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(meta) How do? Anonymous 507890

I think this is allowed, not completely sure but I'll go for it.

How does one go about a pony rp here? What are the general guidelines of pony rping? How frowned upon are OCs, and, what is 2+20? I must know.

FoxTrott!uvadBiRdiE 507911

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MLPchan isn't the ~busiest~ of role play locations, but it's decent. Each canon (or little RP group) has its own rules, so you'll want to peek into a thread that looks interesting and ask about rules.

In general, you can be a canon character or an OC. Depending on the canon, you can also be a human/martian/kryptonian/whatever. OCs are accepted, as long as they aren't Mary Sues.

So… yeah. Pop into one of the existing threads (Open Equestria and Better Layton Never seem to be the most active), ask how you join, and go from there.

Hueco Mundo!MEOWKdWFcQ 508203

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Along with what she said, OCs are actually more common; outside of BLN at least, so no worries on making one… Unless it's sue-ish.

If you want to RP, you can ask someone here and they'll RP with you, everyone has to start somewhere.

Anonymous 708843

what is bln?
from here it just looks like a circlejekr

Anonymous 709748

circlejerk is love
circlejerk is life

Anonymous 762833

There's some RP over on the /anon/ board as well.

The PPPP CYOA is fun and moderately active.

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