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Open Equestria: Official Thread Wandering Girl!n9aemANoNY 568980[View All]

#Open #Canon:Open Equestria #Adventure #Chill #Cyclic #General #Normal

Nestled in the center of Ponyville, just north of the bustling town square, the well-known Inn of the Last Home was open for business today, and the smell of potato fries and apple cider among harder drinks drifted out pleasantly on the wind. The interior was oak paneled and lit by the soft glow of several lamps and a softly burning hearth on the far side with several ponies of all ages and walks of life gathered here and there for the famous food or drink or just to swap tales and meet some new ponies. The tavern owner was in the back cooking, while a blue stallion with a lavender cloak and hat waited behind the bar, serving drinks with a friendly smile and reading from a book between customers to chat to.
>Setting is simple. Ponyville and mostly focused on the Inn of the Last Home. Just a normal old tavern that’s been up in Ponyville for ages though the town and Equestria and the whole world are free to explore of course. Casual, adventure, lighthearted, dark, all are welcome. Everything is basically normal and open ended, we're just giving you a canon to give you some setting to keep rps if you'd like. For more information on the settings, rules, and known characters and players of this thread, check out our WIki at: http://mlpchan.wikia.com/wiki/Open_Equestria

>The only rules being no overly grimdark (see: raping somepony or wanton and explicit torture/murder for no reason), no godly characters, and no griefing of other people in the thread. If somepony asks you to stop something OOC, respect their wishes please. Alicorns are mildly acceptable as long as they are not royalty and are not particularly powerful.

>The thread owners are: Avedon, Asomameow, Wandering Girl, Snuggs and Nevermore Starsign

>This is a canon we all to make into something great with all of you, and please come in and RP and we can see where this all goes. Hope to see you soon, and remember, Friendship is Magic!
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Blank Flank(iPod) 895505

Very good idea XD

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895508

>Our team has 25 kills, enemy team has 5 kills, all their outer and inner turrets are down
Aaand surrender.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895510

File: 1428363985038.jpg (165.67 KB, 905x1292, ahri_tail_so_fuzzy.jpg)

>Fun Fact: Did you know that "Ahri" sounds like my real life name? :3€

>If Mid happens by, don't say it.

Blank Flank(iPod) 895523

Say what? :o Ahri?

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895524

>No I mean, my real name, if Mid happens by :3

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895698

>There's a sucker born every minute

Ace_noir 895715

File: 1428469265013.png (286.16 KB, 558x688, pandora_02.png)

"My thanks for directing me."
>It took him a while but he seemed to get bored of casually walking and began adding a small skip to his step keeping within the space she had graciously given him. Although he kept the smiling mask as usual he began to speak.
"When you first attempted too nab me in Canterlot you mentioned you were looking for a powerful companion. As flattered as I am that I seemed that bill, then there came the stalking, the booze, some more stalking and booze, has that goal or reason of yours for staying around me changed?"

Blank Flank(iPod) 895750

"Well...I only stalked you because I'm a little bull headed when it comes to getting things I want..but um...I can back off with the stalking if you want"

Ace_noir 895753

File: 1428503409376.jpg (174.22 KB, 504x1428, 1394419274777.jpg)

>He chuckled and waved off the question .
"Oh nononono not what I was asking. You keep doing want you want. I was just curios if your motive was different then when it started"

Blank Flank(iPod) 895779

"My mo-? Oooh that..well..yes it did change, I used to just wanna have sex with ya..well I still do that hasent changed but I kinda want to have...what's the word...more? With you." >she blushes

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895841

Ace_noir 895875

File: 1428557630911.jpg (737.76 KB, 1000x1000, Break-3-xerxes-break-23438332-…)

>The side of his mouth crept a little higher.
"I can certainly count on you for brutal honesty."
>Still skipping, he patted her massive clawed mitts around his arm.
"I can't guarantee anything until this incident over in equestria has been resolved in some way, but if this current venture works out it will at least give you better and much closer living space to stalk at your leisure. Who knows? I may even have something to show you if you're curios enough."
>The look on scottie's face, it just screams to me: "Oh god, they're still filming?"
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Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895928

File: 1428568270407.gif (2.96 MB, 441x423, 1413549998606.gif)

>Dan, however, is full on into the role, because there's nothing more fulfilling in his life than Jesus, man!

>Also, that pic of Dan? I give it a 10/10, it's cute.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 895940

>TFW you stumble upon red team getting Dragon, and you toss your Orb of Deception, and they kill you, but it comes back and kills the dragon, getting the buff for your team and everyone thinks you're awesome for Stealing Dragon
Feels good man

Blank Flank(iPod) 895941

"Really? Hehehe~ you know how to make a girl feel happy~"
>she nuzzles his cheek, minding her horns

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896106

File: 1428681003379.jpg (70.37 KB, 309x333, IMG_0612.JPG)

>Oh you.
>Dann chuckled at this.
"I do? Am I turning over a new lea-"
>He hadn't been expecting it and was a little caught off guard with the sudden application of her face against his, even with her history. If she didn't know better that smirk just got slightly larger.
"How much further would you say we have to go?"

Blank Flank(iPod) 896110

"Not that much farther, alice was argueing with the gate guard.."
>she points at the blockade that seperates the mountain to the barrens
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Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896179

File: 1428736679944.gif (310.4 KB, 300x450, mario-games-characters-sexy-15…)

>Of course me, because people seem to love the little mint pony peering at them from around the corner, or in between the crack of the door and the frame

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896181

File: 1428739668782.gif (32.22 KB, 350x400, 1410665131335.gif)

>This pic is a gif, it moves, watch it!

Blank Flank(iPod) 896182

I saws it :3

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896220


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896308

File: 1428854909044.jpg (19.26 KB, 400x300, 1266397633_5080_full.jpeg)

>He raised an eyebrow at this.
"Oh? When was that?"

Blank Flank(iPod) 896343

"Before I came to find you."
>as they exit the gate dann would see a camp ground there, at least a hundred or so monster women of varying size shape species, and she, looking exhausted from their trip
"It's taken us at least a week or two to get this far on foot, little to no food or water left, and we've come close to losing a couple species entirely..."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896380

File: 1428882176603.gif (808.57 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m5alm9ArTz1qiq1olo1_500…)

>Unashamedly, the possible response/solution of cannibalism came to mind. However, he did not voice this. Most 'civilized' people didn't seem to think of or take kindly to the option. Then again, he only assumed the rest of them ate like most other animals.
"Why you came to the wasteland of all places when you needed food perplexes me, but enough of that, call me crazy but weren't there more of you last time?"

Blank Flank(iPod) 896383

"There was.."
>she said quietly, and sadly, like some things were best left unsaid

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896558

File: 1428991538204.png (258.45 KB, 640x480, Vlcsnap-2009-09-06-18h05m22s84…)

"I see. I also imagine there will be an attempt to get those numbers back up at some point but for now lets be on our way to see Miss Alice. No time for dillydallying."
>He strode on ahead, keeping a look out for the nicest or grandest looking tent or whichever one his companion pointed out as the correct one or person of interest.

Blank Flank(iPod) 896559

File: 1429015138638.jpg (189.48 KB, 784x587, image.jpg)

>he would soon see a lamia casting what looked to be a water spell on a quite unwell looking slime girl, who was a pale blue. And not healthy looking

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896562

File: 1429024356525.jpg (235.33 KB, 1440x900, Minitokyo.Pandora.Hearts.Wallp…)

>Seeing the both of them he leaned back towards Rath and whispered in her ear.
"Which one is Alice? If any of them are Alice... I've never met her."

Blank Flank(iPod) 896627

"The lamia.."
>she looked wary, even though she looked relitively weak looking looks could be deceiving

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896628

File: 1429113784147.png (82.42 KB, 453x658, Young_Gil_and_Break.png)

>He seemed confused for a moment but narrowed down that it was likely the jelly was not Lamia flavored. Whatever that tasted like.
>In light of this he approved the serpent lady and offered a small nodded bow to her, formally recognizing her as the leader.
"Good evening. Miss Alice I presume?"
>He looked over at the slime.
"And guest?"

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896640

File: 1429140502518.webm (485.95 KB, 400x400, #logic.webm)

>Have you ever had a dream

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896644

File: 1429144346928.jpg (32.13 KB, 480x398, 08d4448d4171404df834a8f64774e1…)

>Indeed I have but it clearly isn't as drug and lobotomy induced as the minds behind that scene.
>That managed to rustle all of my science. Wow.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896645

File: 1429144617261.webm (879.69 KB, 711x400, mind fuck.webm)

>I would say something witty or respond by something cute, but I burnt my thumb badly by steam while cooking chilly, so I suppose all I can say is yeah, it fucks my mind this scene with the lasers

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896665

File: 1429199186609.gif (484.88 KB, 400x220, excuse-me-what-is-this-fuckery…)


>They should make a drinking game out of the shit this show does. You'd probably die of alcohol poisoning before the first the episodes.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896666

>Yeah, if I knew this stuff happened in the show, I would have definitely watched it to see how many times it fucks science and does as it pleases

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 896667

File: 1429199612246.jpg (7.55 KB, 209x200, Who+were+you+trying+to+hit+Ann…)

>Now you have to do it. The quads have spoken.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 896668

File: 1429199823171.png (75.62 KB, 400x400, bateman.png)

>Well then, would you look at that

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 897096

File: 1429368042668.png (422.71 KB, 803x656, 795115__blushing_questionable_…)

>Since it's Caturday, I posted a kitty Sonata, but I don't think you'd normally walk cats, so it's a little strange to everyone.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 897097

File: 1429368124370.gif (259.81 KB, 390x169, 1411406082972.gif)

>Cats, Kitties, cats and kitties.

Blank Flank(iPod) 897214

>the lamia looks up and at dann
"I am alice. Who are you?"
>she had this look of untrust and distain on her

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 897243

File: 1429569872341.jpg (97.75 KB, 600x450, IMG_0608.JPG)

"You may call me Dann. Everyone else seems to."
>He made a point of looking around and noting the camp and decrepit state around them.
"I was hearing you where in a spot of trouble from my eight legged associate."

Blank Flank(iPod) 897294

"So you're the one Rathragath keeps sneaking off to find..."
>she glares at Rathragath who shrinks back, clearly intimidated by this lamia

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 897299

File: 1429637162068.jpg (17.36 KB, 400x300, Blog Break.jpg)

>Rath's reaction at this point was not his primary concern but he took note of it nonetheless. With this, it was unlikely he would gain any support from her while shying away from the lady snake.
"I take it that is a source of frustration for you? Perhaps I will ask later but for now, that is not why I am here. I understand you had a squabble with the guards at the gate. I am not here about that either but this I am curios about. It may help infirm me for my actual point."

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 897300


Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 897301

File: 1429637342299.jpg (29.23 KB, 124x159, Hastings headshot.jpg)


Blank Flank(iPod) 897302

"Rathragath told me we could find shelter here. I didnt know this damned lizard wouldent let me."
>she glares at the lizafols

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 897303

File: 1429642240803.gif (992.61 KB, 500x270, Hands.gif)

>Eventually doing things would be great.

Lyra Heartstrings !AWEsomEEEE 897529

Ace_noir!chrome.v2U 897574

File: 1429841244120.jpg (19.26 KB, 400x300, 1266397633_5080_full.jpeg)

"Any particular reason?"

Blank Flank(iPod) 897579

"Suspicious behaviour apperently."
>she was frowning

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