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File: 1398483026048.png (205.25 KB, 500x280, 1328154145251.png)

Tactical Equine Operations #1 Mr.McSisterfister!xWBRfzDhh. 753428


If you wish to join this game. Skype is highly encouraged.



Freeform to an extent. Where you can do as you wish but. The actions of NPCs and Companions are dictated by DM
#Pen and paper
Rulebook -→ http://pastebin.com/ZAwtjLQq

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 753467

Jamal Ratchet
Hp: 10/10
Xp spent:0
Xp unspent:0
Muh gat(small arms)
Shank (melee)
Not a pharmacist(+/-1 to all drug related/affected rolls that is affected by the drug bonus)
RACIST!(+1 to negotiation rolls to niggas/-1 to intimidation rolls to niggas, reverse for non niggas)
A nìgger(movement and +1 to stealth)(movement and +1 to stealth)

ya'll crackas need a brutha in here
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Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 753493

File: 1398485634826.jpg (89.31 KB, 680x650, Jamal Ratchet.jpg)

da man confused me wit' his crazy cracka website format

Trite Existence Dey Rejet Baht!!tGNhFZjAOO 753609

File: 1398495031582.jpg (316.66 KB, 511x800, 245256337367.jpg)

>Taking a step down from the shorn rift in reality.
>A heavy boot crunching into the frozen ground.
>Taking a deep breath, slowly scanning the wood line.
>Exhaling slowly, the warm moisturized air condensing in a light fog.
>Satisfied with the surroundings, noting the long clear path through the thick frosted forestry.
>Stepping forward, dragging a struggling young man through the snow.
>Dragging a foot along a slight raise in the snow, clearing it out of the way.
>Revealing a tarnished silver beam of metal.
>A train track.
>Hurling the restrained man onto the ground.
>Reaching into a leather pouch, retrieving a battered hilt and tossing it into the snow in front of him.
"This track will take you to Canterlot if the train comes from the South. Fillydelphia If it comes from the North."
>Pointing West, as apparent by the tracks being North and South.
>A gloved hand revealing a tarnished bangle about his wrist, and two torn golden patches of hide.
>Each with a marking on them, but unable to make out exactly what they are.
"Be careful in this place. This is what you need to know as a dangerous place. It is the Everfree Forest, and it is not as grounded to the material plane as most the rest of these realms."
>Standing quietly for a minute, the breath slowly cascading from behind the cooled titanium mask.
>Studying the African descent.
"Then we are not the only ones to arrive here."

Isaac!!vTNs6XXysD 753647

>nauseous from the travel, the world spins
>becoming uncomfortably numb, the sudden change in temperature harsh
>resisting against his grip, and failing
>but soon released and tossed, eating a face full of snow
>coughing from the impact
>a shiver coursing down my spine, halfway listening to this damned stranger
>an angered eye peering up
>the sickness beginning to fade, coming to the senses a little clearer
>setting up, glancing down to the item embedded in the snow
>wearing a somber face, a wandering eye shifting about, taking in the surrounding forest

Name: Isaac
HP: 12/12
Total XP: 0
Unspent XP:0

Spent the five starting XP on 4 skills, and 2 HP.

Gas Man!xIArPraIsE 753648

File: 1398504784799.png (86.69 KB, 300x292, gasyourself.png)

Name:The Gas Man
Theme: Toxic Crowd Control
HP: 10/10
Armor: Unarmored
Total XP: 0
Unspent XP:0

Melee (Basic)
Negotiation (Basic)
Perception (Basic)

-The Gas Man compresses The Gas into a compact sphere and throws it with his melee skill. The Gasbomb explodes upon impact with a solid surface, or can be detonated midair. None of these Gasses are harmful/detrimental to allies/non-combatants. All Gasbombs last for 1-4 turns based on battlefield conditions.

-Lethal Gasbomb - A noxious green Gasbomb that mimics the deadly effects of a Poison Gas grenade.

Gas Form(Basic)
The Gas Man takes on a Gaseous form, enhancing his senses, and causing him to give off a gray/white haze at all times.This form can be taken on or
suppressed at will. +1 to all Gas related rolls, including perception.

Gas Man!xIArPraIsE 753649

File: 1398505886971.png (167.54 KB, 500x282, 3cd8a33a.png)


>The Gas Man sat contemplating. Spring had come, and none of his friends had come back. He knew he should have protested harder when they were taken, but he knew there was nothing to be done.

>He sighed. Something had changed. He could feel it in his bones, in The Gas. The entire world was just… different. He had considered simply retiring to the Ferron camps in the woods, but even that seemed hollow and unreal.
>So many gone… so much changing… whatever is in the air is toxic, and I can feel it. I still can't believe nothing was done…
>Masked face in his hands, he sighed. Everything was just so WRONG now. Everything had changed so much…
>"I don't want to stay here, but where can I go? I don't want to live in this world anymore."
>The next things he heard were a stifled laugh, the snap of inhuman fingers, and one word.

"Oh, Gasdammit!"
>Tumbling into the snow from about ten feet up, the Gas Man faceplanted hard. Groaning as he stands up, he looks around, and sees three others. The delightfully… urban fellow called Jamal, a man tied on the ground, and… somebody familiar. Weird clothes, but still familiar…
"What the Gaseous fuck just happened?"
>Regarding the three others.
"Did you get dropped here too? Where are we… Why is there snow? I thought it would have all melted by now…"
>He eyes the man bound man, concerned. What did I get dropped into?

Mr.McSisterfister!xWBRfzDhh. 753966

If you are interested in this thread. you may join at any time.

All you have to do is create a sensible Innawoods loadout. If you don't know what a "sensible" loadout is made up of. Simply ask in thread and we will help you set everything up. You may use >>753648 as an example.

Comrade Soviet. 753971

My fucking sides.

was 4chan not enough?

Mr.McSisterfister!xWBRfzDhh. 753981


Much has happened in the last few months. If you wanna talk we have a skype call.

Comrade Soviet. 753997

I'd like to hear about it, no Skype however.

best of luck with your endeavors, Sir.

Anonymous 754088

Consider these things non-canon so far, development continues.

Anonymous 755110

Whoever Stimaddict is might want to take a look at this.

Barry!!uruilN4+lB 755212

File: 1398650817249.jpg (160.91 KB, 680x650, result.jpg)

Name: Barry
Theme: Introvert snoipah
HP: 10/10
Armor: unarmored
Total xp: 0
Spent xp: 0

Ranged Weaponry (basic)
Perception (basic)
Engineering (basic)

Unique Skills:
Hawkeye (basic)–Barry squints his eyes in order to see at greater distances–+1 to perception

Danger Zone (basic)–Barry carries around a few rounds of experimental sniper ammo that significantly increases damage output but ruins weapon condition–add +2 to damage/-10 to weapon condition per shot when skill is used (sniper rifle can only handle 3 shots before jamming)

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 756254

Hate to tell ya, but we niggas aint got no weapon condition to worry bout, an dat hawkeye skill seems kinda weak

Mr. McSisterfister!xWBRfzDhh. 756272


If you want to. Post your skype name so we can work with you on the skills

Barry!!uruilN4+lB 756349

>repairing damaged firearms in the field
>perk of engineer
i r confuse

Mr. McSisterfister!xWBRfzDhh. 756364


It is a bit unclear in that regard.

For example. If you roll to use your weapon to block an incoming attack, and are unsuccessful.

You stand the chance of your firearm being broken.

Barry!!uruilN4+lB 756374

so if i roll unsuccessfully during a weapon shot, i risk the weapon being jammed and/or broken?

So if i roll a 1 the bullet gets lodged in the chamber and is useless until repaired?

Mr. McSisterfister!xWBRfzDhh. 756381


Not really…

on a normal roll of 1d6

1 - Miss and other odd things may happen. A jam for example.
2 - Miss
3 - Hit for 3 damage plus weapon modifiers
4 - Hit for 4 damage plus weapon modifiers
5 - Hit for 5 damage plus weapon modifiers
6 - Is a Critical Hit. Effects may happen depending on the specifics of the post

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 756383

Enjineerin be fo makin new shit an makin ol shit betta, it dont be used much fo fixin yo gat. An' on shootin, a one to a two just means ya miss, any rolls above dat scale as damage, like >>756381dis cracka says.

Barry!!uruilN4+lB 756387

i cannot fukin find that for the life of me in handbook, thanks m8

also, skype is Barry_the _snoipah

TheCrazedDoctor!U/4JWDwk56 756471

File: 1398736222511.jpg (180.05 KB, 680x650, My loadout.jpg)

Name: TheCrazedDoctor

Theme: All within the Suit Nothing Outside the Suit

HP: 10/10

XP: 0


Melee B.

Medical B.

First Aid B.


Meet the Team B.

When using blood sacrifice now Crazed will roll a Roll 1d10 = 3
1 = Medic after being healed the next offensive roll will be the maximum it can be
2 = Pyro Resistance to status effects including stun, poison, fire, etc.
3 = Engineer for the duration of blood sacrifice he can add 2 rolls to engineering
4 = Heavy adds 2 extra melee rolls for the duration of blood sacrifice
5 = Spy add 2 Roll 1d6 = 1 sneak rolls and if he uses melee after a successful sneak roll he will gain a 2 extra rolls bonus to melee
6 = Sniper adds 2 Roll 1d6 = 3 to ranged rolls
7 = Demo add 2 explosive rolls
8 = Scout add 2 speed and evasion rolls
9 = Solider 2 extra intimidation
10 = Suit add 2 1d6 to melee and one 1d6 to healing

Bloody Doctor B. adds a Roll 1d6 + 2 = 5 roll

Crazed SaxtonHale!g3IEXpP/tU 756492

File: 1398736832157.png (600.69 KB, 646x611, Saxton Hale Mann of Adventure.…)

Name: Saxton Hale

Theme: Fight'in round the world

HP: 10/10

XP: 0


Melee B.

Intimidation B.

Building B.


Fight'in round the world B. everything I kill in a operation gives me +1 to my melee resets every operation (cannot use outside of operations)

I'M A MAN B. When doing manly things I get a extra 1d6 roll

?!?!!? What happens? Mico 'Darkbolt' Weisskreusz!!BGQ6cn+iV7 759559

File: 1399074368730.png (253.43 KB, 600x849, asv2.png)

>Thrown from dark shining portal into cold snow
>is shivering cold
>but inside he is burning with rage
>A girl's voice screams out inside his brain
>she is the only thing he remembers before being thrown into the dark shining portal
>befoire they….killled…

"EMIIIIIIIII!" he screams back

>eyes are trying to blink back the tears of sorrow and dark revenge

>he must find where she is!
>noticing the other men in the snow next to him he shouts out

"What is this?! What happened?!!"

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 763367

Nigga, you needz an innawoods an' a churcter sheet n' sheeeit

Mico 'Darkbolt' Weisskreusz!!BGQ6cn+iV7 764301


where do i get those from? is this supposed to be like better layton never? why is this rp so dead? hehe :P

Anonymous 764538

How about you check out op-post and notice IN DEVELOPMENT tag too.

Barry!/qmj.lG16Y 764674

read the rule book

The Colonial 770366

File: 1400374688526.jpg (171.27 KB, 680x650, result26.jpg)

Name; Alexander Ulishikov (The Colonial)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Position: Basic Assault
Operate Style: Funny guy, gets werk done.
HP: 10/10 (Would Fuck)
Armour: Unarmored
Skills: Regular medium/large firefights, strategist.

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 771333

Sory cracka, but dere be sum things wrong wit' dat, da loadout be fine, but ya gotta have eitha five skeels at basic, or just three skeels wit' onna dem at expert. Dere be dis thing up at da top o' dis here page called a rulebook dat might be worth reeding, as funny as it is to be told dat by a brotha. I'll even get ya a link right now! http://pastebin.com/ZAwtjLQq

ViolinPlayer !hGupT1at8. 775546

Heard you guys started up here. Can I join up?

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 775837

ViolinPlayer !hGupT1at8. 776036

Aw, come on. That was a long time ago. This isn't even the same board or thread. What happened, anyways?

Jamal Ratchet !NiGGERCBwo 776288

Anonymous 778391

File: 1401488858494.gif (422.85 KB, 293x222, KILL IT WITH BARRAGE.gif)

ViolinPlayer !hGupT1at8. 779962

Jeez. I thought that you guys coming here meant a new start. What is so wrong with that?

Anonymous 780266

File: 1401793226231.gif (1.55 MB, 300x164, 83KMV7b.gif)

it's wrong because it's you

Anonymous 784197

Is this still in development? Any idea when it'll start?

Anonymous 784511

>implying it isn't dead already

Anonymous 790500

So, when's the funeral for this thread?

Anonymous 790505

File: 1403283921160.jpg (15 KB, 236x421, 862.jpg)

surely something would have to have been alive for it to die

Anonymous 858605

Roll 1d6 = 4

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