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MLPFMTORPG Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567305

If you came from /mlp/ you may remember seeing these threads from time to time.

Interested in getting some games starting elsewhere, anyone interested?

Anonymous 567312


Ah, I posted this in /anon/. Didn't get much feed-back.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567313

Perhaps you can help me get this off of the ground then, if that's your intent, that is.

Im not trying to wank my own cock too hard, but im pretty experienced with this game. Got any questions you need answered?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567317

Eeyup, the 2.0 rules are the most current, although those are still in playtesting, but we still play them anyway.

The Extended Racials were created by a friend of mine, Felix is his name. I didnt much care for them, but if a majority of players take a liking to them, ill give em a chance.

Anonymous 567328


/mlp/ seems to include them in every session.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567330

Some DM's allow them, some dont.

Anonymous 567331

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567332

Think you might want to play?

Anonymous 567333


I don't see why not, but we'll need more people.

Unless you want to do it one on one.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567336

I dont see why we couldnt do a small game with 2-3 players, in the meantime you should type up a player sheet. Have an Idea of what you want to play?

If youve got questions or anything, Ill be here.

Anonymous 567338


Well, what version are we using?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567341

1.4 for the time being.

Anonymous 567408


Had some errands done.

Working on it now.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567413

I'm still here, ill be around for a bit longer.

Anonymous 567414

It sucks how multiclass characters only get three points for skills…

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567416

You can make that work still. People usually pick multiclass over pure classes nine times out of ten

Anonymous 567417


Alright, well, what about the Multiclass skills? are they free, or do you need to 'purchase' them as well?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567418


Nope those come with the class. The reason you only get three skill points for choosing a hybrid class is because you automatically get that class's special skill.

Anonymous 567458

File: 1379708011271.png (256.25 KB, 830x650, OhGodWhyWouldIUseThis.png)


Here you go. I'll work on the description later.


Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567496

Alright, pretty cool.


There's my sheet, I'll use him in the first few games as an NPC.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 567503

I'm gonna start planning out the quest, hopefully we have a couple more players by then, and we can play either tonight or tomorrow night.

Anonymous 567505


Alright man, take your time.

Monsoon 567817


Right, how's it going so far?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568085

Alright, just about finished.

If you're still around comrade reply to this post.

Monsoon 568089

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568106

Praise the sun!

Okay, im beginning the intro, this might take a minute. Standby

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568122

-= The Road to Daruvia =-

To the north lie the Great Kingdom of Iron, Daruvia was the name of this land and ruling over it was the great Emperor Akias and his Iron Legion.

Once a year, a world renowned event is held there, known as the Tournament of the King. During this time of year warriors from all over Equestria flock to Daruvia's Capital of Kolevayne. You find yourself on an unpaved path in a dense forest heading east into Kolevayne, time is midday, the sun is highest in the sky. Begin when ready.

Monsoon Gale 568144


>The insane example of a Pegasus, Monsoon, trots on through with little rhyme or reason.

>He shows no anxiety towards the fights that may come.
>In fact, the thought of fighting puts a wide grin on his face.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568163

>sup Boris. How is it over here? Besides sexual of course…

Hightower finishes up her registration for the tournament. A good way to display her 'services' legally and meet prospective clients or so she'd say

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568165

The wind blows softly, rustling the leaves and branches that so thickly surround you.

As you travel deeper into the forest, the shroud begins to grow as the sunlight is filtered out.

In the distance you see a lone pony, walking the path in your direction.

Monsoon Gale (Pegasus Trickster) 568170


He quickly rushes up to the pony to greet them.
His voice is… annoying.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568180

>Its certainly more phone friendly, the scripts work and no captchas

Daruvia is always a rambuctious city this time of year, you'd be hard pressed to find a square Inch that wasn't found feasting or celebrating.

"Oh..!" she gasps as you approach, she is clearly startled at your sudden greeting.

"H- hello.."

Her face is hidden by a hood and cloak.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568181

She adjusts her hat and glares at the pony but keeps walking

Monsoon Gale (Pegasus Trickster) 568185


"Are you fighting too?"
His smile looks like it might reach the back of his head.
While still facing the mare his eyes slowly move over to the other. >>568181

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568191

Her eyes slowly move to Monsoon and she just tips her hat in greetings but continues walking.

Monsoon Gale 568196


His eyes dart back to the mare in front of him.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568198

"Me? … Fight? Oh nono, I just live around here."

She lowers her hood revealing her mane and eyes, both are done in the elegant Daruvian style, though she lets her locks frame her face very untraditionally.

"I don't suppose you've seen a copy anywhere around here have you?"

She offers a pleasant smile, although for a brief second her eyes tell a different story

Monsoon Gale 568203


He seems to snap out of whatever insane thought he had and asked, "A copy? Of what?"

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568207

She keeps her eyes focused straight ahead, but her ears perk up through the earholes in her hat and she matches her pacing with the other two.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568209

Colt* not copy

Monsoon Gale 568212


He shakes his head rather violently. "Nope, only mares so far!"

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568213

Her eyes dart around the scenery to see if she can find a colt, any colt.

>Supreme Survivor: passive; automatically passes all spot checks, autocrits on jump, climb and other traversing checks

>Roll 1d10 = 6 Search if you rule spotting and searching separately

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568223

"Lykys hasn't been home since morning and I have not seen him since…"

She glances around the trees listening and looking for any trace of the child.

"…May I ask something of you?"

Deep in the woods you spot something questionable.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568231

Her curiosity piqued, she slinks off into the woods to go take a look whatever is in there

Monsoon Gale 568236


His head turns a good 90 degrees. "What is it?"

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568240

A good distance off of the path you come upon the scene of trees fallen, not with axe or saw, but savagely beaten down from its plot, splinters of shattered wood covered the forest floor.

"If you help me find my son… I can give you shelter for the night. You're attending the King's Tournament are you not?"

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568244

She takes a mental note of the odd destruction of nature but figures it isn't worth looking into right now and returns to the path once more.

Monsoon Gale 568251


He giggles "Yes, yes I am attending… What does you son look like?"

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568260

"He's small, his coat possesses a red tint, he's probably running around with that helmet that his father gave to him…"

She trots off further down the road and pleads you once again as she looks back at you both.

"Help me, please?"

Monsoon Gale 568262


Groans for few seconds "Fine, fine. Might as well…"

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568263

She looks at the mare for a second or two and sighs reluctantly, ears folded back before nodding her head in agreement.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568268

A sudden crash in the distance echoes throughout the forest, a flock of birds screech in distress as they frantically flee the area.

Monsoon Gale 568272


His wicked smile returns as he looks in that direction. "Something fun is down that way~…"

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568275

She gallops off to the source of the sound, no doubt related to the odd scene earlier…

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568283

The mare gallops out after you.

The Mare whips out a fairly large sword from underneath her cloak.

….It was a strange sight to see such a creature, for a brief moment you caught a glimpse of a large wolf but his body disappears into the darkness of the forest, only to reappear and strike another tree, causing it to fall in one swipe.

He stops as you approach and sniffs the air.

He vanishes.

Monsoon Gale 568286


He chases after them.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568291

She looks around for the wolf was and hops into a nearby tree hopefully to be caught next in the pattern.

Roll 1d10 + 2 = 7 Acrobatics/Jump (Talent)
>Autocrits from Supreme Survivor
>Supreme Survivor: passive; automatically passes all spot checks, autocrits on jump, climb and other traversing checks

Monsoon Gale 568295


A look of surprise comes onto his face. "Uh… Please tell me that thing isn't what took you're kid…" He pulls his daggers out of his pack with his wings.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568300

She patiently waits for the wolf to show up again, (Perched from the tree if you counted my roll from earlier)

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568304

Yous you leap into the next tree in the wolf's deadly swath…


You and the small red Pegasus colt collide midair and begin to plummet to the ground.

"Mist Wolves…."

As she utters the name of the for before you, she is pounced upon as a Wolf shows itself

Roll 1d10 = 10

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568307

The mare is mauled by the gigantic paws of the Mist Wolf, she dropped her sword, and was brutally stricken to the ground.

Roll actions

Monsoon Gale 568310


After gasping out of surprise he throws one of his daggers at the beast.

Roll 1d10 = 4

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568312

She leaps onto the wolf and wrestles it down with her bare hooves

Roll 1d10 + 1 = 5 Unarmed Suppress (+1 from Crystal Emotions from last turn)

>Suppress: requires non-ranged weapon, weapon; overpowers the target, rendering it helpless. This skill can be used Unarmed. 9+ crits and applies +1 bonus to all actions against the target next turn.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568320

You toss your knife as the wolf snarls in your direction, your blade cuts through the mist as the wolf dissipates into thin air.

Monsoons knife barely misses you as you wrap your hooves around the misty fog.

the fog grows around the edges of the clearing, and multiple sets of moonlight eyes surround the the two of you.

The yound colt rushes to his mother's side as he removes his helmet.
"M- Mother? Wake up!"

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568322

She continues to struggle with the wolf trying to wrestle it off the mother
>my feels
Roll 1d10 = 8 Wolf wrestling

Prince Artemis 568335


"Kid, get back!" He says, in the first proper expression of NORMAL emotion.


>ShitShitShit, what do I do?

Monsoon Gale 568336


>Stupid name…

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568337

>look up mare sized coffin prices?

Monsoon Gale 568338

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568339

Before the wolf has.chance to evade into the most, you secure him quite effectively, its jaws snap and snarl inches away from your face.

Roll 1d10 = 10 He attempts to throw you off

post a character sheet comrade and join us!


Monsoon Gale 568343


That was me…

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568348

Lol, well thanks for getting my hope all up

Hightower is bucked off quite violently. You suffer -4 hits.

The wolf struggles to stand as the rest of the pack nonchalantly trots into the fray.

Roll 1d10 = 1 A wolf attacks Gale.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568350

The wolf leaves himself wide open

Roll actions

Monsoon Gale 568354


Monsoon attempts a backstab.

Roll 1d10 = 10

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568355

She shakes off the pain and runs up to the mother and sees if theres any hope for her if they hurry.

Monsoon Gale 568362

>Hey, I need to go to sleep. What do you guys do when someone leaves?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568364

As you drive your blade into the wolf, it helps out in agony. With a mighty strike you cause a wound only caused by a greatsword.

Another wolf pounces on you
Roll 1d10 = 1
Her face is covered in blood, the bleeding hasn't stopped. She briefly opens her eyes straining them.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568367

>normally keep going, but since theres two of us, pause haha.

Monsoon Gale 568370


>Oh, well alright… Sorry to leave as soon as it starts though. Good-night.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568373

>well since there's only two, we usually pause until we can continue.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568375


Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568379

>still on mobile man?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568382

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568383

Alright then. Got to say, I kinda like the layout for this site better. Doesnt seem like theres too many eager folks for good ol FEMTO

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568385

I'm hoping to change that. Some newblood might rekindle the spark.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568391

Aww come on man, dont talk like that. You know that gets me down. I think you just need a good fucking game that doesnt have like 30 characters in it talking over you.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568397

I agree with that, but it doesn't suggested that some new company is all that bad right?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568398

I agree with that, but it doesn't suggest that some new company is all that bad right?

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568401

Nah im excited. I hope hope HOPE this catches on here without our fucktarded schedule and just feels… different. Flexibility is great.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568407

Lots of potential here, almost as if hitting the reset button and starting over again.

Hightower (F. Crystal Pony/Ranger) 568411

Right right. We'll thats up to them more then us.


Anyways good to see youre thinking outside the box to keep yourself interested. I'll see you around, or in the tube maybe if you pop up in there later.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568427

At any rate, im still around to answer questions if there are any anons that may want to play.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 568491


Monsoon Gale 569214

>Right today was pretty f'ing busy.

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 569243

Glad to have you back.

Monsoon Gale 569299


Hightower not here?

Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 569308

File: 1379811447194.jpg (97.97 KB, 720x450, theend1_preview.jpg)

nope not tonight.

I wont be able to continue the story tonight but you can come join us here if you want:


Boris !!0Ey+8V8GyG 573067

Anyone up for a game?

Psych!0sTadSJFJA 769326

Is this thread still alive?

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