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[ANTHRO]Tails within Dusk~ Prancing Pony Bar 647368

Welcome, within the Town of Ponyville in the Prancing Pony Bar!

Tavern where gathering of ponies within different habits of friendly, or… Challenging others in battles. Hoof in and slurp on Hard Cider/ Neigh with customers- or, workers.

Do not pull, any weapons~ upon any other ponies. Every pony folk, can be armed and dangerious… Prepare for yaking and becoming wasted in the local bar.


File: 1387218034033.png (376.29 KB, 467x670, Anthro Ponies.png)

Appearence of the Setting


File: 1387682492390.png (59.39 KB, 182x176, Lusty Charm.png)

*An blue colt, enters the bar & seeing a lonely uni mare on a table drinking grape wine*


File: 1388679453430.jpg (499.77 KB, 800x700, Twilah.jpg)

*takes a peek upwark and see's the staring colt*

Want anything?

Anonymous 762837

"Several things, but let's start with a drink. Any recommendations?"

Vausten 765331

File: 1399667988151.jpg (98 KB, 600x600, mordekaiser_lol_by_trejoeeee-d…)



Shouted a gargantuan man of metal, his melodic cries of battle and the spectral chorus of unseen singers, drummers and guitarists, rattling the very foundations of the bar. He breached into the quaint building with a tremendous force, like a cyclone of jagged steel and cold fury the one known as MORDEKAISER, THE MASTER OF METAL has entered this tiny domicile of ponies.

KabelPod 765491



File: 1416881317996.png (23.52 KB, 256x299, K.png)

*kabel shows the unicorn mare how long, his train is*

Mordekaiser 871819

"YOUR STEAM ENGINE IS NO MATCH AGAINST THE [B] MASTER OF METAL[/B] AND HIS FIST OF STEEEELL" courageously thunders the towering pillar of mobile iron as he pivots to face the offending tiny horse. His arm raised in front of his face, his fingers clenched into a tight metallic fist.

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