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3 votes for each option, you must vote for each option per post. You can't reel in this eel 738802

#Open #First time RP #Horror/action/fantasy/sci-fy #CYOA

You are the commander of equestria defense, there are strange creatures calling themself humans, scout report they come from celestial objects falling on the ground within balls of flames. They are said to be extremely aggresive and are not reasonable. They are pillaging villages in great numbers. Diplomacy with them is not an option for now due to general panic.

Military option:
a) Engage these crash site at those downed UFO sites.
b) Lay the land and rescue/evacuate villager near these crash UFO sites.
c) Make ambush nearby road within these crashed UFO sites.
d) Rally/retreat to have a full army.
e) Create barricade to isolate the crashed UFO sites with your current forces.

Diplomacy options: You already sent a messanger to princess Celestia and Luna.
a) Send an embassador to tartarus
b) - to the griffon land
c) - to the buffaloos
d) - to the crystal empire
e) - to the breezies
f) - to the changeling
g) - to the dragons

Researches/logistics option:
a) Demand research on the XENO life form origin/history, if there is any.
b) Demand research on the layout of the land/ strategic points for choke points to isolate these downed UFO sites.

Get ready trooper, it's hell time !

OOC music for the mood.
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Anonymous 762831

Military: (b) with an emphasis on containing the threat but not being overtly aggressive. Assume that while diplomacy doesn't seem to be an option now it may be a possibility later.

Diplomacy: (f) and (d), but if only one is possible, (d). See if we can't get some Crystal Heart involved here.

Research: (a), let's figure out where the humans came from, what they might want, and how to reason with them.

I watched the thread, sorry for the extremely slow reply, I tought it was dead Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 791193

File: 1403384044048.jpg (310.32 KB, 1500x976, Equestria map original.jpg)

You evacuate the pony village in the surrounding, this act reduce panic a great lot ! Securing the surrounding, it cancel the panic dice roll !

Panic rule: each dice roll is to Roll 1d10 = 7 for example. Some decision can cancel a panic dice roll or even reduce them.
Panic rule.
0~25% morale is strong, your ponies do not fear this thread. 25%~50% Fear effect apply, giving less options sometime. 50%~75% small hostile militia worshiping the hostile forces appear. 75%~100% some nation may withdraw their forces to protect themselves if they are no successful missions each time with a low chance dice. 100%~125% Open civil warfare with rebellions in favor of the invader. 125% + You lose, your own people, they overthrow you for the supreme creature of the land.

~You decided to send another messages convoy to the crystal empire hoping to warn them in time.
~You decided that the best way to deal with this threat is with understanding it without direct confrontation for now.
We must wait for both decision to play their outcome one more turn.

Bonus ! Some villager you rescued want to join your army !
A) Let them in, inexperienced but valiant !
B) Send them in the reserve, train them to their full extent !
C) Fast training, not full capacity but time is at the essence !
D)Send them in a secure location, spreading the word of this hostile invasion and instruct them to defend themselves by giving them weapons. They may use the terrain in their own way. High risk, high reward choice.
E) Send them in a secure location with fewer weapons and instruct them to prepare the layout terrain for your specific army. It may or may not actually help the threat since their military formation type/scouting is unknown.

Force: A column = 1000 guards ponies. 5 scientist specialist *researching XENOFORM* 5 engineer:*extinguishing burning buildings* Special troops/hero: none

Special mission: not available.

Where do you go ? Choose a location in this map, where is you HQ ?

Foe check.
Roll 1d20 = 18 Potential type foe encounter.
Roll 1d100 = 88 90%+ there is a foe encounter.

Anonymous 792871

Check with the villagers to find anyone with decent engineering or scientific talent, and have them assist those efforts. (In the case of engineering, some able bodies may be able to help as well, even without significant engineering talent, at least for things like extinguishing buildings.) Instruct the experienced engineers and scientists to keep an eye out for genuine talent and useful ideas, but not to let ponies with more enthusiasm than sense slow them down.

For any remaining able-bodied ponies, (B), get them well-trained, with an emphasis on guerrilla and other unconventional tactics. This is not a time to train ponies in classic "line up and beat on each other in an orderly fashion" warfare. Again, watch for any natural talents and leaders here; look for anypony that others naturally look to without instruction or demand.

For anypony incapable of serving, either due to age or ability, have them start the communication campaign for any towns not already informed. Set up magical lines of communication (flame-mail or unicorn-based) with any major or minor population center.

On that same note, put the word out to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and any other similar institutions of higher learning (for all races), as well as the graduates of such institutions; offer opportunities both for any potential scientists and engineers, and for any potential mage warriors.

Keep the primary headquarters in Canterlot until there's a reason to do otherwise, and start fortifying it for long-term defense and siege resistance. We want to keep Canterlot as a visible symbol; abandoning it would send a poor message.

The messages to the Crystal Empire and the changelings should have informed them to start hunkering down as well, which will make them potentially viable secondary sites. (Both have the advantage of remote location.)

To clarify a previous point:
>Diplomacy: (f) and (d), but if only one is possible, (d). See if we can't get some Crystal Heart involved here.

In particular, the Crystal Heart is a means of focusing love and positive emotions, which should be highly appealing to the changelings as a step toward peaceful and open coexistence. (Can't claim credit for that idea; I've seen it in a few stories.)

Also, while it wasn't a listed option, I'd propose setting up some stealth missions as soon as possible. Collaborate between the changelings and any unicorns capable of invisibility and long-range teleportation, with an emphasis on the latter at first to avoid risky infiltration. We need to start gathering information on language and culture; "extremely aggressive" or not, we need to hope that they have more reason behind them than just "exterminate". War is a last resort, and understanding could help avert it. (I'm rather hoping that, despite the X-COM soundtrack link, the "enemy" is less implacable and inscrutable, and diplomacy is less hopeless than it is in that setting.)

(Setting question: are we roughly in the time period of the show, and in particular do we have access to some of the characters of the show? If so, we should start rallying them and consulting them.)

Anonymous 796624


Anonymous 818043

Anonymous 821263

>(Setting question: are we roughly in the time period of the show, and in particular do we have access to some of the characters of the show? If so, we should start rallying them and consulting them.)

Same question.

Anonymous 848721


Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 849767

I've been looking at ways to balance it out, on the long run, I've been scraping 3 mechanics unfortunately, I guess I'll go in the go instead of making it balanced and improvise.

Anonymous 855472

Please feel free to just wing it; no need for overly complex mechanics or balance. This isn't a video game; you'll be able to correct on the fly if things go wonky.

This thread seems like a lot of fun.

Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 855964

Alright, but I'll keep the panic things so there will be consequence to bad decision making and give tension.

Anonymous 857405

Sounds reasonable. Let's see how it goes.

Awesome !EELxu4rwJY 858842

You decided to check on the villager and put them on reserve. You recruited only 3 engineer and 1 scientist. Where will you train the rest of the villager ? NAME A LOCATION >>791193

XENOFORM will take some time yet, there is no proper research location for your scientist, they lack proper data, most of the fire destroyed local archive. Escort scientist into a more secure location ? Be aware that communication might be an issue even with letters teleportation due to the unnatural reality distortion currently happening to the mana pool of Equestria.

They are mostly earth ponies and would be better used as ground troops, one exceptional individual is visible: Timantha Doey who is specialist in cloud signal, a Pegasus for air navigation. She is incapable of serving but would be mostly useful for logistic support.

New special mission: Timantha Doey Beacon up a cloud to signal nearby location of immediate threat.
High risk, low consequence, medium defense boost, aggro potential. Engage commander ?

Setting: prior encounter era, before the mane 6 so that there won't be drama about main character dying or something

The incendiary incident is countered ! What will you assign your engineers now ?
A) Improvised trenches for immediate defense.
B) Flares signal for coordination.
C) Spotting scopes for threat assessment.

The diplomat convoy result is still unknown.

Foe check.
Roll 1d20 = 7 Potentiale foe encounter
Roll 1d100 = 97 92%+ there is a foe encounter (+2% due to previous passive decision)

No panic roll for now.

Anonymous 884404

Yes, get the scientist to a better location, specifically the best research facility we can manage. Are the Canterlot Archives still around?

Sounds like part of the risk of the Timantha special mission is that while she's good at cloud signal, she isn't necessarily the fastest or stealthiest around, so getting her back out of the line of fire would be difficult if things go pear-shaped. So, engage, pairing her communications specialty with a pegasus specializing in stealth, extraction, and speed (in that order of priority). When not on a mission, have the two train together to improve those skills and their coordination.

Work on scopes; we need as much intel as we can get.

Awesome eel 885162

You finally receive information about the convoy, did the emissary reached destination without difficulty ? [1d100] 80% + Yes

Desperate for a better stealth approach, you re-examine the pony rank to find a Pegasus/earth pony who is good at traversing the hostile territory of the Everfree forest either airborne or on foot. You find an earth pony claiming she often traverse the forest. She is more talented with medical remedies tough and she is not the best at stealth either, about average. Still, you decided to engage the mission, if the stealth fail, the foe encounter will occur from the previous dice roll and both might die. His name is Valiant Durand, a foreign merchant pony who sell herbs in general, making him good at traversing the Everfree forest due to experience. He join with reluctance your forces. 1d100 % loyalty to you.

The engineers miraculously found damaged scope and they quickly repaired them, allowing distant scouting. You spotted what seems like a clear path to start the special mission with it.

The scientist made minor progress on their research due to the penalty of local archive being destroyed. At least, you have a sure source of research right now, relocate ? It might be more dangerous than what it's worth however, the research speed will increase slightly. High risk, medium immediate research time reward, long term efficiency.

[1d100+10] Under 75% will be a failure, the minus five danger reduction is due to the scope threat assessment and the fact they will traverse on foot. The aggro is canceled but the natural danger of the Everfree forest is still applied.

[1d100-20] Over 65% means they do encounter a local beast within it, however, thanks to the earth pony, it is lowered. Even if they encountered one, they can still avoid it given Valiant Durand is an experienced Everfree forest traveler.

By default, you assume the scientist will be better placed in Canterlot. Still waiting for the emissary...

The current leader is the King Sombra of the Crystal empire. He's not corrupted like in the show yet.

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Awesome eel 885163

wat... ? Ok, I saw the first dice was 83%, so the emissary did accomplish his mission. For the rest, I'll reroll.

glitch edit... ?
Roll 1d100 = 74 % loyalty of Valiant Durand.
Roll 1d100 + 10 = 89 75% for mission success rate.
Roll 1d100 - 20 = 62 65% for local beast

Awesome eel 885164

Thanks to the wits of the earth pony, you avoid the aggro of potential sentient hostile being, which called themselves humans. They spotted a beast in the distance, knowing the threat of a cockatrice, the earth pony avoided it. They barely managed to stay out of it's line of sight but they managed to traverse and scout the Everfree forest. They spotted a huge mass of unknown creature made of metal, they were colossal, like the titans gods of the ancient manuscript. Scared of the sight, they retreated and reported the information back to you, in you HQ of Canterlot. It seems they might be some kind of blockade or moving forces, preventing for now logistic interaction/military reinforcement with >>791193 image to Las Pegasus. The foe encounter was indeed true, but thanks to the scouting, you know where that foe encounter is, you can choose to engage if you want. That will be suicide tough with your current military forces and technology.

Your emissary return. King Sombra is a secluded state government, did they feel like they were concerned by the threat ? Roll 1d100 = 87 85+ for rallying diplomatic check.

Foe check.
Roll 1d20 = 19 Potential type foe encounter
Roll 1d100 = 42 90%+ there is a foe encounter.

They spawn in arbitrary location of my choice.

Reuse the gryphon emissary Doaliton Vulgrade for another diplomatic ploy or keep him in the local ground to counter a possible panic check, due to his silver tongue skill ?

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