinking somewhat straight despite the chaos


>Two of the arrivals from the past hadn't even been able to handle the situation around them, Nep couldn't blame them, the tensions were high and very stressful

>Despite this being the type of thing that Deadpony would normally do at the drop of the hat, the raw emotion behind everyone's speeches made this the kind of event that may be marked with trauma


>At Sas's sudden out burst, Neptune honestly didn't understand

>She could see that they definitely were not working as a team right now, but his anger at Gamma's supposed death?

>And the fact that he's letting them just drag him away?! No questions asked? If he was so uncertain of Gamma's death shouldn't they have brought the corpse with them to make sure he was dead?

>Neptune just shook her head before walking up to him

Look, it's clear no one's thinking straight right now, emotions are heavy for everyone, if only because what's now the majority of us are very suddenly being exposed to the situation

>she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a disk before handing it to Sas

this is what little we were able to get before the switch happened, I'll talk to you more once things have chilled.

>she said before turning around and walking back off towards the base

Robocop!DeadTIX9Kc 775467

File: 1401035655996.jpg (135.98 KB, 762x1047, Finally, someone dumber then m…)

>Wade shakes his head as he steps forward. It was clear he wasn't buying anything Sas was trying to sell on him. At this point it was now pretty clear it wasn't Gamma who was responsible for the majority of deaths of the manor. Especially now watching as Sassun now was letting the grousome twosome just drag the potientially most powerful member of the enemy team away before they could confirm the kill, it was a miracle that he had managed to keep this team together let alone alive.

>But before he could respond to anything the changing situation required his attention a bit more. Judith was wounded and required aid.

>Rushing over he leans down to help her up.

Come on Judith, I know yer made of sterner stuff then that.

>Placing the hand holding the ring on her shoulder he begins to move her over to find her something stale to sit on.

Roll 1d1000 = 155

>Evens the sun ring glows and begins to slowly heal Judith's wounds in response to Wade's thoughts.

>Odds it remains dormant. Wade still not quite sure how this thing even works.

>Either way Wade would be oblivious to the rings actions.

>It was now he noticed the dark portal leading away from here. At the last moment he spots Al running through and shouting at its master. He knew Al well enough to protect Xion to get her back here safely. However it was probably that same thought process that led to his death in this world.

>He was stuck between two options. Patch up Judith, or go after the other two that had been thrown through time. The entire situation was looking to only get worse by the second.

>Thrown through time, a team divided, and death around every corner. No matter how many times this happened Wade would never get used to the site of it. One thing was clear. He had already scarred his family by being dead for a month already this year. He couldn't even think about how a second time would make them feel.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 775666

File: 1401059757597.gif (1.28 MB, 245x250, tumblr_mtnd4lDkoF1rga2a8o1_250…)

>Welp that was certainly a thing. They just let the enemy go scot free when she really could have used whatever info was stored in their heads.

….Really Sas? you let the enemy go with everything they know now and we're the idiots?

>She scoffs.

I'm starting to understand why things are as they are now…

>And now Xion's run of.

Oh for Christ sakes…

>She'd have to hope Alfred can bring her back in one piece and in less of a mess then she already was.

>As Wade helps her up, she sighs trying to get over the pain she felt from the attack.

Thanks Wade…

>After she's places down in a more comfortable possision, she starts to take care of her injuries as she addresses the rest of the group.

Ok, one thing's certain. We're not going to get anywhere the way things are now.

>She looks to Sasuun.

I'm taking over leadership roll over here. Once Alfred brings Xion back, I'm addressing the group as a whole, until then keep a lid on your temper.


File: 1401060193654.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Takes the disk from Neptune, and sighs.
>Not a sigh of disappointment for the group, but more disappointment in himself.

Alright, thank you.

>He then watches as she walks off, and looks to the side to see Xion and Alfred run through the Dark Corridor.

>He says nothing, simply letting them leave.

>Walks over to these two, looking down at them as Deads flames do nothing.
>Stands in silence for a moment, before crouching down next to Dead, holding his fist towards Judith.

Focus a little harder. As long as you can clearly picture what you want to do, and why you want to do it, everything else should come naturally.

>One of his rings light up in the same yellow sun flames Dead has, slowly dispersing over Judith to heal her.

>He stays silent, looking over Judith as his flames does its work.
>As soon as his flames disappear though, he speaks up again.

I'm sorry. I know this isn't easy for you guys.

>He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a wing made out of wax, and sets it next to Dead.

This will take you guys someplace safe. Xion and Alfred will meet you guys there soon too.

>He stands up, and lets out a soft sigh.

I wanna talk to you two when we've all calmed down. I don't want us to keep getting angry at each other. It will only make things worse.

>He draws his sword, and it slowly gets light storm flames across the blade.

Use that wing to go back when you're ready, I have a few things I need to do. I'll see you when I get back, alright?

>His tone this time is a lot more soft and apologetic.

>He looks over to Judith for a moment, looking back up to the entrance of the warehouse to make sure they're gone.
>He then sighs, and looks back down, keeping the same, apologetic tone.

I marked Gamma with Storm flames. When we get back to the base, we'll be able to clearly see where they are, and quickly make up a plan of attack. I'll put that together with what you found out, and figure out a good way to go about this.

As for taking leadership, sorry, but for now I'm going to have to refuse. Once I get switched, go right ahead, but that won't be happening for awhile.

>He turns away.

Sorry again about you guys being thrown into this. It's not fair to you guys.

I'll meet up with you later.

>And with that, he walks off.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 775677

File: 1401061272977.png (19.23 KB, 147x188, Grounded.PNG)


>Alfred emerges upon a patch of overgrown grass, but should he look around himself, he'd see what appear to be ruins of some sort. Concrete and skeletal remains of buildings litter around him, the ground beneath his feet cracked open in chunks, allowing the grass and brush to grow beneath his feet.

>Nearby is a massive tree trunk, apparently having been chopped down long ago. A massive log, covered in moss and other fungi. It appears as if mother nature has completely reclaimed the area for itself, though nothing about it would be remotely recognizable to the American as any place familiar.

>Xion sits a fair distance away, on her knees and body stooped over. Glimmering tears drip from her hidden face, her body lightly trembling as she manages a few sniffles.

I-It's gone too…everything

>Her hands, resting on her lap, slowly curl into fists.

>She lifts an arm and vigorously rubs her face on her sleeve, her head shaking wildly.

>But it isn't to simply clear her eyes, it's denial.

I can't…! I can't do this…! I want-…!

>Xion sobs softly and curls up, pressing her hands to her face as she manages a shudder whimper.

I want to go home…!

>She sobs quietly into her hands, her fingers clutching at her face. She tries, desperately tries to hold it back, but everything comes out in a rush of tears.

>This was too much to take in all at once. Hyde prepared her for a variety of different things. Kidnapping, death, handling a tragedy that she couldn't avoid…

>This was far worse. No time traveling vehicles, no Manor, no Valorcall home, no home

>Surrounded by people who were just crazy, or who wanted to kill her, whichever came first.

>Everyone was gone

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 775701

File: 1401065118309.jpg (53.99 KB, 160x215, pose (25).jpg)

>Alfred can hear the faint sounds of arguing, but they're far behind him, and once the corridor closes, they're gone.
>With all that negative noise gone, the sniffling of the cloaked figure was easier to hear. The American slows as he approaches her, glancing around at their surroundings. It didn't look even remotely familiar, but he didn't have to know the place to be able to tell it meant a lot to Xion.
>He stands not too far from her, close enough to hear her words.

>She had every right to give up and cry. Nothing was going right. Nobody had a clue what was going on here or at home, all they saw was violence and all they heard were nasty words… they were in a reality where all their loved ones were just gone.

>Matt… Arthur…

>… she'd lost a fair amount of people, too.

Hey… hey.

>Alfred carefully kneels beside her and puts a hand on her shoulder. His eyebrows knit upwards, and instead of his normal dramatic expression, it's soft.

It's okay to be upset, yo.

>His voice is just as soft.

It's okay to vent and cry, too… but it's not okay to give up and stop doing things and just wish you were outta the situation.

>He sits on his knees to be more on her level, and gives her shoulder a gentle pat.

You're supposed to keep going, no matter what, keep chasing after that chance or possibility or whatever that things're gonna get fixed. I know you can keep going, too, 'cause I've seen how strong you are! Those spells you throw out like nukes, how hard you can smack people with your keyblade? That's some serious power, the kind that only comes from inner strength.

>He leans forward, trying to catch her gaze with his honest blue eyes.

We're gonna find a way home, back to Alton, Crona, Matt, all them.

But we can't if you give up, Xion.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 775730

File: 1401067396660.png (41.12 KB, 500x295, A Super Sad Xion.png)


>Xion grows silent, outside some quiet sniffles and whimpers. Tears still roll down her cheeks, a steady flood she couldn't quite quell.

>So, instead, she focuses on breathing and calming herself down.

>She peeks past a fringe of dark hair, sensing how close Alfred is. Her eyes are pink, still weeping with silent streams down the sides of her face.

I-I know that, Alfred. I s-said as much w-when I first came h-here.


>Xion lifts a sleeve and rubs at her face, sniffling again.

I don't know what to do! D-Deapony and Judith are crazy, a-and that person from the future doesn't even look like s-she knows what she's doing-a-and I think that future Sasuun is keeping things from us-!

How can we find a way back home like that?

>Her lip trembles, her eyes squeezing shut as she looks down with a renewed sniffle.

I'm o-only strong because of my friends, Alfred. The people I care about, the people I love. And, besides you?

>She gulps thickly and raises her head, her hair falling away from her face to reveal her tearstained cheeks.

There's nobody else here I think I can t-trust anymore…

>She stares at him, then rubs the tears free of her face. It takes a while for her to breath, to calm down.

>Once she does, her watery blue gazes fixes on him, her lips still trembling.

…Can you promise me something, Alfred? Promise…that we'll f-find a way to go back home?

>She knows he doesn't have anything to say they would, nothing aside blind faith they would.

>But, it would have felt better than feeling the way she did now; scared, uncretain, sad

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 775749

File: 1401069269495.jpg (58.32 KB, 500x303, poseimgoingthedistance___impic…)

>She hadn't broken down into those gross sobs of someone who was honestly hopeless, so Alfred knew he was doing something right.

I-it's okay to not know what to do! Nobody knows what to do all the time!
>Least of all, him.
We'll find a way home, with or without 'em. There're still plenty of people left on this planet that can help us. Worst comes to worst, we toss these rings, run off, and find someone who can help us get back home, with or without the others.
>The thought of actually leaving Deadpony and Judith behind gives him pause. Sure, Dead had survived a lot of things, but getting home was much harder than just enduring a few hits. Both him and Judith had left significant others and kids behind, too.
>Alfred shuts his eyes for a moment, and sighs. When he opens them back up, she's taking a moment to calm down. He briefly looks away to dig in a pocket of his jacket.

You're stronger 'cause of your bonds, I know, but you don't have to be right next to someone to fight for them, or to know they're behind you every step of the way. You gotta believe in your own strength and trust in yourself to carry on and get things done. The people near you're just a bonus.

>He pulls out a handkerchief patterned like his own flag, and hands it to her.

>He doesn't even hesitate in responding to her request.

I promise.

>Whether or not she takes the handkerchief to clean herself up with, he wraps one arm around the keyblade wielder, and gives her a good hug. He even gives a little, confident smile, evidence that he fully believed in his own words.

I promise you we'll find a way back home, or my name isn't Alfred F. Jones.

>His little smile turns into a big one as he looks down at the black form in his one-armed hug.

Just don't tell Pinkie about this. He'd get his dress in a knot and get all jealous you got to go on this awesome adventure with me instead of him.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 775788

File: 1401072343878.png (78.86 KB, 384x442, NoImmediateResponse_NeedEllips…)


>It was always easier to say things like that than actually keep going on. She hadn't felt this hopeless since the Dragon Ball quest she had undertaken to bring back Hyde.

>Feeling her spirit droop from that, she quickly pushes her thoughts elsewhere. Her friends were her power, but even if they weren't with her, could she carry on with her strength?

>If it meant seeing them again, she'd do what she could to go back home…

>Xion continues to try rubbing her tears away with her sleeve, but when Alfred offers her the handkerchief, she readily accepts it with a tentative grab.

>She wipes her face withe the cloth and sniffs again, feeling her own eyes throb from her spilled tears.

>He promised so easily, so confidently.

>And the hug was actually very nice too. A small sign of comfort. She raises her eyes to meet his, still shining with unshed tears.

>Roll 1d1000 = 578

>odds, at his little quip, she can't help but smile very slightly and chortle under her breath, before returning his one armed hug with one of her own.

T-Thank you…

>Evens, and Xion doesn't laugh. Instead, there's a hint of grief that flashes through her eyes and looks back down.

>Her tears have stopped at least, but she still looks particularly down.

…We should go back, huh?

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 775792

File: 1401073340307.jpg (110.89 KB, 465x750, pose (29).jpg)

>Alfred's happy grin dies down when he sees that his joking didn't do much. She wasn't crying, but she definitely wasn't happy.

>He clears his throat loudly, nods, and glances away.

Yeah. Hopefully the others're back at the base by now.

>He gives the young woman a good pat on her shoulder before standing up. He dusts his pants off of any dirt that could've gotten on them, and mumbles to himself,

If they aren't, all the more reason to raid the fridge…
>With a small shrug, he holds his hand out to help her up.

Let's get going.

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 775797

File: 1401073755974.jpg (139.57 KB, 500x500, Because This Can't Be Wiped Aw…)


>Xion reaches up and takes his hand, gripping it as she shakily stands back to her feet. Bits of grass and dirt cling to her robe, but a few pats brush the debris right off.

>She passes the handkerchief back to Alfred with one hand, and lifts the other as dark energy surrounds around it.


>Before the both of them appears a new Corridor, this one leading back to the base, or namely the hall she had been taken to by Sasuun when she was first brought there.

>At the mention of raiding a fridge, her stomach gives a loud growl, and with a flush to her cheeks, she rubs her stomach and walks through the corridor.

>It had been a while since she last ate…and, since she was still affected by that 'mild' strain of lycanthropy from Valorcall, she called for more food than what she'd usually eat.

>Perhaps raiding the fridge would improve her mood and resolution.

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 775835

File: 1401081487912.png (688.44 KB, 915x438, Anti-Hero.PNG)

Roll 1d1000 = 122
>Evens Wade looks down at his sun ring as he sits down. Only now realizing that it has the ability to heal.
>Odds he continues to be oblivious to what exactly Sas is talking about.

>Either way he stands quiet and at least pretends to listen to Sassun. It's only after he is left alone with Judith and Neptune that he actually speaks again.

You know I think I'd be more comfortable following you.

>He sais to Judith.

And for once I'm not just saying that because you have a nice ass.

>Taking a deep sigh he falls to the ground with a loud thud. His legs spread out as he now sits on his bottom looking at the floor. For the first time since his arrival in the future he could actually take a breather and begin to collect his thoughts.

Come on Wade, pull yourself together. This isn't your first time traveling rodeo you can make it through this. Just think happy thoughts. Haaaapy thoughts.

>He hums to himself as he begins to rock around while remaining seated.

>After a while he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes for a moment. Seconds later he releases and opens his eyes once more. The act seem to assure himself this wasn't a dream much to his dismay.

Well, all that could have gone better.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 776017

File: 1401130767055.png (26.54 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmi4lof6ys1qz4rg…)

>Judith just shakes her head as he leaves the building.

Hopefully that'll be sooner the later.

>At Wade's comment she allows herself to smile a bit and shake her head.

Gee thanks Wade.

>Well at least that was something who threw their lot in with her. The merc may rub plenty of people the wrong way, but right now she needed his skills and his mindset.

>She looks up at the sky from a broken section of the roof of the warehouse. The end of the world, her home destroyed, her loved ones dead…

…Guess one can't really get away from their past. No matter how much they think they have.

The working dead 776057

>how many times had Wade himself faced this scenario? Much like a fool he always seemed to be faceing the end of the world again and again. It had been months since Aelazandre, was this the future those people gave their lives to insure? It was almost enough to drive anyone mad to think about. Perhaps this was karma at work. The death of all those around him to equal the death of the thousands of people he so willfully destroyed before a chance of rescue could come. No, no it couldn't be that. If that were the case he would have lived through this first hand instead of being shoved into it like a rag doll on acid. Plus why were he others here? Certainly they did nothing to deserve this. Sure Judith had Highwind but that was not her. Al had just as much blood on his hands but that wasn't entirely his call. Then their was Xion, surely one so young couldn't have done anything to deserve this fate.

>All these thoughts rush through Wade even as he responds to Judith.

No, believe me I've been trying for years.

>he goes quiet again. What could they do now? Where was the magical McGuffin that would save them this time? Or were they by the very diffenition, doomed.

We're not going to die in this world. We're both going to get home to our families.

>hollow words in a doomed time. Even now he was determined to not let a bad situation get him down. Even with all the cards against them he had to keep morale up.


File: 1401142282771.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun walks through the forest, letting out a deep sigh.

..I really wish I could tell them everything, but..

>He shakes his head, looking around in the forest, trying to find something.

The plan won't work unless they don't know. It's the only way we can do this.

>He scratches the back of his head, an dlook down to the ground.

..Sorry, guys.. Hold on just a little bit longer, alright..?

>He continues through the forest, still trying to find something.

>And that's when a man walks through the trees.

Alright, it's time to really get this started.

>Sasuun turns to the man, and simply stares at him.

>And not a moment later, the man before him is engulfed in a pink smoke, soon revealing a new, younger figure.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776144

File: 1401142979221.png (8.43 KB, 257x289, ss (2013-10-26 at 11.51.51).pn…)

>standing before Sasuun, clad in a police-esque uniform, was a strange bewildered man.


>he looked around, trying to get his bearings… He was just about to head over and say hello to Ryl, then this happened…

>then he sees Sasuun, pointing accusingly at him.

Hey! Tell me where I am! Are you the one responsible for taking me here?

>although, Shotaro wasn't quite sure why, but the area around him seemed a bit familiar.. As if he's been here before.


File: 1401143181550.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>Holds up his hands, and backs up in shock.

No! I wasn't!

>He sighs, scratching the back of his head.

>He looks up to him, an unhappy look on his face.

I really hope I'm wrong, but..

Are you Shotaro..?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776152

File: 1401143409218.jpg (40.59 KB, 537x600, 2c0f696c0467a777c0f74c9981cfe9…)


>behind Shotaro appears a slender, manniquin like creature, wearing a similar outfit to its master.

If you're lying, I won't hesitate to beat you… But, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as people call it.

>he gave a small bow

Yes, I am him.. Why do you ask?


File: 1401143583301.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Looks up at his Stand, then back down to Shotaro as he confirms it.
>While Sasuun knew this, he continues to act oblivious.


>He lets out a sigh, before standing up straight and looking right at Shotaro.

I have some bad news to share with you, and it won't be easy to hear.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776158

File: 1401143667437.jpg (234.96 KB, 800x800, e107ef20725d1fab98384004311689…)

…Go on…

>Did something happen to Ryl?

Is.. Is Ryl okay?


File: 1401143799090.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He scratches the back of his head.

..I'll get there.

>Sasuun takes a deep breath.

>This was what, the fourth time explaining this now?
>It hasn't gotten any easier.

This is probably gonna be hard to believe, but you've arrived in the future.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776166

File: 1401144063071.png (219.49 KB, 784x783, 22303d3fe8c8c0d132825e71756dc1…)


>he tilted his head like a confused dog

…Come again?

>how far into the future?



>Sasuun just looks at Shotaro for a moment, before sighing once again.

Here, look at this.

>He pulls a wing made of wax out of his pocket, and crushes it in his hand.

>A swirl of light then surrounds both Sasuun and Shotaro, a beautiful lightshow all around them.
>However, when it disappears, the sight after it isn't that great.
>The image before him is no more than what could be called hell.
>The crushed building before them, while in hundreds of pieces, and still be clearly made out.
>This was Wayne Manor.
>The area inside and around the manor scorched, though old.
>Whoever did this, they did it a long time ago.
>Sasuun stays silent.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776176

File: 1401144735172.png (12.51 KB, 285x291, ss (2013-10-27 at 12.02.06).pn…)


>His home… Friends, family, everything… Who could've done this?

>Roll 1d1000 = 429

>evens, loses his temper. Now is not to be his typical polite self.
>he grabs Sasuun by the lapel of his jacket and pulls him forward

Who did this!? Answer me!

>odds, he has to keep his composure, whether he likes it or not. Sounding more depressed than angry.

…Who did this?


File: 1401144958887.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He looks down to Shotaro, and speaks softly.

..If I tell you, what will you do..?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776183

File: 1401145152526.png (12.55 KB, 281x290, ss (2013-10-26 at 11.55.42).pn…)

>he looked him dead in the eyes, speaking in a tone that conveyed no real emotion

…If you tell me there name and where he is, there is nothing that he or she can do to stop me from beating every inch of them senseless…

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776184



File: 1401145550589.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun just stares down at him.
>He can't say he didn't expect this.

Then I guess you can say I'm here to stop you from doing that.

>Sasuun looks over to the destroyed Manor, and a look of slight sadness washes over his face.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776188

File: 1401145673032.png (6.37 KB, 162x182, ss (2013-10-26 at 11.55.32).pn…)

And why?

>he raised his voice

You want him or her to just get away with this? The destruction of not just my home, but the home of several others?

>his expression twisted into a scowl

You're with him, aren't you?


File: 1401145872790.png (337.56 KB, 265x544, 147914632.png)

>He closes his eyes when Shotaro accuses him of being with the enemy, and just sighs.

No. I'm one of the people who used to live in the manor. I'm Sasuun Vongola, from ten years in the future.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776193

File: 1401146066790.jpg (40.59 KB, 537x600, 2c0f696c0467a777c0f74c9981cfe9…)

And if you're with the manor, why don't you want revenge?!

>he crossed his arms

You dont' make sense..


File: 1401146216935.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He looks over to Shotaro.

If it were that easy, I would've done it long ago.

>He looks back to the Manor.

It wasn't just the manor that was destroyed. These people killed nearly every single person inside as well.

>He once again looks back to Shotaro.

This time, it isn't as easy as just walking up to them and knocking on their door.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776198

File: 1401146496777.png (13.87 KB, 295x288, ss (2013-10-26 at 11.55.51).pn…)

…I understand… But I don't care.

>he started walking, heading towards the manor

Even if it means death, you cannot convince me to not go through with this! I'll find this man, every inch of their body will regret messing with the manor, and I'll go home!


>By now, after dealing with everyone else, Sasuun's frustration has reached its peak.
>He just can't take it anymore.

Why don't any of you understand!?

>He shouts at Shotaro, a mixture of anger and sadness in his voice.

I've watched everyone I know die, right before my eyes! The last three years have been nothing but pain for me, and the only people I have left are all disappearing again!

>He falls to his knees, and slams his fist against the ground.

I don't want to go through that again!

I don't want anyone else to go rushing to their deaths! I don't want to see anyone else die.

Is that really that hard to understand!?

>A tear runs down the side of his face.

>Given what mood he was in earlier, it would be rather surprising to see him suddenly crying.

..is it really..?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776203

File: 1401147454124.jpg (54.83 KB, 338x750, tumblr_mrl9r6fjdu1sf8vcyo1_500…)


>the man sighed, unable to look at the sad display in front of him.

…I do understand, Sasuun. If most of the manor has died, then that includes the woman that I have feelings for.. Try to understand me, for a change.

Tell me, what would you rather do? Lie down with the enemies foot on your head or go out in fight them, regardless if you fail or not?


File: 1401147649823.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He sits up, looking over to the man.
>He takes a moment to breathe, and wipes his face.

Make a plan.

>He says simply.

I'm sure you've been told in the past, but we have a connection to the Vongola.

So I've asked for their help.

>He closes his eyes and sighs.

According to them, they've started to be attacked by them too, so I've met up to plan a big attack.

>He opens his eyes again.

This attack is going to be happening worldwide. Us included.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776206

File: 1401147931252.jpg (26.78 KB, 218x201, It's a shame that you're such …)

…So what do we do?

>he sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

…Where are the others, first off? We can work better if we have a group.


File: 1401148035598.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

Right now, I don't know what to do.

>He sighs.

We don't know where the enemy is located yet, so there's that.

>He looks up to Shotaro.

As for where everyone else is, they should be at our base. We had it built after the manor fell as a place to hide. The last three years have turned it more into a home for us though.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776209

File: 1401148444187.jpg (78.74 KB, 700x670, 4423918fcdfa3a062e8cec0572f1a0…)

>he slowly nodded

Very well…

I'm.. Sorry that you had to go through what happened. I can't say I have experienced it first hand.

>he looked to the ruins of the manor

Shall we go?


File: 1401148717489.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

It's.. Not a fun thing to go through, I can tell you that.

>Let alone going through it twice.

>Sasuun sighs once again.

Sure, let's go.

>He pulls out another waxen wing, and crushes it.

>One lightshow later, and they appear in the middle of a large livingroom.

Though I should probably be the one apologizing to you. It's not fair that you've been thrown into a world like this.

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776217

File: 1401149262072.jpg (138.85 KB, 362x639, ss (2013-08-23 at 10.49.18).jp…)

It's alright… As long as there is a way back home…

>and if there wasn't… Let's hope there is


File: 1401149444649.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Sasuun sighs.


>He looks over to Shotaro, surprised at how much better he's taking it now.

..You have any questions? I mean, you've been thrown into a world you know nothing about..

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776220

File: 1401149572135.jpg (71.73 KB, 709x709, 586634260e21d8cdc8218067680893…)

>he shook his head

I'm a simple man… And I'd rather have the future be a secret for me.

>he shrugged, smiling, his polite awkward nature showing its face

If you know what I mean.


File: 1401149765807.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>He looked at Shotaro, and smiled.
>He really should've expected this, but Sasuun didn't know Shotaro ten years ago.

He'll definitely be one of the more helpful people.

Well, as long as you're fine with it.

>He turns towards the door of the living area.

If you get hungry, there's a kitchen across the hall, and if you turn to the left you'll reach our bedrooms.

>He looks back at Shotaro.

It's.. up to you if you want to sleep in your future selves room. You switched places with him when you showed up.

If you don't want to, guest rooms are just a little bit further down.

Need anything else? Or would you rather be left alone?

!MEOWKdWFcQ 776223

File: 1401149954618.jpg (85.25 KB, 709x1000, 7164541f85354b167b1630f7789c29…)


>he rubbed his chin

Get me a cup of coffee, then I'll be fine on my own~

>pretty much all he needed to improve this iffy day.


File: 1401150010745.jpg (309.38 KB, 600x800, Raven.(Elsword).full.948015.jp…)

>Sasuun smiles, and lets out a short laugh.

You got it.

>He then goes off to get the man his coffee.

???!tcSassyDEQ 776599

File: 1401213504050.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.56 KB, 400x400, Byakuran_3572.jpg)

>A man stands in the middle of a large room, wearing a white outfit, much like everyone else seems to be in this world.
>He holds up a boy by the neck, him staring at him with a calm smirk.

Come now, you really think that would be enough?

>The room they're in is blown to pieces, smoke rising from multiple holes in the wall and craters on the ground.

>The boy in his hand grabs onto the mans palm, trying to loosten his grip, but to no success.

Well, you don't know how to give up, that's for sure.

>His smirk turns more into a friendly smile, and he speaks with joy in his voice, as if just passing time with a close friend.

Honestly, Tsunayoshi, I really expect bigger things from you.

>The boy in his hand looks incredibly beaten, and completely exhausted, breathing heavily.

>While the other man seems completely unharmed, and is having no troubles whatsoever keeping Tsuna at bay.
>Behind the man, are the defeated members of Tsuna family. All six of them that were present during the Fight for the Rings.
>Hibari, Lambo, Mukuro, Yamamoto..
>All of them lay broken and defeated.

Though I'm impressed you were able to find me, coming at me like this really wasn't your best idea, was it?

>He chuckles, raising Tsuna a little higher before tossing him to the side.

And you don't even have the Vongola Rings, so this was just a huge waste of time for me.

>He continues to look at Tsuna, a smile on his face.

Well, I'd love to play with you a little more, Tsunayoshi, but I have a few things I need to take care of.

>The man raises his hand, it starting to glow in a bright orange.

>Tsuna is only able to say one word.




File: 1401234077766.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, sample_23ccb4e30634ee47955d0fd…)

>Meanwhile, back at the base.
>Sasuun sighs, walking down the residential hall.
>He has his hands in his pockets, thinking to himself.

Well, I suppose the first person I should talk to is Judith.

>Sasuun walks up to the door of the room Judith is staying in, and he knocks.


Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 777199

File: 1401300749717.jpg (5.46 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmmf9kN6k61qz4rg…)

>The door opens to show Judith.


>She didn't look like she got a lot of sleep last night…

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 777205

File: 1401300949994.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, 1401234077766.jpg)

>Sasuun frowns at the sight.
>While he expected it, he didn't want to see it.

You got time to talk?

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 777215

File: 1401301719160.png (25.35 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mnht17FR0h1qz4rg…)

Yeah I do. Though I do want to talk to the others as well…

>As if now, she didn't think the group would be able to hold together well. Not after the display yesterday.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 777216

File: 1401301905983.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, 1401234077766.jpg)

>Sasuun nods at her.

Alright, I can manage that.

Anything you wanna ask me about first? Or should we just get everyone together?

>He looks to Judith questioningly.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 777228

File: 1401304208923.png (20.51 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmrog1V3nN1qz4rg…)

>She just shakes her head.

No, nothing to ask. Let's just get everyone together.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 777302

File: 1401314408531.jpg (99.02 KB, 850x870, image.jpg)

>Sasuun nods.


>Sasuun then turns, and starts walking down the hall, knocking on everyones door.

Neptune!SegaT6.4xQ 778069

File: 1401419032679.png (243.03 KB, 375x750, tumblr_n4589bFkLl1qd2mamo1_500…)


>Neptune would walk out of her room with a tired and restless look on her face

I don't know how much more of this stuff I can take…

>she just sighed shaking her head

>she had clearly started thinking on things again, dealing with the stress it brought herself

>bu she soon enough chippered up, ready to do whatever would come next.

Deadpony!DeadTIX9Kc 778418

File: 1401496867717.png (253.38 KB, 500x326, tumblr_mdr965dY9Z1ry01upo1_500…)

>Wade sat alone in the room of his future self. He dare not touch too many things knowing the kind of person he was likely to become in a situation like this. On the bed frame he noticed various photos lay face down in their frames. Lifting one up would reveal a photo of Glorya and himself. She lay in his arms with her own wrapped around her head. He failed to recognize the background behind them, only that it seemed to be resembling a lively casino area. Of course given the fact that neither of them aged that much it was hard to determine just how long ago this was taken. After placing it back face down he raised another to show a burnt orange foal with maroon mane standing on his own in front of a school bus. It took a second to recognize him as an older Appleslice on his way to school. The final picture was featuring Matilda, inheriting her mothers inability to age. She stands with an assault rifle in her hands, a pile of men in green and yellow jumpsuits lay behind her, each of them apparently bleeding profusely. She smiles proudly at the camera despite the dirt she had allowed to build up in her face.

>Looking at these photos Wade could only wonder what other moments he had been forced to miss. This led to the thought of if he would ever be able to even have the chance to see these people again. His thoughts were interrupted by the summons at his door.

Yeah yeah hold yer horses I'll be there in a minute. Yesh can't a guy get some privacy in this post apocolyptic future?

>He lets out a sigh as he hears the knocker depart. The pictures now lay back down, hidden from view. He knew he could never give up, not now. He would have to pull all the stops to make it back to his own time and stop this horrible future from happening.

>Standing up he crinks his neck along with any other bones that had gotten to rested during his rather long rest. He wasn't expecting this to be easy. But he knew as long as one of them made it home alive none of this would matter. It would only take one of them to make it back home to change all this, or so he thought.

>Touching nothing else in the room he opened the door and began to head out toward the meeting hall.

You can tell by the way I use my trot I'm a mare's stallion. No time to talk.

>He actually sung the whole way there, all the while maintaining a skip in his step. A constant ruse to hide his true feelings, even now he kept it up as if it was all he had.

Shotaro Hiro!E7YwhoamIo 778467

File: 1401505295282.jpg (40.59 KB, 537x600, 2c0f696c0467a777c0f74c9981cfe9…)

>walking out the door was Shotaro, sporting a slight frown.

>"Got to remain optimistic… Can't ruin this further with a sour mood."

>he did his best to smile and walked out into the hallway

>"It'll all be over soon."

Xion!.ZzGrellBs 778761

File: 1401578501091.png (59.02 KB, 390x390, Feeling Kinda Down.png)


>It's a long while before a sullen Xion slowly emerges from the room she had taken residence in, her hood pulled over her head, and movements silent aside her quiet footsteps.


>She says nothing to those present, though she does pause with a surprised blink when she spies Shotaro ahead of them, looking remarkably younger than she's expect for his future self.

Alfred F. Jones!trjAMERICA 778921

File: 1401596311261.jpg (58.77 KB, 600x468, face (24).jpg)

>It doesn't take too long before Alfred wanders out of his room. He looks a little bleary-eyed, as if he didn't sleep well, with glasses slightly askew on his face, but other than that, he looks like his normal self.

What're we doing? Somethin' bad happening?

>He looks up and down the hall and quickly shuts his mouth. Whatever was going on, people weren't exactly happy about it.
>Except for Wade, but that was to be expected.

>He steps out of his future self's room, and gently shuts the door behind him.

Judith Sutcliff!aLEJudith. 780034

File: 1401760585319.png (20.51 KB, 100x100, tumblr_inline_mmrog1V3nN1qz4rg…)

>As the group gathers, Judith makes note go how many people their are… and with the new appearance of Shotaro, which she'll have to address later, the counts everyone present.

>Alright, time to start.

Let's take a step back in the past while we have the time shall we?

When I was 9, 17 years ago, I lived in a large city in the desert mountains known as Mt. Temza. This was home to huge population of my kind the Kritya. During this time, my world was in a bloody state of conflict known as the Great War. While these battles went on, my people remain a neutral third party keeping ourselves away from the violence…

But it came to us.

In the climax of the War, my home was made the final battlefield. Neither side warned us, neither side cared we were in the cross fire, they simply killed my people and razed my home along with their enemies. When the battle was over, our mountain home was a massive hole in the ground… Over half my race, men, women, elderly children… all gone in a battle that lasted only an hour.

>Judith pauses as she recalls the devastation she saw. The dead, the destruction, that paradise that had become a graveyard.

I was the only one to survive. Sometimes I didn't think I should have, but I did. But the desert is not a forgiving place I still had to endure it's tests. Monsters, bandits, desserts of the Empire's army looking to… "Let off some steam." I was forced to defend myself, kill to stay alive. I had no luxury not to. I didn't want to die or worse… Eventually I did make it out of the mountains and into a village across the sands… covered in the blood of anything that threatened me. What remaining Kritya there were in the world quickly gathered and left for our only other home… I told them what happened at Temza… and they told me why it happened.

Greed, ambition, the promise of more power.

One side, composed of mythical beings of great power, Entelexeia, sought to keep balance in world. The other, the Empire sought the lives of the opposition for fuel. Their ever life essence powering everything from city lights to water fountains. Both sides fight to keep their way of life. With total disregard for our own. One couldn't afford to, the other didn't care at all..

>She pauses as she looks at the people before.

Not something I'd use on my worst enemy. But here we are, reliving that scenario. Were in a world where our opposition does not care about us, wants us dead, and will not hesitate to make that happen. Our home is gone, those we love with it.

We're survivors now. Not defenders.

We don't have the luxury being able to do anything but survive in this world now. Not only are our lives in the balance, but we carry the burden of saving countless innocent people from this future as well.

If we end up in a situation like yestarday, we'll have to bloody our hands. We don't have the luxury of doing otherwise.

>She pauses to take a deep breath.

I don't ask you to become killers. I ask you to stay strong, for me and for everyone else. What petty solace I can give you is this; if we succeed, we can return home and prevent this future form ever happening. Will it change what we may be forced to do? No it won't, but I'll do what I can to prevent that from happening.

These are the cards we've been dealt. The difference between life and death means playing that hand carefully.

>With that, she switches tracks to what little hope they had.

Yestarday, I was able to discover a lead on a possible to our enemy base along with part of a code. Part of a code. I need a fresh brain that will know the rest if we want to get in.

Sasuun Vongola!tcSassyDEQ 784097

File: 1402337573642.jpg (207.12 KB, 850x870, 1401234077766.jpg)

>Sasuun remains silent as the people gather in the hallway, awaiting Judith to go ahead with what she wanted to say.

>And that's exactly what she did.
>While Sasuun knew about this, it still wasn't easy to hear.
>He silently listens to her story, nodding every once in awhile.
>He thinks long about what she has to say, and while he understood this, he still feels he needs to rethink some of the things he's done.
>He looks around at the newcomers of this world.

>He sighs, lowering his head.

>He stays silent for a moment longer, before looking to Judith, and nods.
>He then turns to the rest of the group, and takes a deep breath.

This world isn't going to be an easy one. It will take all you have to survive, and we need to make sure you're prepared for the worst.

>He looks back to Judith to address her comment about the code.

That, paired with what I did yesterday, could very well be what we've been waiting for. But if we're going to attack, we need to be ready.

>He then reaches into his pocket.

Which reminds me.

>He pulls out a disk, and looks to Judith and Xion in particular, knowing they'd be the only two who remember them.

I've received a message from the the group we fought for the Rings. The Varia.

Neptune!SegaT6.4xQ 786043

File: 1402666029070.jpg (34.55 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n3vyixx5zw1snqzhto1_500…)


>He'd received a message and hadn't told her yet?

>Even if it was from a group she knew little on, Neptune couldn't help but feel a bit unnerved that she hadn't been let in on things

>So she listened in to see what Sas was talking about.


>Stay strong, fight for survival…?

>She supposed this was true, how to go on after this

Cont, after I ask Sas something


File: 1403028407304.jpg (85.79 KB, 450x598, tumblr_n2ui59IIar1s8esvho1_500…)


>Neptune is suddenly enveloped in a cloud of smoke…

>The cloud of smoke fades away and the older goddess is replaced by a much more younger version

>her eyes closed tight she's whimpering

Pl…plutes do we have to use the whip? I was hoping for something more tende…

>she stops and opens her eyes before looking around at everyone

>and then at Sas

…you're not Plutia.
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